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Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel Roughed Up Student After Bizarre Religious Rant, Report Says

Corpse Found in Colorado HQ of So-Called Cult ‘Love Has Won,’ Led by Amy Carlson

Boris Johnson's ‘Lie and Coverup’ Furniture Scandal

Michael Che Mocks Report SNL Cast May Skip Elon Musk Episode

Mark Zuckerberg Gobbles Up Another Big Chunk of Hawaii Beachfront

90 People Found Crammed in Houston Home in Possible Smuggling Op, Cops Say

Judge Grants Bail to 3 in Rape Case That Divided South Kingston, Rhode Island

Civil War-Happy Sheriff Deputy in Georgia Richard Griggers Bragged About Attacking Black Man, Feds Say

Janet Mock Demands More Pay for ‘Pose’ in Fiery Speech at Premiere: ‘You Have Stomped on Us’

Elliot Page Delivers on His Promise to Advocate for Trans Community in Oprah Winfrey Interview

Best New Launches From Made In, Kate Spade, Adidas, and More

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Hammers West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Over Anti-Trans Sports Bill

Rudy Giuliani Taps Alan Dershowitz for Legal Advice Following Federal Raid

With Ratings in the Toilet, Are the Oscars Doomed?

Tennis Dresses, Workout Dresses, and Exercise Dresses for Spring 2023

Karen Boes Got Life for Her Daughter’s Fiery Death. But Was the Conviction Based on Junk Science?

Indian Scientists Beg Narendra Modi to Release Data on COVID-19 Variants

‘Yasuke’ Is Netflix and LaKeith Stanfield’s Mind-Meltingly Awesome Black Samurai Anime

Groups Helping Medical Students Tied to Anti-Immigrant Progressives for Immigration Reform

Georgia Republicans Clearing the Field for Herschel Walker

Donald Trump Jr.’s Inauguration ‘Fuckery’

Could Prince Harry Miss Princess Diana’s Statue Unveiling Because of Royal Feuds?

Pro-Kremlin Propaganda Says FSB Busted Neo-Nazi Terror Plot in 9 Cities

The CDC Is on Top of the Science, but Muddying the Message

Biden Calls Bullsh*t on the GOP’s ‘Pro-Family’ Bluff

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Another Round’ and Hollywood’s Weird Obsession With Remaking Foreign Classics

Stephen Colbert Hammers Ted Cruz’s Lame Excuse for Sleeping During Biden’s Speech to Congress

Daily Beast Contributors Share 100 Words on Biden’s First 100 Days in Office

Daily Beast Favorite Products of April 2021

Feds Got Into Rudy Giuliani’s iCloud With a ‘Covert Warrant’ While He Repped Trump in 2019, Lawyer Says

Dozens Dead in Stampede at Lag b’Omer Religious Festival at Mount Meron in Israel

Rudy Giuliani Rants About East Berlin and the iCloud in Bonkers Fox Interview

Andrew Giuliani Flails When Asked if Rudy Will Flip on Trump

Joel Greenberg Letter Written for Roger Stone Says Matt Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Mysterious Black Eye May Be From Harsh Jail Lights, Lawyers Say

Lady Gaga’s Dad Joe Germanotta on Alleged Dognappers, Keep ‘Em Behind Bars

Michael Cohen Gloats Over Giuliani Raid: ‘Rudy, I Told You So!’

Will Rudy Giuliani Actually Be Held Accountable for His Alleged Criming?

Pasquotank Sheriff Identifies Deputies Who Opened Fire on Andrew Brown Jr.

Dr. Loretta Antioxidant Sunscreen Review

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E Camp in Virginia Accused of Sexual Assault

SAG-AFTRA Just Made It Easier to Report Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘Privately Congratulated’ Prince William and Kate Middleton on 10th Anniversary

India PM Modi Calling for People to Go Vote in West Bengal Despite Bodies Piling Up From Raging Pandemic

Beast Health Blender Review 2021

10 Dishes with Chef David Danielson from Churchill Downs the home of the Kentucky Derby

The Tragedy and Urgent Warning Behind HBO Max’s ‘Lucy the Human Chimp’

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 10th Anniversary Is the Calm Before the Storm

Here’s What the Feds’ Rudy Giuliani Raid Does—and Does Not—Mean

Netflix’s ‘Sexify’ Is a Wild and Fun Exploration of the Female Orgasm

Were These Migrant Teens Framed for Arson That Left 13,000 Homeless?

Meet Mackenzie Newcomb, Who Is Selling Her $15,000 New York Wedding on TikTok

Director Paul Feig Reveals the Ball-Dripping Vegas Stripper Scene Cut From ‘Bridesmaids’

They Went to D.C. on Jan. 6. Now They’re Running for Office.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Train-Wreck Interview With MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell

Biden’s Speech to America Was All About Our Contest With China

Joe Biden: I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help

Chris Wallace Gushes Over Biden Speech, Fox News Colleague Rips Him

Biden’s Big Populist Pitch at the Joint Session of Congress Is Sunny—and Dangerous as Hell

Child’s COVID Death in Hawaii Exposes the Painful Dilemma of Post-Vaccine Life for Parents

The Chickens Come Home to Roost for ‘Traitorous Traitor’ Rudy

Michael Collins, the Apollo Astronaut Who Kept His Eye on the Bigger Picture, Dead at 90

Meghan McCain Defends Fox News Pushing Fake Stories on ‘The View’

Feds Raid Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan Apartment in Ukraine Investigation

Albany Reporters Float Andrew Cuomo Boycott in Response to His ‘Mind Games’`

Elliot Page Gives Oprah Winfrey Interview to Fight Anti-Trans ‘Misinformation and Lies’

Malcolm Spellman, ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Showrunner, on a New Captain America and a Captain America 4

You Have to Try Chef Eric Ripert’s Mushroom Bolognese Sauce from his new book Vegetable Simple

Elon Musk Promotes SNL and Dogecoin and Fans Fall for It

Birdwatching Camera from Wyze

Lululemon Fitness MIRROR Sale 2022 — Take $800 Off For a Limited Time

Prince Andrew’s Expulsion From Public Life Cemented by Charles Taking His Key Patronage

Sons Forced to Carry Dead Mom 300 Miles Across India on Their Motorbike

Avocado Green Pillow Review

Nature’s Best Eating Competition? Brown Bears

My Son Is Trans. I Want Texas Politicians to Stop Attacking Him and Me.

Did Zac Efron Have Plastic Surgery? A Lot of Men Are These Days.

How Low Will the GOP Go to Keep These Black Women off the Bench?

How Intelligence Analyst Daniel John Malik Ended Up Facing LSD and Gun Charges

From Mike Lindell on Kimmel to Elon Musk on SNL, Who Deserves a Late-Night TV Platform?

Biden Warned of Four Crises, the Pandemic Was the Easy One

Inside the Church of Bleach Drinkers

Matt Gaetz May Be the Only Man Who’s Too Gross for Newsmax

Trumpists’ New Capitol Riot Defense: Blame Maxine Waters

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 4 Is Better, but Just as Brutal

Bolsonaro’s Chief of Staff Admits the Brazilian President’s COVID Position Is BS on Hot Mic

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Are America’s Horniest Instagram Couple

Family of Slain 3-Year-Old Elijah LaFrance Says ‘Someone Knows’ Who Killed Him and They Need to Speak Up

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off on Tucker Carlson’s ‘Child Abuse’ Anti-Mask Rant

Fox News Host Calls Out Network's Debunked Claims About Kamala and Biden

NY Post Reporter Quits, Says She Was ‘Ordered’ to Write False Kamala Story

Stephen Miller, Mark Meadows’ America New Legal Outfit Sues Biden Admin Over COVID Aid Policy

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill Indicted for Strapping Inmates in Restraint Chair as Punishment

Biden: Have a Vax, Go Outside Without a Mask (Sometimes)

Trump Dragged Closer to Testifying in Protesters’ Suit Accusing His Guards of Assault

New York Post Pulls Down Debunked Report That Kamala Harris’ Book Was Given to Migrant Kids

Independent Autopsy Released for Andrew Brown Jr. Death in Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Miss Provence? This Book Will Help (or Hurt)

Princess Sirivannavari of Thailand Closes Koh Samui Beach For Private Vacation as Country Reels From COVID

Deadly India COVID-19 Outbreak Hits U.S. Diplomatic Mission, Killing Two

Read This Excerpt From Adrian Miller’s book ‘Black Smoke African Americans and the United States of Barbecue’ Can Recommend a New Hotel in Miami—Its Own

My First Encounter with One of Italy’s Greatest Grapes

Has Wall Street Completely Lost Its Mind?

Director Paul Feig on the ‘F*cked Up’ Burden of ‘Bridesmaids,’ 10 Years Later

‘Knife Fights in a Phone Booth’: Census Will Turn Incumbents Against Each Other

The ‘Burger Ban’ Lie is the GOP’s New ‘Death Panel’

Scores Die Waiting At Hospital Doorsteps in COVID-Ravaged India

Biden Put America to Sleep, and Now He’s Put Us Under the Knife

‘SNL’ Cast Members Quietly Rebel Against Host Elon Musk

Natasha Henstridge Survived Hollywood’s Predators. Now She Wants to Be Hired.

Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, the Irish Right-Wingers Hellbent on Tormenting Hunter Biden

Last-Ditch Plot to Undermine Biden’s Presidential Election Goes Full QAnon

Fly By Jing Chili Crisp Review

More Than 60 Shots Fired in Attack That Killed 3-Year-Old Elijah LaFrance

Miami Private School Centner Academy Won’t Let Vaccinated Teachers Near Students, Citing COVID Misinformation

Tucker Carlson Tells Fox Viewers to Call the Cops if They See Kids Wearing Masks Outdoors

Seth Meyers Exposes ‘Sweaty, Bloated’ Donald Trump Jr.’s Meat Lies

Justice for ‘Wolfwalkers,’ the Masterpiece that Should’ve Won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars

Timeline Of Fair Housing In America

Trumpy Billionaire Peter Thiel Is Behind the Next Psychedelics IPO

Secret Court Reveals: FBI Hunted for Domestic Terrorists Without a Warrant

Lawyers Say Body-Cam Footage Shows North Carolina Authorities ‘Execute’ Andrew Brown

Fox News Corrects False Claim That Biden Is Coming for Your Burgers

CNN’s Rick Santorum Dismisses Native American Culture, Says ‘There Was Nothing Here’ Before U.S.

Colorado Police Laughed at Body-Cam of Violent Arrest of Karen Garner, Woman With Dementia, Video Shows

Boris Johnson Allegedly Screamed ‘Let the Bodies Pile High’ in Foul-Mouthed Anti-Lockdown Rant

Man Trying to Escape Raid on Superspreader Party Was Impaled by a Spear

Pact Organic Cotton Underwear Review 2022

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Is Happy to Let Black and Brown Kids Die in Prison

It’s Not About Convicting a Cop. It’s About Rehabbing the Police.

Watch Puppet Mitch McConnell Pretend to Be Human in Robert Smigel’s ‘Let’s Be Real’

The Crazy Case of Gaetz Wingman’s Fraudulent COVID Relief Loans

Jake Paul Has Brought the Sport of Boxing to Its ‘Lowest Point’

Paul Gosar's Latest Extremist Connection: A Fundraiser With White Nationalist Ties

Trump’s Minions Are Scamming Their Way to Top of the Bestseller List

The Rise and Fall of Soccer (or Football) Clues Last Week

Meet the Anti-Mask Michigan ‘Scientist’ Stoking the Fourth Wave

Trump Plots to Ruin GOP Guv Over Election Vendetta

Strangest Oscars Ever? From Snubbing Chadwick Boseman to ‘Da Butt’ and the Bizarre Stage

Glenn Close Lost the Award but Won Oscars Night Dancing to ‘Da Butt’

Youn Yuh-Jung Teases Brad Pitt as She Makes Oscars History for ‘Minari’

Regina King Kicks Off the Pandemic Oscars in Style With Powerful Speech Tackling Derek Chauvin Verdict

The Oscars Red Carpet Returns, Quieter but Absolutely Fierce

Killing of 3-Year-Old Elijah LaFrance at Miami-Dade Birthday Party Sparks Outrage

Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Grills Kevin McCarthy on Trump’s Jan. 6 Rage Call

Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket Review

Lindsey Graham Says Systemic Racism Doesn’t Exist Because Obama and Kamala Harris Were Elected

Archaeologists Think They’ve Found Missing Link in Origin of the Alphabet

Explosive Harry and Meghan Bio, ‘Finding Freedom,’ Will Be Updated With Fresh Royal Feuding

The Cred of Streetwear Might be the Biggest Fashion Con of All

Could COVID Exodus Speed the Heartland Revival?

‘Wolfwalkers’ Directors on the Animated Masterpiece That Deserves to Win the Oscar

Chadwick Boseman and Chloé Zhao Are About to Make Oscars History

Humans Are So Loud, Marine Safaris Might Soon Be On Land

How Trump and Bibi’s Special Bond Damaged the U.S.-Israel Alliance

When the Oscars Were Seduced by X-Rated New York City

Why So Many Evangelicals are Susceptible to Qanon Craziness

Ellen DeGeneres Is Making a Comeback. Has Hollywood Held Her Accountable?

How Juanita Wildebush Escaped Charles Manson’s Murderous Sex Cult

Body-Cam, 911 Call Show Isaiah Brown Was Holding Phone When White Spotsylvania Deputy Shot Him

LGBTQ Groups, Kardashian Family Haven’t Supported Caitlyn Jenner’s Run for California Governor

Biden Officials Recognizes Armenian Genocide Despite Warnings From Turkey

Best White Noise Machines

How ‘Hillybilly Elegy’ Earned Glenn Close Both an Oscar and Razzie Nomination for the Same Role

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Michael Arrested in Florida Over Rehab Kickback Scheme

When ‘Mortal Kombat’ Made America Lose Its Mind

‘Get a Real Job, Whore’ — The Dark Reality of Sex Worker Hate

Bill Maher’s Transphobic Mockery of Caitlyn Jenner

Laid-Off Workers Aim to Shame Hollywood Hangout on Oscar Weekend

You Now Have Zero Excuses for Not Watching the Oscar Nominees

Forget Zoom. The Real Red Carpet Returns for the Oscars.

The Religious Zeal Behind Europe's Tibet Curiosity

Two Murders That Ignited Passage of the Voting Rights Act

After Chauvin Verdict, Stop Emotionally Dumping on Your Black Friends

How to Sell Your Shit-Talking Memoir of Working for Trump

Andrew Yang has a Serious Woman Problem

Inside the Warped World of COVID Vaccine Death-Hunters

Caitlyn Jenner’s Car Crash Victim Has Mixed Feelings About Her Run for California Governor

‘Archbishop’ of Sham Church Mark Grenon Behind Deadly Coronavirus Cure Grift Hit With New Indictment

The World This Week: Chadian President Killed in Battle

Ghislaine Maxwell Waved at Her Sister in Court As She Plead Not Guilty to Sex-Trafficking Charges

David Jones in Kentucky Billed $4,000 for Being Kept in Jail on Bogus Charges

Billionaire German Investor Christian Angermayer Says Mushrooms Are Key to His Success

Man Richard Lange Charged 36-Year-Old Case Case Murder of Mildred Matheny

Joy Behar Apologizes for Repeatedly Misgendering Caitlyn Jenner, Says ‘I Just Didn’t Get Enough Sleep’

Best New Launches From Casper, Parade, Fitbit, and More

Howard Dean: The Republicans Are Now a Neo-Fascist Party

Indian Super Rich Flee World’s Worst COVID Outbreak on Private Jets

Royal Reconciliation? Nope, Princes Harry, Charles, and William Are Still at War

Misen Nonstick Skillet Review

Keeping Things Spicy With Black Thought Tarik Trotter of The Roots and His Mezcal Margarita

Venice Has Banned Cruise Ships but That Won’t Stop Them

What Does Helpful Asian Representation Look Like? It’s Worse Than You Think.

The Oscars Are Dying. Can They Be Saved?

Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ Is a Chaotic, Confounding, Totally Engrossing Ride

The Very Important Saga of Cher and the World’s Loneliest Elephant

Joe Biden Wants to be LBJ, but Lyndon Johnson’s Presidency Was a Disaster

Where in the World is Kamala Harris? Not at the Border.

Katie Holmes’ Pandemic Romance May Be Over. How About Yours?

NY Times Outcasts Bari Weiss and Andy Mills Teaming Up for New Podcast Venture

Nevada Brothels and Sex Workers Hot to Trot for May 1 Reopening

Stephen Colbert Grills Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on ‘Fascist’ Republicans

Newsmax Host Wonders If Fox Canceled Lou Dobbs to Cover Up Murdoch Ties to China?

Are Human-Monkey Hybrids a Medical Marvel or Nightmare?

Documents Reveal Cops Chasing Absurd Antifa and BLM Tips

‘We Are Hypocrites:’ Greg Gutfeld Rips Fox News’ ‘Legal B.S.’ COVID Protocols

Andrew Brown Was Unarmed When He Was Fatally Shot By North Carolina Deputy Executing Search Warrant

A Normal Summer Depends on These Key Republican Vaccine Holdouts

U.S. Military: We’ll Still Bomb Post-Pullout Afghanistan

Eaze Cannabis Delivery in CA Is Easy

Zappos Good for Good Earth Day Picks

Sean Hannity Drops $5 Million on Mansion Near Mar-a-Lago

Russia Abruptly Claims It Is Ordering Troops to Pull Back From Ukraine’s Border

Black Market Hospital Beds and Price-Gouged COVID Drugs Selling on Indian Twitter

I’m an Environmental Scientist and I Hate Earth Day

Anthony Bourdain Takes Us Along on One More Global Journey

The 2021 Oscars Foolishly Overlooked a Trump Supporter, an Abortion Drama, and Mads Mikkelsen

How Drag Queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Became the Funniest People on the Planet

Stunning Instagram Hotspot is Really a Drainage Ditch

Black Police Chief: My Heart Jumps When I See a Cop Car Behind Me

Latin American Vaccine Tourists Flock to Texas for Coveted COVID Jabs

White House COVID Team Struggles to Explain Why We Need Masks Outside

Kevin McCarthy’s Strategy to Rein In GOP Extremists: Don’t

Abbi Jacobson Can’t Believe She Said This to Hillary Clinton on ‘Broad City’

The Last Scheme to Discredit the 2020 Election Is On, and It’s Even Crazier Than You Think

Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Mocks Tucker Carlson’s ‘Little Girl’ Laugh

Alan Dershowitz Wants Derek Chauvin Free on Bail, Says ‘He's Not Going to Endanger Anybody’

Buffy Sustainable Sheets Review

Armie Hammer’s Disturbing Sex-Slave Instagram DMs Are Being Sold as NFT Art

North Carolina Black Man, Andrew Brown Jr., Fatally Shot by Deputy Serving a Search Warrant

George Floyd Didn’t ‘Sacrifice’ His Life, Nancy Pelosi. It Was Stolen From Him.

Nicholas Reardon, Officer Who Fatally Shot 16-Year-Old Ma’khia Bryant, Was Military-Trained Marksman

Facebook Busts Shadowy Hacker Groups Targeting Palestinian Politicos

Meghan McCain Decries Greg Gutfeld’s Chauvin Remarks: ‘There’s No Empathy’

Tucker Carlson Cuts Off Ex-Cop Who Dared Criticize Derek Chauvin

Russia Plunges Into Era of ‘Dictatorship’ as Putin Looms Over Eastern Europe

The New Abnormal Celebrates 1st Birthday And 20MM Listens

Indian Hospitals Run Out of Oxygen After Foreign Sales Boom

Prince Harry Flies Home, Skipping Queen’s Birthday, as Hopes Fade for Reconciliation

Think You’ve Seen the Best of Los Angeles? You Might’ve Missed this Neighborhood

‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ Cast on Finally Getting to Be Black, Fat, Mean, and Funny

COVID-19 Vaccinations Are Slowing in the United States, Just in Time for the Indian Variant

Whether They Egged On Jan. 6 Rioters or Cleaned Up After, These Lawmakers Raked In Fundraising Cash

Inside the Pro-Trump Conference Where COVID-19 Denial and Calls to Kill Political Enemies Reign

This Trump Wannabe Just Might Be the Worst of the Rotten Bunch

New Docs Show Matt Gaetz Campaign in Full Damage-Control Mode

Should We Even Have the Oscars During a Deadly Pandemic?

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Ellen DeGeneres a Pass for ‘Toxic’ Behavior

Ted Nugent and Kristi Noem Flew Together While He Was Infected With COVID-19

Joe Biden Calls George Floyd’s Death Was ‘Murder in the Full Light of Day’

The Crazy Way $30M Was Stolen From Safe Deposit Boxes

Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Implodes When Asked if He’s ‘Off His Meds’ Over Chauvin Take

Convicting Killer Cop Derek Chauvin for Murdering George Floyd Is Not Nearly Enough

Lakers Podcaster Vivian Flores Accused of Catfishing Her Co-host: ‘I Was a Pawn’

Columbus Police Release Body Camera Footage of Fatal Shooting of Black Teen Ma’Khia Bryant

‘Dumber Than a Bag of Rocks’: How One Prank Caller Turned Mike Lindell’s Telethon Into Comedy Gold

Leon Cooperman Says He’ll Probably Turn Down Sen. Warren’s Income Inequality Hearing Invitation

George Floyd Killer Derek Chauvin Is a Convicted Murderer

Universal Standard Launches Stretchy Linen Line for Summer

Connie Ann Smith Claimed Her 8-Year-old Granddaughter Ran Away. Then Cops Found a Body in Her Car.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Ridicules Hannity’s ‘Mean Girl Group Chat’ With Trump

FedEx Shooter in Indianapolis Brandon Scott Hole Visited White Supremacist Sites, Cops Say

Investigators Tell Tesla’s Elon Musk to Hand Over Data From Deadly Crash

The Michael Kors 40th Anniversary Show Was a Star-Studded Ode to New York City

Russia Massively Bulking Up Military Near Ukraine Border, Satellite Images Show

Canada Puts Up Neighborhood COVID Checkpoints to Stop People Leaving Home

Whatever Else, Derek Chauvin Must Make Us Say ‘Never Again’

Abbi Jacobson Teases Her New Queer ‘A League of Their Own’

Are COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects a Good Sign?

Jessica Biel’s ‘Cruel Summer’ Is Your New Teen-Thriller TV Obsession

Ron DeSantis Is Doing Great and That’s a Problem in Trump’s GOP

The COVID Conspiracy Freakout Pitting Anti-Vaxxers Against So-Called Vaccinated Mutants

How the Rich Mask Their Greed With Ostentatious Philanthropy

Andrew Yang Will Sh*t-Talk Florida to Get Rich New Yorkers Back Home

Syria Chemical-Attack Deniers Admit Links to WikiLeaks and Russia

Model Gwen Van Meir Accuses Paul Marciano of Sexual Harassment, Slams Guess’ ‘Safe Spaces’ PR Push

Remembering ‘7th Heaven’s’ Completely Bonkers Marijuana Mystery Episode

The Unbroken Chain of White Violence That Links Black Lives

Japanese Breakfast Crying in H Mart Author Recommends Five Books

It’s Time to Change Your Cocktail Game Here’s How to Do It The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Demi Lovato’s Ridiculously Privileged Crusade Against a Frozen Yogurt Shop

Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell’s ‘Delusion-Palooza’

Trump Dreams Up Nefarious Plot That Pfizer and FDA Are Behind Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Pause

ER Doctor Sees Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Getting Better,’ While Another Public Health Threat Worsens

Walter Mondale, Survivor of Reagan’s ‘Morning in America’ Landslide, Dead at 93

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Melts Down After Black Co-Host Juan Williams’ Reality Check

Kyrsten Sinema’s ‘Fuck Off’ Ring Is the New ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?’

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Gets Duped by Prank Caller Into Thinking Trump’s Calling Him

A Real Prince Harry and Prince William Reconciliation Has to Include Meghan Markle

Summer Dress for Warm Weather That Will Keep You Cool

GOP Pols in Florida, Ron DeSantis, and Minnesota Lead Protest Crackdown Just in Time for Chauvin Verdict

Stephen Broderick, Austin Massacre Suspect, Hung Out in Deeply Misogynistic Corners Online

Prosecutors Say Derek Chauvin’s ‘Heart Was Too Small’ During George Floyd Arrest as Case Heads to Jury

The Creator of NYPD’s Horrifying Robot Police Dog Linked to Saudi Crown Prince MBS

The Gucci Gulch Returns and Lobbyists Are Going Wild

Maitland Ward on Bursting the Barrier Between Porn and Hollywood

ICE Deported Me for Appearing in a Film

The Best Kinds of Clues Are the Ones That Make Us Smile

Bradley Tusk, Silicon Valley’s Favorite Fixer, Aims to Stop the Rising Left

Man Who Predicted Fukushima, the Worst Nuclear Disaster Since Chernobyl, Sees Another Coming

MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Recruits First Amendment Heavy Hitters and Ex-Jimmy Hoffa Prosecutor to Fight Dominion

Did Bigfoot Murder Three People in the Woods of California?

Josh Hawley Pretending to Be Teddy Roosevelt Is Stupid and Sad

Inside the Rape Case Tearing South Kingston, Rhode Island, Apart

John Oliver Urges Viewers to Take to the Streets Over Police Killings of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo

Dr. Ronald Ilg of Spokane Charged With Insane Dark Web Kidnapping Plot

Made In Porcelain Bakeware Set Review

Chris Wallace Confronts GOP Senator for Questioning Biden’s Mental Fitness

Capitol Rioter William Norwood, Who Pretended to Be Antifa and Ransacked Pelosi’s Office, Released From Jail

Dr. Fauci Says He Doubts ‘Very Seriously’ That U.S. Will Cancel Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Best Slippers for Staying Comfortable From Glerups to Allbirds

Prince Harry May Stay in U.K. a Few Days, After Reuniting With Prince William

Publishers Are Using E-books to Extort Schools and Libraries

The Nonviolent Sit-Ins that Desegregated Nashville's Lunch Counters

What It's Like Visiting Botswana Right Now

Derek DelGaudio's Magic Is So Great It Makes You Want to Cry

Samuel Little Says He Killed 93 People. Why Don’t You Know His Name?

Mochi Ice Cream Has Been My Best Snack Discovery This Year

The Frustrating, Entirely Preventable Reason We’re Flying Blind on New COVID Variants

CNN’s ‘New Day’ Morning Duo Brianna Keilar and John Berman Eager to Take On ‘Bullsh*t’ in the AM

Chloé Zhao Is Making History. But Hollywood Is Still a Nightmare for Asian Women.

The Squishy Sadness of the Last Moderate Republicans

‘Are You the One?’ Contestant Gianna Hammer Claims Production ‘Drugged’ Her and Covered Up Sexual Assault

Mika Brzezinski Says I Was An ‘Idiot’ Signing My First ‘Morning Joe’ Contract

Times Square AK-47 Suspect Saadiq Teague Had Just Lost His Dad in a Police Shootout

How the Royals Wore Their Love and Respect at Prince Philip’s Funeral

Best First Aid Kit for Small Emergencies from Welly

Prince Harry and Prince William Reunite After Prince Philip’s Funeral, Where the Queen Sat Alone

Prince Harry and Prince William Join Royal Family Procession Behind Prince Philip’s Coffin

FBI Took Brandon Scott Hole’s Shotgun. Then Indianapolis Killer Bought Assault Weapons.

‘Younger’ Is the Perfect Show to Usher Us Out of TV’s Horrible Pandemic Era

Just Getting Into College Is Almost a Full-Time Job

‘In the Earth’ Is the First Must-See COVID Horror Movie

Pierre A. Bernard Was Yoga’s First Star Guru. Then a Sex Scandal Led to Jail.

Joaquin Phoenix Really Wants You to Watch This Documentary About a Lovable Pig

How the Vaccine Line Became the Latest Place to Hook Up

The J&J Vaccine Drama’s Just the Latest Reminder of the Risks Women Constantly Take

Biden’s New Normal Is Trashing American Norms

Sharon Osbourne and Bill Maher Whine About Cancel Culture on ‘Real Time’

Chicago Protesters March Over ‘Sick and Sad’ Police Killing of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo

The Blood of the FedEx Shooting Victims Is on Congress’ Hands

Federal Judge Shoots Down Accused Epstein Accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell’s Last-Ditch Bid to Avoid Charges

Justice Department Sues Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone for $2 Million in Unpaid Taxes

The World This Week: The Afghanistan Left Behind

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert Invent Reasons to Vote Against Bone Marrow Bill

Billionaire Tax Cheat Robert Smith Walked Free, but Lawyer Carlos Kepke Gets Charged

The Best New Launches from Everlane, Baggu, Milk Bar, and More

Biden Keeps Trump’s Record-Low Cap On Refugee Admissions

Oath Keeper Jon Ryan Schaffer Becomes First Capitol Insurrectionist to Rat Out Fellow Rioters

‘The View’ Reluctantly Praises ‘Nepotism Barbie’ Ivanka Trump

CBD Bath Salts from Lord Jones Are the Most Relaxing I've Tried

A Vaccine, Lady Gaga, and Dreams of a Post-Pandemic Dance Floor

Vincent Welch, Michigan Man With Down Syndrome Who Could Not Get COVID Vaccine, Has Died

A New Mayor but the Same Killer Cops and Coverups in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

Brazil’s COVID Patients Tied to Beds and Ventilated Without Sedatives

Gym That Defied Lockdown Linked to at Least 580 Infections And One Death

British Royals Live 30 Years Longer Than Their Subjects

Convicted Face-Biter Thomas Byrd Says ‘Batman’ Headline Ruined His Life

Democratic Leaders Quick to Kill Liberal Dream of Packing the Supreme Court

Prince Harry and Prince William’s Drama Overshadows Prince Philip’s Funeral Plans

Republicans Can’t Quit the Hair of the Trump That Bit Them

50 Million People Allowed at Superspreader Festival so Modi Can Secure the Hindu Vote

Best Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Face Masks

Goldune Makes Sustainable Swaps Easy

Kamala ‘the Cop’ the Best Hope for Legal Weed?

A Self-Absorbed Journalist Cozies Up to a Serial Killer in Starz’s ‘Confronting a Serial Killer’

Hunter Biden on Burisma, Donald Trump Jr., and Cooking Crack

VisionQuest, Arizona’s New For-Profit Shelter for Migrant Kids, Has a Shady Past

Cops Took Away Indy Shooter Brandon Scott Hole’s Gun a Year Before Massacre

Fox News Guest Jay Bhattacharya Claims Anthony Fauci Is Actually the ‘Number One Anti-Vaxxer’ in U.S.

Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Mocks ‘Criminal Mastermind’ Matt Gaetz

Mark Wahlberg’s HBO Reality Show ‘Wahl Street’ Is a Vanity Project on Steroids

Gucci Clan Thinks Hollywood Stars Not Fit to Play Them in ‘House of Gucci’

Twitter Permanently Bans Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe

CBS News Taps Neeraj Khemlani and Wendy McMahon as Co-Presidents After Zirinsky Exit

Chicago PD Releases Footage of Officer Shooting 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo

Pat Robertson Lashes Out at Cops, Says ‘They’ve Got to Stop This Stuff!’

The Matt Gaetz Problem That GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Wishes Would Just Go Away

Houlihan Lokey Offers Staff a Pandemic Perk: Free ‘Global Getaways’

U.S. Intel Walks Back Claim Russians Put Bounties on American Troops

Texts Show D.C. National Guard Celebrating as They Intimidated George Floyd Protesters With Helicopters

Kate Winslet’s ‘Mare of Easttown’ Is the Year’s First Great Crime Drama

The Post-9/11 Era Is Ending and the Tech War With China Is Beginning

The Lucas Brothers Reveal the Real Hero of ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’

Transgender Youth Speak Out on ‘Attack After Attack’ of Health and Sports Bills Aimed at Them

White Supremacy Has Its Coming Out Party, and Tucker Carlson Is There

Billionaires John and Laura Arnold Billionaire Pledges to Give Away 5% a Year and Get Dunked On

How Scandal-Plagued Matt Gaetz Became ‘Excommunicado’ at Fox News

Elizabeth Warren Literally LOLs at GOP’s Supposed Breakup With Corporate America

The Fierce Racism Backlash to Tyra Banks’ ‘America’s Next Top Model’

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Malik Sanchez, Teen ‘Incel’ Busted for Threatening to Bomb New York City Restaurant

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Chet Hanks’ Ex-Girlfriend Sues Him for $1 Million, as He Celebrates ‘White Boy Summer’

Fox News Host Martha MacCallum Tries and Fails to Bait Jon Stewart Into Attacking Biden

Defense Expert in Derek Chauvin Trial: Knee on George Floyd Was ‘Justified,’ Caused No Pain

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s New ‘Free Speech’ Site Bans Curse Words and Lying

‘Bridgerton’ Fan Rage Over Regé-Jean Page Exit ‘Really Shocked’ Shonda Rhimes

Kim Potter, Veteran Brooklyn Center Officer Who Shot and Killed Daunte Wright, Resigns

Taliban Boycotts Key Peace Talks After U.S. Pull-Out Delay

Paul Flores Charged With Kristin Smart’s Murder 25 Years Later, Authorities Say

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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Rollout Paused After 6 Blood-Clot Cases (Out of 7 Million)

Top Kremlin Mouthpiece Warns of ‘Inevitable’ War With U.S. Over Another Ukraine Land Grab

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Kim Potter Named as Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright as Hundreds Defy Curfew to Protest in Brooklyn Center

Even as a Corpse, Prince Philip Has to Take Second Place to the Queen

Klansman Earle Brown Founded Brooklyn Center, Where Officer Kim Potter Killed Daunte Wright

Lachlan Murdoch Waves Off Anti-Defamation League’s Demand That Fox Fire Tucker Carlson

‘The Talk’ Hosts Fire Back at Sharon Osbourne’s Claim She Was ‘Set Up’

Trump CDC Director Robert Redfield Joins Big Ass Fans, Promoter of Controversial COVID-Killing Technology

Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s Brother, Breaks Down on the Stand of Derek Chauvin’s Murder Trial

Weinstein Defense Claims He’s ‘Almost Technically Blind’ in Extradition Fight

Did Prince Andrew Really Just Use Prince Philip’s Death to Sneak Back on TV?

Elite Syrian Regime Unit Dumped Chlorine on Rebel-Held City From Helicopter

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Liliana Carrillo Taken Into Custody After 3 Kids Found Stabbed to Death in Reseda, Los Angeles

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Facing New Ethics Investigation, Matt Gaetz Declares He’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’

Russia, China Team Up to Peddle Insane U.S. COVID Lab Theory

Infiltrators Are Sabotaging the Proud Boys’ ‘White Lives Matter’ Day

Ghislaine Maxwell Counters Toilet Flushing Smears With Bizarre, Gushing Website

Medical Examiner Testifies About George Floyd’s Cause of Death in Derek Chauvin Trial

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Pay Tribute to ‘Greatly Missed’ Prince Philip, as Funeral Speculation Begins

37 Sperm-Donor Siblings Join Forces to Look for ‘Dad’ in ‘Future People: The Family of Donor 5114’

Jewish Groups Blast Carlson for Openly Endorsing White-Supremacist Great Replacement Theory: ‘Tucker Must Go’

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‘Fox & Friends’ Inevitably Blames Harry and Meghan for Prince Philip’s Death

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Is Dead at 99. Here Is His Life in Photos

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s Husband and Duke of Edinburgh, Dies at 99

The GOP Destroyed Its Brand. Joe Manchin Wants Dems To Follow Suit.

Why Matt Gaetz Was Left Twisting in the Wind

Here’s Why Southern Progressives Don’t Just Move Somewhere Else

Leaving the U.S. Is Easier Now—It’s Getting Back That Could Be the Problem

Prince Charles Feels ‘Erased,’ Knowing Brits Want Prince William to Be King

‘Them’ Is Amazon’s Messy Stab at ‘Get Out’

He Was Partners With ‘QAnon.’ Now He Wants Them Arrested.

Lena Dunham’s Plus-Size Fashion Line Is Another Missed Opportunity

Inside DJ Bassnectar’s Disturbing Sex Trafficking, Child Porn, and Sex Abuse Allegations

Insiders Say #MeToo Group Time’s Up Has Lost Its Way

Hunter Biden Fires Back at Donald Trump Jr. and Lindsey Graham on ‘Kimmel’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Applauded, and Shamed, by 800 Migrant Kids

Another Top Aide to Matt Gaetz Bails as Scandal Engulfs the MAGA Congressman

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg, Charged in Death of Joe Boever, in Line for Army Promotion

Are You a Pfizer or Moderna? Inside the Absurd Vaccine Coolness War

Matt Gaetz Paid Accused Sex Trafficker Joel Greenberg, Who Then Venmo’d Teen

Larry Winston Bollin Identified as Suspect in Bryan, Texas Shooting That Left 1 Dead and 5 Wounded

Pulmonologist Testifies in Derek Chauvin’s Trial That George Floyd Died of Low Oxygen Level

Matt Gaetz Releases Statement from Nameless ‘Women’ Defending His Honor

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All Hell Breaks Loose When Geraldo Asks Black Fox Pundit When He’s Last Been ‘In the Ghetto’

Sir Richard Lexington Sutton, Wealthy British Aristocrat, Stabbed to Death at His Country Estate

The Hunt Is On for Rare Vintage Spirits The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Trump’s Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Joins Fox News

Lance Armstrong’s Son, Luke Armstrong, Accused of Teen Sexual Assault in Austin, Texas

Sackler Family Secrets: New Book Reveals OxyContin Heirs’ Self-Pitying Emails

Millions Locked Down Again as Canada Rues Vaccine Failure

Phillip Adams, NFL Player, Named as Suspect in South Carolina Mass Shooting That Left Five Dead

Casetify Face Mask Review

The Money Monster Mitch McConnell Created Finally Turned On Him in Georgia Voting Rights Fight

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Gay-Bashing ‘Putin’s Soldier’ Was Allowed to Take Young Polygamous Brides

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Anne Frank’s Stepsister Eva Schloss on Holocaust Horrors and How Trump Reminds Her of Hitler

Ex-Trump Official Was Finally Punished Under the Hatch Act. Who’s Next?

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Republicans Can Talk Tough About ‘Woke’ Corporations, and That’s About It

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Donald Trump Likes Kim Jong Un and Kyle Rittenhouse More Than Matt Gaetz

Stephen Colbert Absolutely Destroys Matt Gaetz’s Trump Pardon Fail

‘Home Economics’ Might Be ABC’s Next Great Family Sitcom

Insane Jeff Bezos-National Enquirer Drama Takes a Bizarre New Turn

Biden Readies Long-Awaited Executive Actions on Guns

Christopher Joseph Quaglin Arrested for Capitol Riot

How ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Is Handling Elliot Stabler’s Police Brutality Problem

Off-Duty Pentagon Officer Shoots Dead 2 People He ‘Thought’ Were Stealing a Car, Takoma Park Police Say

Army Analyst Christopher Anthony De Leon Guerrero Arrested for Trying to Entice Minor for Sex

Northeastern University Track Coach Steve Waithe Stole Athletes’ Nudes Then Extorted Them, DOJ Alleges

Madewell Anorak Raincoat Review

The U.K Doesn’t Want Charles to Be King but That Won’t Stop Him

Sharon Osbourne Says These Texts Prove She Did Apologize to Sheryl Underwood After Meghan Markle Fight

Recreating a Lost American Whiskey Leopold Bros. Three Chamber Rye Whiskey

How Nazis Used Music to Celebrate and Facilitate Murder

Why Is Everyone Surprised by How Cool Milwaukee Is?

Conservatives Shunning Sports to Own the Libs Are Dunking on Themselves

Biden About to Make Huge, Last-Second Gamble on Afghanistan

The Crop Top Is Back, and It Demands to Be Seen

Filmmaker ‘Interviews’ Dead ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Serial Killer Ed Gein in Crazy New Documentary

A Crazed GOP Wants to Cancel Baseball, Coke and Big Business

How ‘Q’ Tried to Pin the Whole Thing on Steve Bannon

He Has Down Syndrome and Missed Out on the COVID-19 Vaccine. Now He’s on a Ventilator.

‘A Whole Bunch of Crazy’ Inside the South Carolina GOP’s MAGA Coup

Morgan Freeman Rips Anti-Vaxxers on ‘Daily Show,’ Urges ‘Get the Freaking Shots!’

Ja Rule Is Hawking an NFT of the Infamous Fyre Fest Cheese Sandwich — For a Good Cause

Revival Rugs Bath Towel Collection Review

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Stands Up to Tucker Carlson, Defends Veto of Anti-Trans Bill

With ‘Blindness,’ Theater Returns to New York City. And It’s Brilliantly Terrifying.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Sought Preemptive Pardon From Donald Trump, Report Says

Ghislaine Maxwell Has to Be Reminded to Clean Her ‘Very Dirty’ Cell, Federal Prosecutors Say

MAGA Riot Lawsuit Against Trump Keeps Getting Bigger

‘60 Minutes’ Stands by Controversial DeSantis Publix Report, Says It ‘Speaks For Itself’

Bibi Trial: ‘Shish-Kebab’ Was Code for PM’s On-Demand Positive Press Orders

Arkansas Becomes First State to Ban Health Care for Transgender Youth

Stolen Selma, Alabama, Confederate Monument Ensnared in Toilet Ransom Threat

Joss Whedon Threatened Gal Gadot’s Career During ‘Justice League’ Mess: Report

Newsmax Turns to Accused Serial Sexual Harasser Mark Halperin to Discuss Matt Gaetz

Facebook Busts Iranian Dissident Group’s Elaborate Troll Farm Operation

Actual Comedians Roast Greg Gutfeld’s New Fox News ‘Comedy’ Show

Navy Medic ‘Active Shooter’ Killed at Maryland’s Fort Detrick Is Identified as Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet

Best Umbrella for Windy Days Is the Davek Umbrella

Jordan Silences Entire Kingdom Over Intrigue Roiling Royal Family

Piers Morgan Bemoans His Cancellation Over Meghan in Hourlong Fox Nation Tucker Carlson Interview

Comedian Jo Koy Reveals How Ultimate ‘Evil’ Banded Asians Together

Ron DeSantis Couldn’t Be More Dangerously Wrong About Vaccine Passports

The Problem Isn’t a ‘Witch Hunt,’ Matt Gaetz. It’s You.

Nasim Pedrad’s Journey From SNL’s Kim Kardashian Back to High School in ‘Chad’

Why Republicans Can’t Seem to Lay a Glove on Joe Biden

Why This Coronavirus Surge Is Different From All the Rest

On Mykonos, Greece’s Famed Party Island, ‘Everyone Is About to Explode’

This Capitol Police Officer Is Mad as Hell and Calling It Quits

Matt Gaetz Said His ‘Travel Records’ Would Exonerate Him. They Don’t.

The Emo Scene Queen Who Inspired All Time Low’s TikTok Sensation ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ Tells All

Israeli Snoop-for-Hire Posed as a Fox News Journalist for a Spy Operation

Paul Pierce Was Fired by ESPN for Living His Stripper-Loving Truth

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes King of ‘Cancel Culture’ Donald Trump

Six Killed in Allen, Texas, Murder-Suicide Carried Out by Brothers Farhan and Tarvin Towhid

Vans Ultrarange Rapidweld Shoe Review

His Patient Refused the Vaccine. She Died of COVID in the ICU.

Matt Gaetz’s Accused Extorter Bob Kent Confirms, Denies $25 Million Shakedown

Russia State Media Gears Up for a War ‘Against the West’

Dem Rep. Ro Khanna Quietly Backs Away From Matt Gaetz After Claiming They ‘Hang Out’

Jordanian Monarchy’s Takedown of a Prince Is a Master Class in Quashing Dissent

Far-Right Reinforcements Swarm Judge’s House for Ammon Bundy

Khloe Kardashian Is Wiping an ‘Unedited’ Photo of Her From the Internet

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Vetoes Anti-Trans Teen Health-Care Bill

Jill Biden Wearing Fishnets Somehow Became About Melania Trump

Matt Gaetz’s Military Adviser, Nathan Nelson, Comes to His Defense Armed With No Facts

Chauvin ‘Absolutely’ Violated Policy When He Knelt on George Floyd, Police Chief Medaria Arradondo Says

Whoopi Goldberg Cuts Off Meghan McCain’s MLB Georgia Rant: ‘Are You Done?’

Dr. Jart Cicapair Skin Care Makeup Review

Travel to the Cafés, Bistros, and Brasseries of Paris

What’s So Great About Writing Crosswords, Anyway?

This Tech-Enhanced Luggage Doesn’t Charge Your Phone—It Does So Much More

World’s Worst COVID Death Rate Sends Czechs Back Into Cold War Misery

Republicans Keep Worshipping at This Zealot’s No-Tax Altar

Paul Schindler, Gay City News’ Editor in Chief, Retires. But He Still Wants the Story.

Of the Atlanta, Boulder, and California Mass Shootings, This One Could End in Execution

Derek Chauvin, George Floyd’s Killer, Wants to Make His Trial About Anyone and Anything Else

Netflix’s ‘This Is a Robbery’ Investigates Whether the Mob Pulled Off the World’s Biggest Art Heist

The Dark Rangers of the Loneliest Road in America

Biden Stalls on Ending Capital Punishment

Beloved Michigan State Trooper Herman Brown Took Vacation, but COVID Made It His Last.

Victoria Justice on Surviving Child Stardom and Nickelodeon Fame: I Learned ‘When to Say No’

Student-Loan Scammer Exposes Self With Racist Death Threats, Feds Say

Everlane Performance 5-Pocket Pants Review

The Real Presidential Immigration Villain Is Bill Clinton

Casey Affleck Is Mounting a Comeback Despite Sexual-Harassment Claims

My Five Favorite Meals With Chef Chris Scott

Rome’s Haunted Easter Weekend Reminds Us the Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet

John Oliver Roasts Tucker Carlson’s Matt Gaetz Debacle

Matt Gaetz Is the Model Republican Representative, a Creep No One Is Surprised About

These Sustainable Hemp Face Masks Fit All Sorts of Faces

Chris Wallace Grills Sen. Roy Blunt on the Debt?

Chuck Todd Confronts GOP Sen. Roger Wicker, Asks if Trump Tax Cuts Were ‘Economic Failure’?

Prince Harry and Prince William ‘Sign Off’ on Diana’s Statue. Will It Heal Their Rift?

Master & Dynamic MW08 Wireless Earphones Review

The Pressure Men Face to Act Like Men Is Literally Toxic

Corruption Was Built Into the Brooklyn Bridge. Washington Roebling Made it Stand Strong.

‘The Raid’ Director Gareth Evans on His Action-Packed AMC Series ‘Gangs of London’ and Passing on ‘The Raid 3’

The Next Time You’re Out West You Might See Clouds on Steroids

DNC Chair Jamie Harrison Says the Democratic Brand Is Broken

HBO’s ‘Exterminate All the Brutes’ Is a Flawed Study of White Colonialist Rape and Terror

Trust the Science: The Blue State Coronavirus Surge Is Real

The Anti-‘Cancel Culture’ Republican Party Is Trying to Cancel OnlyFans

How to Tackle a Bullying, Alcoholic, Racist Named Hemingway

America’s Losing Faith, and That Makes the Next Trump All But Inevitable

The Party of Pervy Projection Hits a New Low With Matt Gaetz

‘I Was Sexually Assaulted’ in 1983 by Fashion Mogul Paul Marciano

SNL’s Colin Jost Brutally Mocks His Look-Alike Matt Gaetz

SNL’s Pete Davidson Debuts His Creepy ‘Sex Pest’ Matt Gaetz

Automatic Toilet Plunger Review

Amazon Apologizes for Viral ‘Pee’ Tweet, Admits Its Drivers Pee in Bottles

Ember Mug Keeps Coffee the Perfect Temperature

Meet FN Meka, the World’s First AI Robot Rapper Who Sells NFTs

The Right’s New Higher-Ed Target Is Community Colleges

The ‘Vogue’-Spoofing Instagram Account You Need to Follow

The Capitol Rioters-Pro-Life Extremist Connection Is Real

He Doodled Gay Men, and Then Stabbed Them to Death

COVID Didn’t Kill the Gay Scene. But It May Change It.

Republicans Used to Love Infrastructure Week. Then Joe Biden Had One.

How the ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise Became a Hotbed of Crime

The Strange Friendship That May Bring Down Matt Gaetz

Capitol Attack Suspect Ranted About the ‘End Times’ Before Allegedly Ramming Officers

Trump Isn’t Coming to Matt Gaetz’s Rescue, for Now

The World This Week: Biden’s $2 Trillion ‘Paradigm Shift’

Kremlin Spy and Ex-U.S. Convict Sent to Humiliate Navalny in Prison

Best New Launches From Dagne Dover, Huckberry, and More

Two Officers Injured After Car Rams Into Capitol Building Barricade

Sean Hannity Feuds With ‘Weak’ John Boehner, Says He Reeks of ‘Wine Breath’

Minneapolis Police Officers Testify Against Derek Chauvin in George Floyd Trial

Adam Toledo, 13-Year-Old Boy, Is Fatally Shot by Chicago Police

This Stubble Shaving Razor Was Designed for Shaving Multi-Day Growth

Jen Shah’s ‘Real Housewives’ Fraud Scandal Is So Tragic. Why Is It Also So Much Fun?

These Text Messages Pointed the Feds to Matt Gaetz

Comedian Jamie Kennedy on How He Ended Up in the Anti-Abortion Propaganda Film ‘Roe v. Wade’

Nobody Knows Food and Drinks like an Opera Singer Ludovic Tézier

Rep. Matt Gaetz Keeps Digging Deeper Holes for Himself

Netflix’s ‘The Serpent’ Captures the Life and (Many) Crimes of International Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj

Did Satan Even Have Feet?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Prepare to Have Their Second Child Their Way

The Best Reusable Face Masks Are Comfortable, as Well as 95% Effective

Joe Biden Just Might be the Democrats’ Ronald Reagan

Biden Pisses Off Georgia Democrats with Support for Moving All Star Game

‘Women’s Empowerment’ Was Ivanka’s Biggest Grift of All

A QAnon-Curious Mom Helped Lead Michigan Back to COVID Hell

Did ‘Law & Order’ Just Open the Door for Benson and Stabler to Finally Hook Up?

Rep. Matt Gaetz Recruited Women for Sex, Paid Them: Report

COVID Contrarian Alex Berenson Says ‘Even If I’m Wrong’ on Coronavirus, ‘It’s Useful to Have Me’

Michigan CEO Marty Tibbitts Led Double Life With Plans for a Cocaine Submarine, Feds Say

Canadian Flat Earther Ben Kohlman Busted in Freemason Arson Spree

Oxford Accused of Covering Up Allegation of Sexual Assault Against Star of the Boat Race Team

Tucker Carlson Rants That He Doesn’t Care About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez During Minute-Long Rant About AOC

Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez ID’d as Suspect in Orange County Mass Shooting

Uniqlo T-Shirt Sale

Courteney Ross, George Floyd’s Girlfriend, Tearfully Recounts Their Life Together and Struggles With Addiction

Italian Grocery Clerks Dying for Vax While Nurses Have to Be Forced to Get It

The U.S. Is Doing a Lousy Job of Tracking COVID Variants

Infrastructure Week Is Finally Here, Thanks to Joe Biden. Let’s Have This Fight.

Joe Biden Promised an LGBT Bill. Joe Manchin Is Poised To Kill It.

Dear Trans Youth, This Is How I Survived and Thrived. So Can You.

Antony Blinken Demolishes Mike Pompeo’s Twisted Human Rights Approach

Gail Simmons Reveals How ‘Top Chef’ Totally Transformed for Season 18

The Creepy, Disturbing Case That Ensnared Matt Gaetz

Where to Stream ‘Minari,’ ‘Nomadland,’ ‘The Father,’ and Other Oscar Nominees

In Today’s GOP, Congress Is Just Where You Prep for a TV Gig

Los Angeles Times Owner Patrick Soon-Shiong’s Daughter Nika Is Tinkering With the Paper, Staffers Welcome It.

Best Bowls for Mise en Place According to Omsom Founders

Republicans Have Been Waiting for a Matt Gaetz Scandal to Break

Jimmy Kimmel Gleefully Mocks Matt Gaetz’s Tucker Carlson Disaster

Matt Gaetz Mystery ‘Extortion’ Figure Obsessed With Iranian Hostage Robert Levinson

Four Killed, Including a Child, in Shooting at Orange, California Office Complex

Alan Dershowitz Has Close Ties to Firm Behind Explosive New Epstein Lawsuit That Claims He Mutilated a Victim