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Articles April 2022

Conspiracy Theorists Are Already Freaking Out About the Next ‘Pandemic’ as Part of the So-Called Great Reset

Naomi Judd Dead at 76, Daughters Ashley and Wynonna Judd Say They Lost Grammy Winning Mother to Mental Illness

Student Claims Christian College Disciplined Her After She Reported Her Assault

Inmate Casey White Disappears with Alabama Corrections Officer Vicki White

How a Double Agent Sold Out the FBI to Russia

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Darling Point, Sydney, Australia

In ‘Vortex,’ a Provocative Director Explores the Horrors of Old Age

A New Method for Listening to Extraterrestrial Communications Could Help Us Find Nearby Alien Life

Inside the Met Gala’s Most Legendary Dramas From Solange and Jay-Z to Hiddleswift

Republicans Will Tank the Economy to Force Women to Give Birth

Why ‘Crush’ Star Auli'i Cravalho Is Hollywood's Bisexual Queen

Hannity Gets Defensive After Damning Texts Revealed

Netflix’s Rapey Porn Franchise ‘365 Days’ Is Back With a Lame, Wildly Popular Sequel

‘Chickenshit’ Move Columbia Quietly Cuts Ties With Dr. Oz

Chechen Soldiers in Bucha Civilian Massacre Accused of Killing Russian Comrades

Lisa Au murder in Oahu, Hawaii still haunts Honolulu Police Department

Tudum Writers Cruelly Laid Off by Netflix Speak Out: ‘I Felt Like Adam Scott in ‘Severance’’

Best Men’s Socks For Working Out 2022

‘Barbie’ Movie With Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie Releases More News, But What the Hell Is It?

MIT Engineers Created a Portable Device that Zaps Seawater to Make Drinking Water

How Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Empire Has Kept Itself Going Even While Being Banned From Social Media

Ramsey New Jersey Parents Spooked by Anonymous Email From Wannabe Book Banners Ramsey Parent Union

Vladimir Putin Put on Blast Over Pathetic First-Aid Kits for Russian Troops in Ukraine

Daniel Craig’s ‘Macbeth’ Is a Modern, Bloody Broadway Puzzle, With Soup on the Side

Ex-Idaho GOP Lawmaker Aaron von Ehlinger Guilty of Raping Teenage Intern

Jalen Randle, Black Man Killed by Houston Police Officer S Privette, Mourned by Mother Tiffany Rachal

Fox Host Maria Bartiromo Ran Election-Denying Trump Interview By Mark Meadows

‘Hunger Games’ Fans Torn on Prequel Announcement: Cringey Reboot or Thrilling New Chapter?

Elon Musk’s Twitter Could Be a Nightmare for User Privacy

Donald Trump’s COVID Pandemic Response Was Somehow Worse Than We Thought

Last-Ditch Plot to Rescue Kids Trapped in Azovstal Steel Plant Before Food and Water Runs Out

Democrats Can Seize the ‘Pro-Life’ Label and Win the Culture War and the Election, or Get Crushed

Meet the Sneakiest Defenders of Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine Invasion and China’s Xinjiang Repression

Does Lea Michele Deserve a Comeback?

The Right’s New Conspiracy Theory Involves Kamikaze Planes and Food Fires

How ‘Undone’ Star Rosa Salazar Dove Back Into the Multiverse for Season 2

Netflix’s ‘Ozark’ Concludes in Fitting — Yet Shocking — Fashion

An Unsolved Murder, a Love Affair, and Disney — This L.A. Club Has Seen It All

A Climate Change-Fueled Energy Crisis Is Creating a Market of Fake Solar Panels in Zimbabwe

Here’s What the Hell Joe Manchin Is Doing

‘Shining Girls’ Sees Elisabeth Moss Take on a Serial Killer of Women. Why Is It So Dull?

Seth Meyers Calls BS on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Wacky Excuses for ‘Marshall Law’ Text

Fox News Hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity Rage Against New Government Disinformation Board

Why Does ‘Atlanta’ Keep Disappearing Its Main Cast?

How Did Things Get So Bad Between Prince Harry and Camilla Parker Bowles?

John Roberts Is Nuts if He Thinks Saving ‘Roe v. Wade’ Is Good for the Supreme Court’s Reputation

Ex-Idaho Lawmaker Aaron von Ehlinger’s Trial for Raping an Intern Goes Off the Rails

Marjorie Taylor Greene Cries ‘Harassment’ When CNN Asks Her About ‘Marshall Law’ Text

Bamboo Ave Boundless Shorts Review

Tobey Maguire Will Play Charlie Chaplin in Damien Chazelle’s Glitzy ‘Babylon’

Justin Minor, Whose Dogs Attacked Kyleen Waltman, Had Dogs Previously Accused of a Bite

How Many Mike Myers Can ‘The Pentaverate’ Fit Into One Trailer?

‘Monkeys’ Instagram Page Is the Tip of Racism Issue at Lubbock’s Laura Bush Middle School, Students Say

Young Americans for Liberty Ex-Boss Cliff Maloney Jr Charged With Raping Student at University of Pittsburgh

Tucker Carlson and Charlie Kirk Wimp Out on Their Twitter Chest-Thumping

Plastic-Riding Parasites Can Spread Diseases Through the Sea

Electrified Smart Skin with Hydrogels Could Help Amputees Feel Again

How Amber Heard Column Allegedly Referring to Johnny Depp Passed Through ACLU Per Witness

Roger Stone Tries to Come Back to Twitter, Is Immediately Re-Banned

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Doesn’t ‘Recall’ Advocating for ‘Marshall Law’

Margarita Simonyan, Top Kremlin Mouthpiece, Says Russia Is Being Forced Into Using Nukes in Ukraine

Putin Deploys Top-Secret Attack Dolphins in War on Ukraine

This Holocaust Survivor Has a Message for Elon Musk

Why Climate Change Could Lead to More Infectious Diseases

Cops in Tiny Town of Armstrong, Iowa, Charged With Stalking Women and Tasering Party Guests

In ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ a Decapitated Baby Reveals the Ugly Depths of Mormon Extremism

Vladimir Putin Unleashes Hell on Kharkiv After Embarrassing Defeat in Battle

Disgraced Reality Star Stassi Schroeder Is Profiting Off Her Racism, and Blaming ‘Cancel Culture,’ of Course

Inside Kevin McCarthy’s Tortured Battle to Be House Speaker

Welcome to Pay Dirt, The Daily Beast Newsletter That Follows the Money

New Orleans Legend Tipitina’s Is Back and With a Club for Vintage Records

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Shameless Trump Bootlicker J.D. Vance

NYU Med School Members Walk Out to Protest Possible Hire of ‘Canceled’ Former MIT Biologist David Sabatini

Twitter Staff Lifted Conservative ‘Shadow Bans’ to Cover Them Up Before Musk Comes In, Claims Sean Hannity

Billy Crystal Gives ‘Mr. Saturday Night’ Charm, Laughs, and No Drama

Vladimir Putin Must Be Stopped Once and for All

Worx Landroid Mower Review

How ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ Made Me the Woman I Am Today

Johnny Depp’s Courtroom Behavior in Amber Heard Abuse Defamation Case Veers Toward Surreal

Best Men’s Deodorant For Excessive Sweating — Summer 2023

Former Massachusetts Corrections Officer Marvin McClendon Nabbed in 11-Year-Old Melissa Tremblay’s 1988 Murder

Chippewa Falls Eighth Grader Arrested in Lily Peters’ Death Intended to ‘Rape and Kill Her’ Prosecutor Says

Former Lady Gaga Fiancé Christian Carino Dishes on Amber Heard's Romance with Elon Musk in Defamation Trial

‘POTUS’ on Broadway Explodes an All-Woman Farce in a Wild White House

Franklin High Schooler’s Presentation Stirs Debate on Race in Ohio

Mother’s Day Coupon Codes & Sales 2022

Judge Says Real Estate Giant Cushman and Wakefield Broke Rules for Donald Trump

Rapper Quavo, of Migos Fame, Is about to Be an Action Movie Star

Elon Musk’s Teen Nemesis Thinks He Helped Motivate the Billionaire's Twitter Takeover

Russian State TV: Vladimir Putin May Start a Nuclear War but We Are Ready to Die

‘The View’ Roasts Tucker Carlson’s Testicle Tanning Segment as ‘Brown’ Penis Envy

Airbnb’s Secret ‘Black Box’ Crime Clean-Up Team Will Now Be a TV Series

Conservatives Will Use the Fight Over Prayer in Schools to Attack Diversity

Horny ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Trailer Makes Harry Styles Fans Lose Their Minds on Twitter

Cops Identify Trio Accused of Kidnapping 3-Month-Old From Granny’s Home

Cop Who Responded to Amber Heard Johnny Depp Domestic Violence Call Admits He Liked Depp’s Movies

This High-Flying Jumping Robot From the University of California Can Leap 100 Feet in the Air

Kim Basinger and Ireland Baldwin Open Up About Alec Baldwin’s Parenting on ‘Red Table Talk’

Ninja Blender Kitchen System Sale

Ultra-Thin Low-Energy Loudspeakers from MIT Can Be Used to Wallpaper a Room

Prince Harry Won’t Attend Charles’ Coronation in Protest at Crowning of Queen Camilla, Report Says

Family of Mauled Mom Kyleen Waltman to Face Dog Owner Justin Minor in Court

Russia Makes Good on Threat to Cut Gas to Europe

Seized Russian Yachts May Soon Be on the Auction Block

A Revolt Is Brewing at Prince Harry’s Silicon Valley Gig BetterUp

How the Intellectual Dark Web Spawned Anti-LGBTQ ‘Groomer’ Panic

Nina Turner Is Back for a Bitter Rematch Against Shontel Brown and ‘Evil Money’

Fellow Republicans, Support Voting Rights, Not Trump’s Lies

Ukraine Says Hitler Would Have Won if U.S. Was This Unhelpful in World War II

The GOP Sin That Led to Disaster for the People of Flint, Michigan

Andrew Garfield in ‘Under the Banner of Heaven’ Is Having a Crisis of Faith

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down How Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase Screwed Trump

Tucker Carlson Torches Kevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik as ‘Puppets of the Democratic Party’

‘A Strange Loop’ Triumphs, Uncompromisingly, on Broadway

Bernie Sanders Would Have Voted Against the Moon Landing

Trump Warns of Killer ‘Tomatoes, Pineapples, and Bananas’ in Court Docs

Sexy One Piece Bathing Suits For Women 2022

How a Sound Hack Called Binaural Beats Is Helping People Get Happy, Horny, and High

Donald Trump Admits He Oversaw Pay for Executive Matthew Calamari, Who Got Fishy Perks

L.A. Sheriff Alex Villanueva Targets L.A. Times Journalist Alene Tchekmedyian, Who’s Been Investigating Him

New TALED Gene Editing Technology Can Target Mitochondrial DNA

Dyson Purifier Cool Air Purifier Fan Formaldehyde TP09 Review 2023

Colorado Parks Department Rocked by Director’s Alleged ‘Back of the Bus’ Remark to Black Employee

Tyra Banks Is Producing a Show About Teen Drag Performers Despite Recent ‘ANTM’ Backlash

‘Wicked’ Fans Bash Jon M. Chu’s Goofy Decision to Make Two Movies

Huckberry Rover Pants Canvas Work Pants

Alternative of Chronic Pain Medication Could Curb the Opioid Crisis

Gettr Boss Jason Miller Says Elon Musk Is in Over His Head With Twitter

3-Month Old Brandon Cuellar Abducted From Granny’s Home Is Found ALIVE

The View’s Joy Behar and Ana Navarro Grumble After Amber Ruffin Calls Trump ‘Hilarious’

Claire Danes Returns to TV in ‘The Essex Serpent’ Trailer With Tom Hiddleston

Vice President Kamala Harris Tests Positive for COVID-19

Therabody Cyber Week Sale 2022 — Up to $150 Off

Elon Musk Will Use Twitter to Update Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Playbook

Kyleen Waltman, Who Lost Arms in Dog Attack, Keeps Asking Mom to Hold Her Hand

In ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Trailer, Pete Davidson Stars in Gen Z’s Worst Nightmare

Attacks Begin in New Country as Russia Warns Nuclear Threat Is ‘Real’

Kelly Loeffler Said Her Private Jet Saved Taxpayers Money. It Didn’t.

Bill Hader on ‘Barry’ Season 3 and Why Everyone Thought His Career Was Over After ‘SNL’

The Twisted Values of Randy Fine, Ron DeSantis’ Top Anti-Disney Attack Dog

The Death of Gwen Shamblin, a Fat-Shaming Cult Leader Whose Plane Crashed on the Way to a MAGA Rally

Russia Is Making the Same Damn Fool Mistakes in Ukraine the United States Did in Vietnam, Insiders Say

David Chipman, Biden’s Last Pick to Run ATF, Has a Warning for New Guy Steve Dettelbach

Democrats’ Endless ‘State of Emergency’ Is Why They’re About to Get Walloped

Ivanka Trump Got Real Quiet Real Fast in the Group Text After Nov. 6

Paros, One of Greece’s Most Popular Islands, Has a Secret Side

Baby Brandon Cuellar Abducted by Stranger Right Under Granny’s Nose in San Jose

Tucker Carlson Gloats Over Elon Musk Buying Twitter, Likens It to Donald Trump Winning 2016 Election

‘Rust’ Crew Blame Armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed in Newly Released Texts, Saying ‘She Got Someone Killed’

‘The Skin of Our Teeth’ Is Crazy, Deep, and Stars Broadway’s Coolest Dinosaur

Seth Meyers Brutally Mocks Ivanka Trump’s Coup Texts

Elon Musk Just Made Himself Too Big to Regulate by Buying Twitter

Revolve 20 Year Anniversary Sale 2023: 20% Off Sitewide

‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Host Kim Iversen Sparks Revolt at D.C. Insider Rag The Hill

Russian FSB Spies Hilariously Screw Up Vladimir Putin’s ‘Assassination Plot’ Claim

Twitter Employees Are Freaking About Elon Musk, Their Soon-to-Be New Boss

Video Shows Alec Baldwin Rehearse With Gun Day of ‘Rust’ Tragedy

First-Class Flier Causes Absolute Chaos With ‘Homophobic’ Attack, Feds Say

Grand Rapids Police Officer Christopher Schurr Identified as Killer in Patrick Lyoya Shooting

Ovarian Cancer Actually Is Not a Silent Killer

New York AG Letitia James Investigates Real Estate Giant Cushman & Wakefield for Helping Donald Trump

Twitter Folds to Its Most Powerful Troll in $44 Billion Deal With Elon Musk

Lodge Cast Iron Set Review

Melissa Lucio Wins Stay of Execution From Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Murad Personalized Serum Review 2023

Post-Controversy Lea Michele Returns to the Spotlight in ‘Spring Awakening’ Doc

Swapping Platinum for Iron Might Be the Start of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Revolution

Tyre Sampson Died on Orlando Free-Fall Ride Due to Neglect by Drop Tower Maker and Icon Park, Lawsuit Says

Donald Trump Must Pay $10,000 a Day for Refusing to Turn Over Evidence in New York Attorney General Case

Johnny Depp Calls Amber Heard a ‘Fat Ass’ After Alleged Cigarette Attack in Audio Played in Defamation Trial

In ‘Fire Island’ Trailer, Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang Make a Gay ‘Pride and Prejudice'

Here’s the NASA KNaCK Backpack That Will Keep Astronauts Alive on the Moon

Was Robert Kennedy Responsible for Marilyn Monroe’s Death?

Twitter May Soon Announce It Really Is Selling Itself to Elon Musk

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Has Already ‘Failed,’ Says U.S.

Olga Novikova, Desperate Ukraine Mom, Told by Russian Troops to Pay Ransom or Watch Son’s Execution Video

Is Netflix Tanking Because Its Shows Have Gotten Bad?

HBO’s ‘We Own This City’ Is David Simon’s Spiritual Companion to ‘The Wire’

Workers Are Beating Big Bosses, but Organized Labor Can’t Keep Up

How Viola Davis Transformed Into Michelle Obama in ‘The First Lady’

Some Won’t Set Foot in Starchitect Renzo Piano’s Library After Mass Grave of Skeletons Found

The GOP Will Never Give Up on the Big Lie

Eric Dane Was Ready to ‘Blow Away.’ Then Came ‘Euphoria.’

Broadway’s ‘Funny Girl’ Revival Rains on Its Own Parade

Donald Trump’s Georgia GOP Revenge Plot Against Brian Kemp Is Backfiring

Russians Have Already Committed So Many War Crimes in Ukraine, It Will Take Years to Tally Them All up

Wynn Alan Bruce Set Himself on Fire Outside Supreme Court in Apparent Call for Climate Change Action: Friend

Meet the Scientists Racing to Unravel COVID’s Hidden Link to Alzheimer’s

French Voters Reject Marine Le Pen and Grudgingly Re-elect Emmanuel Macron

Prince William Thought Prince Harry Had ‘Totally Lost the Plot’ After Oprah Interview, Friends Say

Watch the French Election Live, Macron Vs. Le Pen

Tina Brown Says Prince Harry Is ‘Really Deluded’ Over Wanting to Protect Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Kevin McCarthy Over Leaked Tapes, Calls Him a ‘Liar and a Traitor’

Two More Kids Killed in Ukraine Amid High-Level U.S. Visit

A Mother and Son Died Mountain Climbing. 25 Years Apart.

Céline Sciamma Takes Us Inside ‘Petite Maman,’ the Most Magical Kids’ Movie of the Year

HBO’s ‘Barry’ Season 3 Starring Bill Hader Is Still the Best Show on TV

Did Russia’s Sunken Moskva Warship Try to Use a Religious Weapon?

The Etsy Strike May Be Over, but Its Sellers Vow to Keep Fighting

The Kids Are Not Alright and the Center Is No Longer Holding

‘Gaslit’ Is a Lame Watergate Saga Unworthy of Julia Roberts’ Brilliance

What If the Highway Could Charge Your Electric Vehicle?

Why Hawaii Senator Sen. Brian Schatz Lost His Sh*t on Josh Hawley

Anti-Vaxxer Christopher Key’s ‘Big Disturbance’ at Far-Right Event Lands Him in Jail

Inside ‘The Baby’, a Twisted HBO Horror-Comedy About a Killer Baby

Barry Morphew Was Accused of Murdering His Wife and Casting Her Vote for Trump, But Prosecutors Stumbled

Arming Ukraine Is the Path to Peace

Elon Musk Tries to Sting Bill Gates WIth Crude ‘Pregnant Man’ Tweet

Suspected D.C. Shooter Raymond Spencer ‘Afraid of Not Being Remembered,’ Classmate Says

Mariupol Azovstal Steel Plant Under Renewed Attack From Russia, Ukraine Says

Tina Brown Recalls the Day Jeffrey Epstein Threatened Her in New Book ‘The Palace Papers’

Forlorn Forlini’s Fans Can Buy the Art of Shuttered Cult New York Restaurant

What Elon Musk’s Bid Says About Twitter’s ‘Free Speech Problem’

J.D. Vance Won Trump’s Blessing, Now He’s Cashing In

Metaverse Weddings Aren’t Legit in the Real World but They’re All the Rage

‘Hit the Road’ Boasts One of the Most Magical Child Performances You’ll Ever See

Let’s Unpack ‘The Northman’s’ Most WTF Scene, Nicole Kidman’s Incestuous Seduction of Alexander Skarsgard

Putin Learned Nothing for Ukraine From His War in Syria

How Cryptocurrencies Are Failing Spectacularly to Greenwash Themselves

Molly Shannon’s Memoir ‘Hello, Molly’ Will Break Your Heart Then Make You Cry With Laughter

Russian State Media Commentators Tell 60 Minutes Senior NATO Officials Are Inside Azovstal Steel Plant

Tucker Carlson Freaks Out Over Obama's Disinformation Speech

The 10 Craziest Nicolas Cage Stories Ever, From Being Stalked by a Mime to Shrooming With His Cat

California Man Jeremy David Hanson Upset Over ‘Gay’ Superman Accused of Terrorizing ‘Woke’ Companies

It’s Cool to Bash Method Acting Now That Jared Leto Ruined It

Best Men’s Athletic Shorts For Summer

Person of Interest Raymond Spencer Dead After 3 People Shot Near Washington, D.C., Schools, Cops Say

Best Podcast Equipment for Beginners 2022

Texas National Guard Soldier Dies along Rio Grande in Migrant Rescue Attempt

Inside ‘Heartstopper,’ Netflix’s Gay Teen Rom-Com Everyone Is Swooning Over

‘Extra’ Boss Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey Runs Show Like ‘Mafia,’ ‘Threatened’ Mario Lopez

‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel ‘House of the Dragon’ Only Cost $20 Million Per Episode

Son of Far-Right Group Leader Charged with Child Sex Abuse

This Experimental CAR-T Cell Therapy Could Give Cancer Patients Cheaper Treatment

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Own Words Haunt Her During Election Hearing

World’s Largest Atom Smasher Large Hadron Collider Online After Upgrades and Looking for Dark Matter

Ron DeSantis’ Disney Breakup Is the Flipside of Crony Capitalism

Unique Glow-in-the-Dark Paper Additive Powder Could Stop Counterfeiters

NASA Releases Stunning Video from Perseverance Rover of Martian Moon Phobos Passing the Sun in Solar Eclipse

Russian General Lets Slip a Secret Plan to Invade Moldova and Seize Ukraine’s Entire Coastline

We Have Officially Reached the Too-Much-TV Apocalypse

Police Raid Andrew Tate, MAGA ‘King of Toxic Masculinity,’ in Human-Trafficking Investigation

‘Rich and Shameless’ Reveals the Kardashians’ Deep Ties to Predatory ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Founder Joe Francis

J.D. Vance’s Former Roommate Say He’s ‘the Most Dangerous Candidate’

New QAnon Conspiracy Involves a Magical Bed for Zombie JFK

Biden Admin’s Confusing COVID Response Has Experts Crying ‘WTF’

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Star Daya Betty Is Reality TV’s Best Villain

Solar Geoengineering Is a Risky Gambit for Fighting Climate Change. It May Also Be Our Best Option.

Here’s How DeSantis Could Lose Every Culture War Legal Battle and Still Win the GOP Primary War

You Don't Have to Feel Guilty Visiting this California Town

The MAGA Goon Squad Dug Themselves a Deep Hole After Jan. 6

Jimmy Kimmel Takes Aim at ‘Glazed Ham’ Trump Over Disgustingly Sweaty Piers Morgan Interview

New York Times Reporters Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin Say They Have ‘a Lot More’ Kevin McCarthy Audio

‘Atlanta’ Exposes the Black Lives Matter Industrial Complex

Why ‘Islander’ Is New York’s Best New Musical, and ‘Hangmen’ Swing on Broadway

David Rothkopf Report Card on How Leaders Have Handled the Russia-Ukraine War

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Spends Entire Show Gloating at Ex-Colleague Chris Wallace Over CNN+ Demise

Suspect Finally Named in 2007 Disappearance of Three-Year-Old Madeleine McCann

Leonor Greyl Paris Éclat Naturel Review

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Trial in Virginia Hears Audio of Actor Appearing to Say He Chopped His Own Finger Off

Orsolya Gaal Alleged Murderer David Bonola Hinted at by Clue on Refrigerator, NYPD Says

Felicia Marie Johnson’s Bloody Cellphone Turns Up Days After She Vanished Leaving Houston Club

Our Place Always Pan Sale 2023: Shop Always Pan 2.0

No One Even Watched Rudy Giuliani’s ‘The Masked Singer’ Abomination

TikTok-Famous Lint Roller on Amazon Review 2022

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy Had the Chance to Take Out Trump but Chose Career Over Conscience

Amazon Echo Show 15 Review 2022

North Dakota GOP State Sen. Ray Holmberg Quits Leadership Post Over Texts to Inmate Facing Child Porn Charges

Idris Elba Joins New Thriller Series ‘Hijack’ for AppleTV+

LEVOIT Air Purifier Seasonal Allergies

Biden Can Still Navigate the Politics of Mask Mandates, But It Won’t Be Easy

Sheryl Sandberg Allegedly Helped Bury Ex-Boyfriend Bobby Kotick’s Restraining Order After Daily Mail Questions

Ex-Brother-in-Law Charles Adelson Arrested in Mystery Murder of Dan Markel

‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ Trailer Shows Naked Theo James Fall in Love With Rose Leslie

‘Uniquely Shitty Situation,’ CNN Boss Says as CNN+ Shuts Down Weeks After Rocky Launch

Two Ex-Russian Gas Company Execs Found Dead in Two Days

New Sapphire Fiber Optics from the University of Oxford Could Lead to Cleaner Air Travel and Fusion Energy

Elon Musk Has the Financing for a $46 Billion Twitter Takeover, Filings Show

Orsolya Gaal Murder Suspect David Bonola Arrested in Horrific Forest Hills Queens Hockey Bag Murder

McCarthy and McConnell Wanted ‘Son of a B*tch’ Trump Out of Politics After Jan. 6 Riot, Report Says

After 20,000 Dead Troops Putin Suddenly Claims to Care About Their Lives

The Airplane Mask Mandate Is Gone and So Is This Immunocompromised Woman’s Bucket List

Michael Cohen, Manhattan DA’s Star Witness, Says Indict Trump Now or I’m Out

Why Trumpy Cable Network GAC Family Is Poaching All of Hallmark’s Biggest Stars

Desperate Russia Launches Whole New Ukraine Plan

‘We’re All Going to the World’s Fair’ is a Game-Changing Horror Movie for the ‘Extremely Online’ Generation

The Met Gala Dress Code Is ‘Gilded Glamour.' Will Celebs Flop or Flourish?

Democrats Are Finally Learning to Fight the GOP’s Fire With Fire

Genetic Engineering Could Be the Key to Making Perfect Wine

‘The Flight Attendant’ Season 2 Is a Major Upgrade Thanks to Kaley Cuoco’s Fearless Turn

‘The Offer,’ About the Making of ‘The Godfather,’ Is Paramount Sucking Its Own Cannoli

Tru Niagen Immune Is a First-of-its-Kind Immune Health Supplement

Fox Talking Head Raymond Arroyo Trashes MSNBC Contributor Turned Ukraine Fighter Malcolm Nance

Seth Meyers Drags ‘Pervy’ Ted Cruz for Fantasizing About Disney’s Mickey and Pluto Having Sex

Rudy Giuliani Singing ‘Bad to the Bone’ on ‘The Masked Singer’ Is a New Low Point for Reality TV

‘For Colored Girls’ Beautifully Raises Black Women’s Voices on Broadway

Will Guess Inc. Finally Be Shamed Into Dumping Co-Founder Paul Marciano?

Gay Man Sues, Claiming Halloween Store Boss Used Homophobic Slurs and Threatened Him

Tecovas Women’s Cowboy Boots Review 2023

Westman Atelier Les Petites Sticks Review

Jordan Klepper Reveals Europeans Are Just as Deluded as MAGA Morons

Best Hangover Pills & Supplements 2022

Trump Denies Piers Morgan Claim That He Stormed Out of Fiery Interview When Pressed on Election Lies

White Principal Emily Mais Claims She Was Bullied Into Quitting Agnor Hurt Elementary

‘The Kardashians’ Is Hulu’s Most-Watched Premiere Ever

Experimental European Space Agency Rover Allows Astronauts to ‘Feel’ What the Robot Touches

Rephr Brushes Review

Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Includes Ben Shapiro Among ‘Black Conservatives’

Johnny Depp Compares Amber Heard to His Own Mother

Microsoft Office Suite Sale — Lifetime Deals for $30 2023

Prince Harry Won’t Say if He Misses Charles and William, but Mom Diana Is ‘Constant’ Presence

William Husel, Former Doctor at Mount Carmel West Hospital in Ohio, Not Guilty of Killing 14 Patients

Chechen Fighters Executed 3 Russian Troops Who Rebelled Against Ukraine War, Official Says

Climate Change Geoengineering Could Raise Malaria Risk for One Billion People

Donald Trump’s Most Loyal Lawmakers Matt Gaetz Marjorie Taylor Greene Boebert Cawthorn Are Losing Money

‘Mr. Mayor’ Star Holly Hunter Is Giving One of TV’s Best Comedic Performances

Patrick J. Adams on How Getting Naked Onstage Freed Him

Are Jan. 6 Inmates Being Forced to Suck Up to a Neo-Nazi for ‘Patriot Freedom’ Cash?

This New Brain-Computer Interface From Synchron Goes Through Your Chest

‘Selling Sunset’ Season 5 Reveal: Emma Hernan Claims Ben Affleck Hit Her Up a Bunch on Raya

Democrats Blew It on Immigration, Now They’re Making It Worse

Texas ‘Heartbeat Bill’ Causing Pregnant Woman to Seek Abortion Help in Mexico

Elon Musk Attacks Netflix Over Subscriber Loss, Says ‘Woke Mind Virus Is Making Netflix Unwatchable’

Prince Harry Is ‘Making Sure’ Queen Elizabeth ‘Is Protected,’ Has ‘Right People Around Her’

Stephen Colbert Goes Off on Trumpy Florida Judge for Killing Mask Mandate

Kaslov-Evans Family Sentenced in $4M Embezzlement Scheme Over Fictitious New York Mobster: Prosecutors

Tucker Carlson Calls Taylor Lorenz, Reporter Who Unmasked ‘Libs of TikTok’ Creator, a German Stooge

Tula Vitamin C Brightening Kit Review

Hucksters Profit Off Nutty ‘Venom in the Water’ Theory

Mary-Louise Parker and David Morse Are Stunning in ‘How I Learned to Drive’

Wounded Kids Stunned by Putin’s War on Ukraine

White House on Mask Mandate: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Best True Crime Documentaries Streaming

Orsolya Gaal, Queens Mom Left in Hockey Bag, Stumps Cops in New York

Widow Slams Pedo Priest Stephen Kiesle Accused in Drunken California Car Crash That Killed Her Husband

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Unleashes Ahead of Board Exit

Patrick Lyoya of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Shot By White Cop in Back of Head, Independent Autopsy Finds

Johnny Depp Takes The Stand in $50 Million Defamation Civil Case Against Amber Heard

Levy Electric Scooter Review for Commuters

In ‘Angelyne’ Trailer, Emmy Rossum Becomes the Original Kim Kardashian

Chances of Finding Alien Life on Jupiter Moon Europa Shoot Up With New Liquid Water Discoveries

GE Employees Say Their Kids Got Booted From Health Insurance And They Only Found Out at the Doctor’s Office

‘Fox & Friends’ Rages Against the Latest Biden ‘Scandal,’ Bunnygate!

Shark Steam Mop sale

Kremlin Dodges Questions on Missing Moskva Warship Crew

Russia Unleashes Its ‘Next Phase’ of Ukraine War With Mariupol Hospital Bombing

Donald Trump’s PAC Keeps Losing Money. His Lawyers Keep Cashing In.

Roseanne Barr Whines About ‘Witch-Burning’ Cancel Culture in New Documentary

That Tucker Carlson Testicle Tanning Video Is Goop for Bros

Noah Reid on the Power of ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ His Broadway Debut in ‘The Minutes,’ and Anti-LGBTQ Laws

Convicted Congressman Jeff Fortenberry Had to Sell Campaign Vehicle for Cash

‘Coffee, Tea, or Me’—Airlines Sold Employees to Sell Flights

The Messy ‘Summer House’ Love Triangle Is Beautiful TV

Even if Russia Uses a Nuke, We Probably Won’t—but Putin Would Still Pay Dearly

‘Great Experiment’ Author Yascha Mounk Interview on Democracy in Decline, Populism, and Diversity

Progressives Go From Left Wing to Center Stage in Critical Senate Races

Elisha Cuthbert Was Objectified. Now She’s Turning the Page.

Seth Meyers Mocks Tucker Carlson’s ‘Insane’ Testicle-Tanning Fetish

Canceling Student Loan Debt Only Leaves a Broken System in Place

Malcolm Nance, Former MSNBC Analyst, Leaves Network to Join the Fight in Ukraine

Doughp Cookie Dough Review

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Writer Elisabeth Finch’s Maybe-Fake Cancer Columns Quietly Scrubbed From ‘Elle’

CDC Mask Rules Junked by Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Florida,Trump’s Worst Judge

Cat Person Treats Review

Family Mourns Matthew Steffy-Ross, Teen Gunned Down at Pittsburgh Airbnb Party

Scientists Developed a Method of Listening to the Sounds Bacteria Make

Fox News Host Complains About Her Show Playing ‘Massive Pinko’ Springsteen

Russians Are Rounding Up Thousands of Ukrainians in ‘Filtration Camps,’ Mariupol Authorities Warn

Ancient Protein Rubisco Could Be Used to Save Future Food Crops From Dying in Hot Climates

Ear Wax Remover Otoscope HD Camera Amazon

Electricity Generated by Kites Are Becoming the Latest Big Innovation in Wind Power

Emmanuel Macron’s Chest Hair Brings Thirst to the French Election

Noam Chomsky Is Right, U.S. Should Work to Negotiate an End to the War in Ukraine

First ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Teaser Introduces Buff Natalie Portman

New Hulu Series Captive Audience Takes On Steven Stayner’s Abduction and Cary Stayner’s Turn to Serial Killing

Mathew Steffy-Ross and Jaiden Brown, Both 17, Identified as Dead in Pittsburgh Underage Airbnb Party Shooting

Missiles Rain Down on Lviv as Russia Steps Up Attacks in Ukraine

‘Russian Doll’ Season 2 Is the Perfect Mindf*ck for 4/20

Putin’s War in Ukraine Has Orthodox Believers Turning on Their Holy Men in Moscow

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Opens in Explosive, Masterful Fashion

Same-Sex Marriage Foes Get Band Back Together for ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Push

Louis Le Prince Shot the World’s First Motion Picture and Then Disappeared Forever. Was It Murder?

New Coffee Roaster System Purosole Roasts Beans With Sunshine to Combat Coffee's Carbon Footprint

John Oliver Reveals How He’s Been Trolling Dr. Oz for Years

‘The Minutes’ on Broadway Brilliantly Shows How Democracy Dies Under Strip Lighting

Jeff McConney Could Have Taken Down the Trump Organization. Now He’s Taking the Blame.

There’s an Exodus of Women Democrats From Congress, While the GOP Makes Gains

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Rep. Fred Upton Says Republican Party in ‘Troubled Waters’ Due to MTG and Lauren Boebert

Russian Propaganda Turns to ‘Lord of the Rings’ to Stir Ukraine Hatred

Volodymyr Zelensky Believes President Biden Will Visit Ukraine Soon

Russia Loses Another General, Vows ‘Elimination’ of Resistance

Prince Charles Reportedly Fears Harry and Meghan Could ‘Hijack’ Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

SNL’s Michael Che and Colin Jost Brutally Roast Elon Musk

SNL’s Marjorie Taylor Greene Warns Easter Is Way Too Gay

Amanda Householder Explains How She Got Her Parents Arrested For Abusing Teen Girls

America's Most Diva President Had Tiffany Decorate the White House with ‘Wrinkled’ Disco Balls

Putin Hunted Me Down All Over the World

When Did Satan Go from Inmate to Warden?

The Porn Star Banging Men Into Not Buying Crypto and NFTs

The Future of Human-Machine Relationships Is Already Upon Us

‘Roar’ Star Merritt Wever Really Enjoyed Having Sex With a Duck

What We Keep Getting Wrong About the Right

China’s New COVID Crisis Could Spawn the Worst Variant Yet

Where Did Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’ Get the Silver Wine Goblets?

Katy Perry Shoes Collection Review 2022

Russia Shows Off Crew of Sunken Moskva Warship—With Quite a Few Missing

‘Carbon Nation’ Alleged Polygamist Cult Leader Eligio Bishop Hit With Charges in Georgia

Michelle Yeoh’s Infinite Wisdom: ‘Our Life Is in Our Hands’

‘Roar’ Features Nicole Kidman Eating Photographs Yet Still Comes Up Short

Put Some Respect on ‘Girls’ Star Allison Williams’ Name for Her Iconic Turn as Marnie Michaels

Has Philip Roth Finally Been Canceled?

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Es Cubells, Ibiza

If Democrats Are Going to Lose, They Need to Fight for the Future

Marjorie Taylor Greene Reports Her First Fundraising Loss

The Extraordinary Hunt for the Confederacy’s Most Dreaded Ship

Ann Arbor Forest-Lovers and Cops Face Off Over Luxury Home Project

Texas A&M, America’s Largest College, Won’t Say Why It Defunded Its Campus Drag Show

Accused ‘Zip-Tie’ Capitol Rioter Eric Munchel Wins Bid to Use UberEats on House Arrest

Are the Dumb Big Film Franchises Finally Dying?

Adel al-Manthari Says Botched U.S. Drone Strike in Yemen Could Now Cost Him His Legs

Donald Trump Bitterly Endorses Ohio Senate Candidate And Former Trump Hater J.D. Vance

Making Fake Martian Dirt for Future Mars Exploration Is a New Way of Business for These Labs and Startups

Rihanna-ASAP Rocky Cheating Rumor Not True, Says Messy Influencer Louis Pisano Who Started It

Quince Bath Towel Turkish Cotton Review

Ex-North Carolina Professor Van Erick Custodio Charged With Murdering Lucas Birchim, Baby He Just Adopted

Racist Yik Yak Posts Roil Arkansas State University

Amazon Daily Deal Kindle E-reader Books

Ryan Phillippe Gazes at His Butt in ‘Cruel Intentions’ With Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair

Twitter Goes on the Offensive With a ‘Poison Pill’ to Thwart Elon Musk

Putin Vows He’s Coming for Kyiv as His Ukraine War Escalates With Sinking of the Moskva

Vladimir Putin’s Depraved Secrets Exposed in Borodyanka Massacre

‘Girls’ at 10: In Defense of Lena Dunham’s Creative Genius

QAnon Leaders Push Followers Into Multi-Level Marketing

Daddy’s ‘in the Clouds’ as COVID Stole Marine Master Sgt. Andrew Sullivan’ Family Dreams

Bennifer, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan: The Awful 2000s Are Back and I Am Horrified

Counterpoint: Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’ Is a Great Idea for Couples

Netflix’s ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ Is a Preposterous #MeToo Tale

Millions of Kids Fell Into Poverty and No One Noticed

Donald Trump Junior Was Up to His Ears in the Plot to Steal the Election for His Daddy

Lawrence O’Donnell Dings Donald Trump for Lacking Sean Hannity’s ‘Moral Clarity’ on Vladimir Putin

Herschel Walker’s GOP Rivals Are Running Out of Time to Tackle Him

Jordan Klepper Crashes CPAC and Confronts Delusional MAGA Cultists

‘Atlanta’ Interrogates the White Rap Fanboy from Hell

Inside the All-Star Revivals of ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ and ‘American Buffalo’

What Will the Metaverse Look Like When It Dies and How to Keep It Alive

Has Shein Killed the Dream of Sustainability in Fashion?

Joe Biden and the Democrats Should Be Absolutely Terrified by These New Poll Numbers

Anthony Todt Found Guilty of Killing Wife Megan and Three Kids in Celebration, Florida Home

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Make Secret Visit to the U.K. to See the Queen Ahead of Her 96th Birthday

Best VPN Services Cybersecurity & Privacy 2022

Origami Inspired Robotic Crawlers Invented by Stanford Scientists for Medical Procedures and Drug Delivery

Cape Cod Town of Sandwich Fumes Over Black Student Ras Russell’s Fight With Alleged Racist Bully

Russia Admits Its Missile Flagship Moskva Has Sunk After Ukraine Claimed It Was Hit by Missile Strike

Amtrak Train Bigot Accuses Gay Dads of Being ‘Pedophiles’ Who Stole Their Own Children

Caitlyn Jenner Baselessly Claims Twitter ‘Shadow Banned’ Her for Joining Fox News

Issa Rae, Michael Cera, and Hari Nef Board Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ Movie

Marriage Counselor Testifies in Johnny Depp Defamation Trial That Marriage to Amber Heard Had ‘Mutual Abuse’

Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Pete Davidson's Nose and Jawline Controversy

‘Ziwe’ Season 2 Trailer Puts Chet Hanks and Deuxmoi in the Hot Seat

Violette_fr Petal Bouche Matte Lipstick Review

A Gatekeeping Protein Offers a New Way of Finally Curing Epilepsy

Finally The First Footage of ‘Hacks’ Season 2 Is Here

Told You So—The BA.2 Variant Proves It Was Way Too Soon to Lift COVID Mask Mandates

Frank James, Accused NYC Subway Shooter, Denied Bond After Terrifying ‘the Entire City’

Kristen Stewart Does Creepy Things to Her Eye in the Teaser for David Cronenberg’s ‘Crimes of the Future’

The View’s Joy Behar Mocks Fox’s ‘Trump Minions’ Fighting Over Dr. Oz Endorsement

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Why Elon Musk’s Shocking Twitter Bid Could Just Be Mega-Trolling

Will ‘Grace and Frankie’ Have a ‘Thelma and Louise’ Ending?

Kentucky’s Only Two Abortion Providers Shut Immediately as State Overrides Andy Beshear’s Veto

Anti-Vaxxer Crew Had Plot to Spark Civil War in Germany Over COVID Restrictions, Say Prosecutors

Elon Musk, Top Sh*tposter, Escalates Twitter Feud With $43B Takeover Bid

A Lonely Vladimir Putin Is Losing Control of His Own Minions in the War on Ukraine

‘The Kardashians’: All Your Burning Questions About the Premiere, Answered

Dr. Seuss’ Banned Anti-War ‘The Butter Battle Book’ Is Now a Netflix Kids’ Show

Tom Brady and LeBron James’ Insatiable Hunger Laid Bare

HBO’s ‘Not So Pretty’ Reveals How the Trillion-Dollar Beauty Industry May Be Killing You

Alleged Subway Shooter Frank James’ Smoke Bombs May Have Saved Lives

‘The Ultimatum’ Breakout Star April Spills on Jake’s Devastating Break-Up Lie and Finding Love

After CODA’s Oscars Glory, Here’s How Deaf West Theatre Plans to Make the Musical

Banyan Tree Doha’s Design Is as Wild as You’d Hope

Jimmy Kimmel Remembers the Night Gilbert Gottfried Bombed With a 9/11 Joke — and Then Killed

Cometeer Coffee Pods Review—Frozen Coffee Pods 2023

Meet Betsy Johnson, the Candidate Who Could Crush Democratic Dreams in Oregon

Robert Brockman, Billionaire Facing Record $2 Billion Tax Case, Says Covid Worsened His Dementia

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Fox Corp LGBTQ Staff Group Condemns Fox News’ ‘Hateful’ Rhetoric

Tara Palmeri Ditches Politico After Playbook Shake-Up

Human Skin Cells Were De-Aged by 30 Years by Scientists

Here’s What MTG, the Far Left, and the Subway Shooting Suspect All Agree On

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ Announces Historic Season 7 Cast: Everyone’s A Winner, Baby

Will Putin Abandon His Jailed Ally Viktor Medvedchuk in a Ukrainian Prison?

New ‘The Northman’ Trailer Features Viking Rage and Alexander Skarsgård’s Abs

Hubble Space Telescope Spots a Supermassive Black Hole Ancestor GNz7q Hiding in Plain Sight

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Follows Through With Gross Stunt of Dropping Bus of Migrants in D.C.

Greg Abbott’s D.C. Migrant Bus Is a Dehumanizing Political Stunt

Crying Florida Dad Anthony Todt Takes the Stand With Wild Explanation for Family’s Deaths in Celebration

Blink Security Camera Sale Amazon

Russian Soldiers ‘Revolting’ as They Get Stiffed on Ukraine Payouts, According to Intercepted Calls

Subway Attack Suspect Frank James Called CrimeStoppers on Himself Before Being Arrested in East Village

Alleged Anti-Gay Killer of Aidan Moffitt and Michael Snee Arrested in Sligo, Ireland

New Rapid COVID Test Using Nanoparticles Could Be Fastest and Most Sensitive to Date

Bucha Mass Grave Found to Hold Two Young Boys, Ukraine Officials Say

Herschel Walker Claims to Own Companies That Don’t Exist

How the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Is Helping the U.S. Recruit Spies

Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden Have Same Problem: Getting the Left to Vote

World Leaders are Heading to Kyiv With a Big Message for Vladimir Putin

Nour el Nil Allows You to Escape Egypt’s Crowds on a Chic Nile Sailboat

Netflix ‘White Hot’ Exposes Abercrombie & Fitch’s Dark, Racist Past

Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’ Reunion Brought Some Big Surprises, Including a Pregnancy and a Coming-Out

Trump Fans Found a Way to Be Even Worse at the Airport

Sorry Eric Adams but New Tech Won't Stop New York’s Old Guns and Terror Problems

Bill Maher’s ‘#Adulting’ Is Where Comedy Goes to Die

Trevor Noah Offers Bizarre Defense of Elon Musk’s Twitter Tomfoolery

Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters Say Media Will ‘Bury’ Subway Shooting Story Because Person of Interest Is Black

‘To My Girls’ Is a Weekend of Gay Hell in Palm Springs

The ‘Abbott Elementary’ Finale Proved This Was a Perfect Season of TV

Frank James, Man Sought in New York Subway Attack, Made Threats and Hurled Slurs in YouTube Videos

They Voted for Madison Cawthorn. Now They Think He’s ‘Unscrewed.’

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Remembering Gilbert Gottfried’s Iconic, Filthy, Utterly Hilarious ‘Aristocrats’ Joke

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Elon Musk Sued Over Delay in Disclosing Twitter Holdings to SEC

Bill Maher Cruelly Mocks Bella Thorne’s Anxiety to Her Face

Nine Arrested as FBI Uncovered Brutal Sex-Trafficking Ring in Queens, New York

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The Bernardinelli-Bernstein Megacomet Is More Than 80 Miles Wide—and It's Headed Our Way

Russian State TV Goes Ballistic Over Ukraine Shock Video Showing Fake Killing of Soldier

CNN’s New Streaming Service Off to Rocky Start, Data Suggests

‘Girls5eva’ Are Ready to Become Two-Hit Wonders in Season 2 Trailer

Adidas Allbirds Collaboration 2022

‘Conversations With Friends’ Trailer Teases Steamy Affairs and a New Phoebe Bridgers Song

South Dakota Republicans Turn on Killer Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg With Vote to Impeach

Yahoo Is in a ‘Shocking’ State of Disarray

Crypto Enthusiast Virgil Griffith Sentenced to 5 Years for North Korea Trip

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Hawkins Blows the Roof Off in Rip-Roaring Season 4 Trailer

Rowing Machine Sale Amazon

New Battery Generates Electricity With Methane-Eating Bacteria and Helps Fight Climate Change

One America News in Existential Crisis Amid Mass Exodus

Opening Statements Begin in Johnny Depp, Amber Heard $50 Million Defamation Case Over Washington Post Op-Ed

Daniel Kinahan, Irish Boxing Promoter and Gangster, Now Has a $5M Bounty on His Head

New York Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin Arrested for Alleged Campaign-Finance Scheme

Frank James Identified as Person of Interest in Manhunt for Gunman Who Opened Fire on Packed NYC Train

Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol Issue Desperate Plea

Putin Hails His ‘Brave’ Troops as Another Senior Russian Officer Is Killed

Italy Seizes Another Russian Oligarch’s Precious Villa, This Time Formula One Nikita Mazepin’s Sardinia Place

The Obscure Law New York Prosecutors Could Use to Charge Donald Trump Years From Now

Craig Robinson Takes the Lead in ‘Killing It’ While Holding Out Hope for an ‘Office’ Reunion

Ex-American Banker Bill Browder Reveals Why Vladimir Putin Is So Desperate to Snatch Him

How Apple TV+ Suddenly Became the Best Streaming Service

‘Fatally Flawed’ Immigration Court System Should Be Taken Out of Its Misery

‘Unsilenced’ Is the New Movie Exposing the Evils of the Chinese Government

Bidirectional Charging Can Turn Electric Vehicle Batteries Into Miniature Power Plants for Your Home

Presidents Have Long Supported Privacy Rights—for Themselves

What Trump’s Alleged Crimes and Costco Have in Common

Jimmy Kimmel Hits Back at Accused ‘Sex Offender’ Matt Gaetz for Calling Him Sexist

Howler Brothers H Bar B Snapshirt Huckberry

Tucker Carlson Says Anyone Talking About ‘Ghost Guns’ Must Be a Biden ‘Propagandist’

Let’s Go Brandon Crypto Lawsuit Has Trumpworld Influencers Running for the Hills

Ryan Zinke, Trump Cabinet ‘Grifter’ With a California Home, Is All In on Montana Run

‘The Little Prince’ Is One Strange and Beautiful Broadway Show

Tucker Carlson Brags to Megachurch That He Is Totally Unvaccinated

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Dr. William Husel, Accused of Killing 14 Patients at Mount Carmel West Hospital in Columbus, Awaits His Fate

Margot Robbie’s Doppelgänger, Emma Mackey, Joins Live-Action ‘Barbie’ Movie

An Ode to Al Pacino’s ‘Shrek’ Phone Case

Trump Fans Still Hoping Elon Musk Will Bring Their Emperor-God Back to Twitter

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette Review 2023

The Backlash Over Trump’s Dr. Oz Endorsement Shows His Hold on the GOP Is Slipping

Organoids Help Researchers Understand How Autism Develops in the Human Brain

Russian State Media Airs Its Ultimate ‘Revenge Plan’ for 2024 U.S. Presidential Elections

Did ‘Killing Eve’ Really Just End with a ‘Bury Your Gays’ Twist?

Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner Fails to Goad David Petraeus Into Bashing Biden on Russia

Netflix Rescues LGBT+ Movie ‘Nimona’ That Disney Scrapped

In Netflix’s ‘Senior Year’ Trailer, Rebel Wilson Makes High School Funny Again

Psilocybin ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Fight Depression Better Than Normal Medication, Study Suggests

Prosecutors Offer ‘Apocalypse’ Theory for Benadryl Deaths of Anthony Todt’s Family in Celebration, Florida

In ‘The Northman,’ Alexander Skarsgard Transforms Into an Absolute Beast

National Pet Day PetSafe Harness Amazon Daily Deal

Thomas Friedman Forgot He Was a Big Supporter of War Crimes

The Kardashians Are Back on TV — With Even Less to Say

Gardens Are Now Graveyards in Mariupol as Russia Amps Up War

Here’s How the GOP Can Move Beyond Trumpism, Following Chris Sununu

Maitland Ward on What Hollywood Can Learn From Porn About Sex Scenes

Leah McSweeney Revisits Her Dark Past and Addresses ‘Real Housewives’ Fans Turning on Her

All the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ Hidden Easter Eggs

The Metaverse Isn’t Real Yet but It’s Already Really Lucrative

Bruce Fenton, GOP Senate Candidate, Compares Volodymyr Zelensky to Osama bin Laden

The Last Big Obstacle to Electric Cars Is Requires a Mental Fix in Our Travel Habits

Inside the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami Beach

John Oliver Says Goodbye to ‘Business Daddy’ AT&T in Epic Fashion

Elon Musk Decides Against Joining Twitter’s Board of Directors After Buying Up 9.2 Percent Stake

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg Faces Republican Revolt on Impeachment Over Killing Joe Boever

Debra Messing Bakes a Cake in ‘Birthday Candles’ on Broadway

Arian Taherzadeh, Haider Ali Were Tipped Off to Arrest for Posing as Homeland Security Agents, DOJ Says

Trumpworld Figures Go Into Meltdown After Donald Trump Endorses Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania Senate Race

Jake Tapper Grills Biden Adviser Jake Sullivan on Russian Atrocities, Asks ‘How Is This Not Genocide?’

Shanghai Residents Scream From Windows, Fear Starving to Death Over COVID Lockdown

Mass Grave Found Outside Kyiv as Russian Convoy Heads East in Ukraine Invasion

Prince Harry Doesn’t Want Camilla to Be Queen, Royal Author Tina Brown Claims

SNL’s Colin Jost Mocks Academy’s Will Smith ‘Punishment’

The Epic Back-Scratching Fest Between GOP Senate Wannabe Blake Masters and a Trumpy Billionaire Peter Thiel

MAGA Diehards Just Can’t Quit Madison Cawthorn

Inside the Bitcoin Conference 2022 Miami Party Scene

SNL’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Ketanji Brown Jackson Shame Ted Cruz

The Bendable Batteries That May Power the Future of Smart Devices and Consumer Technology

When Jackie Robinson Made History, the Sports Pages Shrugged

The Dirty Little Secrets of Trump’s Pandemic Aid

How Mary Peck Butterworth Became the Queen of Counterfeiting

All the Things You’re Missing About Vladimir Putin’s War in Ukraine

Tierzah, Charis, Elisa Mapson Sisters of Oklahoma Sentenced for Interstate Ruse to Kill Ex in Alabama

Amber Heard Says Trial Over Johnny Depp Defamation Lawsuit ‘Gives Me Great Pain’

Newsmax ‘Furious’ Over Anchor Rob Finnerty’s ‘Embarrassing’ April Fools’ Joke About Russia

Imran Khan Ousted as Prime Minister of Pakistan After Losing No Confidence Vote

Teen Arrested and Charged in Murder of 16-Year-Old Bronx Student Near School, Says NYPD

Watch This 88-Foot Yacht in a Port in Valencia Spain Burn in a Massive Fire at Sea

Lock, Stock and Barrel Gun Range Owners Thomas and Evelyn Hawk and Grandson Luke Murdered in Robbery

Multo CookingPal Review 2023

Tim Ryan Is Right. China Is Our Adversary.

Netflix’s Most Addictive Show Is ‘Old Enough,’ About Cute Japanese Toddlers Running Errands

Russian Cryonics Couple Danila Medvedev and Valerija Udalova’s Bad Breakup Led to Heist Of Frozen Brains

This Year’s TED Conference Will Be a Mini Epstein Reunion

HBO Max’s ‘Starstruck’ Is a Perfect Show. Why Isn’t Everyone Talking About It?

Michael Bay’s ‘Ambulance’ Is as Batshit Insane as You Hoped

How BANKS Slithered Into the Driver’s Seat on ‘Serpentina’

‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ Is No Match for Jim Carrey’s Maniac Performance

Tucker Suggests Dads Should ‘Thrash’ Kids’ Teachers

Homeland Security Conman Arian Taherzadeh’s Arrest Is ‘Karma,’ Says Former Friend From Kansas City

The Killing That Set Off a ‘Race War’ in South Dakota

The Train of the Future Will Be Battery-Powered

Serge Gainsbourg Promoted Incest and Pedophilia. Now He’s Being Honored.

Shandell Harris, Allegedly Murdered by Carl Monty Watts Miami, and Ties to Vickie Simmons, Trukita Scott

The Best Pet Monitoring Cameras Amazon 2022 — Blink, Furbo, and More

New York Attorney General Letitia James Targets Real Estate Firm that Helped Trump

Proud Boy Leader Charles Donohoe Flips On His Buddies in Stunning Plea Deal

Academy Bans Will Smith From Attending Oscars for the Next Decade After Chris Rock Slap

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Will Cha-Cha from ABC to Disney+ in an Industry-Changing Move

The Best Vacuums Cleaners For Pet Hair 2023

Gretchen Whitmer Accused Kidnappers Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Daniel Harris, and Brandon Caserta Get a Win

Robot Vacuum Sale Amazon 2022

Ukraine Delegation Rips White House and Congress for Abandoning Them

E-Nose Can Smell Fine Whiskies and Detect Fraudulent Ones

InfoWars’ Alex Jones Accused of ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Scheme to Hide Money From Sandy Hook Families in Texas Lawsuit

‘Aline,’ the Unauthorized Céline Dion Movie, Is Here — And It’s Glorious

Russia Bombs Fleeing Families at Kramatorsk Train Station

Madison Cawthorn’s GOP Colleagues Have a New Reason to Hate Him

The Sneaky Way Artists in Russia Are Still Slamming Vladimir Putin’s War in Ukraine

The Plot to Broadcast the Murder of Gretchen Whitmer Shows How Far the Right Has Fallen

Here’s Why Stacey Abrams’ Millions Matter

‘Severance’ Star Britt Lower on Helly’s Shocking Season-Finale Reveal

Donald Trump Keeps Losing but the GOP Just Can’t Quit Him

Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at ‘Sociopath’ Marjorie Taylor Greene for Reporting Him to the Police

The Jaw-Dropping ‘Severance’ Season Finale Blew Our Minds

Fox News Contributor Mollie Hemingway Claims Everyone ‘Was Respectful’ During Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings

Greg Abbott’s Plan to Bus Migrants from Texas to D.C. Will Pay Off—For the Cartels

Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Makes the Case for Reparations

Best Box Easel For Artists Amazon

Prince Charles Won’t Let Andrew Steal the Glory at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, Royal Author Says

Inside the Manhattan District Attorney’s Unraveling Donald Trump Probe

Yakuza Boss Arrested at Manhattan Steakhouse for Alleged Rockets-for-Heroin Scheme

Best Smart Collars For Pets 2022

State TV Host Vladimir Solovyov Melts Down After Airing Wrong Clip of Ukrainians Calling Russia ‘a Bitch’

Homeland Security Conman Haider Ali, Arrested With Arian Taherzadeh, Claimed to Have Pakistan Ties, Feds Say

In ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Trailer Erika Jayne Doesn’t ‘Give a F*ck About Anybody Else But Me’

Far-Right’s Pedo Obsession Goes Mainstream

Why Did the Capitol Hill Fox Need to Die to Be Tested for Rabies?

Tax Day Coupon Codes and Sales 2022

Why Las Vegas is the Ultimate Sports City: An Aces Player Makes the Case

Scientists Discovered Over 5,550 New RNA Viruses Hiding in the Ocean

Bloody Mattress, Panicked Encounter Lead Fairfax Cops to Hunt for Joel Mosso Merino in Death of Hannah Choi

Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed, Makes History as First Black Woman on Supreme Court

Devin Nunes Flops in Fox Business Network Grilling About Trump’s Truth Social Debacle

‘Russian Doll’ Travels to the ’80s in Even Trippier Season 2 Trailer

‘PEN15’s’ Maya Erskine Replaces Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Donald Glover’s ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ Series

Inigo Philbrick Conned His Own Art-World Mentor With Fake Persona

Female Senators Want Women Included in Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks

This Spinal Cord Implant Zaps Nerve Cells to Help People Learn to Walk Again

New York Attorney General Letitia James Asks Judge to Fine Trump $10K a Day

‘365 Days,’ Netflix’s Controversial, Rapey Porn Film, Now Has a Sequel Trailer

Newly Discovered Galaxy HD1 Is the Most Distant Space Object Ever Observed

Cruz and Cotton’s Attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Public Defender Record Prove They Don’t ‘Get’ Due Process

New York Times Editor Dean Baquet Tells Staffers to Chill Out on Twitter

Intercepted Calls Prove Russia’s Deliberate ‘Strategy’ of War Crimes in Ukraine

Two Omicron Variants Just Combined to Make ‘XE,’ a ‘Frankenstein’ COVID Virus

Michael Mann’s ‘Tokyo Vice’ Is a Stylish and Seductive Noir That You Don’t Want to Miss

France’s Marine Le Pen Is the Putin Fan Who Could Screw Us All

Sarah Palin Is Back. Her GOP May Have Moved On.

What ‘The Ultimatum’s’ Alexis Really Thinks About Colby’s Snub

Axiom Space’s Ax-1 Mission of Billionaires to the International Space Station Is a Huge Leap for Space Tourism

Republicans Taking Over Congress Should Scare the Hell Out of LGBTQ+ People

Ezra Miller and Will Smith’s Treatment Reveals a Glaring Hollywood Double Standard

Seth Meyers Rails Against Matt Gaetz’s Military Meltdown

Feds Unravel Wild Scheme by Fake Agents to Dupe Secret Service Agents, Including FLOTUS Detail

Amy Schumer Speaks Out Against Louis C.K.’s Grammy Win, Says ‘It Doesn’t Feel Good’

How ‘Suffs’ Makes a Musical Out of Women’s Right to Vote

Republicans Are Clueless About Living in a Glass House

Jeanine Pirro, Who Stiffed Campaign Vendors, Tells Students to ‘Pay Your Darn Loan’

Dermelect Eye Lid & Dark Circle Corrector Review

J.D. Vance Mocked Trump’s Cheap Fix in 2016. He’s Hooked on It in 2022.

Elon Musk Pocketed $156 Million by Delaying Twitter SEC Filing, Report Says

Mike Lindell Gets Sued at Nightmare Rally With MAGA Election Clerk Tina Peters

Cold-Blooded Texas Guv Greg Abbott Vows to Dump Asylum Seekers in the Middle of D.C.

‘The Flash’ Fans Want Grant Gustin to Replace Ezra Miller: He’s Not ‘a Psychopath’

Abbio Cookware Set Review

The Intercept’s Parent Company First Look Lays Off 20 Staffers

Machine Learning Turns Monochromatic Night Vision Into a Rainbow of Colors

Style Edit Root Touch Up Review 2023

Virtual Reality Therapy Can Successfully Treat Patients With Psychosis

Fox News Anchor John Roberts Confronts Tom Cotton on KBJ Nazi Attack, Asks if It’s a ‘Bridge Too Far’

MAGAs Tell Conservatives ‘You’re With Us or You’re a Groomer’

Lawrence Larry Ray, Sarah Lawrence College Student’s Dad, Convicted in Horrific Sex Cult Case

Bob Odenkirk Set to Have a Midlife Crisis After ‘Better Call Saul’ Ends

In HBO’s ‘The Baby’ Trailer, the Cutest Newborn Ever Becomes a Mass Murderer

Netflix Exposes Prince Charles and the Royals’ Deep Ties to Jimmy Savile, the U.K.’s Most Notorious Pedophile

How to Watch MLB Opening Day Without Cable

Chicopee, Massachusetts Schools Boss Lynn Clark Threatened Police Chief Hopeful in 99 Creepy Texts, Feds Say

U.S. Goes After Vladimir Putin’s Daughters’ Assets for Ukraine Carnage

A Laser-Powered Weight Loss Implant Blocks Appetite at the Source

Mark Hanneman, Minneapolis Cop Who Shot and Killed Amir Locke in No-Knock Raid, Won’t Face Charges

Natalia Hitchcock, Russian-Born Mom Accused of Killing 8-Year-Old Son, Blames War in Ukraine, Docs Show

Russian Propagandist Vladimir Solovyov’s Italian Villas Torched and Vandalized

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles’ Close Relationship Revealed in New Letters Published by Netflix

Russians Target Ambulance Outside Children’s Hospital in Mykolaiv, Video Shows

Mayim Bialik on Vaccines, Jeopardy!, and Childhood Trauma

Anti-Vaxxers Charge Followers to Join Fake Anthony Fauci ‘Grand Jury’

‘Return to Space’ Is Netflix’s Shining Monument to Elon Musk

Jared Leto’s Most Absurd ‘Method-Acting’ Stories, from ‘Morbius’ Peeing to Sending a Rat on ‘Suicide Squad’

Why Joe Biden May Struggle to Hold Russia to Account for War Crimes

Street Art Is Getting Stolen, and Even Held for Ransom

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Has a Major Penelope Problem

Nuclear Fusion Might Finally Be Ready for Its Breakthrough Moment

Jimmy Kimmel Calls on Will Smith to Slap Marjorie Taylor Greene

Putin’s Favorite Authoritarians in Hungary, Serbia, and France Had a Great Week

Sean Penn Tells Sean Hannity: ‘The Ukrainians Will Win This!’

Tax-Cheat Billionaire Robert Smith Gets Naming Rights to New Cancer Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital

Inside Russia’s Secret Resistance Against Vladimir Putin’s War in Ukraine

Dan Brophy’s Students Found His Body, They Testify at the Trial of His Wife Nancy Crampton Brophy

Scientists Invent 3D Printed Skin That Can Give Robotic Hands a Sense of Touch Like Humans

Lauren Handy, Fringe Anti-Abortion Activists in Washington DC, Now Claim They Buried 110 Fetuses

Gluten Free Snacks Amazon

Watch ‘Barry’ Season 3’s Violent New Trailer

Nancy Meyers Is Making a New Movie for Netflix, so Uncork the Chardonnay!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Sale 2022

Harry Edward Greenwald Unmasked as ‘Days Inn Killer’ Who Terrorized Highway Motel Clerks

Z Grills Electronic Pellet Smoker Review

LeVar Burton and ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Cast Joining Patrick Stewart in ‘Picard’

Stephanie Grisham Begs ‘The View’ Hosts to Stop Calling Republicans ‘Idiots’

Politico Sics Lawyers on Boss Who Defected to NBC

New Type of Solar Cell Can Deliver Electricity Even at Night

Not Even Gay Dumbledore Can Save ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore,’ J.K. Rowling’s Latest Mess

Daviyonne Dawson and Smiley Martin, Sacramento Shooting Suspect and Brother of Dandrae Martin, Arrested

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On Returns in New Trailer

Buckingham Palace Tried to Block Photography of Prince Andrew Escorting Queen Into Prince Philip’s Memorial

Russia’s Latest Atrocity Unleashed Nitric Acid Cloud That Could Blind Ukrainians

First the Feds Fined Hillary Clinton. Now It Might Be Donald Trump’s Turn.

Epstein Shared Hotel Room With Bill Clinton and Was Terrified of Being Poisoned, Says Victim Juliette Bryant

Ukraine’s Musicians Take Up Arms in Fight Against Vladimir Putin

The Expansion of the Universe Is Fueling a New Fight Among Scientists

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