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Articles October 2014

Grimes Campaign ‘Exploring Legal Options’ Against McConnell

‘There was no food, no more water lilies’

French Freak-Out Over Creepy Clowns

SpaceShipTwo Flew on Untested Rocket

ISIS Fliers on a Marine Corps Base?

J.K. Rowling Pens the Greatest Horror Story Ever: Dolores Umbridge Was Real

Test Article

Gay Talese on Charlie Manson’s Home on the Range

Samantha Power Praises Cuba for Ebola Response

Video: We Went To NY's Scariest Haunted House

Alpacas Talk Income Inequality

Trustafarians Want to Tell You How to Live

Running Blind: Meet the Most Inspiring Marathoner

Military Hates White House ‘Micromanagement’ of ISIS War

Here’s Why Your Favorite Horror Movies Are So Left-Wing

Joseph Campbell on the Roots of Halloween

How The University of Wisconsin Badgers Are Bucking the Big Ten Ticket Flop

The Dems’ Midterm Performance Anxiety

The WHO’s Big Asterisk on Liberia’s Ebola Case Decrease

Relics from Saudi Arabia's First Millennium Heyday

Washington’s Wheeler-Dealer Patriotism

Brace Yourself for an October Surprise

Inside New York’s Most Powerful Diner

How ‘Titanic ’Helped This Brave Young Woman Escape North Korea’s Totalitarian State

As 30-Year Anniversary of Mass Killings in India Arrives, Sikhs Find Safety in USA

Women Voters Haunted by the GOP's Tricks

‘Point and Shoot’ Captures the Birth of a Warrior on Film

How Aidy Bryant Stealthily Became Your Favorite ‘Saturday Night Live’ Star

Killer Eric Frein Held in Murdered Cop’s Cuffs

When Saudi Arabia Ruled the World

Pro-Life Group Sends Over The Top Mailer

Are Russian Bombers Flying Nuclear Drills Near Europe—Or Just Testing NATO’s Defenses?

From Kate Hudson to Molly Sims, Celebs in Costume Take Over Instagram

Did Chris Christie's Heckler Do Any Good?

The GOP’s Great Gay Hope Hits Trouble

Tim Cook: Why ‘I’m Gay’ Isn’t Enough

Britain Admits Anti-Drug Laws Are Useless

Let’s Free Stacey Addison, The Oregon Woman Jailed at the Ends of the Earth

Yes, ‘Aspergery’ Is a Slur and It's Time to Stop Using It

New Harvard Study Finds the Door to Millennial Vote Is Open to GOP

What’s It Like for Men to Walk in NYC?

When West Point Football Turned Fatal

How Amelia's Plane Was Found

Time Is Running Out for Obama on Syria

50,000 Missing Georgia Voter-Registration Applications? Nothing to See Here

How Can Katie Holmes Escape Tom Cruise—and ‘Dawson’s Creek’?

This One Picture of Telly Savalas Refutes All Fears That Progress Has Ended

Couple Sues Over Russian ‘Bait-and-Switch’ Adoption of Disabled Kids

Meditation Tips for the Easily Distracted

Saudi Activist Manal Al-Sharif on Why She Removed the Veil

Would You Stay in Lizzie Borden’s Ax-Murder House?

Sexy Ebola Nurse & More of the Year’s Worst Halloween Costumes

Judges Behaving Badly: A Great American Tradition

Dan Malloy Is Progressives’ Dream Governor. So Why Isn’t He Winning?

Ladies’ Men Live Longer

Inside Marvel’s Phase 3: How ‘The Avengers’ Cross Paths with Black Panther and the New Superheroes

This Man Lost 35 Relatives to Ebola and His Community Wants Him Gone

‘Dear White People’: How An Ex-Publicist’s Twitter Became One of the Year’s Most Important Films

Who Says You Can’t Quantify Literature?

Democratic Africa Gets Its First White Leader

Pope Francis Gives Blessing to Exorcist Conference

In Defense of Slut-O-Ween

A Tom Cotton Ad on Grindr?

ISIS Probably Surprised By U.S. "Lone Wolves"

Perdue Demonstrates 'Clear Difference' in GA Senate Race

Obamacare Covers Foreign Diplomats

Obama’s Love-Hate Relationship With Israel Explodes

Jian Ghomeshi’s Very Canadian Sex Scandal

Was Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Too Right-Wing for CBS?

Charles Barkley Is Right on ‘Acting White’

What Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff Can Teach Hillary Clinton

Amy Poehler and George R.R. Martin Play Game of ‘Game of Thrones’

What's Up With U.S. Maternity Leave?

Street Harassment Shouldn’t Be a Crime

Gone Guy: The Return of Haley Joel Osment

Mystery Man Buys Kentucky for the GOP

Mexico’s First Lady of Murder Is on the Lam

Amy Poehler Preaches ‘Lean Out’

Gay Activist David Mixner: I Mercy Killed 8 People

‘To Russia With Love’: Can Johnny Weir Save Russia’s Gays?

The Secret Wonders of ‘Unseen London’ (Photos)

Meet the Liberian Girls Beating Ebola

Steve King: GOP Congress Should Keep Repealing Obamacare

The Real Reason Iran Killed This Woman for Defending Herself

If GOP Loses Next Week, Cue the Crack Up

Karen Armstrong’s New Rule: Religion Isn’t Responsible for Violence

Middle East Goes Monty Python on ISIS

How Can Dems Be Losing to These Idiots?

NRA Ducks Gun Fight Out West

Your Sex Confession Is Her Screenplay

Is ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Immune to GamerGate Misogyny?

Marvel and DC Plan 20 Movies for the Next Six Years: Will the Comic Book Movie Bubble Burst?

Sex, Murder, and Adoption: The Wild Trial of the Polo King

Republicans Win Recruiting Battle in Senate Races

Tri-State Quarantines "An Insane Overreach"

Ernst Stronger in Iowa Than Braley

Aleppo Will Be Scene of Major Fight Against ISIS

Europeans Recall Fireball Whiskey Over a Sweetener Also Used in Antifreeze

Barnacle Gosling's Death-Defying Cliff Dive

Even the Pope Isn’t a Hard-Core Creationist

How to Do Breakfast Right

Adrian Grenier Talks the Economy, the ‘Entourage’ Movie, and the HBO Series’ Alleged ‘Misogyny’

Quarantine Turns Ebola Heroes Into Pariahs

Escaping Assad’s Rape Prisons: A Survivor Tells Her Story

The Walking Dead’s Luke Skywalker: Rick Grimes Is the Perfect Modern-Day Mythical Hero

128 Years Old and Still a Looker: Happy Birthday to Lady Liberty

Eliza Coupe Finds Her ‘Happy Ending’ With ‘Benched’

‘Jane the Virgin’ Is The CW’s Best Show Ever

The 8 Most Competitive Congressional Races of 2014

Are Mandatory Ebola Quarantines Legal?

Hooray for Liberal Fear-Mongering!

Does Tom Cotton Still Want to Jail Journalists?

The Secret GOP Swing State Election Romp

High Rents Are Killing the Restaurant Capital

Happy Howl-O-Ween: Spooky Animals That Will Make You Smile

Ron Perlman's Secret Suicide Attempt

Dems Desperately Seeking the Gender Gap

Spills and Thrills: Models Wiping Out on the Runway (PHOTOS)

Cookie Monster Stars in Harry Potter Parody

New York Is Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend

The Ghosts of Gaza: Israel’s Soldier Suicides

Charging Up

Activists: Moscow Sea Park Is ‘Torturing’ Its Orca Whales

An ISIS Hostage on the Dark Side

John Avlon Gets 'Real' with Bill Maher

The Good Wife’s Secret Weapon: Matt Czuchry on Cary Agos’s Terrible, Horrible Year

Christie Blinks in Ebola Fight

The 2014 Election Is Yet Another Scrum in the Culture Wars

Viral Video Pioneers: How Pomplamoose is Turning YouTube Stardom Into a Sustainable Profession

LeVar Burton Reads “Go the F*** to Sleep” (NSFW)

The Secret Life of an ISIS Warlord

FinnaRage Wants You to Rage at Its Parties. So What if It Ends Up a Riot?

America’s 60 Year-Old Nuclear Bomber Might Finally Get a New Engine

‘Archer’ Season 6 Preview: Cast and Crew on Rebranding and Dropping ISIS

Diane von Furstenberg: How I Learned to Love My Wrap Dress

Hiring People With Disabilities Isn’t Just the Right Thing to Do—It’s Good for Business

2014 NBA Preview: Skinny LeBron and the Racist Ghost of Donald Sterling

Remembering Reagan’s Defining Speech

Frank Gehry Is Architecture’s Mad Genius

Republicans Want You Scared of Ebola

‘Force Majeure’ and the Swedish Family Vacation From Hell

This Week’s Hot Reads: October 27, 2014

In Chile, Poetry Outlives the Dictators

George W. Bush’s Puzzling WMD Coverup

Behind the Wheel of the Bespoke Bentley

What Al Franken’s Normcore Senate Race Can Teach Other Democrats

The Great Wall of Ukraine

The University of Texas’s Machiavellian War on Its Regent

Frank Gehry's Fondation Louis Vuitton Building Opens (Photos)

A History of Bespoke Bentley Luxury (Photos)

"If You Don't Vote, None of It Means a Damn."

Liberian Pastors Blame Ebola on Gays, The Right Blames Obama

Stay in the Magical ‘Harry Potter’ Hotel: London’s Georgian House Offers ‘Wizard’s Chambers’

New York & New Jersey’s Ebola Quarantines Are an Insane Overreaction

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: October 26

The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson (And Tolstoy and Dickens)

Congressional Gridlock Is Not What Founding Fathers Had in Mind

The Tycoons Who Lost It All

When Eva Braun Met Anna Nicole Smith

Does Ebola Need An Organization Man?

What’s the Catholic Church’s Problem With Couples Without Children?

Carol Shields’s Tale Of Secondhand Life

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, Oct 20-26, 2014

There’s a Reason Your Waiter Hates You

Week in Photos: October 25, 2014

Luxembourg and China Team Up on Private Mission to the Moon

Can Ferguson Swing the Election?

The Sexy Dream of the 747

Cameras That Don't Look Like Cameras

How Rock and Roll Killed Jim Crow

Surprise! Leading ‘Birther’ Thinks Earth is 6,000 years old

Blood Is Ebola’s Weapon and Weakness

‘Housewife Tycoon’ Took On ‘Mad Men’ NYC Real Estate Market and Won

The Bolshevik Who Thinks ‘The Nation’ Is Too Left Wing

Ukraine’s Elections: The Battle of the Billionaires

Porn Stars Are People Too, Dammit: Lisa Ann’s Notre Dame Date and the Trolling of David Gregory

'Real Time' Panel Confronts Maher on Islam

Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Becomes an Obsession

The Fear About Things That Won't Kill Us Is Killing Us

Up to a Point: In Defense of Lobbyists

From Ebola Country to NYC’s Subways

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’: Country’s Prodigal Daughter Creates the Best Pop Album of the Year

The Stacks: Edward Hopper’s X-Ray Vision

How Much Do You Tip A Robot Bartender?

Donald E. Westlake, The Man With The Getaway Face

I Want My Damn Hoverboard! 12 Movie Inventions That Should Exist

Marcel the Shell Returns, Potty-Mouthed Princesses, and More Viral Videos

Coming Out Kinky to Your Doctor, in Black and Blue

OMG, I Want This House: Mallorca (Photos)

In Hands of Hungarian Artist, Jewish Home Movies of the ’30s a Warning of Coming Holocaust

Donald E. Westlake Defends the Semicolon

Untruth and Consequences in Ferguson

The Real Enemy of Marital Bliss Are Those Most Opposed to Marriage Equality

Ukraine Rebels Love Russia, Hate Gays, Threaten Executions

7 Must-Read Stories about Mexican Cartels, Kansas City and Picasso: The Best of The Beast

Did Joni Ernst’s Des Moines Register Diss Just Destroy Her ‘Iowa-Nice’?

The Battle for Aleppo: A Decisive Fight for ISIS, Assad, and the USA

The Homecoming Prince Who Tweeted His Killing Spree

Lone Star Leaders

Doc With Ebola Has Not Put NYC at Risk

What Iran Can Learn From Gwyneth Paltrow

The Shocking Rise and Fall of ‘Honey Boo Boo’

Dark Money Will Decide Which Party Controls the Senate

Lone Wolves, Terrorist Runts, and the Stray Dogs of ISIS

Jenny McCarthy: I Am Not Anti-Vaccine

New Zealand’s Hobbit-Filled Air Safety Video

Queen Tweets For First Time

Life After ‘Winter’s Bone’: Debra Granik on Finding J. Law and the Plight of the Female Director

Foley Family to White House: You Saved Bergdahl. Why Not Our Son?

The Only Way for Democrats to Win

Those Kansas City Blues: A Family History

Bayonetta Is Nintendo’s Graphic, Ass-Kicking Barbie

Inside the Political Fun House: How ‘Alpha House’ Became Amazon’s First Big Hit

America’s First Post-Gay Governor

Will the GOP Get the Message in Kansas?

Look Who’s Wearing The Pants: Haute Butch’s Gender-Blending Style

Elizabeth Peña and the Truth About Alcoholic Women

The Harlem Hat Shop You Have to Visit

Why Humanitarians Talk to ISIS

Borges Had A Genius For Literature But Not Love Or Much Else

Ukraine’s Wild and Wooly Elections

How This Election Could Go to January

Wanted: More Devious Politicians

‘Whip it!’ Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s Cabinet Of Horrors

Immigrant Women Facing Domestic Abuse Need Stronger Protections

Why New York’s Ebola Case Will Hurt Infected Patients Everywhere

Daniel Radcliffe: I’m Richer Than One Direction

The GOP Has a New Darling, But He Lives in Canada

Reconsidering Renée Zellweger: Forever a Hollywood-Pretty Character Actress

Was Canada Shooter a 'Lone Wolf?'

Men Squeeze Into Sexy Halloween Costumes

If Clinton Runs for President, Cuomo’s on Board

What’s Worse Than Ebola in West Africa? Almost Everything

Ex-NFL Linebacker: We Talk Around Race, Not About It

Trump Travels to Iowa, Bashes New York

Brad Pitt and Louis C.K. Go ‘Between Two Ferns’

The Revival of Kieran Culkin: A Reluctant Star Seizes the Spotlight

Rand Paul Channels Malala to Bash Obama

‘Her Survival Was a Miracle’: The 6-Year-Old Who Beat Ebola

Beer Makes You More Virile, but Veggies Don’t? Busting the Biggest Myths About Sperm Count

The Childish Genius of Pee-wee’s Playhouse

Channing Tatum Is the Real Star of ‘Foxcatcher'

Did Picasso Try to Steal the Mona Lisa?

Comedians in Bras Getting Feminism

Small Town Keeps Cops Secret From...ISIS

Those Alison Lundergan Grimes Obituaries Were Premature—She’s Hanging On

How Brooklyn Invaded Paris—Next Stop, the World

Why D.C. Wants an Election About Nothing

Chinese Tourists Are Taking Hong Kong Protest Selfies

Ukraine’s Home Front Grows War Weary

Portrait of an Epidemic: The Front Lines of Ebola

Refusing to Marry Same-Sex Couples Isn’t Religious Freedom, It’s Just Discrimination

Brooklyn’s Gangster Graveyard

Cornel West’s Disappointing Decline

How Big Is The Canadian Terror Network?

Live from San Antonio: Women in the World Texas!

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’s’ Kickass Trailer Leaks, Features Iron Man’s Hulkbuster Armor and Ultron

NBC’s Soup-Loving Dr. Nancy Keeps Her Job

Republicans Fear-Mongering Over ISIS and Mexico Silent on Canadian Border

How ISIS’s Colorado Girls Were Caught

The Bizarre Tale of Ben Bradlee, JFK, a Mistress’s Murder, and the Master Spy

Photos from the Women in the World Texas Forum

Terrorist Ends Canada’s Innocence

Gunman Attacks Canada Parliament (Photos)

The Hoverboard is (Finally Almost) Real

The Path of a Serial Killer (PHOTOS)

Gary, Indiana Is a Serial Killer’s Playground

Has ISIS Peaked as a Military Power?

George Will, Fox News, and the Beginning of an Ebola Conspiracy

Can the Navy's $12 Billion Stealth Destroyer Stay Afloat?

‘No Stairway, Denied!’ Led Zeppelin Lawsuit Winds on Down the Road

Nigel Lythgoe on How to Save Reality TV, ‘On the Town,’ and ‘Brokeback Ballroom’

Thank God! To the Church, This Transgender Woman Is Just a Skank

U.S. and Russia Can’t Agree on Whether They Agreed to Coordinate on ISIS

Dark Money and Our Looming Oligarchy

Proud to Be a Coal Miner Fraudster

America’s Most Important (and Wackiest) Referendums This November

A City Hall Affair to Remember

Magical Gardens for the Blind, Deaf, and Disabled

The GOP’s Really Big Problem in Georgia

Women Describe How Top D.C. Rabbi Allegedly Spied on Them in the Nude

Why Voters Are So Totally Checked Out

Lincoln Was the Founders’ Heir Apparent

Wind Catches Kate's Skirts Again

Renee Zellweger’s Fine, But We Need Some Work: The Toxic Pursuit of ‘Effortless’ Beauty

Ben Bradlee Was the Last of the Newspaper Giants

Ben Bradlee Dead at 93: His Life in Photos

Should Obama Take North Korea’s Bait?

How Oscar de la Renta Created First Lady Fashion

New York Nurses Are the Calm in Ebola’s Storm

A Crazy Alabama GOP Corruption Scandal

Renee Zellweger's Face Gets More Medical Scrutiny Than Ebola

Hannibal Buress Says Bill Cosby Is a Rapist: A History of Sexual Assault Allegations

Corruption Eats Away at Ukraine Military

What Does a Pop-Star Nun Sing? Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin,’ Of Course

ISIS Video: America’s Air Dropped Weapons Now in Our Hands

Dirtbike Flips over Stunt Plane

Ebola Fear is the Real Epidemic

The $100 Million Midterms

In All-Girls Schools, a Formula for Success

Oscar Pistorius Is Expected to Spend Less Than Two Years in Jail

Morning Sickness Stricken Kate Middleton Rides In a 200 Year Old Carriage

The University Of New Orleans’ Cigarette Ban Is Total BS

Harry Shearer on Being Nixon, ‘The Simpsons Movie’ Sequel, and Why Obama Should Return His Nobel

Doctors Without Borders Hits Ebola Breaking Point

Barbie Is Out, Monster High Is In

Indiana Serial Killer’s Confession Was Just the Start

She Tweeted Against the Mexican Cartels, They Tweeted Her Murder

How LBJ and Reagan Wrecked Our Faith in Government

Why George Carlin Deserves His Own Street

U.S. Fighter Jocks Pray The ‘ISIS Air Force’ Rumors Are True

Compliments Are Nice, but Enough With the Cormac McCarthy Comparisons

The Best-Dressed Way to Say Goodbye

Where There’s Trouble, You’ll Usually Find Joe Biden

Ariana Grande, This Is How to Be a Diva

John Kasich’s Unforgivable Truth About Obamacare

Annie Lennox Doesn’t Give a Damn What You Think

Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta, American Great, Dead at 82

Pew Study: Americans Are Self-Segregating Amid Proliferating Partisan Media

Oscar de la Renta Dead at 82: His Life in Photos

Large Crowd Protests NYC Terrorism Opera

Yes to LGB, No to T: The Pentagon Still Has a Transgender Ban

Rudy Giuliani: Why I Protested ‘The Death of Klinghoffer’

How Carrie Preston Became The Good Wife’s Favorite Scene Stealer

Pope Francis Wins a Battle to Welcome Gays in the Church

In the Battle for Kobani, ISIS Falls Back. But for How Long?

Women in the World Texas Sneak Peek

Nepal’s Deadliest Avalanche Was Totally Avoidable

The West Made Lots of Promises to Afghan Girls, Now It’s Breaking Them

On U.VA Campus, Grief Mixes With Relief After Discovery of Body

The Dishonor of Honor Killings

She Gives the Gift of Language

Ohio State Marching Band Rocks Out (With Their Tubas Out)

The Making of Kiesza: From Navy Sharpshooter to Beauty Queen to Pop Diva

Ebola's Roots Are 50 Times Older Than Mankind. And That Could Be the Key to Stopping It.

‘Fury’: A Ludicrous WWII Movie More Violent Than ‘Inglourious Basterds’

‘Citizenfour’ Is Mesmerizing (If You Don’t Mind the Omissions)

And Now Mitch McConnell Is the ‘Pro-Woman’ Candidate!

Ferguson’s Only Unsolved Murder

The West’s Female-Genital Mutilation Wake-Up Call

In Tarheel State, Democratic Senate Incumbent Bucks National GOP Trend

The Secrets of Britain’s Wildest Aristocrats

Rich People Want You to Work for Free

Will There Ever Be a ‘Good Wife’ Effect on Politics?

How One Lawsuit Shows What’s Wrong With America

Morgan Fairchild: Badass Foreign Policy Wonk

Wife of Jailed Saudi Blogger: My Husband Is a Victim of the Thought Police

Chinese Getting Hooked on the Middle East's Favorite Drug

The Ugly Truth About Cory Booker, New Jersey’s Golden Boy

The Worst Question for Abuse Victims

Royal Baby Due In April

The X Factor of Sex Invades Britain: Rebecca More’s ‘Sex Tour’ Enrages U.K. Politicians

The Walking Dead’s Most Gruesome Scene Yet: ‘A Man’s Gotta Eat’

U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS

ICYMI: India-Pakistan Head for Nuke War

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: October 19

Was Putin’s Midnight Visit to Berlusconi About Bunga Bunga?

Frats Clash With Riot Police at Keene, N.H., Pumpkin Festival

Breakdancing Brad Pitt, Chainsaw Massacre Prank, and More Viral Videos

Victor Mooney’s Epic Adventure for His Dead Brother

How the Media Failed to Nail the NFL

Disease History Vs. Disease Hysteria

Saturn’s Death Star Look-Alike

You Can Look It Up: The Wikipedia Story

The Coming Civil War: Iron Man Vs. Captain America 3

Is the Christian Music Industry Softening on Gays?

Finally, Home Care Workers Start Fighting Back

Cliven Bundy’s Brokeback Mountain Moment

The World's Most Beautiful Boat—Yours for Half a Billion Dollars

The High Society Bank Robber of the 1800s

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, Oct 13-19, 2014

National Geographic The Covers: Iconic Photographs, Unforgettable Stories

The Myth of the Central Park Five

The Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah Sounds Off on Weed, the Weather, and Winning

The CIA’s Wrong: Arming Rebels Works

Trading Dime Bags for Salvador Dali

All Aboard the USS Persecution Complex

Paranoia Crept into American Political Life a Long Time Ago

Harvard Liberals Hate New Campus Sex Laws

Hurricane Gonzalo Bearing Down On Bermuda (PHOTOS)

The Secrets of ‘Pulp Fiction’: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About the Movie on Its 20th Anniversary

They May Sound Like a Good Idea, But Travel Bans for Ebola Won’t Work

Ferguson on Knife Edge of More Violence After Grand Jury Evidence Leak Showing Struggle

Ebola and America’s Childish Narcissism

9 Must-Read Stories of Syria’s Tokyo Rose, Missing WMDs and #GamerGate: The Best of The Beast

Is Brooklyn Becoming Unsafe for Gays? It Depends On Which Ones

Acid Attacks on Women Spread Terror in Iran

Week in Photos: October 18, 2014

A Racist’s Crazy Ski Resort Smackdown

There’s Only One Way to Beat ISIS: Work With Assad and Iran

Nightmares in Face Paint: Why We’ll Always Be Afraid of Clowns

How To Strike Viking Gold

OMG, I Want This House: Porto Cervo, Italy

The Violent Side of Friday Night Lights

Nationalism on Four Wheels

When ISIS Is An Excuse For A Police State

Why Aristotle Deserves A Posthumous Nobel

10-Year-Old Murder Defendant Shows Failure of U.S. Juvenile Justice System

Egypt’s LGBTs Fight Grindr Crackdown

The Stacks: John Coltrane's Mighty Musical Quest

‘The Fappening’ Is Dead: From A-List Hacking Victims to D-Listers Accused of Leaking Nudes For PR

Welcome to Oculus XXX: In-Your-Face 3D is the Future of Porn

Amid Unrest, Afghan Women Push For Role in Peace Process

From Britney to Bynes, Why Do We Love Watching Mentally Ill Celebs?

Inside the Cruise Ship Quarantined Over Ebola Fear

Why Are Swastikas Hot In West Ukraine?

Ron Klain Will Be the Best Ebola Czar Yet

Amphipolis Tomb Yields Amazing Finds But Mysteries Linger

From Didion to Dunham, Female Essayists Seize the Day

Finding the Thread of Peace

Will Universal Treatment Protocol Help with Ebola Containment?

This is ‘Your Brain on MDMA’

Time for U.S. to Support Abortion for Rape Victims in Other Countries

Kate Middleton Pictured Leaving Clinic: New Privacy Row

Ebola Nurses Are As Brave As Soldiers

The Social Conservative Royal Rumble Is Brewing in Iowa

Apocalypse Now: Preppers Are Gearing Up for Ebola

Wash ‘Pulp Fiction’ Down With a Tasty Beverage

The Secret Money Buying Wisconsin’s Laws

Gay Weddings Come to Las Vegas’s Elvis Chapel

Sam Lutfi Is Young Hollywood’s Most Infamous Svengali

Dallas: A Journal of the Plague City

‘Dear White People’ Is the Race Movie America Didn’t Know It Needed

The Supreme Court Is Weighing Corporate Power Yet Again

Mississippi: Last In Everything, First In Vaccinations

The Sky Is Not Falling, and Ebola Is Not Out of Control

Don’t Be Fooled by Apple and Facebook, Egg Freezing Isn’t Cool

Taylor Swift’s Secret Music Man: Max Martin, Elusive Hitmaker

The Tracker That Might Actually Help You Sleep Better

Stevie Nicks Was the ’70s Selfie Queen

The Kardashian Look-Alike Trolling for Assad

Putin T-Shirt Shop (Photos)

Jason Schwartzman Is the Nicest Jerk You’ll Ever Meet in ‘Listen Up Philip’

The Casual Genius of Jenny Slate: ‘Marcel the Shell,’ ‘Obvious Child,’ and the Ghost of ‘SNL’

Dinner With James Deen During Porn’s Latest HIV Scare

How Old People Will Decide Your Future

Rand Paul, Chris Christie Laid Out Plans for Black Voters at Penthouse Forum

Are Over Half the Works on the Art Market Really Fakes?

L.A.’s Cool-Kids Backyard Concert Series—Kensington Presents

Hipster Putin Propaganda

Should Girl Scouts Go Back to Basics?

Oh Yes, He’s The Great Connector: Jason Hirschhorn’s Expertly Curated World

U.S. Soldiers Get Just Four Hours of Ebola Training

Albert Camus, Our Existential Epidemiologist

Red Sweep? Maybe, but One Tea Party Incumbent Is in Trouble

Navy Grounds Top Guns

Colombian Beauty Queen Arrested for Running Child Prostitution Ring

Catholic Church Says It’s OK to be Gay, Sort Of

Growth Stocks

Insiders Blame Rove for Covering Up Iraq’s Real WMD

Use Your Vote to Take Stand Against Domestic Violence

U.S. Extends Protection To Honduran Immigrants

Watch a Republican Try to Duck the Abortion Ban He Cosponsored

Rick Perry Avoided Ebola Like the Plague

Florida Man Freaks Out Over Fan

Top Senate Dem Calls for Buffer Zone and No-fly Zone in Syria

Does a Perv Know Maddie McCann’s Fate?

Exclusive: Turkey OK’s American Drones to Fight ISIS

When the War Comes Home

Marine Gets Shot in the Head, Walks Away

Ebola, Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliation Panels Added to WITW Texas

Book Bag: Reading Your Way Out Of Grief

Bill Maher: Yes, I Can Generalize About Muslims

Of Gamers, Gates, and Disco Demolition: The Roots of Reactionary Rage

The Swedish Queen of Soulful Pop: Mapei Won’t Wait for You to Listen

Ted Cruz Quits Screwing With the GOP

Apple and Facebook Are Right to Offer Egg-Freezing

Wait, We Actually LIKE Spoilers!?

Relishing Rembrandt’s Blockbuster London Show

Martin Luther King’s Nobel Speech Is an Often Ignored Masterpiece

Pope Francis Pushes the Church Another Step Further on Gays

The Best Regulator? That’s Easy. It’s the Market.

How Presidents Handle Pandemics

Tavis Smiley Humanely Chronicles MLK’s Sad Last Year

The Misogynistic Companies Jumping On The Breast Cancer Bandwagon

The Right-Wing Crusade Against KStew: How Fear Factories Like Breitbart and Fox Distort News

Electricity Superhighway

Accusations Pile Up on Top D.C. Rabbi Barry Freundel

Can Amal Clooney Save Greece’s Antiquities?

Police Brutality Inflames Hong Kong

Ebola Racism Reaches a New Low in Texas

Bono Apologizes For Giving You Free Music: ‘We Got Carried Away with Ourselves’

Oscars Host Neil Patrick Harris on His Best and Worst Emcee Moments (VIDEO)

Diane von Furstenberg: Becoming the Woman She Wanted to Be

Who Dat, Who Dat? It’s Snoop Dogg Saying Misogynistic Things to I-G-G-Y

Europe’s Hidden Ebola Cases


Nurse Nasty Suspected of Killing 38 People in Italy

‘I’m Flipping Out’: Dallas Residents’ Worst Ebola Fears

Basketball Bounces Through Classic Movies

Republicans Are Pressing the ISIS Fear Button Hard for Midterm Votes

Parents’ Ebola Panic Is Taking Over My Clinic

At This Creepy Libertarian Charter School, Kids Must Swear ‘to Be Obedient to Those in Authority’

ISIS Has a Bigger Coalition Than We Do

David Oyelowo on Playing Martin Luther King Jr., Ebola Fears, and Race in Hollywood

Stop Hating on ‘Modern Family’ (But Also Stop Giving It Emmys)

The Perils of Glitzy Celebrity Feminism Having a Moment

It’s Time to Nail the Iran Nuke Deal

These Candidates Are Courting the Muslim Vote

F-111: Death-Dealing, Pop-Art Masterpiece

Don’t Diss the Beauty of Brunch: Defending Our Favorite Meal

The Disappearance of Kate Middleton

The Amazingly Two-Faced Mitch McConnell

South Dakota's Bizarre Four-Way (Senate Election, That Is)

Remember the $182 Billion AIG Bailout? It Just Wasn’t Generous Enough

Bulgaria’s Vampire Graveyards

Whose Side Is Turkey On?

Barbara Hulanicki, Queen of Fast Fashion

We All Have a Rosebud in Our Pasts

The Outrage Over Beyonce’s Bettie Page Bangs: Why the Media Must Stop Objectifying Women

The Crazy Oregon Governor Race Just Got Crazier

Nobel Prize Winner Modiano’s Magical Musical Prose About Paris

How Does Zuckerberg’s Ebola Pledge Measure Up To Other Bigwig Donations?

Mother Knows Best

Why I Named My Quidditch Film Mudbloods

Denmark's Bestiality Problem: It's Legal

Rand Paul's Bill Maher Problem

Speed Read: James Risen Indicts The War On Terror’s Costly Follies

How Real Is Vatican's Shift on Homosexuality?

Syrians Not Included in ISIS Coalition Meetings

NYPD Heckles Comedian During Arrest (NSFW)

Miles Teller’s Movie Star Moment: From the Brink of Death to ‘Whiplash’

It Was All a Dream: Drama, Bullshit, and the Rebirth of The Source Magazine

Andrew Lincoln Wants Rick to End With Johnny Cash and the Sunset

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OMG, I Want This House: Fort Washington, PA (Photos)

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ISIS Thugs Behead Peter Kassig

Marco Rubio Apparently Isn’t Buying Into Criminal-Justice Reforms

ISIS Beheads British Aid Worker Alan Henning

Impotent U.S. Airstrikes, Passive Turks and an ISIS Triumph

Iran Journalists to Rouhani: Stop Lying!

Catholic University’s Harvey Milk Ban Reflects A Church In Transition

Britain’s PM Cameron And His Awful Assault on Human Rights Court

Dr. Kent Goes Toe-to-Toe With Colbert On Ebola

Hong Kong Between Calm and Chaos

‘Stalker’ Is an Awful Warning Against the Evils of Misogyny

Lawsuit Claims Author Nicholas Sparks Is a Racist, Anti-Semitic Bully

This New Ebola Test Is As Easy As a Pregnancy Test, So Why Aren’t We Using It?

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Prince Returns From the Wilderness and, Thankfully, Is as Restless as Ever

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ISIS Is Winning the Online Jihad Against the West

The Fox News Apology Tour

Beijing/Hong Kong: A Tale of Two Cities as Demonstrations Continue

Yes, Ben Affleck Goes Full-Frontal in ‘Gone Girl,’ Confronting One of Cinema’s Last Taboos

Turkey’s Attitude Toward ISIS? Sympathy for the Devil