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Articles June 2017

Coal King Begs Court to Gag John Oliver

Harvey Milk California's First Openly Gay Politician

Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Cultural Insensitivity Hits a New Low

Texas Supreme Court: No Benefits for Gay Couples

Did Trump Weaponize The National Enquirer Against Joe & Mika?

Jared Kushner Told Joe Scarborough: Talk to President Trump About ‘Enquirer’ Dirt

Mika Brzezinski Fires Back at Trump: This Is ‘Sad for Our Country’

JAY-Z Takes Shots at ‘Insane’ Kanye West on New Album ‘4:44’

GOP Cuts Trump’s Favorite Part of ‘Kate’s Law’

Trump Administration Says Travel Ban Applies to Grandma. That’s Unconstitutional.

Trump’s Travel Ban Is Back, but Airport Chaos Isn’t

Why the Republican Brand Is So Strong Where I Live

How Aubrey Plaza Went From Catholic School to Playing a Horny Nun

Reddit Backs Its Neo-Nazis Four Months After Banning Alt-Right

Vomiting, Fainting, Trump: ‘1984’ and the Theater of Anticipation

Senate Republicans Don’t Give a Damn About Your Health

Why We Should Be Celebrating Ketchup This Fourth of July

How the GOP Sold the Base a Bill of Goods on Health Care

The Trans Woman Who Tried To Replace Paul Ryan

Chance the Rapper Pressured MTV Into Killing Critical Story

Stephen Colbert Mocks Melania Trump’s Cyberbullying Hypocrisy

Trump’s Mika Brzezinski Tweets Leave Seth Meyers Speechless

Spies Fear Trump’s First Meeting With Putin

NASA Denies That It’s Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars

Upgrade Your Home’s Speaker System

First Megyn, Now Mika: President Trump’s Weird Obsession With Bleeding Women

White House Asked to Probe Stefan Passantino, a Top Ethics Official, for Ethics Violations

Watch Bill Clinton Surprise Alec Baldwin with Trump Jokes

House Committee Approves Repeal of 2001 Military Authorization

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Hits New Low With Trump Tweet Defense

Brits Hold Off Rupert Murdoch’s Hands for Now

CNN’s Ana Navarro Slams Trump’s Mika Tweets: You’re the ‘President,’ Not a ‘Mean Girl’

The Muslim Ban Lives, and There’s Worse To Come

Donald Trump Is Much Uglier Than His Mika Brzezinski Tweet

The Gay Man Who Led the Civil Rights Movement

Congress Reacts to Trump’s Twitter Tantrum Against Mika Brzezinski

Trump Attacks ‘Crazy’ Mika Brzezinski: She Was ‘Bleeding Badly From a Face-Lift’

‘Baby Driver’ Shows Us How Rock ‘n’ Roll Can Soothe the Soul

Child Sex-Abuse Charges Against the Pope’s Right-Hand Man Cast a Shadow Over Francis

Disabled Man Forced To Crawl Up Airline Steps After Staff Ban Friends From Carrying Him

Seth Meyers: Trump’s ‘Time’ Cover Is the ‘Literal Definition of Fake News’

His ‘Petya’ Code Was Used in a Global Cyber Attack, Now He Wants to Help

Liberal Impeachment Fantasies Have to Stop

Ava Le’Ray Barrin, 17, Is the Youngest Trans Murder Victim of 2017 (So Far)

‘The Carmichael Show’: The Mass-Shooting Episode Everyone Needs to See

When Civilians Are Slaughtered in the War on ISIS, the Pentagon’s Mum, the Press Silenced

Health-Care Activists Plan to Make GOP’s July 4 Hell

Republicans Left Ron Johnson for Dead Last Year, Now He Could Kill Their Health Care Bill

How Senate Republicans Still Have a Chance to Recapture a Shred of Dignity

Handcuffed Man Drowns, Cop Pleads Guilty to ‘Boating Violation’

Is Jonah Hill Hot? An Investigation.

Elizabeth Warren Talks Sam Bee Off the Ledge in Hilarious Interview

Mr. President, Cows Are Not Homophobic: Inside Tanzania’s LGBT Crackdown

Does Trump Know the First Thing About Health Care? Aide: ‘He Understands Winning.’

4 Reasons Why You Need the Disconnect App

‘Hell Hath No Fury Like a Drag Queen Scorned’: The Story of LGBTQ Activist Sylvia Rivera

Warren Buffett Just Tore Apart the Health Care Bill: ‘Relief for the Rich Act’

Former Pornstar Jenna Jameson Rips ‘Playboy Magazine’ After White House Confrontation

The New York Knicks Have Fired Phil Jackson, And Fans Are Rejoicing

Watch ‘Hamilton’s’ Powerful New ‘Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)’ Music Video

Irish Reporter Calls Out Donald Trump for Calling Her ‘Beautiful’

How a Malaysian Money Scandal Ensnared Leonardo DiCaprio, Miranda Kerr, and Martin Scorsese

Prince William Named In World Cup Corruption Scandal Report

Nobody Wants This Han Solo Movie Anyway

Stephen Colbert Confronts John McEnroe Over Serena Williams Diss: ‘You Cannot Be Serious’

He Allegedly Called Her a ‘Black B**tch.’ She Got Arrested.

Putin’s Sending a Tough Guy as Ambassador to the U.S.—He’ll Fit Right In With Trump’s Washington

Shanghai Pride Reflects Two Sides of LGBT Life in China

The Strongman Spending Big Bucks to Suck Up to Trump

Trump’s Abstinence Queen Has a Tarnished Record

The Long, Futile Search for President Trump’s LGBT Pride

The Cost of Pre-Existing Conditions Just Keeps Climbing

Silicon Valley Knew of Sexual-Harassment Claims Against VC Mogul Years Before He Was Exposed

The Most Important Burger Moments in History

Is Real Free-Market Health Care Even Possible?

Stephen Colbert Defends CNN: Trump Is the One ‘Guilty of Fake News’

How Cuban Cocktails Changed the World

Led by President Trump, CNN’s Gloating Detractors Party Hearty

Why You—Yes, You—Need to Learn to Code

Stuck in Rikers for Six Months. No One Told Him Bail Was $1.

‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Protesters Descend on the Capitol to Protest Senate GOP’s Health Care Bill

McConnell Pulls Trumpcare Vote, Heads ‘Back to the Trenches’ to Kill Obamacare

Meet Jeff Tutorials, the 16-Year-Old 'Grand Theft Auto' Glitch YouTuber Retweeted by the President

Mitch McConnell’s Plan to Hide Trumpcare’s Pain Until After Midterms

Huge Cyber Attack Hits Ukraine, Then Ransomware Goes Global

Serena Williams Is the Greatest Ever. Can We Please Stop the Debate?

White House Threatened Syria While Trump Yawned, Insiders Say

Fox News Helps Ivanka ‘Stay Out of Politics’ With Substance-Free Interview

Sean Spicer On Camera Press Briefing: When It Is And How to Watch Online

After Ailes and O’Reilly, Fox News’ Risky Evolution

‘Face/Off’ At 20: All Hail the Most Gleefully Batsh*t Action Movie Ever

Drake’s Hilarious ‘Get Out’ Parody of Steph Curry at the NBA Awards

The ‘Catfight’ Is Dead. Long Live the Kick-Ass Women of ‘GLOW.’

How the Trump Administration Undercuts Its Heavyweights

Where to Draw the Line Against Iran’s Mideast Takeover

Supreme Court Leaves Refugees in Legal Limbo

Think the Supreme Court Isn’t Inching Us Toward Trump’s Muslim Ban? Think Again

Free Government Health Care Saved Mitch McConnell’s Heart

Joe Biden Should Announce Right Now That He’s Running in 2020

Are Fatal Overdoses a Form of Suicide?

How to Eat Like ‘Ginormous Food’ Host Josh Denny

Stop Screwing Over Naomi Watts: How ‘Book of Henry’ and ‘Gypsy’ Fail the Talented Star

Mississippi Is Close to Enacting America’s Most Anti-LGBT Law

Meet YesJulz: Social Media’s Fresh Princess of Cultural Appropriation

Seth Meyers Applauds Obama’s Epic Trump Troll on Health Care: ‘You’re So Easy!’

Stephen Colbert Reveals Russian Agents ‘Followed Me Everywhere’ on His Russia Trip

How Did a Dead Otto Warmbier Get ‘Exactly What He Deserved’?

Trumpcare’s CBO Score Spells a Political—and Public Health—Disaster

John McEnroe Says Serena Williams Would Rank ‘Like 700th’ on Male Tennis Circuit. Serena Shut Him Down.

Trump’s First Guantanamo Trial Is FUBAR From Day 1

10 Crowdfunded Products That Actually Delivered on What They Promised

The End of Roe v. Wade Is Coming Faster Than You Think

Trump Warriors Hold Fire on GOP, Focus on Democrats

‘Baby Doe’ Killer Convicted, but Her Mother Walks Free

Vice President Joe Biden Was Once Lifeguard Joe Biden

CNN’s Jim Acosta Confronts Sean Spicer During Off Camera Briefing

Martin Shkreli’s Prospective Jurors Want to Choke His ‘Snake’ Face

Joe Scarborough: Obama Just Pulled ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ on Trump

For Neil Gorsuch, the Right-Wing Supreme Court Isn’t Right Wing Enough on Religion

Supreme Court Puts Trump’s Travel Ban on Life Support

Justin Trudeau Was Perfect at Pride in Toronto—And People Are Loving It

Carrie Brownstein Is Ready to Rock the Hollywood Patriarchy

Prince Harry's New Outburst: I Wanted to Quit the Royal Family

Migos and Joe Budden Get Into Altercation at BET Awards

The Republican Turnaround Starts This Week With Health Care and Tax Reform

Oblivious to History, Trump's Turning Up the Heat on Iran. He Should Look at the 1953 CIA Coup.

To Ram Through Judges, GOP Senators Consider Yielding Power to Trump White House

If She Votes for Trumpcare, Her Home State Gets Mauled

How President Donald Trump Made Seth Meyers Great Again

Stump Our Senior Drinks Columnist

Suspect in Idaho Farmhouse Triple Murder Dated Two Victims Simultaneously

NYC’s Poster Boy for ‘Stop and Frisk’ Gets a Second Chance

John Oliver, Muzzled by Lawyers, Won’t Address Republican Coal King’s Lawsuit on ‘Last Week Tonight’

Why President Trump Can’t Get Hillary Clinton Out of His Head

Alt-Right Boss Attacks Trump’s ‘Repulsive and Creepy’ Fanboys

New York City Pride Goes Political

2017 BET Awards: When It Is and How to Watch the Live Stream Online

How Hollywood Celebs Like Johnny Depp Are Hurting the Liberal Cause

How Playing a One-Armed Badass Helped Suki Waterhouse Get Over Heartbreak

The Life and Death of a Manhattan Mega-Mansion

Fighting Al Capone’s Beer Wars

How Moscow's Spies Keep Duping America—Over and Over Again

Four Million People Can Sue for Mike Huckabee's Christmas Movie Robocall

Pot Industry Deals With Ultimate Buzzkill: Self Regulation

Inside Holly Hunter’s Oscar-Worthy ‘Big Sick’ Performance: ‘This Is Totally Different’

The Most Blasphemous Movie of the Year

Dogs Weren’t Always Man’s Best Friend

The Dangerous Mirror Games of the Right's Alinksy Wannabes

A Chicago Bishop Bans Funeral Rites For Gays and Questions Baptism For Their Children

Ivanka Trump Ordered to Testify Over Alleged Shoe Plagiarism

Jeremy Corbyn Calls for Unity at Glastonbury

The Obama Years Caught in Vivid Images

President Trump's Deafening Silence on Lincoln Memorial White Nationalist Rally

When Will Democrats Stop Being so Irrational?

Leave Nancy Pelosi Alone!

Pro-Trump Porn Stars Are Scared Silent: ‘The Industry Is Biased and No One Will Admit It’

Kendra Wilkinson Believes She’s an Alien from Another Planet

The LGBT Synagogue Standing Up for Muslim Rights by Protecting an Islamic Center During Friday Prayers

Kamala Harris’ Playlist: Yes, It’s Political, But It’s Smart

Britain Has Never Needed the Queen More Than It Does Now

Mexico Hacked Journalists by Attacking Their Manhood

What Makes Trumpcare So Dangerous for Kids

The Least Likely Anti-Trump Protest Songs

How the Great Yankee Wife Swap Scandalized America

How ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise Is Exploiting Race For Ratings

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Is Two-and-a-Half Hours of Racist Robot Torture

Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Beguiled’ Controversy and What We Expect From White Directors

Tracy Anderson Has a Fitness Gospel To Preach. Will She Find Listeners?

California’s Wine Industry was Built on Slave Labor

What Beef Has Prince Harry Got With His Dad, Prince Charles?

The Perfect Emmys Ballot: The TV Shows and Actors Who Should Be Nominated

This Year, My ‘Pride’ Feels Too Personal and Very Political

Bill Maher Goes Off on Democrats: Grow Some ‘Balls’ or You’ll Keep Losing

Stephen Colbert Trolls Trump, Announces 2020 Presidential Run on Russian TV

Pro-Trump Group to GOP Senator: Repeal Obamacare, Or Else

Watergate, & Other American Scandals, Truther Episode 13

Here’s Zola the Gorilla Breakdancing At The Dallas Zoo. Enjoy It.

‘Fox & Friends’ Host Tells Trump He Was ‘Smart’ to Threaten Comey with Tapes

Trump Is First President in 130 Years to Not Have A Pet. So, Here Are Some Photos of Bo and Sunny.

The Joe and Mika Rock ’n’ Roll Show Must Go On

There Are So Many Attacks It’s a Terror Blur, But Those Who Keep Track Are Very Worried

Nintendo’s ARMS Is the Motion Control Fighting Game We’ve Been Waiting For

‘The Big Sick’: How Zoe Kazan and Emily V. Gordon Created a Rom-Com Heroine for the Ages

How Roseanne Barr Abandoned All Reason and Embraced the Alt-Right

Why Hasn’t Trump Actually Nominated an FBI Director?

ACLU Sues D.C. Police Over Journalist’s Inauguration Arrest

What Macron Can Teach America: It’s Time for Center-Left and Center-Right to Unite

The Trump Aide Bankrupted by a Single Illness

The Russians Aren’t Under the Bed, They’re Under the Covers

George Orwell Saw Donald Trump Coming: Review of ‘1984’

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Demonstrates How Trump Supporters Will Believe Anything He Says

Seth Meyers Tears Apart Senate’s ‘Breathtakingly Cruel’ Health Care Bill

The Vicious Anti-Trans Bill That Might Become Law in Washington, a True Blue State

How You’ll Know if the GOP Health Care Bill Has a Chance

This Smart Firewall Keeps Each & Every One of Your Internet Connected Devices Safe

Mitch McConnell’s Secret Health-Care Bill Should’ve Stayed Secret

Shkreli’s Lawyers Want to Keep Media Away From Jurors

Meet the British Schoolboys Who Wore Skirts to Beat the Heat

Trump Aides Respond to His Latest Conspiracy Tweets: ‘FML.’

Trump’s Tough Talk on Ukraine Has Kiev Ecstatic, and Moscow Furious—but Will It Last?

Woman Finds Amazing Rare Photos of 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption

2017 NBA Draft: When It Is and How to Watch Online

White House Sued for Allegedly Using Encryption Apps

Larry Wilmore Apologizes to Otto Warmbier’s Family

Creepy Costumes and a Cat Named ‘Screams’: An Instagram Window on the Weird World of Amanda Knox

GOP Unveils Health Care Bill While Protesters Bleed and Scream: ‘The Government Wants to Kill Me!’

Trump: We Can’t Trust Losers Like Hamilton With Our Economy

Majority of U.S. Inmates Don’t Get Mental-Health Treatment, Study Finds

Diddy Breaks His Election Silence: ‘We Don’t Really Give a F*ck About Trump’

Prince Harry Slams Charles for Making Him Walk Behind Diana’s Coffin

Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ Turns America’s Political Divide Into a Horror Show

How Two Best Friends Turned a Breast Cancer Battle Into TV Comedy Gold

Travis Kalanick Should Have Known He Was ‘Not Going to Go Far’

Republican Says College Students ‘Dilute’ the Vote and He Wants to Stop Them

Progressives Shrug Off Georgia Loss, Focus on Winning Elsewhere

Giant Claims, Tiny Evidence: Inside the Trump Legal Playbook

Steve Bannon is the White House's Chief Mean Girl

Is Betsy DeVos’ Education Department Pro- and Anti-Trans?

The U.S. Is Destroying Raqqa in Order to Save It, and Civilians Be Damned

‘It Broke Me’: ‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah’s Emotional Reaction to Philando Castile Dashcam Video

Republican Coal King Sues HBO Over John Oliver’s Show

Sam Bee Rips Right-Wing ‘Idiots’ Blaming ‘Unhinged Left’ for Congressional Shooting

‘Fargo’ Season 3 Finale: Mary Elizabeth Winstead on Nikki Swango’s Tragic Ending

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Knows Why Democrats Keep Losing

When ‘Sleep No More’ Meets World War II: Review of ‘Seeing You’

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Go Off on Pro-Trump Protesters

Why Was The Wall Street Journal’s Jay Solomon Involved With an Arms Dealer?

FBI Fired Sebastian Gorka for Anti-Muslim Diatribes

Democrats Flunk Politics 101: It’s All Local

5 Budget-Friendly, Stylish Watches That Should Be on Your Radar

U2’s Bono Signs A Get Well Card For Steve Scalise After Giving Him A Shout Out At A Concert

India Ambassador Pick Has Questionable Private Equity Ties

Senator Angus King ‘Looks’ for the Healthcare Bill on the Senate Floor

Saudi Arabia’s King Promotes His Son—and Ousts the Best Counter-Terrorist in the Mideast

People Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Melania Trump. Seriously.

Mike Bloomberg: Ossoff Loss Proves Money ‘Can’t Buy an Election’

Senate Democrats Finally Switch Into Crisis Mode Over Trumpcare

Wake Up, Democrats. Ossoff Didn’t Lose This Race—Pelosi Did.

Kumail Nanjiani on the Art of Crafting a Masterful 9/11 Joke and That Time He Was Accosted by Trump Supporters

Prince Philip, 96, Back in Hospital With an Infection

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reportedly Plan to Have Third Kid Via Surrogate

Prince Harry on His Panic Attacks: ‘We’re All Mental’

The Realness of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy: A Stirring Street Soldier Haunted By Illness

High Noon in North Korea: Is Trump Ready for War?

Trump’s Lawyer Backed Putin’s Anti-Gay Agenda

The Federalist Embraces Anti-Anti Trumpism, Loses Its Way

Inmates Left to Rot in 120-Degree Heat

The Summer Solstice Brings Out the Pagan in All of Us—and Some Christian Leaders Don’t Like It

Your Guide to Summer Drinking

Stephen Colbert Tees Off on Steve Bannon for Fat-Shaming Sean Spicer

Jon Ossoff's $23 Million Loss Shows Dems Have No Idea How to Win in the Age of Trump

Jon Ossoff Falls Short, but Democrats Can See Change on the Horizon

Seth Meyers Skewers Democratic Spin on Ossoff Race

DHS Never Ran Audit to See if Votes Were Hacked

Daniel Day-Lewis Is Retiring From Acting. Hollywood Women Don’t Have That Luxury.

Happy Socks Turn Everyday Essentials into Fashion Statements

Terrorist’s Team Says Neil Gorsuch Would Side With Them

Kim Kardashian’s Potent Press Offensive

U.S. Guns Down Mystery Drone Over Syria

White House Advisors on HIV/AIDS Staying With Trump—For Now

A Person Literally Hopped Out Of A Delayed Train And Tried To Walk The Tracks In NYC

South Carolina 5th District Special Election Results: Ralph Norman v. Archie Parnell

Cops Suspect Slain Muslim Teen Nabra Hassanen Was Raped

Hidden Nazi Memorabilia Stash Found in Argentina (Photos)

Kiev Celebrates LGBT Pride in the Face of Hate and War (Photos)

Georgia 6th District Congressional Special Election Results: Jon Ossoff v. Karen Handel

The London Mosque Killer Attacked Muslims, but Helped ISIS

Carrie Fisher’s Daughter: How My Mom Died of Drug Addiction

Seth Rogen and Stephen Colbert Troll the Hell Out of Donald Trump Jr.

Republicans Launch the Biggest Protest Crackdown Since the Civil Rights Era

Navy Sailor Could Have Saved Himself, Chose to Save His ‘Kids’ or Die Trying

Is Japan’s Top Politician Behind a Shameful Rape Cover-Up?

The ‘Fringe Issue’ That’s About to Shut Down Government

The Domain Troll Behind Pro-Trump Stunts

Newt Gingrich, Hypocrisy Pioneer

What Can Asia Learn From Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Victory?

Put Down Your Phone. The Best Things in Life Are Not on Instagram

Supreme Court Targets Rigged System of Redistricting

Martin Shkreli’s Defense: I Paid Back Investors I Might Have Ripped Off

The Untold Story of the Congressional Shooter’s Foster Daughter

Celebrity Chef Scott Conant’s Phoenix Bar Crawl

President Trump Looms Over Georgia Special Election—Whether GOP Wants Him or Not

Meet Samantha Bee’s Army of Trumpster-Confronting Comics

State-Sanctioned Murder: North Korea Killed Otto Warmbier

Seth Meyers Mocks Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow’s ‘Bizarre Spectacle’ on Sunday Shows

President Trump’s White House Media Blackout Has Reporters Talking Mutiny

5 Affordable Headphones That Deliver Big Sound

U.S. Forces ‘Reposition Over Syria’ After Russian Threat

Trump’s Lawyer Jay Sekulow Has A Band. It's Terrible.

Imam Praised for Protecting Suspect After London Mosque Attack

Neighbor of Terror Suspect Darren Osborne: ‘He’s Always Been a Complete C**t’

This Is What Jared Kushner’s Voice Sounds Like. Yes, Really.

Will Donald Trump Ever Be Interested In the Death of a Muslim?

Trumpkins Cry ‘Free Speech’ — And Stab It in the Back

Truther Podcast Episode 12: Taskrabbits and Titus Andronicus

What Is ‘Juneteenth,’ The Holiday Everyone Should Be Celebrating?

Is This Sobbing Woman Really El Chapo’s Daughter?

Prince Harry Puts a Ring on It, Sort of

One Dead, 8 Hospitalized as London Terror Attack Targets Muslims Leaving Prayers

Why Trump Doesn’t Need Fox News Anymore

We Deserve a Far Better Tupac Film Than the Toothless ‘All Eyez on Me’

Democratic Hopes Are Sky High in Trump-Testing Georgia Special Election Runoff

Donald Trump’s Half-Baked Cold War Revival in Cuba Is the Worst of Both Worlds

Flake News! France Faces a Major Croissant Shortage

Bob the Drag Queen on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ His New Film, and Drag in the Age of Trump

‘GLOW’ Star Alison Brie on Wrestling With Hollywood Sexism as an ’80s Villain

Dark Days in America, and Still Darker Ones to Come

‘Sing Out Louise!’ What Makes Amanda Keller an LGBT Hero in Alabama

Answering Your Toughest Cocktails & Spirits Questions

Amazon Eats Up Whole Foods as the New Masters of the Universe Plunder America

‘Okja’: Bong Joon Ho on His Loopy, Lyrical Netflix Masterpiece

What’s Behind China’s Horrible Wave of Murder-Suicides Targeting Little Children?

John Oliver Calls Out the President: ‘Trump Needs to Stop Lying to Coal Miners’

Megyn Kelly Survives to Fight Another Day After Alex Jones Interview

U.S. Shoots Down First Assad Fighter Jet Over Syria

Special-Needs Child Dies at Anti-Regulation Lawmaker’s Daycare

Four National Guard Soldiers Accused of Plying Woman with Alcohol and Raping Her

What Jay Z’s Songwriters Hall of Fame Milestone Really Means for Black America

When Parents Force the Government’s Hand on Vaccines

Stepfather to the Son of God

‘Millennial Pink’ Has Lost Its Cool. Prepare For The Return of Red

What Game Six of the ’86 World Series Can Teach Us About Russiagate

Michael Medved and The Rise Of the Fake Know-It-All

‘Real Boy’ Tells The Emotional Truth About Having a Trans Son

A Judge Said This Immigrant Dad Could Stay—ICE Locked Him Up Anyway

Jim Galton, The Man Who Kept Marvel Comics Alive

Fathers Raising Children In The World’s Largest Refugee Camp

Forget the Stereotype of Lazy Fathers—Dads Are Heroes

Paper Gods—An Atlanta Political Thriller

The British Establishment Has a Qatar Problem

This Secret Catholic Exorcist Cult in Brazil Is Making a Deal With the Devil

The Original Celebutante: Cornelia Guest on ‘Twin Peaks,’ the Kardashians, and More

Errol Morris on Interviewing Trump: ‘It’s Obvious: This Person Is Insane’

Rain Doesn't Spoil the Magic at the 35th Annual Mermaid Parade at Coney Island

Philando Castile and This Savage System

Fake News and Dissent Rush into Authority Vacuum as High Rise Fire Scars London

Carla Bruni on Music, Melania’s Nudes, and Those Pesky Donald Trump Rumors

The Holocaust Didn’t End with the Liberation of Auschwitz and the Nazi Death Camps

Watergate’s Third-Rate Burglary—And Trump’s Much More Ominous One

Jeff Sessions and the Conflict Between Southern ‘Honor’ and the Law

The Beauty Who Led Israel’s First Spy Ring

Don Winslow Artfully Demolishes the War on Drugs

Lorde’s ‘Melodrama’: A Perfect Pop Ode to Unruly Teenage Girls

The Famed Mudd Club Is Now a Rummage Sale, With Dresses From Debbie Harry

Danica Roem Is Making Trans Political History In Virginia

The Man Who Made Father's Day a Cash Cow

The Necklace That Cost Marie Antoinette Her Head

When Otis Redding Delivered the 20 Best Minutes of Pop Music Ever

Journalists Need To Stop Talking to Richard Spencer

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Fight Is One of the Most Shameless Money Grabs Ever

Bill Cosby Declares Victory After Mistrial; Prosecutors Vow to Try Again

Bill Maher’s Bizarre Lovefest with Breitbart’s Editor-in-Chief on ‘Real Time’

In Cuba, President Trump Finally Finds A Dictator He Doesn’t Like

Make America Rain Again: Trump’s White House Run Made Him Richer

The Scarface of Sex: The Millionaire Playboy Who Murdered His Way to the Top of Porn

Premium Wine Delivered to Your Door for a Fraction of the Cost

Written Off As a Provincial Bumpkin, Helmut Kohl Went on to Create Modern Europe

Chelsea Handler’s Father’s Day Message to Ivanka Trump: ‘Put Him in a Nursing Home’

The Baseball, the Bullet and What It All Means

Trump Slaps His Name on Obama’s Jobs Program, Then Makes It Impossible

Trump Declares War on Rosenstein: ‘He Has No Qualms About Throwing Him Under a Bus’

The Internet Is Dragging Kiss’ Gene Simmons For Trying to Trademark This Hand Gesture

Chelsea Manning: ‘Trans Health Care Is Necessary. If We Don’t Get Our Treatment, We Die’

Britain’s Katrina Moment Could Put Radical Left Into Power

Elizabeth Banks Gets Dragged Over ‘The Color Purple’

Megyn Kelly Exposed by Alex Jones in Leaked Audio Recordings

Lorde Confesses to Running Secret Onion Rings Instagram Account

Watching Mandy Moore Get Terrorized By a Shark Is Surprisingly Entertaining

Polygamist Cult Leader Lyle Jeffs Went From ‘Steak and Scallops’ to Pawn Shops

Making ‘The Daily Show’ in the Age of Trump: ‘We Find Something to Distract from the Doom and Gloom’

Mattis: ‘No Enemy’ Has Done More Harm to Military Readiness Than Congress

Help Wanted: Biologists to Save the West From Trump

How Booze and Drugs Corrupted the Innocent Lollipop

Trump Loyalists: Investigate Hillary’s Gang Instead

Trump-Like D.A. Gets Busted Using Campaign Cash on Himself

GOP Goes Quiet on Gun Silencers—for Now, at Least—After Congressional Shooting

Stephen Colbert Reacts to Robert Mueller Bombshell: ‘This Is a Huge Moment’

‘President Show’s’ Trump Blames ‘Army of Liberal Zealots’ for Congressional Shooting

Team Trump: Oval Office Tapes? Talk to My Lawyer

This Duo of Genius Bags Raised Over $1 Million on Kickstarter

Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Trip Just Saved the World

CNN’S Zucker, Cuomo & Camerota Slam NBC Over Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones Interview

LeBron James Shaves His Head Bald And It’s About Damn Time

On Call-In Show Putin Ignores Russia’s Big Problems—But Snipes at Comey

Fox News Blames Left for Congressional Shooting, Gave Right a Pass on Charleston

Credit Union Blimp Catches Fire and Crashes Near U.S. Open Golf Tournament in Erin Hills

Congressional Baseball Game: When it is and How to Watch Online

Jury Can’t Decide If Bill Cosby Is Innocent or Guilty

Japan’s Terrible Anti-Terror Law Just Made ‘The Minority Report’ Reality

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Pool Sex Couple Lawyer Up

Tom Cruise Is Still Great, Even After ‘The Mummy’

Stephen Colbert Offers Rare, Sincere Trump Praise After Shooting

To Catch a YouTube Predator: The Horrific Case of Viral Star Austin Jones

The Brooklyn Machine vs. the First Amendment

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Calls Out Newt Gingrich’s Reaction to Congress Shooting

The Echo Chamber of Extremism

The Gunman, the Congressman, and the Law

The Rise and Fall of Europe’s F**k-Off Politics

The Trumpmaid’s Tale: Kellyanne Conway’s Plan for ‘Demographic War’

These Doctors Are Being Trained by a Transgender Actress

Sex, Drugs, and Jeff Sessions: The Mayflower Hotel’s Scandalous History

Samantha Bee Denounces Jeff Sessions’ ‘Folksy Bullsh*t’

Sean Hannity Blames ‘Dehumanizing’ Democrats for Congress Shooting

One Left-Wing Gunman Doesn’t Make a Movement

Why So Many Journalists Got Laid Off at HuffPost and Vocativ

Even Trump’s Aides Blame Him for Obstruction Probe: ‘President Did This to Himself’

The Hero Cops Who Prevented a Congressional ‘Massacre’

Chris Singleton, Whose Mother Was a Charleston Shooting Victim, Drafted by Chicago Cubs

Trump Allies Blame Congress Shooting on the Media’s Russia Obsession

Mystery Company Told NSA Spies: Get a Warrant or Get Lost

Why You Should Never Go Online Without Using A VPN

Congressional Shooter Loved Bernie, Hated ‘Racist’ Republicans, and Beat His Daughter

Baby Thrown Out Window During London Fire Caught by Bystander

Gunman Attacks Congressmen; ‘He Was Looking for All of Us’

NBC Insiders Are Questioning Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones Interview

‘House of Cards’ Showrunners on How Frank Underwood’s Russia Admiration Mirrors Trump and Putin

‘OITNB’ Star Danielle Brooks Spills on Taystee’s Intense Season and That Cliffhanger

SNL’s Kate McKinnon Recreates Jeff Sessions Hearing with Seth Meyers

Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump Swears She ‘Couldn’t Be Happier’ in White House to Colbert

‘The Daily Show’ Exposes Fox News Hypocrisy Over Trump-Like ‘Julius Caesar’

The Child Victims Donald Trump and His Deplorable Pal Alex Jones Never Mention

Pro-Russian Lobbyist Is Lurking Around the White House

Confederate Statue Supporter Nearly Upsets in Virginia Governor Race

Blood on Their Breasts, a Curse on Their Heads: The Juju Ritual Torturing Italy’s Sex Workers

Kris Kobach Policing Voter Fraud? What a Joke.

The Saucy Sock Puppet of the Trump-Nominated Judge

Tried to Hack Clintons, Got Busted for Child Porn Instead

‘American Gods’ Star Kristin Chenoweth Is Ready for Worship

Trump Is No Orange ‘Julius,’ but He Does Share Traits With Other Tyrants of Rome

Red States Are Warming Up to Needle Exchanges

Is ‘Colorism’ the Reason Why Tinashe Isn’t a Superstar?

‘Claws’ Star Karrueche Tran on Leaving ‘Dark Times’ Behind for Hollywood

Sessions Is Unscathed for Now; Can’t Say the Same for the Country

Jeff Sessions Would Like You to Stop Asking Him About Russia

Blue Apron Will Deliver World Class Ingredients to Your Door for Less Than Getting Them at the Grocery Store

Why the American Medical Association Opposes ‘Bathroom Bills’

Democracy—Not Donald Trump—Dies Brutally in ‘Julius Caesar,’ Just as Shakespeare Intended

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Hey Corporate America, Please Sponsor This Column!

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