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Sen. Elizabeth Warren: We Need to Replace ICE ‘With Something That Reflects Our Morality’

‘Smiling’ Somali Pirate Says Jailers Have Ruined His Grin

Pass the Google Analytics Certification Exam With This Rigorous Prep Course

Porn Stars’ Instagram Accounts Targeted By Hackers: ‘I Was Locked Out’

Bill Maher Gets Played By Conservative Troll Ben Shapiro

It Is Happening Here, Trump Is Already Early-Stage Mussolini

The Kenyan Beach Town Malindi Is a Tropical Paradise—With a Mafia Problem

Mussolini’s Last Laugh: How Fascist Architecture Still Dominates Rome

Meet the Central Americans That Washington, D.C. Can’t Live Without

The PMRC’s ‘Filthy 15’ Pop Songs Are Now a Profane Celebration of Free Expression

Spinal Tap’s Derek Smalls Still Takes It All the Way to 11

Drake Exorcises His Demons on ‘Scorpion,’ an Ambitious and Angry Misfire

A Lesson for Democrats From a Republican Dethroned by the Tea Party

Stone Carver Nick Benson Gives Eternity a Run for Its Money

We’ve Had Family Separation Before—It Was Called Slavery and Jim Crow

The Bar at the Center of Atlanta’s Deadly 1906 Race Riot

The Space Kingdom of Asgardia Christens Itself in Vienna

This May Be The Shadiest Super PAC Move Ever

Abolish ICE? Not So Fast, Says Congressional Hispanic Caucus in New Talking Points.

NSA Admits It Improperly Collected a Huge Amount of Americans’ Call Records

Thugs Rough Up Reporter at Milo Yiannopoulos Event

Istanbul's Pride Parade Is Cancelled – But Not Our LGBT Pride

The Senate’s Three Black Members Introduce Bill to Finally Make Lynching a Federal Crime

Annapolis Shooter’s Symbols Set Off Frenzy of Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

Michelle Wolf Fires Back at GOP Ad Calling Her ‘Unhinged’

Organizers Behind Deadly Charlottesville Rally Are Inviting More Skinheads This Year

Trump Now Says Journalists Should Be ‘Free From Fear’ After Previously Calling Them ‘Enemies of the People’

Columbia University Student Fought Against Sexual Violence—Until He Was Charged With Child Sex Crimes

Jon Stewart Delivers Fiery Address to President Trump: ‘We Will Prevail’

Annapolis Is Numb After Shooting at ‘Everyone’s Newspaper’

Obama Breaks Silence: ‘You Are Right to Be Concerned’

‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado’ Is Much More Than a Trumpian Wet Dream

A Cyber-Security Expert Trolled the Trolls. Then One Killed Him.

Trump Will Get His Supreme Court Pick, and Democrats Will Get Revenge

Republicans Ready to Deploy Plan to Repeal Roe v. Wade

The Right Way to Shun the Trumpsters

Threats Will Not Stop the First Ever Swaziland LGBT Pride in Southern Africa

A Cocktail of Bugs and Yeast Could Make the Ultimate Biofuel

This NASA Satellite Measures the Earth’s Sweat

Can 3D Printed Homes Solve the Urban Housing Crisis?

4 Maps That Show What’s at Stake With Roe v. Wade

Alec Baldwin to Jerry Seinfeld: #MeToo Makes Me Scared to Touch My Wife

‘The Kid Is Mine’: Drake Finally Admits to Fathering a Love Child on New Album ‘Scorpion’

Michael Moore: We Have to ‘Put Our Bodies on the Line’ to Stop Trump

These Are the Victims of the Annapolis Shooting

Annapolis Shooting Suspect Jarrod Ramos Blamed Capital Gazette for Reporting on his Stalking Conviction

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Abolishing ICE: ‘Get Rid of It, Start Over’

Capital Gazette Survivor: I Don’t ‘Give a F*ck’ About Your Thoughts and Prayers

Tom Steyer Goes Big for Andrew Gillum in Florida Governor’s Race

A Foggy Mind Meets Musical: Review, ‘On a Clear Day You Can See Forever’

Robert Mueller Must Finish Investigating Before Trump Gets His Supreme Court Pick

GOP Senator on Russian Election Hack: Hey, Everyone Does It

Sean Hannity Immediately Blames Maxine Waters for ‘Capital Gazette’ Shooting

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Baby in Arms, Joins Immigration Protests on Capitol Hill

At Least Five Dead in ‘Targeted Attack’ on ‘Capital Gazette’ Newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland

Surprise! Republicans Aren’t Going to Stop a Trump Court Pick

Gizmodo Media’s Turmoil Continues: 40+ Staffers Take Buyouts

Whoopi Goldberg to Anthony Kennedy’s Replacement: ‘Get Out of My Vagina!’

Will Trump’s New SCOTUS Judge Mean the End of My Gay Marriage—and So Many Others?

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Smacks Down Rep. Jim Jordan in Tense Exchange

Trump Administration Report Warns: Separating Families Is a Lousy Idea

Pediatrician: If I Saw a Child Mistreated Like ICE Is Doing, I’d Call the Authorities

Democratic Socialists of America Membership Surges After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Stunning Victory

A Giraffe and a Dunk Tank Could Thwart ‘Unite the Right’ Rally

YouTuber Visits China, Asks Women If They Give ‘Happy Endings’

Exclusive: Pro-Trump Group, Turning Point USA, Has Finances Revealed

Jill Abramson, Ex-New York Times Editor: The ‘Narcissistic’ NYT Is Making ‘Horrible Mistakes,’ Needs a ‘Course Correction’

Jeff Flake Shopping Around for a Possible Post-Senate Cable News Gig

This Battery Powered Blender Makes Lump-Free Shakes In Under 30 Seconds

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Alain Ducasse

The FDA Just Approved a Marijuana-Based Epilepsy Drug

Will the Migrant Issue Tear Europe Apart?

How NBC Reporter Jacob Soboroff Helped Kill Trump’s Media Domination

Scott Pruitt Personally Involved in ‘Ratf*cking’ Ex-Aides Who He Feels Betrayed Him

Fans Try to Summon XXXTentacion With Ouija Boards on YouTube

SCOTUS Roulette: Everyone on Trump’s Long ‘Shortlist’ to Succeed Anthony Kennedy Is Way to the Right

America Shows Its Best Self to an Iraqi Baby Named ‘Trump’

Hugh Grant Plays a Closeted, Murderous Politician—and Is Still Charming as Hell

Anthony Kennedy Doesn’t Care Enough to Stop the Coming War on Women

Azealia Banks: Russell Crowe Is an Abusive, N-Word-Spewing Racist

How Joe Jackson Made—and Broke—Michael Jackson

Stephen Colbert Loses It Over Justice Kennedy Retirement: ‘We Are Supremely Screwed’

This Spray Will Clean Polluted Air Just As Well as Trees

Rooftop Farming Is More Than a Green Thumb’s Urban Fantasy

The Air Is So Bad in These Cities, You May as Well Be Smoking

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Filmmaker Capturing Her Rise on the ‘Movement’ the Media Missed

Tragedy in Strong Voices: ‘Girls & Boys’ and ‘Carmen Jones’

Dear GOP Senators: Don’t Give Away Your Supreme Court Vote, Democracy Hangs in the Balance

Bill Shine, Reportedly Trump’s New Comms Chief, Enforced Roger Ailes’ Reign of Sexual Misconduct at Fox, Lawsuits Claim

Rogue FBI Agent Peter Strzok Swears: I Had Nothing to Do With Spying on Carter Page

Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly Endorse Disgraced Fox News Boss Bill Shine for WH Job: It Will Be ‘Good for the Country’

Democrats Want to Fight Trump’s Supreme Court Pick. They Just Have No Power to Do It.

Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement Has Sparked a Push to Get IUDs

Blaming Protests, ICE Makes Immigrants Video Call Into Manhattan Court

Prosecutor: Pittsburgh Police Officer Had ‘No Justification’ for Killing Unarmed Black Teen

Defendants In Diapers? Immigrant Toddlers Ordered to Appear in Court Alone

Chris Matthews: ‘Hell to Pay’ If Democrats Don't Block Anthony Kennedy Replacement

With Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Gone, Abortion and LGBT Rights Are Next

Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring From the Supreme Court

Neo-Nazi Accused of Killing Protester in Charlottesville Texted, ‘We're Not the Ones Who Need to Be Careful’

Nancy Pelosi Disagrees That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Win Means Democratic Socialism Is on the Rise

Supreme Court Just Nuked the Union Movement

Lewandowski Now Claims Down-Syndrome Girl’s Mom Is ‘Potential Child Smuggler’

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Did Cops Nab the Wrong Kennedy in Teen Sex Slay?

How to Reunite Separated Kids? Start With a Court Order

How Two Kennedy Cousins Changed Their Story About a Sex Crime

Will Cops Ever Catch Martha Moxley’s Murderer?

Judge Tells Trump: Cough Up the Kids

ZTE Could Help Chinese ‘Institutes’ at Western Schools Become Surveillance Hubs

Ocasio-Cortez Win Is a Warning to Stale Democratic Leaders

Master Effective Project Management Techniques With This Lean Six Sigma Training

50 Cent Lambasted for Mocking Terry Crews’ Sexual Assault

Naples: Where All Roads Lead to Pizza

Accused Mosque Bombers Sold Bogus ‘Patriot’ Cash

Meet Anton Krasovsky, the Gay Man Running for Mayor of Moscow

Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer Fight for Credit Over Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theory

Inside the Spy Base Where the Military Will Detain Immigrants

He Was ‘Socializing’ With a White Woman—Then Ended Up Dead

The Morbid Discovery That Led to Rio’s Only Museum Dedicated to the Memory of the Slave Trade

Trump’s Travel Ban Puts America’s Brain Drain in Hyperdrive

Alison Brie’s Epic Fight to Star in ‘GLOW’ and Speak Her Mind: ‘How Do I Protect Myself?’

Is Mark Halperin Plotting a Return to TV After #MeToo Shame?

Damon Dash vs. Lee Daniels: Inside the $5 Million Battle Over a Richard Pryor Biopic

‘Daily Show’ Exposes How Trump Fans Have No Idea What ‘Space Force’ Is

Bill Clinton Defends Sarah Huckabee Sanders: I Have ‘a Lot of Respect’ for Her

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Beats Rep. Joseph Crowley in Primary Election: Who She Is and What Her Win Could Mean for Democrats

Curt Schilling Backs Pro-Trump ‘QAnon’ Conspiracy Theory

Young Progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Topples Old Boss Joe Crowley in Democratic Primary Shocker

Staten Island GOP Rejects Felonious Thug Michael Grimm, Sticks With Dan Donovan

Nazi Sympathizers Pushing to Take Over Europe’s Spy Agencies

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon Join Forces to Troll Trump

Congress on North Korea Deal: ‘We Have No Information’

Border Agent Threatened to Put Immigrant’s Daughter Up for Adoption, ACLU Says

‘Call Girl Killer’ Faces New Murder Charge for Ex’s Overdose Death

How a Spur-of-the-Moment Trip by Jeff Merkley Upended Trump’s Family Separation Policy

David Lynch Clears the Air About His Supposed Trump Endorsement

Trump Tower-Linked Russian Pop Star Releases ‘Pee Tape’ Music Video With (Fake) Trump, Ivanka, & Stormy Daniels

Immigration Attorney Says ICE Broke Her Foot, Locked Her Up

Terry Crews Delivers Powerful Testimony Against ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Supreme Court Ignores Trump’s Words, Upholds ‘Muslim Ban’

Keith Ellison Goes Off on SCOTUS Ruling ‘Tailor-Made’ for Trump’s ‘Racist, Ugly’ Policy

This Shameful Scotus Ruling Will Only Embolden Trump to Expand the Ban

Jeff Flake: I Will Block Trump Judicial Nominees Until GOP Votes on Tariffs

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This Flexible Drill Adapter Won't Let Tight Spaces Get in the Way of Your DIY Projects

Break Into The Booming Data Science Field With Tableau 10’s Step-By-Step Courses

Beer Can Supremacy: Are Beer Bottles an Endangered Species?

The Escalating Air War No One Is Watching

Trump Falls for Kim Jong Un’s Latest Bait and Switch

For Sarah Sanders and Her Lot, Shame Trumps Civility

‘Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio and Kelli Ward Are Pushing an Arizona Moderate to Play Ball With Trump on Immigration

The Uncivil War Has Officially Begun

Far-Right YouTube Stars Plan Takeover of UKIP

Occupy Protests Freeze ICE Operations From Oregon to Manhattan

National Enquirer Boss Is Building a Tabloid Death Star to Do Trump’s Bidding

Are Kanye West’s Antics Overshadowing Teyana Taylor’s Greatness?

‘The Bachelorette’s’ Thorny Predicament: Romancing an Alt-Right Troll and a Sex Offender

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Beast Inside Membership

Trump Praises Auteur David Lynch, Rips Talkers Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel at Extra-Nuts Rally

Jimmy Fallon Fires Back at Trump: Don’t Think Melania’s ‘Anti-Bullying Campaign Is Working’

Reviews: LGBT Equality and Murderous Madness in ‘Log Cabin’ and ‘Cyprus Avenue’

Seth Meyers: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Isn’t the ‘Victim,’ the Child Hostages Are

How to Kill LGBT Marriage Equality, One Wedding Cake and Bouquet of Flowers at a Time

Detention Camps on Military Bases ‘Smacks of Totalitarianism,’ Troops Say

Fox News Suspends Ex-Trump Aide David Bossie for ‘Cotton-Picking’ Remark

Seven Arrested in Caught-on-Camera Murder of Bronx Teen

Schumer Takes On Maxine Waters for Calling to Harass Trump Officials

Male Corsets and Golden Cowboy Boots: The Paris Menswear Shows Delighted In Blurring Gender

Did Childish Gambino Really Plagiarize ‘This Is America’?

Creating Biosimilars Is So Much More Than Copy and Paste

Confused Trumpkins Harass, Send Death Threats to Wrong Red Hen After Sarah Huckabee Sanders Flap

CNN Host Kate Bolduan Defends Stephen Miller From Guest Calling Him a ‘White Nationalist’

Alito and Sotomayor Slug It Out Over Discrimination Against Latino Voters

Prince William Treads a Middle East Tightrope

Joy Behar on Sarah Huckabee Sanders: You Can’t Shame the ‘Shameless’

Jason Kander, Rumored 2020 Democratic Candidate, Instead Opts to Run for Mayor

Trump’s Roach-Infested Restaurants Are Vile Compared to the Red Hen

Immigrant Parents Describe Separation in Handwritten Notes: ‘Not Knowing Anything About My Daughter Is Torture’

Take Better Photos on Any Camera With This $20 Masterclass

The Hustle Backpack Is A Kickstarter Success That’s Super Comfortable To Wear

Wife of Stone Temple Pilot Dean DeLeo Accuses Him of Domestic Violence

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Michael Lomonaco

The Border Guards Have a Choice to Make, Too

China Is Trying to Bring Down American Planes With Lasers. Time to Get Tough.

Ryan Zinke’s Interior Department Gives Law-Breaking Coal Company a Pass

Would Donald Trump Have Deported His Own Grandfather?

Liberal Group Looks to ‘Out’ James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Operatives

The Day Meghan Markle May Have to Be Polite to Donald Trump

Parkland Teenagers Taking on the World—and Winning

Prince William Commands Press Not To Tell Him Soccer Score

ABC’s Never-Ending Nightmare: First ‘Roseanne,’ Now Reality-Show Sex Abusers?

‘Westworld’ Season 2’s Insane Finale: What the Hell Just Happened?

John Oliver Calls BS on Trump’s Border Separation Executive Order: ‘You F*cking Monster’

‘Pose’ Star Billy Porter’s Epic Fight for Survival: ‘I Can Breathe Again’

Hello, Certain Disaster. We’re Ready for You: Recap, ‘The Affair’ Season 4 Episode 2

Robert Mueller Wants to Talk to Roger Stone’s Comedian Frenemy

The Nightclub King Whose Properties Were Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Hunting Ground’

Strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan Claims Victory In Turkish Elections

Kamala Harris Joins Fellow Democrats in Calling for Re-examining ICE

Jeff Flake Threatens to Block Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Fast Track Your Next Promotion With Help From Fortune 100 Executives

Ovary Freezing: The Next Frontier of Babymaking

Learn What You Need to Know About Ethereum, The Next Big Cryptocurrency

Inspired By Turkish Bathhouses, These Quick-Drying Turkish Towels Dry Fast And Feel Great

Get This Environmentally-Friendly And Weatherproof Lighter For Just $16

Why the Hollywood ‘Resistance’ Must Abandon Trump-Friendly AMI

Can Anyone Save the Baddest Boy Band Ever?

Going 10 Rounds with Top Bartender Daniel Zacharczuk

In Newtown, 8th Graders Prepare for the Next Tragedy

The Gallery Thief Who Slinked Off With a Banksy

ICE Scrapped Effective Immigration Program Because It Didn’t ‘Remove’ Enough People

A New York Political Hopeful’s Sex-Worker Fight

A Frightening Look at the Rise of Anti-Semitism in France

Thank God Donald Trump Is So Incompetent—Imagine if He Weren’t

History Lesson: Gitmo Started as a Detention Camp for Immigrants

Richard Nixon’s Secret Visit With Coretta Scott King

How Trump Could Make Church Cool Again for Millennials

How I Slipped Into Basque Country’s All-Male Eating Clubs

This Was the Week That Finally Broke Trump’s Spell

There’s a Lot of Money at Pride, but Not Necessarily in LGBT Pockets

Brie Larson and the Horny Movie Review Epidemic

Budapest Cancels ‘Billy Elliot’ Performances

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This Discounted Course Will Introduce You to The World of Data Science

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These Wireless Earbuds Are Just Like Apple AirPods – Minus The Price Tag

The Rise of Racist Porn

Beyoncé Is Our Michael Jackson: All Hail the Queen of Pop

Seth Rogen Reveals How He Dissed Paul Ryan in Front of His Kids

Bill Maher Gets Embarrassed By NRATV Host on ‘Real Time’

A Female, Punk-Rock Spin on the Slacker Movie

The Real Reasons We’re Losing the Afghanistan War

The GOP’s Racist Rot Began Long Before Trump

Why Bisexuals Feel Ignored and Insulted at LGBT Pride

The ‘Truly Awful’ End of a Mother’s American Dream

Glenn Beck’s Media Empire Implodes. Again.

Your Ultimate Guide to Spain’s Fairy Tale Castles

Anthony Bourdain’s Greatest Triumph Was Calling B.S. on French Food

Mars Is Passe. Venus Is the Real Next Frontier

In Japan, Your Smile is Being Recorded: Take This Job and Love It—Or Else

Meghan Markle Plays the Royal Fashion Long Game

How ‘Contagion’ Pushed Hollywood to Get Science Right

Where Are All the Savory Donuts?

Contractor Won’t Say How Many Detained Immigrant Kids It’s Transporting

NFL Cheerleader: I Was Forcibly Duct-Taped Because I Was ‘Skinny Fat’

Tom Arnold in Bonkers MSNBC Interview: Michael Cohen Knows Trump ‘Does Not Care About Him’

Cries of Immigrant Kids Will Follow Trump Officials, Activists Promise

Democratic Senate Candidate Arrested at Texas Detention Center While Trying to Deliver Toys and Food

John Roberts Sides With Supreme Court’s Liberals to Save Your Digital Privacy

‘We’re Coming for Them’: Survivors Demand Release of 884-Page Pennsylvania Clergy Sex Abuse Report

MSNBC Host Stephanie Ruhle Shames ‘Fox & Friends’ Immigration ‘Propaganda’

‘Fox & Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Defends Family Separations: ‘These Aren’t Our Kids’

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The Roots of Punk Drinking Songs

China’s Looming Land Grab in Outer Space

Australia Is Freaking Out Over ‘Fortnite’

Confused, Crying, Begging for Mom: Trump’s Separation Up Close

Obama Immigration Vet Cecilia Munoz: ‘The Choices Are All Terrible’

5-Year-Old in Family Detention Camp Tells Mom: This Is Hell

Hippies, Crocs, and a Terrifying Cliff—Hiking One of the World’s Deadliest Trails in Hawaii

Convicted Felon Michael Grimm Is More Popular Than the Pope to Some Staten Island Voters

ISIS Is Beaten. But Iraq Is Still Hell for LGBT+ People.

How Did Jeffrey Epstein, Trump and Clinton's Pal, Escape #MeToo?

Paul McCartney’s Extraordinary Carpool Karaoke Tour of Liverpool With James Corden

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Proves the Dinosaur Franchise Should Go Extinct

How the ‘Queer Eye’ Cast Found God—And Acceptance—in Trump’s America

What Happened to Ryan Phillippe’s Brutal Assault Allegations?

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Fox News Over Melania Trump Jacket Hypocrisy

‘Queen of the South’: A Mexican Drug Cartel Telenovela in the Age of Trump

Trump Family Faceplants as They Dive Into the Immigration Debate

Stephen Colbert Fires Back at Melania Trump’s ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Jacket: ‘We Do’

Republicans: Trump Undermined Us on Immigration. Again.

Idina Menzel and a Gay Fashion Designer’s Age-Gap Relationship in ‘Skintight’

Charles Krauthammer’s Quiet Contribution to Our Understanding of Bipolar Disease

‘Worse Than the Devil’: ‘Torture House’ Parents to Stand Trial on Dozens of Abuse Charges

GOP Congressman Mike Coffman to Trump: Fire Stephen Miller Now

Trump’s New Plan for Immigrants: Jail Them on Military Bases

XXXTentacion’s Alleged Killer Boasted Online After Slaying: ‘Don’t Piss Me Off’

‘Unite the Right’ to Take Its Nazi Roadshow to D.C.

Fox News Defends Ivanka Trump’s Public Silence on Family Separation

Corey Lewandowski’s ‘Womp Womp’ Co-Opted by 4Chan, Daily Stormer, Reddit

Cynthia Nixon Bristles at Trump Comparisons on ‘The View’

Exclusive: Airline Flies Snowbirds to Mexico, Deports Immigrants for ICE

Mystery Attack Ads Paint Anti-Abortion Congressman as Planned Parenthood Advocate

Melania Heads to Mexican Border to Clean Up Trump’s Mess

Nonprofit Execs Rake in Cash From Child Detention Center Funding

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‘Zombie’ Cover Makes $250,000 for Dolores O’Riordan’s Kids

Kim Kardashian: I Don’t Take Selfies Anymore

The MS-13 and Illegal Immigration Movie That President Trump Needs to See

My Pal Andy Goodman’s Murder Made Him a Civil Rights Martyr

Fans Turn on Dog-Themed Twitter Account That Barks at Racism

Trump Locks Up Immigrant Kids, but Not Bankers or Polluters

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Your Reputation Is Officially Donezo

Trump Caves on His Cruel Family Separation Policy. The Trumpists Don’t Care.

There’s a New ‘Opportunity’ to Talk Peace With the Taliban

Climate Change Sparked the Border Migration Crisis

The World’s Beating a Path to Putin’s Door, and Not Just Because of Soccer

Samantha Bee: ‘Mommy and Me Jails’ Are Not the Answer

Seth Meyers Tears Into Trump For Playing the Hero With Executive Order

Ex-CIA Contractor Makes Millions Flying Immigrant Kids to Shelters

If Moderate Muslims Are Asked to Condemn Extremists, Where Are Moderate Christians on Jeff Sessions?

Stephen Colbert Rips Heartless Trump for Leaving Migrant Families Separated

Pete Davidson Confirms Engagement to Ariana Grande: ‘I Feel Like I Won a Contest’

Twitter Suspends Reporters and Others Sharing Article With Stephen Miller’s Phone Number

Kanye West Ripped Off Her Work. Then Came the ‘Hateful Messages.’

Jake Tapper Trolls Trump’s Immigration ‘Surrender’

The Queen Will Meet Trump on His U.K. Visit, U.S. Ambassador Confirms

Trump’s Family Separation Order Does Nothing for Families He Already Broke Up

World’s Best Restaurant Awards Are Kind of the Worst

Rosetta Stone’s App Introduces a Whole New Suite Of Tools To Learn New A Language

Trump Stops Separating Immigrant Families After Claiming He Couldn’t

How to Help Immigrant Families at the Border

It’s Not Easy to Fight Extremists if You’re Called One: Why the SPLC Had to Pay Maajid Nawaz $3.375 Million

Here’s What You Should Know About Family Separations

Remains of Civil War Soldiers Found in ‘Limb Burial Pit’ Tell Tale of Bloody Battle

President Obama Finally Weighs In on Trump’s Family-Separation Policy

DHS Deporting Women Without Asking If They’re Afraid to Go Home, Advocate Says

Rob Rogers, Fired for His ‘Angry’ Trump Cartoons, Fires Back

DSA Says They’re Coming After More Trump Officials After Ruining Kirstjen Nielsen's Dinner

Transgender Rights Faces Its Biggest Test—In Massachusetts

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Europe Wants to Ban You From Uploading Your Favorite Meme

This App Helps You Collaborate Better With Project Management Roadmaps

Kate and William's Baby Prince Louis to Be Christened, Date Announced

Steve Schmidt: Why I Quit the ‘Vile’ Republican Party

XXXTentacion and Nas’ Unspoken Horrors: How Music Fans Keep Failing Women

New England Chowder: The King of Soups

Why the GOP’s Politics of Fear Will Fail

Sessions Is Right That Separating Families Isn’t Like the Nazis. It’s Like Slave Owners.

The ‘Irreparable Harm’ of Ripping Immigrant Kids From Their Parents

How the Koch Brothers Are Fighting the Opioid Crisis

Immigrant Girl in Viral Photo Was Reunited With Her Mom

Steve Bannon, Cardinal Burke, Minister Salvini, and the Plot to Take Down Pope Francis

Did Putin Buy the World Cup? The FBI’s Not Saying—Yet

XXXTentacion Murder Theories Gain Ground As Friends, Family Seek Answers

‘The Staircase’ Director Addresses the Netflix Series’ Mysteries: From Owl Theory to a Scandalous Affair

SNL’s Michael Che Mocks Trump at Netflix Event: ‘Wish We Had Crack as an Excuse’

Poor Medical Care in ICE Custody Is Fatal, New Report Finds

Stephen Colbert to Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Either Defend ‘Kids in Cages’ or Quit

Senate Could Screw Over the Military’s Afghan Interpreters

Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani to Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale: ‘Keep Quiet’

Trump to House GOP: Ivanka Wants You to End My Family-Separation Policy

Democrats Torn on Whether to Negotiate With Trump Over Family-Separation Policy

Why is the Red Cross AWOL at the Border?

Tucker Carlson’s Immigration Rants Sound a Lot Like White Nationalism, Experts Say

The State Department Had a ‘Family Travel’ Q&A. It Went Just as You’d Expect.

Bernie ‘Fan’ Turned Pro-Trump Millennial Harlan Hill Joins Michael Grimm’s Campaign

Cop in Sterling Brown Stun-Gun Arrest Mocked Him on Social Media: Lawsuit

Kevin Costner Condemns Trump’s Border Separation Policy: ‘I’m Not Recognizing America Right Now’

Meghan McCain Echoes Samantha Bee on Immigrant Kids: ‘Where Is Ivanka?’

Fox Entertainment Icons: We’re ‘Disgusted’ to Work With Same Company as Fox News

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions Want to Break Us—We Must Say No

Is ‘the T’ the Queer TV Show We’ve All Been Waiting For?

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BAFTA Introduces Diversity Requirements for Award Nominees

The Life and Death of XXXTentacion: Abuse, Homophobia and Hip-Hop

Hopeful at Last, a Soviet ‘Closed City’ Is Now Wide Open For Putin’s World Cup

Kyle MacLachlan’s Toughest Role: Winemaker

Doctors Might Stop UTIs From Ever Happening Again

Midterm Elections 2018: The Conservatives Who Want the GOP to Lose This Fall

QAnon, the Crazy Pro-Trump Conspiracy, Melts Down Over OIG Report

The DEA Is Worried Sick About Touching Contaminated Drug Money

Erik Prince: I ‘Cooperated’ With Mueller

Meghan Markle’s Dad Got $10,000 for Interview

‘The Proposal’ Premiere: ABC’s Latest Speed-Dating Nightmare Is ‘The Bachelor’ on Steroids

Inside an Alleged Abusive Emo ‘Sex Cult’: ‘None of These Poor Girls Could Say No’

Jimmy Kimmel Taunts Ted Cruz Over Detained Immigrant Kids During Basketball Loss

Laura Ingraham: Immigrant Kids’ Detention Centers ‘Essentially Summer Camps’

CIA Coder Charged With Massive WikiLeaks Dump

The Child Gulag Archipelago

Kellyanne Conway, Hearing the Cries of Detained Immigrant Kids, Stands by Donald Trump’s Family-Separation Policy

Pentagon Salutes Trump, Cancels ‘Wargames’ With South Korea

The Must-See ‘Othello’ at Shakespeare in the Park; Racism and Power in ‘Pass Over’

Is Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Against Space Law?

Seth Meyers: If You Support Trump’s Border Policy, You Should ‘Resign in Disgrace’

Stephen Colbert Torches Kirstjen Nielsen for Defending Border Separation Policy

This Mom’s Story Proves the White House Lied About Family Separation at the Border

Newspapers Become Lobbyists as They Try to Save Their Industry From Trump’s Tariffs

‘No Justice at All’: Class-Action Lawsuit Says Austin Officials Failed Female Rape Victims

Nielsen: Undocumented Parents ‘Are by Definition Criminals’

Dennis Rodman Defends Kim Jong Un to Howard Stern: ‘He Didn’t Create This Bullsh*t’

Iran’s Alleged Israeli Spy: A Former Cabinet Member Once Jailed for Drug Smuggling

‘Fox & Friends’ Defends Trump’s Family Separation Policy

Forget Nukes. Will Kim Jong Un Pull Back His Big Guns?

Detention Officer Allegedly Sexually Assaulted 4-Year-Old Girl, Threatened to Deport Her Mom

Supreme Court Allows GOP’s Extreme Gerrymandering to Stand

Ann Coulter Smears Immigrant Children as ‘Child Actors’

Gayle King Decries ‘Inhumane’ Family Separations: ‘The Statue of Liberty Is Weeping’

‘Bao’: Pixar’s First Female Short Film Director, Domee Shi, on Her Love Letter to Immigrant Moms

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: ‘We Will Not Apologize’ for Family Separation Policy

How Precision Medicine Is Targeting Cancer At Its Source

Protect Your Drains Without Getting Your Hands Dirty With This $18 Tool

My Nicaragua Motorcycle Diary: Racing Through a Revolution

Trump’s Immigration Goon Squad Pretends to Be Police in NYC

Going 10 Rounds With Top Bartender Joseph Boroski

Is Trump Heading Back to ‘Fire and Fury’ With Kim?

My Client Escaped Rape and Violence. Jeff Sessions Would Have Closed the Door on Her.

Nigeria’s Human Traffickers Are Working the World Cup

Delegation From Mueller-Scrutinized Cyprus Gets Sweet Deal at Trump’s D.C. Hotel

The Migrant Boys on the Borderline

Attention, Democrats and Donors: Defend Mueller Now—or Kiss Your Country Goodbye

Gym Rats Are at Risk of This Once-Obscure Kidney Injury

Far-Right Media Falsely Claim Britain Sent Anti-Muslim Activist to ‘Muslim Prison’

Kim Jong Un More Popular Than Pelosi Among Republicans: Exclusive Poll Results

‘Queer Eye’s’ Groundbreaking Trans and God Episodes Just Made This Show Important

Beijing Is Holding U.S. Citizens ‘Hostage’ in China

Meghan Markle’s Dad Thomas Markle Finally Speaks Out

Sandra Bullock Opens Up About Harvey Weinstein: ‘I Was Afraid of Him’

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Chris Matthews Tells Colbert Trump-Kim Summit Is ‘Not Going to Work’

Jimmy Kimmel Nails Fox News for Calling Trump and Kim ‘Two Dictators’

‘Incredibles 2’ Is an Action-Packed Ode to Parenthood in the Face of Technology

Trump’s Reality-Show Presidency Makes Good TV, and Very Bad Diplomacy

Dennis Rodman Breaks Down Weeping in Insane Interview About Kim Jong Un

Trump Calls Kim Jong Un Meeting ‘My Honor’ in Historic Singapore Summit

Stephen Colbert Calls Out ‘Douchebag’ Trump for Blowing Up G7 Summit

Trump’s Lawyers Plot Joint Defenses With Others Caught in Mueller Probe

Alec Baldwin Thinks He Could ‘Absolutely’ Beat Trump in 2020

Fox News’ Shep Smith Snarks at Trump’s Trudeau Feud: ‘Maybe We Need a Northern Wall’

Robert De Niro Follows ‘F*ck Trump’ With Apology to Canada

Trump-Kim Negotiations are Going Down to the Wire on Details

Please, Conservatives, Speak Out Against This Horrific Border Policy

The GOP Loves Diplomacy—When It’s Not a Democrat Doing It

New Jersey GOP Candidate Running for Seat in Danger of Flipping: ‘Diversity Is a Bunch of Crap and Un-American’

Key Democrat Calls on American Medical Association to Back Mandatory Opioid Education

The Supreme Court Just Let Ohio Commit a Massive Purge of Its Voters

Inside North Korea’s Shocking Museum of American War Atrocities

Rose McGowan: Don’t Blame Asia Argento for Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide

Trump’s Character Is Our Destiny. We Must Recognize That Horror.

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Cosby’s Neighbor Is a Crumbling 110-Room Palace Pillaged by One of the Nuttiest Preachers in Evangelical History

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‘The Worst Place Ever’ Is ICE’s Etowah County Detention Center in Alabama

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Secretive Church Accused of Beating the Devil Out of Congregants Is Caught Up in New Scandal

Slain U.S. Soldier Was on a Mission to Take Back Somali Territory from Terrorists

Unknown Hacker Broke Into John Kelly’s Email

Charles Krauthammer’s Courageous Farewell

Lobbyist Touted NatGeo Exec’s Right-Wing Bonafides to Score Meeting With Pruitt

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Michelle Wolf: Bill Clinton Owes Monica Lewinsky an ‘Oral’ Apology

Mueller Indicts Manafort and His Shadowy Russian Partner, Konstantin Kilimnik

No One Is Too Big for Depression

Anthony Bourdain Showed Us a Better World

Roger Stone Encouraged Trump to Pardon Marcus Garvey

House Democrats Seek Criminal Investigation into Scott Pruitt

Celebrities, Chefs, and Fellow Travelers React to Anthony Bourdain’s Death

Anthony Bourdain Was American Cool

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Report: Matt Lauer Could Quit the Hamptons

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Why Politicians Don’t Just Say, ‘Yes, I F*cked Up’

Can Voters Bring Down Turkey's Erdogan?

President Trump Is What Happens After Republicans Spend Decades Rebranding Knowledge as Elitism and Ignorance as Bliss

The Coolest Distillery to Visit in Israel

Hurricanes Are Now So Violent That We May Need a New Category

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Toni Collette Didn’t Want to Scare You Sh*tless in ‘Hereditary.’ But She Will.

John Bolton’s New Top Aide Is a Russia Truther

Trevor Noah Destroys ‘Low-Level Grifter’ Scott Pruitt: ‘How Cheap Can You Be?’

New Book: Trump Team, Not Deep State, Revealed Flynn’s Talks With Russians

Scott Pruitt Made Public Servants Fetch His Protein Bars and Greek Yogurt

Cop Thought It Was Drugs. It Was a Teen Coping With Autism: Lawsuit

House GOP Leaders, Moderates on Collision Course Over Immigration

Famed NYC Private School Dalton Sued for Alleged Sexual Abuse by Ex-Headmaster

There’s No Good Reason for Scott Pruitt to Still Have a Job

Trump Administration Wants to Release U.S. Citizen Enemy Combatant In Syria

The Original Donald Trump Super PAC Just Announced a Curious Reimbursement

Meghan and Harry ‘Staying at Irish Castle’ on Mini Honeymoon

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Paul Dacre, the Controversial British Newspaper Editor Blamed for Brexit, Announces Retirement

Peter Stringfellow, London’s Answer to Hugh Hefner, Dies at 77

No One Is Excited About Starbucks Founder Howard Schultz Running for President

Ex-White House Press Secretaries Agree: Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Lies Hurt America

Italy’s New Government Goes Full Trump

Not All Fish Puts You at Risk of Mercury Poisoning

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Is Kim Jong Un’s Military Reshuffle a Shrewd Hoax?

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We Need Mr. Rogers Now More Than Ever. But Do We Deserve Him?

Ronal Francisco Romero Died in Agony in ICE Custody. Now His Family Is Preparing to Sue.

Stephen Colbert Drops Kellyanne Conway Diss Track: ‘My Desire Is That You Retire’

Samantha Bee Addresses the Ivanka Trump Backlash: ‘Sorry for Breaking America’

The Hidden Devil in ‘The Great Gatsby’: Review of ‘Dan Cody’s Yacht’

Ex-Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters Unloads on Sean Hannity

House Republicans Prepare for ‘Cage Match’ Over Fate of Dreamers

Trump Has Weighed Golfing With Kim Jong Un if Singapore Summit Goes Well

Revealed: New Links Between Harvey Weinstein and Marchesa, His Wife’s Fashion Label

If Trump Won’t Proclaim Pride Month, Let’s Proclaim LGBT Rage Month Instead

Kate Spade and the Troubling Rise in Female Suicides

Stormy Daniels Says Michael Cohen Told Melania Daniels Was a Liar

Samantha Bee Touted ‘Free, Creative Landscape’ at TBS Before ‘Feckless C*nt’ Crackdown

National Security Council Contractor Arrested at White House Held a Security Clearance

Mira Sorvino on Harvey Weinstein Indictment: ‘He’s Raped Many People That I Love’

Five Charged in Death of Developmentally Disabled Man Found Encased in Concrete

Sean Hannity and Seb Gorka Are Going to Singapore for Trump’s North Korea Summit

Disney World Employee Arrested in Child-Porn Sting

Republicans Move to Oust Charlottesville Marcher After Daily Beast Report

Bernie Sanders: ‘Absolutely’ a Mistake for DNC Chair to Endorse Cuomo

This Course Bundle Will Help You Develop Strong Google Marketing Skills

Kate Spade's Sister Says She Feared Damaging Her Image by Admitting Depression

Harry and Meghan Tipped to Overshadow Queen’s Birthday

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Women Surge on Night of Electoral Firsts as California Long Vote Count Gets Underway

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Congo’s Looting and Killing Machine Moves Into High Gear

How Soon Will China’s Dark Sword Stealth Drone Be Airworthy?

The Cutting Edge: Becoming a Knife Master

This Top Doctor Says Transgender Hormone Therapy Is Safe

The Magical and Mysterious Floating Uros Islands of Peru

Drill Music’s Leading Lady on the Deadly Violence Plaguing Her Community

Time’s Up for Comeback Kids Charlie Rose and Bill Clinton

White House ‘Game of Thrones’ Elevates Newbie to Run Cybersecurity

Trump Transition Team Goes to War Over Rogue FBI Agent

Steve Mnuchin Blacked Out Schedule on Days of Controversial Trips

How to Get Donald Trump to Tweet Your Book: A User’s Guide

Anne Hathaway Steals ‘Ocean’s 8.’ If Only the Rest Was as Much Fun.

Democrats Flip a Missouri Seat, the 42nd State Legislative Pickup Since Trump’s Inauguration

National Security Council Contractor Arrested at White House for Attempted Murder

Stephen Colbert Grills Bill Clinton Over ‘Tone-Deaf’ Monica Lewinsky Answer

The Persecution of Kelly Marie Tran: How ‘Star Wars’ Fandom Became Overrun By Alt-Right Trolls

What I Saw on RFK’s Funeral Train 50 Years Ago Today

‘Exposing Lowlifes’: Suspect Posted Disturbing YouTube Videos Before Arizona Killing Spree

Trump Fumbles His Way Through Anti-Eagles ‘Celebration of America’

Miss America’s Middle Finger to Trump-Era Sexism in Pageantry: Bye Bye, Swimsuits

How Kate Spade Changed Women’s Fashion—and Made Us Smile

WSJ Editor-in-Chief Leaves to Host Show on Pro-Trump Fox Business Network

South Carolina Mayor Shamelessly Shares Anti-Muslim Facebook Memes

Never Mind Masterpiece Cakeshop—Worry About Sessions and Trump

Keith Ellison Leaving Congress, Running for Minnesota Attorney General

How That Journalist's Faked Murder Exposed Russia’s Gangsters and Spies

Jill Stein Finally Reveals How She’s Been Spending Recount Money

Kate Spade’s Friend on Her Suicide: ‘There Is No Place Lonelier Than the Top’

Trump’s Lawyer: We’ll Take Summer Zervos Case All the Way to the Supreme Court

David Hogg’s Florida Home ‘Swatted’ by Prank Hostage Call

Fox News Uses Photos of Eagles Praying to Falsely Attack Them for Kneeling During Anthem

Get Better Sleep And Increase Productivity With This White Noise Machine

10 Father's Day Gifts For Every Type of Dad and Every Price Point

Ariana Grande: I Feel Guilty Saying It but I Have PTSD

‘Younger’ Grows Up: Sutton Foster on Season 5’s #MeToo Movement

Tesla Veterans Reveal Fires, Accidents, and Delays Inside Elon Musk’s Company

Jim Jefferies: Samantha Bee Should Have ‘Stuck to Her Guns’

Yes, I’d Go to Trump’s Ramadan Dinner, After He Apologizes to Nearly Everybody in America

Poop Is the Last Frontier of the Human Body

Last Year’s Hurricane Season Was Bad. The Future Might Be Worse.

A ‘Suicide’ Mission: White House and GOP Leadership Fear New Obamacare Repeal Push

Shot Fired as Rappers Tekashi 6ix9ine and Chief Keef Appear to Take Online Beef Into Real Life

Charlottesville Hate Marcher Elected by Republican Party

Could ‘Roseanne’ Come Back Without Roseanne?

Stephen Colbert Mocks Melania Trump’s Disappearance: ‘This Is Just Weird’

It’s Not the Lava That Made Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Eruption So Deadly

The Secrets of Tiananmen Square—and a Game of Basketball: Review of ‘The Great Leap’

‘I Would Hire a New Lawyer’: GOP Senators Shred Rudy Giuliani for Claiming President Can’t Obstruct Justice

Keith Ellison Is Seriously Considering a Run for Attorney General in Minnesota

Inside Wikistrat, the Mysterious Intelligence Firm Now in Mueller’s Sights

All the Times Zuckerberg Fibbed About Privacy

Rudy Giuliani Is Trump’s Lawyer, Spokesman, and Now a Top Political Adviser

Suspect in Gruesome Arizona Killing Spree Linked to Six Slayings, Wanted to ‘Right Some Wrongs’

New York’s Sex Workers Rally to Take Back International Whores Day: ‘Let Us Survive’

U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell Is Pushing the Bannon Agenda (and Maybe Trump’s, Too) in Germany

Michigan State Rocked by Another Scandal: This Time It’s Bestiality

No, Conservatives, Rod Blagojevich Is Not a Sympathetic Figure

Bill Clinton’s #MeToo Defense Is Shocking

The Law Is Not Up to Donald Trump. It May Be Up to Merrick Garland.

Supreme Court Sides With Anti-Gay Baker. It’s Not a Loss for LGBT Equality.

Kim Jong Un Can Leave North Korea for the Trump Singapore Summit, but Can He Go Back?

Bill Clinton Meltdown on Monica Lewinsky Scandal: I Did the Right Thing

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Netflix’s ‘The Staircase’ Is the True-Crime Epic of the Summer

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Pro-Trump Author Says CIA Has Plan to Kill the President

Going 10 Rounds With Top Bartender Haley Traub

John Oliver Blasts Trump’s White House Meeting With North Korea: ‘A Propaganda Coup’

Want to Make School Great Again? Fund Arts Education.

Russia’s Experimental Arsenal Takes to Syria’s Skies

In Michigan's Bellwether Macomb County, the Democrats Aren’t Breaking Through Yet

Not Much Passes the 100-Year Test. Will Trump?

Female Comics Stand With Samantha Bee and Michelle Wolf: ‘Feckless C*nts’ Deserve Criticism

TV’s Women Are Angrier Than Ever. Marti Noxon Is Leading the Revolution.

FBI Probes Hack of Elliott Broidy, the Republican Operative at the Center of Scandal After Scandal

Jon Stewart: ‘Let’s Be Honest,’ Democrats ‘Don’t Really Give a F*ck About Russia’

Jon Stewart Defends Samantha Bee: Trump Doesn’t ‘Give a Sh*t About the Word C*nt’

Rudy Giuliani Says President Trump Couldn’t Even Be Indicted for Murder

Gonzo Reporter Says at Least Trump Makes the End of America Entertaining

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Amy Schumer Debuts New Jokes on Weinstein, Cosby: ‘Why Not #MeToo?’

Meet ‘Fraver,’ King of Broadway’s Most Memorable Posters

Roy Cohn's Diabolical Magnetism

How A Podcast Came To Lead the Mutant Resistance

Rosey Grier: The Lineman Who Tried to Save RFK—And Voted for Trump

Off The Tourist Track, Nepal Still Scarred By The Quake

Why Has ‘Transgender’ Become a Trigger Word for YouTube?

A Non-Believer’s Road Trip Through God's Country

Can Lessons from Vesuvius Help Hawaii?

Donald Trump’s Presence Looms Large in ‘Pose,’ FX’s Transgender Drama Series

The Big Heart of America’s Smallest Pride Festivals

The NDA Protected Our Predator. I’m Breaking My Silence, Because Women Deserve Better.

How Cuba Helped Make Venezuela a Mafia State

White House Lawyers Say Trump Wrote Misleading Response to Trump Tower Meeting

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Porn Industry Fires Back at Rep. Diane Black: Don’t Blame Us for School Shootings

Kanye West’s New Album ‘Ye’ Is a Colossal Letdown

Bill Maher Rips Right-Wing ‘Snowflakes’ for Equating Him With Roseanne

Synthetic Weed Is Back, Bigger Than Ever, and Scary as Hell

Four Hollywood It Boys Stage the Dumbest $12 Million Heist in U.S. History

MH370 Didn’t Just Disappear, It Was Caught in a Swamp of Corruption

He Stole Priceless Old Masters. His Mom Destroyed Them—And Him

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