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Nicki Minaj Reportedly Dumps Meek Mill Following Embarrassing Drake Beef

How the CIA Came Out of the Closet

The Daily Show on Beck, Bush, Koch, Trump, de Blasio, and Weiner.

Death of a Diploma Mill: University of Phoenix Going Down in Flames?

Trump Lawyer Bragged: I 'Destroyed' a Beauty Queen's Life

The Race for the Ebola Vaccine

Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer’s Epic Vacation and the Rise of Famous Social Media Friend Groups

How Fox News Made My Dad Crazy

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of ‘Homeland’ Season 5

How The Pogues Stayed Sober Enough to Make Their Own Whiskey

Netflix’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’ Could Be the Best Reboot Ever

Drake’s Slaying of Meek Mill: How the Rappers Went From Best of Friends to Best of Enemies

The Street Gangs More Vicious Than ISIS

Will These 23 Colleges Ever Punish Bill Cosby?

Scott Walker’s Big Giveaway to a Hillary Donor

Ron Paul’s Passive-Aggressive Campaign Against Rand Paul

Can Washington, D.C., Ever Be Truly Sexy? The Hill’s ‘Most Beautiful’ Speak Out

Up Close With the Taliban’s Next King

How to Write a Novel in the Dark

How to Fix Hillary’s Trust Deficit

Expand Medicare, You Damn Idiots

Meek Mill Finally Fires Back at Drake with Lame Diss Track ‘Wanna Know’

The Iran Nuke Documents Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

Scotland Yard Accuses Russia of Using Nuclear Weapon in London

Georgia Sheriff Used Taxpayer Money for Four-Day Tai Chi Classes

Pentagon Turns Its Anti-ISIS Rebels Into Cannon Fodder

Inside a Brooklyn Bernie Grassroots Party (PHOTOS)

Bernie-acs Swarm Bushwick: Deep in Sanders’ Hipster Heartland

Debris Shows MH370 Didn’t Nose-Dive

Mullah Omar’s Death Is a Big Blow to al Qaeda—and a Win for ISIS

Salary or Scandal: Why Did Rolling Stone’s Boss Really Quit?

How to Ship Yourself a Dead Animal Head

The False Peace in Cincinnati After Killer Cop Was Indicted

Donald Trump vs. The Daily Beast

Tyler, The Creator Raps Dr. Seuss

1000 Musicians Serenade Foo Fighters With Their Own Song

Watch Divers Fend Off a Hammerhead Shark

Watch Divers Fend Off a Hammerhead Shark

‘Hannibal’ Has Lost Its Damn Mind, and It’s Beautiful

VR Goes Pixar: Watching Oculus Rift's Groundbreaking Virtual Reality Movie, 'Henry'

Chief Keef: Chicago’s Mayoral Candidate From Hell

Portrait of a Serial Killer as an Online Perv

Cecil’s Death Could Kill His Cubs, Too

Why Dems Don’t Want to Talk About Planned Parenthood

The Story of an NYPD Officer Sentenced to Death

Growing Up Hooked on Brazil’s Ugly Beauty

New School Study Shows Black Kids Get Cops, White Kids Get Docs

It's Time to Stop the Horror of Shackled Births

Can Florida Dems Squash Alan Grayson?

2022 Olympics Will Be Held in a Human-Rights Disaster Zone

Fun Tourist Things to Do in North Korea…Before You Get Captured and Killed

How to Hack Your Bad Habits

No End in Sight for Migrants’ Desperate Chunnel Blitz

Kate Moss’s Cara Delevingne Fashion Fatwa

Chechen Girls Troll ISIS With Fake Bride Scam

Mullah Omar Dies. The Taliban Might Be Next.

There’s No Doubt: This Debris Is MH370

test 150729

Prince Charles Plays The Good Grandpa To Prince George

You’ll Have 12 Hours to Get Ready for the Solar Storm That Could Paralyze the World

Kimmel Chokes Up Over Lion's Death

Rumors of Mullah Omar’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated Before

Christina Applegate on Women in Comedy, ‘Married… with Children’ Spinoff, and Surviving Hollywood

Drake’s New Meek Mill Diss Track Blasts Meek for Riding Nicki Minaj’s Coattails

Teflon Tom Cruise Dodges Scientology Controversy in ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’

How to Make an Airport Joe Biden Will Love: The Lessons of LaGuardia’s Makeover

Why Was Marital Rape Legal in New York State Until 1984?

Gonzo Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo Girl Friday

Why Is the U.S. Releasing Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard?

The Pro-Israel Lobby Battles ‘Voice of God’ Morgan Freeman Over Iran

I Got Drunk on a Cruise Ship With Kathie Lee Gifford

Donald Trump’s Sons Killed Exotic Animals

Prostitutes Tell Lena Dunham to Stop Grandstanding About Sex Work

Is the Pope Negotiating for a Forgotten Hostage Priest’s Release?

The Strange Allure of Donald Trump

Inside the Bizarre Mind of Marlon Brando: ‘I Was Young and Destined to Spread My Seed Far and Wide’

How Tom Brady Can End Roger Goodell

Ferguson Prisoner Beaten by Cops Has Won His Appeal

Bernie Sanders Builds a People’s Army

Nicki Minaj’s Bitter Ex Safaree Loses His Mind, Goes After Nicki and Meek Mill

The Missing Hillary Emails No One Can Explain

Jane Birkin Wants Hermes Name Change Following Animal-Abuse Claims

Boy Scouts Break Up With Mormon Church

Ireland, You May Now Eat Oatmeal: How 6000 Obsolete Laws Got Struck Down

Feds Caved to Let Richard Branson’s Unsafe Spaceship Fly

Farewell, Google+, We Hardly Knew Ye

How Mr. Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Became An Armani Underwear Hunk

My ‘True Detective’ Orgy Experience: Brushing Up Against Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell

Tim Mak on Trump Response: 'It Devolved Pretty Quickly'

Trump Lawyer Denies Marital Rape Exists

The Animal Serial Killer Who Shot Cecil The Lion

How ‘Healthy Foods’ Are Killing You

‘The Bachelorette’ Finale: Kaitlyn Bristowe Opts For Gosling-Lite Over Man Sweaters

L.A. Gangs’ Hashtag Bet: Kill 100 People in 100 Days

The Cancer on Rand Paul’s Campaign

Twitter’s Right-Wing Civil War

French Rich Out-Riched by Saudi King on Riviera

Joffrey Is Worried About ‘Unjust’ Misogyny in ‘Game of Thrones’

How Abby Elliott Moved On From ‘SNL’ and Became Summer’s Breakout Comedy Star

Video: Lianne La Havas’s Unstoppable Guitar

The Business of Body Image: A Plus-Size Model Speaks Out

Is Sofia Mechetner, 14, Too Young to Model for Christian Dior?

Huckabee’s ‘Oven’ Attack Slammed in D.C. as ‘Sickening’ and ‘Abhorrent’

Why Aren’t Latinos Taking This Anti-HIV Pill?

Ex-Wife: Donald Trump Made Me Feel ‘Violated’ During Sex

A Mountain Lion Walks Into a Podcast

Jake Johnson’s Crazy Summer Vacation: ‘Jurassic World,’ Parkour, and a Top-Secret Movie

Is This Nick Denton’s Exit Strategy From Gawker?

Quaaludes, Cosby’s Alleged Rape Drugs of Choice, Were Somehow Even Scarier Than You Think

How Obama Glossed Over Africa’s Troubles

Watch: Record-Breaking Semi-Truck Jump

Should Palestinians Visit Nazi Concentration Camps?

Christopher Dickey on his book 'Our Man in Charleston'

Watch: Obama Dances in Kenya

Hulk Hogan Slams Obama Over N-Word

Can Cara Delevingne Act?

Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion

The Motorcycle Gang Behind Philly’s Biggest Pill Mill

Inside The Gathering of the Juggalos: Boobs, Bud, and Civil Chaos

How a U.S. Think Tank Fell for Putin

The Walker-Slayers Dish: How They Beat Him

The Jews Who Are Determined to Stay in France

Banks Want Robots to Do Their Hiring

Meet the New ‘Spider-Man’ Director

Senator Al Franken: Why I Want a Bite of Apple Music

True Detective’s Drug-Fueled Orgy: Porn Stars, Liquid Molly, and Rachel McAdams

Even the Former Director of the NSA Hates the FBI’s New Surveillance Push

Bobbi Kristina Brown Dies at 22 and Finally Finds Peace—as Murder Investigation Begins

Decapitation Suspect Had A Previous Attempted Murder Charge

Bobbi Kristina Brown Through the Years (Photos)

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: July 26

Why I Am a Birth Feminist

Our Cynical Politicians Could Learn a Lot From Special Olympians

British Lord Resigns Over ‘Cocaine and Prostitutes’ Video

Colorado Cops Arrest Mom for Confederate Flag Arson

Are Monaco’s Royals Keeping Up With Kate and Will—or the Kardashians?

Gay Celibacy Is the New Ex-Gay Therapy

The Straight Edge Mormon DJ Taking Over the World

‘The Look Of Silence’: A Genocide Forces America to Examine Its Damaged Soul

Is ISIS Winning or Losing? Team Obama Says: Both

This Device Brings ‘Brave New World’ to Life

15 Great Books About Iraq, Afghanistan

Welcome To The Social Hell of Pony Club

The Greatest Actor-Director Duo Today: Germany’s Nina Hoss and Christian Petzold

How David Gates Slow-Cooks Great Stories

The Death of Satire

Is Tianzhuo Chen China's Most Sex-Obsessed Artist?

When Salinger Bonded With Hemingway

The Second Fall of Rome

Russia’s Stalinist Diplospeak

How Denmark’s Hippies Fought For Their Druggy Paradise

Whitewashing the Black Panthers

Can This Save Early Childhood Education?

Drake Responds to Meek Mill’s Ghostwriter Allegations With Diss Track ‘Charged Up’

At Sandra Bland's Funeral, A Black Church Mourns, Again

The Man Who Takes Selfies With Sharks

The 400 Hottest New Yorkers…of 1892

The Week in Pictures: July 25, 2015

Study: Kim Kardashian Is the World’s Most Searched ‘Porn Star’ By Women

The Outing of Drake: Ghostwriting Is As Old As Hip-Hop

Hey UFC, Bring Back Bare-knuckle Fights to Stop Brain Trauma

Hulk Hogan’s N-Word Tirade and the WWE’s Racist Past

Surprise: Anti-Vaxxers Are Leading the Charge Against Planned Parenthood

Inside the School for Escorts: RentU’s Lessons in Sex and Money

Cara Delevingne, Kate Upton, Rene Russo, and More Models Turned Actresses

Flaming Surfers, Muppets, and More Viral Videos

Light and Boozy: How To Mix The Best Summertime Drinks

Pro Athletes Won't Stop Harassing Porn Stars

Dies the Victim, Dies the City

Can Putin Afford to Keep East Ukraine?

This V Is for Victory

Did Allen Klein Really Ruin the Beatles and Cheat the Rolling Stones?

Can You Pick Out the North Korea Propaganda Shots?

Stay Classy: Trump Used To Test His Dates For AIDS

Lafayette Shooter Rusty Houser’s Booby-Trapped House

Why Didn’t Cops Know Lafayette Shooter?

The Chaos Inside the Theater in Lafayette

No-Go for Syrian No-Fly Zones, Says State

Forensic Experts: Sandra Bland Mugshot Conspiracy ‘Ridiculous’

Obama Lands to Controversy in Kenya

India Blocks Abortion For Raped Child

Kenya Takes Down a Billboard Pleading With Obama to Help Rape Victims

Inside the Twisted Mind of John Russell Houser

Theater Shooting Stuns America Yet Again

Report: WWE Scrubs All Mentions of Hulk Hogan in Wake of Controversial N-Word Audio

Cobie Smulders on Life After ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Homeless Woman Could Get Life in Prison for Holding Baton

How Obama Can Stop South Sudan’s War

How Composer Ethel Smyth Made Opera History

Can His GOP Rivals’ Ads Stop the Trumpnado?

Come the F*ck On: al Qaeda Is Not Our Ally!

What Hillary Can Learn From Amy Schumer

Air Conditioning: Threat or Menace? An Overheated Argument

Drake Is a Beef Factory

Murder in the Quiet Car

They’re Banning Books in Italy Again

How Donald Trump Could Fall Into the Ross Perot Trap

How the Americans with Disabilities Act Changed My Life

Tanking MSNBC Gets a Serious Shakeup

Pentagon ‘Shocked’ by Anthrax Leak

Does a Dead Kazakh KGB Chief Own Sherlock’s House?

FBI Probes ‘Hundreds’ of China Spy Cases

Donald Trump Wanted to Fight Terrorism With a Lottery

Stop Messing With Our Princesses: Artist Reimagines Disney Heroines With Period Stains

NSA Appoints Obama Bundler As New Top Lawyer

World’s Dumbest Med Student Takes Selfie Next to Pregnant Patient’s Vagina

NASA Finds ‘Earth’s Cousin’

The Nicki Minaj-Taylor Swift-Katy Perry Feud Just Saved the VMAs

Drag Queens Banned From Pride Event for Offending Trans People

Pharrell’s New Video is Pretty But Empty

Slam Dunk II: The Persian Version

Are We Past Peak Francis? Pope Plummets in U.S. Approval Poll

How Thatcher’s MI5 Spy Chief Protected a Pedophile Member of Parliament

‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Star Michael Ian Black: ‘I’d F*ck the Sh*t Out of Bradley Cooper’

Trump’s Mobbed Up, McCarthyite Mentor Roy Cohn

Expired Meds, Phony Pills, Bags of Dirt: Did He Give Cancer Patients Fake Cures?

What Makes the Dead Rabbit the World’s Best Bar?

Nevada Cops Ripped for Shady ‘Shakedowns’

Moscow Could Be Prepping for Space War With Aggressive New Satellites

We’re Failing Trans Women of Color

What Happens to Your Body When You Skip the Gym?

Court Tells Italy Same-Sex Marriage Rights Are Human Rights

How a Kiwi Beat the French at Their Own Game—of Scrabble

When Teen Detainees Died in Custody in Jeb Bush’s Florida

The Real Issue That Will Decide 2016

Virtual Reality’s Very Real Place in Medical Care

Will This Cop-Killing Spark Turkish Civil War?

Where Trump Gets and Keeps His Cash

Chris Christie’s Biggest Flip-Flop Ever: He Now Prefers Bon Jovi to Bruce Springsteen

Milwaukee’s Beast: The Mysterious Mountain Lion Terrifying Wisconsin

The Mother of the Teen Who Planned the McKinney Pool Party Faces Eviction

Meet the Man Who Beat the KKK With a Tuba

‘I Am Cait’ Review: Reality TV Has Never Been This Essential Or This Good

What Your Favorite Music Reveals About Your Brain

Lindsey Graham Destroys His Cell Phone

Watch: ‘Spectre’ Trailer Promises Biggest Bond Yet

Watch the ’80s Ad for Trump the Board Game

The Chris Farley We Never Knew: ‘He Was a Very Sweet Guy Before Midnight’

Meek Mill Blasts Drake for Using a Ghostwriter, Rick Ross and Chris Brown Weigh In on the Beef

Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Is Still Very Much Alive

Public University Professor Blasts ‘Dirty Jewish Zionist Thugs,’ ‘Homo Lobby,’ and ‘Sluts’

Springtime for America’s Enemies

Spitting Armadillos Spread Leprosy in Florida

‘SNL’s’ Polarizing ‘Weekend Update’ Host Colin Jost: ‘I Just Want to Get Better’

Modern Family Meets Royal Duty: Prince George Turns 2

The Race to Build the Perfect Camera

Vine Star Carter Reynolds’s Rape Saga Is Getting Worse

Time for Rush Limbaugh to Smother Trump

Can Bernie Sanders Be Less White?

Hey, Ladies, ‘Light’ Smoking Is Still Smoking

Gun Nuts Play Soldier After Chattanooga

How Taylor Swift Plans to ‘Style’ China

Obama Orders Jon Stewart to Stay on ‘Daily Show’

Our Favorite Moments From Obama’s ‘Daily Show’ Appearance

American Teens Are Waiting to Have Sex

E.L. Doctorow’s Readers Were Guaranteed a Good Time

3 Killings by Chicago Police Covered Up, Ex-Investigator Alleges

Kim Kardashian Clowns Taylor Swift Over VMAs Feud with Nicki Minaj

D.C.’s New Push: Use Saddam’s Men to Fight Obama’s ISIS War

Taylor Swift Caught In Nicki Minaj's VMAs Outrage Tweetstorm

McCain Who? Vets Heart Trump

The Smithsonian Is Using Kickstarter to Save Neil Armstrong’s Suit

Selena Gomez Is More Than Her ‘Hotness’ Rating

John Kasich Enters the Race for Relevance

Hilary Liftin Reveals Secrets of a Celebrity Ghostwriter

Star Wars Gets ‘Ugly’ in Fan Film

Woody Allen’s Purposeless ‘Irrational Man’ Stars Puppets, Not People

Miss Piggy Sings Rihanna (VIDEO)

Watch: Building Crumbles After Flood

Prince George’s Birthday Look Book

Prince George Turns 2, New Photos Released

Hoaxers Fail to Nail Planned Parenthood in New Video

Judd Apatow Slams Cosby on ‘Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

LUX Life: Dancer and Choreographer Reina Hidalgo

Is WWE Too Scared to Go LGBT?

Ghostface Killah Destroys Action Bronson

GOP’s Open Season on Gay Kids

Ex-Intel Chief: Iran Deal Good for Israel

Michigan Punishes Mom for Her Daughter’s Brain Cancer

Scott Walker’s Many Answers on Gay Rights

Your Dog Just Got Its Own Airport: Inside the World of Pet Luxury

ISIS’s Jihad Against WiFi

Sorry, Folks: Trump Ain’t Cooked Yet

When Mossad’s Greatest Female Assassin Got It Wrong

Steve Jobs in Toon Town

So the Chattanooga Gunman Was a Depressed Stoner. He’s Still a Jihadi.

Confederates in the Blood

The Case for President John Kasich

Video: What It’s Like to Kill a Shark

David Cameron Is Coming for Your Teen’s Phone—to Keep ISIS Away

Cincinnati Campus Cop Kills Unarmed Black Man

Retired Admirals Torpedo President Trump

How British High Society Fell in Love With the Nazis

Tollbooth Operator Pays Toll for Driver, Gets Fired

The Daily Beast Podcast: Internet Free Speech Edition

Male Escorts: Shame On Gawker

The Day Gawker Tore Itself Apart

What’s My Weight? F**k Off! UK Female MP Strikes Back Against Dumb Sexism

When Did the Internet Turn Into the Monogamy Police?

ISIS Bombs Turkey

Open Cuba Doesn’t Mean Free Cuba

Testing Length of — Emdash Article Hed

Foo Fighters’ Foot Doctor Rocks Fenway (VIDEO)

‘White People’: MTV Takes On White Privilege

Royals Nazi Links To Be Subject of New Documentary

‘True Detective’: The Weird Orgy Awaits

I Was a Gay Priest for 25 Years

Inside Hezbollah’s European Plots

How Comedian Tig Notaro Found Love After Cancer

Iran’s Win-Win…Win Win Win Nuke Deal

On ‘The Black Road’ Into Europe With Syria’s Refugees

The GOP Reach-Around on Gay Marriage

Jimmy Carter, Superstar

Climate Seer James Hansen Issues His Direst Forecast Yet

From Cinderella to Carrie Bradshaw, via Run DMC: Why We Just Love Shoes

Why the AMIA Massacre and Mysterious Death of Alberto Nisman Still Haunt Argentina

Team Obama Knows China Is Behind the OPM Hack. Why Won’t They Say So?

Why Boko Haram Keeps Bombing Nigeria’s Mosques

Obamacare’s Failed Transgender Promise

Homeless People Have to Pee, Too. Find a Place for Them Instead of Complaining About It, You Monsters

John Oliver Slams ‘Asshole’ Donald Trump

#BlackTwitter Turns On Bernie Sanders

Town Shames ISIS Chief ‘Cersei Lannister-Style’—and Then Executes Him

How Mick Fanning Punched That Shark

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: July 19

Did Palace Accidentally Hand Over Queen’s Nazi Salute Footage?

Trump Awakens Kerry’s Vietnam Anger With Slam on McCain

Watch As Pro Surfer Fends Off A Shark Attack

Why Women Can Only Be Badasses in the Future

Meet Hollywood’s Oldest Working Actor

The Plight of the Transgender Prostitute

Judd Apatow Drags Donald Trump For Slamming John McCain's Military Record

Vidal vs. Buckley Paved the Way for the 2016 Debates

Is Addiction A Habit Or A Disease?

This Ruling Could Change Online “Free Speech” Forever

Inside Albania’s Secret Nuclear Bunkers

The Faces of Vintage Hollywood Boulevard

American Dreams: Charming Pedophile Cruises Crass U.S.

‘True Detective’: The Most Libertarian Show on TV

The 10 Best Nudist Spots In The World

How Potsdam Gave Birth to the Cold War

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, July 12-19, 2015

How Jeb Tackled the Cocaine Cartels

The Gritty Details of El Chapo’s Escape

Look Homeward, Obama

The Persian Gulf Wars to Come

Creationists Take Down Another Top Professor

How To Get Rid of Cursed Treasure

Britain’s Royal Nazi Cover-Up

Wilco’s New Free Album Is The Band’s Best In Years

The Greatest Celeb Taylor Swift Covers: From Sir Patrick Stewart to Cara Delevingne to Obama

Exclusive: Russian Hackers Target The Pentagon

Draft-Dodging Trump Says POW McCain ‘Not A War Hero’

The Week in Pictures: July 18, 2015

Best of Breslin: End of a Newspaper Era

Can Porn Stars Stay Faithful?

Buckingham Palace Slams Video Of Queen Giving Nazi Salute

The Light of Africa Through Its Top Instagrammer

Gareth Pon: Africa's Top Instagrammer

The Duggars’ Road to Ruin: From Molestation to Cancellation

John Cena: The Hardbody with a Heart of Gold

Marine Wounded in Iraq, Killed in Chattanooga

Insane Reality Show Took Contestants To ISIS

Nintendo CEO Had The Heart Of A Gamer

My Internet Band Signed a Record Deal Without Ever Meeting IRL

Ernie Pyle at Normandy: They Weren’t Warriors, They Were American Boys

Hemingway’s Messy Legacy Gets Messier

Big Pharma Wants to Control Your iPhone

White People Should Read Black Twitter

Egypt’s New Drug Addiction

Lessons for Greece in a Bottle of Beer

The Wildest Hamptons Bondage Party

Why Outing Will Never Vanquish Gay Shame

Gawker’s Homophobic, Years-Long Crusade to Out James Franco

Most Kissing Is Non-Sexual, Killjoy Researchers Discover

Gawker Got In Bed With The Wrong Escort—And Civil War Ensues

Pro-Russian Rebels Visit MH17 Memorial

Sandra Bland in Her Own Words: ‘God is Good!’

How Walt Disney Made America Into a Magic Kingdom

Building a Magic Kingdom

Meet The Australian Artist Who Buried Himself Alive

Watch Kanye West Get Knocked Out

Tribute to a 'Looney' Animation Legend

Fox Unveils ‘X-Files’ Reboot Trailer—And It’s Perfect

Prince Philip Jokes About 'Sponger' Women

Why Parker Posey Almost Quit Acting: ‘I Saw the Independent Film Movement Go Away From Me’

The Teen Caitlyn Jenner: Jazz Jennings’s Transgender Journey

Inside the Mind of a Trump Donor: ‘I Was Probably Drunk’

Canceling Duggars: Too Little, Too Late?

The Gross-Out Politics of Abortion

The Mexican Hitman and ‘The White Boy’

Reddit Keeps Its Most Racist Community

Do Men Really Need Their Very Own New York Fashion Week?

The Dose of Cool That Saved Johannesburg

99 Percent of Women Don’t Regret Their Abortions

Mini Ice Age Won’t Save Us From Global Warming

Why Was Men’s Fashion Week So Quiet?

A GOP President Won’t Stop the Iran Deal

Wasn’t ISIS Supposed to Fall Apart by Now?

Liberals Lose to Scott Walker in Wisconsin Again

Ratting Out Cambodian Land Mines

How We Know Russia Shot Down MH17

Chattanooga Shooter Gave a Chilling Warning of Jihad

Pentagon Blames Anthrax Fiasco on No One

‘High School Musical 3’ and ‘Aim High’ Child Star Accused of Aiming Gun at Cops

The Videos That Condemned James Holmes

Russian-Backed Troops Picnic on MH17 Wreckage

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Loved the Sanctions

Sandra Bland Tried to Post Bail Before Allegedly Committing Suicide

Burning Your Sources to Protect Murdoch?

Emmy Nominations’ Biggest Snubs and Surprises: Amy Schumer, ‘Empire, ‘The Americans,’ and More

Tibetan Monk Dies in Prison, and a Thousand Tibetans Take to the Streets

America’s Worst Samaritan: Ohio Man Films Dying Teens

Did Young Thug and Birdman Try to Kill Lil Wayne?

2015 Emmy Nominations: ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Veep’ & More (PHOTOS)

The Only Thing Worse Than ISIS Terror

The ‘Megavalanche’ Bike Race Is an Insane Icy Bloodbath

‘Lone Survivor’ Director Peter Berg Slams Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPYs Courage Award Win

Susan Sarandon’s Timeless Cool

Bill Hader’s Journey From Playboy Call-In Sex Show to Romantic Lead

Negotiating with Iran for Hostages in a Nuclear Deal Isn’t ‘Nonsense.’ Trust Me. I Was One.

The Fight Over Iran’s New York City Skyscraper

For This Town, the MH17 Nightmare Never Ended

The Strange Deaths Around India’s ‘Godman’

Iranians Troll Obama’s Instagram

Are Birds the New Sharks? The Danger From Above

Is Your Doctor Going to Work Sick?

The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Now You Can Be Inside Lena Dunham’s Head, All the Time

How the CIA Really Won Hearts and Minds

Is The Iran Deal ‘Liberal’?

Why No One Will Reform Washington

Sorry, Fox News, Trans Health Care Is Affordable

Watch Caitlyn Jenner’s Monumental ESPYs Speech: Trans People ‘Deserve Your Respect’

Jim Gaffigan’s Time Is Now: The Comic on His New Show, Bill Cosby’s Fall, and Donald Trump

Maker of Planned Parenthood Video Called Abortion 'Genocide'

Are These the Last Days of Japan’s Prime Minister Abe?

Cops Say Worst Dad Ever Made 5-Year-Old Son Rob Grandma for Drug Money

Will New Horizons Find the Next Pluto?

Trump to USA: I Totally Swear I’m Rich!

Rand 2015 Runs From Rand 2007 On Iran

Watch As The Blue Angels Buzz A Beach

El Chapo’s ‘Unforgiveable’ Escape

Is Prince Harry Hunting For Trouble In Africa?

In ‘Go Set a Watchman,’ Harper Lee at Last Gives Us a Believable Atticus Finch

Beached Great White Shark Rescued (VIDEO)

Your Phone Knows When You’re Depressed

Greece’s National Pastime: Tax-Dodging

Jefferson Airplane Turns 50, With A One-Time-Only Celebration

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Throw a Wild Party in ‘Sisters’ Trailer

The Daily Beast’s Foolproof Emmy Predictions: From ‘Mad Men’s’ Jon Hamm to ‘Game of Thrones’

Nothing Compares to Sinead O’Connor’s Trolling: From the Pope to Kim Kardashian, No One Is Safe

You Must Blow Reddit Up to Save It

The Caitlyn Jenner Effect: Transgender Comic Book Heroes Are Ready For Their Close-Up

Kim Jong Un Testing Anthrax On His Own People?

GOP Gives Up on ‘Dump Trump’

Meet The Artist Who Paints With Liposuction Fat

Michael Brown’s Death Put on Display

Download This App Or Don’t Have Sex

Syria’s Butcher Really Won the Iran Deal

Muslim Americans Are Split Over the Iran Deal

Obama and the Real Reefer Madness

Jim Webb’s Long War With His Own Party

Alabama Mom: Cops Tased My Epileptic Kid

A Real Housewife Finds a Modern Family: Bethenny Frankel and Eric Stonestreet May Be Dating

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Just Had a (Sorta) Lovefest

Nuke Deal Helps Qasem Soleimani, The Top Iranian General With ‘American Blood on His Hands’

Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Sell Fetuses: The Real Story Behind That Shady Video

The War Over Kylie Jenner’s Cornrows

Critics Call Scotland’s First Wine ‘Undrinkable’

The Four Dates That Will Make or Break the Iran Deal

The Broke and Famous: Celebrities Who Have Gone Bankrupt

Police: DNA Links Uber Driver to Sex Assault Spree

Hillary’s Team Has No Idea If She Supports the Iran Deal

Blind Whino Mural and Artist Space in Washington, D.C.

Let's Get Nostalgic About Nukes For One Terrifying Moment

Victims Group Wants W. to Take on Cosby

Boy George and Jack Black Cover Doors Tune

New Horizons: Pluto Is So Much More Than a Pixelated Blob

Guillermo del Toro on the Drug War: ‘Every Time Somebody Uses Drugs, It’s Like Having a Gun’

Lil Wayne & Birdman’s Ugly Divorce: ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ Clash Over Drake, Nicki Minaj and Millions

The Real Reason Obama Did the Iran Deal

‘The Bachelorette’: Streaking, Sex, and Sorrow with Kaitlyn Bristowe

El Chapo’s Escape Was 27 Years in the Making

ISIS Sting...or FBI Catfishing?

On Confederate Memorial Day, Remembering The Madness Then and Now

Donald Trump’s Mouth Has Cost Him $50+ Million

The Coming Gay Rights Letdown

Fans of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Need to Grow Up

The EU Should Act Like an Empire

Hey, Middle Class: Hillary Gets It

Audrey Hepburn, Up Close and Very Personal

Inside the Audrey Hepburn Exhibit (PHOTOS)

Who Cares About Your Health Data?

Escaping Reality at Wildwood Revival, Georgia’s Folk and Country Music Festival

The Weird Wonderland of Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden

Sweetwater Creek: Atlanta’s Surprisingly Accessible and Beautiful State Park

Go Hog Wild for Oysters Near San Francisco

Scott Walker Already Has His Fox News Strategy Down Cold

Anthrax Lab’s History of ‘F-ing Around’ With Explosives

Oops: Turns Out California Hoax Kidnapping Wasn’t a Hoax

Bernie Sanders Fanatics Invade Comic-Con, Try to Drown Out Christian Radicals

School Rallies for Rebel Mascot as Coach Is Suspended for Calling Black Student’s Hair ‘Nappy and Nasty’

Beast 1, Russian Internet Censor 0

Instagrammer of the Week: Renan Ozturk

Renan Ozturk’s Instagram Comeback Trail

Cats With Trump Hair

50 Cent’s Bogus Revenge Porn Bankruptcy

The Matterhorn Murder Mystery Lives On After 150 Years

Hillary Channels Her Inner Springsteen

Pippa On Her African Marathon

Prince William: I Might Be a Helicopter Pilot Forever

Why Do I Sound So Gay?

The Most Violent Batman Yet

John Oliver Torches Whoopi Goldberg For Defending Everyone From Bill Cosby to Ray Rice

‘Suicide Squad’: Watch Jared Leto’s The Joker Go Crazy in Leaked Comic-Con Trailer

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: Watch the Leaked Trailer That Wowed Comic-Con

‘True Detective’ Episode 4: Dead Bodies Everywhere

The ‘Penthouse’ Prince Who Made Rock Dangerous Again

This Moonbat Could Cost Hillary Florida

Insider: Glock Wanted My Wife So He Had Me Jailed

Fame, Sex, Men, and Her Inner Nun: Madonna on How She Made It

Give the Mullahs Ballistic Missiles?

Doyenne or Jezebel, Ireland’s Edna O'Brien Is a Master

Inside John Waters’ Fabulously Dirty Mind

Ike Turner: Why I Beat Tina

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