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Anker Makes Some Great Tech Accessories, And Their Newest 4-in-1 USB-C Hub Is 40% Off

Puffer Coats That You'll Enjoy Wearing For More Than One Season

Gloria Allred Rips Trump for Thinking About Herman Cain for Federal Reserve Post

Bezos’ Investigators Question Michael Sanchez, Brother of Mistress Lauren Sanchez, in National Enquirer Leak Probe

Timberland’s Winter Sale: An Extra 25% Off Already Discounted Items

Assault Victims Sue NYPD Over Rape Investigations

The Instant Pot 6-Quart Pressure Cooker Is Only $80 at Amazon

You Deserve a Robe and Here Are the Best Ones to Get

White Officer Demoted for Posting ‘Racist’ Videos Mocking Black Woman Walking Home

Trump Allies Think Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Hiding or Dead. It Started on QAnon.

Polar Vortex Breaks Record-Low Temps, Snaps Steel, Empties Cities

‘Frost Quake’ Scientist Explains Loud Polar Vortex ‘Booms’

Tomi Lahren Doesn’t Think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is ‘Successful in Real Life’

Today in Trumpland TV: Newsmax Host Won’t Trust Climate Data Because Earth Has Two Hemispheres

Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Is Yet to Begin. When it Does, Expect Confusion

Progressive Dems: ‘Not Another Dollar’ More in DHS Funding

More Delays on Trump Super PAC Donor Fighting Subpoena for Financials

Shady Fundraisers Already Seeing Scam Potential in 2020 Race

House Freshmen Intro Bills to Clean Up Political Money Rules

Corporate Donors Try to Retroactively Buy Favor With Freshman Senator

Bernie Sanders Unveils Estate-Tax Plan Expansion Targeting Billionaires

Practical Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Still Romantic And Meaningful

Online Ads Market Short-Term Plans Lacking ACA Protections

Wendi McLendon-Covey: From ‘The Goldbergs’ to Her Big Sundance Drama Debut

Mia Wasikowska on ‘Piercing’: A Kinky, Bloody and Hilarious BDSM Romance

These White House NDAs Are Crap—These People Work for Us, Not Trump

It Takes Just 60 Seconds to Get Frostbite in Chicago's Polar Vortex

Democrats Tank Bills to Effectively End Government Shutdowns

Howard Schultz Is Wrong About ‘Both Sides.’ It’s Republicans Who Ruined the Country.

At Least Two Chicago Residents Are Loving the Polar Vortex

Detainees Describe an American Presence in Their Torture Chambers

Russian DNC Hackers Launch Fresh Wave of Cyberattacks on U.S.

‘Leaving Neverland’ and Sundance’s Glaring Michael Jackson Child-Abuse Hypocrisy

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Comments About Trump and God

Steve Bannon Takes Credit for Trump’s Presidential Win in New Sundance Documentary

Trump Keeps Quiet on Kamala Harris While Dems Fret Over Her First Campaign Bump

Levi’s 75% Sale Event Still Has Great Options

NRA Heavyweight Wanted Access to Putin: Leaked Email

CAUGHT: Armored Truck Driver Went on the Lam With $850K

Polar Vortex Stunts Warm Social Media

Russian Trolls Release Fake Dirt on Robert Mueller

What ‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett's Attack Reveals About Hate Crime in America

Trump Tower Protesters Subpoena President in Assault Case

Gab Is in Full Meltdown, and Founder Andrew Torba Blames the ‘Deep State’

Study Finds Links Between E-Cigs and Strokes

ICE Ran Fake College to Target Undocumented Immigrants

How To Keep Your Sweater From Pilling, Stretching, Shrinking, Or Pulling In the Wash

Cabela’s Spring Fever Sale: Up to 60% Off

Modsy Is Interior Design for People Who Hate to Redecorate

The Hypocrisy of Justin Bieber’s Boring, Beige Clothing Line

Winter Running Essentials for Thermally Challenged Hands

The Taliban Are Counting the Days Until Trump’s Afghan Pullout

Bezos Launches Investigation Into Leaked Texts With Lauren Sanchez That Killed His Marriage

Howard Schultz Shocked a Box of Cheerios Costs Four Dollars

Cord Management for Beginners, A Three-Pronged Approach

Lady Gaga Lambasts Dr. Luke’s Lawyer in Explosive Kesha Deposition

After 12-Year-Old Black Girls Say They Were Strip-Searched, Turmoil in N.Y. School District

Did You Hear the One About the Immigrant Comedian Detained by Trump’s Border Patrol?

‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’: Jillian Bell’s Dramatic Coming Out Is the Toast of Sundance

Venezuela Is Becoming a Putin-Trump Proxy Battleground

It Was 50 Years Ago Today: When the Beatles Last Played Live

Cardinal Dolan Said on Fox That Women Rarely Die From Giving Birth. Well, Not in the U.S.

Satanic Temple Leader Lucien Greaves: ‘Mike Pence Really Scares Me’

Danny Masterson’s Rape Accusers Call Out Pal Ashton Kutcher: ‘Silence Protects the Abusers’

Who’s Afraid of Kamala Harris?

How Trump Jr.’s Fixer Arthur Schwartz Wages War Against the Media

Mueller Witness’ Team Gamed Out Russian Meddling … in 2015

Seth Meyers Schools Trump on Climate Change: He’s Going to ‘Get Us All Killed’

Stephen Colbert Roasts Chris Christie to His Face: You ‘Got Spanked’ by Trump

Walmart Santa Charged With Murder After Kids Found Buried in His Backyard

Why Is Mueller Hiding Who Ultimately ‘Directed’ Roger Stone to Contact WikiLeaks?

Polar Vortex: Trump’s Got it Backwards, Global Warming Is Actually Freezing the Midwest

I'm Black and Gay. This Is Why ‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett’s Attack Hurts So Deeply

Shearling Boots That Keep Your Feet Warm, Dry, and Fashionable

Judges Say Trump's Shutdown Broke Immigration System for Years

Now House by Jonathan Adler for Amazon Is Up to 35% Off Right Now

Purse Straps In Bold Patterns Will Help Refresh Any Bag You Own

Stacey Abrams Will Give Democratic Response to Trump’s State of the Union

Gwyneth Paltrow Sued Over Alleged ‘Hit-and-Run Ski Crash’ in Utah

Feds Hit Robert Bowers, Alleged Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter, With 19 New Charges

The Starbucks Music Store Under Howard Schultz Was Painfully White

Republicans Give Trump the Green Light for a Border Wall Emergency Declaration

Upgrade Your Sports Watching With a Samsung 50-inch 4K Smart TV On Sale Now

‘The View’ Makes Howard Schultz Squirm: Can You Really ‘Live With’ Re-Electing Trump?

Roger Stone Pleads Not Guilty, While Proud Boys and InfoWars Fight the #Resistance Outside

The Best Selling Gaming Accessories on Amazon That You Absolutely Need

‘Leaving Neverland’ Director: Jackson Family Just ‘Protecting Their Asset’ By Defending Him

Trump Attacks Tell-All Author Cliff Sims as a ‘Gofer’ While Former Staffer Is Live on CNN

Tom Steyer Pays for Ground Troops in His War for Impeachment

Florida School Staffers Charged With Using Dark Room, Whistle to Torment Autistic Kids

Rude Flyer Caught On Video Branding Seatmates ‘Fat Pigs’

Ringo Starr Reflects on Our Troubled Times: ‘I Wish the Whole World Was Living in Peace and Love’

The Bastardization of the Hot Toddy

Iowa Town’s Frantic Search for Runaway Teen Ends in Tragedy

World War II Never Ended Between Russia and Japan: The Curious Case of the Kuril Islands

Trump: ‘The Greatest Salesman’ Who Can’t Sell Anything

Howard Schultz and Steve Schmidt Play Russian Roulette With 2020 Election

What Trump Could Learn From This Border Town Golf Course

Kinky or Innocent? The Male Harness Has a Weird Identity Crisis

Roger Stone’s Indictment Says Mueller Ain’t Done Yet

How the Proud Boys Became Roger Stone’s Personal Army

Freida Pinto Says She Is ‘Sure’ L’Oréal Lightened Her Skin For Ad Campaign

‘Team of Vipers’ Author Cliff Sims Tells Colbert Why Trump Will Never Fire Kellyanne Conway

In ‘Big Time Adolescence,’ Pete Davidson Becomes a Bona Fide Movie Star

Jimmy Kimmel Slams Trump for Attacking a Random Teen Girl on Twitter

Trump Tried but Couldn’t Resist Attacking Cliff Sims Over White House Tell-All

Closet Organization For When Throwing Stuff Out Is Not an Option

Denmark's Grand Plan: Contain African Swine Flu With a Fence

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Cops Treated Roger Stone Better Than Black Kids

Howard Schultz Gets Shouted Down At Book Event: ‘Don’t Help Elect Trump!’

Measles Spreads to 35 Patients in Portland Area, Fueled by Anti-Vaxxers

Four Houston Police Officers Shot

Is Trump’s Sanctions Rollback Deal with Oleg Deripaska a Cop-out?

Ron Mix, Pro Football Hall-of-Famer, Auctions Super Bowl Ticket for Trans Equality

Get A Bag For Any Occasion During This Baggu Sale

How To Combat The Symptoms Of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Former Trump Official Dishes on Where Wall Debate Went Wrong

2019 State of the Union: How to Watch, Live Stream Trump's Address

ICE Courthouse Arrests Up 1700% Since Trump's Inauguration: Report

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Face Widespread ‘Sexist and Racist’ Abuse From Trolls

This Tiny Wireless Charger Comes With Its Own Stand That Folds Completely Flat

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Bonkers ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ Is the Wildest Movie at Sundance

Ann Coulter Goes Scorched Earth on Newt Gingrich in Battle Over Trump

Mike Bloomberg Warns Howard Schultz: Do Not Run as an Independent

CNN Mocks Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro for Claiming Trump ‘Did Not Cave’

The Makeup and Skin Care Essentials Every Man Should Buy

‘Fox & Friends’ Lashes Out at Ann Coulter, Says She’s ‘Off Her Rocker’ and Doesn’t Represent the Base

Best Looking Speakers That Look As Good As They Sound

‘I Am the Night’: A Disappointing, Bloody, and Kinky ‘Wonder Woman’ Reunion

Farmer Sisters Arrested in Murder-for-Hire Plot Against Neighbor

The Hillary Clinton of Porn Is a Hardcore Socialist

10 Dishes with Celebrity Chef Michael Mina

DeAnne Smith Wonders If She's a Lesbian or ‘Agender.’ She’s Definitely Funny.

Nonprofit Delta Dental of California Under Fire for 'Flagrant' Spending

While Putin Hardens His Line in Ukraine, Trump Goes Squishy

Trump Administration Sits on Hands As Chechnya Disappears LGBT People

Will Dems’ New Climate Panel Bring the Heat?

The Trump Administration Is the Worst for Children in the Country’s History

The U.S. Isn’t Leaving Afghanistan Anytime Soon

ICE Jailed Pregnant Woman and Could’ve Killed Her Unborn Child

Geeky New Mafia Hacks Bodies—and Networks, Too

Chuck and Nancy Have Only Just Begun Kicking Trump’s Behind

Meet the Black Male Strippers Putting ‘Magic Mike’ to Shame

Samantha Markle Plans Two Explosive Books On Meghan

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Crashes Sundance, Calls Out Trump and ‘Systemic Injustices’

Howard Schultz’s 2020 Presidential Flirtation Brutalized on Twitter

Kamala Harris’ Campaign Kickoff Message: ‘America, We Are Better Than This’

Zac Efron’s ‘Hot Ted Bundy’ Has Sundance Feeling Awkward After Problematic Film

Marriage Has Made Prince Harry ‘Grumpy and Aloof’

Trump Imagines 14 Million New ‘Illegal Aliens’

Michael Avenatti Trolls Trump at the Oscars of Porn: ‘He’s F*cked More People Than Anybody’

The Black Dahlia: A Gruesome Murder Mystery Hollywood Just Can’t Quit

The Problem With Spike Lee’s Oscar-Nominated ‘BlacKkKlansman’

SNL’s Michael Che Scolds Democrats for ‘Gloating’ Over Trump’s Wall Cave

Steve Martin Nails Roger Stone on SNL: ‘Pardon Me!’

Meet The Fashion Students Defying China’s Rejection of #MeToo

The Shady Hollywood Producer Enabling Accused Sexual Predator Bryan Singer

Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Destroying These Americans’ Lives, Two Years On

How Shanghai Saved 20,000 Jews from the Nazis

From Locusts to Leper Pus, Battle of the Biblical Diets

Politics Is a Joke Now—And The Early 2020 Campaign Proves It

Is 'Get Off My Lawn' Buried in a Mortgage's Fine Print?

Outsourcing War to Mercenaries Is a Lousy Idea: Ex-Mercenary

Freed Iranian Hostage Jason Rezaian: 'They Messed With the Wrong Guy.'

No Escape for Roger Stone: Mueller’s Case Is a Slam Dunk and He’s Too Slimy to Get Flipped

Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson’s Hilarious ‘Late Night’ Is Sundance’s First Big Hit

Police Nab Dakota Theriot, Wanted for Murders of Parents, Girlfriend and 2 Others

Steve King: I’m Not a Racist & Americans Aren’t Having Enough Babies

Will Venezuela and Iran Become Trump’s ‘Savage Wars of Peace’?

Britain’s Daily Telegraph Forced to Apologize to Melania Trump

Dithering GOP Stalls House’s New Trump-Russia Probe

In Sundance’s ‘Honey Boy,’ Shia LaBeouf Revisits His Childhood Traumas

‘Untouchable’ Exposes How the Media Protected Harvey Weinstein for Decades

‘I Will Piss on Your Grave’: Emails Reveal Roger Stone’s Abuse of Frenemy Randy Credico

Pelosi, Well, Manhandles Trump

The Great Fire of London Destroyed The Secret Wardrobe That Held 400 Years of Royal Fashion

The Despicable History of Roger Stone

A White Supremacist Hounded a Black Lawmaker Out of Office

Most Doctors Are Burned Out, But Not Plastic Surgeons

The Fascinating History of New Orleans’ Oldest Bar

Ann Coulter Finally Comes Clean to Bill Maher on Trump: ‘I’m a Very Stupid Girl’

Pelosi Embraces Legislation To Effectively Prevent Future Government Shutdowns

Who ‘Directed’ Roger Stone to Hook Up With WikiLeaks?

Chris Brown’s Vile New Low: Selling T-Shirts Insulting His Alleged Rape Victim

Inside ‘Leaving Neverland’: Sundance’s Horrifying Michael Jackson Child Rape Documentary

Victoria Beckham and Reebok Just Dropped a Collection Together

Cosplaying Supervillain Roger Stone Meets Robert Mueller’s Real-Life Feds

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream's Newest Triple Layer Desserts Are The Perfect Bite

Pro-Trump Media Stars Despair After Trump Caves on Shutdown

Arson Suspected at Comet Ping Pong, the D.C. Restaurant Made Famous by Pizzagate

BuzzFeed Staff Unload on CEO Jonah Peretti After Massive Layoffs: You Make ‘Same Mistakes Over and Over’

Trump’s Zombies Applaud as He Lights Himself on Fire

CNN Roasts Trump for ‘Caving’ on His Own ‘Shameful’ Shutdown

Skagen's Sale on Sale Is Full Of Watches, Bags, Jewelry, and More

Trump Caves, Ends Longest Government Shutdown in History Without His Precious Wall

Ceramic and Stoneware Dishes That Add a Homey Feel To Any Kitchen

YouTube Tweaks Algorithm to Fight 9/11 Truthers, Flat Earthers, Miracle Cures

Trump Shutdown Wreaks Havoc, Grounds Flights Across U.S. Airports After Workers Don’t Show

The Daily Beast’s OBSESSED with Kevin Fallon

The Stemless Wine Glass I Drink All My Beverages From

Lawmakers Close In on Shutdown Deal and Brace for Trump to Blow It Up: Sources

Facebook Could Have Stopped Young Kids From Spending Millions on Games, but Didn’t, Documents Show

‘Fox & Friends’ on Roger Stone Indictment: ‘Where’s the Russia Collusion?’

Mueller Indicts Roger Stone for Allegedly Lying About WikiLeaks and Trump Campaign

Has Russia Outdone the U.S. With Its New Stealth Attack Drone?

Move Over, Iowa. 2020 Dems Are Flocking to Puerto Rico

Trump and Congress Work Furiously to Accomplish Absolutely Nothing

‘Billionaire’s Bunker’ Sells for $238 Million as 140 Homeless Men Hope to Find Shelter on the Next Block

Mexico Made It Easier for Migrant Caravan to Get to U.S.

The President Is a Lost Cause, but the Presidency Isn’t

Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’: An Insane Korean Zombie Epic That Puts ‘The Walking Dead’ to Shame

This Is How Meghan Markle Won Over the Queen and Prince Charles

Intel Chairman Adam Schiff Fans: Focus on Russia, Not 2020

Is Ivanka Trump Planning a Big Fashion Comeback in China?

New Website Plans to Collect #MeToo Victims’ Data and Sell It

Michael Moore Calls on All Federal Workers to Stay Home

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump ‘Bending Over’ for Nancy Pelosi

Seth Meyers Nails ‘Billionaire’ Wilbur Ross for Shutdown Blunder

Ethan Hawke and Paul Dano Wrestle to the Death in ‘True West’

Tomi Lahren and the Trump-Loving Right’s Desperate Thirst for Cardi B

Trump Administration Helps Faith-Based Agencies Block LGBT Adoption

Minnesota's Autism Board Installs Anti-Vaxxers

Here’s Why House Dems Want a Closer Look At Trump’s Banker

Trump Backs a Coup in Venezuela With Strong Words—and What Else?

Florida Secretary of State Michael Ertel Quits Over Photos of Him in Blackface Costume

Paris Couture Week: So Near, Yet So Far From The 'Gilets Jaunes'

A VPN and Firewall Subscription Is a Necessary Part of Browsing the Internet These Days

Trump’s Disney Robot Obsession and Anthony Scaramucci’s Dick Joke: Scenes From a White House Insider

‘The View’ Calls Out Chris Cuomo: You Have Kellyanne Conway on ‘Too Much’

Gunman Accused of Killing 5 Women in Florida Bank Shooting ‘Wanted Everybody to Die’: Ex-Girlfriend

How to Keep Your Skin From Flaking Off In the Winter

SOTU There!: Pelosi Proves That Congress Actually Is a Co-Equal Branch of Government

Biden Mocks Critics of His Praising a Republican: ‘Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned’

Members of Congress Use Taxpayer-Funded Mail to Plug Donors

Federal Grand Jury Probed ‘Scam PAC’ Fundraiser

Stacey Abrams Takes Step Towards Running Again by Retooling Dark-Money Group

Trump and Kim Warm Up for a Winter Summit

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Dismisses Federal Workers: They’ll ‘Eventually’ Get Paid

European Court of Human Rights Sides With Amanda Knox—to a Point

Over a Third of Generation Z Knows a Non-Binary Person

Toasting the Whisky Poet: Robert Burns

Mads Mikkelsen, Smoldering Sex Symbol, Is Ready to Kick Some Ass

The Ku Klux Klan Is Growing—in Germany

A MAGA Gang Plots to Murder Muslims in Islamberg After Fox Fans Fear Flames

Biden Could Beat Trump. But He’s Defeating Himself Instead.

Trump Is the Covington-Kid-in-Chief—The Ultimate Entitled Boy Insisting He’s a Victim

In Syria, Fighters Still Battling ISIS Ask ‘What Hath Trump Wrought?’

Women Are Asking Dentists to Give Them Teeth Like Meghan Markle’s

The Bizarre Cult of #DezNat: Alt-Right Mormons Targeting Porn and the LGBTQ Community

Kamala Harris’ 2020 Launch Is ‘the Best by Far’

The Insane New Path to YouTube Fame: Taunt Cops and Film It

This Time It’s Russia’s Emails Getting Leaked

Samantha Bee: Trump’s Government Shutdown Is His Fyre Festival, and Chuck Schumer Is the Evian Guy

Esquire’s Bryan Singer Story Was Ready to Publish Before Executives Killed It, Sources Say

Polls Show Trump Is Bleeding Support During Shutdown

If You Have Trouble Drinking Water, You Need This Bottle

Florida Shooting: 5 Killed at SunTrust Bank in Sebring

Australia’s Heat Wave Is Torching the Continent

Bryan Singer, You Are Not a Victim of a ‘Homophobic Smear’

Judge Extends Restraining Order Against Michael Avenatti

Islamberg Muslim Massacre Plot Suspect Invited Trump to His Eagle Scout Ceremony

Russell Baker, One of the Greatest Memoirists Ever, Has Died

Team Trump Finally Disavows Pizzagate Theorist Who Boasted of Being on 2020 Board

‘The View’ Hosts Come Together to Bash Lara Trump for Being Out of Touch on Shutdown ‘Pain’

White Supremacist Pleads Guilty to Killing Black New York City Man With Sword

Nurse Arrested in Rape of Incapacitated Woman Who Gave Birth at Health Care Facility

Everything You Need to Stream the Super Bowl (2023)

Gawker 2.0 Implodes as Its Only Reporters Quit

Rose McGowan Rips Her Lawyers for Joining Harvey Weinstein’s Defense

Covington Catholic Teen on ‘Fox & Friends’: Blackface Is ‘School Spirit’

Erykah Badu’s Feud With ‘Surviving R Kelly’ Producer Explodes Online

What Whiskey Wednesday Taught Me About Life

Can Bats Lead Us to Clean Water in the Desert?

Government Shutdown Means History Is on Hold at National Parks

Why Chick-fil-A Still Hurts: Queer Trauma in the Age of Trump

Sex Workers Say Kamala Harris Won’t Be Their Woman in 2020

Science Proves Trump Is Talking Out of His A** About This Freezing Weather

Barack Was Black, Hillary Was a Woman—Can Kamala Harris Face Down the Challenge of Being Both?

The History of the Covington MAGA Teens’ Racist ‘Tomahawk Chop’

Jay Leno Still Has No Remorse for the Conan ‘Tonight Show’ Debacle

Inside Conan O’Brien’s Not-So-Radical ‘Reinvention’: Big on Stars, Light on Politics

Parkland Families Taunted, Threatened by Online Troll, FBI Says

Trevor Noah Calls Out Kirsten Gillibrand for Past ‘Racist’ Policies

Former Client Accuses Michael Avenatti of Operating Law Firm Like a ‘Ponzi Scheme’

Scientists Unmask the Superheroes Among Us: The Super Poopers

Moscow Claims Whelan Had a Flash Drive Full of Secrets

‘We Are Fighters’: Trans Troops Are Not Giving Up After SCOTUS Ruling for Trump Ban

Accused Wife-Killer Rod Covlin Motivated by ‘Pure, Unadulterated Greed,’ Prosecutors Claim as Trial Begins

If You Love ‘The Great Gatsby,’ You Need to See the Epic, 8-Hour ‘Gatz’

Is This The Onion or Headlines in the Trump Era?

Mock Neck Sweaters Are The Perfect Compromise For Turtleneck Haters

Flameless Arc Lighters Make Candle Hoarding Even Easier

Angry Virgin Threatened to Kill ‘as Many Girls as I See’ Near Women’s March

GOP’s Shutdown ‘Compromise’ Turbocharges ICE, Slashes Asylum Admissions

Kamala Harris Raised $1.5 Million Online in Just the First Day of Her Campaign

Oscars: Are ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Vice’ the Worst Best Picture Nominees Ever?

Supreme Court Accepts Trump’s Word That Trans Troops Are Threat to National Security

The Sex Worker Who Could Hold Keys to Mueller Probe Freed From Moscow Jail

Why ‘Black Panther,’ Ryan Coogler’s Historic Superhero Epic, Deserved More Oscar Love

Chris Brown Arrested Over Alleged Rape in 5-Star Paris Hotel

22 Most Shocking Oscar Nomination Snubs and Surprises: Mr. Rogers, Roma, Emily Blunt & More

Giuliani Afraid His Gravestone Will Say: ‘He Lied for Trump’

Lin-Manuel Miranda In Talks To Write First Latina Princess in a Disney Movie

Trevor Noah Celebrates ‘First Amendment’ Rights in Covington Controversy

Accused U.S. Spy’s Hope for Bail Crushed in Moscow

Going 10 Rounds with Top Bartender Jim Kearns

South Dakota Is Close to Discriminating Against Young Transgender Athletes

The Smart and The Crazy: Inside The Standout Paris Menswear Shows

Sending Human Skeletons Out to Sea to Die

The World's Oceans Flunk the #10YearChallenge

Buzzfeed. Covington Catholic. Can We Ever Go 24 Hours Without Having an Instant Freakout Over Something?

When the KGB Wanted You Dead, This Is How They Killed You

For $29, This Company Swears It Will ‘Brainwash’ Someone on Facebook

GOP: We Have to Destroy the Government in Order to Save It

‘The Other Two’: Justin Bieber’s SNL Fiasco Inspired TV’s Funniest New Comedy

Royal Gamekeeper Accused of Beating Man He Called a ‘F*cking Peasant’

Stephen Colbert Asked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez How Many F*cks She Gave. Her Answer: ‘Zero’

Seth Meyers Mocks Trump’s ‘Subservience’ to Ann Coulter: Does She Have a ‘Pee Tape’?

Covington Catholic Students Claim Death Threats After D.C. Encounter

Anthony Scaramucci Is Already ‘Embarrassing’ Himself on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Dems Scramble to Prevent 2020 #MeToo Scandals

Lady Gaga Slams Mike Pence and Karen Pence as ‘Worst’ Kind of Christians

Now Trump’s Shutdown Threatens Israel’s Security

Mike Huckabee: Maybe Ann Coulter Should ‘Run for Office’ If She Can Do Better Than Trump

L.L.Bean Is Taking 25% Off Your Entire Order for the Long Weekend

Kamala Harris Confirms She's Running For President

Prince Philip’s Car Crash Fuels His Reputation For Arrogance

Netflix’s ‘The Ted Bundy Tapes’: Chilling Conversations with a Serial Killer

The Reason Why Your Whiskey Should Come From a Column Still

Pompeo and Trump See No Evil—But That Won’t Make Evil Disappear

Miss Howard and the Emperor, a Saga of Sex and the French Empire, Part II

As Shutdown Drags Into Week Four, Some Democrats Call for Drastic Measures

In a Possibly SOTU-Less Year, Here Are Five Past Ones that Are Relevant Right Now

Patrick Shanahan: Can Boeing's Favorite Defense Secretary Hang On?

The Catholic Nun Who Came to New York to Confront the AIDS Crisis

Martin Luther King’s Powerful Defense of Identity Politics From Birmingham Jail

She Hunted a Stolen Picasso—and Got Hoaxed

Hide the Mueller Report? Why Hide Something that Probably Won’t Be Shocking?

When Women’s March Leader Tamika Mallory Backed Russell Simmons, She Betrayed Women Like Me

Inside the Weird, Dangerous World of Japan’s Girl ‘Idols’

Final Oscar Nomination Predictions: What to Expect from ‘Green Book,’ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and More

Did Sarah Stern’s Friend Kill Her Over a $7,000 Inheritance?

New Video, Details Emerge of Kentucky High School Students’ Viral Encounter in D.C.

The Minnetonka Winslets Are Fleece Slippers That Can Hang With Wool Ones Any Day

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claps Back at Aaron Sorkin for Saying She Needs to ‘Stop Acting Like Young People’

Boys Will Be Boys. Covington’s Showed Yet Again Why Only White Boys Can Smirk Through That.

Experts: 'Dark Hunter' Series Author Sherrilyn Kenyon's Poisoning Is Suspicious

The Uniqlo Compact Down Jacket Was Made for Dynamic Weather

Undocumented Immigrant Saved Houston Cop’s Life Before He Was Killed

Pope Francis Knew Pedophile Priest Took Nude Selfies

Giuliani: ’So What’ If Trump Talked To Cohen About His Testimony

Pete Davidson Jokes About Suicide Threat With John Mulaney on SNL

‘Saturday Night Live’ Hammers BuzzFeed for Publishing ‘Fake News’ on Trump and Cohen

SNL’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Confronts ‘Terrified’ Trump Over Government Shutdown

Brad Bird Talks ‘The Incredibles 2’ and John Lasseter’s Redemption

Warren Jeffs’ Polygamist Cult Once Controlled This Town. Now It’s Launching a Democracy From Scratch

Trump Follows Nixon’s Last Lines of Defense as Walls Close In

The Famous Black Women Held to a Higher Standard Under Trump

The British Courtesan Who Created an Emperor of France

Traveling While Black Can Be Downright Bizarre

The Serial Killer Behind Trump’s Tweets About Germany

Democrats Would Be Idiots to Support Trump’s Shutdown Deal

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ Trump Mentality

The New Room With a View: Madrid's Gran Hotel Inglés

The Times Square Pro-Choice Art Piece That Was Censored, But Not Forgotten

Naming Streets After MLK is a Battle in Some US Towns

At a Smaller Women's March, Leaders Preach Unity After Farrakhan Controversy

Trump's Latest Shutdown Offer Is a Non-Starter for Democrats

Covington Catholic High Apologizes for Students Who Mocked Native American Veteran Nathan Phillips During March for Life

This Nike Flash Sale Is Full Of Workout Staples For 20% Off

Stephen Colbert Unloads on Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade: You Were ‘Silent’ During the Roger Ailes Scandal

Bill Maher Has Sexual-Harassment Meltdown Over Bernie Sanders Story on ‘Real Time’

Bill Maher Returns From Hiatus, Takes Homophobic Dig at Trump

Activists: Chechen Authorities Order Families to Kill LGBT Family Members, Also Pay Ransoms

Who Owns the Women’s March?

Rihanna Wants You To Buy Her Clothes, and Her Message

Big Trouble for Junior Trump

Birding (Yes, Birding) Is a Multi-Billion Dollar Ecotourism Industry

Dear Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Hang Tough. History Is on Your Side

The Hillside Strangler Nearly Killed My Christian Soap Opera

HBO’s ‘Brexit’ Movie Laughed Off as a ‘Vote Leave Wankfest’

Future Cocktails: What You’ll Be Drinking in 2019

Democrats Want to Haul Don Jr. Back Before Congress

A Trump State of Emergency Might be 'Best Worst Option'

Jason Van Dyke Sentenced to 81 Months for Laquan McDonald Murder

Cord Tacos Are a Necessary Piece to Cord Management

Trump and Cohen’s Alleged Moscow Lie Would Be a Crime. The Truth Could Be Even Worse.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace on BuzzFeed Report:  ‘If True,’ Could Get Trump Impeached

Top Democrats Press Trump on Plans to Seize Historic Church Land for Border Wall

GREATS Has Premium Sneakers For 50% Off or More During Their Winter Clearance Sale

Jamal Khashoggi Book Details Saudi’s Killing on Tape: ‘I Have Never Worked on a Warm Body Until Now’

Store Your Headphones and Cords, Plus Charge Your Phone, With The BentoStack Charge

Organize Your Large Bags By Using A Smaller Bag Inside

Fox News Can’t Get White House Spokesman Hogan Gidley to Deny Trump Told Cohen to Lie

Fired Mic Staffers Go to War With Bustle Over Unfinished Stories

Trump Tweets Discredited Right-Wing Meme About ‘Muslim Prayer Rugs’ at Border

Pelosi Says Trump Leaked Commercial Travel Plans, Forcing Her to Cancel Afghanistan Trip

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Jimmy Papadopoulos

Secret ‘Rebate Trap’ Strategy Blocks Patients From Buying Generic Drug

‘Glass’ Is M. Night Shyamalan’s Big Middle Finger to His Superhero Fans

The Closure of ‘Into’ Matters. We Need More LGBT Media, Not Less

Will Trump Pull U.S. Out of South Korea for Kim Jong Un?

John Dowd, President Trump’s Old Lawyer, Is Still Whispering in His Ear

Let’s Not Forget: The Women’s March Helped Spark the Resistance

The Let-Them-Eat-Cake Legacy of Emmanuel Macron

Netflix’s ‘Fyre’: Inside Fyre Festival, the Millennial Scam of the Decade

Federal Workers, Trump Doesn’t Care About. But NFL Playoff Games…

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Star Dan Levy’s Unexpected Reign as the Most Popular Man in TV

Even Anarchists Don’t Like the Government Shutdown

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Reveal the New Rules of Royal Dressing

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China’s Moon Plants Have Died

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The Best-Selling Books, Tech, Bar Tools, and More on Amazon

Theresa May’s Government Limps On After Surviving No-Confidence Vote

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Anti-Immigration Group Files RICO Suit Against Southern Poverty Law Center Over ‘Hate Group’ Label

Suicide Attack on U.S. Troops in Syria Leaves a ‘State of Terror,’ Fears of Trump Exit Plans

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Turkey Accuses Knicks Star Enes Kanter of Being a Terrorist

Smart Finds to Reduce Your Single-Use Plastic Waste

‘Fox & Friends’ Guest: Gillette Ad Same as Showing Women ‘Gossiping,’ ‘Nagging’

Nancy Pelosi Tells Trump to Postpone State of the Union Address Until Shutdown Ends

American Jason Spindler, 9/11 World Trade Center Survivor, Among 14 Killed in Nairobi Terror Attack

Labour’s Left Wing Sees Jeremy Corbyn and a Socialist Future Emerging From the Wreckage of Brexit

Make Pork & Chive Dumplings like Professional Chef Anita Lo

How the U.S. Is Quietly Winning the Hypersonic Arms Race

Trump’s Shutdown Increased Illegal Crossings at This Slice of the Border

Deripaska’s Rusal Flouts Sanctions Pledge With New Kremlin Stooge

‘You're the Worst’ Star Kether Donohue Says Goodbye to the Greatest Hot Mess TV Has Ever Seen

William Barr Talks a Good Game But Don’t Trust Him to Stop Trump

The Old Lindsey Graham Called Out Racists. The New One Stands With Them.

Electric Scooters Taken Prisoner in the New Class War

Chris Pratt’s 21-Day Bible Diet Is No Miracle

Ryan Zinke Now Works for Blockchain Kingpin With a Shady Past

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Offers Definitive Proof That Steve King Is a ‘Racist’

Macaulay Culkin Defends Controversial ‘Friendship’ With Michael Jackson

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Trump’s ‘Hamberders’ Tweet: ‘How Does That Happen?’

The Night Pillow Is a Silk Pillowcase on Steroids

Deafening Silence From White House as Republicans Chide Steve King

Roku Drops InfoWars and Alex Jones After Social Media Pressure

Bill Maher on MSNBC: ‘It’s About Time’ We Call Trump a ‘Traitor’

D.C. Eateries Grimace at Trump’s Fast Food Kick

Kirsten Gillibrand to Colbert: ‘I’m Going to Run’ in 2020

R.I.P. Carol Channing: How The ‘Hello, Dolly!’ Star Became The Queen of Broadway

William Barr Defends Mueller, But Won’t ‘Surrender’ If Told to Recuse From Trump-Russia Probe

Seven Trump Accusers’ Stories Take the Stage in ‘The Pussy Grabber Plays’

Republicans Loved Steve King Before Finally Abandoning Him

Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Walloped in Biggest Parliamentary Defeat in British History

Canvas Tote Bags To Carry Groceries, Gym Clothes, Laptops, and More (And Look Good Doing It)

Trump Wants to Turn America’s Alliances Into Protection Rackets

Laura Loomer Tricks ‘Undocumented’ Men for Her Latest Stunt

The Democratic Party Drops Its Sponsorship of Women’s March Amid Farrakhan Blow-Up

New York Passes Historic Transgender Anti-Discrimination Law

Trump’s Plan to Weaponize the Census Just Got Killed

‘The View’ Goes Off the Rails on ‘Racist’ Republicans: ‘I'm John McCain’s Daughter!’

Lindsey Graham Invokes Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories While Grilling Trump’s AG Pick William Barr

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Joe Lieberman Called Chinese Telecom Giant ZTE a National Security Threat. Now He’s a Lobbyist for It.

Mueller Probes an Event With Nunes, Flynn, and Foreign Officials at Trump’s D.C. Hotel

Kidnap Suspect Jake Patterson Allegedly Hid Jayme Closs Under His Bed for Hours at a Time

Willow and Jada Pinkett Smith on R. Kelly: ‘We All Have Been’ Complicit

Accused Wife Killer Rod Covlin Demonstrated ‘Chokehold’ to Fellow Inmate: Prosecutors

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Trump’s Shutdown Turns Atlanta International, the World’s Busiest Airport, Into a ‘Shitshow’

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Shutdown Trump Officials Coming to Work in Pajamas

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Carlos ‘The Ghost’ Ghosn and His Lawyer ‘The Grey Fox’ Spook Japan’s Prosecutors

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Instagram Influencers Dupe Their Fans With ‘Free’ Products

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Syria Rights Monitor Charges U.S. With Negligence and 'War Crimes'—But Wants Troops To Stay And Fix Things

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Judge Poised to Force Michael Avenatti to Open Books in Divorce Case

Ex-FBI Officials Say Spy Inquiry into President Trump Is ‘Uncharted Territory’

NBC Finally Splits With Megyn Kelly

Southern Poverty Law Center Quietly Joins the Roster of Big Groups Walking Away from the Women’s March

Tulsi Gabbard, Bashar Assad’s Favorite Democrat, Is Running for President

GoFundMe Border Wall Campaign Implodes, Turns to Kris Kobach and Sheriff Clarke

Senate Democrats Call For DOJ Ethics Probe After Whitaker Non-Recusal

Air Traffic Controllers Sue Trump as Airports Brace for Sick-Outs With Shutdown Now at Three Weeks

Fox News Frets Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Could Enter 2020 Race

After 70 Years, Florida Pardons the Groveland Four, the 4 Black Men Accused of Raping a White Teen

Left-Wing Group Justice Democrats Picks Its First 2020 Primary Target: Rep. Henry Cuellar

Jake Patterson, Suspect in Jayme Closs Kidnapping, Briefly Worked at Same Plant as Murdered Parents

GOP Rep Mo Brooks Compares 9/11 Attacks to Need for Mexico Border Wall

How Steve King’s Idiotic and Odious Words Help the Left Destroy Western Civilization

Get Out Your Sunglasses. Neon Just Returned From the 1980s.

Abortion Clinics Keep Closing. Not for the Reason You Think.

‘Pledge’ Exposes the Ultraviolent Horrors of Fraternity Hazing

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Lobbyists Prepare to Be Showered in Cash as Trump Oversight Ramps Up

Trump Thought It Would Only Take Three Days to Get Mexico to Pay for the Wall

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Takes ‘Racist’ Steve King to Task

Seth Meyers Unloads on Trump’s ‘Wheels and Walls’ Nonsense: ‘What Is Wrong With Your Brain?’

Texas County GOP Rejects Push to Oust Vice-Chairman Shahid Shafi Over His Muslim Faith

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s ‘National Emergency’ Waffling Over the Wall

Sean Hannity Pushes Trump to Declare National Emergency

Wisconsin Teen Jayme Closs Found Alive: ‘The Girl Just Came Out of the Woods’

A Penis, Trump, and 9/11: How ‘Green Book’ Became the Most Controversial Oscars Movie of the Year

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Busts Trump for ‘Constantly’ Saying Mexico Would Pay for the Wall

The Queen Just Helped to Give ‘Miserable’ Meghan Markle a Royal Reset

What You Need to Survive This Flu Season

Trump’s Right: There’s a Humanitarian Crisis at the Mexico Border—and Everything He’s Doing Makes It Worse

Beto O’Rourke’s Instagrammed Teeth Cleaning Is the Permanently Online Future of Politics

Bernie Sanders Apologizes to Women Who Say They Were Harassed on His 2016 Campaign

Ex Allegedly Asked Nurse Gal Pal to Kill Colorado Mom Kelsey Berreth: Report

Pompeo Ignores Saudi Crimes—and U.S. History—in Middle East Speech

Trump’s Loco White House Exit: ‘I Never Said Mexico Would Pay for the Wall’ and More

DHS Accused of Lying, Again, About a Terrorism-Immigration Link

PayPal Drops Sanctioned Russian Propaganda Site

Did Opus Dei Lie to Protect Priest Who Baptized Newt Gingrich?

‘Fox & Friends’: Trump ‘National Emergency’ Call Might Risk Helping Climate Fight

Jeff Bezos ‘Had No Prenup’ and Is Now Braced for Record $137 Billion Divorce

New York Knicks Star Enes Kanter’s Assassination Fears: ‘Erdogan’s Long Arm Is Everywhere’

How This Year’s Red-Carpet Dress Became All About the Back

Going 10 Rounds With Top Bartender William Elliott

1 in 5 Non-Binary People Denied Medical Treatment Based on Their Identity

Trump Helps Take Central and South America Back to the Strongman Future

Trump Talks Tough, Sounds Weak. Sad!

Malcolm Gladwell Is Wrong. Marijuana Is Not a Gateway Drug.

White House Intervened in Case of Trump’s Casino Pal Steve Wynn

Pro-Slavery SoundCloud Artist ‘Lil Plantation’ Divides School in Maryland

Trump, Catholic Church Battle Over Chapel in Way of Border Wall

Stephen Colbert to Kevin Hart: You Don’t Get to Decide You’re ‘Over It’

The Associated Press Frets Over Its Reporters’ Biases While Its Twitter Feed Burns

Colbert Wrecks Trump for Saying He ‘Didn’t Want’ Shutdown Fight

Steve Bannon Angled for a Job Boosting E-Cigarette Giant Juul

Judge Dismisses Ashley Judd’s Sexual Harassment Claim Against Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein Hunts for New Lawyers as Sex-Crimes Trial Nears

Tom Steyer Says He Won’t Run In 2020 to Focus on Impeaching Trump Instead

Kevin Hart Is ‘Done’ Apologizing To LGBT People, in Another Win For Unapologetic Homophobia

New Planned Parenthood Chief Leana Wen Says Abortion Access Still No. 1 Mission

Speed Read: El Chapo’s Intimate Texts With Wife and Mistresses Revealed

Trump’s Oval Office Speech Was a Dud. But It Could Be a Fundraising Success.

Qanon-Believing Proud Boy Accused of Murdering ‘Lizard’ Brother With Sword

Trump’s Big Problem: His Reality-TV Shtick Is Getting Boring

Hundreds of German Pols Get Hacked and a 20-Year-Old Confesses. Can That Be True?

Paul Whelan’s Lawyer Is at the Beach While His Client Sits in Notorious Moscow Prison

‘Heartbroken’: Sarah Silverman’s Hulu Show ‘I Love You, America’ Canceled

Kidnappers Demand $10 Million Cryptocurrency Ransom for Norwegian Billionaire’s Wife

‘Fox & Friends’ Host: Immigrants Might Kill Your Children

Two North Carolina Women Charged in Transgender Bathroom Sex Attack

Trump Campaign Consultants Cambridge Analytica Found Guilty of Breaking Data Laws

Disaster Looms After Trump Tries Being Presidential, Hates It

The Quest for the Perfect Spaghetti Carbonara

‘You’re the Worst’ Final Season: Can TV’s Funniest ‘Anti-Rom-Com’ Really End in Wedded Bliss?

Why is Sudan’s Genocidal Regime a CIA Favorite?

Treasury Department Chaos Leads to Exodus of Key Staffers

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar Are Destroying the Stereotype of the Silent Muslim Woman

Kevin Hart’s ‘The Upside’ Could Not Come at a Worse Time

Republicans Eagerly Embrace Trump’s ‘Crisis’ Right on Cue

Jimmy Kimmel’s Fiery Rebuttal to Trump Address ‘Lies’ About ‘Fake Border Crisis’

Donald Trump Delivers a Wet Fart Oval Office Address

Trump Channels Hannity and Lou Dobbs, Fearmongers for the Wall

Line Between Trump Tower Meet Lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya and Moscow Gets Even Blurrier

Tarell Alvin McCraney Won an Oscar. 'Choir Boy' Marks His Broadway Debut.

Trump Gets Fact-Check From Fox News’ Shepard Smith After Oval Office Speech

The Best Reed Oil Diffuser Doesn't Actually Have Oil

TSA Officers Already Quitting Over Trump’s Shutdown, Union Says

‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Is a Total Train Wreck

Turning Point Dissidents Turn on 'Snowflake' Founder and Fox News Darling Charlie Kirk

The Futuristic Tech Designed to Help You Sleep Better

The Power of The Humble Box Is Making Tidying Up an Art Form

DHS Cancels Border Facilities Visits Because of Shutdown

Fox News Host Harris Faulkner Corrects Kellyanne Conway on Migrant Children Deaths

Migrants Say Trump Won’t Stop Them: ‘We Just Don’t Care’ What He Does Next

Fox News Forced to ‘Fact Check’ Itself on Obama vs. Trump Oval Office Speeches

Trump Tower Meeting Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya Charged With Lying About Secret Work with Russian Officials

Ed Buck Protesters Chant ‘Arrest Him Now’ After Second Man Dies Inside Home of Wealthy Democratic Donor

Mike Pence: I Don’t Know Which Ex Presidents Told Trump to Build a Border Wall

R. Kelly May Be ‘Canceled’ Now. But Our Willful Blindness Helped Enable Him.

The Jazz Age’s Lost Leader: Harry Crosby

‘Project Blue Book’: Inside the U.S. Government’s Top-Secret UFO Research

Can Noise Warn Us of Climate Change?

North Korea’s ‘Dolce Vita Defector’ Could Jeopardize Next Trump-Kim Summit

Kamala Harris: John Kelly Got Mad That I Called Him at Home About the Travel Ban

Believe It or Not, Government Might Improve LGBT Rights in 2019

Rashida Tlaib Is Becoming the Michele Bachmann of the Left

Can a Filthy Rich Democrat Actually Win the 2020 Primary?

Parkland Survivors David Hogg and Jaclyn Corin: It’s Time Republican Cowards Ditched NRA Cash and Voted For Gun Checks

The Far Right Is Trying to Co-opt the Yellow Vests

Jeremy Clarkson: Trump Is Bad, But Brexit Is a Thousand Times Worse

VH1’s ‘Cartel Crew’: Michael Corleone Blanco’s Mother, Griselda Blanco, Killed 200 People. Now He’s a Reality TV Star.

The Best Towels, Bedding, Kitchen Items and More Upgrades That Will Make a Big Difference

Seth Meyers Calls Out Networks for Letting Trump ‘Repeat His Lies’ in Primetime

The First Virgin ‘Bachelor,’ Colton Underwood, Is in Way Over His Head

CBS News Shakeup Could Be Good News for Norah O’Donnell

Ex-Green Beret Pummeled to Death in Apparent Fratricide

The Golden Globes Red Carpet Flowed With Bows, All With Something To Say

Will Trump’s Wall Be Invisible? Or Made of Clay?

GOP Ejects Charlottesville Hate Marcher James Allsup After Daily Beast Exposé

How Chicago’s Manual Cinema Made ‘Frankenstein’ Into a Magical Puppet Show

‘Fox & Friends’: ‘Nothing Accurate’ About ‘Vice’ Portraying Cheney as ‘Satan,’ Bush as ‘Doofus’

‘CBS This Morning’ Hosts Beam for New Boss Susan Zirinsky: ‘She Is a Bad-Ass in Every Sense of the Word’

Kevin Spacey Pleads Not Guilty to Sexually Assaulting Teen

10 Dishes with Celebrity Chef John Tesar

Lawyer Says Shutdown Delays Making Asylum Seekers ‘Suicidal’

The Vatican Says ‘Maybe’ to Hysterectomies

Rabbit Hole: Moscow Has a Long History of Grabbing Americans for Trades

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Greatest 2020 Strength—and Biggest Weakness

Cell Phones and Skinny Jeans Cause a Spike in Tingling Thigh Syndrome

A 70 Percent Tax Rate Isn’t ‘Radical.’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has It Just Right.

Top Trump Backer Financed Supreme Court Confirmation Fights Through Shadowy Network

The Golden Globes Were an Embarrassment Not Even Sandra Oh Could Save

Liz Cheney Fires Back at Christian Bale for Calling Dad ‘Satan’ by Bringing Up Assault Allegation

Saudi Teen in ‘Life or Death’ Deportation Fight Live on Twitter

Christian Bale Rips ‘Charisma-Free Assholes’ Dick Cheney and Mitch McConnell at Golden Globes

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh Roast Kevin Hart in Golden Globes Opening

The Best Humidifiers to Keep Your Home Comfortable on Amazon

Fox News' Chris Wallace Shuts Down Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Claim About Terrorists Crossing Border

Jazmine Barnes Murder: Tip to Activist Shaun King Leads to Arrest of Alleged Getaway Driver

Nevada Killer Scott Dozier, Who Pushed For Execution, Dead of Suicide in Cell

How Orson Welles Nailed a Redneck Cop for Blinding a Black Man

In Blunt Book on Media, Jill Abramson Dishes on The Times, Reveals Profane Dean Baquet Rant

'Unexampled Courage' Is The Civil Rights Book About the 1940s You Need to Read Now

The Director Proving Women Can ‘Blow Shit Up’ in Horror and Hollywood

Is the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia?

Prepare For 'Color, Texture, and Feathers' On The Golden Globes Red Carpet

How Arno Breker Became Hitler's Favorite Sculptor

Did the U.S. Cover Up a Civilian Massacre Before Black Hawk Down?

We Need to Know What Happened When Trump Was Left Alone With Putin

Cory Booker’s Greatest 2020 Strength—And Biggest Weakness

Trust Me on This, Democrats: ‘Fight!’ Will Not Be Enough

‘Surviving R. Kelly’ and Why We Can’t Separate the Art From the Artist

Oregon’s Ganja Glut Sends Pot Growers To Black Market

Federal Workers Turn to GoFundMe as Government Shutdown Wears On

At Jazmine Barnes Rally, Moms of Murdered Children Speak Out: ‘We Want It to Stop’

Paul Whelan’s Family Not Pressuring Trump For Prisoner Exchange With Russia

Shooter Jennings Breaks Down the Drinking Song

Drake Fondles and Kisses 17-Year-Old Girl In Disturbing Video

CNN’s Don Lemon Delivers Emotional Plea to Kevin Hart: ‘This Is the Time to Hear People Out’

Porn Star August Ames Allegedly Roughed Up by Co-Star Markus Dupree Before Suicide: ‘It Felt Like Rape’

What Back Alley? These Women Say DIY Abortion Can Be Empowering

Talking About Elizabeth Warren’s Likability is a Way to Tell Women to Sit Down and Shut Up

How Louis C.K. Let Down Transgender Fans Like Me

How to Catch a Baseball Game in Cuba? Be Relentless

Kamala Harris’ Greatest 2020 Strength—And Biggest Weakness

The Not-Punk Queer Rockers Sticking It to Sexism in the Music Industry

Why Was Tony Soprano Such a Welcome Guest in American Homes?

History Majors Are Becoming a Thing of the Past, Except in the Ivy League

Trump Referred to Shutdown as ‘Strike’ in Profanity-Laced Meeting With Democratic Leaders

Fight Over Michael Avenatti’s Former Firm Turns Ugly As Foes Demand to See ‘Every Penny’

Coachella Combats Sexual Harassment With ‘Safety Ambassadors’ After Outcry

Nixon Vets Could Tell Rashida Tlaib: This is No Motherf*cking Way to Impeach

The Murder of Jazmine Barnes Is All Too American

Gavin McInnes Writes Letters to Neighbors to Take Down Anti-Hate Signs

Trump Wins Small In His Battle To Stop Trans Troops From Serving

Dems Move to Block Trump From Lifting Sanctions on Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska

National Parks Are Overflowing With Poop Thanks to the Government Shutdown

Trump Wanted Out of Syria Immediately. Now U.S. Says 'No Timeline' to Leave.

Tom Steyer Pours Millions Into Pro-Impeachment Ads Across Early Primary States

The Easiest Ways to Redecorate In the New Year

Pope Francis’ Argentinean Protegé Accused of Sex Abuse

‘Fox & Friends’ Applauds Ellen for Backing Kevin Hart: ‘Political Correctness Pushed Back!’

Did Ellen Just Get Kevin Hart His Oscars Job Back? More Importantly... Why?

Sex Abuse Hotline Calls Surge During Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R.Kelly’

Nancy Pelosi: Rashida Tlaib’s Impeachment Comment ‘Nothing Worse Than the President Has Said’

Wall Street Journal Edit Page Breaks With Trump, Trashes Afghanistan Mockery as ‘Slander’

How Brian Dunkelman Went From ‘American Idol’ Host to Uber Driver

Meghan Markle’s 2018 Wardrobe Would Have Cost $500,000, And No, That Doesn’t Include Her Givenchy Wedding Gown

My Year in Bars

LGBT Brazilians ‘Fearful but Defiant’ as Bolsonaro Takes Power

Here Are the Worst Anti-LGBT Bills to Watch for in 2019

Inside the Failed Mission to Get Trump to Care About Afghanistan

Beto O’Rourke’s Greatest 2020 Strength—And Biggest Weakness

Is ‘Bird Box’ Really More Popular Than ‘Black Panther’?

Netflix’s ‘Girl’ and Hollywood’s Sick Addiction to Trans Trauma

He’s Either the World’s Unluckiest Man or a Murderer

I’ll Say It: Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Likeable

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Plan to Conquer America

‘Extra’ Host A.J. Calloway Accused of Sexual Assault by Two More Women: ‘He Thought It Was a Game’

Twitch Stands by Fortnite Star Who Allegedly Beat Pregnant Girlfriend on Video

Ellen DeGeneres Gives Kevin Hart a Pass for Homophobic Jokes, Begs Him to Host Oscars

Cops Charged With Manslaughter After Two Mental-Health Patients Were Left to Drown in Sheriff’s Van During Hurricane Florence

Jim Carrey Fires Back at Louis C.K. for Dissing Parkland Survivors

Pelosi Knows the Art of the Deal. Trump Just Talks About It.

FSB-Friendly Lawyer for Paul Whelan Wants to Trade Him in Deal With U.S.

Trump White House Supports Back Pay After Shutdown, After Saying Most Furloughed Workers ‘Are Democrats’

Fake Plants That Look as Good as the Real Thing

Jazmine Barnes: What We Know About the Murder of a 7-Year-Old Girl in Houston

Outgoing GOP Rep Tried ‘to Run Out the Clock’ on House Ethics Investigation

Former Fox News Host Abby Huntsman Shocked by Tucker Carlson’s Anti-Women Rant

Exclusive Poll: Anti-Pelosi Democrats Could Be Vulnerable to Primary Challenges in 2020

Winter Boots That Are Waterproof, Weatherproof, and Durable

‘Fox & Friends’ Guest: Fossil Fuels ‘Actually Improve the Environment’

Netflix Comic Video Ban: Since When Did Netflix Take Marching Orders From Saudi Arabia?

Pelosi: It May Be Possible to Indict a Sitting President

North Korean Ambassador to Italy Defects in Bid for La Dolce Vita

You Can Now Make Barack Obama’s Beloved Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

The Holiday’s Over... Er, Not for These Sun-Soaked Celebrities

Joe Biden’s Greatest 2020 Strength—and Biggest Weakness

The 2020 Primary’s Getting Ugly Even Before It Really Begins

‘Surviving R. Kelly’: How The Singer Got Away With Preying on Girls

‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown As Its First Celebrity Singer—And It’s a Major Letdown

Their Kardashian Obsession Is Ruining Their Lives: ‘I Have Dreams About Them’

‘Easiest Shot You Can Take’: Trumpworld Lines Up to Dunk on ‘Disgusting’ Mitt Romney

House Republicans Let Trump Weasel Out on Jamal Khashoggi Blame

YouTube's Biggest Stars Are Pushing a Shady Polish Gambling Site

Two in Three Military Women Say They Have Been Sexually Assaulted or Harassed

Streamline Your Closet In 2019 With These Wardrobe Staples

Trump, Romney Flip-Flop on Immigration and Each Other

Los Angeles Man Posed as Realtor to Swipe ‘Millions’ in Luxury Goods From Stars’ Homes: Police

Bob Einstein Told a Joke So Funny on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ It Nearly Left Jerry Seinfeld in Tears

Netflix Begs Fans Not to Hurt Themselves With ‘Bird Box Challenge’

Paul Whelan, American Accused of Spying by Russia, Thrown in Moscow’s Most Infamous Dungeon

Mitt Romney Is the Most Dangerous Man in Trump’s City of Lackeys

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