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Articles March 2016

National Enquirer ‘Caught! Trump & His Mistress’

Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Worse Than North Carolina’s

Donald Trump’s ‘Punishment’ Talk Exposes Abortion Foes’ True Face

‘Making a Murderer’ Lawyer Dean Strang to Fight for Justice on Reality TV

Has the Media Worm Finally Turned on Donald Trump?

Zaha Hadid: A Brilliant Legacy in Buildings

Beyonce’s Workout Fashion Line Can Make Us Stronger

Trump Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson Is Stirring Up Drama on a Reality TV Series

Zaha Hadid: A Legacy in Buildings

Rihanna Frees the Nipple in NSFW ‘Kiss It Better’ Video

Do We Still Need Nukes? Yep, Says Head of Strategic Command

Indian Bridge Collapse Kills 14 People

Alycia Debnam-Carey on Leaving Lexa and ‘The 100’ for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

FBI: Texas Hospice Boss Texted Nurses Execution Orders for Patients

Exclusive: 21 Generals Lead ISIS War the U.S. Denies Fighting

Stephen Colbert Pushes Elizabeth Warren to Choose Between Hillary and Bernie

Apple to FBI: Please Hack Us Again

Inside Wetherby, London’s Poshest School for Princes

Texas Forced This Woman to Deliver a Stillborn Baby

Brazil Confiscating Abortion Pills From Zika Victims

Trump Rallies Are Getting More Violent by the Week

I Saw Firsthand How Right-to-Work Laws Hurt

After Trump Destroys GOP, Republicans Should Follow Bill Clinton’s Path

Stop a Douchebag, Russia’s Civility Heroes, Cut Off by Ministry of Justice

You Paid for Ted Cruz’s Red Hot Fundraising Date With Donald Trump

Ted Cruz Admits to Kimmel He May Like Obama Better Than Trump

‘Archer’ Season 7: Creator Adam Reed on the Show’s Sexy Hollywood Noir Transformation

Ben Carson Defends Donald Trump’s Abortion Flip: He Didn’t ‘Really Think About It’

Trump Wants 'Punishment’ for Abortions. Here’s All the Ways Women Are Persecuted Already.

Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski’s Nude Bathroom Pic Sets Internet Ablaze

One Third of Republicans Want No Muslims in U.S. Military

Cops: Teen Pepper-Sprayed, Called ‘N**ger Lover’ at Trump Rally

The Many Doppelgangers of Ted Cruz

Is Italy Enabling the ISIS Invasion of Europe?

Woman Gets Wrong Pizza, Calls 911

Whoopi Goldberg Says She Has a Cure for Your Period Cramps: Medical Marijuana

Michael Stipe’s Beautiful Bowie Tribute: R.E.M. Singer Performs ‘The Man Who Sold the World’

Chris Brown Mocks Kehlani After Alleged Suicide Attempt, Is Still the Worst

The Great Wall Of Trump Would Be the Ultimate Eminent Domain Horror Show

Donald Trump’s Campaign Is Run by a Lobbyist

Can ‘Judge Sarah’ Beat Judge Judy?

Aspiring Mom: Fertility Clinic Destroyed My Embryos and My Chance At Motherhood

The NFL’s Too Chicken to Sue The New York Times—but Keeps Squawking About It

Russia’s Secret Weapon of the ISIS War

Goldie Taylor—Donald Trump Defends Corey Lewandowski With Abuser’s Handbook

Glenn Beck’s Lie Could Blow Up Ted Cruz

The Night Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich Killed the RNC Pledge

This Is Why Lauren Conrad Should Be Your Lifestyle Guru

Fishermen Ransom Uncle Sam’s Sea Gizmo

‘Lil Kim Season’: The Original Queen Bee Is Back—but When Is That Album Coming?

Lyin’ Donald Trump Feigns Fear of Reporter Michelle Fields

Jennifer Lopez and James Corden Do Carpool Karaoke: Is This Bit Heading For a Car Wreck?

Susan Sarandon and the Berniacs Who Wanna Watch the World Burn

How Ayesha Curry and Kehlani Became Internet Misogynists’ New Obsession

ISIS Fears Run Americans Out of Turkey

Premature Births From Smog Cost Us $4.3B

Goldie Taylor—Can Obama Help U.S. Kick Its Heroin Addiction?

Utah’s Pseudoscientific Anti-Abortion Law Could Actually Kill Women

Bruce Springsteen Dances With His Mother And It’s Adorable

Trump Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson Defends Corey Lewandowski on CNN

Scott Walker Backs Ted Cruz in All-Out Effort to Stop Donald Trump in Wisconsin

White House Defends Obama's Weird Handshake with Castro

Watch: Coast Guard Busts Drug Sub at Sea

Plane Hijacked by Lovesick Man

Tom Hiddleston on His Bond Moment in ‘The Night Manager’ Finale and Loki’s Future

Egypt Air Plane With US Citizens On Board Hijacked And Forced To Land In Cyprus

The Flash-Supergirl Crossover Was Everything ‘Batman v Superman’ Was Not

Susan Sarandon: Trump Might Be Better for America Than Hillary Clinton

Brilliant Off-Broadway Play ‘The Effect’ Asks: Is It Love if You’re Both on Drugs?

Why Drinking Vodka Is Cool Again

Nashville Thieves Rent a Car and Then Sell It at McDonald’s

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hack Supporters’ Have Skin in the Game. Bernie Sanders’s Dreamers? Not So Much.

Did the FBI Just Unleash a Hacker Army on Apple?

First ‘Hamilton’ the Musical, Now JFK the Opera

The GOP’s Anti-Abortion Crusade Is Working—and No One Cares

The American Anti-Vaccine Mom Turned ISIS Superstar

Eat Fat, Lose Weight: The Anti-Hunger Diet

Billionaires Try to Buy the Supreme Court

Donald Trump to the Mentally Ill: You’re Fired

Stephen Colbert Interviews Birdie Sanders, Who Is Voting...Trump?

U.S. Capitol Shooting: Gunman Is ‘Prophet’ Who Once Said God Told Him to Seduce Teen Girl

U.S. Capitol Shooting: Gunman Called Himself 'Prophet of God' in Previous Incident

Japan Loses Black Hole Satellite

Trans Woman Raped at Stonewall Inn, New York’s Famous LGBT Bar

There’s a Fake Donald Trump Tombstone in Central Park and It’s Not Even Good Art. Sad!

Sarah Silverman: Why I’m Supporting Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton

What the Slaughter of Christians in Lahore Says About the Global Jihad

Brussels Fugitive Forger Lived Freely on the Amalfi Coast for Months

Putin and Assad Score a Major Victory Against ISIS, After Hitting Syrian Rebels for Months

John Avlon Talks Trump’s Media Landscape

Jake Gyllenhaal on His Batman Flirtation and Affinity for Outsiders: ‘Normal Is Perverse’

Goldie Taylor—White America’s Heroin Problem

How Palm Springs Became Hipster Central

How Title IX Killed Free Speech on Campus

I Showered With Donald Trump at Military School

Half of This School’s Students Are Homeless or in Foster Care. 82% Go to College.

A Crack in the World’s Most Restrictive Abortion Law

Cops: Gun Store Owner Stopped Would-Be Campus Shooter

Bacteria’s ‘Achilles’ Heel’ Is Overblown

How the Syrian Revolt Became Armed

The Surprising Secret of Ireland’s Easter Rising Centennial

He Threatened to Kill Muslims—and Got Just 90 Days in Jail

Veteran Burned Himself Alive Outside VA Clinic

‘The Walking Dead’ Review: Congrats, Daryl, You Just Helped Negan Win

The Ruins of Palmyra Left Behind by ISIS

North Koreans Just Threatened to Nuke D.C.—And They Can Actually Do It

How to Make Sure Your Robot Doesn't Become a Nazi

2 Chainz Is No Donald Trump Fan

Is Sean Parker’s Screening Room the End of Movie Theaters?

All About Prince William’s Exes

Was Mother Teresa Really ‘Saintly’?

Little Hater on the Prairie: Laura Ingalls Wilder's War on FDR

This Was Almost New York’s Tallest Building

Trump’s Eerie Echoes of the Ayatollah Khomeini

America’s First Minister of Propaganda

Why Do Religions Have a Foot Fetish?

Can an Implant Stop Heroin Addiction?

Chicago Pastor Accused of Unholy Abuse Against Underage Girl

Will Commercialit Ruin Great Fiction?

How to Make Presidential Sweetbread

My Dad’s Spanish Civil War Secret Tore Our Family Apart

Amazing Egg Cocktails for Easter

100 Years of 'Easter 1916'

The Nine People in D.C. Who Like Donald Trump

How Don Cheadle Became Miles Davis

The Mental lllness Cursing People With Pedophile Illusions

How Donald’s Dad Fred Trump Tried to Kill Coney Island

Iraqi Soldiers Flee Again in Iraq Army’s First Mosul Operation

Larry Flynt: Trump Is Like Mussolini with a ‘3-Inch Dick’

The Tribeca Film Festival’s Dangerous Anti-Vax Documentary

Fighting Mexico’s New Super Cartel

Is Madonna Really Having a Meltdown or Are We Just Sexist?

The Stacks: John Goodman’s Art of Living Large

The Man Who Turned Hitler Into Hitler

The Great War Like You’ve Never Seen It (Photos)

Sexist Russia’s Sexpot Spokeswomen

NRA Uses Fairy Tales to Get Kids Guns

This Man Can Save Us From Trump—and Clinton

‘Stump for Trump’ Surrogates Promote The Donald on Neo-Nazi Show

If Your Trainer Can’t Answer These Three Questions, Run Away.

Shaking up Martinis and Old Fashioneds with FDR

What Hillary Clinton Needs to Tell Voters Who Don’t Want to Have a Beer With Her

For Donald or Bernie, One Nation Under the Spoiled Rotten

Bill Maher Supports Cruz Over Trump: ‘Better Ted Than Dead’

Drake vs. Meek Mill Feud Gets Violent: Drake Songwriter Quentin Miller Claims Meek Jumped Him

My White House Night Out With Garry Shandling

Ted Cruz ‘Affair’ Rumors Peddled by Marco Rubio’s Allies

Michigan Satanists Defend Planned Parenthood on Good Friday

Gawker’s Season of Fear and Loathing

Haji Imam, ISIS ‘Second in Command,’ Killed by U.S. in Syria

The ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme Song’s Sexy Secret

Iraqis Retreated, This Marine Died

Conan O’Brien on How Garry Shandling Helped Save His Life

GOP Wants Men to Use Women’s Bathrooms

Goldie Taylor—Tracy Morgan Busts the Black Suicide Myth

The Forgotten Front in Europe’s ISIS War

How Islamic Jihad Hacked Israel’s Drones

Donald Trump Even Lies About Being Swedish (He’s Actually German)

How to Accept Hillary Clinton as a Bernie Sanders Fan

Liberals and Conservatives Solve Problems Differently

Donald Trump’s Heidi Cruz Attack Excites Men’s Rights Activists

PC Zealots Seek and Destroy Lars Ulrich at UC-Berkeley

Brown Students Shut Down Trans Activist’s Speech—Because Israel

Is Code a Foreign Language?

Leaderless Ireland Still Ruled by Tribal Feuds

What’s Really Behind India’s Rape Crisis

Hillary Clinton Mocks Trump, Gets Mansplained by Jimmy Kimmel

Heidi Cruz Is More Qualified to Be President Than Donald Trump

How Radovan Karadžić Embraced Evil

Goodbye to Garry Shandling: Comedians Pay Respect to the Comedy Buddha

This Dog Adopted 5 Baby Cheetahs

ACLU Attorneys Say Dive Bar Bounced Them for Being Black

‘Two Parties, One Winner’ Shouldn’t Trump ‘One Person, One Vote.’

The American Psycho Cast ‘Selling Out’

The Downfall of Katt Williams: From Prison to Sucker Punching 7th Graders

U.S. Tells Iran’s Cyberspies: You Can’t Hide Anymore

North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Based on a Total Lie

Trump Campaign Defends Sexist Attack on Heidi Cruz

Whoopi Goldberg Goes Off on Ben Carson for Trump Support: ‘This Guy Is a Racist!’

India and Nepal Greet Spring With Color in Holi Celebrations [Photos]

Goldie Taylor—Can Hollywood Stop Anti-Gay Georgia Law?

Forget Batman and Superman: Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Is the Badass Superhero We Deserve

The Mafia Runs Guns for ISIS in Europe

The Catch’s Mireille Enos: Meet the New Queen of Shondaland

How Hillary Clinton Moved Trans Rights Forward

Andreas Lubitz and the Global Pilot Scam Threatening Your Safety

Russia is Flying Israeli Drones Against Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria

School Board Member: Call It Christmas or Go to Hell

Growing Up in a War Zone Permanently Damages Kids’ Brains

‘Cruz Captain’s Crazy Jihad Against Me’

Brussels Terrorist Brothers: Why Does Jihad Run in the Family?

The Science Behind Why You Get Hangry

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Drag U.S. Into Third World. Meet the Banana Republicans.

Emory University Students Think Donald Trump Is Out to Kill Them

The Hero Muslim Cadet Who Puts Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to Shame

Operation Hemorrhage: The Terror Plans to Wreck the West’s Economy

Larry Wilmore Slams Ted Cruz, Fox News for Post-Brussels Islamophobia: ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’

Donald Trump or Ted Cruz: The GOP Loses Its Bearings as the Center Right Picks Its Poison

Phife Dawg: How A Tribe Called Quest’s Everyman Genius Changed Hip-Hop

Speaker Paul Ryan Begins Backing House Republicans Away from Donald Trump

U.S. Spies Slam Donald Trump’s Torture Push

Revealed: Newt Gingrich’s Secret Campaign for Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton’s Terror Talk Lets Donald Trump Off the Hook

Cruz Condemns Trump’s ‘Gutter Politics’

Meet the Cuban Millennials

Killed Alabama Proposal Would Have Taught Teachers Not to Have Sex With Students

2016 Sweet 16: How to Watch Live Stream Online, and TV Schedule

Americans Went to Brussels Airport and Were Never Heard From Again

‘The View’ Confronts Hulk Hogan About Racist Slurs After Gawker Verdict

Brussels Taxi Hero Shows How We Stop Terror Attacks

Mitch McConnell and the Republicans Play Politics With the Supreme Court

Trump, Clinton Press March to Nomination

A.J. Daulerio Doesn’t Regret Child Sex Quip at Hogan-Gawker Trial

Piers Morgan: Trump’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Boy Friday

D-Listers for The Donald: A Rogues Gallery of Losers Backing Trump

Meet David Barton, King of the Pimped-Out Gym

The World Mourns With Belgium (PHOTOS)

Katt Williams Got His Ass Kicked By a Teen

Bernie Sanders on Kimmel: Trump Using Brussels to Attack All Muslims

The Three Pieces of Luck That Kept One Man Away From Brussels

Dad Gets Second Chance After Junk Science Convicted Him of Killing His Kids

After Brussels, ISIS Has Plans for Even Worse, Uglier Things Across Europe

Oklahoma Can’t Fund Its Anti-Abortion Bill

‘You Look Like a Terrorist’: How I Got Booted From a Trump Rally

Why You Still Can’t Get Cuban Rum for Your Mojito

Christian Right Says No Means Yes in Obamacare Fight at Supreme Court

‘Batman v Superman’ Review: Even Wonder Woman Can’t Save This Unholy Mess

Brussels Shows Airports Are the Force Multiplier for Terrorists

Reform Muslims Stand Up To Take On the Ideology of Islamism

For Purim: Five Wines You Won’t Believe Are Kosher

Nia Vardalos’s Big Fat Greek Comeback

John Avlon on How History Can Calm Partisan Passions

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Want to Make America a Police State After Brussels

White Nationalists Launch Trump Hotline

How Rob Ford Wrote the Donald Trump Playbook

U.S. Officials Bash ‘Shitty’ Belgian Security Forces

Ukraine Pilot Sings as Russia Jails Her for 22 Years

Is Prince Harry Ready To Get Serious?

Brussels Scenes of Terror Unfold on Social Media

AIPAC’s Ovation for Trump is Not at All Surprising

American Mormon Missionaries Nearly Killed in Brussels Terrorist Attack

How Will Eddie Izzard Recover After 27 Marathons in 27 Days?

Harrison Ford Talks Indiana Jones Payday, Warns Against ‘Young Han Solo’ Movie

Scenes From Brussels’ Day of Terror (Photos)

Belgium Is Europe’s Terror Hotbed

Butch Vig on the 25th Anniversary of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ and the ‘Mediocre’ State of Music

Brussels Terror Attacks Bring Guerrilla War to the Heart of Europe

North Korea’s Next Missile Test Could Kill

NFL Wants to Sack Anti-Gay Bill in Georgia

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s Magical Budget Math

ISIS Knew Just Where to Hit These U.S. Marines

What Is Elizabethkingia, the Strange Blood Infection Gripping the Midwest?

How Music Healed Me After the Paris Attacks

AIPAC Brings Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Fans Out of the Woodwork

The ‘Other Arizona’ Can’t Stand Trump

Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Blames the Media for Donald Trump

Life Is Hell After Narcan, Heroin’s Miracle Cure

The Republican Establishment’s Desperate Scheme to Steal the Presidency

Is a Restaurant Serving ‘British Colonial’ Food Racist?

On-Script Trump Clears Low Bar at AIPAC

RuPaul Defends the Shocking ‘Drag Race’ Double Elimination

Gawker Jury Twists the Knife: $25 Million More to Hulk Hogan

Is Serena Williams Underpaid? Women’s Tennis At Match Point

Hillary Clinton Brings Down The House At AIPAC

What Cuba Can Teach America About Race

He Killed a Pregnant Mom—but He Still Gets a Gun

New Yorker Gets Stabbed And Still Makes Staten Island Ferry Transfer

Donald Trump’s New Foreign Policy Advisers Are as Rotten as His Steaks

Apple Takes on Health Like Never Before

Internet Names Ship ‘Boaty McBoatface’

Apple’s Smaller, Cheaper iPhone Is the Best Thing They’ve Done in Years

Obama Family Begins Historic Cuba Visit (PHOTOS)

Donald Trump at AIPAC 2016: What Time and How to Watch Live Stream Online

Hot Items at Cuban Airports: Air Conditioners, Televisions, and Toilet Paper

Will Barack Obama Meet the Real, Invisible Cubans?

Why Bernie Sanders Loves the Most Conservative Man in the Senate

Alabama Prisoners Use Secret Cellphones to Protest—and Riot

This Plastic-Eating Bacteria Could End Landfills

Packing Heat While Praying in the South

Trump, Obama & the Cult of Personality

Life, Death, and Everything Is Copy: Nora Ephron’s Final, Most Revealing Lessons

Asian Women Are Being Trafficked Into Syria as Servants and Slaves

Olivia Wilde’s Down Syndrome PSA Gets It So Wrong

Yes, Let Your Kids Talk to Strangers

The Manhunt for the Butchers of the Balkans

Beyonce Leads a Lace Revolution

Burt Reynolds on Old Pal Donald Trump: ‘Like a Sheriff That’s Quick on the Draw’

John Oliver Demolishes Trump’s Mexico Wall: ‘An Impossible, Impractical Symbol of Fear’

He'll Raise You From the Dead for $1,000

Morgan Freeman on Religion, Science, and the Story of God

What Mardi Gras, the ‘Color Run,’ and Your Yoga Have in Common

Watch: Navy Sub Smashes Through Arctic Ice

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Merritt Wever on #BuryYourGays and Denise’s Last Victory

Instagram Is Giving Trump the Finger

Nazi-Hunters, Rabbis Going After Donald Trump

The Baltic Elves Taking on Pro-Russian Trolls

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: March 20

These ‘Ladies in White’ Have a Message for Fidel and Raul Castro

SXSW 2016’s Biggest Stars: President Obama, Atlanta Hip-Hop, and More

Paris Terror Fugitive Was Ready to Launch More Attacks

He’ll Raise You From the Dead for $1,000

He’ll Raise You From the Dead for $1,000

Protein Is for Eating, Not Drinking

Why a 100-Year-Old Spy Might Get a Congressional Medal

The Black Spies in a Confederate White House

Cuba’s ‘Reforms’ Are a Myth

Why Are We Dumbing Down the SAT?

The Stacks: The Funky Genius of Duke Ellington

Never Forget: Russell Frederick’s Photographs of Proud Black Brooklyn

Inside Rome’s Ghost Stadium

All the Things the Bible Wants to Execute You For

Trumpism: America’s Berlusconi Moment

Is Palm Sunday a Rainforest Killer?

The Next Picasso Is a Robot

Who Keeps Buying All These ‘Mein Kampf’s?

A Muslim Woman Brought Here by Reagan. Pushed Away by Trump.

We May Never Find the Origin of Life—and That’s Not Bad

Pro-Trump Pastor Mark Burns Says Hillary Clinton Endorses Black 'Genocide’

Europe Braces for Refugee Exodus

Istanbul Suicide Bombing Kills Five

Willie Nelson’s Party Left Me Stoned and Lucky

Fox News’s Bret Baier to Donald Trump: Stop Trashing Megyn Kelly

Ethan Hawke on His Darkest Performance Yet: ‘My Two Greatest Influences… Were Lost to Heroin’

Former KKK Grand Dragon Explains Why Racists Like Trump

The 2,100-Year-Old Word for Trumpism

This Woman's Voice Is on Every Hollywood Cop Radio. My Insane Search to Find Her.

How NYC’s Jewish Food Scene Got Hip

Stop F-ing Around. Dump Adultery Laws.

The NY Rens Were The ‘Greatest Basketball Team You Have Never Heard Of’

The Pablo Escobar Legacy: Virgin Auctions in Medellin

How Trump Built NYC’s Crass Luxury Hell

We’re Putting Grizzlies in the Crosshairs

Your Local Booze Gets the World Drunk

Texting Scandal Rocks Spain’s King and Queen

How a Father’s Grief Over His Dying Son Became a Video Game

Verdun Was WWI’s Slaughterhouse

Life Lessons From the Bronte Sisters

Can a Vaccine Cure Heroin Addiction?

Bill Maher: Trump Is ‘The White Kanye West,’ and America’s Self-Esteem Movement Is to Blame

How Hulk Hogan Bodyslammed Gawker

‘Most-Wanted’ Terrorist from Paris Attacks Caught

Teen Rape Case Rocks Sidwell Friends, Obama Kids’ School

She Posted Explicit Images of a Lifelong Friend

Police: Churchgoing Mom Tased, Kidnapped Employee

Ben Carson’s Camp Plots Vice Presidential Bid

Texas Women Travel Farther, Pay More for Abortion

Ann Coulter Trolls For Trump In Hollywood

Wyatt Russell’s McConaughey Moment: The Ex-Hockey Stud Shines as ‘Dazed’ Sequel’s Aging Stoner

Meet the Black Blues Musician Who Befriended the KKK

Stephen Colbert Mourns Rubio’s Demise: ‘Goodbye, Sweet Marco’

Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Rips GOP for Blocking Merrick Garland, the ‘Paul Rudd of Federal Judges’

Senate GOP Must Choose: Merrick Garland, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Is Putin’s Most Powerful Enemy (in Exile)

China Wants to Make ‘Minority Report’ a Reality

Hospital Worker Could Have Exposed Thousands to HIV and Hepatitis

The President Who Dared to Call Putin’s Russia What It Is: A Terrorist State

Meet the Wagakki, the Japanese Rockers Headlining at SXSW

Injured Veterans Approved for Penis Transplants: The Life-Changing Surgery No One Wants to Talk About

Frank Gaffney & More of Ted Cruz’s Crazy Advisers

Why ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Melissa Rauch Is Much More Than Bernadette

America Is Suffering From Trump PTSD

What Hillary Clinton Needs to Tell Voters Who Don’t Want To Have A Beer With Her

Inside the Doomed Conservative Dump-Trump Plot

Death Is More Escapable Than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

The Republican Who Wants to Open Up Cuba

Progressives Should Applaud President Obama’s Nomination of Merrick Gardland To The Supreme Court

Meet Zach Miko, the First ‘Brawny’—Not Plus-Size—Male Model

Massive Protests Rock Brazil (Photos)

Fox’s Eric Bolling Kicks Michelle Fields to the Curb for His Buddy Donald Trump

The Cure to Overeating?

David Duke: Trump Makes Hitler Great Again

Prince Andrew’s House—and Old Royal Life—Lies in Ruins

People Who Suffer from St. Pat's Overload

King Tut’s Mom May Be Buried With Him

How Fox News and the Right-Wing Media Machine Made My Dad Crazy

What Exactly Is a Brokered Convention? Allow Seth Meyers to Explain

Pudgy Subway Pedophile Jared Fogle’s Troubles Are Just Beginning

Prince Harry’s Heartbreaking Words About Wounded Vets

Prince Andrew Reported to Police for Criminal Damage After Allegedly Ramming Park Gates

Serial Killer’s Survivor: Prosecutor Raped Me During the Trial

Vatileaks Priest: My ‘Secret Lover’ Threatened Me With the Mafia

D.C.’s Dueling Supreme Court Strategies

Trans Teen: Suicide Rates Rise When Bathroom Access Is Restricted

‘I Fell for the Son of a Preacher Man’: A Forbidden Gay Love Video Goes Viral

China Forces Dissidents to Confess on TV

Military Admits Billion-Dollar War Toy F-35 Is F**ked

The Republican Myth of the Untapped White Voter

The Moment That Created the TrumpMonster

Young Mom Found Dead in Minivan After Ladies’ Night Out

The Dems Who Crushed Donald Trump in Ohio

American ISIS Fighter Had Mystery Gal Pal

The Wedding That Explains the Election

St. Patrick’s Day Secrets of Irish Whiskey

Osama bin Laden’s ‘Bookshelf’ Reveals al Qaeda’s Long Game

Hillary Clinton Becomes Kween of ‘Broad City’

Inside ‘The Americans’ Nerve-Wracking Premiere and Tribute to David Bowie

America’s Top Ten Irish Pubs For St. Patrick’s Day

Britain Goes Full Bloomberg With Soda Tax

Goldie Taylor—Tamir Rice and Laquan McDonald Avenged at the Ballot Box

‘Tully Monster’ Mystery Solved

Rick Scott: ‘Come Together’ Behind Trump

Fox News Warns GOP: Merrick Garland Is a ‘Political Trap’

Doctors Thought Her Cancer Was a Pregnancy. She Died Weeks Later.

Sexist Italian Pols Fail to Intimidate Pregnant Candidate

Was Harvard Law School’s Shield Racist Enough To Change?

15 Years for Trying to Steal a Banner?

Merrick Garland for Supreme Court: A Good Man About to Go Through GOP Hell

Why Roger Goodell Will Never Be Fired

‘Hardcore Henry’: Inside the Most Bonkers Action Pic of the Year

Why Is Jon Voight Backing Donald Trump, Who Keeps Bashing His Daughter Angelina Jolie?

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg on Blowing Up Tom Cruise in AMC’s ‘Preacher’

Trump Wins Again, But a Contested Convention Looms

The Shady Past of Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager

Mormon Man Risks Excommunication By Sharing His Transition

Pot-Eating Cops Wanted to Kick Amputee

Jerrod Carmichael: Why I Made That Controversial Bill Cosby Episode

Paris to Tourists: Forget the Bataclan

Obama Is About to Visit Cuba. He Should Know It Hasn’t Changed.

Virginia Jails People for Even Smelling Like Alcohol

Freedom of Thought Is on Life Support at the University of Arizona

Dark-Money Group Attacks Obama’s Supreme Court Picks Before They’re Even Nominated

Hillary Clinton’s Big Night in Big States Has Her Back on Top

The ISIS Army That’s Still Unborn

Robot Rubio Powers Down After Humiliating Home State Loss in Florida

How Breitbart Is Trying To Muzzle Its Critics

Prince William Defends Trophy Hunting

Chicago Police Transmission Called Blacks ‘F**king N**gers’

Bernie Sanders Turns Out the Somali Vote in Ohio

MoveOn Hits Back at Trump Nut That Compared Them to the Klan

Should Superdelegates Count?

The Obama Doctrine? ‘Passive Messianism’

The Brutal Truth About Car Crash Suicide

Samantha Bee Holds Trump Focus Group: They Can’t All Be ‘Racist Thugs,’ Right?

To Quit Smoking, Cold Turkey Works Best

Harry At Yale Studying Law? Not Likely, Your Honor

Who Won Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina 2016 Primaries?

Anti-ISIS-Propaganda Czar’s Ninja War Plan: We Were Never Here.

Obama & Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle

Cop Pepper Sprays 200 Moving Bikers

History Shows John Kasich and Marco Rubio Are Toast Without Winning at Home

The Most Boring ‘Bachelor’ Ever Is Thankfully Over. Let the Reign of JoJo Begin.

Stephen Colbert Blasts Trump for ISIS Lies: ‘America’s Gullible Uncle’

Sarah Forbes on the Steamy Business of Running NYC’s Museum of Sex

The Tea Party Created Marco Rubio. Now They Can Take Him Out

RateMyProfessor Loves Old, White, Male Teachers

The Heroic Women Digging Out Syria’s Bomb Victims

Maybe Putin’s Telling the Truth About Winning Syria

Red-Beard Abu Omar al-Shishani Is The Walking Dead ISIS 'Minister of War'

Donald Trump Is Too Poor to Be President

Cop Arrests Man After Killing His Dog While Trailer Burned Down

How Donald Trump Could Go to Jail for Inciting a Riot

The Return of al-Shabaab

John Kasich Is So Gosh Darn Likable Even Protesters Are Voting for Him

Bernie Hopes Rahm’s Record Will Haunt Hillary at Home

‘The Americans’ Season 4 on FX: A Near Perfect Show Just Keeps Getting Better

3.14 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

American ISIS Fighter Captured In Iraq

Palestine’s Anti-Corruption Crusader

Russia Hearts Donald Trump

Is the NBA Unfairly Dashing Hoop Dreams?

Floating McDonald’s Gets $4.5m Makeover

Melissa Harris-Perry Compares MSNBC to a Cheating Boyfriend on ‘The View’

China Admires U.S. Smog Laws

Japanese Town Hiring Full-Time Ninjas

Amber Rose on Burying the Hatchet with Kim, Feuding with Kanye, and Controlling Her Own Destiny

How Protests Fuel the Trump Frenzy

KKK Doc Sparks Controversy at SXSW: Daryl Davis Clashes with BLM Activists in Film, During Q&A

Ankara Car Bomb Heralds Turkey’s Widening Terror War

John Oliver: ‘Of Course’ Trump Incites Violence

Grassley’s Risky Supreme Court Gamble

Parents Sue Kansas University Over Alleged Dorm Rapes

CENTCOM Embroiled in Climate of Fear

How Trump Helps the GOP With Minorities

Why Scientists Want to Study Robot Roaches

This Is How Tomboys Fall In Love With Barbie, Princess of Convention

Shakespeare’s Modern Lessons For New York Schoolkids

Hunting Down Journalists in Gambia

History of Barbie

Anita Alvarez, Chicago’s Top Prosecutor, Cleared Killer Cops 68 Times

Women Are Sex Slaves in South Sudan’s Civil War

Why Hogan vs. Gawker Shows Journalism At Its Worst

Residents: Rubio Hasn’t ‘Done Shit’ in ‘Florida’s Flint’

‘The Walking Dead’ Review: We Are All Negan

Trump Insists ISIS Attacked Him In Dayton (They Didn't)

Sarah Palin, Stumping for Trump, Still Pretending She Matters

Is It OK to Laugh at Bill Cosby? ‘The Carmichael Show’ Asks the Taboo Question

Key & Peele’s ‘Keanu’ Bombs at SXSW

What Bobby Kennedy Would Say To Trump

How the Republican Party Became a Failed State

‘Saturday Night Live’ Drags Hillary Clinton For Copying Bernie Sanders

SNL’s Larry David Mocks Bernie Sanders: 'I Love My Supporters, But They’re Too Much, Right?'

Iraq’s Last Christian Soldiers

Cops Use This to Snoop on Your Phone

Les Tuileries: The Phantom Palace of Paris

DARPA’s New ‘LightningStrike’ Plane: Up Like a Chopper, Out Like a Jet

Vinyl’s Juno Temple Discusses Her ‘Feisty’ Breakthrough Performance

Top French Cardinal Hid Scouts Pedophile Scandal

Can Adderall Abuse Trigger Temporary Schizophrenia?

Meet the Hit-Squad ‘Holy Warrior’ Campaigning for Ted Cruz

What Happens When Walmart Dumps You

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