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Articles January 2012

How the U.S. Gov't Helped Create Mexico's Drug Kingpin

Is Syria’s Civil War Contagious?

#ColbertCash: What Should Stephen Colbert Do With His $1 Million in Super-PAC Money?

Florida’s Unprecedented Ad Wars

Mitt Romney Defends Florida Spending, Says It ‘Served Me Well’

Karl Lagerfeld Runs Amok?

Obama Needs to Do More Than Pay Lip Service to Regime Change in Syria

Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown on ‘Ellen’ and More Adorable Sloth Videos

Debating the 'Israel Firster' Controversy

Mitt Romney’s British Mormon Ancestors

Somalia Pirates Adopt Troubling New Tactics

Princes William and Harry Talk Their Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, for BBC Film ‘The Diamond Queen’

When Madonna Nearly Wrecked Her Career

In Defense of Cassandra—David Frum

Election Oracle: The Ron Paul Factor

Primaries, eh?—David Frum

Head for Fashion: Kate Middleton Is ‘Hat Person of the Year’ (Photos)

Super Bowl 2012 City Smackdown: New York vs. Boston

The Path to Victory in November for Barack Obama and the Democrats

Meghan McCain on Why Newt Gingrich Should Quit After Florida Primary

'To Kill a Mockingbird' Makes Its Mark, 50 Years After the Film’s Release

Absentee Voters, Tea Party, and Other Groups That Could Turn Florida Vote

Twitter Feed White Girl Problems Becomes a Book: Authors on ‘Babe Walker’

Romney Ramps Up Attack Ads Against Gingrich to Unprecedented Levels

Super PAC Adviser Rick Tyler is Newt Gingrich’s Mini-Me

Newt Gingrich’s Fear Factor: What If He Loses the Florida Primary?

Newt Gingrich Shoots for the Moon (VIDEO)

Lana Del Rey’s Hipster Problem: Plastic Surgery, ‘SNL,’ and Her Past as Lizzy Grant

Republicans Love Newt The Insurgent, But Loathe Newt The Frontrunner

The 20 Most Effective Super Bowl Ads, from Doritos to Snickers

The Meaning of Joe Paterno’s Fall: Excerpts From ‘Death Comes to Happy Valley’

Japan: Faster than a Speeding Bullet Train

Untouched Italy

The Real Victim in Greg Kelly's Case

Desert of the Future: Dubai

Timelapse of Yosemite National Park

A Look Inside Cuba

Freed Egyptian Blogger Vows to Keep Up His Opposition to the Ruling Generals

Florida Gets Ugly

A Look at the Costa Concordia Under Water

How Madonna Really Feels About Lady Gaga

U.S. Banks Spent Record Amount on Lobbyists in 2011

The Tuition Gouge—David Frum

Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs Fight Consumer-Protection Law

Who Wrecked Obama's Post-Partisanship?—David Frum

Romney’s Campaign to Destroy Newt Gingrich

Gingrich Ad Appeals to Florida's Cuban Voters

Who is the REAL Mitt Romney?

Spices of Life: Ginger

Bueller’s Latest Day Off

After Davos: Holding the Financial Beasts at Bay

Send Robots to the Moon, Not People—David Frum

Romney: Gingrich Is ‘Flailing About’

Occupy Oakland’s Violent Turn Proves the Movement Has Lost Its Way

Election Oracle: Could Newt Win Florida?

Newt Gingrich’s Deep Neocon Ties Drive His Bellicose Middle East Policy

Romney and Gingrich Set the GOP on a Path Toward Self-Destruction

Must-Reads: 'The Fat Years,' 'Drifting House,' and 'The Map and the Territory'

Google Targets Rival Facebook With Tough New Privacy Policies

Leslie H. Gelb on How President Obama Should Handle Iran

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 2: Taylor and Russell Armstrong’s Riveting Story

The Real Victims in Rape Cases Like Greg Kelly’s

Elizabeth Olsen Chris Rock And Newsweek Daily Beast Sundance Film Festival Portraits

Screen Actors Guild 2012: Best Dressed on the Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Axelrod: Let’s Rewrite the Rules

Why 'Axis of Evil' is Still Right—David Frum

Dispatch from the Romney Presidency—David Frum

The Anger Over ‘Tranny,’ From Neil Patrick Harris to RuPaul to Dan Savage

LeBron Gets Some Air

Romney Keeps the Heat on Gingrich in Naples

Regina King: ‘Southland’ Star Defies TV Stereotypes of Black Women

Aguilera's Touching Tribute

Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, David Axelrod and More Sunday Talk

Liam Neeson’s Voicemail Spoof

A Republican Gong Show?—David Frum

Back to the Future: A Democrat Recalls Newt Gingrich’s Moon Plan

‘The Grey’: Hollywood’s Big Bad Wolf Slammed by Animal-Rights Groups

U.S. TV Heavyweights Wrestle for First Pippa Middleton Interview

Super Bowl 2012: Tom Brady v. Eli Manning Off the Field

Parker Posey on Her Comeback Role in ‘Price Check’

Bruno Mars, Snooki & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

How Gossip Became History: Eminent Outlaws by Christopher Bram

Gingrich’s Biggest Enemy May Be His Lack of Organization

Sergei Polunin, Star of the Royal Ballet, Resigns, and No One Knows Why

Extending the German Ban on ‘Mein Kampf’ Does More Harm Than Good

Michael Tomasky on How Rick Santorum Nailed Mitt on Romneycare

Philadelphia Murder Rate Spikes: How to Stop the Epidemic

She Dialed 911. The Cop Who Came to Help Raped Her.

Mitt's Blood Money?—David Frum

Handcuffs, Ropes, and an Open Window: How I Escaped My Abusive Childhood

Americans Detained in Egypt Include a U.S. Cabinet Member’s Son

Lagerfeld on Lagerfeld

Mitt Ad Slams Newt's Ethics

Ingrid Michaelson Sundance Exclusive

90's Music Megamix

On the Air—David Frum

The Issue in 2012: Could it Be Canada?—David Frum

Will Arizona's GOP Self-Destruct?

Who's the Fairest of Them All?

'Glee' Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

Republican Political Ads in Florida: Why Romney's Are Best

Egypt’s New Flash Point: Bedouins Take Over a Sinai Resort

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Jan. 28, 2012

Word Cloud: Readers Tell Us One Word That Comes to Mind to Describe Mitt Romney

Rio Buildings’ Collapse New Sign of World Cup Headache for Brazil

Obama’s Speech Took Ideas From the GOP and Rhetoric From Madison Avenue

The Only Logical Way to End the Obesity Epidemic

Brad Pitt’s Giggle Fit, Mitt Romney’s Turn, and More Viral Videos

Hold Yemen Officials Who Sanctioned Civilian Attacks Accountable

100 Years of L.L. Bean: Designers Inspired by the Outfitter (Photos)

Rihanna, Nicole Richie, & Other Young Celebrities Who Go Gray (PHOTOS)

Debate Revs Up Romney

In Cincinnati, Monet Exhibit Reflects on What Lurks Beneath (Photos)

What Will Hillary Clinton Do After Leaving the State Department?

Aussie P.M. Narrowly Escapes Protest, Leaves Shoe Behind

Ron Paul Denies Newsletters...Again

Jersey Shore's Guido Rescue

Robert Fitzpatrick’s Memoir Reveals Attempts to Stop Whitey Bulger

20 Brits Who Refused Knighthood and Other Honors (Photos)

Why Survivors Aren’t Buying Costa Concordia’s Compensation Offer

Gingrich Ad: No, Romney, You're Untrustworthy!

Bereavement Doesn’t Equal Depression, and It’s No Disease for the DSM

William and Kate Bask in Mustique Privacy on Holiday With Middletons

Campaign Chronicles: Why Democrats Are Nervous

Jack Welch to GOP: Don't Scare Away Paul Supporters

Romney Commands, Santorum Wins on Points, Newt Flails at CNN GOP Debate

Traci Lords on ‘Excision’ and Her Porn Past

Ron Paul: Liar—David Frum

Pat and Vanna, Drinking Buddies

The Cheat Sheet: Twitter May Censor Tweets

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Channels The Beatles

‘One for the Money’ Review: Does Katherine Heigl Have Fans?

Newt's Excuse—David Frum

The Sex Diaries Project: What 1,500 Bedroom Diaries Can Teach Us About Sex

The Missing Agenda

Homer Simpson as Karl Lagerfeld, Marge as Anna Wintour, and More (PHOTOS)

Boycott Apple? The Moral Dilemma After Abuse Reports From China

Peter Schlesinger, David Hockney’s Muse, Shows New Works in L.A.

Spartacus Hero Liam McIntyre’s Unlikely Rise into the Role

Newt Gingrich’s Wacky Moon-Colony Proposal at CNN GOP Debate

Panel Highlights Alarming Lack of National Plan for U.S. Nuclear Waste

Investigations Reveal Long Trail of Abuses at Apple Suppliers

Ray Kelly’s Bad Week: NYPD Chief Sees Son Greg Accused of Rape

Bath Salts, Poppers, Salvia, and 4 Other Legal Drugs That Get You High

GOP Candidates Are Wrong to Urge a Second Front War in Iran

Jessica Buchanan, Osama bin Laden, and Other Heroic Navy SEALs Moments (PHOTOS)

Pessimism in the Alps

Newt Gingrich’s Blowhard Ideas Go Nowhere, CNN GOP Debate Rivals Say

Daily Beast Contributors Weigh in on CNN Republican Florida Debate

Tim Pawlenty Sizes Up Gingrich: ‘Newt Lost His Mojo’ at Florida Debate

Republican Debate: Eleanor Clift on How Romney Crushed Gingrich

Romney Rises

Newt's Very Bad Night—David Frum

Michael Tomasky: Newt Gingrich Past His Peak in the Jacksonville Debate

Paul Begala: Mitt Romney Shows His Many Faults in the Jacksonville Debate

Peter Schlesinger, David Hockney’s Muse and Former Boyfriend, New Works (PHOTOS)

Republican Debate: Rick Santorum’s Class Act

Best Moments From Thursday’s Debate Ahead of Florida Primary (Videos)

Newt Gingrich Swings at Mitt Romney and Misses in CNN Florida Debate

Gingrich and "The Language of Living in the Ghetto"

Newt vs. Mitt: Freddie Mac, Round Two

A Florida Win Will Make Headlines, But What About the Delegates?

When Demi Met Booze

Obama: I Second Guess Myself Constantly

Jaipur Literature Festival Wows, Rushdie Debacle Aside

Paris vs. New York: A Tally of Two Cities (Photos)

Rand Paul's Real TSA Detention

18 People Who Are Boycotting Apple Over Harsh Factory Conditions in China

Drudge's Anti-Newt Assault

A Grand Bargain for Romney—David Frum

Newt: Suddenly Alone—David Frum

Republican Congressmen Blasting Newt Gingrich in Florida

Things I Must Make Time to Think About—David Frum

This Week’s Hot Reads: Jan. 26, 2012

Charlize Theron Tosses a Drink

Michael Fassbender Wipes the Sweat Away

Spike Lee Talks Hollywood Racism, New Film ‘Red Hook Summer’

Uggie Licks the Screen

George Clooney's iPad App Video

Obama’s Spilled Milk Joke: Late Night Comedians Riff (Video)

Steve Carell, Joan Rivers, Ed Helms: GOP Primary Movie Dream Cast Photos

Campaign Chronicles: Money vs. Momentum

Gingrich Continues to Lie About Telling the Truth Under Oath

Romney: A Skeptic, Not a Liar—David Frum

Costa Concordia Legal Battle Gets Ugly

Leymah Gbowee Talks to Tina Brown about Confronting Charles Taylor

Newt Gingrich Gets Angry Again in Florida

Gingrich's Surge and Romney's Plans—David Frum

Why President Obama Loaded His State of the Union With Small Initiatives

Newt's Secret Florida Weapon: Marco Rubio's 2010 Campaign Manager

Live Chat: GOP Presidential Debate on CNN in Jacksonville, FL

NewsBeast: NYPD Chief's Son Accused of Rape

Greg Kelly, NYPD Commissioner’s Son, Accused of Rape

New Romney Ad: Gingrich Is Untrustworthy

The Cheat Sheet: Obama vs. Brewer

The Street Theater from Hell

Australia P.M. Julia Gillard Trapped in Protest (Video)

Jon Stewart Cries Over Spilled Milk

Gordon Brown: Our Silent Education Crisis

Obama Stays Above the Fray

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and GOP Woo Latino Vote in Florida

A Tale of Two Davoses

From Capitalism to the World's Most Vulnerable

Obama Extols Warren Buffett as Hero, But to Wall Street He’s No Angel

Navy SEALs’ Daring Hostage Rescue May Signal More Somalia Land Raids by U.S.

See You at the Pole: Church Youth Gatherings Raise Legal Questions

Davos Honors Leymah Gbowee

The NYPD's Shocking Training Video

Obama Elicits Groans With SOTU Joke

Jessica Buchanan, Dedicated Teacher, Lover of Africa, Victim of Pirates

A Less Inflammatory Newt Gingrich Tones It Down in the Florida Primary

Michael Tomasky on What Sullivan and Frum Get Wrong About Obama

Newt Gingrich's Heckler Show Down

Chanel, Givenchy, Dior: Best of Paris Spring 2012 Couture (PHOTOS)

‘Dance Moms,’ ‘Toddlers & Tiaras,’ and Child Abuse

Faking ADHD Gets You Into Harvard

NewsBeast and Credit Suisse Davos Dinner: Mick Jagger and More

Newsweek Davos Party: Mick Jagger, Chelsea Clinton, Leymah Gbowee (Photos)

Rule and Ruin—David Frum

A Woman in Mexico Receives a New Heart—After Medics Dropped It

Florida Activist Disrupts a Newt Gingrich Rally in Coral Springs, Fla.

Newt, You're No Reagan

Romney: Release Gingrich Ethics Investigation

The Cult of Gold—David Frum

Ice and Fire

Taiye Selasi's Unique Connection With Readers

Campaign Chronicles: Daniels’ Dead On Response

Does the GOP Deserve to Lose?—David Frum

Celibate Celebrities from Tim Gunn to Lady Gaga (PHOTOS)

NewsBeast: Why the GOP Won't Let Newt Win

From Chaos to Harmony

Now the Bad Bits—David Frum

Newt Gingrich: I’m Not Like Bill Clinton

Gross National Happiness

Gabby’s Emotional Farewell

The Cheat Sheet: Obama's 'Buffett Rule'

Pelosi: There's "Something" About Gingrich

State of the Union Reaction

Capitalism and Croissants

Who Will Save the Political System?

Star's Erotic Memories

Miss Sundance Elizabeth Olsen on ‘Liberal Arts,’ Her Wild Year, and Her Own College Experiences

Obama is Right, We Need Mortgage Refinancing—David Frum

Vicki Kennedy on Ted: The Full Interview

Sullivan vs. Colbert on Obama’s Dumb Critics

Politicians Failing to Be Funny: Obama’s SOTU Milk Joke Bombs

Obama’s Reelection Address—David Frum

Davos World Economic Forum Begins With a Focus on Capitalism on the Brain

Election Oracle: Romney's Plunge

Disney Parks’ Craziest Corporate Rules: Beards OK, Tattoos Still Out

Should Teens Be Jailed for Sex Offenses?

Kim Jong-nam Claims North Korea Reformist Mantle

Obama and the Dems’ Strategy to Win in Arizona: Heavy Courtship of Latinos

Influential First Ladies Since 1900: Barbara Bush to Jackie Kennedy

Meet the Candidates Forum: GOP Hopefuls Must Win Over Hispanics to Win

Stars Buy Other Stars’ Homes: Billy Joel, Salma Hayek, Brad Pitt, and More

Demian Bichir Nominated for Best Actor Oscar – Who Is He?

America’s Most Influential First Ladies: Clinton, Truman, More (PHOTOS)

Arab Spring: Revolutionaries Reflect on the One-Year Anniversary

6 Worthy Policy Ideas From Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Speech

State of the Union: Peter Beinart on How Obama Blew It

Obama’s State of the Union Was Strong on Substance, Weak on Poetry

Mitch Daniels's SOTU Response

Obama Stresses Nation Building at Home Over Nation Building Abroad

Social Media Reacts to Obama's 2012 State of the Union Address

State of the Union: The Night of a Big Speech

Daily Beast Contributors Weigh In on Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Address

Best Moments From Obama's 2012 State of the Union Address (VIDEO)

Obama: No More Special Tax Cuts!

President Obama’s Lofty Laundry List on Display in State of the Union

Does Sofia Vergara Yell Too Much?

Amy Chua Finds Her Audience

Does Conflict Help the Plot?

Strong Sales of iPhone 4S Propel Apple to Its Biggest Quarter Ever

Sundance Dealmaking Kicks Into Overdrive

The Scandal of Mitt Romney’s Low Taxes Is That They’re Legal

The Changing Landscape of World Literature

Davos World Economic Forum’s Glum Kickoff

Photo Editor Cara Phillips' Pick of the Week

A Preview of the WikiLeaks Talk Show?

How to Prevent a Sex Scandal—David Frum

The Cheat Sheet: Starbucks to Sell Alcohol

Campaign Chronicles: Why Romney’s Taxes Matter

Your Dismal Fact of the Day—David Frum

Don't Let Gingrich Be Gingrich—David Frum

Cynthia Nixon on Bisexuality & Her New Role in ‘Wit’

NewsBeast: And the Biggest Oscar Snub Goes to...

Losing the Future—David Frum

Photo of the Day

The Right Way to Tax Mitt Romney, Part 2—David Frum

Palin: Christie 'Got His Panties In a Wad'

2012 Oscar Noms: Instant Reaction

Oscar Nominations 2012: 11 Snubs and Surprises

Sundance’s Bad Girls Club: Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson Talk ‘Bachelorette’

George vs. Mitt vs. Newt—David Frum

Republicans Attack Obama

Oscar Nominations 2012: George Clooney, The Artist, and More (PHOTOS)

JFK Tapes Related: 7 Revealing Moments

Wind at Obama’s Back as SOTU Opens Election Season

Romney’s Answer to Illegal Immigration: 'Self-Deportation'

Election Oracle: Romney and Gingrich Favorability Ratings Plunge

What Charlize Theron Doesn’t Get About Black Hollywood

Costa Concordia Mess Widens With Salvage Team, Criminal Probe

Obama Should Use Fighting Words in the 2012 State of the Union

For Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, It’s All About Collecting Delegates

Did Reporters From News of the World Impede a British Police Investigation?

Obama’s Wins and Losses by the Numbers: Stocks, Jobs, Health Care, More

Imagine a President Newt Gingrich Who Thinks Rules Don’t Apply to Him

2012 Election Super PACs You Need to Know (VIDEO)

At Sundance, Icy Kirsten Dunst Leads Pitch-Black Comedy ‘Bachelorette’

Elizabeth Olsen, Taylor Swift, More Stars at Sundance Film Fest (Photos)

Republican Debate: Newt’s Curiously Bloodless Performance

Daily Beast Contributors Weigh In on NBC Republican Debate in Tampa

Paul Begala: The Strangely Silent Jan. 23 Debate in Tampa

Newt Gingrich Omits the Racial Cues—David Frum

Best Moments From the NBC Republican Debate in Tampa (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney Smacks Newt Gingrich in Florida Brawl at NBC Debate

Newt Gingrich's Awkward Silence

The Essentialist: 2012 Campaign Obsessives (VIDEO)

Chinese New Year 2012: Year of the Dragon Celebrations (Photos)

Join My Liveblog of Tonight's GOP Debate—David Frum

Must-Reads: ‘The Last Nude,’ ‘Arrows of the Night,’ and ‘The Fallback Plan’

Santorum Ignores False Charges Against Obama

Newt Mocks 'Desperate' Mitt

Indie-Film Vet Bingham Ray Dies After Stroke at Sundance

The Obama Memos: Best of The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza Story

Campaign Chronicles: Newt’s Florida Game Plan

Doc Incubator: Raid in Kirkuk

Davis: ‘I Was Terrified of Meryl Streep’

Clooney Defends Being Called a Sellout

Live Chat: GOP Presidential Debate on NBC in Tampa, Florida

Plummer: ‘I’ll Never Work With Him Again’

Theron and Fassbender's Impersonations

Clooney: ‘Being in a Trailer Is Not Fun’

Islamist-Dominated Parliament in Egypt Opens First Session

The Actors Defend Sequels

Fassbender: ‘I Did Actually Pee on Tape’

The Cheat Sheet: Newt Leads Florida Poll

NewsBeast: Why Newt Gingrich Loves the Media

Best Actress Nominee Viola Davis on Race

New Romney Ad Hits Hard at Gingrich

Capital Gains: Answering Krugman and Bernstein—David Frum

Obama's Critics Are Right—David Frum

Passionless Mitt?—David Frum

Oscar Roundtable 2012: George Clooney's Worst Job

George Clooney and Tilda Swinton on Their Oscars

Newt Gingrich: Trivial Issues Warrior—David Frum

Election Oracle: Newt's Chances of Winning Nomination Soar

I'm Voting for Colbert!

As Gabrielle Giffords Resigns, Who Might Pursue Her Arizona Seat?

George Clooney’s Worst Job? 10 Best Newsweek Oscar Roundtable Bits

In Newt Gingrich’s World Rules Do not Apply to Him, Ex-Wife’s Lawyer Says

Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and GOP Forget Iraq Mistake in Push for Iran War

Marina Abramović’s Silent Revolution in Performance Art

Brothers Mueller Show How New Newsweek iPad App Works

Impetuous Record Aids Newt Gingrich With Angry GOP Voters

The Last Patrician: Romney Falls From Favor as America Loses Faith in Old Money

Did Penn State's Sex-Abuse Case Bring On the Death of Joe Paterno?

Newt Gingrich, Comic Diva: His New Reign of Terror

Paris Men’s Fashion Week: Backstage (PHOTOS)

Changing Mormonism—David Frum

Mitt Romney Faces High Stakes in NBC Debate With Surging Newt Gingrich

Romney’s Tax Return Oops

Joe Paterno’s Death Shouldn’t Turn Him Into Sandusky Case’s Martyr

Santorum's Glitter Bombing

Get to know the iPad Twins: Nate and Kirk

Jaipur Saga Bigger Than Assassination Threats Against Salman Rushdie

Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and More Sunday Talk

Gifts for the Bookworm

Dr. Gingrich, or How The GOP Learned To Stop Worrying And Love An Adulterer

Heidi Klum and Seal Reportedly Splitting Up: Couples We Can Still Believe In (Photos)

Giffords: 'I Will Step Down'

Gabrielle Giffords to Resign From Congress (Video)

Sean Penn Rocks Out in ‘This Must Be the Place’

Joe Paterno’s Dead at 85: His Swift Fall From Grace

Concordia Shipwreck: Below the Surface

Joe Paterno's Legacy

Joe Paterno Dies

Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Dead at 85: Photos of His Life

Conservatives to Mitt: Be More Pro-Rich—David Frum

Obama Gets Lucky in South Carolina Primary Results

Religious-Right Leaders Say Santorum, But Voters Flock to Gingrich

Evan Rachel Woo Ben Stiller & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Is the Successor to the KGB Targeting the Russian Opposition?

After South Carolina: the Road Ahead Gets Tougher for Newt Gingrich

Michael Tomasky: Newt’s Fury Triumphs in South Carolina Primary

Newt’s Winning Formula: He Does Scorn and Disgust Better Than Anyone

Mitt Romney Can Put This Away With a Big Win in Florida

Egypt’s Game Changers: Samira Ibrahim and the Women Who Speak Up About Sexual Violence

Gingrich Victorious in South Carolina

South Carolina Latest Lift in Gingrich’s Roller-Coaster Campaign

Daily Beast Writers on Newt Gingrich's South Carolina Upset

Ball Girl’s Bug Bravery

What South Carolina Was Thinking

Newt Gingrich’s Surprise Win in South Carolina Panics Republicans

South Carolina Primary: Mitt Romney’s Bad Night

Romney’s South Carolina Silver

Don't Blame the Rednecks for Newt's Win

Newt Gingrich Scores Major Upset in South Carolina Primary

Bingham Ray Suffers Stroke at Sundance Film Festival

'Simon Killer,' Sundance’s Natalee Holloway-Inspired Neo-Noir Thriller

Who Did You Vote For?

South Carolina Primary: Meet the Voters

The Vote Is On

McConaughey Gets Dazed And Confused

Newt Gingrich, Charlie Sheen and More Celebrity Open Relationships

Newt the Historian—David Frum

Texas After the Perry Flame-Out—David Frum

South Carolina's Republican Primary Won't Decide the Race

South Carolina Primary: Gingrich Surges to Threaten Romney’s Frontrunner Status

Rihanna Bikinis : Twitter Pictures, On Tour, In Barbados & More (PHOTOS)

Mattel’s New Bald Barbie Doll, and More Controversial Barbies (PHOTOS)

Forced Abortions and other South Carolina Dirty Tricks

Republican Debate: Why Newt Gingrich’s Performance Should Disqualify Him

The Daily Beast’s Guide to the South Carolina Primary

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Jan. 21, 2012

The Online-Piracy Bills Were Killed by a Generation’s Expectations

Can Newt’s ‘Nontraditional’ Campaign Stay on the Rails?

At a Citadel Banquet Honoring Santorum, Politics as Usual Goes AWOL

Joran Van Der Sloot Loses Support of ‘Guardian Angel’ Mary Hamer

“Miss Bala” Is Mexico’s Drug War Thriller

Newt Gingrich’s Punching Bag at CNN Debate: Moderator John King

Huntsman, Perry Quit; Newt Takes On ‘Elite’ Media; and More Viral Videos

8 Highlights From the New Biography ‘The Real Romney’

Etta James, Who Blazed Trail for Women in R&B, Dead at 73

Santorum's Last Chance in South Carolina

‘Searching for Sugar Man’ and ‘The Queen of Versailles’ Sold at Sundance

Brad Pitt Gets the Giggles

It's Mitts Turn

Media Reaction to Andrew Sullivan’s Obama Cover Story in Newsweek

Virgil, Jane Austen and Other Authors Can Teach Us About Love

The iPad Twins Speak: Nate and Kirk on the Newsweek iPad App

Pawlenty: Romney the Capable Candidate

In Defense of Ron Paul

GOP Attack Ads Do Obama’s Job for Him, Says Jerry Della Femina

Blogging "The Real Romney"—David Frum

Obama Sings Robert Johnson, Al Green & More of Singing Politicians

Singer Etta James Dies at 73

Last Hope for Costa Concordia’s Missing as Ship Tanks Risk Bursting

A Look at Photos From Kodak’s Glory Days (Photos)

The Porn World Says No to Condoms

Daily Beast Contributors Weigh in on CNN South Carolina Debate

A Winning Final Four at the GOP Debate in Charleston

Etta James, 1928 - 2012

NewsBeast: Newt's Electrifying Moment

What Does Andrew Really Think of Bill Clinton?

Flick Picks: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Flick Picks: Haywire

The Cheat Sheet: Newt Discloses His 2010 Taxes

What to Pack for South Carolina?

South Carolina: Anyone's Game

Obama Channels Al Green

Colbert: Newt's a Gentleman!

Election Oracle: Newt Riding High Before South Carolina

Why Newt Gingrich ‘Open Marriage’ Claim Should Matter for Voters

‘Nightline’ Zings Gingrich, but Will South Carolina Buy It?

Aaron McGruder, Creator of Controversial ‘The Boondocks,’ Co-Writes ‘Red Tails’

Marianne Gingrich Interview Casts Doubts on Newt’s New Image

Nude Photo of Iranian Actress Golshifteh Farahani Roils Iran

Flick Picks: Does ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’ Exploit 9/11?

Do Tablet Apps and Ebooks Spell the End of Pop-Up Books?

Zardari’s Woes: Pakistan’s Dismal Economy, an Angry Army, Corruption Charges, Memogate

Costa Concordia Captain Seen Drinking With Blonde Before Wreck

David Frum: Mitt Romney Has Signed Paul Ryan’s Suicide Note

Anne Sinclair, DSK’s Wife, Recounts Debacle in French ELLE Interview

Kodak Bankruptcy May Lead to Fadeout of Legendary Film Company

Google 2011 Results Show Growth, But Can Tech Giant Thrive in Long Run?

Italy’s Cruise Ship Disaster Has Highlighted the Threat the Ships Pose to Venice

Girl Scout Cookie Capitals, from Seattle to Salt Lake City (photos)

Hedi Slimane Interview: ‘California Song’ at MOCA Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

Lauren Greenfield’s New Documentary Like ‘Real Housewife of Sundance’

Lana Del Rey, Sinead O’Connor & More Worst 'SNL' Performances (Videos)

A New Definition of Autism Could Exclude Many Now Diagnosed, Expert Says

Newt Gingrich Emerges as Master of the Turnaround Line at CNN Debate

Newt's Fight Night

Newt Gingrich Fends Off Tough Questions During CNN South Carolina Debate

Republican Debate: Mitt Romney’s Tax Flub

Most Explosive GOP Debate Moment? Gingrich Blasts Media for Ex-Wife’s Report

Paul Begala: Newt Rampages, Romney Folds in South Carolina Debate

Republican Debate: Gingrich’s Grandiosity Withstands Santorum’s Attacks

Newt Gingrich’s Anger Over Question About Ex-Wife Dominates CNN Debate

Casey Anthony's Palm City Hideout?

The Most Explosive Moment in Debate History?

4 Flaws That Sank Rick Perry’s Presidential Campaign

Newt Gingrich: Unscathed by Marianne’s Cheating Charges in South Carolina?

Live Chat: GOP Presidential Debate on CNN in Charleston, South Carolina

Hedi Slimane Photography California Song at MOCA (PHOTOS)

Rupert Murdoch pays compensation to 37 victims of phone hacking

Romney Snaps at Occupy Wall Street Protester

Marianne Gingrich’s TV Interview Won’t Turn Many Against Newt

GOP Primaries Provide a Feast for Our Schadenfreude Appetite

Marianne Gingrich Interview Proves Newt’s Toxic Narcissism

NewsBeast: 'Obama's Dumb Critics' Reaction

Why the Rick Perry Ship Went Down

The Cheat Sheet: Syria Laundering Oil Through Iran

Who's The Most Important Gay Figure?

Watch: Frum on Colbert—David Frum

Perry: I Will Leave The Trail

What If Newt Wins S.C.?

Marianne Gingrich: Newt Wanted Open Marriage

The Crimes Cable Won't Cover—David Frum

Paul Begala to Rick Perry: Adios, Mofo

Canada's Oil to Asia Instead—David Frum

Why Conservatives Don’t Buy Romney’s Red-Meat Speeches

Watch Obama's First Re-Election Ad

David Frum: Romney Believes in Getting it Right

Understanding Obama’s Poll Numbers (Continued)—David Frum

Donato Carrisi on 'The Whisperer'

The American Way—David Frum

Political Parity’s Drive to Help Women Win

Marianne Gingrich Speaks—David Frum

Cosby Critiques Fallon

Rick Santorum Ambushed at Personhood Forum by Abortion Flyers, Ron Paul Fans

In Latest Insider Trading Cases, Feds Go After Big Hedge Fund Bosses

Perry Has a Point About the Marines Video vs. the Daniel Pearl Video

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s Blunt Style Unusual, But Effective on Libya

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Geeks Converge on NYC to Protest Anti-Piracy Bills

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Flick Picks: Golden Globes - Drama

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Desperately Seeking Sperm

AFL-CIO Head Likes Some of What Newt Says

OJ Scare Shows Holes in FDA’s Food Screening Process

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This Week’s Hot Reads: January 13, 2011

Despite Official Line, Taliban Foot Soldiers Are Furious at Video of U.S. Troops Urinating on Dead Afghans

Romney PAC Hits Santorum

Let Ron Paul Speak at the Tampa Convention?—David Frum

Turkey Brings Criminal Charges Against Sarah Ferguson

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How Does Attacking Bain Help the Middle Class?—David Frum

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The Cheat Sheet: Stephen Colbert for President

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Iraq Oil Production Surges--David Frum

Tim Tebow and David Bowie Become ‘Tebowie’

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Is it Terrorism?—David Frum

Romney Ad Defends Bain Work

To Romney, Detractors Suffer From Envy

Colbert Explores Run for President

Bradley Manning Likely Faces Court Martial

Woody Harrelson on ‘Rampart’

Mark Driscoll’s Sex Manual ‘Real Marriage’ Scandalizes Evangelicals

The Truth About Private Equity: Politicians Need It, Taxpayers Fund It

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What Was it Like Coming Out?

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The Endgame Behind the Iranian Nuclear Scientist AssassinationsThe Endgame Behind the Iranian Nuclear-Scientist Assassinations

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Mitt Romney’s Dilemma: Picking a Running Mate if He’s the GOP Nominee

Who is Killing Iran's Bomb-Makers?

A Stand-Alone Scotland

China Watches Anti-China Rhetoric in GOP Race With Alarm

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Bibi May Call Early Election

For Presidential Hopefuls, the Handwriting Says It All

The World’s Hotspots Will Keep the US and World Leaders Focused in 2012

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A Strange Animal

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Michelle Obama: I’m Not ‘Some Angry Black Woman’

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Romney’s Gaffe Is Colbert’s Win

Election Oracle: Romney Locks It Up

So You Want Out of Jury Duty?—David Frum

Rick Santorum’s Italian Family Speaks Out

The Worst Health Care Cities 2012: Myrtle Beach to Houston (PHOTOS)

The Sexy Side of Maggie: How Thatcher Used Her Softer Quality

Syrian Actress Becomes Star of Protests Against Regime of Bashar al-Assad

Middleton Business Raises Questions Ahead of Queen's Diamond Jubilee

25 Cities With the Best (and Worst) Health Care in 2012

Blue Ivy Memes: Illuminati Theories, First Twitter, More (PHOTOS)

The Best Health Care Cities 2012: Honolulu to Boston (PHOTOS)

CBS’s ‘Rob’ Is TV’s Worst New Show

8 Surprises in Jodi Kantor’s Book ‘The Obamas’

Romney Ready for Prime Time After New Hampshire Primary

Treats: High Fashion's New 'Playboy' (Photos)

Romney Lays Out Weak Obama Attack Line After New Hampshire Primary Win

Inside Newt Gingrich’s Sad New Hampshire Primary-Night Party

After New Hampshire, Which GOP Candidate Will Bail Next?

Paul Begala on Mitt Romney’s Charmless Win in New Hampshire

GOP Candidates Campaign in New Hampshire

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Jon Huntsman: Down but Not Out in Third Place

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The Difference Between Independents and Moderates—David Frum

Ron Paul: Still a Bunco Artist—David Frum

Daily Beast Writers Weigh In on Mitt Romney’s New Hampshire Primary Victory

Michael Tomasky: Five Thoughts on New Hampshire

GOP Nomination Contest Over With Romney Winning in New Hampshire

Ron Paul: We Are Dangerous

On to South Carolina: The Nastiest Primary State

Romney Wins New Hampshire

Mitt Romney Wins Big in Capturing the New Hampshire Primary

But You Can’t ‘Fire’ Mandated Insurance

Mitt Romney Says Wife Drives a ‘Couple of Cadillacs’ & More of His Most Awkward Moments

The Big Speech Ron Paul Ought to Give

“Wouldn't it be lovely to think so?”

Why Olberman Is Angry

Newt Prepares to Meet the Press—David Frum

Callista Gingrich, Newt’s Silent Sidekick in New Hampshire

Mitt Romney: The Pro-Abortion Candidate

Dictator Bromances

The House that Forbes Built—David Frum

Adventures with an Extreme Polyglot: Excerpt from 'Babel No More'

Behind the Scenes at Fox News—David Frum

Consumers Borrowing More? Not Good News—David Frum

Watch: Are Republicans Ready to Govern?—David Frum

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Saturday Night With the GOP Candidates

Reporters In New Hampshire Eat at the Same Restaurants

Will New Hampshire’s Primary Matter in the 2012 GOP Nomination Battle?

Michael Tomasky: Obama Cautious to a Fault in Choosing Jack Lew

Yoga Instructors Push Back at New York Times Article on Injury Risk

2012 Will Be Comic Kevin Hart’s Year

Before Blue Ivy, Beyoncé Had a Miscarriage, Jay-Z Reveals in ‘Glory’

Serial Killer Stalks China

Afghanistan: Karzai and the Taliban in a Tizzy Over News of Secret Peace Talks

Dr. Dre, Reese Witherspoon, and More Stars Who Piss Off PETA (Photos)

Santorum’s New Hampshire Expectations Plummet as Iowa Glow Wears Off

Nokia Lumia 900 Boasts Sleeker, More Modern Design Than Apple iPhone

Rooney Mara’s Style: ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Star on the Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Former AEI President Christopher DeMuth Moves to Hudson Institute – David Frum

New Hampshire Chronicles: Polling Kicks Off

Famous Literary Friendships: From Boswell-Johnson to Kerouac-Ginsberg

New Hampshire Chronicles: Tips from Mika and Joe

'American Dervish' Author on the Feminine in Islam

Nothing Like a Real Book

Casey Anthony’s Video Diary: Who Released It?

White's Off Her Rocker

Sun Editor Calls Ethics Inquiry 'Ludicrous'

The 'Janopause' Detox Debate

Bill Daley Departs as White House Chief of Staff

Princess Catherine (née Kate Middleton) Turns 30 With Grace

First Dude Endorses Newt!

Romney on Defense for ‘I Like to Fire People’ Remark

Obama Announces Bill Daley's Departure

Campaign Chronicles: New Hampshire Game Day

Iran’s 'A Separation' Is the Best Foreign Film of the Year

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Wayne Barrett Runs Down Newt Gingrich’s Swift Boat Connections

Andrew Reveals His Political Coming of Age

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Gingrich: ‘The Game Is On’

Pro-Gingrich Ad Blasts Romney's Bain Work

Mitt’s Nightmare Scenario in New Hampshire

NBC News and Newsweek / Daily Beast Team Up on 2012 Election Campaign Coverage

Election Oracle: Newt's Surprise Surge in New Hampshire

Still “Lying to Children”: How No Child Left Behind Corrupted Education

Mark McKinnon: Presidential Primary Debate Process Has Gone Rogue

Body at Queen’s Sandringham Estate Identified as Alisa Dmitrijeva

Jon Huntsman’s Timely Jump Before New Hampshire’s Presidential Primary

One Year After Independence, South Sudan Still Needs International Support

Sahar Gul Torture Case Shows Limited Rights, Perilous Lives of Afghan Women

Terrence Howard’s Nasty Divorce: 11 Disturbing Claims in the Court File

Shirtless Presidents: Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan & More

Justin Bieber, David Beckham, and More Stars With Jesus Tattoos (Photos)

One Year After Gabrielle Giffords’s Shooting: Tucson’s Renewal-Themed Memorial

New Hampshire Chronicles: Newt's Hard Fight

Jay-Z and Beyoncé: The Birth of Blue Ivy Carter

Newt Gingrich Mists Up in New Hampshire Remembering Tony Blankley

Huntsman Backs Off New Hampshire

Sunday Talk: Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul and More (Video)

Jodi Kantor’s Book ‘The Obamas’: Tensions Between Michelle and the White House and More

‘Bad Newt’ Is Back at Sunday’s New Hampshire Debate

Jon Huntsman Earns His Applause at Sunday’s N.H. Debate

What Shook Andrew's Faith the Most?

Rick Santorum’s ‘Family’ Sham

Mitt Romney Takes Fire at Sunday’s New Hampshire GOP Debate

Michael Tomasky on Santorum’s Gay Love in the Jan. 8 Debate

Best Moments from the NBC’s Sunday New Hampshire Debate (Video)

Super PAC Showdown

Lloyd Grove on the Debate Shots That Made Mitt Romney Sweat

GOP Candidates Stand Up For Gay Rights

Perry Remembers All Three Agencies

Rick Santorum vs. Mitt Romney

The One Good Thing Michele Bachmann Did: Proudly Blurt Out Her Age

Inside the New Hampshire GOP Debate Spin Room

Live Chat: GOP Presidential Debate on NBC News in Concord, N.H.

Islamists Crack Down on New Year’s Eve in Central Asia, Caucasus

Debate Reveals Republicans’ Incoherent Foreign Policy

Perry: I'm An Outsider

Romney's Record of Ruthlessness

Ron Paul Insists He's Not Racist

Romney Flip Flops on Contraception Question

Michelle Goldberg on Ron Paul’s Debate Points

Paul Begala: Mitt Romney’s Competition Folds in New Hampshire Debate

Romney Sails Through New Hampshire Debate

Michelle Cottle: Why I Missed Herman Cain at ABC Debate

Romney Emerges Unscathed in New Hampshire’s ABC Debate

Mitt Romney Defends Against Bashing of Bain Capital at ABC Presidential Debate

ABC New Hampshire Debate Best Moments (Video)

‘Glock’ by Paul Barrett: Interview and Excerpt

Stephen Hawking 70th-Birthday Salute by Martin Rees

Mariah Carey, Adele & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Rick Santorum Confronted by Angry Black Voter in New Hampshire

Santorum: Obama's a Snob

Mary Kaye Huntsman Calls Attack Ad Featuring Her Daughter ‘Disgusting’

Ron Paul and Rand Paul Attack Republicans, Shake Up GOP Race

Russell Brand's Body Double

Journey Through Cambodia

Winter in Hollywood

Wandering Around Malaysia

In Antigovernment Arizona, Even the Shooting of a Representative Can’t Change Politics Much

Andrew's Favorite Movie of 2011

Robertson's Presidential Prediction

Two California Women Turn Themselves Into Real-Life Versions of Thelma and Louise

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Jan. 7, 2012

Inside Obama’s Pentagon Downsizing: More Drones, Smaller Military

Rick Santorum’s Abortion Comments

Watch This Space: The Presidential Election Could Be Decided in NH

Mitt Romney Soars, Rick Santorum Struggles as They Battle in the New Hampshire Primary

Michele Bachmann Drops Out, Casey Anthony Speaks and More Viral Videos

Hamid Karzai Tells The Daily Beast That U.S. Night Raids Must End

Van der Sloot Hints in Court that He Might Plead Guilty to Murder

Scientology Insider Emails Attack on Church Finances

Michael Tomasky: Weak Man Romney Running for President

Newest 'Toddler' Sensation

New Anti-Romney Video Attacks Bain Capital Work

'The Orphan Master’s Son' by Adam Johnson: Review

Jersey Shore's Explosive Night

Press Hits Santorum As Wheeler-Dealer

Poisoning of CEO in Cat Stew Stirs Outrage Among Rights Activists

Will Fawzia Koofi Be Afghanistan's First Female President?

Felix Salmon: Finally, a Jobs Report With Really Good News

Campaign Chronicles: New Hampshire Preview

New Hampshire Teenagers Press Santorum on Abortion, Gay Marriage

Live Chat: GOP Presidential Debate on ABC News in Manchester, New Hampshire

Rick Santorum’s Idea of Freedom: Enforcing Catholic Sexual Morality

Pro-Paul Ad Calls Huntsman "Manchurian Candidate"

Strengthening Job Market Lifts Economy, Obama's Reelection Hopes

Growgirl: Heather Donahue’s Journey From ‘Blair Witch’ to Growing Marijuana

NewsBeast: Santorum's Polygamy Problem

General Basbug’s Arrest Underscores Growing Civilian Power in Turkey

What's Surprising About Dish Readers?

The Cheat Sheet: Holy Tattoo, Justin Bieber!

On Kawara at David Zwirner, a Million-Dollar Enigma

Rick Santorum’s One Good Idea: No Corporate Taxes for U.S. Manufacturers

Unemployment Rate Drops, But Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Gingrich: Romney Doesn't Stand a Chance

Condom Initiative by Anti-AIDS Group Threatens Porn Industry

Cops Shot in the Line of Duty (PHOTOS)

Russian Protesters Use Art as Act of War

Downton Abbey Season 2: Cast and Creator On Spoilers and More

The Food Lover’s Guide to Wine: Perfect Pairings

Terry Carrico, Ex-Guantanamo Prison Commander, Says Facility Should Close

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Hollywood Power Marriage May Be Ending

Gun Control Advocates Say Lax Utah Permit Rules Lurk Within Senate Bill

Can Joe Kennedy III’s Run for Congress Repaint Massachusetts Blue?

Intramural War of Words Raises Question of Who Loves Israel More

A Mother’s Brave Eulogy For Her Three Girls Killed in Connecticut Fire

Princess Kate Celebrates Her 30th—With a Party Thrown by Pippa

New Hampshire Reception Reflects Electability Concerns on Rick Santorum

‘Hell on Wheels’ Has Found Its Way

Kate Middleton’s 31st Birthday: Kate Through The Years (PHOTOS)

Photographer Eve Arnold Dies: See Her Photos of Marilyn Monroe and More (Photos)

Much Ado About Cupcakes

Santorum: Gay Marriage Leads to Polygamy

New Romney Ad Attacks 'Union Stooges'

Iowa’s Candidates Would Be Egged at Fashion Week

Campaign Chronicles: The Most Important Primary

Gingrich: Romney Won’t Win

Rand Paul to Media: Stop Picking On My Dad

NewsBeast: Olbermann's Current Clash

Gingrich's 'Contrast' Ad

What Have You Watched Lately on TV?

Is New Hampshire Jon Huntsman’s Last Hurrah?

The Cheat Sheet: Onward to New Hampshire

Casey Anthony Breaks Silence on YouTube (Video)

Casey Anthony Speaks Out on YouTube

Juiciest Bits From Michael Hastings Book on Stanley McChrystal, Afghanistan

Angelina Jolie Buys Brad Pitt a Waterfall & More Celebrity Gifts (Photos)

Onetime Internet Darling Yahoo Now on a Deathwatch

Thanks for the Memories, Michele! Bachmann’s Best Moments

Serial Killer Targets Homeless Men in Orange County

Rick Santorum Basks in Post-Iowa Glow in New Hampshire

Anti-Obesity Ads Won’t Work By Telling Fat Kids to Stop Being Fat

Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum’s Activist First Lady Karen

Newt Gingrich Targets Romney, Returns to Cage-Fighting Roots

Barefoot in Folsom

The Other Santorum

Ice Fishing Under the Sea

Ronald Searle's Greatest Drawings (Photos)

Did Sexism Do Michele Bachmann In?

Around the World in Five Minutes

Michaele and Tareq Salahi’s Hellish Divorce

Why 'Work It' Doesn't Work

Is Rick Santorum for Real After Strong Iowa Caucuses Finish?

"The Boy in the Suitcase" by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis: Interview

Obama Embraces Signing Statements After Knocking Bush for Using Them

Bachmann's Oddly Muted Exit

Michael Tomasky: South Carolina Showdown for Romney and Santorum

Santorum’s Knit Vests, Bachmann, Gingrich & More GOP Style (PHOTOS)

Italy’s Politicians Revealed by P.M. as Highest Paid in Europe

Missing Women Give Clues to Dead Body Found on Queen’s Estate

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