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Slain Chicago Teen's Anti-Gang PSA

Limbaugh: Difference Between Cubans and Mexicans is...

Why The Hagel Nomination Hearing Is A Victory For ECI

A Few Questions About the Right to Vote

Prince Harry's Las Vegas 'Lover' Writing Book

Beyonce Sings Anthem, Silences Haters

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Is Back: 5 Things to Know About the Tennessee Bill

Ted Cruz's War on Context

Rothko at the National Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

No Pleasure 'Cruz' for Hagel

Israel Must Not Get Swallowed Up By Anarchy In Syria

Is the Pentagon Buying Iranian Oil?

Seize Syria's Chemical Supply Before It's Too Late

What if Stimulus Works--But Only in Theory?

Obama's Approval Rating Explained

Equality in the Motherland

Hagel Defends Pro-Israel Stance

Karl Lagerfeld Is Not a Fan of the FLOTUS’s Bangs, Smurf Fashion Show Heads to New York

How Liberals Can Win on Guns

Obama's Bafflingly High Approval Rating

McCain vs. Hagel

Israel’s Dare: Retaliation for Airstrike Unlikely, For Now

Hagel and McCain Argue the Surge

How Senator Hagel Probably Feels Today

Dostoyevsky In The West Bank

Bob Shrum: There is a Fundamental Political Realignment Going On in this Country

When These Are Your Enemies

Chameleon Chuck: How Hagel’s Views Have Changed

Fischer King Departs

A Great Rod / Prince Charles Story

Defense Hawks, America Needs You Now

Hagel: Window Is Closing On Iran

James Taranto, Heckler?

Chuck Hagel’s Confirmation Hearing: Live Updates (VIDEO)

Charles Pimps Out Dumfries House For V-Day Couples

Hagel the Academic Hack

Women in Combat: Standards Meet Equality

Return to Military Rule Sits Uneasily with Egyptians

The Mystery of Kate's 'Pal' Jessica Hay and The LA Times

The ‘Unbreakable’ Silvio Berlusconi

Juergen Teller at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London

Ismail Kadare: How I Write

12 Most Absurd ‘30 Rock’ Moments (VIDEO)

20 Most Effective Super Bowl Ads (Video)

Is There Still Room for Soledad O’Brien at CNN?

Speed Read: Juiciest Bits From the Tommy Mottola Memoir ‘Hitmaker’

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Ad an Unfunny Slight to Culture

Jury Set to Decide Whether FBI Entrapped Bomb Plotter Mohamed Mohamud

My (Electronic) Cigarette Addiction

The Best ‘Project Runway’ Designer Fights (VIDEO)

How Obama and the Democrats Could Win on Gun Control—by Losing

Rapper Kitty Pryde On ‘D.A.I.S.Y. Rage,’ Haters, Selling Out & More

Angus King: New Senator Aims to Build Bridges Amid Washington Dysfunction

Promoter Don King on ‘Top Chef,’ Josie Smith-Malave, Mike Tyson & More

Immigration Reform Proposal Shows Similar Ideas Betweeen Bush and Obama

Gore: U.S. Journalism 'Pathetic' On Climate Change

Surfer Garrett McNamara Conquers His 100-Foot Wave

Speed Read: Juiciest Bits From Cissy Houston’s ‘Remembering Whitney’

Sexy Zombies

Barbie Cafe Opens In Taiwan

Phoenix Shooter on the Lam

Chicago Teen Hadiya Pendleton, Called ‘Best in Our City,’ Gunned Down

First Knuckle Rings, Popular During the Renaissance, Return to Fashion

Six Best Egypt Bloggers to Follow

Assailants Loot Cairo Hotel Amid Chaos

17-Point Guide To Anti-Semitism And Its Abuse

Nils Grossien at MAD is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Manti Teo's Lover Confesses

Lapid And Bennett Come Together Ahead Of Coalition Negotiations

Best Trailers of the Week: ‘The Heat’, ‘Upside Down’ and More

Mark Kelly: 'Gabby and I are pro-gun ownership. We are anti-gun violence'

Ronald Reagan's Childhood Home to be Torn Down and Replaced by Potential New Site of Obama Library

Shall We Dive into Sequestration?

Yet Another 'Grey Dawn' Shooting

How to be a Fake Girlfriend

Tennessee Wants to 'Out' Gay Teens

Why Arab Parties Are Excluded From Israeli Coalitions

China's Coal Usage is Blowing the Kyoto Protocol to Shreds

Kimye Child May Wear Leather Pants, Nicholas Kirkwood Wins BFC Fund

More 'Gray Dawn' Killings

Menswear Dog’ Shares Classic Couture With Man’s Best Friend

Shocking Photos from Georgia Tornado

Did Israeli Strike Target Syrian Chemical Weapons?

How “The Gatekeepers” Makes The Case For Peace

Could Abolishing the Electoral College Help Republicans?

Don't Panic

Must Justice Kagan Recuse Herself from NLRB Case?

Freaky Weather Hits the U.S. Thursday (PHOTOS)

Bob Shrum: 'It's a Tweet that Makes John Boehner Look Like a Twit'

Too Old for a Gun?

Charles and Camilla Take The Tube

Senate Hearing on Gun Violence: Live Updates

Quote of the Day

'Too Many Children Are Dying'

Can Fatah And Hamas Reconcile?

Clarify the Second Amendment?

This is Why Twitter Can Be Terrible

No Quick Fix For Mali: French Troops Can’t End Crisis

Morsi Aide: Holocaust A U.S. Hoax

GDP Falls in the Fourth Quarter

The Wimpification of Ice Fishing

Go Form Your Own Country, Part II

A Brief History of Long Lived English Monarchs

From Pippa to Lupo

Inside the Anne Hathaway ‘Les Miserables’ Video Spoof That Went Viral

The Newtown Heckling Controversy

Three Top Lessons From ‘30 Rock’ Scholars

Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga’s Fan Armies Rally on Twitter

Chuck Hagel Haters Mobilize Ahead of Thursday Confirmation Hearings

Marco Rubio’s Big Moment Could Come With Immigration Reform

Savaging Primitives: Why Jared Diamond’s “The World Until Yesterday” is Completely Wrong

David Fincher, Beau Willimon & Kate Mara On Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’

Ray Lewis’s Press-Aided Passage From Murder Trial To NFL ‘Spiritual Leader’

GOP Needs More Northeast Republicans to Save the Party

Britain's Bittersweet Future

DataWind Prepared $20 Tablet Computer for Indian Market

The Mom Who’s Taking on the NRA Over Gun Control

Advocates Hail Boy Scouts Decision on Gay Members but Fight Isn’t Over

Jane Austen’s Pride and Joy: ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Turns 200

Hatin' On Hagel

Fake Anne Hathaway Sings To Oscar Voters

Did This Professor Go Crazy?

The Best Way to End the Day

More Heads to Roll at CNN

The Twinkie is Dead! Long Live the Twinkie!

Isidor Kaufmann at the Jewish Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The End of the Line for Sarah Palin

Rage in Egypt Over Port Said Verdict, Morsi Government (PHOTOS)

The Immigration Bandwagon

Totally Awesome Waves

President Obama Embraces the Senate’s Bipartisan Immigration Plan

Israel Unilaterally Withdraws From U.N. Rights Review

Republicans Should Support Guest Worker Programs

The Green Monster

Take a Peek at Chuck Hagel's Finances

The Selfish Gene: The Broken Promises of the Human Genome Project

Two Things You Shouldn't Do Post-DUI

Meet Germany's Wolf Man

Too Many Science Students?

Karl Lagerfeld’s Cassina Photography

Sneak Preview of Rihanna’s Fashion Designs

For ECI, Language Is Power

The Boy Scouts and the South

Anna Wintour’s Boyfriend in Hot Water with IRS, Juicy Couture Founders Ink Book Deal

Is Egypt's Regime in Trouble?

Mali's Jihadists Burn their Own History

Downplaying Western European Anti-Semitism

Good Lord, Syria

Michelle Cottle: This Relationship Has Been Really Good for Both [Obama and Clinton]

Chris Cuomo Moving to CNN

Don't Do it, Congress!

What was Behind that British anti-Israel Cartoon?

Should Prosecutors Pay the Defense Costs of Anyone Who Secures a "Not Guilty" Verdict?

The Israel Debate In South Africa

Obama’s Odd New Pals on Immigration

Women in Combat: A Debate that Deserves More than Giggles

The Mystery of the Assassination of Three Kurdish Women in Paris

What Immigration 'Compromise?'

Iran Denies Explosion At Fordo

White House Debunks Iran Nuclear Explosion, But Iran Denies Planting Story

Quote for the Day

Further Chaos in Egypt: Tweets Describe a Cairo Hotel's Terrifying Ordeal

Prince Harry: Call to Action Gives Me 'The Taste of Blood in My Mouth'

Stephen Colbert Dumps North Korea

The Five Dumbest Myths About Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptians Defy Curfew as Army Warns of ‘Collapse’

Father of Newtown Victim Heckled at Hearing

Queen Elizabeth Will Never Abdicate, Insiders Say

Kiss, Cocoanut Grove & More Deadly Nightclub Fires (Photos)

Facebook Artist David Choe Launches New Gig With Porn Star Asa Akira

The ‘Dublin Wives’ Are an Irish Sensation

As More Kids Die, Handguns Still a Bigger Threat Than Assault Rifles

The American Surrender on Syria

Bang With Friends: Facebook Sex App Creators Talk Controversial Product

Keri Russell On ‘The Americans,’ Sleeper Agents, Motherhood & More

Democrats and Republicans Reignite Fight Over VAWA

Culture Warriors Gearing Up for New Battle Against Immigration Reform

Barbara Walters Hit With Chicken Pox—a Rare Malady Among Octogenarians

The Real ‘60 Minutes’ Revelation

As Obama Offers Immigration Plan, Report Shows Border Patrol Corruption

My Harrowing Kidnapping Ordeal in Syria

At Last, Kite-Surf Bag Provides a Clue in Missoni Plane Disappearance

Are Moderate Republicans Useless?

This Week’s Hot Reads: Jan. 28, 2013

Hiroshi Sugimoto at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Getting the Band Back Together

Breathable Nail Polish Fits Muslim Women's Religious Restrictions

How Israeli Government Officials Fueled A Conspiracy Website Story About Iran

Hispanics as Natural Conservatives: A Reader Response

Biggest Super Bowl Blunders Ever

The Boy Scouts Enter the 21st Century

Israel's Ethiopian Birth Control Story Reflects A Broader Problem

David's Bookclub: The Caine Mutiny

'Downton Abbey' Video Game

Creating the Starship Enterprise

Department of Awful Statistics: Are Mass Shootings Really On the Rise?

It's Still Not 1980 Anymore

Iranian Nuclear Facilities Keep Exploding!

Dutch Queen Beatrix Abdicates Throne

Last Chance Saloon

This Immigration Reform Hurts the GOP

A Giant Bubble Bath

Beatrix of the Netherlands Abdicates

Sneak Preview of Rihanna’s Bra-less Fashions, Tom Ford Creator of Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Ties

Trollope v Hardy

Woman Encounters Own Face On Canada's New Raoul Wallenberg Stamp

Aviation’s Iron Lady: NTSB Chairwoman Deborah Hersman

Spielberg Taps Britain’s Spinmeister, and Lincoln Spins in His Grave

Downton Abbey’s Sybil Crawley and More Shocking TV Deaths (VIDEO)

Let's Have a Smarter Approach to Marijuana

Gangnam Baby Style

Yes, Kids Need 'Shitty' Jobs

All We Need is Growth

Who Wins from Immigration Deal? Not Republicans

The Urgency of Growth

DJ's who Hoaxed Kate Nurse Keep Jobs

Israel’s “None Of The Above” Party

Arrests Made in Brazilian Disco Inferno

Where are the Bicycles in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction?

What's the Matter with Illinois?

'Ungrateful' Harry Slammed by Army

Sheldon Adelson And Chuck Hagel

World to Davos: Will You Admit You Screwed Up?

The Boy Who Can Save Politics

Chris Brown Reportedly Fights Frank Ocean, Is Still the Worst

Turkey Bans Public Hookah Use

When Paris was New

Egypt: You Read it First at Frum Forum

Party Hearty! Prince Harry Out Till 10AM As He Celebrates Return Home

My Strange Passage From Suspected School Shooter To Prom Queen

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s Lovefest on ‘60 Minutes’

After Sandy Swept Away A Lifetime of Letters, 12,000 New Ones Arrive

Anne Hathaway Vs. Claire Danes: The Daily Beast Awards-Speech Quiz

Local Natives’ New Album ‘Hummingbird’ Reveals Darker Tone Born of Tragedy

‘Movie 43’: How Hollywood’s Super Star-Studded Movie Failed Unnoticed

Beyond Downton Abbey: Preeclampsia Maternal Deaths Continue Today

Italy’s Billion-Dollar Gambling Epidemic

A Response to David Mamet on Gun Control

Five Moments From President Obama & Hillary Clinton’s ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ Lena Dunham, ‘Django’: Stop Politicizing Everything!

Jennifer Lawrence's 'Super Sweet Sixteen'

Soccer Riot Ruling Ignites Chaos in Port Said

Tina Fey Loves Amy Poehler!

SAG Awards 2013: Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey & More Best Moments (VIDEO)

Best Dressed on the Red Carpet at the Sag Awards 2013 (photos)

Best Moments From Sunday Talk on Benghazi & Hillary’s Future (VIDEO)

Obama Thanks Hillary On '60 Minutes'

McCain Wants More

Obama's Dodge on Executive Power

Should Women be Required to Register for Selective Service?

Nightclub Inferno Kills Hundreds in Brazil

My Duck is Faster than Yours

Here's How Easily a Mentally-Ill Teen Can Get a Gun

YOLO: An SNL Digital Short

The Daily Beast’s Best Of Sundance: Fruitvale, The Spectacular Now, Pussy Riot, and More

The Other Downton Abbeys: Nine Illustrious Houses in Fiction (Photos)

Tennis Phenom Andy Murray's Personality Problem

Florida’s Prostitution Buster

The Promise of Happiness After the Newtown Shooting

What it Takes to Fight the Terrorists

Obama's Second-Term Crisis

Alicia Keys, Sofia Vergara & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues U.S. Pastor

America’s Shameful Nazi Past

Political Tensions Takes Center Stage At World Economic Forum

Calvary Chapel's Tangled Web

Republicans' Nefarious Election Ploy

Wynton Marsalis Celebrates 25 Years of Jazz at Lincoln Center

2013: The Year of Economic Optimism

Are Fraternity Men Natural Conservatives?

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend is Real

Soccer Verdict Riots Kill Many

#NRIsummit Notes

A Republican Cory Booker?

Are You Awesome??

Why Blow our Money on Wind Power?

Here's What Elie Wiesel Thinks About that Anti-Semitic British MP

The GOP Plan to Steal Elections

NRI Summit

Gael Garcia Bernal on the Human Drama Behind Anonymous Migrant Dead

When Going Gluten-Free Is Dangerous

Too Soon For 2016! How To End Our Endless Presidential Election Season

Bollywood Didn’t Do It

Beyonce’s Lip-Sync, Obama Inauguration, Manti Te’o & More Viral Videos

Georgia’s Bold Peacenik, Prime Minister Ivanishvili

Sundance’s Best Documentary: ‘Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer’

The Week’s Best Longreads for January 26, 2013

Literary City: Jay McInerney’s New York

Pakistan’s Sinister Use of Prisoners

Week in Photos: Jan. 26, 2013

Cory Booker Rescues a Freezing Dog & 9 Other Things He Has Saved

Chanel, Zac Posen, Miranda Kerr & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

Sundance Stars on Instagram: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Franco & More (PHOTOS)

The End Of Lingerie Football?

Fox Made Limited Effort to Keep Sarah Palin

WATCH: A Bulgarian Hitman Fails

Was The 'Mexico Shooter' Targeting Walmart?

Affandi at Art Stage Singapore is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Cairo Police Bombing Signals New Al Qaeda Threat

'Anna Karenina' Costumes On Display, Bernard Arnault’s Belgian Ties Continue

Hedge Fund Rematch

'Let's Talk About Guns' Live Chat Transcript

The Missonis’ Desperate Plea

DC Appellate Court Rules Obama's Recess Appointment Unconstitutional

An Open Letter To John Kerry

Dogs Can Salsa Dance! Part 2

Live Chat: Let's Talk About Guns

A Way Forward for the March for Life

Elections And The Israeli Relationship With The Palestinians

Can We Shame Our Way to Thin?

Vermont Law Offers Professors Buyouts

Denis McDonough: Mr. Popular

The British Model for Filibuster Reform

Jordan’s King Abdullah: ‘The New Taliban Are in Syria’

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Goes Hipster With Davos Beard

Lapid's List Says It All

Did Legalizing Abortion Cause Single Motherhood to Spike?

Not if, But How, Cyprus Defaults

Ehud Barak at Davos: U.S. Could Strike Iran to Block Nuclear Progress

Good Luck With That, Peter Wehner

Stupid and Anti-Semitic is No Way to Go Through Life

Prince Harry Won't Be Redeployed in Afghanistan

Someone Hire this Man!

Dramatic Moment Prince Harry Runs for An Ice Cream Van

The Czech Republic's Beer Party

Palestinians: Herod's Tomb Is Ours

The Unintended Consequences of Electronic Medical Records, Continued

Davos World Economic Forum: George Soros Issues Euro Warning

Red State, Blue Nation

Damon Kidnaps Kimmel

Conservative-Endorsed Marriage Equality is Coming to Britain

Frum Blog Housekeeping

Why Do So Many People Not Do What They're Supposed to Do?

The Best - And Worst - Post-Civil War Presidential Speeches on Race

Chaz Gets Down With The Kidz

Women in Combat: The Lengths to Which They Must Go to Maintain Femininity

Sundance ‘It’ Girls Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen on ‘Very Good Girls’

At Davos Investing in Women Emerges as a Business Strategy

Flashback: Newsweek’s Abortion Coverage

Best and Worst Dressed, From Michelle Obama to Kanye West (PHOTOS)

Week in Review: Cheat Sheet to the Week’s Big News (VIDEO)

Brooklyn Beckham, UK's Hottest Teen, Tests for Chelsea

In Wichita, the Ground Zero Of the Abortion War, a New Clinic Rises

Cory Booker’s Murder Accessory: Turning Buyback Guns Into Jewelry

Los Angeles’s School Nightmare: Another Sex-Abuse Scandal

From Chanel to Valentino, the Best of Paris Couture (PHOTOS)

American Dreams: The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Readers Submit Coldest Weather Photos From Around the World

The Death of Star Chef Bernard Loiseau

Where are the Heroes and Villains of Tahrir Square? (PHOTOS)

Where are the Heroes and Villains of Tahrir Square?

Harry Reid’s Filibuster Deal With Mitch McConnell Isn’t Reform

If Washington Wants To Balance Its Books, Congress Could Learn Something from Texas

The Birth of Unisex Couture: Rad Hourani

Here's a Consistent Senator on the Filibuster

Geng Jianyi at Shanghart is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Manti Te’o Dishes to Katie Couric: Watch 7 Best Moments (Video)

Legal Drugs are Abused Too

When Someone Tells Lies About You on the Internet

'I'm Proud Of This Guy'

Algeria Attack Represents Al Qaeda’s Dying Gasp

Guilty as Charged

Israeli Voters’ Return to Normalcy

United Colors of Benetton Features Transgender Model Lea T; Alek Wek

Are Driverless Cars Really in Our Near Future?

Biden Talks Gun Violence

Rikers Island’s Wildly Popular New Class: Fashion Theory

Don't Become THAT Party, Republicans

Oliver Stone Fails History ... Again

Electric Vehicles May Be the Green Car of the Future, But Hybrids Are the Green Car of the Present

Dianne Feinstein Wants to Ban These Guns

What's in a Secretary of State's Itinerary?

That Emotional Hillary

Listen Here: Voicemails From Manti Te’o’s ‘Girlfriend’

Quote of the Day

The Voice of Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend

Chicago's Freezing Fire

Whither The Israeli Left?

Come Hang With Joe!

Latin America Prepares for Legal Pot

The Demise of Gentlemanly Expectations

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Hoop Skirt Trick, Vanity Fair's Best Dressed Competition

The Next Israeli Government And Iran

This is the View Obama Wanted to See One More Time

Wake Up, Europe! Complacency at Davos

Kerry: I 'Respect' Protesters

Why Would We Cut Doctor Pay?

What I'd Say to Lou Holtz

The Female Fighter I Knew

John Kerry Plays It Cool in Senate Testimony: Watch Video

Filibuster Reform Fails Again

Brr! New Yorkers Bundle Up (Photos)

Eli Valley: A Centrist Rises!

Kerry Urges Fiscal Solution

How About That Inaugural?

Women in Combat Reading List

Yair Lapid's Historic Opportunity

Modern Polish Cuisine on Display

Filibuster Reform is Still Practically Dead

Boehner: Obama Wants To "Annihilate" The GOP

German Newspaper Tells Britain: We Love The Royals

U.S. Protests "State Of Palestine" Placard

Camilla Says She Might Be Queen

The Hunger Strike Diet: You Don't Lose Weight AND You Accomplish Your Goal!

50 Cent, Passion Pit & More of the Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

JT's Brand New 'Suit & Tie'

Obama's Bringing Sexy Back

‘The Spectacular Now,’ Starring Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller, Is One of Sundance’s Best

A World Without Electricity

A Woman's Place is on the Front Lines

Alex Gibney on His WikiLeaks Documentary: Julian Assange Got Corrupted

End of Combat Ban Means Women Finally Fully Integrated Into Military

Atari’s Bankruptcy Filing Ends Video-Game Pioneer’s Gradual Decline

Sundance Offers Brief Documentary Films as Part of Focus Forward Project

The Assemblyman Has a Gun: The Steven Brooks Saga

Backstage at Elie Saab Haute Couture (PHOTOS)

The Original Slave Colony: Barbados and Andrea Stuart’s ‘Sugar in the Blood’

Where’s the Retaliation for American Deaths in Benghazi and Algeria?

Women Get to Fight, as Leon Panetta Changes Combat Rules

No Peace in Israel in Our Time

Where Will Harry Party Back in London, And Who Will He Be Kissing?

GOP Attracting Minorities?

House GOP Caves on Debt Ceiling, Delaying Confrontation Until Spring

Tel Aviv: The New Gay Travel Hotspot

Amanda Seyfried on ‘Lovelace,’ ‘Les Misérables,’ ‘Mean Girls’ & More

National Shooting Sports Foundation Fights Gun Control From Newtown

Interactive: Readers Share Their Views on, and Stories About, Abortion

Prince Harry Video Mash-Up

Inside a Davos Dinner of Global Superstars

Newsweek & The Daily Beast and Credit Suisse’s Dinner at Davos

Christine Lagarde at Davos: Europe Must ‘Guard Against Relapse in 2013’

Did Prince Harry Just Say That?

Kate Upton Superbowl Ad

Harry: I Did What Was Expected

Submit to Your Brutalist Overlords!

Junior Seau Sues the NFL

What Israel’s Election Outcome Means—And Doesn’t Mean

The Oh So Stubborn Meritocracy

Yes, Heavy Pot Use Harms Teenage IQ

Easy Choices On Health Care: There Aren't Any

Joe Biden Said What?

Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Defends the Inner Circle’s Diversity

Hillary's First Benghazi Hearing: The Highlights

The Knesset's New Faces

Not Even the King of Pop Can Survive the Amazon Trolls

The Future of the MD

Egypt's President Morsi Warns: Beware the Jewish Controlled Media!

How Will AirBnB Change the World?

Raf Simons Will Design Film Costumes; Naeem Khan's FLOTUS Moment

Abbas Alleges Link Between Zionists And Nazis

The O'Reilly Factor Talks to Eva Longoria and Colin Powell at The Daily Beast Bi-partisan Brunch

Daily Beast Photo Editors’ Favorite Obama Inauguration Photos

Howard Kurtz Talks to Today Show About Bombshell Jill Kelley Interview

Hillary Gets Heated at Benghazi Hearings

How Will Netanyahu Govern Now?

Is Embassy Security Underfunded?

The Innocence Penalty

Hillary Loses Her Cool

Is Obama Turning America Into France?

Hey America, Where Are You? U.S. Has Slim Presence at Davos

Israel 2013 Is Not Bibi’s Israel

Hillary on the Hill

Hillary Close To Tears At Benghazi Hearings

Yair Lapid Is No Cause For Optimism

Israel's 'Iron Dome' Saves Palestinian Lives

Housing’s Back—and That’s Bad News

Republicans Have a Language Problem

As Netanyahu Weakens, Obama Grows Stronger

You Can Say That Again! Kate Portrait 'Doesn't Photograph Well'

Obama's Fighting Speech - Part 4

The Royalist on Access Hollywood

Palestinians Cautious On Lapid

The Case for Transformation

Quit Calling Everything Fascism!

Signs of Life from the GOP

How Yair Lapid Captured The Israeli Zeitgeist

Reporting from Davos

Te'o: 'Put Yourself In My Situation'

‘Mad Men’: Creator Matthew Weiner Shares 10 Facts About Season 6

The Absurdity of Vegan Ethics

Stewart Slams Inauguration Coverage

Who Lost the Israeli Elections?

‘Parenthood’: In Praise of Season 4, Monica Potter, and More

When You Can See the Pollution

The New GOP Ploy Is Way More Radical

Obama’s Silver Lining in Israel: Elections Weaken Netanyahu

Let's Not 'Break All the Rules'

Sundance’s ‘Manhunt’: Three CIA Agents Who Hunted Bin Laden Tell All

Lone Star College Shooting Proves Handguns on Campus Is a Bad Idea

The Best UK Comment on Prince Harry

Scientologists Claim Errors in Lawrence Wright Book

You’re No Aaron Swartz! Kim Dotcom’s Sleazy Transformation Into Activist

Ali Smith: How I Write

Hillary Clinton Faces Capitol Hill Grilling Over Benghazi Attack

Like Jill Kelley, Paula Broadwell Eyes Comeback After Petraeus Scandal

GOP Likely to OK Temporary Debt Ceiling Extension in House Vote

Israel’s Election Could Be Bad News for Netanyahu

One-Eyed Terror Leader’s Government Connections

‘The Avenue’ Star Gregory Gorgeous: Trapped in the YouTube Closet?

In Defense of the Libyan Revolution

Catdance Film Festival: The 7 Most Hilarious Shorts (VIDEO)

Angry Gun Control Debate Does Damage To Both The Right and The Left

Church of Scientology Details Error in Lawrence Wright’s Book

Texas Shooting Puts New Spotlight on Issue of Concealed Weapons on Campus

So What if Beyonce Lip-Synced the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’?

Is Sloane Stephens the New Serena of American Tennis?

What Was Manti Te'o Thinking?

‘Don Jon’s Addiction,’ ‘Fruitvale’ & More Sundance Acquisitions

Chung Kai Feng at Fost Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

A Glorious Day Off For Democracy On

Daily Beast Readers Share Their Stories About Abortion

What Will Israel's Government Look Like?

Yes, Syria Used Chemical Weapons

Winning The Ultra-Orthodox Vote

What Was Netanyahu Thinking?

World Economic Forum Historic Moments (Photos)

Across Wall, Little Interest In Israeli Race

It’s Time for the Pro-Choice Community To Embrace The Word Abortion

Hey Beyoncé, Whitney Houston Lip Synced, Too (Video)

A Slim Win for Bibi in Israel Elections

A Vote Against Bibi, Not His Policies

Roe v Wade's Class and Racial Divides

Meeting Merkel, Schmoozing With Charlize: Everything You Need to Know About the World Economic Forum in Davos

Three Injured in Shooting at Lone Star College

Ireland Seeks to Raise Legal BAC Levels

Book Bag: Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd on The Art of Nonfiction

Notes on LBJ’s Death From His Closest Aide

Sundance 2013: Fruitvale

Quote of the Day

Gender Equality Gone Too Far?

J. Crew Won't Reissue Michelle Obama's Inauguration Accessories; Alaia Inks Fragrance Deal

omg! Insider Covers The Daily Beast Bi-Partisan Brunch

Porn Stars Who Brunch: Inside Las Vegas’s Finest Dining

Karl Lagerfeld’s Lesbian Brides at Chanel Couture

Canada's Turn in the Spotlight

Will We Ever Have a Hirsute President Again?

Would Putting a Price on Carbon Pave the Way for Electric Cars?

A New Obama

Voting By Process Of Elimination

How Well is Iceland Doing?

Barack Obama 'Sings' Sexy Back

Time to Decide on Keystone XL, Mr. President

Resigned To Loss, But Optimism On The Center-Left

Jill Kelley vs. Paula Broadwell

Recognize Reality on Abortion

Filibuster Reform is (Practically) Dead

Phil Mickelson Employs America's Dumbest Accountant

CHART: Israeli Turnout At Record Highs, But Low Among Palestinian Communities

The Leftist Version of a War on Science

Sleepwalking Through The Campaign

Social Conservatives 'No Mas'

The New Abortion Poll and Obama's Biggest Impact

Can Congress Get Anything Done?

Electric Cars: A Flickering Business Model

Obama's Fighting Speech - Part 3

No Great Enthusiasm For Benjamin Netanyahu Reelection

It's Election Day in Israel

Hope, Change and Traffic Jams

Malia Obama Photobombs Sasha

Will a Tougher Obama Be Better?

Prince Harry Given Four Cans Of Lager to Unwind in Cyprus

Taliban: Xbox Harry is a Coward

Bring Back Mubarak!

Prince Harry: I Have Killed, Take a Life To Save A Life

R.J. Cutler, ‘The World According to Dick Cheney’ Director, on Meeting Cheney

At the Oscars, ‘Argo’ Will Win Best Picture

Monsignor Meth Kevin Wallin: The Kinky Priest Who Sold Meth

America’s Abortion Clinics

The Geography of Abortion Access

Interactive: Readers Share Their Views On the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Labels

Inside an Oklahoma Abortion Clinic

Roe V. Wade Turns 40

This Week’s Hot Reads: Jan. 21, 2013

The Gun-Control Fight Harry Reid Can’t Win

‘Fruitvale Station,’ About The Shooting of Oscar Grant, Is Sundance’s Hottest Film

Michelle Obama Wears a Second Inaugural Ball Gown by Jason Wu

Obama’s Unsung Army of Backstage Volunteers at the Inaugural Balls

Best Images From the Inaugural Balls (PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama's J. Crew Belt is Already Sold Out

Bennett: The Only One To Get Applause

Barack Obama, Beyoncé, and More Inauguration Highlights

Obama's Fighting Speech - Part 2

Arab League Urges Palestinian-Israelis To Vote

Obama's Fighting Speech - Part 1

Al Roker Nabs Biden Handshake

Hanin Zoabi, Balad And The Jewish Vote

As Obama Redistributes the Golden Eggs, Time To Praise The Goose

A Survey Of Yesh Atid Ads

Richard Blanco, Obama’s Historic Inauguration Poet

Netanyahu's Studied Ambiguity

In His Inaugural Address, Barack Obama Delivers a Progressive Manifesto

Avoiding the Next Spanish Influenza

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Beyonce Belts Out National Anthem

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Obama Offers Few Specifics in High-Minded Inaugural Address

Obama: 'Our Journey Is Not Complete'

What Went Wrong For Netanyahu

That Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir!

Full Text of President Obama's Inaugural Address

Obama Sworn In!

Balad's Parody 'Hatikvah' Ad

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Lupe Kicked Off Stage During Pre-Inauguration

Pippa: I Feel Like A Caged Animal

Polo in Santa Barbara Made $2.5m

The Activists' Rift

The (So Far) Failed Promise of Electronic Medical Records

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Not a Fake Headline: France Mad at United States for Not Vigorously Supporting an Intervention

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The Art of Scent at MAD is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

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Life Imitates Patriots: Inaugural Version

Allen Ginsberg at the Grey Art Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Politicians and Celebrities Flock To Newsweek’s Inaugural Brunch

Hope and Change Meet DC, DC Wins

Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Julianne Moore Talk Sundance’s Don Jon’s Addiction, Porn, And Love

'SNL' Spoofs Lance and Te'o

Andree Putman, ‘The Grande Dame of Design,’ Revolutionized Interiors

Avicii, Superstar DJ, Hits Sundance

China’s Risky Path, from Revolution to War

Former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy Reviews ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

Paul Cambria, the Porn Industry’s Go-To Lawyer, Takes On Measure B

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The Week’s Best Business Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for Jan. 19, 2013

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Who Paid for This Party?

Taylor Swift, Snooki, and More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

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Earl Weaver, Baseball's Brilliant Antagonist, Dies

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Ping Fu’s Journey from Cultural Revolution Orphan to Geomagic CEO

The Cult of Hathahaters: Will It Hurt Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Chances?

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Piers Morgan’s Desperate Attacks on His Critics

Armstrong Tells His Son

Stars at Sundance: Best of Twitter and Instagram Alicia Keys Joseph Gordon-Levitt & More (PHOTOS)

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Armstrong: 'It hurt like hell'

Rupert Murdoch Rides Roughshod Over Historic Times of London Agreement

David's Book Club: Fateful Lightning

Syria Probes Obama's 'Red Lines'

Week in Photos: Jan. 19, 2013

Getting a Mile High: Legally Stoned in Colorado After Initiative 64

How Rahul Gandhi Blew the Indian Rape Crisis

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Speed Read: 11 Best Bits from Joe Biden Satire ‘The President of Vice’

The 2 Cent Budget Fix

Mary Katrantzou and Garjan Atwood, in O Sense

Inside the Algerian Hostage Standoff

Income Inequality Within Families is Emerging as a Major Issue

GOP Claims Victory in Retreat on Debt Ceiling

The Week’s Best Longreads for Jan. 19, 2013

The Bizarro Roger Federer

Gun Lovers Freak Over Obama’s Executive Actions

Elie Tahari, Jonathan Adler & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

8 Juiciest Bits From Night Two of Lance and Oprah

19 Second Amendment Fails

Why Algeria Didn’t Warn the U.S. About Its Hostage Raid

Infographic: Sundance Box Office Hits & Misses

Send Us Your Presidential Inauguration Photos From D.C. or Home

You Read it First on Frum Forum

Mystery of Missing Vittorio Missoni Deepens in Venezuela

Too Many Students, Too Few Jobs

A Centrist Government in Israel?

A Response to Rod Dreher

Justice for Gaddafi Heir? ICC Fears Saif al-Islam Trial Won’t Be Fair

Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Sundance Documentary 'God Loves Uganda'

We're Going to Need a Bigger Raft to Fight the Jobs Crisis

John Galliano To Work in Oscar de la Renta’s New York Design Studio For Three Weeks

Friday Forum: What's the Biggest Lie You've Ever Told?

Obama's Embrace of Corporate Cash

Alexander McQueen Cancels its Fall Show, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Red Light District Striptease

Counting Full Time Employees

Climate Change Hits the Mississippi River

'Kink' Trailer

Laying Bare The Facts About Netanyahu And The Settlements

Say Cheese! White House Unveils Second-Term Obama Portrait

The Big Idea: How Commerce Spreads Contagion

Don't Fear a Default, Yet

Daniel Gordis And Cognitive Dissonance

Fox News, Shockingly, Gets Gun Laws Wrong

Flu Shots ARE Dangerous

Dreher on Guns and Race

Remaking Martin Luther King As Anti-Zionist

That's One Way to Get Rid of Guns

Another Conservative Gets It

Meth in a "Female" Priest's Rectory?

Bennett's Emergence—And Obama's?

Law School Enrollments are Plummeting. What Happens Next?

Think Progress Discredits Itself

Manti Te'o: What Do You Think?

You’re Over, Lance Armstrong

This Is Why SOPA Failed

Dick Cheney Sounds Off On CIA Torture, Iraq, And More In New Sundance Documentary

Charming ‘May in the Summer’ Kicks Off The 2013 Sundance Film Festival

Canada's Latest Monetary Scandal

Armstrong's 'Scary' Confession

Hagel Bleg

Bibi Reassures Settlers Ahead Of Vote

The NRA Explains

The *Democrats* Face Trouble?

Kate Suicide Nurse Station in Row With Chef

Fans, Floormats and Shoes: What Will and Kate Got Given in 2012

Facts for Fighting the Flu

Ke$ha, Santigold, and More of the Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

How the Media Missed the Hoax of Manti Te’o and His Fictional Girlfriend

Garjan Atwood: in O sense, featuring Mary Katrantzou

Facts for Fighting the Flu

Get Your Damn Flu Shot

Kenzo Through the Years (Photos)

Lena Dunham’s ‘Thin for Detroit’ Howard Stern Comment Gets City Fired Up

From Kerry Washington to Emily Blunt: Best & Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

Jim McGreevey Says He’s Given Up Politics, Embraced a Simpler Life

Week in Review: Cheat Sheet to the Week’s Big News (VIDEO)

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9 Great Photos from Berlin Fashion Week

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Sundance 2013: Sweetwater

The Lady Vanishes? Twitter’s Best ‘Teoing’ Memes (Photos)

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Sundance 2013: Karaoke!

Ishmael Randall Weeks At The Drawing Center Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Words of Wisdom: The Best of ‘Dear Abby’

The Ballad of Manti Te'o

Sundance 2013: Upstream Color

Dear God, Dear Abby Is Dead

Having a Bodyguard is Way Less a Perk Than You'd Think

Making Sense of the NRA

Tracy Chevalier’s Novel on Ohio’s Underground Railroad

Millennials and the Dating World

Three Theories on Manti Te’o

Accidents Happen to Gun People Too

Breaking: Michelle Obama Has Bangs!

The GOP and the Laws of Attraction

Lennay Marie Kekua and Manti Te’o: A Scandal Explained

No, 64% of Republicans Aren't Birthers

Meretz Appeals To Smart Secular Women

This is Why I'm Fat

Raise the Debt Ceiling Once, and Raise it Big

Buzz Bissinger On What He Now Thinks of Lance Armstrong

Danger!: Republicans Start Thinking About Women!

Rand Paul and Nullification

The Election Obama Will Lose

Hostages Reportedly Dead In Algerian Oil Field Siege

I Had a Fake Girlfriend, Too! In Defense of Manti Te'o

What's Changed Since the Gaza Ceasefire

Rihanna To Show Her Collection In London; Karlie Kloss Wants To Go To Harvard

Al Franken Supports an Assault Weapons Ban

With the Dreamliner Down, It’s Airbus’s Time to Fly

A Cappella-wesome!

Why I Like Naftali Bennett

Hastert Aide Calls for Ending Hastert Rule

Where's All the Corporate Cash?

Now This Is a Heroic Person

Pity the Poor Bankers

Maybe It's Time to Get Off Youtube

Another Odd Royal Portrait Surfaces

Do It Yourself, Senator Kerry

Fresh Prince of Where?

Trump Watch

The Goldberg Variations

The Mini Princesses Take Berlin

Should Obama Endorse the NRA Proposal?

New York City Bus Strike: A Cosy Cartel, Running Out of Gas

Manti Te'o Speaks About His Fake Girlfriend

Palestinians Riot Near Rachel's Tomb

The Rise of Naftali Bennett

Australia's Example for Controlling Guns

Al Franken, Politician

Egypt's Stance on Religious Tolerance

Rand Paul: Obama Has A 'King Complex'

Kate's Wedding Hotel Receives 'By Royal Apppointment' Honour

12 More Questions for Hagel's Confirmation

Why Israel is Turning Right

Run for Your Lives

Battle of Aleppo Rages On: Inside the Ravaged Syrian City (PHOTOS)

Would You Fly on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

Porn Star James Deen on His ‘Canyons’ Experience With Lindsay Lohan

11 Allegations Against Lance Armstrong in Daniel Coyle’s Books

Syria’s Rebels Stuck In Stalemate

Who Hid All the Snakes?

Who Is B. Todd Jones, and What Does the ATF Do, Anyway?

Charlie Brotman, Announcer of Presidential Inaugurals Since Truman’s

Aurora Theater Reopens Over Objections of Some Victims’ Families

Mark Sanford On Run for Congress, a Second Chance at Politics

A Foreign-Policy Cheat Sheet for Obama

Rewind: BBC’s Iconic Political Thriller ‘House of Cards’ Still Captivates

‘American Idol’ By the Numbers

The Best Pro-Gun Memes: Switzerland, Baby Ninjas & More (PHOTOS)

The Cool New Tumblr Ubicouture (PHOTOS)

Ubicouture Puts Latest Fashions Into Classic Paintings

Pictures Drawn by Slain Children Underline Need for Gun Control

Why the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and Wife Vanessa Are Staying Together

Crazy Australian Open Faces: Sharapova, Djokovic & More (PHOTOS)

When’s the Last Time You Were Poked?

In Town Hall Meeting, Christie Counters Obama on Guns

The NFL, Decoded

Model Constance Jablonski Under Fire For Leaving Marilyn Model Management

Americans Kidnapped as Islamist Violence in Mali Spills Into Algeria

Jimmy Kimmel: Celebrities Have Feelings Too

When Smoothies Get Political

The Assault-Weapons Ban Is Doomed

Fake Girlfriends and Other Dangerous Fabrications

Made in America: Hard to Find, and Getting Harder

Philip Trager At The New York Public Library Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

The GOP Will Lose on Guns

Germany Calls Home the Gold

Boeing’s Stock Suffer as Dreamliner Encounters Problems

Questionable Business Practices

Did Chuck Hagel Cave?

Conservatism with a Purpose

The Real Reason Huntsman Lost

7 Key Points From Obama’s Gun Proposal

State Department: We do not believe chemical weapons used in Syria

Livni Targets Undecided Women Voters

These Are Real NRA Ads

Joe Scarborough’s Gun-Control Crusade Is the Only One You Should Pay Attention To

Looks Like America Wants to Stick to Its Guns

Conservatives Flip Out at Obama’s Gun Proposal

Insane Men's Fashion Show Features Fake Machine Guns; New Jeans Claim Cure For Cellulite

Texas Calls All Gun-Toting Yanks

Yet Another Awesome Dog!

Obama: Our 'Rights Are At Stake'

Goldman, Sachs and JP Morgan see profits surge in 2012

Longing for a Homeland

Speaker Boehner, Ditch the Hastert Rule

Lapid And Livni Should Stay Out

Mayday for Dreamliner: The Airplane’s Woes Explained

Strike Two on the Hastert Rule

The Beach House Bailout

Harry Named World's Most Eligible Bachelor

A Whole Month Without Rockets

Jimmy Kimmel's Gun Lobby Ad

Shack or Mansion?

Hands Off Her Boobs, Charles!

The NRA Guns for Sasha and Malia

Liberal Self-Parody Watch

NRA Aims At Sasha and Malia

Defining the Echo Chamber

The NRA's New Ad

Monaco Marriage Was Not a Sham

Frum-Shrum, Inaugural Style

Why So Few Consequences in Robert Menendez & Mike Crapo Senate Scandals?

Coolest New Cars for 2013 From the Detroit Auto Show (PHOTOS)

The NRA’s Shameful Day: Shooting App for Kids, ‘Stand and Fight’ Ad

Backstage at Men’s Fashion Week in Milan 2013 (PHOTOS)

Explosive Allegations against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Joshua Foer: How I Write

Hillary Clinton 2016? Women Look Ahead To ‘History In the Making’

Obama Gets Tough

Hagel, Schumer and the Moment of Chuck (PHOTOS)

Florida’s Wedgie Prankster: I’m Sorry!

America Prepares to Fold in Afghanistan But Must Stay

Google, Audi, Toyota, and the Brave New World of Driverless Cars

Charlie Sheen On ‘Anger Management’, Lindsay Lohan, Partying & More

15 Scientology Revelations from Lawrence Wright’s ‘Going Clear’

Virginia Makes an End Run Around Gas Taxes

Quvenzhane Wallis Is The Cutest Thing Ever

The Holkham Bible at the Jewish Museum Is The Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Dan Gross: Voting Against the Debt Ceiling is What You Do When You Are in the Opposition Party

'American Idol's Worst Auditions Ever

State Department Believes Syria Used Chemical Weapons

Are Gold-Plated Health Benefits Making American Workers Worse Off?

Smiling Tiger Smacking Balls

Why Israel's Center-left Won’t Block Bibi

Aaron Swartz’s Death Should Change America’s Absurd Legal System

The NRA’s Shooting App Misfire

Graph What? Why Facebook Is Moving Big Into Search

Does the Media Have a Social Responsibility when Reporting?

French Troops, Planes, Bombard Extremists in Mali (PHOTOS)

Enough About Lena Dunham's Ass!

There's No Crying in Football!...Or Space Exploration?

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s ... Facebook

Some Good News for a Change

Worthwhile Canadian Initative

Can Coke Make You Skinny? Check Out Their New Ad

Gun Rights and Gun Control Inside the Beltway

Adam Mansbach’s Book Bag: 7 Quintessentially New York Books

Peak Investment Banker, Ctd.

A Jewish American In Paris

PPR Invests in Christopher Kane, Olivia Wilde’s Ginormous Engagement Ring

Los Angeles Hopes to Ignite Economic Growth by Building Tenant-less Football Stadium

Who Let the Dog Out?

A Song For Sandy Hook

How Should Republicans Argue?

Is Canada Having a Housing Bubble? And is It Popping?

Gun Violence Isn't a Racial Problem

Uh, Compared to What, Log Cabin Republicans?

Checking the President's Budget Math

The Jon Stewart/Paul Krugman Smackdown

Pippa Middleton Joins Belgian Hunt

The Newest Retirees Will Outlive The Social Security Trust Fund

The Sleepless Economy

Naftali Bennett: The New Lieberman?

Let There Be Science in the Gun Debate

With Schumer Support, Predictions Of Hagel Confirmation Battle Fizzle

LaPierre's New Low

You Know Who Else Supported Gun Control?

A Confirmation Question for Hagel

Colbert To Piers: You Know The Constitution?

WSJ: Apple Cuts iPhone Parts Orders on Disappointing Demand

Don't Let Settlements Define Israel

Counting the Cost of Anti-GMO Fanaticism

A Better Way to Consider the Debt Ceiling

An Outpost For An Outpost

2013: Not the Year for a Budget Showdown

Tatler's Dog Dies In Door Disaster at Vogue House

The Lost History of the NRA

Crowdsourcing the Hastert Rule

Chuck Hagel Isn't a Manager

Sorry, Charles, The Young Princesses Are Back!

A Way Forward for the 21st Century GOP

Al Qaeda’s Dangerous Play in Mali

Political Spawn Gone Wild: Rand Paul, John Barrow & More (PHOTOS)

Embarrassing Celebrity Splits: Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara & More (PHOTOS)

French Right Mounts Spirited Protests Against Gay Marriage Bill

Obama Could Ease D.C. Gridlock If He Socialized More, Critics Say

Inside Scientology’s Secret World: “Going Clear” by Lawrence Wright

Jon Huntsman & Joe Manchin’s No Labels Bromance

Government Shutdown Insanity

Ruby the Heart Stealer in Court for Berlusconi Trial

Introducing The Exciting and Vaguely Scary Art of Eyelash Jewelry

“A Ghastly Waste Of Time?” Considering the Constitution

‘Sex and the City’ Carrie Bradshaw Vs. Stephen King’s Carrie White

Aaron Swartz’s Unbending Prosecutors Insisted on Prison Time

Jerry Brown Creates California Surplus Miracle, But Can It Last?

The Craziest New Trend: Eyelash Art (PHOTOS)

Reid Doubtful On Assault Weapons Ban

The Possibilities of ‘Deception’: Meagan Good On Her New NBC Show

Tribe and Knight at Momenta Art Are The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

This Week’s Hot Reads: Jan. 14, 2013

Lance Armstrong's Doping Denials

Obama Likes To Party

Struggling PC Maker Dell Might Be Candidate for Private-Equity Buyout

Here's What Happened to Lena Dunham's Golden Globes Dress

Palestinians Learn From Zionist Playbook

Sources: Oxygen to Cancel New Show ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’ Starring Shawty Lo

Natalie Wood Findings: Was the Actress Bruised Before She Drowned?

Who Doesn't Get Paid if We Cross the Debt Ceiling?

Aaron Swartz’s Thought Crime Was Tragically Treated Like Real Crime

The Deficit's Taking Care of Itself

Police Chase In Your Front Yard?

Why Apple’s Stock Is Down

David's Bookclub: 'Bullies'

Chris Christie Is the Latest Jersey Joke but His Fans Don’t Seem to Care

What Should Obama Do About Iran?

Who's Killing the Shiites of Pakistan?

Can Lance Armstrong Save OWN?

Rand Paul Swims in the Dead Sea

What Would You Give Up for the Internet?

"When Netanyahu Speaks, The World Listens"

Some CEOs Are More Valuable Than Others

The Four Most Important Things You Need to Know About the New Mortgage Rules

Justin Timberlake’s New Fashion-y Song, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne’s Racy Shoot

Obama Brinksmanship Puts GOP in Tough Spot on Debt Ceiling

Clarence Thomas Breaks His Vow of Silence

'We Are Not A Deadbeat Nation'

Glenn Beck Building Glenn Beck Inspired City/Theme Park

Are Adjuncts Full Time Employees?

Obama: 'We Gotta Pay Our Bills'

Obama Talks Tough on Budget, Guns

The Last Name on Schindler's List

"Deadbeat Nation"

Bring Back Pork Barrel Spending

Hagel Accusers Face Pushback

How Quickly We Forget

RIP Platinum Coin: May 14th, 2010-January 12th, 2013

Bibi Grows a Backbone

'Why I'm a Zionist'

Are The Oscars Punishing 'Pro-American Movies?'

New Questions On Spanish King's Gal Pal

Here's Something Debt Ceiling Obstinance May Create: A New Bipartisan Era

What U.S. Jews Don't Get About European Anti-Semitism

The EU's New Mideast Peace Plan

Sotomayor's Rising Star

William and Kate Seek 'Loyal' Servant

Beijing's Pollution is Everyone's Problem

Baby Steps on Guns

Apple's Newest: The iFail

Are Republicans Bluffing on Default?

Sotomayor Is 'One Tough Bitch'

Buzz Bissinger: I Was Deluded to Believe Lance Armstrong When He Denied Doping

Japan Rearms

My Night at the Golden Globe Awards

The Depressed Mind

Kate - It's NOT twins!

The Governors Get Their 15 Minutes

Chuck Hagel Accusers Who Allege Anti-Semitism Getting Pushback

The Gun-Control Debate May Be a Circus, but at Least It’s Not Fading

Flu Fears: The Race Between Pandemic Viruses And A Universal Vaccine

‘The Carrie Diaries’: AnnaSophia Robb on the ‘Sex and the City’ Prequel

Nightmare in Saudi Arabia: The Plight of Foreign Migrant Workers

Read the Full Transcript of Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes Speech

JT Just Brought Sexy Back

Aaron Swartz, 26, Programmer, Outspoken Advocate of Free Information

Ben Affleck Is Redeemed

Jodie Foster Brings Down The House

Golden Globes 2013: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey & More Best Moments (VIDEO)

Mama Adele Makes Her Debut

Fey and Poehler's Hilarious Open

Fey & Poehler Explain 'Globes' Drinking Game

Best Dressed at the Golden Globes Awards 2013 (PHOTOS)

McCain Unsure About Hagel

Mourning Aaron Swartz, Internet Activist And Free Information Advocate

The Swartz Family’s Statement and More Reactions to the Death of Aaron Swartz

Adorable Puppy Takes The Stairs

Colin Powell, John McCain, the NRA and More Sunday Talk

A Secular Iran?

Powell Rips GOP 'Intolerance'

Not All Borders Are Created Equal

David's Book Club: The Fugitive

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Musical Goes Off-Broadway

Autism, Breast Cancer, and the Changing Miss America Pageant

Daily Beast Readers Share More Stories of Rape and Sexual Assault

School Shootings: My Son Was at the Virginia Tech Massacre

The Week’s Best Business Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for Jan. 12, 2013

Searching for Zion: Emily Raboteau’s Hunt for the Promised Land

DARPA’s Wildest Military Projects (PHOTOS)

A Nine Point Plan To Fix The Debt, For Good

BET’s ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ Spotlights Female Celebs’ Better Halves

Risky Rescue: A Year After It Sank, Raising the Costa Concordia

Vladimir Putin’s Wife, Lyudmila, Has All but Vanished and Russians Don’t Seem to Care

Lena Dunham, Yoko Ono & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

A Real-Life ‘Downton Abbey’ Affair

We Aren't Building a Death Star, Ctd.

'The Administration Does Not Support Blowing Up Planets'

A Rift Between The Ayatollah and Ahmadi?

Extreme Xylophonist

Candice Swanepoel, Hilary Rhoda & More Fashion Instagrams

‘Sickening’ Newtown Conspiracy Theories

Ben Shapiro Is One Mad Dude

Flippin' Awesome

Guns in America, Ctd.

How Hugo Chavez Wrecked His Own Country

Franco as Bieber & More Celebrities Impersonating Celebrities (VIDEO)

The Best Civil War Apps, From Alexander Gardner to the Civil War Trust

Syria’s Rebel Rivalry Between Jihadists and FSA

The Week’s Best Longreads for Jan. 12, 2013

Taliban Commanders Say They Were Tortured by Pakistani Intelligence

Glenn Beck Attempts a Laughable Makeover as a Libertarian

Oscar Nominees, Bad Pickup Lines, Chuck Hagel, and More Viral Videos

California School Shooter Had a ‘Hit List’

Guide to NFL Divisional Round: Quarterbacks, Wives, and Girlfriends

Guns, Slavery, and the Holocaust

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

F***ing Las Vegas

Unflattering Official Portraits: Kate Middleton & More (PHOTOS)

Pakistan Frees Wave Of Taliban Prisoners

The SAM Program in Full

Elliott Abrams Owes Hagel An Apology

Quentin Tarantino's Infatuation With Raw Violence

The GOP Still Hasn't Learned from 2012

‘Girls’ Season 1: Everything You Missed

Crazy Basketball Buzzer-Beater

Bloomberg's Latest Crackdown: Prescription Drugs

JT is Ready

Dogs: Better than Cats

Wells Fargo Is America’s Best Bank

Run, Hide, Attack

DC Rents Are Falling. Are House Prices Next?

2013 Oscar Nominations By the Numbers

The Oscar Nods by the Numbers

Sorry, Doomsday Theorists

Live Chat: Let's Talk About Drugs

Lady Gaga’s Open Letter to Kelly Osbourne, Beyoncé to Star in H&M Campaign?

Danielle Pletka's Bogus Charge Sheet Against Chuck Hagel

Friday Rank 'Em: A New Tomasky Blog Feature

Phil Gingrey, Todd Akin & More Incendiary Rape Comments

Piers Morgan Debates Guns With a Breitbart Editor

Netanya's Undemocratic Elections Panel

American Express Charges Backward, Laying Off 5,400

Jimmy Savile Report: BBC Presenter Sexually Abused More Than 200 Minors

Friday Forum: How often do you cook?

Never Stop Running

Mike Swaney At Mulherin+Pollard Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Piers Morgan's Crazy Week

Who's the Toughest Republican Against Hillary?

Mark McKinnon: The NRA Is Clearly Complicit with the Gun Industrial Complex

A Heroic Teacher in Action

The Future Of Palestinian-Israeli Security Cooperation

Rockefeller's Retirement

Can a DNA Database Prevent Crime?

Home News

Girls Season 1: Everything You Missed (Video)

Tarantino: ‘I’m shutting your butt down’

Goce Smilevski’s ‘Freud’s Sister’

Representing Israel At The Oscars

Welcome Mark Levin Listeners

Pakistan’s Deadliest Day

An Actual Left-Wing Conspiracy

Dreher Is 'Meh' About Pot

The Economy IS Getting Better, Ctd.

Where Did This Absurd #MintTheCoin Idea Come From?

Let's Talk About Drugs!

Bill Clinton Thinks High-Capacity Clips Are Nuts

The Economy IS Getting Better

Smiling Kate Out and About As she Recovers From Morning Sickness

Raise the Jolly Roger, GOP

Mali's in Trouble

Nancy Pelosi Talks About the Budget Vote, Obama’s Grit, Guns and More

Send Artist to the Tower!

With No New Cooperstown Entrants, Baseball Enters Purgatory

China’s Twitter Goes Hollywood

Morgan Stanley retreats from investment banking and trading

The Best and Worst Treasury Secretary Signatures (Photos)

Cindy Sherman: Early Works Opens At Gucci Museo in Florence

Piers Morgan’s Gun-Control Freak Show Rounds Up the Crazies

Ed Koch at 88: New York’s Still-Outspoken Ex-Mayor Holds No Grudges

Four Months After Benghazi Attack, Where Are the Killers?

Washington’s Endless Civil War

Denis McDonough & Ron Klain Top Contenders for White House Chief of Staff

Sean Penn, Johnny Depp & More: Actors as Real-Life Gangsters (Photos)

Week in Review: Cheat Sheet to the Week’s Big News (VIDEO)

Is Lew a Financial Regulator?

Chris Colfer on ‘Struck by Lightning,’ Secret Boyfriends and Girl Fans

Craziest Tax Breaks in Fiscal-Cliff Bill: Asparagus Growers, NASCAR Owners, and More

Cindy Sherman: Early Works Opens At Gucci Museo in Florence

From Lena Dunham To Taylor Swift: Best & Worst Dressed Of The Week (PHOTOS)

What Can the GOP Accomplish During Obama's 2nd Term?

The Spinario By Antico Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

An Inside Look into Crazy Town

Obama, Hagel, Feminism And The Middle East: A Progressive’s Dilemma

Here's a Counterweight to the NRA

How Much Can We Cut Defense?

VOCO’s Sexist Ad Demonstrates That the Tech Industry Badly Needs Women

A Sandusky Retrial? Lawyers Ask For Another Try

The Mizrahi Jewish “Refugee” Problem

Welcome, 'Loopy Lew'

An Ever-Closer Union

What Book Actually Inspired Spielberg's 'Lincoln'?

Prank: 'There's like, a ghost!'

Marc Jacobs Opens Up

Tweets From California School Shooting

Why Should Parents Know Anyway?

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Please Stay Away from the Gun Debate, Mr. President

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Frum Beast in the News

Oscar Nominations 2013: 'Argo,' 'Lincoln' & More (Photos)

Wear This To That, An Amazing New Tumblr

Fashion’s A Zoo: Meet Wear This To That

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Saudi Arabia Beheads Sri Lankan Maid

Fixing India’s Rape Problem

‘Girls’: Inside the Eccentric Fashion of Lena Dunham’s HBO Comedy

More Women in Congress Does Not Mean Less Gridlock in Washington

Wanted: Moderate GOP Activists

Flu Outbreak Spreads Across U.S. As Media Drops the Ball

The Race to Replace Antonio Villaraigosa as Los Angeles Mayor

Australia in Flames & More Extreme Weather Events (PHOTOS)

The Sperm Donor Trap: Should Your DNA Follow You for Life?

Joe Biden Raises the Stakes in Promising Executive Action on Gun Control

Chuck Hagel’s Career Shows He’s Not Afraid to Change His Mind

‘Girls’: Season 2 of HBO’s Lena Dunham Comedy Soars

Marlon Wayans On His Romantic ‘Haunted House’

Russians’ U.S. Real Estate Spending Spree (PHOTOS)

Lotto Winner’s Death Turns Murder Mystery

Richard Nixon’s 100th Birthday Draws Kissinger & Others to Schmaltzy Bash

Abandoned Ship: New Book Details Honeymooners’ Costa Concordia Nightmare

Show Me Mine And I'll Show Them Yours

Is Tech Upstart Cullen Dudas the Next Steve Jobs?

A James Holmes Admirer Opens Up About Her Crush: ‘He’s Not an Animal’

James Turrell at Woodward Gallery Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Bangladesh’s Midnight Children: Philip Hensher’s ‘Scenes From Early Life’

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

Why Rachel Maddow Is Right On Hagel

It’s Time to Take the Real Fiscal Crisis—the Debt Ceiling—More Seriously

"Recognizing Ariel University In Samaria"

Senator Lawrence O'Donnell?

Shas Pulls Offensive Campaign Ad

Consumer Tech Is Doomed!

Leave the Egyptian Jon Stewart Alone!

We Need Conservative Populism, Ctd.

Elliott Abrams's Truth Problem

The White House Responds to the 'Deport Piers Morgan' Petition

Bill Ackman and Daniel Loeb Bet On Herbalife

Ryan Gosling’s Mom Borrows Eva Mendes’s Clothes, Beck Stars in Ads for Saint Laurent

Republicans Who Threaten to Have U.S. Default on Debt Are Nihilists

Missoni Family: Chance He’s Alive

Is Barnes and Noble Next?

Guns Are Dangerous for Everyone

Happy Birthday, Fatah?

Gadget Chef: Pressure Cooker Kung Pao

My Mixed Feelings About Richard Ben Cramer-Style Political Journalism

Ferry Crashes Into New York City Pier (PHOTOS)

Peter Beinart: Hagel Says Publicly Some of the Things Obama Only Thinks Privately

'My Drug Story,' Entry 1

Don't Go to Business School!

'The Conservative Mind' Turns 60

RG-Knee: Stoopid Stoopid Stoopid

Taylor Swift’s Love Life by the Numbers

Jennifer Aniston's 'Smashing' Kimmel Entrance

The Best Gadgets at CES’s Eureka Park: Mind-Reading Software and More

TV For Dogs Has Arrived

Israel Rejects "State of Palestine" Passports

Let's Talk About Drugs

The Education of Evelyn Waugh

New VivoPlay Wristwatch Helps Parents Keep Track of Wayward Kids

Is There Anything Chuck Hagel Won't Say?

Soccer Night In Newtown

The Reverend Hall, America Hero

2013's First Frum-Shrum!

Inside James Holmes’s Booby-Trapped Apartment

David Bowie’s Eclectic Style Evolution: 1969–2013 (PHOTOS)

Britain's Foreign Aid Delusion

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Send Armed Posses to Protect Schools

Wade Davis on NFL Players Who Live Semi-Open Gay Lives

‘Bomb Mom’ Morgan Gliedman Arraigned in Manhattan Court

Vietnam, Once Again

Houston Strippers: We Don’t Need a Special License

Winter, Food Shortages, Descend on Syria’s Refugees

Katherine Webb, Model Girlfriend of Alabama QB A.J. McCarron, Steals Show

Five Shocking Facts About the Bondage Priest’s 911 Call

Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Patrick Kennedy Talk Addiction, New Book

Family Feud: Which ‘Downton Abbey’ Sister Is the Best?

Jason Wu's New Mood

Guns Are Killing The Republican Party

Will Self: How I Write

Photos From Atima, a Syrian Refugee Camp on the Turkish Border

Alex Jones: 'I am an Angry Person'

Left-Wing Party Runs Buses On The Sabbath

Bob Mizer at Invisible-Exports Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

David Cameron Talks Fashion, Apologizes for His Blunders

Why Aren't There More Women Libertarians, Ctd?

AIG May Sue the Government For An Insufficiently Generous Bailout

The Problem With Libertarian Women is Not Libertarian Men

Don’t Blame AIG For Hank Greenberg’s Lawsuit

Canadian Couple Going Broke Because of 'Matrix'-Based Income Tax Dodge

Washington Goes Platinum

New Issue of Democracy: Money in Politics and Lots More

WATCH: Hagel And The "Jewish Lobby"

Eurofail: The Human Price of Deflation

Wolfe: 'America Has No Class Feelings'

What The Hagel Fight Reveals

Roberto Cavalli Sleeps Naked, Marc Jacobs’s Favorite Porn Star In Retirement

A Snowball's Chance of Economic Recovery

Tom Wolfe Looks Back on 'Bonfire'

Sanctions on Iranian Oil are Working

“Armed Mafia Are Stalking Us”—Conspiracy Peddler Alex Jones Melts Down

Five Ways to Improve Economics

Bowie's First Music Video in a Decade

Israel’s New Election Discourse

Alex Jones, Afraid For His Life

Australia's Still Burning

Pakistan Valiantly Prosecuting Blasphemy

The Gun Debate Heats Up

Israel: The Region's Humanitarian State

Historic Squid Video!

So What If Hagel's Not Pro-Israel?

Peter Beinart: Chuck Hagel's Real Sin

Where's the Leadership from the GOP Establishment?

Michelle Cottle: You Can't Listen to The Hardline Bluster This Early

Jon Stewart Rips GOP Over Sandy Aid

What's the Debate About Guns Really, REALLY About?

700 Rabbis Against Israeli Settlements

China’s Great Expectations: Xi Jinping and the Censorship Protests

Piers Debates Man Who Tried To Deport Him

Why Aren't More Libertarians Women, Ctd?

Richard Ben Cramer Dies at 62

Hagel's Views Do Matter

Why Aren't More Libertarians Women?

The Proxy War Against Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon Is Really About Obama

The ASPCA Pays Price For Bad-Faith Ringling Brothers Elephant Suit

Meet the Freshmen: Introducing the New Members of the 113th Congress

Obama’s Phony Bipartisan Pick: Chuck Hagel for Defense

Richard Ben Cramer Dies: Iconic Writer Had an Unerring Ear for Dialogue

‘American Horror Story’ Sings “The Name Game” and 12 Other Bizarre TV Musical Numbers (VIDEO)

Sofia Vergara’s Fiancé, Nicholas Loeb, Just Can’t Catch A Break

Aurora Cops Relive the Horror at James Holmes Hearing

The Petraeus Revolution: How He Changed the American Way of War

Mysterious Killings Hit Libyan City of Benghazi

Amy Wilentz’s Haiti Book Bag

Ten Coolest Products From 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show

Mosbacher: I’m Furious at My Own Party

Why America Needs Al Jazeera

The Incompetent Party

Steubenville Rape Case Reminds Traci Lords of Her Own Assault in Ohio Town

Worst 100 Pick-Up Lines Ever

Obama Nominates Hagel With Shots At Critics

Michael Nodianos, of Steubenville ‘Rape’ Video Drops Out of OSU, Citing Threats

Pro-Israel Lobby, AIPAC, Sitting Out Hagel Fight

Why AIPAC Won't Fight Hagel

Banks Settle Mortgage Investigations with Nearly $20 Billion in Payments

My New Flame From Ingo Maurer Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Michael Tomasky: Obama's Not Captain Liberal, He's the President

Who Holds the Key to Prosperity?

Why All the Hate for Les Mis?

Raf Simons' New Collection

The Anti-Hagel Campaign Was Never About Israel

You're Doing it Wrong: Social Security Life Expectancy Calculations

Kim Kardashian Apparently Has More Selling Power Than Kate Middleton; Tom Ford Wants To Raise His Kids in London

Should the President Mint a $1,000,000,000,000 Platinum Coin?

This Week’s Hot Reads: Jan. 7, 2013

Obama Nominates Hagel and Brennan

Bangladesh’s Warring Women Politicians

Bibi's Offensive Biblical Allusions

Brennan's Controversial Remarks

Marijuana Use Isn't Worth the Risk

Nobody is a Better Friend of Israel than [Cough, Cough]

Obama Picks John Brennan as CIA Chief

Can Atheism Offer Comfort?

The Fracking Truth

The Failure of Progressive Educational Methods

Do We Have a Spending Problem, or a Health Care Problem?

What's Boehner's Plan, Ctd?

No, the GOP Doesn't Face Extinction

10 Things to Freak Out About in 2013

The Platinum Coin is a Weird Idea

Is Government Finally Hiring?

Israel Building a Syrian Border Fence

Hagel: A New Era In Foreign Policy?

Has The Third Intifada Begun?

The Right-Wing Money Model

Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian

What's the Plan, Speaker Boehner?

The History of Nintendo In Two Minutes

The Hagel Nomination

Missoni Brand’s Future Uncertain as Search Continues for Company’s Helmsman

James Holmes Hearing Begins—Inside the Prosecution’s Case

Celebrity Notre Dame and Alabama College Football Fans (PHOTOS)

Why Hagel Matters

‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ and Hollywood’s Gore Obsession

Did Nancy Lanza Handle Her Guns Responsibly? ‘You’ll Be Surprised,’ Police Spokesman Says

Gen. Stanley McChrystal Takes High Road on Obama in New Memoir

Vivienne Westwood Book By Terry Jones: i-D's Greatest Hits (PHOTOS)

In New Jersey and Across America, Chris Christie Casts A Big Shadow

Steubenville Rape Case Splits Town Between Big Red and Guy Fawkes

Classic Missoni Family Photos (PHOTOS)

David's Book Club: Empires and Barbarians

McConnell, Pelosi, Graham and More Sunday Talk

Graham: Hagel Pick 'Incredibly Controversial'

They Couldn't #FireBoehner

McConnell Not Opposed to New Gun Laws

Hockey Is Back!

In Rare Damascus Speech, Assad Acknowledges Suffering

‘Horrible Things Are Happening Here’—Aurora’s Communal PTSD

In the North Sinai, Jihadis Stand Down the Egyptian Government

Italy’s Statistics Make It Look Like a Third World

If Hugo Chavez Succumbs, a Dangerous Limbo for Venezuela

The Best Way to Reform Health Care—and Cut the Deficit

Django Unchained: Selling Slaves as Action Figures

Notre Dame vs. Alabama: College Football's Epic Rivalry

Daily Beast Readers Share Their Stories of Rape and Sexual Assault

How Long Is a Year? Is the Earth Slowing Down? And Other Questions About Time

Africa Is Rising: Inside the Continent’s Great Economic Leap

How Did You Survive? A Call to Daily Beast Readers

Vittorio Missoni’s Plane Missing Off Coast of Venezuela

Tragedy Repeats in Aurora

Tom Wolfe Leads Us To Digital

How Lance Armstrong Lied to the World (Including Me)

Chuck Hagel's Opposition

Real Environmentalists Support GMOs

The Week’s Best Business Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for Jan. 5, 2013

Hero Project TV: Arts and Arms

Callous Conservatives: Gulf State Republicans’ Sandy Shame

A Guide to the NFL’s Wild-Card Weekend

'Palestine:' A State in Name Only

A Timid Bill Cosby?

To the Woman Warrior I Did Not Know

Inside China’s High-Speed Rail Triumph

Candice Swanepoel, Hilary Rhoda & More Fashion Instagrams

How to Stop the Threat From Iran: Ban the Bomb

The Week’s Best Longreads for Jan. 5, 2013

Jay-Z vs. Jay Gatsby: Similarities Between Rapper and ‘The Great Gatsby’

Kanye West, Joe Biden, Fred Armison, 2012 Recap, and More Viral Videos

Obama Can Win the Debt Ceiling Fight

Chuck Hagel’s Experience as a Soldier Uniquely Qualifies Him to Head Defense

'Do you smoke pot,' Miss Universe?

Letterman on Depression: "I had to push through."

You Can Look But You Can't Touch

Flippin' Bots

Nicolas Ghesquiere Tweets; Naomi Campbell Got Mugged

Gang-Raped Indian Woman’s Companion Speaks Out About the Attack

Tom Wolfe: 'Tell Me My Political Agenda'

Former Security Chief And Diplomats Revolt Against Bibi

Kiss Biden, He's Irish

Hagel And The "Gay-Equality Lobby"

Mai Hofstad Gunnes At ISCP Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

F. Scott Fitzgerald in a Dress, James Franco in ‘Candy’ & More Cross-Dressing Stars

The Far Right is Anything but Conservative

Megan McArdle: "You're Either Going to Have to Raise Taxes, or You're Going to Cut Funding"

Trigger-Happy Ann Coulter

Gerard Depardieu After Receiving Russian Citizenship: I Love Putin!

That's One Valuable Coin

The House Vote on Sandy

Sources: Obama to Pick Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

Israelis Giving Palestinians Their Votes

Wise Words *from* Chuck Hagel

Jon Huntsman Regrets Nothing

John Avlon: Incivility Is on the Rise

Why Not Mint a 100 Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin?

Ramin Setoodeh On What's Coming Up in Movies and Music

Jordan's Troubled Regime

Kate Craving Lavender Biscuits

Generals Out, Journalists In As Center-Left Leaders

We Need Some Genuine Conservative Populism

Jihadists Are Creeping Into Syria’s Rebel Factions

Former Shin Bet Chief Slams Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak Over Iran

(Photo) President Obama's First Reaction to Newtown

The Debt Ceiling's Impact on the GOP

Malala Released from Hospital

A Brutal Leak from Israeli Security

Malala Leaves Hospital

Don’t Like that Al Jazeera Bought Current TV? Change the Channel

Israel Restricts Foreigners In the West Bank

Why Defend Being Overweight?

Ode to a Managing Editor

Tom Wolfe, Hells Angels and a Gangbang

Schwarzenegger Calls Leno An 'Idiot'

Former Security Head Unloads On Bibi

New Year's Resolutions: Cat Edition

The Case Against Obama's Victory

Hobby Lobby Risks Fines to Defy Obamacare

Good News for Republicans

The Daily Beast’s Oscar Nominees: Leonardo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway & More

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 3: Julian Fellowes, Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, and More

Odd Ideas, Short Tempers, Great Abs

The Week’s Best Business Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for Jan. 5, 2013

Kansas’s New Cat Law and the Craziest Crazy Cat Lady Stories

Kim Kardashian’s Motherhood Guide

My Mother’s Rape

Vladimir Putin’s Adoption Ban Raises Issue of Who Will Save Russian Orphans

Spike Lee’s Dissing of ‘Django Unchained’ Earns Both Ire and Indifference

Lessons From the Fiscal Cliff: The Political Fallout

Residents Fume Over Long Wait for Hurricane Sandy Aid

Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, and More Presidents on the Beach (Photos)

Indian-Inspired Bindis a Hot Trend in Winter Bling

Fey/Poehler Like A 'Sloppy Loud Party'


Google Emerges Largely Unscathed From A Government Investigation Into Its Competitive Practices

Boehner Cries us a River

Tom Wolfe's Greatest Humiliation

December’s Economic Signs Looked Positive Amid Uncertainty

Egypt Cracks Down on Future Protests

Meet a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Geithner to Leave Treasury By End of January

Petra by Night

Is A Deal With Iran In The Offing?

Oscar Wilde’s American Tour

Don't Make Canadians Angry

Biden: 'Spread Your Legs, You're Gonna Be Frisked'

Paging Tom Friedman

Much Ado About Nothing

What's Better: Cell Phones or Indoor Toilets?

Netanyahu's Feminist Posturing

John Boehner Keeps the Speakership for Two More Years

Wow, Fred Armisen Is Quite Good At Drums

Harry's Headed Home!

Lena Dunham Loves Free Clothes, Chanel’s Teen Model Debut

Why Liberals Should Oppose Chuck Hagel

Does Jeffrey MacDonald Belong in Jail?

Shaheen Amendment Expands Female Service Members Access To Abortion

Betty White Shakes 'Everything'

Why Did Peres Speak Up Against Bibi?

America's Lead Menace

Your Daily Reminder That Obama *Isn't* a Crazed Anti-American Socialist Dictator


Pilot Programs: Don't Believe the Hype

Republicans and Sandy: Leaving their Own Out to Dry

High School Teens Joke About Rape

The Argentine Tragedy

Dogs: Odd like Humans

Juan Do At The Metropolitan Museum Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Love Managing Israeli Expectations

Mass Immigration Hammers the Working Class

Parisians Meet Taxi Capitalism

Awesome A Capella Cover Of T-Swift

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s Shameful Lawsuit Over Penn State

CDC Researchers Find Lower Mortality Rates Among Overweight People

Protests in India Over Fatal Gang Rape (PHOTOS)

Anger Over Fiscal-Cliff Deal Fires Up Tea Party

Markets Approve of the Way U.S. Political System Handles Debt Problems

Simon Cowell, Demi Moore & More Stars Who Vacation With Their Exes (PHOTOS)

Fiscal Cliff Deal Could Show the Way Toward a Grand Bargain

John Boehner’s F-Bomb at Harry Reid Plunges D.C. Incivility to New Low

A Twist in the Benghazi Saga

Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Sanity Proves He’s No Secret Agent of Destruction

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Imaginary Baby Registry (PHOTOS)

Bales, Accused of Massacring Afghans, Will Try to Put the War on Trial

Why the 112th Congress Was The Worst, and the Next One Won’t Be Much Better

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 3 Review: A Return to Form

Outlandish Work Training Videos: Alabama’s Mass Shooting Film & More

Dear Liberals: Stop Complaining

113th Congress Actually May Get Something Done

A College Basketball Proposal

The Best Fireworks Ever. Period.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Me

Raf Simons's Premiere Dior Campaign

David Hammons at PS1 Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

American Journalist James Foley Missing for Months in Syria

Young Israelis Rightist Choose Between Ultra-Nationalists

Christie: 'Shame' On GOP

Good Intentions Gone Horribly Awry

Why Israelis Will Vote For Bibi

Americans for Insurrection

A Rather Misguided Catch-22 Reaction

One Weird Catch

Taylor Swift's New Years Kiss!

The GOP's Sandy Fail

If You're Bored at Work

Commentary's Symposium on the Future of Conservatism

Remind Me Not to Piss Off Chris Christie

Let's Chill Out on the First Person, Journalists

Carly Rae Jepsen's Long Underwear, Kim Kardashian’s First Maternity Outfit

'Gun Control' Drops Off the Radar... Again

The House Vote and the Battle Cry of Freedom

Another Evidence-Free Israel Attack Against Hagel

Israeli Buffet

A Question for Gun Control Liberals

What Greta Van Susteren Really Did

Paul Ryan Really Wants to Be President

House Republicans Kill Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill

Israeli Government's Priority: Settlements

Rep. Peter King: I'm 'Over' the GOP

Biden: More Influential than Cheney?

Pokex Fashion Tumblr Blog of Pokémon Characters in Fashion Spreads (PHOTOS)

Pokémon Hits High Fashion

Rubio and Ryan

A Liberal Critique Of Hagel?

There's Now a Hitler Statue in the Warsaw Ghetto

Israel's Unnecessarily Provocative Position

After the Fiscal Cliff: What do Democrats Want?

Outrage in the House as Sandy Aid Stalls

Former Mossad Chief: We Already Talk With Hamas

The Phantom Menace of the Milk Cliff

Obama: U.S. Can't 'Cut Our Way To Prosperity'

The End of the Hastert Rule

These Republican Governors Facing Reelection Are Getting a Free Pass

How I Write Husband and Wife Edition: Lemony Snicket and Lisa Brown

Hillary Angst

India’s Fatal Rape Was Typical in a Country That Degrades Women

Buzz Bissinger on the NFL’s No Good, Very Bad Season

What to Watch on TV This Winter: ‘Downton Abbey’ & More (PHOTOS)

Congress’s Fiscal Cliff Chaos: House Passes Last-Minute Deal

Is Suicide Still Shocking?

Hillary Clinton Haters Hammered for Mocking Her Illness

50 Must-See Movies of 2013

Is Google Play’s ‘Make me Asian’ App Racist?

Prince Harry: A 'Jackal' Killing Innocents While Drunk

William's New Year Celebrations

Obama Fiscal Cliff Victory Could Invite Years of Warfare With the GOP

Most Anticipated Fashion for 2013: Anna Wintour & More (PHOTOS)

Pelosi Waiting For House GOP

Kucinich: 'Let's Regain Control' Of Economy

Welcome to the Fiscal Mountain

Don't Let a Deal Die in the House

Brilliant 2012 Recap In Just 4 Minutes

Morsi Should Visit Jerusalem

Israel Already Deals With Hamas

Unlikely Style Icon: Nigel Sylvester

GOP Rep. Says Yes To Fiscal Cliff Deal

Psy's Last Gangnam?

Happy New Year 2013!

On the Fiscal Cliff, Obama Does What He Can Against 200 Years of Bad Faith

The Dummies’ Guide to College Football Bowl Games

A Mighty Act: The 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation

Book Bag: André Aciman’s Favorite Novellas of Unconsummated Loves

Good News for Hillary Clinton’s Health

Five of the World’s Deadliest Spiders (Photos)

Celebrity Couples Expecting in 2012, from Kim and Kanye to Jessica Simpson and More (PHOTOS)

NY Couple Not Terrorists, Say Cops, Just Rich Kids With Drug Habits

The Worst Movies Of 2012