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Articles November 2018

At the G20, Trump Strikes a Pose—and the World Moves On

‘Today’ Correspondent Jeff Rossen Leaving NBC

Democratic Rep. Grijalva Calls on Sec. Ryan Zinke to Resign. Zinke Calls Him a Drunk.

The German Government Goes After Trump’s German Banker for Alleged Money Laundering

Hyde-Smith Turned Mississippi’s Racial Clock Back to 1964

Joy Behar Fires Back at Kid Rock for Calling Her a ‘Bitch’ on Fox News

Mueller May Hit Manafort With Charges for Allegedly Lying After Plea Deal

Did Egyptian Secret Agents Torture Cambridge Student Giulio Regeni or Was He Set Up?

Amber Heard: The Way Victims of Domestic Violence Are Treated Can Be Worse than the Abuse

The Wide World of Whiskey

This Yemeni Town Went From Coffee King to Smuggler’s Haven

James Baldwin's 'Beale Street' Is Talking Louder Than Ever

Inside an Indie-Rock Darling’s Clumsy #MeToo ‘Comeback’

This Costume Designer Wants You to Look as Marvelous as Mrs. Maisel

Trump Administration Shows Off Iranian Missiles to Try and Save Saudi War in Yemen We Support

Sherrod Brown Says He's Got Donald Trump on His Side to Save GM

Do Republicans Believe in Religious Liberty for Muslims?

Conservatives, Prepare Yourself Now for What Mueller May Find

There’s No Right to Jail a President in the Constitution Because The Founders Never Imagined a Crook Like Trump

George R.R. Martin’s ‘Nightflyers’ Is No ‘Game of Thrones.’ It’s Far Weirder.

Caravan Migrants in Tijuana: God Will ‘Touch the Heart of Donald Trump’ and Let Us In

The Gifts That Keep on Giving, Way Past the Holiday Season

Jay-Z Breaks Down Kanye West’s Trump Support on New Meek Mill Album ‘Championships’

Stephen Colbert: Michael Cohen Just Sent Trump’s Presidency ‘Down the Toilet’

Inside ‘Law & Order: SVU’s’ Transphobia Controversy

Trevor Noah Catches Trump Telling the ‘Shady’ Truth About Russia

Trump’s Art of the Russia Deal: Give Vladimir Putin a Penthouse

Rudy: Trump Talking About Manafort Pardon Was ‘Not a Signal’

Embattled Women’s March Finally Releases Financial Records

Harvey Weinstein Lawyer Benjamin Brafman Claims Accuser Tried to ‘Fabricate’ Testimony

Stormy Daniels’ ‘Gay Dads’ Back Lawyer Michael Avenatti in Latest Drama

‘Discriminatory’: ACLU, NAACP Go After Florida School That Banned Child for Dreadlocks

DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather Charged in Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam

Your Beloved Smart Speaker May Curb Your Curiosity, New Study Finds

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Trump’s Actions ‘Align’ With Authoritarian Regimes

Rudy Giuliani Tries to Distance Trump From Trump Tower Moscow: ‘This Was Cohen’s Deal’

Here's Why Trump Just Loves to Hate G-Summits

Judge Napolitano Patiently Explains Michael Cohen’s Plea to Dismissive Fox News Hosts

Ari Emanuel Firm Cuts Ties With Saudi Prince’s Company

Tracking Ammunition in Africa’s Wars: A Detective Story

Two Avenatti Fundraisers Under Review After Stormy Daniels Claims

Subscription Boxes, Oversized Jumpsuits, and the Golden Age of Lazy Dressing

Cohen Lied to Congress to Cover Up Trump’s Moscow Tower Deal

Paul Caneiro Charged With Murder After Allegedly Burning Down His Brother’s Family Mansion

Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen Broke Up Because of Trump and Brexit

Kate Middleton Love Bombs Meghan and Baby to Crush Rift Rumors

Would You Pay $300 for Canadian Whisky?

Glamour Editor in Chief Samantha Barry: We’ve Died in Print, But We Will Live on Online

Key Democrat Leaders Have Pocketed Millions From Pharma

Trump Is Wrecking the Constitution, the Presidency—and Now, Romaine Lettuce, Too

The Trump Administration Had Him Fired for Protecting LGBT Youth. He Has No Regrets.

‘A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding’: Netflix’s Crazy Rom-Com Parody of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Museums Use ‘Nazi Tactics’ to Keep Art Stolen by the Nazis

Nice Try, Donald Trump, but You’re No Mr. T

What Does This Week’s Manafort News Tell Us About Trump-Russia Collusion?

Flow Neuroscience Advertises Pumping Electricity Into Your Own Brain at Home. Should You Do It?

Trump Forced to Snub Putin as Ukraine Warns of War

Stephen Colbert Threatens to Sue Trump for Stealing ‘Colbert Report’ Bit

Al Gore Goes Off on Trump: ‘The Face of Climate Denial’

Trevor Noah Totally Buys Ivanka Trump’s Email Excuse

Team Trump Had Many Ties to Israeli Intel Firm in Mueller’s Crosshairs

Jerome Corsi Told Roger Stone WikiLeaks Had Dirt on Hillary’s Health. Then the Attacks Started.

Stormy Daniels: Michael Avenatti Sued Trump For Defamation Against My Wishes

Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi Pushed Seth Rich Lie After Privately Admitting Hackers Stole DNC Emails

Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe Accuses CNN of Bumping Her Expertise for Rick Santorum

Fox Nation Is the Recycled Trash Too Terrible for Fox News

White House Muzzled CIA on Khashoggi Slaying, Mattis and Pompeo Say

DOJ Charges 2 Iranian Hackers for Major Ransomware Attack on U.S. Cities

The G20 is the Next Battleground. But What’s a ‘Win’ in the Trump-China Trade War?

Ivanka Trump Busted Trying to Deny Her Father’s Own Words on Lethal Force on Border Migrants

The Home Decor Gifts That'll Get You Invited Back

Boeing Insists Lion Air Pilots Should Have Saved Doomed Jet

Trump and Jerome Corsi Have a Defense Agreement, Giuliani Says

High-End TVs Compared: OLED vs QLED

O.J. Had an Accomplice, Former Manager’s New Film Will Say

Is Doom Metal Band Witchrot’s Sex Scandal a PR Stunt?

Democrats, You’d Be Nuts Not to Choose Miami as Your 2020 Convention Site

Jameela Jamil, Cardi B, and Detox Tea: Does It Really Make You Shit Your Pants?

Going 10 Rounds with Sommelier John Slover

Caravan Refugees Fled Honduras —Where the President's Brother is an Alleged Cartel Kingpin

Dubai’s New Museum Won’t Shy Away From Middle East Conflict

Senate Republicans Split on White House’s Prison Reform Plan

Meet the Double Agent Who Now Controls House Conservatives

‘Catfish’ Host Nev Schulman’s Accuser Wants Justice: ‘I Deserve to Be Heard’

Maria Butina Beau Paul Erickson Finally Lawyers Up

They Were Homeless. Now They’re Center Stage at the Opera: Meet New York City’s ‘Breaking Ground’ Choir

QAnon Mocked By ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Conspiracy Movement

Sensing Defeat, Trump Cries ‘Witch Hunt’

Migrants in Tijuana Regret the Caravan: ‘I’m Done With the United States’

Jon Stewart Turns the Tables on Stephen Colbert: ‘Donald Trump, Great President or Greatest President?’

Trevor Noah Mourns Alabama Shooting Victim Emantic Bradford Jr.: Black Men Will Never Be ‘Good Guy with a Gun’

One Woman’s Daring Escape From Scientology: ‘I Wanted to End My Life’

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith Prevails in Mississippi Senate Race, Despite ‘Public Hanging’ Comment

Ashley Judd’s Anti-Prostitution Crusade Angers Sex Workers: ‘You Are Harming People’

The Worst Thing Manafort Could Do Is Lie to Mueller. So Why Did He Do It?

Will Anna Wintour Follow Condé Nast's CEO Out the Door?

Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels Launch Second Crowdfund

Manafort’s Lawyers Look Nervous, Veteran Attorneys Say

Refugee Advocate Gets Rape Threats After Right-Wing Sting Video

Bernardo Bertolucci Filmed Paradise and Then Kept Spoiling It, Usually With Sex

Sinclair Forces Local TV Stations to Air Segment Defending Tear-Gassing Migrants

Lovesick Prosecutor Who Wiretapped Her Crush Also Snooped on 700 Other People: Lawsuit

Fox Business Host Charles Payne Warns GM Layoffs Could Make Americans Turn to ‘Socialism’

The NRA Just Reported Losing $55 Million in Income

‘Fox & Friends’ Guest: Denying These Asylum-Seekers Is the ‘Christian’ Thing to Do

Facebook Accused of New Russia Breach as Lawmakers Shame Zuckerberg For No-Show

Winter Boots That You Can Wear All Day

Unkempt, Heavily Bearded Julian Assange No Longer Has Embassy Cat For Company

Ariana Grande Makes Fetch Happen in Her New ‘Mean Girls’ Video

Dolce & Gabbana Never Met a Controversy They Didn’t Like—Until Now

Here's Why Putin's Not-Quite-All-Out War on Ukraine Has Gone from Simmering to Explosive

New Proud Boy Rules: Less Fighting, Less Wanking

A Former Opioid Addict at Harvard Says We’re Getting Addiction Wrong

Trump's Desperate Gamble On Asking SCOTUS To Rule On Transgender Troop Ban

Nancy Pelosi Is the Democrat Conservatives Hate to Love

She Escaped the Hell of Yemen, but Her 9-Year-Old Son Is Stranded

#ThotAudit Men Have Nothing Better To Do Than Report Sex Workers to IRS

Feminist Erotic Film Director Erika Lust Makes Porn Hot Again

‘Fox & Friends’ Fed Interview Script to Trump’s EPA Chief, Emails Show

Trump Officials Are ‘All In’ for Border Chaos

The $156 Billion ‘Segregation Tax’ That Robs Black Families

Trevor Noah Destroys CNN, NBC for Booking ‘Climate Deniers’

The Fractured Royal Relationship: How Meghan Markle Made Kate Middleton Cry

Manafort Lied to Feds and Violated Plea Agreement, Charges Mueller

Geraldo Rivera Gives Fox News Reality Check on Migrants: ‘These Are Not Invaders!’

Nicolas Roeg Made Sex and Terror Impossibly Real Onscreen. We Squirmed, Yet Never Looked Away.

Does Trump Really Want the Border Wall?

Scientist Who Claims to Have Created CRISPR Babies Under Investigation

Newt Gingrich Claims ‘War on the Border’ Was Funded by ‘Leftists’

NASA InSight Probe Successfully Lands on Mars to Relief of Scientists

Centrist Group Behind Pelosi Holdouts Plotted to Make Her ‘Bogeyman’

The Echo Input Makes Any Speaker Alexa-Enabled

The Best Lifestyle Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Trans Woman Was Beaten in ICE Custody Before Death, Autopsy Finds

Alabama Mall Cops Blame Shooting Victim for Holding Gun While Fleeing Active Shooter

Harry and Meghan’s Big Move Triggered by Baby Deadline

The Best Cyber Monday Tech Deals of 2019

‘Fox & Friends’ Guest on Pepper-Spray Used on Migrants: You Can Eat It on Nachos!

Catherine Zeta-Jones Confronted Husband Michael Douglas Over #MeToo Rumors

The Ethical Quandary of Human Infection Studies

Putin’s Navy Attacks Ukraine Gunboats and Hands Trump a New Crisis He’d Like to Ignore

Are Great Sommeliers an Endangered Species?

Hell on Earth for an Activist Murdered With Acid in Ukraine

Cindy Hyde-Smith Shows Mississippi’s Ugly Past Isn’t Even Past

How Marco Rubio Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Trump

Mary Beth Peil on Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Chris Noth, and How Opera and Broadway Led to ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘The Good Wife’

The Weird and Disturbing World of Chinese Livestreamers

‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 2 Is as Dazzling As You Hoped

Here Are The Best Amazon Devices On Sale for Cyber Monday

The Cyber Monday Deals to Shop Right Now 2021

Migrants Say the Caravan Is the Safest Way to Get to the U.S. for Asylum

How CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Dealt With Roger Ailes’ Harassment: ‘That Was Never Going to Happen’

Trump Ramped Up Drone Strikes in America’s Shadow Wars

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Tension Could Be Behind Harry and Meghan’s Move To The ’Burbs

The Best Gifts You Can Get on Amazon

U.S. Closed Tijuana Crossing Amid Chaos as Trump Jumps Gun on ‘Remain in Mexico’ Plan

Major League Baseball Asks Cindy Hyde-Smith to Return $5,000 Donation

In Fire-Ravaged California, Where are the FEMA Trailers?

An Under-$100 Google Home Hub is a Great Holiday Gift

Fans, Stars Mourn Magician Ricky Jay’s Final Disappearing Act

The Oscar Niemeyer Apartment with an Insane São Paulo Sunrise

California Cult Leader Unicole Unicron Plans Sex-Robot Brothel—With a Twist

Magicians Spill Their Most Lucrative Secret: Making Corporate Cash Disappear into Their Pockets

The Naked Truth About Manet’s ‘Olympia’

The New York City Private Mansion with the City's Best Mirrored Gold Room

Did Christian Historians Exaggerate Persecution by the Romans?

From ‘Afghan Girl’ to Ground Zero, the World Through Steve McCurry’s Lens

Meet The Woman Combating Street Harassment in NYC: Sophie Sandberg of @CatcallsOfNYC

The Racist Pigeonholing of Mariah Carey

Trump Launched a War on the Press. GOP Lawmakers Are Boosting It.

Family of Emantic Bradford, Shot Dead by Cops at Alabama Mall, Demands ‘Equal Justice’

Princess Beatrice’s New Man: A Father Who Was Living With His Fiancée When They Started Dating

Every Scouted 2020 Gift Guide to Get You Through the Holidays

Inside the Mystery of the Dead Russian Spy Chief

Harry and Meghan Cement Their Split from William and Kate by Moving Out of Kensington Palace

Best Black Friday 2021 Deals

How Female Porn Directors Like Tristan Taormino and Bree Mills Are Putting Hollywood to Shame

How the CIA Helped Prevent the Next 9/11—And Why You Can’t Bring Liquids Onto Planes

The Long Tradition of Americans Drinking in Paris

Hollywood Producer Terry Rossio Under Fire for Comparing ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Label to N-Word

Robots Are Killing People. How Worried Should We Be?

Taiwan Pokes China With Complex on Former Japanese Barracks

Just Booked: Travel to Turn-of-the-Century Italy

How Sir Ashton Lever Curated The World—Then Lost It All

When Your Secret Spot (Lisbon) Becomes Overrun with Tourists

Why Hotel Rooms Can Trigger Your Existential Dread

Can Artisanal Weed Compete With ‘Big Marijuana’?

Your Next Biking Adventure Vacation Is at the Texas Border

This Could Be the First Transgender Rights Case the Supreme Court Hears

Speed Read: The Government Climate Change Report Trump Will Hate

The Master Terrorist Behind America’s Blood Feud With Iran

Conservative Legal Pundit Was Secretly on Pro-Trump Group’s Payroll

Boeing 737 MAX-8 Jet Hit Problem in Tests Before Fatal Lion Air Crash

Gifts For Science Lovers, From Floating Speakers to Board Games

Save up to $100 on Sonos Products for Cyber Monday

‘National Enquirer’ Editor May Spill Trump Secrets in New Book

The Forgotten Assault Allegation Against Stormy Daniels

‘Creed II’ Is This Generation’s Answer to ‘Rocky IV’: Big, Loud and Fun as Hell

Five Candies That Are Actually Worth Eating

‘Dirty John’ Is the Ultimate Collision of Prestige Drama and Trash TV

Sexual Puns Found Decorating Ancient Ruins in Turkey

Finding the Perfect Meal at a Secluded Village in Sicily

Big Business Is Stealing From Their Own Workers. Will Democrats Stop Them?

Judge Jeanine Ghosted on Old Campaign Debt and Ignored Feds’ Demands for Financial Records

What If Trump Actually Tries to Serve Three Terms?

Is Meghan Markle Really The Royal ‘Hurricane’ The Tabloids Claim?

She Posted a Bad Yelp Review. Then Her Nightmare Began.

Ariana Grande Destroys Rank Misogynist Piers Morgan

This Camera Turns Any iPhone Into A 360-Degree Video Camera

Why Freelance Reporters Risk Their Lives on the Front Line

California Mom: I Called Daughters to Tell Them I Was About to Die in Wildfire

The Best Home Black Friday Deals

The Best Lifestyle Black Friday Deals

The Best Tech Black Friday Deals

Chief Justice Roberts Rebukes Trump. It’s a Warning Shot About Mueller.

This Famous Poem About the Pilgrims Is a Real Turkey

Can Cranberries Really Cure UTIs?

The Beatles’ ‘Yer Blues’: How John Lennon’s Trolling of Eric Clapton Birthed a Rock-and-Roll Classic

Thanksgiving Is Better in Prison, It Turns Out

Stuck on a Plane Beside a Sick Person? It Might Be Good for You.

Team Trump Says the President Didn’t Go Far Enough on Clinton and Comey

Things Have Gotten So Stupid, We’re Now Politicizing Food

Tekashi69 Fuming in Jail at Manager for $2 Million Ripoff

Thanksgiving Weekend Movies to See (or Skip): A Sexy Royal Scandal and the Curse of Johnny Depp

Stephen Colbert’s Tips on What to Avoid This Thanksgiving

Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

Seth Meyers Knows Why Trump Is ‘Pissed’ at Sean Hannity

Trump’s Direction to Prosecute Comey Could Complete the Obstruction of Justice Case

DHS Wouldn’t Take Mattis’ No for an Answer on Lethal Force

Flat Earthers Tell Logan Paul: You’re Not One of Us

Meghan McCain Tears Up Over Trump’s ‘Depressing’ Saudi Stance: This Is ‘Not the America I Grew Up In’

House Intelligence Panel Hiring Money-Laundering Sleuths

Deadly Inferno on the Brooklyn Bridge and 4 Other Videos You Have to See Right Now

Suspect in New Jersey Family’s Torching Is Brother and Business Partner to Victim

Interpol Rejects Putin’s Man as President After Global Uproar

Venus Williams Settles Over Fatal Crash

Star Ballerina Misty Copeland's Cooking Rules

When the Real-Life ‘Game of Thrones’ Happens to Be Your Backyard

Utah Might Pass a Ban on LGBT Conversion Therapy

I Helped Lead the ‘Fire Pelosi’ Campaign in 2010. Democrats Would Be Nuts to Do It Now.

Trump, Who Loves Nukes and Hates Treaties, Is Putting Us on the Road to the Apocalypse

The Mommy Blogger Who ‘Like’-Shamed Her Kid on Instagram Speaks

Thanksgiving Travel: Why America’s Airports Suck Compared to Asia’s

Who’s the Next Trump Cabinet Member to Go? The Smart Money Is on Interior’s Ryan Zinke

California Fire Survivors Dodged Death, Now They Need Mental Health Care

Rapper Lil B’s Creepy Fetish for Branded Underage Girls: ‘We Would Feel Special’

Trump Helped Roger Ailes Create Fox Business Network, the Most Pro-Trump Cable Outlet

Leah Remini: Tom Cruise Personally Punished Fellow Scientologists

Prince William: ‘Air Ambulance Tragedies Pushed Me Over The Edge’

Stephen Colbert Exposes Sen. Ben Sasse’s Hypocrisy on Ivanka Trump’s Emails

Affordable Gifts That Only Look Expensive

Stephen Colbert Hammers Trump for ‘Pardoning’ Saudi Arabia

Ex-Facebook President Sean Parker Funded Race-Baiting Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Super PAC

Russian Trolls Sue Facebook, Their Old Propaganda Machine

Trump Answered Mueller’s Questions—So We’re Done Here, His Lawyers Say

Former MSU President Lou Anna Simon Charged for Lying to Police in Nassar Case

Holiday Toys Kids Will Play With Obsessively

Avenatti’s Ex-Girlfriend Mareli Miniutti: He Violently Dragged Me Out of Bed, Called Me a F*cking B*tch

It May Not Win You a Seat Upgrade, but You Should Still Dress Up to Fly

Trump Bet the Whole Middle East on Khashoggi’s Alleged Murderer. Now He’s Doubling Down.

Trump: Saudis May Have Killed Khashoggi, but the U.S. Doesn’t Care

Cyber Monday Deals For Cameras, Headphones, and More

Feds Bust White Supremacists With Meth, Counterfeit Bills, and a Rocket Launcher

Will News Networks Stop Broadcasting Trump's Words Live? Not Likely.

Daredevil Completes Record Highline Walk—700 Feet in the Air

‘The View’s’ Joy Behar Rips Ivanka’s Email Hypocrisy: ‘How Stupid Can a Person Be?’

Billionaire Tom Steyer Takes Steps Towards a Possible 2020 Run

Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Asylum Ban

Sarah Michelle Gellar Criticized for Instagram ‘Reminder Not to Overeat’ at Thanksgiving

The Disastrous ‘Robin Hood’ Reboot: Hollywood Robs You of Your Hard-Earned Money

‘Robin Hood’ Star Taron Egerton Defends ‘Audacious Flirt’ Kevin Spacey

Gifts For Homebodies

Florence Pugh Dazzles in ‘The Little Drummer Girl,’ the Most Stylish Spy Series of the Year

Navigating Thanksgiving Dinner Pitfalls

Trump: The Strongman Who Isn't Strong Enough to Handle Pain

Fish Oil Drug Vascepa Looks Heart Healthy—but Is It Really?

Inside the Saudis’ Fancy, Boozy, Upper East Side PR Push

Tijuana Locals Assault Caravan Migrants, Threaten to Rip Them From Shelter

Grifter Journalist Jerry Ji Guo Jailed for Alleged $3.5 Million Bitcoin Heist

Trump Fans Sink Savings Into ‘Iraqi Dinar’ Scam

Pelosi Could Be in Real Trouble: She Hasn’t Found the Votes to Return as Speaker

Oscar Isaac on the ‘Pain’ of Losing Carrie Fisher and Anti-Latino Hysteria in the Age of Trump

‘He Beat Me Until I Woke Up’: Superstar Producer Hot Sugar’s Accusers Speak Out

Meghan Markle Proudly Shows Off Baby Bump With Prince Harry at London Fundraiser

Comics Blast White House Correspondents’ Association for Caving to Trump: ‘Sad Day for Jokes’

‘The Hard Problem’: How to Understand, and Not Understand, Tom Stoppard

Progressives Threaten to Target Dem Lawmakers Who Oppose Pelosi

Seth Meyers Unloads on Trump for Attacking Admiral McRaven, Who Led Bin Laden Raid

‘What to Send Up When It Goes Down’ Reveals the Reality of Racism in America

Lou Dobbs Freaks After Trump Surrenders to CNN’s Jim Acosta, Says President Should Tell Judge to ‘Go to Hell’

New Email: Trump Administration ‘Debates’ Weaponizing Census to Aid ICE

‘Warm and Well Liked’ Doctor Gunned Down at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital in Domestic Dispute

A Record Number of Women Were Just Elected, but the Women’s March Is Imploding

Why Is the White House Correspondents’ Association Doing Trump’s Bidding?

Accused GoFundMe Scammer on Tape: ‘You Don’t Go to Jail for Lying on TV’

Denver Dad Chris Watts Gets Life in Prison as Attorneys Reveal Daughter Fought for Her Life

Trump’s D.C. Is a Mess. Here’s a Podcast to Make Sense of It All.

‘The View’ Cheers Fox News' Chris Wallace for Standing Up to Trump on Press Freedom

Trump Wants to Ban Acosta Again. Kellyanne Conway Only Learned About It on Fox News.

CBD Products You Can Easily Add Into Your Routine

Senate Democrats Sue To Block Matt Whitaker From Serving as Attorney General

Tekashi69 Warned By Feds That His Life Was Threatened By Crew

Queen’s Guards Arrested After Fight in Fast Food Joint

Japan Scapegoats Nissan Boss Carlos Ghosn in Overdue Corruption Crackdown

White House Tells Acosta He Could Be Banned Again in Two Weeks

Diddy Shares Emotional Tribute To Kim Porter

Going 10 Rounds With Top Bartender Jason Hedges

Dear Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats: Why Are You Embracing Trickle-Down Economics?

Stacey Abrams Lost Her Battle, but Her ‘Tantrum’ Will Help Win the War

‘Fallout 76’ Brings Players Together for a Crushingly Lonely Experience

‘We Have Targets on Our Backs’: How Jacksonville Became America’s Transgender Murder Capital

Why Is a Climate Change Skeptic Headlining Science Conferences?

Thomas Farr Devised Ways to Keep Black People From Voting. Mitch McConnell Wants to Make Him a Judge.

Hey, Democrats, America Doesn’t Want Your Left-Wing Schemes

Why Condoleezza Rice Should Coach the NFL’s Cleveland Browns

John Oliver Goes Off on Trump for Mocking Scalia’s Widow’s Sex Life

Bill Maher Blames Stan Lee (and Comics) for Trump’s Election. What an Idiot.

Mexicans Storm Migrant Shelter in Tijuana, Shouting for ‘Pigs’ to Leave

Next Stop, Broadway? The Brilliant ‘Downstairs’ and ‘All Is Calm’

What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Revolution? An Answer From Ukraine.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Backs Effort to Unseat Fellow Democrats

California Fire Death Toll Climbs in Paradise, Where Residents Were Burned Alive in Cars

Trump: ‘I Don’t Want to Hear’ Khashoggi Tape

SNL’s Laura Ingraham Goes After Nancy Pelosi and Mark Zuckerberg

SNL Stages ‘Office’ Reunion to Get Steve Carell on Reboot

Steve Carell’s Jeff Bezos Trolls Trump on SNL: ‘I’m Literally 100x Richer’

Inside the Flat Earth Conference, Where the World’s Oldest Conspiracy Theory Is Hot Again

Barbara Nave Vanished Two Years Ago. This Golden-Ager Detective Club is Determined to Find Her.

Jeff Bezos Is Right at Home in the D.C. Swamp, but Amazon Might Have Bit Off More Than It Can Chew with the Big Apple

What ‘Sexual Healing’ Smells Like

Inside Trump’s Dangerous, Democracy-Threatening War on the FBI and Robert Mueller

Auntie Maxine Waters’ Moment, Decades in the Making, Is Now

The Nazi Soldier Who Stole Tamara de Lempicka’s Famous Female Nudes Portrait

Prince Charles Is 70, and Ready for the Gift of Popularity

One of Jesus’ Most Famous Lines Wasn’t in Original Gospels

When Snoop Dogg Became the Most Wanted Man in America

The Cliché Is True: You Really Are as Young as You Feel

Here’s the Problem With the Party of Reagan: No Reagan

Robert Mueller Has More Questions for Longtime Roger Stone Acquaintance Randy Credico

Proud Boys Faced Off With Protesters in Philadelphia Holding Signs Praising Hockey Mascot ‘Gritty’

Pamela Anderson: My Open Letter to Australian PM Scott Morrison on Julian Assange

A New Khashoggi Murder Tape Bolsters CIA Case Against Saudi Crown Prince

Bill Maher Exposes Trump’s Trail of Broken Promises: ‘You Can Only Slide So Long on Charm’

Here’s How To Finally Fix Facebook

How Caroline Hirsch Shaped 30 Years of Comedy Without Cracking a Single Joke

Tekashi69 Sealed His Fate With Gangs, Guns and Goons

WoahVicky and Emma Hallberg: The White Instagram Influencers Pretending to Be Black

‘Escape at Dannemora’: A Prison-Break Sex Triangle Turned Must-See TV

Inside The Washington Post’s Totally Insane Kobe Bryant Profile

Inside Christian Jerusalem's New Makeover

Wanna Get Rid of Trump? Forget the 25th Amendment.

How American Air Power Came From Way Behind to Win World War II

Give Your Thanksgiving Guests What They Really Want: Cocktails

Far-Right Conspiracy Theorists on Twitter Blame California Fires on Airborne Laser Guns

Stacey Abrams Accepts She Will Lose Georgia Governor’s Race, Without Conceding

Trump Threatens Acosta After CNN Ruling: ‘If He Misbehaves, We’ll Throw Him Out’

Lou Dobbs Loses His Mind After CNN Defeats White House Over Acosta’s Press Access

‘The View’ Gloats After Jim Acosta’s CNN Victory: ‘President Grumpy Man-Baby's Gonna Be Mad!’

Top Dem Group To Dem Lawmakers: Don't Fund Government Without Protecting Mueller

Kansas Official’s ‘Master Race’ Comment and 4 Other Videos You Must See Right Now

Ease Back Pain and Get Better Posture With These Products

CNN, Jim Acosta Beat White House: Judge Orders Press Pass Must Be Restored

Prince William Slams Tech Leaders’ Failure to Combat ‘Cruelty and Intolerance’

Diddy ‘Devastated’ by His Ex Kim Porter’s Death From Pneumonia

Burning Man Veteran Gives His Trailer to California Fire Victims, and More Help Is on the Way

Michelle Obama Tells Kimmel She Never Pulled a Melania Trump and Got Someone Fired

Marine Killed His Wife After ‘Blacking Out’ at Marine Gala, Police Say

Ezra Miller’s Puffer Coat Dress Shows How Exciting Gender-Neutral Clothing Can Be

The House GOP Just Got a Whole Lot Trumpier

Dems Regained the House in 2018. The Real Story Is What Happened Beyond D.C.

‘Widows’ Should Be an Oscars Best Picture Front-Runner. So Why Isn’t It?

‘Narcos: Mexico’ Explores How Cocaine Invaded America

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Is Tripping All Over Herself and Dems See an Opportunity in Mississippi

Top Cheney Aide in Mueller’s Sights as Probe Expands

Netflix’s ‘Dogs’ Is the Heartwarming, Feel-Good TV Series of the Year

Seth Meyers Mocks Fox News’ Laura Ingraham for Making Ocasio-Cortez Look Good

‘The Good Place’ Creator Mike Schur on the ‘Next Phase’ of the Show and Why He’d Still Work With Aziz Ansari

Julian Assange ‘Has Been Charged,’ According to Justice Department Filing

The Risk (and Reward) of Silver-Infused Fabric in So-Called Odor-Resistant Clothing

Weinstein Lawyer Accused of Defaming One of His Accusers

Inside the Shady PR Firm That Attacked George Soros to Help Facebook

‘The Prom’ on Broadway Shows the Limitations of LGBT Stories on Stage

Why Sarah Silverman Is ‘Thankful’ for Donald Trump

The Turks Aren’t Buying the Saudi-Trump ‘Cover-Up’ in the Khashoggi Murder

GoFundMe Campaign That Raised $400K for Homeless Vet Was All ‘a Lie,’ Prosecutor Says

Zuckerberg Swears He Had No Idea Facebook Hired GOP Hatchet Men Who Went After George Soros

The Cheney Family Is Reasserting Its Control Over the Republican Party

Democrats, Crack the Whip on Facebook and Don’t Hold Back When You Do It

Avenatti Arrest Draws in Stormy Daniels and Jacob Wohl

After Taking on Amazon, Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to Push Walmart to Raise Wages

Wildfire Victims Are Living in a Parking Lot and 4 Other Videos You Have to See Right Now

Dartmouth Professors Sexually Assaulted Students, Turned Research Department Into ‘21st-Century Animal House’: Lawsuit

Navy SEALs, Marines Charged With Green Beret Logan Melgar’s Murder

U.S. Will Sanction 17 Saudis for Their Role in Khashoggi Killing

The Products To Make Curing Hangover A Breeze

Theresa May’s Government ‘F*cked’ as Brexit Deal Tanks, Ministers Resign

Gift a Rosetta Stone App Subscription to Family and Friends Who Love to Travel

Beyoncé Cuts Ties With Topshop Chief and Accused Sexual Abuser Sir Philip Green

‘The Clovehitch Killer’ Is a Riveting Horror Film That Skewers the Christian Right

Interpol Helps Dictators Hunt Down Dissidents—and Me

The Real Midterm Elections Wave Wasn’t Blue—It Was Muslim

Even if Trump Wanted to Change, the GOP Wouldn’t Let Him

LGBT Migrants Fled Persecution Back Home. Then They Fled the Caravan.

Apartheid Still Looms Over South African Tourism

New York Parents Are Turning to Reiki Healers for Their Stressed Kids

California Fires Create New Problem: Thousands of Refugees

The ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’ Problem: Why Is Hollywood Giving Johnny Depp a Pass?

Even Trump Can’t Stop Mocking Sean Hannity’s ‘Dumb’ Softball Questions

Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump AG Matt Whitaker’s ‘Masculine Toilet’ for the Well-Endowed

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12 Killed in Mass Shooting at Thousand Oaks Bar by Marine Veteran Dressed in All Black

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Samantha Bee Goes Off On White House for Trying to Silence CNN’s Jim Acosta

Stephen Colbert Unloads on Trump for Firing Jeff Sessions Over Russia Investigation

Jeff Sessions’ Replacement, Matthew Whitaker, Led Secretive Anti-Dem Group

Matthew Whitaker, Acting Attorney General, Once Used His Justice Bona Fides to Tout ‘Scam’ Business

Russian Troll Farm Internet Research Agency Has New Meta-Trolling Propaganda Campaign

Sarah Silverman to ‘Defeatist’ Democrats: Don’t Forget, You ‘Fucking Won!’

From MAGA Hero to Zero: How Trump Soured on Jeff Sessions

Trump Pulls White House Access for CNN’s Jim Acosta

A White Nationalist Leader Just Posted Pics From His White House Visit

Yep, You’d Better Believe It, Democrats: The Women Did This!

House Intel Democrats’ New Mission: Protect Mueller, Use Subpoena Power

Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Imperiling Mueller

West Virginia and Alabama Voted to Outlaw Abortion if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

Video: Trump Loses His Sh*t At CNN’s Jim Acosta At Press Conference

Trump Explodes at Reporters During White House Presser: ‘That’s Enough!’

Russia in Dismay and Despair as Democrats Take the House in Midterm Elections

Montana’s Jon Tester Beats Back the Trump Cavalry to Win Another Term

Passport Covers For Kids Will Help You Win at Parenting

Millionaire Rudy Giuliani Cries Poor in Divorce Court After Spending Big on Alleged Mistress

The World Ponders the United States of Confusion

The #MeToo Movement Takes Office After Winning Elections Across the U.S.

Election Night Brought a ‘Rainbow Wave’ of LGBT Victories. Will Change Follow?

Kellyanne Conway Snaps at Trump Taxes Question: ‘Is This Really What We’re Talking About?’

Asia Bibi, Christian Woman Acquitted of Blasphemy in Pakistan, May Find Refuge in Anti-Mafia Safehouse in Italy

A ‘Breaking Bad’ Feature Film by the Original Team Is in Production

The Surprises That Matter Most From Election Night

Jack White Slams Concert Venue That Stopped Gay Kiss

Will We Ruin Mars Before We Even Land on It?

The Drink Books That Need to Be Written

Sarah Jessica Parker on the Beauty of Playing Unruly Women

Infowars, Newsmax, and the Far-Right Media Declare Victory Over CNN

GOP Triumph in Florida Leaves Democrats Terrified of 2020

Jacky Rosen Topples Dean Heller in Nevada

Stacey Abrams, ‘on the Verge of History,’ Refuses to Give Up

Beto O’Rourke ‘F*cking Proud’ of His Supporters, as They See Hope Even In His Defeat

Scott Walker Dethroned by Tony Evers in Wisconsin

A Blue Wave Election? Maybe More of a Ripple.

Dems Get New House Majority: ‘Expect Witch Hunts’

Borat Returns to Canvass for ‘Racist’ Trump on Jimmy Kimmel’s Election Special

Rick Scott Appears To Defeat Bill Nelson in Florida, Could Go To Recount

Stephen Colbert: Beto O’Rourke ‘Still a Winner’ Because He’s Not Ted Cruz

From Ayanna Pressley to Ilhan Omar, 2018 Was the Year of Women of Color

This Was a Great Night, Democrats: Retaking the House Is Huge

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Democrats Take Control of House as ‘Blue Wave’ Wipes Out Republicans

Claire McCaskill Falls to Josh Hawley in Missouri Race

Jared Polis Is First Openly Gay Man to Be Elected Governor in U.S.

Voter ‘Fraud’ and Trump Pal Kris Kobach Goes Down

Ron DeSantis Defeats Andrew Gillum in Florida Governor’s Race

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Warns Democrats: Don’t ‘Waste Time’ Investigating Trump

Republicans Surge in Senate

Republican Kevin Cramer Unseats Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota

Ted Cruz Beats Liberal Hero Beto O’Rourke

How a Honduran Immigrant Named Bill Clinton Spent Election Day

Trump-Loving Marsha Blackburn Wins Tennessee Senate Seat Over Democrat Phil Bredesen

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin Wins Re-Election in West Virginia, Where Trump Won by 42 Points

GOP’s Mike Braun Ousts Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly From Senate Seat in Upset

Beto O’Rourke Supporters in Texas Nervous as Hell on Election Day

The Whitney Museum’s Andy Warhol Show Is More Than His Greatest Hits

Georgia Militia Threatens ‘Enemies’ Like Stacey Abrams in Violent Video

‘Oumuamua: ‘Big Dumb Rock’ or Alien Spy Ship? Scientists Spar Over Mystery Interstellar Object

Chris Watts Pleads Guilty to Killing His Wife and Kids, Avoids Death Penalty

The NYC ‘I Voted’ Sticker: You’re Wearing It. They Designed It.

Right-Wing Pundits Say the Dead Are Committing Voter Fraud

Election Day Video Roundup: Tears, Long Lines and Poll Dancing

Georgia Voters Wait Hours Due to Problems at Polling Places

Obama Went Into Stealth Campaign Mode in Closing Days With Big Election Push

Feds: Jersey Therapist Tried to Hire Hitman to ‘Permanently Disfigure’ Victim

Fox News Slaps Hannity on the Wrist for Stumping With Trump

How Will Fringe Right-Wing Outlets Like InfoWars Cover the Election? Watch Here.

77-Year-Old Texan Weeps After Casting Ballot for Beto O’Rourke: ‘We Are Just So Proud’

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Election Hoax of Democrats Burning Flags to Celebrate ‘Blue Wave’ Goes Viral on Twitter and Facebook

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Mocks Ted Cruz to His Face: Trump ‘Neutered’ You

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Jon Stewart Laments State of America on Eve of Midterm Elections: ‘We’re in a Terrible Place’

Seth Meyers Blasts NBC for Airing ‘Racist’ Trump Ad: You ‘Should Have Seen It for What It Was’

Stephen Colbert Chugs Booze, Freaks Out Night Before Midterm Elections: ‘I Need to Know!’

The Wild World of ‘Usual Girls’: Sex, Misogyny, Racism, and Cuddly Toys

U.S. Olympic Committee Moves to Shut Down USA Gymnastics After Abuse Scandals

Christine Hallquist, Gina Ortiz Jones, and the Other LGBT Candidates to Watch Out For in the Midterm Elections

Trump Tries His Hand at Voter Suppression

The Seattle Seahawks’ Touchdown Swagger and 4 Other Videos You Have to See Right Now

SNL’s Kenan Thompson: Pete Davidson’s Dan Crenshaw Joke Crossed the Line

Facebook Pulls Racist Trump Ad Following NBC, CNN, and Fox News

Mika Brzezinski: Trump Told Me He Knew Birtherism Was ‘Bad. But It Works’

Spice Girls Getting Back Together For Mega Bucks Global Tour

Spoon’s Britt Daniel on Backing Beto O’Rourke, and Why He Won’t ‘Just Shut Up and Play’

10 Dishes With Chef Joey Campanaro

Italy’s Fascist Nationalism Is Sheer Madness, But Don’t Think America’s Immune.

LGBT Candidates Fight Opponents' Prejudiced Baiting On Election Trail

Paul Ryan’s Hometown Hasn’t Felt Scott Walker’s Economic Recovery

If the Republicans Win Tuesday, the Reason Will Be Simple: They Cheated

Dave Brat Should Be Winning Big. But This CIA Vet Is Giving Him the Run of His Life

Sorry, Liberals, but Your House Leaders are Lame and They’re Going to Screw This Up

Florida Could Restore Voting Rights to 1.5 Million Convicted Felons on Tuesday

America Has No Excuse for Backing Trump’s GOP This Time

Chicago Twins Junior and Peter Flores Turned on El Chapo and Lived to Testify

Democrats Ponder the Unthinkable: What If They Lose?

Nude Chelsea Handler Urges Fans to Get Out and Vote ‘Like Your Life Depends on It’

Gifts For Your Coworkers

John Oliver Rips Parent Company AT&T for Backing ‘White Nationalist’ Steve King

MAGA-Themed Zionist Organization of America Dinner Shows Split Between American Jews

How ‘The Walking Dead’ Royally Botched Rick Grimes’ ‘Final’ Episode

Kerry Washington and the Wasted Potential of ‘American Son’ on Broadway

Sen. Bill Nelson Could Ride the Andrew Gillum Wave to Victory in Florida

A New Jersey U.S. House Race Shows How Trump’s Hard-Right Turn Leaves GOP Moderates Vulnerable

Milk Makeup Partnered With Wu-Tang Clan On... Lipstick

This Beautifully-Crafted Leather Catch-All Will Also Charge Your Phone

Pete Davidson Talks Ariana Grande Breakup on SNL: ‘She’s a Wonderful, Strong Person’

SNL’s Laura Ingraham Mocks ‘Disgraced Former Actor Alec Baldwin’ Over Arrest

These Denim Jeans Are Secretly Lined With Ultra-Warm Fleece

Love and Loneliness in an America Defined by Mass Shootings

Goya Kept His Politics Hidden In His Portraits

How Palagia Became The Queen of New York’s Erotic Party Scene

Susan Orlean Dissects the Catastrophic LA Library Fire

Inside the Boldest Must-See Indie Movie of the Year

Daylight Savings Is a Glimpse Into How Your Metabolism Works on a Clock

Rebel Wilson’s Erasure of Queen Latifah, an Icon Hiding in Plain Sight

Healing Sexual Trauma Through BDSM

How The Facts Get Stretched In Broadway's 'The Lifespan of a Fact'

The All-Female Band Facing Down Islamic Conservatism in Zanzibar

As Donald Trump and Senate Republicans Pack the Courts, Democrats Keep Playing Catch-Up

Russia’s Military Spies Are a Laughing Stock, But They’re Dangerous as Hell

Kanye West is Less Popular Than Mitch McConnell: Poll

Losing the House Could Be Good for Donald Trump, and Here’s Why

She Wanted a ‘Freebirth’ at Home. When the Baby Died, the Attacks Began

Tree of Life Congregants Gather At Neighboring Synagogue One Week After Bloodshed

During Montana Campaign Stop, Trump Turns Rally Cry Personal On Jon Tester

Poll: 40% of Republicans Want Congress to Push for ‘Medicare for All’

Florida Yoga Studio Gunman Posted Misogynistic Videos and Songs Online, Had Past Arrests for Harassment

Orson Welles’ Wild Final Film Offers a Haunting Glimpse of a Fading Mastermind

How Outrage at Taylor Swift Inspired Joseph Kahn’s ‘100 Percent Offensive’ Battle-Rap Movie

Bill Maher on Being Targeted by Pro-Trump Mail Bomber: ‘They’re So Stupid, They Don’t Know Science’

CNN Aired Trump’s Racist Ad Way More Than Even Fox News Did

The Former Sex Worker Taking Hollywood by Storm

Pittsburgh Shooting Was Straight Out of White Power Movement

Prince Harry and Prince William’s Royal Courts Could Turn Them Into Rivals

Time to Expose the Women Still Celebrating the Confederacy

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Lisbon's Best Secret Gardens for Hiding From the Crowds

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How Basketball's Fight Over Racial Equality Remade the Game

Russian Propaganda Veterans Push Candace Owens’ ‘Blexit’ Campaign

Trump’s Tell Ahead of Elections: ‘We’ll See’ if the GOP Can Hold the House

Senate Intelligence Wants Documents on NRA’s Russia Trip

A Saudi Prince Says Harvard Disinvited Him After Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

Colbert’s ‘Our Cartoon President: Election Special’ Brutally Mocks Trump Immigration Czar Stephen Miller

Former President Obama: Don’t Fall for Trump’s Racist Border ‘Stunt’

Joe Donnelly Runs Stealth Facebook Ads Boosting Libertarian In Senate Race

Pittsburgh Shooting Suspect Robert Bowers Worked on Gab to Dox Left-Wing Blogger

Jacob Wohl’s Fake P.I. Firm Ghosted on Ex-Homeless Woman Looking For Her Stolen Truck

Alec Baldwin Arrested in New York for Punching Man Over a Parking Space

NYPD: Saudi Sisters Found Dead Near Hudson River Likely Killed Themselves Rather Than Return Home

As Caravan Advances, Pentagon Prepares to Use Two Bases for Migrant Detention

This Food Editor Joked About ‘Killing Vegans.’ Then He Was Forced to Quit.

Caravan Migrants Sue Trump for ‘Abuse’ of Constitution

Video: Tragic Bus Plunge, Brutal Pakistan Violence, and Paralyzed Diver

Legendary American Whiskey Distiller Dave Pickerell has Passed Away

DHS Sec. Nielsen: Midterms Will Be ‘Most Secure Election We’ve Ever Had’

21-Year-Old Murder Case Cracked by Ancestry Quest

The Pentagon Has Prepared a Cyberattack Against Russia

Inside Netflix’s Unshakeable ’90s Mystery of Stolen Female Vision

Ariana Grande Slams Pete Davidson For Mocking Their Breakup in SNL Promo: ‘Thank U, Next’

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Is an Insult to Freddie Mercury

Your Turn: Are the Midterm Elections Safe From Hacking?

Your Turn: Trump’s Assault on the Obama Legacy

Your Turn: What Races Could Flip From Red to Blue on Election Night?

How a Democrat-Controlled House Will Play Hardball With Trump

Watch These Races for a Blue Wave—or a Red Revenge—on Election Night

Trump-Loving Evangelical Leaders Silent as He Bashes Migrants

Noma’s René Redzepi Talks Fermentation & the Joys of Rotting Meat

‘Do You Think You Would Like Nerve Salad?’: Inside Rome’s Newest Tour for the Adventurous Eater

Homeland Security Fell for YouTube Videos About ‘Antifa Civil War’

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