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WaPo: Law Enforcement Officials Completely Ignored All the Red Flags about the Capitol Insurrection

Huma Abedin Says She’s ‘Gonna Take to My Grave’ That Weiner May Have Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency

Chris Wallace Grills GOP Senator Rick Scott on National Debt and Trump Tax Cuts

Prince Andrew Claims Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tried to Procure ‘Slutty Girls’ for Epstein

Christmas Prep Deals and Coupons 2021

Leave Machu Picchu to the Tourists. Go See Colombia’s Pristine Lost Cities.

How WSJ Reporter Jeff Horwitz Got the Facebook Whistleblower to Talk

The Black Horror-Movie Canon Is So Much More Than ‘Get Out’

Sgt. Mike Dunn’s Search for Murder Victim Nicole Moore Ended With His COVID Death

Marie Antoinette’s Adultery Unmasked by Modern Science

The New Migrant Separation Crisis Brewing Under Biden Is Happening in Mexico

Trump’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers Ate the Republican Party

Scientists Get Nobel Prize for Explaining Ancient Women’s Medical Cure

Lisa Taddeo Went All in on Depravity and Hollywood Came Knocking

TikTok Is Paradise For Swingers, as Long as Mom Doesn’t Find Out

Why Hackers Love MAGA Social Media TruthSocial, Gettr, Gab, Parler

Michigan State Football Fans Set Couches Ablaze After Defeating University of Michigan

Charleston Saver Coupon Book Spread Conspiracies and Sparked Furious Backlash

San Marcos, Texas Cops ‘Laughed’ When Biden Bus Was Ambushed by Trump Train Ambush, Lawsuit Alleges

Alec Baldwin Breaks Silence About Halyna Hutchins in Tense Faceoff With Paparazzi

Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer Blackballed by Prosecutors, But Still Won’t Resign

Billionaire Charles Munger Doubles Down on Windowless Mega-Dorm Project at Santa Barbara University

Oxo Electric Tea Kettle Review

Amazon Outlet Online 2022

Weed Is the Jock’s Best Bud. Don’t Believe It? Ask a Jock.

The Anti-‘White Lotus’ Giving Voice to Native Hawaiians and Their Colonialist Struggle

Extreme Floods Caused by Climate Change Are Drowning India’s Women Farmers in Debt

Alena Dillon Asks, Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me About Motherhood’s Dark Side?

The Bizarre Buzz Lightyear Political Controversy Making People Lose Their Minds

Is the U.S. Helping the Jan. 6 Rioters Plan a Sequel From Behind Bars?

The Cruel Slut-Shaming of Jada Pinkett Smith

The Horror Stories Behind Middlesex, Prep School That Dissed ‘1619 Project’ Journo Nikole Hannah-Jones

University of Florida Orders Professors to Stay Out of Voting Rights Case

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Woodstock, NY

Let’s Give DeSantis the Bolsonaro Treatment

Ryan Trent Death Looked Like a Car Accident, but Now It’s a Murder Mystery

Charlottesville Victim Natalie Romero Faces Down Rally Organizers in Sines v. Kessler

Second Ohio State Board of Education Member, Eric Poklar, Quits Amid Critical Race Theory Freakout

Pro-QAnon Voting Clerk Under Investigation After Voting Equipment Goes Missing

Ice Cube Ditches Sony Comedy ‘Oh Hell No’ After Refusing to Get COVID Vaccine

Scientists Saw How the Tau Protein Leads to Alzheimer’s Progression in the Brain and Are Now Closer to a Cure

Warsaw, Virginia Councilman Faron Hamblin Wears Blackface, Then Compares Himself to Dave Chappelle

Sree Aravapalli Won Big at a Casino, and Was Murdered by a Stranger Who Trailed Him Home, Cops Say

Alex Murdaugh’s Own Brother Joins Army of Lawyers Gunning for His Cash

TCL 50” 4K QLED Smart Google TV Gift

Rapper Fetty Wap Arrested at Rolling Loud Music Festival in NYC on Federal Drug Charges

Pope Francis and President Ignore Elephant in Room at Vatican Lovefest

How Clinton Associate Barry Segal Bankrolled the Anti-Vax Underground

Marvel Finally Made a Sex Scene in ‘Eternals.’ It’s So Bad You’ll Wish They Hadn’t.

Judge Says GOP Congressman Jeff Fortenberry Can’t Be Left Alone With Evidence

Netflix’s ‘The Motive’ Explores an Israeli Boy Who Says a Green Monster Told Him to Kill His Entire Family

These Migrants Have Been Deported Over and Over Again. Now They’re Back in Mexico’s Caravan.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Plans Just Got Thrown Into Confusion

My Life Is in Joe Manchin’s Hands—Does He Care?

Hey, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jada Pinkett Smith: You Don’t Know Shit About Porn

Progressives May Settle for Half a Loaf—the GOP Hates Bread

Tucker Carlson Is Doing It for the Fish Sticks

Zurich Is a Trap

Did JoJo Siwa’s ‘It’ Performance on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Prove the Show Is Actually High Art?

Boo! Spooky Cocktails Inspired by the Occult

Cloud Paper’s Tree-Free Toilet Paper is Soft, Strong, and Sustainable

Seth Meyers Drags Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema for ‘Ruining’ ‘Ted Lasso’

Tucker Carlson’s Deranged Jan. 6 Movie Writer Scooter Downey Also Made Film for Pizzagater Mike Cernovich

Inmate John Grant Convulses and Vomits in First Oklahoma Execution in Six Years

Democrats Leave Biden Empty-Handed Again After Chaotic Day on Capitol Hill

An Ivermectin-Pushing Doc Was Quietly Appointed to This Montana Health Board. Then Things Got Weird.

Houston House of Horrors Mom Gloria Williams Became ‘Somebody Else’ After Meeting Brian Coulter, Family Says

Best Halloween Coupon and Deals 2021

Geraldo Rivera Swipes at Tucker Carlson Over Jan. 6 ‘False Flag’ Documentary

Criminal Charge Filed in Albany Against Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

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Kyrsten Sinema Cosplays ‘Ted Lasso’ With Mitt Romney Amid Biden Bill Drama

Black Students Punished After Racist Snapchat Vid Goes Viral at Florida’s Yulee High School

Kyrsten Sinema in All Her Bad Outfits Is the New Ivanka Trump

Desperate Biden Spikes the Football on the 10-Yard Line with Speech About $1.75 Trillion Spending Framework

Middlesex School Head David Beare Takes Leave After Debacle Over ‘1619 Project’ Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones

T. Denny Sanford Alleged Child Porn Probe Documents Ordered Unsealed by South Dakota Supreme Court

Alexis Gomez Shot at Driver, Eluded Police, Surrendered in Ricky Bobby Jumpsuit in Wild Oregon Chase, Cops Say

Best Knee High Boots

Biden Promises Nation His Big Bill Will Pass for Real This Time

Baby Arrives 15 Months After Mom Harvests Dead Olympic Champion Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin’s Sperm

The Cord Wrapper Review

Diplomats Seethe at Getting Bumped by Senate Veterans and Widows

‘Eternals’ Is One of Marvel’s Emptiest Movies Yet

Patrick Taylor Says Uncertified Cop Zach Williamson in Delta County Texas Choked Him, and Then Things Got Wild

Michigan GOP Installs Conspiracy Theorists in Critical Swing-State Election Posts

‘The Morning Show’ Star Greta Lee on Being TV’s Craziest Show’s Secret Weapon

Glenn Youngkin is Running for Virginia Governor as a House-Trained Trump, and Democrats Are Running Scared

Scottish Gov’t Offers Bizarre Defense for Not Investigating Donald Trump Golf Course Turnberry

Vatican to Catholic Exorcists: Please Don’t Try to Cast COVID-19 Out of People

Progressives Have to Lose for Democrats to Win on Joe Biden Agenda Infrastructure Build Back Better

The Billionaires Tax Boondoggle Shows the Democrats’ Desperation

The 500-Year Old Book That Helped People Hunt ‘Witches’

In Defense of Classic Cocktails

Kevin McCarthy Promises to ‘Pass on All’ of Sean Hannity’s ‘Messages’ to Mitch McConnell

How ‘Caroline, Or Change’ Rewrites the Broadway Musical

Former NHL Player Kyle Beach Reveals He’s ‘John Doe’ in Blackhawks Abuse Scandal

Ex-School Cop Eddie Gonzalez Charged With Murder for Shooting 18-Year-Old Mom Mona Rodriguez

Boyfriend Brian Coulter Broke Kid’s Jaw Weeks Before Houston House of Horrors Discovery, Cops Say

Antidepressant Drug Fluvoxamine Could Reduce Risk of Hospitalization for COVID-19 Patients

Beverly Hills Police on Swanky Rodeo Drive Arrested 90 People in Two Months. Eighty Were Black.

Idaho Community College Board Dumps Pro-Mask President Rick MacLennan, Taps Wrestling Coach Instead

Roy Wood Jr. Takes on Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘N-Word’ Acting in First Look at New Special

Ted Cruz Defends Parents Invoking Nazi Salutes at School Board Meetings

Russian Ransomware Grief Gang Claims Hack NRA

‘Rust’ Assistant Director Dave Halls Admits He Didn’t Check Alec Baldwin’s Gun—but ‘Should Have’

Can Anyone Convince Queen Elizabeth to Step Down?

Boston Medical Center Doctor Tony Tannoury Fined for Falling Asleep Through ER Patient’s Surgery

Meghan McCain Cuts Ties With Lindsey Graham, Says He’s ‘Not’ a ‘Member of My Family’

8 Scientific Terms to Know to Better Understand Climate Change

Jim Caviezel’s QAnon Guru Juan Savin Wants to Control Elections

Hissah Al-Muzaini, Daughter of Ex Spy Saad Aljabri, Said She Was Lured to Consulate Where Khashoggi Was Killed

Who Messed Up Devin Nunes’ Campaign Records This Bad? His Mom.

Why Do We Keep Exploiting Dead Celebrities?

Dream Vacation Hotspot of Tulum in Mexico Is Spiraling Into a Deadly Cartel Battlefield

Arizona Is the Viral Breeding Ground of Republican Sickness

Prentice Penny Reflects on the End of ‘Insecure,’ Spin-Off Talk, and an Upcoming Western Episode

Sean Hannity Really Wants to Make MAGA Rappers ‘Cool’

Biden’s White House Worries: Will Democrats Take ‘Yes’ for an Answer?

Democrats Have to Choose on Gerrymandering: The High Road or More Seats Redistricting

Big Pharma Doles Out Cash to Key Democrats With Laser Precision

Anti-Vaxxers’ $1 Million in Forgiven PPP Loans Spark Questions From Lawmakers

Elizabeth Holmes Totally Fooled Betsy DeVos’ Family and Pumped Them For Millions, Says Witness

The BBC’s Ignorance About Trans Women and Sex Is Disgusting and Dangerous

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo Dunked on Over Absurd Maskless Meeting With Tina Polsky

United Nation of Islam ‘Cult’ Leaders Forced Colonics, Weekly Weigh-Ins on Kids, Feds Say

Huma Abedin, Longtime Hillary Clinton Aide, Says a Senator Sexually Assaulted Her in New Book

New Tenant Darryl Gilland Killed by Kansas City Landlord Gordon McBeth for Complaining About Heating, Cops Say

Coroner Reveals How Illinois State University Student Jelani Day Died—but Family Is Still Skeptical

Smmartwool Sweater Review

U.S. Embassy Staffer Brian Jeffrey Raymond Who Drugged, Molested Women on Video Was in CIA, Feds Say

British Radio Host Mike Graham Tries to Embarrass Climate Protester, but Ends Up Self-Owning in Hilarious Way

Travel to Turn of the Century Japan with this Book

NASA May Have Found the First Planet in Another Galaxy

Queen Elizabeth Shrugs Off Health Fears With Online Audience

Gloria Williams, Brian Coulter Arrested After Abandoned Kids, Boy’s Corpse Found in Houston House of Horrors

Prince Harry’s Silence on Netflix’s Restaging of Diana Interview With Martin Bashir Is Questioned

Princess Mako Torches Japan’s Media in Furious Statement Hours After Marrying Commoner Sweetheart

Eitan Biran, Kidnapped 6-Year-Old Cable-Car Crash Survivor, Must Return to Italy

Cash-Starved North Korea Eyed in Brazen Bank Rakyat Indonesia Hack

She Poses as Teen Girls to Catch Pedophiles Online

Glenn Youngkin Could Explode Democrat's Minds and Biden’s Plans with a Win in the Virginia Gubernatorial Race

A Scottish Judge Could Expose Donald Trump’s Shady Golf Finances at Turnberry

Murdered Olympic Star Agnes Tirop Had Just Decided to Divorce Husband Over Fears He Would ‘Kill Her’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Is a Shameless Immigration Hypocrite

The New Side Hustle: Helping Anti-Vaxxers Get Religious Exemptions

Bee Honey's Health Benefits Make It an Underrated Superfood

The Harshest Punishment Paul Gosar Could Get for the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

Sam Francis Biographer: It’s Time We Break Up the Art Boys Club Once and for All

Giving Away a Lifetime’s Worth of Whiskey

Queen Elizabeth Not Even Walking Her Beloved Dogs as She Recovers From Mystery Health Crisis

Trevor Noah Slams Alec Baldwin Movie’s Crazy Recklessness

Laura Ingraham Airs Misleading Images, Mocks Fact-Checkers for Busting Her

Newsmax Accuses Fox News of ‘Going Woke’ and ‘Pushing Climate Change Agenda’

Michigan Mask and Vax Wars Are Symptom of a Real Sickness

Billionaires Blast Wealth Tax: ‘One-Way Ticket to Venezuela’

‘Rust’ Gaffer Serge Svetnoy Says Halyna Hutchins Lay Dying in His Arms After Producer Put Profit Over People

These Are the Most Damning Bits From ‘The Facebook Papers’

Buyer of Jeffrey Epstein’s Gulfstream Jet Regrets His Purchase

The Best Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Send Online Instantly in 2024

How the FBI Nabbed Jennifer Wenisch, a German ISIS Woman, Over 5-Year-Old Girl’s Vile Murder

Unknown Neighbor Helped Feed Kids Abandoned in Houston House of Horrors

Why Chrissy Teigen Travels With Her Late Son’s Ashes

Kevin Smith, Leader of Jamaican Cult That Sacrificed Humans, Dies in Cop Car Crash

Biden Administration Says Sputnik Vaccine Won’t Count for International Travelers Hoping to Visit America

The Blc1 Alien Radio Signal From Proxima Centauri Found by Breakthrough Listen Finally Gets Explained

Sunny Hostin Clashes With ‘Very Republican’ Gretchen Carlson on ‘The View’

Even COVID Lockdowns Couldn’t Stop Greenhouse Gases From Hitting New Record

Chaos in Sudan as Military Coup Jolts a Fragile Transition to Democracy

Donald Trump Jr. Is Hawking Shockingly Tacky ‘Alec Baldwin Kills People’ T-Shirts

‘Psychopath’ Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman Spoke of Using ‘Poison Ring’ to Get Throne, Intel Aide Says

Kevin Smith on Coining ‘Bennifer’ and Trying to Save His Hero Stan Lee

L.L.Bean Jacket Gift Pick

These Aren’t Justices. They’re Used Car Salesmen, and They’re Coming for Your Abortion Rights.

Judge Rules James O’Keefe’s Schemes Can Be Portrayed to Jury as ‘Political Spying’

Charlottesville Nazis Are Headed to Court Four Years After Deadly Rally

Maximum Human Lifespan Could Reach Age 150 Thanks to Nanotechnology and Drugs but Society May Not Be Ready

Why Is Dressing for Fall So Damn Hard?

Travel to Islands Around the World When You Play The Daily Beast’s Crossword Puzzle

‘Pour One Up, Pour One Out’ With T-Pain and His Favorite Drinks

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Takes on Pandemic Hoarders (and Netflix) in Larry David’s Glorious Return to TV

John Oliver Exposes the Rogue Cops Protesting COVID Vaccine Mandates

Why China Is So Pissed About That U.S.-Australia Submarine Deal

This Is What’s Fueling the United Kingdom’s Massive COVID-19 Surge

‘Succession’ Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Kendall Goes Full Misogynist — and Completely Shits the Bed

3 Abandoned Kids, 1 Skeleton Found in Houston House of Horrors

Kyrsten Sinema Whacked by Fellow Democrat, Compared to Trump

CNN Host Jake Tapper Destroys GOP’s ‘Cruel’ Alec Baldwin Tragedy Response

Royal Family Steps Up to Help ‘Knackered’ Queen, as Officials ‘Purge’ Her Diary

Was Wayne Williams Framed for the Atlanta Child Murders to Get the Ku Klux Klan Off the Hook?

How George Washington’s Idea of Executive Privilege Got Mangled

Why Are There Christian Crosses in Jewish Graves From Ancient Rome?

The Revolutionary Black Media Companies Shattering the Glass Ceiling

OMG, I Want This House: Venice, Italy

Santiago Calatrava May Be the World’s Most Hated Architect But He Created One Hell of a Library

Netflix Is Taking Over Sex Education. Does It Even Know What It’s Doing?

The Bloody and Tragic End of Scientology’s Biggest Pop Star

The Organic Consumer Association Green New Deal Activists Spreading Deadly Vaccine Lies

‘The Americans’ Creator Joe Weisberg Says Being in the CIA Made Him Empathize with the KGB

SNL’s Michael Che Nails Trump’s New ‘Sex Offender’ Social Network

Jason Sudeikis Returns as SNL’s ‘Fun’ and ‘Lucid’ Joe Biden

Ron DeSantis Has Seen 58,000 Floridians Die of COVID on His Watch and He’s Just Getting Started

A Massacre in Babyn Yar Park, a Miracle Survivor, and a Stash of Letters

Alec Baldwin Film ‘Rust’ Hired ‘Inexperienced’ Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Before Halyna Hutchins Shooting

Calphalon Sale Amazon

Best Cookware Sets 2022

This Woman's Kindness Saved a Boy from Nazi Murderers

Thanks to ‘Biden Whisperer’ Antony Blinken, The World Knows America’s Back

Triple-Star System GW Orionis Is Either Hiding a Planet or a Physics-Breaking Secret

Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ Spoilergate Proves How Insane Spoiler Culture Has Become

Alarm Over Queen Elizabeth’s Health Reveals a Harsh Royal Truth

Rachel Cyriacks Picked Up Her Husband Brad From South Dakota Jail and Was Never Seen Again

Billionaire’s Henchman Perry Boyle Goes Scorched Earth in Small-Town Mayoral Race

Joe Biden Smells Like More of a Loser Every Day

How Marcia Cross Brought Her Scheming ‘Desperate Housewives’ Energy to Netflix’s ‘You’

Netflix Tracks Korea’s Most Notorious Serial Killer Yoo Young-chul — Who Targeted the Rich, Then Prostitutes

Right-Wingers Are Exploiting a Woman’s Tragic Death to Troll Alec Baldwin

Daniel Button Accused of Terrorizing TikTok Star PeachyFizz With Porn, Threats, and Stalking

Alec Baldwin’s Movie Set Was Plagued by Gun Misfires Before Halyna Hutchins’ Tragic Death

Best Winter Outdoor Gear Sales

Inside Japan’s Meltdown Over Princess Mako’s ‘Cursed’ Wedding

Rudy Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas Convicted in Illegal Foreign Influence Operation

What Went Wrong? Gun Prop Experts on Alec Baldwin’s Accidental Shooting of Halyna Hutchins on ‘Rust’ Set

Listen to Alex Murdaugh’s 911 Calls From South Carolina Shooting Fiasco

Could Battery Made From Trees Replace Lithium-Ion in Electric Cars

Texas Man Terry Turner Finally Arrested Over Murder of Moroccan Driver Adil Dghoughi

Robert Durst Charged With Murder in First Wife Kathie Durst’s Killing

‘Insecure’s’ Final Season Proves It’s One of TV’s Best Shows

Samsung Sale Amazon

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani Is in a Whole Lot of Trouble, and He Thinks You're Really Stupid

Oscar Isaac Is the Sexiest Man Alive

Meghan McCain Is Still Playing the Victim

‘Delinquent’ Matt Gaetz Blocked from Practicing Law

Prince William and Kate Middleton Want Their American Fan Base Back

Virginia Guv Hopeful Glenn Youngkin Plays Footsie With the Far Right

Hotel Matild Gives Budapest a Grand New Destination for Elegant Travelers

GOP Rep. Jim Banks Booted Off Jan. 6 Panel Is Running a Shadow Probe

Trump’s Former Ethics Director Walter Shaub on Secret Corruption ‘Waivers’

Apple TV+’s $200 Million ‘Invasion’ Will Bore You to Tears

The Next Cocktail Frontier? Smaller Cities The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Stephen Colbert Trolls Trump’s Pathetic ‘Truth Social’ Media Platform

Joe Biden Gets Real at CNN Town Hall, Says Key Parts of $3.5 Trillion Package Are Dead in the Water

Alec Baldwin Fires Prop Gun on ‘Rust’ Set, Killing Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, Injuring Director

Joseph Ladapo, Ron DeSantis’ Surgeon General, Outdoes Demon Sperm Doc Stella Immanuel

‘The View’ Ditched Its ‘Hero’ Nurse After Kamala Harris COVID Chaos

Delaware County District Attorney Walks Back Police Story About SEPTA Train Passengers Filming Rape

FBI Confirms Remains Found in Florida Reserve After Gabby Petitor Death Belong to Van-Lifer Brian Laundrie

John Gerrish, Ellen Chung, Daughter Miju Died of Heat Exposure on Sierra Forest Trail, Mariposa Sheriff Says

Meghan McCain, The View and the Loneliness of the TV Conservative

Right-Wing YouTuber Steven Crowder Slammed for ‘Disgusting’ Attack on Asian Newscaster

GOP Candidate for California Secretary of State Rachel Hamm Claims She Inspired Witch’s Murder

Organoid Mini-Brains Grown in the Lab May Help Treat a Fatal Disease

5 Ways Scientists Think You Can Live Longer

Ex-College Basketball Star Kassceen Weaver Kills Toddler, Stashes Him in Freezer for Years, Virginia Cops Say

Indiana Cops Find Two People Chained Up in ‘Gruesome’ Murder Scene at Evansville Home, Heidi Carter Charged

Kyrsten Sinema’s Own Advisers Just Dumped Her

Best Wide Leg Boots For Women

Rifle Paper Co Gift Wrap Sheets Review 2022

Best Face Wash For Different Skin Types

Russians Arrested in Turkey for Alleged Murder Plot Against Chechen Dissidents

Cleo Smith ‘Didn’t Run Away, Someone Took Her,’ Cops Tell Mom of Missing 4-Year-Old

Matt Gaetz's Fundraising Craters as He Finally Shuns Spotlight

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Dish on ‘Waking and Baking’ and Why Candy Corn Is Trash

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Jan. 6 Insurrectionists Are Winning—For Now

‘Sex and the City’ Author Candace Bushnell Doesn’t Care That Samantha Is Missing from the HBO Reboot

Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Look Like Princess Diana. That’s Kind of the Point.

Why This Vaccinated First Responder Is Fighting de Blasio’s New Vaccine Mandate in New York City

Terence Blanchard Makes Black Music Matter—Finally—at the Met Opera

Russia’s COVID Nightmare Spirals With a Viral Corpse and a Hospital Suicide Leap

Democratic Failure on Voting Rights Could Do ‘Irreparable’ Harm

Meghan McCain Confronted by Andy Cohen Over ‘Hypocritical’ Tell-All Book

Human Sacrifice Is the Gruesome End to Jamaican Cult’s Creepy History

Netflix Employees Stage Dave Chappelle Walkout: ‘Lives Are at Stake’

This Nasal Swab for the "Flower Lose Protein" Can Predict Whether COVID Patients Will Be Hospitalized

Pain Doctor Ricardo Cruciani Charged by Feds for Getting Women Hooked on Opioids, Sexually Abusing Them

Miami Cop Javier Ortiz Sued for Making Fellow Miami Officer’s Life ‘Living Hell’

Lovelorn Arts Prof Rie Hachiyanagi Imprisoned for Butchering Mount Holyoke Colleague With Fire Poke

Rahm Emanuel Says Police Murder He’s Accused of Covering Up Still Haunts Him

‘Human Remains’ Found Near Brian Laundrie’s Backpack in Carlton Reserve

Footage Shows Eustis, Florida Cops Tasing Louis Grahai, Autistic Man With ‘Mental Capacity of a 4-Year-Old’

Ruby Rose Claims She Was Nearly Blinded on Toxic ‘Batwoman’ Set

Nikolas Cruz Pleads Guilty to Murder in Parkland, Florida, School Massacre

Berserker Clan Prepped to Kill on ‘Day X’ With Uprising Across Several Cities, Police Say

Giesswein Ballerina Flats Review 2022

Bill de Blasio Announces All New York City Workers Must Get Vaccinated

Queen Elizabeth ‘Reluctantly’ Accepts Doctors Orders to Rest, Says Buckingham Palace

Inside Trump-Backed Candidate Matthew DePerno’s Leaky Audit Fiasco

When Tom Petty Was at the Height of His Musical Powers

This Is How Russia Is Pulling Off a Free-for-All Murderous Rampage in Central African Republic

White Texas Property Owner Terry Turner Avoids Arrest After Killing Moroccan Driver Adil Dghoughi

Liberal California Has a Huge Racial-Profiling Problem

Netflix’s ‘Inside Job’ Gleefully Skewers QAnon Nutjobs — and Joe Rogan

Joe Manchin Isn’t Moved by Democratic Attacks—He’s Emboldened By Them

The Raphael Warnock vs. Herschel Walker Race Promises to Be Ugly—and Well-Funded

Soup Fanatics Have Invaded TikTok, and It’s Delicious

Conservative Pundit Dennis Prager Says He Actually Got COVID on Purpose

Air Conditioning Is Making Climate Change Worse. Here Are Some Ways to Fix It.

Star Baker Nadiya Hussain Shares Her Personal Scone Recipe

A Thermal Top That My Sensitive Winter Skin Loves

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Brutally Mocks Kanye West’s Name Change

New ‘Bachelorette’ Michelle Young Avoids Glaring ‘Red Flags’ in Stunning Debut

Meghan McCain Tells Hannity That Liberals ‘Punished’ Her for 'Not Voting for President Obama’

Steve Bannon Just Might Be Accidentally Saving America

Cuisinart Burger Press For Grilling and Cooking Review

Jan. 6 Committee Moves Forward With Holding Steve Bannon in Contempt of Congress

Middlesex School Alums Pissed After Ritzy Prep School Disinvites 1619 Writer Nikole Hannah-Jones

Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto Has COVID-19

Montana Hospital ‘Harassed and Threatened’ by Ivermectin-Obsessed Officials, Including AG Austin Knudsen

National Association of REALTORS Fair Housing Partnership

Husband Larry Millete Charged With Murder of Missing California Mom Maya Millete

Sex Trafficking Victim Files Lawsuit Against Fairfax County Police

CNN Anchor John King Reveals Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis On-Air

Babysitter Lavrius Watson Splits Pot Cookie With Pennsylvania Kid’s Mom Then Stabs Her to Death, Police Say

This Meteorologist-Invented Umbrella Will Make You Wish for Rain

Climate Change Will Drive Millions From the Coast, but Managed Retreat Could Help Modernize Rural America

Alex Murdaugh Denied Bond in South Carolina as Cops Tease New Dirt

GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Said He Would Be Indicted for Lying to the FBI. He Was Right.

Katie Couric Returns to ‘Today’ Show, Dishes on Matt Lauer and Her RBG Regrets

Neon Light Vision Board

This Mexican Preserve Is the Anti-Tulum. Is That About to Change?

Moon Rocks From China’s Chang’e-5 Mission Reveal a History of Lunar Volcanism and Water

Disgraced ‘Billionaire’ Alki David Says He Faked His Way Onto the Rich Lists

Why We’re All Rooting for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

QAnon Celeb Tries to Leave Q Behind to Run for Congress in Arizona

Hero Chicago Cop Jack DeHeer Mad as Hell About Anti-Vax Brothers in Blue

Mini-Trump Glenn Youngkin Doesn’t Want to Be Seen With the Real Thing

Vladimir Putin Ushers in New Cold War Era by Severing Moscow’s NATO Link

Democrats Are Winning Race to Raise the Most Cash Online ActBlue WinRed

How Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Basically Bought’ Her House Seat

Ricky Velez Goes From Late-Night Troublemaker to ‘Undeniable’ Stand-Up Star

MSNBC Host Mehdi Hasan Says ‘People Actually Die’ From Watching Fox News

Jordan Klepper Exposes MAGA Morons Who Still Think ‘Trump Won’ on ‘The Daily Show’

Bearaby Weighted Blanket Review Tree Napper

G/O Media Mandated Staff Return to Offices and Many Didn’t Show

‘So Many Signs’: Miya Marcano’s Family Thinks Cops Failed Them

Dan Bongino Dares Cumulus Media to Cancel His Radio Show Over ‘Stupid’ Vax Mandate

Dennis Prager Announces He Has COVID After Hugging ‘Thousands’ to Get It

City Dwellers Navigate by Picking the Pointiest Path, Not the Shortest

Donald Trump Files Suit Against Jan. 6 Committee and National Archives

Trump Dodges Questions in Marathon Deposition Over Protest Violence, Lawyer Says

Fox News Loses It Over ‘Woke’ Superman Motto: They’re Telling Us ‘Not to Love Our Country!’

Joe Manchin Hates Spending More Than He Loves Children

3-Year-Old Major Harris Still Missing as Mom’s Suspected Killer Dies by Suicide

Colin Powell’s Vaccinated Coronavirus Death Triggers Anti-Vaxxer Frenzy

Colin Powell Was Nearly the Future of the GOP Before Donald Trump

Hadley Gamble, CNBC Journalist, Smeared as Anti-Putin ‘Special Ops’ Temptress

Colin Powell, Who Won First Gulf War and Was Humbled by the Second, Dead at 84

Relwen Quilted Tanker Jacker Review 2022

Colin Powell Dies From COVID While Battling Multiple Myeloma

CPAC Producer American Conservative Union Lavishes Millions on Top Brass

The Bizarre and Unsettling Rise of True Crime Makeup Videos on YouTube and TikTok

HBO Exposes the Violent Chaos of Trump’s Jan. 6 Rioters in ‘Four Hours at the Capitol’

Dr. Marvin Yussman Inseminated Susan Crowder With His Own Sperm

White People Sharing Racist Videos Are Telling on Themselves

Why This Last-Ditch Ploy to Combat Predatory Catholic Priests Is Doomed to Fail

Cutting Massive Bill Threatens to Blow Up Progressive Unity

Psychologists Want to Use VR to Fight Domestic Abuse Against Women

Georgia is the Country for Those Who Hate Pretentious Wine Tastings

10 Dishes With Pastry Chef Hedy Goldsmith of David Grutman’s Groot Hospitality Group

ButcherBox Offers New Members a Free All-Natural Turkey With Their First Order

The Need for Speed When It Comes to Our Crossword

‘Succession’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: Kendall Channels O.J. Simpson and Logan Wants Blood

‘Dana H.’ Was Kidnapped by a Psychopath. Now Her Ordeal Is a Broadway Play.

Illinois Woman Claudia Resendiz-Florez Accused of Shooting Dead Man Who Refused to Kiss Her

Jon Stewart Shreds Media for Stirring Up ‘Conflict’

Pete Buttigieg Fires Back at Tucker Carlson Over His Paternity Leave Criticism

GOAT Storage Organizer Review

It’s Official. Brits Want Prince William, Not Prince Charles, to Succeed the Queen

The Night Sam Cooke Made "Chain Gang" a Hymn to Freedom

Brazil Ignored Jair Bolsonaro to Beat the U.S. in COVID-19 Vaccination

The Ancient World's Secret Weapon? The Ejaculating Phallus

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: St. Lucia

Inside the Fight Against the GOP’s ‘Worst Congressmen’

Secrets of Netflix’s ‘The Baby-Sitters Club,’ the Best Show on TV

Truman Capote’s Ashes Took a Wild Ride on Their Way to the Cemetery

Katie Couric Covering Up Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Colin Kaepernick Comments Shows How We Ended Up With Trump

Netflix’s ‘Found’ Is the Tale of Three Girls Abandoned on the Streets of China Who Discover They’re Cousins

Meet the People Who Won’t Have Sex Until They’re Sterilized

The Killing of Roger Feltis Roils Vinalhaven, Maine

SNL ‘Squid Game’ Parody Music Video With Pete Davidson and Rami Malek

Sixteen U.S. Missionaries and Their Kids Kidnapped in Haiti

Native American Group Calls on Fox News to Fire Hosts Over ‘Racist’ Comments

Robert Durst Is on Ventilator With COVID, Lawyer Says

DC Comics Changes Superman Motto, Swaps ‘American Way’ With ‘Better Tomorrow’

Physician Assistant Scott Miller's License Is Suspended Over Ivermectin Push

Medellin Kingpin Pablo Escobar’s Wild Hippos Sterilized by Colombia

Smartwool Base Layer Shirt Cold Weather

Patrick Demilecamps, ‘Hoax’ Kidnap Victim, Previously Angered Italian Cops in Near-Fatal Daredevil Cliff Jump

Netflix’s ‘You’ Is Sharper, Funnier, and More Brutal Than Ever in Season 3

Mom Walked Kindergartner Brittany Locklear to Bus Stop and Never Saw Her Again

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Fucks Up Dave Chappelle Anti-Trans Backlash

Tucker Carlson Is Fighting for ‘Freedom’ Everywhere Except at Fox News

Did Allison Mack and the NXIVM Sex Cult Destroy ‘Smallville’s’ Legacy?

Jeffrey Epstein Bragged About Gift From Woody Allen Before Raping Russian Model, Lawsuit Says

It’s Time to Get Personal, and Nasty, With Vaccine Resisters

A Russian Film Crew Filmed a Movie on the Space Station, and Astronaut Chris Hadfield Explains How

The Hague Is Home to History, Herring, and the World’s Most Famous Vermeer

The Rolling Stones Will No Longer Play ‘Brown Sugar.’ And It’s About Damn Time.

How Mae West’s Play ‘Sex’ Scandalized Broadway—and Landed Her in Jail

Meet the Tomahawk-Toting QAnoner Terrorizing School Boards

Howard University Students Vow to Keep Fighting ‘Unlivable’ Conditions

Italian ‘Kidnappers’ Who Tied British Tourist to Radiator Insist It Was Hoax to Scam His Rich Parents

Shannon O’Connor, ‘Nightmare’ Mom Accused in California Drunken Teen Sex Parties, Loved ‘Power’

Brain Connectome 'Fingerprints' Could Be an Early Warning System for Alzheimer’s

Jeffrey Epstein Bragged Bill Barr was in Charge, Not Trump

Capitol Cop Michael Angelo Riley Arrested for Pushing Jan. 6 Rioter to Scrub Damning Facebook Posts, Feds Say

Hannah Gadsby Goes Off on Netflix Head Ted Sarandos for Using Her to Defend Chappelle

My Five Favorite Meals with Chef Antonio Salvatore

Alex Murdaugh Hospital Records Deepen Mystery of Botched Shooting of South Carolina Lawyer

Masten Milimo Wanjala, ‘Vampire’ Who Sucked Kids’ Blood, Lynched by Angry Mob

British MP David Amess Dies After Being Stabbed Inside Church

Alitalia Carried Popes and Princesses but Is Now Grounded for Good

This Breast Cancer Charity Is the Big New ‘Scam’ in Politics

LeVar Burton Lost ‘Jeopardy!’ and He’s Totally OK With That.

How Lilibet’s Christening Became Another War Between Harry and Meghan and the Royals

Will Fox News-Loving Sheriff Chad Bianco’s Oath Keeper Ties Cost Him His Job?

Bernie’s Tax the Rich Bluff Just Got Called by His Fellow Dems

Three Boys Kidnapped Using Mega-Popular Mobile Shooting Game Free Fire

Congress Begs Telecom for One Last Chance to Text for Cash

How Elon Musk’s SpaceX Beat Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin in the Billionaire Space Race

Jo Firestone Channeled Her Inner Old Lady to Teach Comedy to Seniors

Chicago Union Boss John Catanzara Shamelessly Coaches Vaccine Avoidance as Cops Put Their Lives on the Line

This Is Not Kyrsten Sinema Just Pissing Off the Left

Stanley Tucci’s Memoir ‘Taste’ Is a Lot More Than Just a Feast for Foodies

Jimmy Kimmel Laughs at Trump for Telling Republicans Not to Vote

Kyrie Irving Is a Far Cry from Muhammad Ali

‘The Lehman Trilogy’ on Broadway Takes Capitalism, and Makes It Golden

Adele’s Divorce Ballad ‘Easy on Me’ Is Even More Devastating Than We Thought

Bill Clinton Hospitalized in Irvine, California With Non-COVID Related Infection

Miami Fires Art Acevedo, the ‘Tom Brady’ of Police Chiefs, After 6 Months on the Job

Alaska Lawmaker Jamie Allard Waged Insane Battle to Treat Dying COVID Patient With Ivermectin

Tucker Carlson Punts When Confronted on Fox News Vaccine Policy: ‘I'm Not Qualified to Speak’ on It

Ohio’s Board of Education Freaks Over Critical Race Theory, Dump Anti-Racism Reforms

Jan. 6 Committee Plans to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt

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Trump Tells GOP: Back My Big Lie or I’ll Burn the Party Down

Joe Rogan Admits He Almost Got Vaxxed, Tells People to ‘Get Vaccinated and Then Get Sick’

Amazon’s ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Reboot Has Nudity and Drugs But No Hook

The Greatest Drinking Contest in History

Nicki Minaj Finally Responds to Jennifer Hough’s Witness Intimidation Lawsuit — Sort Of

Alex Murdaugh Now Charged in Dead Housekeeper Gloria Satterfield’s Missing Settlement Money

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart Brewer Review

Putin Says American Reporter Hadley Gamble Is Too ‘Beautiful’ to Understand His Very Clever Point

Stopping the Next Pandemic Means We Need Equity in Public Health

Kyrsten Sinema Is Unfriending Her Network Into Oblivion

They Found Sara Cheek’s OnlyFans and Made Her Life a Living Hell

Why Team Biden Can’t Ignore Mexico’s Deal With the Devil

‘Clueless’ Actress Brittany Murphy’s Tragic Death Exploited in Ghoulish New Documentary

Jim Jordan Makes His Move to Be the Most Batshit Anti-Vaxxer of All

Bill Pullman Saved the World. Now He’s Saving Himself.

How Triple-Jabbed Israel Is Exposing America’s COVID Booster Shot Blunders

Tom Brady and the Patriots’ Cheating Ways Laid Bare

Whistleblower Jumpstarts Biden’s Sneak Attack on Big Tech

‘Forget the Alamo’ Book Trashes Texas’ Beloved Origin Myth

Seth Meyers Nails Tucker Carlson’s ‘Just Asking Questions’ Nonsense

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ESPN Reporter Adam Schefter Has History of Sketchy, Unethical Behavior

Fox News Host Rachel Campos-Duffy Says Native Americans Are Alcoholics Hooked on the Government

‘Thoughts of a Colored Man’ on Broadway Has a Lot to Say

Black Trans Actor Suni Reid Claims They Were Cut From ‘Hamilton’ for Demanding Gender-Neutral Dressing Room

Furious Judge Finds D.C. Jail Officials in Contempt for ‘Abuse’ of Jan. 6 Prisoner Christopher Worrell

Billionaire Bill Gross Trashes ‘Tattooed’ Judge Who Found Him Guilty in Neighbor Feud

Anti-Masker Alaska Pol Lora Reinbold Gets COVID, Boasts About Taking Unproven Meds

Robot Vacuum Mop Sale Amazon OKP K3

Fox News Hosts Kennedy and Julie Banderas Shout Down Liberal Panelist for Saying NYC Is No ‘Hellhole’

Russia Throws Tantrum Over ‘Crazy’ American Women in Government

Alex Murdaugh’s Lawyer Finally Admits He’s a Person of Interest in Maggie and Paul’s Murder

Gabby Petito Sleuth Forum Tears Itself Apart Over Cringeworthy ‘Awards’

Best Cordless Leaf Blowers For Lawn 2022

‘Nervous’ 90-Year-Old William Shatner Is Rocketed Into Space

Bethany Bernatsky, Woman Gunned Down at Minnesota Resort, Was Likely Mistaken for Suspect’s Ex-Girlfriend

Shannon O’Connor Threw Secret Drunken Sex Parties for Young Teens, Encouraged Sex Attacks, DA Says

‘Bond’ Director Cary Joji Fukunaga Pressured Me Into Going Nude

Conservatives Want to Launch Their Own Anti-Vax Airlines

Terry McAuliffe Enters the Taylor Swift Phase of Desperation in Virginia Governor’s Race

Jon Gruden Is the Scapegoat. But What Else Is the NFL Hiding?

Time Is Running Out to Indict Donald Trump for His Sex Hush Money Payment to Stormy Daniels

Israel-Inspired Settlements Spark New Wave of Assassinations in Kashmir

GOP Rep. Claudia Tenney's Campaign Spent Thousands on Her Own Companies

Angsana, Corfu's New Luxury Hotel, Is All About Its Insane Pool

Joe Biden Left Russia Out of Ransomware Meet. Can’t Imagine Why.

Democrats Are Wasting a Winning Platform With a Losing Message

Larry David Explains How He Wound Up at Fashion Week ‘Like Steve Bannon at a Seder’

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Tells Kyrie Irving ‘the Hell With You’ Over Anti-Vaccine Stance

After Jon Gruden Resigns, Cheerleaders Demand NFL Release Report on Washington Football Team’s ‘Boys Club’

Big Biz Says Screw You to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Ban on Vax Mandates

Albert A. Baglione Killed Realtor Soren Arn-Oelschlegel, Then Himself, After Buying Portsmouth, Virginia Home

Leon County, Florida, Was Fined Millions for Its Vaccine Mandate. Folks Are Pissed.

The A 50-Year-Old Drug Bumetanide Might Find a New Life Treating Alzheimer’s

Mystery of Illinois Grad Student Jelani Day’s Death Deepens ‘Missing Organs’ Report

Fox News Proves Jon Stewart’s Point About ‘Cancel Culture’

Van-Lifer Gabby Petito Was Strangled to Death, Coroner Says

Katana Curven Turns to TikTok to Find Courtney Bryan, Sister Who Vanished in a Forest

Missing 8-Year-Old Julia Sleegers Lost in Freezing Forest For Two Days Found Alive

Solar Panels on Half the World’s Roofs Would Power the Planet

Derek Parendo, Proctor High School Football Coach, Resigns Amid Reports of Brutal Minnesota Hazing Incident

Boris Johnson’s Early Pandemic F*ck-Ups Cost 1000s of Lives, Official Report Says

Royal Feud Plumbs New Depths as Harry and Meghan Reportedly Not Having U.K. Christening for Lilibet

Man Accused of Stealing Tracker From Great White Shark and Terrifying Swimmers With Hoax Alerts

RVshare Will Help Make Your Dream Fall Trips Come True

Gabriela Acuna, COVID-Ravaged Mom of a Newborn, Denied a Lung Transplant. ‘How Cruel Is That?’

Ted Cruz & Co. Promote Nonexistent Anti-Vax Airline ‘Strike’

How Tom Cotton Went From ‘Send in the Troops’ to Stopping Trump

‘Borat’ Writer Jena Friedman Became the ‘Hipster Nancy Grace’

Glenn Youngkin’s Complicated History on Critical Race Theory

Police Chief of Troubled Virginia Department Flames Out After Calling Female Employees ‘B*tches’

What Hulu’s Star-Studded ‘Dopesick’ Gets Wrong About the Opioid Crisis

‘Chucky’ the Murderous Doll Is Back to Wreak Havoc on Your TV

Either Merrick Garland Gets to Work or We Can Kiss Democracy Goodbye

Why Democrats Clammed Up About Reforming a Racist Justice System

Mustard’s Long Strange Trip from Medicine to Condiment from Gastro Obscura A Food Adventurer’s Guide

Online Markets and Grocery Delivery Grew Big During the Pandemic. They Could Solve America's Hunger Problem

Tucker Carlson Promises He’s ‘Not Pretending’ to Be Outraged Over Vaccine Mandates, Says ‘It’s Real!’

Seth Meyers Embarrasses Trump for Boring His Own Rally Crowd

Allen West Out of the Hospital—but Still Confused About COVID

Jon Gruden Plans to Resign as Las Vegas Raiders Coach After Emails Revealed to Include Homophobia, Misogyny

‘Is This A Room’ Is a Real FBI Interrogation, and Now a Standout Broadway Show

Vice Hit With $300M Suit From ShotSpotter

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Trump Whines to Newsmax About Fox News Keeping Analyst Who Called Arizona for Biden

UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz Cancels Classes for ‘Wellness Day’ After Two Suicides in One Month

Why a Petty Condo Feud Over 9/11 Responder Charlie Burge’s Shoes Now Has the DOJ Involved

Mennonite Moms’ Breast Milk Might Protect Kids From Allergies, Study Finds

Cops Hunt Down Gang-Linked Sex Worker With COVID Who Lied to Skirt Quarantine

Prince Andrew Camp Boasts It’s ‘No Surprise’ Cops Are Dropping Sex Assault Case

Corey Lewandowski in Exile: Banned at Trump Properties Donald Trump

Her Son Was Killed in a Mass Shooting, Hers Was the Shooter: Inside the Heartbreaking New Film ‘Mass’

Far-Right John Birch Society Wants Anti-Mask Protests to Fuel Its Comeback

Her Repressed Memory Got Him a Life Sentence for Murder. Was It Real?

'Scam' Political Groups Try New Tricks and Rake In Millions PACs Charities

America, Let’s Stay Together. Even if It’s Just for the Kids.

13 Easy Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2021, From ‘Squid Game’ to Bennifer

The Lincoln Project Got Attention but These Never Trumpers Got Results

At Florida Southern College, Frank Lloyd Wright You Can Touch Without Losing Your Hand

A Puzzle Title Can Be Just as Hard to Nail as a Clue

Jon Stewart Explains Why ‘Cancel Culture’ Is a Myth

John Oliver Torches His AT&T Bosses Over OAN Reveal, Saying ‘You Make the World Worse’

‘Chicken & Biscuits’ Wants to Make a Broadway Feast Out of a Funeral

The Biggest Comet Ever Discovered, Bernardinelli-Bernstein, Is Headed Our Way

Allen West Goes on Unhinged Anti-Vaccine Tirade Amid COVID Hospitalization

Chris Wallace Grills Steve Scalise, Who Still Refuses to Admit 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen

CNN’s Dana Bash Grills Facebook Exec Nick Clegg: Did You ‘Amplify Pro-Insurrection Voices?’

Prince William Thinks Prince Andrew Is ‘Threat,’ ‘Risk,’ and ‘Danger’ to Royal Family

The Aztec Origins of a Mysterious Elizabethan Mirror

What You Need to Know Before You Wind Up in the ICU

OMG, I Want That House: Bridgehampton, NY

How ‘LuLaRich’ Exposes the Biggest Scam of All

Everything Is Bad, So These People Are Splurging Big on Halloween

The Explosive ‘Nuclear Family’ Finale Reveals Outcome of Lesbian Moms’ Battle With Sperm Donor

He Saw America’s Crackup Coming in 2011—He Says It's Worse Now

We Finally Know How 43 Ayotzinapa Students on a Bus Vanished Into Thin Air

MAGA Anti-Masker Shiva Bagheri Thinks God Wants Her to Terrorize Children

Fiona Hill Thinks Putin Used His KGB Training to Manipulate Trump

Tyson Fury’s Brutal Third Battle With Deontay Wilder Was One for the Ages

Kim Kardashian West Roasts O.J. Simpson, Caitlyn Jenner and Kanye in SNL Monologue

Jim Acosta Asks Andrew Yang What the Hell He Was Doing on ‘Tucker Carlson’?

Houston Celebrity Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church Repays $4.4M in COVID Pandemic Loans

QAnon-Linked Judge Paula Patrick Rules in War Over Columbus Statue and Plywood Box in Philadelphia

Allen West Contracts COVID After Taking Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin

Costa Rica’s Tourism Wants to Save the Planet

Meet Mehtaab Kaur, the Teen Who Got Abortion Rights Groups on TikTok

From Britney to Beyoncé, the Magical Beauty of 2000s Pop Culture Icons

Far-Right Streamers Are Making a Killing on Twitch Hack Terpsichore Maras Lindeman

Margaret Qualley Is Phenomenal in Netflix’s ‘Maid’

Dave Chappelle, and the Week From Hell For Trans People

Merrick Garland Isn’t ‘Criminalizing Parenting’—He’s Protecting Schoolkids

This One Basic Mistake Is Blowing Up Biden’s Presidency

‘Lamb’ Is the Lamb-Human Hybrid Horror Movie That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Did the Lame ‘Squid Game’ Finale Ruin the Whole Thing?

Government Gadfly Joan Davis Found Murdered Was Terrified ‘People Were After Her’

Bill Maher Makes Yet Another Terrible Transphobic Joke

Chaos Continues as Court Swiftly Brings Back Texas’ Abortion Ban

Hollywood Media Mogul Sharon Waxman Is a ‘Degrading’ Boss From Hell, TheWrap Staffers Say

Virginia School Board ‘Wokeness Checker’ Victoria Manning Wants Toni Morrison Banned for ‘Porn’

The Holidays Are Around the Corner, So Save on Travel Now

Seeking the Origins of Whiskey

Cory Fleming, Lawyer Pal Accused of Helping Alex Murdaugh Steal Millions, Now Suspended From Practicing Law

Black Firefighter Latosha Clemons Sues Boynton City Over Mural Depicting Her as White

Colorado Dad Mark Redwine, Who Murdered Son Dylan Over Lewd Diaper Pics, Sentenced to Prison

Trump Claimed His D.C. Hotel Made $150 Million. House Panel Says It Lost, Bigly.

Caltech’s Slightly Creepy New Robot LEONARDO Walks, Hops, Flies, and Skateboards

Postal Worker Louis Vignone Killed by ‘Obsessed’ Ex-Neighbor Eric Kortz Who Said He’d Been Poisoned: Cops

Shiite Mosque Explosion in Kunduz, Afghanistan Exposes Taliban Weakness

The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Is a Massive ‘F*ck You’ to Putin and Duterte

Michael Flynn to QAnon believers: I’m not a Satanist!

Don’t Be Fooled by Jay-Z’s Star-Studded Super Bowl Halftime Show

How Art Acevedo, the ‘Tom Brady’ of Police Chiefs, Fumbled in Miami

Doomsday Church and Gun Company Kahr Team Up for Ultra-Right Festival Steve Bannon Dana Loesch Freedom Fest

Mike Pence and Nikki Haley Aren’t the Future of the GOP—They’re Roadkill

How Harry and Meghan Made Sure Archie and Lilibet Grow Up in Total Privacy

Dave Chappelle’s Pointless Transphobia and Homophobia

Venice’s Mass Surveillance System Set to Spoil Secret Lovers’ Paradise

That Time Trump Whined About Not Winning the Nobel Prize

How Fox News Has Made Every Single Moment of the Last 25 Years Worse

10 Rounds With Adam Montgomerie from New York’s Hawksmoor restaurant

Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah Mock Fox News’ 25th Anniversary ‘Circle Jerk’

Sick Trump Says Haiti Has an ‘AIDS Problem’ and America Has a ‘Death Wish’

Fox News Climbed Up by Dragging America Down

‘Lackawanna Blues’ on Broadway Brings a Black Community Beautifully Alive

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Relocate Headquarters to Austin Amid Abortion Ban Fallout

Ainsley Earhardt Suggests She’s Sean Hannity’s Favorite ‘Fox & Friends’ Anchor

School Cop Eddie F. Gonzalez Who Shot California Teen Mona Rodriguez is Fired as Police Open Homicide Probe

The World Health Organization Just Approved the First-Ever Malaria Vaccine. It Took Decades.

University of Montana Dean Paul Kirgis Amid Allegations Of Trying To Stifle Title IX Cases

Texas Abortion Provider Whole Woman’s Health Resumes Procedures After Judge Blocks Ban

NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Confirms Jezero Crater Was a Giant Ancient Lake

Teacher Resigns After Telling Black Students They’d Be ‘Field Slaves’ Without Constitution

Florida Student Miya Marcano’s Family Confronted ‘Obsessive’ Murder Suspect Armando Caballero, New Vid Shows

Missouri Mystery Over Cassidy Rainwater, Missing Woman Shown in a Cage, Takes a New Bizarre Twist

Amazon Epic Daily Deals on L'Oreal, Garnier, NYX, Essie,

Trump Whined Acting Attorney General Was Doing Nothing to Help Him ‘Overturn’ Election, Senate Report Says

Notorious Mobster Opens Mafia-Themed Burger Joint With a Discount For His Favorite Criminals

Kyrsten Sinema Has Made Herself Into ‘a Shame to Democrats’

Yevgeny Roizman Is the New Face of Russia’s Anti-Putin Movement

Why Dane Cook Turned Down SNL and Made Up With Louis C.K.

She Said ‘I HATE BLACK PEOPLE’—Now She’s a Rising GOP Star

Baggy Jeans Is How I Got My Swagger Back

The Next Big Boy Band That Vanished Without a Trace

How Reality Winner’s FBI Interrogation Became Broadway Play, ‘Is This A Room’

NASA’s Lucy Probe Is Headed to the Trojan Asteroids to Uncover the Solar Systems Secrets

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Fox News COVID Hypocrisy: They’re All Vaccinated!

Birch Luxe Mattress Review

Rachel Maddow Says She’ll ‘Be Totally Fine’ After Revealing Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Dave Chappelle Backed by Family of Late Transgender Comedian Daphne Dorman From ‘The Closer’

Corey Lewandowski Demanded Cash After MAGA-Land Kicked Him to the Curb

Twitch’s Massive Data Leak Exposes Glaring Racial Pay Gap in Streaming

NATO Kicks Out 8 Russian Diplomats Over Spying Suspicions

Alki David, Coca-Cola Heir Who Called Lawyer a ‘Fucktard,’ Loses $7 Million Case

‘Fascist’ Anti-Vax Riot Sparks COVID Outbreak in Australia—With Rupert Murdoch’s Help

Alex Murdaugh’s Old Law Firm Alleges He Stole From Clients for Years

It’s Not Just Research—Donations To The American Cancer Society Can Change Our Reality

A Nervous Lindsey Graham Doesn’t Deny Freeloading Off Trump

Why Pharrell Won’t Bring Back Music Fest to ‘Toxic’ Virginia Beach After Cousin Donovan Lynch’s Death

Amazon Fashion Epic Daily Deals

NRA Promotes Charles Cotton and Willes Lee, Two Execs Who Spread Bonkers Conspiracies

Diplo Could Face Sexual Misconduct Charges, Says Report

Tom Sharkey, Husband ‘Wanted’ for Insta Influencer Alexis Sharkey’s Murder, Kills Himself as Cops Close In

‘Multiple Victims’ Reported After Shooting at Mansfield Timberview High School, Arlington Texas

Idaho Lieutenant Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin Goes Rogue to Ban Vax Mandates While Governor Out of State

Stalking Schools and Scaring Kids Is the New Anti-Vax Trend

Boris Johnson Simps for ‘Anti-Racist’ Winston Churchill in Speech That Ignored Brexit Mess

Bodycam Footage Shows Minneapolis Police Officers Praised for ‘Hunting’ Protesters After George Floyd Killing

Meghan Markle Could Be Eyeing Deal With Infomercial Guru Bill Guthy, Who Made Cindy Crawford $200 Million

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg Has One Defense, Gross Incompetence

Sutton Stracke Is the Real Detective of Beverly Hills: ‘I Can’t Fake It. I Just Can’t.’

Missouri Ignores Pleas From Senators and Pope to Execute Intellectually Disabled Black Man Ernest Johnson

The Left Is Done Pressuring Kyrsten Sinema. Now They Want a Primary.

Netflix’s ‘Bad Sport’ Probes Sports’ Wildest Scandals, from Drug Trafficking to Horse Murder

‘Trumpcoin’ Scam From Fake Celebrity Accounts Is Fooling QAnon

Antisemitic Troll Tries to Infiltrate Idaho School Board

How We Finally Bridge Southern States’ Fatal ‘Coverage Gap’

Rethinking Traditional New England Clam Chowder With Scott Conant

Stephen Colbert Ruins Stephanie Grisham’s Trump Book So No One Will Buy It

Don Lemon Tells Stephanie Grisham to ‘Go on the Fox Propaganda Network and Sell Your Book’

The Massive Biden Reset You Probably Don’t Even Know Is Happening

Teresa Sperry’s Mom Nicole Relives Moments Before Her COVID Death

Joe Biden Asks Big Biz to Lean on GOP as ‘Cataclysmic’ Debt Default Looms

Abuse Accuser Sues Estate of Lubavitch Silversmith Hirschel Pekkar, Seeks His Famous Menorah

Alex Murdaugh Hid Millions From Dead Housekeeper’s Sons in Wrongful Death Suit, New Court Documents Allege

Border Officials Seize Ivermectin Pills and Fake Vaccine Cards Customs and Border Protection

GOP Hopeful Max Miller Sues Stephanie Grisham for Defamation Amid Book Tour

MyPillow Mike Lindell’s New Theory Is Fox News and Dominion Were in Cahoots to Cancel Lou Dobbs

‘Immortal’ Henrietta Lacks’ Family Says Biotech Firms Are Still Using Her Cells Like ‘Chattel’

New Hampshire State GOP Lawmaker Ken Weyler Pushes Insane Claim ‘Octopus-Like Creatures’ Are in COVID Vaccine

Feds Say Flashy CanaFarma Cannabis Execs, Vitaly Fargesen and Igor Palatnik, Blew Investors’ Cash

Fox Host Cheryl Casone Claims Sinema Was ‘Assaulted’ on Flight, Asks ‘Where Was the FAA?!’

Sherry Lee Heffernan Charged With Murdering Elderly Father, Girlfriend in Bayfront Jersey Shore Home

No One Is Holding Mark Zuckerberg Accountable, Facebook Whistleblower Tells Senate Panel

NYPD Sergeants Union President Ed Mullins Resigns After FBI Agents Descend on Headquarters

Lenovo Chromebooks Amazon Epic Daily Deal

Prince Harry Has 100 Million Reasons Not to Comment on Exploitative New Netflix Show ‘Diana: The Musical’

Stephanie Grisham Tries to Repent for Years of Lying for Trump in Brutal CNN Interview

Nuns Raped Girls With Crucifixes as Female Pedophilia Was Covered Up by the Church

10-Year-Old Teresa Sperry Died of COVID After Teacher Made Her Be ‘Nurse’ to Sick Kids, Parents Say

Dave Chappelle Says He’s a TERF and Is Quitting LGBTQ Jokes in Netflix’s ‘The Closer’

Inside the Right’s Plan to Rebrand Sex Ed as ‘Child Porn’

Racist ‘Landlord From Hell’ Tortured Tenants During COVID-19 Pandemic, Lawsuit Says

Are Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Subtitles Actually Botched? Not Entirely, Korean-Speakers Say

Kyrsten Sinema and Liz Cheney Are America’s Best and Bravest Politicians

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Details Donald Trump’s ‘Threats’ and Infamous Phone Call

Pope Francis Accused of Playing God at Vatican Trial

Dane Cook Never Wanted to Be a ‘Frat Comic’

Does the ‘Notorious RBG’ Exhibit Go Beyond Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hero Worship?

The Secret Meeting Between Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, Donald Trump, and Jared Kushner

Comfortable Gift for Dad

Mike Pence Says He ‘Parted Amicably’ With Donald Trump After Supporters Tried to Hang Him

Ex-Tesla Worker Speaks After Winning $137M Racism Verdict

Fiona Hill Doesn’t Think the Russians Had Anything on Trump

Comedian Blaire Erskine Drops Perfect Response to Facebook Outage

Facebook Went Dark, and Twitter Was Lit

Texas Teen Ahmedal Modawi Caught Doing Donuts Kills Three Young Valet Workers Fleeing Cops, Police Say

William Shatner Will Ride a Blue Origin Rocket to Space. Is it Even Safe for Him?

Amazon Beauty Haul Sale 2022—Best Beauty Deals to Shop

Lizzo Called Chris Brown Her ‘Favorite Person’—and Fans Aren’t Happy

Giuliani Claims Trump Campaign Had Veto Power Over OAN Reporter’s Stories

‘The View’ Hosts Embarrass Former Trump Spokeswoman Alyssa Farah

Republicans Shout Down Rep. Lindsey Graham for Pushing Vaccine

Deep Brain Stimulation Could Give Relief to Millions Suffering from Treatment-Resistant Depression

Carlos Watson Declares Ozy Media Is Back Three Days After Announcing Shutdown

Penis of Michelangelo’s Statue of David Covered Up at Dubai Expo

Four Dead in Italy as Gas From Wine Fermentation Overpowered Them

Inside Alabama’s Sick Plan to Spend COVID Cash on Prisons

Donald Trump’s Sprawling Use of NDAs Now Threatens to Humiliate Him Non-Disclosure Agreement Omarosa

‘Succession’ Season 3 Is as Great as You Hoped (And Will Make You Hate the Roys)

Steve McQueen Is Not Here for ‘Happy-Clappy’ Disney Movies

Best Organic Cotton Sheets from Riley

The Gangland Murders Forcing Israel to Its Breaking Point

America’s Finally Telling the Anti-Vax Nuts Where They Can Go

The Most Hotly Anticipated TV Shows of Fall 2021, from ‘Succession’ to the Return of Larry David

Biden Broke With Obama on Immigration, Only to Become Just Like Him

Is Putin Afraid of Navalny? He Certainly Acts Like He Is

How Pittsburgh Rallied After Squirrel Hill Synagogue Attack

The Genius Idea for Making Drinks with Smoke-Damaged Grapes

The Dunkable, Twistable Cookie That Is a Perfect Puzzle Clue

John Oliver Unloads on Dem Holdouts Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin

The Musical ‘Six’ Finally, Fabulously, Opens on Broadway

These Hack Supreme Court Justices Are Gunning for Roe v. Wade, and Lying About It

Frances Haugen Unmasks Herself as Facebook Whistleblower on ‘60 Minutes’

Senator Kyrsten Sinema Locks Door to Arizona State University Bathroom Stall as Activists Demand Answers

Putin’s Alleged Mistress Svetlana Krivonogikh Bought a $4 Million Pad in Monaco, Pandora Papers Reveal

Chris Wallace Nails GOP Sen. John Barrasso, Asks Him If His State Would ‘Benefit From’ Biden’s Spending Bill

Pramila Jayapal Says She Won’t Vote For Spending Bill That Includes Anti-Abortion Hyde Amendment

Prince Andrew Breaks Cover and Finally Meets His Granddaughter

Forget Sourdough Starters, Making Bread Was the Second-Worst Job in the Ancient World.

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Who Is ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’ For?

What Ken Burns’ Muhammad Ali Doc Misses About the Nation of Islam

When the U.S. Air Force Accidentally Dropped an Atomic Bomb on Mars Bluff, South Carolina

When Anthony Bourdain Invited Obama to Dinner... in Hanoi

Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards

Don’t Buy Biden’s Kinder, Gentler New Immigration Policy Yet

James Norris Went to Florida to Buy Weed and Never Made It Back to California

Comedian Russell Brand Has Become a Powerful Voice for Anti-Vaxxers

Why Are Matt Gaetz & Co. Pushing ‘White Replacement Theory’?

SNL's Norm Macdonald Tribute From Colin Jost and Michael Che

SNL Debuts New Cast Member James Austin Johnson’s Spot-On Biden Impression in Season Premiere

Eddie F. Gonzalez, Long Beach School Safety Officer Who Shot Mona Rodriguez, Was Only Hired Months Ago

Body of Florida Student Miya Marcano Found a Week After Suspect Armando Manuel Caballero Killed Himself

TikTok Star Gabriel ‘GabeNotBabe’ Salazar Was Being Chased by Cops Near Mexico Border Before Crash

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Tries to Mop Up Damage From Nightmare Week

People Ignoring Women’s Abortion Choices Should Be Ashamed

Louis Menand Dynamites the Cliche of the Sleepy Fifties

How Ozy Media’s Guru Kept House of Cards From Collapsing Until Now

The Russian Moms Selling Creepy Photos of Teen Ballerinas Online

The COVID Antiviral Pill Could Pull Hospitals Back From the Brink

Who Should Be the Next James Bond? The Internet’s Most Annoying Debate Returns

Inside ‘Titane,’ the Wildest and Sexiest Movie of the Year

Demi Lovato Goes Full Tin Foil Hat With ‘Unidentified.’ And It’s a Joy to Watch.

‘Kraken Queen’ Sidney Powell Is Now on Trump’s ‘No-Go List’

Corey Lewandowski Finally Went Too Far—He Messed With the Money

Reps. Cori Bush and Emanuel Cleaver Join Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Execution of Ernest Johnson

Joe Biden Gets Infrastructure Truce With Democrats—Just Not a Deal

Family of Mona Rodriguez, Teen Shot by School Safety Officer, Prepares to Pull Plug

Billionaire Bill Gross Guilty of Contempt for Harassing His Neighbor (Again)

The Kremlin Takes Center Stage in Europe’s Fuel Fiasco

Alabama Woman Says She Found a Noose After Reporting Racism at Work

Sword-Wielding Ninja Gino Rivera Arrested After Bizarre Attack on Soldiers in Mojave Desert

Suspect in Custody After Reports of Active Shooter at Houston’s YES Prep Southwest Secondary School

Alan Dershowitz, 'Stop the Steal' Lawyer Kurt Olsen Team Up for New Dominion Lawsuit

Thomas Retzlaff, Man Who Complained About Ex-Proud Boy Jason Van Dyke Was Trying to Kill Him, Is Found Dead

Joe Rogan Thinks Biden Faked His COVID-19 Booster Shot on Live TV

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