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Hillary's Blood Clot In Head

U.S. Slips Off Fiscal Cliff as Senate Passes Compromise

We're Going Over the Cliff

Washington May Have a Deal on Taxes, but the Toughest Problems Remain

Happy New Year from the Frum Blog!

McConnell: 'Very Very Close To An Agreement'

Joe Biden: Actually a Pretty Good Dealmaker

Battle of the Burches: Case Closed

Alice Aycock at Andrea Rosen Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Does Anyone Actually Want to Make a Deal on the Fiscal Cliff?

I Hate Extraverts

Guns in America, Ctd.

Obama Heckles Congress in Fiscal Cliff Speech

11 Funny Twitter Reactions to the Kimye Baby

Fiscal Cliff Spurs Record Special Dividend Payouts

Photo of the Day

The Future of Driving

Kanye’s Masked Appearance, Stella McCartney Gets an OBE

Time to Toot Horn for George HW Bush

This Week’s Hot Reads, Dec. 31, 2012

The Return of Gérard Depardieu?

Happy New Year! Photos of Celebrations Around the World

Prince Harry Nicknamed 'Big H' by Army Comrades

What Peace Process Polling Doesn't Tell You

Here’s Why Apple and Samsung Are Breaking Up

Kanye's Going to Be a Baby Daddy

American Exceptionalism: Healthcare Spending on the Elderly

Yes, We Can Blame Nancy Lanza

Blood on MK Tibi's Hands?

Alec Baldwin Was Right

A Serious Look at Fayyad

Log Cabin Republicans Respond to Andrew Sullivan

Democrats Have Their Own Fiscal Delusions, Part 2

Will Obama Yield on Taxes?

Democrats Have Their Own Fiscal Delusions

Funniest YouTube Comments of 2012

14 Best Diets for 2013: See What Topped Weight Watchers

A Royal 2012 For Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

2012’s Best Onscreen Kisses: ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ & More (VIDEO)

Confessions of an Extreme Yogi

23 Tech Predictions for 2013

‘Downton Abbey’ Star Elizabeth McGovern on Season 3, ‘Cheerful Weather for the Wedding,’ and More

What ‘Argo’ Gets Wrong About Iran

Scarsdale Doctor Killer Jean Harris Found Redemption in Prison

‘Gangnam Style,’ ‘Call Me Maybe’ & More of 2012’s Best Viral Videos

How Difficult Russian Adoptions Were, Even Before Vladimir Putin’s Crackdown

The Year of Bad Fear—and How to End It in 2013

How Serious Is Hillary Clinton’s Blood Clot and Hospitalization?

Inside the Prison Journal of West Memphis Three’s Damien Echols

Last-Gasp Fiscal-Cliff Deal Fails as Obama, Congress Deadlock Again

Obama Has Learned His Lesson About Compromise With Republicans

John Avlon’s Picks for 12 Best Opinion Columns of 2012

Newtown Tribute Song: 'My Angel'

Hugh Hefner's Young Bride, Alexa Vega & More: Too Young to Marry? (PHOTOS)

Brooks Calls Washington ‘Shambolic’

Barack Obama, Lindsey Graham, David Brooks & More Sunday Talk (VIDEO)

'Ignorance Is What Builds Prisons'

How Prison Changed The 'Scarsdale Diet' Killer

Al Qaeda Offers Gold for Ambassador’s Murder

Obama: GOP Has ‘Trouble Saying Yes’

Hagel: The Wrong Man for the Job

Where Your Tuition Dollars Go

Our Pathetic Congress

Is Your Boss a Bully?

Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures: Ke$ha, Paris Hilton & More (PHOTOS)

The World's Best Rejuvenation Spots of 2012

An Obsessive’s Search for a Lost Jungle City

Sovereign Citizens Are a Sometimes Violent Fringe Group Rejecting All Government

10 Best Hot Reads of 2012 You Might Have Missed

Autism Had Nothing to Do With Adam Lanza’s Rampage

How Bullying Creates Suicide Bombers

Bernard-Henri Lévy: My Wish for America

Our Most Anticipated Culture Events of 2013 (Photos)

Fiscal Cliff Countdown: What the Principals Want

Euphemisms on Parade

Duck in a Bag

India Gang-Rape Victim Dies: Six Men Charged With Murder

Apple's Statistically Significant Impact on Crime Numbers

Russia’s Adoption Ban Is Cruel and Vindictive to All

Russian Plane Crash Kills Four

All of 2012's Best Pop—In One Mash-up!

Gleaning Wisdom from Cab Drivers

David's Bookclub: Catch-22

2012’s Best Fashion Instagrams: Rihanna, Lady Gaga & More (PHOTOS)

Santa Claus, Mitt Romney, Fruit Ninja, Newsweek and More Viral Videos

The Week’s Best Business Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for Dec. 30, 2012

A Murder on N.Y.’s Subway Tracks Leaves Authorities Scrambling for Answers

The ‘Milk Cliff’ Explained: Why a Gallon May Soon Hit $7

Beck’s Album ‘Song Reader’ Is All Sheet Music. We Take It For a Spin

Pakistan’s Impossible Year: Elections, Army Intrigue, and More

Gun Buybacks Mostly a Waste of Time and Money, Experts Say

Famous ‘Les Misérables’ Alums: Nick Jonas, Lea Michele and More (Photos)

Super Mario’s Parting Shots at Silvio Berlusconi

Norman Schwarzkopf’s Lionization Ignores a Dark Gulf War Legacy: Untreated Vets

Twitter’s Winners and Losers

Newsweek’s Watergate Legacy

The Republicans’ Moment of Truth

Michigan’s Abortion Bombshell: GOP Gets Last-Minute Restrictions

Washington Won’t Budge Until Private Sector Feels the Pain

Obama: I'm 'Modestly Optimistic'

Open Zion’s 2013 Predictions

Apple Female Users Are "Pretty Hot, If Awkwardly Dressed"

Tackling America's Debt Crisis

Glenn Ligon at Luhring Augustine Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

What It Means To Be “Pro-Israel”

The Amazing Bilingual Ambidextrous Translator

Guinness World Records' Year In Review

RIP, General Schwarzkopf

Patricia Field’s Madonna Feud; Herbal Essences Brings Back the 90s

Abbas Threatens To Dismantle PA—Again

Putin Signs Law Banning U.S. Adoptions of Russian Orphans

Surveillance Vid Of Suspected Subway Murderer

This I Believe

Whiny Senators Gripe About Having to Work

The Hagel Finagel: On McCarthyite Attacks

Bring on Keystone XL

The Internet: Making Tyranny Rather Inconvenient

Lieberman Eagerly Awaits Abbas Resignation

Should People Be Forced to Buy Liability Insurance for their Guns?

Best and Worst of 2012

Interesting Phrasing, Mr. Klein

Here Comes the Obama Tax Cut

Why Do They Drop a Ball on New Year's in New York?

Libya's Spillover Effect

The Most Wonderful Memes Of The Year

‘50 Shades of Grey’ Is the Subject of a Course at American University

The World According to Sean Penn

The Liberal God Delusion

The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2012 (PHOTOS)

25 Drunkest Cities 2012, From Milwaukee to Burlington, Vermont

A Mad 2012 for the House of Windsor (Photos)

American Dreams: The Essential Book of 2012

With U.S. Adoption Ban, a Mother Fears for Russia’s Abandoned Kids

Parties Resort to Finger-Pointing as U.S. Heads Over Fiscal Cliff

Catholic Priest Blames Italy’s Stiletto Murders on Women

For Newtown Killer, A Dangerous DNA Wild-Goose Chase

Relax, Jets Fans. It’s Just Football

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads of 2012

Whitney Houston, Tony Scott & More Celebrities Who Died in 2012 (PHOTOS)

Best Songs of 2012: Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift, Jack White & More (VIDEO)

An Idiot’s Guide to New Year’s Wine

Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf’s Best Quotes

R.I.P. Gen. Schwarzkopf

What It Means For Gravel To Enter Gaza

How Cheap Can Solar Power Go?

Is Obama Failing on the Fiscal Cliff?

Reid: It's Boehner's Fault

How the GOP Gave Away the Game

Ye Olde Debt Ceiling: 8 Facts About Our Impending Doom, Including What It Means for You

Klugman And Durning: Two Angry Men

Crazytown, USA

Lanigan-Schmidt At PS1 Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

What Happened to Swing Districts?

The Washing Machine Drum Solo

The 'Real Cliff,' Ctd.

A Most Rambunctious Game Of Chess

America Reaches Peak Mall

Taylor Swift’s Bargain Frock, Kate Moss to Join the X Factor?

How Israel’s Arab Citizens Vote

The Public Health Case Against Pot

Give the 'Arab Spring' Some Time

Has Anyone Seen A Map Of E1?

Bork Made Your Life Better

What Differentiates Kerry From Hagel

When in Doubt, Try to Deport Piers

What Hagel tells us about Obama

2013 Wall Street Predictions

Should Piers Morgan Be Deported?

The Ultimate 2012 Quiz

Why Obama Fled His Hawaii Vacation in Shadow of the Fiscal Cliff

President Obama, Mariah Carey & More Celebrity Christmas Twitter Pictures

Most Overlooked Movies of 2012: ‘Cabin in the Woods,’ ‘Bernie,’ & More

Nine Weirdly Shaped Museums From Amsterdam to Akron (Photos)

‘A Certain Age’—Shirley MacLaine Rattles Downton Abbey

Newsweek Readers Bid Farewell to Print Edition

Is al Qaeda’s Attention Now Turning to United Arab Emirates?

Remembering Writers Who Left Us in 2012

13 Best Dating Apps: OK Cupid to Grindr to Sonar

Afghan Actress Gihana Khan Braves Bollywood

Fashion Tech’s Breakout Year: Google Glass, Zozocolle & More (Photos)

Are Your Christmas Gifts Made in the Chinese Gulag?

Newtown Conspiracy Theories: Obama, Iran, and Other Culprits

Holiday Sales Disappoint, E-Commerce Roars Ahead

How Jell-O Saved The World

Concern Trolling Private Citizens

Meretz Has Low Expectations For Lofty Goals

A Very Gun Merry Christmas

How Terrible Is Christmas?

Starbucks' Effort to Solve the Fiscal Cliff Probably Won’t Work

Don't Fix the Debt

Why Is Bennett So Popular With Young Israelis?

A Christmas Retail Flop

The Future of Tax Rates

President Obama’s Christmas Day Outfit Disaster, Beyoncé to Reportedly Cover Vogue

Andrew Smenos At Freight And Volume Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Maybe Build the Death Star?

Dick Armey's Wild West Coup

See Ya for Now, Grand Bargain

China's Clever 'Anti-Corruption' Campaign

Bill O'Reilly is Best

Hagel And The Neo-McCarthyites

The Number: Housing Markets in '13

Chinese Driver Runs Down 13 Students

On The Verge Of A Third Intifada?

David's Bookclub: Plutocrats

Christmas Storms Blanket the U.S. (Photos)

What ‘Lincoln’ Gets Wrong About Black Leaders and the 13th Amendment

Best Music Albums of 2012: Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift, and More

What to do With Unwanted Gift Cards

Banks, NFL, Walmart Lead List of 2012 Worst Reputational Crises

From Michelle Obama’s Style to Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution: The Fashion News of 2012

Gary Shteyngart: How I Write

Matt Damon and John Krasinski Talk About Their Bromance, ‘Promised Land,’ and More

The Year’s Craziest State: Florida, Of Course (Photos)

Ecstasy to Treat PTSD? Not so Fast

The Number: 2013

Naftali Bennett Wants You!

Santa Claus Visits Fox News

Naftali Bennett, The IDF, And Israel’s Future

Kevin Hart's Christmas Shopping Guide

Why The Hagel Trial Balloon Popped

Bibi and Bennett Break Up?

Happy Christmas Your Majesty

Please Ignore Kristol's Desire To Bomb Iran

Eddie Redmayne's Star-Making Turn in ‘Les Miserables’ and The New Brit Pack

The Conservative Case for a Welfare State

The View from My Window

A Christmas Story House

I Tackled a School Gunman

To Solve Debt Crisis, GOP Should Put Obama on a Reward Program

As Authorities Crack Down, Activists Escape From Russia

Pete Hamill’s Christmas Book Bag

Should Christians Celebrate the Birth of Paul, Not Jesus?

A New Christmas Literary Classic: Donald Hall’s ‘Christmas at Eagle Pond’

Must-Have Apps: What To Download On Your New Device

Santa Paws! Dogs Get (Dressed In) The Holiday Spirit

'It’s Time To Look Back In Anger’

Where's Santa Now?

Amidst Carnage and Loss, Heroes Honor The Meaning Of Christmas

Klaidman on Covering 9/11 for Newsweek

This Week’s Hot Reads: Dec. 24, 2012

No Romney No Cry

Cornyn's False Attack On Hagel

Jesus: Not a Meek Hippy

Vinny of ‘Jersey Shore’ Has Politics on the Mind

Incredible Armless Ping Pong Player

An Olympic Smoking Gun

Flick Picks: Les Miserables

Meltdown at FreedomWorks

David's Bookclub: Until the Last Trumpet Sounds

A Blue Velvet Christmas in Paris

Farewell, Newsweek Print Edition

The NRA's Nightmarish Worldview

Tragic Kate Nurse Made Two Previous Suicide Attempts

‘Christmas Shoes,’ The Holiday Song You Either Love or Love to Hate

All I Want for Christmas Is a New GOP

Examining the Many Novels on Jesus Christ

Autistic Holidays: How to Make It Easier for Everyone

‘Les Miz’ on Screen Sends Misleading Messages

Why Christmas Is So Deadly

A Strong Holiday Season for Retailers, Powered by Online Sales

The French Revolution for Dummies (and ‘Les Misérables’ Watchers)

Charles Michener on Newsweek’s Cultural Edge

Vianna Roman, Alleged Queen of L.A.’s Harpys Gang

The Future of Firearms: DIY Guns You Can Make at Home

Chuck Hagel Deserves Fair Hearing for Defense Secretary Post

Django Unchained’s Damsel in Distress

Newsweek: By the Numbers


Real Life Fruit Ninja

Best of Sunday Talk: NRA in the Crosshairs, Ben Affleck & More

How To Pray When Your Life Is At Risk

Bob Schieffer Says A Good Bye to Print

Affleck Plays Coy With Political Future

David's Bookclub: Eisenhower in War and Peace

I Was Adam Lanza, Part 3

Lieberman: NRA Comments 'Really Disheartening'

Apocalypse Prank Scares Strangers

Egypt Constitution Passes Amidst Allegations of Fraud

Susan Rice Should Not Have Caved in to Senatorial Opposition

2012 in Review: The Year in Photos

VA Tech Victim Speaks Out On Newtown Massacre and Future of Gun Control

Michael Tomasky: The GOP Brings Politics to a Crisis Point

How Religion Is Making a Comeback on College Campuses

Why Rising Ticket Prices and Technology are Leading NFL Fans to Stay Home

The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

2012’s Naughty and Nice List: Kristen Stewart, Todd Akin, & More

The Week’s Best Business Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for Dec. 23, 2012

Ann Curry’s Twitter Rehab

QOOQ: A Tablet for the Messy Cook

Interview With NRA President David Keene

‘Miracle Boy Grows Up’: Ben Mattlin Speaks to Jay McInerney

'We Need a Federal Agent'

I Was Adam Lanza, Part 2

Is Faith for Fools?

I Was Adam Lanza

Pope Pardons His Butler Paolo Gabriele

Obama Picks Kerry

The Canadian Supreme Court's Punt on the Niqab

Fallon: Thank You Snowmen

Prime Minister Monti Resigns: Will Silvio Berlusconi Rise Again?

Massachusetts Free for All Over John Kerry’s Senate Seat

Rihanna, Hilary Rhoda & More Fashion Instagrams

U.S. Businessman’s Chinese Legal Nightmare Includes Torture, Lawyers Say

A Nation of Onlookers: India’s Violence Against Women and America’s Guns

NRA’s Awkward Moment, 38 End of the World Movies & More Viral Videos

Richard Engel’s Kidnapping: A Behind the Scenes Look

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks December 22, 2012

The Best of Our Gun Debate: Readers Weigh In on Owning Firearms

‘Jeopardy!’ Quizmaster Ken Jennings’s Parenting Tips

The Media Fantasize About Ben Affleck Vying For John Kerry’s Seat

The Fiscal Cliff: Four Possible Outcomes

A Peek at Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton’s Escort Service

The NRA Even Gets the Sandy Hook Body Count Wrong

The NRA: From Awful to Even Worse

Flick Picks: 'This is 40'

The Best of Our Gun Debate: The State-by-State Breakdown

Hagel’s Mea Culpa On Gay Rights

Stock Market Ignores Washington Brinksmanship Due to Strong Economy

The Death Of The PC

Celebrities Say 'Enough' Gun Violence

Can Conservatism Revive Itself?

The Right to Hunt

Why Utility Companies Want To Keep Dividend Rates Low

Bork and Watergate: A Tale of Duty

Ryan and Stella At Michael Rosenfeld Are The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

'Hipster Hater' Prof Speaks Out!

How Did We Leave Behind A Whopping Middle-class Tax Hike?

Why We Own Guns: A Random Response Generator

'I'd Rather Do The Carnival Clown'

Cato's Case Against the Filibuster

Boehner, A 'Quitter'?

What About the Second Amendment?

Shas Warns Against Assimilation in Israel

What the Hell is Happening in DC?

The NRA's Idea of the Day

16 People Who Approve the NRA Press Conference

NRA Wants Guns In Schools

Wayne LaPierre, Blaming Everything But Guns

Plan B Fails

NRA Gets Interrupted

Obama: We Must All Help Curb Gun Violence

Defending Chuck Hagel

Will Armed Guards Keep Schools Safe?

Carla Bruni Guest-Edits Vogue; Candice Swanepoel Wants to Live Her Life Naked

NRA: Guns Protect Everyone But Schoolkids

The NRA's Plan: Expand the TSA!

Naomi Watts On ‘The Impossible,’ Personal Tragedy, And Playing Princess Diana

Here's An Idea: Pick Ellison For State

Whatever Happened to the "B" Battery?

Should All Teachers Carry Concealed Guns?

The Anti-Plan B GOP: They Only Look Crazy

Israel: Condemn Rearming Of Hezbollah

Mothers of Innovation: Girltank

The Senate Must Survive

Mr. Smith's Insane Cousins Go to Washington

Pippa's Writing Career is Over

Campbell Brown: Keep Newtown Off the Culture War Battlefield

Ben Affleck for Senate? Actor Could Be Formidable Massachusetts Candidate

As Plan B Fails, GOP Imperils Fiscal Cliff Deal, Boehner’s Speakership

25 Snowiest Cities in America, from Detroit to Rochester

Derrida’s ‘Of Grammatology’ and the Birth of Deconstruction

Russia: Putin Parries on U.S. Adoption Ban

How to Prepare for December 21, 2012? Preppers Weigh In

‘On the Road’: Differences Between Jack Kerouac’s Novel and This Year’s Film

James Wood Gets Personal

‘Downton Abbey’: My Tea with Mrs. Patmore, Lesley Nicol

As GOP Sinks Plan B, Obama Should Tune Out His Own Party’s Doubters

Another Massacre’s Gun Law Lesson, From Stockton, Calif., Survivors

When Your Child Kills: The Parents of Criminals

Best & Worst Dressed of the Week: From Kristen Stewart to Miley Cyrus

Fiscal Cliff Vote Fails Due to Republican Theology on Taxes

Madonna's Cigarette Tantrum

Rabbis Sign Letter Opposing Settlement Construction

The Best Books of 2012

Miss Venezuela's Baffling Response

Russell Simmons & More Cradle-Robbers

America's Most Innovative Cities

Megan McArdle: Going Over Cliff May Be Good For Conservatism, But Not For Republican Party

AJC Leaves Out Context Of Hagel Letters

The Danger of Carrying Firearms

Best And Worst Parts Of The Bush Administration?

How Housing Is Driving Economic Growth

Impeach Charlene Lamb

Ed Ruscha at Gagosian Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Jeffrey Sprecher is the head of ICE, which just purchased NYSE

Pareene's Grumpy 'Hack List'

Flick Picks: Zero Dark Thirty

Marijuana's Victims

U.N. Adds New Name: "State of Palestine"

Who's Going Camping For The Mayan Apocalypse?

Tomasky & Frum: What To Do About Gun Control

Anna Wintour Reportedly Still in Ambassadorship Running, Givenchy Opts out of Couture

Blizzard Slams Into the Midwest (Photos)

Dan Gross: 'House Republicans Have to Actually Vote for Something'

Basketball Coach Delivers Rousing Newtown Speech

What If Plan B Doesn't Pass?

38 End of the World Movies

Virginia's Arms Race

No Lobby is More Powerful Than the People

Best Buy Exec Suddenly Resigns

NYSE’s Sale to ICE: Sign of the Times

The Barackalypse is Coming!!!

Hey Obama: Defend Chuck Hagel!

Likud Trots Out Feiglin

Palin Disses Time's 'Person of the Year'

50% Chance Royal Baby Could Be a Redhead

Robert Bork, RIP

President Obama Needs to Defend Chuck Hagel If He Is Nominated for Secretary of Defense

'Waste' Of Time's Person Of The Year

Who Was the Real Cato?

Kate Feeling Better, May Fulfill Christmas Engagements

Syria’s Dying Revolution

Kate Spade Saturday and Saturdays Surf NYC Battle Over Branding

Saturdays Surf NYC vs. Kate Spade Saturday (PHOTOS)

Curse the Media in Newtown for Doing Too Little, Too Late on Guns

In Robert Bork’s Death, a Reminder of Scalia’s Inconsistency

50 Ways ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Has Changed the World

‘The Impossible’ Star Tom Holland On His Award-Worthy Film Debut

Pro-Gun Advocates Push Back Against Gun Control After Newtown

John Boehner’s Selfish Gambit May Send Us Over the Fiscal Cliff

Tipping Point for Syria’s Assad

Annie, Get Your Gun! School Shooting Sparks Run on Firearms Sales

Daily Beast Debate: Should the Media Leave Grieving Newtown Alone?

‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ & More: 20 Best Movies of 2012 (PHOTOS)

Santa’s Favorite Critters: Animals Enjoy Holiday Gifts (PHOTOS)

PS22 Chorus Sends Love to Sandy Hook

Speed Read: Best Bits From Robert Bork’s ‘Slouching Towards Gomorrah’

Saying Goodbye To Lipkin-Shahak

Does the New Task Force Mean Obama Is Getting Serious on Gun Control?

Apply For the 2013 Newsweek Best High School List

Piers Morgan's Angry Interview

Stephens Missed My Point

Beinart Has Me Wrong

Boehner Comments Cause Market and Analysts to Freak Out Over Fiscal Cliff

Bailout’s Success Lets Treasury Take Loss on General Motors Stock

How Much Has Anne Hathaway Changed?

Hagel, Obama and Iran

Bjarne Melgaard at Luxembourg and Dayan Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Explaining the Filibuster

What if Bork Hadn't Been Borked?

Thoughts on Obamacare?

Who Are These "Pro-Israel Jewish Leaders" Anyway?

Speed Read: The Juiciest Bits from the UBS LIBOR Settlement

The Crippling Effects Of Unending Orgasms

DC Appeals Court Delivers a Blow to the Contraception Mandate

Cara Delevingne Scores a New Job, Romeo Beckham Not Allowed in Vogue Before He Turns 16

Obama's Press Conference

Hagel on Hamas: U.S. Engagement Is In Israel’s Best Interest

Homage to Catalonia

Your Daily Awesome: Fish Tornadoes

Benghazi Resignations Begin

Are Government Workers Overpaid, or Underpaid?

Dan Gross On The Relationship Between Pensions And Private Equity

We Need a Better Society, Not More Guns

The Porn Star Next Door

Trailblazing Anti-Bork Attack Ad

Obama: 'Words Need To Lead To Action'

Are Movies Just Way Too Long?

Why Academic Boycotts?

When Hate Collides: The KKK Meets the Westboro Baptist Church

Washington Post on Hagel

A 'Media Agenda' About Guns?

Heinous Bus Gang-Rape Outrages India

Shaun White Cuts Off His Hair

What's to Like About the New Proposal for Cost of Living Adjustments?

2012 Youtube Cheat Sheet

Robert Bork

Time's Man of the Year, Shockingly, is President Obama

Hagel: Not An Anti-Semite, Just A Slob

Living With Mental Illness

Pulte’s Amazing 2012 Performance Shows Housing Is Back

You Can't Save Gun Control With Word Games

What's the Best Way to Prevent Mass Shootings?

J Street Defends Hagel

Robert Bork, R.I.P.

Malthusian Predictions Fail Once Again

Rich Make Out Like Bandits in Fiscal-Cliff Negotiations

Suicide Spotlights Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

Obama's Guns Task Force

Can We Live Together, Roland Barthes?

Newtown Fuels Rise of Accidental Activists for Gun Control

Pakistan: Mullahs and Militants Keep Polio Alive

Obama, Boehner & Congress Need to Get Fiscal-Cliff Deal Done Now

Fiscal Cliff Overshadowed by Newtown Tragedy

From ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ to ‘Medal of Honor’ Video Game: The SEAL Team Six Gift Guide

What Oliver Sacks Wanted for a Tombstone

Vineyard Vandal Confesses

Cerberus Divestment Decision Is A Risky Way To Combat Gun Violence

‘Amour,’ the Year’s Best Foreign Film, Courts Oscar

How the Red Cross Is Using Donations to Help Sandy Victims

Readers Weigh In After Newtown Shooting: Why Own a Gun

Nancy Lanza Was Deluded to Keep Guns at Home With Troubled Adam

Newtown’s Fallen: Photos and Bios of the Shooting Victims (PHOTOS)

Rising Stars of 2013: Eddie Redmayne, Rebel Wilson & More (PHOTOS)

Austin Tice, Cuneyt Amal & More Kidnapped Journalists (PHOTOS)

The ‘God Particle’ & More 2012 Scientific Breakthroughs (PHOTOS)

Republicans Face Gun Control Test With Latino Voters

The Year in Porn: James Deen, Sunny Leone, Measure B, and More (PHOTOS)

Kate and Wills Christmas Party

In Wake of Benghazi, State Wants $1.3 Billion to Beef Up Security Around the World

Schieffer Calls Out Double Standard

Candy Magazine Portrays Transgender Model As Michelle Obama

What Instagram’s New Terms of Service Mean

Who’s Really Behind the Mysterious Adam Lanza Parody Twitter Account?

BDS And Anti-Semitism Revisited

The Reason for Our Woeful Lack of Gun Statistics

Stop Blaming Newtown Tragedy On Mental Illness

Fashion's Groundbreaking Gender Benders

The Number: 5,000

Sesno Wants Media Agenda on Guns

Conservative "Feminism" For Flournoy

American Gun Law 7

American Gun Law 6

Michael Kors Is Leaving 'Project Runway'

American Gun Law 5

Foxman Calls Hagel Anti-Semitic, But Won't Oppose His Nomination

African Elephants Will Be Extinct

China’s Doomsday Crackdown

American Gun Law 4

The First Intifada In Retrospect

Gun Hoarders Against Democracy

Can Collective Action Stop Mass Shooters?

Ellen: 'My Heart is Broken for Those Families'

The Chained CPI and Votes in the House

Vice Buys i-D Magazine

Daniel Inouye’s America

Bret Stephens' Evidence Problem

American Gun Law 3

Hathaway Wore Vegan Shoes As Fantine; New Louis Vuitton CEO Stepped Down Already

The Global School Lunch Project

After Newtown, Can We Make Our Schools Safe?

The NRA's Deafening Silence

The Income Tax's Limits

American Gun Laws 2

‘New York Times’ Investigation: Walmart Used Bribes in Mexico

Richard Engel: 'We're Okay'

Richard Engel Safe After Syrian Kidnapping

Charles "I'm Hopeless at Packing Bags"

Hagel: The New Eisenhower

Revisiting Lincoln

Campaigning For The Anglo Vote

Cerberus to Sell Stake in Gunmaker Freedom Group

Richard Engel Freed After Being Kidnapped in Syria

"Lieberman Is A Chronic Disease"

This Week’s Hot Reads: Dec. 17, 2012

How Can We Better Help the Mentally Ill?

Late Night: Megan Fox's Vampire Baby

Lucky: Queen Gets 60 Placemats and Huge Chunk of Arctic As Jubilee Gift

American Gun Law: A Series

Gender Split Over Newtown Shootings

Queen Elizabeth Attends Cabinet

Writers Pick Their Favorite Philip Roth Novel

The NRA Has a Head Start Against Newly Energized Gun-Control Advocates

2012 Celebrity Scandals: Kate Middleton, Amanda Bynes & More (PHOTOS)

How We Can Regulate Guns Using the Second Amendment

Right Wing Needs to Stop Crazy Explanations for Newtown Slaughter

Book Bag: The Best Letter Collections

Parents Push Back at Suggestion Autism Was Behind Adam Lanza’s Rampage

‘Borgen,’ ‘Girls,’ ‘Parenthood,’ ‘Mad Men’ & More: Ten Best TV Shows of 2012

Gun-Control Foes Misunderstand the Intent of the Second Amendment

A Desperate Need for Electricity in China and Other Developing Countries Is Fueling Global Coal Use

Gun-Rights Advocates Should Fear History of Second Amendment

Why Hill Briefing on Benghazi Won’t Improve Security

Newtown Shooting: Life After Losing a Loved One to Gun Violence

10 Most Fattening Holiday Drinks: White Hot Chocolate & More (PHOTOS)

Don’t Arm America: A Soldier’s Reply to Connecticut Shooting

Behind Apple’s Big Stock Decline

Tom Cruise’s ‘Jack Reacher’ & More Ill-Timed Movies (VIDEO)

Adam Lanza Destroyed His Hard Drive Before Attack

'The Voice' Sings for Newtown

Cool it, Reason

Easy Bake Oven Mans Up: Hasbro to Manufacture Boy-Friendly Design

Sen. Manchin: 'This Has Changed the Dialogue’

Won't Bibi Condemn His Own One-Staters?

This Gun Kill Kids—And Reaps Profits

Disingenuous Defenses of Netanyahu's Settlement Plans

‘Sesame Street’ Softens the Blow

Romeo Beckham Is In The New Burberry Campaign

Conservatives, Let's Not Arm Teachers

Interactive: Sound Off on Gun Control

'Common Sense Media Coverage'

Berlusconi Announces May-December Engagement

Israel Embassy: Palestinians Would "Lynch" Jesus And Mary

There's Little We Can Do to Prevent Another Massacre

When Will the War on Terror End?

Bill Murray is FDR

The Taboo of Mental Illness

Newtown Funerals: The Faces of Grief (Photos)

The Race to Replace Jesse Jackson Jr.

Bloomberg: Stop the Carnage!

Jane Mayer Lowers the Boom on Bigelow

A Semi-Serious Offer from Boehner

Afghanistan: Will the Taliban Destroy Itself?

Another Example of Bullet Control

Gary Simmons at Metro Pictures Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Marina Abramovic For Givenchy; Grace Coddington Hopes for A Galliano Comeback

Should We Cap Guns at Six Bullets?

President Obama, Stay Out of the Gun Debate, Ctd.

The Newest Senator Is a Loon

"Is John Kerry Good For Israel?"

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Newtown Mother: 'We Got A Miracle'

CT Gov: 'Evil Visited This Community Today'

Seven Moments From the School Shooting in Newtown, Conn.

At the White House, Protesters Urge Obama to Act on Rising Gun Violence

Media Misfire: Accusing the Wrong Man in Connecticut Shooting

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The Shooting

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The Social Security ‘Trust Fund’ is Real—but Useless

Hagel Is The Wrong Choice

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'Iron Curtain' Letters to the Editor

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Data Show U.S. Industry Shurgs off Sandy Effects

White House Official: Susan Rice Made the ‘Right Decision’

Queen Given 97 Works of Art

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Blame Voters for the Fiscal Cliff

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The Changing Palestinian Mood

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Bill O'Reilly Compares Jesus to MLK Jr.

Philip Proffers Forthright Advice To Bankers

This is how Delta Air Lines Treats Disabled Veterans

End the Deduction for State and Local Taxes

All Negotiations Are the Same

Tragic Nurse Left Note Criticising Hospital

Joy Behar, Eliot Spitzer & More on Current’s ‘Comics With Benefits’

Bob Shrum’s Winners & Losers of 2012

Sandy Dollars Still Pouring In

Argentina Erupts Over Acquittal in Marita Verón Case

Right to Work Laws and Why Labor Unions Are in Crisis

‘The Hobbit’: 19 Changes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Novel to Peter Jackson’s Movie

The Anti-‘Zero Dark Thirty:’ The Osama bin Laden-Meets-Zombies Movie

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Susan Rice Withdraws State Bid, Republicans Win One

Taylor Swift's New Music Video: 'Trouble'

A Reality TV Competition About Reading? Literary Death Match Wants a Show

No, the Earth Won't End on December 21

Kanye Wore A Leather Skirt to the 12-12-12 Sandy Concert, And People Freaked Out

McCain Scuttles "Pro-Israel" Nomination

Regrets About 'Draw Mohammad' Day?

Why Obama Betrayed Susan Rice

The Hagel Haters

The US China Accounting War

On Gaza, Goldstone And Israeli Strategy Regarding Terrorist Enclaves

Phyllida Barlow At Hauser & Wirth Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Geraldo Rivera’s Chest & More Hot Older Men (Photos)

Susan Rice For Secretary of State? Nope

Rice Out? And Hagel to Defense?

Syria: As Rebels Make Gains, Assad Fires Back

Most Popular Christmas Toys, from Cabbage Patch Kids to Rubik’s Cube

Lieberman’s Distraction

RIP to the Man Behind the Ubiquitous Bar Code

How About that Filibuster Reform?

Sarah Burton Claims Her OBE, The IKEA Monkey Gets The Marc Jacobs Treatment

Waiting on a 'Grand Bargain' Superman

Tina and Amy's 'Globes' Countdown

Matt Drudge's 'N-Word' Problem

GOP Pollster: Party Running Out of White Voters

The 2012 Holiday Kitchen Gift Guide

The Number: 1.5%

The Decline of American Optimism

Obama Supports Syrian Opposition, But Now What?

Zero Dark Thirty and the Senators

18 Golden Globes Snubs & Surprises

Kim Jong-Un: Handsome, Rich, and (I Hope) Time's Person of the Year

2013 Golden Globe Nominations: 'Zero Dark Thirty,' 'Les Miserables,' 'Homeland,' and More

Here's Where Marriage Equality and Religious Protections Clash

'Progress' in Egypt? Nope, Not Really

Amman Feeling Left Out

Late Night: Cory Booker's Superpowers Debunked

Columnist Says Obama Stumbling on Syria, Egypt

Royal Butler Burrell Claims Clifford Sold Him Out

Bad Times at The Times: James Harding Steps Down

Wanna Beat Obama? Here's How

Syrian Rebels Demanding $50M Ransom in Exchange for Not Executing a Journalist

Google Maps is Back!

Kate Middleton Suicide Nurse Slashed Wrists Then Hung herself

Pippa Middleton's Tips: To Make An Omlette, First Break Eggs

Charismatic Candidates Can Break the GOP Presidential Losing Streak

Senate Fight Over Filibuster Reform Rages, With Eye on Nuclear Option

‘Duck Dynasty,’ ‘Buckwild,’ ‘Honey Boo Boo,’ and the 99 Percent

Your next assistant may be an app

One Tough Nerd—Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s Pragmatic Labor Stance

Matt Drudge Pushes Outrage Button With N-Word Headline

Susan Rice’s Middle Finger, and the World’s Deadliest Wars

How Republicans Are Duping Members of Their Own Party

How Neo-Nazis and Gangs Infiltrated the U.S. Military: Matt Kennard’s ‘Irregular Army’

Armslist Lawsuit Seeks to Punish Online Gun Seller, Narrow Loophoole in Law

Justin Bieber, Russell Crowe & More: Nine Crazy Celebrity Murder Plots (PHOTOS)

Best of Punk Magazine: A New Book (PHOTOS)

lan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt Explore Gay Adoption in ‘Any Day Now’

Objectively Speaking: Stephanie LaCava's ‘An Extraordinary Theory of Objects’

12-12-12 Concert’s Best Moments: Springsteen, Bon Jovi & More (VIDEO)

Stars Sing for Sandy (Photos)

Adam Sandler: Sandy, Screw You

The Constant Fiscal Crisis

12-12-12 Concert Ticket Scalpers: The Hurricane Sandy Benefit Spoilers

Elizabeth Warren & More of Mean Girls of Capitol Hill Tumblr (PHOTOS)

Defiant North Korea Celebrates Rocket Launch (PHOTOS)

Religious Liberty in a Marriage Equality Society

Who Gets Blamed if We Go Over the Cliff?

Sydney’s ‘Blind To The Person’ BDS

Preventing a Revolt in the GOP House

Ravi Shankar’s Legacy

We've Found the Origins of Cheese!

Organized Labor has been Hurting Since Well Before the Passage of Right to Work in Michigan

Glenn Beck: Bad at Politics, Good at Media?

Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve Is Boring Again

The Number: $22.7 Billion

The Will of the People

OMFG The Pope’s on Twitter!

Kate Upton Inspires A New Song; Spice Girls Unveil Viva Forever Musical

Anne Collier At MoMA Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Doomsday Conservatives: Too Many Hormones, Too Little Plan

Odyssean Advice from the Federal Reserve

A Moderate Coalition: Include Arab Parties

Inside NYC's Hasidic Sex-Abuse Scandal

Barney Frank on the Mandate to Cut Defense

Cancellation of NHL Games Has Negative Economic Impact

A Conservative Path Forward on Same-Sex Marriage

I Dreamed I Saw Mitt Romney Last Night, Alive as You and Me

Pamela Geller's New Subway Ads

Glenn Beck's 'Agenda 21' Word Cloud

Israeli Left Searches For Its "Tendencies"

Guns Don't Make You Safer, Ctd.

Nothing Against You Personally, But We Boycott You

Obama Whipping Boehner in Fiscal Cliff Showdown

Fox's Hefty Misrepresentation on Carbon Taxes

The Debt the Republicans Support

King Edward VII Hospital Starts to Come Under Fire

Congo Tells Of M23 Rebel Abuses

Late Night: Jon Stewart Does His Best Eminem

Palestine’s Gandhi: Civil Disobedience the Best Hope for Peace

The Democrats' Fight in Michigan

Susan Rice’s Personality Disorder

Camilla At Dog's Home

Hoax Nurse Hung Herself

Why Stephen Colbert Deserves South Carolina’s Senate Seat

Obama Too Cautious on Ending Employment Bias Against LGBT Community

‘Sister, Sister,’ ‘Brady Bunch Movie’ & More RuPaul Cameos (VIDEO)

Michigan Labor Vows 2014 Revenge for Snyder’s Right-to-Work Law

Tibet, Persecution, and Marital Shame: Why People Burn Themselves to Death

Inside the Mass Slaying on California’s Tule River Indian Reservation

Justice Antonin Scalia In Hot Water Again Over Homosexual Comments

Nicolas Checque Slaying Part of Terrible Month for Navy SEALs in Afghanistan, Fashion Designer?

Walmart CEO Warns of Consumer Spending Slowdown Absent Fiscal Cliff Deal

#vetchat: How to Deal With Loss This Holiday

National Book Award Winner Louise Erdrich: How I Write

Labor Protests in Michigan: Scenes From the Capitol (PHOTOS)

Israeli, Gaza Cancer Patients Become Hanukkah Best Friends

20 Literary Greats Gripe About Feliks Topolski’s Portraits (PHOTOS)

The Curse of ‘The Hobbit’: Dying Animal, Fires, Actors Quitting, and More Movie Upsets

Most Kitschy Christmas Towns: North Pole, Santa Claus & More (PHOTOS)

Gunman Kills Two People, Himself in Deadly Shooting at Oregon Mall

R.I.P Ravi Shankar

Oregon Mall Shooting: Tweets, Photos, and More

Marita Defendants Acquitted in Devastating Setback for Susana Trimarco

Libertarian Solution to Climate Change?

Afghanistan: The Taliban’s War on Women

Videogames Turned Into Movies: Angry Birds, Final Fantasy, Halo & More

Nine Juiciest Bits From Google CEO Larry Page’s Fortune Interview

John Singer Sargent At The Seattle Art Museum Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Ask Barney Frank Anything

Ask Hanna Rosin Anything

Ask John Hodgman Anything

Is the GOP in a Drunken Stupor?

Ask Ta-Nehisi Coates Anything

As Berlusconi Returns, Ruby the Heart-Stealer Pops Up in Mexico

Live Chat, 12/12, 1 PM EST: The Books You Should Give For the 2012 Holidays

When Bipartisanship is a No-Brainer

Mark Anderson: 5 Predictions for 2013

Ask Tina Brown Anything

Bloomberg is New York’s ‘Little Berlusconi,’ Siegel Says

Ask Jesse Bering Anything

Is the Obesity Epidemic on the Decline?

Ask Peter Beinart Anything

Ask Sister Jeannine Gramick Anything

Israeli Forces Raid Ramallah NGOs

Surprise—We Made $23 Billion Off AIG!

Concealed Carry's Illusion of Safety

Ask Bill McKibben Anything

Ask Steven Pinker Anything

Daydreaming A One-State Solution

America's Kludgeocracy Democracy

Josh Begley Tweets Entire History of U.S. Drone Attacks

Ask Christopher Ryan Anything

Columnist Sees GOP in Drunken Stupor

Ask Jane Mayer Anything

Greece's Gun Toting Fascists

Pink Loves Consent: An Anti-Rape Victoria’s Secret Spoof That’s Gone Viral

Nurturing a Patriotic Opposition

Seal Team Six Member Killed Rescuing American Doctor

Why a Teen Busted Her Assailants on Twitter

The Number: 22

Cathy Horyn and Oscar de la Renta Reconcile; Jennifer Lopez’s Weird Crotch Stains

Hoaxed Nurse Left Suicide Note

Ross King’s Italian Renaissance Book Bag

The Freedom to Marry

David's Bookclub: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Treasury Ownership of AIG Stock Comes to an End

Ask Reihan Salam Anything

Cliff Diving Just to Make a Point

Yoko Ono's Fake 'Firework' Cover

How a Platinum Coin Could Solve the Debt Ceiling Problem


What Banning Arab Lists In Israel Means

Anne Hathaway’s Fashion Transformation (Photos)

MK Hanin Zoabi: "This Is Fascism"

America's Bizarre Morsi Embrace

The Return of Doomsday Conservatism

Late Night: K.Stew Was Terrified of Dancing

What Makes a Masterpiece of a City?

Kate Still Very Sick

2DayFM to Resume Advertising But Profits to Be Donated to Nurse's Family

Which Cancer Is Hugo Chavez Fighting?

Morsi Opponents, Supporters Plan Dueling Cairo Rallies on Referendum

President Obama’s Foolish Willingness to Screw Liberals Over Medicare

Why the Fiscal Cliff Is Causing a Nervous Breakdown on the Right

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Settles With Maid: How the Case Changed France

Libyans Say Sharia Will Be Law Of The Land

Lindsay Lohan’s Rap Sheet: Arrests, Car Wrecks, Mounting Debt & More

Bronx Judge Helps Dominique Strauss-Kahn Maid Nafissatou Diallo Find Justice

Plague or Plenty? New Report Envisions the World in 2030

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Doesn’t Promote Torture

What Conflict of Interest? Michael Bloomberg Eyes the ‘Financial Times.’

Russians Prepare for World’s End, Buy Candles and Vodka

Best and Worst Dressed Monkeys: IKEA Monkey, Bubbles & More (PHOTOS)

Nigeria Given 24 Hours to Rescue Kidnapped Mother of Finance Minister

Matisyahu And His Cute Kids

Nechemya Weberman Guilty Of Sexually Abusing Girl He Was Counseling

The Real Problem With Susan Rice

Biggest Misconception of Libertarianism?

If You Will It, It Is No Nightmare

The Journal's Epic Correction

The End of the World is Coming

Stacey Dash's Expletive-Filled Trailer

Obama Is Not Headed To Israel

How Good Was General Petraeus?

Scalia Is Just a Bigot

Fourth Accuser Emerges in Elmo Sex Scandal

The End Of Abbas's Game

Laura Aldridge At Kendall Coppe Is the Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

The Number: 783,000,000

Are LGBT Synagogues The Best Of American Judaism?

Family of Jacintha Saldhana in London

The Israeli Left's Identity Issues

Giving Medicine a Dose of Free Speech

The Buck Stops With Boehner?

Fading Hope for the Peace Process

This Week’s Hot Reads: Dec. 10, 2012

Let's Chat about Deductions

Australian DJs: We're 'Incredibly Sorry'

No Doubt Will Now Design Clothes; There's A Marchesa Documentary Coming

Is Zero Dark Thirty Propaganda?

Marty Reisman: The Magical Hustler Who Saved a Classic Game

Ask Dina Martina Anything

Abbas Does-Not-Equal Hamas

Ghosts in the Machine: The Story of China’s Rural Migrants and Their Uncertain Future

Tomasky & Frum: Should the Medicare Age Go Up?

Searching for Miracles

Towards Expanding European Influence

Negotiating Advice for Republicans

Why the Republican Party’s Narrative on Income and Voting Failed

One of the Saddest Things You'll Ever Read

Ask Jim Holt Anything

Meshaal’s Speech: “Mish Ma’ool”

Savannah Dietrich's Tweets

Susan Rice's Paul Kagame Problem

Why Has No-One from Hospital Visited Jacintha's Family?

What Guns Do, and What they Don't

Australia's Ominously Bright Night Sky

Natural Gas' Role in Combating Climate Change

Shall We Bid Adieu to 'Too Big to Fail?'

Rejecting the Journal's Plutocratic Tax Advice

Meshal's Speech and the Progressive Conundrum

Fiscal Cliff Stalemate Needs Two-Party Solution From GOP, Democrats

Full Text of Suicide Nurse DJ's Interview

Kate Takes a Turn For the Worse

"Shattered" 2DayFM DJ's in Prank Tragedy: First Interview

Holiday Movie Preview: ‘Les Miserables,’ ‘The Hobbit’ & More (PHOTOS)

Why the Fiscal Cliff Is a Snooze

Seapunks Internet Trend Takes High Fashion, From Proenza Schouler to Versace (PHOTOS)

Twelve Christmas Song Fails: John Travolta, Justin Bieber & More (VIDEO)

Good Giving Guide 2012: Luxury Gifts With a Conscience

What To Do About Syria’s Crisis?

Sally Field on Whether Mary Lincoln Was Bipolar, Oscars & More

Inside Bashar al-Assad’s Army

Death of Kate Middleton Nurse Shows How Humiliation Can Lead to Suicide

Peter Roskam: Obama’s Republican Buddy

Gingrich: GOP Can't Beat Hillary in 2016

Jenni Rivera, Mexico’s Queen of Banda, Dies in Plane Crash

Jenni Rivera, 1969 - 2012

Art Basel Miami 2012’s Best Parties: Chanel, Terrywood & More (PHOTOS)

Tracy McGrady Elbows Chinese Opponent

Bad News for Hugo Chávez—and, Possibly, Venezuela

What's Surprising About 'Dish' Readers?

Sunday Talk: Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, George Will & More (Video)

What Book Changed Your Life?

When Did You Know You Were Conservative?

Booker Might Challenge Chris Christie

How To Prepare For The Environmental Worst

What Was It Like Coming Out?

How Would You Define 'Patriotism'?

What Are Your Religious Doubts?

India’s Shameful Day: December 6, 1992

Technocrat Down! Italy’s Mario Monti Resigns

George Will: Gay Marriage Opposition 'Literally' Dying

Yo, Yo, Yo, It's Chanakuh

Your Daily Ruin Porn

Berber Rugs at Canada Gallery Are The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Rebuilding Kismayo After Al-Shabab

SNL's Fiscal Cliff Compromise

A Little Apple Goes a Long Way

Morsi and The Military: Egypt President Firm on Constitution Vote

Tax-the-Rich Obama Fairy Tale Won’t Magically Restore Public Services

Liberals Slam Andrew Cuomo’s Deals With New York GOP

Whose Elephant Is It? Oregon Zoo Stuck in Custody Battle

‘Girls’ Writer Murray Miller’s Great Art-Hoax Experiment

Death Wish: A Writer Finds Twitter Turning Toxic

Libya’s Woman Fight for Constitutional Voice

Royal Radio Pranks Gone Wrong

Russia’s Anti-Mormon Campaign

Technology Masters Hit the Kitchen for Charity

Send This Hurricane Sandy Victim a Card, Please

The Week’s Best Business Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for Dec. 9, 2012

Best Coffee Table Books of 2012

Hilary Clinton and Obama’s Dismal Record on the Environment

Harry Styles, Jordin Spark & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Why Tim Scott Should Replace Jim DeMint

From Anne Hathway to Jessica Biel, Best & Worst Dressed of the Week (Photos)

Dog and Kangaroo Kiss

Chinese Leader Xi Jinping's Symbolic Economic Tour

Is Nuclear Energy Good?

Star Trainer AJ Johnson’s Holiday Health Secrets

Letterman Kidnaps Murray

America's Exhausted Army

Fiscal Cliff Is Latest Symptom of Unfair Redistricting

Obama Reverses Himself and Takes Corporate Money for Second Inaugural

At Design Miami, Modern Art’s Next Masters (Photos)

Brad Goreski, Miranda Kerr & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

All I Want For Christmas is a Ballistic Shield

Sperm Count Plummets for French Men: New Study

Eight Epic Chanukah Songs, From Sandler to ‘South Park’

Michael Tomasky: Why Hillary Clinton Must Run for President in 2016

Vendetta In the Vineyard: Cult Brunello Producer Loses All his Wine

At Orthodox Sex-Abuse Trial, Little-Known Enforcement Group Comes To Light

Taylor Swift Beat Boxing, Jay-Z’s Subway Discovery & More Viral Videos

Murder Charge Against Thailand Ex-Premier Designed to Force Compromise

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for December 8, 2012

Afghanistan: The Taliban Plot to Assassinate Karzai

French Sperm Counts Decline: Fertility by the Numbers

Iranian Lawyer Fasts for Her 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Rights from Prison

No Sign That Suicide Nurse Was Unstable

The Supreme Court Opens the Door to a Landmark Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

‘Iron Man 3’ Revealed

2Day FM: The Radio Station Behind the Tragic Kate Middleton Prank

The Independent Rundown, December 7

Dummies’ Guide to ‘Duck Dynasty’

Christmas For Love, Chanukah For Awe

Why Favoritism Is Virtuous: The Case Against Fairness

Fiscal Cliff, Day 31: A GOP Entitlement’s Huge Price Tag

Virgin Heir Sam Branson’s Drug War

Muslim Brotherhood, Activists Face Off on Egypt’s Streets

Breaking the Taboo

He's Got Pickles

Brasilia, a Nightmarish Masterpiece

Be Careful What You Wish For In Syria

Lindsay Lohan Is Reportedly Selling Her Clothes; Anderson Cooper’s Dirty Jeans

Who Gets To Talk About Israel?

Did Costas Break the Sports Code?

Print Media Just Won't Die

Who Gets to Define Race?

Seven Best ‘Les Miserables’ Flash Mobs (VIDEO)

From the Archives of Movement Conservatism

News Anchor Asks: Will You Marry Me?

Throwing Netanyahu Under Abbas

It's a 'Could Be Worse' Economy, and We're Living in It

A Parliament in the U.S.?

Moshe Feiglin Is Now Mainstream

A Better Banking Experience

Will Syria’s Civil War Cause Mayhem in Lebanon?

Tom Coburn Questions Whether We Need to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Couple Announces Breakup With Music Video

Inside Putin's Russia

Why Hewlett-Packard Should Consider Breaking up

1947's Zionists, Today's Palestinians

How Google Killed Off Its Best Social Network

Bruce Weber's Art Flick For Dior

Jobs Report: Jack Welch Was Right!

What if DC Nonprofits Wrote Honest Fundraising Emails?

Avigdor Lieberman's Road To The Top

Menswear's Alpha Male

Receptionist Who Connected Kate Middleton Prank Callers Commits Suicide

Destroying Enemies with Friendship

Price-tag Suspects Caught Red-Handed

What are the Implications of DeMint's Exit?

America's Love Affair with Victory

South Carolina's Battle of the Sanfords?

McConnell's Self-Filibuster

Late Night: Christie and Stewart Duke It Out

Is Skinny Kate Too Thin To Be Pregnant?

Inside The Too Posh To Push Hospital Where Kate Middleton May Deliver

2013 Color of the Year: Emerald!

Jim DeMint Gains More Power Over GOP in Move from Senate to Heritage Foundation

Robert Shrum: Obama Won Election & Will Win Again on Fiscal Cliff

Ke$ha, Lucy Liu & Other Celebrities With Sexy Ghost Encounters (PHOTOS)

The Life and Work of Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer (PHOTOS)

Officer’s Gift to ‘Homeless’ Man Triggers Controversy

Pearl Harbor’s Anniversary Sparks Memories of a Long-Ago Dance Contest

Obama’s Energy Dilemma: Back Energy-Fueled Growth or Please Green Lobby

Tax Assessment for Rauschenberg Art Work Shows Federal Tax Excesses

Yo, Yo, Yo, It’s Chanukah: Hip-Hop Lights the Menorah

Mohamed Morsi Loses Support as Protests Rage in Cairo

Christmas Music Sucks (Mostly), but Here’s a Playlist of Holiday Gems

Dolce and Gabbana On Trial

Self-Confidence Key For Brazilian Women

Classical Music's Woman Problem

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John Lennon, Van Gogh Letters Among Items in Documents Auction

Congo’s M23 Rebels Withdraw—For Now

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Royal Baby Betting

80 Years of Royal Moms

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Flashback: Prince William's Baby Wishes

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Unseen Queen: Intimate Photos From HM's 60 Year Reign

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Is Less Sex or More Abortion to Blame for Fall in U.S. Birth Rate?

Despite Intimidation, Alleged Victim Testifies Against Accused Rapist

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The Conversation Israel and Palestine

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Battles for a Best Picture Oscar Nomination

Apple Branches Out. How’d They Do?

Al Qaeda 3.0: Terrorism’s Emergent New Power Bases

After Jovan Belcher: Tony LaRussa On How A Team Comes Back From Tragedy

This Week’s Hot Reads: Dec. 2, 2012

‘Shahs of Sunset’ Cast Members Review Ben Affleck’s ‘Argo’

Chippendales’ Holiday Workout Secrets

Need Vacation? Go To Best Buy

Rick Warren: 'It's Not About You'

Kim's Milkshake Causes Riots In Bahrain

On the Fiscal Cliff, Republicans Got Nothin’

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"2012: The Movie"

In Afghanistan, a 14-Year-Old Girl Is Beheaded

Stress at Work: Is Your Job Making You Sick?

Back Chat With David Frum

Airplane Invasion!

Hanukkah, the Season of Lights

Mohammed Morsi’s Power Grab Violates Sharia Law

The Year in Awesome Hairdos (Photos)

Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Charles Dickens’s Unhappy Children

Bernard-Henri Lévy on Susan Rice’s Role in the Libyan War for Justice

Minnesota Killings Spark Debate over Self-Defense Laws

The Week’s Best Business and Finance Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for the Week of Nov. 30, 2012

Rajon Rondo: NBA’s Most Valuable Rebel

‘The Walking Dead’: 8 Deadliest Kills of Season 3 (Video)

Jan Brewer’s Immigration Backlash Begins

What’s Next for David Beckham?

The Not-So-Liberal American Future

The Dirty Money Stimulus (Literally)

Jovan Belcher: Kansas City Chiefs Football Player Snaps

Against Government Regulation for British Tabloids

NY Cop’s Act of Kindness Resonates With Thousands

Why Obama Should Push For A Deal

Janet Jackson: 'AIDS, It's Not Over'

What is 'Plebgate?'

Shelly Yachimovich’s Balancing Act

David's Bookclub: The New New Deal

When Even Pat Robertson Knows Something...

That Pesky Filibuster

Fiscal Cliff = Lohan Drunk Driving

Whoa, College

The State-Builder

Nick Crews’s Daughter on Her Dad’s Viral Smackdown

Ben Stein Loves Christmas

Surprisingly Conciliatory Words from Mahmoud Abbas

Celebrity AIDS Fundraisers, From Liz Taylor to Bill Gates

Katy Perry, Bar Refaeli & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

Neil Patrick Harris, Angus Jones, Bill O’Reilly & More Viral Videos

Germany Weighs Bestiality Ban Amid Rise of Pet Porn, Animal Brothels

U.N. Vote to Recognize Palestine Puts Netanyahu in a Corner

Susan Rice: Just Another ‘Incompetent’ Black Woman

Orthodox Rabbis Say Gay ‘Cure’ Therapy Doesn’t Work

Michael Tomasky on Obama’s Republican Revenge Over the Debt Limit

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Dec. 1, 2012

Leave Seaside’s Roller Coaster in the Ocean as a Symbol of Sandy’s Craziness

Twitter Campaign Forces Carla Bruni-Sarkozy to Backpedal on Feminism

HIV/AIDS Funding Is in Jeopardy

David Frum Newsweek Archive

Palestinians Party After U.N. Recognizes Palestine as a Non-Member State (Photos)

The Independent Rundown, November 30

Bye-Bye Movember

Women in the World Brazil Agenda

Women in the World Goes Global!

Who’s Who at the Women in the World Summit in Brazil