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Why America Still Hates John Edwards

The Economist Reviews "Patriots"

CNN Flubs John Edwards Trial, Missing Verdict, Misreporting Outcome

Vintage Royal Home Videos Released

The Queen’s Jubilee Takes Some Explaining, so The Daily Beast Walks You Through It

Rebecca Sealfon: The Year I Won the Scripps National Spelling Bee

Mark McKinnon at the George W. Bush Portrait Ceremony

DOMA and the Fair-Weather Federalists

Lucio Fontana's Teatrino at Gagosian is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

John Edwards Verdict: Why Johnny Walked on a Mistrial

Edwards: 'I Did An Awful, Awful Lot That Was Wrong'

Edwards Verdict Shocker

George W. Bush: Big Man on Canvas

Men Rule Media Coverage of Women’s News

Kathie Lee Gifford Insults Martin Short & More Cringe-Worthy Moments (VIDEO)

Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban: Why It Won’t Work

In Egypt, Mubarak Verdict Could Send Message to Assad

Blind Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng Speaks At The Council On Foreign Relations

No, the Two-State Solution Isn't Dead Yet—But You're Asking the Wrong Question

Clarence Thomas and DOMA

Aurora Snow: Inside the L.A. Coliseum Porno

When Is Romney Going to Denounce Trump?

For the Palestinian Authority: The Answer is Always No

What You Need to Know About Unilateralism

Why Unilateralism Won't Work

How Has Obama Dealt With Israel?

Richard Ford Talks About New Novel “Canada”

Better Than Reaching The Mountaintop

Wanted: A More Radical Plan to Reduce Unemployment

An Open Letter to Journalists: President Obama Is A Politician

What Obama Understands About Jews

African Refugees Are Israel's All-American Dilemma

State Rep. Goes Berserk on House Floor

Patriots: The Quicksilber Review

Mitt Romney’s Unruly Surrogates

Some Things Stay the Same

Countdown to Euro Crack-Up

Obama: Who Knew There Were Poles in Chicago?

Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt ‘Sympathetic’ to Murdoch BSkyB Bid

Trump for President! Wait, What?

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Jubilee Events in London

More Anti-Migrant Violence

Ann Wroe’s ‘Orpheus’: Why the Mythological Muse Haunts Us

Push Girls on Sundance: Summer’s Most Surprising Show

Fainting, Confusion, Screams: The 9 Best Spelling Bee Stumpers (VIDEO)

The Right’s ‘Gendercide’ Crusade to Limit Women’s Autonomy

Michael Tomasky on The Audacity of GOP Dopes on Health Care

5 Disruptions Ron Paul Has Caused the Republican Party

Mitt Romney’s Rivals Should Hold Grudges

Charlie Rangel’s Toughest Battle: Trying to Win a Majority Latino District

Terry Eagleton’s Book Bag: 5 Favorite Literary Criticism

The Painting of a Presidency: How Barack Obama Is Using George W. Bush’s Palette

The Death of a Champion: Johnny Tapia’s Vida Loca

Texas Teenager Diane Tran Jailed for Working Hard

What Will Harry and William Wear?

12 Juicy Bits From Michelle Obama’s Garden Book

‘Very Mary Kate’: Mary-Kate Olsen’s Online Impersonator

What’s the Deal With Bath Salts? FAQ on the Designer Drug

Map: Signs of the Zombie Apocalypse?

11 Signs of the Zombie Apocalypse: ‘Miami Zombie’ & More (Photos)

Best Summer Reads 2012

'Game of Thrones' Season 2 Finale: The Daily Beast Live Chat

Fox's Anti-Obama Propaganda

Jimmy Fallon's Glamorous First Job

From Potatoe to Amercia: Politicos Preserve Disorder

Anne Hathaway's New Skill? Singing

We Don't Face Inevitable War

Charles Taylor’s Hague Sentence Sparks War Crimes Debate In Liberia

The Girl Epidemic

Doc Watson, a Legendary Picker, Was Traditional Music’s Best Ambassador

The Butler Did It!

Lucio Fontana's slashes at Gagosian Gallery are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Jubilee Dress Rehearsal

Despite Massacre, Russia Still Backing Assad in Syria

Reminder: Bar Night Tonight!

Michele Bachmann Becomes the First Woman Since 1964 to Win a Republican Delegate

Infiltrated by History

Not Orthodox? Not Good Enough

Shocking, Even for Fox

How Mitt Romney's Wacky Family Helps Him Politically

Lorraine Adams Reviews ‘Our Lady of Alice Bhatti’ by Mohammed Hanif

The High Cost of Hope

50 Years for Charles Taylor

How Fetal Pain is Fueling the Anti-Abortion Crusade

1,000 Promises from Mitt Romney

Biggest Misconception of Reagan's Economics?

Gays Against Polyamory

Humanitarian Intervention Again and Again

The Worst Thing Obama Has Ever Said

The Prime Minister of Poland Explains

It Wasn't a "Gaffe"

Kristen Stewart, Star of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman,’ Isn’t Deserving of Your Scorn

What It Takes to Be President

Trump: My Theory as to Why This May Be Intentional

The Pope’s Butler Silenced in VatiLeaks Investigation

Of Kibbutzim and Settlements

British Supreme Court Orders Extradition of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

Queen’s Head on New £100 Note

William: We Want Kids

Mitt Romney’s Stockholm Syndrome Behavior

Elle Fanning, Beyoncé & More Stars in Sneaker Wedges (Photos)

13 Crazy, Dirty Modern Proverbs

Best Moments From the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Special on ‘20/20’ (VIDEOS)

Michelle Obama’s Media Blitz Through ‘Daily Show,’ ‘The View’ & More

Radioactive Tuna Won’t Kill You—but Should We Be Concerned About Mercury?

The Alain de Botton Interview: How I Write

Taylor Kitsch, Josh Hartnett & More Failed Hollywood ‘Himbos’ (PHOTOS)

Summer’s Ugliest Trend? Sneaker Wedges Should Be Banned!

In Egypt, Security Agencies Still Major Barriers to Change

Turning Spotlight on Mitt Romney Siblings Could Help Humanize GOP Nominee

Ronald Reagan, The Silent Scream and the Slow Rise of Fetal Pain

Mitt Romney Clinches GOP Nomination & More Texas Primary Results

Prince Harry: My Mom 'Would Have Loved Kate'

An Insult to the Living and the Dead

As Temperatures Rise, The Heat Is On To Re-Open San Onofre Nuclear Plant

This Week’s Hot Reads: May 29, 2012

Forget How the West Reacts to Syria. What About Russia?

The Italian Town Devastated by an Earthquake Last Week Is Struck a Second Time

Bob Dylan’s Presidential Medal of Freedom Says Times Really Have Changed

Bhutan Celebrates Third Annual Literary Festival, Mountain Echoes

Did Bath Salts Spark Miami’s Gruesome ‘Zombie’ Attack?

The Movie Redemption of ‘Men in Black 3’ Scribe Etan Cohen

Mitt Romney’s Trump Problem

How to Pop The Higher-Ed Bubble

Those Left Behind

Kate shines at first garden party

How Police Errors Damaged the Etan Patz Investigation

John Edwards Damning Twitter Trail?

Bar Night

The Drone War President

Lucio Fontana Neon at Gagosian is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Romney Attacks Obama Over ‘Public’ Equity Job Slashing

The Confusion of the Jews

Let the Kids Talk

Is Torture Ever Justified?

London Heating Up

Mark Zuckerberg’s Bizarre Chinese Cameo

Pip's Bacon Treats For Wedding Guests

Summer 2012 TV Preview: ‘True Blood,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ More (PHOTOS)

Double Take: Newsweek & NYT on Repeat

In Defense of the Defense of Chris Hayes

Will Fracking Win Ohio for Obama?

Exaggerating the Refugee Problem

Romney Hits Obama on Solyndra

Romney's Campaign Is Smart

2011's Debt Ceiling Debacle

Tina Brown on How Obama Learned to Kill

David's Book Club: David Copperfield

Prince Harry on Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee

The Modest Mountain Climber

GQ's latest contributor: Prince Charles

America’s Highways from Hell 2012, From Los Angeles to New York City

The Donald Trump Insult Quiz: George Will, Cher, Bill Cosby & More

America’s Highways from Hell 2012, From Los Angeles to New York City

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Economic Failure in Massachusetts

John Edwards Trial Watch: A Damning Twitter Trail

Chris Hayes’s Honesty Mistake: Troops Need Citizens Questioning Policy

Google Thinks You’re Stupid—and Works to Keep You in the Dark

Lucio Fontana Copper Piece is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Barney Frank's Not-So-Funny Trayvon Joke

President Obama Remembers the Troops

Biggest Myths About Taxes?

Accused of Taking Pakistani Payola

A Visit to the Other Senate

Blair: 'Nothing Wrong' With Pols and Press

Tony Blair Testifies About Murdoch’s Influence

On Memorial Day, A Soldier Honors the Fallen

Romney’s Safest VP Pick, Portman, Plus 9 Safeties, from Ryan to Rubio

Happy Holidays

Giant Cake Bake to Celebrate Jubilee

Memorial Day by the Numbers

Exclusive: Libya’s Civil Crackdown Worries Democracy Advocates

Harry's ex-Girlfriend's Father Commits Suicide

Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ & More Summer Anthems (Video)

Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood & More Stars Who Served in the Military (PHOTOS)

On Memorial Day, Remembering 15-Year-Old Marine PFC Dan Bullock

Did the Pope’s Butler, Paolo Gabriele, Really Do It?

Ten Years In, Remembering Our Wars

The Wonderful ‘Hemingway & Gellhorn:’ Nicole Kidman, Clive Owen, and the HBO Movie

The Crush for Cronenberg’s Cannes Competition Entry, ‘Cosmopolis’

Rudy Thinks He's Better Than Romney

‘Hell And Back Again’: PBS Airs Documentary On Wounded Marine

Are Fallen Soldiers ‘Heroes’?

Hollywood Flicks Salute the Troops

Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, John McCain & More Sunday Talk (Video)

World's Best Bartender?

Panetta: Romney's Wrong on Afghanistan!

When the Tragedy of Two Marines Killed In a Crash Becomes a Nightmare

Penn State and Catholic Church Child Sex-Abuse Trials Divide Penn. Public

VH1’s Succession Drama on Set of ‘Single Ladies’

Peace Activist Mossarat Qadeem Enlists Mothers to Fight Terrorism in Pakistan

Katie Couric, Wiz Khalifa & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Memories of Memorial Day: Images of Past ‘Decoration Days’ (Photos)

Meghan McCain: Cut It Out, Internet Bullies!

Al Qaeda’s ‘Final Trap’ in Yemen: Costly Demise Planned for U.S.

Last Letters From World War I Literary Heroes (Photos)

“Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” by Ben Fountain: The War Novel of Our Time

‘The Paperboy,’ ‘Austin Powers’ & More Film Pee Scenes (Videos)

Obama and the State Department’s Challenge in Egypt

10 Best Details From Douglas Brinkley’s ‘Cronkite’

Lee Daniels: Cannes Fim Festival’s Mischief Maker

Bill Maher Wonders If Romney Has Multiple Wives

The John Edwards Verdict Waiting Game

PSA Testing, Like a Lot of Other Procedures, May Do More Harm Than Good, Some Doctors Argue

Blood for Sale? Ronald Reagan’s Pagan Cult

Cutest Marriage Proposal Ever?

What's In the Way of World Peace?

Biden Speaks at West Point Graduation

Etan Patz: Painfully Obvious Evidence

Discussing "Patriots" With Mike Konczal on Bloggingheads

Dutch Disease? There are Worse Problems...

Robin Gibb Dissed ‘American Idol’

Mark Zuckerberg’s Opening Bell, Gatsby Returns and More Viral Videos

Jimmy Carter’s Camp David Diplomacy Inspires a Theatrical Work

Obama Has a Mean Streak and He Turned It on Romney This Week

Diablo 3 Is Finally Here and One Player Ponders Its Ability to Take Over His Life

Barney Frank on JPMorgan’s Contradictions, Mitt Romney’s Mistakes

Meme of the Week: 7 Great Variations on Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’

Michael Tomasky on the Media’s Foolish Elizabeth Warren Witch Hunt

Courtney Love, Sharon Stone & More Stars Who Abuse the Help (Photos)

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for May 26, 2012

The Best Cities For Summer Jobs 2012

Vintage Theme Parks

Fallen Idols: Ramin Setoodeh on 'Nightline'

David Maraniss’s Biography Spills on Obama’s Pot-Smoking & More

Lolo Jones, Tim Tebow, Tina Fey & More Famous Virgins

The Race to the White House Tightens

Meghan McCain to GOP: Accept The Donald!

Friday Afternoon Bain Sum Up: Who Won the Week?

Slash: No More Guns N' Roses!

Rules for New Husband Mark Zuckerberg to Live By

Cindy Sherman Student Work is The Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Brooklyn Lee, Porn Star Who Posed With Clinton: He’s ‘Very Sexy’

You Say You Want a Revolution?

What Should the Government Do in a Recession?

Obama, Romney and the Sob Story Campaigns

Pastor Calls For Gays in Concentration Camps

SpaceX’s Dragon: NASA’s Bold New Mission

Chaya Doesn't Speak for Me

Slash Talks Guns N’ Roses’ Future, New Album ‘Apocalyptic Love,’ and More

Life Imitates "Patriots"

Romney's Revealing (semi-Keynesian) Slip


Sweetheart, Get Me Rewrite

Chen’s Brother Likely Returned to Village, Despite Retaliation Danger

Beyond Parody

Silence Revisited

Is 'Men in Black III' As Terrible As the Last One?

Rags to Riches in Mumbai

Will Greece Become a Failed State?

Guangcheng: Suffering Was Beyond Imagination

Turkey, Russia, Iran...and Circassia

Patz Confession: Hold Your Horses

69% Support Monarchy

Queen's Luggage Weighs Four Tons

Queen Victoria's Warts and All Diaries Published

Birds and Bees

American Dreams: 'A Time to Be Born' by Dawn Powell

Jay McInerney Talks Pink Wine, What Hipsters Drink, and More

Asian-Americans Seize Political Spotlight in 2012 Presidential Campaign

New Research Suggests Enhanced Interrogation Not Effective

Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones & More Stars Who Share Roles (Photos)

11 Best U.S. Presidential Campaign Posters of All Time

Mitt Romney’s New BFF: Donald Trump

Joel Kinnaman: ‘The Killing’s’ Scene-Stealer

Sob-Story Campaign Between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Turns on Personal Pain

Rare Cindy Sherman Self Portraits From Austria’s Verbund (Photos)

Northeastern Democrats Jump Ship As Obama Blasts Bain Capital

‘The Intouchables’: Omar Sy on the Movie and His Success

Why the Fringe Sets the Agenda

Iran Asserts Right to Enrichment as Baghdad Six Party Talks End

Police Announce Arrest in Etan Patz 1979 Murder, But Were They Tipped Off 33 Years Ago?

The Leveson Inquiry Brings to Light More Ties Between Murdoch and Cameron Vert Dek: More damaging information emerges on the cozy relationship between Murdoch News Corp. and Cameron’s government, Peter Jukes reports.

Frank Stella at L&M Arts Is The Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Bill Clinton Poses With Porn Stars & More Awkward Photos

Overrated/Underrated: I Do/Don't Believe in Zimmerman

The Man Who Reinvented India

The Road to Nowhere

Selena Gomez Stars in 50 Shades...of Blue

John Edwards Jury Deliberations Stretch into Day Six

Hustler Magazine Sparks Rage With a Rude Image of Pundit S.E. Cupp

Jeremy Hilton: US Military’s First Male Spouse Of The Year

Ranking the Deadliest Mountains: Everest, K2 & More (PHOTOS)

Etan Patz Case: Cops Dismissed Suspect’s Confession Before

The Will Self Book Club: How the Writer Became A God

Neil Armstrong Gives a Rare Interview to Discuss the Apollo Program and the Moon Landing

Phillip Phillips: All About America’s New ‘Idol’

That "Horrible" Health Care Act, and Winning by Whining

Stop Settler Violence

The Biggest Mistake of the Radical Right

How Do You Find Great Restaurants?

Egypt’s Presidential Election Has No Clear Favorite and Is Too Close to Call

Who's Afraid of Caroline Glick?

Facebook's Dilemma: Invade Privacy or Go Bust

VatiLeaks Exposes Internal Memos of the Catholic Church

Will Egypt's Elections Change the Course of History?

Stossel: The Poor Aren't That Poor

Another One Leaves the Movement

The Thing the Democrats Are All Afraid to Say

Sound of Silence

The Secret History of Walter Cronkite

Legislating the Refugee Problem

Republicans Against the Pentagon

Tough on China

Don't Trust China's Economic Reports

11 Juiciest Bits from Penny Junor's 'Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King'

Fist Bumpin’ With Bill O’Reilly

Israel Likes Arabic

Jubilee Transport Woe

Queen Lily Steals the Scene

Queen's Dog's

Courtney Love, John Mayer & More Twitter Overshares (Photos)

Michael Tomasky: Shame on You, Cory Booker and Richard Grenell

‘Men in Black 3,’ ‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ and More Weekend Movies to See or Skip (PHOTOS)

Arizona Birther Renaissance Sparked By Sheriff Arpaio, Secretary of State Bennett

Wall Street, Not Facebook, Bears Most of the Blame for the Company’s IPO Debacle

Obama Releases Pair of Positive New Ads Vying for Support of Seniors, Vets

The Personal Trials of Missing Fox Movie Executive Gavin Smith

‘The Real World’ 20-Year Anniversary

Pakistan Sentences Shakil Afridi to 30 Years, Sends U.S. Clear Signal

Bestselling Book Series of All Time: ‘Narnia’ to ‘50 Shades’ (PHOTOS)

Is Justice Ginsburg Risking the Future of the Supreme Court?

‘Revenge’: The 12 Most Memorable Twists in the Wicked First Season

White House Gives Moviemakers the Scoop on Osama Bin Laden Raid

Kim Kardashian’s Jewelry Line Belle Noel: Accused of Copying Alexis Bittar PHOTOS

7 Things to Know About Facebook’s Investor Scandal

This Week’s Hot Reads: May 23, 2012

Powell: 'No Problem' with Gay Marriage

‘On the Road’ as Filmed by Walter Salles Doesn’t Measure Up to Kerouac’s Original

As Recall Election Approaches, Obama Avoids Wisconsin

What the GOP Women Are Up To

Is North Korea the Only Alternative?

A Rebours at Venus Over Manhattan is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Did Boozy Politicos Really Govern Better?

Again I Shout It: Bain Is a Distraction

Mt. Everest Suffers From Too Many Climbers and Deteriorating Conditions

Opposing the New York Public Library

Inside the National High School Report Card

Stop the Ridiculous SuperPAC Ads

Senate Panel Quizzes Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan on Colombian Prostitutes

Chazza Takes Aim

Did Your Opinion of Violence Change?

Montana vs. the Supreme Court

Who's Racist?

Goodnight Moon, Goodnight America

Egyptian Elections: There Is No Clear Frontrunner in a Crowded Field

Dutch Healthcare Rules Europe

Gatsby’s Return to the Big Screen

GOP to Women: Obama’s Your Guilty Pleasure

The Drunken Sailors Are All Republicans

And the Winner Is…

Harry and Chelsy Spend Weekend Together

US Conservative Jews to Boycott Israeli Hotels

Rankin' Chazza

Party like P-Middy

‘The Queen of Versailles’: Lauren Greenfield’s New Documentary

Baghdad Talks May Yield Progress on Iranian Nuclear Dispute

In Defense of Deadbeat Candidates

Lauren Greenfield's 'Queen of Versailles' Poster and More Photographs

Michael Haneke Film ‘Amour’ Explores Euthanasia and the Purity of Love

Facebook Comes Under Increasing Fire for Its White-Male Board

In Zimbabwe, A Longtime Foe Sees a Different Side Of Robert Mugabe

Court Could Thwart Obama With Clinton Law in Contraception Face-Off With Church Groups

Tar Trap? Charlotte Convention Could Backfire for Obama

Hosni Mubarak Relatives Divided as Egyptians Take Stands on Historic Presidential Election

11 Cool Facts About SpaceX: Dragon, Microsoft, Investments & More

Our Broken Economy

Did Boozy Politicos Really Govern Better?

Ryan Crocker’s Afghanistan: Mission Impossible

Washington D.C. “Mayor-For-Life” Marion Barry’s Most Outrageous Lines

Are PSA Screenings for Prostate Cancer Bad for Your Health

How Priscilla Chan Scored a Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress in Secret

Are Conservatives Too Logical?

How Robert Nozick Turned on Robert Nozick

Studio by John Baldessari is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Don't Tell Anyone But Israel and the Palestinians Have Been Negotiating

The Real World of Reality TV: What Happened to the Fallen 'Idols?'

Crony Capitalism Creeps Into the Defense Budget

Zuckerberg Bombshell: Did Facebook Bankers Quietly Slash Forecasts Before IPO?

Terry Tempest Williams Talks About Her New Book, ‘When Women Were Birds’

State by State, It's Still Obama

Carlin Romano’s Philosophical Book Bag

Rajat Gupta Insider-Trading Trial Kicks Off With Unusual Arguments

How Should the GOP Treat Climate Skeptics?

Who is Mitt Romney?

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes Regrets Sliming New York Times reporters

Live Chat with Francis Fukuyama About Arab Spring and OWS

Queen's Granddaughter Zara to Bear Olympic Torch Tomorrow

Paper Crown Contest

Why 30 Days Is Just Right

Too Few Military Threats?

GOP Prepares Softer Strategy in Obama Attack

Booker, Davis, and Ford

Harry Returning to Afghanistan Soon

The Indentured Generation

Today's Question: Fire John Derbyshire?

Are Books Becoming Too Long to Read?

One Giant Leap for Space Exploration

No Draft, And No Sex

Why Jamie Dimon Apologized for JPMorgan’s $2 Billion Loss

NATO Summit’s Big Loser: Behind Obama’s Snub of Pakistan

Queen Told William to Bin 777-name Wedding Guest List

Obama Talks Afghanistan Loss of Life at NATO Summit But Silent on Chicago Carnage

Hilaria Thomas, Yoga Instructor (and the next Mrs. Alec Baldwin)

What Hulu’s Original Programming Means for TV

Mitt Romney’s Swiss-Cheese Campaign Places Most of His Life Off Limits

The Bogus Breastfeeding Debate Over Nursing Older Kids

George Zimmerman Will Never Be Convicted of Murdering Trayvon Martin

In Honor of John Mayer’s New Album, 11 Things to Know About His Penis

Michael Tomasky on Obama’s Hillary Clinton-Joe Biden Switcheroo

Denmark’s New Nordic Cuisine Beyond NOMA

'The Fresh Prince' Redeems Himself

‘House, M.D.’ Series Finale: Almost Like Saying Goodbye to a Friend

‘American Idol’ Winner Lee DeWyze on His Career

Mount Everest by the Numbers: Deaths, Cost to Climb, and More Mountain Records

Chicago’s Placid NATO Summit Protests

Obama's Bain Remarks in Chicago: "What This Job Is About"

Pippa Middleton and Family to Join Thames Pageant

Meghan McCain to Herman Cain: Your Super PAC Ad Isn't So Super

Anish Kapoor at Gladstone Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

When Peace Seems Impossible: A Response to Hussein Ibish

Fighting for Better Prison Standards

Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu & More Stars Who Attended Top 1,000 High Schools (PHOTOS)

30-Day Sentence For Dharun Ravi in Rutgers Spying Case Is Right

Romney Ad: Even Obama Supporters Sick of Bain Attacks

Jerusalem Day: A Quasi-Holiday based on a Series of Lies

Did Your High School Make the Cut?

Bibi Netanyahu: Lost in Translation

Russia’s Mikhail Kravchenko, Friend of Princess Michael of Kent, Murdered

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan’s Wedding Calculus

Nuclear Commission Gregory Jaczko Calls it Quits

More Drunks, Better Government?

Palestine Good Enough

Does Mitt Romney Know How to Laugh?

JPMorgan Says Bye Bye Buyback

Rick Perry Backs Texas Senate Hopeful

What's Missing from the Jerusalem Day Speil

What’s a Secret Ethnic Food to Try?

What is the Multiverse?

Bond Returns in ‘Skyfall’

Romney's Tax Plan in Disgusting Perspective

How the Euro Crisis Will Affect You

Secrets of Queen's Closet

Chen Guangcheng’s New Life in America: A Day in Greenwich Village

Caroline Glick's One-State Solution

This is Your Brain On Fox

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Faces ‘Gang Rape’ Investigation

Bobbi Kristina’s Emotional Tribute to Whitney

The Impact of Cory Booker

Israel Will Compromise With Iran

‘American Idol’ Finalists: From Sanjaya to Taylor Hicks, Where Are They Now? [PHOTOS]

As Obama Preaches Patience, Mattis Prepares for War With Iran

‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’: Inside the Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

The Failures of the Facebook Generation in the Arab Spring

Obama’s Plan to Announce Afghanistan Withdrawal at NATO Summit is Shrewd Politics

‘House’ Finale: Interview With Doctor Lisa Sanders

Who Is Priscilla Chan, New Wife of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg?

Robin Gibb Dies at 62: Watch the Bee Gees’ Best Moments (VIDEO)

Gaga Invades 'The Simpsons'

How Another Electoral Split Decision Could Divide America

More Drunks, Better Government?

Cory Booker on ‘Nauseating’ Attack Ads & More Sunday Talk (Video)

Booker: Political Bickering 'Nauseating'

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards: Romney Puts Women's Lives at Risk

Anti-Monarchists Gear Up For Busy Summer

Jagger Critiques Jagger

Mick Jagger on ‘SNL’: 7 Craziest Moments (VIDEO)

The Perils of Biography in the Bradlee-Himmelman Storm

Alan Dershowitz is Wrong: Trayvon Martin’s Alleged Killer Must Be Tried

Hollywood and the White House’s Election-Year PR Push for Veterans

Postnups Becoming More Popular, But They’re Not For Everyone

Elizabeth Keadle: Al Gore’s New Flame

‘A Girl and Her Room’ Exhibit: Photos by Rania Matar

Iran Woos Bolivia For Influence In Latin America

The G8 Summit: What Happened to Obama’s Pivot From Europe to Asia?

Britney Spears, Lea Michele & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Don Giovanni at LA Phil: Rodarte Costumes, Frank Gehry Set Design (Photos)

Don Giovanni in Los Angeles: Mozart Meets the Future

Best Destination Cooking Classes: Paris, Rio, Istanbul, More (PHOTOS)

Cannes Film Festival: Classic Photos of Cary Grant, Carla Bruni, and More

A Girl and Her Room Exhibit: Photos by Rania Matar

Guangcheng’s Flight to Freedom

Was the Stimulus a Failure?

The Final Run of Ultra-Marathoner Micah True

Newsweek's Top High Schools, as Portrayed by Hollywood

Italian School Bombing Sparks Fear of Return to Bloodshed

Ken Burns Tells His Story

Don't De-Friend Facebook Yet: Its IPO Might Not Mean Trouble Ahead

Debating the Gold Standard

The Jewish Nakba

Why My Next E-Book Will Be About Iraq

Edwards or Young: Who Played Puppet Master?

Blind Dissident Chen Guangcheng Leaves China on Plane for U.S.

Gay Politicians: Colorado Civil Unions Debacle Will Galvanize Voters

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Character Assassination Game

Donna Summer, Jay-Z on Marriage Equality, Tyra Banks, and More Viral Videos (Videos)

Nasty Divorces’ Silver Lining?

Dr. Richard Carmona Faces a Tough Race as the Democratic Candidate for Senate in Arizona

Former Terror Suspect Graduates from College

In Afghanistan, a Boom in Red Bull

News of the World Movie Casting Couch

Will Smith’s Slaptastic Kiss

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for May 18, 2012

Mary Kennedy: The Curse of a Kennedy Wife

U.S. Suspends Sanctions on Burma at the Risk of Losing Leverage for More Reform

Trayvon's Girlfriend: 'I Know He Was Scared'

The Greatest Israel Prize

My Debate with David Suissa

Facebook IPO By the Numbers: Zuckerberg’s Loot & More

Cezanne at the Barnes Foundation is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Invest in Africa, Not Facebook

Ina Drew, the Woman Who Backed JPMorgan’s Bad Bet

Overrated/Underrated: The Films of Spielberg

How "Patriots" Changed Me

He's Got the Money. Here's How He Should Spend It

Barnes Foundation Reopens in Philadelphia with Cezanne, Renoir and 20th century masters (Photos)

Zuckerberg Rings Opening Bell, Bank Account Explodes

Meet The Palestinians

What's America's Most Delicious Food?

This is What Liberal Media Bias Looks Like

A New Jerusalem Day?

Starting on Day One, New Ad Lists Everything Romney Would Accomplish

24 Deaths a Week...

The Leveson Inquiry Meets Autotune

Joe The Plumber Loves Taxes

Swaziland style

It's Not Good to Be the King

Which Nakba Day?

World Royalty Descends on Windsor

How to Lose Hearts and Minds

Blasts from the Past Wound Mitt Romney in Battle to Define Him

The John Connor Curse: Nick Stahl, Edward Furlong and Christian Bale

How John Roberts Started This Spending Madness

Your College Education Won't Save You

Trayvon On the Night of His Killing

Super-Protesters Here to Save Their Pay

Royal Navy, Army and RAF Helicopter Crews Prepare Ahead Of The Diamond Jubilee

A1-Worthy Musical Deaths

Wright Out? Don't Bet on It

Harry Plays Tambourine

Controversial Lunch

Necrotizing Fasciitis, Blinding Larvae & More Scary Diseases

Philadelphia’s Reopened Barnes Foundation Puts Its Masterpieces in a Better Light

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: The Movie and the Book’s Heidi Murkoff

Mark Zuckerberg Makeover: Givenchy, Gucci & Burberry Instead of Hoodies (PHOTOS)

‘Game of Thrones’: Esmé Bianco Talks About Ros, Sexposition, Nudity, and More

Joe Ricketts’s Retreat From Obama Attack Campaign: Are the Chicago Cubs to Blame?

Sen. Jim Webb: Congress Must OK Military Intervention

French President Francois Hollande Goes to Washington

Hero Grandmother Dolores Huerta Honored With Medal of Freedom

Simon Cowell, Adrien Brody & More Celebrity Man Cleavage (Photos)

The Liberation of Rahm Emanuel, Obama Heavy Turned Chicago Mayor

3 Exclusive Clips from Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’

Ian Schrager: Donna Summer Was the Star Who Kicked Off Disco Era

Chicago Goes Into Security Lockdown Ahead of NATO Summit

Mary Kennedy’s Last Days: Distress From RFK Divorce, New Girlfriend

When a Parent Commits Suicide: A Psychiatrist’s Advice

Jury Gets the Edwards Case: Deliberations to Begin Friday

Closing Arguments, But the Saga’s Not Over

Prosecutors Release New Evidence in George Zimmerman Shooting Case

Nick Stahl: The Search Turns to Skid Row

Facebook’s IPO Testifies to Silicon Valley’s Power but Does Little for Other Californians

In New Roman Polanski Documentary, An Odd Evasion of Rape Controversy

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The Coming Kulturkampf?

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Would You Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons?

Romney Advisor: Jeremiah Wright Ad Not in Our Control

Egypt’s Inevitable New President?

Beware "Creative Alternatives"

The Tragic Death of Mary Kennedy

Donna Summer: Photos of Her Wild Disco Fashions

How Crazy Is Wall Street, New York Times?

Donna Summer’s Last Dance

Sir Harold Evans Fights Back Against Rupert Murdoch At Leveson Inquiry

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Maryland, My Maryland: High-Tax Heaven

Arthur Brooks' Road

TV Upfronts 2012: NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and the CW Announce Schedules

Mitt Romney's Leadership Secret

The Return of Rev. Wright

Ask More Questions, Win More Books

The Tragic Decline of Mary Kennedy, Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

TV Upfronts 2012: NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and the CW Announce Schedules

Harry and Pippa's Favourite Club Closes; Class War Ensues

Kennedy Suicide: What Went Wrong

Queen, Charles and William All to Travel On One Boat

"Minister Yishai is inciting racism"

Tomorrow's Sovereign's Lunch Gets Political as Spanish Queen Cancels, and King of Bahrain is Expected

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Tea Party Masters

Constitutional wrangle may be delaying pregnancy

The House’s Immigrant Betrayal With New Violence Against Women Act

Ridley Scott Opens Up About Prometheus, Kick-Ass Women, and Blade Runner 2

From Circumcision To Molestation, How the Ultra-Orthodox Place Children At Risk

In Florida, It’s Often Shoot First, Learn The Law Later

Necrotizing Fasciitis: Life After Flesh-Eating Bacteria

5 Alternatives to Obama and Romney in the Presidential Race

Partisan Discord at Obama Budget Meeting: GOP Faces Uphill Debt Battle

Obama Knows Better on Question of States’ Rights Over Same-Sex Marriage

Mary Kennedy Death: RFK Jr.’s Wife Was Depressed Over Split, Friends Say

Sarah Palin’s Latest Triumph? Deb Fischer Wins Nebraska GOP Primary

Why JPMorgan Chase Should Not Fear FBI Probe

Richard Ford’s “Canada” Is His Best Novel In Years

‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Review: Wes Anderson Opens Cannes Film Festival

Assad Warns Against Stirring Chaos in Syria

Democrats React to ‘Violence Against Women’ Act Passage on Twitter

Looking for Rielle? Not So Fast…

Discussing "Patriots" on "Power and Politics"

Ronald Reagan's Marital Advice

The Weakest Defense of Eduardo Saverin

Tilda Swinton, Diane Kruger, Alec Baldwin: Cannes Film Festival 2012 Opening Night (PHOTOS)

James Corden Talks About Improv and ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’

Norquist: Put Jindal on the Ticket

New Film on Royals

New Jersey’s Chris Christie and Cory Booker Eschew Partisan Bickering for Collaboration

Norquist's Jindal Veep Mistake

John Edwards’ Defense Rests After Just Over Two Days of Underwhelming Testimony

The Scumbag Defense

The David Eagleman Interview: How I Write

“I would get arrested if I unzipped that dress!”

Can We Balance the Budget Without Hiking Taxes?

Why Black Preachers Pretend a Key Civil-Rights Leader Didn’t Exist

Israel Must Recognize Israel

Putting on the Pressure

Fischer vs. Kerrey in Nebraska

New Proof that Gaza's Still Occupied

George W. Bush's Blink of an Endorsement Barely Acknowledged by the Romney Campaign

Ask a Question, Win a Book

Tyra Banks: Stop Anorexia in Modeling!

The Expectations Poll

How to Out-Booker Cory Booker

Boycotters Bully and Neo-Nazis Storm

Boehner and the Debt, and Remembering the Right Lessons from 2011

Richard Avedon's Murals at Gagosian are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Secrets of the Queen’s Gloves

Italian Police Open a Mobster’s Vatican-Owned Tomb in Search of a Missing Girl

10 Shocking Bits From Book About How Texas Executed an Innocent Man

On the Eve of the NATO Summit, Is Phone Jamming Coming To Chicago?

Jamie Dimon’s Hubris Unshakable as JPMorgan Reelects Him to Top Two Posts

A Penis With Wings, Hitler Sperm and More Odd Safe Sex Ads

Dina Eastwood Opens Up About ‘Mrs. Eastwood & Company’ and Life With Clint

John Boehner Previews Replay of Last Summer’s Debt-Ceiling Standoff

Will Sacha Baron Cohen’s PR Shtick Sink His New Movie ‘The Dictator’?

Carlos Fuentes, Mexico’s Universal Man of Letters, Dies at 83

Candidates’ Popularity Shapes ‘Grand Old Party’ Sex Toys (PHOTOS)

Fatherly Obama’s Charm Turns Patronizing on Visit to ‘The View’

Chaos Over New Elections Deepens Fear of a Greece Chain Reaction

My Father Sergio Munoz Bata’s Friendship With Novelist Carlos Fuentes

Is the Edwards Defense Team Losing It?

Apple Scores an Android Hit: HTC One X, EVO 4G LTE Held Up at Customs

Prisoners of Process

Will Rielle Hunter Take the Stand?

USA Today Hires Larry Kramer, Looks to Digital Makeover

Zaha Hadid’s New Paintings of The Peak Project: Art Hong Kong (PHOTOS)

Obama’s ‘Vampire’ Economic Attack Ad Against Romney Won’t Work

Sayed Kashua’s Strained Relationship With Israel

Mitt Romney: Who Cares About That Guy?

Queen Mother was a Ruthless Ruler

Newsweek Style Writer: Wear That Hoodie, Mark Zuckerberg!

The Insane Cost of Higher Education

What Does Ron Paul Have Against Gary Johnson?

Why Jerry Brown’s Bid to Fix California’s Budget Isn’t Working

Econ 101

Obama and Europe

James Hyde at Show Room is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

All Your State GOP Are Belong to Us

Howard Stern Goes Soft

New Romney Video Features Unemployed Iowans

Heartland Refugees Start New Think Tank

Bad Weather to Hit Jubilee

Obama Talks Gay Marriage on 'The View'

Is Israel flirting with Iranian terrorists?

Jay Z’s Equality State of Mind

Francois Hollande Sworn in As French President

What is the Healthiest Cuisine in the World?

In Which I Volunteer for Future College Football Debates

Hamas Advances Peace

Vatican Investigating Girl Scouts for Links to Safe-Sex Education Groups

Obama Caught Practicing Politics on Gay Marriage Decision!

A Daughter Given Up for Adoption, Found on Facebook

The State of Gaza


Gay Marriage Fallout: Returns Start to Come In

The Best Question Wins

Kaling’s on a Quest for Love

The Raptor Was a Spy

Rebekah Brooks Charged in Phone-Hacking Scandal

Queen of Main Street

Pippa Under Pressure to Finish Book

DSK’s Victory Party That Never Happened and Who Would Be Invited

Why Gays Did President Obama a Favor by Pushing Him on Gay Marriage

Moss to African-American Clergy: Don’t Abandon Obama Over Same-Sex Marriage

Father of Isabel Celis Barred From Contact With His Other Children

Tyra Banks Open Letter To Models: Vogue To Images of Anorexia

Danish Provocateur’s Anti-Women Insults Embarrass Dell

Dutch Advice to Obama on Same-Sex Marriage

Ron Paul’s Sneaky Maneuver: Why He’s Scaling Back His Campaign

Hottest Cannes Films: ‘Cosmopolis,’ ‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ More (PHOTOS)

Americans Elect Failure to Find Candidate Threatens Third-Party Dreams

Michael Tomasky: Why Jamie Dimon Should Resign from J.P. Morgan

L.A. Sheriff and Relatives Baffled by Mystery Death of Graphics Designer

James Kirchick: New Book on Ron Paul by Brian Doherty Is a White Wash

Kids Weigh in on the Breastfeeding Debate

Edwards's Defense: It Wasn't a Campaign Contribution!

Google’s Marissa Mayer Talks Tech With Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown

What Shock Jock? Stern Goes Squeaky Clean

John Edwards’s Defense Begins With a Rocky Start

Media Reaction to Newsweek’s Obama ‘The First Gay President’ Cover

Why is Ron Paul Still in the Race?

Was Juliet a Mean Girl? Rebecca Serle and ‘When You Were Mine’

Obama’s Culture War Revival

Michelle Goldberg on the Ann Romney Hitler Tempest

This Week’s Hot Reads: May 14, 2012


So What Would Obama Do for Bain's Steelworkers?

Obama’s Barnard College Commencement Speech Win

Newsweek’s Obama Cover: Oh Yes We Can!

Striking a Deal

Necrotizing Fasciitis: How 'Flesh-Eating Bacteria' Strike

A Closer Look Into Egypt and Lebanon

Amazing Scotland

Worldwide Dance

Heaven on Earth

Real Clear Politics Declares Race Almost Over

Reflections from Bangladesh

Mindrelic: Manhattan in Motion

Say It Loud, Say It Proud, Say It In Hebrew

Steve Case Reveals the 'Secret Sauce' for America’s Success

How Straight Marriage’s Evolution Led to Obama’s Gay-Marriage Endorsement

Curse of the Rogue French Trader

How Does Organized Religion Affect Global Relations?

QE2's Bloomers Up For Sale

So Just How DID We Come Up With That Cover?

Queen ‘Dreads’ Jubilee Pageant

It's Even Worse Than It Looks

Roy Lichtenstein survey in Chicago is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Obama Brings The Heat

The Return of Bain Capital

They Didn't Ask Me

President Obama Drops the Bain Capital Bomb to Explode Mitt Romney's Business Record

Now THIS Looks Funny

Obama Goes on Offense

Israel, City of Mega

Why We May Yet Have a Culture War

Amazingly Lifelike

William Entitled to £10m from Diana's Will Next Month

Video: Kate Watches William and Harry Polo Match

‘Desperate Housewives’ 12 Most Memorable Moments

Time to End the Media Fixation on Small Crowds at 2012 Campaign Events

Advanced Style: An Ode to Old Lady Chic

New Usual Suspects in U.S. Bank Heists: Women

‘The Killing’: How AMC’s Adaptation of ‘Forbrydelsen’ Went Wrong

Mitt Romney’s Foreign-Policy Disarray Reflects GOP Disconnect

Advanced Style Book: Ari Seth Cohen Photos

Paul Krugman’s Dismissal of Structural Causes for U.S. Employment Problem Is Misguided

Washington, D.C., Law Seeks to Limit Late Night Jail Releases

Jeff Himmelman: The Storm Over My Ben Bradlee Book, ‘Yours in Truth’

Romney’s Shady Connections From Salt Lake Olympics Still Paying Off

The First American: Excerpt from Henry Crumpton’s “The Art of Intelligence”

Frank: Gay Marriage Won't Cost Obama Votes!

Farewell, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, Ousted for a Resume Lie

Brad, Darling, Lichtenstein's Heading to Chicago

Gay Marriage, JP Morgan Chase, Barney Frank, and More Sunday Talk (VIDEO)

Biden and Dubya Are Bff's

Give Millennials a Break!

How the Bay State Came to Produce the Most Presidential Contenders

Fawaz A. Gerges on How the Arab Spring Beat Al Qaeda

A Daughter, Rediscovered on Facebook

Federal Courts Reject Virtually All Habeas Petitions from Gitmo: Study

How Will African-American Clergy React to Obama’s ‘Evolution’ on Same-Sex Marriage?

A Christie’s Benefit for Slain Photojournalist Anton Hammerl’s Family

‘Crossing the Borders of Time:’ A Mother’s Rekindled Love

The Drug War at Sea: Rise of the Narco Subs

Russell Brand, Jason Mraz & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney, the Unlikable Presidential Candidate

7 Summer Festivals for Wine Lovers

After Trayvon Martin: Is It Time to End Racial Profiling?

John Irving’s “In One Person” Shows Genius of Irving

Thank You, Mom

Busey’s Mother’s Day Tips

Mitt Romney Dodges Gay Marriage in Liberty University Speech

Romney’s Gay Marriage Rebuttal

Time Magazine Cover: What About the Child?

Will Millenials Always Support Marriage Equality?

David's Book Club: Uncontrolled

Discussing "Patriots" on Bloggingheads

An Interview With Shimon Peres

How to Make an Election Dumber

Greece on the Brink of Financial Abyss as Syriza Party Weighs Default

Obama’s Endorsement, Jon Hamm’s Advice, and More Viral Videos (Videos)

Ice Pack Bra, Quit Smoking Bra & Other Odd Brassieres (PHOTOS)

The World’s Best Lighthouses

Iranian Rapper Shanin Najafi Faces Death Threats for Song Deemed Insult

Animal Moms and Their Little Ones Pose for Pics (Photos)

Why Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance Won’t Much Matter in November

Nurse Ratched, Gaylord Focker, Nurse Betty, More Famous Nurses (PHOTOS)

Dear Asshole: The Letters of Ben Bradlee From New Biography

‘Guest of Honor’ Author on Teddy Roosevelt’s Lessons for Obama

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for May 12, 2012

Rebekah Brooks Answers Leveson Inquiry, But Could Regret It Later

Georgia Woman Fights for Life Against Flesh-Eating Bacteria

The Lessons of the Nakba

Biographer Recounts Romney’s Many Trips to Mormon Church to Discuss Social Issues

Au Revoir, Sarkozy! What Hollande Means for Foreign Policy

Meghan McCain: How to Make the GOP Come Out (for Gay Marriage)

Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson & More First-Time Celeb Moms (Photos)

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Naughty Moms (Photos)

5 Shocking Moments From the Edwards Trial

Sheila Hicks at Sikkema Jenkins Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

New Usual Suspects in U.S. Bank Heists: Women

Oslo Freedom Forum: The Davos For Do-Gooding Dissidents

A Very Narrow Bridge

Christy Turlington Burns: Why You Should Stay Mum This Mother’s Day

Bristol Palin’s Blog: Her Take on Gay Marriage & More

JPMorgan Chase Lost $2 Billion But Dimon Lost His Golden Status

Beyond Words: A Response to Hussein Ibish

Princess Kate Works a Wow factor

New Tomasky Blog Feature: Overrated/Underrated

Obama’s LBJ Moment with His Gay Marriage Endorsement

Hey Mitt: Obama Outfoxed You on Gay Marriage

Paul Begala on Romney: Once a Bully, Always a Bully

Moussa, Aboul Fotouh Spar in Egypt’s Epic First Presidential Debate

Walker's "Divide and Conquer" Wisconsin Strategy

How Do Your Critics Most Misrepresent You?

No Easy Answers

Will Ferrell Has His Tight Pants On

Still Evil: The Filibuster

Fox Movie Executive Gavin Smith’s Mysterious Disappearance Baffles Police

Who Kept Bin Laden Alive?

Lake of Irony

Gay Marriage’s Murky Constitutional Question

Rebekah Brooks’s Cozy 10 Downing Relationship

More on the (Not Actually Debunked) Bully Story

The Taxi Driver Who Thought He Was in Real Estate

Rebekah Brooks Testifies on Cozy Relationship With No. 10 Downing Street in Latest Leveson Hearing

How The Royal Weather Forecast Happened

Corgi Numbers Get Jubilee Spike

First Major Jubilee Show Kicks Off in Windsor

Justice Dept. Brings New Heat to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Home Turf

JPMorgan’s $2 Billion Loss Fueled by Efforts to Avoid Risk

James Fallows: 5 Favorite ‘Outsiders In China’ Books

Russia’s SuperJet Crash in Indonesia Raises Questions of Cause

‘Shark Tank’s’ Sneak Attack!

‘Dark Shadows’ for Dummies or a Glossary of Key Names and Places

Cash Pours In For Obama After Same-Sex “Evolution,” No Boost For Romney

African-Americans Support Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Stance

SNL’s Best Mother’s Day Sketches

Do Most Catholic Theologians Support Same-Sex Marriage?

‘Dark Shadows’ Returns: A User’s Guide to Drinking Blood

Edwards Confronted with Fib-Filled 'Nightline' Interview

Prince Charles, BBC Weatherman & More Forecasts by Celebrities (Video)

Obama Stirs Europe’s Debate Over Marriage for Gay Couples

The Prosecution Rests: Trial Now in Edwards Defense Team's Hands

Romney to Obama: Let’s Go Waterskiing!

After Gay-Marriage Announcement, Obama Campaign Pegs Romney as ‘Backward’

Obama’s Gay-Marriage Endorsement: 5 Great Opinion Reads

Hillary Clinton Describes Her Mother’s Rough Childhood

Bachmann: Swiss No More

Hillary Clinton’s Style Evolution (Photos)

New Mayan Discovery: The World Isn’t Ending!

Prince Charles Turns Weatherman

Prince Charles Reads The Weather Forecast on BBC Scotland

Ted Olson & David Boies

Hollywood Conservatism vs. Hollywood Liberalism

Prince Harry The Pygmy Hippos Dies

If Governments Weren't Firing People

Meet the Pro-Choice, Pro-Pot Presidential Candidate

August Sander at Edwynn Houk is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Uncle Herzl Wants You

Obama's Gay-Marriage Switch: Why Now?

Mitt Romney as a Young Bully

Why Did Obama Back Gay Marriage? Joe Biden, Baby!

Vidal Sassoon, Zionist Icon

Gay Marriage vs Interracial Marriage?

Which Party Creates More Jobs?

Brandon Wade: The Man Behind ‘Sugar Daddy’ Websites Miss Travel and Seeking Arrangement

New Obama Ad Slams Romney on Gay Marriage

Valerie Trierweiler: France’s Feisty First Lady

Ambassador Oren Gets it Right on "Pro-Israel"

The Fall of a Good Guy

How Obama Turns This Into a Political Plus

Mark McKinnon: Obama Did the Right Thing on Gay Marriage

Daily Show Erupts Over Obama’s ‘Evolution’

"A Certain Enthusiasm" Reviews "Patriots"

Rocket Fire on Lag B'Omer

One Sherpa Killed, Another Breaks Back as Harry's Everest Climbers Turn Back

Mollie: Harry's Out Of My League

Andy Coulson Takes the Stand at the Leveson Inquiry

Anna Quindlen’s Memoir, Hilary Mantel’s Latest, and Other Mother’s Day Gift Books

Michael Tomasky: Obama’s High-Stakes Gamble on Gay Marriage

Hillary Clinton’s Makeup-Free Photos: Putting On A Brave Face

Leak About Al Qaeda Plot and Double Agent Helps CIA, Could Scare Terrorists

Why Is the Government Missing So Many Internal Watchdogs?

Remembering Dmitri Nabokov, the Novelist’s Son and Literary Executor

‘Basketball Wives’: Tanya Young Reveals the Show’s Dirtiest Secret

Justin Bieber, Tim Tebow & More Celebrity Momma’s Boys (PHOTOS)

Why Pippa Should Move to Brooklyn, Not Manhattan

Second ‘Underwear Bomber,’ Kim Philby, and Other Notorious Double Agents

Meghan McCain: Obama Plays It Safe With Gay Marriage Endorsement

Spending Deal Unravels as House Democrats, Republicans Collide Over Defense Cuts

How President Obama, in Six Days, Decided to Come Out for Gay Marriage

Van Hollen: Obama Did the Right Thing!

Why Obama Did It

‘That’s Their Case?!’ Says Startled John Edwards as Prosecutors Announce Final Witnesses

The Most Tearful Testimony Yet?

The Evolution of Obama’s Position on Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

Jon Hamm’s ‘Ask a Grown Man’ Advice

Ted Kennedy, Bin Laden & Gay Marriage: How Obama Got His Audacity Back

Religious Right to Obama: Duh!

Obama on Gay Marriage & More Moments in Gay Rights History (VIDEO)

Tom Gabel & More Famous Male-to-Female Transgenders (Photos)

Countries Where Gay Marriage Is Legal: Netherlands, Argentina & More

The Jewish Daily Forward Defined the Word Obama’s Now Using As a Slogan

Bush Solicitor General Ted Olson Hails Obama Gay Marriage Shift

Obama’s Same-Sex Two-Step: Strictly Personal Embrace of Gay Marriage?

Against Me! Singer Tom Gabel’s Sex Change Choice

Will Obama's Gay Marriage Stance Change Voters' Minds?

Meet Keith Judd, the Felon Challenging Obama

David Mamet's Culture War

Did Obama Ignite a Culture War?

Obama Comes Full Circle In Gay-Marriage Evolution

Our Favorite Future Biden ‘Gaffes’

The President's Marriage Announcement

Rothko Painting That Breaks Auction Record is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Was Obama Forced to Endorse Gay Marriage?

The Movement Made Him Do It

Obama Supports Same Sex Marriage

President Obama, in a Dramatic Shift, Backs Same-Sex Marriage

Obama Endorses Gay Marriage

A Letter From a French Friend

What's the Big Deal About Gay Marriage?

What Will Change

Did Russian Authorities Shut Down Ustream?

Change in Laws of Succession To Go Ahead

Hey Obama: Stop Wimping Out on Gay Marriage!

How to Revive The Peace Process: A Modest Proposal

Maurice Sendak Is Remembered Fondly by Author and Filmmaker William Joyce

The 'Dictator' Endorses Romney

David Mamet's Conversion Experience

How Did Your Experience As A Single Mom Shape Your Views?

Why Is Eli Yishai Smiling?

A Conversation With Thom Hartmann About "Patriots"

Is Obama Completing His Evolution Tonight?

‘Art of Fielding’’s Chad Harbach: How I Write

David Mamet's Imaginary Opponents

Liberal Zionism 101

Princessy Enough For You? Kate Shows Some Leg in Jimmy Choos

David Mamet's Right Turn

Maurice Sendak Didn’t Just Make Books for Children, But for Everyone

With Endorsements Like This...

Talking "Patriots" With Mike Huckabee

Romney's Dishonest but Clever Clinton Praise

Saeb Erekat Hospitalized After Heart Attack

Pippa Planning New York Move

Court Rejects Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans’ Demand for Better VA Care

Juiciest Bits From ‘The Queen’

Dinosaurs Had a Lot of Flatulence, But Did Not Gas Themselves to Extinction

Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway & More ‘Lost’ Stars’ Driving Curse (PHOTOS)

Scott Walker Dominates, Labor Falters in Wisconsin Recall Primary

Who Wore It Best? Met Gala 2012 Vs. ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (PHOTOS)

Hoarding Made a Hit TV Show. Now It’s Becoming a Sickness in the DSM

Police Debunk Theories Linking Breitbart, L.A. Coroner Tech Deaths

Jan Brewer, Other Arizona Officials Weigh Wider Impact of New Border Strategy

The Origins of Islam: Tom Holland Explains New Book “In the Shadow of the Sword”

The Woman Who Could Bring Down Cameron

Man’s Airport Strip Meant to Highlight Intrusive and Ineffective TSA Security

Black Rod, Imperial Crowns, Yeoman's Guard - it's all happening in London today

Bachmann Becomes a Citizen of Tyrannical Switzerland

A Same-Sex Marriage Floor Fight in Charlotte Looms for Obama

Richard Lugar Loses GOP Indiana Senate Primary by Landslide

Anatomy of John Edwards’s Admission: His Former Speechwriter Speaks

Must Read Fiction: ‘Prague Fatale,’ ‘Derby Day’ and More

“Where the Wild Things Are” and More of Maurice’s Sendak’s Best Works (Photos)

The Truth Behind John Edwards’s Lies

Obama: In the Closet On Gay Marriage?

Paris Remembers V-E Day

Netanyahu's Globalists

N.C. Vote Hits Hard at Gays

Mark Kirk Shows Us His Recovery

William's Choice

Young Girl Sightings Spark Madeleine McCann Investigation

Tacita Dean at the New Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Bill Bradley: America Wouldn't Exist Without Compromise

The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Strikes Bachmann

Bean Counting States

Obama Targets Hispanic Vote With Spanish-Language Ads

What Kind of Christian Is Barack Obama?

Stock Up On Cash, Not Baked Beans

This Week’s Hot Reads: May 7, 2012

Second al Qaeda Underwear Bomber Thwarted By CIA

Netanyahu’s New Coalition More Likely To Bomb Iran

Maurice Sendak Knew Enough to Put the Bite Back in Children’s Stories

How Celebrities Give Birth and You Don't

'Morning Joe' on the Wounded Warriors

Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips for Kids’ Mental Health

The Temple Mount is In Our Hands

What Harm Has Same-Sex Marriage Caused?

The VEEP Drops a "Joe Bomb"

Super PACs and Saturation Advertising

David Rothkopf Live Chat About ‘Power Inc.’

Tina Fey Sits Between The Ferns

Meet the Book Trailer, Version 2.0

October Surprise?

Ibrahim al Asiri: al Qaeda’s ‘Genius’€™ Bomb Maker

Commentary Whitewashes Discrimination

America Will Not Eat Her Peas

Rick Santorum's Anemic E-Mail Endorsement of Mitt Romney, Almost Holding His Nose

Conard: I Didn't Mean That!

Jason Stanford Reviews "Patriots"

Kate Not Pregnant: Report

Brokaw: 'The Worst Kind of Symbolism'

Why William and Kate Delayed Their Honeymoon

Mofaz Joins Coalition

Harry Charms Pants Off DC Crowd As Colin Powell Makes Bizarre Diana Reference

Richard Lugar Faces Last Stand Against Richard Mourdock in Indiana Primary

Chen Guangcheng Fears Authorities Will Persecute Relatives He Leaves Behind

Rewind: The Enduring Thrills of the Gothic TV Soap ‘Dark Shadows’

Messy Legal Rules and Procedures Make Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trial Doubtful

Obama's Incoherent Stance on Gay Marriage

FAMU ‘Marching 100’ Case Raises Veil on Secret Hazing Rituals

'Go the F*ck to Sleep' Author Mansbach on Colbert's Children’s Book

Obama: Pay Attention to Europe

‘New Girl’ Creator Liz Meriwether on Jess, Sexuality, Schmidt & More

In Indiana, Democrats Are Pulling For the Tea Party Pick

Celebrity Massage Scandals: John Travolta, Al Gore & More (PHOTOS)

Michael Tomasky on Dick Lugar's Cowardly Moderation

Witness Testifies He Took Rielle Hunter to an Airport in the Dead of Night

13 Naughtiest Bits From the Masseur Lawsuit Against John Travolta

Putin's Violent Crackdown

Harry in Washington; Where's the After-Party?

Met Gala 2012 Red Carpet: Best Dressed from Costume Institute Gala

The Motivation of Bunny Mellon

Dr. Harold Koplewicz: A New Poll That Trivializes ADHD Is Nonsense

Joe Biden's Marriage Maneuver: A Television Two-Step

Prada And Schiaparelli Exhibit Opens At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Beverly Hills High Blows Up (Video)

Gay Marriage: Obama Still Should Stay in the Closet

We Need to Talk

Harry Seeing Chelsy Again

Yulia Tymoshenko's Daughter, Yevhenia, Takes Jailed Ukrainian Leader's Cause to the World

Today's Scariest Job Chart

Francois Hollande: France's Anti-Sarkozy President

Patriots: Life Inside the Beltway

George Lindsay Dies: The Best of Goober Pyle (Video)

Rasta Pasta

Rob Cox: Why Shareholders are Opposing Corporate Political Spending

Goldberg: France Rejects Austerity and So Do I

Maggie Gallagher on Divorce

Democrats, Pivoting Off Biden, Hit Mitt Romney on Gay Marriage

Let the Pentagon Run Wall Street

‘Mad Men’ Death Watch: The Many Death Symbols of Season 5 (VIDEO)

James Franco at PS1 is Blake Gopnik's Daily Pic

Tea Party vs. K Street? Hardly.

Shouting Points

Biden’s Gay Marriage Curveball

8 New Yorker Covers You Weren’t Meant to See (Photos)

New Yorker Covers You Weren’t Meant to See: Françoise Mouly Interviewed

RINO Hunters Chase Lugar

Remember Bain Capital? You will by November

7 Scoops from New Bio of Ben Bradlee, “Yours in Truth”

The Daily Telegraph Reviews "Patriots"

The Lowest Point of Michael Phelps’s Career

Prince Harry in Washington to Get 'Bono Award' Tonight

Romney's Campaign Can't Say "No"

The Hunger Strikes

Hollande in France: Can Anti-Austerity Prevail?

Obama Stump Speech Reflects More Modest Vision of America’s Global Ambitions

From Geronimo To Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Our Foes Lose Their Luster

Johnny Carson’s Greatest Moments From Carnac to a Python Grapple

Obesity and Diabetes Afflict a New Jersey Family Fighting to Stay Fit

Cherokee Heritage Debate Snares Mass. Senate Hopeful Elizabeth Warren

TV Upfronts 2012: Best Pilot Scripts From ‘Mastermind’ to ‘Ralph Lamb’

Tacita Dean’s ‘Five Americans’ Captures a Quiet Brilliance

Greek Election Deepens Political Chaos and Prospect of Default

Tacita Dean’s Quiet Brilliance

Don’t Forget Gary Johnson! How the Libertarian Could Shake Up 2012

Retirement Was a Pre-Recession Luxury

Shocker: Depressions Spawn Fascism

Ted Nugent's On-Air Freak Out

Facebook IPO: 8 Stakeholders Who Will Strike It Rich (Photos)

Republicans Laugh, But Women Relate to 'The Life of Julia'

Joe Biden, Marco Rubio, Newt Gingrich and More Sunday Talk

French Election Results: Sarkozy Gets the Boot

'Fifty Shades Freed': 11 Naughty Bits From the E.L. James Novel

Biden ‘Comfortable’ With Gay Marriage

Young Voters are Abandoning Obama—But Not Running to Romney

Steve Coll On ExxonMobil’s Sinister Kingdom and ‘Private Empire’

Junior Seau Suicide Shows How Little We Know About Head Trauma

In Scott Walker Recall Race, Organized Labor’s Pick Falls Short

Egypt Clashes: A Revolution Hangover

Forget Occupy—Let the Pentagon Run Wall Street

Ronald Reagan’s Lessons for the Chen Guangcheng Case

Obama’s Fundraising on Steroids: Choosing an Ambitious Schedule to Avoid Super PACs

Paul Krugman: Austerity Is So Wrong!

Snooki, Lea Michele & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Inside the Khalid Sheik Mohammed Hearing Circus

Jan Brewer’s Abortion Grenade: Defunding Planned Parenthood

Obama Kicks Off Campaign

Anderson: Secret Service Agent 'Monumentally Dumb'

Travelogue to Kentucky: Derby Day

William Deeply Upset by Panorama Interview

What's In a Twinkie?

Racial Impact of One-Term Obama

Ask Jim Manzi Anything

Terminate GOP Extremism

Charlene Cold Shouldered in Monaco as Deal to Provide Albert's Heir Goes Sour

The U.S. Cannot Confront China on Every Move it Disagrees With

Netanyahu's Timetable

Tony Blair May Be Planning a Political Comeback but in What Role It’s Hard to Imagine

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