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Articles December 2013

Ted Cruz’s Canadian Panic

Interactive Play ‘Queen of the Night’ Opens at Restored Diamond Horseshoe Club

Detroit’s Real-Life Ron Burgundy

Thanks to the GOP, 5 Million Americans Won't Get Health Insurance

Our 10 Favorite Multimedia Projects of 2013

Soccer Star Nicolas Anelka, Spurs Player Tony Parker Under Fire For Neo-Nazi Salute

The Person of 2013 Is… Xi Jinping

Shorter GOP: Spending on the Poor is OK When It’s for Drug Tests!

Tom Coburn Says 2013 Was ‘One of the Worst Years for the Republic’

Phoebe Philo Honored by the Queen; Jay Z and Beyonce End Veganism

Happy New Year! 2014 Celebrations Around the World

Fergie's Latest Dramatic Weight Loss

Confessions of a Romney Baby Bully

Robin Roberts’s Coming Out Party

Murder, Dame Angela Lansbury Wrote

Can Robots Fall in Love, and Why Would They?

Want Hope in 2014? Forget Politics, Focus on Energy and Medicine

The Best Columns of the Year

The Economy’s Secret Success in 2013

The Year in Awful: Worst Columns of 2013

15 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

The Breakthrough Style Stars Who Owned the Red Carpet in 2013 (Photos)

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 1913: How We Celebrated 100 Years Ago

Best Luxury Boot Camps to Get Fit in 2014

Reel Numbers: ‘Paranormal Activity’

Most Surprising (and Disappointing) Movies of 2013: ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Pain & Gain,’ More

Obama’s Defining Fight: How He Will Take On the NSA’s Surveillance State in 2014

Drink to Your Health? How Alcohol Might Actually Be Good for You

‘Dhoom 3’ Review: Bollywood’s Baffling Blockbuster

Animal-Rights Activists Bully Dying Italian Girl

NSA Stabs Silicon Valley in the Back

Chinese Embroideries from the Metropolitan Museum are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Heads Roll in the NFL: The 5 Coaches Who Lost Their Jobs Today

Up To Speed: 4 Things To Know About The Russia Bombings

The Best Hot Reads of 2013

A Minimum Wage Increase Is Great, but Full Employment Would be Better

Obama Loves ‘Breaking Bad’ Because Of Course He Does

Children Upset As Queen Declines Bouquets

Prince William To Study At Cambridge University

How The Queen Banned Kate and William's Dog Lupo from The Royal Christmas

Twitter’s 10 Favorite Journalists

Can Dems Spin Obamacare in 2014?

Did the Times Get Benghazi Right?

Prada Casts Second Woman of Color; Miley Cyrus Covers LOVE Magazine in Pink Mohawk

Formula 1 Champion Michael Schumacher In Coma After Ski Accident

The Art of Strategy: Or How to Fight and Lead Better

The 2013 Novel of the Year Is…

Edward Snowden and Pope Francis Broke America’s Political Deadlock in 2013

From LuluLemon’s Bad Year to Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bumps, The Year in Fashion News

The South Sudan Clashes Are No Tribal War

Our Pop Culture Wish List for 2014

Why the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy Could Hurt Democrats

A&E Ducks for Cover by Forgiving Phil Robertson

The New, Not Necessarily Improved, Chris Christie

20 Most-Anticipated Art Exhibits in 2014

The Deaths You Missed This Year

Obama’s Failed Outreach to Syria’s Islamic Front

Moral Courage TV: Alejandra Ancheita

Obamacare, Impeachment, Iran, and More Political Predictions for 2014

15 Giants Who Died in 2013

Best Movie Performances of 2013: Joaquin Phoenix, Sandra Bullock, and More

New Report on Benghazi

Yes, There IS Evidence Linking al Qaeda to Benghazi

The Top 10 Diets of 2013 Are All Useless (Except to Book Publishers)

The Most Extreme Explorers of 2013

While the World Watched: The 1944 Warsaw Uprising

The Year in Chinese Science—And Science Fiction

The Best of Fringe Factor: A Year in Review

Rob Ford, Kid President, What the Fox Say?, and More Viral Videos

China Propagandizes Rape Of Nanjing Survivors

Felicity Jones Is Bound for Stardom

The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2013 (Photos)

How to Fight for Freedom in 2014

Read This, Skip That: The Best of The Daily Beast in 2013

10 Quotes to Live by in 2014 From John Wayne, Kierkegaard, and More

Britney Spears’s Vegas Show Is a Big Fat Hit, Obviously

Republicans’ Unemployment Shame

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads of 2013

The 10 Best Books on Literary Drunkenness

Newtown's Heartbreaking Final Report

2013: The Year in Photos

The Best Celebrity Selfies of 2013 (PHOTOS)

From Cara Delevingne to Kim Kardashian, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

14 Travel Predictions for 2014

The 13 Best Songs of 2013: Lorde, Kanye West, Beyoncé, and More

Rob Ford and the Sleaziest Pols of the Year

Champagne Goes Rogue

Turkey And Iran Accused Of Oil-For-Cash Sanctions Scheme

These Are The 15 Supplements to Keep In Your Medicine Cabinet

Assad Blamed For Beirut Car Bomb Assassination Of Lebanese Politician

Vigoda and Rampling Revive Roles Cut By Tarantino and Coppolla

The NCAA’s Big Gay Choice: Chick-fil-A or Equality?

The Year in Fashion Scandals

The Daily Beast’s Best 2013 Travel Reads

Patton Oswalt Sounds Off On Stand-Up’s Critics and Why Comedians Should Win Oscars

Recidivism And The Guantanamo Exception

Five Tea Party Challengers: The Ted Cruz Wannabes

Reel Numbers: 'Lone Survivor'

Fake It Like Batman: Welcome to The Real Fight Club

Study: Exercise Could Be The Key to Mitigating the Christmas Weight Damage

10 Best Plays of the Year: Richard III, No Man’s Land, and More

No Sex For Six Weeks After Giving Birth? It’s Too Long!

Fitness Tracker 101: Everything You Need to Know About Your New Gadget

Seven Things the Do-Nothing Congress Did

The Busy Person’s Guide to Becoming a Fitness Minimalist

Send in the Drones? Retailers Ruined This Christmas

Margaret E. Knight's Paper Bag at MoMA is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Santana's Homeless Bandmate

The New Auteur of Iran: Asghar Farhadi Reinvents Domestic Drama With ‘The Past’

Bo and Sunny Obama Are Definitely The Leaders of the Political Pets Pack

Perfect Your Ho-Ho-Ho’s at the Top Santa-Training School

President Obama Needs Kanye West

The Hottest Constitutional Amendments of 2013

The GOP's History of Sexist Hillary-Bashing

Syria's Messages To America

Inside the Wild World of Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Facebook Defenders

The Music Industry Is Dying? Great

America Joins the Developed World, Thanks to Obamacare

What's Really Killing Athletes With Concussions?

After a Lousy Year, How Obama Can Turn His Presidency Around

Why Do You Hate Justin Bieber?

The Best of 2013’s Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Surviving Life in a ‘70s Sex Commune

Happy 30th Birthday, Alexander Wang!

The Model Diaries: The Rush of Rejection in Paris

The Best Beasts of 2013 (Photos)

To Dream a Dream: Georges Perec’s Night Visions

Hairy Harry Keeps His Magnificent Polar Beard For Christmas as Prince George Is A No-Show

How to Recover from Christmas

The True Gifts of Christmas Are Life, Love, and the Mystery of God

How George Washington Celebrated Christmas

Why We Should Read World History

Christmas Customs Around the World

What You Missed But Shouldn’t Have In 2013

Meet Butters, the Christmas Dog Model

Stars Dressed as Santa: Miley Cyrus, Jake Gyllenhaal, Katy Perry, More

Reel Numbers: ‘Justin Bieber’s Believe’

The GOP Decides to Play Scrooge as Millions Lose Benefits

Preventing South Sudan’s Civil War

Christmas Misfits Unite

Jonah Hill on ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Prosthetic Penises, and Finance Douchebags

This Week’s Hot Reads: Dec. 24, 2013

Is The Middle East Losing Faith In America As An Ally?

Best Books About the Rest of the World

Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts Finally Collide in ‘August: Osage County’

Moral Courage TV: Rosemary Dew

Kim Jong Un & The Myth of the Reformer Dictator

It’s a Big, Big World: Sights That Make You Feel Small

The Biggest Surprises and Disappointments in 2013

Persecution Can't Stop Xmas Cheer

Threats Preceded High-Rise Suicide, New York Mom Says

8 Facts You Never Knew About Christmas

From Julia Roberts to Meryl Streep, the Best '80s Power Suits (PHOTOS)

Ralph Fiennes as Charles Dickens in Love

Crushing Christmas: How to Win Every Argument

Mike Huckabee’s Bully Pulpit: Economic Populism

11 More Epic Anchor Flubs (Video)

Sneak Peek at AMC's 'Game of Arms'

Adoration by Ethel Parsons at Saint Bartholomew Church is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Americans are Clear: Obamacare Just Isn't Liberal Enough

Kate Winslet’s Bear Rocknroll & Other Crazy Celebrity Baby Names of 2013

Rachel Zoe Gives Birth to Second Baby Boy; Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanity Fair Reportedly End Feud

Rand Paul Celebrates Festivus

Thai Opposition: Yingluck Will Leave Or Die

Pussy Riot Roars Out of Prison

Where’s the Anti-War Left on Iran?

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un, Big Pimpin’ in the Hermit Kingdom

Harry's Polar Heros Get Home In Time For Christmas

How Santa Hurts Christmas

Meet the Musicians Behind (Almost) Every Movie Trailer Score

Dmitriy Kanarikov Kills Himself, Son in Fall From New York City Tower

Finally! ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Is Hollywood’s First 1990s Period Piece

Sarkozy Plots His Comeback

Must-See: The Best Art Exhibits of 2013 (Photos)

Is Tim Armstrong the Lazarus of Aol.?

Viva Hate: Inside the World of Morrissey

'Daily Show' Creator Lizz Winstead Is the Queen of Calling Bullshit

Step Aside, Clark Griswold! The World's Most Extravagant Christmas Light Displays (Photos)

The Cult of Canada Goose

This Is What It Is Like To Be Deaf From Birth

Mark Wahlberg Discusses ‘Lone Survivor,’ Kate Moss in Playboy, the Red Sox, and More

Get Your ‘Duck Dynasty’ Bobblehead in Time for Christmas

American Gypsies Are a Persecuted Minority That Is Starting to Fight Back

Phil Robertson, A Modern-Day Rosa Parks

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s Perfect, Cameo-Filled 'Saturday Night Live'

Obama's Worst Year Ever?

Benghazi Suicide Bombing: Is Libya al Qaeda’s New Hotbed?

11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Lena Dunham Calls Out R Kelly on Twitter

Classic Stars on the Slopes (Photos)

The Strangest and Most Surprising Recordings of 2013

Seriously, ‘Die Hard’ Was a Novel Before It Was a Movie and a Good One

Fringe Factor: Phil Robertson, a Modern-Day Rosa Parks

The Seven Most Heartwarming Ads of 2013

J.Law Gets Busted For Sex Toys, #XmasJammies, and More Viral Videos

Polygamy, the Bible’s Ultimate Family Value

Vatican Science on Christmas and Creationism

Hopes for Religion in 2014 Include Tolerance, More Women, Less Politics

Al Qaeda Growing Rich Off Ransom Payments

A Dickensian Christmas For Greece’s New Poor

Obama vs. Orwell—The Biggest Fight of His Second Term

Spike Jonze’s 13 Best Music Videos: Beastie Boys, Kanye West, Fatboy Slim, and More

How Lobbyists Will Keep You Hooked on Vitamins

Hitler’s Hunt for the Holy Grail and the Ghent Altarpiece

The Crossword Puzzle Turns 100: The ‘King of Crossword’ on Its Strange History

Lawrence of Arabia Became Popular as the Dashing Antithesis of the War in Europe

New England’s Crazy Christmas Tree Tradition

Dismantling the Surveillance State

A New Installation in the French Alps Allows Visitors to Walk Off the Highest Mountain Peak

How ‘Her’ Gets the Future Right

Duck! Reality TV Returns Us to the Dark Age of Tribal Warfare

Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and More of the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies

The Craziest Fashion Innovations of 2013 (Photos)

The Drink-All-You-Want Holiday Wine

Pajamaboy, Call Your Boss

The Week’s Best Longreads for December 21, 2013

Hey Buddy, Wanna Dab? Inside The Mainstream Explosion of Cannabis Concentrates

The Week in Pictures: December 21, 2013 (Photos)

Obama Counters an Agitated Press Corps With Optimism

Obama Skirts Snowden Question

Malerie Marder's Prostitutes at Tonkonow are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Vimeo Presents: The Top 10 Videos of 2013

Bad News for People Who Like Bad News

Where to Find Us After Open Zion

Corker To Oppose U.N. Disabilities Treaty Ratification

Love Trumped Rules for Fired Methodist Rev. Frank Schaefer

Why You Should Train Like an Athlete (Even If You Aren’t One)

Kate Upton Takes the Big Screen; Vogue Breaks its Own Health Initiative... Again

Liberal Zionism in the Era of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement

World Will Be 40 Percent Richer By 2018

Israel Officially Enters E.U.'s Horizon 2020 Program

The Real Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan Belfort’s Vulgar Memoirs

New York’s Nanny-State E-Cig Ban

Why We Should Raffle Off More Art

PrincGeorge To Accompany Will and Kate on Antipodean Tour

Reel Numbers: 'Grudge Match'

The Perfect Book for Every Man in Your Life

Why Reality Stars Like Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Can’t Be Real

Terrorists for Human Rights

The Cat's Meow: Top 10 Destinations for Feline Fanatics

Obama’s Panel on Domestic Spying Abuses Didn’t Pull Its Punches

How Jennifer Lawrence Took Over Hollywood. (It’s Not Just Because of Her Charm.)

Preventing South Sudan’s Inferno

Montana’s Real-Life Walter White

13 Trends to Leave Behind in 2013

The Light Bulb Is Dead. Long Live the Light Bulb!

Democrats Are Going on Offense on Obamacare

Does Pope Francis Have A Woman Problem?

20 Stars Fired From Movies: Samantha Morton in ‘Her,’ Ryan Gosling, and More

From Michelle Obama to Julia Roberts, Best & Worst Dressed of the Week

Biggest Celebrity Scandals of 2013: Miley Twerks, Beyonce Lip-Syncs and More

Christie and Immigration, the Shock Troops and the In Crowd

Duck Dynasty Congressman Backs Robertson

Exclusive: Obama Declines to Add Names to Russian Sanction List

Why Is Putin Pardoning His Political Enemies?

The White House Takes Baby Steps Toward Drug Sentencing Reform

Two Men Convicted Of British Soldier Beheading

The Irish Sports Betting Company Sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea

The Right's Case of Affluenza

The Two-State Solution After Open Zion

Rising Stars of 2014: Amy Schumer, Ariana Grande & More (PHOTOS)

Husain Haqqani on America’s Diplomat Shame

Improvements in Public Education May be One of Mayor Bloomberg’s Most Important Economic Legacies

IAC Creates Match Group

Anthony Vaccarello to Design for Versace Versus; Ferragamo Wins Over $4 Million in Counterfeiting Case

IAC Creates Match Group

Just How Huge Was Beyoncé's Album?

The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Hypocrites

Robert Motherwell Collages at the Guggenheim are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Where to Find APN's News Nosh

After Fleeing War and Genocide, African Refugees in Israel March for Freedom

Beitar Jerusalem Soccer Fans Vandalize Quran of Opposing Team

Feds Delay McDonnell Indictment

Hacking Trial's Unwelcome Royal Christmas Present

Kate Middleton’s Phone Was Hacked, Court Hears

Huckabee 2016 Would Give Iowa to Christie

The 'Killer Robot' Olympics

Bernanke Drop the Mic as He Exits the Fed

The Great Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Swindle

West Virginia ‘Heathers’: Was Skylar Neese Murdered by Her Best Friends?

The 10 Best Movie Sex Scenes of 2013: ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color,’ ‘Spring Breakers,’ and More

E-Cigarettes, Facing Ban, Still Figuring Out What They Want to Be

The Obama Political Obituaries Are Way Premature

The Strange Arrows That Point the Way Across America

Why Pat Buchanan Loves Vladimir Putin

This Book Will Change the Way You Eat

Office Parties Are Bad for Business

News According to: Syrian Refugee Crisis

Strangers Rally to Help Blind Man Keep His Guide Dog

Helmet Haute Couture: The Invisible Helmet Revolutionizing Bike Safety

This Is How an Episode of Cartoon Network’s ‘Adventure Time’ Is Made

Pippa Steals The Royal Limelight Again as Wedding Rumors Trump Stuffy Royal Lunch

Watch Jennifer Lawrence Tell A Hilarious Story About Butt Plugs on ‘Conan’

Up to Speed: Four Highlights of the White House Report on How to Change the NSA

Republicans Compromise on the Budget, but Don’t Expect Them To Compromise on the Debt Ceiling

Baucus To Be Ambassador To China

The Top 13 Guinness World Records of 2013: Kim Kardashian, ‘Breaking Bad,’ Colonel Meow & More

David Linley Roars Up To Queen's Party in Miniscule Fiat 500

Somewhere Over the Separation Barrier

Yto Barrada at MoMA is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Bernanke Lays Off the Gas Before Handing Yellen the Wheel

How I Write: Paul Lynch

The 9 Worst Homophobic Rants by Celebrities: From ‘Duck Dynasty’ to Donald Trump

Worst Fifth Year Ever? Maybe. But the Economy Will be the Judge of Obama

Santa Claus Is A Bikini Model

Japan’s Miss International Takes on Mob-Backed Entertainment Complex

Cara Delevingne Tops 2013 Google Searches; PETA Distributes Fur Coats

Turkey Sacks Police Chiefs After Arrests Target Politicians’ Families

Hey Democrats! Ignore the Centrists, Americans Want You to Tackle Inequality

Trailer for Mitt Romney Movie Released

Meet the Creative: Chris Morton, Founder of Lyst

The Hunger That Open Zion Fed

Arab Israeli Actor Portrays a Holocaust Survivor

Report Says Pippa Is Engaged!

The Next President Won’t Save Us

Darks Days for Bill Donohue

Al Qaeda-Linked Jihadists Are Hunting and Killing Moderate Syrian Rebels

A Local’s Guide to D.C. During the Holidays

The Best of the Best Books List: 2013 Critics’ Top Picks

Meet the Creative: Lyst Founder Chris Morton

Six Events From 2013 That Will Affect the 2016 White House Race

Hillary Clinton’s Own Populist Path

The EPA’s Million-Dollar Con Man

These 3 Apps Will Help You Sleep Better, Feel Great, and Eat Well

Why the U.S. Paid Karzai's Top Man

Behind North Korea's Facade

Whites Don’t Like Obamacare, and Could Put Senate Democrats in Jeopardy

Interview: Kristen Bell, Voiceover Queen, On ‘Frozen,’ ‘Veronica Mars,’ & More

Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Her’ Performance Deserves Oscar Love

Senate Democrats Accuse the CIA of Stonewalling on Torture Policies

11 News Anchor Flubs: Tom Brokaw on Ambien, Weather Penis, and More

‘Lone Survivor’ Taylor Kitsch’s Journey From Homelessness to Hollywood Stardom

Charles: Christian Communities Threatened By Fundamentalist Islamist Militants

Latham’s Retirement Spurs Boehner Rumors

Toro Bravo’s Favorite Cook Books

Serge Bard at the Kitchen is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Not So Fast, ‘Playboy’: the Kate Moss Cover May Not Be a Big Turning Point

Who Defines the ‘B’ in the BDS Movement?

Ties to Secessionist Sympathizers? Don't Worry, Rand Paul Will Still Endorse You

Israel Must Take a More Diplomatic Approach Toward Iran

This Week’s Hot Reads: December 16, 2013

Texas Congressman's Obama Barfbag

Can Winning the Mega Millions Kill You?

The Senate Has Torture on Its Agenda When It Interviews CIA’s Legal Counsel Nominee

The 21 Craziest Moments in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’: Cocaine-Fueled Orgies and More

IA Gov Hopeful Dropping Out After Divorce

Another Rebuke of the Tea Party?

Prince Harry's Giant New Bushy Beard

Snowden's Vindication?

No One Loves a Liberal Zionist

The Real Problem With the American Studies Association's Boycott of Israel

Bedouin Relocation Plan Still On Track?

The 10 Things You Googled in 2013: Death, Destruction, and Royal Babies

Facebook’s Robot Philosopher King

13 Best Movies of 2013: ‘American Hustle,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ And More

26 Best Coffee Table Books of 2013

Democrats Have Maxed Out the Race Card

What ‘Her’ Gets Right About Technology and Love

Meet Dmitry Kiselyov, Putin’s New Shock Jock

Iranian Bombs and Black Swans in the Nuclear Negotiations

P.J. O’Rourke Joins The Daily Beast

Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland’s Epic Sibling Rivalry

The Real Story and Lesson of the Abscam Sting in ‘American Hustle’

How the Newspaper Business Became a ‘F**king Disgrace’

6 Apps to Get You Through the Day

It’s Conservatives Who Really Want Christ Out of Christmas

Reel Numbers: ‘Walter Mitty’

What Obama Can Learn From Elizabeth Warren

French Women Don't Get Facelifts

With Trouble at Home, Boehner Fights the Right

Brrrr! Visit These Places Made Entirely of Ice (Photos)

Why Did Police Spend Three Months Investigating Rogue SAS Soldiers Diana Murder Claims?

The 13 Best Albums of 2013: Lorde, Kanye West, David Bowie, and More

‘Homeland’ Creator: Why Brody Had to Die for the Show to Live, and What’s Next in Season 4

McCain Considers Ukraine Sanctions

Barbara Probst at Murray Guy is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

These Are The 5 Scary Health Threats The CDC Will Tackle In 2014

Stop Whining About Uber’s Surge Pricing

Rihanna Builds Dream NYC Closet; H&M Gets an Isabel Marant Bump

Paul Ryan Panders With a Threat to Take the Debt Ceiling Hostage, Again

'Omar' and the Oscars

My Friend and Mentor, Christopher Hitchens

Carole Middleton Spotted Buying Calvin Klein Boxers

They’re Here. They’re Investable. Get Used to It.

William and Kate's New 200mph Motor

How Hillel Is Losing Touch With the People It Purports to Embrace

Report: University of Haifa Denies Professor Honorary Doctorate Over Politics

C’mon Silicon Valley, Ditch the Lazy Lady-Tech

Photos: The 25 Most Charitable Celebrities

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters compares Israel to the Nazis

Fear Allah, Don’t Sell Booze: Brick Lane’s Anti-Alcohol Protest

New Harry Engagement Speculation As She Scores Sandringham Christmas Invite

Was Rick Santorum Right About Polygamy After All?

The Opt-Out Economy

Syria’s Saudi Jihadist Problem

The Man Who Photographed the 20th Century’s Greatest Icons

Why Doesn’t Anyone Care About the Rising U.S.-China Tension?

The 25 Most Charitable Celebrities of 2013

No, Affluenza Is Not a Real Thing

Parliamentarian Lesya Orobets on the Myth of a Divided Ukraine

FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston Wins Heisman Trophy

Terry Lee Loewen, the Mellow Kansas Man Who Allegedly Dreamed of Jihad

Pain-Free Stilettos? Yamuna Zake Thinks Her Yoga Class Is the Answer

Moral Courage TV: Kevin Santiago

Pushing for Justice at Walmart

A Most Illegal Adventure with New York City’s Wildest Underground Event Planners

‘Homeland’ Finale Shocker: A Death in the Family

Michael Korda on the Role That Defined Peter O’Toole’s Success

Spending a Day With Peter O’Toole

Is Prostitution Wrong?

Boehner vs. the Tea Party

Poor Ukrainians Rally For Russia And Yanukovych In Kiev

Choir Flashmobs for Mandela

Nelson Mandela Buried In Moving Funeral Ceremony

The Women Behind the Throne in North Korea's 'Empire of Horror'

How Bin Laden Escaped in 2001—The lessons of Tora Bora

When Creationists Collide with Stephen Colbert

Slouching Towards Maidan: An American Hair-Trader Reflects On Ukraine’s Protests

From Joan Smalls to Oscar de la Renta, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Finally, an Accurate Look Back at AIDS Activism in ‘Why We Fight’

The Week in Death: Suzanne Gelleri Dear

A Catholic Ex-Banker on Pope Francis’s Radical Views

Psych’s 13 Best Musical Moments

Winston Churchill’s Egyptian Getaway: The Old Cataract Hotel

Rebecca Black’s Back, Conan O’Brien’s Lyft Joyride & More Viral Videos

Holiday Video Game Guide: Super Mario 3D World, Killzone, and More

The Letter That Paved the Way for ‘Ulysses'

Turkey's Government Wants To Convert Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque

You're Not American?! Christian Bale, Chiwetel Ejiofor & More Actors Who Are Actually British

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Game of Thrones

Fringe Factor: Gay Rights Has Killed Capitalism

I Was Way Too Old for Z100’s Jingle Ball Concert. But I Couldn’t Have Had More Fun.

Eight Minutes at Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Party

Drink Like Nelson Mandela: South Africa’s Exciting New Wine

This Is Why You Should Visit Botanical Gardens in the Winter (Photos)

Britain’s Last Great King: The Epic Life and Indulgences of Edward VII

Massacres and Madness

A Celebration of Edward Steichen, the World’s First Fashion Photographer

The New Politics of Pot: The 2014 Candidates Who Want to Legalize It

Chaos In The Central African Republic (PHOTOS)

Week in Photos: December 14, 2013

Debunking the ‘Virgin Birth’ Myth

Robert Nickelsberg’s Photos Show the Suffering and Turmoil of War in Afghanistan

The Myth of the American Mullah

The Week’s Best Longreads for December 14, 2013

The Real Walt Disney, Not the ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Version

The Heisman ‘Bad Boys’: Jameis Winston, Johnny Manziel, and Who Should Really Win

Why Obama’s Haters Are Worse Than Bush’s

Why Joaquin Phoenix, Who Wows in ‘Her,’ Is the Greatest Actor Alive

George W. Bush, Beyoncé and More of the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies (PHOTOS)

'How to Be A Submissive Wife' Handbook Is A Controversial Best-Seller in Europe

Sorry, Megyn Kelly. Nelson Mandela Was Santa Claus

Exclusive: McCain Flies to Ukraine as Protests Rage

Why Is Israel’s Red Cross Rejecting Ethiopian Blood?

For a Jewish Connection Without Converting, Cultural Affirmation is a Plan Worth Considering

Ingres at RISD is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

‘Beyoncé’ Review: Genius…and Dripping of Sex

Beyonce Releases Model-Filled Music Video; Victoria's Secret Sells Replica 'Fantasy Bra'

From Kristen Wiig to Kim Kardashian, Best & Worst Dressed of the Week (Photos)

Chicago: Murder Capital No More?

In the Wake of JFK’s death, Remembering the Army-Navy Game of 1963

In Italy, a Traditional Jewish Lifestyle is Disappearing

Biden Backs Ukrainian Protesters

GOP Infighting Will Hurt in 2014

This Is The Most Popular Instagram Photo of 2013

The Deal Has Passed, But Don’t Hold Your Breath for Bipartisanship

‘Mission Accomplished’ as Harry Hits the Pole

Jane Birkin's daughter Kate Barry found dead in Paris

Al Qaeda’s Black Flag Flies Over Iraq

Winnie on Nelson Mandela’s Final Moments

North Korean Blood Feud is ‘Richard III’ with Nukes

Literary City: Taiye Selasi’s Rome

Boehner, the Tea Party, and the Ryan Express

The Sweet Side of New York City

Congress Can Be Corrupt Without Corrupt People

Eating More Fat Could Save Your Life

A Rare Bipartisan House Budget Vote Is Cause for Optimism

The End of the Arctic? Ocean Could be Ice Free by 2015

Jack Kempt 2016: The Case for Paul Ryan

Can Grandpa Kick Your Ass?

What if the Founding Fathers Saw Newtown?

Justin Bieber’s No Good, Very Bad Year: Alleged Prostitutes, Reckless Driving, and More

Ukraine’s Military Veterans Protect Kiev Protesters

Reel Numbers: ‘Her’

The Cruzification of Marco Rubio

Interview: T Bone Burnett, the Coen Brothers’ Music Guru

This Week’s Hottest New Apps: Dec. 13, 2013

Can You Catch a Cold at Communion?

The Best TV Shows of 2013: ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ and More

Tyler Perry’s Madea Minstrel Show

Fatal Family Feuds: Kim Jong-un, Adolf Hitler & More (Photos)

Even an Arrest Can’t Stop Clayton Pettet From Losing His Virginity in an Art Show

If The Peace Talks Were A Movie

Bizarre Silk at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Murray-Ryan Budget Deal Advances

‘Life Itself’: An Open Letter From Filmmaker Steve James About His Roger Ebert Documentary

Tea Party Republicans: The Biggest Sore Winners in Washington

Israel's Secular-Religious Abortion Compromise

Beyond ‘Affluenza’: Four More Unusual Defense Strategies

This Is the Golden Age of Deficit Reduction

Senate’s Iran Sanctions Deal Falls Apart

Yes, Megyn Kelly, Santa Can Be Black (and Jesus, Too)

China’s Corruption Purge: The Fall of Zhou Yongkang

When ‘Israel First’ Means Condoning Old-School Anti-Semitism

Lindsay Ellingson is Engaged; Photographer Kate Barry Passed Away

Thousands of Students 'Evicted' in Pro-Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Remembering Music Pioneer Ahmet Ertegun

15 Golden Globe Snubs and Surprises: No Oprah, No Jon Hamm, and More

I Took The One ‘Hour Of Code’ Challenge

2014 Golden Globe Nominations: ‘Gravity,’ ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ ‘Girls,’ and More

On the Hunt For…: Greg Baxter’s “The Apartment” Review

Timothy Vafeades, the Vampire Trucker, Shames the Undead

Carnal Injustice: India’s Outrageous Court Ruling Against Gays

‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Is This Oscar Season’s Breath of Fresh Air

Congress Cooperates, Obama Pushes Hard, and Closing Gitmo Has a Chance

Told You So: Obamacare’s Back

New Report Exposes Trafficking Rings in Egypt’s Sinai

Is Your Bacon on Drugs?

Meet the Pint-Sized Pro Golfers of Netflix’s ‘The Short Game’

John Boehner Slams Conservative Groups: ‘This Is Ridiculous’

News According to: The World Cup

Edward Snowden, Not Pope Francis, Is the Person of the Year

13 Most Overlooked Movies of 2013: ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ ‘Rush,’ and More

The Death of a Performance Artist

New Mexico’s Amazing Man-Made Carved Caves

Bill Bratton Vs. Ray Kelly

Piers Morgan Joked About Phone Hacking With Murdoch Editor

Organizing for Action Wants Your Newtown Anniversary Party to Be a Success

On the Road, Old Bean: Two Brits Adventures in America

The School Shootings You Didn’t Hear About—One Every Two Weeks Since Newtown

Even Kate Middleton Can't Make 3D Glasses Look Good!!

Arrow ‘Three Ghosts’ Recap: Here Comes The Flash!

How Harry Was 'Blitzed" With Calls By 'Needy' Girlfriend Chelsy, Court Hears

Capitol Hill Child Porn Arrest

The 31 Best Kanye West Quotes of 2013

Mirror of Mind: What the Face Tells Us About Intuition

With the Ryan-Murray Deal, Washington Stops Hurting the Economy

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good Idea for Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian Cooperation

Broomberg and Chanarin on Brecht at MoMA are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Habonim Dror Cultivates A Sophisticated Take on Jewish Identity

How The Royal Phones Got Hacked

Former IDF Chief of Staff Says He Prefers Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad

Iran Nuke Deal Keeps Getting Worse

Gamer Life: I’m Addicted to ‘Peggle 2’

Senate Aide In Child Porn Bust

Controversial Semi-Clothed Kate Middleton Artist Wins British Award

Nelson Mandela Memorial Interpreter Was a Fake

Pope Francis Is Time’s Man of The Year

2014 SAG Nominations: Surprises, Snubs, and What It Means for Oscar

Kristen Stewart Named Face of Chanel; Ryan Lochte Dabbles in Fashion Design

Meet Ruslana Lyzhychko, the Soulvoickraine’s Revolution

Prince Harry Speaks of 'Incredibly High' Spirits With Teams 45KM From South Pole

Alice Temperley On Kate and Pippa

Surf Better With These 9 Killer Google Chrome Extensions

What Conservatives Like Liz Cheney Didn’t Understand About Apartheid

The Real Heart of Darkness

Danielle Brooks, Taystee on ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Is the Breakout Star of the Year

The Year in Awesome Hair (PHOTOS)

The Super-Stuffed Superhero Movie

The Untouristy Guide to the Holidays in New York

Amy Tan: How I Write

Surviving Syria’s Incendiary Bomb Attacks

Buying a Gift Card Is Really Making a Free Loan to Big Business

Time to Sell the Family Jewels, Detroit

When Not to Take a Selfie

Ukraine’s Eurolution Is a PR Godsend for the Struggling E.U.

Raul Castro Reaches Out to Obama, But Don’t Call It a Thaw

It’s DINO Hunting Season as the Democrats Gird for Their Own Civil War

3 Easy Ways To Make Fresh, Healthy Food A Regular Part Of Your Life

Are Pippa and Nico Engaged?

Most-Watched YouTube Videos of 2013: Ylvis, Harlem Shake & More (WATCH)

2013’s Most-Watched Music Videos: Psy, Miley Cyrus & More (WATCH)

Thanks, Patty Murray and Paul Ryan. You Did Your Job. Finally.

The Budget Deal: The $45 Billion Question

The Conservative Budget Backlash

The Mysteries of ‘Her’: Kristen Wiig’s Phone Sex Scene, Scarlett Johansson, and More

Satan Is Coming to Oklahoma

Church Birdsong by David Blatherwick is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Swarthmore Hillel Breaks From Guidelines Over Ban on ‘Anti-Zionist’ Speakers

A Picture Says It All Or Does It? Judging an Author by Their Photo

Rowdy Crowds At Mandela’s Memorial

Is GOP Sen. John Cornyn a Liberal?

Unemployed Workers Need Benefits, but Republicans Still Say “No.”

Tila Tequila Proclaims Her Love of Hitler, Ron Burgundy and Robin Thicke Team Up For a Single

By Land or Sea, Where to Expand Israel’s Natural Gas Facilities

Drone Hunting Vote Is Squashed by Citizen Protest

‘Blackfish’ Prompts SeaWorld Mass Exodus for Bands, Boycott May Be Imminent

Milk & Cookie Cliff in House GOP Hands

Up to Speed: 5 Things to Know About Mary Barra, GM’s First Female CEO

In Ramallah and Washington, John Kerry Pays Lip Service to Palestinian Security

Sudan Group Criticizes Obama on Human Rights Day

Lululemon Founder Resigns; Victoria Beckham's Wedding Tiara Fails to Sell

Dominic West Reveals That Metallica Keeps Him Going On South Pole Prince Harry Challenge

Why Zionists Should Be Surprised—Even Heartened—By the United Church of Canada's Boycott

British Cyclist Bradley Wiggins Knighted

Israel Tried to Influence Mandela Trial, Declassified Documents Show

Inside the NYPD’s Report on the Kenya Shopping Mall Massacre

Raúl Castro Honors Mandela, but Ignores His Message

Obama Says Goodbye to Nelson Mandela

Full Text of President Obama's Eulogy for Nelson Mandela

Five Outrageous Outbursts By Senate Candidate Steve Stockman

How Nelson Mandela Called The Queen 'Elizabeth' And Commented On Her Weight

Single Payer Is Getting a Second Life as Obamacare Frustration Peaks

Backstage With the Victoria’s Secret Angels

Reel Numbers: ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

The GOP’s Apartheid Insurrection

2013 Was the Year of Women at the Box Office

Wheat Threatens All Humans, New Research Shows

‘American Hustle’: A Sexy, Gleefully Chaotic Caper Starring Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence

Conservatives on the Wrong Side of History on Mandela, Most Other Things

Mourning Nelson Mandela (PHOTOS)

More Shocking Than Online Suicides Are the Crowds Who Clamor to Watch

Body Hack: How to See in the Dark (Like Pirates!)

‘Because the Internet’ Review: Childish Gambino Is Hip-Hop’s Perennial Outsider

Firefighter’s Son in Iconic 1995 Funeral Photo Follows His Dad’s Deadly Steps

Iran Warns U.S. Congress That Sanctions Will Derail Nuke Negotiations

Cartier Retrospective Looks Back at 100 Years of Creating Bling for the Stars

Inside the Kiev Crackdown

How Mitch McConnell Defied Ronald Reagan on Apartheid

Wax On, Wax Off: Why Women Aren't Embracing More Hair Down There

Tea Party Rep. Steve Stockman Targets John Cornyn

The Ted Cruz Coloring Book

Washington Mourns Top Diplomat

Netanyahu: The Road To Mideast Peace Runs Through Tehran

Warhol polaroids at the Rose Art Museum are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

This Week’s Hot Reads: Dec. 9, 2013

Investing in Women

Netanyahu Can't Afford to Attend Mandela's Funeral. Here's What He Can Afford.

'Is It Good For The Jews?' Is Not The Question

South Africa Kicks Off Week Of Mourning Mandela

Rare Images Show Kim Jong-un's Uncle Being Dragged Away

Dear Jews: Stop Trying to Make People Shut Up

Five Smarter Ways to Train Your Heart

Netanyahu Cancels Attendance at Mandela's Funeral, Citing High Cost of Travel

Miley Cyrus Debuts Anna Wintour-esque Bob; Lady Gaga Dresses as a Christmas Tree

Pope Francis Beats Royal Baby on Facebook in 2013

Amazon Drones Far From A Reality

When Salinger Spoke Out: A Rare 1959 Public Letter Against Life in Prison

Hillary at Foggy Bottom

Prince Charles to Represent Queen at Mandela Funeral

The GOP Couldn’t Kill Obamacare, but Hispanics Could

Satellites Correctly Predict Military Campaign Against Civilians in Sudan

Nelson Mandela Demanded Justice Before Forgiving White South Africans

Chet Haze and Hollywood’s Silver Spoon MCs

Thailand Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra Dissolves Parliament, Calls for Elections

See ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ and Other Dutch Masterpieces at the Last Stop on Their U.S. Tour

Adriana Lima’s 9 Favorite Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Looks (Photos)

Bring on the Bubbly! These Hotels Have the Best New Year's Eve Parties (Photos)

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery on Her Path From MTV to Fox Business

Gavin Arvizo’s Happy Ending: Jackson Abuse Accuser Gets Married at 24

Syria’s Jihadists Linked to Organized Crime

Why Has the Public Forgiven R. Kelly for His Sordid, Predatory Past?

The Sartorialist Hits Miami Beach: Inside Scott Schuman’s Exhibition

Moral Courage TV: Victoria Johnson

What Does an Increase in the Minimum Wage Do to the Economy?

Ukraine Protesters Smash Lenin’s Statue in Kiev

The Pre-Emptive War on Hillary Clinton

Sondheim on Sondheim: American Musical Theater in Six Songs

Ten Most Outrageous Princess Michael of Kent Quotes

‘American Hustle’ Cast On Hairdos, the Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Adams Kiss, and More

‘Homeland’ Is Finally Back On Track with Season 3’s Penultimate Episode, “Big Man in Tehran”

Mandela Remembered

Hit the Slopes: The Best Ski Resorts and Hotels in the U.S. (Photos)

Classic Miles Davis Recordings Reveal New Beauty in Their Classic Mono Format

Brunello’s King Lear: Gianfranco Soldera Reflects on the Attack on His Wine

From Beyonce to Rachel Zoe, The 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

The Hipster Fred Phelps

My Xbox One Won’t Let Me Swear

The Model Diaries: Show Me Your Best ‘Racist’

The Man With Stories to Tell

The South Has Indeed Risen Again and It’s Called the Tea Party

Kimye, Britney Spears and the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies (PHOTOS)

Teen Pregnancies Drop a Whopping 52 Percent in Two Decades

Vatican Soap Opera: Former Priest To Marry Mother Of His Child

Time to Get Tough With China?

How the USA Lost Its Syrian Allies

Best Business Longreads

Paris’s New Metro Etiquette Manual is a Rosetta Stone for Travelers

What We Didn’t Learn After Newtown

You Should Have Been There: Dispatches From Miami Art Basel

Willem Dafoe Cuts Like a Blade

Fringe Factor: Obamacare, A Modern-Day Apartheid

The Mommy-rexia Outrage

Prince Harry's Cursed Antarctic Race Cancelled As Harsh Conditions Take Their Toll

From Smarm To Snark, We’re All Soldiers In The War On Obscurity

Top 10 Predictions for Technology in 2014

ASMR and the Rise of the Whisper Fetish

The Week’s Best Longreads for December 7, 2013

Dubai’s Camel Races Embrace Robot Jockeys

The Legend of Brown Dog: A Great American Hero Gets His Due

Why Did Llewyn Davis’s Greenwich Village Disappear?

Not for the Faint of Art: a New IDOLIZE Exhibit at Art Basel Miami Beach

The Only Ballerinas In All Of Abkhazia

Week in Photos: December 7, 2013

The Opponents of Militant Islamism Are Often As Bigoted as Their Targets

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R. Kelly, Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning, and More Viral Videos

Sen. Chris Murphy, Taking On the NRA After Newtown

Neal Schon and Michaele Salahi Are Tying the Knot and You Can Pay to Watch

Joel Grey Finds Art in Decaying Billboards and Weathered Signs

Dylan’s Candor Gets Misconstrued as Hate Speech in France

Doing ‘Penance’ at Art Basel in Miami

Goodbye, Madiba: The World Mourns Nelson Mandela (PHOTOS)

In Mississippi, Thad Cochran Will Stay and Fight Tea Party Challenger

Congress Needs Term Limits

Mandela, My Source: One Journalist’s Memory of Clandestine Meetings

Inside the World Cup Draw: Devastating for the U.S., Great for Brazil

Black Paintings by Ad Reinhardt are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

'Sound of Music' Gets Huge Ratings, 'Family Guy's' Brian Griffin Is Coming Back

Can You Paint Like Johannes Vermeer, Too?

From Kate Moss to Keira Knightley, Best and Worst Dressed of the Week (Photos)

Mandela and My Son

Ted Cruz Commenters Hate Mandela

Rand Paul Wants To Run In 2016

Iran and the Division Between Olmert and Netanyahu

How Steve Beshear Became Kentucky’s Democrat Whisperer

Beyoncé Wears Fur To Vegan Dinner; Kate Middleton Dons a Messy Ponytail

Mourning Mandela Around the World

The Lapid-Bennett Alliance Is Breaking Down

Americans Locked Up Abroad: Who They Are, What They Did

Sudanese, Lebanese students enroll in Israel's Open University

Anger at the Heart of Nelson Mandela’s Violent Struggle

Finally: An Unusually Awesome Jobs Report

How The Sun Paid $6,500 For A Photo Of Prince William in a Bikini

How to Understand the Criminal Mind By Reading This Novel

Prince Charles and The Queen Pay Tribute To Mandela

Keanu Reeves Dishes On Kung Fu, Amazon Drones, Directing ‘Man of Tai Chi,’ And More

A Budget Deal on the Horizon?

‘Sound of Music Live!’ Review: The Hills Are Barely Alive

From Jay Z and Al Gore to Mike Tyson, Seven Celebrity Vegans (Photos)

The Most Colorful Cities in the World (Photos)

Don’t Forget About Michael B. Jordan

Freed Taliban Prisoners in Pakistan and Afghanistan Return to Jihad

Would You Kill the Fat Man? And Other Conundrums

Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room” Madness Takes Manhattan

Hot Baby Names for 2014

Why Jay Z’s Vegan Diet Is a Mistake

An Inconvenient Truth: Neither Party Is Serious About Diversity

Inside the ‘PayPal 14’ Trial

Nelson Mandela Was Undeniably Great But He Doesn’t Need a Halo

On ‘Hardball,’ Obama Touts, Dodges Clinton-Biden Talk

Nelson Mandela’s Life in Photo

The GOP’s Incredible Shrinking Big Tent

Don’t Sanitize Nelson Mandela: He’s Honored Now, But Was Hated Then

William and Kate Told of Mandela's Death As They Watch Premiere of New Film About His Life

Bill Clinton: ‘I Will Never Forget My Friend Madiba’

'He Belongs to the Ages'

Six Defining Moments from Nelson Mandela’s Life (video)

Inspiring Mandela Quotes

Can Bill Bratton Solve De Blasio’s NYPD Dilemma?

Mandela: The Miracle Maker

Mandela: The Last Good Man

Obamas’ Dog Takes Out Toddler

Kate Middleton, Marc Jacobs, and More Inspired by 2014’s Color of the Year—Radiant Orchid

Blame America First—And Only

Has Couric Lost Her Cred on HPV?

Jameis Winston: No Rape Charges Filed

Ad Reinhardt Black Paintings are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

No, a $15-Hour Fast Food Wage Isn’t Crazy

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: This Is Not How It Ends

Rob Ford Investigation: Six Craziest Allegations

Lana Del Rey’s New Short Film ‘Tropico’ Is So Bad It Might Be Good

Are Young Voters Turning on Obama?

Release the Newtown Photos!

‘Hunger Games’ Is a Tea Party Dystopia

American Teacher Ronnie Smith Shot Dead In Libya By Gunmen

Pope Francis Announces Commission To Address Sex Abuse Cases

Boston Irish Girl Jennifer Grout Is The Unexpected Star Of ‘Arabs Got Talent’

8 Lessons From the Murdoch Phone Hacking Trial

‘The Final Member’: The Wacky Race to Get A Human Penis in Iceland’s Phallological Museum

Kate Prank Call Which Led To Nurse's Suicide: DJ Resigns

Looking Anew at the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Miley Cyrus Named Both Best and Worst Dressed; 'Radiant Orchid' Named Pantone's Color of 2014

Israel to Simulate Chemical Attack By Suicide Bomber

Prince Harry And Polar Expedition Veterans 'Exhausted and Weary' But Solider On

All that Glitters Is Not Gold: Inside the New Bubble

Italian Woman Says British Doctors Forced Her to Have a C-Section, Took Her Baby

Tales of a Bergdorf Goodman Window Dresser

Temple Hopping in the Paradise of Bagan, Burma

Have We Hit Marina Abramovic Overload?

‘Nuke Mom’ Marisa Sketo Kirsh on Her Vindication

France’s New Prostitution Law Targets Johns, Ignites National Debate

Why Obamacare Could Help the Democrats in 2014

Kim Jong Un Purges No. 2, Jang Song Thaek

We Are Radicals at Heart: A New History Gets America Wrong

The LeBron James Who Wasn’t: The Story of Lenny Cooke

The Truth About Obama-Era Inequality

Why One Six-Year Presidential Term Would Be Good for America

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Star Oscar Isaac Is About to Be a Very Big Deal

Political Corporate Contributions Won’t Be Aired in Daylight

The World’s Take on Thai Protests

Obama Income Inequality Speech Previews a 2016 Democratic Split

Why Love Matters? Cressida Knows

Bloody Clash Pits Europe Vs. Russia

Nigella Lawson Tells Court She Used Cocaine, Marijuana

This iPad Finger Painting of Morgan Freeman Is Amazingly Realistic

What the Prawer Plan Says About Israel's Character

Who Is Gal Gadot, the New Wonder Woman?

Don't Let the Maccabees Win

Obama Confronts Liberals' Biggest Skeptics: White People

FBI Searches Bachmann Aide House

Weeks After Taking a Leave of Absence for Insulting Sarah Palin, Martin Bashir Quits his MSNBC Show

Five Healthy—and Legal—Ways to Stay Awake Longer

Newtown 911 Calls Released: Hear the Chilling Audio

What Does the ASA Boycott Mean? They Don’t Know.

It’s the Wages, Stupid

'House of Cards' Returns, R. Kelly to Release New 'Trapped in the Closet'

Israel, Italy, the Iran Connection and Berlusconi's Legacy

Bankruptcy Hasn’t Stopped Detroit’s Plan for Public Funding of New Sports Stadium

Fact Vs. Fiction in ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’: The Real Story of Folk is Far Less Dejected Than the Movie

French Torture Mastermind Paul Aussaresses Dies Peacefully at 95

Beheading Terrorist: Blame Blair

Hack Your Health: 6 Biohacks That Might Surprise You

Canadian PM Stephen Harper Displays Lockstep Friendship With Israel at JNF Dinner

Backstage With Victoria’s Secret

Princes Diana Dress Makes $140,000

Big Labor’s Big Mac Attack

The Right-Wing is Furious Over Obama's Imaginary Attack on Military Families

Ad Reinhardt Black Paintings Are Relics - The Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Jay Z and Beyoncé Go Vegan; 2013 Was the Year of the Hipster

Yes, TNR, There Really is an American Jewish Cocoon

'The Grinch Who Stole Politics'

Kate Wears Tiara For First Time Since Wedding

Obama and Inequality (and Clinton): A Long-Term Project

Rx for Obamacare: Take a Chill Pill

Sen. Bob Smith: The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave

In Defense of Kanye West

Putin’s Power Grab: First Armenia, Now Ukraine

Obama Wins Round One on Iran

Rick Perry Can’t Quit Campaigning

Graffiti-Covered Wynwood Is Quickly Becoming Miami’s Hippest New Neighborhood

‘Sound of Music’ Star Laura Benanti Is About to Be One of Your Favorite Things

Brooklyn’s Lazy Carpetbagger Sets His Sights on an Alaska Senate Seat

Assad: Our Century’s Bloodiest Dictator?

How I Write: James McBride, The New National Book Award Winner For Fiction

Pippa and The Middletons Face New 'Cashing-In' Allegations

The Deadly Plastic Gun Loophole the House Extension Leaves in Place

Why You Should Give LED Light Bulbs for Christmas. Seriously.

Tyra Banks Turns 40 (Photos)

David Datuna Creates Google Glass Art for Art Basel Miami Beach

Aliaa Elmahdy, Egypt's Pioneering Nude Protester

Watch Lorde’s Magical New Music Video For Her Song “Team”

Ad Reinhardt Black Paintings at David Zwirner are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Can This Mood-Sensing Bra Curb Overeating?

Exclusive: Red Flag Raised on Chinese Telecom Deal

'American Hustle' Win Kicks Off Awards Season

Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho, Mahmoud Abbas Has Got to Go

There Are No “True” Independent Voters in American Politics

R. Kelly’s Craziest Lyrics From ‘Black Panties,’ Analyzed

Bob Dylan and the Writing of ‘Blonde on Blonde’ at the Chelsea Hotel

Anti-Thaksin Protesters Are Thailand’s Tea Partiers

Pope Francis Avoids Apology For Clergy Sex Abuse

A Divorce Made in Heaven: Don’t Reform Israel’s State Rabbinate. Shut It Down.

Miley Cyrus Is Leading the TIME Person of the Year Poll With Two Days Left

Racism Not a Problem Anymore? Don't Be Ridiculous, It's Still a Big Issue

Iranian and Israeli Singers in Christmas Duet

Vin Diesel Pays Tribute to Paul Walker, The Kardashians’ Christmas Card Cost $250K

Incredible UNESCO Sites in Danger of Disappearing (Photos)

Sid Avery Captures the Private Moments of Hollywood’s Golden-Era Stars (Photos)

Skype Announces 'Collaboration Project'; Macys and Bloomingdales Face Racial Profiling Investigations

Amazing Pictures of Future Queen Cross-Dressing in Teenage Pantomime Role Go On Sale

Madoff Henchman Rats Out Co-Workers

Pentagon Tells Workers to Ask Before Bringing Bombs to Work

Pippa And Family Accused of 'Cashing In' With Alleged Cut-Price Range Rover Deal

Christie and Cuomo’s Awkward Embrace

Ukraine Explodes in Violence, Protesters Call for Yanukovych to Resign (PHOTOS)

Ukraine’s Orange Revolution Redux

The Rise of Selfie Pop: Why Songs About Self-Esteem Are All the Rage

Carey Mulligan, Star of ‘Inside Llewyn Davis,’ on the Coen Brothers, ‘N Sync Fandom, Lorde, and More

This Man Was Shocked When His Chimpanzee Sued Him

‘Britney Jean’ Review: Britney Spears Is the Last of the Pop Goddesses

Can Washington Stop the Next Shutdown?

Reel Numbers: ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

Obamacare’s Marketing to Millennials Has Been a Disaster. Here’s How to Fix It.

The Accidental Truth in the RNC’s Latest Race Gaffe

From Gisele Bundchen to Naomi Campbell, a History of the Vogue Model (PHOTOS)

How America’s Nuclear Deal Sold Out Iran’s Liberals

Harry And The Team Begin Their Epic Walk

How Right-Wing Conservatives Are Using Hobby Lobby To Force Their Religious Views of Sex on the Nation

Who’s William Rockefeller, the Engineer Behind the Metro-North Crash?

Ben Gurion University Forbids Women To Light Chanukah Candles in Official Ceremony

‘New York’ Mag & the Cruel Double Meaning of ‘Biweekly’

This Week’s Hot Reads: Dec. 2, 2013

Ad Reinhardt Black Paintings are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Kate Moss, Harry Styles, and More From the 2013 British Fashion Awards Red Carpet

Lunch with Peter Kaplan: Adam Begley Remembers

Diplomats from Around the World Join Forces to Train Young Israeli, Palestinian Leaders

They Just Don't Care if Healthcare.Gov Works or Not

Put Down That Cashmere. There’s a New Luxury Wool in Town

Are Amazon’s Drone Plans Just a Fantasy?

Benjamin Netanyahu Meets Pope Francis In Rome

Pakistan’s Change of Guard and General Ashfaq Kayani’s Legacy

No, More Sanctions Won’t Help With Iran

What If It's Not Hillary? Meet the Democrats' Plan B Team for 2016

All Retailers Want for Christmas Is More Shoppers

The Kardashians Go High Fashion for Annual Christmas Card; First Look at Kate Moss's 'Playboy' Cover

Chris Cuomo Defends His CNN Interview With His Brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Olmert Slams Netanyahu for His Public Reaction to the Geneva Deal With Iran

Olympian Tom Daley: I’m Bisexual

Listen To Prince Harry's Audio Blog From The South Pole

Wiliam and Kate to Ask Carole To Accompany Them on Royal Tour?

Moral Courage TV: T.J. Leyden

Memo to Bibi Netanyahu: It’s Time to Build an Arsenal of Awe

Are Key and Peele Biracial Geniuses or Are They Just Really Funny?

Alabama Coach Nick Saban’s Folly: Great Coaches Protect Their Players

Turkey’s Rock and Roll Imam Under Investigation

The Five Deadliest Train Derailments in U.S. History

Look Out! There’s a Craft-Beer Revolution Taking Over France

Best Paul Walker Performances: Ranking the ‘Fast and Furious’ Franchise

Casey Affleck, Star of ‘Out of the Furnace,’ on His Hollywood Struggles

Obama Really Seems to Be Looking Forward to the End of His Presidency

Photographer Kyle Thompson Elevates the ‘Selfie’ to Self-Portraiture

The GOP’s Nuclear Winter Strategy

7 Things You Need to Know About Adderall

What Happened When I Replaced Coffee With 30 Seconds of Exercise

Is Prince Harry Cursed?

Six Secrets of Sleep Hacking to Get More Effective Rest

Is the IIFYM Diet Right for You?

'The Walking Dead's' Explosive Midseason Finale Pitted Rick vs. The Governor

Is the Fix Too Late to Save Obamacare?

Amazing Grace in the Bronx: Inside the Metro-North Train-Wreck Rescue

Four Dead in NYC Train Derailment: Tweets, Photos & More

Is Obamacare Up and Running?

Senate Democrats Just Took Us a Step Closer to the Imperial Presidency

The Big Idea: Why Canada and U.S. Should Merge

India’s Mysterious Skeleton Lake

Uncovering Jamaica’s Jewish Past

Meet Frontback: The App The Lets You Tell a Story with Your Selfie

Are Prisons Bleeding Us Dry?

Russia’s Monotown of Asbest: The Town Asbestos Built

Who Was Jesus, Anyway?

Whatever Happened to Great Holiday Films?

Skiing Prodigy Mikaela Shiffrin Looks Ahead to Sochi

Amazon’s Smile Program Encourages Philanthropy at Christmas

Face to Face With ‘The Goldfinch,’ the Painting from Donna Tartt’s Novel

The Bosnia Atrocities, the World’s Greatest Forensic Puzzle

From Cara Delevingne to Kim Kardashian, The 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Miley Cyrus, James Franco & The Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies (PHOTOS)

Tracey Emin Neons Light Up MOCA Miami for Art Basel (Photos)

A Study in Xbox One Violence: Dead Rising 3 Vs. Ryse: Son of Rome

Best Business Longreads

Actor Paul Walker, Star of ‘The Fast and the Furious’ Films, Dies In Car Crash