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Articles November 2015

Hillary Clinton Aide Sought NFL Concussion Advice After Boss Fell

Texas Seeks to Ban Refugee Aid Groups From Using Pro-Refugee Speech

Ending Africa Tour, Pope Calls Fundamentalism ‘Idolatry’

How ISIS and Boko Haram Profit From Climate Change

Prince Harry Reveals: "I Wanted To Be The Bad Boy.”

Amy Schumer Poses Nude: The Radical Power of Her ‘Beautiful, Gross’ Photo

Fox News Works Hard to Undermine Obama Ahead of Paris Climate Meetings

When Will Iran Free Journalist Jason Rezaian?

No One Had Balls Like Kobe Bryant

Edward Sharpe & Friends ‘Feel the Bern’

How ISIS Is Recruiting Women in London

Eagles of Death Metal’s Wild Frontman: A Gun-Toting, Trump-Supporting Reverend

James Deen, the Bill Cosby of Porn? A Third Accuser Comes Forward

‘The Walking Dead’: Negan, the Most Sadistic Villain Yet, Is Coming

Whistleblower: Peace Corps Ignored and Then Blamed Sexual Assault Victims

The GOP’s Climate Moderates Are Losing

Soho House Heads to the Country, Fashionably

How Two Sisters Brought a Hasidic Vibe to High Fashion

How Donald Trump Broke Jeb Bush

Feds Want ‘Backdoor’ Into Phones, While Terrorists Walk Through Front Door

They’re Mutilating Little Girls’ Breasts in Cameroon to ‘Protect Them’ From Boko Haram

You’re Probably Misreading ‘The Lottery’

Will Pseudoscience Undo Roe v. Wade?

Cops: Kansas Man ‘Fed Son to Pigs’

A Norton Gift Guide to Santa’s Security Secrets

Tori Lux: James Deen Assaulted Me, Too

This Man Is a Danger to All Women: ‘The Affair’ Recap, Season 2, Episode 9

Ted Cruz Mocks Media for Planned Parenthood Shooter Coverage

‘They’re Being Tortured’: U.S. Ally Accused of Abusing ISIS Prisoners

Inside the World of L.A.’s Trans ‘Sugar Babies’

Church of England Votes for “Forceful Response” in Syria

Princess Charlotte Looks Cute as a Button in New Royal Baby Pic Taken by Kate

Pope Francis Made a Wacky Prog Rock Album

The Story of Orion: Elvis Presley’s Mysterious, Masked Doppelganger Who Hoodwinked the World

The GOP Ignores the Bigger Terror Threat—From the Right

The NRA Is Getting Its Ass Kicked and Here’s the Proof

Has the Nobel Curse Killed Orhan Pamuk?

Is Cocaine Legend White Boy Rick Serving Life for Busting Crooked Cops?

LA Is a Great Walking City. Really.

The Story of the First Black Marine

Erasing Woodrow Wilson, Evading History?

I Said ‘Yes’ to the Dress—and Faced My Past

The Simpsons Predicted Trump's Mob

Donald Trump, This WWII Refugee Exhibition Has a Lot To Teach You

Is World Of Warcraft Even Killable?

Bollywood’s Biggest Star Defies India’s Violent Bigotry

Ted Cruz’s Favorite Rabbi

D.A.R.E. to Keep Kids Off Tech

Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter Robert Lewis Dear Was Accused of Domestic Violence and Leering

Watch: NoPro: Regular People Stunts

The Most Expensive Album Ever: Enter the Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’

Marvel’s First Abortion

Are 4 Native Alaskan Men In Jail For A Murder They Didn’t Commit?

Klitschko-Fury is Rocky IV For Real

Gold-Hoarding Boss Wants To Be Governor

Why Bikes Can Never Replace Cars

When FDR Turned Away Refugees

Black Pastors to Trump: Our Meeting Is Not an Endorsement

Donald Trump’s Long Publicity Con

Mary McCartney: My Mother Linda and Me

Can New Grains Make a Better Bourbon?

Lithuania’s Amazing Hill of Crosses

This Ferocious Plus-Sized Author Climbed Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds

Yes, Teens Need To Learn About ‘Yes Means Yes’

Lesbian Harvard Professors: Don’t Erase Anti-Gay Bigot’s Name From Our Home

Egypt Still Refuses to Admit Russian Tourists Blown Out of the Sky

Now Let Us Give Thanks For War

Should We Ban Yoga?

Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid: America’s Hottest Young Couple

Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Robert Lewis Dear Apprehended

Thanksgiving the Syrian Way

Migrants to Europe Have Suddenly Gone Missing

Inside ‘Star Wars Battlefront’: The Greatest (and Most Addictive) Star Wars Video Game Ever

Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones Channel RiRi and Drake in Another Epic Thanksgiving Holiday Medley

Can Killer Bees Save America?

Donald Trump Is Our Jean-Marie Le Pen

Why It’s Time for a Free Kurdistan

Meet Bolivia’s Fighting Cholitas

Disco Decadence: The Era's Best Album Covers

China’s Stranglehold on U.S. Defense Tech

How Kate Middleton Revolutionized the Royal Christmas

How Adele Proved America’s Crankiest Critic Wrong

Cracking The Trump Code

The Green Backlash Against Black Friday

The Black Boycott Of Black Friday

‘Civil Rights’ Means Anti-Gay for Some Republicans

Fitness by the Numbers: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

‘The Man in the High Castle’ Creator Frank Spotnitz on Making Amazon’s Hit Drama

Inside France’s ‘Air Cocaine’ Scandal

‘The Good Dinosaur’: Pixar’s Biggest Production Nightmare Crash-Lands into Theaters

Is Tofurky Actually Worse Than the Real Thing?

Nicki Minaj’s Racist Media Coverage

Arlo Guthrie on ‘Stupid’ Politicians and 50 Years of Thanksgiving Classic ‘Alice’s Restaurant’

How Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Uses Superpowers to Expose the Evils of Abuse

Can Dogs Prevent Anxiety in Kids?

The Last Russian Reformer: Meet the Millennial Speaking Truth in Putin’s Parliament

Will Anthony Bourdain’s Market Be Sweet or Sour?

Goldie Taylor—Inside the Gentrification of Food

This Is How to Celebrate ‘Friendsgiving’

A Hipster Heirloom Harvest (PHOTOS)

Why Thanksgiving Is Better Than Christmas

The Story Behind ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island,’ the Anti-Fed Conspiracy Theory Bible

Can Soul Icon Allen Toussaint Topple Robert E. Lee in New Orleans?

War Machine Mocks Rape Case in Court

How to Have an Expat Thanksgiving

The Muslim Media Mogul Standing Up to ISIS and the Taliban

Frank Sinatra’s Voice Saved His Life

How to Watch 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Live Stream Online

The Other Laquan McDonalds: More Questionable Killings by Chicago Police

The Pilgrims Were the Original Refugees

Wellspring Gives Big Boost to Judicial Crisis Network With $6.6 Million Grant

Eagles of Death Metal Open Up About Paris Attacks: ‘So Many People Wouldn’t Leave Their Friends’

How a Russian Tsar’s Relative Died Alone in Australia

Secrets of the World’s Best Schools

‘Creed’ Is the Movie ‘Rocky’ Fans Have Been Waiting For

Watch: Charli XCX "The F Word And Me"

Trump’s Lies Slander Civil War Dead

How Food Bloggers Do Thanksgiving: Delicious Meals For Your Holidays

Farewell, Cynthia Robinson: Mother of All Hype Men and Heart of the Family Stone

Watch Obama's Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Live Stream Online

Seth Meyers Calls Trump’s 9/11 Claims What They Are: Lies

Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Weekend Movies to See or Skip: ‘Carol,’ ‘Creed,’ ‘The Good Dinosaur,’ and More

‘Chi-Raq’: Spike Lee’s Urgent, Mesmerizing Call to End Gun Violence in Chicago

Spike Lee Talks Laquan McDonald Tape: ‘I Am Hopeful That Nothing Crazy Happens’

Republican Muslims Hope the GOP Hate Away

The Japanese-Americans Who Helped the U.S. Win World War II

Hozier and Tori Kelly: 2015’s Biggest Breakout Stars Look Back on Their Huge Years

Monsieur Le Pen Wants to Guillotine Terrorists in France

Bernie Sanders Claims Vermont’s Hunters Needs Their Guns on Amtrak. The Hunters Disagree

Ted Cruz’s ‘Donnie Jr.’ Strategy

Will Runway Riot Make Fashion Get Real About Body Shape?

Happy Evacuation Day! Why It’s Time To Bring Back This Britain-Bashing Holiday

Jerry Brown’s Insufferable Green Piety

America Extradites Mexican Drug Kingpin’s Son

Can a Centrist Save Argentina?

You Guys, I’m Starting to Miss Dubya

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Gives First Glimpse of Black Panther

Adele and Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘Hello’ With Classroom Instruments

My Thanksgiving With Joan Rivers

Chicago Protesters March After Release of Laquan McDonald Video (PHOTOS)

Obama Finally Finds His Voice on ISIS

Laura Haim, France’s Voice in Crisis

Chris Christie Bulls---s About Past Support for Gun Control

Black Protester Beaten at Trump Rally Ready to Sue for Hate Crime

Putin’s Very Bad Day in Syria

Earth Is Surrounded by Strings of Dark Matter

Full Video Shows Chicago Cop Executing Laquan McDonald in the Street

Rapper Killer Mike Delivers Powerful Endorsement of Bernie Sanders

Prosecutors: White Chicago Cop Shot Black Teen As He Lay Dying

Russia in Denial About Turk Shoot-Down

Turks Shoot Down a Russian Fighter, Raising Cold War Fears

Watch a Fire Tornado Twirl in SloMo

CIA Directors on ISIS After Paris: ‘They’ll Come Here’

Seth Meyers Grills Sarah Palin on Syrian Refugees and Donald Trump

Why the Media Can’t Tell the Truth About Donald Trump’s Lies

What Rand Paul’s Totally F**ked Campaign Says About America

Tammany Hall on Trial Again

When Your Doctor Is on a 30-Hour Shift

Experts: Yes, Anti-Refugee Rhetoric Helps ISIS

Ben Carson’s Latest Bad Idea: A Foreign Policy Tour

Girls, You Don’t Need to Join the Boy Scouts

Kinsey Was Wrong: Sexuality Isn’t Fluid

Mexico’s Bloodbath That Won’t Stop

My Parents Were Put In Internment Camps—Don’t Bring Them Back

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Takes Over ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’—with Some Help From Adele

Road Beast: Florida

Are Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Justin Bieber the New Britney, Christina, and Justin?

For Sale: The Real Treasures of a Great Wine Counterfeiter

An Amazon Ad Reimagines The Subway If The Nazis Won

Popular New York City Dentist Booked on Child Porn and Meth Charges

Is ‘Zoolander 2’ Really Transphobic, or Are Protesters Too Quick and Sensitive?

Carson Campaign Confused by 9/11 Comment

Our Young Black Son, Jordan Davis, Was Murdered: How We’re Turning Tragedy into Action

WATCH: Katniss Loves Pita

Racist Trolls Are Behind NYU’s ‘White Student Union’ Hoax

Analysts Accuse CENTCOM of Covering Up Cooked ISIS Intelligence

Pastor Who Hosted GOP: Paris Victims Were ‘Devil-Worshippers’

David Cameron Tries to Coax Anti-War Britain to War

Did Paris Terrorist Move Freely Between Italy and Greece?

Patrick Sweany Vid Takes Life To The Mat

Watch: How to Get It On in Space

Vatican Puts Whistleblowers On Trial

Joe Manganiello Serenades Sofia Vergara

Who in GOP Will Finally Stop Trump?

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough: Obama Needs to Scare the Crap Out of Americans

Zimbabwe’s Mr. Ugly Contest Turns Ugly

Prince Charles Blames Syrian Crisis on Global Warming

Being David O. Russell: A Video Store Tour With Hollywood’s Mad Genius

Chris Christie Tiptoes Around Donald Trump’s 9/11 Lie

Middle East Peace Isn’t Quite Dead Yet

Cate Blanchett’s ‘Carol’: A Perfect Film That Will Restore Your Faith in Cinema

2016’s Angry Populist Enforcer

How to Win the Fight for Trans Rights

Embrace the ’70s, Hillary!

How Effective Are Anti-Smoking Ads?

Ike Didn’t Like Donald Trump’s Dad at All

First, Donald Trump Came for the Muslims

Orange County’s Secret Informant Program

Babysitter From Hell ‘Abducts’ Toddler

Can Marco Rubio Have It All on Gay Marriage?

John Oliver Breaks Down the Syrian Refugees’ Tough Vetting Process to Republican Fear-Mongers

Celine Dion’s Moving Edith Piaf Tribute to Paris at the AMAs

It Can Be Murder Crossing a Wronged Wife: ‘The Affair,’ S2E8 Recap

‘The Walking Dead’: Yes, Glenn Is Alive and We All Just Got Trolled

America Buries First ISIS War Casualty

Trump's 9/11 Claim Earns 'Pants on Fire'

Donald Trump Is Using False Statistics to Make a Racist Point

Clinton Unveils Elderly Care Plan

The Twin Gangsters Who Ruled London

How Diversity Police Halt Progress

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’: Jon Hamm, Emma Stone, and More Audition for Roles on SNL

SNL’s Ben Carson Trashes Syrian Refugees in Idiotic Fashion

College Students Say Remembering 9/11 Is Offensive to Muslims

Grindr Tries To Become A Lifestyle Brand

Pamela Harriman: The Queen of Party Politics

Can Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin Fix Syria Together?

Forget Napa and Sonoma: Try the New Urban Wineries in Brooklyn, Seattle, and San Francisco

Is ISIS’s Voice of Death Hiding in France?

Cakewalk, Moonwalk, Electric Boogaloo: The Dancers Who Defined America as We Know It

What Do You Want the Legacy of Paris to Be?

The Most Important Film of All Time: 26.6 Seconds by Abraham Zapruder

The Best Presidential Thanksgiving Recipes

A Brash Brit’s Subversive Siege of Ancient Rome

Salt Lake City Elects Gay Mayor, While Utah Exports Anti-Gay Hate

Will Jihadis Hijack the Vatican’s Jubilee Year?

The Bible Is Crystal Clear About Refugees

Everything You Need to Know Before You Freeze Your Eggs

Sarah Paulson Is Everywhere (Thank God): On ‘Carol,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ and ‘O.J. Simpson’

Inside the Plot to Get Every American High on Acid

Italian Muslims Tell Terrorists to Stop Killing in the Name of Their God

Why Is the GOP So Silent Over Pollard?

Ben Carson Defends His Foreign Policy Chops

Brussels Put at Highest Terror Alert Due to 'Precise' Threat

When Congress Slut-Shamed Ingrid Bergman

Barbara Walters' Wet Kiss to the Donald

The Secret Life of Janis Joplin: A Girl, Interrupted

Why Seth Rogen Is the Greatest Comedian of His Generation

When Your Gig Is A Mass Casualty Event

Russian Soldier Busted In NYC Murder

Hemingway’s Love Letters to the City of Light

This Pacemaker Runs on Light

If You’re Hungry For Joni Mitchell, Eat Here

Winston Churchill’s Wife Made Him Great

High Design Safe Spaces for Heroin Addicts

Your Great-Grandma’s Dirty Books

Praying for a Winner

Bill Maher Criticizes Syrian Refugees: ‘Their Values Are At Odds with Our Values’

Famous Musician Nails Mali Terrorists

France’s Best Movie of the Year Is a Beautiful Muslim Coming-of-Age Story

Tyga Just Had the Worst Birthday Ever: A Kylie Jenner Dumping, Money Problems, and Blac Chyna

ISIS Fighting Schoolgirl Convicted on Terrorism Charges

Noah Shachtman discusses ‘Confessions of an ISIS Spy’

Veteran Jumps to His Death at V.A. Hospital

Iraq War Vet Bitchslaps the Bigots

Generals Shoot Down Trump’s Fear-Mongering Plans for Muslims

‘Scandal’ Shows an Abortion: Inside the Shocking, Controversial Episode

Florida Sacrifices Its ‘Death-Metal’ Cop

And Now ISIS Takes on China

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Become Janet Jackson for a Jaw-Dropping Rendition of ‘Rhythm Nation’

Stephen Colbert Rips Trump’s Anti-Refugee Stance: ‘A Man Whose Hair Is a Refugee From His Scalp’

Watch: Vertigo-Inducing Slackline Record Set

What If the Nazis Won? Inside Amazon’s ‘The Man in the High Castle’

Porn World in Panic Over Charlie Sheen’s HIV Diagnosis

Is This the Monster Who Gunned Down a Chicago 9-Year-Old?

Arkansas ‘Spanking Judge’ Traded Lighter Sentences for Sex, Commission Says

What We Lost When Bobby Kennedy Died

Yes, We Still Need a Transgender Day of Remembrance (and Resilience)

The Outrageous Secrets of Fashion Queen Jacqueline de Ribes

Should I Get My Eggs Frozen or Just Have Another Cocktail?

Can Charlie Sheen Save Lives?

The Religious Fundamentalists Are Losing

The Man Fighting Europe’s Anti-Syrian Refugee Sentiments Through Comics

The Trans Murder That Started a Movement

Louisiana’s Mudslinging Governor’s Race: Can Blue Dog Democrat John Bel Edwards Whip David Vitter?

Apple Exec Mansplains Music to Girls

Justin Bieber Is Still a Brat

ISIS Is Just One of a Full-Blown Global Jihadist Insurgency

Congress to Refugees: You Don’t Have to Go Home, but You Can’t Stay Here

Putin Blasts Syria With New Stealth Missile—and Shows the World He Can Strike From 1,700 Miles Away

Men May Not Bleed, but Here’s Why They Have ‘Periods’

Obama’s Dem Allies Revolt Over Syria

Ben Carson’s New Chairman Has a Racist Past

Donald Trump’s Imaginary Foreign Policy Experts

Subway Perv Jared Fogle Blubbers Over Jail Sentence

The Most Fear Mongering Political Ads

The Cop Shooting So Horrific It Cost $5 Million to Hide

Adele’s New Album, ‘25,’ Is as Good as You Hoped It Would Be

Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

How Much Sex Makes You Happy?

Rwanda’s Pay Gap Is Smaller Than America’s

‘Syrians Caught at Texas Border’ Is B.S. Someone Tell Trump.

Why Roanoke’s Mayor Put Up the Internment-Camp Test Balloon

Stephen Colbert Schools Obama on ‘Game of Thrones’

Jogger Stumbles Upon Cougar Killing Buck

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Weird With Fallon in Dance-Off, Shares Her ‘Most Embarrassing Moments’

Libyan Arrested for Gaddafi Attack on London That Killed Police Officer Yvonnne Fletcher

Dylan Penn, the Stunning Daughter of Robin Wright and Sean Penn, Is Ready For Her Close-Up

The Gay Community’s Fairy Dragmother

GOP Teams Up With Obama Admin. to Screw Over Syrian Refugees

That Time Carly Fiorina Nearly Leaked Classified CIA Data

Why Is No One Buying Female Viagra?

Still Healing a Year After U-VA ‘Rape on Campus’

Public Art in the United States

Ted Cruz Spreads ‘War on Cops’ Lie

Francois Hollande Shows True Grit on Refugees

Could Art Solve the Refugee Problem?

Exclusive: Inside America’s ISIS Air Strike Center in Iraq

The Othering of Cate Blanchett’s ‘Carol’

Islam Vs. Nihilism: A Letter to the Dead

‘How I Escaped From ISIS’

How Texas’s Campsite Killer Lured His Victims

College Students: We’re Victims of Terrorism, Too

It Took America 72 Hours to Invoke Internment Camps for Syrian Refugees

U.S. Thinks ISIS Brought Down Russian Jet, but Bomb Photo Still a Mystery

Paris Bombers Were Lost in Secret Files

Scientists Grew a Vocal Cord

Aftermath of the Paris Attacks

Kate Middleton on Her ‘Loving’ Family

FBI Hunts for Armed Student as Maryland College Goes on Lockdown

Government Compares NSA Whistleblower to Ft. Hood Shooter, Soviet Spies

Watch a Father Explain the Paris Attacks to his Son

Larry Wilmore Rips GOP’s Refugee Rhetoric: ‘We’re Supposed to Be Better Than This’

Kristen Wiig Steals Zoolander 2 Trailer

The ISIS Poster Boy for Paris Attack is No ‘Mastermind’

The Feminist Rebel Changing Comics

Cate Blanchett: ‘I’m Not in Beirut, I’m Not in Paris… Those Are the Real Issues’

36 Years for a Murder He Didn’t Commit

Ben Carson’s Church: We Don’t Worship Him

Charlie Sheen’s HIV Confession Promotes Whorephobia

You Can’t Kill Terrorism With Kindness or Aid That Comes With An Agenda

Rose McGowan’s Trans Diss to Caitlyn Jenner

Ted Cruz, the Syrian Muslim Hunter

The Statue of Liberty Was Born a Muslim

Ted Cruz Demonized Arab Christians Before He Liked Them

Hate Crimes Against Muslims Rise In US

The Bobby Jindal Campaign Is a Testament to the RNC Errors of 2016

Joe Pesci: ‘Who’s Da Poet?’

American Horror Story’s Very Sexy, Very Nude Breakout Star

The $40 Billion Snake Oil Industry

Listen, Nerds, David Ortiz Is a Hall of Famer

Why Did Putin Wait So Long to Blame ISIS for Jet Crash?

Inside ISIS’s Torture Brigades

Ben Carson Admits He Needs to Learn Foreign Policy

The Final ‘Hunger Games’ Is a Snooze, but We’ll Miss Jennifer Lawrence’s Revolutionary Badass

Why Won’t People Just Call Ben Carson the Idiot He Clearly Is?

Charlie Sheen Is No Easy HIV Hero, Which May Be Good for All of Us

Cubans and Bosnian Refugees Accused of Helping ISIS, But No Syrian Refugees

Florida Man Allegedly Threatened Mosques Day After Paris Attacks

Russia Pounds ISIS With Biggest Bomber Raid in Decades

The Terror and Surprise Porn in Your PS4

Could This Alcoholism Drug Cure HIV?

France Awards a Novel That Praises Islam

The GOP’s Reckless Refugee Rhetoric

Change Your Damn Facebook Photo

Prince William Leads VIPs in Anti-Terror Solidarity at France Match

Don’t Be So Quick to Believe Russia That ISIS Bombed Jet

Fox Business Network Hosts Compare Islam to Rabies

‘Daily Show’ Finds Less to Fact-Check in Democratic Debate

Bill Murray’s Star-Studded Netflix Christmas Special Gets Its First Trailer

Charlie Sheen’s Ex ‘Goddess’ Bree Olson: He Never Told Me He Had HIV, We Used Lambskin Condoms

Crazy Climbers on Wintry Icelandic Peaks

Man Films Vegas Vacation Backwards

Charlie Sheen Opens Up About Being HIV-Positive and His ‘Millions’ in Extortion Payments

The Cruel HIV Stalking of Charlie Sheen Takes Us Back To The Ignorant 1980s

Palestine’s Fastest and Most Furious

The Making of a ‘Terrorist’: Sikh From Toronto Was Framed for the Paris Attacks By GamerGate Trolls

Clueless Governors’ War on Refugees Is Illegal

Democrats Deceiving Voters on Gun Control

Ex-Con D’Souza: Obama and Hillary are Crooks, Too

Even KO’d, Ronda Rousey Is the Winner

Why Aren’t Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Hispanic Enough for Whites?

D.A.R.E. to Keep Kids Off Tech

Is This Nation on the Verge of Rwanda-Style Genocide?

Stephen Colbert Praises the Glory of France and Rips ISIS: ‘They’re a Bunch of P*ssies’

Why a Fitbit Tracker Is the Ideal ‘Holidate’ This Season

Trevor Noah Gets Serious Addressing Paris Attacks on ‘Daily Show’: ‘An Attack on Humanity Itself’

Bruce Willis Dies Hard on Broadway: When Big Stars Are Big Duds on Stage

How ISIS Picks Its Suicide Bombers

Brown University Students’ Poisonous Uprising Against Their President

Jeb Bush & Ted Cruz Only Want to Save Christians

This Is ISIS’s New Favorite App for Secret Messages

Assault Rifles Stolen From Massachusetts Army Reserve Armory

Texas Campsite Massacre Kills Six, Including 6-Year-Old Boy

U.S. War on ISIS Will Still Be Half-Assed

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Tituss Burgess Gives Powerful HRC Speech: ‘I’ve Never Been One to Hide’

Why Is NATO a No-Go in ISIS War?

How Larry Wilmore Uses ‘The Nightly Show’ to Take on Tragedies Like Paris

Conversion Therapy Event at BYU-I Axed

GOP Guvs Rely on ISIS Lies to Reject Syrian Refugees

Former NYPD Head Ray Kelly: Paris Attacks Were ‘Shockingly Simple’

Trump Keeps on Saying We Should Shut Down Mosques

Standing up to Terror: The Heroes of Paris

Obama Takes On a Newly Hawkish Press

Ben Carson’s Nightmare Foreign Policy Interview

Video: Cali Cops Brutally Beat Suspect

Hitler’s Final Days Revealed: Eyewitnesses Recount the Nazi’s Death in Unearthed Footage

Paris ‘Mastermind’ Told ISIS Magazine that Bungling Police Officers Let Him Escape

Mary-Louise Parker: ‘The World Doesn’t Need Another Mean Book. And I Do Love Men.’

Jeb Bush’s Days as Favorite Florida Man Are Gone

Ben Carson and the Myth of Angry Blacks

Why Can’t the Dems Say ‘Radical Islam’?

Muslims Hate ISIS Most of All

Georgia Tries to Blackmail Its Top TV Station With KGB Tactics—and Loses the Fight

Is Your Baby Drunk on Hand Sanitizer?

The World Runs on Palm Oil, and That’s Fueling Climate Change

Police Search for Killer of Child Who Vanished From Football Game

Why Cynthia Nixon Played a Cancer Patient After Her Mom’s Cancer Death

John Oliver Curses Off Paris Attackers: ‘F*ck These Assholes’

How Not to Do Thanksgiving: ‘The Affair’ Recap, Season 2, Episode 7

Bill Murray Shows Anthony Bourdain the Beauty of Charleston, South Carolina

‘The Walking Dead’: Was That Glenn?!

Cairo Sees Obama ‘Plots’ in Paris

Revenge From Above: France Pounds ISIS Capital

‘Becoming Beyoncé’ Biography’s Wildest Claims

Confessions of an ISIS Spy

ISIS Targeted Muslims in Paris

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: November 15

Parisians Gather at Notre Dame to Remember The Fallen

How Belgium Became a Terrorism Hotbed

Watch Ronda Rousey Get KTFO

Europe Prepares for Anti-Refugee Violence

How Hollywood Learned to Love Again

Meet Daniel Wu, the Badass Star of AMC’s Kung Fu Epic ‘Into the Badlands’

Democratic Debate: The Surrealist Scorecard

Christian Bale: Idris Elba Should Be the Next James Bond

Can France’s Far-Right Marine Le Pen Use Paris Attacks to Win Power?

‘Saturday Night Live’ Presents ‘The Adventures of Young Ben Carson’

Backpacker, Go Home: How Tourism Is Ruining Everything

Custer Was Colorful and Eccentric but Very Much a Man of His Time

Soft-Target Airports Like Sharm el-Sheikh Are Multiplying

CBS’s John Dickerson Was the Real Winner of the Democratic Debate

Hillary Escapes Another Dem Debate

Locked in a Paris Basement, Waiting for the Bullets to Stop

Nohemi Gonzalez: A Bright Light Killed By ISIS

When Presidents Used Food for Votes

‘Charlie Mike,’ The Best War Book Of 2015

Prince Charles Stripped Bare: Tim Pigott-Smith Storms Broadway, Royally

How Kale Almost Killed Me—and Other Near-Death Experiences

Should Bible Video Games Be Violent?

Israel’s Drought Lessons for California

Searching for Orson Welles’s Rosebud

The Generals Who Won World War II

Frederick Douglass: The Most Photographed American of the 19th Century

SNL Opens with Emotional Paris Tribute

Hillary: Wall Street Supports Me Because of 9/11

Sanders Stumbles on Paris Statement

Watch the DNC Debate Live Right Here

Which 2016 Contender Has an Answer for ISIS?

Caught Between ISIS and the Police State

After Paris, Is It Time to Roll on Raqqa, the ISIS Capital?

The Hunt for ISIS’ French Chief ‘Executioner’

The World Mourns With Paris (PHOTOS)

U.S. Kills Leader of ISIS in Libya

World Newspapers React to Paris Tragedy

Tribe Called Quest reunites on ‘Tonight Show’

The Thin Blue Line Between ISIS and You

Love and War Through Peter Turnley’s Lens (PHOTOS)

Paris Wakes Up Under Siege After Deadliest Attack Since WWII

How to Watch the CBS Democratic Debate Live Stream Online

Hollywood Director Guillermo del Toro Shares His Own Tragic Story in the Wake of the Paris Attacks

Stephen Colbert Holds Back Tears Discussing Paris Attacks

Race Row on Mount Everest: Sherpas Square Off Against Racist Western Climbers

Lindsay Lohan Has Gone Batshit Crazy

Has the Italian Mafia Sold You Fake Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

All the Decadent Stuff That’s Actually Good for You

Hacking Your Health With Bees

If The Queen Invites You To Dinner… Inside The Private World of the Royals

Cheryl Strayed Is A Motherf**king Feminist

Should Feminists Love Football? I Do.

How the Battle of the Ia Drang Valley Changed the Course of the Vietnam War

Where Thurber and Co. Knocked It Back

Love and War Through One Man’s Lens

P.J.’s Guide to Talking Like A Pundit

Best of Breslin: Fat Thomas Broils Them

The Lessons of Paris: They Choose Death, We Choose Life

Carson Would Use ‘Things They Don’t Know About Resources’ on Terrorists

This is How AK-47s Get to Paris

Bill Maher: Bombing ISIS Caused the Paris Attacks

Paris Proves We’ll Never Kill Enough Jihadists to Stop Terror

Fordham’s Fallout From a Swastika

What You Need to Know About the Bataclan Theater, the Venue Under Attack in Paris

Who Are the Eagles of Death Metal? The Band That Played as Concert Hall Attacked

Goldie Taylor—Jesus Saves? Trump Doesn’t Think So.

Photos From Paris’s Night of Terror

Watch Live Stream News Coverage of Paris Shooting Attacks

Grassroots Daily Fantasy Sports ‘Protest’ Was Astroturfed

Obama: Forget About ‘Destroying’ ISIS, We Just Need to ‘Contain’ Them

Justin Bieber’s New Breakup Album ‘Purpose’ Is So Insufferable—And So Brilliant

Amherst Students Protest ‘Free Speech,’ Demand ‘Training’ for Offenders

‘Madam Secretary’ Predicted Jihadi John Droning

Kurds Retake Sinjar From ISIS, Almost Too Easily

Sectarian Disaster Looms as ISIS Strikes at the Heart of Hezbollah

U.S. ‘Pretty Damn Sure’ It Killed Jihadi John, ISIS Beheader of Americans

Video: Watch Animals in Suits Get Funky

Diane Keaton Is Waiting for Woody’s Call

Hillary Clinton’s Fake Tough Talk on Wall Street

‘Fallout 4’ Is a Painfully Addictive Pain in the Ass

Lucy Lawless: No ‘Tits and Ass’ Allowed in ‘Xena’ Revival, and No Trump For President, Please

Jennifer Lawrence Pours Her Heart Out to Diane Sawyer: ‘Who Am I Without This Man?’

Yes, You Can Put Tattoos Up for Auction

A Campus Crushes Anti-Muslim Hate

Did Shoddy Birth Control Cause 113 Pregnancies?

P.C. Police Tearing Apart California’s Claremont McKenna College

The Big Speech Marco Rubio Needs to Give

Cops Won’t Say Why They Killed This Man

Cops: Cancer Charity Scammer Also Trolled Refugees

Inside Iran’s Secret War in Syria

Muslim Arrested by FBI for Sharing an ISIS GIF

‘Condom Bombs’ Vs. Russian Pilots

Amber Rose: Hip-Hop’s Joan of Arc

Secret Service Employee Arrested in Teen Sexting Bust

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Watch the Donald Trump Sketch So Bad ‘SNL’ Didn’t Even Air It

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