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Istanbul Erupts In Violence After Protests Against Razing Of Gezi Park

When Easter Eggs Go Bad

Occupy Istanbul Erupts in Violence (PHOTOS)

IRS White House Visits: Less Than Meets the Eye

If You Grow Up Indian-American, College Graduation Isn’t Enough

The McConnell Wiretapper Speaks

Nazis on Meth

Backstreet Boys Practice Panda Diplomacy

My Eulogy for My Father, Murray Frum

The Schism Between Pro-Assad And Pro-Palestinian

Luella Bartley Heads to Marc by Marc Jacobs; Dov Charney Likens Bangladesh Factory Disasters to 9-11

71 Percent of Voters Expect Immigration Reform to Fail

Mazel Tov, Arvind! But Are You Sure It’s Not Kneydl?

Even If Racism Abates, Its Effects Don't

Serena Williams Debuts Her Art

The Agony and the Ecstasy of the National Spelling Bee

U.S. Woman Freed from Mexican Jail

Who's Mark Pryor Kidding?

Sorry About That, Cicadas

BDS-Backer Alice Walker Protested At Jewish Institution

The King of Texas

Muslims Combating Anti-Semitism

American Woman Killed in Syria

Queen Visits London Terror Attack Site

Inter-Galactic Reform Conservatism

Grumpy Cat: The Movie

Artist Removes Prince Harry Kills Me Banner From Venice Biennale

Pippa Middleton Sets Up Her Own Business

OMG, I Want This House: Brussels (Photos)

From Cannes to Vienna, the Best and Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

Sean Parker, Katy Perry & More Bizarre Celebrity Theme Weddings (PHOTOS)

‘Shadow Dancer’ Explores Post-Thatcher’s London During The Troubles

Will Smith’s ‘After Earth’ Is Terrible. Has He Lost His Mojo?

‘The Kings of Summer’ Stars on Survival Skills, Girls, Becoming Men, and More

The Big Idea: How Sex Became a Civil Liberty

Wedding Bells For Natalie Holloway Suspect Joran Van der Sloot

Please Pay Attention to the MERS Warnings

Rand Paul Pitches Silicon Valley’s Libertarians

Who Was That With McCain? Not Syrian Kidnappers, NGOs Say

My Big Fat Greek Book Tour: Nia Vardalos Promotes Instant Mom

Mideast War in Our Time?

Chicago Police Say Shooting Deaths Are Declining

Will Italy Sue Facebook over Cyberbullying Suicide?

A Yiddish Word For The Win

Your Favorite Crazy Congressmen

A Brief History of Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Style (PHOTOS)

Woman Allegedly Contracts Herpes from Rihanna Lipstick Tester

Sexy Prince Slips Into Tux For London Fundraiser

Comey: Principled or Self-Righteous?

State Dept. Declares 2012 the Year of Iranian Terror

This Word Won The Spelling Bee

Sheldon Adelson Gets a Free Pass for Bigotry

In Praise of Clip-on Ties

Gay People Can Be as Traditional and Boring as Straight People

Racism and Religious Zionist Youth Movements: Own Up

‘Prancercise’ Creator on Her ‘Wacky’ Workout and Being Too Famous to Prancercise

John McCain: Whoops!

Pakistan’s Drone Dilemma

Banks Are Thriving Despite Regulations Thanks to Economic Growth

The Coming West Bank Instability

Syria: Banking on Geneva

What Price Drug Use?

James Comey's Hero Moment

American Dreams, 1943: Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles

Enterpreneurs Create Apps and Web-Based Businesses to Appeal to Dog Owners

Boy, the Head of the IRS Went to the White House A Lot

The Pros and Cons of Killer Robots

White People on Parade

Does America Want to Be Like Sweden?

Ann Romney 'Loved It'

The Senate's Nuclear Option on Judicial Nominations

Anne Hathaway Returns to Brunette; Hillary Clinton Confirmed for CFDA Awards

Pentagon Papers Lawyer James Goodale: It’s Time for Eric Holder to Resign

What Happens If Syria Gets S-300 Missiles?

Does Joblessness Lower Life Expectancy?

France's First Grooms Say 'Oui'

Separate Days for Arabs and Jews at Israeli Amusement Park

Republicans Cede Swing States

The Frum Art Collection

Trump 2016?

My Thoughts on Immigration, Just For You Commenters

The Times Defends Cressie

Another Hideous Royal Portrait!

William Nearly Falls Playing Polo

Ted Cruz Woos New York Republicans but Skips All Talk of 2016

Exclusive: Former WikiLeaks Employee James Ball Describes Working With Julian Assange

Revenge of the Nerds!

Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ Sparks Dante Fever in Florence

France’s Pointless, Hopeless Battle Against English

As GOP Senators Block Obama’s Nominees, Democrats Prepare “Nuclear Option”

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee: When Freshmen Attack

As Anger at Eric Holder Grows, So Does His Value as Obama’s Lightning Rod

Michele Bachmann Is Out, So Who’s Our New Craziest Member of Congress?

Never Mind Inequality: Silicon Valley Enriches All Of Our Lives

Fear and Loathing in Mexico

Does Maverick McCain Matter?

Why Rutgers’s Julie Hermann Disaster Means Trouble for the President

Obama: Finally Ready to Fight?

New Jersey Town Could Ban Baggy Pants

Bear Hit by Car, Runs Away

McConnell Ad Compares Obama to Nixon

Pope Benedict Still Inspiring Shoe Trends

Keep on Spinning, Immigration Amnesty Advocates

Eight More Movie Franchises The Rock Could Rescue (PHOTOS)

‘Mad Men’: The Bizarre Megan Draper as Sharon Tate Conspiracy Theory

Netanyahu’s Fallacious Anti-Semitism Arguments

Burke Isn't as Relevant as I'd Like

Pew Study Shows Women Leading Breadwinners in 40 Percent of Households

Better Pissed Off Than Pissed On

Sarah Sze at the Venice Biennale is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How Israeli Leaders Will Follow Their Public To A Peace Deal

The House Still Isn't Dealing With Immigration's Obamacare Problem

I Tried New York’s Bike Sharing Program. And I Liked It!

The King of Awkward

Israeli Peace Camp: Empower Moderate Settlers

Maureen Dowd Can Be Right, Too

Coco Rocha Nabs Tech Editor Job; Dolce & Gabbana Could Face Jail Time

The Status of Immigration Reform in the Senate

A Wild Night in Caracas : U.S. Embassy Officials Shot

Fracking is Pitting OPEC Members Against Each Other. It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Bunch of Cartel Members.

‘Parks and Rec’ Star Nick Offerman on Dicks & the Opposite Sex, Feminism

Time To Get Rid of the Peace Process?

Learn to Love the Cadillac Tax

Josh Rogin on Dual Track Process in Syria

Michele Bachmann Is Done: Her Hostage Video to Reality

No More Bachmann

Pacifists We're Loathe to Like

Bye Bye, Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, Daddy, Jesus, America

Daily Mail Sticks Knife Into Party-Loving Cressie

My Search for Amanda Bynes … and Why I’m Calling It Off

Enter Rick Owens's Dark Twisted Fantasy in New Book (PHOTOS)

10 Fascinating Porn Star Memoirs: Aurora Snow on Porn Tell-Alls

A Bad Relationship: How the Press Came To Love Obama More Than Itself

Obama Escapes Scandals in New Jersey, but What’s in It for Christie?

Memo to the GOP: It’s Time to Listen to Your Elders

Venice Biennale Artist Sarah Sze’s Career Highlights (PHOTOS)

Fatkinis: GabiFresh’s Plus-Size Bikini Line

Abdellatif Kechiche’s Palme d’Or Winner, ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color,’ Is Not Porn

A.J. Jacobs: How I Write

If Rob Ford Really Smoked Crack, He’d Have a Hell of a Time Governing Toronto

Hurricane Season Is Starting, and Projections Are Higher Than Average

Italy Rages Against Murder of Fabiana Luzzi

May 29, 2013 Preview

Boston Survivor, Hero Throw First Pitch

Portia de Rossi’s New Look Spooks ‘Arrested Development’ Fans

What 'Get Lucky' Is Really Saying

Mind-Blowing Bicycle Magic

ASOS Recalls Radioactive Belts

Resurrecting Afghanistan: Khaled Hosseini’s ‘And the Mountains Echoed’

What We Can Learn from Rioting in Sweden

Jennifer Rubin Misses the Point from Immigration Skeptics

Let’s All Say Kaddish for Better Place

Train Explosion: 'That S*** Look Crazy!'

Google Buys Flying Wind Turbine Company Makani Power

Obama Asks for a No-Fly Zone Plan For Syria

Camilla Drops Into Dior

Obama Asks Pentagon For Syria No-Fly Zone Plan

Eli Lake on Senator McCain's Syria Visit

Is the Ultra-Orthodox Draft a Good Idea?

Bromance on the Boardwalk

More South-Bashing!

Hamptons Summer Rentals top $1 million

Carter’s Belated Triumph

'The Jersey Shore Is Back!'

Kerry's Gas Field Plan Won't Make Palestine a Better Place

This Week’s Hot Reads: May 28, 2013

Obama and Christie's Jersey Shore Bromance

Democrats Accept the Guest Worker Program

What Commentary Gets Wrong About Olmert-Abbas Negotiations

Mario Testino Collaborates With Net-a-Porter; CFDA Awards Presenters Announced

Ronski Heads New Jewish Identity Administration

In Defense of Arrested Development

Fan Slaps Beyoncé's Booty

Bedouins, MKs Protest Negev Displacement Plans

Baby Rescued From Toilet Pipe

John McCain Visits Syrian Rebels

The Street, From Every Angle

The GOP Needs Its Own DLC

Confederate Traitors Don't Deserve the Honors

Middletons Reportedly Planning To Set Up Shop In New York

Kate's Last Engagement? All Royals To Attend 60th Anniversary of Coronation

Uncle Gary Says Royal Baby Will Spend First Six Weeks at Kate's Mom's

Why ‘Arrested Development’s’ 4th Season Is A Bust: Contracts And More

Queen Camilla? Don't Bet Against It...

The Master Terrorist We Gave Away

The White House and the IRS: A Carteresque Fiasco

John Bolton: Barack Obama Declares Defeat in Global War on Terror

Holder’s Regrets and Repairs

The GOP’s Pitiful Reformers

Summer 2013 TV Preview: ‘The Bridge,’ ‘Broadchurch,’ ‘The Fall,’ & More

The Last Veterans of World War I

Murray Bernard Frum, 1931-2013

‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere: ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise by the Numbers

Crane Crashes into Apartment Building

Peter Roehr at Osmos Address is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Japanese Ballplayer Gives Best Interview Ever

Obama: Don't Overlook Military Sacrifice

Exclusive: John McCain Slips Across Border Into Syria, Meets With Rebels

East Coast Beaches Reopen After Sandy (PHOTOS)

‘Arrested Development’: Why Netflix’s Revival Failed

Some Memorial Day History

Will Smith Stinks at Soccer

The Riots in Stockholm

The Most Unlikely Memorial Day Weekend Box-Office Smashes (PHOTOS)

The Taxonomy of Scandals: Is Obama Nearing a Breaking Point?

Nurse Practitioners Playing Doctor More Often

Heroes of a Forgotten War

Marine First Lieutenant Nathan Krissoff’s Last Letters Home From Iraq

Remember the Living

The Kennedys in Summer Whites

Judge Not the Deserters

At the Wounded Warrior 100K, How George W. Bush Really Rolls

Anthony Weiner, Reality Star of Sorts, Returns to the Stump

Bob Dole: GOP Should Be 'Closed For Repairs'

George W. Bush Joins Memorial Day Wounded Warrior 100K Mountain Bike Ride

Obama: 'We've Got Your Back'

Holder Investigating Holder

'Arrested Development:' F*** Yea!

Rand Paul Accuses Obama of Immorality

Three Quinoa Recipes for Your Weekend Parties

Kickstarter Projects Raises Funds to Develop Plants That Glow in the Dark

‘Something Happened to My Head. I Couldn’t Get Focused’

James Turrell: Looking Back at 50 Years of Illuminating Light as Art

Polanski and Jarmusch at Cannes

Ceviche Is Your New Summer Food Obsession (Photos)

Democratic Presidential Contenders Stay in the Shadows

Mexico’s Hidden Getaway: Todos Santos, Playa Cerritos

Ashley Judd Out, A Former Miss America May Challenge Mitch McConnell

The World War I Veteran Who Wasn’t

A Work-Life Ways to Go

Luci: A Revolutionary Solar-Powered Lantern That Shines a Light on Poverty

10 Great Bands You've Never Heard

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera at Nelson-Atkins (PHOTOS)

The NRA Is Wrong: The Myth of Illegal Guns

New Project Features Guantanamo's Long Past

Death Row Debbie Milke Could Soon Be Free

Harry Styles, Jessica Alba & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Jimmy Fallon's 'Game of Desks'

For Some People, Tornadoes Are a Part of Life

Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Alfonso Ribeiro Rap!

Titian Portrait at the National Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How to Be a Racing Pirate King, Ctd.

Zooey Deschanel & More of the Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

Week in Photos: May 25, 2013

How WWII Soldiers Saved Italy’s Art From the Nazis

Miley Cyrus, Roberto Cavalli & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

Vintage Summer in New York: The Sweet, Sweaty City Life

Cannes Diary: James Gray’s ‘The Immigrant,’ Starring Marion Cotillard, Shines

How First Responders Respond

Former NPR CEO Ken Stern: The IRS Had the Right Idea

The Week’s Best Longreads for May 25, 2013

OMG, I Want This House: Chicago (Photos)

Pay to Fix America’s Crumbling Infrastructure Now, or Pay More Later

A.M. Rosenthal, the Man I Remember in May

Superstorm Who? Sandy’s Hard-Hit Beach Towns Reopen for Business

Tornado Survivor Finds Dog, London Terror Warning & More Viral Videos

Cannes Diary: Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Only God Forgives’ and Alexander Payne’s ‘Nebraska’

Some Righteous Truth from Sullivan

Famers Solve Labor Shortage by Raising Pay

Summer Air Travel From Hell: Get Ready for Crowded Planes

The Benefits of Just Saying No

Al-Dura Report: Smear Tactics That Work

Ibragim Todashev’s Father: My Son Was Innocent

McGill's Judith Butler Bungle

A Little Birdie Tells Me

New Bill Threatens Bedouin Rights in Israel

Obama to Navy: Stop Sexual Assault

Amanda Bynes Wigs Out

In Praise of Barbara Lee

Will Foxman Call Kerry An Anti-Semite?

Shaul Magid's Post-Ethnic Judaism

Mariah Carey's Wardrobe Malfunction

Paula Broadwell Has 'Remorse'

What Are You Making for Memorial Day?

Jenna Lyons Will Not Wear Google Glass; UN Backs Woman Who Sued Prada Japan for Sexual Discrimination

Kerry's Peace Push A Nothing-Burger?

Medea Benjamin, the Woman Who Heckled Obama, Is Not Sorry

Jerusalem 'Price Taggers' Damage Jewish, Arab Cars

Elites Against Their Own People

Mitch McConnell's Quiet Campaign

Cicadas, Sharks, and More Horrors To Come In Summer 2013 (PHOTOS)

Never Trust Stadium Food Again

The Scouts Vote to Allow Gay Members

Morgan Freeman’s Sleepy-Interview Response And His Most Amazing Quotes

William Fancies Bayern Munich To Win Euro Soccer League

Movies to See, Skip Memorial Day Weekend: ‘Hangover 3,’ ‘Fast 6’ (Photos)

Jewel Is Back in ‘Ring of Fire’ and You Should Be Very Excited

‘Smash’ Ends Its Run: What Happened to This Once Promising Show?

The London Killers’ Terror Network

Design Hotels Turns 20!

Jessica Chastain to Jennifer Lawrence, the Week’s Best & Worst Dressed (Photos)

Who Outed the CIA Annex in Benghazi?

Happy Short Story Month! Three New Must-Read Collections

Heather Graham on ‘The Hangover Part III,’ Roles for Women, and More

The First Funeral for Moore, Oklahoma

Best of the amfAR Gala

Nap Time With Morgan Freeman

How Obama Bungled the Guantánamo Closing

All In on Gitmo: Obama Returns to Fight for a Shutdown

London Attack Aftermath

Obama's Security Speech in 248 Seconds

Kerry’s Task: Close the Incredulity Gap

Would You Boo This Gosling Movie?

‘Only God Forgives’: Ryan Gosling’s “Cock” Gets Mocked in Cannes Film

"No Light Between the U.S. and Israel”

Michael Chabon, Rose Styron on Jewish Heritage Month

Iconoclashes at Mulherin and Pollard is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Peter Worthington: A Life Well Lived

Tesla Goes to War

Obama Heckled During Gitmo Speech

Babies, Ball Girls, Beer, and Baseball

Learning from Israeli Druze Hamad Amar

David's Bookclub: Battle Cry of Freedom

How Peter Worthington Taught His Grandson to Love Baseball

Farmwear on The Runway!

Press Advocates: Israeli Report On Al-Dura Affair 'Absurd and Unacceptable'

Secret Muslim Donor Helps Save a Synagogue

Amanda Seyfried Nabs Another Givenchy Campaign; Saks and Neiman Marcus to Merge?

Obama: I Make the Drone Decisions

British Mom Confronted London Attackers

Did Financial Services Reform Inadvertently Put a Kink In Obamacare?

Are These Beams from the First and Second Temples?

Scandals Do Not a Party Platform Make

Laying to Rest Literary Giant Chinua Achebe

Polo in the Park Sweepstakes Official Rules

Marco Rubio is Really Confused About Whether He Trusts the Government

What Israel Really Thinks About Syria

Dial 911 For a Murder Charge

Baby-Holding Man Catches Foul Ball

MKs: Let Feiglin Enter the Temple Mount

Welcome to Woolwich, Where English Terrorists Say Sorry While They Murder

Sexual Arousal for O'Reilly?

The Woman Who Stood Up to the Woolwich Butchers

King Edward VIII's Phone Was Bugged By His Own Government

Queen to Visit London Terror Attack Site

Oklahoma Tornado Hero Teacher Anna Canaday: ‘Take Me Instead’

Meet Flynn McGarry: America’s Next Great Chef is 14 Years Old

Boy Scouts Vote on Whether to Reverse Ban on Openly Gay Boys

The Fascist History Behind Dominique Venner’s Suicide at Notre Dame

The Twister Stole My Pet: How Cats, Dogs, and a Donkey Survived Oklahoma

Tolkien’s Unfinished Epic: ‘The Fall of Arthur’

Ralph Lauren Child Model Journeys From Roadside to Runway

Just Say No (Special Prosecutor)

As Lois Lerner Pleads the Fifth, The IRS’s Problems Aren’t Just Political

The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne On the Devastating Oklahoma Tornado

Inside Flynn McGarry’s Eureka Spring Tasting Menu (PHOTOS)

Matthew Fox and More ‘Lost’ Stars: Where Are They Now? (PHOTOS)

Every Couple You Know is Cohabitating

Here’s What a George Costanza Dress Looks Like

The Lonely Island Raps; Semicolons

Richard Porton on Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Behind the Candelabra’

GRAPHIC: London Decapitator Justifies Attack

Brilliantly Annotated Weiner Campaign Ad

London Attack: The New Face of Terror

Be Afraid: The Future of Tornado Warnings

Exclusive: U.S. To Bring Chemical Weapons Witnesses Out Of Syria

Two States: Israel’s Official Position Or Not?

Obama’s War on Journalism: ‘An Unconstitutional Act’

Forget the Headlines: Chinese Buying Big in US

Juicy J, Oscar-Winning Former Three Six Mafia Rapper, On His Triumphant Return

Albrecht Dürer Drawings at the National Gallery are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Sex Scandals Stop Mattering, As Anthony Weiner Rises Again

Man With Bloodied Hands Rants After London Machete Attack (VIDEO)

Aspiring Rapper Live-Tweets Soldier Beheading in London

Farmers Turn to Pesticide as Insects Resist Genetically Modified Crops

British Soldier Attacked By Islamic Extremists in London

3-D Printers Allow People to Print Food

Introducing a $300 Designer Cactus

Ben Bernanke to Congress: You’re Doing It Wrong

Mark Sanford, Rob Ford, Marion Barry ... and Anthony Weiner?

‘American Idol’ May Have a Brilliant Plan to Bring Contestants Back as Judges

'The Voice' Honors Oklahoma

Amazon to Build a Market for Fan Fiction

Mike Daisey’s Monologue ‘Journalism’: This Is Not an Apology Tour

NGO Monitor's Selective Attacks on Groups Opposed to U.S. Policies

Cara Delevingne Gets Another Tattoo; Fashion Influencers Top Forbes Most Powerful Women

The Next Arab Idol: Palestine's Boy Wonder and Stereotype Buster

Does The Israeli Government Support Two States?

Vindication for the Jiffy GIF

Immigration Reform Passes the Senate Judiciary Committee

Insert Weiner Joke Here

Message to Bill Keller's Psychiatrist

Don’t Be A Tragedy Troll

The Haunting New Serial-Killer Thriller Heading to Netflix

Individual Lives in an Unforgiving America

Afghanistan’s Rape Crisis: Villagers Fear U.S.-Backed Militias

Lawrence Wright: How I Write

The Real Climate-Change Lesson from the Oklahoma Tornado

Senate Moves Toward Arming the Syrian Rebels

Oklahoma Tornado Levels Moore 7-Eleven; Heroes Emerge to Save Injured

Oklahoma Tornado Tests Gov. Mary Fallin, and She’s Emerging a Star

Oklahoma Tornado Devastation: What the Twister Left Behind

French Fixture Cleo Le-Tan Releases A Novel About Her Family

The Utterly Pointless First World War

Oklahoma Tornado Football Team Survivors Wore Helmets. So Should You.

More Tornado Shelters? Not Necessarily

Celebs Sing for Teen with Cancer

OK Father Praises Dead 9-Year-Old

More Heat than Light in Senate’s IRS Hearing

Atheist Tornado Survivor Doesn't Thank God

Xbox One Is Alive!

Yoffie’s Red Lines and Selective BDS

Jamie Dimon to Shareholders: Suck it

Why the Hell Do Storm Chasers Rush In?

Newsweek May 22, 2013 Issue Preview

How Lapid Reflects The Ill-Defined Israeli Center

Can You Blame Moore on Global Warming?

Federal Execs to Get Millions Despite Cuts

The Worst States for Tornadoes, From Oklahoma to Illinois

Women of the Wall's Opposition Lifts from the Settler Playbook

How a 10-Hour Stay in a $125-a-Night Best Western in Upstate New York Restored My Faith in America’s Economy

Why Do We Save Some Species and Let Others Get Devastated?

U.S. Military Seeks to Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint Through Aggressive Push into Renewable Energy

Was It Irresponsible of Israel to Apologize to Turkey?

Rihanna Reportedly Enlists Erin Wasson for TV Show; Victoria's Secret Mastectomy Bras a No-Go

Nina Katchadourian at Catharine Clark is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Close Up to the Tornado

New Beyoncé Song 'Grown Woman' Leaks, Is Fantastic

At U.S. Behest, Europe Delays Labeling Settlement Products

Obama: Our Prayers Are With You

Closer to Settlers Than Reality

Nation's Front Pages Day After Devastating Tornado Hits Oklahoma

A Prayer Answered Among The Rubble

How to Be a Racing Pirate King

Colbert Unveils 'Obama Scandal Booth'

A Brief Meditation on Blogging

Egypt’s Growing Gay-Rights Movement

William Jokes About Sleepless Nights Ahead

Charles, William and Tyke Launch Fresh Anti-Poaching Campaign

The Best Kept Beach Secrets

Royals Hit Chelsea Flower Show

The Rise of Hijab Fashion Bloggers

Khaled Hosseini’s Favorite Story Collections

Daft Punk Goes Back to the Future With ‘Random Access Memories’

A Millennial’s Guide to Liberace

How Hope and Change Gave Way to Spying on the Press

Anthony Weiner’s Cardinal Sin: Rank Hypocrisy, Not Creepy Sexting

The Real Bling Ring: Where Are They Now?

Dylan Ratigan’s Veterans Job Corps Kicks Off, With Marine Power

Why Should Conservatives Have to Trust Obama on Immigration?

The Right’s Scandal Hypocrisy

Poverty and Growth: Retro-Urbanists Cling to the Myth of Suburban Decline

Exclusive: CIA Honored Benghazi Chief in Secret Ceremony

Stuck Far From Home, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett Asks for Prayers

Study: Italy's Children Face Bleak Future

Facebook’s Anti-Woman Hate-Speech Hypocrisy?

Chasing the Tornado

Mother and Son Reunited

Chris Christie Joins the Yahoos, Says No “Proof” Climate Change Caused Sandy

Watch the Devastating Aerial View

Moore, Oklahoma, May Be the Tornado Capital of America

Two Dozen Children Trapped by Tornado

Devastation in Moore, OK

'Mother and Her Baby' Dead in Moore, OK

Why Don't Young Diaspora Jews Like Naftali Bennett?

Tornado Reporter Breaks Down

A Beauty School for Former Sex Trade Victims

Disaster in Time-Lapse

This Week’s Hot Reads: May 20, 2013

New York Shooting Highlights Hate Crime Surge

Tornado Devastates Moore, Oklahama: Photos, Video

When Did Obama Know?

Pray for Oklahoma City

The James Rosen Situation

The House of Representatives' Confusing 3-Headed Immigration Monster

Brilliant Speech by Obama, Ugly Reaction by Drudge

Tumblr Reacts to Yahoo

Throw Away That Rusty Key

Exclusive: Hillary's Benghazi 'Scapegoat' Speaks Out

Pass a Shield Law Now—or Risk Our Press Freedom

Cannes: Coen's 'Inside Llewyn Davis,' Toback’s 'Seduced and Abandoned'

Tornadoes Rock the Plain States: See Photos

The Old Person’s Guide to Tumblr

The Most Indebted Class of College Graduates... Ever

Why Are American Taxpayers Subsidizing Sugar?

Star-Spangled Banner FAIL

The Chief Problem With 'Lean In'

Alexi Worth at D.C. Moore is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Cannes Heats Up!

The Arab Peace Initiative Makes Its Way to the Knesset

The Best New Architecture

Law Enforcement Against the Immigration Bill

Cool Idea: Using Bees to Find Land Mines

UK Paper Runs Revealing Kate Middleton Photos

Áslaug Magnúsdóttir Exits Moda Operandi; Ireland Baldwin's Steamy <i>Vanity Fair</i> Shoot

Drought's Role in the Syrian Revolution

Lapid's Budget: Let the Outsiders' Children Go Hungry

Hot Air Balloon Crash Turns Deadly

Self-Immolation in Nablus

Best of the Billboard Awards

T-Swift Owns the Billboard Awards

Harry's Helping Hand For Heroes

Tracy Morgan and Psy Dance Off

Witnessing the Decisive Battle of the Eritrean War of Independence

Virgin's In-Flirt Chat Room

David's Bookclub: The Warmth of Other Suns

When the Wells Go Dry in the Great Plains

New Royal China Alert

Helen Mirren Plays Part of Queen To Grant Boy's Dying Wish

Teaching ‘The Great Gatsby’ in Chengdu, China

How the White House Scandals Help Immigration Reform Move Forward

Fact-Checking Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’: 10 Mistakes, False Statements, and Oversimplifications

Happy Birthday Balzac: The Essential Novels

‘Inside Out: The People’s Art Project’ Review: Narcissists Writ Large

Italian Organization Barrique Rehabilitates Wine Casks To Make Furniture And Benefit Rehabilitation Facility

11 Memorial Day Beach Escapes (Photos)

Don’t Throw the IRS Under the Bus

Stop Calling Obama Aloof!

How Obama Handles Crisis

Nicaragua’s President Accused of Sex Abuse by His Stepdaughter

Madeleine McCann’s Parents Get Fresh Hope as Operation Grange IDs 20

British Man Has BRCA2 Gene, Removes Prostate

Mel Brooks’s 11 Favorite Movie Scenes: ‘Psycho’ to ‘Some Like It Hot’

Liberace’s Wild Style Through The Years (Photos)

Constructive Criticism: Reviewing the Idea of Reviewing

Billboard Music Awards 2013 Best Moments: Taylor Swift & More (VIDEO)

Stage Dive Gone Wrong

Obama Exhorts Morehouse Men

Not You Too, Jason Sudeikis!

McConnell Bashes 'Culture of Intimidation'

Stefon Marries Seth Meyers

Really!?! Amy Poehler Returns to SNL

Lana Del Rey, Skylar Grey & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

Cicada Panic, 1860 Style

J.J. Abrams' Divisive 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Leaving 'SNL'? Bill Hader, Fred Armisen & Jason Sudeikis

‘Rumsfeld’s Rules’ Review: Good Rules, Shame He Didn’t Follow Them

Britney Spears, Psy & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Donald Miller, Christian Iconoclast

Landfill sites find reuse as locations for solar electricity plants

The Saddest Reality Stars of All: Prisoners

Is the Brain No Different From a Light Switch? The Uncomfortable Ideas of the Philosopher Daniel Dennett

This Is What Baseball Looks Like In the Lowliest Minor Leagues

Business Longreads for the week of May 18, 2013.

The Week in Wingnuts: Abortion, Obamacare and More

Japan’s Child Kidnapping Problem

Los Angeles Politics Needs More Women

Game of Thrones’ Weiss and Benioff on Getting Hooked

Week in Photos: May 18, 2013

The Folly of Impeachment

Alice Eve, the Beautiful New Trekkie, Talks ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

I Was on ‘Star Trek’: Seth MacFarlane, Ashley Judd & More (Photos)

Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy: the brutal truth behind the operations

Obama Commencement Address at Morehouse Turns Into Controversy

Georgia May Jagger, Karlie Kloss & More Fashion Instagrams (Photos)

Start-up Urban Compass aims to Drive Apartment Rental Online

Advice for Obama: Forget Bulworth. Try Rambo.

When Drones Come to America, What Happens Then?

The Cannes Jewelry Heist: Who Did It?

U.S. is Just Average as a Destination for Immigrants

The Myth of Jackie Mitchell, the Girl Who Struck Out Ruth and Gehrig

How Anti-Gay Forces Helped Minnesota Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

‘Space Oddity’ From Space, Frankie Valli Sings & More Viral Videos

The Week’s Best Longreads for May 18, 2013

'The Village Voice' Was Crazy to Fire Him: 5 Reasons Why Michael Musto Matters

CDC Report Paints Bleak Picture of American Kids With Mental Disorders

Israel Legalizes 'Outpost' Settlements

The Moral Imperative to Feed the Poor

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Greatest Hits: Crack, a DUI, Slurs & Violence

The Many Faces of Fred Armisen

Harry Reid's Good Idea: Kill Filibusters on Appointments

Volvo Tests Ultra-Efficient Plug-in Hybrid-Electric Diesel Bus

Porn stars have difficulty getting loans and opening bank accounts

The Photo Triennial at the ICP is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Peter Worthington on Thinking Outside the Box

IRS Targeting Not Illegal

Jia Zhang-Ke’s 'A Touch of Sin' Premieres at Cannes

You Decide: Did Michelle Obama Get Rid Of Her Bangs?

Jimmy Carter Endorses SAM, Opposes Marijuana Legalization

Israelis And Palestinians Blast Kerry For Peace Efforts

Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker, Viral Star, Now an Alleged Killer

Rihanna Reportedly Sues Topshop; John Galliano May Participate in a TV Interview with Charlie Rose

IRS Head Apologizes

Those Generic Drugs May Not Have Been What You Thought They Were

Sorry, Thomas Jefferson, But You Still Can't Grow Hemp in America

Maybe Let's Not Cut Food Stamps?

Will ABC Finger the Liar?

High-Viz Harry Checks Out His Chelsea Garden

A Slap To Kerry's Face

Someone's Got to Stop Medical Price Gouging

Is This Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Newest Substance Abuse Scandal?

Frankie Valli Can Still Sing

Harry Stalker Locked Up In Greenwich!

2013 TV Upfronts Wrap-Up: Bring On the New Television Shows

Why Drones Make Us Nervous

Want to Get Emancipated From Your Parents? Better Be Rich

Memo to GOP: Don’t Pretend You Care

Big Idea: The Human Cost of Global Warming

OMG, I Want This House: Wisconsin (Photos)

Who Actually Cracked Linear B, the Ancient Code of the Mysterious Knossos Labyrinth?

Carey Mulligan, Nicole Kidman & More Best and Worst Dressed (Photos)

Bea Arthur’s Boobs—And What It Says About Art on Facebook

The IRS Will Come for You Next, Unless Congress Acts Now

Obamacare 37, Republicans 0: House GOP Loses Again on Repeal Vote

The Obama Scandals Are Desperate Measures By the GOP

A Tough Week, But Obama’s Agenda Isn’t Dead

The Real Benghazi Scandal

Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad is Winning

Never Nudes Flock to ‘Arrested Development’ Banana Stand

‘American Idol’ Isn’t Dead…Yet

‘Star Trek,’ ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Avatar,’ and More Famous Movie Ears

Home Free! Famous Kids Who Emancipated Themselves

Creator of Brave’s Merida Talks Disney Backlash

Brand New 'Simpton Abbey'

Deer Smashes Through Bus Windshield, Lives

Bachmann Goes After Obama

Why Now Is the Time For Syria Diplomacy

President Obama Wants to Be Like ‘Bulworth’? Really?

Albrecht Durer Drawing at the National Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

North Carolina’s Ridiculous Tesla Ban

Here Comes the House Immigration Bill

'Leia and Chewie Need to Do It'

Sad Face at Walmart

Jonathan Malis and the DOJ Leak Investigation

Socialism is a Pretty Crappy System

Your Phone Records May Have Been Seized, Too—But You’ll Never Know

Critics Fear Visa Waiver For Israel Glosses Over Discrimination Against Americans

Afghanistan’s Cycle of Corruption

I Can't Wait to Eat Cicadas

Maserati Smashing in China: A Trend or Publicity Stunt?

Yes, What Happened at the IRS is a Scandal

Comments Are Back!

Obama Demands Congressional Help Post-Benghazi

Donatella Versace Debuts a Re-Envisioned Versus with J.W. Anderson

'Scandal,' Starring President Obama

Leaks Put People at Risk

Can You Eat Cicadas? Yes, and Here’s How

WATCH: Discussing Women of the Wall on Bloggingheads

Playing With the Labor Markets

Media Balks at Band-Aid Shield Law

Let Us Reflect on David Beckham's Hotness

Hispanic Outreach Director Explains Why He Said ‘Adios’ to the GOP

The Crappiest Economy?

Curious if There's Any 'There' There in the Benghazi Emails? Read Them Here

David Beckham Is Retiring, But We Still Love Him

The Population Side of Immigration Reform

Monuments Men: The Crafty Artist-Warriors of World War II (PHOTOS) SUBTITLE: A group of scholar-soldiers had one of the most important jobs of the war:

Jeune Et Jolie (Young & Beautiful) Opens At Cannes With Model Marine Vacth

The Benghazi Emails and the Dark Hole

Swarm of Deadly Tornadoes Rips Through Texas (PHOTOS)

End It Like Beckham

Julianne Moore's Squashed Toes; Ceiling Collapses in Cambodia Shoe Factory

It's Our Apostrophe, Government, And We'll Do What We Choose With It

Scandal Won't Win GOP Seats in 2014

What Do Cicadas Taste Like?

Gaza Fried Chicken

The CW Reveals Its 2013-14 Primetime Schedule: 'Hart of Dixie' to Monday, 'Supernatural' to Tuesday, 'The Carrie Diaries' to Friday

Turn Off Your Damn Cellphones

O.J. Simpson’s Transformation Through the Years (PHOTOS)

Adam DeVine on ‘Workaholics,’ Cameo on ‘Arrested Development’ & More

Michael Scott's Magical Moments

Pippa Middleton at London Vanity Fair Party

The Eroticism of Violence

O.J. Simpson Wants Redemption, Retrial for 2008 Robbery Conviction

How to Stop a Scandal

WWII’s Guardians of the Lost Art: The Artist Warriors Who Protected Italy’s Cultural Artifacts

The Werewolf Novel as Post-9/11 Political Allegory?

Paul Theroux: The Day Boston Felt the World’s Pain

AP, Valerie Plame & the Long History of Government Press Interference

New Questions Arise About Mary Richardson Kennedy’s Suicide

Bea Arthur’s Boobs Got Us Booted From Facebook

Ken Tucker on Why ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Is Better Than Ever

George Takei's Nine Favorite Star Trek Memes

The 6 Best Quotes About the Barclays Center

Retro Wedding Craze: Taking the Husband’s Name

Inside Bartow High, One of America’s Best High Schools

No Fun Airlines

Supreme Court Supports Monsanto in Patent Dispute

Inside the Latest Benghazi Emails: No One Knew Much of Anything

Poor Misunderstood Media Matters

Eric Holder on the Skewer: The Lowest Points of His Capitol Hill Grilling

Obama Axes IRS Acting Commissioner

Tesla Motors will repay government loan nine years early

No Place Like Home

Holder Attacks Issa

Jennifer Rubin is Wrong on the Internet

Why Most of the Anglosphere Is Amazing, Part 401

Google Invests in Drone Company Airware

NOAA Examines Sandy Response

Giant Rubber Duckie Ignites Craze in Hong Kong

Holder: 'I Don't Know What Has Happened'

Obama and Gitmo

Bombshell CBO Report Says the Deficit’s Shrinking

Political Scientists Hire Lobbyists

1920's London: In Color

Comments Section Down Until Tomorrow

Joakim Noah Has the Manliest Bun Ever

I’m 25 and I Have the Angie Gene

Down With the Soviet-Style Dairy Program

Burt Bacharach: How I Write

Christy Turlington Returns to Calvin Klein; H&M's Plus-Size Campaign

Barnett Newman’s “Onement VI” Goes For $43.8 million

Jorge Macchi at Alexander and Bonin is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

On Netanyahu’s In-Flight ‘Bed Chamber’

Longer Benefits Keep People Jobless? Maybe Not

We're Pretty Bad at Securing the Border

DC Decides That Unemployment is so 2009

Rob Portman's Really Bad Guess

Tina Brown on Growing White House Scandals

CBS Announces 2013-14 Primetime Schedule

Minnesota Bridge Lit to Celebrate Passage of Gay Marriage Law

Spy vs. Spy

Belize Destroys Its Own History

Jon Stewart Gets the IRS Scandal Just Right

To Save the Birds, Embrace 'Cat-and-Trade'

The Reinvention of Prince Harry: Why His U.S. Visit Is a Huge Success

Prince Harry's U.S. Tour

ASMALLWORLD Relaunches as a Travel Club for Premier Globetrotters

Guns and Money Divide Syrian Rebels

Democracy on Hold as Dave Bing Prepares to Leave Detroit’s City Hall

Rand Paul Plays the Maverick at CPAC and the Evangelical in Cedar Rapids

Olympia Snowe on Her New Book, Overcoming Partisanship & More

Eric Greitens, Former Navy SEAL, on Helping Military Veterans

J.J. Abrams on ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ The Mission Continues & More

‘Star Trek’ Dating Websites Cater to Trekkies Looking for Love

IRS, DOJ, and Benghazi Expose Limits of Obama’s Big Government Vision

Justice Department’s AP Subpoena: Surgical Strike or Dragnet?

The Lingerie Model Who Found God

Learning From Carlos Fuentes, One Year On

Amy’s Baking Company: A Real Life Kitchen Nightmare

‘Imagine the Story on Fox’–Jay Carney Holds On as Winds Buffet White House

IRS Slammed by Official Report

Upfront About Upfronts: Jace Lacob Talks to KPCC About Next Season's New Television

Daft Punk's Futuristic Album Teaser

Prince Harry Gets Chummy With Gov. Christie

Why the IRS Scandal Matters

The Real Scandals of the IRS

Millennials move away from car ownership

Holder, Carney Under Attack as Scandal-Gate Widens

The Death of Deficit Scare-Mongering, Please

Angelina’s Bold Boob Move

If a Windmill Kills an Eagle, Does the Government Make a Sound?

New York's Hottest Club Is Wahhhhh

Was the "Incriminating" Email Doctored?

Ryan Fogle, Anna Chapman, the Rosenbergs & More Spy Scandals (PHOTOS)

Establishing the 'Anti-Semitic' Roots of Zionism?

Ronald Reagan Makes BuzzFeed

How to Deal With Trolls

The Robots Are Coming!

Labor’s Attention Turns Back to the Peace Process

Slow Roll-out Builds Frenzied Anticipation for Google Glass

Jimmy Connors Memoir Shows He Wasn’t Misunderstood, He Was Just a Jerk

American Spy Nabbed in Russia?

Is Obama Worse For Press Freedom Than Nixon?

Jackson Pollock at the Phillips Collection is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Administration's Taking a Big Bath on Scandals

ABC Announces 2013-14 Schedule: 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Gets Tuesday Berth, 'Super Fun Night' Gets 'Modern Family' Lead-In

‘Inferno’: Dan’s Brown’s Best Book Yet

Planned Parenthood on the Real Lessons of the Kermit Gosnell Case

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Mother Revealed: Meet Cristin Milioti

Don't Forget the Farm Bill

Netscape Founder Andreesen Warns of Tech Depression

Shavuot and Self-Immolation

Peter Worthington: Cliff Diver

Rumble In a Russian Rink

'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Sets PBS Return Date

Premiums for Young Men Will Soar Under Obamacare

Karlie Kloss Designs Denim; 'Slave' Fashion Spread Sparks Outrage

Guatemalan Dictator Efrain Rios Montt Guilty of Genocide

"They Stepped On Me Like A Dog"

Obama Should Ask Holder to Resign

Peter Worthington's Self Obituary

'Bea Arthur Naked' Could Sell for $2.5 Million

Enjoy, Conspiracy Theorists!

Rockefeller Foundation Announces $100 Million Project to Make Cities More Resilient

The Cost of Amnesty

ASMALLWORLD's Relaunch Weekend in Marrakech (Photos)

The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Henry Ford

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Big Christie’s Auction Brings in $33 Million

'Absolute Perfection' Diamond Up for Auction

Dear Twitter Haters: I, Eli, Love Your Passion

‘Frances Ha’ Director Noah Baumbach and Star/Co-Writer Greta Gerwig on Hipsters

‘The Office’ Used to Be a Great Show. No, Really! See Proof (VIDEO)

The King & the Courtesan: Inside Edward VIII’s Steamy French Affair

Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s Comeback Kid

Inside the Movement to Legalize Hemp

IRS Scandal’s Central Figure, Lois Lerner, Described as ‘Apolitical’

Does Ariel Castro Really Have to Die?

Makeup for Men is On The Rise—And No Longer A Taboo

‘Star Trek’ for Dummies: Get Ready for ‘Into Darkness’ With Our Primer

Elon Musk-Backed SolarCity Thrives in Solar Power Sector

Roger Stone’s New Book ‘Solves’ JFK Assassination: Johnson Did It!

America’s New Oligarchs— and Silicon Valley’s Shady 1 Percenters

European Hawks, American Doves

IRS Audits, Benghazi, Sebelius: Obama’s Second Term Is Scandal Heaven

Cannes Film Festival’s Buzziest Films: ‘Bling Ring’ & More (PHOTOS)

Cicadas, Grasshoppers, Locusts, Ants Among the Tastiest Insects

Meet America’s Indiana Jones: Andrew Carroll Searches for Forgotten History Across the U.S.

Paul Theroux’s Favorite Inner-Journey Travel Books

Dr. Phil Kinda Sucks at Dancing

Gingrich 'Puzzled' by Smartphone

Why the Women Went to Kermit Gosnell Were Desperate

Ansel Adams at PS1 is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty of Murdering Three Babies

POLL: Israeli Jews Favor A Referendum

This Week’s Hot Reads: May 13, 2013

Uncle Sam Embraces Hybrids

Where Racism Meets the Rabbinate

Gosnell Lawyer: It Was a 'Fair Trial'

The American Jewish Center is Shifting, Not Collapsing

Kermit Gosnell Guilty of 3 Counts of Murder in the First Degree

The $100 Million Question: Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

Concern-Trolling Mitch McConnell

Play Offense, Obama!

What Hawking and Jerusalem Day Have in Common

Peter Worthington Cut His Own Hair

You Still Can't Wish Away the Facts on Immigration Amnesty

Men in Makeup Throughout Time (PHOTOS)

Saving Detroit: When a Big City Stops Being Big

Can You Bomb Hamas Propagandists?

As Classy as Ever, Barbara Walters Announces Her Retirement on ‘The View’

Thanks Bro! Royal Charity Donates £100,000 to Harry's South Pole Mission

Obama: IRS Action 'Outrageous'

How Not to Cherry-Pick the Results of the Oregon Study (Ultrawonkish)

Peter Worthington's Losing Battle With Raccoons

Can The Peace Camp Cope With 'Fragility'?

Bye Bye, Barbara

Barbara Walters Will Make You Cry

Richard Branson Dons Drag; Suri Cruise Is Not Launching a Fashion Line

Wall Street: How Much Does Bloomberg Know?

Hawking's Bad Boycott Timing

Space Oddity...From Space!

Israel To Compensate Turkish Flotilla Victims Who Drop Lawsuits

Why Did the IRS Target Conservative Groups?

Fox Unveils 2013-14 Schedule: '24' Returns, 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'Almost Human' to Mondays

‘Arrested Development’ Is Almost Here

Peter Worthington, 1927-2013

Prince Harry In Human Pyramid Pictures

Meet Maki Yamada, Guinea Pig Fashion Designer

New Orleans Shooting: I Saw the Mother’s Day Parade Gunman

The Immigration Bill Does NOT Create a 'Biometric Database of All Adult Americans'

Cleveland Wants to Burn Down Ariel Castro’s House. Should They Do It?

With Benghazi Video, Karl Rove Kicks Off 2016 With Hillary Clinton Hit

How to Reinvent College

Simon Pegg on His First ‘Star Trek’ Memories, Playing Scotty, and More

Bloomberg Terminal Scandal Makes Bunga Bunga Parties Seem Quaint

Squishes Step Aside: Ted Cruz and Chris Christie’s Old-School Manliness

Turkey Blames Syria for Reyhanli Bombs, but Response May Rest on U.S.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Big Auction

Gettysburg and the Civil War's Turning Point

Some of the Juiciest Bits of ‘Rodham,’ The Hillary Clinton Movie Biopic: Sex, Scandal, More

Scene-Stealer Jere Burns on ‘Justified,’ ‘Bates Motel,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ and More

Our Syria Myopia

Acid Attacks Against Women on the Rise in Italy

The Rise of Guinea-Pig Fashion

NBC Unveils Its 2013-14 Schedule: ‘Parenthood’ to Thursday, ‘Revolution’ to Wednesday, and More

Police Storm Cleveland House

Sunday Talk: Hillary's 'Not a Target'

Here Lies Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Suspected Boston Bomber

Amitabh Bachchan Is ‘The Great Gatsby’s Bollywood Friend

Happy Mother's Day From Kristen Wiig

Do Make Fun of Dan Brown

The Latest 'Brown Scare'

Kate's Due Date is July 13, Says UK Paper

World War II’s Strangest Battle: When Americans and Germans Fought Together

Malcolm Shabazz and Malcolm X: The Honor and Burden of Being a Namesake

Who’s Safe With a Gun? Don’t Ask a Shrink

Lucille Bluth’s Best Mothering Moments in ‘Arrested Development’ (VIDEO)

The Week in Wingnuts: Michele Bachmann's '9-11' Pray Day and More

The Coming Attempt to Impeach Obama

The Art of Digital Correspondence

Mother's Day 2013: Gloria Steinem, Erica Jong & Writers Thank Their Moms

Austerity’s Scottish Ghosts Haunt the Modern Economic Mind

Racist Immigration Disaster As Jim DeMint Botches His Heritage Debut

When a Bomb Goes Off in Afghanistan

Prince Harry Visits the USA (PHOTOS)

Seven Best Rap Songs About Moms for Mother’ Day (VIDEO)

Business Longreads for the week of May 11, 2013

Wisconsin Farmer to Stand Trial for Selling Raw Milk

Dennis Hopper's The Lost Album Displayed In Original Form At Gagosian New York

Barnard and Columbia Rocked by Cheating Scandals

TV Upfronts 2013: NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and the CW Announce Schedules (PHOTOS)

What the Frontier of Afghanistan Tells Us About the War

Car Bomb Explosions Rock Turkey

'Dear Diary: The Water Dish Continues to Vex Me'

Harry Says Wind Turbines Are An Eyesore

Pakistan Votes in Historic Election

The History of Mother's Day

The Assassin's Gun: Internet Liberty Gone Way Too Far

How to Help Your Anxious Kid

The ATM Heist: How Did the ‘Casher’ Crew Do It?

The Target Effect, or, How Big Box Is Bringing Washington D.C. Together

Abbey Lee Kershaw’s Brief Message & More Best Fashion Instagrams (Photos)

Charles Ramsey, Lonely Island Spring Break, Psy & More Viral Videos

Week in Photos: May 11, 2013

The Week’s Best Longreads for May 10, 2013

The Revenge of Donna’s Diner, or What Regular Ohioans Think of Ariel Castro

Sugar Daddy Dating Sites: Helen Croydon on Her Guilty Fantasy

Could Ariel Castro Be Linked to the 1981 Murder of Tammy Seals?

Never Mind the Middle—Barack Obama Pays Off His Rich Backers

Immigration’s Odd Couple: Two Puerto Rican Congressmen Forge a Deal

In Syria, Europe & Boston, the Past Is Never Finished

‘The Great Gatsby’ Debate: Is Baz Luhrmann’s Film Genius or Rubbish?

Magic Johnson’s Network Set to Launch Talk Show

Laurence Leamer on Coal Baron Donald Blankenship’s Downfall

Can ‘Chemistry’ Save CNN? Here’s the New Morning Show Team

A Watershed Week For Jerusalem’s Women

Harry Bertoia at Lost City Arts is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

In Benghazi, CIA Trusted Local Militia That Melted Away

Scenes From Frieze Art Fair New York 2013

Inequality from Immigration

California Towns Pass Law Requiring New Buildings to Have Solar Panels

Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal - Supercut

400 Parts Per Million

The Church of Scotland's Less Than Awesome Report on Israel

Kate Upton Nabs First American Vogue Cover

Clinging to a Virtual Reality

Heads Should Roll at the IRS

The Bangladesh Factory Collapse Survivor and More Miraculous Rescues (VIDEO)

Egyptian Man Stabs American Who is a Pro-Palestinian Arabic Professor

Is The Law of Return Unjust?

Demi Moore Might Be Dating an Australian Pearl Diver and He Is Amazing

Rodman: 'Obama? F*** Him!'

Here’s a Men’s Work Shirt You Don't Have To Clean

Twitter Chat: Mother's Day And Immigration

IRS Wrong To Target ‘Patriots’–But Also To Let Non-Profits Play Politics

The Tragedy of the Malcolm X Family: Grandson Malcolm Shabazz Killed in Mexico

Turning the GOP Environmentalist Again

Is The Israeli Press Only "Partly Free"?

Unlike Humans, This Dog is Adorable When it is High

The Craziest Movie Parties, From ‘The Great Gatsby’ To ‘Animal House’


IRS Singled Out Conservative Groups For Extra Scrutiny

When Will Obama Decide on Keystone XL?

GOP Boycott of EPA Nominee Gina McCarthy Sparks War With Democrats

The Church of Scotland’s Rookie Errors

Why Aren't Politicians Fixing the Immigration Bill's Obamacare Problem?

The Great Gatsby: Book Versus Movie

Incredible Bangladesh Rubble Rescue

The Daniel Morgan Murder: An Unsolved Mystery of the Murdoch Hacking Scandal

How Could the GOP Have Improved Obamacare?

Gas Station Karaoke Legend

Is Suri Cruise Launching a Fashion Line?; Keith Richards' Saint Laurent Tour Wardrobe Up For Sale

Israel Ends Boycott of J Street

Paul Farmer: The Big Idea on Health Care

Get a Dog: It's Good for Your Heart

Woman Rescued From Rubble 17 Days After Bangladesh Factory Collapse (PHOTOS)

One World Trade Reaches 1,776 Feet

The Fallout from Benghazi

Nancy Grace, 'Engorged Tragedy Tick'

The Immigration Argument We Need

It’s Time to Let Jews, Muslims and Sikhs Join the Military

Why Can’t the Kochs Buy the Los Angeles Times?

Atlantis Discovered?

OMG, I Want This House: East Hampton (Photos)

My Neighbor the Monster: Life Next Door to Ariel Castro

What Psychic Sylvia Brown Didn’t See

Pakistan’s Crucial Elections: There’s Much at Stake for the U.S.

A Thinner Chris Christie Still Faces Big Political Challenges

Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna, & More Best and Worst Dressed This Week

The End of Us And Them: David Cannadine’s Quest to Unite History

For the Cleveland Kidnapping Victims, a Tragic Sisterhood

Rand Paul Parties in Iowa

Rubio vs. the Right

Is Cablevision Ready for Glenn Beck?

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Moment: Women’s Champion vs. Military Assaults

Selena Gomez, Lil Wayne & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Mad Men,’ and More of Television’s Meanest Moms

Do Low-Dose Birth Control Pills Make Sex More Painful?

The Problem With The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan

Psy Likes Being Called Music Herpes

Best of the National Design Award Winners

The Best Things to See at Frieze Art Fair NY 2013

Hawking’s Israel Boycott In Its UK Context

Where Dayan Goes Wrong on the Arab Peace Initiative

Elizabeth Warren Wants the Fed to Get Into the Student Loan Business

Is Bibi Striking a Different Tone On Peace?

American Airlines Invite for Those Who Make the 'Social' Grade

Angry Student Takes Teacher To Task

Our Swiftly Melting Deficit, Or How the U.S. is Killing It

The Benghazi Ad the Republicans Chose Not to Use Against Barack Obama

Ariel Castro Domestic Violence Complaint: See the Court Papers

No, Most Palestinians Aren't Anti-Semites

Tesla Finally Makes Money

Jake Gyllenhaal and More Actors Stand Up for Vet Awareness

Defusing the Debt Ceiling

What Do Great Artists’ Routines Reveal?

The New McCarthyism

Europe and the Vanishing Two-State Option

Closed-Minded Catholics Call David Bowie “Bisexual Senior Citizen From London”

Horrifying New Details

How the IRS Wrecked Your Pension

Memo to Stars: Don't Judge 'American Idol'

The Sectarian Calamity

E-Verify Will Require Some Exemptions

The Benghazi Hearing

Harnessing Social Media To Keep Moms Healthy

Party Like A Movie Star

Why We Need the Full Faith and Credit Act

Sebastian Errazuriz at Cristina Grajales is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Is China’s junk appetite declining?

What Should a Limited Government Do?

OMG I Want That Nursery (Royal Edition)

The Rejectionism Of The Right

A Junkie Named Raymond

Phillip Lim is Target's Next Guest Designer; Kate Moss Shills Self Tanner

You Can't Wish Away the Facts About Immigration Amnesty

Is This What God Had In Mind For Jerusalem Day?

Castro In Court

Ottavio Missoni Dead at 92

Israel And Turkey Close To Agreement

The Forgotten Victim: Cleveland’s Michelle Knight

All the Eye-Witnessed Meteorites Since 861 AD

What Happens to the GOP if there's a Surplus in 2016?


Harry Due in Washington Today

The Coolest New Fashion Magazine: System, Which Features Nicolas Ghesquière

‘Great Gatsby’ Reviewers Divided: Is Baz Luhrmann a Good Director?

Immigrants’ IQ Lower, Wrote Coathor of Heritage Foundation Report

How Ariel Castro Remained at Liberty in Cleveland All These Years

The Rise of Sexist Fashion, From Plain Jane Homme to Disney

Is Rubio Trapped on Immigration Reform?

Behind the Michael Jackson Bombshell: How a Staunch Defender Suddenly Flipped

New Book Reveals Postwar Germany’s Nazi Party Ties Cover-Up

Egypt’s Conscience: The Genius of Sonallah Ibrahim

Dennis Hopper: ‘The Lost Album’ (PHOTOS)

The Calamitous Castros: What We Know About Ariel Castro’s Brothers & Mother

Boston Suspects’ Parents on the Run

How Terry McAuliffe and the Dems Lost Virginia

Thug Kitchen Creators Dish on Vegan Recipes Blog in Gangster Voice

Ransomed in Egypt

"Morning Joe's" Mika Brzezinski on Her Battle to Overcome Food Addiction: "I Was Always Hungry"

Arias: I'd Rather Death Penalty

Kidnapper's Daughter, Captive's Friend

Police Helicopter Shootout Looks Like Video Game

Kim Kardashian, Mario Lopez & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Daft Punk Sparkles in Saint Laurent for CR Fashion Book

American Apparel’s Dov Charney on the Bangladesh Tragedy

Arias Guilty of First-Degree Murder

How Product Labeling Killed Some Truly Righteous Weed and Might Even Raise Your Hospital Bill

The Best Tweet About Kim Kardashian's Met Gala Dress

Remember When Rush Said...

Rubio Offers Some Fixes for His Immigration Bill


Oscar de la Renta Will Now Sell You Fashionable Invitations

Chris Christie: What Lap Band?

A Brief History Of Hawking's Boycott

Was Keynes a Better Economist Because He Was Gay?

Get Ready for the War on Data

Top U.S. Diplomat in Libya Knew Benghazi Was Terrorism

New Lonely Island Vid With Zach Galifianakis

The Filibuster Cuts Both Ways

A Referendum On Peace Is A Bad Idea

Amanda Berry's Sister Speaks

Inside Cleveland Kidnapping Suspect Ariel Castro's Facebook Life

Pro-Amnesty Conservatives are Being Played for Fools

The Nine Most Glorious Oprah Winfrey Moments in 'The Butler' Trailer

Has Medical Innovation Slowed Down?

Why It's Wrong To Reject Women Rabbis

Riccardo Tisci Defends Kim Kardashian's MET Dress; Chris Christie Still All About the Fleece

Lindsay Lohan’s Sister Sets Her Sights on Modeling

Chris Christie Loses His Magic Fleece

Belgian Diamond Heist Solved?

Benghazi Witness Almost Cries

Declining bee populations may lead to significant agricultural losses in U.S.

Suzy Menkes Sounds Off on the Met Gala, Fashion’s "Circus" of Bloggers

Pol Pot and Me (and Guns)

Niall Ferguson Responds to the Blogospherse

Cheryl Donegan at the New Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How Could Alleged Kidnapper Ariel Castro Be Allowed to Drive a School Bus?

Rebranding Reality For Jerusalem Day

Gregory Peck's Fernand Leger Hits The Block

What This Immigration Debate is All About

Parsons Cancels John Galliano's Master Class Series

Patagonia Creates Venture Capital Fund to Invest in Green Businesses

On Immigration, Praise for the Tea Party

Charles Ramsey: The Video Highlights

TV Upfronts 2013: NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and The CW By the Numbers

Bibi’s Settlement Restraint

A Useful Tom Friedman Column

How Did This Go On For So Long?

Netanyahu In China

Like All Good Monarchs, Charles Now Needs To Shut Up

Religious Minorities: Wisely Skeptical of Democracy

New Hope for Parents of Missing Madeleine McCann

Charles Ramsey's Incredible 911 Call

Ending the War in Syria

Mark Sanford's Win

Charles Attends Parliament Opening For First Tme in 17 Years

The Great Gatsby, Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Is a Relentless Assault on the Senses

Chris Christie’s Weight Loss: The Lap-Band Procedure Explained

The Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Baseball Book

The Wackiest ‘Star Trek’ Merchandise: From Spock Socks to Tribble Slippers (PHOTOS)

Air Force General Blames Increase in Military Rape on Hookup Culture

It Costs How Much?! 12 Crazy Expensive Hotel Suites (Photos)

This Novel Will Change Your View of Pakistan

Cleveland Kidnapping, Anthony Sowell Case Linked by Indifferent Police

How the Pussy Riot Girls Trial Fell Apart

‘I Just Thought He Was Odd’: Neighbors of the Cleveland Kidnapper on What They Saw

Jamie Dimon Pushed Out at JPMorgan Chase? Fat Chance

Turkey’s Man in Palestine

Susan Cain: How I Write

Mark Sanford Is the Comeback Kid, Winning S.C. Congressional Seat

‘Family Tree’ Brings Christopher Guest’s Mockumentary Style to HBO

JPMorgan Chase’s Crazy Fine Tally

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ Car & More Missing Movie Props (Photos)

When 'New Girl's Schmidt Was Fat

Mark Sanford, Regrettably, Elected to Congress

T.J. English on Whitey Bulger

Gov. Christie: Why I Got The Lap Band

Amanda Berry’s 911 Dispatcher Under Fire for Blasé Response

Charles Ramsey Is 'The Definition of a Man, Bro!'

Marissa Mayer Ignores Haters, Tells Wired Conference: ‘I Don’t Click’

Benghazi Mom: I Blame Hillary

Was Slavery as Harmful in the North as it was in the South?

New York Times Editor Jill Abramson Talks Boston and Female Editors

Video Star of the Day: Charles Ramsey, Cleveland’s Hero

Aliana Lohan Kicks Off Modeling Career

Collapse Of The American Jewish Center?

The High Cost of Rush: Talker Bleeds Millions From His Carriers As Toxic Talk Slumps, Cumulus Seems Set To Part Ways With Rush Limbaugh

No, Really, It's Possible That Health Insurance May Not Make Us Healthier

Here Comes the Farm Bubble

Albrecht Durer at the National Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Cleveland Kidnapping: Latest Updates on Amanda Berry, Suspects & More

Did The Met Ruin Punk?

Should There Be a Guaranteed Minimum Income?

What Do Opponents of this Immigration Reform Really Want?

Celebs Who Lost Weight (From Surgery)

The Met Ball Was A Zoo!

Amanda Berry, Jaycee Dugard & More Kidnap Victims Found Alive (PHOTOS)

The Heritage Immigration Study, Ctd.

Aunt of Abducted Cleveland Woman Thanks God

Warby Parker Thrives by Giving Away Glasses Whenever it Sells a Pair

Senate Immigration Bill Leaves Women’s Health Needs Unanswered

A Miracle in…Cleveland? How the City Is Celebrating Amanda Berry’s 911 Call

Lake: 'Enjoy Your Basement, Enjoy Your Conspiracies'

Excitement Over Land Swaps Is Misplaced

Eli Lake Shuts Down Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theorist

Lena Dunham's Punk Puppy; WSJ Pushes Staff To Wear Makeup

Michael Bloomberg's Plan to Help Republicans Take Back the Senate

Heritage Immigration Study Gets the Big Things Right

Women Of The Wall Reaffirm Support For Sharansky Plan

Charles Ramsey and the Internet Sensations

The Online Terror Underworld

Some Words Stay the Same

Libel Against IDF: A Criminal Offense?

Where Do You Bury a Terrorist?

Cory Booker: Yes I’m (Unofficially) Running for Senate

Good for Chris Christie

Queen To Cut Back On Long Haul Flights

Israel Bombs Syria: Nation A ‘Battlefield For the World’s Powers’

The NRA Goes Off Message

Prince Harry's US Tour, All The Details

Dame Helen: One Loves Drummers, Just Not Outside A Theatre

The Oatmeal: The Stories Behind the Funniest Comics (PHOTOS)

Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood & More Original MTV VJs Tell All

‘Rihanna 777’ Documentary Sheds Light on Tour, Leaves Out Some Details

The Oatmeal Creator Talks Comics, Lawsuits, His New Book & More

How 10 Porn Stars Lost Their Virginity

Baudelaire’s Femme Fatale Muse

After 44 Years Apart, Mother And Daughter Reunited By Facebook

10 Advice Books for Graduates, From The School of Life

Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea, the ‘Sex Superbug,’ Is Not Worse Than AIDS

Despite Little to Gain Politically, Marco Rubio Steps Up on Immigration

In Virginia, Terry McAuliffe’s Memoir Comes Back to Haunt Him

Will Syria Still Exist a Year From Today?

Keynes’s Gift to Posterity

Vertical Indoor Farms Are Growing in the U.S.

Sex Offenders Aren’t All monsters

Cleveland Kidnapping: What We Know So Far

Kidnapped Girl: 'I'm Here. I'm Free Now.'

Punk: Chaos to Couture at the Met Museum (PHOTOS)

Met Gala 2013 Red Carpet Gallery (PHOTOS)

Punk fashion at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Bad Lip Reading: 'Walking Dead'

Punk: Chaos To Couture at the Costume Institute Shows How Derivative The Style Has Become

What Israel's Attack Doesn't Mean For American Intervention In Syria

No, Democrats Did Not Just Want to "Count All the Votes" in the 2000 Election.

This Week’s Hot Reads: May 6, 2013

‘It’s Too Big’: Meet Jonah Falcon, the Man With the World’s Largest Penis

Still No Explanation for Horrific Limo Fire

Why Does the Tea Party Want to Let Democrats Run Ohio?

The Day the Sea Ran Red: The Battle of Sluys

Kate Walsh in Shape, Lindsay Lohan in Playbody, Demi Moore in Vanity Fair & More Nude Magazine Covers

Bad Math In Reporting Is Bad For French Jews

Coal Still Isn't Dead

Reports say there are more solar workers than coal miners in the U.S.

Why is Amazon Supporting an Internet Sales Tax?

Welcome Back, Aryeh Deri

America's Government Ignores the Jobs Crisis, Abandons the Unemployed

Ford’s Hybrid Surge

Another Blow for Immigration Reform

Are We Living in the Future?

Keira Knightley Marries in Chanel; Neiman Marcus May Be Up For Sale

Sitting Bull's Cinco De Mayo

Benghazi Whistleblower: Requests for Military Backup Denied

Leaving the Settlements

What I Wrote About Keynes

Prisoners at Tamms Supermax Prison Get Invited To Request A Photo of Anything in the World

For My Money, I'll Take the Al-Kuwaitis

Note to Readers

Why Are Conservatives Endorsing a Guest Worker Program?

Israeli Diplomat Rejects Google "Palestine" Recognition

Talk to Your Baby

Blame Kate If Your Purse Is Shrinking

The Doctor Who Helped Us Get Osama is Still in a Pakistani Prison

"Shut The F*** Up!" Dame Helen Mirren's Regal Outburst

Swallowed by a Hippo

Niall Ferguson and the Future

Real-Life Iron Man Mask

Immigration Reform: Not a Magic Cure for the GOP

Bieber Grabbed In Dubai

The Al Qaeda Headquarters in Libya

Harry Says It's A Boy!

Turkish Islamism Meets Europe's Artistic Heritage

‘Bates Motel’: Ken Tucker Praises Vera Farmiga’s Knife-Sharp Performance

98 Degrees’ Drew Lachey on the Band’s Comeback, ‘Microphone’ & More

Bring On The Punk!

America’s Best High Schools 2013: Behind the Rankings

Abortion Rights Community Has Become the NRA of the Left

NRA Convention Gun Advocates Include Victims, Immigrants, Kids

Yes, Democrats Can Be Racist

Israel’s Red Line Crossed, U.S. Tacitly Backs Ally’s Strikes in Syria

The Original Punks: Punk From Newsweek's 1977 Archives

Tamms Prison Project Makes Prisoners' Dreams Come True (PHOTOS)

Top 25 High Schools: Midwest

Newsweek Best High Schools 2013: Mapping the Top 1000

Beate Zschape, Alleged Neo-Nazi Leader, on Trial in Germany

Guatemala’s Trial of the Century

Newsweek’s Top 25 High Schools: Northeast

Top 25 Transformative High Schools

Our Right to Revenge After the Boston Attacks

Top 25 High Schools: West

Lindsay Lohan’s Tell-All With Piers Morgan: Drugs, Dating & More

Top 25 High Schools: South

2013 America's Best High Schools

Hats of the Kentucky Derby: From Elegant to Wacky

Jim DeMint: Syria 'A Distraction'

James Carville Loves Ted Cruz

David's Book Club: The Souls of Black Folk

Howard Kurtz Apologizes for Jason Collins Post

'Game of Thrones' Game Show

Victoria Beckham, Keith Urban & More Celebrity Twitter Photos (Photos)

Empire of the Sun & More of the Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

Rosie Napravnik Didn't Win the Derby, But Stole Our Hearts

Obama’s Syrian “Red Line” Could Return Us To The Mistakes of Iraq

Katherine Russell, Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Widow, Wants Nothing To Do With His Corpse

There Are No ‘Absolute’ Rights

Farewell to the Gas Station: The Demise of a Car Culture Icon

Don’t Blame Spider Bite For Felling Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman

The Neighboring Movement: A Simple, Radical Idea

The best longreads in business and finance for the week of May 4

How Do You Write About the Holocaust?

From Bieber to the Beatles, How the iTunes Store Brooklynized Music

Jodi Arias Faces Her Fate as Jury Begins Deliberations

Venus & Serena Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

The Week in Wingnuts

‘Magnificent Chicken’: The Weirdest Birds From Tamara Staples (PHOTOS)

Week in Photos: May 4, 2013

Tammany Hall: the Game Where You Play as a New York City Ward Boss

Anti-Israel Wishful Thinking

Americans Are Ready for a Female President. Finally.

Reese Witherspoon, Jason Collins, Amanda Knox & More Viral Videos

Six Years Later, Still No Sign of Madeleine McCann

In Houston, an NRA Victory Lap

From the Choom Gang to Drug Warrior, Barack Obama Keeps Bogarting Joints

Rachel Zoe, Cara Delevingne & More Fashion Instagrams (Photos)

FIT Hosts BARK-à-Porter: Art Deco-Themed Pet Fashion Show

How to Remember the Past

The Week’s Best Longreads for May 3, 2013

A Brief (Mostly Female) History of Coming Out in Sports

Leidy Churchman at Robert Miller is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How the Oregon Study Should Change Our Thinking

Bibi's Right: Palestinian Rejectionism Threatens Peace

Is the World Ready for Google Glass?

Is Reese Witherspoon's Drunken Arrest the Best Thing to Happen to Her Career?

Don't Call Gabriel Gomez a RINO

TV Anchors Bust a Move

YouTube's Guide to Children's Guns

Gwyneth Is 'So Paltrow-rific'

Why Do People Keep Calling Israel an Apartheid State When It’s Not?

Reese Arrest Video, Part Two

Iranian Cleric Blames Women for Earthquakes

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands’s Style Evolution

Amanda Bynes' Bizarre Workout

National Rifle Association Convention Descends on Houston (Photos)

Murdered for Pursuing Justice in Pakistan

OMG, I Want This House: Maine (Photos)

Same Process, No Progress

'The World is Not Without Good People'

Solar plane that can fly day and night takes off

Golden Dawn Continues Its Message of Hate

An Old Person's Guide to Twerking

Cathie Black’s Emails Release: 5 Juiciest Bits

Springs Fire Rages in Southern California (Photos)

Everybody Twerks

Why Does Ted Cruz Inspire Such Animosity?

How Not To Intervene In Syria

Is Grover Norquist Powerful?

The Jewish Death Curse In Israeli Politics

Obama, Not Congress, Is the Reason Guantanamo Is Still Open

Jobs Numbers

What Made the Boston Bombers Do It

The Slow, Grinding Repair of the American Labor Market

Carla Bruni On The Press Calling her "Fat"; Riccardo Tisci Unveils Ballet Costumes

Jobless Rate Falls to Four-Year Low in April

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands Is a New Style Icon

Jonathan Rauch's 'Denial', Part 3

The Jobs Numbers: The Economy and Its Enemies

33 Students Suspended For 'Twerking'


Psy Performs 'Gentleman' Live In NYC

Israeli Airforce Over Beirut

Margaret Trudeau: 'Someone is Bullying my Justin and That Makes Me Mad'

The RNC’s Block and Blame Game

How Compassionate Conservatives Can Actually Help the Poor

Egypt's Ticking Population Bomb

Harry And Cressida Party At Bodo's Schloss in London

The Oxycontin Plague

Meet Marc Maron: the Comedic Podcast Giant on His New IFC Show & More

Desperate to Go to War, Syrians in Egypt Find an Ally to Help

Taliban Face Complex Battlefield as Foreign Troops Withdraw

This Isn’t Obama’s Malaise, It’s GOP Intransigence

Leading From Below

North Korea's Dangerous Hostage Game

Kate Moss, Carey Mulligan & More Best and Worst Dressed This Week (Photos)

Will Jodi Arias Go Free?

Sylvia Plath’s Darkest Sea: What an Unveiled Draft Poem Reveals

Justin Bieber Meets ‘Game of Thrones’ with ‘Joffrey Bieber’ Tumblr

Temple Grandin: My Big Idea

What’s Too Young for a Gun? The Industry Behind the 5 Year Old Killer

Celebrities' Best First Tweets

Reese Arrest Caught On Tape

Imus Calls O'Reilly A 'Jerk'

Meet Martha Stewart’s Internet Soulmate

The Deficit’s Down, and That’s Bad News Why?

Is America Ready for a Female President—or Just President Hillary?

We're All Reactionaries Now

Nissan Leaf leads growth in April electric car sales

Richard Serra at David Zwirner is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

‘Yes’ Gun Control Vote Pays Off for Two Senators: Polls

A Romanov Goes to Israel

The Right and Immigration

GM Is Racist, Pepsi Is Sexist & More in the Week in Offensive Ads (Video)

Lingerie Label Releases ‘MILF’ Campaign for Mother’s Day

America's European Allies Drop the Ball

13 Music Duos We Miss

The State of the House (of Representatives)

The Daily Beast Retracts Jason Collins Blog Post

One WTC is Finally Complete!

Amazing Ad of the Day, Brought to You by IBM

Another New and Hideous Portrait of The Queen

The Pro-Israel Lobby: Narratives, Not Money

The Cicadas are Coming!

History, the GOP, and Green Lantern-Thinking: The Panama Canal Treaty

Obama Taps Biz Head

Jump, Jump!

Smartphone Apps for the 21st Century Farmer

MET Ball Attendees Rolling In; The New High School Senior Portraits

Isolated at a Young Age

Arab Governments Try to Punish Canada

Harry's Chelsea Garden To Have Music

The West Bank On Fire

Amanda Bynes's Topless Bathroom Photo Shoot: A Dramatization

Cruz's Secret Weapon: Republican Despair

Say Hello to the Solar Powered Airplane

Dan Klaidman on Obama and Gitmo

Immigration Reform is Losing Public Support

Where Are Syria's Chemical Weapons?

Jon Stewart Compares Gitmo To 'Lost'

With Friends Like Dzhokhar…

From Gandhi to Guantanamo, Hunger Strikes Throughout History

What ‘Homeland’ Could Learn From ‘The Americans’

Immigration Reform and the GOP’s Anti-Gay Suicide Mission

Ted Cruz, the Anti-Rubio Who Is Determined to Stop Immigration Reform

Next Time, the NRA Will Lose

Violence on Everest

Justin Bieber’s Tattoos: A Selena Gomez look-a-like, a Crown, Jesus Ink, and More

Where Are Syria’s Chemical Weapons?

Why Do We Still Hate Gwyneth Paltrow?

The Writhing, Miserable Reality of Force Feeding at Guantánamo Bay

Alphonza Bryant, the Slain Bronx Teen Who Did Everything Right

How a Racist Newspaper Defeated Lincoln in New York in the 1864 Election

How the Children of Birmingham Changed the Civil-Rights Movement

Charles Simic: Why You Should Be an Immigrant, For the Sake of Your Writing Career

Inside Mike Bloomberg’s Battle Royale With the New York Times

Jamestown Settlers Were Cannibals and More Reasons the Colony Was Hell

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, a Faux Hearing About Alien Encounters

Morning-After Pill Age Lowered, but Obama Will Appeal FDA Decision

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s Biggest Challenge? The Economy, Stupid

The Essential Spy Guide

Mind-Boggling Ball-Catching Contortionist

Raid On New Boston Suspects' Home

The Internet's Unfair Attack on Beyonce's Baby Blue Ivy

From 'Vagina Monologues' to Cancer Survivor

Study: Giving People Government Health Insurance May Not Make them Any Healthier

The Scariest Possibility in International Politics

Bombing Cover-up Suspects Are 'Innocent'

Delegitimizing Pro-Palestinian Queer Voices

Jason Collins' Other Secret

Want to Go to Mars?

Dr. McCoy's Self-Awareness

Not Vaccinating Your Kids Is a Horrible Thing to Do

Star Trek's Sexiest Aliens

Why Abandon Sharansky’s Kotel Compromise?

Too Many Baseball Books! The 15 Big Titles of 2013

How 'Balanced' Press Coverage Enabled Vaccine Trutherism

A New E-Book from Jonathan Rauch: 'Denial'

Yes, Ted Cruz Can Legally Become President

Stars Who Look Like Their Pets

Sanford, The 'Sex Pioneer'

A Word on "Obamabot"-ism

Stand Up! With Pete Dominick

Turkmenistan Prez Takes A Tumble

Girl Crush: Michelle & Beyonce

The Most Ridiculous Parts of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Vow Renewal

Bob McDonnell Is Never Going to Be President

Powerless In Gaza

Norway Runs Short of Garbage Needed to Make Electricity

The Power of Stem Cell Research Saves a Little Girl

Fisticuffs in Parliament!

'This Is Freaking Awesome'

Iron Man 3, Starring Robert Downey Jr., Is Loud, Quippy, Ridiculous Fun

29 Percent of Americans Think We'll Soon Need an Armed Revolt, 25 Percent Think We're Not Being Told the Truth About Sandy Hook

New Dutch King and Queen Attend Giant Dutch Rave

Goltzius at the Metropolitan is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Pope Francis Is Heading To Israel

Amanda Seyfried Nabs Givenchy Campaign; Vogue UK Gets a Little Sister

How Kate and Will Might Look In 25 years

What About that 'Six-Year Itch?'

May Day! World Capitals Erupt in Protest

Should a New York Times Columnist Know What She's Talking About?

Can Ted Cruz Attract Big Money Donors?

Breaking up the Banks

No Garlic and Scones for the Corgis: Former Palace Chef Lifts Lid On Queen's Dining Habits

Ted Cruz, the Next Barry Goldwater?

How Perfect Carole Middleton Made Other Parents Feel Inadequate

Patrick Flanery: How I Write

‘The Americans’: Noah Emmerich on Playing Stan Beeman, ‘Jane Got a Gun,’ and More

Why Beyonce Is a Tough Friend for Michelle Obama

Jason Collins Gets Media Bear Hug as the NBA Player Comes Out as Gay

Joe Manchin’s Crusade to Get Gun Bill a Second Shot

Taliban Forces Desperate to Hear from Their Absent Leader, Mullah Omar

The Return of the Power Paunch

Under Obama, a Breakdown in the Death Benefits Owed to Veterans

Judy Clarke, the Defense Lawyer Appointed to Defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Michelle Obama’s Arms Didn’t Actually Spawn the Upper Arm Lift Craze

Tony Soprano, Bill Clinton, and More: The Return of the Power Paunch

Hey Pot Smokers, Your Kids Know You’re Stoned

Amanda Knox Finally Speaks in Interview With Diane Sawyer (VIDEO)

Knox: I Didn't Do It

Navratilova: Tennis' Great Gay Champion