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Albuquerque Voters Reject Abortion Ban

Can You Tell I’m a Stasi Spy? The Crazy Disguises of a Feared Security State (Photos)

Week in Photos: November 30, 2013

Prescribing Pot for Pet Pain

The Revolt Against Urban Gentry

Obamacare May Be Dangerous to Your Health

U.K. Beheading Trial’s Grisly Start

The New Head of Pakistan’s Army Holds the Country’s Most Important Job

China’s Schools Teaches Kids to Take Tests, Obey the State, and Not Much More

The War That Never Sleeps

The Week’s Best Longreads for November 30, 2013

The Final Shoot: How an English Country Novel Set in 1913 Explains 2013

The Race Is On in Silicon Valley to Escape Real America

The ‘Tennessee Crackers’ Would Have Never Happened

What the Leaked J.D. Salinger Stories Reveal About the Author

The Secret, Contentious History of Maps

How to Be Smart on Twitter

60 Years of Playboy: The Most Iconic Playboy Covers, From Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian

Exploding Whale, Black Friday and More Viral Videos

Bernard-Henri Levy Celebrates the Fraternity of Sarajevo Citizenship

Alison Grimes Will Have to Step It Up to Beat Mitch McConnell

Condoms Aren’t Sexy. This Is How Porn Stars Would Fix Them.

Josh Romney’s Awkward Car-Crash ‘Selfie’

Walmart’s Black Thanksgiving Woes

Kerry James Marshall at the National Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Harry in The South Pole, New Photos

From Lady Gaga to Gwyneth Paltrow, Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

Jameis Winston Rape Ruling to Come After ACC Championship

Harry and William Are Polar Opposites

The Little Syrian Girl With a Bullet in Her Head

Japan’s new Secrets Bill Threatens To Muzzle The Press and Whistleblowers

The Story of How Two of America’s Greatest Anthems Were Made

History Broke Us: One Jewish Family’s 20th Century

Wood Cards Are a Green Alternative to the Classic Plastic Gift Card

Why Isn’t Idris Elba A Bigger Movie Star?

These Young Artists Want You to Feel Something

The Pain Is Not the Problem: How to Fix America’s Health-Care Crisis

John Sutherland‘s Enjoyable Little History of Literature

Come On, ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Can Handle More Violence

My Secret Life in Los Santos

Scott Walker Has ‘Nothing to Do With’ Native American Mascot Fight

Why Criticizing Obama Isn’t Racist

Can Spending Thanksgiving Dinner With Your Family Actually Kill You?

Reel Numbers: ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

Disney’s Sublimely Subversive ‘Frozen’ Isn’t Your Typical Princess Movie

Two Chickens, an Old Guitar, and a Group of Strangers: A Life-Changing Feast in Brazil

Kate's New Deeper Hair Color

Victoria Beckham Guest Edits December French Vogue

Steve Coogan Makes His Bid For Some Serious, Dramatic Roles

Young, Female, On The Frontlines in Syria

Young, Female, On The Frontlines in Syria

Did Queen Victoria Have An Illegitimate Grandson?

Zosia Mamet, Grade Coddington & More Channel Pilgrim Fashion: Thanksgiving Style (PHOTOS)

The CIA Tried Hard to Recruit Spies Among the Al Qaeda Prisoners at Gitmo

25 Things We’re Thankful For

States Seek to Turn Back Clock on Military Gay Couples With Marriage Rights

A Tale of Thanksgiving Triumph

What the Pilgrims Drank on Thanksgiving

How the World Sees Thanksgiving

The GOP’s Hunger Games: More Food Stamp Cuts for the Holidays?

Five Ways to Recover Faster From Your Thanksgiving Binge

Beware, Republicans: Will Rise Again

Ranking Samuel L. Jackson’s Craziest Onscreen Hairdos, From ‘Pulp Fiction’ to ‘Oldboy’

Top 5 Food Network Flubs, From Julia Child to Rachael Ray

A Young Chef Travels to Calabria, Italy, and Learns the Old Ways of Cooking

YouTube Sensation Sam Horowitz Picks Eight Looks for Hanukkah

Film Review: Documentary Explores Israeli Attitudes to the Palestinian Nakba

Bruce Nauman at Sperone Westwater is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Trouble With Mourning Arik Einstein As Diaspora Jews

Bartenders Share Their Best Holiday Punch Recipes (PHOTOS)

U.N. Apologizes For Greek HIV/AIDS Report

Oklahoma’s Governor Denies Marriage Benefits to National Guard Members

Flying While Sikh: Why Racial Profiling Matters

Honduras Presidential Election Passes Over Chavez Loyalists

Taylor Swift Channels Kate Middleton; NBA Players Admit Beauty Obsessions

Taylor Swift Sings With Prince William (Really), Amber Riley Wins 'Dancing With the Stars'

The Iran Nuclear Deal is Really About Syria

Times Leader Writers Can't Decide Where Richard III Should Be Buried

Pharmacy Worker Dodges Jail For Selling William and Harry Stories To Papers

U.S. Uses B-52 Bombers to Brush Back Chinese Expansion

Is Forced Religious Belief Coming to an Employer Near You?

Josh Brolin On His Toughest Role Yet (Watch Video)

Head of D.C. Pro-Israel Think Tank Misrepresents Geneva Deal

A Nation Mourns Arik Einstein, Inventor of Israeli Rock 'n Roll

Tea Party Strikes Out Against the Atlanta Braves

Kurdish Militias Drive Out Jihadists, Bring Stability Back to Parts of Syria

The Daily Beast's 2013 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Alex Prager Photographs a ‘Face in the Crowd’ (Photos)

Delayed? The Best Airport Restaurants to Eat at This Thanksgiving

The Treasury Department’s New Crackdown on Dark Money Groups

Winona Ryder Dishes on ‘Homefront,’ ‘Beetlejuice 2,’ and Generation X

Japan’s Mega Banks Have Mega Yakuza Trouble

Movies to See or Skip Thanksgiving Weekend: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ ‘Oldboy,’ and More

What to Watch on TV Thanksgiving Weekend

Reel Numbers: ‘Anchorman 2’

Richard Dawkins: How I Write

William Stuns Crowd by Bawling Out ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ with Bon Jovi and Taylor

The GOP's Late-Term Abortion Strategy Is Backfiring

Obituary: An Appreciation for Arik Einstein

Sebelius Says Should Get a Second Chance

Mike Kelley at PS1 is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Heads Roll in TV Land: Lara Logan & Alec Baldwin Out

What Pro-Israel College Organizations Really Need: Two-State Solution Activism

Watch the NYT’s ‘Making A Scene’: A Short Film Series Feat. 11 Actors, From Oprah to Bradley Cooper

Americans Don’t Like Obama’s Job Performance—or Him

There Is No Iranian Nuclear Deal

Pope Francis Declares Consumers and Capitalists Need to Help the Poor

Gap Ad Featuring an Indian Model Goes Viral After Racist Vandalism

Why Plan B Might Not Work for Women Over 176 Pounds

No DNA Testing For You, Thanks to the FDA

Kanye West Ditches Nike for Adidas; H&M Promises Living Wages to Suppliers

American Dreams, 2003: The Known World by Edward P. Jones

Court: Nigella Lawson Took Drugs Every Day for a Decade

Israel-EU Rift Deepening Over Settlement Funding

Hairy Harry Grows A Polar Beard

Princess Diana Wedding Dress Feud Rumbles In The Jungle!

Obama and the Munich Katrinas

Obama’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

How to Skip the Airport Security Line During Thanksgiving

Artist Enoc Perez Paints the Great Cities That Never Were

U.S. Knew Russia Violated Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

The War on Thanksgiving

Taliban Slams Loya Jirga Bilateral Security Agreement

Hillary Clinton’s Iran Trap

We Already Know What Adam Lanza’s Real Motive Was at Sandy Hook

New Orleans Celebrates Its Favorite Sandwich at the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival

The No-Diet Diet May Be the Key to Avoiding the Holiday Belt Bulge

Iran Dissidents Split on Nuclear Deal

Has Lady Gaga Fallen From Her Throne?

‘Catching Fire’: How Jennifer Lawrence Learned to Shoot a Bow and Arrow

What Asian Film Remakes Like ‘Oldboy’ Get Wrong

Should I Buy the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Wii U?

“Now we wonder why this has all gone so wrong.”

Palestinians Cast a U.N. Vote, Move Closer to State Recognition

Bruce Springsteen Announces New Album, ‘Family Guy’ Fans Petition to Bring Back Brian

Jeffrey Goldberg Gets J Street Wrong

Political Protest Rocks Thailand

Does Katie Couric’s Move to Yahoo Signal the End of Old Media Dominance?

The Fall of India’s Conscience

This Week’s Hot Reads: Nov. 25, 2013

Prosecutor in Amanda Knox Appeal: Knox Is Guilty

If You Had One Year to Live, How Would You Spend It?

Guess What? The ‘Knockout Game’ Is America’s Latest Phony Panic

Gaza to Jersey: A Star is Born

Given The Choice Between a Screaming Baby And The Frozen Wastes....

Kate Middleton's Hair Stylist Gets the Boot; Lady Gaga Fronts Versace's Latest Campaign

‘Family Guy’ Killed Off Brian Last Night. It Was the Right Move.

Watch James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Hilarious Parody of Kanye West’s Music Video For 'Bound 2'

7 Questions About the Geneva Deal on Iran You Might Be Asking

Andrea Schiavone at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Charles's $800,000 Birthday Party At Buckingham Palace

World Doubts Obama Will Enforce Red Line on Iran

High Speed ‘Trains of the Future’ May Finally Be Coming to the Northeast

Philippines: The Shocking Numbers

Obama Crushes the Neocons

This Is Why Your Kid Is Fat

Moral Courage TV: Allie McNeil

Ted Cruz’s Aggressive Campaigning Could Hurt Him With Crucial Iowa Voters

‘Midnight Memories’ Review: One Direction’s Album Isn’t That Bad, Really

How I Escaped Assad’s Army in Syria

No, Obama’s Iran Deal Was Not a Munich-Style Surrender

Presidents Never Can Seem to Learn to Stop Overreaching

How Mary Cheney Can Save the GOP

‘Frozen’ Is the Best Disney Film Since ‘The Lion King’

‘Generation Cryo,’ MTV’s New Show About Sperm Donor Babies Finding (Half) Siblings

Putin to Meet Pope Francis in Rome

Prince Harry Arrives in Antartica

Best of AMA Red Carpet 2013

Is the Iran Nuke Deal Enough?

Why the Iranian Nuclear Deal Is Dangerous

Gamechanger: Inside the Historic Iran Nuclear Deal

Week in Death: The Peacemaker Priest

From Kim Kardashian to Cara Delevingne, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

5 Pointz: When Graffiti Was King

What Made Anders Behring Breivik a Mass Killer in Norway?

Rube Goldberg’s Nutty Inventions Neatly Skewered Our Technocratic World

Are Narcocorrido Mexican Drug Ballads Really That Bad?

An Oral History of Mao’s Greatest Crime

Ron Burgundy Sings About Rob Ford and More of This Week’s Viral Videos

From Lady Gaga To Jay-Z, “Serious” Art Is Ruining Pop Music

Death of JFK Spawned an Industry That Thrived for Decades

A U.S. Thanksgiving—Family Style: Fractious but Friendly

Best Business Longreads

Can Nadia Bolz-Weber Resurrect Liberal Christianity?

The Man Who Invented Vampires and the Creepiest Literary Gathering Ever

U.S. Pulls Embassy Out of the Vatican

Obama Must Resign by Black Friday

The Paper Trails of Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath

Up to Speed: Nuclear Deal With Iran Reached

Hating Kennedy

Elinor Carucci Captures the Messy, Beautiful Reality of Motherhood

Age Is Just a Number: Six Ladies Who Defy Fashion Norms

Amtrak Is a Tax-Sucking Behemoth That Deserves to Die

Ethan Hawke On His Murderous, Seductive Turn as Macbeth

Miley Cyrus’s Wild Style (Photos)

NPR’s Scott Simon: Thank You, Mom

The Week’s Best Longreads for November 23, 2013

Rush Compares Filibuster Reform to Rape, Proving Yet Again He Is America’s Worst Person

Central America’s New Cold War

The Return of Russian Hard Power?

Mu Sochua And Monks Protest In Cambodia's Political Spring

America’s First Great Wine…Made in 1842

The Adult Industry Doesn’t Pay! (As Much As You Think)

Britain’s Idiotic “Opt-In” Porn Ban

Should MSNBC Fire Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir?

‘Bettie Page Reveals All,’ A Close-Up Look at the Pinup Goddess and Sexual Icon

Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift & the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies

Week in Photos: November 23, 2013

A Primer For Doctor Who’s ‘Day of the Doctor’ Episode

Steve McQueen 12 Years a Slave is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

You Too Can Hear U2 Overthink Its New Song

Lamar Odom Rapped About Khloe Kardashian in Leaked Video. It Is Insane.

Last Term For Dianne Feinstein?

Neo-Con Lee Smith Smears Obama Administration as Anti-Semitic

For Bashar Al-Assad, Crossing Obama's Red Line Was a Win-Win

When Israel’s Military Experts Disagree

The Taliban’s Hydras

Rob Ford’s Web of Criminal Friends

Did Bank of America Merrill Lynch Intern Moritz Erhardt Die of Stress?

Sorry, Naysayers, But America Isn’t Over Yet

Senate Democrats Didn’t Go Far Enough to Kill the Filibuster

Jewish Communities in Sweden Sound Alarm Over Alleged Anti-Semitism

‘Girls’ Season 3 Trailer Debuts. Is It the Most Relatable Yet?

Over 100,000 Palestinians Work in Israel, At Least One Third Without a Permit

Who Should Kill? Looking for Answers in Erik Prince’s Memoir

Prince Harry's Temperature Plummet

Going Nuclear

The ‘Catching Fire’ Costume Designer Talks the Dark Turn in ‘Hunger Games’ Fashion

Jimmy Breslin on JFK’s Assassination: Two Classic Columns

Gulnara Karimova’s Tweets Hint at Uzbek Power Struggle

Can Congress Protect All Women? I-VAWA Is Gaining Backers

Photographer Alec Soth Shows a Different Side of Silicon Valley

What Became of JFK’s Gravedigger?

Hugh Aynesworth Has Spent His Career Debunking JFK Conspiracy Theories

Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

Worst Airports for Thanksgiving Travel

The Feds’ Nuclear Shakedown

Dame Judi Dench on Playing the Inspiring Philomena

Xbox One Review: Big Brother Is Watching You

Reel Numbers: ‘Mandela’

Sarah Silverman’s Unsolicited Therapy Session for Girls

The Appeal of Cinnabon Vodka and the Rise of Flavored Vodkas

Alec Soth Documents Life in Silicon Valley (Photos)

‘Anchorman 2’s’ PR Blitz: Dodge Durangos, Daft Punk, Rob Ford’s Campaign Song, and Whiskey

Solange Knowles Named Artistic Director of Puma; Is J. Crew for Sale?

‘It’s An Honor’

A 747 Lands at the Wrong Kansas Airport. A Pilot’s Take on What Happened

Ragnar Kjartansson at the Venice Biennale is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Filibuster Fight Ain’t Over

The Struggles of Benjamin Franklin’s Sister Jane

Thank VH1’s ‘You Oughta Know’ Concert for That Lorde and Haim Collaboration You Never Knew You Wanted

Palestinians and Jews Unite to Save the Pre-1948 Town of Lifta

Why the Filibuster Had to Go

My Father Made Jackie’s Pink Suit

Tilda Swinton and Oliver Saillard Perform the Creation of Fashion in ‘Eternity Dress’

Italy’s Triangle Of Death: Naples Residents Blame Child Cancer Rates On Mob Disposal Of Toxic Chemicals

Three ‘Slave’ Women Freed in U.K.

Reid Goes Nuclear on Filibusters

Exclusive: Watch June Squibb’s Hilarious Turn As A Curse-Happy Granny In ‘Nebraska’

Michelle Obama's Biggest Fashion Regret; LVMH Launches Contest for Emerging Designers

Queen and Philip On Top Of The World As They Scale London's Shard

Monty Python—Not Dead Yet

Naftali Bennett Illegally Removed Ancient Coin from Israel

Long Live Monty Python: The British Comedy Troupe’s Hilarious Reunion

The Mad Shooter of Paris Is a ‘Natural Born Killer’

Outrage as Prince Charles Tells Villagers He Owns The Land Beneath their Homes

When Synthetic Pot Kills

Oprah Winfrey Makes Mild Race Comment, Fox News Backlash Ensues

Exiled From Syria, Refugees Brace For Winter

Brazil’s Rich Ban Biographies Via Arcane Law

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg: A Family Album (Photos)

Kate McKinnon Is the Future of ‘Saturday Night Live’

This Is Your Politician on Drugs

The World Is Laughing at Rob Ford

The Only Books on JFK’s Assassination You Need to Read

Walmart and McDonald’s, Out and Proud as Corporate Scrooges

Despite What You May Think, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna Are Feminists

Black Friday Comes Early as U.S. Retailers Panic Over Holiday Sales

Marco Rubio Says He’ll Do Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy—but Better

How a Game of Tag Turned a Texas Campus Into Immigration’s Ground Zero

Lifetime’s ‘Witches of East End’ Is the Ultimate Witch Show

David Copperfield’s Utterly Bizarre Caribbean Island

Cocaine Congressman Won’t Quit

Gen. John Allen Praises the Terms of New U.S.-Afghanistan Agreement

Fashion Fights AIDS

The Best Lyrics From Daniel Day-Lewis’s Son’s Rap Song

'It's Better To Jump' Tackles Gentrification in Akka

Shana Lutker riffs on Andre Breton at Performa is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

You Can Indeed Judge a Book By Its Cover

11 Best Monty Python Moments

Another Incident of Israeli Security Forces Arresting Palestinian Children

Video Highlights From the Medal of Freedom Ceremony

Ace Hotel Founder Alex Calderwood’s Greatest Legacy

Trey Radel, the Tea Party’s Cocaine Congressman, is Sentenced to Probation and Rehab

The 11 Worst Sequel Ideas to Come out of Hollywood

And YOU Get a Medal of Freedom! Today's Best Oprah Tweets

Clintons and Obama: Fates Entwined

Kate Middleton Suffers New Wardrobe Malfunction

Harry Reid Prepares to Go "Nuclear" on the Judicial Filibuster

Full Text: Obama's Handwritten Tribute to Lincoln

‘The Fading Valley’ Brings Jordan Valley Inequalities into Stark Relief

Ann Demeulemeester to Exit Namesake Label; Kate Middleton Pulls a Marilyn Monroe

Palestine Casts First-Ever Vote at UN General Assembly

Why Was Gus Deeds Rejected?

W. Charms on the ‘Tonight’ Show

Prince Harry 'Frustrated' at Delay To South Pole Trek

Queen and Prince Philip Celebrate 66th Wedding Anniversary

In Defense of the Selfie, Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year

How I Write: Jared Diamond

Who Really Killed JFK? Experts Pick the Wildest Conspiracy Theories

Darkroom: JFK Jr. Salutes His Father

Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! Exhibit Debuts at London’s Somerset House

The Dance of Bubba and Obama—and How It Helps Hillary

Taliban And NATO War on Twitter

Scott Walker Is the Perfect Republican Candidate for 2016 (on Paper)

Why Youth Is Revolting Against Obama (Hint: It’s Not Just Obamacare)

Inside ‘Adult’: Femme Erotica

Sheldon Adelson’s Republican Roulette: Can Online Gambling Be Banned?

Holiday Movie Preview: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ and More

What Is Michel Gondry Doing With Noam Chomsky?

Will ‘Hunger Games’ Fans and ‘Twilight’ Fans Ever Get Along?

How to Find the Best Fitness Tracker for You

GOP Rep Arrested On Drug Charges

Bob Dylan and Vania Heymann’s Brilliant Interactive Video For ‘Like A Rolling Stone’

Video: Chaotic Aftermath of Beirut Twin Bombings

Yet Again, George Zimmerman Proves He’s Violent, Aggressive, and Confrontational

GOP Defies Obama on Iran Sanctions

Is Dropbox Worth $8 Billion?

'The League' Roundtable

George Zimmerman Banned From Using Guns in Court Hearing

Jewish Groups, American Rabbis Call on Israel to Withdraw Bedouin Displacement Plan

The Public Doesn’t Like Obamacare, Wishes For President Romney

Getting a Job at Walmart is Harder than Getting into Harvard

Kanye West Straddles A Nude Kim Kardashian In the Wild Music Video For “Bound 2”

Protecting the Environment of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Jake Bugg Isn’t the New Bob Dylan. He’s the Male Adele.

How the Common Core Standards Can Help U.S. Students Understand History

One Direction’s Album Leaks, ‘Selfie’ Is the Word of the Year

Sharon Hayes at the Venice Biennale is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Why Jimmy Kimmel’s Lies Matter

Up to Speed: The Cholesterol Mess

New York Loses Graffiti Landmark

Shame on You, Walmart!

Oxford Declares 'Selfie' Word of the Year; Barneys to Debut Holiday Windows via Instagram

Daleks Invade Buckingham Palace

The Cheney ‘Compassion’ Trap

Creigh Deeds Stabbed, Son Dead

The Mad Gunman of Paris

Kate Connects With Orla Kiely Coat-style Dress

The Sole Survivors Club: A New Documentary Explores the Burden of Being a Plane Crash ‘Miracle’

Christie’s Immigration Catch-22: Help Immigrants or Win GOP Primaries

How Abraham Lincoln Wrote the Gettysburg Address

Immigrants Held in Border Deep Freezers

The Most Underrated Novels I’ve Edited

Why Was Firefighter-Marine Reserve Maj. Jason Brezler Betrayed?

Egypt’s Military Commemorates ‘Martyrs’ It Gunned Down

Syria’s Christians Flee Kidnappings, Rape, Executions

Murder, Sex, and the Writing Life: Norman Mailer’s Biography

Jackie Kennedy’s Letter to Khrushchev on Her Last Nights in the White House

‘Alta Moda’ Exhibit Pays Tribute to Mario Testino’s Peruvian Roots

It’s Time for Obama to Go on Offense on Health Care

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince: War on Terror Has Become Too Big

‘The League’ Roundtable: The Cast Dishes on the Funniest Show You’re Not Watching

‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Review: Oh My God, This PlayStation 4 Game Is Beautiful

Reel Numbers: ‘Delivery Man’

Winona Ryder on ‘Beetlejuice 2’: ‘Might Be Happening’ With Burton, Keaton, and Ryder

‘Money Honey’ Maria Bartiromo Crosses Enemy Lines, Flees CNBC for Fox

How George Zimmerman Ended Up Behind Bars Again

Justin Bieber’s ‘Naked’ Party, ‘Sesame Street’ Parodies ‘The Hunger Games’

Gerard ter Borch in the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Silvio Berlusconi's PR Campaign in Rome's Jewish Ghetto

Natural Gas Is Not Singlehandedly Reshaping The Mediterranean

Video: Rob Ford Knocks Down City Council Member

Walmart’s Dumb Blame Game

What American Jews Can Learn From ‘Dove’s Cry’

This Week’s Hot Reads: Nov. 18, 2013

Of Sin and College: Robert Stone’s ‘Death of a Black-Haired Girl’

Female British Serial Killer Shocks Lawyer, Pleads Guilty

Cheney’s Gay Marriage Civil War

Who’s Giving to the Philippines—and Who Isn’t

Without Massive Republican Opposition, Obamacare Would Be in Better Shape

Naftali Bennett's Security Strategy is Frozen in the 1970s

Jay Z Takes Lead Role in Barneys' Racial Profiling Council; Net-a-Porter Launches 'Hunger Games' Collection

Prince William Is Not Allowed a Playstation

Hamas Shows off New Tunnels in TV Report

In Defense of the House 39

Princeton Considers Vaccinations for Slow-Moving Meningitis Outbreak

‘It Will Not Be Lyndon’: Why JFK Wanted to Drop LBJ for Reelection

How Chris Christie Can Win in 2016

President Obama Should Never Apologize for Passing Obamacare

Moral Courage TV: Eric Glatt

The Open Carry Scare Campaign

Five Years On, Mumbai Terror Masterminds Still at Large

How the Government Can Avoid Another Debacle

Love Affair Over? Obamacare Debacle Shakes Up Millennial Politics

Exclusive: John Kerry Defies the White House on Egypt Policy

Jenna Jameson Breaks Her Vow

My London Getaway With Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Stars of ‘The World’s End’

The New Fellini: Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘The Great Beauty’

Will the Governor and Carol Join Forces? The Walking Dead’s David Morrissey Says It’s a Good Theory

U.S Chamber Of Commerce's Big Money Fail

Deadly Tornadoes and Storms Rip Through Midwest

Stay the Dogs of War on Iran

Looking Back at JFK

Founder and Face of Ace Hotel Alex Calderwood Found Dead In London

Lady Gaga Disappoints on ‘Saturday Night Live’ (But She Tried Hard)

Sunday Q&A: Josef Joffe on the Myth of American Decline

Why It’s Time To Start Talking About Reforming, Not Repealing, Obamacare

‘Almost Human’ Review: A Dystopian Future That We’ve Seen Before

‘Breaking Bad’ Meets ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ In Hilarious Alternate Ending, Starring Bryan Cranston

Typhoon Haiyan: The Philippine Village that Lost Its Men

Atheist Ex-Pastor Jerry DeWitt’s Mission to Red America

The Portrait Gallery Face-Off: Fresh, Famous, and Quirky Faces Win the Day

‘Orchard Beach’ Captures Community and Diversity of New York City’s Bronx Riviera

Oswald’s Mother Was a Thoroughly Disagreeable Piece of Work

Week in Death: The Woman Who Cracked Hitler’s Codes

Fringe Factor: The U.N. Is Coming for Your Kids

The King of Dramedy: Bob Odenkirk on ‘Nebraska,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ and ‘Better Call Saul’

From Diane von Furstenberg to Kim Kardashian, The 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

The No Hangover Wine

Is There an Expiration Date on Evil? Former Nazi Guards Face Trial

Anyone Who Counts Obama Out Hasn’t Reckoned on His Survival Skills

The Cult of Outrage

Best Business Longreads

Stunning Images from 125 Years of National Geographic (Photos)

Kesha, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and the Week in Selfies (PHOTOS)

Missing Pussy Rioter Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Found At Siberian Hospital

Snapchat’s Diss Captures Facebook’s Cruel Cool World

Robert Young Pelton on His Expedition To Find Joseph Kony

The Week’s Best Longreads for November 16, 2013

Sarah Palin Serves Up a Healthy Serving of Venom in Her Christmas Book

Bye Bye, Bandar

Ole Miss Football Games Unite a Son and His Aging Father

JFK’s Favorite Things: Inside Our 35th President’s Oval Office

Week in Photos: November 16, 2013

Blame Obama for Passing a ‘Partisan’ Health-Care Bill? What Nonsense.

An American in Cairo to Work on His Graphic Novel Tries to Understand the Story of the Revolution

Why Los Angeles Is the Best Food Town in America

‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ Celebrates the Glory of Calvin and Hobbes on Film

Rob Ford’s X-Rated Quip, a ‘Harry Met Sally’ Flash Mob & More Viral Videos

Evan Rachel Wood Is Grown Up, Unfiltered, and Still Loves Justin Bieber

Winners of the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize at London's National Portrait Gallery (Photos)

Every Juicy Thing We Know About the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie

Top Liberal Group Spent Big In '12

Coin Promises Freedom From A Wallet Full of Cards

John Oliver Leaving ‘Daily Show’, ‘The Simpsons’ Heads to Cable

Dara Friedman Film of Destruction at the Hirshhorn Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Relief Workers Report on Conditions in the Philippines

Olmert at Dartmouth College: A Blunt Defense of Kerry's Peace Process

The Erekat Came Back

Destination Art Worth the Road Trip

#SFBatKid to the Rescue!

Best & Worst Dressed of the Week

Victoria Beckham’s Wedding Tiara On Sale; Burberry Chooses New Chief Design Officer

New Details on Theodore Wafer, the Man Who Shot Renisha McBride

‘Alpha House’ Review: Amazon’s Comedy Falls to Sitcom Predictability, Gay Jokes

An Absurd Push for Separation of Religion and State in Canada

House Passes GOP Obamacare Fix

Italian Prosecutors Investigate Apple Subsidiary For Alleged Tax Evasion

Five Ways ‘The Daily Show’ Has Savaged the Obamacare Rollout (VIDEO)

People-Powered Social Revolution in Israel Promotes Rights of Same-Sex Families

Whitey Bulger and the FBI Whitewash

PlayStation 4 Review: The PS4 and the Gorgeous Next Generation of Gaming

Photographer Raymond Depardon Captures the ‘Sweet Moments’ (Photos)

No, the Rollout of Is Nothing Like Hurricane Katrina

10 Overdue Historical Retractions

NGO: Hamas Torturing Political Prisoners

Can Obama Change?

Sanaa Lathan Says ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Was a Silly, Super Fun Reunion

June Squibb, the Curse-Happy Elderly Mom In ‘Nebraska,’ Delivers the Year’s Funniest Turn

It’s Been 20 Years Since Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling Joined the Mickey Mouse Club

Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘The Wind Rises’: An Anime Icon Bows Out

Goodbye, Blue: A Post-Obama Democratic Doctrine

Photographer Raymond Depardon Captures the ‘Sweet Moments’

How to Hack the Perfect Home

Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sri Lanka’s Reign of Terror

Obama Pivots, Democrats Panic on Health-Care Rollout

JFK’s Weak Body And Strong Spirit

Pot’s Black Market Backlash

Slice of Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Cake Sells For $4,160

Prince Charles Opens CHOGM in Sri Lanka Today, Sidesteps Human Rights

Iranian Human Rights Activists Blast Congress's Sanctions Push

Nasrallah Doubles Down On Syria, Iran

It Wasn’t Broke, But Obama Fixed It Anyway

Typhoon Haiyan Tacloban Leaders Calls on Rebels to Avoid Armed Violence

Josh Ruxin’s A Thousand Hills of Heaven: Building A Restaurant In Rwanda

The ‘Space Jam’ '30 For 30’ Totally Ignores Allegations of Doping (Not Really)

Janet Yellen Succeeds in the Senate Without Really Trying

In Italy, Religious Minorities Struggle (Vainly) for Official Recognition

American Jewish Community Steps Up To Help Syrian Refugees

Justin Bieber and the New Golden Age of Selfies

Syria Falls Apart: Kurds Declare Self-Rule, Assad Besieges Aleppo

NSFW: Toronto's Rob Ford Talks Oral Sex

Why Dylan Davies Disappeared

Silver Car Crash By Andy Warhol Sold For $104.5 Million at Sothebys is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Aid Arrives in Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines

Will These Men Ever Come Home? The Search for Missing WWII Pilots in “Vanished”

Princess Anne: Let's Eat Horses!

Isabel Marant Lands at H&M; Burberry Breaks $1 Billion

Harry Prepares For Polar Trek With Media Launch of Expedition In London

Camilla: Charles Is Not One For Chilling Out

The Shocking Scandal at the Heart of American Zen

Scandal’s Lisa Kudrow on Sexism in Politics (and That Epic Rant)

‘Catching Fire’ Review: Bigger, More Polished, and Just Another Popcorn Flick

The Democrats Need to Stop Freaking Out About Obamacare and Take Charge

What Lee Harvey Oswald’s Mother Told Me

Wieliczka Salt Mine Is an Incredible Polish Underground Amusement Park

The World Reacts to the Iran Talks

The Missing Bitcoin Millions

Prince Charles’s Life in Pictures, From Diana to George

Republican Party Weighs a 2016 Shakeup With ‘Midwestern Primary’

Scotland Yard: Dead Spy in a Bag Probably an Accident

The Pirate Negotiator

Dog Orders Cavity Search; Lawsuits Ensue

YouTube, Netflix, and the Death of Television

Inside Obama’s Iran Sanctions Strategy

Where Are All The Female Chefs On Time Magazine's Cover?

Live From the Runway: Inside the 18th Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

First Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Are Dismal, but It’s No Failure Yet

Rob Ford, Crack Smoking Mayor, Remains Defiant in Confrontation with Toronto City Council

Cindy Crawford Opens Up on Her Supermodel Stardom to V magazine

GQ Celebrates the ‘Men of the Year’

Sarah Palin Is Here to Save Christmas, Thank God

'50 Shades of Grey' Pushed to 2015, ‘Divergent’ Trailer Released

Sick of Sydney? Visit These Islands on the Great Barrier Reef (Photos)

Charles Marville Captures the Rebirth of 1800s Paris in New National Gallery of Art Exhibition

Holy Land, Forgotten People

Francis Bacon’s Triptych Set Record at Christies The Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How Netanyahu Plays the Settlement Game

Don’t Credit Obama with the Stock Boom, Credit the Fed and the International Economy

Why Republicans Should Fear ‘Ready for Hillary’

Obama's Hurricane Katrina

Palin Takes Potshots at Christie

New Documentary Reveals Story of Palestinian Village Covered Up By JNF Forest

Republicans Continue to Refuse to Confirm Obama's Judicial Nominations

Losing the Faith on Immigration

‘Oldest Signs of Life on Earth’ Found in Australia

Is Lady Gaga the New Face of Versace?; See a Sneak Peek of Kate Moss's 'Playboy' Debut

Violent Hebron Outpost Expands At 'Phenomenal' Rate

You Can Blame the Economy for President Obama's Unpopularity

How Low Will Health Care Enrollments Be? Here’s What to Watch For

Could a Larger Minimum Wage Hike Sell?

Prince Harry Prepares To Walk To The South Pole

Flannery O’Connor’s Desire for God

‘Hunger Games’ Star Sam Claflin Is as Surprised as You Are That He Was Cast as Finnick Odair

Bruce Dern’s Long, Strange Trip to Leading Man in Alexander Payne’s ‘Nebraska’

Sarah Palin’s Battleground Book Tour for ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’

How I Write: Tracy Chevalier

Into Russia’s Dark Soul: The Serial Pleasures of Martin Cruz Smith

John F. Kennedy’s Personal Photographer Looks Back on the Kennedy Years

Nazi Art Hoard Just the Tip of the Iceberg for Lost Art

Netflix and Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ and a Brief History of Black Superheroes

Despite Kerry’s Push for Delay, Senators Say They Want Iran Sanctions

Philippines: A Portrait of Ruin

American Doctor Convicted of Murdering Wife in Botched Assisted Suicide

The New York Times Brain Drain

Can NASCAR Driver Trevor Bayne Race Safely With Multiple Sclerosis?

Munib Masri Remembers Yasir Arafat on the Anniversary of His Death

What Venezuela Can Learn From Miss Universe

9 Lousy Mayors Who Aren’t Rob Ford

Inside the Controversial Obamacare Ads

Why Do Women Say They Don't Like Working For Female Bosses?

Schnabel Is Back With a Comprehensive Survey at the Brant Foundation

Elizabeth Warren Fuels 2016 Fire With Anti-Bank Speech

For Rand Paul, Footnotes Do Not Equal Accuracy

When Israeli Settlers Direct Violence at Palestinian Schoolchildren

Guastavino Vaulting at the National Building Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Renisha McBride Was Not Racially Profiled, Lawyer Says

Wall Street CEOs Say It’s The Best of Times and The Worst of Times

One Lawyer’s Quest to Right New Orleans’ Wrongs

‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Review: The Juggernaut Franchise Might Be Drying Up

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Honors Emerging Talent

The End of Iran’s Oil Shield

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Read Richard Cohen Project His Racism on Social Conservatives

Testing the Strength of J Street’s American Political Friendships

Taylor Swift to Perform at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show; Hunger Games Director Admits to Frying Jennifer Lawrence's Hair

‘This Is the End’ Is Last Blockbuster Rental Ever, Miley Cyrus Tweets About Pot Scandal

Photos: Apple's New 'Spaceship' Headquarters Revealed

Bill Clinton Reproaches Obama On ACA

Wait for the Movie Version of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s “The Bully Pulpit”

The Dems’ Fork in the Road

Kate Middleton's Name Found On Phone Hackers' Target Evaluation List

'Question of Palestine' Mural Unveiled in Nablus

Obama Gets Credit for Stock Market

What ‘60 Minutes’ Must Do About the Benghazi Disaster

Kate Middleton Refuses To Name Her Favorite Piece of Clothing

How Jackie Kennedy Invented the Camelot Legend After JFK’s Death

Is This the Tavern Where Washington Drank After Beating the British?

Daily Beast Readers React to YouTube Stillborn Baby Memorials

Hitmen Take Out Haqqani Network Bigwig Nasiruddin Haqqani

Why Apple’s iTunes Radio Isn’t a Threat to Pandora or Spotify…Yet

Where to Play With Monkeys and Other Animals in the Wild (Photos)

The Right’s Slavery Obsession

Yayoi Kusama Contemplates Life and Death in Technicolor

The High-Stakes Virginia Election Recount

Earl Pomeroy Doesn’t Regret the Obamacare Vote That Ended His Career

Parks and Recreation’s Aziz Ansari Is 30 Years Old and Writing a Book About Modern Love

‘Family Guy’ Star Alex Borstein Is Ready for Her HBO Close-Up

Transgender Model Carmen Carrera Says She Wants to Walk the Victoria’s Secret Show

London’s Islamic Vigilantes Plead Guilty

The Guitar Case Murders

New Mexico Voter Rejection of Late Term Abortion Ban Spells Trouble For GOP

Turkey’s Leader Condemns Coed Dormitories

White Man Wins Local Election After Running as a Black Man

Miley Cyrus Smokes Joint On Stage, Amy Robach Reveals Cancer Diagnosis on 'GMA'

Larry Sultan at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Mariah Carey Releases New Single ‘The Art of Letting Go’

This Week’s Hot Reads: November 11, 2013

Fotofest Brings Unprecedented Collection of Arab Photographic Art to U.S.

Tesla Wins Even When It’s Losing

Lady Gaga’s Jeff Koons-Designed Album Cover Comes to Life

There’s Absolutely No Chance Elizabeth Warren Beats Hillary Clinton

The Night the SEALS Captured the Butcher of Fallujah

The Rise of Polyamory: So What If Celebrities Have an Open Marriage?

Open Zion Created a Valuable Community and is Closing Prematurely

A Closer Look at the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

Miley Cyrus Channels Kate Moss at the MTV EMAs; Jessica Chastain Covers Vogue

5 War Books You May Not Have in Your Library

Aerial Gunner, Photographer Captures Moments From His Deployment to Afghanistan

TV Lampooning of Nasrallah Leads to Riots in Lebanon

Scenes From the Wreckage

Prince William's Personal Message To Fallen Friends

Kate Caught Smiling and Twirling Her Hair At Sombre Veteran's Ceremony

Forced To Choose Between Prince Harry and Dancing, Guess What Cressida Bonas Is Doing?

Aerial Gunner, Photographer Captures Moments From His Deployment to Afghanistan

Al Qaeda’s Most Dangerous Stronghold

How the Tea Party’s Apocalyptic Politics Are Destroying the Republican Party

‘ARTPOP’ Review: Lady Gaga’s Album Wants to Be Everything, But Is Nothing at All

Bryan Adams’s Unlikely, Compelling Portrait Photography Book ‘Wounded’

Moral Courage TV: Negin Farsad

Michael Daly: My Last Day With JFK

Don’t Believe the Chris Christie Hype—Look at His Economic Record

NBA Players Are Wearing Sweatpants Again, but Now They Cost $550

Iran Hawks’ Definition of Successful Nuclear Diplomacy Is Impossible

Typhoon Haiyan Survivor Describes Utter Devastation in the Philippines

‘War/Photography’ Brilliantly Showcases Images of Conflict and Its Aftermath

Amsterdam’s Racist Black Pete Parade Under Fire

America’s Cassandra: David Mamet Speaks on the Lies of Obama and War

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Says Michonne’s Cute, Wouldn’t Mind a Romance

Never-Before-Seen JFK Footage

Will Christie Run in 2016?

Our Big Beautiful Planet: Breathtaking Views of ‘Earth From Space’ (Photos)

Why France Is to Blame for Blocking the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Celebrating 100 Years of Beverly Hills

Are Millennials Turning Their Backs on the American Dream?

How the Left Spun the Kennedy Myth

Fringe Factor: You’ll Be Forced to Be Gay, Too

The 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

The DRC’s Fierce Female Rebels

Can Suze Orman Save America?

Run with the Devil Unlike the Girl in Kentucky

Week in Death: Earl Browning, the Moral Spy

John Eliot Gardiner Discusses His Monumental Bach Biography

The Beatles Succeeded Through Talent, Ambition, and a Lot of Arrogance

On the Road Again: Patrick Leigh Fermor’s Memoir, Finished At Last

The Unknown Art of Miles Davis

The Week in Nostalgia: The Disney Renaissance Begins and Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ Shocks Everyone

Why ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Is Funny: An Examination of Scenes, Stripped of Context

Legendary Documentarian Frederick Wiseman Shows Us How Berkeley Works

Best Business Longreads

The Absurd Lawsuit Against Maidenform and Wacoal

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Crack Smoking Delusion

Bob Dylan: Why We Can Never Know Him

‘The Armstrong Lie,’ Alex Gibney’s Portrait of Lance as a Liar

A History of Grambling University Football: The First Shot in Player Liberation

The Persistence of Glamour

The Case of JFK’s Missing Brain

The Week’s Best Longreads for November 9, 2013

What is a Genius?

The Rise And Fall Of Brazilian Billionaire Eike Batista

Who Is Fazlullah? The Pakistani Mullah Who Targeted Malala

The Week in Photos: November 9, 2013

Marina Rikhvanova’s Quest To Save Russia’s Lake Baikal

Miley Cyurs, Katy Perry & the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies

Kids React to Gay Marriage, What’s Wrong With ‘Titanic,’ and More Viral Videos

Largest Andy Warhol Collection ‘Icons and Symbols’ Hits Downtown New York City

Why the Original ‘Birds’ is Superior to Hitchcock’s Version

The Stars of ‘Ass Backwards’ Met Us at a Strip Club

How Marvel’s Loki Became A Bi-curious Villain

‘Caucus,’ a Documentary of the GOP’s Crazy Days in Iowa

End Times for Obama? Why This Crisis Will Also Pass

Johnny Knoxville on How He Pulled Off ‘Bad Grandpa’s’ Most Hilarious, Raunchiest Prank

The Vulnerability of American Rabbis

Tom Cruise Compares Acting to War, Alanis Morrisette Heading to Broadway

Radioactive Revelations Raise the Question: Who Killed Arafat?

Robert Winthrop Chanler in the Armory Show at the New York Historical Society is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Next Up for Democrats? A Push to Raise the Minimum Wage to $10

Abercrombie & Fitch to Launch Plus-Sized Line; Vuitton's Second-in-Command Ready for Ghesquiere

Israeli Attorney Suggests Common-Law Marriage As an Act of Civil Disobedience

October Jobs Report Is Bad News for American Economic Declinists

From Gisele Bundchen to Jessica Biel, The Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

Is Pussy Riot’s Nadia Tolokonnikova in a Siberian Gulag?

Libya on the Brink as Militia Fighting Engulfs Tripoli

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Declares Early Christmas

Gore Vidal’s Tragic Final Decade

The Governors Who Could Beat Christie

CBS Backs Off Benghazi Source

Singapore’s Exploited Immigrant Workers

Conventions Aren't Responsible for Extreme Republican Candidates

Israel Denies Poisoning Arafat

Kate's Dad Dances The Conga

Obama Needs More Humble Pie

Well, Prince Charles and Camilla Couldn't Visit The Taj Mahal, Could They?

CBS and Benghazi: What’s the Larger Relevance?

Is Prince Harry Teaching Kate Middleton To Fly?

Etsy Changed Its Policy…So What?

Libertarian Robert Sarvis Drew Record High Votes in Virginia

Exclusive: Obama’s Secret Iran Détente

A Healthy Dose of Vermont: Soaking Up Fall in the Mountains of Stowe

The Afghan Village That Saved Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell

Pushing Back ‘Double Down’: ‘The Gamble’ Shows How Obama Really Won

Meet the Muslim Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan’s Fight Against Stereotypes

The Business of Sex: Amy Tan’s ‘The Valley of Amazement’ on Shanghai Courtesans

Shanin Specter on His 50 Years With the Single Bullet Theory

Bright Lights, Big Club: Remembering the Crazy, Fabulous Nightclub Area

U.S. Drone Program Needs to Be Accompanied by Hard Facts on Civilian Deaths

Can Chris Christie Avoid Giuliani’s Errors in 2008? Hizzoner Hopes So

M.I.A.’s ‘Matangi’ Is A Defiantly Personal Reclamation of the Brown Girl Narrative

Kate Middleton's Going Gray!

Guillermo Del Toro on ‘Cabinet of Curiosities,’ Collaborating with Kanye West, and More

“Double Down”: 13 Must Read Moments from the New Book

Peace Talks Still Hot Air

Photo of the Day

Israel's Political Process Sabotages Peace Efforts, But There Is A Constituency For Peace

The GOP’s Election Rift

Iran Rejails Political Prisoner Majid Tavakoli

Giuseppe Penone at Madison Square Park is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

What Sebastian Junger, Susan Orlean, and Others Are Reading This Fall

When Obama Visited Billy Graham, Each Man Prayed for the Other

Arafat’s Polonium Poisoning Mystery Resurfaces

UK Spy Chiefs: Al-Qaeda Loved Snowden Leaks

How Congo Defeated the M23 Rebels

Al Roker on His Live ‘Today’ Prostate Exam

This Is What Justin Bieber Looks Like Sleeping, Taken by a Groupie (VIDEO)

End the Chief Rabbinate’s Monopoly

Lori Goldstein’s “Style Instinct”

First Win For Whigs In 150 Years

‘Guns & Ammo’ Fires Editor, Apologizes for Gun-Control Column

Why Chris Christie Needs Republicans to Have a Terrible 2014

Lululemon Founder Says Their Pants Don't Work for Everyone; Alexa Chung Snubbed by British Fashion Awards

How Twitter Got Huge

New Concerns that Russia is Positioning Itself to Influence Israel's Natural Gas Policy

How Dominic West Got Into Trouble With Prince Harry When He Asked Royal Baby Gender

Charles In India: Day 2

Windsor Love Fest As Will and Kate Meet Barbara on London Bus

William and Kate's Secret Plan To Return To Anglesey

Michelle Pfeiffer and More Stars Who Escaped From ‘Cults’

The Six Craziest Quotes From Ted Cruz’s Father, Rafael Cruz

Chris Christie Is No George W. Bush, and 2016 Is Definitely Not 2000

The Wrong Election Takeaways From Christie’s Win, Virginia, and More

How the Richer, Better Run Campaign Barely Won in Virginia

Surprise! ABC Family and Fox Are the Gayest Networks on TV

Elf’s 10th Anniversary: I’m Still Obsessed With This Syrupy Movie

A Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chip and More Crazy Food Creations

How I Write: Richard Posner

Reporting the JFK Assassination: ‘No Miranda Rule, No PR People’

Behind the Krokodil Panic

Is Damien Hirst Behind the Banksy Machine?

The Real Life of Llewyn Davis

How the Syrian War Subreddit Scoops Mainstream Media

The Hit Heard Around the World

Meet the Stylist Behind Some of Fashion’s Most Iconic Images

‘Love Actually’s’ 10th Anniversary: The Cast and Crew Reminisce About the Christmas Classic

The Tiger’s Nest May Make You Start Planning a Trip to Bhutan

CIA Contractor Testimony Could Undermine Obama on Benghazi

Avril Lavigne Is Still the ‘Motherfreaking Princess’ of Pop

Elizabethan Scribbles Are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Senator Bob Corker Moves to Stop Obama from Lifting Iran Sanctions

Krrish 3 Review: What the Bollywood Movie Steals From Superhero Films

R.I.P. Blockbuster, You Frustratingly Magical Franchise, You

Why Peace is Important to the Israeli Economy

Why I Joined 775 Rabbinic Colleagues in Opposing the Dispossession of Bedouin Israelis

The World Reacts to Twitter’s IPO

British Co-Eds Dress as 9/11 in a Costume Contest—and Win

John Avlon: GOP in Civil War

Why Do Italian Jews Tolerate Berlusconi's Trivialization of the Holocaust?

Lady Gaga Will Sing in Space, Oprah Announces Her 2013 Favorite Things

Alexa Chung Reads From New Memoir

Election Night 2013: The Center Speaks

Burger King Introduces Big King to Taunt McDonald’s and Stagnating Overall Sales

Speed Read: 7 Juiciest Stories from Mike Tyson’s Memoir

Guns Go Down in the NRA’s Backyard

How Palestinian Refugees from Syria are Forced to Compete in Lebanon and Jordan

The Nightmare End to Amanda Knox’s Fairy Tale

Jon Bon Jovi To Rock Kensington Palace!

Talking to Women of the Wall's Ultra-Orthodox Teenage Protesters

Mystery Dublin Girl ‘an Australian Fraudster’

How High Black Turnout Gave Terry McAuliffe His Win in Virginia

IMG Signs Christie Brinkley and Daughter Sailor; Schiaparelli to Show at Paris Couture Week

Charles and Camilla Garlanded in Flowers as They Touch Down In India For Nine Day Trip

The Ghost of George Zimmerman Haunts a Gun Debate in Sanford, Florida

An Eye on Next Year's Election: Kentucky

Toronto Mayor: I Was Drunk When I Did Crack

A Liberal Sweep of America’s Little Votes

Mike Tyson Opens Up About His Rape Conviction, Brad Pitt, and Love of Pinkberry

Whose Side Are You On, Germany?

Portuguese Police Name Dead Addict as Madeleine McCann Suspect

Nine Must-See Events at NYC’s Premier Performance Art Festival

Celebrity Photographer Tyler Shields Exposes The Dirty Side of Glamour (Photos)

Six Greatest Acts of Human Endurance

Celebrity Photographer Tyler Shields Exposes ‘The Dirty Side of Glamour’

JFK Still Dead, Baby Boomers Still Self-Absorbed

Neo-Nationalist Violence Targets Central Asians In Russia

Scenes From Election Night

Ken Cuccinelli Loses Narrowly to Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor

Christie’s Reelection Triumph Is a Revenge of the RINOs

The Senate Clears Way for ENDA But Discrimination Against Gay Workers Persists in 29 States

What Tuesday’s Election Returns Mean for 2016

The Return of New Girl’s Coach…and of Faith in the Still-Great Comedy

McAuliffe Practice For Hillary?

The Wind Beneath de Blasio’s Wings

Harper's Bazaar Stars Takashi Murakami's Monsters

Why Now is Not the Time for New Sanctions on Iran

An Obituary For the Online Pass: Why You Can’t Charge Us For Used Video Games

In Which Ken Cuccinelli Gets Outshone by His Guest, Marco Rubio

Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ Is Now Streaming, Michelle Pfeiffer Was in a Cult

8 Best Jimmy Kimmel Viral Videos

Moving It Forward: The Life of Abraham Cahan Considered

Is Emilia Jardine-Paterson Kate Middleton’s Secret Stylist?; The Wall Street Journal Launches Online Shopping Platform

Dutch NGO Stages Sting Of Pedophiles With Virtual Girl

Jeff Bezos’s Wife Rips New Book on Her Husband

Why Open Zion is Closing

Rene Magritte at MoMA is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Hamas Appoints English-Language Spokeswoman

Prince Charles To Edit Country Life Magazine

LAX Shooter a Terrorist?

#MysteryDublinGirl May Have Be Victim Of Sex Trafficking

The Man Who Hoarded Art for the Nazis

Homeland’s Tracy Letts, Writer of ‘August: Osage County,’ Says Oscar Mania Is Frustrating

History’s Progressive Gay Politicians that Paved the Way for Mike Michaud

The Virginia Gubernatorial Race’s Recipe for America

China’s Crazy Decency Police Take on ‘The Network’

Why National Democrats Rolled Over for Chris Christie

Bill de Blasio Mayoral Win Signals Working Families Party Ascendancy

A Culinary Tour to Answer the Age-Old Question: Why Is Mexican Food So Good?

‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’ Review: Eminem’s a Great Rapper With Nothing to Say

Sorry, America, You’re Wrong, the Jews Did Not Kill Jesus

JFK Letter: ‘War Is a Dirty Business’

Kate Bosworth Is Back and Crazy in Love

The Evolution of the ‘New World Order’

Colorado’s Strange Secession Vote

Report Published on Prince Charles's Tax Affairs

Lebanon Frees Kidnapped Teen Bride

Magnitsky Plaza? Let’s Rename the Streets Outside Dictators’ Embassies

Gay Rights Bill Advances in Senate

Virginia Election: 5 Things to Watch Tuesday

Battleground Poll Says the Dems May Be All Right

Container Store Lets Loose in IPO

Breaking The Hollywood Cover-Up Code

Eight Rustic—But Luxurious—Beach Escapes (Photos)

Rembrandt Forgery at Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Have Iran Talks Fallen Victim to 'Negotiation Fetishism?'

Eminem Responds to Anti-Gay Criticism With Same Lame Excuses

This Week’s Hot Reads: November 4, 2013

That’ll Be $1.2 Billion, Please

Lea Michele Opens Up About Cory Monteith, Britney Spears Releases 'Perfume'

The YouTube Music Awards Were Alarmingly Strange and Epically Cool

The NYC Mayor’s Race is Tomorrow, Here’s What to Look Out For

Nicolas Ghesquière Named Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton

Little Maria Put In Foster Care

The Obamacare Death Spiral

On U.S. Tour, Israeli NGO Says Talking about the Occupation is No Longer a Taboo

ENDA Hits Obstacle In House

Why the LAX Shooter Should Be Charged as a Terrorist

Lady Gaga Experiments with Rotten Teeth; Kerry Washington Plays a Realistic Michelle Obama

What to Make of Le Mood's Decision to Disinvite Speakers Over Israel Politics?

Diana Film Fails At Theatres, Heads Inexorably To Video

Syrian Baby Born in Israeli Hospital

Equal Rights Showdown in the Senate With Historic ENDA Vote

Virginia Is for Sanity Lovers

British Aristocrat and Friend Strip Topless In Airport Security Protest, Captured on CCTV

A Rare Glimpse Into Alexander McQueen’s Working Process

Danai Gurira, Who Plays Michonne, Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Isn’t Racist

Princess Diana Was the Girlfriend From Hell. Why Is This Movie So Boring?

Alabama’s Republican Runoff Election May Predict the Party’s Future

James Franco On ‘Sal,’ Banksy, His Gay Fascination, and That Faulkner Cover

E.W. Jackson Has Been an Unmitigated Disaster for the Virginia GOP

A Challenge to New Media Moguls Pierre Omidyar and Jeff Bezos

Would It Have Saved JFK? Jim Lehrer on the Mystery of the Bubble Top

Can This Man Save Detroit?

Randi Zuckerberg: How I Learned to Balance Business and Creativity

From President to Prisoner: Mohamed Morsi’s Trial Starts in Egypt

Supreme Court Prayer Decision in Greece v. Galloway Should Be Easy

Parents of Stillborn Babies Post Hundreds of Memorials to YouTube

‘Still Positive’ Shows Why ‘Homeland’ Hasn’t Jumped the Shark (Yet)

Romney: Obama's 'Dishonesty' Will Cost Him

‘Saturday Night Live’ Brilliantly Skewers Diversity Problem With Host Kerry Washington

The Unmaking of a Conservative Pundit

Will Cotton Unveils New Show at Pace Prints and Ladurée Collaboration

Business Longreads

This Week in Pop Culture History: Days of Our Lives, Arrested Development, and 24 Premiere

Ben and Jerry's Celebrity Flavors

Three Great Men Died That Day: JFK, C.S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley

How Chris Christie is Winning Over Hispanics

Fringe Factor: Lizard People Rule the World

The True Story Behind Dallas Buyers Club: Meet the Real Ron Woodruff

How John Lennon Rediscovered His Music in Bermuda

The Spy Who Saved The World—Then Tried To Destroy It

Ellen’s Haunted House, Panda Cubs, and More Viral Videos

The Invention of the Ego in Martin Luther’s Defiance

Snooki, Ellen DeGeneres, and the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies (PHOTOS)

Richard Dawkins May Be a Christian in Disguise, Even to Himself

The Week in Death: The Dictator’s Architect

The Paris of Your Dreams: 20 Pictures of People Kissing in the City of Light

Maybe You Shouldn't Run a Marathon

Exclusive: Benghazi Whistleblower Says He Was Smeared

Pro-Confederate Protesters in Richmond Rally in Support of the Flag

Exclusive: Benghazi Whistleblower's Photos of Attacked Compound

Rio de Janeiro’s Termas Centaurus: Justin Bieber’s Alleged Brothel

Ken Cuccinelli Wants You to Know that the Polls Don't Matter

LAX Shooting Suspect Paul Anthony Ciancia Threatened Suicide

David Frum: Welcome to My World

The Oscar Diet: Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto & More (PHOTOS)

Murder, Mayhem, and Mishaps: Inside Weegee’s New York (PHOTOS)

Pussy Riot Member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Goes Missing During Prison Colony Transfer

In India, Size is Everything

Beware of Obamacare-Gate!

The Death of Lou Reed’s New York

Dallas Lays Elaborate but Dignified Plans to Celebrate Assassination Anniversary

Atheist Philosopher Peter Boghossian’s Guide to Converting Believers

Extreme Races: 10 Mind-Blowing Marathons (Photos)

What’s Really Obstructing Obamacare? GOP Resisters

From Karlie Kloss to Alexa Chung, The 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Food Stamp Cuts Add to Walmart’s Troubles

When India Failed in the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

‘The Great War’ Collects Astonishing Photographs From World War I (PHOTOS)

The Week in Photos: November 2, 2013

War Tourists Flock to Syria’s Front Lines

The Week’s Best Longreads for November 2, 2013

The Government’s Cheap, Dishonest Campaign Against the Chinatown Bus Industry

Pakistani Taliban Leader Hakeemullah Mehsud Killed In U.S. Drone Strike

Facebook Profile Pictures Taken Over by Giraffes: Behind the Invasion

Playing the ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card Means More Settlements, Not Freedom or Peace

Settler Violence Season

Birth Control Foes Land Significant Blow on Obama’s ‘Contraception Mandate’

From Lady Gaga to Ciara, Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit: A Definitive History of the Song’s (Many) Controversies

Pro-Israel Activist Josh Block Attacks U.S. Foreign Service As Working For Arab States

Prominent Palestinian-American Community Activist Arrested

LAX: Chaotic Scene Greets Arriving Passengers After Shooting Attack

The Mayor McCrack Show

Playboy Playmate in a Butterfly Chair is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

New Tina Fey Comedy Coming to NBC, Kanye West Whines About Proposal Video Leak

Time for a Digital Intervention: Seven Spots That Force You to Unplug (Photos)

Heidi Klum Dressed as an Old Lady for Halloween; Jean Paul Gaultier Launches Children's Couture Line

Yes, 'Saturday Night Live' Predicted the Obamacare Failure

Reports: Shooting at LAX

How Winning Blacks Makes Christie the Most Electable of All Republicans

Palestinian Killed by IDF Fire in Qabatiya

Can Steve King Be Dethroned?

House of Cruz: the Making of Ted Cruz

The Naked and Famous, New Zealand’s Synthpop Quintet, Is Here to Make You Happy

The 2014 Common App Is a Glitch-Ridden Nightmare for High-School Seniors

The JFK Assassination: The Long Weekend That Never Ended

World-Famous Architects Design Dollhouses For New Charity Project

Time of Death’s Nicole ‘Little’ Lencioni: Dying Is a Party of One

Richard Avedon's Women

Taliban’s Quetta Shura Meet in Islamabad to Press for Peace

Egypt’s Newest Jihadists: The Jamal Network

Banksy's Charitable Moment