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Roger Stone Says He Visited the Ecuadorian Embassy in London Where Julian Assange Is In Hiding

What Was Russia’s Spy Chief Doing in Washington Last Week? Probably Playing the Trump Administration ... Again.

The DJ Who Groped Taylor Swift Has a New Confederate-Inspired Radio Gig

Executive Order to Keep Guantanamo Bay Open Is Trump’s Gift to ISIS

Facebook Pushes ‘False Flag’ Amtrak Conspiracies in Trending Section

Can The Daily News and LA Times Survive Their Tronc-ing?

Hillary Clinton Just Can’t Say Sorry

Florida (Congress)Man Invited Infamous Troll Chuck Johnson to Trump’s State of The Union

FBI Launches Preemptive Strike on Nunes Memo

Kathleen Hartnett White, Trump’s Environment Pick: Fossil Fuels Ended Slavery, CO2 Is Good for You

This Is Why Anyone Starting A Business Needs This App

Michelle Wolf Is the Future of Stand-Up Comedy

Pregnant Kate Shows Off Baby Bump in Sweden

Going 10 Rounds With Sommelier Roni Ginach

Western Intelligence Services Fear Vienna’s in Putin’s Pocket

Trump’s Male Pattern Baldness Drug—Demystified

Steve Wynn Proves RNC Only Cares About Sexual Assault When It Involves Dems

Lesbian Couple’s Sperm Donor Sues for Parental Rights

President Stephen Miller’s SOTU Was a White-Nationalist Wish List

In State of the Union, Trump Goes Where Kim Jong Un Fears Most: Human Rights

Ben Affleck Claims Rose McGowan Is Lying About Telling Him Harvey Weinstein Raped Her

Jimmy Kimmel Grills Stormy Daniels: How Big Is Trump’s ‘Junk’?

The State of Their Union: Why Melania Trump Wore White

Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump’s State of the Union Line-by-Line

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Goes Off on Trump’s State of the Union: ‘Anti-Immigrant Sh*t’

CNN’s Van Jones Goes Off on Trump for ‘Smearing’ DREAMers in State of the Union

Donald Trump’s State of the Union Was Designed to Troll Democrats. It Worked.

Trump’s State of the Union Speech Should Unite Republicans on Immigration Deal

The ‘Veep’ Star Literally Painting the Town Red: Review of ‘Cardinal’

Hillary Clinton: I Regret Keeping Accused Sexual Harasser on Campaign

Jamaica Bans Anti-Gay American Preacher Steven Anderson

Did Devin Nunes Work With White House on Anti-FBI Memo? ‘Far as I Know, No.’

Trans Soldier Going to State of the Union Tells Trump: You Can Count on People Like Me

Is It Too Late to Save Abortion Access?

Senate Dems Plot Moonshot Attempts to Save Robert Mueller From Trump

Russia’s Sanctioned Spy Chief Reportedly Met CIA Director in the U.S.

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: How to Watch, Live Stream

Paul Ryan Distances From GOP Rep. Gosar’s Call to Arrest ‘Illegal Aliens’ at Trump SOTU

House Republicans Use New FBI Investigation To Ignore FBI Concerns About Nunes Memo

Trump Team Puts Putin Victims on Russian ‘Oligarch List’

Pentagon Refused to Say How Much of Afghanistan Insurgents Now Control

MSNBC Analyst John Heilemann Suggests Devin Nunes ‘Compromised’ by Russia

Nicole Eggert Says Scott Baio Sexually Abused Her at Age 14: ‘He Was Our Boss’

The State of the Union Under Trump Is Highly Abnormal—However Well He Reads the Teleprompter

This Is the Human Cost of Congress Punting on a DREAMer Deal

Pregnant Kate Middleton’s Ice Hockey Shootout

2018 State of the Union: How to Watch, Live Stream

Judd Apatow Fires Back at Diane Keaton Over Her Woody Allen Defense

What to Drink on Super Bowl Sunday

When Hollywood Wants Dancers, It Goes to Atlanta

There Have Been a Lot of Earthquakes Lately. Don’t Panic.

Trump Turns GOP Into a Conspiracy of Dunces

The Narco War in Colombia Is Not Over. Trump’s Policies Are Fueling the Fire.

Trump Imposes His Will, and His New FBI Director Gets in Line

The Marine Turned Prosecutor Busting Antiquities Thieves

The Real State of the Union Is Awfully Precarious

This Lab Will Clone Your Pet for $50K. Would You Do It?

James Corden Slams Donald Trump Jr. for Grammys Tweet: You’re the ‘Second Favorite Child’

Trevor Noah: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Part of the Problem’ on Sexual Abuse

How Soul-Baring Black Women Are Challenging Music’s Fragile Male Egos

Rose McGowan Exposes Hollywood’s Hypocrisy in the Riveting ‘Citizen Rose’

Seth Meyers Goes Off on Trump for Insulting McCabe’s Wife: ‘You Are Awful’

Stephen Colbert Mocks Nikki Haley’s Grammys Outrage

Trump Administration Baffles and Enrages Lawmakers With Latest Punt on Russia Sanctions

President Trump’s Ugly Attack on an Opponent’s Wife Isn’t His First—And It Won’t Be His Last

Julian Assange Offered Hannity Impersonator ‘News’ About Top Democrat

Bethany Nava, High School Student Dragged Off Train, Sues LAPD for Excessive Force

House Republicans Declare War on FBI, Vote to Spill Its Secrets and Investigate It

For Donald Trump, A Historic First Year For All the Wrong Reasons

Here's How to Win the Snack Super Bowl

Take Your Super Bowl Merch Game to the Next Level

Why It’s Time For You to Invest in a Projector

Is Netflix’s Sci-Fi Series ‘Altered Carbon’ TV’s Answer to ‘Blade Runner’?

Hey, Mike Pence, the Holocaust Didn’t Happen for Your Benefit

Judge Tells ICE to Give Immigrant ‘Freedom to Say Goodbye’ Before Deportation

Pro-Wrestling’s #MeToo Moment: Lita Wears #TimesUp to WWE Match

YouTuber Under Fire for ‘Acid Attack’ Prank Videos

‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Confronts Kirsten Gillibrand for ‘Pushing Out’ Al Franken

Republicans Lose 33rd House Member With Rodney Frelinghuysen Retirement

Japan Suffers the Biggest Cryptocurrency Heist in History (Again!)

Trump Tower Russian Lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, Exposed in Swiss Corruption Case

Get Lifetime Access to 2 Terabytes of Cloud Storage for $50

Mike Singletary’s Super Bowl Party Game Plan

Toyin Ojih Odutola Challenges Blackness in Art—and Racism in Trump’s America

The Quickest Path Toward Democratizing Presidential Elections: Open Up That Debate Stage

Jay-Z Is Right on Trump Racism—It’s About Respect, Not Money

It’s Still 1965 in Donald Trump’s Mind on Immigration

Network News Reporters Are Snapchat’s Biggest Stars

AI Scans of Preemie Baby Brains Could Block Future Disease

When Judge Napolitano Speaks, Why Does President Trump Listen?

The Terrorist Who Terrorized French Prison Guards

‘Unsustainable’: Trump Is Exhausting the Opposition in Order to Get His Way

The Grammys and Kesha Highlight Just How Much the Music Industry Has Ignored #MeToo

The 2018 Grammy Awards Was a Tone-Deaf, Out-of-Touch Mess

Hillary Clinton Roasts Trump at the Grammys by Narrating ‘Fire and Fury’

Fitness-Tracker App Exposes Security Flaw at Taiwan’s Missile Command Center

Man Claims FBI Conspiracy in Overturned Conviction

Lady Gaga’s Laced Hair Steals the Grammys Red Carpet

Why Being Awkward Is Actually Good For You

The Very Best of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival: Blood, Sweat and Plenty of Tears

The Grammy Awards Are Racist as Hell

In 2018, Less Super Bowl Tickets for Sale Means Higher Prices in Minnesota

I Ran From Boko Haram Once. No More.

2018 Grammy Awards: How to Watch, Live Stream

SNL’s Michael Che: Trump ‘Constantly Reaffirms All My Black Paranoia’

SNL: Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush Reminds America How ‘Bad’ He Was

Who Murdered Billionaire Couple Barry and Honey Sherman and Made it Look Like Suicide?

Britain's 18th Century Faux Pas Offer A Warning For America

Going 10 Rounds with Top Bartender Natasha David

‘No, She’s Not My Sister’: The Hidden Stresses of Gay Relationships

Does This 200,000 Year Old Jaw Bone Change Everything?

W. Bourke Cockran, The Forgotten Democratic Congressman Who Championed Churchill & Free Trade

Hey Babylon, Nineveh Wants Its Hanging Gardens Back: The Truth of an Ancient Wonder

Julius Eastman Died Far Too Young. His Brilliant Minimalist Music Lives On

Him Too? How Arthur Miller Smeared Marilyn Monroe and Invented the Myth of the Male Witch Hunt.

OMG, I Want This House: Frank Lloyd Wright in Phoenix (Photos)

Is This J.K. Rowling’s Favorite Jeweler?

The Screwed Millennial Generation Gets Smart

Practical Purchases: The Products You Loved Most This Month

‘Counterpart’: The Sci-fi Espionage Thriller Blessing TV With Double J.K. Simmons

It’s Time for the WWE to Close Its Gender Pay Gap

An Iranian Filmmaking Master’s Ode to His Own Mortality

How to Make the Stale Grammy Awards Relevant Again

Sundance’s Badass Women Hope to Erase Its Ugly Weinstein Past

Bill Maher Compares Melania Trump’s Marriage to the Holocaust

Stephen Colbert’s ‘Our Cartoon President’ Nails Trump’s Alt-Reality

When the LSD King Timothy Leary Hid in Africa with the Black Panthers

America Needs the Word ‘Shit,’ But Not the Shit Who Misused It

It's Terrifying to Love My Daughter This Much

Stop Calling Ursula K. Le Guin a Grand Old Dame

He Went to a KKK Rally and Stopped Being a Violent Nazi Skinhead

The First Woman to Draw Wonder Woman

Kris Jenner’s Stalker Threatened Her With Sex Tape

The Radical Activist Who Showed Us a Path Past Trump’s Polarization

A Drinker’s Tour of Milan & Turin

Chloe Grace Moretz Goes to Gay Conversion Therapy: Inside ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’

‘Get Out’: How the Oscars Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Horror

Casey Affleck and James Franco Sitting Out Oscars Season Isn’t a Reckoning. It’s a PR Move.

She Said Vince McMahon Sexually Assaulted Her in a Tanning Booth. Police Found 'Probable Cause.' Prosecutors Shrugged.

Stephen Colbert Accuses Trump of Crossing ‘Ethical’ Line in Trying to Fire Mueller

The Week in 7 Insane Photos: January 26, 2018

Forget the Boos—Trump Didn’t Bomb at Davos

States Rush to Introduce Sexual-Assault Survivor ‘Bill of Rights’

RNC Silent So Far About Contributions From Steve Wynn After Allegations He Forced Women Into Sex

Key Republican Dials Back Effort to Protect Robert Mueller From Donald Trump

Roger Ailes Was Once Arrested for Criminal Gun Possession

Jeb Bush Reams Marco Rubio on Immigration: ‘God Forbid’ You Do Anything Controversial

‘Fox & Friends’ Gives Laughable Defense of Trump on Mueller: ‘Do You Even Care?’

Chelsea Manning on Her Alt-Right Partying: I Was a Spy, Not a Racist

Chris Ruddy: I Was Right About Trump Wanting to Fire Mueller

Revamp Your Career With This MBA-Education Training Bundle

Grab These Amazon’s Choice Bluetooth Headphones For $70 Off

Your New Favorite Instant Pot Recipe

‘One Day at a Time’: TV’s Most Joyous, Authentic Depiction of Latinx Family Life

The Beautiful Wildness of Paris Couture Week

We’ve Found 3,700 Planets—But No Earth 2.0 Yet

Congress Fails to Help Diabetic Kids—Again

Trump’s New Ambassador Sam Brownback Could Weaponize ‘Religious Freedom’ Around the World

Are the Feds Blowing Their Ponzi Scheme Case Against Sports Talker Craig Carton?

Should a Man Really Be in Charge of Running Teen Vogue?

Forget Hacking, Thieves Are Stealing Bitcoins at Gunpoint

Sundance’s Wildest Movie Stars Lakeith Stanfield, Armie Hammer, and Massive Half-Horse Penises

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Dismantles GOP’s War Against Robert Mueller

Octavia Spencer Deserves Far More Than What She’s Gotten in Hollywood

All the Republicans Who Said Trump Wouldn’t Fire Mueller—After Trump Tried to Fire Mueller

Sean Hannity Already Defending Donald Trump’s Attempt to Fire Robert Mueller

Trump’s Friends and Advisers Are Terrified of What He Might Say to Mueller

Melania Trump Goes MIA From Davos as Stormy Scandal Brews

We Need ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Now More Than Ever

Liberals, It’s Way Too Soon to Count Out Trump 2020

White House Proposes Path to Citizenship for 1.8M Immigrants, Calls It ‘Dramatic Concession’ to Dems

Trump’s Attorney Says No Decision to Talk to Mueller

House Democrats Are Trying to Reveal 1,000 New Russian Troll Accounts

Lawsuit: Weinstein’s Assistant Was Made to ‘Clean Up the Semen on the Couch’

Fox News Guest Sues School for Trying to ‘Convert’ Son to Islam via YouTube

Mueller Wasn’t Interested in Bannon Until ‘Fire and Fury,’ Source Says

The N-Word Controversy That Rocked Paris Couture Week

Mark E. Smith: A Blood- and Booze-Soaked Poet for a Generation

Here’s How and Why Trump’s Going to Blow Up the Foundations of Davos

LGBT Parents Fight U.S. Government for Kids’ Citizenship

A 12-Year-Old Girl Gives the Cruel Russian Version of ‘The Bachelor’ a Dose of Her Own Feminist Reality

How to Become A Project Manager With Six Sigma and Lean

It’s Official: America Suddenly Isn’t Comfortable With LGBT People

Europe Launches a Futile Battle to Bottle Fake News

‘Dwarfquakes’ Reveal the Future of Our Universe

This Worm Can Express Three Sexes Simultaneously

Is Scotland’s National Dish Haggis More Than a Joke?

Big Pharma’s Government Revolving Door: ‘Who Do They Really Work For?’

This Time, It’s Really the Year of the Woman

Italy’s Crazy Campaign Promises: Easy Sex, No Vaccines

How a Twentysomething Eagle Scout Became One of Donald Trump’s Top Trade Hands

Trump Has Faced the Feds Before—but Now It’s a Crime if He Lies

Facebook Apologizes for Banning Paragraph From Black Woman’s Book

Meet the Nickelodeon Star Who Wants to Be the Anti-Jake Paul

Startup Wants to Sell Your DNA for Cryptocurrency

Meet the 14-Year-Old Toast of Sundance

Seth Meyers Rips Christian Right for Forgiving Trump on Stormy Daniels

Bill Cosby’s Slimy Comeback Attempt Laughs in the Face of #MeToo

Lawmakers Ignore Trump DACA Demands, Focus on What Can Pass Senate

DA: Off-Duty NYPD Cop Played Robber, Stripped and Pistol-Whipped Man

Why Sam Bee’s Correspondents Are Apologizing for Trump’s ‘Racism’

The GOP Steps Into the ‘Deep State’ Fever Swamps

Devin Nunes’ Anti-FBI Memo Names James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe

Two More Women Accuse Nelly of Sexual Assault

Hey, Rep. Pat Meehan: If She Doesn’t Like It, It’s Not Romance

Logan ‘Suicide Forest’ Paul Attempts to Save Career by Helping a Tiny Dog Cross a River, Pledging $1M

Trump Administration Sued for ‘Irreparable’ Medicaid Harm

After Sexually Abusing 156 Women, Dr. Larry Nassar Says He’s the Real Victim

Taliban’s New Strategy: Attack the Cities

The Icy New Protest Against President Trump

A Coal Giant Gave $1 Million to Donald Trump’s Super PAC As It Sought Help From Trump

This Industry-Standard Screenwriting Tool is Half Off

Elton John Set to Retire After 50 Years on the Road

Inside Sundance’s Kinkiest Movie: Sex, Gimp Suits and Stabbings Galore

Indian Removal: A New Play Tells the Story of Trump’s Favorite President

How Stem Cells Could Make Elderly Blood Vessels ‘Younger’

Climate Change Is Making Sea Turtles More Female. Now What?

‘Chain Migration’ Has Helped Millions of Striving Families—Including Mine

Turkey Closes in on U.S. Allies in Syria—This Could Get Really Messy

Yes, Scarlett Johansson Worked With Woody Allen. She Can Still Be Part of the #MeToo Moment.

How a Group of Turkish Filmmakers Stole ‘Star Wars’

Megyn Kelly Sets Up a Rogue Fox News State at NBC. First Victim: Jane Fonda

HQ, The World’s Most Popular Trivia App, Just Got Hacked by a Bot

Taylor Kitsch On His Shocking ‘Waco’ Transformation—And If Tim Riggins Would Vote Trump

Gary Oldman and Kobe Bryant: The Accused Abusers Nominated for Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel: Melania Skipped Davos Because She ‘Hates’ Trump

Trevor Noah: Democrats Got Played by Mitch McConnell

Team Trump’s Goal for the Next Three Weeks: Keep Him ‘The Hell Away’ From Chuck Schumer

Music Might Help Neil Diamond Fight His Parkinson's Disease

Source: Twitter Pins #ReleaseTheMemo on Republicans, Not Russia

A Scotch Holiday You Need to Celebrate

CIA Boss Gives Latest Indication Trump May Consider Preemptive Strike on North Korea

‘The View’ Eviscerates Megyn Kelly for Jane Fonda Attack: ‘How Much Work Have You Had, Bitch?’

Immigration Activists Are About to Go Off on Chuck Schumer

15 Most Shocking Oscar Nominations Snubs and Surprises: Tiffany Haddish, James Franco and More

This Excel Bootcamp Will Turn You Into A Data Whisperer

Was James Franco’s Oscar Snub Due to His Sexual-Misconduct Allegations?

Sarah Ferguson Reportedly ‘Silenced’ Over Syrupy Princess Eugenie Tweets

Lawyer Said Their Weed Plants Were Legal—and It Landed Them in Jail

How Hippies Changed the Way We All Eat

We Can’t Know If Russian Olympians Are Actually Clean

The Weird and Wildest Looks From Paris Men’s Fashion Week

John Leguizamo: I Would Give Up Acting to Run for Office in Texas

Britain Blocks Expansion of Rupert Murdoch’s Empire: ‘Too Much Control Over News’

The Vicious Lie of ‘Heathers’ New Genderqueer Villain

Shutdown Split Shows the Tightrope Democrats Must Walk to Win the Senate

Was This Russian General Murdered Over the Steele Dossier?

University Under Fire for Off-the-Grid Herpes Vaccine Experiments

Artie Lange Is Not Ready to Die: ‘F*ck ’Em All’

‘Baskets’ Star Louie Anderson ‘Still Very Emotional’ About Louis C.K.

‘Waco’: When the U.S. Government Waged War on Its People

14 Wounded in America’s Second School Shooting This Week

Jimmy Kimmel Hits Chuck Schumer for Ending Shutdown in Exchange for ‘Nothing’

Trevor Noah Grills Michael Wolff on Trump’s Alleged White House Affair

Conan O’Brien Gets Haitians to Insult Trump

Sex, Grime, and Gore Can’t Save ‘The Alienist’ From TV’s Serial-Killer Fatigue

House Republicans Already Scoffing at McConnell’s DACA Promise to Democrats

Pennsylvania Court Trashes Gerrymander, Becomes Seventh State to Reject a Republican Map

Hayley Mills Sets a New Parent Trap: Review of ‘Party Face’

Texas Politician Accused of ‘Grooming’ Grieving Mother for Sex and a Ponzi Scheme

Oscars 2018: The Full List of Nominees

L’Oréal Loves Its Diverse Models—as Long as They Don’t Have Opinions

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski ‘Winced’ at SNL Skit ‘Because of Our Children’

Democrats’ Bold Fold Shifts the Pressure Onto Trump and His GOP Enablers

Flu Season Is Awful. The Government Shutdown Might Have Made It Worse.

Cardi B Throws LGBT Fans Under the Bus in Defending Fiancé’s Homophobic Lyrics

The Shutdown Drama in D.C. Was Beijing’s Cup of Tea

Dems Fold on This Shutdown, but the Next One Could Be Worse

4 Reasons Why You Need this App When You’re Online

Matt Lauer Reportedly Ejected From Family Home

Gloria Allred Is Ready to Take President Trump to Court: ‘It’s Going to Be a Battle’

Royal Wedding No. 2: Princess Eugenie to Wed Former Barman Jack Brooksbank

‘The Seoul Syndrome’ and the ‘Pyongyang Olympics’? South Korea on Thin Ice

Here’s How to Really Hold the Trump White House to Account

My Love-Hate Relationship With Chef Paul Bocuse

The Imagine Dragons Singer’s War Against the Mormon Church to End Gay Suicide

Is K.T. McFarland Headed for Singapore? Or Mueller’s Clutches?

Boeing and Lockheed Battle to Build Mach 5 Successor to SR-71 Spy Plane

Hackers Are Using ‘Fire & Fury’ to Install Malware

Iraqi Came to the U.S. for Safety. Private Prison Brutalized Him, Wife Claims

Cats and Dogs Could Help Human Disease Breakthrough

A #MeToo Reckoning Is About to Hit the Grammys

Democrats Must Decide If They Trust McConnell Before Ending Shutdown

Steven Soderbergh Fears a #MeToo Backlash: Men May ‘Stop Hiring Women’

White Women, Except Cher, Get Shamed at Women’s March Anniversary Summit

Kristen Bell Calls Out Melania Trump at SAG Awards

Team Trump Bypassed DHS Analysts to Produce Bogus Terror Report

Bye-Bye, Black: The Return of Color to the SAG Red Carpet

Computer Program That Calculates Prison Sentences Is Even More Racist Than Humans, Study Finds

Big Gamble to Find MH370 Begins: U.S. Team Deploys Robot Swarm to Find Jet

FBI: Devin Nunes Won’t Show Us Memo Alleging Surveillance Abuses

SNL’s Weekend Update Celebrates American ‘Hero’ Stormy Daniels

Nicolas Cage on Going Where Few Actors Dare: ‘I Didn’t Get Into This for Awards’

Jessica Chastain Leads SNL Women in #TimesUp Anthem

#ReleaseTheMemo? Source Says ‘Only A Matter Of Time’

Too Racist for Russian Propaganda?

Silicon Valley and the Threat to Democracy

‘President Miller’s Shutdown: Yes, Republicans Will Be Blamed—and They Should Be

‘Memorial’ Human Rights Activists in Russia Face Arrest, Arson, Murder

Après Ski: Where to Drink After Hitting the Slopes

Meet the Woman Who Was the Nixon Era’s Alex Jones

Bizarre Bizet: A #MeToo Carmen Doesn’t Die, and the Audience Shouts 'Kill Her!'

OMG I Want This House: Scottsdale, AZ (Photos)

One Year Into Trump’s Presidency, Artists Are Still Fired Up

Visiting the (Now-Closed) Statue of Liberty

John Garfield: America’s First Jewish Sex Symbol

From King George IV to President Trump, The Fat Men Who’ve Ruled The World

How Planet Fashion Fell In Love With Meghan Markle

The Monk Mistaken for a Monster: The Most-Wanted Murderer in France

Kim Jong Un’s Winter Olympics ‘Army of Beauties’—and Me

Tea and Biscuits With Paris Lees, the First Openly Trans Woman in British ‘Vogue’

Jane Fonda and the Women of Sundance Take on President Trump: ‘Resist! Persist! Insist! Elect!’

The Disturbing Child Rape Movie That Left Sundance Speechless

Women's March 2018: Pussy Still Grabbing Back One Year Later

The Scariest Thing About This Shutdown: Both Sides Think They Can Win

How Hip-Hop’s Generation Gap Became a War for Its Soul

The Muslim Actor Turned Taliban-Fighting Marine at the Heart of ‘12 Strong’

Trump’s Indecent Stormy Daniels Proposal Is All Too Common for Women in Porn

The Insane Real-Life College Heist Film Generating Major Sundance Buzz

Congress Shuts Down Government Over Fight to Keep Dreamers in America

Trump Whines: Shutdown Fight Could Make Me Miss ‘My Party’

How a Parasitic President Trump Feasted on the Ailing Media

Amazon Never Deserved ‘I Love Dick’s’ Transgressive Feminist Brilliance

President Trump Is Having an Affair ‘Right Now,’ Michael Wolff Tells Bill Maher

I’m a Dreamer. This Shutdown Debate Has Filled Me With Dread.

Going 10 Rounds With Sommelier Natalie Grindstaff

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ vs. PBS’ ‘Victoria:’ Prince Philip Is Eclipsed by the Amazing Albert

Imagine a World of ‘Walking Cities.’ Ron Herron Did

How Technology Will Screw Up Our Senses

Dead à Porter: The Alleged Chinese Boss of Bosses Using Slaves to Produce Luxury

Poll: Melania Is The Only Trump People Still Like

Democrats Can’t Compromise as Trump and the GOP Take Political Hostages

Frat Bros Stayed Silent About Fraternity Hopeful’s Drinking Death

Here’s a Simple Way to See Daily Beast Stories First on Facebook

‘Three Identical Strangers’: The Disturbing True Story of Triplets Separated at Birth

The Week in 7 Insane Photos: January 19, 2018

Zeta-Jones on Michael Douglas Allegation: ‘That Was B.C.—Before Catherine’

Women’s March 2018: Where They’re Happening And How to Attend

‘Cult-Like Language’: Snapchat Threatens Crackdown, Jailtime for Leakers

The ‘Toxic’ Bullying Backstage at NBC’s ‘Megyn Kelly Today’

Stormy Daniels Reveals Donald Trump Is a Lot Like Harvey Weinstein

‘Our New President’ Reveals Russia’s Bizarre, Cult-Like Obsession With Donald Trump

Democrats Can Win the Government Shutdown If They Don’t Back Down

Missouri Governor’s Sex Scandal Strategy: Release a 300-Word Tax Plan

At Last, You Can Build a Nuclear Command Center in Minecraft

Fired Writer Alleges Bullying and Scapegoating on Megyn Kelly’s NBC Show

The Island Paradise Where The U.S. Tests Missiles to Neutralize The North Korean Threat

The March for Life Happens Today, and Thousands of Young People Are There

ICE to Deport Immigrant for ‘Sham’ Marriage That Was Real, Ex-Wife Says

Hero Spermbots Could Battle Cervical Cancer

Shut Up, Alec Baldwin: The Self-Confessed ‘Sexist’ Defending Hollywood’s Alleged Abusers

‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’: Netflix Resurrects the Comedy Legends Behind ‘Animal House’ and ‘Caddyshack’

‘Private Life’: The Perfect Sundance Opening Night Film 11 Years in the Making

Sundance Film Fest 2018’s Hottest Movies: What Will Be This Year’s ‘Call Me by Your Name?’

Jeff Flake Blames Trump and McConnell for Bringing Government to Brink of Shutdown

Donald Trump’s Scam Victims Speak Out in Netflix’s ‘Dirty Money’

Jimmy Kimmel Slams GOP for Holding Sick Kids Hostage in Shutdown Fight

Colbert Mocks Trump for Getting Spanked by a Porn Star With His Own Forbes Magazine Cover

Seth Meyers Disgusted by Trump’s Stormy Daniels Affair, Squirts Purell Into His Mouth

Trump’s Shutdown Plan Is Pretty Much: Jesus, Take the Wheel

The New York Times Defends Its Trump Fan Takeover

Trans People Will Suffer Most in Name of Health ‘Conscience’

The Last Night at Langan’s Bar & Restaurant

Fusion GPS: Kremlin ‘Purged’ Suspected Spies After Trump Dossier Release

Lindsey Graham, We NEED You on That Golf Course!

Trump Administration Protects Your Right to Discriminate Against Women and LGBT People

Dylan Farrow Breaks Down in Tears at Sight of Woody Allen on ‘CBS This Morning’

Meghan Charms Wales, While William Shaves His Head

Trump, Once Again, Blows Up Congressional Negotiations Hours Before a Critical Deadline

Sex-Abuse Doc Larry Nassar Complains His Victims’ Impact Statements Are Too Harsh

Did Russia Use the NRA to Help Trump? FBI Wants to Know.

This Mini-Drone Is Packed With Advanced Flight Features

Brigitte Bardot Says Lots of #MeToo Women Just Want Publicity

Bake This Bread Today

Meet Neal Tapio, the Mini-Trump of South Dakota Who Thinks Interfaith Services Are Un-Christian

Virgin Auctions: Big Business for Some Adults, Brutal Slavery for Many Children

Transgender Students Fighting Discrimination Have One Place To Go: Court

How DramaAlert Became the TMZ of YouTube

Right-Wing Email Scammers Want You to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Deadbeat Dictator: Assad Isn’t Paying His Debts to Putin

Sextortion Killed Their Son. Cops Looked the Other Way.

Anthony Bourdain Confesses #MeToo Made Me ‘Reexamine My Life’

Sam Bee Goes Off on Ashleigh Banfield for Defending Aziz Ansari

Stephen Colbert Horrified by Trump Comparing Porn Star Stormy Daniels to Ivanka

‘The Polka King’: The Surreal True Story of a Fame-Hungry Ponzi Schemer

Why Are Hollywood’s Famous Men Refusing to Condemn Woody Allen?

Justin Timberlake Shrugs Off #JusticeForJanet—Again

YouTubers Beg Fans: Leave Videos On in the Background

Kidnapped, Rescued, and Reborn: Angela Piñeyro de Hoyos' American Story

Kirstjen Nielsen’s Ratings Are Terrible in Her Lame Debut on the National Stage

Marvel Director James Gunn Offers $100K for Trump to Step on an ‘Accurate Scale’

‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ Returns to Make America Fabulous Again

Fannie Mae Paid for Trips Where Boss Sexually Abused Employee, Lawsuit Claims

Republicans Weaponize Children’s Health Care Against Dems

Ellen Pompeo’s Explosive Equal-Pay Essay Blasts Patrick Dempsey and Hollywood’s Misogyny

NBC’s Post-Lauer ‘Today’ Is Now All Women-Led

Sketchy GOP Lobbyist-Turned Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist-Turned Trump Aide Booster Says He Was Assaulted In His Driveway

InTouch to Drop 5,000 Words From Stormy Daniels on Sex With Trump

The Gaming Site Discord Is the New Front of Revenge Porn

Ann Curry Claims NBC Had Pervasive Culture of Verbal Sexual Harassment

Kate Removes Diana's Ring to Beat the Pregnancy Swell

Keira Knightley: ‘Why Do Female Film Characters Nearly Always Get Raped?’

Helen Mirren’s Been Slaying Sexist Creeps for Years: ‘You Can Change Culture’

The Great Beer Conspiracy to Overthrow the U.S.

The Ex-Inmates Going Back to Prison to Collect a Paycheck

Pentagon Plans Citywide Drone-Catching Dragnets

These Are the Worst Anti-LGBT Bills Planned for 2018

Trump Fans Threatened Psychiatrists Who Warned Trump Was Inciting Violence

How Darren Criss Became Versace’s Killer (And Why He Keeps Playing Gay)

Porn Star Accuses Famed ‘Sex and Relationship Expert’ Reid Mihalko of Sexual Misconduct

‘Black Lightning’ Is the Black Superhero Television’s Been Waiting For

Jimmy Kimmel Hits Back at Sarah Huckabee Sanders: NBC Also Gave Bill Cosby a Show

Democrats Flip 34th Seat From Red to Blue Since Trump’s Inauguration

Democrats Divided Over Forcing a DACA-Shutdown Even After Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Saga

Steve Bannon Will Tell All to Robert Mueller, Source Says

Stephen Colbert: President Trump Paid Off Doctor to Say He’s Not Obese

Ex-Mark Meadows Aide Says Sexual Harassment in Congressman’s Office Was Known Earlier Than Reported

Trump’s Physical Told Us Two Things: He’s Overweight and Can Recognize a Rhino

Ann Curry Is Back. What Will She Reveal About Matt Lauer and NBC?

Team Trump Cooks Terror Stats for Bogus Immigration Argument

Even Selena Gomez’s Mom Can’t Make Her Denounce Woody Allen

These Stats Prove Trump Is Still Obsessed With Hillary

Aziz Ansari and the Line Between Jerk and Predator

Daughter Leapt From Window to Free 12 Siblings From Parents’ House of Horrors

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California Mudslides Leave 13 Dead and More Unaccounted For (Photos)

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Trump Can’t Say #NeverBannon

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James Franco Grilled by Stephen Colbert Over Sexual-Misconduct Allegations

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wants to Be President Trump’s Best Friend in the Senate

In 1994, NYPD Brass Called Her Rape a ‘Hoax.’ In 2018, They Found Her Rapist.

In New York Prisons, a Crackdown… on Books

Seth Meyers Roasts Trump’s ‘Boner’ Stephen Miller

Stephen Colbert Isn’t Buying Trump’s Immigration ‘Bill of Love’

Steve Bannon in ‘Denial’ After He’s Kicked Out of Breitbart

Spend a Scary, Thrilling Night Out With Enda Walsh’s ‘Disco Pigs’

White House Official Floated Withdrawing U.S. Forces to Please Putin

Trump-Russia Dossier’s Author ‘Stopped Dealing’ With FBI After New York Times Report

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Study: More Than One in Ten Amazon Employees in Ohio Is on Food Stamps

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What Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Leaves Out: British Spies Protected Prince Philip’s Secret Life

Wanted Dead or Alive: The Frustrating, Failing Hunt for ISIS Leader Baghdadi

Trump Is Bluffing On North Korea

OMG, I Want This House, Palm Springs (Photos)

Does This Tiny Piece of Clay Mean the Bible Is True?

What Kind of Woman Works for Donald Trump?

Get Used to Saying ‘Bomb Cyclone.’

How ‘Star Wars’ Revolutionized the Toy Industry

YouTube Star Logan Paul Gained Nearly 100K Followers After Suicide Video

Three Palestinian Women Fight Islamic Misogyny in Tel Aviv

Going 10 Rounds with Sommelier Aldo Sohm

Get A Space Heater to Deal With The Post-Bomb-Cyclone Cold

The Aristocratic French Commando Who Escaped the Nazis Twice

Lena Waithe’s ‘The Chi’ Is a Sublime Portrait of Black Life in Chicago

Republicans: Instead of Whining About Jeff Sessions, Legalize Pot

Is Drinking Collagen Really the Key to Eternal Youth?

The Michelangelo Sculpture That Was Sold for Scrap

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Moonfalls & Space Carousels: Justin Peters’ Surrealist Art

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How Dinner Parties Just Might Save Independent Bookstores

Byron Katie Wants You to Ask if Everything You Know is Wrong

Young Black Girls Are Going to Rule the Screen in 2018

Fight the Polar Vortex with Brunch!

States Could Run Out Of Children’s Health Insurance Program Funding in Just Two Weeks

The Disturbing Sexual-Assault Allegations Against Oscar-Winner Paul Haggis

Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks OK With Trump Screening ‘The Post’ at White House

Troy Quadruple Murder: Family Killed Over a Christmas Xbox?

She Fought for Dignity Under the Law. She Died of Stab Wounds, Naked in the Snow.

Read the Trump Atonement That Steve Bannon Was Going to Release—Until Trump Dropped a Bomb on Him

What the Hell Is Justin Timberlake Even Doing Right Now?

Join The Daily Beast’s John Avlon in Conversation With Carl Bernstein

American Held By U.S. Military Sees and Hires Attorneys to Challenge Detention

The Week in 7 Insane Photos: January 5, 2018

Trump’s Final Death Kiss to Bannon: His New Nickname, ‘Sloppy’ Steve

The Torturer Pushing the Iran Regime’s Great Conspiracy Theory About the Popular Protests

Bannon and Trump Part Ways, as Thieves Fall Out

Trump’s Anti-Hillary Crusade Could Break the Justice Department

We Haven’t Found Alien Megacities... Yet

Donald Trump Asked ‘Where’s My Roy Cohn?’ Jeff Sessions Better Hope It’s Not Him.

The Trouble With Kirsten Gillibrand

Bannon Banished for Telling Truths About Trump as MAGA Monsters Turn on Each Other

FCC Killed Net Neutrality, Blue States Can Save It

The Worst Thing Donald Trump Says in Michael Wolff’s Book

The Official Cocktail of Winter: The Hot Toddy

Being Transgender Can Be Funny, but Not for the Reasons Dave Chappelle Thinks

Why Harvey Weinstein Won’t Be Crashing the Golden Globes

‘Black Mirror’s’ Season 4 Finale ‘Black Museum’ Offers a Horrifying Critique of American Racism

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Michael Wolff Book ‘Exonerates’ Trump on Russia

Jimmy Kimmel Tears Into Trump for Trying to Seduce Friends’ Wives: ‘Who Does That?!’

Sorry, Diddy: ‘The Four’ Is the Worst ‘American Idol’ Rip-Off Yet

Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald and Melania’s Sexless Marriage

Roger Stone’s New Gig: Lobbying for Drone Strikes in Somalia

What’s Really to Blame for Boston’s Frozen Floods

Trump Spoke to Rebekah Mercer on the Phone. Then She Knifed Steve Bannon.

President Ivanka’s First Year in Office

Sean Spicer Claims He Never ‘Lied’ for Donald Trump, Defends Him Against Steve Bannon

Republicans to Jeff Sessions: Get Your Hands Off Our Weed

The Time-Bomb in Trump’s Threat to Palestinian Funding

Why Netflix Is Making a ‘Bright’ Sequel—Minus Screenwriter Max Landis

Doug Jones’ Gay Son Carson Gave Mike Pence the Best Side-Eye of 2018

Alex Jones Turns on Steve Bannon: It Looks Like ‘He Has Organ Failure’

Yeah, There’s a ‘Bomb Cyclone’—But Shut Up About Global Warming Not Existing

Joe Manchin Tries to Repair His Relationship With Trump

Sean Hannity Gave Donald Trump a ‘Preview’ of Questions, Michael Wolff’s Bombshell Book Claims

Trump vs. Bannon: Trump Won Yesterday—but in the Long Run the Rest of Us Lose

Justice Department ‘Looking Into’ Hillary Clinton’s Emails— Again

Netflix’s Demented ‘End of the F***ing World’ Is So Perfectly Timed

Millionaire NFL Heiress Filmed in Upper East Side Brawl After Allegedly Making Anti-Semitic Remark

Blindfolded Justice: 1,000 Protesters Arrested in Iran as Unrest Continues and Prisons Fill

Why Can’t Matt Lauer Let Go of ‘Today’?

Sound-Bouncing Probiotics Will Explore the Gut Frontier

Republicans Propose Statue to Black Confederate Soldiers. Yes, Really.

The Trump-Loving, Porn-Hating Rabbi Attacking Lorde

‘Raw’ Water Is a Thing. And It’s a Scam.

Republican Lawmaker: Recognize Sovereign Citizens or Pay $10,000 Fine

If States Got LGBT-Friendlier, They Could Earn Billions

John Starks' Three Favorite Things to Eat at Madison Square Garden

California’s Pot Queen Raided Just Before State Legalizes It

Annette Bening Opens Up About Hollywood’s Sexist Past and Brighter Future

Trevor Noah Revels in Trump-Bannon War: ‘It’s Like Alien vs. Sexual Predator’

Steve Bannon Tells Michael Wolff: Trump Is ‘Not Going to Make It’

Stephen Colbert Agrees With Rupert Murdoch: Trump Is a ‘F*cking Idiot’

Sneaky Android Malware Tries to Steal Your Uber Login Details

‘War Could Start From the Private Residence’: Trump Aides Joke Away His Latest ‘Nuclear’ Tweet

Ellen DeGeneres Fires Back at Eric Trump for ‘Deep State’ Tweet: ‘Which One Is Eric?’

Joshua Boyle Charged With Assault: Was He Re-Enacting the Traumas of Taliban Captivity?

Ivanka Reveals the Truth About Trump’s Hair—And Mocks It, Too

Enraged Trump Personally Dictated Scathing Denouncement of Strategist Steve Bannon

Trump’s Tweet About Pakistan as a Terrorist Haven Was Right. But What Will He Do About It?

U.S. Convicts Turkish Banker of Violating Iran Sanctions in Scheme Said to Involve Turkey’s Leader

Like Sleight-of-Hand Magicians, Somebody in Venice Swiped the Mughals’ and Maharajas’ Gems

A Polar Vortex Expert Explains Why It’s So Freakin’ Cold

Somebody Please Explain the Morning-After Pill to Male TV Writers

What the President Doesn’t Get About the Power of Words

The President’s Unhealthy ‘Mine Is Bigger Than Yours’ Obsession Goes Nuclear

As the Death Toll Mounts, Iran’s People Have Left the Reformists Behind

Teen Charged With Murdering Her New Year’s Eve Date

Environmentalists Try a New Argument in Court: It’s Legal to Break the Law to Save the Planet

Where Will Russia Pick a Fight in 2018?

Calm Down, There’s No Impending ‘Winter Hurricane’

We Can’t Measure Pain. Is That Fueling the Opioid Crisis?

The Kafkaesque Hell of Being an Iranian Dissident Trying to Come to America

Ryan Murphy’s Outrageous ‘9-1-1’ Needs Its Own Emergency Response Team

Kiefer Sutherland Proudly Drinks Cheap Blended Scotch

Jeff Sessions’ Marijuana Adviser Wants Doctors to Drug-Test Everyone

Jimmy Kimmel Goes After ‘Maniac’ Trump for ‘Bragging About Who Has a Bigger Button’

‘The X-Files’ Returns and Continues to Disrespect Scully

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s Terrifying Kim Jong Un Nuclear ‘Button’ Tweet

Dave Chappelle Reveals His Comedy Blind Spots in New Netflix Specials

‘Time’s Up on Silence’: How Hollywood Women Are Fighting Back in 2018

Stephen Colbert Unloads on Trump’s Unhinged 2018 Tweets

Republicans Up Against the Wall on DACA

The Iran Nuclear Deal Could Be Dead in 11 Days

NBC’s ‘Today’ Is in Hoda Kotb's Debt. It Should Pay Her Back, Handsomely

Troll Who Fatally ‘Swatted’ Kansas Man Got Out of Jail Early for Bomb Threat

Donald Trump’s Drive to Block Mitt Romney From Senate Stumbles

Snapchat Blocked Guests At Its Lavish NYE Party From Posting on Snapchat

John Avlon Discusses Donald Trump, Tax Cuts, and #MeToo With Christiane Amanpour

Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon Baffle Amazon Viewers with Parody Rose Parade Coverage

Why ‘Reform’ Isn’t Enough for Iran Now

YouTube Star Logan Paul Forced to Apologize for Joking About Dead Body In 'Suicide Forest'

Joke Cryptocurrencies Like ‘Jesus Coin’ Are Making Serious Money

Americans Worked for Sanctioned Russian Fund

A Russian Blackwater? Putin’s Secret Soldiers in Ukraine and Syria

Is #MeToo a Movement or a Moment?

Obama Team Did Some ‘Extreme Vetting’ of Muslims Before Trump, New Documents Show

I Grew Up Trans in Nepal, Then Became One of Its LGBTQ Leaders

Will States Finally Dump the ‘Gay Panic’ and ‘Trans Panic’ Defenses in 2018?

Senator Al Franken’s Resignation Is Deeply Unfair

When You Die, You’ll Live on as a Robot

These Skills Will Help You Further Your Career in 2018

Kim Jong Un’s Nice Guy (With a Nuclear Button) Act

Inside the Wild ‘Bachelor’ Premiere’: Kisses, Penis Toys, and Plenty of Side-Eye

Anthony Scaramucci Is Telling Pals That Donald Trump Wants Him Back

Mariah Carey’s Miraculous New Year’s Eve Comeback Performance Saves Us All

A New Year’s Eve Last Call at Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen

Porn Industry Looks Back on One Year Under President Trump: ‘I Don’t Feel as Protected’

The Wildest Hangover Cures From Around the World

How to Watch the 2018 Rose Parade

Con Artists Eyed in Online Dating Murder

Steve Bannon Envisions Himself as a Living Huey Long to Donald Trump’s FDR

Doug Jones and Ralph Northam Need to Remember Who Elected Them

In Defense of U2 and The War on Apathy

The Toxic Loyalty of Trump's Hardcore Zealots

18-Year-Old Scotch for 2018

5 Ways to Whip ‘SNL’ Back into Shape in 2018

Why No One Can Decide Whether Eggs Are Good or Bad For You

In Little Honduras a Loyal U.S. Client, and Tyrant, Backed by Trump and the Bananan Republicans

These Are The 7 Most Mysterious Places You Should Visit in 2018

Why ‘Supergirl’ Is the Hero We Need in 2018