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Watch the 2016 Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Live Stream Online

Cheating Men Get a Second Life in Politics, Cheating Women Get a Scarlet Letter

House Dems Lose Big, Change Nothing As Pelosi is Re-Elected

‘The View’ Grills Jill Stein on Recount: ‘What Are You Trying to Prove?’

Does Mitt Romney Have Enough Dignity to Turn Down Donald Trump?

Watch the 2016 National Christmas Tree Lighting Live Stream Online

Trump’s Rep With Russian Gambling Bosses

Report: Kanye Broke Down After Anniversary of Mom’s Death

‘I Am Not Your Negro’: How Hollywood Failed Black America

Dolly Parton Is Here to Save Christmas, Y’all

Shia LaBeouf Explores His Own Childhood Trauma in ‘Man Down’

How the GOP Won Big in 2016 and Lost All Control

Former NFL Player Accused of Running Juvie Fight Club

‘The Daily Show’: We Should Start Treating Trump ‘Like the Toddler He Is’

The New Battle in America’s Culture War

This Exhibition Reveals the Secret of New York’s Enduring Spirit

A Wonderful Store That Helps You Travel in Time

Hipster Dads Now Want to Be Called ‘Papa’

How Ed Sheeran Got Knifed by a Royal

The Child of Somali Immigrants Who Makes OSU, and the USA, Proud

Goldie Taylor—Will This White Cop Escape Justice After Shooting Down an Unarmed Black Man?

Bernie Sanders Slams Trump’s ‘Totally Insane’ Tweets on ‘Conan’

Hillary Clinton Surprises Katy Perry with Award at UNICEF Snowflake Ball

Trump Picks Foreclosure King Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary

Standing Rock Protester Shot in Face With Tear Gas Canister May Go Blind

Ex-Cop Michael Slager on Walter Scott Killing: My Mind Was ‘Spaghetti’

Trump Health Czar Tom Price Is a Nightmare for Women

14,000 Forced to Evacuate As Wildfires Threaten Dollywood

Mika Brzezinski Turns on Elizabeth Warren: ‘I’m Getting Tired of This Act’

Wildfires Close In On Heart of Tennessee (Photos)

Donald Trump’s Call to Jail Flag-Burners Is the Latest Example That He Hates Free Speech

Thailand’s Prodigal Prince to Become King Rama X

Brazilian Soccer Team Wiped Out in Plane Crash

Usain Bolt on LGBT Rights in Jamaica and Hanging Up His Spikes

Leah Remini Takes Her Scientology Battle to Primetime: This ‘Cult’ Must Be Stopped

Trump Trolls Cheer Trans Woman's Suicide Note

Toasting the Art of Super-Spy Archer

The Decorated Marine Who Called Trump a ‘Draft-Dodging Bastard’ to His Face

The Brave Activists Fighting for LGBTQ Equality in Muslim Countries

Protesters, You Better Dress for Success

Donald Trump’s Transition Team Wants to End Net Neutrality

How Macomb County Created and Killed the Clinton Machine

Is a Muslim Registry Really Possible?

Warhol, Stonewall, and Where LGBTQ Activism Went Wrong: Penny Arcade Takes Center Stage

Recount Fight Continues Amid Conspiracy Theories

Megyn Kelly Dresses Down Trump Over Bogus Voter Fraud Claims: ‘Stick to the Facts’

‘The Daily Show’: Trevor Noah Rips ‘Sore Winner’ Trump for Voter-Fraud ‘Bullsh*t’

The Case for Drinking Italian Favorite Fernet-Branca

All the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Spoilers: The Most Annoying (And Most Emotional) Plot Twists

Kellyanne Conway: It’s ‘Sexist’ to Say Mitt Romney Attacks Are ‘Going Rogue’

2016 Even Sucked for Kim Kardashian

Fiat Heir Lapo Elkann Arrested for Faking His Own Kidnapping With Escort

Trump Team Backs Up Voter-Fraud Lie

Elite U.S. Special Operators Build Center for Perpetual War on Terror

Assad’s Also Winning in Damascus

Ohio State Attacker Described Himself as a ‘Scared’ Muslim

World Reacts to Fidel Castro's Death

Assad Strikes Back in Aleppo

Russia’s Holocaust on Ice

What I Learned in a Turkish Jail With Women From al Qaeda and ISIS

Prince Harry’s Awkward Fidel Castro Tribute

UNC Professor Allowed to Harass LGBTQ Students

Patients Say Abilify Turned Them Into Compulsive Gamblers and Sex Addicts

Ben Carson, Trump’s HUD Pick, Once Called Fair Housing ‘Communism’

FDA Took 14 Months to Warn Public of Deadly Infections From Heart Surgery Device

The Only Crimes on the Rise in Donald Trump’s Hometown Are Hate Crimes

Amazon’s Moving New Ad Is a Total Repudiation of Trumpism

How Stars, Christians, and Hackers Could Avoid Climate Disaster Under Trump

Zoe Kazan on Fighting Donald Trump, Living With Anorexia, and Her Relationship With Paul Dano

When New York City Was Food City U.S.A.

‘Westworld’ Shocker Finally Reveals Arnold’s Identity…And Fate

Love and Lies Never Die in ‘The Affair’: Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Donald Trump’s False Cry-Baby Election Recount Tweet

Sexist Internet Troll Allegedly Kidnapped and Shot Ex-Girlfriend

Fidel Castro and the DNA of Oppression

Fidel Castro’s Horrific Record on Gay Rights

The People Chose Hillary Clinton. Now We Need To Stop Donald Trump From Trashing Our Democracy.

Kellyanne Conway Escalates War on Mitt Romney

The Nun Murders and the Presidential Transition Team

Inside ‘San Junipero’: The Magical ‘Black Mirror’ Episode That Will Help Take Your Mind Off Trump

Baby, Carl Weathers Has a Stew Going

George Harrison Is Still Classic Rock’s Best-Kept Secret

Mark Hamill Blasts Trump’s Cabinet: ‘It’s a Who’s-Who of Really Despicable People’

Nathanael Greene: The Revolution’s Unconventional Mastermind

Why Artist Gerhard Richter Destroys His Own Art

Why It’s Not Easy Becoming an Ex-Mormon

Will Donald Trump's White House Be Ready to Handle the Campus Rape Debate?

How I Grew With Obama in the White House

The Biggest Myths About the First Christians

Already Happening: Media Normalization of Trumpism

A Biracial Woman Reflects on Building Bridges in the Time of Trump

Hospitals, ‘Hallucinations,’ Torture and Pain

Billy Bob Thornton on the State of America: ‘We Are Seriously Divided’

Fidel Castro Finally Dies, But His Apologists Live On

How an Old Rival Reassessed Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Through the Years in Photos

Conservative Talk Radio Sees Golden Opportunity in Trump Administration

Obama Must Save the Courts to Save America From Trump

James Booker Was Hands Down the Greatest New Orleans Piano Player Ever

The Airport of the Future Will Use Your Face as Your Passport

How Men Can Make Cyber Monday Less Manic

How DEA Informers Sparked a Massacre in Mexico

An American in Turkey’s Prisons. In for a Crime? No, in for a Dollar.

Great Reviews of Some Sketchy Hotels

Adios Caudillo: Fidel Castro Finally Dies at 90

Syria’s Destruction, Shot by Shot (Photos)

How the Spanish Monarchy Is Planning to Survive a Scandal

Black Friday Madness

The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Last Four Words Might Make You Angry

#NeverRomney Campaign Reopens GOP Wounds

Black Friday 2016 Turns Deadly in Multiple Shootings at Malls

Escaped from Al Qaeda, Jailed in Turkey: My Personal Midnight Express

DJ Khaled’s Keys to Surviving Trump’s Presidency: ‘Stay Blessed Up’

A Better Way to Pick the Next President: The National Popular Vote Compact

‘Miss Sloane’ and How Hollywood Plans to Challenge President Trump on Guns

Three Drinks In: Honolulu, Hawaii

Did the Navy Steal Its New Warship Designs?

The Art of Becoming Santa (Photos)

Steve Bannon’s Deep, Weird Adoration of Sarah Palin

New Orleans Public Defender Turns Away Felony Cases

Why Did Team Obama Try to Take Down Its NSA Chief?

A Girl the Gilmores Can’t Bring Back: My Sister

When FDR Turned Off the National Christmas Tree

Trump’s Crisis Nobody Is Talking About Is in Egypt

‘Today’ Show Awkwardly Ignores Trump Butler’s Sinister Social Media History

Kanye West Used to Speak Truth to Power. Now He Only Speaks for Himself.

Thanksgiving Weekend Movies to See or Skip: ‘Moonlight,’ ‘Moana,’ and More

A Time to Thank Our Fallen Heroes in Blue

Can Trump Really Deport Millions? Bet: He Won’t

The Pilgrim Who Ate His Pregnant Wife

Will Fashion Designers Embrace Melania Trump?

Thanksgiving 2016 Football Games: Schedule and Watch Live Stream Online

It's Storytelling, Stupid: What Made Donald Trump Smarter Than Hillary Clinton

What Genghis Khan Could Teach Trump

What Will Happen When the Queen Hosts Donald Trump?

Why There Are No Tom Ford Clothes in a Tom Ford Film

Meet America’s Hottest, Hippest Barbers

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s Petty Tweets: Can ‘Dish It Out But Can’t Take It’

Watch the 2016 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Live Stream

Sorry, Hillary Clinton Fans. There’s ‘Zero Evidence’ of Election Hacking.

Russian Media Is Freaking Out Over Mitt Romney as Possible Secretary of State

What, Me Torture? Donald Trump’s Week of Wild WTF Reversals

Video: Justin Bieber Punches Teenage Fan in the Face

The Revolutionary ‘Moana’: Disney’s Most Unapologetically Feminist Princess Yet

Seth Meyers Compares Trump to Saddam: ‘A Bullying Authoritarian’ who ‘Receives Gifts of Gold’

Dad Who Never Gave Up on His Missing Daughter Is Shot and Killed

Why Did Donald Trump Take Money From This Sketchy Ukrainian Oligarch?

Inside Secrets of ‘The Daily Show’

Assad Just Gassed an Entire Family to Death

The High-Priced World of Rye Whiskey

Sexy Slit Dresses Through Red Carpet History

Germany’s Real-Life ‘No Means No’ Reality Show

How to Wear Chrissy Teigen’s X-Rated ‘Gyno Gown’

Trump and the Triumphant Trolls. What’s Their Secret?

The Fake Lawyer a Little Too Good Not to Get Caught

C’mon, Liberals, Give Your Trump-Voting Relatives Some Love on Thanksgiving

Rye Whiskey’s Dramatic Comeback Story

Casey Affleck’s Dark Secret: The Disturbing Allegations Against the Oscar Hopeful

Ben Carson Spokesman Says Donald Trump Has Asked Him to Run HUD

Donald Trump Drags Media Into His Parallel, Paranoid Universe

‘Hillary for Prison’ Crew Turns on Donald Trump

Germans Watch, Aghast, as Trump’s America Begins to Take Shape

White Nationalist to Alt-Right Leader: ‘Knock It Off!’ With the Nazi Stuff

Warren Beatty on His Presidential Flirtation and Trump: ‘We May Be Surprised’

Seth Meyers Airs Out Trump Over ‘Hamilton’ Feud: It’s a ‘Distraction’ from His Real Scams

Texas Republican Wants to Out LGBT Kids in School

Muslims at the Pentagon Brace for Trump Administration

Kelly Bishop Talks ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival, Emily’s Jeans, and Missing Edward Herrmann

Ben Carson: ‘Nothing Hateful’ About Steve Bannon

The Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail Menu

They Forced Refugees to Drink Diesel

Texas Jail Won’t Give Immigrant Kids Crayons

Megyn Kelly Tears Into Trump and GOP’s ‘Lock Her Up’ Hypocrisy

Stephen Colbert Addresses Trump University Grads: ‘You’ve Been Conned by a Master’

Dems Can’t Afford to Say Yes to Trump

Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Goes to Trump Tower to Defend Assad

Kobach Accidentally Reveals Anti-Muslim Plan

Is the Mainstream Media Normalizing Neo-Nazis?

Three Years On, Ukrainians Say Their Revolution Was Betrayed

Will Prince Harry Make a Slavery Apology?

It’s Absurd to Be Upset at Gigi Hadid’s Impression of Melania Trump

Standing Rock Police Attack Protesters Again: ‘He Just Smiled and Shot Both My Kneecaps’

There Is No ‘Safe Space’ in Art: What Mike Pence Should Have Learned From ‘Hamilton’

Has Obama Passed the ‘Leader of the Free World’ Baton to Merkel?

Did France Just Save Itself From a Donald Trump Future?

Zionist Gala Toasts Donald Trump’s ‘Divine’ Election Victory

‘This Is a Different World That We Live In’: The Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors Look Back

The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Is Everything You Hoped It Would Be

Christie’s Transition to No Man’s Land?

I’ve Been Making Viral Fake News for the Last Six Months. It’s Way Too Easy to Dupe the Right on the Internet.

A Lesson for Trump in Syria: The Enemy of My Enemy Is… My Enemy

Trump’s Win Was About Culture. Understand This.

Alia Shawkat’s ‘Search Party’: Finally, a Show About Millennials That Isn’t the Worst

My Worst Thanksgiving Ever

The Artists Massing Against President Trump

World Leaders Gather to Worry About Trump

Why the Venezuelan First Lady’s Nephews Got Nailed for Drug Running

Democrats’ Answer Is Always the Same: Move More Left

We Are Men and We Moisturize

The Young Puerto Ricans Fueling the Island’s Amazing Culture

Puerto Rico Offers World-Class Food with Great Surprises

Your Guide to Puerto Rico’s Best Beaches and Outdoor Spots

‘The Affair’ Returns With Sex, Violence, and Campus Protests: Season 3, Episode 1 Recap

Did Albuquerque Police Delete Damning Body Camera Evidence?

Liberals Keep Falling for Donald Trump’s Tricks

Trump Team Defends Controversial Appointments on Sunday Shows

When ‘Energy’ Drinks Actually Contained Radioactive Energy

Kanye West Loses His Mind, Calls Out Beyoncé and Jay Z Before Storming Out of Concert

The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Shock Ending: What It Means for the Future of the Potterverse

‘Mifune: The Last Samurai’: How Japan’s Greatest Actor Changed Cinema Across the Globe

The American Who Would Impeach Pope Francis, if Only He Could

Here’s How Donald Trump Could End America’s New Feudalism

SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Mocks Mike Pence Over ‘Hamilton’ Episode, But This Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

‘Black Lives Matter’ Won’t to Trump DOJ

The (Second) Empire Strikes Back in the Must-See Show of Paris This Season

The Dirty Secret About Ancient Bathrooms

The Forgery That Helped Make Michelangelo Famous

What It’s Like to Be Black and Atheist

Is Paleo Bad For Your Body?

Sit Still Ma’am: What It’s Like To Paint The Queen

Watch the 2016 American Music Awards Live Stream

When The Electoral College Took Down a Winner

Goldie Taylor—The Search for My Father’s Killer

Donald Trump Deletes Follow Up Attack on Hamilton

Did NSA Chief Run to Trump to Save His Job?

White Nationalists and Nazi-Saluting Tila Tequila Toast ‘Emperor Trump’ in Washington, DC

Donald Trump’s First Feud as President-Elect Is With Broadway Actors

Rob Reiner Calls Out Jared Kushner: ‘He’s Turning His Back on His Religion and His Heritage’

Porn Star Sydney Leathers Opens Up: ‘I’m Sorry’ for Helping Elect Donald Trump

Trump Attorney General Pick Jeff Sessions Argued For A Religious Test To Ban Muslims

‘Watch Dogs 2’ Isn’t as Smart As It Thinks

How Two British Spies for Russia Escaped

Here’s How to Fix Facebook’s Fake News

Jazz Great Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra Is a Balm for the Post-Election Blues

Donald Trump Is the First Brand President, and That’s Dangerous

How To Have Dinner With James Joyce

My Love-Hate Relationship With Turkey

How Teddy Roosevelt Diffused a Scandal by Destroying His Brother’s Marriage

The Last of the Great Old-School New York Trial Lawyers

New York’s ‘Taylor Swift Experience’ Ignores Everything Interesting About Taylor Swift

When Prince Surprised Sharon Jones on Stage in Paris

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Front Runner for DOD

Why The Queen Needs $485m To Makeover Buckingham Palace

Why The Mega-Rich Are Getting Bodyguards

Why Kanye West Feels At Home in Donald Trump’s America

Donald ‘Never Settle’ Trump Settles Trump University Fraud Lawsuit for $25 Million

Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon: ‘I’m a Nationalist,’ Totally Not Racist!

Watch Kanye West Tell Fans He Would’ve Voted for Trump

Gen. Mike Flynn’s Office Told Women to Wear Makeup, Heels, and Skirts

‘The Tea Party Now Controls the Drones’: Firebrand Congressman Mike Pompeo Tapped for CIA Chief

Goldie Taylor—With Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump Begins Dismantling Barack Obama’s Justice Department

Donald Trump Puts the White Back in White House, Taps Jeff Sessions For Attorney General

Women Hit the Gym Before Trump Gets In

Isabelle Huppert’s ‘Elle’: The Provocative Rape-Revenge Film Earning Raves

Erica Lafferty Lost Her Mother in Sandy Hook. Trump’s Ties to Truther Alex Jones Disgust Her.

Private Prison Companies Ready to Cash In on Throwing Out Immigrants

Why Does This D.A. Let Accused Violent Felons Walk Free?

‘Manchester by the Sea’: How Kenneth Lonergan Made the Year’s Most Heart-Wrenching Movie

‘Edge of Seventeen’: The Realest Teen Comedy of This Generation

Ukraine’s Merchant of Death in South Sudan

How Dems Should Oppose President Trump

Detroit’s ‘Dr. Death’ Declares Innocence in First Jailhouse Interview

These Are Not Your Grandpa’s Sweaters

The Annotated Drink: The Brooklyn Cocktail

Are Video Games Breeding an Assassination Generation?

The Task Now for Conservatives: Hope for the Best, Assume the Worst, Rebuild Our Movement

Dems Launch First Strike on Trump’s Top Gun, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Vladimir Putin Knows More About Donald Trump’s Plans Than U.S. Officials Do

Women Must Fight President Trump: Gloria Steinem Delivers Powerful Post-Election Message

Megyn Kelly Tells ‘The View’ How She Felt When Trump Was Elected President

Rob Reiner on Steve Bannon Getting Rich Off ‘Seinfeld’: ‘It Makes Me Sick’

M. Night Shyamalan on Trump’s Election Night Twist Ending

Rogue D.A. Shielded Killer Cop

Could This Man Be Donald Trump’s Future Secretary of Outsourcing?

Trump’s America Welcomes Back the Bigotry of ‘Duck Dynasty’

How Pro-Trump Twitter Bots Spread Fake News

Can Trump’s Hair Survive Inauguration Day?

As Trump Takes Power, a Look at the Sad Record of Democracy as Tyranny

America’s Enemies Cheer Donald Trump’s Bigoted Transition Team

Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Is Scared for His Job, Playing Nice With Capitol Hill

President-Elect Donald Trump Gets to Work Betraying His Backers

Cheech Marin: Drinking Rules

Emilio Perez Is Giving Times Square a New Paint Job

An Operatic Ode to Soccer and Black Lives Matter

Democrats Dig Deep After Being Trump’d

‘The Daily Show’ Slams Paul Ryan and GOP for Allowing ‘Racist’ Steve Bannon

Watch the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards Live Stream

Banned Alt-Right Twitter Users Flee to Invite-Only, Press-Free Safe Space

The GOP’s Anti-LGBT, Anti-Women ‘Religious Freedom’ Law on Steroids

Amazon Battles Trolls Over Megyn Kelly Book

How to Plan the Political Revolution That Could Stop President Trump

Eddie Redmayne on His Magical Bromance With Benedict Cumberbatch

The New Han Solo Opens Up: Alden Ehrenreich on His Extraordinary Origin Story

Seth Meyers Rips Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon: ‘The World Has Gone Insane’

Military School Turns Cadets Against Each Other Like ‘Lord of the Flies’

Is Trump’s Man Steve Bannon Too Shady to Handle Secrets?

48 Hours in Facebook’s Unreality

The Mob Is Pillaging Art From Italy’s Earthquake Zone

Trump’s Win Encourages The Rock to Run for President: ‘Anything Can Happen’

2016, Meet 1877: Trump’s Ascendance Is Creepily Like the End of Reconstruction

Trump Can’t Legally Make New Staff Sign NDAs—Yet

Will ‘Stop Funding Hate’ End British Tabloid Racism This Christmas?

The Joy of Drinking Young Single Malt Scotch

‘Exhibitionism’ Shows the Life of the Rolling Stones, as the Rolling Stones Want You to Believe It

Elite Campuses Offer Students Coloring Books, Puppies to Get Over Trump

Mike Pence Once Mocked Transition Process He Now Leads

U.S. Officials Fear Trump Is Playing Into Terrorists’ Hands

Henry Louis Gates Jr.: Trump Makes Reagan ‘Look Like a Liberal on Race Relations’

Inside the Wake for Leonard Cohen at the Chelsea Hotel

Texas Floats Radical New Abortion Laws

Arrest of Putin’s Economy Minister Exposes War in the Kremlin

The Sierra Club Buckles Up for a Fight

Paul Ryan Readies to Work With ‘Enemy’ Steve Bannon

What the Great Gwen Ifill Meant to Black Women

Was Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Attack Dog, Paid Illegally?

Jeff Bridges Tries to Solve the Crazy ‘Riddle’ That Is President-Elect Trump

The Teen Nazi Suicide That Wasn’t

Trumpkins Love It When You Cry

This Is Where Life Is Getting Worse for LGBT People

Billy Eichner and Jon Hamm’s Threesome: The Case for Taking ‘Billy on the Street’ Seriously

Why Glenn Beck Really Hates Steve Bannon

Gays Against Guns Protest Graphically

Keith Ellison Is a Muslim—and the Man to Lead the Democrats Into the Future

I’ve Seen Hell and Know What’s Coming

Bernie Sanders Takes On Trump: ‘We’re Going to Stand Together and Fight’

George Takei: The Challenge Ahead Under President-Elect Trump

Old Forester Comes Home to Whiskey Row

Samantha Bee Warns Against Trump’s Cabinet of ‘Deplorables’

Striking Photos of the ‘Supermoon’

Why Obama Is Taking the High Road on Trump

Shot in the Back at Standing Rock

‘War and Peace’ Comes to Broadway in ‘Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812’

Reports: Donald Trump Wants His Adult Kids to See America’s Most Carefully Kept Secrets

Leon Russell: The Voice Death Can’t Touch

Farewell to the Irreplaceable Gwen Ifill

Donald Trump Tries to Delay Fraud Trial

Private Prison Punished Me for Being a Satanist, Ex-Con Claims

Gwen Ifill Dead at 61

Trump Backer Pushes for New CIA ‘Enhanced Interrogation’

Memes: Joe Biden Prepares for Donald Trump’s Arrival to the White House

The Most Clever Signs of Anti-Trump Protests

John Avlon on News Coverage During Trump’s Presidency

‘Scarface’ vs. ‘Scarface’—Old Is Better

Watch Live Stream: Obama Press Conference Before Final Foreign Trip

Scenes From New Zealand’s Quake (Photos)

U.S. Can’t Find ISIS Prisoners

Obama’s Imperial Presidency Now Is Trump’s

Get Ready for the Worst Thanksgiving Ever

Michelle Dockery on Leaving ‘Downton Abbey’ Behind to Play a Meth-Addicted Con Artist in ‘Good Behavior’

Nothing About President-Elect Donald Trump’s America Is Normal

Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand What It Means to Make America ‘Energy Independent’

Is the First Muslim Elected to Congress the DNC’s Answer to Donald Trump’s Hate?

They Put Politics Aside to Scrub Anti-Trump Graffiti After Riots

Seven Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost and Donald Trump Won

John Oliver: We Must Fight Trump, a ‘Klan-Backed Misogynist Internet Troll’

Oprah Winfrey on Donald Trump’s Win: ‘I Couldn’t Breathe After the Election’

White House Battle: The Establishment vs. Alt-Right Icon

The Hate After Trump’s Election: Swastikas, Deportation Threats, and Racist Graffiti

Was IRA Hunger Striker Bobby Sands as Romantic a Figure as ‘66 Days’ Paints?

Steve Bannon’s Dream: A Worldwide Ultra-Right

Meet the Portrait Artist Who Has Captured Five Decades of Presidents, from Ford to Trump

An Open Letter to Celebrities Threatening to Leave the Nation

Democrats Put on Brave Face for Sunday Shows

Like It or Not, Donald Trump Saw the Economic Crisis the Others Didn’t

SNL: Dave Chappelle’s Black White Supremacist Clayton Bigsby Loves Donald Trump

A Tribe Called Quest’s Inspired Final Album Finds Wisdom in the Face of Trump’s Hatred

Meet Joe Alwyn, the Breakout Star of Ang Lee’s ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’

How They Made the OED User-Friendly

Lord Haw-Haw: How a Little Liar Sold the Biggest One

SNL’s Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock Not Surprised by Trump Win: ‘You Ever Been Around This Country?’

The Paris Exhibit Celebrating The Scandalous Brilliance of Oscar Wilde

Anarchist for Trump: Time For Liberals To See America As It Really Is

The World’s Greatest, Strangest Chapel by the Sea

Sex Offender Sues Rabbi for Tweets Alerting Families in Israel

The Jobs That Made People Hate You

This Election Had Medical Consequences—And I Gave Them a Name

SNL: Kate McKinnon’s Emotional Hillary Clinton Sings Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

Tracking the ISIS Masterminds of the Nov. 13 Paris Attacks

Reagan Redux. But Worse.

When a Country Elects a Celebrity Populist

Porn Stars Fear Life Under President Trump and VP Pence

Why Hillary Clinton’s Famous Hollywood Helpers Didn’t Matter

Richard Branson on Protesting President-Elect Trump: ‘Fight for What We Believe to Be Right’

This Won’t Do For Democracy

The Shrink as Secret Agent: Jung, Hitler, and the OSS

What Happens When Cartels Play Robin Hood? Nothing Good.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s London Love Nest

Inside the Fight to Save the World’s Dying Languages

Can Robots Make Moral Decisions? Should They?

When Eleanor Roosevelt Met Her Lover

The MoMA Fire That Destroyed a Coveted Monet Painting

An Open Letter to President-Elect Trump: Live Up to the Values You’ve Mocked

Bill Maher Surrenders to President-Elect Trump: ‘He Won… And He Did It His Way’

Who Will Run Trump Organization Now that His Kids Are on the Transition Team?

Gloria Allred To Donald Trump: If You Sue Sex Assault Accusers, We’ll Sue You

North Dakota Pipeline Protesters Win a Battle but Lose the War

Hey, Mark Zuckerberg, Fix Your Broken Website

You Can’t Sit With Us, Ivanka

Mexican-American Trump Voters: Pulling Up the Ladder

No, Bernie Sanders Would Not Have Won

Here’s How China and Russia Will Test Trump

Will Italy’s Leader Fall to Trump’s Hate Contagion?

Surviving the Darkness With Leonard Cohen: 7 Songs to Make Sense of Our Times

Guadalcanal: WWII’s Fierce Tipping Point

Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’: From Erotic Poem to Spiritual Standard

Meghan Markle Staying With Prince Harry at Kensington Palace

So Long, Leonard Cohen—Holy Sinner, Poet, Friend

Immigrants Gave Their Info to Obama, Now Trump Could Use It to Deport Them

Trump Is Proof: Feminism Isn’t Free

How We’re Actually Going to Mars: Inside the Groundbreaking New TV Series

The Prison Poisoned Him, Police Said It Was a ‘Natural Death’

Libertarians to America: Don’t Blame Us for Trump

The NRA’s Big Gun in the White House

Colin Kaepernick Didn’t Vote. Can’t Complain.

The Pro Wrestling Promoter Helping Women Fight Back in Trump's America

Get Ready For The Most Sued President in History

Leonard Cohen Dies at 82: His Life in Photos

Stephen Colbert Rips Trump’s Enemies List: ‘They Went from Zero to Nixon in No Time Flat’

Elizabeth Warren Faces President Trump with Rachel Maddow: No ‘Compromise’ on Bigotry

President-Elect Trump Attacks Media on Twitter for Inciting Protests

Pentagon Waits for Team Trump to Show Up

Trevor Noah Marvels at ‘Surreal’ White House Meeting Between Obama and Trump

J.K. Rowling: ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Inspired by the ‘Rise of Populism Around the World’

South Carolina Mass Murderer Leads Cops to Another Young Couple

Jennifer Lawrence Pens Open Letter to Hillary Fans After Trump’s Win: ‘Do Not Let This Defeat You’

Was Prince Harry’s Angry Letter Just for Show?

Breitbart and Infowars Become President Trump’s New Media Establishment

Joe Scarborough Gloats Over Donald Trump Win: Media Had a ‘Blind Spot’

President Trump and the GOP May Cut Health Insurance for 16 Million People

Raging Trump Protesters Threaten Violence, Blame Hillary

Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan Markle Takes Time Off Work, Struggling With Attention

‘Blood on the Mountain’ Reveals How Hillary Clinton Lost the Rust Belt to Trump

Neil deGrasse Tyson on President Trump: ‘Make America Smart Again’

75 Lawsuits Against President-Elect Trump

Donald Trump’s Next Victims Watched Him: Undocumented Immigrants

Nervous Pentagon Wonders if It Can Slow Down Commander in Chief Trump

A Muslim’s Pep Talk for Fellow Progressives

The Steel Mill Fire That Reminds Us Why Donald Trump Won

It’s Putin’s World Now

Robert De Niro: I Will No Longer Be Punching Donald Trump in the Face

An Unprecedented Bourbon Streak

Samantha Bee Warns Trump After Victory: ‘Nasty Women’ Not Going Away

‘South Park’ Grapples With President Trump’s Plan of ‘F*cking Them All to Death’

Muslim Americans: Democracy Will Protect Us From Trump

Will Trump Put LGBTQ Equality in Peril?

Seth Meyers’s Tearful Message to President Trump: ‘I’m Hopeful That He’s Not Actually a Racist’

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Won’t Just Overturn Gay Marriage and Abortion Cases, It Will Strangle the Federal Government

Team Bernie on Trump: We Told You So

Donald Trump Foes Kiss the King’s Ring

Why Voters Elected President Donald J. Trump—and Why They’ll Regret It

Can Comedy Survive President Trump?

Russians Toast to President Trump

Team Trump Struggling to Fill National-Security Jobs

Why Catholics Crucified Clinton

Wake the Children? And Tell Them What?

Hillary Clinton Concedes After a Night of Broken Hearts for Her Supporters

A Muted Farewell to Hillary Clinton

Legal Weed, a Gay Governor: The Election Wasn’t Completely Terrible for Liberals

Trump Victory Sparks Nationwide Protests (PHOTOS)

President-Elect Trump Could Make a World of Trouble Worse. Much Worse.

Porn and Pot Win Big in Trumpocalypse

Why the Latino Vote Didn’t Save America

Trump: The First President Who Is Hated in His Hometown

Trump Shocks the World

Stephen Colbert’s Mournful Election Night Special

Markets Plummet on Trump Victory

40 Minutes of Lucid Dreaming

‘Call of Duty’ Blasts Into Space With ‘Infinite Warfare,’ a Wild Sci-Fi Ride

Brian Wilson: How I Finished ‘Smile’

The Biggest Stories You Missed During the Last 100 Days of the Election

Texas Censors Inmates’ Mail to Stop a Nationwide Prison Strike

Republican Senate Won’t Lie Down for President Trump

Hillary Clinton Destroyed Her Own Campaign

The ‘Smart Set’ Takes Its Lumps as Trump’s Americans Roar

How The Daily Beast Will Stand Up to President Donald Trump

Heartbroken Never Trumpers Mourn for the Party of Lincoln

Putin TV Hails The ‘Trump Administration’

Alt-Right Declares Total Victory: ‘We’re the Establishment Now’

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