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Articles March 2017

The #NeverTrump Lawyer Representing Michael Flynn

Donald Trump Is A Walking Billboard For Sexual Assault Awareness

The Worst Women’s History Month Ever, Brought To You By the Grabber

Betsy Woodruff Appears on MSNBC

MLB Opening Day: How to Watch the Live Stream Online

The Italian Prosecutor Who Wants To Sink Refugee Rescue Boats

Confessions of Russia’s ‘Werewolf,’ Mikhail Popkov, the Cop Who Became a Serial Killer

Trump University Fraud Lawsuit Finally Settled

Can Tillerson Ease NATO’s Trump Fears in Brussels?

‘Uber Bae’ Questioned by Police, Threatened With Lawsuit

Devin Nunes Is Just the Errand Boy in the Trump-Russia Scandal

FBI Arrests Hacker Who Hacked No One

‘Five Came Back’: When Hollywood Enlisted in WWII

‘Lucky Town’ Turns 25: Time to Rethink Bruce Springsteen’s Most Underrated Gem

American Citizen Trapped in ICE Jail

ISIS Could Kill Thousands With ‘Biblical’ Weapon

Whatever Happened to the Transgender Tipping Point?

Will Trump Donor Use His Ties to Beat the FDA?

Jared Kushner Actually Has a Chance to Do Something Good for the Country

Trump’s Last Chance to Make Friends With Schumer

How Trump’s Attacks on Our Public Lands Might Backfire

Japan’s Shinzo Abe Could Be Brought Down by Kindergarten Corruption

What’s Your Road Trip Motivation?

Here’s How ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Tries (and Fails) to Atone for Its Whitewashing

James Comey: FBI Doesn’t Play Politics, Doesn’t Fear Storms

Seth Meyers Breaks Down the Bizarre Devin Nunes-Trump-Russia Scandal

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Calls Out ‘Liar’ Ivanka Trump

Terror Plot to Kill Tourists in Venice

Things Go From Bad to Worse for Devin Nunes and Team Trump

Let Mike Pence Live by the Rules He’s Comfortable With

Mike Pence Respects His Wife. Now How About the Rest of Us?

How to Watch the 52nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards

LGBT Groups: Don’t Be ‘Fooled’ by N.C.’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Compromise

Tenth Student Arrested in Football Sex Assault Case

Trump Surrogate Seb Gorka Heads Back to the Administration’s Talk-Radio Base

David Axelrod Pinpoints the One Thing Ivanka Can Do to Help Trump

5-Year-Old North Carolina Girl Suspended For Playing With ‘Stick Gun’

Marco Rubio Was Targeted by Russian Influence Operation, Ex-FBI Agent Reveals

Freedom Caucus Responds to ‘Vengeful’ Trump: ‘We Don’t Scare Easy’

Bannon May Have Violated Ethics Pledge by Communicating With Breitbart

NCAA Final Four Games: How to Watch the Live Stream Online

Trump Threatens War With Freedom Caucus. Could He Survive?

Clint Watts' Testimony: Russia’s Info War on the U.S. Started in 2014

Milk Baths and Spiritual Hokum: Angelina Jolie on the ‘Tomb Raider’ Set

Victoria Beckham Films Carpool Karaoke And Shares on Instagram

German Extremists: Bring Back the Reich

Snapchat Beef Between Love Rivals Leads To Fatal Stabbing

Why Red States Are Rejecting Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills

A Drinking Tour of Whit Stillman Films

Trump Pulls a Slick Willie Defense

A Marine, Gone But Not Forgotten, Laid To Rest After 74 Years

Move Over Sci-Fi—Here comes Climate Fiction

Legal Immigrants Fear Getting Arrested in Court by ICE

‘Elsewhere’ Makes a Bid for Chinese Fashion Freedom

The Democrats Should Not Filibuster Gorsuch

Hipster Sexism, The New Hotness

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Trump ‘Using’ Coal Miners as ‘Political Pawns’

Samantha Bee Goes Off on Trump’s Health Care Fail: ‘I’m a Grower, Not a Shower’

This Politician Gave Away Your Data. Now Buy Hers.

Richard Burr’s Conversion Means Senate’s Russia Probe Looks Like the Real Deal

House Intelligence Committee Set to Reboot Next Week

Right Wing Worries Christie Will Bring His “Reckless” Drug Plan to WH

Juan Thompson Dragged to the City He Allegedly Threatened to Shoot Up

This Is Why The Erasing of LGBT Americans On The 2020 Census Matters

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Statue Will Give You Nightmares

Lamar Odom Is Very Sorry He Cheated on Khloe Kardashian

Donald Trump’s Tax Plan—The Rich Pay Less, and You Make Up the Difference

Trump Administration’s Women’s Rights Lip Service Turns Irony Up to 11

You Hate Brexit? Get Over It. Seize the Day!

Single Mom Banned From Father-Daughter Dance in Georgia

Keep Calm, Alex Jones, the Queen Is Not Being Pressured to Convert to Islam

Brad Pitt ‘Visited Jolie in Cambodia,’ Report Says

Defiant Brexit Voters Ready for the Pain

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Explain Their ‘Crazy’ Beef with Trump to Seth Meyers

Ex-Writer: Breitbart Broke the Law

Bo Dietl’s Plan To Become New York Mayor Includes Eating Bill De Blasio’s ‘B*lls for Breakfast.’

Top California Winery Killed by Prohibition Is Reborn

Texas Football Players Accused of Sodomizing Teammates With Coke Bottles and Bats

Cabinet Ballers: Team Trump vs. Team Obama

Comedians W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu on Staying ‘Politically Re-Active’ in the Trump Era

Remember When Republicans Cared About U.S. Allies?

U.S. Bombs Syrian Village—And Shrugs

Trumps Needs to Reinvent Himself a la Bill Clinton

Trump’s Personal Lawyer Wants to Grab Republicans by the Wallet

Top DOJ Official: Gov’t, Tech Need To Do More To Stop Terrorism

The War on Breitbart Now Goes Through Amazon

Stephen Colbert Sums Up Trump’s Climate Change Policy: ‘F*ck the Planet!’

TMZ Should Keep Its Mindless, Misogynist Coverage Out of Politics

Devin Nunes Could Be Facing an Ethics Probe for Spilling Secrets

Bill O’Reilly Laughs Through On-Air Apology as Maxine Waters Fires Back

Lawsuit: ‘Gay Whisperer’ Cop ‘Targeted’ Men at Port Authority Restrooms

Son of a Murderer Charged With Murder

Uber Coins Terms ‘Jewbers’ and ‘UberHUE’ in New Diversity Report

Jared Kushner Tempted by Russia’s Bank of Spies

Sean Spicer Tries to Shut Down April Ryan: ‘Stop Shaking Your Head’

NCAA Puts North Carolina On the Clock to Change HB2

Teacher Suspended for ‘Inappropriate Relationship’ With Girl Before They Vanished

Life Behind Bars, Episode 1: The Professor, Jerry Thomas

Cute Kid Makes Friends With ‘Robot’

Bill O’Reilly’s Openly Racist Attack on Rep. Maxine Waters’ ‘James Brown Wig’

Beast Exclusive: Willie Nelson Confronts Mortality in New ‘Old Timer’ Video

Chuck Schumer ‘Loses Cool’ With Trump Supporters in Restaurant ‘Scene’

Jessica Walter: The Trumps Are Like ‘Arrested Development’s’ Bluths—Only Dumber

British Daily Mail Slammed as Brexit Leaders Are Reduced to Sex Objects

Marines Sent Revenge Porn to Her Parents

Italy’s Horrific Suitcase Murder Mystery Takes a Troubling Twist

When The Sunless City of Longyearbyen Finally Sees Light Again

Solving the Riddle of Old Tom Gin

Parents Post $2.5 Million Bond to Free Son Arrested for Murder

New Business Fad: Tripping on Ayahuasca

Why ‘Hillbillies’ Don’t Do Networking

Why Liberals Shouldn’t Be Conned by Tomi Lahren the Way They Were by Glenn Beck

Trump Kills Obama’s Climate Change Rules in Favor of Fossil Fuel Industry

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Compares Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro to North Korean Propaganda

How Netflix’s Stand-Up Boom Upended the Louis C.K. Model—For Better and Worse

Stephen Colbert Roasts ‘Totally Unqualified’ Jared Kushner

House Russia Probe Implodes as Top Dem Calls for Intel Chairman’s Recusal

Why Barack Obama Chose Marlon Brando’s Island Hideaway

Jeff Sessions Threatens to Starve Sanctuary Cities If They Don’t Work With ICE

Scarlett Johansson on Her ‘Devastating’ Nude Photo Hacking: ‘It Was an Invasion’

Want to Raise Kids with Your BFF? Move to Canada

‘Putin’s Revenge’ Drags Protesters to Court and Into Jail

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Inks Reality-TV Deal

Tony Robbins Reveals His Thoughts on the President: ‘I’m Not Bullish About Trump’

Did Kim Kardashian’s Father’s Ghost Try to Warn Her About Paris Robbery?

U.S. Attorney’s Office Under Investigation After 700 Lawyers Were Spied On in Prison

Yes, Democrats Won a Big Health Care Battle, But the Health Care War Is Far From Over

Sanctuary City Starts GoFundMe After Gov Cuts Grants

Will the Senate Save the Russia Probe?

Undocumented Mom With Brain Tumor: I Came Seeking Safety & ICE Locked Me Up

How the Fox News of 1792 Took On John Adams

Los Angeles’ Ice Cream Moment

Remembering Robert Nordhaus, and When Public Servants Gave a Damn About the Public

Truther Podcast: Is Trump Proof We Live in the Matrix?

A Conservative Case For Why Trump Should Fund the Arts

Complaint: Rikers Island Prison Guard Beat Inmate

‘Poor Man’s Hugh Hefner’ Accused of Imprisoning Dancers

Why We Need Black Satire More Than Ever in the Time of Trump

Review: How Lynn Nottage’s ‘Sweat’ Explains Trump’s America

Amid the Mosul Massacres, There is Also Mercy

Russian Youth From Moscow to Siberia Slam ‘Putin the Thief’

Trump Keeps Ripping Republicans as Priebus Says It’s Time to Move On

The Haunting Murder of a Jazz Legend in the Making

Why Humans Love Robots Like People

Hollywood Has No New Ideas and That’s OK

How Hitler Seized Power and Shocked His Opposition

What Finding Jesus’ Private Parts in the Turin Shroud Says About Faith

How Three American Women Translated One of the World’s Most Popular Qurans

Mexican Immigrants Flee U.S. for Canada

The Anti-Vaxxer Illness Worse Than Zika

Inside Transgender Star Carmen Carrera’s Fight for Justice

Photography’s Eccentric Genius: Eadweard Muybridge

Kaepernick’s Crime, to Trump: He Comes From Obama’s America

The Emotional Resonance of Lies—And What We Can Do To Defeat Them

Why Elite Colleges Aren't Always The Answer

How ‘Gong Show’ Creator and Fake CIA Assassin Chuck Barris Paved The Way for Trump

Lost ‘Mr. Rogers’ Episodes Mysteriously Resurface — And Might Be a Message to Trump

Lukashenko, Putin’s Dictatorship Mentor, Moves to Crush the Opposition

The Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Life After Death’ at 20: A Jubilant, Paranoid Ode to a Legendary MC

How Islamic Terrorists Are Being Radicalized Online

Bill Maher Mocks Republicans’ Health Care Fail: ‘This Looks Bad for Trump’

Beast Fiction: The Needle & the Mother (You Know What)

Colorado’s War on Black Market Weed

How Did a NASA Scientist Get in Turkish Prison?

Prince’s Racial Revolution

What Happened to Frida Kahlo’s Missing Adultery Painting?

Who Leaked America’s Secret War Plans Into Hitler’s Hands?

Beast Fiction: The Devil and Webster by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Why The Public Loves Prince Harry, Not William

Science Was Stalin’s ‘Enemy of the People’

Don’t Forget—Trump’s Biggest Problem Is Still Russia

When Nixon Floated—Then Gaslit—the First Female Supreme Court Candidate

Inside Big Tobacco’s Academy of Lies, the Inventor of ‘Alternative Facts’

The Art of the Squeal—Donald Trump Fails To Sell Trumpcare

Devin Nunes Vanished the Night Before He Made Trump Surveillance Claims

The One Place TRUMP Is a Mark of Honor

The ‘Love Actually’ Reunion Skit Is Funny, Actually

Paul Manafort’s Business Partner Left Pro-Trump Group Because of Russia Ties, Sources Say

Republicans Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Two Health Care Wrongs Make Right for GOP

The Art of Bitcoin’s Millions, Via The Lower East Side

Republicans Pull the Plug on Trumpcare

Donald Trump Claims Credit for Creating 20,000 Jobs—That Were Actually Promised in 2015

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Pumps ‘Lego Batman,’ and Might Have Violated Ethics Rules

Russia’s Putin Picks Le Pen to Rule France

Bannon Tells Trump: ‘Keep a Shit List’ of Republicans Who Opposed You

Anti-LGBT Doc Paul McHugh: I Will Not Be Silenced

How Trumpcare Will Kill Me Before Cystic Fibrosis Can

Andrew Ridgley Attacks ‘Mucky’ Documentary on George Michael’s Final Days

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on ‘Game of Thrones,’ That Cersei Look, and His Darkest Role Yet

The ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Queens Hope Trump Watches

The Self-Proclaimed ‘Publicity Whore’ and Fired Jezebel Intern Running Point on Pizzagate

Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Corruption Case Outsourced to Feds

Did Anti-LGBT Group Help Kidnap A Kid?

China’s Bailing Out Venezuela’s Corrupt Regime. That’s Got to Stop.

Patton Oswalt Bombs with Mike Huckabee’s Twitter Jokes on ‘Kimmel’

Amber Heard Implores Hollywood’s Famous Gay Men to Come Out of the Closet

Seth Meyers Burns GOP’s Trumpcare Fail: ‘Insane, Cruel, and Reckless’

‘Trumpcare’ Isn’t Just a Political Disaster—It Makes ‘War on Women’ Real

Sexism, Race and the Mess of ‘Miss Saigon’ on Broadway

James Jackson Liked Alt-Right Videos, Claimed He Was a Genius in Army Intelligence

The Controversial Painting of Emmett Till Stays on Show at The Whitney

President Trump to House GOP: It's My Way or Obamacare Stays

GSA: Trump Hotel Lease Is Fine Despite Our Own Contract

As Donald Trump Jr. Slams London’s Mayor, Donald Trump Sr. Endangers New York City

Sean Spicer Keeps Downgrading Manafort’s Role in Trump Campaign

London Terrorist Khalid Masood Was 52-Year-Old Family Man and English Teacher

The Slip-Up That Caught the Jewish Center Bomb Caller

Anti-Putin Exile Gunned Down in the Streets of Ukraine

Londoners Reject British ‘Traitors’ Peddling Terror Dystopia on Fox News

Donald Trump Jr. Insults London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter After Terror Attack

Emma Watson Will Be 2017’s Highest Earning Female Star

Can Lindsay Lohan Be Great Again?

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Defends Brawl With Her Mom as ‘Playfighting’

James Corden Pays Emotional Tribute to London Attack Victims

Samantha Bee: Trump’s Budget Proves He ‘Doesn’t Give a Sh*t’

Russian Lawyer Nikolai Gorokhov Thrown From Window Was a Witness for the U.S. Government

James Blunt Doesn’t Suck Anymore: From ‘You’re Beautiful’ Pansy to Twitter Hero

Law Enforcement Struggles With New Opioid Craze: Elephant Tranquilizers

Donald Trump and the Republicans Shotgun Marriage Is Off to a Rocky Start

The Making of Robert Lepage’s Theatrical Genius

Europe’s Failure to Stem Migration Is Costing More Than Lives

Did Vocativ Ban Journalist Evan Engel From Writing About Trump Demo Arrest?

Could Justice Neil Gorsuch Become Conservatives’ Next Worst Nightmare?

Democratic Senators: Filibuster Gorsuch—or Be Primaried

GOP Health Care Bill Is a Disaster for Tom Price’s Home Hospital

Jim Harrison’s Guide to Eating Vividly

Seth Meyers Goes Off on GOP’s Supreme Court Hypocrisy: ‘One of the Greatest Thefts in Modern Politics’

Nude Pics While Patients Were Passed Out

House Russia Probe Disintegrates Into Benghazi 2.0

Sofia Vergara’s Ex Nick Loeb Called Her ‘Classless’ for Speaking Spanish

Spicer Denies Trump Knew About Manafort’s Russian Sugar Daddy

Woman Left ‘Like a Piece of Garbage’ After Killer Butt Injection, Prosecutor Says

The Districts Where Health-Care Repeal Vote May Kill the GOP Majority

Top Republican Says U.S. ‘Incidentally’ Spied on Trump Team, But Not Over Russia

Congress Demands Info on Russia, Turkey Payments to Michael Flynn

Trump Nominee: Lax Deal for Billionaire Pedo Jeffrey Epstein Was ‘A Good Thing’

Rachel Maddow on ‘The View’: Trump ‘Totally Could Have’ Leaked His Own Tax Returns

Four Dead in Terror Attack on U.K. Parliament

Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan Markle’s ‘Pet Peeve’ Is Having Her Skin Tone Changed

Demi Lovato Claps Back At Hackers Who Stole Her Private Pictures

The Marine Nude-Photo Scandal Is Growing and Adding New Victims

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Didn’t Sign Trump’s Ethics Pledge

Trevor Noah Defends Tomi Lahren Over Abortion Flip-Flop

Turkey’s Frightening Trifecta: ISIS, Erdogan & U.S. Nukes

Corrupt Leaders Thrust South Sudan Into Famine and Abject Ruin

A Republican Explains Why Health Care Is a Right

Trump and House GOP’s Really Not Good Health Care Meeting

Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio: Cooking Rules

Beware Trump’s Phony ‘Terror’ List

Judge Gorsuch: Do You Back the ‘One Person, One Vote’ Principle?

North Dakota’s Endless Parking Meter War Splits a Family

Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Evolution

‘Shots Fired’: Police Shootings Get the Primetime TV Treatment

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rips Ivanka Trump’s ‘Possible Conflicts of Incest’

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump Administration’s ‘Deep State’ Paranoia

U.S. Raid in Yemen Led to Laptop Ban on Flights, Officials Say

Utah Says No To ‘No Promo Homo’ Law, But Other States Lag Behind

Protesters Want This Painting of Emmett Till Destroyed—Because the Artist Is White

Freedom Caucus Vows Not to Blink on ‘Taking Down’ Trumpcare

Neil Gorsuch’s Charm Offensive Confuses Bias With Ideology

Enjoy Your Tomi Lahren Schadenfreude. It Won’t Last.

Erin McPike: Why I Broke With The Press Pack To Interview Tillerson

Peacemaker and Terrorist, Martin McGuinness Is Dead at 66

The Movie Paul Ryan Needs to See

Woody Harrelson Is Not Stoned (But He Doesn’t Mind If You Are)

Natalie Portman Talks ‘Song to Song,’ Tupac, and the ‘Absurdity’ of the Trump Administration

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Night At The Museum Intensifies Engagement Rumors

James Corden Presents ‘Donald: The Musical’ Featuring Trump, Bannon, Spicer, and Conway

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Forget Trump, Fox News Is the ‘Real President’

Democratic Donors Gather in D.C. to Plot the Resistance

The Moral Panic Around ‘Missing Richard Simmons’

How Not to Negotiate With North Korea

How the Department of Homeland Security Is Bullying Sanctuary Cities

Italian TV: Asian Brides Want Your Man

Bringing Home the Bacon

How Marriage Equality Was Won—and What to Learn From It

Should the Dems Filibuster Gorsuch?

FBI and NSA Grilling Proves There Is No ‘Deep State’

After Coach Was Benched Over Gang Rape, His Substitute Allegedly Sexted Girl

How Eisenhower Triumphed Over Joe McCarthy

Stephen Colbert’s ‘Colbert’ Persona Returns to Take Down Trump’s ‘Cruel’ Budget

‘The Most Hated Woman in America’: Melissa Leo on the Murder of Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Seth Meyers Rips Trump’s ‘Crazy’ False Tweets During Comey Hearing

Put Some Respect on Amal Clooney’s Name

Jimmy Breslin, the People’s Champion

Why YouTube Wants to Hide These LGBT Videos From Young People

White House and Republicans Admit Russia Isn’t ‘Fake News’ After FBI Bombshell

He’s a Real Man, Y’all: Donald Trump Jr.’s Adventures In Lumbersexual Chic

Family of Black Veteran Who Died in Jail Without Food & Water Gets $10 Million

John Avlon Talks Allies' Trust in Trump Administration

What I’ve Learned

Donald Trump and Neil Gorsuch Collect On Mitch McConnell’s Big Bet

Republican Behind Benghazi Probe Suggests Jailing Journalists Who Publish Secrets

FBI Director Bats Down President Trump’s ‘Wiretap’ Tweets

Glenn Beck Publicly Battles Tomi Lahren, His Most Famous Employee

Comey: FBI Is Searching for ‘Coordination’ Between Trump and Russia

Emily Ratajkowski’s Nude Attempt to Break the Internet

Thandie Newton: There’s No Work for Black Actors in the U.K.

Kanye West on Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbers: ‘I Wouldn’t Have Stopped Until They Were Dead’

John Oliver Goes Off on Sean Spicer: You Will Receive an ‘Inevitable Firing’ Soon

What Neil Gorsuch Should Say About the Courts, and the Rule of Law

Sen. Pat Toomey’s Serious Medicaid Idea

Devin Nunes: The Dairy Farmer Overseeing U.S. Spies and the Russia Hack Investigation

Where to Eat, Drink, and Think This Spring

Are Physicians of Color Being Shut Out of Competitive Specialties?

My Family’s Experience With Meals on Wheels Made Me Realize How Crucial It Is

A Goodbye to Jimmy Breslin, Teller of Truths

You Have the Alzheimer’s Gene? GOP Wants Your Boss to Know

Jimmy Breslin, the Greatest Deadline Artist

An Inside Look at Banksy’s New ‘Walled Off Hotel’ in Bethlehem

Neil Gorsuch Defended Columbia’s So-Called ‘Date-Rape Frat’

Trump Is Wrong: Germany Does Not Owe ‘Vast Sums of Money to NATO’

Police Chief: I Was Detained at JFK Airport Over My Name

Pope Francis Tells Priests to Have Exorcists on Call

‘Rogue One’ Director Gareth Edwards Discusses the Film’s Trump ‘Fake News’ Backlash

The Medicaid Expansion's Forgotten Flaw

The Woman Mark Twain Thought Was the ‘Most Interesting That Ever Lived’

‘G-Funk’: How Warren G Became the ‘Unsung Hero’ of Hip-Hop While Snoop Dogg Soared

Bernard-Henri Lévy’s Love Letter to Judaism

Terry Gilliam’s Long, Strange, (Not Yet) Doomed ‘Don Quixote’ Quest

One Trump Adviser Really Does Know All About Putin

10 Reasons to Love Chuck Berry

Remembering Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer Chuck Berry

How Russia Recruited Ernest Hemingway

Solange, Gosling, and Charlize: The Very Best of SXSW 2017

Rick Ross’s Slut-Shaming of Nicki Minaj

Bill Maher Blasts Trump’s Sexism Toward Angela Merkel: ‘He Obviously Hates Her’

Does Donald Trump Make for Good Art?

The Liar-In-Chief & The Dangers of Post-Truth Politics

Can Tech Oligarchs Thrive Under Trump?

Neil Gorsuch Is No Originalist: The Founders Loathed Corporate Power, He Favors It

Monster Machines: ISIS’s Armored War Jeeps Are Professional Grade

Trump vs. the Cartels: Whose Team is He On?

Fear of Flying—or at Least the TSA—While Intersex

Denis Hamill, ‘The Assignment’ Screenwriter: I’m Not Transphobic

Why Lenin’s Grand ‘Tatlin Tower’ Never Got Built

Wonder Woman vs. Optimus Prime: 'Girl' Toys Take On the Patriarchy

Virginia Woolf Teaches How to Fight Fascism

Could You Be a Droid Elon Musk’s Looking For?

War On Science: Gluten-Free Madness Needs to End

New York’s Great Big City Book Club Gets on the Same Page with ‘Americanah’

When It Comes To The Media, Can Prince William Dance To His Own Beat?

Why Do Cannibals Eat People?

When the US Embraced the Wrong Russians

Will VW Bosses Go to Jail for Emissions Scandal? The Net Is Tightening

A Viral Sex Crime Saga of Perverts, Pranksters, and Prosecutors

The New York Times Public Editor's Alt-Right Blindspot

The Women Trump’s Afraid To Let Near Him

Trump Meets the German Press, and They Laugh At Him

Trump's Toxic Masculinity

Time to Call Out the Big GOP Lie on Obamacare

Tomi Lahren to The View: ‘I’m Pro-Choice’

While Michael Flynn Lobbied for Turkey, His Firm Told Congress to Extradite Turkish Dissident

Fox News Host: Secret Service Should ‘Kill’ Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow for Their Trump Attacks

‘The Daily Show’ Takes Down Dutch Trump: ‘What Is It with These Villains and Their Hair?’

Mischa Barton’s Cruel Tabloid Persecution

Seth Meyers Destroys Trump’s Meals on Wheels Cuts: ‘Your Heart Is So Small’

Beauty and the Beast’s Big Gay Nightmare: How One Dumb Scene Sparked Global Furor

Al Qaeda Terrorist Who Wanted Gitmo Over Federal Court Found Guilty

Even the Irish Hate Corned Beef and Cabbage

Why We Must Save the National Endowment for the Humanities

Who the Hell Would Vote for Marine Le Pen?

Turkey Celebrates as Trump Fires Bharara

As ‘SB6’ Proves, Even Anti-Trans Bills Are Bigger in Texas

The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail

Steve Bannon Pushed Trump to Go Full Andrew Jackson

Inside ‘Breaking Bad’ Villain Gus Fring’s Explosive Return to ‘Better Call Saul’

A St. Patrick’s Day Tale of Two Cops, Terror, Family, and Pride

The Terrible Truth About the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Brilliantly Told: Review of ‘Spill’

How the Supreme Court Saved Bill de Blasio From Himself

Danny DeVito, With Egg, Makes a Storming Broadway Debut: Review of ‘The Price’

And Then They Came for Big Bird: Public Broadcasting Reels From Trump’s Plan to Destroy It

Mulvaney to Congressional Republicans: This is Budget, Deal With It

Trump vs. House, Senate, His Attorney General, and FBI Director on Obama’s ‘Wiretap’

Trump’s Budget Hits Trump’s Voters Hard

Kelly Herron, Seattle Sex Assault Survivor, Slams Anti-Trans Group

Trump Backer Allegedly Texted Teen Boy: ‘Interested in Some Sexual Stuff?’

Is Trump Trying to Kill the EPA, or Just Starve It?

Michael Brown’s Father Opens Up About New Tape: ‘Mike Is Still Working from the Grave’

Marines United Spokesman: Nude Photo Scandal Shows Why Women Shouldn’t Serve

‘Star Wars’ and ‘Muppets’ Icon Frank Oz Takes Us Behind the Puppets

How Prince Charles Will Make Camilla Queen

Stephen Colbert Mocks Rachel Maddow as She Defends Her Trump Tax ‘Scoop’ to Jimmy Fallon

Why Hollywood Is Falling in Love With Secret Celebrity Weddings

A Grown-Up’s Guide to St. Patrick’s Day Whiskey

Trump’s Dutch Fanboy Geert Wilders Loses. Sad!

Goal of Kentucky Republicans: School Re-Segregation

You Won’t Stay Awake Long Enough to Be Riled by the Transphobia of ‘The Assignment’

Why This Conservative Says ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ Should Be Rejected—By Conservatives

How Trumpcare Will Crush Millennials and Their Boomer Parents

Why a Real Hero Stands Alone: Reviews of ‘Joan of Arc: Into The Fire’ and ‘Enemy of the People’

Trump Practically Begs Judges to Keep KO’ing His New Travel Ban

Did Trump Ex-Adviser Paul Manafort Play a Role in 2014 Ukraine Massacre?

Lindsey Graham Forces FBI to Spill on Russia

Feds: Russian Spies Paid Hackers to Break Into Yahoo

‘Shrink’: How a $211 Improvised Pilot Became Seeso’s Next Big Thing

Hip-Hop’s Love Affair With Donald Trump Is Officially Over

‘We Broke the Story Correctly’: Rachel Maddow Returns Fire on Her Trump Tax Scoop

John McCain: Rand Paul ‘Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin’

Texas Won’t Pay to Test 20,000 Rape Kits, So It Might Crowdfund the Effort Instead

Lebanese Pop Star Myriam Klink in Hot Water for Music Video

The Reason Donald Trump’s 2005 Tax Return Was So Yuge? Chinese Investors.

How Rum Became an Irish Drink

Taylor Swift Reportedly Planning to Launch Her Own Music Streaming Service

Stephen Colbert: Trump Apologist Paul Ryan Had ‘His Sack Removed’

The ‘Iron Fist’ White Savior Controversy: Creator and Stars Discuss the Mounting Backlash

José Reyes ‘Cruelly Abandoned’ His Secret Daughter, Says Ex-Lover

Seth Meyers Blasts Rep. Steve King’s ‘Overtly Racist’ Tweet About ‘Somebody Else’s Babies’

SNL Star Sasheer Zamata: We’re Not Casting Women to ‘Piss Off’ Trump

White House in Search of Artful Health Care Deal on Hill

The Republicans Want to Give You Freedom to Die

The Sure-Fire Way to Ensure Gender Pay Equity

Exposing Putin’s Cronies: The Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

What Makes a ‘Real’ Woman? Welcome to the New Liberal Transphobia

Off-Broadway Reaches for the Stars: Reviews of ‘The Light Years’ and ‘The Outer Space’

Stephen Miller May Have Made It Easier to Sue Trump’s Travel Ban

Donald Trump’s Budget Vows to Paint Republicans Into a Tight Corner

Wisconsin Court: It’s Legal to Kick Out a Black Roommate

Why Marines Might Get Away With Sharing Nude Photos

Steve Bannon in College: Grateful Dead Fan, ‘Jerry Brown Liberal,’ ‘Ladies Man’

‘This Is Us’ Finale Didn’t Make Fans Cry and They’re Furious

SXSW 2017: Stars, Stunts, and BBQ

InfoWars’ Big Alt-Right Breakup With Richard Spencer—and the KKK

Has Trump’s Incompetence Killed Europe’s Populism?

Monica Crowley Lost White House Job, Now She’s Got One With Pro-Russian Oligarch

Senators to Top Marine: You’re Losing the War on Pervs

Fox News’ Latest Trump Nemesis: Pro-Journalism T-Shirts

The Trans Activists Standing Up to the Brutal Gangs of El Salvador

Ian McKellen Salutes ‘Gay Extravaganza’ of New ‘Beauty and the Beast’

William Skips Church for Glamorous Ski Trip to Swiss Alps

Seth Rogen on Calling Out Trump: ‘It’s Very Important to Normalize Dissent’

‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Nick Viall No Longer Reality TV’s Biggest Loser

Former Princeton Student: I Was Raped, Expelled, and Forced to Leave U.S.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Trump’s Win, Her Muslim Ban Speech, and the Dave Letterman ‘Veep’ Cameo That Never Was

It’s Official—Trumpcare Will Be a Nightmare for Women

Trump Signs Rule Making His Agriculture Nominee Rich

Secrets to Making the Perfect Pie Crust

She May Be ‘Complicit,’ But Ivanka Trump’s Brand Stays Strong

‘Hurricane Katrina’ Pierson Turned Down White House Gig

Inside the Collapse of the Mark Steyn Show

The Web Nailed the Wrong Man for My Sex Assault in Mexico

Don’t Need a Microwave to Hear GOP Say WTF

Breitbart Leaks Audio of Paul Ryan Dumping Donald Trump

Facebook Still Hasn’t Shut Down Marines’ Nude Photo Pages

DOJ Blows Wiretap Deadline, Asks Intelligence Committee for More Time

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Editor’s Note

The ‘Morning Joe’-Donald Trump Bromance Is Over

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Jimmy Kimmel Fails to Press George W. Bush on Trump

Russia Heats Up Its Infowar With the West

The Man Who Robbed a Bank to Get Away From His Wife

Why Does Everybody Seem to Hate Omarosa Manigault?

Trump May Make a Very Dangerous Place to Be Trans Even Worse

Get Ready, America, for a Muslim Talking Religion on Trump’s Favorite ‘Fake News’ Channel

Former ‘Presidential Candidate’ Deez Nuts Is Now a Pollster

‘Casablanca’s’ Refugee Tale Is Shockingly Relevant For 2017

Art at the Armory Show

Can Breitbart News Go Legit on Capitol Hill?

White House Destroys Its Own Justification for the Travel Ban

Guns Stolen From Luggage To Buy Drugs

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Blasts Jeff Sessions: ‘He Lied Under Oath’

Stephen Colbert: Jeff Sessions Can Recuse Himself, But He Already ‘F*cked Himself’

Scott Pruitt Lied to Congress About Using Private Email to Talk to Big Oil as Oklahoma Attorney General

The Modern Gay Way to Lose Out in Love: Review of ‘Significant Other’ on Broadway

Team Trump Took Illegal Cash, Watchdogs Say

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Investigations Into Russian Election Interference

With ‘Green Light,’ Lorde Falls Victim to the Taylor Swift Effect

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Sessions on Prosecuting Clinton Perjury

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Chuck Schumer and the Democrats’ Plan to Trap Jeff Sessions

Democrats Call Sessions a ‘Liar’ Who Should Resign

Trump State Visit To U.K. Delayed in Bid to Quell Protests

Brad Pitt Reportedly Seeking Solace in Ex-Texts With Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt Reportedly Seeking Solace in Ex-Texts With Jennifer Aniston

Why the FBI and a Special Prosecutor Must Immediately Investigate Attorney General Jeff Sessions

NAVY Seal Ryan Owens’s Widow Is America’s Moral Compass

Meet the Cavaliers Conspiracy Stars: Andrew ‘Pizzagate’ Bogut and Kyrie ‘Flat Earth’ Irving

Big Steel Sees Gold in Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Why A Seattle-Area Mosque Barred Anti-Trans Activists

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Review: Treat Yourself To Sweeney Todd’s Brilliant Feast of Blood, Pie and Mash

Undocumented Woman With a Brain Tumor Remains in ICE Detention

Van Jones Defends ‘Presidential’ Trump Praise: ‘Not Saying He’s George Washington’

Ivanka Trump’s Presidential Clothes Crisis Is More Than a ‘Bra Strap’

UN Details Assad and Putin’s War Crimes in Aleppo

François Fillon, Le Pen’s Toughest Rival, is Flaming Out

Cliven Bundy ‘Protesters’ Allegedly Pointed Rifles at Feds

White House Says Kellyanne Conway Won’t Be Disciplined for Ivanka Infomercial

The Russian Opposition Is Under Siege by Putin’s Investigators

Generals May Launch New ISIS Raids Without Trump’s OK

Revisiting Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Attacks Against Jon Stewart

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Naked Paddle-Boarding No More: Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Split

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Trump, So Presidential You Won’t Believe It, Delivers a Kinder, Gentler Bannonism

For a Second, a Hero’s Widow Unites D.C.

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My Essential Cooking Equipment: Patricia Wells

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How ‘The Source’ Makes a Musical Out of Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks

Donald Trump’s Fake Math

Couple Postpones Wedding to Find Their Missing Dog

Donald Trump Finally Sounds Presidential. For 60 Minutes.

Bill Maher, Michael Moore Blast Trump for ‘Using’ Navy SEAL Widow as a ‘Prop’

Stephen Colbert Was Not Impressed with Trump’s First Address to Congress

Trump’s Campaign Can’t Even Get His Fundraising Emails Right