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The White House Correspondents Dinner Red Carpet 2016

Kate is Vogue's New Cover Girl

The Robot War Is Coming – And It’s Not Against Robots

Why the Original Darth Vader Is Now ‘Persona Non Grata’ at Star Wars Events

Getting to Know the Hitman Next Door

How to Win $17M at Backgammon, Until the IRS Intervenes

Goldie Taylor—Why Can’t My Black Son Have a Toy Gun?

The Race to a Norwegian Castle Fortress to Stop a Nazi Atomic Bomb

Fake Nuns Try to Save Spanish Sex Priest

President and Press Corps Celebrating Shouldn’t Forget Jailed Journalists

The Life and Death of The World’s Tallest Building: New York's Singer Building

Toad Venom: Weird Trip or Cancer Cure?

Why The Rickey Is What The President Should Be Drinking

Gen Z’s Secret Crush on Emo

Let’s Ditch the ‘Big, Bad Wolf’ Cliché

How TV Screwed Up the Fight Over Busing

Does Beyoncé Write Her Own Music? And Does It Really Matter?

Bill Maher Questions Donald Trump’s Masculinity, Calling Him a ‘Fucking Bitch’

Why Larry Wilmore Is the Perfect Host for Obama's Last White House Correspondents’ Dinner

No Laremy Tunsil Doesn’t Have a ‘Character’ Problem

Was Will Ferrell’s Reagan Comedy Really Mocking Alzheimer’s?

U.S. Attack on Afghan Hospital Was the Result of Mistakes that Could Be Repeated

Mom Arrested After Toddlers Found Chained in a Texas Backyard

Why The President Has The Last Laugh At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Indiana Governor Mike Pence: I Will Vote for Ted Cruz

Sorry Bigots, Your Facebook Memes Are Wrong

Are Russian Propagandists Manipulating Footage of Syrian Devastation to Save Assad?

Who Let Harry and the Queen Make This New Invictus Video?

Inside GOP Money Maven Emily Pitha’s Descent Into Meth

Why the Merrick Garland Fight Is Good for Democracy

Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’: How the Sins of Bey’s Father Reverberate Today

Drake’s Views: The Parodies

Oklahoma Says Drunk Girls Can’t Get Raped and the Other Worst Rape Laws in the U.S.

Clinton’s Key: Never Mind the Bernie Bros, Here Come the Swing Voters

How Balmain Got a Beyoncé Makeover

William and Kate Celebrate 5th Anniversary

The Sneaky Reason You Can’t Shake the 3 p.m. Munchies

Carly Fiorina Could Overshadow Ted Cruz

Recipe for ISIS Disaster: Sunni Terrorism. Western Bombs. Repeat.

Lawsuit: Cop Hacked Baby Monitor to Spy on Nude Mom

It’s Time for ‘Honest’ Bill de Blasio to Tell New York the Truth

‘The Daily Show’ Premieres Rap Video Using Only Donald Trump Quotes

The Definitive Ranking of Beyoncé’s 50 Best Songs

Many in Piketon, Ohio Town Turn on Massacred Rhoden Family

Meal by Meal: Venezuela’s Food Shortage

Amy Schumer Takes On the Gun Lobby in Hard-Hitting ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Sketch

Ronald Reagan’s Daughter to Will Ferrell: Don’t Mock My Dad’s Alzheimers

Feds: San Bernardino Terrorist’s Brother Created Sham Marriage for Russian Sister-in-Law

40 Layoffs as Glenn Beck’s Blaze Empire Continues Its Decline and Fall

Rush Limbaugh: Trump Will ‘Unload’ on Hillary, Make Americans ‘Orgasmic’

Iggy Azalea Should Keep Beyoncé’s Name Out of Her Mouth

Caitlyn Jenner Uses Trump Tower Ladies Room, Takes a Shot at Ted Cruz

Amazon Must Pay for Kids’ In-Game Purchases, Court Rules

Watch BMX Star Nigel Sylvester Shred LA

U.K. Labour Party’s Crazy Nazi Meltdown Caught on Camera

Boehner: Ted Cruz Is ‘Lucifer in the Flesh’ and a ‘Miserable Son of a Bitch’

What It’s Like to Be Hollywood’s It Boy: Emory Cohen and Tye Sheridan Talk Han Solo Rumors

Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ Trailer Goes Global

Debt Collectors Sue Over Medical Bills as Small as $60

The Courage of Scott Cross and the Cowardice of Dennis Hastert

Thanks, Beyonce: Being a ‘Becky’ Just Got So Much Harder

At Harvard, ‘Smelly’ Is Anti-Semitic

The Simple Secret to Safer Sex

He Got Custody and Killed Their 5 Kids

Sailor Accused of Spying for China Could Dodge Trial

Paul Ryan’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Other White Powder That Can Kill You

U.S. Special Ops Kill 40 ISIS Operatives Responsible for Attacks From Paris to Egypt

How Scientology Silences Its Critics: ‘It Is a F-cking Nightmare’

Whitman College Boots Missionary Mascot

Beyonce, Hillary, Michelle, and the Business of American Marriage

Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker, Round 2: Sealed Defense Motions Revealed

Former McCain Fundraiser Busted For Meth Lab, Explosives, LSD, Ecstasy, Heroin, Cocaine, and Pot

Pay-to-Play Cop Bob Bates Found Guilty in Fatal Shooting of Black Man

Ted Cruz Tries to Replay Reagan ’76 With Carly Fiorina Pick

Violent Rhoden Brothers Met a Violent End in Ohio Massacre

How Dennis Hastert Could Elect Donald Trump President

4.6 Million Pounds of Chicken Recalled Over Contamination

Hot Hosts Get More Airbnb Bookings, Study Finds

Trump U’s Lame Defense

The Trump Doctrine: Make America Guess Again

Rick Perry on ‘The View’: ‘At the End of the Day,’ I’ll Vote for Trump

Snapchat is Fighting for Your Right to Take Selfies While Voting

The World’s Littlest Freedom Fighters: Norfolk Island Is Battling Australian Colonization

U.K. Muslim MP: Sorry I Was Anti-Semitic

Paisley Park Will Be Open to Public

Watch: Unseen Beatles Footage from 1965

Prince Harry: ‘I Suffer Combat Flashbacks’

Is Disney Headed For a Fairy-Tale Movie Bubble?

D’Angelo Pays Tribute to Prince With ‘Sometimes It Snows in April’

How Beyonce Manipulates the Media: From Elevatorgate to ‘Lemonade’

North Korea’s New Nuclear Sub Is Wickedly Unsafe

Donald Trump’s Super Secret Policy Ghostwriter

Barack Obama’s Best Jokes at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Student Cried Discrimination, Coach Said ‘Someone Should Ray Rice’ Her

Family Massacre Reveals Ohio’s Massive, Illicit Marijuana Business

#NeverTrump Crowd: What Five-Primary Sweep?

Burglar Sues Man Who Shot Him: ‘I’m Lucky to Be Alive’

It’s All Over but the Shouting: Hillary Clinton Crushed Bernie Sanders

Young British Gay and Bi Men Six Times More Likely to Attempt Suicide

Fake Blank Page

In Bangladesh, Serial Killing in the Name of God

U.K. Court Blames Police, Not Soccer Fans, for Hillsborough Disaster

This Kid Funded His Own Adoption by Selling Lemonade

An Elaborate Hillary Clinton Facebook Conspiracy With Coordinated Attacks and Porn? No, Just a Glitch

America Changes, But All the Presidential Candidates Want To Keep the Tax Code the Same

All the Things You Can No Longer Buy if You’re Really Boycotting Trans-Friendly Businesses

This Is How Sharks See

Rita Ora Takes Princess Diana’s Lesson in Revenge Dressing

Twin Peaks: Then and Now (PHOTOS)

Prince’s Sister Says He Had No Will, So Who Gets His Millions?

April 26 Primaries: Who Won Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware?

Prince Trolled Michael Jackson. A Lot.

Kelly Ripa Owns Her Return to ‘Live!’

Italy’s Most Racist Politician Comes to Philly to Help Donald Trump

Watch: Two Idiots Hang from a Crane

Jimmy Fallon and Questlove Trade Insane Prince Stories: ‘He’s a Legend’

Skinheads Come Out in Full Force for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania

Judge: Scientologist to Pay for Nude Pic ‘Attack’ on Critic

To Be or Not to Be Hamlet—in Almost Every Country in the World

The Guy Who Screwed America’s Economy Hearts Hillary Clinton

Sorry, Teabaggers: America Really Loves These Liberal Policies

The CIA Kidnapper Facing Jail in Italy

Is This Hamptonista Stiffing Starving Artists?

Goldie Taylor—Stickup Kids Rule Baltimore’s Streets; Old Hacks Rule Its City Hall

Ex-Missouri State University Student Says School Discriminated Against Him for Anti-Gay Views

Donald Trump Poised for Smackdown in WWE Country Without Founders’ Support

Samantha Bee: Harriet Tubman Deserves $20 Bill Over ‘Genocidal Prick’ Jackson

Now Rita Ora Is Beyoncé’s ‘Becky With the Good Hair’?

‘No Trump Anytime’ Street Signs Take Over the Country—Courtesy of L.A.’s ‘Banksy’

Two Dumb Judges Sack Tom Brady—and Give Roger Goodell Godlike Powers

Lil’ Kim’s Lighter, Whiter Skin Is a Sad Indictment of Racism

Fox News Host Uses Tom Brady ‘Deflategate’ Ruling to Attack Hillary Clinton

U.S. Fears New Missile Race in Syria Would Help ISIS

Russia Arrests Scientologist for Stealing $2 Million and Giving to Church

Newly Discovered Coral Reef is Already in Danger from Humans

Man Robs Wife’s Pet Store, Gives Monkey to Prostitute

U.S. Quietly Sinks Deeper Into Syria With Another 250 Troops

Was Kate’s Royal Wedding Dress a Rip-Off?

Mehdi Mousavi: Message to the Torturer

Kenya's Giant Ivory Bonfire

Baghdad Students Trade in Gowns for Gore

Here’s What Loyal Black Female Voters Must Demand of Hillary Clinton

David Gilmour Honors Prince: Gorgeous Mashup of ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’

Watch: Russia’s Insane Bomb Proof Suit

Prince ‘Worked 154 Hours Straight’ With No Sleep Before Death

Why Marvel Is Crushing DC in the Comic Book Movie War

Game of Thrones’ Girl Power Premiere: A Resurrection Is Coming

Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Mystery: The Turbulent History of Jay Z, Rachel Roy, and Damon Dash

These Syrian-American Christians Love Trump Because They Say He's Like Assad

‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Helps John Oliver Defend Puerto Rico

Norman Bates Moves on Top of the Met

How The Archers’ Helen Titchener Has Britain Talking About Domestic Violence

Donald Trump’s Fatal Error Was to Take Conservatism Seriously

Has Luxury Fashion Priced Itself Into Extinction?

Why Straight Men Have a Sexy Underwear Problem

Garry Kasparov: Donald Trump And His Enablers Are Killing Democracy

Ted Cruz’s 2016 Pitch: I Won’t Destroy GOP

Lovelorn Band Member Mows Down Prom Kids in Wisconsin Shooting

Forget Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: This Is the Bloodiest Primary of 2016

Did a ‘Civil War’ Destroy Hollywood’s Elite GOP Group, Friends of Abe?

‘Silicon Valley’ Season 3: Looser, Funnier and More Confident Than Ever

Bernie Sanders Is Right About the Poor Not Voting

Former Top U.K. Spy Now Works for Team Putin and a Mobbed-Up Russian Lawyer

Did Rachel Roy Just Out Herself as Beyoncé’s ‘Becky’ in ‘Lemonade?’

Fox News ‘Tough Cop’: ‘Illegal Aliens’ Rampantly Raping Our Girls

Prince Was Not ‘Biracial.’ He Loved His Blackness—and Yours

Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Is Breathtaking. But Is the Music Any Good?

How We Turned Success Into Defeat and Endless War In Afghanistan

CNN’s W. Kamau Bell Samples Racism Like Anthony Bourdain Samples Food

How America Backed the 1916 Easter Rising

He Loved Sea Turtles. They Killed Him for It.

Glenn Close Goes Full Diva In ‘Sunset Boulevard’

How to Make Teddy Roosevelt's Tarts With Chocolate Mousse

Texas Secessionists Already Have an Embassy in Paris

The Vatican Just Put a Convicted Rapist Back in a Parish

We’re Teaching Drones How to Overthrow Humanity.

Beyoncé Calls Out Jay Z’s Cheating in ‘Lemonade,’ A Celebration of Black Girl Magic

Inside The Tower of David, Venezuela’s Vertical Slum

Beast Fiction: Black Friday at Hermes

How Velasquez Eased My Grief

The Glamorous Life And Tragic Fall of America’s First Supermodel

After the Inferno: A Real-Life Downton’s Fight for Survival

The Best Three-Legged Teacher I Ever Saw

Sarah Jessica Parker on Prince, Why She’s ‘Grateful’ for Bernie, and How It’s Hillary’s Time

The Life of Nas: Hip-Hop Legend Turned Ace Venture Capitalist

James Franco’s Gay Muse

When Prince Took on Reagan—And Chemtrails

Can Veep Keep Being The Funniest Show in America?

Prince's Spirit Feeds a Homeless Man in His Old Minneapolis Neighborhood

Prince’s Unseen SNL40 After Party Jam

Will ‘Game of Thrones’ Resurrect These Characters in Season 6?

Watch: Wayne Gretzky Iced Out by Wife

Can Someone Please Explain This 12-Minute Parking Job?

How One Small Religion Changed Prince

How Did Al Capone Become the New Hitler?

Welcome to the Devolution: The High-Tech World Is Making Us Weak and Weird

Even Broke, Mark Twain Traveled in Style

New Music From Professor Longhair, Who Taught New Orleans How to Play The Piano

Here’s Why Anyone Could Hack Your Phone

The Porn Industry Is Terrified of Ted Cruz, Thinks Donald Trump Is a Joke

Bernie Sanders Campaign: We Don't Pay For Comments, Thank You

Shakespeare the High Culture Cash Cow

What Are the Best Shakespeare Movies?

Your Favorite Cocktail Now Comes Straight From The Keg

When Swiss Used to Mean Badass

How Men Are Biohacking Multiple Orgasms

John Oliver Interrogates Tom Hanks: ‘I Peaked in the ‘90s’

Bill Maher Rips U.S. Military: ‘The Most Ridiculous… Mass Murder Machine the World Has Ever Seen’

Shakespeare 400: How The Bard Invented More Than Edison

Dirty Money Fuels South Sudan’s War

Prince George Meets The Obamas

The Mystery Surrounding Prince’s Death

How BLM Has Been—and in November Will Be—Clinton’s Secret Turnout Ally

Illicit Photos of London from Above

Andrew Jackson VI Blames ‘Political Correctness’ For The Dumping Of His Ancestor From $20

Video: Rabbi Rules Marijuana Is Kosher for Passover

Utah’s Anti-Porn Law is Pure Pseudoscience

‘The Color Purple’s’ Jennifer Hudson and the Cast of ‘Hamilton’ Deliver Epic Prince Tributes

Watch Prince’s Legendary Cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’

Trump Vets Chair: Charity Money? Not My Problem

WTF Was That Thing Near the International Space Station?

Through the Looking Glass: This Is Why The U.S. Still Backs Saudi Arabia

London Mayor Boris Johnson Slams Obama as ‘Part-Kenyan’ Hypocrite

My Surreal Time at Berniechella: The Coachella for Bernie Sanders-Happy Hippies

To Sue Ashley Madison for Revealing Your Name, You Must Reveal Your Name

Prince’s Silly, Sexy ‘Purple Rain’: A Cinematic Soap Opera for All Time

Amy Schumer Torches Republican Congressmen for Wanting to Control Women’s Bodies

Save the Planet, Ditch the Tampon

Sweat Lodge Guru James Arthur Ray: I’m Not a Murderer

How Is This Vodka Different From All Other Vodkas? Kosher Booze for Thirsty Jews

The Last Days of WWE’s Chyna and the Unraveling of Dr. Drew's Celebrity Alumni

Hey, Berniacs: I Learned to Love Hillary and So Can You

Goldie Taylor—Does ‘Black Lives Matter’ Really Matter?

Dogg Lovers Flock to Snoop’s Weed Wellness Retreat

Parents Sue Assad for Son’s Beheading by ISIS

From the Front Lines of Assad’s Strike on the Kurds

Lawsuit: Pregnant Missouri Prisoner Was Chained Up Until She Miscarried

There Will Never Be Another Like Prince, the Greatest Recording Artist of All Time

ABC’s Morning Melodrama Just Won’t End

How a Local Radio Station Became the World’s Prince Memorial

Hillary PAC Spends $1 Million to ‘Correct’ Commenters on Reddit and Facebook

Watch Prince Perform ‘Purple Rain’ in Pouring Rain at 2007 Super Bowl

Study Says Best Way to Diet Is to Cheat

Sex, Sexuality, and Purple: What Made Prince The Ultimate Fashion Peacock

Inside Prince’s Wardrobe

Why You Can’t Listen to Prince’s Music After His Death

When Dixie Put Slaves on the Money

Cruz Camp: Trump’s a Water Closet Liberal

‘Dearly Inebriated’: The Story Behind One of Prince’s Last Great Performances at the ‘SNL40’ After-Party

Prince, Musical Pioneer and Sex Symbol, Dead at 57

Why Queen Elizabeth Has Two Birthdays

‘Bad Lip Reading’ Nails Bernie Sanders’ Brooklyn Debate Performance

Social Media Frees Moroccan Victims of Anti-Gay Mob

Princess Charlotte Cuddles Up on the Queen’s Lap in Stunning New 90th Birthday Photo

The NBA’s 38-Year-Old Virgin: A.C. Green, the Iron Man with the Iron Will

Inside Amy Schumer’s Sister: Meet Kim Caramele, Amy’s Secret Weapon

Free College Now! Why Hillary Clinton Needs to Run With Bernie Sanders’s Best Idea

Trump’s Delegates Are Now Begging for Money Online

Will Queen Elizabeth Abdicate if Prince Philip Dies?

Sleep Less, Snack More: Why Exhaustion Packs on Pounds

Meet the Anti-LGBT Bigot ‘Marrying’ His Computer

Israel’s Secret Weapon Against Terror

How the Ninja Burglar Finally Slipped—After 160 Perfect Crimes

Conservative Hollywood’s Plan to Stop Trump

Ex-Boyfriend Faked His Death to Catch Marine Beauty in Murder Plot

At the Seder Dinner as 60 Million Refugees Wander in the Wilderness

Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Mocks ‘Paranoid’ Bernie Sanders Over New York Primary Excuses

‘The Americans’: Alison Wright on Martha’s ‘Strongest’ Moment Yet and What Comes Next

Sex, Suicide, and God: Oprah Winfrey Teases New Acting Role in ‘Greenleaf’

Farewell to Victoria Wood, a British Comedy Great

All the Fun Things Anders Breivik Can Do in His ‘Inhumane’ Prison

What Eric Garner’s Family Shows Us About Black Voters

Supreme Court Rules to Let Victims of Iranian Terror Go After $1.75 Billion

The French Freak-Out Over ‘Hijab Day’

Slave-Freeing Harriet Tubman to Replace Slave-Holding Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill

Why a FOIA Request Probably Won’t Release Obama’s ‘Game of Thrones’ DVDs

Meet the Hero Who Duped Ohio Into Believing Limp Bizkit Was Having a Concert at a Gas Station

A 4/20 Guide to the Best Munchie Foods

Rihanna’s Insane NSFW ‘Needed Me’ Video: Is This Great Or Just Gratuitous?

Proposed Missouri Bill Would Strike Down Pit Bull Bans

Could Legalizing Pot Help Stop ISIS?

Celebrity Instagrams From Coachella

Hillary’s Army of Women Conquers New York, Occupies the Democratic Party

Arizona’s Nonpartisan Redistricting Plan Is a Slam Dunk at the Supreme Court

Flower Crowns and Jean Shorts: Coachella’s Modern Hippie Dress Code

Why Was Kelly Ripa a No-Show at ABC’s ‘Live’ This Morning?

Cop Lookalike Who Killed Woman Inside Church May Be Female, Police Say

Watch: Epic Bulldozer Battle Breaks Out

Prince George Wears Victorian Knee Socks In New Picture For His First Stamp

Salma Hayek: Hillary Clinton Is the Only One Who Can Take On ISIS

Hillary Torches the Bern in NY Blowout

How to Raise a Ghost Ship

Pentagon: Don’t Sue the Saudis for 9/11

A Ganja Gift Guide for Moms and Dads

Ben Carson Utterly Fails to Defend Donald Trump on ‘The Daily Show’

House Speaker Paul Ryan Tries Out Comedy, Stephen Colbert-Style

This Mattress Knows if You’re Cheating

Obama in Saudi Arabia: What Do These Oil Sheikhs Have to Hide?

The Cocktails You’ll Drink This Spring

After North Carolina’s Law, Trans Suicide Hotline Calls Double

Goldie Taylor—He Was the Only Father I Truly Knew. And All He Wanted Was to Die With Dignity.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Workaround Revolution

Bernie Sanders Is Threatened by a T-Shirt

Let Tom Hiddleston Seduce You: ‘The Night Manager’ Is the Best Bond Audition Yet

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Waltz to New York Victories

It’s John Kasich’s Turn To Accuse Ted Cruz of Dirty Tricks

Classless Crybaby Donald Trump Wants to Be America’s Complainer in Chief

Paul Ryan Backs Release of the 28 Pages from the 9/11 Report

Did Donald Trump Add a Touch of Gray to His Hair?

Tupac Rails Against Donald Trump in Unearthed 1992 MTV Interview

Failure, Fraud and More In New York’s Punk Rock Voting Disaster

Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity Finally Duke It Out

What China Proved by Growing Mouse Embryos in Space

How ‘Hamilton’ Joined the Most Exclusive Pulitzer Club

Artists Den: Marina & the Diamonds

Camilla Thought Kate Middleton ‘Not Worthy’ Enough to Be a Royal

Who Won the 2016 New York Primary? Watch Live Results Here

Susan Sarandon on ‘The View’: Stop ‘Shaming’ Women for Supporting Bernie

Over 100 People Attend Homeless Veteran’s Funeral

In Kabul, the Taliban Don’t Care Who They Kill

Rep. Peter King: ‘I Will Take Cyanide’ if Cruz Gets Nomination

Formula One Boss Bernie Ecclestone Says Women Are Too Weak to Race

William and Harry Duke It Out With Lightsabers on ‘Star Wars’ U.K. Set

Rebuilding Nepal a Year Post Earthquake

MLB’s Wonderful Horrible Stadium Food

Cruz Beckham Launches Fresh Instagram Assault on Justin Bieber's Throne

Inside the Next ‘Making a Murderer’: Satanic Panic, Homophobia, and the San Antonio Four

Only 40 Percent of American HIV Patients Get the Care They Need

Bernie Sanders Brought New York Dems to Sanity on Israel

Donald Trump’s Right That the Game Is Rigged—for Him to Make Money by Running

Want to Change the System, Trump and Sanders Supporters? Learn How It Works First.

Cops Taunted Black Veteran as He Died

On the Front Line Against ISIS: Who Fights, Who Doesn’t, and Why

Kerry and Lavrov: The Odd Couple of the New Cold War

Ole Miss Fraternity Brothers Nicknamed Sorority Sister BJ

They Shot a Baby Named Miracle

China Endorses Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Gets a Big Free Pass From Stephen Colbert in Substance-Free Sit-Down

Samantha Bee Grills Bernie Sanders Focus Group: You Think the GOP Will Work with a ‘Socialist Jew’?

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: How Paula and Rebecca’s Unlikely Friendship Became TV’s Best Love Story

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Busta Rhymes Want to Free the Weed

Coachella’s Hot New Act: Filing Taxes at the Last Minute

Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Closes Out Coachella with a Whimper, Not a Bang

Who Won the 2016 Pulitzer Prizes? Read the Full List

Lip Implants Shot Up in 2015

New York Dogs Cast Their Vote in the Democratic Primary

Hillary Clinton Praised ‘Corrupt’ Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff For Her Transparency

CNN, MSNBC Hosts: Bernie Bros ‘Sexist’ for Throwing Dollar Bills at Hillary

Meet the Badass Grandma Standing Up To Big Mining

The Most Pro-Hillary Bernie Sanders Endorsement You’ll Ever Read

Camilla Made Prince William Dump Kate Middleton, Royals Biographer Claims

Watch a Big Snake Vomit Up a Big Snake

Real Fighter Jet Vid Better Than a Movie

Johnny Depp's Sarcastic Apology For Dog Smuggling Fools Australia

The Notorious B.I.G.’s Son, C.J. Wallace, Is Ready for His Close-Up

Bernie Sanders Supporters in Brooklyn: Polls That Show Hillary Leading Are Rigged

The Man Behind Donald Trump’s Unlikely Rise Wrote Its Playbook for Al Sharpton

Africa’s New Gay-Bashing ‘Islamic Republic’

Will the Citadel Allow Hijabs on Campus?

Patton Oswalt on His New Netflix Special and ‘Ignorant, Vengeful, Racist A**hole’ Trump

When Music Pirates Used Pirate Ships

Bernie Sanders’s Brownstone Brooklyn Revolution Misses the Point

Why All Public Bathrooms Should Be Gender Neutral

Republicans Think They’ll Outfox Trump? Think Again

Donald Trump’s Election Playbook Is Straight Out of ‘Real Housewives’

Do Obama’s Immigration Opponents Deserve to Be at the Supreme Court?

John Oliver Blasts GOP Over Lead Poisoning Our Children

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: April 17

Julianna Margulies: ‘The Good Wife’ Finale Is ‘Nothing But Brilliant’

U.S. Ratchets Up Cyber Attacks on ISIS

Guns N’ Roses at Coachella: How the Mighty Have Fallen (And Can’t Get Up)

Michelle Fields Calls Out Prosecutor’s Wife

Paul Ryan Swears He’s Not Running for President in SNL Campaign Ad

How to Make Presidential Hash

Nazis vs. Jews: Beer Pong Edition

James Thurber’s Game Plan for the GOP

SNL’s ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion: Larry David’s Bernie Sanders Meets Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Elaine

From Napoleon to Ancient Greeks, We’ve Never Agreed on How to Sleep

How Literary Idols Get Burned on Twitter

How America Was Founded On Booze and Taxes

LSD Makes Your Brain More ‘Flexible,’ Less Anxious

Ted Cruz’s Coup Against Right-Wing Matriarch Phyllis Schlafly

Sex, Power, and The Dirty History of Underwear

Trump-Loving Anti-Muslim Gun Nut is Freaking Out Police

Goldie Taylor—My Second Great-Grandmother Was a Southern Outlaw—and a Slave

Adrien Brody Talks Playing Himself on ‘Dice’ and Saving the Rainforest With Leo DiCaprio

Pastor Accused of Covering Up Abuse Returns to Spotlight

Get Ready for a Jane Austen Marathon

Was Miami Made Just for Mystery Novels?

Will The Grand Mosque of Marseille Ever Be Built?

Pope Francis Just Shamed Europe By Saving 12 Refugees

The Exhausting and Useless Accusations of Racism ‘Hamilton’

Yes, the Pope Did Meet Bernie Sanders

J.J. Abrams and Chris Rock: Sexism in Hollywood Is Even Worse Than You Can Imagine

Jimmy Fallon Got Kids to Impersonate (and Mock) Donald Trump

Why is a Cartel Kingpin Getting Early Release in the U.S.?

Waist Training, Instagram’s Biggest Workout Fad, Is BullS**t

Can’t We Honor James Brown’s Last Wish?

Space War Game Wasted U.S. Satellites

Who’s Killing Celebrity Horses?

Cyborgs Aren’t Just for Sci-Fi Anymore

To Save the Great Barrier Reef, Move It

How the House of Representatives Can Steal the Election for the GOP

These Pictures of China from Above Are Stunning

Why Will & Kate Really Went To India

How Alexander the Great Changed the Art World Forever

The American Prophet Who Predicted Trump

Why Did The IRA Assassinate This American?

The Little Navy Ship That Sailed 3,000 Miles to Escape the Japanese

Why Is Bernie Sanders Slamming Southern Democrats?

Thandie Newton Hits ‘Bullshit’ Starbucks Racism—Gets Trolled by the Trumpsters

Bill Maher Grills Susan Sarandon On Being Bernie or Bust: ‘Are You Going to Eat the Chicken?’

Bernie Sanders Surrogate Danny DeVito Rips Into Hillary on Israel and Goldman Sachs

The Death of PJTV: How Aubrey Chernick’s Right-Wing Media Dream Died

Michelle Fields: Trump Campaign Should Apologize for 'Defaming My Character'

‘I Had It All. And Now It’s Gone.’

One Kurdish Neighborhood in the Crossfire

Will Walgreens Dump Theranos?

Shaq Forgives Kobe Bryant for Ratting on Him

Seth Meyers Grills John Kasich: ‘You Have Fewer Delegates Than Rubio’

Trump Lies So Much Less to NY Mega-Rich

Everything We Knew About This ISIS Mastermind Was Wrong

The Unbreakable Joy of ‘Kimmy Schmidt’: Ellie Kemper, Tituss Burgess, and Carol Kane Explain the Show’s Magic

This Isn’t Donald Trump’s New York—and the Side Entrance Proves It

Abused? You Can’t Work at These Churches

Who Will Protect Us From Space Pirates?

Feds’ Pill Crackdown Drives Pain Patients to Heroin

Feds Fuel Anti-Sex Inquisition on Campus

Taliban: ‘We Could Keep Fighting Forever'

Is Kate Middleton Really the ‘Duchess of Drab’?

She Was Kicked Out of Court for Breastfeeding

Trump’s Closest Confidants Can’t Vote for Him…Because They’re Still Democrats

No Hot Water, No Toilets, No Information: This Is How Greece Treats Syrian Refugees

The Dark, Bloody Morning Lincoln Died

Patrick Stewart on Making a Terrorist: ‘They’re Given a Role, an Identity, a Sense of Belonging’

How Jimmy Fallon Trumped Ted Cruz on ‘The Tonight Show’

When Guns N’ Roses Ruled the Jungle: Exclusive Photos of the Hard Rockers in Their Wild Heyday

Corey Lewandowski Has Chummy Sit-Down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Turn Up the Volume to 11 in Brooklyn

Kate Middleton Stunned as Bhutan Archers Insult Prince Willie's Private Parts

With ‘NYT Global,’ the Gray Lady Plans World Domination

Ex-Convict Caught in Missing Priest’s Car

Beyond Hil and Bern—for Lefties, It’s the Battle for New York’s Soul

NYC Brothel Customer? The Feds Now Have Your Number

Shanghai Parents Can Sue Their Kids for Not Visiting

Why Couples Turn to In-Vitro Fertilization, Even When They Can’t Afford It

Study: Video Games Are Making You Sexist

Watch Paul McCartney Play ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ for First Time in 51 Years

Supreme Court Proposes a Compromise in Obamacare Case

How to Watch the Brooklyn Democratic Debate Live Stream Online

Obama Gets to Watch the New ‘Game of Thrones’ Before You

ISIS and the Far-Right Have the Same Enemies' List

New York’s Doped Up Beatniks, Hippies and Freaks Love Bernie Sanders

How Anna Wintour Rules New York, With Help From The Met Ball

Cruz Beckham Is the New Justin Bieber

‘Barbershop 3’ Goes In On Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Meet Tatiana Maslany, the Best F***ing Actress on TV

Meet Egor Tarabasov, the Rich Russian Who Loves Lindsay Lohan

Ex-NFL Players Rally Behind Medical Marijuana

Team Bernie: Hillary Can’t Push Us Around

Feds Nab Illegal Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull

ISIS Targets American Imams for Believing Muslims Can Thrive in U.S.

Gay Air France Flight Attendants Say No to Iran

No Court-Martial for Afghan Hospital Slaughter

The Caravaggio (or Not) in the Attic

Bernie Sanders Slams Trump: You Don’t Have ‘New York Values’

Jane Sanders: Bernie and I Will Vote Hillary if We Have To

Steph Curry, the NBA’s First Viral Star, Breaks Opponents, and the Internet, Too

Job Interviews for UN Secretary-General Are Just a Little Intense

Megyn Kelly Thinks Donald Trump Is ‘Fascinating’

How to Survive in the Wilderness

First Ladies of the Brooklyn Navy Yard

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Makes Superhero Movies Great Again

Dennis Hastert’s Sick Defense: It Was Just a Groin Rub

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15-foot Cow-Eating Alligator Shot Dead

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In Nagorno-Karabakh, a Bloody New War With Putin on Both Sides

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Employee Found Dead in Disneyland Paris Haunted House

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Bloodsport: Watch MLB Players Clobbered

The Walking Dead’s Trolltastic Finale: Negan (and Lucille) Fail to Deliver the Goods

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Is There Really a Single Malt Scotch Shortage?

Christian School Principal Jailed for Child Rape

Watch for More Attacks by al Qaeda’s Shock Troops in Africa

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How Trump and Bernie Are Courting 2016’s Sexy New Voters: Grumpy Old Men

Democratic Superdelegates: How the Party Learned to Start Worrying and Fear Its Voters

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Ding Dong, It’s the Pizza Delivery Robot

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LGBT Muslims Are Enemy No. 1 in Trump’s America

Amtrak Crash Kills Two More on Deadly Stretch of Pennsylvania Track

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Intel Analysts: We Were Forced Out for Telling the Truth About Obama’s ISIS War

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Herb Caen Taught Us How to Tweet

As Always, US Adores a Good Sex Scandal

Rose Styron: The Truth About Life With Her Husband, Literary Legend William Styron

Indiana Pastor Turned Flock Into Drug Runners

Hospital Funds Diverted to Cardinal’s Villa

Tom Hiddleston on Hank Williams, Amy Winehouse, and the Curse of Celebrity

Finally, Colorado Is Cracking Down On Service Dog Fraud

Utah’s Hypocritical War on Porn

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Creationist Lawmaker Says Noah’s Ark Was Found, Rocks Prove God Created Earth

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