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Articles February 2018

‘The Looming Tower’ Takes Aim at U.S. Intelligence Agencies for Failing to Prevent 9/11

Trump Goes Gun Grabber, Prompting White House Clean-Up

Tony Soprano of Cybercrime Snitches on Russian Hacker

Top-Ranking Armed Services Republican Hits Trump on Russia Sanctions

Encrypt Any Public WiFi To Protect Your Personal Information With This Tiny Gadget

Study: Concealed Carry Leads to 15% Increase in Violent Crime

Chris McDaniel, Fiery Former Tea Party Radio Host, Enters Mississippi Senate Race

Cops: Georgia High School Teacher Barricaded Himself in Classroom, Fired Shot

Cindy McCain to ‘The View’: I’m Tired of Trump ‘Bullying’ My Husband

Hey, Republicans: You Want to Protect the Second Amendment? Compromise a Little on Guns

USA Today Runs Op-Ed From Jerome Corsi, InfoWars D.C. Bureau Chief

Volleyball Coach Raped Six Girls ‘Hundreds’ of Times While Wife Bullied Victims, Lawsuit Claims

It’s Time for E! to Pull Ryan Seacrest From the Oscars Red Carpet

Ex-Watchdogs Side With Jeff Sessions After Donald Trump Calls Him ‘DISGRACEFUL!’

The Olympics Are Over. Time for the Slump.

Ryan Seacrest Goes Silent on Sexual-Assault Allegations on ABC’s ‘Live!’

The Blue Wave Is Real, and It Looks Really Big—Provided Democrats Don’t Block It

Colorado Statehouse May Oust Lawmaker Over Sexual Misconduct Claims

This Is Why You Should Be Using CloudApp, An Image-Based Productivity Tool

Stouffer’s Lost Cocktails Empire

Women Say Texas Senator’s a Creep. Court Says He’s a Fraud. But He Won’t Leave Office.

Returning to the Scene of a School Shooting Helps Kids Heal

Can This Group Help America Break Out of Its Two-Party Trap?

GOP Burns Millions to Save a Republican in a Vanishing District in Trump Country

The Instagram Stars Hiding Their Famous, Muslim-Hating Mom, Pamela Geller

Roy Moore Consultants’ New Project: A Conspiracy-Theorizing Pro-Trump News Site

A Decades-Old Murder Investigation Exposes the Ugly Truth About Racism in America

Trump Used ‘Death Wish’ to Argue for More Guns in the Wake of a School Shooting

Stephen Colbert Roasts Jared Kushner Over His White House Demotion

Oscars 2018: The Biggest Controversies, From Ryan Seacrest to ‘Three Billboards’

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Tears Apart ‘Clueless’ GOP Candidate Stacey Dash

Why the Hell Is #MeToo Foe Alec Baldwin Getting a Talk Show?

The Deep State Takes Out the White House’s Dark Clown Prince

Can Anyone Stop Kim From Helping Assad Restock His Poison Arsenal?

As Vero Blows Up, Backlash Builds Against Social App’s ‘Shady’ Founder

Democrats Flip Two Seats in Connecticut and New Hampshire, Bringing Trump-Era Total to 39

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Embarrasses NRA-Supporting Lawmaker Over Delta Discounts

Alex Jones Begs Shooting Survivor David Hogg to Debate Him

Newsweek Couldn’t Pay Its Rent on Time and Faced Eviction

Michael Steele’s Treatment at CPAC Is a Sad and Worrisome Omen for the GOP

Inside Peter Thiel and Nick Denton’s Multimillion-Dollar War

Get a Lifetime of Web Hosting For Just $25

Patton Oswalt on ‘The View’: Trump Is the ‘Final Boss’ of #MeToo Video Game

NSA Boss Suggests Trump Lets Putin Think ‘Little Price to Pay’ for Messing With U.S.

5 Weird But Wonderful Kickstarter Hits On Sale Right Now

Putin’s Get-Out-The-Vote Message? A Racist, Homophobic, Anti-American ‘Joke’

Cambridge Analytica’s Alexander Nix: Actually, We Didn’t Work on Brexit, and Didn’t Use Facebook Data and Psychographic Voter Analysis to Help Trump

Arizona’s 8th District Special Primary Elections 2018: What to Know

These Products Use Nature to Help Brighten Your Home And Mood

VPNs Are Extra Precautions Against Dwindling Online Privacy

When Wolfgang Puck’s Spago Was the Epicenter of L.A.’s Social Scene

How Did Stephen Hawking Survive ALS for Decades?

Pro-Trump College Group Won’t Tell the Feds What the Hell It’s Doing

The Donald and The Scott—A Tale of Two Narcissists

Fitbit Could Prove a Man’s Innocence. Google Could Send Another to Prison for Murder.

The Hollywood Acting Coach Under Fire for Urging Students to Pose as Hispanic

Jerry Springer: My TV Show Is ‘Stupid,’ Trump Is ‘Un-American,’ and We Need Gun Control

America’s Dirty Secret in Syria: A De Facto Alliance With Assad

Oscars 2018: The Most Criminally Overlooked Performances of the Year

Jennifer Lawrence and Colbert Drunkenly Gossip About Harvey Weinstein and Larry David

Seth Meyers Calls Out Trump: Arming Teachers the ‘Dumbest’ Idea in the World

Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s Absurd Claim That He’d Run Into a School Shooting Unarmed

YouTube Won’t Ban Neo-Nazi Group Chanting ‘Gas the K**kes, Race War Now’

Ross Mathews on Omarosa’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Revelations: ‘We’re All F*cked’

Why Scapegoating the Parkland Sheriff Is the Wrong Play

Trump Team: House GOP Will Fall in Line on Guns

Texas Should Let Trans Wrestlers Like Mack Beggs Fight Other Boys

Stacey Dash Files to Run for Congress in California

Reduce Digital Eye Strain With These Specialized Glasses

Logan Paul Attempts to Fistfight His Way Back to Relevance

The Complex Truth About Being an Immigrant in ‘Flight’ and ‘An Ordinary Muslim’

In Japan: She Had a Date With an American. They Found Her Head in a Suitcase.

Trump Loses DACA Challenge at Supreme Court, Rule of Law Wins

Democrats Try to Outflank Donald Trump After He Failed to Implement Russia Sanctions

How To Transform Yourself Into a Digital Marketer

Finding the Fastest Bartenders on Earth

What the Gay-Marriage Debate Tells Us About the Future of Gun Control

The Surprising Power of Light Therapy for College Students With SAD

FCC Commissioner: Our Policy Is ‘Custom Built’ for Right-Wing Sinclair Broadcasting

The Far-Right Book Every Russian General Reads

Republican Governors Outpace Trump on Guns

Peter Thiel Got His Revenge on Gawker. He May Yet Regret It

John Oliver Taunts Coal Baron After Judge Dismisses Defamation Suit: ‘Eat Sh*t, Bob!’

‘Love, Simon’ Is the Gay Coming-of-Age Movie We’ve Been Waiting For

Is ‘Final Space’ the Next Great Animated Series?

The Year That Changed Hip-Hop Forever

John Oliver Unloads on Trump and the NRA for Wanting to Arm 700,000 Teachers

Reviews: Jomama Jones’ Brilliant Journey Into the ‘Black Light,’ and a Futile Search for ‘Relevance’

Trump’s Longtime Lawyer, Michael Cohen, Knows Way Too Much. So Why is He Still in Exile?

Yes, You Can Fit a Home Office Into 4 Square Feet

Ivanka Trump at the Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony: At Least She Was Better Than Mike Pence

Even the Wild West Embraced Gun Control

Teachers Belong in Classrooms, Teaching

Is Xi Jinping the Next Chairman Mao?

Russian Spies Thought Trump Adviser Carter Page Was an ‘Idiot’—But Still Tried to Recruit Him

These 4 Tools Can Help You Finish Small Home Repairs

Jake Tapper Grills Broward County Sheriff Over Parkland Missteps After He Claims ‘Amazing Leadership’

Going 10 Rounds with Top Bartender Jillian Vose

Donald Trump Has Made CPAC Boring Again

Trump Is Like Reagan, CPAC? Please Tell Me You’re Joking

Officers Solve Murder of Texas Girl After 36 Years

This Is How You Lose a $220,000 Richard Serra Sculpture

Conservative Groups Want ‘Harmful’ LGBT Books Segregated at Iowa Library

In ‘A Small Oak Tree Runs Red,’ The Ghosts of Lynching Feel Very Present

Chef David Chang Talks Netflix’s ‘Ugly Delicious’ and Why Food Is ‘One of the Last Bastions’ of Racism

Danny Trejo on Gun Control and Our ‘Broken’ U.S. Prison System

Sorry, ‘Queer Eye.’ Makeovers Don’t Win Us LGBT ‘Acceptance.’

Boko Haram’s Harem-Hunting Terrorists: First the Chibok Girls, Now the Dapchi Children

Inside the Weirdest, Wildest Movie of the Year (So Far)

Is Russia Ruining the World’s Oldest and Deepest Lake?

The Faith of Donald Trump Is Fake, But All Too Familiar

He Made the Gun That Slaughtered Parkland’s Kids

‘Black Panther’ and the Real, Lost Wakandas

Democrats Shred Devin Nunes’ Surveillance Memo

Rogue CPAC Panelist Blasts Republicans Over Trump’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Some Italians Protest as Fascists Make a Comeback—But It Looks Like the Spiritual Heirs of Mussolini Will Win the March 4 Elections

These Durable Bluetooth Speakers With Clear Audio Are All More Than 50% Off

The Scathing Side Eye of Politics’ Most Galvanized Women

These Cost-Effective Tools Will Help You Build and Launch A Website

Amber Rose Uncensored: On Sex, Blac Chyna, and Her Time’s Up Beef

Art or Exploitation? Nobuyoshi Araki Is Japan’s Most Controversial Photographer

Daniel Radcliffe on Hollywood’s Bad Actors and the Rise of White Supremacy Under Trump

If Newsweek Dies, So Does a Vivid Chapter in American Journalism

Jonathan Martin’s Harrowing Journey from Bullied NFL Lineman to Suspected School Shooter

The Real Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Inside Frank Bruni’s Revolutionary Medical Trial

Mysteries of Pittsburgh: Where Lena Horne and Billy Strayhorn’s Chaste Musical Love Affair Began

Bruce Campbell on His Un-PC Action Hero: ‘We Need Some Room for Inappropriateness’

Duncan Jones on His Sci-Fi Tribute to Dad David Bowie

Patton Oswalt Looks Back at His Late Wife’s Serial-Killer Obsession

History’s Hot in TV and Movies—Does It Matter if It’s True?

The Civil Rights Pastor Who Declared ‘I Am a Man’

Why Janelle Monáe’s ‘Make Me Feel’ Is a Brilliant Bisexual Pop Anthem

Model Victim-Shamed After Dark Web Kidnapping

Rick Gates Flips From Paul Manafort’s Old Pal to Robert Mueller’s New Weapon

Embattled Missouri Governor Accused of Using Message-Deleting App

Ivanka Trump Struggles With Winter Olympics Charm Offensive

Democratic Socialists of America Get Membership Boost Thanks to NRA Smack Talk

Remember This Week: It’s the Beginning of the End of the NRA’s Reign of Terror

Missouri GOP Says George Soros Is Behind Governor Greitens' Indictment

CNN Host Alisyn Camerota to Dana Loesch: ‘How Dare You’ Say Media ‘Love Mass Shootings’

Trump at CPAC 2018: Armed Teacher Would’ve ‘Shot the Hell Out of’ Shooter

Wanna Be a Player At CPAC? Write a Check First.

Stephen Fry Announces That He’s Recovering From a ‘Mischievous’ Bout of Prostate Cancer

Joss Whedon Was Never Right for ‘Batgirl.’ Let a Woman Direct Instead.

America’s Love Affair With Madeira Wine

Putin Sends His Stealth Jets Into Air War Over Syria

Oklahoma Republican: No Jewish or Muslim Chaplains Allowed

This Is the Law That Could Take Down Trump

How Testosterone Could Help Women Fight Multiple Sclerosis

Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline From the Stage

Trump Hotel Paid Millions in Fines for Unpaid Work

What’s the Truth About the NRA’s Man in Moscow?

‘Unsane’: The iPhone-Shot Gaslighting Thriller That Will Scare You Senseless

The New ‘Heathers’ Is a Trumpian, LGBT-Bashing Nightmare

A Dark and Disturbing Sci-Fi World of Gangsters, Sadists and Pedophiles

Oprah Explains to Jimmy Kimmel Why She Never Tweeted Back at Trump

These Fast-Charging Portable Batteries Are All On Sale

These Cybersecurity Tools Help Protect Your Identity Online

‘Jerry Springer: The Opera’ Is Stuck in a Damning Time Warp

Stephen Colbert Savages Rubio’s CNN Town Hall Performance: ‘Read the Room’

Here's How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Bette Midler Is a Better ‘Dolly’ Than Bernadette Peters: Review of ‘Hello, Dolly!’

At CPAC, Seb Gorka Is a Cult Hero Who Gets Mobbed by Fans

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Indicted for Taking Nude Photo of Woman Without Consent

Experts: The Myth of Video Games Making Killers Is ‘Nuts’

Ex-Trump Staffer Rick Gates to Plead Guilty in Russia Probe

‘The Simpsons’ Showrunner Fires Back at Ted Cruz: ‘His Understanding of the Characters Is Weak’

Teachers: We’ll Quit Before Trump Gets Us to Carry Guns

Trump: ‘Maybe They Have to Put a Rating System’ on Movies

Texas Sen. Carlos Uresti, Accused of Groping, Convicted in Federal Fraud Trial

Ellen Fires Back at Trump: ‘When You Mess With Oprah, You Mess With Me’

How to Learn 5 of Today's Most In-Demand Skills

The Limits of Human Endurance Are Embedded In the Brain

NRA Blames Media, FBI, and Democrats After Mass Shooting

This Travel Pillow Was Designed to Improve Plane Sleep

A George Washington-Inspired Bar Crawl

Who Snubbed Who in Korea? Was it Pence’s Truculence, or Little Sister Kim’s Reticence?

Rebekah Mercer Can Fool The Wall Street Journal, but Not the World

Why Healthy Young People Have Heart Attacks

Trump Is Ready to Meet the Press, in the Very Safe Space of the Gridiron

In Georgia, It’s the NRA and the Legislators vs. the Police

I’ve Shot Plenty of Guns. I’d Never Bring One to My Classroom.

Trump Aides Confess: He Only Hears the NRA

A Cult German Filmmaker’s Merciless Mockery of Trump’s America

Tales From the Cryptocurrency: The Bitcoin Mystery Death That’s Rocking South Korea

Netflix’s ‘Seven Seconds’ Subverts the Neo-Noir With a Black Woman Detective

Amy Poehler Tells NRA to ‘F*ck Off’ for Using Leslie Knope Meme

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Donald Trump Jr. for Endorsing Parkland Conspiracy Theory

Parkland Survivors to ‘Puppet’ Politicians: How Many Have to Die?

Did Archaeologists Just Prove the Existence of Prophet Isaiah?

Jennifer Aniston’s Heartless Media Crucifixion

Edward Albee Takes Us to the Edge: Review of ‘At Home at the Zoo’

Trevor Noah Rips Florida Lawmakers for Taking on Porn, Not Guns

This Book Helped Me Communicate Better With Everyone From My Coworkers to My Husband

Everything You Need to Nerd Out on Oscar Movies

This Genius Timer Is the Only Way I Get My Work Done

GOP Refuses to Ask Twitter for Private Messages in Russia Probe

Trump Tells Shooting Survivors: Solution to ‘Your Problem’ Is More Guns in School

InfoWars Sends Professional Troll Laura Loomer to Parkland

Fox News’ Shepard Smith Condemns ‘Baseless’ School Shooting Conspiracy Theories

Inside Twitter’s Bot Purge

In Syria, the New Offensive by Assad and the Russians Might Kill the Revolution, But It Will Be the Peace of the Dead

Florida Politicians Ignore the Real Pornography of Violence

Parkland Survivors Tell Off Florida Politicians: ‘We've Had Enough of Thoughts and Prayers’

Top Senator: Trump Could Prompt ‘One of the Worst Catastrophic Events in The History of Our Civilization’

New Drug Could Fight Peanut Allergies—With Peanuts

Wendy Williams Reveals Graves’ Disease Diagnosis

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey Encourages ‘Conversation’ About Impeaching Pennsylvania Justices Over Redrawn Map

Dinesh D’Souza Mocked Shooting Survivors. Why Is He Still on the ‘National Review’ Masthead?

Jemele Hill on ‘The View’: I Still Believe Trump Is a ‘White Supremacist’

NRA Usually Shuts Up After Mass Shootings. Not This Time.

Neo-Nazi Groups Explode Under Trump, Southern Poverty Law Center Finds

Billy Graham: From Civil Rights to Praying With Presidents

‘Annihilation’ Is Mind-Blowing, and the Best Sci-Fi Film in Years

Sex-Abuse Allegations Shatter Illusions of Charity Sector

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Want You to Know They Are Serious

Bill Browder ‘Briefly Detained’ After Filing Corruption Claim Against Swiss Prosecutor

The Biotech Startup Taking on Pancreatic Cancer by Throwing Out the Rules

Hillary Was Putin’s Worst Nightmare. That’s Why His Minions Hacked America.

Why Is CPAC Afraid of Real Conservatives?

Why Did Joshua Vallum Kill Mercedes Williamson, His Transgender Girlfriend?

Germany Made Fun of Its ‘Sex Refugees,’ but the Bigotry Behind Their Beliefs Is No Laughing Matter

As a Recent Parent, There Is No Gun Control I Won’t Support

Parkland Teen Survivor David Hogg Welcomes the Conspiracy Theories

Trump Tells His Favorite Pastor and His Porn Star Hush-Money Paying Lawyer to Save America’s Cities

A Queer Love Letter to ‘The Bachelor’s’ Spectacle of Straightness

‘Black Panther’: Don’t Be Seduced by Killmonger’s Racial Revolution

Trevor Noah: Parkland Students Know More Than Fox News About Guns

Stephen Colbert’s Emotional Message to Parkland Shooting Survivors

Newsweek Staffers Threaten to Resign, Claiming Company Tried to Silence Investigation of Owners

If You’re Disillusioned in D.C., Head to Chili’s: Review of ‘Kings’ at the Public Theater

This Is How CUJO Can Secure Everything On Your Home Network

Fox News Mainstreams Conspiracy Theory About Parkland Students

Get Unlimited Access To Thousands of Online Courses for $89

These SHEEX Products Use Science To Help You Sleep Better

Democrat Linda Belcher Takes Deep-Red Kentucky Seat, the 37th Flip Since Trump’s Inauguration

Parkland Teen Killed Saving Lives Gets Funeral Fit for Army Hero

Blac Chyna’s Appallingly Cruel Revenge-Porn Ridicule

Florida’s Teen Survivors Refuse to Stay Silent: ‘We Are the Change’

From Gold Rush to Cocktail Boom

The Queen and Anna Wintour Star in Fashion’s Best Ever Front Row

‘Black Panther’ Just Sent a $242 Million Message to Hollywood. Will It Finally Listen?

Vladimir Putin-Tied Company Given Veto Power Over Sputnik Radio Guests

5 Great Bluetooth Headphones Under $50

Trump Says Gropers Don’t Do It in Public. His Own Accusers Say ‘Check the Footage.’

What’s Inside Trump’s Secret War Powers Memo?

If You Know Anyone Running For Office, These Items Will Be Essential

Donald Trump Jr. Likes India’s Poor Because They ‘Smile’

Why It’s Important to Form Productivity Habits That Work For You

U.S. Army Awards Medal of Heroism to Slain Parkland Students

What Even Are Foam-Rollers, And Should You Buy One?

Millennial News Site’s Staffers Set to Unionize

The Favorite Wine Books of Top Sommeliers

Is the Working Families Party Paying a Living Wage Itself?

What Does Consent Mean When One of You Is a Robot?

While Trump Fumbles Around on the Opioid Crisis, 175 Die Every Day

The Former NFL Player Trying to Become the Ken Burns of GIFs

In Iraq, Hezbollah’s Got U.S. Tanks, and Washington Wants Them Back

‘Annihilation’ and Hollywood’s Erasure of Asians

Kim Petras, Transgender Pop Star, on Working With Dr. Luke

In Parkland, the Kids Are Already Changing Things on Guns

Banning Bots, Punishing Troll Farmers, and Hardening Voting Machines: Here’s How to Stop Russia From Wrecking Election 2018

James Ivory on Sex With Peaches, Oscars, Fighting Harvey Weinstein, and 50 Years of Moviemaking

Don Jr. Advises President Trump After School Shooting: Don’t Go Wobbly on Guns

Kobe Bryant, Accused Rapist, Will Probably Win an Oscar

The ‘Liberal’ Hollywood Celebs Shaming Porn Stars in the Wake of Stormy Daniels-Trump

Alleged Trump-Assange Backchannel: ‘There Was No Backchannel’

If Ever There Was a Campaign Just Waiting to Be Manipulated, It Was Trump’s

Blac Chyna Targeted in Revenge Porn Leak: ‘It’s a Criminal Matter’

America Just Got a Lot Closer to Seeing a Speaker Nancy Pelosi

These Headphones Use Planar Magnetic Technology For Better Audio

Mike Pence Fires Back at Joy Behar for Calling His Faith a ‘Mental Illness’

It’s Clear: Donald Trump Welcomes Russia’s Subversion of Our Democracy

The Mom Who Let Cruz Stay Confronted Him, Wanted to Strangle Him, After School Attack

Soviet-Era Spy Claims Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Was Paid Communist Informer

We Have a President Who Won’t Defend Our Nation

These Wireless Earbuds Feature A 30-Hour Battery Life

John Oliver Praises Parkland Shooting Survivors for Taking on the Gun Lobby

Andrea Bocelli on His Improbable Journey, the Trump Inauguration, and That Ed Sheeran Duet

Columbine Survivors Are Parents Now and Scared for Their Own Children

Going 10 Rounds with Sommelier Philippe Sauriat

France’s ‘Muslim Rose McGowan’ and the Jailing of Tariq Ramadan

Throwing Custard Pies Looks Like Fun. It’s Also Art.

Nothing But Respect for My President: Android Abe Lincoln

How ‘America First’ Senator Arthur Vandenberg Became a Globalist Hero

If You’re Gene Doping, Are Your Talents ‘Natural’?

One Woman’s Clumsy Attempt to Seduce an ISIS Jihadist Online

What ‘Black Panther’ Means to Black Boys and Girls

The Biggest Fix in Olympics History

From Disruption to Dystopia: Silicon Valley Envisions the City of the Future

Learn To Take And Edit Better Photos With Your Phone Or DSLR

After Mueller’s Indictments, an Interview With a Mole Who Was Inside Russia’s Pro-Trump Troll Factory

‘This Is Who the American People Elected’: White House Grapples with Un-Presidential Trump After School Shooting

Schiff: Obama’s Russia Response Was Insufficient, But ‘Inexplicable’ for Trump Not to Impose Sanctions

Try These Board Games Featuring Corrupt Governments and Monocle-Wearing Dogs

Why Bitcoin Is Still Worth Investing In

Mixing Up the Paris of the 1920s

Willa Cather Nailed the Immigrant Ideal We Should Cherish

She Wrote a Novel About Nuclear Terror—Could It Come True?

Trump's Infrastructure Plan Is Bigly Biased Against Cities

Robotic Gunner Screened Human Soldiers in U.S. Army War Game

The Revealing Ghosts of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

Meet Abigail Brady, The Trans Techie Who Has Already Won an Academy Award

The Rumors About Prince Harry’s Paternity That Never Die

Frankenstein: One of Humanity’s Oldest Monsters

The Revolutionary Drummer Boy Turned Haitian King

Nigerian Women Bobsledders: The ‘S***hole’ Olympians Warming Hearts in South Korea

What Happens to Those Who Survive School Shootings?

The 15 Hottest Olympic Hunks: Introducing All Our New Husbands

The Mexican Cartels Are Becoming a Hemispheric Threat—With Trump’s Help

The Sexual-Abuse Controversy Hanging Over the Berlin Film Festival

After ‘Black Panther,’ Now Is the Time for a Storm Movie

Bobsled 2018 Olympics: Full Schedule and How to Watch

The Origin Story of the Giant Trump Chicken That Descended on Alcatraz

Laura Ingraham Doubles Down on LeBron James Attack

To Join the Tech Revolution, Cities Need a New Operating System

Miracles on Ice: Nathan Chen & Adam Rippon Miss the Podium, But Make Olympic History

A President’s Day Without a Real President

Russian Troll Factory Alum Selling Social Media Mobs for $299 a Month

Amber Rose Calls Out Kanye Protege Ian Connor: ‘He’s Actually Raping Women’

Bill Maher Goes Off on Trump Over Mueller Indictment: ‘He’s Plainly a Traitor’

The Indie Rocker Accused of Sexually Abusing Young Fans

Before the Massacre at the School Named In Her Honor, Marjory Stoneman Douglas Was There When the Brady Bill Was Signed

OMG I Want This House: Rancho Mirage, CA

If He Wanted to, Trump Could Actually Solve the Gun Problem

Joel McHale: A ‘Late-Night’ Host Who Doesn’t Want to Talk About Trump

The Gay Bar Is Dying. Long Live the Queer Café

Theodore Roosevelt Hated His Presidential Portrait So Much He Burnt It

Harvey Weinstein Embodied the Satyr but Will He Be the Last?

Remembering New York’s Famous Sloppy Louie’s

When Postcards Provided the Perfect Format for Propaganda

America’s Iconic Log Cabin Has a Dark and Dirty Side Too

When White Segregationist Women Hated on Eleanor Roosevelt

Why Some Men Go Nuts After Their Wives Give Birth

How the Inuit and Sir John Franklin's Lost Crew Could Unriddle Arctic Warming

This Pocket PC Could Replace Your Desktop

Fitness Products Under $25 To Sweat Off Cabin Fever This Winter, Or Anytime

Parkland Students to President Trump: Stay ‘Far Away’ From Us

Fox News Hosts, Conservative Media Use Russia Charges to Bash FBI

Parkland Teacher Opposed to Gun Control Has Change of Heart

This Ergonomic Umbrella Is a Smarter Way to Stay Dry

Mueller Indicts Trump’s Claim That Russian Interference Is ‘Fake News’

These Are The 5 Microsoft Skills Data Analysts Need To Know

The Starbucks in Parkland, Florida Has Become a Grief Center

Suddenly Putin’s Worried About Online Attacks in the Run-Up to His Own Presidential Election

FBI Admits It Failed to Investigate Tip About School Shooter

Joe Scarborough: Trump’s Inaction on Guns Proves He’s an ‘Impotent,’ ‘Small’ ‘Coward’

Mueller Has Interviewed Mark Corallo, Trump Legal Team’s Former Spokesman

GOP Congresswoman on Rob Porter: ‘They’re Not Crimes of Character’

The Three Words Trump Won’t Say: Guns, White, and Supremacist

Blockbuster Exposé Claims to Show How Donald Trump Kept His Affairs Secret

This Portable Wardrobe Organizer Makes Packing Easy

Jeffrey Tambor Claims 'False Accusations' Got Him Fired

The Case for Making Gumbo

Citizenship Question Would Convert Census Into a GOP Voter Suppression Tool

Putin Sends His Man to Dagestan to Try to Tame a Hotbed of Corruption and Jihadists

Do We Still Feel American Carnage?

Accomplice of Bomb-Making Teacher Warned ‘The Small Ones Will Know Terror,’ NYPD Says

The NRA Is Being Sued Over Its Relentless Telemarketing Campaigns

Figure Skater Brains Are Literally Wired Differently

Trump Uses 2002 Law Authorizing War Against Saddam to Justify Detaining an American in 2018

One Nation Under a Gun: Mass Shootings in 40% of House Districts in 2017

How ‘Black Panther’ Director Ryan Coogler Created an Ode to Black Culture for the Ages

Jimmy Kimmel Delivers Emotional Plea to Trump on Guns: ‘Children Are Being Murdered’

President Trump’s New Record: The Longest Time Without a Formal Press Conference in Half a Century

Jordan Klepper Calls Out NRA Silence After Florida Shooting: ‘How Do You Sleep at Night?’

Axe Falls on Staffers at Vanity Fair and Glamour

Wolf Blitzer Grills FL Gov. Scott: How Can Teenage Shooter Buy AR-15 but Not Beer?

Senate Rebuffs Trump but Flubs Solving Immigration Dilemma

‘Isle of Dogs’: Wes Anderson’s Japanophile Delight Packs Anti-Authoritarian Bite

Florida Victim’s Mom Gives Tearful Plea on CNN: ‘Action! We Need It Now!’

What Makes a Hero Like Aaron Feis Is a Brain Mystery

I Survived a School Shooting Only to Have Congress Fail Me and Other Victims

Here’s Why American Teenagers Can Buy AR-15s

Lithuanian Prime Minister Wants Same-Sex Partnerships Law

This Florida Teacher Hid 65 People During a Massacre

Florida’s Gun Law Sickness

Megyn Kelly’s Deeply Pessimistic Monologue About America’s Gun Epidemic

White Supremacists Claim Nikolas Cruz Trained With Them; Students Say He Wore Trump Hat in School

Devin Nunes Wins, Sorta: Spy Center Now on Hold

Trump Talked for 7 Minutes About the Florida School Shooting. He Didn’t Even Say the Word ‘Gun.’

Bode Miller: Getting Married Cost Olympic Skiing Champion Her Medal Chance

Parkland Shooting Victims Included a ‘Hero Coach’ and ‘Kind-Hearted’ Teen

Shaun White’s Accuser Hits Back: Sexual-Harassment Suit Isn’t Gossip

This Self-Cleaning Fish Tank Will Actually Save You Money

Get Your South Beach Wine & Food Festival Tickets Now

Going to the Top of the World for Whisky

The Blurring of Olympics and Paralympics

Is Japan About to Hit Its Nuclear Tipping Point?

Why Olympians Should Avoid Morning Sex

Senate’s Russia Investigators Question Kerry’s Aides

Texas’ Anti-Islam, Anti-Vaccine, Born-Again Christian Candidate Is a Democrat

Florida Shooter Made Sick Use of School’s Active-Shooter Drill

‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Tries to Redeem Serial Abuser Katt Williams

The First Marvel Movie Superhero Was Black

Coach Aaron Feis, a Shoulder to Lean on, Laid Down His Life for His Florida School Students

Geraldo Blindsides Hannity with Gun Control Rant: ‘This Is a National Emergency!’

Anthony Scaramucci and the Trump B-Team Plot ‘Revenge’ With John Kelly Faltering

Marc Jacobs Hit by Animal Cruelty Protest at Final Show of NYFW

Conservatives to Paul Ryan: Do What We Say on Immigration or You’re Out

An Emotional Shep Smith Lists Every Fatal School Shooting Since Columbine

Florida School Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz Was ‘Creepy and Weird,’ Survivors Say

Students’ Videos Capture Shooting Horror Inside Florida High School

Taylor Swift’s Lyrics Are Too Lame to Copyright, Judge Hilariously Rules

Soldier Arrested in Cold-Case Rape of Teen Who Was Left for Dead

Learn How To Take Better Photos With This Course

Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson Have Yet to Say the Words ‘Rob Porter’

Netflix’s ‘Everything Sucks!’ Is ‘Freaks and Geeks’ for ‘90s Kids

Netanyahu Is Using Trump's Tactics to Try to Survive His Corruption and Bribery Scandal

Elizabeth Warren Finally Addresses Native-American Heritage, Rips Trump for ‘Pocahontas’ Jabs

After All These Years, a Valentine’s Day for Myself

Police Commander Shot Dead in Downtown Chicago in Broad Daylight

Gold Medalist Shaun White Confronted Over Groping Allegations

Earn Passive Income by Starting a Side Hustle

Pharma Company Says Its Shot Can Keep People Out of Prison

Meek Mill Was Jailed on the Word of a Cop Who is On a List of Suspect Officers

Why Heartbreak Hurts—and How to Fix It

Is the Secret to Campari Red an Insect?

Burma Welcomes Genocide Deniers to Rohingyas’ Home

The Facebook Hackers Gaming Its Video Algorithm

A Mom’s Valentine’s Day Message to Her Son, and LGBTQ Kids Everywhere

John Kelly Should Stay—After All, Who the Heck Would Take That Job?

Someone Is Sending Amazon Sex Toys to Strangers. Amazon Has No Idea How to Stop It.

How John Oliver Will Tackle Trump’s ‘Firehose of Bullshit’ on ‘Last Week Tonight’

Chris Rock Opens Up About Infidelity in New Netflix Special: ‘I Was Not a Good Husband’

Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Omarosa Is Making Up White House Drama

‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ Is the Winter Olympics of Hooking Up

Adam Rippon Needs to Host ‘SNL’ Immediately

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Gunman Tried to Kill YouTube Stars While They Hid in Closet

Democratic Pollster Finds Trump Is Getting More Popular, Urges Focus on Economy

Inside Olympian Shaun White’s Disturbing Sexual-Harassment Case

Israeli Police Recommend Benjamin Netanyahu Be Indicted for Corruption

FBI: We Told White House About Rob Porter Three Times Before He Resigned

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Did The U.S. Really Wipe Out 200 Russian Mercenaries?

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Perfect Your Writing Across All Your Devices

The Silicon Valley Giant Bankrolling Devin Nunes

Friend of Ohio Cop-Killer Bought Him a Gun for $100, Feds Say

White House Insists Trump Cares for Rob Porter’s Victims Even Though He Won’t Say It

Michelle Obama’s Portrait Isn’t a Photograph. Get Over It

Ben Shapiro’s Website Eyes Buying Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze

To Be Finally Freed From the Clutches of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

John Oliver Opens Up About Confronting Dustin Hoffman: ‘I Was Surprised That He Showed Up’

‘Fox & Friends’: Why Won’t Trump ‘Publicly’ Condemn Rob Porter?

Man Wearing ‘F*ck Trump’ T-Shirt Kicked Out of Texas Restaurant

Megyn Kelly, NBC’s $23 Million Woman, Tells Star Actresses How to Negotiate Better

The Sex Worker and Putin’s Shady Billionaire Buddy Who Could Hold Keys to the Russia Investigation

Weinstein Forced Staff to Corner Starlets, Schedule Sex, Inject Erection Drugs, New York Attorney General Claims

Marlon Brando’s Son Denies Richard Pryor Sex Story

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake

Round One: Pence Hands Victory to N. Korea’s Kim Yo Jong at Olympics

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How to Save the Country From Trump: A Free-Market Welfare State

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Donald Trump’s Inaugural Committee Still Won’t Say What It’s Doing With Its Leftover Money

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Skeleton 2018 Olympics: Full Schedule and How to Watch

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Meet Myriam Chalek, the Woman Who Made a Fashion Show Out of #MeToo

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Brutal Stories and Pig-Men In Handcuffs At The #MeToo Fashion Event

Unhinged Trump Seems to Rail Against Rob Porter’s Ex-Wives: ‘Is There No Due Process?’

Bill Maher Warns #MeToo Movement Creating ‘Police State’ for Sex

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Ice Hockey 2018 Olympics: Full Schedule and How to Watch

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I Don’t Love What Rand Paul Stands For, But at Least He Stands for Something

In Private, Donald Trump Voices Doubt About Rob Porter’s Accusers

Newsweek Editors Blast Exec to His Face: ‘What You're Doing Is Bulls**t. You Don't Understand Journalism.’

The Trump White House Is Making a Mockery of the Security Clearance Process

CNN’s Dana Bash Rips Trump Over Rob Porter: Didn’t Say ‘One Word, One Syllable’ About Women

Olympian Ariana Kukors Claims Swim Coach Called Sex a ‘Gift’ for Her 18th Birthday

Historic Trans-Activist Drops Her California Campaign Bid

High-School Coach ‘Ignored’ Boy’s Screams as Teammates Raped Him, Lawsuit Claims

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Clint Eastwood’s ‘The 15:17 to Paris’ Is More Mind-Numbing Than His Empty Chair Speech

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Fox News Hypes ‘Questionable’ Texts From Mark Warner That Republicans Read Months Ago

Nancy Pelosi’s Tight Grip on the House Democratic Caucus Comes Loose

Stephen Colbert Isn’t Buying Omarosa’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Freakout

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah ‘Disgusted’ by White House Ignoring Rob Porter Abuse

Rob Porter’s Ex-Wife Warns Hope Hicks: He’ll Abuse You Next

Republicans Won’t Say if Spying on Carter Page Was Wrong

Trump White House Fingered Corey Lewandowski in Rob Porter ‘Smear Campaign’

George Clooney Welcomes Letterman Into His New Life as an Old Dad and Refugee Advocate

‘We Are Not Testing a Dislike Button,’ Facebook Says to Questions About the Dislike Button It Is Testing

How to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

So Far, New York Fashion Week Provides Escape, Not Politics

White House Refuses to Say What John Kelly Knew About Rob Porter Wife-Beating Story

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Must Come Out of Hiding, Judge Rules. Lawyer Claims He Lives in Cambodia Now.

GOP Congressional Candidate Antonio Sabato Jr. Still Thinks Obama Is Muslim

New Analysis Finds More Republicans at Risk in Midterms; Dems Expand Target List to 101

‘It’s Bad’: Omarosa Cries Through Description of Trump White House on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Groping GOP Lawmaker Hangs On Despite Fellow Republicans Telling Him to Resign

Luge 2018 Olympics: Full Schedule, How to Watch

Freestyle Skiing 2018 Olympics: Full Schedule, How to Watch

George W. Bush: Russia Definitely Meddled in the 2016 Election

Team USA World Champ Ariana Kukors: U.S. Swim Coach Sexually Abused Me

This Productivity App Curates Music to Improve Focus by 400%

To Win Respect from LGBT Olympians, Pence Must Condemn Conversion Therapy

Stephanie Izard’s Cooking Rules

How the Non-Binary Revolution Hit the West Coast

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Meet the Man Who Could Be America’s First Muslim Governor

Looks Like Trump’s Reined in Kelly, Not the Other Way Around

When Michael Bay Degraded Megan Fox—Then Tried to Sabotage Her Career

Murder Meets #MeToo in France

Kate Upton Details Harassment by Paul Marciano of Guess: He ‘Forcibly Grabbed My Breasts’

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Bald Spot Reveal: ‘Now the Red Hats Make Sense’

Fox News Primetime Completely Ignores Resignation of Rob Porter, the Trump Aide Accused of Abuse

Omarosa’s Desperate Bid for Relevance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

At NYFW, Raf Simons and Greta Constantine Know How to Party

John Oliver and Stephen Colbert Beg Trump to Speak to Robert Mueller

ICE Wants to Be an Intelligence Agency Under Trump

Nancy Pelosi Talks and Talks—but Some Dems See DREAMer Hopes Fading

Colbert Mocks Trump’s Military Parade: ‘A Thrilling Display of Authoritarian Power’

Oprah to Lin-Manuel Miranda: I’m Not Running for President!

Rob Porter Shows That in Trumpworld, Nothing Is More Convincing Than a Man’s Denial

Police Confirm Logan Paul Really Did Citizen’s Arrest an Intruder. Here’s Who He Collared.

Trump White House Tried, and Failed, to Keep Aide Rob Porter After Accusations of Wife-Beating Surfaced

Another Larry Nassar? Missouri Gymnastics Coach Accused of Molesting at Least Six Girls

Democrat Says Someone Is ‘Stalking’ His Fiancée; GOP Rival Denies Involvement

Curling 2018 Olympics: Full Schedule, How to Watch

Ski Jumping 2018 Olympics: Full Schedule, How to Watch

Trump Tweets About Fox News ‘FBI Bombshell’ During Scheduled Intel Briefing

Trump Suddenly Doesn’t Want Credit for Economy, Blames Media for Stock-Market Drop

2018 Olympics Figure Skating: Full Schedule, How to Watch

Alpine Skiing 2018 Olympics: Full Schedule, How to Watch

Groping Lawmaker Said He ‘Didn’t Want to Stop Touching’ Women, Investigator Reports

Kim Jong Un’s Little Sister Steals Pence’s Thunder and Trumps Trump, at Least in Seoul

Matt Lauer’s Wife Ditches Wedding Ring on Amsterdam Break

DNA Tests on an Ancient Skeleton Reveal the First Briton Was Black, Not White

Going 10 Rounds with Sommelier Ryan Bailey

How Gene Doping Will Change Sports

So, the Stock Market: Good News or Bad News? Actually, It’s Neither

RoboCop Is Real: City Wants Drones to Respond to Gunfire

It’s Not Just Tarantino: Hollywood’s History of Defending Child Rapist Roman Polanski

Border Agents Make Amtrak Riders Prove They’re Citizens

A Few Not So Good Men: Marine Pilots, a Massacre, Immunity

RuPaul Loves ‘Drag Kid’ Desmond. You Will Too. Fiercely.

Cash for Coalition Against Trump Going Into Consultants’ Pockets Instead

Russian Who Fixed the Winter Olympics Had a Link to Trump

‘Queer Eye’ for the Woke Guy: Netflix’s Reboot Struggles to Be Fabulous

Stephen Colbert Trolls Draft-Dodging Trump With ‘Cadet Bonespurs’ TV Ad

Trevor Noah Exposes Donald Trump’s Insidious ‘Jokes’ for What They Really Are

The Kinky French Film That Puts ‘Fifty Shades’ to Shame

Stephen Colbert Unloads on Donald Trump Jr. for Defending His Dad’s ‘Racism’

The 2018 Full Winter Olympics Schedule

Democrat Flips Deep-Red House Seat in Missouri

Eve Ensler’s New Monologue Is About Vaginas, and Much More

Con Artist Accused of Murder Says It Was Sex Game Gone Wrong

Trump Swore He’d Stop the Opioid Crisis. His Administration Is Barely Trying.

Uber Wants to Prevent Jury From Seeing Gordon Gekko’s ‘Greed Is Good’ Monologue from ‘Wall Street’

John Kelly Suggests Some Dreamers Might Be ‘Too Lazy to Get Off Their Asses’

Pennsylvania’s Baby Trump Wants to Impeach Judges He Doesn’t Like

Nunes Refused to Tell House Intel What’s Next for His DOJ-FBI Probe

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’: A Dazzling, Superpowered Love Letter to Black People

The Immigration Standoff Between Trump and Schumer Is Likely to End in a ‘Fail Safe’ Punt

No, Donald Trump Should Definitely Not Volunteer to Testify

The Jurors in El Chapo Trial Will Stay Anonymous After California Gang Threats

Lovebirds Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Unwittingly Re-enact the SNL Parody of Them

Harry Defies Palace to Invite Fergie to Wedding Party

Sheila E. Apologizes for Stoking ‘Anxiety and Division’ Over Prince Hologram

Adam Graves’ Three Favorite Things to Eat in Madison Square Garden

86% of Teens Have These Toxic Chemicals in Their Bodies

‘I Don’t Go Out During the Day’: Inside Senegal’s LGBT Crackdown

Why Some Marines Fear Afghan Allies More Than the Taliban

The ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Is How Fascists Discredit Democracy

This Twitch Streamer Is Avenging His Grandmother by Prank Calling Scam Artists

Donald Trump Cracks the Seal on Talk of Treason

Inside the London Café Accused of Glorifying ‘Racist’ Winston Churchill

Quentin Tarantino’s History of Disturbing Behavior Toward His Actresses

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Serves Fox News’ Sean Hannity a Plate of Horse Poop

The ‘Woke’ GOP Learns to Loathe the FBI

Stephen Colbert Goes Off on Paul Ryan: ‘I Would Like to Kick Him in the Ding Dongs’

Nunes Tells Hannity: Clinton Collaborated With Russia to Frame Trump

How New York Fashion Week Put Men First

Martin McDonagh’s ‘Hangmen’ Is the Best New Play in New York City

Your Move, Trump: House Intel OKs Release of Dems’ Memo

Alt-Right Trump Fanboys: Dow Drop Is a ‘False Flag’

Why ‘Lady Doritos’ Are Sexist, Scientific Nonsense

Newsweek Guts Its Top Edit Staff Amid Legal Turmoil

In Italian Elections, Berlusconi Takes a Cue From Trump, Bets Big on Bigotry

Sheriff Clarke Headlines GOP Event With Body-Slamming Rep. Gianforte

‘The Cloverfield Paradox’: Netflix’s Super Bowl Surprise Is Overhyped Garbage

Britain Claps Back at Trump: Our Health System Is Better Than Yours

Eagles Fans Celebrate Super Bowl Victory by Attempting to Destroy the City They Love

Why Coke’s Non-Binary Super Bowl Moment Mattered

Sarah Ferguson Will Be at Harry’s Wedding, Report Says

Robert Wagner Allegedly ‘Drank Whisky’ for an Hour After Natalie Wood’s Vanishing

The Myth of the St. Bernard & the Brandy Barrel

The Next Big Battle Over Trumpism Happens in Pennsylvania Next Month

Feds Gave Nuclear Weapons Contractor ‘Cost Savings’ Bonuses After Going Over Budget

For People Who Hate Loud Noises, There’s a New Therapy

Can the Best Magazine in Texas Be Saved?

Inside the Biracial Advertising Boom

The Frightening Far-Right Militia That’s Marching in Ukraine’s Streets, Promising to Bring ‘Order’

‘Deep State’ Fantasy Is Just as Dangerous as the ‘Fake News’ Myth

She Was Assaulted by the Head of the National Archives. Then the Bush White House Helped Cover It Up.

Beyoncé’s Dad and Quincy Jones Highlight America’s Colorism Problem

Netflix’s New Horror Film ‘The Ritual’ Will Scare You Senseless

Jimmy Fallon Calls Out Trump as Bob Dylan: ‘You Have the Power But We Have the Vote’

‘This Is Us’ Finally Gave Us Jack Pearson Death Porn. It Was Pretty Disappointing.

Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Was a Total Disaster

The Best Celebrity Super Bowl Instagrams of 2018

Sovereign Citizen Convicted After Giving Advice on Plundering Federal Reserve

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Hannity Deserves ‘Credit’ for Memo Release

Rep. Trey Gowdy: Steele Memo Critical to Surveillance Warrant of Carter Page

Is Pope Francis Selling Out the Chinese Underground Church to Its Government?

The Kansas City Chiefs Founder Who Named the Super Bowl After His Kid’s Toy

Super Bowl 2018: How to Watch, Live Stream

Learn These Essential Skills To Launch A Successful Startup

SNL’s Hillary Clinton and Jackie O Advise Melania Trump on Cheating Husbands

Natalie Portman Defends ‘Star Wars’ Prequels in Curse-Happy SNL Rap

SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Gushes Over the Nunes Memo on ‘Fox & Friends’

The Trials of Simone Biles: ‘I’m Still Stuck in My Thoughts All the Time’

Jerry Rice’s Super Bowl Party Game Plan

How Meghan and Harry Stole Kate and William’s Crown

This Engineer Wanted You to Drive Into the Sky Above Paris

Helen Mirren Turned My Ancestor’s Life Into a Ghost Story

Football, Teddy Roosevelt, and the Dawn of the American Empire

On Super Bowl Sunday, Why Will New York City’s Political Leaders Be Rooting for the Patriots?

Mount Everest Is a Sh*tty Therapist

OMG, I Want This House: Yvelines, France (Photos)

The Italian Mob Is Peddling Pills to ISIS

Why Tom Brady’s New England Patriots Are the Most Tainted Sports Dynasty Ever

In a Pretty Little Hilltop Town in Italy, a Gruesome Murder and a Right Wing Shooter Gunning Down Refugees

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Anthony Scaramucci Embarrassed by Bill Maher and Co. on ‘Real Time’

Watch This Glorious Underdog Movie to Prep for the Olympics

The Agony and Ecstasy of Dennis Edwards, Temptations Lead Singer and Soul Legend

Tom Brady’s Dangerous Alt-Science Blitz

Italy’s Villages Are Dying. Who’s Saving Them? Sometimes People Who Buy Houses for €1. Sometimes Refugees.

Confessing Affair, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Writes New Female Sex Scandal Playbook

To These Minneapolis Immigrants, the Super Bowl Is America—Not President Trump

Rival YouTubers Are About to Fistfight in an Olympic Arena IRL

Five Eyes Wide Shut: Australia Sold Years of Secret Documents in an Old Piece of Furniture

Why Are So Many Female Porn Stars Turning Up Dead?

How a Doubletalking Trump Has Tarnished Immigration’s Golden Door

Why Isn't Jay Gatsby Ever Called the 'Crazy Ex-Boyfriend'?

U.S. Combat Advisers in Vietnam Knew the Score and Got Ignored

Single or Not, Buy Yourself a Valentine’s Day Present

Dr. Dave’s Field Guide to Bad Cocktails

Nunes Memo Does Russia’s Work of Eroding Trust in American Justice

FBI Director’s Message to Agents Under Siege: ‘I Wish Every American Could See What I See’

A Farewell to Liz Smith, the Queen of Gossip… With Some Pretty Good Gossip

Trans Activist Who Confronted Rose McGowan Would Do It Again, 'But Better'

Trump’s White House Goes Weirdly Silent on the Nunes Memo

The Nunes Memo Lands With a Dud

Here’s How All the Key Players Reacted to the Nunes Memo

Sources: Devin Nunes Memo Is ‘100%’ Wrong About Andrew McCabe and Steele Dossier

The Week in 7 Insane Photos: February 2, 2018

Trump Wages War on FBI, Justice Department With Release of Nunes Memo

Steve Wynn: Donald Trump ‘Almost Died’ Over ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

Snowden Bashes Nunes: I Was More Careful With Gov’t Secrets Than You Are

The ‘Nunes Memo’ Ripping the Justice Department Was Written by Former Justice Department Lawyer

Victims’ Father Lunges at Sex Abuser Larry Nassar in Michigan Courtroom

For Quiksilver’s CEO, Lost at Sea, the Search Has Ended—But Hope Endures

The Shaming of Stormy Daniels

Discover Why Project Management Is One Of The Fastest Growing Careers Today

Step Up Your Super Bowl Snacks

Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man of the Woods’ Is an Incredibly Shallow Vanity Project

This Arrow Poison May Make Male Birth Control a Reality

How Climate Change Has Ruined Groundhog Day

Where on Earth Is the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea? Trump Has Tanked His Own Too-Rational Candidate.

The #MeToo Show Coming to New York Fashion Week

Not Even Trump Can Give Ivanka’s Paid-Leave Plan Life

The New Dating Requirement: Consuming All of Your Partner’s #Content

Why Didn’t Cops Catch Toronto’s Gay Village Serial Killer Suspect Sooner?

California to Drug Users: We’ll Pay for You to Test Your Dope

Joanne Lipman Wants Men to Join the ‘Me Too’ Movement

‘Still/Born’: A Missed Opportunity for Horror’s Next ‘Babadook’

‘2 Dope Queens’ Roast ‘DILF’ Jon Stewart in HBO Premiere

‘The Good Place’ Season 2 Finale: Welcome to One of the Best TV Comedies Ever

Stephen Colbert Can’t Deal With Trump’s Bizarre ‘Need to Lie’ About SOTU Ratings

Finesse Mitchell on Life After ‘SNL’ and Making Comedy With Trump: ‘I Wasn’t Smiling Anymore’

Seth Meyers Tears Apart ‘Elaborate Fantasy’ of GOP Memo

The Passionate Dance of Diaghilev and Nijinsky: Review of ‘Fire and Air’

Sean Hannity Has Been Advising Donald Trump on the Nunes Memo, Because of Course He Has

Inside the Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

David Byrne Fires Back at ‘Racist’ Trump with ‘Beautiful Shitholes’ Playlist

Mike Pence Swung at Joe Manchin, and Joe Manchin Hit Back Harder

FBI Director Must Be Prepared to Resign Over Nunes Memo, Ex-Agents Warn

After Kate Upton’s Allegations, New Sex Claims Against Guess’ Paul Marciano Surface

Trump Falsely Boasts His State of the Union TV Ratings Were ‘Highest’ in ‘History’

Mika Brzezinski Kicks Michael Wolff Off Set for Pushing Trump Affair Rumor

Earn Industry-Level Certifications In Adobe Creative Cloud

Kate Middleton’s Scandinavian Fashion Disasters

Kate Upton Accuses Guess Jeans’ Paul Marciano of Sexual Harassment

Super Brunch for Super Bowl Sunday: Green Bean and Egg Tacos

The GOP’s Sad Stockholm Syndrome

Loophole Could Let Enemies Track Pentagon’s Stealth Fighter

How Astronomers Could Discover Oceans on Distant Planets

America’s Coastlines Are Turning Into ‘Dead Zones’

Are We Ready for the Next Ebola Outbreak?

Trump’s Mainstreaming of ‘Chain Migration’: A White Supremacist’s Dream

Jail Guard Impregnated Lesbian Inmate. She Says It Was Rape.

The Teen Taking Back Practical Jokes From YouTube’s Bros

Pro-Trump PAC That Duped Donors in 2016 Is Looking to Cash In Again

‘Grassroots’ Media Startup Redfish Is Supported by the Kremlin

Justin Timberlake’s Glaring Time’s Up Hypocrisy

Rose McGowan Blows Stephen Colbert’s Mind: ‘They’ll Make Me Seem Crazy’

‘The Daily Show’ Mocks Fox News’ Fawning Reviews of Trump’s SOTU

Sam Bee Savages Donald Trump’s State of the Union Ode to ‘White People’

Stephen Colbert Is Seriously Worried About Melania Trump’s Marriage