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Ben Bernanke Tips His Hand

Eastwood Vs. The Chair

6 Wackiest Moments From Beast TV’s

Frum And Gov. Huckabee Dish On The RNC

Why Mitt Romney’s Use of James Brown Annoys Black Voters

Best of Invisible Obama: Twitter Strikes Back, #Eastwooding Begins

The Number: 2.03%

Another Response to Peter Beinart on Israel-Agnosticism

Fringe Europeans Channel Todd Akin

William Shatner For DNC Mystery Guest

Romney Camp Defends Eastwood

Anti-Zionism Is Racism

Christopher Bailey Is Getting Hitched; Ann Romney Snubbed Anna Wintour

Clint Eastwood’s 5 Best Moments at the RNC (Video)

Giovanni Cariani from the Accademia Carrara is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Protesters Bid Tampa Farewell

In Defense of Clint Eastwood: Oddity Aside, GOP Convention Succeeded

The Most Important Speech of the Week

Bruce Willis: Secretly a Twihard?

How It Feels to Live With The Iranian Threat—When You Have Kids

Tycoon Beats Tycoon: Boris Berezovsky Loses to Roman Abramovich

Earthquake Shakes the Philippines

David Chalian's 'Hot Mic'

Clint Eastwood Hijacks Mitt Romney’s Moment at the GOP Convention

Summer Movies: The Best and Worst

Michelle Cottle: 'That Has Been Their Challenge All Along'

WATCH VIDEO: Ann Romney, Rick Santorum, Clint Eastwood, Chris Christie & More Speeches from the Republican National Convention

What is a Jewish State?

Mitt's Message Of Reassurance

David Frum: 'Not One for the Ages, But One for Right Now'

Isabel Wilkinson: 'Her Look Was Young and Polished'

Kate To Take Personal Hairdresser On Tour

A Speech That Succeeded

Ten Random Notes on Tampa

Michael Moore on Clint Eastwood’s Delusional and Detached from Reality Speech at the Republican National Convention

Prime Minister Mario Monti’s Halo Fades as He Struggles to Fix Italy’s Economy

Autopsy of Porn Star 'Sledge Hammer' Reveals 'Neck Trauma,' Raising Questions About LAPD’s Actions

The Week’s Best & Worst Dressed: Naomi Watts, Winona Ryder & More (Photos)

A 100-Year-Old-Driver Crashes into School Kids. Time to Take Grandpa’s Car Keys?

A New ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’: Victor LaValle’s ‘The Devil in Silver’

Ben Bernanke, Top Bankers & Economists Flock to Jackson Hole for Policy Meeting

Chicago Gangs Go ‘Wilding’ Amid Rising Gun Violence in Obama’s Hometown

Believers on the Bus: Planned Parenthood’s Social-Media Push

Why Andy Roddick Had to Quit Tennis

Janna Ryan's Discount Style

Mitt Romney’s Speech Conflicts With Paul Ryan’s Tough Message

Clint Eastwood’s Turn at GOP Convention Part of Republicans’ Swooning Over Stars

5 Best Bits From Mitt Romney’s Acceptance Speech at GOP Convention (VIDEO)

The Humans are Dead

Mitt's Promise

3 Beefs With Mitt Romney’s Convention Speech

Rubio's Rousing Rhetoric

Romney's Speech: Not Bad, Not Great, Not Much Change

Paul Begala on Mitt Romney’s Epic Fail in His GOP Convention Speech

Five Takeaways from Mitt Romney’s Convention Speech

Parties Avoid Talk of Trayvon Martin Death in Shadow of Tampa

Romney Plays It Safe

Mitt Accepts GOP Nomination

Jon Voight, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, & Best of Beast TV at Republican Convention

Get Off My Chair!

Clint Eastwood: 'We Gotta Let Him Go'

Why ‘Mystery Speaker’ Clint Eastwood Loves the GOP

‘Jersey Shore’ Canceled: 11 Wildest Moments (VIDEO)

The Silver Lining on Iran’s Nukes

As Mitt Romney Gets Nomination, Mormons Celebrate and Worry

Jeb Bush: My Brother 'Kept Us Safe'

Gingrich: Let's 'Put Real Leadership in the White House'

Best Lines From the GOP Convention: Christie, McCain & More (Videos)

Obama’s Surprise RNC Boost

Lochte Confirms Fashion Line

FEAR Militia Group Faces the Music

Huckabee Hits Back

Bergognone from the Accademia Carrara is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

SEC Report Calls Most Regular Investors Financially Illiterate

Why Mike Huckabee Vouced for Mitt’s Mormonism

Occupy the RNC? What’s Behind Tampa’s Homemade Signs

Coulter: Obama's a 'Dirty Street Fighter'

A Dinner for Dapper Dudes

DNC Chair: Huckabee’s Got a 'Real Problem' with Women

Michelle Goldberg: 'It Has Something to Do With Policy'

Why Romney Won't Fight Iran

'Top Model' Judge Hospitalized in Apparent Suicide Attempt

Chris Lighty, Hip-Hop Manager, Found Dead

Signs at the RNC

Dangerous On Roads And At The Ballot Box

Sheldon Adelson's War?

Marc Jacobs' 'Sexy' New Direction

Is Henry James’s “The Portrait of a Lady” the Great American Novel?

American Colleges Are Getting Hammered

Former Murdoch Lawyer Arrested in Phone Hacking Scandal

Navy SEAL Author Speaks

“Destroy them, God, obliterate them from the face of the earth.”

Two Good Questions from Readers

RNC Diary: The Price Of The Party

Herman Cain Loves His Personality

Who’s the RNC Mystery Speaker?

Tampa’s Titanic TV Fights Liven Up Republican Convention

Egypt Vs Syria In Iran

Kate's Paralympic Mexican Wave

The Biggest Lie of All

Mitt Romney Meets His Moment at the Republican National Convention

Diaspora's Splendor

The Number: $27 Million

Florida Is Going Democratic

Mitt's Toughest Sale: Himself

Why Do We Leave New Orleans Dangerously Exposed to the Next Big Storm?

Jacket of Pippa Middleton's Book Revealed

RNC Diary: The Land That Time Forgot

Florida Union Marchers Take on the GOP

Andrew Sullivan: 'They Set Out to Destroy This Guy'

Violence and Discourse: A Response to Yousef Munayer

Why Not Cheer Paul Ryan?

About Condi: Advertisement for Herself

Harry Was "Naked For A Long Time" Says Partygoer

Meet Anthony Scaramucci, Mitt's Man on Wall Street

Purple, Green, Blue: Katy Perry’s Multicolored Hair Evolution (PHOTOS)

Charles Ommanney’s Photos of the 2012 Republican National Convention

Amanda Bynes, Cat Cora & More Celebrity DUIs This Summer (PHOTOS)

Hostility to Syrian Refugees Rising Along Turkey’s Border

Mayim Bialik On Her First Emmy Nomination, for ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Mitt Romney’s Missing Character Narrative Must Be Part of GOP Convention Speech

What If Mitt Romney Said What He Really Thought Thursday Night

Josh Brolin’s Cowboy Moment

Errol Morris’s “A Wilderness of Error” Revisits Jeffrey MacDonald Case

‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ ‘Ted,’ ‘Battleship’: Summer’s Biggest Movie Winners and Losers

6 Best Moments From Paul Ryan’s Republican Convention Speech (VIDEO)

The Wars Condoleezza Rice & John McCain Left Out of Their RNC Speeches

Five Things to Watch at the GOP Convention Thursday

Girl Rescued by Prince William Speaks!

Huck Goes 'Godfather'

McCain: Stop the Security Leaks!

Jon Voight: Obama Is 'a Radical'

Michael Tomasky on Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech and His Web of Lies

Paul Ryan's iPod Joke

The Ron Paul Rebellion Fizzles in Tampa

The McCains Address the GOP Gender Gap

Stop the Hyper-partisanship!

Paul Ryan’s Wonky Assault on President Obama at the Republican Convention

Condi Steals the Show

Josh Brolin Is The Face of Band of Outsiders’ Fall 2012 Campaign (PHOTOS)

Backstage at the Bush Movie

Jon Voight, Midday Cowboy at the Republican National Convention

Tampa Protestors Decry Voter Fraud Laws Passed in Florida and Other States

Pro-Life ‘Personhood’ Movements Hits Snag in Colorado Ballot Initiative

A Titian from Bergamo is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Waiting Out Hurricane Isaac in New Orleans

Navy SEALs

Obama’s Best Answers, on Everything From NASA to Beer, From His Reddit Q&As

Al Roker, CNN, Weather Channel, and More Hilarious Wind-Blown Reporters

Megyn Kelly on Mitt, Media Bias and Makeup

Romney: Too Cheap For War

Megyn Kelly: Mitt Shouldn’t Have to Prove He’s Human

Yahoo Cans Staffer for Anti-Romney Slam

Rudy Giuliani: Akin Shouldn't Teach Biology

Justin Bieber’s Bad Bromance

David Chalian's Hot Mic Gaffe

RNC Diary: The Most Nervous Name In News

Lady Gaga's Extreme Photoshopping; Miranda Kerr's Son Is Model Material

William and Kate At Paralympics in London

Message To Mitt: You're Not Everyman

Weather Channel vs. Hurricane Isaac

RNC Diary: Fighting Tyranny With Potato Chips

Meghan to Geraldo: Back Off!

Paul Ryan's Job Tonight (Besides Lie about Medicare)

Who We Push Beyond the Pale

More Colloquizing With You People

Some Hope For Israelis And Palestinians

Ann Romney: The Lady In Red

Army Anger at Naked Salute Facebook Page

On Those Two "Animal-Feeders"

Penn State Goes Too Far in Its Purge of All Things Paterno

SEALs Book on Raid to Kill Osama Contradicts Administration’s Version in Several Key Spots

Iran's Chummy Talks With India

Why Google Hangouts Are Hot: Television’s Next Frontier

Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall in Louisiana: Photos, Tweets, and Video

Haley Barbour on Going Negative in 2012 Campaign

Thoughts On The GOP's Abortion Stance?

Hurricane Isaac Hits Gulf Coast (PHOTOS)

RNC Diary: In The Thick Of Things

Quasi-Random Responses to Comments from the Previous Thread

Buzz Bissinger: 'It's Not a Positive One, But It's a Realistic One'

Mitt Romney, Distant Presence at the Republican Convention

Gun Safety For Moronic Bureaucrats

The Number: 101.7

RNC Diary: About That Altruistic, Selfless Senior Citizenry

RNC Diary: Ace Buzzkillington, Reporting

Michigan State University Student Has His Mouth Stapled in Vicious Campus Hate Crime

RNC Diary: Culture Shock For Tampa's International Visitors

Michelle Goldberg: 'It's Only Because of Todd Akin'

Live from the Republican Convention!

Republican Rabbis and the Soloveichik Dynasty

Assad: Military ‘Needs More Time’ to Win

More Thougts on Last Night: The Cuomo-Christie Comparison Is Meaningless

AUTOTUNE: Paul Ryan Trims the Fat

Report: Cocaine Was Used at Harry's Nude Vegas Party

Five Things to Watch at the GOP Convention Wednesday

Why the Tea Party Still Matters: Theda Skocpol’s ‘Obama and America’s Political Future’

Shia LaBeouf’s New Chapter: ‘Lawless,’ Dropping Acid, Unsimulated Sex

Michael Strahan’s Pairing With Kelly Ripa Surprising But Promising

Summer 2012’s Lost Legends: Nora Ephron, Tony Scott & More (PHOTOS)

Shia LaBeouf, Angelina Jolie & More Stars Who’ve Done LSD (Photos)

Photos From Denis Piel’s New Book, ‘Moments’

How I Write Family Edition: Emma Straub & Peter Straub

Tough Chris Christie Convention Speech Articulates Paul Ryan’s Message

Judge Issues Injunction Against Ohio’s ‘Wrong Precinct’ Election Law

FEAR Plot to Overthrow U.S. Government Part of Rising Domestic Extremism

France Opens Yasir Arafat Murder Probe

Rules Change Sparks Grassroots Boos at GOP Convention

Conservative Activists at GOP Convention Doggedly Focus on Abortion

Sally Singer Leaves T: The New York Times Style Magazine

Denis Piel: A Legendary Photographer Finds His Moment

The Great Medicare Compromise

The Convention’s Key Moment: Paul Ryan Introduces Himself To America

Is Romney a Race-Baiter?

Gays of Syria, Unite!

Israel and Iran’s Contest in Incompetence

8 Best Moments From Chris Christie’s GOP Convention Speech (VIDEO)

Ann Romney Scores, Chris Christie Misses

FULL Ann Romney Speech

Ann Romney: Mitt’s Secret Weapon Sputters

Ann Romney Soars, Chris Christie Stumbles in Kicking Off the Republican Convention

Chris Christie’s Speech

WATCH LIVE: Beast TV Special Coverage of the RNC

Ann Romney’s Speech

Ann Romney: 'I Love You, Women!'

Ray Bradbury’s FBI Files

Hear the GOP Convention Playlist: Taylor Hicks, 3 Doors Down & More

Chris Matthews, Joy Behar & More Awkward Chris Christie Fat Jokes (VIDEO)

RomNom: Mitt Wins GOP Nomination

Romney's Biggest Speech

Inside Author Ray Bradbury’s FBI File: Was He a Communist Sympathizer?

Humans Since 1982 at Phillips de Pury is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Five Years of Facial Hair

A Liberal Wonders What Happened To Bush

The Democrats’ Tampa Counterattack

Booing From The Paulites

Huckabee On Romney: If You Have Cancer, Who Cares If Your Surgeon Is A Jerk?

A Primer To "We Built This"

Neighbor First, Politics Second

Israeli Court Rules Corrie Death Accidental

The Mystery of Female Ejaculation

Will Katie Be the New Oprah?

Limbaugh: Hurricane Isaac’s Suspicious Timing

Me on Andrew on Kristula Green (of Frum) on What's Wrong with Conservatives

Israeli Democracy Rises to the Occasion

What Happened To 2001's Budget Surplus?

Facts About the Anarchist Militia Who Plotted to Overthrow Obama

Rush Accuses Obama of Faking Isaac Forecasts and More Outrageous Limbaugh Claims

No Attack Dog: Christie Heels And Plays Positive

Rumours of Naked Harry Video Gather

How Noah’s Flood Spurred Science: David R. Montgomery’s ‘The Rocks Don’t Lie’

Why Call Center Jobs Are Coming Back

Why Murdoch Disdains Romney

Why Draghi is Skipping Jackson Hole: Time and Money?

Still Trying to Kill Grandma, Now With Hollow-Point Bullets!

Why Are So Many Terrorists Also Doctors?

Case-Shiller Says U.S. Home Values Rose in June

The Queen Wears a Hoodie

Thank You, Neil Armstrong

Ron Jager Responds to Kathleen Peratis

Obama to Residents: Follow Directions and Evacuate

Chris Christie's Best Smackdowns

The Number: 80,000

Watch Live: The Daily Beast's Republican National Convention Hangout

Artur Davis Spurns Black Caucus

Romney Campaign Counts on Ann

Alber Elbaz Respects Talent; Duchess of Alba Wears A Bikini

Sharia Law Coming To Syria

How Joining Facebook Is Hurting Instagram

Occupy Coal Mine: Sardinian Miners Barricade Themselves Underground

Medicare: Huge Democratic Problem

Is Mitt Romney A Laugh Riot? Maybe

What I Saw On The Blog

The DNC Goes Viral With Cats?

Medea Benjamin and Code Pink Protest the RNC in Tampa

Mark Sanford, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and Other Men Who Married the Other Woman

Taylor Swift Dating Conor Kennedy: Style Transformation (PHOTOS)

Summer of Breakups: Kristen Stewart, Tom Cruise & More (PHOTOS)

Michael Tomasky on How Tricky Mitt Romney Is Aping Richard Nixon

Netanyahu Minion to Obama: Don’t Bother Visiting Israel

Otto Penzler’s Book Bag: 5 Underrated Crime Writers

Rapists, Beware: Detroit Prosecutor IDs 21 Attackers in ‘Rape Kit’ Probe

March on Washington Anniversary: A Lesson for Change

Turkey Closes Its Borders to Syrian Refugees

Chris Matthews Flouts Media Protocol, Mugs GOP’s Reince Priebus

South Africa: Evidence Suggests Most Miners Were Shot in the Back

Tropical Storm Isaac Sidelines Media Elite at the Republican Convention

James Holmes Suggested He Suffered From ‘Dysphoric Mania’ Weeks Before Attack

NASA’s Curiosity: To Twitter and Beyond

How the Medicare Debate Will End

5 Things We Know About the New iPhone 5 (Maybe)

Who Is Philip Roth’s Portnoy Satirizing?

Peter Beinart on Mitt Romney’s Bubba Strategy

Newly Reported Sightings of Madeleine McCann Fuel Interest in the Missing Girl

Keep Calm and Harry On

Gingrich Takes the GOP Convention to School With Newt University

Harry's TV Doc Screens in UK

The Circumcision Debate

John Glenn: I Remember Armstrong ‘For More Than Walking on the Moon’

Naked Salutes for Harry

Chris Matthews Attacks RNC Chair

Louisa May Alcott, Vacation Packages, and More Shameless ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Ripoffs (PHOTOS)

Norway Did The Right Thing By Giving Breivik 21-Year Sentence

House Speaker John Boehner’s Convention Pep Talk

Karl Rove’s Advice to President Obama

Thanks For The Feedback

Ori Gersht at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Michael Steele Calls Critics of His Choice of Tampa for GOP Convention ‘Stupid’

2012 GOP Convention Resource Roundup

Carine Roitfeld: A Big Return, No?

The Progressive New York Times

4 Predictions For A Second Obama Term

Allison Samuels: 'They See Her Sincerity'

Ron Paul's Sparsely Attended Curtain Call

Rachel Zoe's Empire Might Be Tanking; Kanye's Total Kim Makeover

Evolutionary Advantage to Being Gay?

Bill Nye: Stop Teaching Creationism!

Damascus Helicopter Crash Raw Video

The Purpose Behind The Pageantry

Howard Zinn at 90: Defending the People’s Historian

Why Did Christie Turn Down Romney?

On The Times' House Liberalism

One Percenters Pull Back: Tiffany’s Sales Barely Grow

The Father Of The Tea Party

Truce! And More on Race

The Number: $600 Million

Ann Romney's Political Style on Mitt Romney's Republican Campaign By Robin Givhan

How Bill Kristol and JVP Are Both "Israel-Agnostic"

Inside The Mind Of A Republican Delegate

Romney: Personality Isn’t Everything

George Washington, Zombie?

Luther Martin, Drunk

James Madison, Mumbler

Why Investors—But Not Consumers—Love LinkedIn

Convention: Lies and Dog Whistles

Bissinger: Lance Armstrong Is a Hero. Period.

Obama Attack Ad Looks Familiar

Mr. Marcus On Why He Kept Quiet About Syphilis That Sparked Porn Industry Scare

Gawker Document Dump Reveals Romney Holdings in Yacht, Casino, Private-Jet Companies (Photos)

Summer of Celebrity Skin: Prince Harry, Britney Spears & More (PHOTOS)

Why Tropical Storm Isaac Could Blow Away Mitt Romney’s Convention Moment

Elie Wiesel on His Fear of Being the Last Holocaust Witness

Syrian Uprising Body Count Spikes as Assad Forces Massacre Civilians

Florida’s Rick Scott, Battered but Unbowed by Politics and Bad Weather

Will Paul Ryan Help Romney With Blue-Collar Whites?

RNC Sunday: Priebus Defends Tampa, Dreier Questions Abortion Platform

‘Call Me Maybe’ Vs. ‘Hot in Herre’: Song of Summer Face-Off

Meet the Real Founding Fathers: The Shocking Truth About Washington, Madison, and Martin

New Clues in the Mysterious Disappearance of Multimillionaire Guma Aguiar

Buzz Aldrin: Neil Armstrong Was ‘The Best Pilot I Ever Knew’

American Academy of Pediatrics: Circumcise Me, Baby

Hunky Harry’s Fitness Secrets

Harry Closes Facebook Account

Glamour Nabs Obama!

Is Tampa Ready for 'Magic Mitt'?

Mitt Romney, John McCain, Marco Rubio, and more Sunday Talk.

Speed Read: ‘Sex and the Single Girl’

Is There An Evolutionary Advantage to Believing in God?

Syrian Immigrants Flood Greece

6 Democrat & Republican Convention Fails

Neil Armstrong’s Heroic Challenger Task

The Moon Landing Hoax

David's Book Club: Darkness At Noon

Anti-RNC Leaders: The Protests Must Go On

Romney: I'm Good for Women

Security Meltdown at Republican Convention in Tampa

What Neil Armstrong Really Taught the World

Occupy Railroads: Dennis Drabelle’s ‘The Great American Railroad War’

Diddy, Miley Cyrus & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Stars Who Shined at the Republican National Convention (Photos)

Spider-Man Hits Middle Age: His 50th Anniversary

New Thai-Taiwanese Syndrome Is Not AIDS 2.0

Romney and Ryan Are Peddling Fear to Seniors by Grossly Distorting the Facts on Medicare

The Aurora Shooting Made One Prominent Hollywood Producer Too Scared to Go to The Multiplex

Joe Redner, Tampa’s Strip Club King

In War Against Assad, Death Comes From Above

Hurricane Isaac Delays the Republican National Convention

This Week’s Hot Reads: August 26, 2012

Ben Quayle’s Election Fight Gets Ugly

Neil Armstrong’s Space Odyssey (Photos)

Armstrong: 'I Wasn't Chosen'

Tropical Storm Hits Haiti, Heads to Florida (Photos)

Neil Armstrong, 1930-2012

Pepperdine President’s Son Chris Benton Arrested

Jamie Chung, Star of ‘Premium Rush,’ On Her Road from The Real World to Hollywood

Sex and the Science Writer

Diversity at the RNC!

When Harry Met Ryan

The Fracking Truth About Canada's Successful Energy Policy

Kosovo's Frightening Example To Syria

Lance Armstrong’s Advice on How to Face Adversity: Excerpts From His Books

Fashion Instagrams: Ke$ha, Chanel Iman & More (PHOTOS)

Lisa Robles Tells How She Was Almost Shot Outside the Empire State Building

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for August 24, 2012

Is the Internet Making Us Forgetful? Michael S. Malone’s ‘The Guardian of All Things’

Syrian Rebels Question Timing of the West’s New ‘Red Line’ on Assad

Larry David, Beyonce, Prince Harry, and More Viral Videos

Wine Tasting, Zip Lining & Mexico: Last-Minute Labor Day Getaways

Romney May Outspend Obama but Not Beat Him in November Election

Empire State Building Gunman’s Bizarre Fantasy Art (Photos)

“Big Business is Doing Fine”: Romney’s Tellingly Accurate Gaffe

Uh, But That Wasn't the Point

Remembering the Voice of The Count

Lance Armstrong Timeline: Tour de France, Doping Allegations (PHOTOS)

If Ryan Thinks Privatizing Health Care Cuts Costs, I've a Nice Bridge To Sell Him

Why Egypt's Courtesy Call to Iran Before US?

Romney Just Birthed More Obama Support With Awkward Joke

Anders Breivik Sentencing: Norway Shuts Up a Killer

The Birth Of (Another) Unwanted Romney Mistake

Lance Armstrong’s Lowest Moments (Photos)

At Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, an Explosive Ori Gersht Exhibition (Photos)

Casting the Divine at the Rubin Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Romney's Bad Birther Joke

Full Disclosure

Chris Bosh On the NBA Star-Studded New York City Fundraiser for Obama

Romney's Birther "Joke" and the Automatic Outrage Machine

The Number: $640 Million

Journalist, Or Spy? Xinhua Doesn't Distinguish

Why Is The Prostate A Source Of Pleasure?

Julian Assange's New Digs At The Ecuadorian Embassy

Are Housing Hawks Wrong?

Gabrielle Douglas Pitches at Citi Field; Katie Holmes Girds for Fashion Week

Cash Offer

Toyota's Shocking New Transgender Commercial

Eyewitness: 'It Was Just Very Gruesome'

The Weird Relationship Between American Jews and Israeli Jews

In France, Decision Against Reviled Lance Armstrong New Doping Stain on Troubled Tour

Yay! Harry Keeps Clothes On In New Paralympics Video Message!!

Shooting at Empire State Building: Photos & Tweets

Should Abortion Be Legal in Cases of Rape?

Breaking: Shooting at Empire State Building

GOP Keynoter Christie Steps Back from Touting New Jersey Comeback

Keep it in Vegas!

What Cable Can Do

Europe Goes After Circumcision

That Cancer Ad Again: Unnecessary Stupidity

Harry's Week Gets Worse as More Pics Emerge

CNN Anchor Channels His Opinionated Side

The Best Way to Reduce Abortions?

American Dreams: ‘The Stepford Wives’ by Ira Levin

Remedial Reader: The Essential Martin Amis

Will ‘No Easy Day’ Book on Bin Laden Raid Break SEALs Code of Silence?

Goodbye to the WAC: The Rise of the College-Football Mega-Conference

From Elisabeth Moss’ New Haircut to Serena Williams on David Letterman, Best and Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

Join The Daily Beast’s Convention Hangout

Yale Classmates Say Nathan Harden Gets Yale and Sex All Wrong

Study Says Older Fathers Linked to Autism, Gives Mothers a Break

Are Syria’s Rebels Getting Too Extreme?

Gore Vidal Eulogized as Great American Wit, Cynic, Idealist

Spike Lee on ‘Red Hook Summer,’ Black Churches and President Obama

Mel Sembler: Mitt Romney’s Florida Fat Cat

Graham Spanier: Penn State’s Next Indictment?

The Long, Strange U-Turn of Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’

Max Friedlich, Teenage Playwright, Dazzles With Controversial ‘SleepOver’

When Did the GOP Get So White: The Republicans’ Loss of Diversity

How a No-Name Actor Tried to Extort Harvey Weinstein and Groupon’s Co-Founder

The backlash against Aung San Suu Kyi

Romney and Obama: Both Wrong on Medicare

Sun Publishes Harry Pics

Life Imitates "Patriots" (Again)

The Number: 47.8

Big Bangs

Wolf Blitzer Channels His Opinionated Side

Obama's Ultimate Campaign Weapon

Fashion’s Cult Cartoon Returns

The Novel Fox News Doesn’t Want You to Read: Ernest Poole’s ‘The Harbor’

Elad Lassry at the High Line is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Inside Mitt Romney's Bain Files

Does Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Matter?

Brutal Attack On Palestinian Met With Near-Universal Rebuke

MLK Jr. Audio Discovered in Attic

A Consumption Tax for Romney

Harry in Balmoral

The Most Controversial Thing You've Written?

Meghan McCain to Prince Harry: Rookie Move!

Brian Atwood's Banned Ad

Rugby Takes Over Princeton

Lynching “Demographic Threats”

Exclusive: Byrne & Clark Go Indie

New Home Sales Rose Sharply in July 2012, Adding to housing Recovery

Proposed Orwell Statue Faces Orwellian Politics at BBC

Diane von Furstenberg Bests Wintour on Forbes List; Madonna's Swastika Kerfuffle

Joe Scarborough: 'Why Did Paul Ryan Sign on to the Bill?'

Thanks For The Feedback

Paul Ryan's Voice

The Future of Cable News

"Harry's Security Team Acted Like A Bunch of Amateurs"

Crowe and Smith Break It Down

The FBI’s Harassment and Spying on 1960s Students Revealed in 'Subversives' by Seth Rosenfeld

Republicans Brace for a Convention Storm as Isaac Heads for Florida

China Discovers Sex Online as Porn Invades Social Media

Incompetence, Lack of Safeguards Suggest Saif al-Islam Gaddafi May Not Get Fair Trial

Roe v. Wade to Planned Parenthood: The History of Abortion Rights in America (PHOTOS)

Stormy Daniels on Being a Porn Star Mom

Heidi Klum, Dustin Hoffman, Mila Kunis & More Celebrity Heroes (PHOTOS)

GOP Grassroots Furious at Romney Over Akin, Abortion Rape Exception

Study Says Doctors More Burned Out Than Others, But It’s Not Really a Malady

Mattel’s Buzzy New ‘Drag Queen Barbie’ Is No Cross Dresser

Desperate Measures: Paul Ryan Tries To Revive the “Death Panel” Canard

Swelling Welfare Rolls Are a Sure Sign That Recovery Never Happened

The GOP Had the Todd Akin ‘Legitimate Rape’ Debacle Coming

Mitt Romney and Chick-fil-A Resemble Each Other in So Many Ways It’s Scary

Why Prince Harry’s Nude Photos Are a Disaster for Charles

Will ‘Avatar’ Actress Zoe Saldana Play Legendary Singer Nina Simone?

Bashar Al-Assad’s War on Syria’s Children

Yoga Teachers Love Obama: Romney and Obama Donors by Profession

Yevgeniya Chirikova: Russia’s Environmental Activist Turned Politician

Why the Media Dislike Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Bringing In Miuccia!

The Sun Recreates Harry Pics

The Return of the 'Great American Desert'

‘Hunger Games’: Who’s Who in the ‘Catching Fire’ Cast (PHOTOS

Reality Check: Libertarianism Can't Cure Racism

Nicole Kidman's Scandalous Cover

A Consumption Tax for Conservatives

Robert Smithson at the Whitney Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Number: $96,437

Why the Left Should Not Call for Talks with Hamas

Mark McKinnon: 'It's Putting a Big Spotlight Exactly Where Republicans Don't Want It'

Todd Akin's Bad Timing

Alexa Chung To Design; Prince Harry Shows Off Family Jewels

The Myth of the Independent Voter

How to Make Seniors Suspicious of Ryan and Romney

Madonna Caves in French Swastika Kerfuffle

More Evolution Needed on GOP Marriage Platform

Akin: 'I'm Planning to Win It'

In “Cosmopolis,” Robert Pattinson Depicts Financial World Gone Mad

Tom Sykes: 'There's a Lot of Egg On Charles's Face Over This'

Is Homosexuality Nature Or Nurture?

Existing Home Sales Rise in July

Mark McKinnon: 'This is a Very Bad Distraction at a Terrible Time'

Vladimir Putin: Culture Warrior

Netanyahu and Barak V. Israel's Defense Community

The New Wallace Stegner: Ivan Doig’s ‘The Bartender’s Tale’

How I Write: ‘The Tragedy of Arthur’ by Arthur Phillips

So What Would I Do About China?

Tina Brown: 'It Has Immediately Undressed Paul Ryan'

Will British Papers Publish Harry Pics?

Harry to Get A, Er, Bollocking, From Army

All just tittle-tattle?

Larry David's Voter Appeal

A Very Significant Tea Leaf in the GOP Platform

Another Profile in Mittens Courage

Royal Protection Officer Speaks

Judith Regan: Todd Akin and Republican Men’s World of Unicorns, True Love—and no Rape

13 Biggest Medicare Battleground States, from Florida to Nevada (PHOTOS)

A Secret Hospital in Syria

12 Hotel Secrets by Hotel Staffs, From Minibar ‘Refills’ to Ritz-Carlton Largesse

Alleged Hate Crime in Israel Part of Larger Trend

Chinese Government Institutionalizes People Against Their Will: Chinese Human Rights Defenders

Classroom Warfare: Same-Sex Classes at Public Schools Ignite a Fight

Rick Santorum: Here Are the Reasons That Romney Might Lose

6 Best Spoof Videos of the Emmy Nominated Period Drama ‘Downton Abbey’

Todd Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Timing Couldn’t Be Worse for Republicans

Why Believe Romney Now, After His Lies on Medicare, Bain & Taxes?

What Obama Doesn’t Get About Medicare

Utah Up, Chicago Down: Why Mitt Romney Should Embrace His Mormonism

Paul Ryan’s Hotness May Wow Voters More in the Short Run

Michelle Obama’s 11 Diet and Fitness Secrets

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Niall Ferguson: 'He Was Not an Effective Leader'

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National Review Acknowledges Political Reality

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Head of Drusus at the Cleveland Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

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Todd Akin’s Rape Comment Was Bad but His Abortion Views Are Much Worse

How to End the Abortion Wars

On "Contorting" the Voting Process

Stars Mourn Director Tony Scott on Twitter

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Akin's Abortion View: More Widespread in GOP Than You Think

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Tony Scott’s Enduring Legacy, From ‘Top Gun’ to ‘True Romance’

Director Tony Scott’s Death Seen as Suicide After He Leaped From Bridge

Tammy Baldwin’s Bid to Become U.S. Senate’s First Out Lesbian

‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘True Blood,’ ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Copper’: Inside TV’s Prostitute Fixation

Paul Ryan’s Medicare Misconceptions

Late Night’s Most Valuable Hosts: Jay Leno & More (Photos)

Obama Needs U.S. Debate Before Making Pledges to Israel About Attacking Iran

Some Catholic Leaders Speaking Out Against Paul Ryan’s Budget-Cutting

The Brontës, Ruth Rendell, and This Week’s Hot Reads: August 19, 2012

Olympics: Step Aside, London: Rio’s Next!

Rick Santorum, Rudy Giuliani, Robert Gibbs, and More Sunday Talk

Rep. Todd Akin: 'Legitimate Rape' Doesn't Get You Pregnant

Queen's Corgis Attack Royal Pup

Chris Cillizza: Why Campaigns Don't Need the Media

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Assange: End the 'Witch Hunt'

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The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for August 18, 2012

Paul Ryan Trots Out His Mom to Defend Medicare Record

‘Compliance’: The Year’s Most Controversial Film

How To Fix America’s Dull, Corrupt Political Conventions

Detroit Voters Approve a Property Tax to Support the Local Art Museum

Syrian Rebels Outgunned but Unbroken in Fight for Aleppo

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25 Years of Travel by the Numbers Charted in an Exciting Interactive

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Occupy Wall Street Veterans Mass to Protest Pussy Riot Verdict

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Pussy Riot, Modern Russian Women Trapped in Putin’s Time Machine

What Stephen Harper Could Teach Paul Ryan

12 Best Fashion Instagrams

Letters From DREAMers: Young Immigrants Hope for Deferred Action

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How Will We Sleep Tonight?

Chess Champ Garry Kasparov: ‘They Were Trying to Break My Leg’

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The Number: Zero

Why Facebook’s Stock Is Tanking

'98 Degrees' is Warmed Up and Ready

Finally, A Recovery Summer?

'Dexter' is Back With A Bang

The Race is On For Assad's Billions

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Meleko Mokgosi Wins the Hammer Museum Mohn Award and is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

What Are Your Plans Post-Congress?

NY Times' Digital Savior Inspires More Questions than Answers

Molly Ringwald’s Next Act

We're NASA and We Know It

Paul Ryan Used Government Funds and Power to Try and Save GM Plant in His District

Protests Couldn’t Save Pussy Riot From Two-Year Prison Sentence

Good Heavens! SamCam Rocks a Bikini

Julian Assange Besieged: The Scene at Ecuador’s London Embassy

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Does R-Patz Get a Pass?

Whitney's Big Screen 'Sparkle' Farewell

Mary-Kate Moves In; 20,000 Fake Louboutins Seized

Simon Peres Defies Benjamin Netanyahu, Part of Growing Disagreement on Iran Policy

What's Reducing Carbon Emissions? Natural Gas.

Boycott Hamas — But Foster Palestinian Moderation

New Obama Ad Counters Medicare Attacks

The Upside Down Attack on Josh Treviño

The Obama Campaign's Little Joke

Add Reinhold Niebuhr to Romney's Ticket

Jon Stewart Slams Voter IDs

Iran, Iftar, and Israel

A Waiting Game for Rebels and Residents in Syrian Border Towns

Back to ‘Occupy!’: The International Center of Photography Exhibit (Photos)

Team Kristen or Team Rob? Stars Take Sides in ‘Twilight’ Breakup (PHOTOS)

From Michelle Obama to RPatz, Best & Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

Mosquitoes and Stagnant Water: Why West Nile Virus Keeps Returning

Governor Jan Brewer Battles Obama’s DREAM Directive in Arizona

Amelia Earhart: New Documentary Searches Underwater for Pilot and Her Plane

Medi-Scare: Now Ryan Budget Has Republicans Fear-Mongering Too

Inside the Hunt for Assad’s Billions

How Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan Is Coming Back to Haunt Obama

Dolph Lundgren’s Wild Ride: From Fulbright Scholar to ‘The Expendables 2’

Bad News for the Bubbly: Champagne Suffers Worst Season in Decades

‘Ascent of the A-Word:’ The Beauty of the Indispensable Vulgarity

Julian Assange, Chen Guangcheng & More Famous Embassy Stays (Photos)

Battle of the Bulge

Meghan McCain on Why Obama Should Pick Hillary Clinton for VP

Is the Family Research Council Really a Hate Group?

Jeffrey Wright's Conflict-Free Philosophy

7 Busted Cybercriminals: Anton Vickerman, Pirate Bay & More (PHOTOS)

Vigil at Graceland: 35th Anniversary of Elvis's Death (Photos)

Karlie Kloss Would Walk in Ryan Lochte’s Show

6 Political Musings From Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine

New Egypt, The Same as Old Egypt

C.E. Morgan: ‘Light in August’ is Faulkner’s Great American Novel

Barney Frank's Biggest Regret While In Congress?

Paul Ryan Declares Generational War

James Lee Byars at Michael Werner Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How Many Is Too Many?

What Is The Hero Project?

Molly Ringwald: Actors Have Rights, Too

What Paul Ryan Learned from Ayn Rand

Comrade Ryan's Plan Has 110% Approval!

Biden's Biggest Flubs

Bar Mitzvah Goes Vogue

Condi's New Modeling Gig; Minnie Mouse's London Takeover

Dump Joe Biden? Nah

Obama's Last Chance Before Israel Bombs Iran

GOP's Fake Biden Outrage

It's All Medicare All the Time

Rihanna's Tearful Confession

Meet The Man Who Wrongly Accused Fareed Zakaria of Plagiarism

My Story As a Pacifist in Israel

Praising Talk Instead Of Action

Syria: From Gap Salesman to Rebel Executioner

Vintage Internet PSA Goes Viral

O Canada...

The WASP-less Presidential Election and the End of the ‘Establishment’

Pussy Riot: The Girls Who Have Rocked Russia

Paul Ryan’s Bow-Hunting Bump

Why Pundits Keep Making (Often Wrong) Presidential Predictions

‘Cosmopolis’ Suggests ‘Twilight’ Star Robert Pattinson Can Act

Syria Violence Spills Into Lebanon: Abductions After Assad Strike on Azaz

Family Research Council Shooting Unleashes Conservative Vengeance on Twitter

America’s Smartest Cities 2012: Denver to Raleigh-Durham (Photos)

Beautiful Commonplace Books By Lewis Carroll, Nancy Cunard and More (Photos)

Why The Screwed Generation Is Turning To Paul Ryan

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens & More Cougarettes (PHOTOS)

George Washington to George W. Bush: 11 WASPs Who Have Led America (PHOTOS)

Fall Fashion Ad Campaign Crib Sheet: Louis Vuitton to Miu Miu

Social Media: Nothing New? Commonplace Books As Predecessor to Pinterest

China Updates Ancient Guide to Filial Piety

Christine Baranski on ‘The Good Wife’ Season 4, Diane & ‘Brady Bunch’

Catholic Nuns Gun for Paul Ryan

As the White Protestant Vote Recedes, the GOP Turns to ‘Voter Fraud’

The Danger of Syria Intervention

Rich Women Can't Get Laid?

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LIBOR Scandal Widens to Include 7 Banks

Monika Sziladi at Hasted Kraeutler is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Child Stars' Privacy Trap

Meet the NRA's Big Guns

All Hail, David!

Lady Gaga's 'Fame' Fragrance

Michelle Dockery Talks Fashion

The Lonely Planet Guide to Dictators and Despots

Paul Ryan, Meet Dr. Lewis and Mr. Bernard

Prices Go Up…Not at All

Russell Simmons: Biden was Right

The Number: 403.9 Billion

How Did Harry Reid Get Rich?

Inside the Ryan Budget

A Very Different Media Scandal (UPDATED)

Margaret Hoover: 'Do We Not Have a More Open and Transparent System?'

Freedom Of Religion? Let's Not Get Carried Away

Which Wedding Dress Should Jen Wear?

Who is Bibi preempting – Obama or Iran?

When Will We See The End of DOMA?

Oops! Fox Host Drops F-Bomb

Azealia's Condom Controversy

David's Book Club: Cosa Nostra (Part 2)

Kors is Going Strong; Soon You Can Wear '50 Shades of Grey'

Joe Biden’s “Chains” Comment and the Racial Double Standard

A Dollop of Autocracy

Lu Jianbo Stabs Woman on Camera: Viral Violence in China

Why, by Definition, Republicans Have to Lie

Obama's Online Victory

Six Revelations From Michael Grunwald’s ‘The New New Deal’

Romney: Obama Campaign Running on ‘Hatred’

Will Camp David Stand?

The Gray Lady’s Shotgun Wedding: Mark Thompson Joins The New York Times

Royalist Takes A Break

Napolitano ‘Frat House’ Claims, and the Issue of Harassed Males

Jodie Foster Blasts Kristen Stewart–Robert Pattinson Break-Up Spectacle

Helping Children After Foster Care: Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s How I Write Interview

For the Housing Market, A Home Depot Recovery

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: 10 Most Outrageous Tabloid Covers (PHOTOS)

Despite Pledge, Syrian Rebels Continue to Torture

The Helen Gurley Brown I Knew

A Guide to the NRA’s Money and How It’s Spent

Message to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: America’s Greater Than Ever

More Rich, High-Powered Women Are Turning to Matchmakers to Find Love

Paul Ryan’s Polling Problem

Big Guns Inside the National Rifle Association Leadership

Meet Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston’s Once Mysterious Husband-To-Be

‘Jaws,’ ‘Finding Nemo’ & More Hollywood Sharks (VIDEO)

Did the Civil War Achieve Equality? Stephen Kantrowitz’s ‘More Than Freedom’

Gabby’s New Star Hairstylist

America: Let Romney and Ryan Fix the Country

Marine Dakota Meyer Steps Up to Help Veterans Find Success Back Home

Jennifer Aniston's Bridal Wisdom

Explore Columbia in Timelapse

Explore Morocco in Timelapse

Explore Paris in Timelapse

Rio to London: What Olympics?

TrapWire: The Less-Than-Advertised System To Spy On Americans

A False Charge Against Fareed Zakaria (UPDATED)

Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, and More People Who Hate Kim Kardashian (PHOTOS)

Is An Iran Strike Imminent? Maybe Not.

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Paul Ryan, Mark Sanford, Ron Paul, and Other Politicians Who Love Ayn Rand (Photos)

Kate Middleton’s Cousin Katrina Darling Graces Cover of Playboy (Photos)

Team Rubicon

The Mission Continues

Remembering Ron Palillo

Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation

David's Book Club: Cosa Nostra (Part 1)

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Where Are The Southrons?

Five Reasons to Celebrate July’s Strong Retail Sales Numbers

Lyn Julius responds to Lara Friedman

Wonkjuice: Progressive Kool-Aid

Egypt’s Ghost Wars in Sinai

First Lady Meets the 'Flying Squirrel'

Student Veterans of America

Forcing Romney's Hand

"Hey Girl": The Best of 'Feminist Ryan Gosling' (Photos)

Iran: The War That's Always Imminent

Ryan Honeymoon Over Already?

Pattinson's Fashionable Return

Former Syrian Prime Minister Riyad Hijab Calls Regime an ‘Enemy of God’

The Eurozone: A Sinking Ship

Syria’s Ex-Premier: Regime Collapsing

French Rage Explodes in Riots

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook at the Walters Art Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Helen Gurley Brown: 'I'm a Devout Feminist'

On Laws and Walls

How Are Dodd-Frank Critics Wrong?

Was Helen Gurley Brown A Feminist?

Kate Moss Impresses a Scientist; The Kardashians Are Going Global

Romney’s Intrade Stock: Ready for a Bull Run?

R-Patz Giggles with Jon Stewart

Conservative Talking Heads Love Paul Ryan’s Budget, But Polls Tell Another Story

Architectural White Elephants: Beijing, London, and The Post-Olympics Curse

Yes It's Amnesty

Jews Are Always News

Romney and Ryan and the Medicare Lies

John Avlon: 'Let's Also Be Honest'

The Women's Olympics

Zionism and State

New Words Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: ‘Man Cave,’ ‘Sexting’ and More

Why Hillary Clinton Snubbed the Syrian National Council on Istanbul Visit

Judge Denies Bail Request by Anthony Pellicano, Former Sleuth to the Stars

Why Goldman Sachs, Other Wall Street Titans Are Not Being Prosecuted

Romney Lost the American Jewish Vote by Picking Paul Ryan

Helen Gurley Brown: 10 Best Tips From ‘Sex and the Single Girl’

London Athletes Face Post-Olympic Blues

‘Feminist Ryan Gosling’ Author Danielle Henderson on Her New Book

Real Housewives of New York’s Ramona Singer Offers Wine and Wisdom

Is Paul Ryan a Ticking Time Bomb as Mitt Romney’s Running Mate?

Helen Gurley Brown Was the Practical Goddess of Love to Ordinary Women

Barack Obama Beating Mitt Romney in Confidence Game, But Will Likely Lose Election

Battle Over Paul Ryan Budget Set to Shape House Races in November

Romney and Ryan’s Phony Deficit Reduction Plan

Supreme Court Outlawed Executing Mentally Retarded, But Texas Does It Anyway

What the Heck Is Romney Saying About the Economy?

Chuck Norris’s 10 Favorite Things About America

12 Gotye Cover Wins & Fails (WATCH VIDEO)

Thomas H. Cook’s Book Bag: Must Reads on the Writing Life

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The (Un)Open and Shut Case of Suspected Colorado Shooter James Holmes

Helen Gurley Brown’s Fashion Sense: The Power Of Cleavage

How to Survive a Shark Attack

”Saving the School” by Michael Brick: The Fight For Education Reform in America

Vatileaks: Did the Pope’s Butler Have Help?

U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago Weighs In on Hemorrhoids

Doug Henwood Takes on "Patriots"

13 Classic Helen Gurley Brown Quotes

Is Your Editor on Vacation?

Zachary Karabell: 'Either the Math Doesn't Add Up or the Social Consequences are Immense'

Those awful airline fees from United, American, Delta and the rest add up.

The Debate on Jew-washing—Beyond the Ideology

Syrian Army Accused of Vicious, Systematic Rape

Paul Ryan Heckled in Iowa

Miley's Punk New Haircut!

Gotye Parodies Himself

Wehner Joins the Romney Campaign

Fareed Zakaria Didn’t Plagiarize!

Facebook Insiders Unfriend Facebook Stock

Take a Bow, London: The Olympics Were a Triumph

Revenge of the Budget Nerds

Why Ryan Makes Dems Smile

This Headline is About Very Important Quiet

What Romney Should Learn From John Major

How Could Democrats Have Prevented The Housing Crisis?

José Guerrero at the Guggenheim is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Michael Phelps Poses in a Bathtub for a Vuitton Ad; Jennifer Aniston is Getting Hitched

Is Morsy Staging or Reversing a Coup?

Ryan and the Built-in Lies of the Cliche Machine

Paul Ryan: Good Man, Wrong Plan

Is Paul Ryan the Right Choice?

London Olympics: The Movie (Photos)

Why Let Obama Define the Election?

Stimulus for Conservatives

What Gingrich and Adelson and Santorum Really Mean When They Say the Palestinian People are "Invented"

Restore Our Future's $10 Million Ad Campaign

Ryan Budget Plan Sounds Good But Lacks Substance

Spice Girls Nail It

Stretching the (Green) Line

The Media’s Pink-Ribbon Problem: Coverage Is Skewed, Study Says

Amnesty International’s Pussy Riot Concert: Balaclavas and Punk Rockers

Paul Ryan’s Wife Janna’s Resume, Life Before Politics & Family History

A Secret Putin Palace on Russia’s Black Sea

Sikh Temple Shooting Returns Attention To Military’s White Power Problem

7 Unsolved Olympic Mysteries: Pot Brownie, Bottle Thrower & More

Paul Ryan’s Extreme Workout Plan

Chris Shays’s Last Stand: The GOP Passes On a Connecticut Moderate

How Would a Vice President Paul Ryan Affect Women?

How Obama Will Cash In on Paul Ryan: Medicare, Taxes, Education & More

Kristen Stewart, Katie Holmes, and the Summer of Break-Up Porn

Michael Tomasky on How the GOP Plans to Block the Black Vote

Mohamed Morsi Stages a Risky Palace Coup Sacking Egyptian Army Chief

Mitt Romney’s Pick of Paul Ryan: Bold Doesn’t Always Work

Must-Read College Novels: From “Lucky Jim” to “Pnin”

In Picking Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney Goes for Right Wing Intensity, Reform, and Ideas

Paul Ryan’s Catholic Problem

London's Fashionable Finale

Paul Ryan: GOP's Friend or Foe?

Olympics Closing Ceremonies: London Rocks Out

Frum: 'This Is Not the Time'

Tim Pawlenty, John McCain, Reince Priebus, and more Sunday Talk.

The Wrong Question

The GOP's Sobering Electoral Math

'Too High To Fail'

Ryan: More Powerful Than Romney

Will Democrats Overplay Their Hand?

Be Afraid, Seniors: How the Ryan Pick Changes the Campaign

Surfers, Seals and Survivors: Top 9 Shark Attacks (Video)

China’s Olympic Soul-Searching: What the Games Have Taught the Country

Rupert Murdoch Gets His Man As Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan

What Paul Ryan Brings to the Romney Ticket

Sleep Your Way to the Top: How Sleep Equals Success

Double the Pommade: The Aggressively Groomed Style Of Romney And Ryan

Paul Auster, Bernhard Schlink and More of This Week’s Hot Reads: August 13, 2012

‘The Campaign’: Will Ferrell Phones It In

Ping-Pong: America’s Most Overlooked Sport?

30 Amazing Olympics Photos

Ryan Seacreast, Miley Cyrus & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Romney’s VP Gaffe and 5 Other Big Political Fumbles (Video)

Paul Ryan Look-A-Likes: Matthew Morrison, Paul Rudd & More (Photos)

MemeFeed: McKayla Is Not Impressed

Mitt Romney’s Game Changer

Obama Campaign’s Plan of Attack Against Paul Ryan

You Call That An Olympic Sport?

Will Food Prices Jump After the Heat Wave?

'This Is a Risky Pick'

Paul Ryan: 7 Great Reads on Romney’s Running Mate

Defense Hawks, Rejoice—Paul Ryan’s Your Man!

Paul Ryan’s Extreme Abortion Views

Paul Ryan on the Issues: Taxes, Abortion, & More

Paul Ryan is a Smart Pick

Andrew's Most Outrageous Writing

Do Mitt’s Taxes Matter?

7 Fun Facts About Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney’s Bold Gamble on Paul Ryan

Obama's Lightening-Speed Ryan Attack

Only Ryan Could Sell Ryan’s Budget

Romney-Ryan: The Rich Voter's Dream Ticket

Mitt Romney, With Nod to Right Wing, Rolls Out Paul Ryan As His Running Mate

What’s Right and Wrong in the Ryan Plan

Oops! Romney Introduces Ryan as President

The Coming Democratic Attack Barrage

Paul Ryan's High School Yearbook Pictures

Paul Begala on How With Ryan, Romney Has the Plutocrat Ticket

Michael Tomasky on Romney’s Stunning, Terrible Choice of Ryan for VP

If You Read This Book, You Will Not Get Married

T.J. Holmes: I Shouldn’t Have Tweeted About ‘Driving While Black’

What Makes a Great Olympian? Sometimes It’s Genetics

This Just In: Seniors Screw Too!

9 Top Memes, Videos and Gifs From 2012 Olympics: Phelps, Lochte, Maroney & More

Spanish Mayor Hailed as Modern-Day Robin Hood

Journalist John Cantlie Learned How Deadly Syria Can Be When He Was Held Hostage by Jihadis

The U.N. Session on Censuring Syria Brings Out the World’s Thugs

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for August 11, 2012

Olympic Cyclist Dotsie Bausch's Past as a Model Battling Anorexia and Drug Addiction

China: Gu Kailai Blames Murder Plot on Mental Breakdown

No One Likes a Whiny Billionaire

Take It From Dan Quayle: Running Mates Run the Media Gantlet

David Barton, Christian Scholar, Faces a Backlash

Hillary Clinton, McKayla Maroney, the Olympics, and More Viral Videos

Our Favorite Olympic Moments: Aly Raisman, the Queen & More (Photos)

Heidi Klum, Marc Jacobs & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

Why Ryan?

Will Ontario Become the Detroit of Canada?

Ryan Defends His Medicare Plan

Why Romney Picked Paul Ryan

Robert Hughes’s Best Books and Quotes

ALF's Gross Return

Will Netanyahu and Barak Risk a Coup?

The Best of David Rakoff: Quotes, This American Life, The Daily Show & More

Don't Hate the Games, Hate the Players

The Smithsonian, John Calhoun, and His Heirs

Kate Poses With Team GB Hockey Bronze Medal Winners

Reaction to Bolt's Gold

Obama's Unreliable Nominees

Michelle Goldberg: 'How Is That Not Germane to the Central Issue in This Campaign?'

Desperately Seeking Obama

Where Have These Political Minds Been for the Last Two Years?

Ask Barney Anything: Your Favorite GOP Colleague?

McKayla Maroney and Jenna Bush Do the Dougie

An Equal-Opportunity Curse

Meanwhile, in the Pacific...

Spice Girls Olympic Reunion Rumors Build; Azealia Banks Gets Banned

How Would You Like to Feel Really, Really Old?

Lara Friedman Responds on Jewish Refugees

Coulter: Ok For Me, Not For You

The Dog Days of Politics

Is Israel Ready?

Jan Groover at Andrew Kreps is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Why Is Mitt Romney Going After the Values Vote?

Harry and Kate Visit Team GB House

The Screwed Election: Wall Street Can’t Lose, and America Can’t Win

Trying to Identify the Next Far-Right Extremist Before He Shoots

How the Treasury is Turning a Profit on TARP

Battered Syrian Rebels Cede Aleppo’s Salaheddin District to Assad Military

Nipple Slips, Spandex Shocks & More Olympic Wardrobe Mishaps (PHOTOS)

Jeremy Renner in ‘Bourne Legacy,’ Steve Carell & More Hot After 40 Stars (Photos)

Too Gay for Hip-Hop? Le1f Takes On Traditionally Homophobic Genre

John Banville’s Terrible Idea to Write a New Novel on Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe

Meryl Streep, ‘Hope Springs,’ and Senior Sex: Why Geezers Are Getting It On

Syria: There Goes the Neighborhood

Is Mitt Romney Beyond Satire? Comedy Writers Underwhelmed by Candidate

‘The Bourne Legacy’ Starring Jeremy Renner: 7 Reasons to See It!

10 Outrageous Attack Ads: Bain, Burning Money & More (Videos)

Naomi Campbell to Ryan Lochte: 7 Best Dressed & 5 Worst Dressed People of the Week (PHOTOS)

Simply False: Mitt Romney’s Cynical Welfare Nostalgia

Director Jay Roach Sticks With Politics in New Will Ferrell Film ‘The Campaign’

Robert Hughes: A Fierce Critic and Powerful Voice Now Silenced

Prince William With Bieber Hair and Other Photoshop Crimes

Note to Readers

U.S. Women's Soccer Wins Gold

The Politics of "Patriots"

AEI Economics: Better Late Than Never

Should You See ‘Bourne Legacy’?

A Sign of America's Decline: Fewer Cats

Mitt: Obama's Declaring War on Religion

Adelson Sues NJDC for Prostitution Claims

The Number: $185 Billion

The "War on Religion": Still Placating the Base

The Olympics’ Most Colorful Trend

Denigrating Jewish Refugees

Trade Deficit Goes Down

Miami Face-Eating Victim: He 'Ripped Me to Ribbons'

If You're Not Angry, You're a RINO!

Obama's War on Religion?

Take That, Boy Scouts: I’m Rejecting My Eagle Award

Roseanne: Vote for Me!

Which Scandal Most Shocked You?

Katie Taylor Takes Boxing Gold

An Old Navy 90210 Reunion

High Frequency Trading is Out of Control

Kate Lets Hair Down At Synchro

James Middleton and Mischa Barton

Mr. Inexperienced

Avlon: 'Go Bold, Go Big'

Lady Gaga Covers Vogue With RuPaul Hair; Kate Bosworth Engaged

Gu Kailai’s Murder Trial Evokes Story of Mao’s Widow Jiang Qing

Gingrich Backs Off on Welfare

Susiya: A Human Rights Calamity

Paul Ryan: Romney's (Near) Worst VP Choice

Dick Morris: World's Worst Political Pundit?

McKinnon: 'His Last, Best Change to Make A Big Impression is His Convention Speech'

Chicago Bar Night

Colbert Devours Papa John’s Controversy

The Battle for Aleppo: Assad Regime’s Black Eye

Kate Waves As Hockey Team Burns

70-Year-Old Woman Self-Immolates

Woman Sent to Labor Camp in China’s Latest Abuse Outrage

French Cabinet’s 17 Chic Women Ministers (PHOTOS)

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What Mitt Romney Needs To Do in Tampa

The Texas Drought Seen Firsthand from the Eyes of Ranchers

Skrillex Invades L.A. to Headline HARD Summer Festival

Anti-Romney Ad Fudges Facts, Blows Opportunity for an Important Debate

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12 Revelations in Kati Marton’s Memoir ‘Paris: A Love Story’

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Gordon Ramsay: 7 Hotel Horrors!

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Crazy Bill Clinton Gambit

Karl Taro Greenfeld on His Novel “Triburbia,” Con Men, and Literary Success

The Mad Dash for Free Vibrators

Where Obama’s Winning: Ladies’ Merch

Elton John’s Nastiest Feuds, From Madonna to Simon Cowell (PHOTOS)

Inside the NYT Book Review: ‘How I Write’ Interviews Sam Tanenhaus

Was Ann Curry Fired For Her Style?

The Number: $1.63

Ryan Lochte: Fashion Designer?

Elton John sues the Times for Libel

My Life as a Sikh in America: A Response to the Wisconsin Massacre

Hillary Clinton Grinds in South Africa, Michelle Obama Grooves on ‘Ellen,’ & More Dancing Politicians (VIDEO)

Where Did Romania's Holocaust Go?

Louisiana Charter School Mandates Pregnancy Tests For ‘Suspect’ Students

Harry at Women's Beach Volleyball Final

Gerrit Rietveld in Modern Childhood at MoMA is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Campaign Trail's Bedroom Secrets

Universal Healthcare: A Conservative Reform

Bin Laden Hunt Goes Hollywood

Ron Haskins Calls Welfare Charges "Ridiculous"

The Fox News Wink: Is Obama "Gay"? or "Gay Gay"?

Romney's Kibbutz Aversion

Watch Hillary Clinton Grind

Fannie Mae’s $5.1 Billion Second-Quarter Profit Attributed to Newfound Prudence

Roseanne Barr: Why You Should Vote for Me for President

Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?

Romneycare Really is the Answer

Weirdest Romney Parody Yet?

Kimye Rumored To Be in Talks for a Shoe Line; Anna Piaggi Inspired Louis Vuitton

That Cancer Ad and Citizens United

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From the Front Lines of Anxious America

Where the Jewish Right and the Black Left Meet

What’s Up With Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Shot Twitter Obsession? (PHOTOS)

Weightlifting’s Terrifying Drop

An Unlikely Friendship

Paul Ryan Is a Great Choice

The Novelist Who Spied: How Dennis Wheatley Helped Defeat the Nazis

Doping, Racist Tweets, and Throwing Games: Olympics Hall of Shame (PHOTOS)

They’re Worth How Much? TV Anchors By the Numbers

NASA’s New York–Based Space Institute the Hub of Climate-Change Research

‘Mad Men’: Matthew Weiner and Christina Hendricks Dissect 5 Scenes From ‘The Other Woman’

Colors Useful In Conveying Nutritional Information, Says Study

Robin Givhan: Dressing for Power on USA’s ‘Political Animals'

The 2012 Election’s Sleeping Giant: Fight for Control of the Senate

Wisconsin Sikh Massacre Reveals Need for Domestic Antiterrorism Unit

You’re Worth How Much? TV Anchors, by the Numbers

Mitt Romney Lost the Summer: Tax Returns, Overseas Gaffes & More

Gabby Giffords Rises Above, ‘Satisfied’ With Jared Loughner Plea Deal

Obama’s ‘Romney Hood’ Tactic Reveals His Own Tax Problem

Good Candidates, Bad Election

A Short History of Bluth Catchphrases

Prince Harry, Tom Cruise & More Celebrity Third Wheels (PHOTOS)

Remembering Anna Piaggi

The 12 Craziest Synchronized Swimming Suits

True Grit: Ross Macdonald Gets His Due

Curiosity’s Mars Landing Narrated Moment by Moment by Flight Director Keith Comeaux

Retarded—And Executed In Texas

The Number: $440 Million

Inside America's Top Restaurants

'Not the Obama That I Used to Know'

Mitt, Hold Your Fire

Japan's Own Generational War

Meet Michael Phelps’ Model Girlfriend, Megan Rossee

New Batch of Polls: The Land Is Still Sliding!

Mitt: 'Romney Hood' Is 'Obamaloney'

Natalie Portman Weds in Rodarte; Jil Sander Goes Off The Grid

America the Anxious: Why We're Freaking Out

Synched-Up Remix

How Iran’s Spies Are Losing The Shadow War With US and Israel

Biggest Criticism Of Obama?

America Should Be Freaking Out!

Harry Reid Is Vilified by a Press Corps That Tolerates Much Worse From the Right

The Great Robert Hughes

Harry Watches Another Gold, Fergie present

How Wall Street Computers Almost Killed Knight Trading

Remembering Marvin Hamlisch

Burg's Blind Spots

Mitt and George

Zara's Last Minute Anniversary Present

Fashion Eccentric Anna Piaggi Dead at 81

Obama’s Much-Touted Likeability Edge May Evaporate Before November

A Hollow Peace?

Meghan McCain: I'm Not Downloading Mitt's App

Glad I Always Played a Telecaster

Simon Rich’s Book Bag: 5 Blasphemous Reads

Shades of Apartheid

New York Times Attack on Olympic Athlete Lolo Jones Unfounded and Unfair

Blake Gopnik on the Death of Art Critic Robert Hughes

Remembering Critic Robert Hughes: A Torrent of Brilliant Words

Robert Hughes’s Best Quotes on Art, Australia, and More

The Spirit of 9/11—From Brooklyn and India, Oak Creek Heroes Face Evil

China’s Jackie O, Gu Kailai, Faces Quick Justice in ‘Trial of the Century’

‘Mad Men’: Matthew Weiner & Christina Hendricks on ‘The Other Woman,’ Part 1

Breastfeeding Pills’ Risky Results

Michael Tomasky: How Mitt’s Tax Return Show His Character Defect

Romney Risks a Worse VP Pick Than Palin by Going With Boring Choice

Gabby Douglas, Ryan Lochte: Why Families of America’s Olympics Athletes Are Broke

Exclusive: Brigham Young’s Great-Great-Granddaughter on Mormonism and Mitt Romney

Unraveling Al Qaeda’s Plot Against Spain

8 Porn Stars’ Presidential Endorsements!

Facebook Needs to Earn Your Trust

Hunger Games $999 Mockingjay Pin: The Dark Knight Rises and Other Expensive Movie Merchandise

U.S. Women's Soccer Overtime Victory

McKayla Maroney & More London Olympics Faces of Defeat (PHOTOS)

Inside the Creepy World of ‘Hate Music’

Pro-Life ‘Personhood’ Movement Pins Hopes on Colorado Ballot

The Number Games: Answers

Putting Words in Gore Vidal’s Mouth—a Copywriter Recalls the 1982 Senate Campaign

Newsweek’s 2012 College Rankings: Did Your School Make the Cut?

Shooting Suspect Wade Michael Page’s White Power Past

Lady Di's Brother Names New Baby in Her Honour

Andy's New Girls

The Disingenuity of "Jew-washing"

Sikhs On Alert Before Shooting

A Dummy’s Guide to Sikhism

India Covers Wisconsin Shooting

Help Wanted

The Number: $5 Billion

Manchester United: The Glazer Family’s Bad Play

Breaking: Harry Buys sandwich

Gabby Douglas Fires Back: "What's Wrong With My Hair?"

Wade Michael Page and the Good Ol' Stars and Bars

Trump: RNC Wants Me

A Glimmer of Daylight

What Did You Make Of Romney Back In Massachusetts?

Syria’s Prime Minister Defects to Rebels

Interactive: Readers’ Memories of U.S. Shootings

And Speaking of Unfavorable Views of Romney...

Sanya Richards-Ross Wins Gold in Chanel; Kate Moss Seduces Husband With Bacon

The More They See of Him...

Mars Needs Robots

A Marine Returns to Iraq, With Ballet

Ifill: Debates Are a Minefield

UK Tories Seeking New Partners

Syrian Refugees Flee to Border Camps

Jared Loughner’s Legal Options Examined

Mars Rover Touches Down!

Where Will They Strike Next?

Weekend Royal Round Up

Alleged Killer in Wisconsin ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Was Not Local, Residents Say

From Iraq To Lincoln Center, A Marine’s Return To Ballet

Romney’s New BFF

Saudi Olympic Athletes Test States Dedication To Gender Apartheid

Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns Are Irrelevant to the Presidential Race

George Bellows at the National Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Disavowal of Mark Clayton Shows Democrats’ Disarray in Tennessee

Julie Klausner: Bush’s Beans Said No

Meet Willa Doss, The 12-Year-Old Beauty Mogul Behind The Willa Skincare Line

Dalai Lama, Twitter Rock Star: The Virtual Influence of His Holiness

This Week’s Hot Reads, August 6, 2012

Queen Elizabeth's Corgis: A Brief History (PHOTOS)

Apologies to Phil Klein

My Next Steps

Wisconsin Shooting Rattles American Sikhs

‘Domestic Terrorism’ Kills Six in Oak Creek Sikh Temple

Reince Priebus: Reid Is a 'Dirty Liar'

Mike Huckabee's Chick-Fil-A Victory

Jim Holt's Favorite Philosopher

Ted Cruz, Reince Priebus, Harry Reid and More Sunday Talk

The Creepiest Beyoncé and Jay-Z Nail Art

Wisconsin Shooting: 7 Dead at Sikh Temple

Shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin (Photos)

'I Can't Even Talk'

Becoming Marilyn: An Impersonator Talks About Life as Marilyn Monroe

Kate Celebrates British Gold Rush

Andy Murray Wins Olympic Gold

Why Young Women Love Marilyn Monroe

'Happy Birthday, Mr. President'

Gwen Ifill: Debates Are a Minefield

Congress Is Taking Another Vacation? Seriously?

Power Tripping: King Juan Carlos I & More (Photos)

An Olympic Détente for the 1972 Men’s Basketball Team

The Most Wonderful Athlete in the World: Jim Thorpe’s Story

Marilyn and Me: On the 50th Anniversary of Monroe’s Death

Sam Pitroda, Indian Tech Advisor, on the Massive Power Outage

Midwest Drought Forces South Dakota Farmers and Ranchers to Abandon Crops and Thin Herds

Mission to Mars: Will America Lose the Next Frontier?

Kim Kardashian, MC Hammer & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Marilyn Monroe, Tupac, Kurt Cobain, & More Celebrity Death Conspiracies

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & More Pet Custody Battles (PHOTOS)

Suri Cruise’s Guide to New York City: Bronx Zoo, Pastis, More (PHOTOS)

Every Episode of 'House' Ever

College Rankings: Where's Yours?

Will and Kate's Record Night

Inside Newsweek's College Rankings

Serena Does the Crip Walk

What do you think of WikiLeaks?

Serena Wins Gold

The Overheated Case Against Romneycare

The United States of Victimhood

Man Up, Mr. President: D.L. Hughley on Obama's Bullies

Raymond Roth Disappearance: People Who Faked Their Own Deaths (Photos)

Michael Tomasky on the (Possible) Coming Obama Landslide

How Usain Bolt Could Break his World Record Without Running Faster in the Olympics

Art in the Age: Ex-Ad Man Steven Grasse’s Wonderfully Weird Spirits

Syrian Crisis Won’t Be Resolved With the Tactics Used in Libya

Becoming Gore Vidal: The Henry Adams of Our Age

Claire Vaye Watkins on Growing up Manson and “Battleborn”

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Aug. 4, 2012

Bill Clinton Becomes Touchstone in 2012 Presidential Campaign

Bar Refaeli, Rachel Zoe & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

Ping Pong's American Style: The Most Unifying Social Sport

Advice for Taylor Swift on Her Romance With Conor Kennedy

Can Exes Ever Really Be Friends?

Hollywood Hills Severed Head Case Looks at Victim’s Ex

Elias Khoury: Profile of the Essential Arab Novelist Today

K-Stew is a Trampire!

Confession: I Never Liked Raging Bull

Another Reason Dani Dayan is Wrong

Katie Holmes Holmes Yang Line Debuts September 9 at New York Fashion WeekKatie’s Fashion Week Push

Unemployment Report: Another Stalemate on Jobs

For Saudi Judo Player, a Quick Loss But a Barrier Broken

How Paul Ryan Took Over the GOP

Can Anyone Replace Ralph Nader in the Green Party Race for the White House?

David Grossman's Plea

Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe & Other Famous Kennedy Girlfriends (Photos)

There is an Honest Republican

Syrian Activists Face Moral Toll Over Brutal Revolt Against Assad

Before We Arm the Syrian Rebels...

Romney's Tax Plan: One or the Other

What Do You Make of the New Atheists?

Taylor Swift Dating a Kennedy?

Kate at Hockey

Bibi's Bad Week

Rineke Dijkstra at the Guggenheim is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Depression? What Depression?

Princes to Visit Australia

Jobs Report Hides Real Change in U.S. Economy

Jobs Numbers: Good for Obama

The World's Most Expensive Nail Polish; Jessica Biel's Dior Spin

Royal Equestrian Jamboree

William and Kate Invited to Visit Ireland

Ted Cruz Has Just About Everything in Common With Obama but Ideology

Why Can't We Talk About Culture?

Jobs Report: Dan Gross on the Dueling Data

The Number: 163,000

Michelle Cottle: 'He Seems Uncomfortable With How Wealthy He Is'

Colin Farrell's Triumphant Return?

Gabby's Gold Medal Moment

Pride And Prejudice

Not Harry Reid's Finest Hour

Jackson Family Tensions Ease Amid Internal Power Struggle

Why Mike Huckabee Says He Relishes Dispute Over Chick-Fil-A

Aurora Survivors Tell of Their Brave Return to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Ryan Lochte as Aquaman, Michael Phelps as Captain America, & More Olympic Heroes (PHOTOS)

Meme of the Week: Boris Johnson Goes Ziplining

Name Those Abs: 2012 Olympian or ‘Magic Mike’? (Photos)

Iran Scraps State-Sponsored Birth Control Policy

Colin Farrell Eyes Return to Hollywood A-List With ‘Total Recall’ Reboot

Sex and Parties in the Olympic Village: The Secret Olympian’s Exposé

The Olympics or Soft Porn? Female, Gay Fans Gawking at Male Athletes

Paul Bremer’s New Canvas: Bush’s Iraq Boss Embraces Artistic Side

Lay Off the Dressage Attacks on Mitt and Ann Romney’s Horse Rafalca

The Limits of Drone Warfare

Los Angeles Police Pin Old Murders of Three Women on Dead Serial Killer

The Olympics, Will Ferrell, Jon Stewart and More Viral Videos

The Answer is Romneycare

Should Chick-fil-A Stick to Chicken?

Gabby Douglas Takes Two Olympic Golds—And Hair Criticism

See All of One Direction With Cleavage

Olympic Times Too Good to Be True Usually Are but There’s a Formula to Find Out

Huckabee (Not Palin) is The Real Chick-Fil-A Booster

Kofi Annan’s Exit: Why Obama Should Lead From Behind In Syria

What Romney Meant to Say (Part 4) - Updated

Why Dan Senor is Wrong

Obama’s Campaign-Stop Collapse

How I Write: Elena Gorokhova

I'm Sorry, Follks, But This Really and Truly IS Wimpy

The Number: $1.3 Billion

An Ex-Radical Islamist’s Next Act

Conservative May Have a Point About Yesterday's Poll Numbers

Inside Kiernan Shipka's Closet

Which Journalist Should We Read More?

Exploiting Jews from Arab Countries

What Romney Meant to Say (Part 3)

Valentino's Big Season, Stella McCartney's Speedo Trouble

Prince Harry: I'm Too Old To Go Out Anymore!

What Romney Meant to Say (Part 2)

Kate and William Join Mexican Wave at Wimbledon

Whom Did Ilsa Really Desire?

Dear Emily: A Response From Michael Goldstein

John Avlon: 'It Is The Most Elitist Sport You Can Come Up With'

A Gay Chick-fil-A Employee Speaks Out

Olympics Badminton Scandal Rocks China

A Mere Billion

An Olympics Nip-Slip?

Syria’s Islamist Rebels

Prince Harry Gets a B+ from WWD

Kate Middleton’s Fashion Lookbook: Duchess of Cambridge Style (PHOTOS)

Gore Vidal’s Great Love, Baseball Prodigy James Trimble

Pamela Anderson, Jeff Holm & More Celebs Who Wear 'There's Something About Mary Hair' (Photos)

Seven Big Obama Bundlers

Ophelia Horton, London’s 12-Year-Old Fashion Blogger (Photos)

Amazing London Olympic Victory Faces (PHOTOS)

Meet Ophelia Horton, London’s 12-Year-Old Fashion Blogger: The New Tavi?

Teenage Girls on Quest for Woman Moderator of Presidential Debates

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Naïve Evasion Strategy

India’s Real Power Shortage

Gore Vidal Epitomized an Era When Writers Were Like Rock Stars

Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars’ Web Series Ruffles U.K. Feathers With Similarity to British ‘Carpool’

Gore Vidal Remembered By His Closest Friend, Scotty Bowers

Ted Cruz: The Next Great Tea Party Hope

The Unorthodox Candidate: Mindy Meyer’s Sideshow Appeal

Stephen Schiff: My (Relatively Small) Crime Against Gore Vidal

Underage Victims, Grandmother Assault: 8 Most Outrageous Taser Moments

Russia’s Support for Syria Costs It Friends and Money in the Middle East

Don’t Call Sally Ride a Lesbian

Palestinian Remarks Furor: Romney Campaign Hits AP as ‘Irresponsible’

Galliano Reappears!

Mad About Pippa

Capitol Hill Whodunit as Congress Feuds Over Bush Tax Cuts

Jonah Lehrer, David Brooks & More Malcolm Gladwell Wannabes (PHOTOS)

‘Citizen Kane’ v. ‘Vertigo’: Why ‘Kane’ Fell in the Sight and Sound Poll

Olympic Parent Freakouts (VIDEO)

Hans Kristian Rausing Pleads Guilty, Sentenced to Drug Rehab

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Draws Supporters, Crowds and Protests: Photos, Tweets and More

Gore Vidal's Fighting Words

The Gaffney-Norquist Feud Resumed

Remembering Gore Vidal: He Was a Mortal After All

Tom Friedman Takes a Left

Remembering the Surprisingly Vulnerable Gore Vidal

The Number: 201,237

Azealia Banks Raps for Alexander Wang

Romney's Tax Plan Fantasy

The Embassy of Zion

Ask Jane Mayer Anything: Strangest Discovery About Outside Spending

Convicted Baby-Snatcher Ann Pettway Was Blinded by Selfishness, Doctors Say

Julian Castro: The Next Obama?

How a Freelance Journalist Unraveled Jonah Lehrer’s Lies

In Rural China, a Generation Left Behind

Gore Vidal, 1925-2012


Boris Johnson's Zipline Fail

Gore Vidal

Symbolism Isn't Enough

Gore Vidal's Life in Photos

Mitt's Off the Mark

Paul Begala: Ted Cruz and Texas’s Tea Party Revolution

What Romney Meant to Say

How the Recession May Save Obama

Lagerfeld: I don't like Pippa's Face

Gore Vidal's Best Quotes: Sex, Politics, and More

Remembering Gore Vidal

Israel's Virtual Battles

Gore Vidal’s Greatest Feuds: Norman Mailer, Truman Capote and More

Romney and Culture: Flip-Flop-Flip!

The Most Notorious Movie Corporations: Rekall, Facebook, and More (PHOTOS)

“The Dream of the Celt” By Mario Vargas Llosa: Review

Mark McKinnon: ‘Wimp’ Attack on Mitt Romney Out of Line

Alighiero Boetti at MoMA is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Banks That Aren’t Repaying TARP

Syria’s Assault on Aleppo Stalls

The Countries Least Likely to Win Olympic Gold but Most Likely to Win Your Heart

Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and More: Which Are Deadly or Friendly? (PHOTOS)

Complaints About NBC’s Olympics Snafus Rival Record Number of Viewers

Is Democratic Convention Keynote Speaker Julian Castro the Next Obama?

From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to ‘Titanic,’ Movies Marred By Word Bloopers

What Aurora Victims Might Face if James Holmes Pleaded Insane

Diana Ross ‘Has No Intention of Taking’ Michael Jackson’s Kids

Three Easy Ways to End Cronyism

‘Today’ Show Promo Gaffe and More Biggest London Olympic Fails

Suri Cruise Fashion: In the Midst of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Divorce (PHOTOS)

Dewhurst: Author of His Own Defeat

Trouble for Henry Hopper

London Olympics’ Must-See Moments

Romney Spokesman: 'Kiss My Ass'

Blackout in Northern India (Photos)

Steven Tyler, Brooke Shields & More Celebrities Who Still Wear Crocs (PHOTOS)

Rangel: Romney's an 'Embarrassment'

Sarah Brown: How to Save Mothers’ Lives