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Ted Cruz Edges Out Ben Carson In 2016 Straw Poll

Is Herman Cain Running In 2016?

Held at Gunpoint by Ukraine Rebels

Here are the Taliban Terrorists Obama Released to Free POW Bowe Bergdahl

Ted Cruz Mocks Gun Control Advocates

Jack White Apologizes For Trashing Meg White, Adele, The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey, Etc.

Conservative Senator Kicks Tea Party to the Curb

Egyptian Tomb-Robbing Market Explodes on eBay

The Queen of the Playboy Centerfolds

The Stacks: Gordie Howe, Hockey’s Greatest War Horse

The First-World Anarchist’s Guide to Weddings

How The NRA Will Get You the Sexy Girl and Give You Your Schwerve Back

Somaly Mam, This Is What a Real Trafficking Victim Says

The Next UNESCO World Heritage Site: Burgundy’s Pinot Noir Country?

The Secret History of the 2nd Amendment

Does Porn Cause Brain Shrinkage In Men?

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, May 31, 2014

Week in Photos: May 31, 2014

Common: Maya Angelou ‘Touched My Soul’

Vintage Photos of Gay Pride and Love from 1900-1960

The Foodie Capital of Canada

How Wikipedia Is Like Your Doctor

The App Bringing Out The Worst in Washington’s Gays

The Ghastly ‘Maleficent’ and Why It’s Time For Hollywood to Kill the Dark Reboot

Dear Charlize Theron and Gwyneth Paltrow: Googling Yourself Isn’t “Rape” or “War”

Rihanna, Grace Coddington, Kendall Jenner, and More Stars Banned From Instagram

The Rot Among the Rebels in Ukraine

RNC Chair Tweets Picture Of Maryland's Democratic Governor

Exclusive: The True Story Behind Alice Cooper’s ‘Chicken Incident’ and the Birth of ‘Shock Rock’

VA Scandal: How a General Lost Command

Donald Trump Is Still A Birther

Joni Ernst’s Controversial Comments on Santa Barbara Won’t Actually Hurt Her With Voters

GOP Says "Hey Ladies" But Little Else About Winning Women

Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Power Couple

Is Iran’s Missing General, Ali Reza Asgari, Living in the United States?

‘No Drama’ Obama Finally Takes Charge and Sacks Shinseki

Can This Device Save You From Food Poisoning?

Texas’s Other Sam Houston

‘Michelle Will Not Run For Office’: Obama's Daytime TV Confessional

Viral Video of the Day: Spelling Bee Show-Stealer Eliminated

Immigrants Rush the Spanish Border (PHOTOS)

Suki Waterhouse Lands Major Movie Role; Giambattista Valli Launches Second Ready-to-Wear Line

It’s a T-I-E at the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee (PHOTOS)

House Votes to End Medical Weed Raids

The Neuroscience of My Gay Dad/Mom Brain

The Tiananmen Square Museum That’s Shocking China’s Tourists

The First Modern School Shooter Feels Responsible for the Rest

As Parents We’re All Gun Violence Cowards

How Barack and Michelle Have Normalized Black Prominence

One Breakdown Can Mean Losing Your Kid Forever

From Angelina Jolie to Emily Blunt, the Best & Worst Dressed of the Week

Inside the Cult of CrossFit

Forget The Pill, IUD Is The New Queen of Birth Control

Brazil’s World Cup Is An Expensive, Exploitative Nightmare

Libertarianism 3.0: Koch And A Smile

California's Wildest Right Wing Contender For Governor

The Prince and The Pauper; My College Roommate became an Oligarch

‘Clueless’: How the Greatest Clique of the ‘90s Transformed into a Shakespearean Tragedy

Louie’s Elevator Romance: Can Love Exist Without Sex?

Stop Being So Surprised By the Rise of Iggy Azalea

‘Halt and Catch Fire’ and AMC’s Push to Reset Dramas

OMG, I Want This House: Paris (Photos)

The Town Where Your Sex Toy Could Land You in Jail

Kim and Kanye's Irish Honeymoon Details Revealed!

SB Shooting Prompts Question: Should Parents of Mentally Ill Adults Be Able To Commit Them?

SpaceX’s Dragon V2 Will Land Exactly Where It Wants To

Duck Dynasty Star Praises Monogamy To Republicans

Sarah Palin Moved to Tears in Louisiana

No, PETA, Cow Milk Does Not Cause Autism

Hollywood Chief Joins Bryan Singer in Bid to Dismiss Sex Case

Iran Is Using a Neocon to Hack Its Foes

Will Congress Back Medical Marijuana?

Influential Conservative Behind Housing Complaint Targeting GOP Senator

Conservatives Flocking To Ben Carson Fan Club

Jailed Italian Crime Boss Says Mafia Helped Berlusconi Government

An Ethereal Time Lapse

Arthur Chu: No More 'Bystander Effect'

A Coffin Convoy to Russia

Mariah Carey Is the Last of the Traditional Divas

‘Brave Miss World’: Linor Abargil on Her Journey From Rape Victim to Beauty Queen to Activist

Richard Prince Goes Meta on Instagram

An Analysis of Vitalii Sediuk’s Pranks (He’s the Guy Who Touched Brad Pitt)

Somaly Mam And The Cult of Glamourized Victimhood

Jackie Kennedy’s Return to Arlington

Abandon Hope All Ye Tried in Japan

The U.S. Economy Had a Hiccup, Not a Heart Attack, This Year

Why Dems Are Tripping Over Each Other to Push The V.A. Chief Out

Scout Willis Protests Instagram With Topless Photos; Adriana Lima Allegedly ‘Hooked Up’ With Justin Bieber in Cannes

The War on Shinseki

Viral Video of the Day: BASE Jumping Dog

Awful but True: Pings Were Not From Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Spies, Cash, and Fear: Inside Christian Money Guru Dave Ramsey’s Social Media Witch Hunt

How I’ll End the War: Making Collage Art With Afghan Students

The Mmuseumm is New York’s Tiniest and Weirdest Museum

As Obama Draws Down, Al Qaeda Grows in Afghanistan

Poland’s Warmed-Over Cold Warrior

Assad Expels Aid Groups as Syria Starves

Obama’s $5 Billion Counterterrorism Fund Already in Trouble in Congress

Pharrell’s ‘GIRLS’ Exhibit Stars...Pharrell?

O.J., Martha, Jagger, and Manson: Capturing Celebrities in the Dock

Celebrities in Court: 50 Years of Courtroom Illustrations

Lupita Nyong’o’s ‘Acceptable Blackness’ and the Myth of a Post-Racial Hollywood

Vergara v. California: The Most Important Court Case You’ve Never Heard Of

Joe the Plumber’s ‘Dead Kid’ Callousness

Valerie Plame: Kabul CIA Station Chief’s Outing Was ‘Colossally Stupid’

Will Republicans Finally Win Back the Senate in 2014?

CNN ’60s Series Looks at How the Kennedy-Nixon Debate Changed TV

The Most Random Old TV Stars to Appear on ‘Mad Men’

Seth MacFarlane’s ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ Is Yet Another Failed Spoof

Take Your Slip and Shove It

Silicon Valley’s Soft Sex Ban

Dakota Fanning on ‘Night Moves,’ Climate Change, and Hollywood’s Poor Treatment of Women

Kate Middleton's History of Flesh-Flashing Wardrobe Malfunctions

Renewables Can Make Fossil Fuel More Efficient

Art Goes High-Tech at These Four Innovative Exhibits

Fish on Wheels, Digital Pet Babysitters, and More of the Summer’s Best Kickstarters

VA Admits Fraud Is ‘Systemic’

Hillary Clinton Rival Martin O’Malley Headed to Iowa

Sarah Palin Tries To Sway Garden State Republicans In A Primary

Mitch McConnell’s Big Obamacare-Kynect Lie

One Direction’s ‘Joint’ Isn’t the Problem, the Racial Epithet Is

WW2 And Korean Veterans Fade From U.S. Politics

50 Cent and the Worst Celebrity First Pitches

Obama’s Flawed Vision of the World

Behind the Scenes with CFDA Nominees

The Man Who Ate His Hip…for Art

Donald Sterling’s New Defense: Look at All the Blacks I’ve Hired

Kate Middleton’s “Bottomgate” Shows Why Women Still Need Slips

The Political Candidate Backed By A “Son Of God” And An End Of Life Doula

Maya Angelou Knew How To Inspire As A Writer, Teacher, and Great Human Being

Kirk Cameron Changes His Tune on Same-Sex Marriage

Fear And Self-Loathing In Scandinavia: The Fiction Of Karl Ove Knausgaard

Elle Fanning and Kate Middleton Are Cousins; Tom Ford Talks Social Media Influence on Fashion

GOP Candidate Doesn't Want Muslim Money

Viral Video of the Day: Maya Angelou Recites 'Still I Rise'

Maya Angelou's Life in Photos

This Week’s Hot Reads: May 26, 2014

NTSB Doesn’t Think the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Is Safe Enough to Fly

Obama Is Betting His Whole Afghan Plan on These Commandos

Pope Francis Says He Might Retire

How Sabu the Hacker Rat Manipulated a Good-Hearted Judge

Get Into Bed with Tracey Emin for $2 Million: The Sale of a British Art Icon

Las Vegas Bets Big on Gays

Don’t Blame Asperger’s for Massacres

The Famous Parents Modeling Club

Today’s Clean-Cut Teens: Less Sex, Less Drugs

The Online Oversharers Problem

Republicans for More Fat Kids

Hollywood’s Evolving Heart: How Movies Grew to Love Gays

What Is an ‘Austin Mahone’ and Is It Really Contagious?

Can Ukraine’s New President Handle Putin?

Investigating ‘True Detective’ Season 2: Everything We Know (So Far) About the HBO Potboiler

Singer Sam Smith Comes Out, Says Debut LP Dedicated to ‘A Guy That I Fell In Love With Last Year’

Exclusive: Texas VA Run Like a 'Crime Syndicate,' Whistleblower Says

34-Year GOP Rep Loses To Tea Party Backed Candidate

#YesAllWomen Has Jumped the Shark

All You Need to Know About the Thai Coup

Striking Photos From Thailand’s Military Coup (PHOTOS)

Egypt’s Ugly, Unconvincing Elections

Should Atheists Pay for a Prayer Day? A Nebraskan Town’s Crisis of Faith

Rogin on Outed Undercover CIA Official

The Bond Market Goes Green

GOP Making For an Exciting Midterm Race

New Jersey Political Boss Loses Control Of Newspaper

Should TV News Show Elliot Rodger’s Video?

Kim Kardashian’s Days as Paris Hilton’s Lowly Assistant

The Male Pushback to #YesAllWomen

Hillary Clinton's 'Scrunchie Chronicles'; Azzaro To Make a Couture Comeback in Paris

Which of Kim Kardashian’s Weddings Was More Ridiculous?

Speed Read: A Black Cop Infiltrates The KKK

Exclusive Pictures: Syria’s Oldest Synagogue, Destroyed by Assad

Was Elliot Rodger a Terrorist?

Your Princess Is in Another Castle, Nerds and Misogyny

Texas's Disco Candidate For Lieutenant Governor

Viral Video of the Day: Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party (NSFW)

War and Murder in Eastern Ukraine

Are We Addicted to Drug Testing?

How Republican Candidates Have Made Life Easier for Democratic Senators

Augmented Reality System Goes From Military to Market

Tupac’s ‘F*ck You’ to a Cop and the Best Last Words

Wil Obama's 10,000 Troops in Afghanistan Be Enough to Stop Al Qaeda?

New York’s Hologram King Is Also the City’s Last Pro Holographer

In Syria’s Hunger Games, Starvation Could Be the Next W.M.D.

How I Made Sure a Texas Tea Party Candidate Accepted ‘Dirty’ Muslim Money

Clinton Apostates Trip Over Themselves to Get in Line Behind Hillary

Were Christians Right About Gay Marriage All Along?

How the Gun Nuts Try to Excuse Away the Santa Barbara Slaughter—and Why They’re All Wrong

‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse’ Review: We. We Are Underwhelmed

Kiss the…Queen’s Baton? The British Empire Is Alive and Well

Robyn and Royksopp’s Summertime Soundtrack ‘Do It Again’

An Artist Explores the Complicated Relationship Between Women and Food

Pictures Of Kate Middleton's Bare Butt Published in German Newspaper

Inside ‘Leviathan’: Russian Filmmaker Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Award-Winning Anti-Putin Cannes Film

The Best Travel Apps for Road Warriors

Diesel Trains May Soon Use Natural Gas Instead

New Pay-by-Photo Restaurant Opens in London

Sunny Smartwatches, Bags, and iGrills: This Summer’s Must-Have Tech

A Gay 'Bachelor' Would Be F*cking Fab

Read Jon Favreau’s Full Commencement Address to College of the Holy Cross

How Marine Le Pen and France’s Ultra-Right Won the Day

This Memorial Day, Remember The VA Hospital Victims

Let’s Get Real: Santa Barbara Was a Terrorist Act

Alleged Santa Barbara Killer Elliot Rodger and the Twisted Cult of Modern Masculinity

Watch Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Get High and Hilariously Recap ‘Game of Thrones’

Want to Write a Book? Go to Iceland

John Slattery on the ‘Mad Men’ Midseason Finale, Roger Sterling’s Power Move, and ‘God’s Pocket’

UKIP’s Nativist Rebellion Against London

Forget Bipartisan Golf, Obama, and Play Against Me

Indian and Pakistani Leaders Seek to End Their Cold War, but Will the ‘Deep State’ Allow Peace?

The Nate Silver of Sports Injuries

The Names You Don’t Hear: Nearly 200 Women Have Died in Iraq and Afghanistan

How Solitary Confinement Destroys Women

Let's Get Real: Washington Can't Walk Away From Cairo

Never Before Seen Images From WWI’s Front Lines (Photos)

Nina Stibbe Is A Modern Mary Poppins With A Grin

America’s Dream Cars: One-of-a-Kind Models That Changed the Way We Drive (Photos)

Charlottesville Is Swimming in Finger Lickin’ Gas Station Fried Chicken

How Obamacare Will Screw Black Doctors

Why Can’t America’s Newest Stealth Jet Land Like It’s Supposed To?

The Price of Being a Patton: Wrestling With the Legacy of America’s Most Famous General

‘Mario Kart 8’ May Be Nintendo’s Shell-Throwing Savior

Celebrities in One-Piece Bathing Suits (PHOTOS)

X-Men’s Post-Credits Apocalypse Scene Explained

'Britain's Tea Party' UKIP Storms To Outright Victory in Euro Elections

The Pope’s Pivotal Palestinian Moment

How Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr Made The First Memorial Day

Mad Men’s Game-Changing Midseason Finale, “Waterloo”: One Door Closes, Another Opens

Stranded at Bangui Airport: The Refugee Crisis in Central African Republic (PHOTOS)

#YesAllWomen Responds to Santa Barbara Shooter’s Misogyny

Photoshopping Botticelli's Venus

Ukraine’s Chocolate King Wins

Ellis Island’s Doubled-Edged Legacy

Watch Santa Barbara Shooter Elliot Rodger's Chilling YouTube Video

First Anti-Semitic Attack Since World War II Rocks Brussels

The Battle for LGBT Equality Isn’t Over Yet

Survived Hitler, Returned to Germany

Let’s Lay Out the Odds on Your Crazy Summer

Lillian Smith’s Bombshell Novel About Interracial Love

Nicole Kidman Botox Insanity: Why All Women Lose Out When We Obsess Over Stars’ Faces

Beautiful Natural Swimming Holes Around the U.S. (Photos)

The Pope’s Middle East Game of Shrines

Did Led Zeppelin Steal ‘Stairway to Heaven’?

Never-Before-Published Photos of Marilyn Monroe

Gems, Guns and Death in a Jungle Mansion

Whistleblower Exposes India’s Murderous Cops

The Curse of CAR: Warlords, Blood Diamonds, and Dead Elephants

Prescriptions Drugs More Deadly Than Car Accidents, Guns, and Suicide

The Best of the Beast, May 19-25

Fringe Factor: The Common Core Will Turn Your Kids as Gay as Possible

The Care and Feeding of Baby Giant Galaxies

The Government is Still Failing Kids on School Lunches

Ukraine’s Iron Lady Refuses to Give Up

Simon Kinberg on ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ ‘The Fantastic Four’ Reboot, and Black Superheroes

Memorial Days After Mourning Has Passed

Eavesdropping On Kim and Kanye’s Florentine “Wedding of the Century”

How the NRA Enables Massacres

Putin Responds To Prince Charles's "Unacceptable" Hitler Comparison

Class of 2014, Prepare to Be Powerless

Shaq, Year One

Week in Photos: May 24, 2014

The Sexual Assault Case That Haunts Claire McCaskill

The Hamptons Hot List: Where to Eat, What to Drink, and How to Get Your Beach on This Summer

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, May 24, 2014

Kim Kardashian Fashion Lookbook

Reading Prison Novels In Prison

From Lindsay Lohan to Emma Roberts, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Just Imagine Hologram Jesus Telling Paul Ryan and Pat Robertson Off

‘The Normal Heart’ and Hope in the Battlefield of AIDS

The Pitt-McConaughey Beer Toss, Dog-Walking Drones, and More Viral Videos

Memorial Day Weekend Movies to See or Skip: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ ‘Neighbors,’ More

Trial Drug Reverses Alzheimer’s Disease in Mice

Operation Wholesome Sea: Iran Coast Guard Forces Women Off Beaches

Inside ‘Maidan’: Sergei Loznitsa on His Ukrainian Uprising Doc and Putin’s ‘Fascist’ Regime

Hugh Dancy on ‘Hannibal’s’ Brilliantly Batsh*t Finale and the Future of Will Graham

With Julian Castro Taking Over at HUD, a New Political Dynasty Is in the Making

Does Donald Sterling Have Dementia? And Does That Make Him Any Less of a Racist?

Ukraine Bloodshed, Moldova May Be Next

The Kiss That Sent Iran Crazy and an Actress to Be Flogged in Public

Woman Who Says She Was Held Captive for 10 Years Feared Deportation

Brown U. Hit With Federal Complaint After Sex Assault Scandal

Pope Francis’s Sister Souljah Moment?

You Can’t Have Facebook’s Best Privacy Policy

Thank You, Mark Cuban, for Speaking Up

Andre Leon Talley Packs for Kim and Kanye's Wedding; Gucci's Frida Giannini Denies Leaving the House

Viral Video of the Day: Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off

The Great Character Actor: Guy Pearce on His Brilliant Career, From ‘Priscilla’ to ‘The Rover’

Kremlin-Backed Broadcaster Declares, ‘If Anyone Knows Real Nazis, It’s the Royal Family.’

Right Wing Fringe Party UKIP Sweeps To Power In UK Poll

Is Synthetic Weed Feuling Yemen’s Terrorism?

Is This Putin’s Next Target?

The Way to Tackle College Debt Is to Take on Tuition Inflation

Hollywood’s War on Drones

From Marion Cotillard to Kendall and Kylie Jenner, The Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

Ralph Nader and Grover Norquist: Washington’s Most Unlikely Bromance

Some 4 a.m. Brainstorming on How to Make Obama Tougher Than Putin

Sebastian Barry, Ireland’s Greatest Living Writer, Speaks for the Voiceless

Michael C. Hall on Where ‘Dexter’ Went Wrong and His New Killer Role in ‘Cold of July’

Study Finds Pedophiles’ Brains Wired to Find Children Attractive

Did a Pennsylvania Republican Lose Because He’s Openly Gay?

College Kids Should Major in Leisure

The Pope’s Risky Trip to the Holy Land

How the Hiring Process Marginalizes Candidates on the Autism Spectrum

OMG, I Want This House: Atibaia, Brazil (Photos)

Streisand’s Gay Sex Problem, and the Death of the Gay Icon

Richard III To Be Reburied in Leicester

Taylor Kitsch on ‘The Normal Heart,’ Homophobic Right-Wingers, and Gays in the Military

Lina Viktor Is the Artist Who Paints With Gold

A Runner’s Guide to Hydration (And How to Not Overdo It)

A College Student’s Death Is Now a Talking Point About Porn

With Poroshenko on the Ukraine Campaign Trail

Bryan Singer Files Motion to Dismiss Sex Abuse Lawsuit as Accuser ‘Passes Polygraph’

Gutted NSA Bill Passes House, but Privacy and Tech Groups Abandoned Ship

Desperate Violence Before Ukraine Vote

Muppets, Superheroes And The Politicians Who Love Them

Will It Be ‘President Jim Webb’?

Modern Family’s Big, Gay (and Important) Wedding

Thailand’s 19th Nervous Breakdown

The Kremlin’s Crazy Shock Troops

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Acknowledges 'GQ' Photoshop; Joseph Altuzarra Tapped as Next Target Collection Fashion Designer

Marco Rubio Is Uptight About Weed as the GOP Mellows Out

Viral Video of the Day: Parkour Brings Video Game to Life

Charles's Hitler-Putin Comparison Shows Why Many Believe He Is Not Fit To Be King

How We Stop the Next Boko Haram

Nobody’s Home at the Hermit Kingdom’s Ghost Hotel

Inside a Hollywood Hit Job: How Sting Artist James O’Keefe Tried to Set His Latest Trap – And Got Stung Himself

The Roots of the GOP’s Race Problem

Summer TV Preview: 15 New Shows Worth Checking Out

Skirts Should Be a Normal Choice…for Both Women and Men

Wild Child Amanda de Cadenet Discovers Her Inner Oprah

These Clinton Haters Can’t Quit the Crazy

Mushrooms Are Magic for Women Trying to Lose Weight

Ex-Politicians Keeping $100 Million in Private Slush Funds

Hillary Was Right: Your Interactive Guide to the ‘Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy’

Is This Dildo-Licking, Dominatrix-Loving Vogue Blogger the New Face of Feminism?

Meet Your New Sleeping Beauty: Elle Fanning on ‘Maleficent,’ Brangelina, and Summer Style

Pamela Anderson Shatters the ‘Good’ Rape Myth

My Weird Inside Look at Teen Twitter

EVERY eBay Account Holder Worldwide Has Been Hacked, Company Says

The Heart Association’s Junk Science Diet

Sony Pictures Classics’ Michael Barker and Tom Bernard on Woody Allen and the State of Indie Film

America Is Coming to Terms with Its Racial Past—Let’s Look Ahead Instead

The Brooklyn Rabbi and His Child Porn Collection

‘Happy’ Dancers Arrested, Abused in Iran

Obama Let the VA Scandal Become a Political Circus

Elections Could Be the Beginning of the End for Europe

Murphy: GOP Voting 'Strategically'

Patricia Murphy on Grimes' Gender Issue

Why Game Show Hosts Vote Republican

Shachtman: No Hope for Transparency

Eli Lake on American Jihadists

See How Much It’ll Cost to Book Your Favorite Musical Act, From Taylor Swift to Phosphorescent

Thailand’s Non-Coup Coup

Study Shows “Angelina Effect” Leads to Unnecessary Procedures for Some Breast Cancer Patients

Brad Pitt, Jay Z, Mos Def, and More Stars Banned From Countries

Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh Hasn’t Washed His Jeans in a Year—And That’s Perfectly Fine!

Who Voted For Idaho's Weirdo Candidates For Governor?

Obama Admin. Channels Cheney, Claims Unlimited War Powers

House Arrest for Marital Rape, Are you Kidding?!

Egypt Prepares to Anoint a Dictator and Call it an Election

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Resigns; Rachel Bilson Expecting First Child

Viral Video of the Day: Charlie Day's Graduation Speech

Haim: We’re a Band. Not a ‘Girl Band.’

Prince Charles Says Putin Is Behaving Like Hitler

James McAvoy on ‘Filth,’ His Wild Bachelor Party, and BB Gun Fights with Jennifer Lawrence

When Fashion Met Art: Andy Warhol & Halston’s Decades-Long Friendship

Antibacterial Soap’s Deadly Secret

Iconic—and Utterly Spectacular—National Geographic Photos Up for Auction

The Cost: What Stop and Frisk Does to a Young Man’s Soul

Oh, Mexico! U.S. Pols Head South En Masse

Why You Shouldn’t Yelp Your Doctor

‘Over My Dead Body’: Spies Fight Obama Push to Downsize Terror War

How Nutella Conquered America

Texas Gun Groups’ Circular Firing Squad

Geoff Dyer at Sea: Unmoored but on Target

‘Halston & Warhol: Silver & Suede’: A Decades-Long Friendship (Photos)

Why I’ll Never Let My Kids Play Football

Paul Ryan’s War on Poverty

Mitch McConnell Won Big Tuesday Night, but It’ll Be a Different Story Come November

Deep-Pocketed Perdue, Kingston Defeat Tea Party Favorites in Georgia

Tea Party Wipe Out Tells Only Half The Story

Matt Bomer Tells the Personal Story Behind His Heartbreaking ‘Normal Heart’ Performance

Kentucky Tells Feds: Hands Off Our Hemp!

Ryan Gosling’s Bizarre Directorial Debut, ‘Lost River,’ Features Sadism, Warlords, and Rat Murder

10 Greatest Road Trip Movies

The Summer’s Juiciest Beach Reads: Hillary’s New Memoir And More

What Democratic Revolt? Moderate Cruises in PA-13 Primary

Wolf Romps to Victory in Pennsylvania Primary

Pennsylvania. Oregon. Is Gay Marriage Unstoppable?

How the NYT Mismanaged Jillghazi

McConnell Easily Wins GOP Kentucky Senate Primary

A Pastor’s Holy Mistake: Selling an Art Forgery

The Sex-Trafficking Kings of Facebook

Jude Law and the Great Male ‘He-Vage’ Crisis

Obama Targets Russian Mob Boss

Jim Webb's Quixotic Hints About 2016

The Chipotle Anti-Gun ‘Scandal’ Has the Right Up in Arms

Putin vs. Humanity

We Can Create Matter from Light?!

Anna Wintour Hosts DNC Fundraiser; Kimye Heads Back to 'Vogue'

Viral Video of the Day: The Evolution of Visual Effects

Solar Panels Now Being Offered as a Prebuilt Feature in California

Ricki Lake: The Director of ‘Weed the People’ on Why We Should Legalize Marijuana

Unauthorized ‘Saint Laurent’ Biopic: Quel Scandale!

The Faces of New York’s Streets

The Scandal at the VA Is Real, and Obama Is Ducking It

Exclusive: Al Qaeda's American Fighters Are Coming Home -- And U.S. Intelligence Can't Find Them

This Site Is Redefining Porn for Women

Andres Serrano Documents the "Residents of New York" (Photos)

Vatican Mistresses to Francis: Make Honest Women Out of Us

We Watch the DSK Sex Romp So You Don’t Have To

Sex Workers Deserve Health Care, Too

Mitch McConnell Sends Tea Party a Message: Don't Get in My Way

The Tea Party Is Dead? Nah, That’s Just a Flesh Wound

The Strange Tale of the Tea Party Senate Hopeful and the Break-In

You Really Don't Want to Watch Fox’s ‘I Wanna Marry “Harry”’

Can Maya Rudolph Save the Variety Show?

‘American Idol’ Bandleader Rickey Minor on His Favorite Performance and What It Takes to Win

Gwyneth Paltrow Haunts Coldplay’s Self-Conscious Breakup Album ‘Ghost Stories’

Big Tobacco, Not MRSA, Is the Real Problem With E-Cigarettes

The Decade When ‘The New Yorker’ Grew Up

Queen Visits 'Floral' Trench at Chelsea Flower Show

Harry Visits Colosseum - And Pays For His Own Ticket!

Macklemore, the Grammy Winning Rapper, Is a 9/11 Truther Who Likes to Play Anti-Semitic Dress-Up

#ShotsFired in U.S.-China Cyberwar

Bernie Sanders Woos Iowa Activists

FBI’s Huge Hacker Bust Could Be Bogus

‘Calamity Jill’ Rises Again: Fired New York Times Editor Returns to the Public Stage

Why Putin Really Will Pull Back

Norway’s Controversial Human Zoo Is Back

Today in :45 - May 19, 2014

Anton Purisima Files the Largest Lawsuit Ever Over a Rabid Dog, and It Could Bankrupt the World

Brits Celebrate Phin Lyman, The Boy Virgin Who Says He’ll Wait for Love

Hoyer Against Single Dem On Benghazi Committee

Congress Targets Russia’s ‘Satan’ Missile

The Money-Laundering Vatican Bank Comes Clean

An Ex-CIA Recruit Adds to Libyan Chaos

Kate Moss Advises Younger Sister to Drop Out of School; Rachel Roy Wins Preliminary Hearing With Parent Company

Michael Jackson's Crazy Billboard Awards Performance and More Hologram Wins and Fails (VIDEO)

Viral Video of the Day: Brad Pitt Throws Beer to Matthew McConaughey

Young Muslim Comic Takes On Fundamentalists

Tea Party Flops in Georgia Senate Race

The Conservatives' Great Black Hope

Mad Men’s ‘The Strategy,’ With Peggy and Don’s Late-Night Powwow, is S7’s Best Episode (So Far)

Diane Keaton Refuses to Give In to Aging

In ‘Urbes Mutantes,’ Scenes From Latin America’s Transformations

I’m Not Ashamed to Admit I Got Lucky—and Neither Should You

The FCC Must Ignore the Silly ‘Net Neutrality’ Advocates

Liberia’s Child Prostitutes

I Survived a Deadly Shipwreck: Costa Concordia Passengers Tell Their Stories

The Democrats’ Free-Speech Hypocrisy

Is This the Democrats’ War on Women?

7 WTF Campaign Ads You Can’t Unsee, From Castrators to Alligator Wrestlers

Why Giving Adderall to Toddlers Is So Completely, Utterly Wrong

The Weird Underground World of Urban Animal Husbandry

Can We Trust The New York Times After the Abramson Debacle?

Soviet-Style Sexual Politics Returns

Camilla Carries On After Brother's Death

Prince Harry In Italy As Reports Say He And Cressida Have Met Up To Talk About Their Future

Game of Thrones’ Ep. 7 ‘Mockingbird’ Recap: Conscious Coupling (and Uncoupling)

The Best Summer Music Festivals

Summer’s Hottest Film Festivals: Los Angeles, Nantucket, Telluride and More

The Best Plays on Broadway

Exclusive: VA Scandal Hits New Hospital

Robert Pattinson’s Kinky Cannes Turn in David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps to the Stars’

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows, May 18

Andy Samberg's ‘SNL’ Finale Was Wonderfully Weird

Jay Z and Beyonce Release Epic, Violent New Short Film For 'On the Run' Tour

Synthetic DNA: The New Drug Makers?

A Comprehensive History of Toho’s Original Kaiju (and Atomic Allegory) Godzilla

Andrew Garfield in ‘We Exist’ and More Celebrities in Music Videos

My Commencement Speech to Rutgers’ Geniuses: Go Forth and Fail

This 1979 Novel Predicted Putin’s Invasion Of Crimea

Tanning Butlers, Pet Psychics and Other Outrageously Luxurious Hotel Amenities (Photos)

The Best of the Beast, May 12-18

How Harry Reid Carpet-Bombed the South

James Franco, Oprah, and the Best Celebrity Selfies

The Weirdest Object in the Universe

Believers Must Fight for Gay Teens

The Secret to This Ice Cream: Pampered Cows

The Facebook Page Where Iran’s Women Are Unveiling Online

Even Conservative Judges Can’t Deny the Constitutional Logic of Same-Sex Marriage

The Hypocrisy Behind The New York Times’s Abrupt Decapitation of Jill Abramson

Ukraine Journalists Still Enduring Brutal Kidnappings, Imprisonment, and Maybe Worse

Bob Dylan’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ Revealed

Fringe Factor: Gay People Need to Be More Tolerant

Michael Cunningham’s Haunting Grown-Up Fairy Tale

Surviving War Doesn’t Turn All Veterans into Victims, Sometimes it Helps Them Grow

Marital Rape Ruling Highlights India’s Problem With Consent

How 9/11 Made Journalists Part of the Story

Mr. Politically Correct Obama, Meet Your Opposite, India’s Mr. Modi

French Political Sex Movie About DSK Sets Cannes Aquiver

Doom for Peaceful Negotiation in Syria

Renaissance Wedding Bells for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

Clinton's Real Role in Sanctioning Iran

How Far We’ve Come in the 10 Years Since the First Legal Gay Marriage

The Stacks: Portrait of the Consummate Con Man

Here’s How Our Hero Cat Will ‘Throw’ the First Pitch

G.M. Becomes Government Motors Again

A Time Bomb in Afghanistan’s Ballot Box

Marion Cotillard on Playing a Prostitute in ‘The Immigrant’ and Seducing America

Drink Up! 10 Cocktails You Must Try This Spring (Photos)

Week in Photos: May 17, 2014

The Most Innovative New Architecture Takes Home the Architizer A+ Awards (Photos)

Why I Finally Let My Girls Be Girly

How Pfizer Helped Make ‘Spice,’ The Deadly Fake Pot

Bigotry Is Back, 60 Years After Brown v. Board of Education

The Political Power of Michael Sam’s Liplock With His Lover

10 Terrible Gift Ideas for Graduates From Dilbert Creator Scott Adams

Godzilla, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sam, and More Viral Videos

Blake Lively, Nicole Kidman, and More From the Red Carpet at Cannes Film Festival (PHOTOS)

In Sudan a Pregnant Woman May Be Hanged for Marrying a Christian

Americans Celebrating Our LGBT Victories Need To Be More Cognizant That Elsewhere, Repression Is Winning

Ukraine’s Vigilante Peacemakers

Why ‘Game of Thrones’ Loves Porn Stars

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, May 17, 2014

Today in :45 - May 16, 2014

Idaho’s Freakshow Debate

Can Congress Vote On Iran Deal?

How to Choose the Right Probiotic for You

The NYT’s Game of Thrones: How the Top Journalism Job Was Dangled at Guardian Editor

Barbara Walters’s Final ‘The View’: A Tearful Farewell Befitting an Icon

Firenados, So Hot Right Now

OMG, I Want This House: Upper East Side (PHOTOS)

Countries Face Off in D.C. Food Fight

Kim and Kanye to Wed in Florence, Italy; Naomi Watts to Wear Gown Sponsored by Prudential Financial at Cannes

Viral Video of the Day: Jennifer Lawrence's 'Box of Lies'

Sandra Oh Says Goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy

Modi Crushes Gandhi in India’s Election Landslide

William and Kate To Visit Scotland

What Happens to Women When Female Leaders Like Jill Abramson Get Fired?

The NSA Can ‘Collect-it-All,’ But What Will It Do With Our Data Next?

A 9/11 Widow’s Perfect ‘Amazing Grace’ at the Ground Zero Museum

Real Thrills And High Art In A Poignant Page-Turner Of A Novel

How Charter Schools and Testing Regimes Have Helped Re-Segregate Our Schools

From Nicole Kidman to Jennifer Lawrence, The Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

U.S. Waited Months to Send Ukraine Spare Tires

Crime of Fashion: Gucci Killer to Go Free

The Only Thing That Sparkles in ‘Grace of Monaco’…the Jewels

Meet Mark Thompson, The Winner of Survivor: NYT

Nigeria’s Do-It-Yourself Boko Haram Busters

Forget the White House, Marco Rubio Might Be Lucky Just to Be Reelected

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Likely To Flop Against Hillary In Iowa

Mardi Gras Indian Chief Larry Bannock’s Final Ride

Daniel Radcliffe Says No More ‘Harry Potter.’ (He’s Not Engaged, Either.)

The Aftermath of Disney’s ‘Million Dollar Arm’

Will This Pill Kill ‘Safe Sex’?

Defiant Cressida Parties With Royal Pals in London

Adobe’s ‘Creative Cloud’ Goes Offline—and Takes a Million Designers With It

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season Two Is More Bingeworthy Than the First

VA Scandal Spreads as Watchdog Opens New Probes

Inside The Center For Immigration Studies, The Immigration False-Fact Think Tank

Scott Brown Has A Cunning Plan

Remembering Ron Moreau: Goodbye To A War Reporting Legend

Ehud Olmert’s Sentencing Won’t Be a Day of Reckoning for Israel’s Leaders

Today in :45 - May 15, 2014

Hillary Clinton Celebrates the Iran Sanctions That Her State Department Tried to Stop

‘The View’ Reunited 11 Co-Hosts and Everyone Came Out Alive

Study: Voters Want Their Female Politicos to Look Like Ladies

How Kappa Kappa Gamma Threw A UConn Sorority Sister Under The Bus

Portrait of a Dead Art

Denmark's Dirty Cartoon Voter Ad (NSFW)

After 100s of Miners Die, Turkey’s Prime Minister Says “This Happens”

Are Viruses the Next Cure for Cancer?

A Timelapse From Heaven

Wildfires Ravage Southern California (Photos)

Remembering My Dear Friend Malik Bendjelloul, Oscar Winning Director of ‘Searching For Sugar Man’

Hotel Employee Fired For Leaking Solange Jay Z Video; Tyra Banks is Producing a Docuseries on Transgender Women

The Profound Power of the 9/11 Museum

Viral Video of the Day: Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack

America’s Oxy-Express Route to Heroin Addiction

Inside East Ukraine’s Make-Believe Republics

A True Tough Guy: The Mafia, Gays, and Michael Sam’s Boyfriend

Equality Matters More Than Integration in Schools

Ralph Lauren "Furious" At Kate Fashion No-Show

LeBron James Is a Better Leader Than Michael Jordan Ever Was

Hunting Al Qaeda: America's Epic Yemen Fail

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Ai Weiwei

Why Do We Love Gisele Bundchen but Hate Gwyneth Paltrow?

How a 1973 Supreme Court Decision Has Contributed to Our Inequality

Speed Read: Highlights From Mariano Rivera’s Memoir, ‘The Closer’

When Robert E. Lee Met John Brown and Saved the Union

Exploring the Amazon, While We Still Can

Karl Rove May Be Evil, but He’s No Genius

My Benghazi Scandal

Can Hollywood Rejuvenate Detroit and America’s Bankrupt Cities?

Solange Is Blue Ivy’s Mom and Other Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Jon Hamm’s Movie Star Pitch (He’s Not Really Like Don Draper)

Pediatricians Take on the NRA Over Gun Safety

The ‘Real Housewives’ Land in London

Diagnosing Jane, Louis C.K.’s Troubled Daughter on ‘Louie’ Who Can’t Separate Dreams From Reality

New Jersey Democrat's Epic Freakout

Why Stanford Should Keep Its Coal Stocks

Chris Christie’s YOLO Attitude for 2016

Yes, Chelsea Manning Should Get Hormone Replacement Therapy on Our Dime

Jill Abramson Fired from the Times: Was It About Money and Sexism—Or Management Style?

Turkey's Tragedy and History's Worst Mining Accidents

Today in :45 - May 14, 2014

Big Endorsements Turn Iowa's Senate Race Upside Down

Plus-Size Model, Jennifer Maitland: Get Over the Word ‘Fat’

Nicole Kidman's "Toe-Curlingly Awful" Princess Grace Movie Panned in Cannes

Exclusive: Watch the Trailer For ‘The Kill Team,’ the Doc the U.S. Army Doesn’t Want You To See

How Kate's Phone Was Hacked "At Least" 155 Times

How Cliven Bundy and the Land Rights Movement Screwing Native Americans

Delhi in Crisis: How Corruption Rotted a Great Capital

Japanese Women Tell Their Men They Have to Choose Between Love and War

How Nigeria’s Stupidly Brutal Cops Botch the Hunt for Boko Haram

Tomasky on Rove's Hillary Brain Claim

Is Beyonce Trolling Us on Instagram?

Solange Knowles’s Met Gala Clutch ‘Worth Fighting For’; Nicolas Ghesquiere Brings Top Talent to First Louis Vuitton Campaign

Viral Video of the Day: The Moons of Mars

Poll: Israel Not to Blame for Failure of Middle East Peace Talks

The World’s Craziest Underwater Adventures

Holy Sh*t: Swearing Is Good for You

A WWII Battle Frozen in Time

Killed by Donald Sterling’s Racism

Someone Is Writing Lists of ‘Rapists’ on Columbia’s Walls

Citizen Nader Is Still on the Case

Millennials Have A Lot of Problems, But Tech Isn't One

Iran’s Drone War in Syria

Dodging Rockets in Afghanistan as the Taliban’s Fighting Season Begins

Go Away, Coulter and Limbaugh; Hashtagging Is Better Than Snarking

Blame Climate Change for Your Terrible Seasonal Allergies

A Former Navy Firearms Instructor and Proud Gun Owner On Why We Need Common Sense Gun Control

Facebook ‘Likes’ Art

Marco Rubio’s Climate Change Doublespeak

Facebook's Artists-in-Residence Decorate the Office (Photos)

'Godzilla' Director Gareth Edwards Says Godzilla Is a 'God' Protecting Mankind Against Climate Change

Are Jay Z and Beyoncé Still Perfect?

Gay Marriage Doesn't Play in Arkansas

Did the RNC Just Set the Table for Rand Paul?

New Benghazi Investigation Spooks GOP Leaders

Putin Vs. Obama—In Spandex: Wrestling’s New Cold War

Why U Still Love Usher, This Generation’s Most Enduring Pop Star

The Climax of ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’

Hacktivists: Glenn Greenwald Is a Sellout!

How ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Finally Found Its Way

Tea Party Candidate Cruises To Senate Victory In Nebraska

Today in :45 - May 13, 2014

An Indian Icon Reborn: The Imperial Hotel Reclaims Its Glory Days

Karl Rove’s Awful, and Afactual, Remarks About Hillary Clinton’s Health

The Oh-So-Fragile Class of 2014 Needs to STFU And Listen to Some New Ideas

McCain: Send U.S. Special Forces to Rescue Nigerian Girls

Hollywood’s Sci-Fi Artist H.R. Giger Dead at 74

Rand Paul’s Comments on GOP Voter-ID Laws Mark a Turning Point

Paging 'Doctor' Karl Rove

Bank Didn't Give Unsecured Loan To Super PAC

Pope Francis: Church Would Baptize Aliens

Game of Thrones’ Sibel Kekilli Discusses Shae’s Treachery at the Trial of Tyrion Lannister

Turkey Turns Back Toward Israel

Doc Says No to Soylent

Miley, Molly, and Your Teen’s Mind

Ukraine’s Fighting Words

Should We Negotiate With Boko Haram?

Ben Affleck’s Batman Looks So Profoundly Sad in This Photo

Obama Judicial Pick Grilled By Senate Democrats

Kendall Jenner to Appear in 'Vogue'; Over 60 Models Arrested in China

Viral Video of the Day: Congressman Picks Ear on TV

Mormon U. Forces Gays to Be Celibate

We Built a School in Boko Haram’s Heartland

Why Primary-Care Physicians Need a Minimum Wage

Mini Style Hacker: Instagram’s 4-Year-Old Fashionisto (Photos)

The Worst Campaign Finance Ruling Since Citizens United

Ex-Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Relives College Glory Days

Liberals Against an Obama Judge

The Mythologizing of Jay Z, or Why the World Decided to Stop Worrying and Love the Rap God

Who Made Benghazi ‘Political’?

Why Aren’t Sanctions Stopping Putin?

The Littlest Fashionista Is Just Plain Stinkin’ Cute

Prince Harry: Support My Army Paralympics

Louis C.K. Apologizes to the ‘Fat Girls’

Michael Jackson’s Posthumous Album, ‘Xscape,’ Is a Confused, Shameless Money Grab

Speed Read: The Juiciest Bits From Timothy Geithner’s New Memoir

Donald Sterling’s Insane Attempt at Damage Control Fails Miserably

Dick and Lynne Cheney Play the Founding Fathers for Laughs

Clay Aiken’s Democratic Opponent Dies Suddenly

Why Russia Hates The Bearded Lady: The Hairy Politics of Eurovision

10 Things You Didn't Know About Solange, the Woman at the Center of the Jay Z Slapfest

Crypto for the Masses: Here’s How You Can Resist the NSA

Dead or Alive, the Hits Keep Coming

Boko Haram: Funded by Bin Laden

Underground Ramen’s Mainstream Moment

Today in :45 - May 12, 2014

There's No Place Like Home For Kansas Senator Pat Roberts

Art’s Bad Boy Dan Colen Is All Grown Up

The Video of Solange Attacking Jay Z Is Deeply Upsetting and Also Fantastic

The Hunt for Madeleine McCann’s Grave

Novelist D. Foy Dubs His Debut ‘Gutter Opera’ And Who Are We To Argue?

Exclusive: Michael Jackson Hit With New Sex Abuse Claim

Stopping Cell Phone Theft

Hillary Clinton's Boko Haram Fail

Why Do We Still Care About Monica?

Sterling's Weak Attempt at Redemption

Mary-Kate Olsen Talks Wedding Dresses; Dr. Dre to Buy Gisele and Tom's $50 Million Mansion

Viral Video of the Day: Ninja Turtle Slow Jam

William Has A Tipple In The Line Of Duty

Inside Putin's Rigged Ukraine Election

Boko Haram Steps Up Its War on Kids

Did the VA Pay Out Bonuses for Screwing Veterans?

Weird Washington Monument History: 10 Quirky Facts About the Iconic Obelisk

Psychologists View Both Divorce and Marriage as Major Life Stresses

The Boko Haram Terrorists Are Not ‘Islamic’

Why Italy’s Lost City May Never Be Found

Exclusive: Kerry Told Syrian Rebels ‘We Wasted a Year’ in Fight Against Assad

Tomorrow’s Stealthy Subs Could Sink America’s Navy

How the Left Cut Down a Democratic Frontrunner

Keystone Pipeline Is D.C.’s Dumbest Debate

Obama’s Hidden Power Player

Our Ruling Ideology Is Denial

With More Competition and Choice, Obamacare Might Not Be So Horrible

Chromeo’s Dave 1 on ‘White Women’ and Bringing Back the Funk

How Elin Nordegren Became a Trophy Wife Role Model

Holocaust Horrors Haunt The Films ‘Ida’ And ‘The German Doctor’

The Video Game Industry Is Too White, Straight, and Male for Its Own Good

Apple Wants Beats So It Can Control You

Obama Can Speak to His Base, but Other Americans Want More

Game of Thrones’ Ep. 6, ‘The Laws of Gods and Men’: The Riveting Trial of Tyrion Lannister

Mad Men’s ‘The Runaways’: Three-Way Sex and Self-Mutilation in the Craziest Episode Yet

‘Penny Dreadful’ Is a Shameless Orgy of Blood, Gore, and Scary Fun

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows, May 11

Putin’s People Stage Their Bogus Vote

How to Survive a Public Radio Membership Drive

Michael Sam Makes NFL History: The First Openly Gay Player Drafted By the St. Louis Rams

Pippa's Daily Telegraph contract ends

Forgotten Mothers

The Stacks: The Death of a Rodeo Cowboy

Russian History Is on Our Side: Putin Will Surely Screw Himself

GOP Hypocrisy: Outraged Over Benghazi, Silent on Iraq

How to Pray in the Public Square

Welcome to Yooperland, A Little Slice of Finland in Michigan

Boko Haram’s Bin Laden Connection

No More Mr. Nice Pope: Vatican Tightens Its Grip on Radical Nuns

Mommy’s Little Secret? Coffee And Booze.

The Hypervelocity Star That’s Being Booted from the Galaxy

A Jewish Ex-Con Recalls Keeping Kosher with the Faithful in Prison

The Monica Column You Least Expected

Ghosts of Katrina: Blight in NOLA (PHOTOS)

How Famines Make Future Generations Fat

The Radical History of Mother’s Day

Why Turkey Wants Russell Crowe’s Ark

How Liberals Abandoned Religion to the Fundamentalist Right

Fringe Factor: Democrats Boasting About Obamacare Are Just Like Nazis

NBA Style: Full-Court Dress

Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook and More Stylish NBA Players (PHOTOS)

TV’s Best and Worst Moms: ‘Veep,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and More

A Final Burial at Ground Zero

From Karlie Kloss to Miley Cyrus, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Could Silvio Berlusconi’s Daughter Take Over Italy, Too?

Saudi Beauty Says She Robbed Banks for Her Mafia Lover

The Best of the Beast, May 5-12

Six Catholics, Three Jews and Not Much Memory at the Supreme Court

Week in Photos: May 10, 2014

How Tolstoy Can Save Putin’s Soul

How to Guest Star in Your Own Life

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, May 10, 2014

Frieze Art Fair 2014 Is All About the Food

Coming Out of the Addiction Closet

North Korean Tourism: There’s an App for That

The Boko Haram Bidding War

No One’s Going to Challenge Hillary Clinton

This 50-Year Congressman Can’t Find the Ballot

Hamster Eats Tiny Pizza, Kevin Durant’s MVP Speech, and More Viral Videos

Thank You for Being a Friend: Why TV Re-runs Never Grow Old

Remembering Weezer’s ‘The Blue Album,’ A Garage Rock Classic, on Its 20th Anniversary

Is Sex Assault a Crime in the Ivy League?

‘Oh Joy Sex Toy’: The Internet’s Most Radical Sex-Fueled Comic Strip

The Big Bucks Behind Infectious Diseases

Nadifa Mohamed’s New Novel Is A Dark, Vivid Tale Of Three Somali Women

Meet Larry Wilmore, Stephen Colbert’s Replacement and Host of the New Series ‘The Minority Report’

The Great #Benghazi Sales Job

Today in :45 - May 9, 2014

Who Knew Savannah Was The South’s Secret Urban Oasis?

Don’t Cry for Johnny Football. The NFL’s 22nd Pick Will Do Just Fine.

The Banker Sneaking Up on the Republicans Running for Senate in Nebraska

Exclusive: Watch Bill Clinton Blast Corn Farmers in the Katie Couric Documentary ‘Fed Up’

Short on Zzz’s? 15 Research-Backed Sleep Hacks

Model Tao Okamoto From Every Angle

OMG, I Want This House: Issy-les-Moulineaux (Photos)

Boko Loco: A View From Nigeria

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring Worth £300,000; Gwyneth Palrow Tries "Ending the Mommy Wars"

Viral Video of the Day: Animals Sing for You

Lewinsky Media Circus Now Commonplace

Nigeria Had Advance Warning of Schoolgirls’ Kidnapping

Where Is Boko Haram Hiding the Girls?

How Monica Lewinsky Changed the Media

Why Nurses Should Be Able to Practice Without Doctors

The Jordan - Cressida Connection

Swiss Town: Have Cave, Want (Social and Outgoing) Hermit

Whole Foods Is Getting Its Organic Lunch Eaten

From Lupita Nyongo to Gisele Bundchen, the Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

How the Jazz Age Invented Modern America

Syrian Rebel Wants a New Ally: Israel

Back Off, B*tches. There’s Only One Butt Selfie Queen

Twenty of Us Were Shot on Mother’s Day, But New Orleans Dropped the Attempted Murder Charges

How the Dead Come Home From Afghanistan

Viagra Promising for Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Beirut Barracks vs. Benghazi

Is Rand Paul a Secret Hawk? Or Maybe Not a Total Dove?

Donna Rice: ‘My Heart Really Goes Out to Monica Lewinsky’

Jack Kilmer on His Breakout Role in 'Palo Alto' and Life as Val Kilmer's Son

‘Sheezus’ Talks: Lily Allen on Her New Album, Lena Dunham, and ‘Game of Thrones’

Oui, The French Do Get Fat

‘Rosemary’s Baby’: How NBC Gave Birth to a New Version of Roman Polanski’s Horror Classic

Masahiro Tanaka Is the Yankees' $155M Lethal Weapon and Strikeout Machine

Obama’s New Helicopter Fleet Could Cost $20 Billion

Roy Choi’s Favorite L.A. Food Trucks

Angelina And Brad Arrive At Kensington Palace

Harry Reid’s Curious Soft Spot for Sheldon Adelson

The Day Monica Lewinsky Beat the Feds' Shakedown

Michele Bachmann’s Crazy War on Women’s History

Boko Haram, Terrorist Organization?

Hillary Under Fire for Boko Haram

Today in :45 - May 8, 2014

Lauren Andino, Skater Chick Turned Entrepreneur, Makes Old-school Boards From Scratch

Dear Putin’s Enemies: You Just Need a Good F*ck

The GOP’s Long, Hard Road in California

Bushwick’s Master Bagel Baker

Does the VA Have More Secret, Deadly Wait Lists?

Ukraine Separatists Say No to Putin

Palin Backs Alligator Taming Senate Candidate

Now That Everest Is Closed, Check Out These Other Extreme Adventures

Britain’s Most Notorious Islamist Once Worked at Strip Clubs and Peep Shows in London

Does Monica Lewinsky Deserve a Break?

A Well-Spoken Invasion:The Brits Taking Over American Media

Do Michelin Stars Still Matter?

The Truth of Russia's Troop Withdrawal

What America Thinks About the Clintons

Viral Video of the Day: Buddhists Bust Moves to Beastie Boys

Kim Kardashian Pens Essay on Racism; Blake Lively Looks Up to Gisele Bundchen

New Pippa Tip Takes On The Best Way Of Walking

Which Team Will Make History With Michael Sam Tonight?

Murdered for Her iPhone

The Robot That Could Kill Malaria

Pollution Is a Violent Crime—Prosecute It as Such

Immigration Laws Have It All Backward

The Artist Who Gets Away With Everything

The Drug-Free Breakfast Rave Is New York’s Latest Exercise Trend

Study Shows Energy Drinks Make Teens Lazier

Will the Nanny State Target Cigars Next?

How Republicans Twist Benghazi

Why Democrats Are So Scared of Benghazi

Comedy Bang! Bang!’s Flying Circus

The Unheralded Comedy Genius: Nicholas Stoller on ‘Neighbors,’ Zac Efron’s ‘Darkness,’ and Diddy

How Megan Hilty Survived TV Flops ‘Smash’ and ‘Sean Saves the World’ With Grace

The Game You Wear on Your Face: Virtual Reality Is Finally Here

The ‘Nasty Gal’ Invasion: Sophia Amoruso Wants to Create an Army of #GIRLBOSSes

This Southern Republican Backed Immigration Reform and Lived to Tell About It

Study Shows ADHD Drugs Could Help Treat Menopause

Prince Harry Gets Back Out There

The Fashion Victims of Bangladesh

Hillary's State Department Refused to Brand Boko Haram as Terrorists

Putin: The Cold War Comeback Kid

Maryland's Boringly Liberal Gubernatorial Debate

Is This the Day Odessa Explodes?

Tea Party Prepared to Fight the GOP Forever, Even After Tuesday’s Losses

Up to Speed: What’s Happening to Nigeria’s Kidnapped Girls?

Why Millennials Think They Hate Feminism

The Strange Texas Political Ad That Parodies Frozen

Book Bag: Gritty Essentials About the Windy City

Liberal Media? 7% of Journalists Say They’re Republicans

Married To Mr Burns: Life, Love, And Jealousy In The Music Of Judith Owen

A Putin Climb-Down on Ukraine?

Hillary Clinton Picks a Fight With the NRA

The Wingnut War On Common Core Is A Plot To Destroy Public Schools

The Power Rangers Are Morphing Back to Hollywood in a New Movie

Angelina Jolie Talks Rebellious Years in ELLE; Shape Magazine Shuns Blogger's "After" Photos

Viral Video of the Day: Bad British MLB Commentary

Thailand’s Prime Minister Toppled by ‘The Iron Triangle’

Prince Charles's Chickens Killed By Foxes!

Member of the House? It’s a Dead End Job

The Elf Whisperer of Iceland

Everything You Know About Fat Is Wrong

Aviation Leaders Went Missing Along With MH370

Here Comes the Bride…In Flaming Red: Two Centuries of Colorful Wedding Dresses

Stop Slut-Shaming Monica Lewinsky!

Sebastian Barry’s Quarrel With Irish History

Tom’s Diner Goes Graphic In Mimi Pond’s Delightful New Novel

Hold On to Your Health Care

The B Is Back: The Benghazi Hearings Are Bullsh*t

Religious Schools Take Kentucky Taxpayers on an $18 Million Ride

How Models Get Robbed on the Runway

The Next Great Coppola

Italy’s Scariest Serial Killer Returns

What to Do When Russia Invades Your Country

The Banks’ War on Porn

Poll Finds 1 in 5 People Would Have Sex With a Robot

Anti-Vaxxers Will Fuel the Next Pandemic

Eight Things Every White Person Should Know About White Privilege

Could William Leapfrog Dad For Commonwealth Role?

Quirky Republican Returning to Congress

GOP Establishment Wins in North Carolina Primary

Today in :45 - May 6, 2014

Monica Lewinsky Is Ancient History To Many Voters

Can Social Media Save Abducted Girls?

Speed Read: The Juiciest Bits of a New Michael Jordan Biography

Obama Administration Proposes New Immigration Rules Without Congress

The ‘SNL’ Race Controversy: Why Leslie Jones Can Say What She Likes

Lily Allen’s Wild Style (PHOTOS)

Harvey Weinstein to Revive Charles James's Couture Label; Adriana Lima Announces Divorce

Viral Video of the Day: 'Talk Dirty' Gets a Supercover

Who’s to Blame for Global Polio Emergency?

Met Gala 2014 Red Carpet: Best Dressed from Costume Institute Gala

Prince William Flew Home In Coach

Kiev Is Blowing Its Chance to Take Back East Ukraine

This is the Way You’ll Live Forever

The Idea of Public Land Means Nothing to Utah County Commissioner

Welcome to Jihad City, Syria

God Save This Honorable Court

A Hashtag May Help Rescue Jihadi-Enslaved Nigerian Schoolgirls

Torture the Little Children? The Catholic Church Says It’s Not Responsible

So Many Jihadists Are Flocking to Libya, Some Counter-Terrorists Now Call It ‘Scumbag Woodstock’

How the Sultan of Brunei Violated His Sharia Law With Me

Joshua Ferris’s New Novel Chronicles an Existential Dentist in Despair

The Gluten-Free Diet Has Two Faces

Happy Huckabee Gets Mad

Do Women Need to Lean In to Be Experts on Network TV?

Exclusive: ‘X-Men’ Sex Abuse Lawyer Says He Was Assaulted, Too

How ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and FanFiction Conquered Pop Culture

Celebrities, Take Note: Anguilla Is Back From the Brink

Charles James Brings Ball Gowns Back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ted Thompson’s Debut Novel Features A 1 Percenter As Its Hero

Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Is Building Her Brand One Strip Club at a Time

Economists Slam the War on Drugs in a New London School of Economics Report

Meet the Censors, Propagandists and Outright Liars Who Won Putin’s Pulitzers

Anna Wintour Sheds A Tear and Is Embraced by Michelle Obama at the Costume Institutes Dedication

Does America Like Political Dynasties?

The Latest on Benghazi

Inside North Carolina's Senate Race

Today in :45 - May 5, 2014

Thrills and Too Many Spills: The Dangers of the Circus

I Went to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Pop-Up Shop

Yes, Brendan Eich Is Like Donald Sterling (He’s Even Scarier)

Sloviansk Under Siege (PHOTOS)

Condoleezza Rice Backs Out Of Rutgers Commencement Speech

Hollywood Turns Against the Famed Beverly Hills Hotel Over the Sultan of Brunei’s Anti-Gay Stance

Alanis Morissette Composes Song For California Candidate

Donald Sterling’s Former Mistress Makes the “Paparazzi Shield” Chic; Cara Delevingne Has Self-Grooming Eyebrows

Witness: Pistorius Suicidal After Shooting Reeva

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Shows Conservatives Can’t Take a Joke

The Volcano That Rewrote History

From Drag Queen To GOP Candidate

The Truth About Salt: Should You Shake the Habit?

It's Not Racist to Hate Government

Patients, Put Down Your Smartphones

Viral Video of the Day: 100 Days of Dance

Who Would Want To Be A Royal Princess? Not Cressida Bonas...

Donald Sterling’s Last Laugh: Force Him to Sell the Clippers and He Could Pay No Taxes

The Leak of a Mysterious Video Could Change the Outcome of Newark’s Mayor’s Race

Pistorius’s Cross-Examination Could Have Been Grounds for a Mistrial in a U.S. Court

Why Industry Hashtags #FAIL

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Jeb Bush Can’t Beat Hillary Clinton

The Rita Ora Fashion Lookbook

The Improbable Rise of Rita Ora

Passenger Flights Must Stop Carrying Lithium-Ion Batteries as Cargo

The Chinese Can’t Catch Their Breath

Syria’s Terror Blowback Threatens Europe and the United States

North Carolina’s Senate Race Could All Come Down to a Backlash

Memo to the 2016 GOP: Winning Your Home State Matters

Rutgers’s Silly Condoleezza Rice Protest

Hanging Out With the Minds Behind Google Doodles and Chrome Experiments

‘Live Another Day’ Review: Can Jack Bauer Save ‘24’ From Itself?

The Road to Cinco de Mayo

Game of Thrones’ Ep. 5 'First of His Name' Recap: An Ode to the Women of Westeros

Exclusive: CIA Falls Back in Afghanistan

William and Harry Head Home After 'Wild" Night At Pelly Wedding

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows, May 4

Exclusive: ‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Faces New Teen Sex Assault Lawsuit

Can ‘Belle’ End Hollywood’s Obsession with the White Savior?

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction

How Not to Be Awful This Cinco de Mayo

What Comes After the Medal of Honor: An Interview with Dakota Meyer

Welcome to Showbiz Sharia Law

The Best of the Beast, April 28-May 4

‘The Embrace of Unreason’: How France Lost It All Between the Wars

Escaping Heroin: An 18-Year-Old's Ibogaine Ceremony (PHOTOS)

Jeff Sharlet’s ‘Radiant Truths’: How Religion Shaped American Literary Journalism

High Manxiety: Thirtysomething Men Are The New Neurotic Singles

St. Hippolytus’ Careers Christians Should Never Have

A Bishop’s Decision to Divorce

Could ‘Star Wars’ Be Right About Habitable Moons?

Outside Cash Floods North Carolina Judicial Race

Government Has Made America Inept

Classics Get a Cheesy Twist at Fall River Spot

Ravenous Russia? Thirsty Crimea.

Fringe Factor: Judges Must Follow Biblical Law

Obama Jokes Around at WHCD

Godless Church Services for Atheists Go Global

James Franco Uncensored: The Actor on Broadway, NYT Hate, and That Half-Naked Instagram

Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and the Best Celebrity Selfies of the Week

Why We Should Pretend the ‘Game of Thrones’ Rape Scene Never Happened

Cressida Takes Compassionate Leave From Work As Harry Hordes Descend on Memphis

Kevin Spacey and the Most Inexplicable Celebrity Video Game Cameos

Is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) the Next SARS?

Carnage in Ukraine: Dozens of Pro-Russia Activists Die in Odessa

YouTube’s Sleep Whisperers Are A Sexy Way To Combat Insomnia

'In Cold Blood' in Ukraine

The Five-Year-Old Boy Rebuilding West, Texas

War Nostalgia Is Leading Veterans to Places Like Syria. One Went Missing There.

Now It’s North Korea’s Turn to List U.S. Human Rights Abuses

One Red Rose for the Green Kid Who Won the Kentucky Derby

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, May 3, 2014

Lizzy Wilson, The American Heiress Who Brought Harry to Memphis

The Storied Origins of the Classic Mint Julep

Nine Naughty Hotels That Aren’t Afraid of a Little Nudity

Stat-Happy News Ignores Journalism’s Need for Narrative

Is the NSA Hiding Another Heartbleed?

Gay Republican Runs Against The LGBT Lobby

Kelis’s Comeback: The R&B Diva on New Album ‘Food,’ Legacy of ‘Milkshake,’ and the Nas Split

Tiny Hamsters Eat Tiny Burritos, Emma Stone Lip Syncs, and More Viral Videos

Penthouse Forum’s Kelly Shibari and the Rise of Plus-Size Porn Stars

Hats Off to the Kentucky Derby (Photos)

Week in Photos: May 3, 2014

Today in :45 - May 2, 2014

After 49 Years In Congress, John Conyers May Not Make The Ballot

15 Celebrity Walk of Shames: January Jones, Justin Bieber, and More

Petraeus Will Appear at an Event Featuring the ACORN ‘Pimp’

The Best Egg-Laying Chickens, And a Pig As Cover Star: The Winning Modern Farmer Formula

Viral Video of the Day: Kevin Spacey Heeds the 'Call of Duty'

Best White House 'Nerd Prom' Jokes

Harry Causes Mayhem in Memphis

Eastern Ukraine Explodes, Russian Invasion Grows More Likely

Are Athletes Using Your Tax Dollars to Juice?

At This School Shoplifting Is Worse Than Rape

The Unhappy Truth About Ukraine

Big Pharma Skips to the U.K. to Avoid Taxes

One Completely Logical Hillary Running Mate

Saddle Up! Johnny Weir Does the Kentucky Derby (Photos)

From Kim Kardashian to Kate Moss, the Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

Exclusive: Putin Imposes Secret Sanctions on Pro-Gay Obama Campaign Donors

The Next Big Environmental Fight: Tampons?

Wisconsin’s GOP Secession Panic

Obama Will Weaponize Comedy at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Don't Run for President, Hillary. Become a 'Post-President' Instead

Obamacare Truthers Get Caught in a Lie on Delinquency Rate

Jack Bauer Is Back, Dammit! A Primer For ‘24: Live Another Day’

Why Is Louis C.K. So Funny? He Uses Humor as a Moral Compass.

Dane DeHaan’s Green Goblin Is the Best Thing About ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

What’s More Obscene Than Rihanna’s Boobs? Instagram’s Kids With Guns

The Gray Lady Gets an Artistic Makeover

OMG, I Want This House: Miami (Photos)

When An Adopted Child Won’t Attach

One of These 5 Things Will Probably Kill You

Paul Ryan Opens a Door to the Congressional Black Congress

Pippa Had a FAKE Butt, Claims French Royal Expert

Damn Right I Taped Kerry’s ‘Apartheid’ Talk

Flight 370 Was Carrying 440 Pounds of Dangerous Batteries

Teen Copycat Suicides Are A Real Phenomenon

Today in :45 - May 1, 2014

‘Dozens and Dozens’ of Hollywood Sex Assault Victims Coming Forward, Lawyer Says

Elia Kazan to Tennessee Williams: You Gotta Suffer to Sing the Blues

Oprah’s One of the Few People Rich Enough—And Safe Enough—to Buy the Clippers

Mary Fallin’s Killer Fiasco

David Chase Can’t Escape ‘The Sopranos’ Finale

Viral Video of the Day: Jon Lajoie Wants You to 'Please Use This Song'

When Antibiotics Don’t Work, It’s Everyone’s Problem

May Day Protests Across the World Turn Violent

General: We Didn't Even Try To Save American Lives In Benghazi

Instagram Attacks Rihanna For Scandalous Photos; Dolce & Gabbana to Appeal Guilty Verdict

Newly Single Harry Parties In Miami!

Camilla's Tears for Her Brother Mark

Better Than Fiction: The Rise, Fall, And Return of Webb Hubbell

WATCH: Did Clarkson Use The N-Word On Camera?

Palermo Has an Underground City Filled With Its Mummified Dead

Sinn Fein Boss Gerry Adams Wanted This Murder Bust

The Supreme Court Will Never Kill the Death Penalty, Even With Botched Executions

Air Force Charges Ex-Informant With Lying About Her Rape

Western Intelligence Suspects Assad Has a Secret Chemical Stockpile

Squares in Cubes: A History of Two Centuries of Office Culture

Blood and Mud: A French Soldier’s WWI Memoir Vividly Describes Trench Warfare

Rochelle Sterling: The Clippers’ Cruella de Ville

The Computer That Replicates a Human Brain

The Japanese Go All ‘Footloose’ to Protest Nightlife Crackdown

Meet Mary Burke, the Woman Who Could Beat Scott Walker

May Primaries Will Decide Election 2014

The GOP Establishment Turns a ‘Firehose’ on Virginia Tea Partiers

The Art World’s New Gang War

Real-Life Couples on Screen: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Brangelina, and More

Inside the Bizarre World of ‘Bronies,’ Adult Male Fans of ‘My Little Pony’

Can Dems Ride Pot High to Victory?

How I’ll End the War: My First Week Back in Afghanistan

Oh, if These Penises and Vaginas Could Talk: Genitalia as Tools, Toys, and Weapons

Why We Need to Stop Using the Phrase ‘Walk of Shame’

John Oliver on ‘Last Week Tonight,’ Turning Down CBS, and ‘Nauseating’ American Politics

Did Cressy and Harry Split Over a $1,000 Flight?

Peaches Geldof Died Of Heroin Overdose

Obama Confidant To Be Next Ambassador To South Korea