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Articles May 2016

U.S. Nukes Live on Floppy Disks

Dear GOP, Trans People Aren’t Sick. You Are.

Who Is David French? The Man Bill Kristol Wants to Run for President

Boko Haram Terrorists Hooked on the Jihadist Drug of Choice: Viagra

Trump: I’m Making Vets Great Again, So STFU About the Money I Promised

Giant Alligator Found on Florida Golf Course

Octopuses DGAF About Climate Change

Amber Heard Forced to Defend Herself Against Media’s Icky Smear Campaign

The Queen Swipes Caitlyn Jenner’s Crown as VF’s Oldest Cover Girl

Italian Man Burns Ex-Girlfriend to Death for Refusing Oral Sex

How Libertarians Feel About That Striptease

China’s Futuristic, Traffic-Straddling Bus

The History of Lil B’s ‘BasedGod Curse’ on Kevin Durant (and Russell Westbrook)

Adam Sandler Needs to Lock It Up

Even Stephen Hawking Can’t Explain Donald Trump

The Most Gruesome Moments From the ‘Game of Thrones’ Books that Didn’t Make It to TV

Jesse Eisenberg: Why I’ll Never Be Happy

Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Won’t Let His Ex-Wife Control Her $1 Billion in Stock

Smart Car, Meet the Smart City

Cool Ride: What Top Innovators’ Cars Tell Us About Them

The Dream of the Smart Car: Where We Stand Today

Today’s Family Road Trips Are Better Than the TV Versions

How The Concept Of The Family Car Has Changed Over Time

Cool Ride: What Top Entertainers’ Cars Tell Us About Them

Trump Trolls Plot to Bait Bernie and Hillary Into Twitter Wars

Unbelievably, Amsterdam Hit Up Holocaust Survivors for Back Taxes

The Poet Laureate of Bernie Porn Does Not Want To Talk To The Beast

How a U.S.-Russian Space Rocket Deal Funds Putin's Cronies

How I Used Kim Kardashian To Rouse Joan Rivers From Her Coma

Heroin Overdose Antidote Now Costs Double

Bernie Sanders Gives the Middle Finger to the DNC

Elite U.S. Soldiers and Kurdish Troops Moving on ISIS Near Mosul

Burma’s ‘Rohingya Princess’ Has Met Obama, Why Not Aung San Suu Kyi?

Boy Scout Braved Gunfire to Save Man’s Life in Houston Shootout: ‘That’s What You’re Supposed to Do’

There Ain’t No Party Like the Libertarian Party — and This Could Be the Year it Gets Hot

America Is Still a Gift to the World

‘Game of Thrones’: Will Bran Stark’s New Ally Spill Jon Snow’s Secret?

Chicago’s Invisible Shooters Wreak Havoc

‘Roots’ Returns for the Black Lives Matter Generation

Welcome to the Museo Cerralbo, Madrid’s Secret Gaudy Time Travel Palace

When JFK Celebrated War’s Comradeship

100,000 From Dixie Fought for the North in the Civil War

Where Are All the Robot Artists?

No Talking, No Drugs—Spec-Ops Vets Pioneer Quiet PTSD Therapy

What the PUMAs of 2008 Think of the #BernieOrBust Movement of 2016

Whatever Happened to New Dads Passing Out Cigars?

A New ‘Roots’ for a New American Era

Harriet Tubman’s Descendant on the Woman America Almost Forgot

The Stacks: Harry Crews Was Grit Lit’s Wildest Card

The Day Soldiers Honored Fallen Comrades

Draft Dodger Donald Trump Gets Hero’s Welcome at Rolling Thunder

Yes, Bernie Polls Better Against Trump Than Hillary—but There’s a Catch

The Most Spectacular, Death-Defying Crashed in Indy 500 History

‘Overwatch’: Gaming’s Newest Addiction Makes a Groundbreaking Case for Diversity

Cruise Ships In The Arctic Take Titanic Risks

From The Lower East Side To Malibu, How Soho House Conquered America

Bird's Eye View of World's Best Beaches

Can Bernie Sanders Overhaul the Democratic Party?

When the Indy 500 Told Trump to Get Lost

America’s Secret War Before Pearl Harbor

Westway, New York’s Great Highway That Never Was

I’m Sorry for Helping Make Kale Cool

How To Save Detroit: Motor City Visions at Venice’s Architecture Biennale

Shoelace-Ironing and Corner-Free Sandwiches: The Weird Royal Traditions That Just Won’t Die

What Trump Will Never Understand About Immigrants

The Biblical Laws Bleeding Your Schools

Did the Devil Really Write This Bible?

The First Badass Female Guitarist: Meet Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Godmother of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Duncan Jones on Showing Dad David Bowie ‘Warcraft’: ‘He Was All Excited for Me and Happy’

How Special-Ops Is Taking ISIS Out

Trump Troll Popularized by PC Mob

Aristotle’s Tomb or Just a Tourist Site?

Bernie Sanders: Trump Presidency a ‘Danger’ to the World

My BDSM Journey: How I Became Empowered Through ‘Submission’

The Sex-Abused Children Lining the Cartels’ Pockets

New York Times Takes Page From Gawker’s Playbook To Expose Peter Thiel’s Bid To Kill Gawker

Inside Jue Lan, The Hamptons’ Hot New Art Hangout

When Political Rallies Were for Sex

‘Kiddie Adderall’ Could Actually Be a Lifesaver for Parents and Children

The Soviet Atomic Spy Who Asked for a U.S. Pension

The Priest Who Stood Up to the Torturers and Terrorists

The Best Whiskeys You Can’t Buy in the U.S.

The End of Second Languages Is Near

The Goop Crowd’s Latest Craze Is Vagina Massage

Special Ops Rule in War on Terror

Is Pop the Future of Jazz?

Porn’s First Union President: Performers Should Be 21+ Only

When an Emergency Rescue Ends in Heartbreak

Amber Heard: Johnny Depp Is a Serial Abuser Who Made Me Fear for My Life

What’s New and What’s Leaving Netflix This June: ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ ‘Spotlight,’ and More

Why Are Most Women’s Teams Coached by Men?

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Beat Her. It Will Ruin His Career. Just Kidding!

Did Steven Spielberg Just Take a Sideswipe at Trump?

How to Stop Your Cell Phone from Killing You

John Avlon on History's Most Defiant Moments

Inside the Factory Making Trump Masks

John Avlon on Obama's Legacy

Obama Wins Respect in Hiroshima

Why NASA is Obsessed With Europa, Jupiter’s Watery Moon

Corey Feldman: We Were ‘Passed Back And Forth’ By Hollywood Abusers

Inside the ‘Voters for Hillary’ Stock Market Scam

What Makes Joe Posa the Perfect Joan Rivers

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: Jennifer Lawrence Deserves Better Than This Overcrowded Mess

Bernie Sanders Fires Back at Hillary: Bailing on Debate ‘Insulting’ to Voters

John Leguizamo’s Journey to ‘Bloodline,’ His Favorite Show About ‘Crazy White People’

How To Mix The Perfect Memorial Day Punch

For Trump, Muslims Are Terrifying, and Guns Are Great

Exclusive: Top Congressman Accuses Pentagon of ‘Criminal’ Leaks

Did Ex-Constable’s Alleged Prostitution Ring Have Big-Name Clients?

Mistreated and Exploited: My Life as a Model

Is Bernie Sanders Our William Jennings Bryan?

Dramatic 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee Ends With a Tie

The Case for Treating Animals as Humans

U.S. Troops 18 Miles From ISIS Capital

How the Oklahoma Thunder Turned From the NBA’s Dysfunctional Superstar Mill Into Legend Killers

Watch Live Stream Online of OKC vs. Golden State Game 5

Maniac Attacks Dad With Daughter in Walmart Men’s Room

Baylor Admits to Retaliation Against Rape Accuser in Bombshell Report

Harvard’s Exclusive Final Clubs Bow to Change

Will Stoned Sheep Go On A ‘Psychotic Rampage’ In Sleepy Welsh Village?

Inside Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Split: Alleged Domestic Abuse, Photo Hacks, and Terriergate

Trump Agrees to Debate Bernie Sanders for Charity, Bernie Says ‘Game On’

Revealed: The State Department’s Hidden Hillary Donors

The Racist Side of Bernie Sanders Supporters

How Pepe the Frog Became a Nazi Trump Supporter and Alt-Right Symbol

Meet the Oddballs Backing Hillary Clinton—and Donald Trump

Busy Royals? It Must Be Public Accounts Season

The Next ‘Hamilton’ Takes Place in Hell—and Stars Donald Trump

Casino Gang’s Ringleader Says Dirty Dealer Was Just Drunk

It’s Not Just Bathrooms: Hospitals Are Dangerous for Trans People, Too

The U.S. Air Force Is Running Out of Fighter Jets

China’s Love Boats in Disputed South China Sea

Mystery Bad Girl Led Doctor to Coke Death, Friend Says

‘Captain America’ Writer Nick Spencer: Why I Turned Steve Rogers into a Supervillain

Ellen Feeds Hillary Clinton and the ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast to the Trolls

How Donald Trump’s New Mexico Rally Turned Violent

Russia Frees Feisty Woman Fighter Pilot Nadiya Savchenko

$3,000 Meth-Filled Burrito Seized at U.S. Border

Dissident Backed by Amal Clooney Is Finally Free

Is Kenneth Starr, Historic Sleazeball, At Last Getting His Just Deserts?

Trump Taps Tinseltown for Cash

How the ‘School for Gods’ Seduced America

Dublin Shocked by Gangster Killing Video

The Taliban’s Cruel New Leader

Watch: Obama Beatboxes for Vietnamese Rapper

Was Ozzy’s Lover Actually Obsessed With Sharon?

Give Captain America a Boyfriend: The Campaigns to Make Disney’s Big Franchises More Gay-Friendly

‘The Daily Show’: Trump Is a Yuge Hypocrite on Guns

Purple Is the New Black: How Danielle Brooks Juggled a Netflix Show and Her Tony-Nominated Broadway Debut

The 105-Year-Old Woman Who Beat Donald Trump’s Money Man

Mad Men’s Mod Collectibles for Auction

The Scramble to Own a Piece of ‘Mad Men’

Donald Trump Revives the Crazy Clinton Conspiracies

Marco Rubio’s New Hobby: Florida

Trump Vitamins Were Fortified With B.S.

Two Actresses Who Could Totally Play 007

When Whit Stillman Met Jane Austen

From Team Hillary to Vietnam Lobbyist

Why Are So Many Muslim Refugees in Europe Suddenly Finding Jesus?

Bourbon, Tequila, and Dom Perignon: Inside John Wayne’s Liquor Cabinet

Is Kim Jong Un Auctioning Off His Sister?

The Madness of Turkey’s ‘Sultan’ Erdogan

Ted Nugent and the Gang—Meet the Batsh*t Crazies of the NRA’s Board

Venezuela Has Become a Starvation State

When YouTube Pranks Are Just Misogyny

‘The Flash’s’ Candice Patton on How Iris West Broke the Superhero Girlfriend Curse

Donald Trump’s Worthless Real Estate Math

The Mystery Battle for Fallujah, the Heart of ISIS in Iraq

‘Ronald’ Trump: Why 2016 Is Looking a Lot Like 1980

Watch: Politician’s Powerful Apology for Australia’s Anti-Gay Laws

Bill Cosby Got a ‘Present’ From Andrea Constand After He Allegedly Raped Her

Does Google Really Think It Doesn’t Have to Pay Taxes in Europe?

Just What Is Prince Andrew’s Relationship to a Kazakh Oligarch?

Endangered Species Laws May Endanger Species

Why Do So Many Middle-Aged Men Die During Ironman Competitions?

Watch: Chewbacca Mom Carpools with James Corden and J.J. Abrams

Sacha Baron Cohen: Trump, the ‘Dick,’ Is Lying About Our Ali G Encounter

Kim Rocks Vogue 100

The Booziest ‘Bachelorette’ Yet: Unicorns, Awful Pick-Up Lines, and Bloody Bro-Fights Galore

Emilia Clarke on That ‘Game of Thrones’ Penis: ‘Junk Equality!’

Mom Claims Boarding School Tried to Silence Daughter’s S&M Abuse

What Trump Knew About ‘Kardashian U’

This Artist Filmed Her Own Fake Rape

The Jihadis Working at Paris Airports?

Bob Dylan Studio Albums, Ranked From Worst to Best

Why Bernie’s Crushing Trump

The Day I Met the Taliban’s Dead Leader

Mr. Trump’s All-White Nostalgia Movement

‘The Daily Show’ Trashes Trump on Trade: ‘You’re F-cking Crazy’

DJ Hodor Lives On: The Secret Musical Life of ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kristian Nairn

‘Kris Jenner U’ Scrubs Its Social Media After Daily Beast Expose

Did This Chinese Billionaire Try to Buy Hillary Clinton and Terry McAuliffe?

Will Today’s Women Believe Bill Clinton’s Rape Accusers?

Hillary Clinton’s Camp Set Up ‘Veterans Against Trump’ Protest

Gay Men’s Chorus: San Diego Padres Humiliated Us

How LaLa Owned Billboard’s Red Carpet

Why All of Freddie Gray’s Killers Will Go Free

Mark Cuban: Hillary Clinton Wants to Meet With Me

Threats on Everest Keep Mounting

Could This Letter Solve a 1977 Missing Person’s Case?

Austria’s Pistol-Packing, Immigrant Bashing Donald Trump Loses

Watch: Vietnam Veteran’s Horses Kiss Him Goodbye

Supreme Court Strikes Down Blocking Black Jurors—But Here’s Why It Will Keep Happening Anyway

Elijah Wood Calls Out Hollywood’s Pedophile Problem

The Trials of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Second Daughter,’ Huma Abedin: ‘It’s Like Living a Nightmare’

How Meek Mill (Hilariously) Won Rap Album of the Year at the BBMAs

John Oliver to Bernie Sanders Supporters: The ‘System Is Broken’ But Hillary Is Winning Anyway

Hillary Clinton Is the Jeb Bush of the Left

‘Game of Thrones’ Reveals Its Biggest Secret Yet: All Hail Hodor, Hero of ‘The Door’

Were EgyptAir Flight 804 Pilots Killed Before They Could Send a Mayday?

Paris, City of Heists

Miss Susie Goes Home: The Incredible Final Ride of America’s Oldest Woman

Democrat Senators Threaten to Punish Bernie Sanders

Transgender Panic Isn’t Hate—It’s Ignorance

Dick Nixon to Hillary Clinton: You Can’t Rise Above Fear Without Abandoning Hope

How to Cheat Death Cycling on Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’

Florida Teen Calls Escort, Is Robbed by Man Hiding in Backseat

On a College Campus? Don’t Try to Tell a Joke

Yes, Latinos Loathe Donald Trump—but They’re Not Sold Yet on Hillary Clinton

Madonna’s Touching Prince Tribute and the Diva-Dominated Billboard Music Awards

Growing Warriors Take on Feds Over Hemp Flags

Growing Warriors Take on Feds Over Hemp Flags

Bernie Sanders Tries to ‘Sarah Palin’ DNC Chairwoman By Endorsing Her Primary Opponent

Kris Jenner and the Shady Crew Behind Her $105,000-a-Year Business School

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: May 22

Ben & Jerry’s Democracy-Flavored Ice Cream

Life in Exarchia, Greece’s Anarchist Capital

The Hit on the Taliban Leader Sent a Signal to Pakistan

How to Make Presidential Chicken Chop Suey

Washington Gets In on the LGBT Animus, Hitches It To The Almighty

‘Fear the Walking Dead’s’ Mystery Man: Colman Domingo on the Secrets of Victor Strand

Your Harry/Pippa Fanfic Does Not Amuse the Queen

‘SNL Finale’: Larry David’s (Probably) Final Performance as Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Disappoint

The Mystery of the Nazis and the Vanishing ‘Amber Room’

Can France Protect Tourists and Sports Fans This Summer?

Why Islamists Are Sex Obsessed

Algorithms Will Train Your Dog

Zach Anner Is an Unlikely Fitness Hero

The Real Christian Preacher Sex Scandal Is How Many There Are

How Bletchley Park Beat Cloak and Dagger

How the GOP Went South

From Incest to Blasphemy, Meet the Least Saintly Pope in History

‘Preacher’ Star Dominic Cooper’s Dark Side: ‘You Crave the Madness’

Steph and Ayesha Curry: Pro Sports’ Wholesome, All-American First Family

Who Won the Preakness Stakes: Watch the Race Live Stream Online

Inside ‘Elle’: The Rape-Revenge Film Seducing Cannes

Bryan Cranston Mesmerizes as LBJ in HBO’s ‘All the Way’

Meet the Trans Escort Claiming to Service Anti-LGBT Republican Congressmen

Anthony Hopkins’ Life of Solitude: ‘I Don’t Need People Much’

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn’s Painful Cannes Reunion

My Quest to Find Bill Clinton’s Love Child

The Un-PC Truth About Beyonce’s ‘Sweatshop’

Reparations for the Drug War. Seriously.

Swapping LSD for Coffee at Work Is Probably a Bad Idea

Who Will Hire Colombia’s Ex-Terrorists?

The Best Rare Drams To Drink on World Whisky Day

Donald Trump to Ben Carson: You’re Fired… From My VP Team

Setting Fire To Punk To Save It: The Plan For a $7m Music Inferno

The First Time a Plane Was Bombed

Islamic Terrorism Was Born on This Mountain 1,000 Years Ago

Inside FDR’s Wild Obsession And Jefferson’s Passion For The Land

The Secrets of the Woman in Hitler’s Bathtub

Juicing Is Bad for You and the Earth

Bomb or Fire Appears to Have Doomed EgyptAir Flight 804

Moqtada al-Sadr, the Donald Trump of Iraq

Mars Had 400-Foot Tsunamis

NRA-Endorsed Trump Said in 2012 ‘Obama Spoke for Me’ When Sandy Hook Happened

The Scandal at the Heart of EgyptAir 804: Relying on ’60s Tech to Find It

A Laugh Cut Short: Remembering Comedian Timmy Wood

Confederate Flag Loses More Hallowed Ground as US House Votes to Ban Flag in VA Cemeteries

U.S. Warns ISIS Capital: Get Out Now

Eagles of Death Metal, Band Who Survived Bataclan Attack, Unwelcome at French Rock Fests

EgyptAir Flight 804 Luggage and Body Parts Found

Cast Idris Elba as James Bond Already

The World’s Most Famous Walrus Is Being Abused, Trainers Say

‘Lady Dynamite’ Star Maria Bamford on Making Comedy Out of Mental Illness

Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen: What It’s Like to Love the Mother of Dragons

A Libertarian Ticket Sane Republicans Can Get Behind

Why Hillary’s Going to Have a Hard Time Playing the Woman Card Against Trump

Why Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Want to Be Called a ‘Diva’

Hillary Clinton Is This Year’s New Richard Nixon

China’s Giant Spy Drone Stalks Foreign Warships

Is This the Summer of Anti-Trans Violence?

Blake Lively Needs to Get Woke—and Fast

All EgyptAir Flight 804 Pilot Wanted Was to Fly

EgyptAir Flight 804 Crashed In a Watery Graveyard for Migrants

Las Vegas Bigshot Billy Walters Is Accused of Insider Trading

Trump, GOP Ditch Alleged Kiddie Porn-Making, Machine Gun-Toting Delegate

Egypt Prays: Please Don’t Be Terror Again

Lady Gaga’s Date With Julian Assange

EgyptAir Flight 804 Crash Increasingly Looks Like Terrorism

GOP Leader Uses ‘Bullsh*t’ Tactic to Kill LGBT Rights Legislation

This Incredible Six-Pack Feeds Fish Instead of Strangling Them

Kanye West Backs #OscarsSoWhite, Calls for a Revolution: ‘I’m Sorry for the Realness’

How a Nigerian Schoolgirl Was Saved From Boko Haram

CBS News Legend Morley Safer Dies One Week After ‘60 Minutes’ Retirement

Emily Ratajkowski: ‘Why Won’t People Take Me Seriously?’

EgyptAir Flight 804 From Paris Crashes Into the Sea

‘The Daily Show’ Rips Megyn Kelly’s Trump Chat: ‘Megyn Kelly Just Got Negged by Donald Trump’

Donald Trump’s Sexist Anti-‘Ghostbusters’ Crusade Goes Mainstream

How South Carolina Is Turning Abortion Lies Into Law

Anthony Mackie on His ‘Exhausting’ Turn as Martin Luther King Jr. and What Black Panther Means for the MCU

Lena Dunham’s New Book Is an FU to Her Critics

The Myth of James Bond’s Martini

HB2’s Other Victims: The Disabled

Trump Is Still Making Money Off His Defunct University

Bernie and Jane Sanders: The Democratic Party’s Thelma and Louise

Behind the Biggest Bitcoin Heist in History: Inside the Implosion of Mt. Gox

Norwegian Town Says Goodbye to the ‘Perfect Beach Body’

The Death of Free Media in Russia

China’s Nuclear Subs Are Ready to Terrorize the Sea

She Just Wanted to Grow Up Without Being Shot

Watch the Lost Live Version of Van Morrison’s ‘Caravan’

Trending Topic: Conservative Crybabies Join Facebook Bias Summit

Dying GOP Senator Bob Bennett Apologized to Muslims for Donald Trump

How Bella Hadid’s Barely There Red Dress Stunned Cannes

Will Future’s Anti-Ciara Bros Ever Grow Up?

Kim Jong Un Would Eat Trump’s Lunch—and Beijing Would Laugh

U.K. University Backtracks on ‘Dangerous’ Mortarboard Tossing

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Hates Gays, Loves Police-Dog Brutality

The Cards Robin Wright Played to Get Equal Pay

Amanda Knox: My Human Rights Were Violated

Chance The Rapper Answers All the Questions

The Man-Made Spider Webs Created by Scientists

From South Africa to a Pillow Fight, The Craziest, Bloodiest Political Brawls (Photos)

ADHD May Not Show Up Until Adulthood

Tom Hiddleston Bares All in ‘High-Rise’: A Film Tailor-Made for the Bernie Sanders Movement

The Heart Attack You Didn't Know You Had

Inside ‘Pervert Park’: Safe Haven for Sex Offenders

Wounded Hillary Limps to Kentucky Win

Lewis Black: Hillary Clinton’s Problem Is ‘She Never Went Away’

Hell on Earth: Life Under ISIS in Libya

This Guy’s Broken Penis Is the Stuff of Nightmares

This City Could Be the Next Big Battle of the ISIS War

Skid Row’s K2 Epidemic

Did ‘Grandma’s Gynecologist’ Steal a Young Woman’s Eggs?

Come on, Bernie, Time to Level With Your Dreamers

The Republicans’ Commie Convention Hotel

Putin’s Dirty Game in the U.S. Congress

She Sued Donald Trump, but Still Loves Him

Anti-Muslim School Bullying: Sometimes, It’s Even the Teachers Doing It

Will the British Royals Join Danish Princess Mary’s Fight for LGBT Equality?

Megyn Kelly Confronts Trump Over ‘Bimbo’ Remark

George Zimmerman Taunts Trayvon Martin’s Parents: ‘They Didn’t Raise Their Son Right’

How Piers Morgan Sold Donald Trump to the U.K.

Cops: Babysitter Robbed Bank to Pay for Her Other Crimes

The Moment the Queen Shed an Uncommon Tear

Why is Everyone Hating on Canada’s First Lady?

Bob the Drag Queen, Winner of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ Has Always Been ‘Purse First’

How Toy Sales Killed Iron Man’s Female Foe

Why Iran Is Cracking Down on ‘Vulgar’ Instagram Models

Baghdad Bombings Reveal ISIS’s New Plan: Tearing Iraq Apart

Who Stole a Rolex Off the Dying Tony Soprano?

U.S. Brothers Build African Orphanages

First Came the Drudge Link. Then the Death Threats.

Angelina Jolie Is So Over Donald Trump: ‘It’s Hard to Hear This’

Megyn Kelly to Colbert: Trump Not ‘Responsible’ for My Success

Cops Cuffed Me for Selling My Own Mac

Black Republicans: The RNC Gave Up on Us

When a Birth Certificate Equals Bathroom Rights

How Kate, William, and Harry Became Charity Power Players

The New Murder Defense: Marijuana Made Me Do It

Russia Cries Conspiracy Over Eurovision Loss

Jelly Belly Family Sued Over WWII Tank Death

Is a Clinton-Warren Ticket a Dream or a Nightmare?

Chelsea Handler: I’m More Than Just Funny

Inside a Senator’s Crusade to Release the Missing 28 Pages of the 9/11 Report

Seth Rogen’s Message to Hackers: ‘They’re Probably Going to See Me Jack Off A Lot’

Eyewitness: ‘Wire’ Star Wendell Pierce Went Crazy in Hotel Fight

Samantha Bee Explains How Trump the ‘Foul-Mouthed Tit Judge’ Tricked Evangelicals

Goldie Taylor—How the CIA Sold Out Nelson Mandela

Republicans: It’s Unchristian to Judge Trump for His Terrible Behavior

‘Loving’ Cannes Review: Major Oscar Buzz for ‘The Purest Love Story in American History’

Trump Denied Dating Model, Called Her a ‘F**king Third-Rate Hooker’

Kim Kardashian: Enemy of the Islamic Republic

Kid Swallowed a Battery? Have Them Eat This Robot

Florida Rappers Robbed and Killed Drug Dealer for ‘Flash Cash,’ Police Say

Transgender Mafia Don Murdered in Naples

These 5 Famous Graduation Speakers Have Advice for You

Woman Told Police Wendell Pierce ‘Tried to Enter’ Her Hotel Room

Prank Call Expert Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Fake Publicist

Supreme Court Dodges Bullet on Obamacare Contraception Controversy

‘Live! With Kelly’: Michael Strahan Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

WATCH: Sheryl Sandberg’s Powerful Commencement Speech About Resilience

Warriors vs. Thunder: How to Watch Live Stream Online

Orlando And Katy Perry Patch It Up

Game of Thrones’ Mother of Dragons Unleashed: Bow Down, Bitches

New York City’s Real-Life Superhero Civil War

Dark Facebook Post Preceded Father and Son’s Alleged Kidnapping of Mom and Daughters

School Teaching Creationism With Video From Islamic Sex Cult

The Biggest Modern Art Museum in America Isn’t Where You Think

The Met’s Shocking Vision of Future Fashion

How Tony Nominee Jessie Mueller Conquered Broadway

France’s Weird Jihadi Re-Education Camps Could Become ISIS Incubators

How Big Business Kills Third Party Candidates

How Donald Trump Trapped the Republican National Committee

It’s Not Just Merrick Garland: Republicans Are Blocking So Many Nominees It’s Caused a Judicial Emergency

Hillary Clinton’s Surefire Bet for Increasing Black Turnout: A Constitutional Right to Vote

Kristen Stewart and the Power of Being Out at Cannes

Emirates: Your Home in the Air

John Oliver Mocks Trump for Posing as His Own Publicist: ‘Please Come On By, John Miller’

The Genius of That ‘Veep’ Death

Goldie Taylor—Wendell Pierce of ‘The Wire’ Arrested After Fight Over Bernie Sanders

Ryan Gosling Shines in ‘The Nice Guys,’ the Best Movie Comedy of the Year (So Far)

SNL’s Donald Trump Gets Mocked for Being His Own Publicist

Just How Good a Singer Was Dean Martin?

This Town Saved My Jewish Family. Now it’s Blamed for ISIS.

The Woman Who Invented Interior Design and Set Paris Society on Fire

If You Love Stevie Nicks, This Night Was For You

Debunking the Myth That Lincoln Was Gay

Does Pope Francis Have Precedent for Female Priests?

The Brotherhood of Moses the Black

Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce?

Is Exercise Making You Fat?

How to Make Presidential Waffles

The Green Energy Future: NYC Leads the Way

Meet the Shomrim—the Hasidic Volunteer ‘Cops’ Who Answer to Nobody

Andy Kaufman Was One Truly Wild and Truly Crazy Man

The Mysterious Art of Mixing a Manhattan

How Public Schools Demand Failure and Perpetuate Poverty

‘DOOM’ Is a Bloody, Balls to the Wall Video Game Triumph

Steven Spielberg’s Otherworldly ‘The BFG’: The Legend Returns to Cannes to Take On Roald Dahl

How ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Star Sebastian Stan Lost His Virginity

Why Don’t Sororities Have the Right to Party Like Frats?

How the Israelis Captured Nazi Mastermind Adolf Eichmann

Suboxone Saves Lives. Could It Have Saved Prince?

The Downton Abbey Star Fighting For Press Freedom

My Surreal Time Planning Prince’s Iconic Super Bowl Performance

Google Wants to Put a Camera In Your Eye

Joseph Kony’s Former Bodyguards Are Now Helping U.S. Troops Hunt Him

The Invictus Games Were The Making of Prince Harry

Will Nicaragua Ever Get Its Grand Canal?

The Chinese Built a Shrine for This American Pilot

How Frank Sinatra Drank American Whiskey His Way

You’ve Got Republican Mail!

Here’s the Best Way to Stop Trump—and Save Republicans in the Senate and House

How Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Can Change the Movies

Michael Moore and Bill Maher Team Up to Take Down Trump: ‘This Is the End of Donald Trump’

Did ‘Citizen Kane’ Predict Donald Trump?

Activists Claim: Ben Rhodes Told Us He’s ‘Not Proud of Our Syria Policy’

Meet Yusaku Maezawa, The Billionaire Entrepreneur Rocking The Art World

How Obama Became the Trans-Rights President

Michael Strahan’s Dry-Eyed ‘Live!’ Farewell

Rachel Maddow Tells Seth Meyers How Hillary Can Beat Trump

Meet the Hero Trying to Keep George Zimmerman’s Gun Away From Racists

Exclusive: Navy Drops Some Charges Against Accused ‘Spy’

How the Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Became an SJW-Hating Conservative Crusader

From Woody Allen to Bill Cosby, Why Comedians Are Confronting Alleged Sexual Abusers

Can You Still Be Fired for Not Wearing High Heels?

Woody Allen and the Cannes Effect: A Festival That Feeds On Controversy Has Met Its Match

Donald Trump’s Pals Say Hillary Clinton Is a Lesbian Murderer, Bill Is a Cocaine Fiend

Inside the Takedown of the Top Navy SEAL

Hollywood Studios Targeted by Feds in Gender Bias Investigation

Chinese Gangs and Italian Mob Hook Up, So Do Chinese and Italian Cops

Blogging Bully Gets Bloody for Trump

The ‘Botched’ Docs Explain Why Plastic Surgery Is Hotter—And Scarier—Than Ever

Real Americans Don’t Want to ‘Defend’ Toilets. The GOP Doesn’t Care About Real Americans.

Donald Trump Is the Anti-Lorax in Michael Ian Black’s ‘Child’s First Book of Trump’

How the US Can Defeat Putin’s Shadow War

Megyn Kelly Opens Up About Trump: ‘I Wanted Him to Stop’

Amy Schumer Shows What Hillary Clinton Can Expect as First Female President

GOP Will Back Donald Trump—but Won’t Say His Name

Russia Used a Video Game to ‘Prove’ Chemical Weapons Claims

The Real Problem With Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment

Why Was the Media So Quick to Accept Caitlyn Jenner ‘Detransition’ Rumors?

The Republican Resistance to Trump—and the Rise of Republicans for Clinton

Goldie Taylor—Why Are the Feds Charging Michael Slager, the Cop Who Killed Walter Scott?

The App ISIS Created for Kids

Ukraine Tries to Terrify Journalists Who Cover the War

Trump’s Butler Hates ‘Negroes,’ Wanted to ‘Carpet Bomb’ Ferguson, Called ‘Killery’ Clinton a ‘C**t’

Taking ISIS Stronghold Is Delayed Again

Prince’s ‘Only Son’ Raps About Killing Him

How Planning Your Wedding Can Make You a Money-Grabbing Monster

Piers Morgan Trashes Beyoncé for Playing the Race Card, Calls Trump ‘Refreshing’ on Wendy Williams

Raccoon Causes Blackout in Seattle

Zimmerman Shot Down by Auction Site for Trying to Sell Travyon Martin Gun

Chelsea Handler's Netflix Show Is a War on ‘Stupidity’

Did Pope Francis Just Pave the Way for Women Priests?

MH370’s Cabin Was Torn Apart on Impact, New Debris Shows

Nicki Minaj’s Nightmare Ex: The Hip-Hop Diva’s Years-Long Quest to Rid Herself of Safaree Samuels

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