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Articles January 2022

How Thierry Mugler Brought the Best Drama to the Runway

‘Euphoria’ Reveals the Tragic Backstory of Its Biggest Psycho

CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner Slams Bari Weiss for Saying She Is ‘Done With COVID’

Anti-Vaxxers Make Bonkers Holocaust Analogies at D.C. March, Say We Can’t ‘Hide in the Attic’ Like Anne Frank

Biden Administration Orders Diplomats’ Families Out of Ukraine

French Designer Thierry Mugler Is Dead at 73

Harry Potter Actor James Snyder Axed From Broadway Show After Probe

‘You Wont Be Alone’ Is a Gory, Gorgeous Sundance Horror Hit About a Body-Swapping Witch

Guess Mogul Paul Marciano’s Rape Accuser Jane Doe 3 Speaks Out

Bernie Sanders Applauds Arizona Democrats’ Censure of Kyrsten Sinema

Prince Harry and Prince Charles Hold ‘Secret Talks’ to Mend Relationship

How Arrogance and Ignorance Doomed the US in Vietnam

Wajahat Ali's Helpful Guide to Becoming an American

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Week From Hell

The Most Ridiculous Oscars Dresses Will Always Be the Best

Sex with Mirrors Was a Kink Too Far for Romans

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Courchevel, France

Plot Twist in the Sordid AMIA Bombing Scandal Rocking Argentina

DC Is a Donut. There Is No Center in Washington Politics

How Rachel Zegler Is Becoming the New Anne Hathaway, the Theater-Kid Actress People Love to Hate

The Only Thing That Will Save OAN from Extinction

‘Jihad Rehab’ Takes Us Inside a Rehab Center for Islamic Terrorists

Lena Dunham and Emma Thompson Bring Awkward Sex to Sundance

SNL’s Ted Cruz Begs Trump to ‘Hit Me, Choke Me, Spit in My Face’

Craig Paardekooper’s Shady Site Shows COVID Anti-Vaxxers Will Believe Anything

Best Sex Toys For Men 2022

8-Year-Old Girl Killed by Stray Bullet to the Head in Chicago

10 Dishes with Celebrity Chef Donald Link of New Orleans

10 Dishes With Chef Christina McKeough of High Street Philly

Sundance’s ‘Framing Agnes’ Pushes for More Complicated Trans Representation

Best Mattress For Couples With Different Preferences Casper

Connecticut Elections Official Ellen Wink Accused of Murdering Her Tenant

Kevin Comer Indicted, FBI Probes Wild Race for Jackson County, West Virginia Sheriff

Bill Cosby Sundance Doc ‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’ Eviscerates ‘America’s Dad’

Video Shows Sedgwick County Juvenile Center Staff Pinning Cedric Lofton Down for 30 Mins Before He Died

Venue Church in Chattanooga in Shambles Over Pastor Tavner Smith’s Alleged Affair

This Caribbean Island is Great for Underwater Adventure

When Jimi Hendrix Got Kidnapped, and Didn’t Even Know It

The ‘And Just Like That’ Women and ‘The Golden Girls’ Are the Same Age. Everyone’s Freaking Out.

Teachers Unions Need to Adapt, Just Like the Rest of Us

Post-COVID Syndrome MIS-C Makes Comeback in South Carolina

GOP Blames Joe Biden for Russian Aggression. Don’t Forget About Donald Trump.

Biden’s Lack of Toughness Could Lead to the Second Coming of Trump

Helen Uffner Dresses Hollywood in Perfect Historical Detail. Now She Faces Eviction.

Would Trump Throw His Own Kids Under the Bus to Save Himself? We May Soon Find Out.

How I Blew Up My Reverse Pretty Woman Arrangement

‘Ozark’ Showrunner Chris Mundy Teases the Netflix Series’ Thrilling End

Sinéad O’Connor Gets Her Redemption in ‘Nothing Compares’ Documentary at Sundance

Giuliani Pal Boris Epshteyn Fesses Up to Scheme to Seat Trump Electors

22-Year-Old NYPD Cop, Suspect Killed in Harlem Shooting, After Mother-Son Fight

Years Before FBI Raid, Dem Rep. Henry Cuellar Made Sketchy Azerbaijan Connections

They Fell in Love During the Pandemic — in Virtual Reality

GOP Senate Favorite Adam Laxalt Backs Candidate Carolina Serrano Pushing FBI-Revenge Fantasy

‘Downfall,’ the Infuriating Sundance Documentary Exposing Boeing’s Deadly 737 MAX Cover-Up

Two Irish Men Tried to Steal Dead Men’s Pension—With His Body in Tow

Shooting at Ritzy Xcaret Hotel in Playa Del Carmen Leaves Two Canadians Dead

Las Vegas Cops Stumped After Veteran Graciela Gomez Killed at ‘Out of Hand’ Halloween Party

Brian Laundrie Admitted He Killed Gabby Petito in Notebook Found Alongside His Remains, FBI Says

Guillermo del Toro Reveals He Hasn’t Used a Real Gun in His Movies Since 2007

Johnny Depp Lands First Film Role Since ‘The Sun’ Trial, Will Play King Louis XV in Maïwenn’s Next Film

Fjallraven Visby Coat Review

One America News Owner Begs Viewers to Call Other Cable Providers After DirecTV Drops Channel

Dan Crenshaw Has Some Regrets for Viral Dust-Up With Young Woman

Delta Passenger Shane McInerney Arrested for Face Mask Meltdown on Flight From Dublin to JFK

Cannabis CBD Could Prevent COVID-19 Infection in Human Cells

Amelia King Threatens to Bring ‘Loaded Guns’ to School in Page County, Virginia If Her Kids Have to Mask Up

ESPN and Sports Reporters Snub Beijing Olympics of ‘Shame’

Pope Benedict Willfully Let Children Be Raped, Says Lawyer

Ivanka Trump Ghosts Trumpland as Investigators Turn Up the Heat

‘The Gilded Age’ Is Even More Fun Than ‘Downton Abbey’

California Dairy Farm Has Microgrid Powered by Clean Electricity Made From Methane From Cow Poop

Joe Biden Just Won’t Admit When He’s Screwed Up

The Ku Klux Klan Was the Original ‘Election Police’

The Most Humbling Place in the World to Fish

M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Servant’ Still Manages to Seduce Us

Prince Andrew’s ‘Victim-Blaming’ Tactics Show His ‘Desperation,’ Virginia Roberts Giuffre Believes

The Left Already Hates the New Plan to Save Joe Biden's Agenda

Family Cuts Off Alleged Area Sex Criminal Prince Andrew

Meat Loaf Spurned COVID Rules Before Death, Telling Reporter ‘If I Die, I Die’

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the Unlikely Guy Who Could Bring Down Trump

Donald Trump Tells Sean Hannity That Nancy Pelosi Is to Blame for ‘Jan. 6 as We Know It’

‘The Princess,’ a Horrifying New Princess Diana Documentary, Kicks Off Virtual Sundance

Joe Biden Keeps Trump Immigration Policies — and Stephen Miller Is Loving It

NPR ‘Founding Mother’ Nina Totenberg Unloads on Public Editor Kelly McBride Over SCOTUS Story ‘Clarification’

Jason McCartney, Texas Cheer Athletics Coach, Hit With Fresh Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Griffin, Georgia, Pastor Curtis Bankston Denies Locking Eight People With Disabilities in His Basement

Adele Cries as She Cancels Las Vegas Residency Shows, Citing Delivery Delays and COVID-19

Jake Tapper Grills Jen Psaki Harder Than Fox News Did

Jamie Lynn Spears Shares Texts to Britney Spears that Allegedly Clear Her Name on ‘Call Her Daddy’

Andrew Cuomo’s Team Tried ‘Italian Guilt’ When PR Exec Maggie Moran Turned Down Offer to Rehab His Image

10 Rounds with Santo Borzi Bar Manager of Bar 190 inside The Gore London Hotel

Alexei Navalny’s Team Reveals Photo Leak Claiming to Show Luxury Pole Dancing Cave in Vladimir Putin’s Palace

‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ Star Jennie Nguyen Addresses Racist and Anti-BLM Facebook Posts

A Spate of Fatal Ski Accidents Has People Wondering if the Alps Are Safe

10 Rounds with Nicholas Bennett from New York’s Porchlight

Cops Accuse Denver Dad Michael Ninomiya of Attempted Murder of Son After Rescue From Icy Waters

Madison Cawthorn Cleans Gun During Veterans Affairs Hearing

Long Island Couple Justin Likerman, Kristin Digesaro Arrested for Viral LIRR Train Incident

Discovery+ Series ‘Selling the Hamptons’ Showcases the ‘Wild, Wild East’ of Luxury Real Estate in New York

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 Review

OAN Host Christina Bobb Assisted Rudy Giuliani on Trump Fake Elector Stunt

Fulton County Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis Wants to Nail Donald Trump for Election Phone Call

Holly Madison Compares the Playboy Mansion to a ‘Cult’ in ‘Secrets of Playboy’ Teaser

Jan. 6 House Panel Chair Bennie Thompson Says Committee Will Question Ivanka Trump Over Capitol Riot

Jen Psaki's All Smiles and Laughs During Fox News Interview

Alabama Surgeons Transplant Gene-Edited Pig Kidneys Into a Brain-Dead Human

Jose E. Escalante-Corchado Beat Girlfriend’s Friend to Death, Bludgeoned Her 4-Year-Old Daughter, Police Say

Boris Johnson’s Government Accused of Blackmailing Lawmakers to Wreck Plot to Oust Him

Reporter Tori Yorgey Gets Hit by Car Live On-Air, Jumps Right Back Into Broadcast

Malik Faisal Akram Screamed About ‘F*cking Jews’ in Final Call Before He Was Shot

New Filings Reveal Another Billionaire Dick Uihlein Behind the Big Lie

Why ‘Euphoria’ Star Algee Smith Is Missing This Season

‘Single Drunk Female’ Stars Sofia Black-D'Elia and Ally Sheedy on Why They May Be the New ‘Gilmore Girls’

Small Modular Reactors Could Help Make Nuclear Power a Popular Energy Tool Against Climate Change

How Bob Saget Ended Up in Moses Storm’s ‘Trash White,’ the First Great Stand-Up Special of 2022

Why Are States Sitting on Hundreds of Billions in Unspent COVID Relief Money?

Adam Montgomery, Harmony Montgomery’s Father, Is Reportedly Connected to a 2008 Unsolved Massachusetts Murder

Starbucks Hides Behind Supreme Court to Ditch Vaccine Rule

Jeffrey Epstein Pal Leon Black Claims Rape Accuser Was Part of a Corporate ‘Coup’

South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg Seemed to Know He Killed a Man With His Car, Agents Say at Impeachment Hearing

Tucker Carlson Goes on Bizarre Anti-Mask Rant, Says ‘Human Beings Need to See One Another’s Faces!’

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema Help GOP Crush Democrats’ Voting Rights Dreams

Jordan Klepper Grills Jan. 6 Trump Supporter Who Confesses ‘I Just Got Out of a Cult’

Messianic Brazillian Influencer Pablo Marçal’s Disaster Hike to Salvation Triggers Attempted Murder Probe

Chris Daughtry Reveals His Daughter Hannah Price Died by Suicide

Biden Just Officially Surrendered on Progressives’ Top Priorities

Supreme Court Allows Government to Send Trump Docs to Jan. 6 Panel

Bewildered Joe Biden Wonders 'What Happened' to Congress as Agenda Dies

Working With André Leon Talley Wasn’t Easy but It Was Great

Joe Biden Predicts Russia Will ‘Move In’ on Ukraine

Mary Cosby Explains Why She Flaked on ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ Reunion: ‘They Told Lies’

The Daily Beast Scoops 18 Nominations at LA Press Club’s National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards

Best Mattress Coupon Codes 2022

Apple WeWork Drama ‘WeCrashed’ Deepens Jared Leto’s Relationship with Funny Accents

Christopher Lee Osborne, Danville Firefighter and Marmet Cop, Lured Teens for Firehouse Rape, Feds Say

Antisemitism Is Driving White Supremacist Terror in America

Lefty Groups Try to Turn up the Heat on Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for Voting Rights

Czech Folk Singer Hana Horka Got COVID-19 on Purpose—Now She’s Dead

Meet Alexander Smalls the Celebrity Chef Championing African Cuisine at Alkebulan

Why the Tonga Volcano Eruption Was So Violent and What to Expect Next

How Direct Air Capture Removes CO2 From the Air

Prince Andrew Deletes Social Media Accounts

‘No One Heard the Doorbell’: Baby Found Dead in Bag Left at Unstaffed Chicago Firehouse

Justin Stein, 31, Arrested in Murder of 9-Year-Old Charlise Mutten, Whose Body Was Found in a Barrel

Kids Cancer Hospital in Chernihiv, Ukraine, Is in the Path of Putin’s New Attack Route

‘Redeeming Love’: Evangelicalism’s Toxic, Slut-Shaming Tale Gets the Hollywood Treatment

‘How I Met Your Father’s’ Francia Raisa Won’t Be Your ‘Token Latina’ Anymore

Progressive Allies Need to Call Out Everyday Antisemitism

Opopop’s Flavor-Wrapped Popcorn Kernels Are Movie Night Musts

Tom Brady’s New Fashion Label Is a Shameless Burst of Logomania

Latest Bonkers MAGA Conspiracy Involves a Biden ‘Wall’ Around the White House

André Leon Talley, May You Rest Fabulously in Your Most Glorious Caftan

‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Brutally Roasts Anti-Vaxxer Novak Djokovic

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Opens Monoclonal Antibody Centers That Are Useless Against Omicron

Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota Attorney General Who Ran Over a Man and Drove Away, Seeks Second Term

New York Attorney General Letitia James Found ‘Significant Evidence’ of Trump Organization Fraud

Andre Leon Talley, Vogue Editor and Fashion Legend, Dies at 73

Democrats Can Salvage Biden’s Presidency With These Three Simple Moves Founder Vishal Garg Returns as CEO A Month After Brutal Mass Firing

Tecovas Roy Boot Review

‘Big Lie’ Proponents Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis Among Latest Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas

Dumb Crypto Bros Thought They Bought ‘Dune’ Rights For $3 Million

OAN Host Dan Ball Begs Viewers to Dig Up ‘Dirt’ on AT&T Chair After DirecTV Drops Network

Raleigh Cops Accused of Killing ‘Disoriented’ Dad Daniel Turcios as He Stumbled From North Carolina Car Wreck

Columbia Facet 45 OutDry Shoe Review

Inside the Strange Rachel Zegler-Britney Spears Video Controversy

Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania Cops Charged in Fanta Bility’s Death, Teens’ Murder Charges Dropped

Jay-Z’s Team Roc Slams Feds’ ‘Silence’ on Alleged Abuse by Kansas City Cops

Steve Bannon Torches Fox News for Not Airing Trump’s Arizona Rally

Rupert Grint Compares J.K. Rowling to an ‘Auntie’ He Doesn’t Always Agree With

‘Vindictive’ Laura Ingraham Scorched for Cheering Mark Milley’s COVID Diagnosis

‘Ozark’ Final Season Takes on Election Fraud and Big Pharma

AI Machine Learning Tool Predicts COVID-19 Survival From Blood Sample From Critically Ill Patients

Jamie Lynn Spears Details Britney Knife Incident on ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast

Kitty and Vibe Swimwear Plus Size Review

‘Cobra Kai’ Actor Paul Walter Hauser Goes On Epic Twitter Rant Over ‘NYT’ Oscars Predictions

Ex-Editor Michelle Gotthelf Sues New York Post for ‘Years of Sex-Based Harassment and Abuse’

Daniel Radcliffe to Star in Weird Al Yankovic Biopic

Dean Verberckmoes, 4, Found Dead After Allegedly Being Kidnapped by Male Babysitter

Prince Andrew’s Bizarre Teddy Collection Had to Be Perfectly Positioned on Bed or He Would ‘Scream and Shout’

Hong Kong to Kill 2,000 Hamsters After One Pet Store Worker Catches COVID

There Are 100 Million Reasons Why No One Trusts Nancy Pelosi

Why Omicron Is More Likely to Kill Americans

Moses Storm on His Journey From Doomsday Cult to Comedy Success

The True Cost of Those ‘Free’ At-Home COVID Tests

Don’t Just Drive Through This Booming Southwest City

America Just Gave Black Folks the Finger on Voting Rights

Welcome to Another Year of Anti-Trans, Anti-LGBTQ Lawmaking

Texas Primary Will Be Progressives’ 2022 ‘Testing Ground’

Preet Bharara Says It’s ‘Odd’ Merrick Garland Hasn’t Grilled Trump & Co.

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Insane Anti-White Vaccine Racism Rant

He Poses as a British Spy to Ensnare Women — and Is Still at Large

Mac Miller Book Reveals His Drug Struggles and True Feelings on Relationship With Ariana Grande

Tucker Carlson, Conservative Host of Most Watched Cable News Show, Rants About ‘Zero Diversity’ in Media

Marvel Drops ‘Moon Knight’ Trailer Starring Oscar Isaac and a Creepy Ethan Hawke

Donald Trump Spent Weekend Stewing That ‘Wiseguy’ Ron DeSantis Won’t Kiss His Ring

Rothy's Weekender Bag Review

Joss Whedon Breaks His Silence on Alleged Misconduct, Lashing Out at Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot

Civil Rights Leaders Mark MLK Day With Rage at Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin

COVID Patient Flown to Texas After Minnesota Doctors Decided to Pull Plug on Ventilator

Every Man Jack Skin Revive Skincare Regimen Review

Novak Djokovic Welcomed Home as Hero for Fighting ‘Corona-Circus’

Girl, 10, Thrown Down 40-Foot Well by Alleged Sex Attacker

The Trump Organization Stiffed a Hotel. His Kids May Pay the Price.

‘Summer House’ Star Paige DeSorbo Talks Craig Conover, New Cast Members, and Season 6 Drama

Black Baptist Heroes John Chilembwe and Martin Luther King, Jr. Both Have National Holidays Celebrated Today

With ‘Righteous Gemstones’ and ‘Succession,’ HBO Uses Bratty Kids to Explore Generational Resentment

I Have Finally Gotten Over My Loathing of Big Resorts

‘Euphoria’ Pushes Zendaya’s Drugged-Out Rue Into the Shadows

‘Yellowjackets’ Showrunner Untangles That Wild Season Finale and Teases Season 2

Poet Laureate Joy Harjo Rewrites America’s Myths One Poem at a Time

Liz Cheney’s Wyoming Nemesis Is an Oath Keeper Who Was at Capitol Rally

Grassroots Movement Exposed Abusive Children’s Author Chaim Walder

What Happened to All Those Confederate Statues?

Jamie Lynn Spears Begs Britney Spears to Call Her and End Public Feud

Malik Faisal Akram, Texas Synagogue Hostage-Taker, Had ‘Mental Health Issues,’ Brother Says

James Clyburn Says Voting Rights Bills Aren’t ‘Dead’ Yet, but on ‘Life Support’

Trump’s Arizona Speech Proves His Shock Comic Act Has Jumped the Shark

GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy Naively Dismisses Trump's ‘Big Lie’ Push, Says Americans Won't ‘Vote for a Cheat’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Threaten Legal Action Over Family’s Security

Unvaxxed Novak Djokovic Finally Leaves Australia After Legal Loss

How the New Atheists Hijacked Secularism After 9/11

How Online Citizen Science Games Could Bring More Diversity to the Research Industry

Gavin Newsom’s Plan to Insure California’s Undocumented Is Righteous

The Romans Used to Crucify Dogs

CNN’s Marilyn Monroe Docuseries Is Ridiculously Reductive

Tycoon Bill Gallaher’s Son Is Charged with Pilfering the Family Bank

The Alex Jones Pal Behind the Anti-Vaccine Right’s Urine Drinking COVID ‘Cure’

How Sammi Hanratty Became Misty Quigley, Yellowjackets’ Lovable Sociopath

Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein Has a Fox News Theory

SNL’s Michael Che Brutally Mocks Oath Keeper Boss Stewart Rhodes’ Eyepatch

SNL’s Joe Biden Urges Americans to Stop Seeing ‘Spider-Man’ in Order to End the COVID-19 Pandemic

Trumpworld Assembles in Florence, Arizona to Spew Garbage About Psy-Ops and Clones

Niesha Harris-Brazell’s Death in Burger King Drive-Thru Was a Staged Robbery, Investigators Say

Fox News’ Favorite Anti-Vaxxer Guests Alex Berenson and Robert Malone Are at War

Hostage Situation Unfolds at Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleyville, Texas During Facebook Live

Leslie Grace Gives First Glimpse of Her Badass Costume for HBO Max’s ‘Batgirl’

Satellite Captures Massive Underwater Volcano Off Tonga, Tsunami Reaches All the Way to Oregon

OMG, I Want That House: Tivoli, NY

Netflix’s ‘Archive 81’ Is the First Binge-Worthy Horror Series of 2022

An Aging Vladimir Putin Hopes War in Ukraine Can Make a Sagging Empire Rise Again

McConnell's Threat to Go Nuclear on Democrats Over the Filibuster is Nonsense

Ancient Wari Empire Used to Mix Vilca Tree Hallucinogens With Beer for Parties

Feds Toss Right-Wing Claim That Ilhan Omar Funded Affair

Anita Knutson’s Murder in North Dakota Is Still Unsolved

Inside Porn’s Silliest New Trend: Women Stuck in Things

Why Did the Queen Take So Long to Call Time on Prince Andrew?

Will Courteney Cox Ever Live Down Her ‘Scream 3’ Bangs?

Unvaxxed Lunch Lady Wants You to See Her COVID Death Spiral

Tucker Carlson Defends Thomas Caldwell, Rioter Facing Sedition Charges, as a ‘Thoroughly Loyal American’

DirecTV Drops Truth-Defying One America News Network

Valentine’s Day Gifts For the Wife Who Has Everything

Georgia Police Arrest High School Student in Toddler Blaise Barnett’s Bizarre Kidnapping

Hundreds of Fed-Up Boston Students Walk Out to Protest Learning in COVID ‘Petri Dishes’

Fox News Has Ghosted Lara Logan After She Compared Fauci to Nazi Doc

Bodycam Footage Shows Grim Aftermath of Jason Walker’s Death

Is ‘Partygate’ Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s One-Way Ticket to the Political Graveyard?

Bill Gates Bid to Buy Venice Hotel Blocked After Outcry

Best Vegan Snacks 2022

Julia Garner’s Fake German Heiress Accent in Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ Trailer Is Wild

Ex-Tank Commander Daniel Prime Accused of Child Porn Somehow Makes Things Even Worse

Nina Turner Torches ‘Soulless Coward’ Joe Manchin as His Ally Helplessly Looks On

Adams County Judge Robert Adrian Is Reassigned After Shock Reversal in Drew Clinton Teen Rape Case

U.S. Claims Vladimir Putin Is Preparing a False Flag to Justify Ukraine Attack

Birthdate Candles Provide Calm Amid Turbulent Times

Justice Department is Finally Getting Serious About Holding the Jan. 6 Ringleaders Accountable

Boris Johnson’s Office Grovels to Queen for Wine-Guzzling Party Hours Before She Sat Alone at Philip’s Funeral

Prince Charles and Prince William Were Behind Prince Andrew’s Royal Expulsion

Only Suspect Cleared in Murder of Ashling Murphy on Popular Jogging Trail

Marjorie Taylor Greene Finds a Way to Profit Off Government Debt

NFL Star Deshaun Watson’s Settlement Offer to Sexual Misconduct Accuser Revealed

Bridget Everett Is the Breakout TV Star Crashing Into 2022 Like a Wrecking Ball

Joe Rogan Is Mainstreaming Right-Wing Misinformation

Lindsey Vonn on Her Final Race — ‘It Probably Looks Like I’m About to Kill Someone’

Take a Trip Back in Time and Meet Woke J.D. Vance

Joe Biden Was Supposed to Be the Anti-Trump, but He’s Just as Divisive

FKA twigs’ New Mixtape ‘CAPRISONGS’ Is Music Made for Healing

Australia Cancels Novak Djokovic’s Visa for the Second Time

Jimmy Kimmel’s MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Puts Himself in Prison for Life

Tucker Carlson Blasts Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a ‘Cringing Little Liberal’

The Supreme Court’s Vaccine Mandate Decisions Spit in the Face of Joe Biden and the American Public

Michigan Politician Lee Chatfield’s Family Ran ‘Controlling’ Church School, Ex-Students Say

Feverish Britney Spears Scorches Jamie Lynn Over Interview, Says ‘Hope Your Book Does Well’

BD Veritor At Home COVID Test Review

Democrats Left With Zombie Voting Bills After Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin Death Blows

Seditious Conspiracy Is a Powerful New Weapon Wielded by January 6 Riot Prosecutors

Billie Razor Review

Senate Slaps Down Ted Cruz’s Big Attempt at Being Serious

The Sill Living Room Duo Plant Set Review

Prince Andrew to ‘Fight On’ in Virginia Roberts Giuffre Case, Source Reveals

Jordan Klepper Confronts Matt Gaetz on Anniversary of Jan. 6 Insurrection

Cops Suspect ‘Foul Play’ After Gay Rights ‘Hero’ Jorge Diaz-Johnston Found Dead at Florida Dump

Fox News Contributor Throws Cold Water on Fox’s Latest Hillary Clinton Fantasy

Don’t Read This Unless You Have $10,000 to Spend on Whiskey

Cypress Independent School District Board Member Scott Henry Goes on Racist Rant About Black Teachers

Super Earths Could Be More Habitable to Alien Life Than Earth-Sized Planets Because of Magnetic Fields

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Arrested for Role in Capitol Riots

Nicholas Rossi, Sex Offender Who Faked His Own Death, Turns Up in Scotland, Nearly Dead From COVID

Kyrsten Sinema Reminds Joe Biden He’s Wasting His Time on the Filibuster

How the Post Office Could Sabotage Biden's Billion-Test Goal

The American Cops Suckered by Foreign Spies With Honeytraps, Blackmail and Luxury Vacations

‘Political Prisoner’ Paul Manafort Was a Sh*tty Cellmate

Queen Strips Prince Andrew of His HRH, Military Titles and Royal Patronages After Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

Jamie Lynn Spears Claims Sister Britney Spears Took a Knife and Locked Them Inside a Room

Tullamore Teacher Ashling Murphy, 23, Killed in Broad Daylight Running Alongside Irish Canal

Eric Pratt, Moab Cop Who Stopped Laundrie, Says He’s ‘Desperately F*cked Over’ About Gabby Petito’s Killing

Roseanne Barr’s Daughter on Dealing With Mom’s Affair, Secret Daughter, and Racist Tweet

Get Ready for Ron Johnson to Let the ‘Freak Flag Fly’

The Sinister Message Behind 10 People Found Murdered in a Truck in Mexico

Reese Witherspoon, Matt Damon and the Hollywood A-Listers Embarrassingly Shilling Crypto

Why Spain, the Country With the World’s Best Ham, Makes Such Terrible Bacon

If Dems Don’t Save Democracy Now They Won’t Get Another Shot

An Open Letter to Jilly Anais From a Deshaun Watson Accuser

The Laser SETI Projects That Might Find Intelligent Alien Civilizations

Overlooked Uterine Cancer Patients Get One Step Closer to 9/11 Benefits

Delta Vows to Treat Nonbinary Travelers Equally. Other Airlines Stay Silent.

Glenn Beck Says He Has COVID Again and It’s Hit His Lungs, but He’s Taking Ivermectin

Jimmy Kimmel Tries to Start a Fight Between Trump and DeSantis

Sean Hannity Has Old Pal Paul Manafort on His Fox News Show for a Prison Pity Party

The FBI Was Looking for This Armed Man From Jan. 6. We Found Him.

Republicans Won’t Confirm Renowned Holocaust Scholar Deborah Lipstadt

Father of Justin King, Shot by Neighbor, Rips Missouri Prosecutor for Letting Killer Off

Illinois Judge Robert Adrian Tosses Teen Rape Conviction for Drew Clinton, Says 148 Days in Jail Is ‘Plenty’

Inside Scorned Airman Katelyn Day’s Wild Plot to Off Husband Tyler Day for Insurance Cash

Prince Andrew Has Three Options. He Loses Whatever He Does.

Home Gym Essentials According to a Personal Trainer

Former Proud Boy Leader Kyle ‘Based Stickman’ Chapman Arrested for Attacking Health Care Workers in Idaho

El Paso Naturopath Eric Lira Accused of Supplying Drugs to Suspended Olympic Sprinter Blessing Okagbare

Martin Luther King Day Sale Coupon Codes 2022

Fox News Rewards Election Conspiracist Jeanine Pirro With Permanent Spot on ‘The Five’

Pro-Russia Agent Accused of Wreaking Havoc in Odessa, Ukraine as NATO Talks Deadlock

Anti-Vax Dad Michael Jackson ‘on the Run’ in Canada With Daughter Sarah Jackson to Keep Her From COVID Jab

Was UAB Engineering Student Jesse Marchant Birt Killed for Calling 911 on Someone in Alabama?

Kristen Stewart’s SAG Awards Snub Upends Oscar Race

Candace Owens Pushes Unhinged Vax Conspiracy About Bob Saget’s Death

Prince Andrew Loses Last-Gasp Bid to Stop Rape Accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s Suit

Arrest Made in Decade-Old French Alps Quadruple Murder of Sylvain Mollier and Saad Al-Hilli

Jamie Lynn Spears Claims She ‘Went Out of Her Way’ to Help Britney End Conservatorship

‘Tourist Burglars’ Crime Ring Entered U.S. to Target Cash-Rich Homes Over and Over in Wealthy American Suburbs

Killing of Justin King, a Black Missouri Man, Deemed ‘Justifiable Homicide’ Despite Outcry

Boris Johnson Says He Thought Lockdown-Busting Booze Party Was Work Meeting

Desperate No-Vaxxers Paying COVID-Positive People $150 for Dinner and COVID

Trump Rage-Quits NPR Interview After He’s Grilled on Election-Fraud Lies

Mo Brooks Is the Jan. 6 Congressman Who Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut

Notorious Con Man Barry Minkow Opens Up: ‘I’ve Done More Evil Than You’

Unmask Might Be the Scariest Far-Right Mask Brand Yet

CES Showed Authentic Taste Is the Biggest Obstacle to Fake Meat like Impossible and Beyond

GOP Hopeful Herschel Walker Pushed Snake Oil Body Spray for COVID

Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Season 2 Casts Coach Monica Aldama in a Different Light

The New MAGA Hotness Is Getting COVID and Vlogging From Your Hospital Bed

Guantanamo Bay's Legacy of Injustice and Abuse Turns 20

Stock Trade Ban Gains Steam Despite Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Mind-Boggling’ Resistance

The ‘Scream’ Requel Doesn’t Cut Very Deep

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Still Doesn’t Understand How COVID and Vaccines Work

Stephen Colbert Mocks GOP ‘Morons’ Like Rand Paul Who Tried to Embarrass Fauci

Hannity Insists the Important Texts From Jan. 6 Be Made Public — Nancy Pelosi’s

Young Dolph’s Suspected Killers Straight Drop, AKA Justin Johnson, and Cornelius Smith Are Now in Custody

Rand Paul Shivs Anthony Fauci Again as Democats Deliver Dumb Speeches at Senate COVID Hearing

Desperate Kim Jong Un Pleads With North Korean Citizens to Make More Poop

Meal Delivery Services for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

Democrats Can’t Afford to Form a Circular Firing Squad on Voting Rights

How Too Much Sugar Can Mess With Your Kid’s Brain

Washington Health Board Flooded With Threats, 25K Emails Over ‘Quarantine Camp’ COVID Misinfo

Joe Biden Says to Save Voting Rights, the Filibuster Must Die

Jan. 6 Committee Knocks Down Bonkers Conspiracy Pushed by Tucker Carlson and Ted Cruz

Dylan Gonzalez Hires Attorney, Claiming Trey Songz Raped Her at Las Vegas Hotel Nine Years Ago

Kitty and Vibe Pajamas Review

Joe Rogan Drags Gettr’s ‘Fuckery’ Days After Joining MAGA Twitter Alternative

Lawrence P Rudolph, Dentist, Accused of Murdering Wife Bianca on Africa Hunting Safari for Insurance Cash

Jason Walker, Fayetteville Man Killed by Off-Duty Cumberland Lt Jeffrey Hash, Was Shot in Back, Ben Crump Says

Long Puffer Coats For Winter

Sonia Mejia and Damiana Castillo Were Murdered on the Same Day Two Years Apart. Cops Finally Found a Suspect.

Ethan Hawke, Martin Scorsese’s Documentary on Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward to Debut on CNN+

Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham Run Wild With Debunked Claim on COVID Deaths

A New Nutmeg Liqueur that Wants to Go Beyond Winter Drinks

Dr. Anthony Fauci Tears Into Sen. Rand Paul for Inciting Threats on His Life With COVID Misinformation

Conservative Activist Kelly Canon Dies of COVID Complications After Attending Anti-Vaccine ‘Symposium’

What Is 5G? An Electrical Engineer Breaks It Down

Boris Johnson Caught Out by Invites to Boozy Lockdown-Busting Garden Bash

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Russian State TV Airs Bizarre January 6 Spectacle Featuring Ashli Babbitt’s Mother

Crystal Sorey Email About Harmony Montgomery Shows Desperate Appeal for Action

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Bob Saget, Comic and Star of TV’s ‘Full House,’ Found Dead in Hotel Room at 65

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Humayun Saeed, Pakistani Star, Set to Play Princess Diana’s Partner Dr. Hasnat Khan in The Crown

Rochelle Walensky of CDC Reacts to Criticism of Confusing COVID Guidelines, Says ‘This Is Hard’

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Oregon Police Unearth Killer Ray Whitson in 1978 Murders of Cynthia Frayer and Kirk Wiseman

Epstein Prosecutors’ Next Target After Ghislaine Maxwell Could Be His Assistant Sarah Kellen

Sohail Ahmadi, Afghan Baby Lost During Frantic Evacuation, Has Finally Been Found

Florida Man Garrett Smith Arrested With Explosive Near Oath Keeper Rally

Oklahoma Couple Nicholas Johnson, Brinlee Denison Accused of Having Sex After Killing Lover Sarah Maguire

Damari Perry, Missing 6-Year-Old Chicago-Area Boy, Found Dead After Family Said He Vanished From Party

Novak Djokovic Seen at Maskless Events in Serbia in December When He Says He Tested Positive for COVID

Rebekah Chatfield Accuses Brother-in-Law Lee Chatfield, Former Michigan House Speaker, of Rape

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Ex-Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield Denies Sex Assault Claims, Claims ‘Years-Long’ Affair With Accuser

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Ahmaud Arbery Murderers Gregory and Travis McMichael Sentenced to Life Without Parole in Georgia

Denzel Washington Pays Tribute to Late Mentor and Friend Sidney Poitier: ‘He Opened Doors for All of Us’

QAnon Star Cirsten Weldon Who Said Only ‘Idiots’ Get Vaccinated Dies of COVID

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Hong Kong Elite, Including Au Ka-wang and Caspar Tsui, Sent to Quarantine Camp After COVID-Laden Birthday Bash

Ruby Princess, Infamous Pandemic ‘Plague Ship,’ Docks at San Francisco With at Least 12 More COVID Cases

There Are No More Frenemies in Congress. Just Enemies.

Netflix’s ‘Hype House’ Is Filled With TikTok Stars Who Seem Absolutely Miserable

Dad Accused of Murdering 7-Year-Old Son Daniele Paitoni and Stuffing Corpse in Closet—With a Chilling Letter

Win or Lose, Prince Andrew Faces His Future as Royal Un-Person

Coronavirus Vaccine Mandates Face Test in a Supreme Court Set to Decide America’s Pandemic Future

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Crisis in Kazakhstan Halts Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine Attack for Now

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Stephen Colbert Tears Into Republicans for ‘Hiding in Fear’ on Jan. 6 Anniversary

Candlelight Vigil Outside of D.C. Jail for Jan. 6 Rioters Draws More Gawkers Than Participants

Ron DeSantis Admits to Letting a Million Unused COVID-19 Tests Expire in State Stockpile

Texas Cops Search for 14-Year-Old They Say Killed Three Teens

Ted Cruz Begs Tucker Carlson to Forgive Him. Tucker Carlson Makes Ted Cruz Beg Harder.

Kanye West and Julia Fox’s Whirlwind Romance Is More Chaotic Than ‘Uncut Gems’

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Chicago Schools Empty for Second Day Amid Bitter COVID Feud Between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Teachers Union

Dementia Rates Around the World Could Triple by 2050

Rafael Rafidi Was at the Jan. 6 Capitol Rally and Once Fumed About Teachers. Now He’s on a School Board.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Will Return to Studio 8H on Jan. 15 With a Live Audience, Omicron Be Damned

Idaho Deputy Marina Billings Charged After Claiming Olympic Speedskater Boris Leikin Died of Mad Cow Disease

Harmony Montgomery Great Uncle Kevin Montgomery Is Furious at Arrests ‘Two Years Too Late’

Winter Emergency Survival Kit For Home and Car

Netflix Releases First Trailer for ‘Ozark’ Season Four, Starring Jason Bateman

Emily Hernandez, Capitol Rioter Who Posed With Pelosi Sign, Accused of Killing Victoria Wilson in DWI Crash

COVID-Infected Radio Host Douglas Kuzma Dies After QAnon-Friendly Conference With Baseless Anthrax Rumors

This is the Day That Joe Biden Became President

Scientists Are Sawing Through Cadaver Bones to Study Hearing Loss From COVID-19

Fox News Anchors Dana Perino, Bret Baier Gripe That Joe Biden Didn’t Show ‘Gratitude’ in Jan. 6 Speech

So Who Were the Magi—AKA the Three Kings—Who Visited Jesus?

President Joe Biden Drags Donald Trump for Jan. 6 Without Ever Saying His Name

Kayla Montgomery, Adam Montgomery’s Wife, Arrested in Missing 7-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery Saga

Jeremy Faison, GOP Tennessee Lawmaker, Tries to De-Pants Referee at Son’s High School Basketball Game

Dozens ‘Liquidated’ as Russia Sends Troops to Kazakhstan and Blames ‘Outside’ Forces for the Chaos

Trump’s Favorite Part of Jan. 6 Is Laughing at the Trauma

Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ Dance Teacher Terri White Is Dogged by Accusations of Racism and Homophobia

Fox News Coverage During the Jan. 6 Riot Was Even Worse Than You Remember

How ‘Yellowjackets’ Is Teaching Gen Z What Being a ‘Lost’ Fan Was Like

CES Is Back in Las Vegas for 2022, and It Is a Zombie Version of Its Former Self

Gioacchino Gammino, Fugitive Mafia Boss, Caught After Being Spotted on Google Street View

Stephen Colbert Drags Sean Hannity’s Wildly Hypocritical Jan. 6 Texts

Tucker Carlson Scolds Ted Cruz for Calling Jan. 6 a ‘Terrorist Attack,’ Asks ‘What the Hell Is Going On?!’

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Seattle Police Faked Reports of Armed Proud Boys to Spook George Floyd Protesters, Watchdog Report Says

Capitol Rioter Who Beat Cop With Bat Begs For Trump's Aid From Jail On Eve Of Jan 6

Tech Exec Dave Bateman Spewed Toxic Garbage Long Before Antisemitic Email

Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli Tapped to Star in HBO’s ‘White Lotus’ Season Two

Young Mom of Newborn Abandoned in Freezing Fairbanks, Alaska, Is Found

Merrick Garland Is Saying the Right Things About Jan. 6—Will He Do Them?

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Disgruntled VA Pharmacist Matthew Ruhmann Slater Threatened to ‘Hunt’ Bosses With His AR-15

University of Kansas Suspends Phi Gamma Delta and Phi Delta Theta Fraternities for Brutal Hazing

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Claims His Phone Records Were Subpoenaed by Jan. 6 Committee

Jon Stewart Loses It at Media Over J.K. Rowling ‘Harry Potter’ Anti-Semitism Dust-Up

Vladimir Putin’s Nightmare in Kazakhstan Just Came True Right Under His Nose

George Floyd’s 4-Year-Old Niece Arianna Delane Shot While Sleeping in Bed in Texas

Pepper Push Up Bra Review

Travel to the World’s Most Beautiful Synagogues

Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro Fume Over Trump Canceling Jan. 6 Presser

Outrage as Israel’s Political Elite Test Positive for COVID-19 After Lavish New Year’s Eve Rave

MRSA Superbug First Developed Antibiotic Resistance to Methicillin in Hedgehogs 200 Years Ago

Multiple Dead After Fire Tears Through Philadelphia’s Fairmount Rowhome Apartments

Novak Djokovic Goes to Court to Fight Deportation From Australia After National Rage Over Vaccine Exemption

Adam Montgomery, the Father of Missing 7-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery, Was Just Arrested

Hong Kong Flight Crew Partiers Sink Royal Caribbean ‘Cruise to Nowhere,’ Isolating Passengers and Entire City

Meghan Markle Gets Just £1 From Daily Mail After Winning Privacy Action

Entrata Founder Dave Bateman Out After Vile Email About ‘Jews’ Plotting to ‘Euthanize’ Americans

The Real Tragedy of Jan. 6 Is That It’s Still Not Over

The Next Big COVID-19 Variant Could Be a Triple Whammy Nightmare

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She Went Undercover in the MAGA Movement for a Year. What She Found Was ‘Alarming’

Joe Biden Promised to Close Guantánamo Bay. Instead, He’s Upgrading It.

The GOP’s Favorite Democracy Killer Isn’t Who You Think It Is

MSNBC Host Ari Melber and Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Spar in Bonkers Interview Over Coup Attempt

Cher Trashes Trump and Tries to Fire Up the Dems on MSNBC

FBI Assists Search for Missing New Hampshire 7-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery

Christopher Paul Key, Flamethrower Brandishing Antivax Leader, Jailed for Trespassing

‘Judge Steve Harvey’ Shows Us Why He’s a Master Entertainer

How to Watch The Bachelor Without Cable

Move Over, Tom Holland – Chris Evans Will Play Gene Kelly in a Whimsical-Sounding New Movie

Jan. 6 Officers Sue Donald Trump for ‘Directing’ Angry Mob of Capitol Rioters

Paramedic David Hodges Accused of Stealing COVID Vaccine Cards From Dover, Delaware Vaccination Site

Sean Hannity’s Other Desperate Texts About Jan. 6 Texts Revealed by House Committee

Kelvin Arnold Identified by Atlanta Police as Suspect in Nacole Brown’s 1995 Murder, Betty Brown’s 2004 Rape

Flexispot Sit2Go Fitness Chair Review

Guess Mogul Paul Marciano’s Insurer Distances From Him Amid Sexual Misconduct Claims

Prince Andrew Struggles to Convince Judge That Giuffre’s Secret Epstein Settlement Gets Him Off the Hook

Gene Sequencing Has Forever Changed How We Fight Diseases After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Andrew Cuomo’s Criminal Charge for Forcible Touching of Brittany Commisso Is Tossed by Albany DA David Soares

Todd Roatsey, ‘Counselor of the Year’ Busted for Child Porn, Posed as Teen to Chat With Own Students, Feds Say

Kelly Ernby, Orange County, California Deputy DA, Dies Abruptly After Falling Ill With COVID at Age 46

Religious Sect, Burning Shed Focus of Deadly Colorado Fire Investigation

Inside the Feds’ Hunt for Hundreds of Capitol Riot Fugitives

Jim Gaffigan Took on Trump. Now He’s Skewering COVID and QAnon Crazies in a New Netflix Special.

The Big Red Flag Under the Kanye West Campaign’s Democratic Fig Leaf

Taylor Swift’s Label Universal Media Group Gives Big to Her Political Nemesis Marsha Blackburn

Ultra MAGA Site The Gateway Pundit’s Bizarro Feud With a Jan. 6 Rioter

The GOP Abandons D.C.’s Courts as Gun Violence Explodes

Does Trump Dig Vaccines Because He’s Old and Offline?

Stephen Colbert Unloads on Ivanka Trump for Self-Serving Jan. 6 Testimony

John Cena’s ‘Peacemaker’ Is a Funnier, Leaner and Meaner ‘Suicide Squad’

French TV Star Igor Bogdanoff Dies From COVID-19 Complications Days After Twin Brother Grichka’s Death

Conservatives Flying Freak Flags Embrace ‘Being the Villain’

Best Online Therapy Platforms 2022

Jordan Klepper Calls Out MAGA Mob Who Deny Jan. 6 Happened

Trump Family Starts Airing Dirty Laundry to Fight Off New York Attorney General Letitia James’ Subpoenas

Fox News Host Sandra Smith Stunned by Charlie Gasparino’s Defense of AOC

Inside the GOP Civil War Over the January 6 Capitol Riot ‘Martyrs’

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Tried and Failed to Use MeToo to Save Herself

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty on Four of 11 Charges In Epic Blood-Testing Trial

Matt Damon’s Viral Crypto Ad Is an Embarrassing Cash Grab

Luxury Cruise Ship MSC Splendida Rang in the New Year With a Human COVID Bomb in Brazil

Missing Man Benjamin Anderson Found Dead After Car Was Spotted With Mystery Trio and Torched

Missing Girl Harmony Montgomery’s Uncle Says Family Feuded the Last Time He Saw Her Alive

‘Racist’ Penn Law Prof Amy Wax Makes Disturbing Claim U.S. Is ‘Better Off With Fewer Asians’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Blames the Feds, Slams ‘Hysteria’ as Florida Shatters COVID Records with Omicron

Better Air Quality Is Linked to Decreased Dementia Risk in Older Women

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Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade Starts 2022 With Unhinged COVID Rant About ‘Way Too Much Testing’

Trump and His Children Don Jr. and Ivanka Refuse to Be Deposed in New York Tax Dodging Investigation

How a Gymnast Casually Strolled Into North Korea After Defecting to the South

Jeffrey Epstein’s Secret Settlement With Rape Accuser Virginia Giuffre Finally Revealed in Prince Andrew Suit

2022’s Hottest New Illness Is Flurona

Inside the Sick, Murderous Mind of the BTK Killer

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2022, Featuring Scorsese, Fincher, Peele, Spielberg, and More

Election Fraud Stars Jovan Pulitzer and David Clements Vow to Stab Each Other—‘With the Truth’

Omicron Shows the Unvaxxed Can’t Bet on Immunity or Survival Against Coronavirus

Jay-Z and Will Smith’s ‘Women of the Movement’ Fails to Do Emmett Till’s Mother Mamie Justice

Imelda Marcos, Queen of Corruption, Expected to Return to the Presidential Palace With Son Bongbong Marcos

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines Gets Saudi Lawsuit Tossed to Protect State Secrets

Cloud Seeding Technology That Triggers Rainfall Is Could Be a Big Solution to Fixing Future Droughts

Donald Trump Is Hiding His Jan. 6 Records to Avoid ‘Prison Time,’ Says Former National Archivist

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton Is Latest Right-Winger Banned From TikTok, Follows Roger Stone

The Heartbreaking Note Left With Abandoned Infant in Alaska

Prince Andrew Faces the Week That Could Destroy Him

How the Red Carpet Roared Back in 2021

Caroline Shaw on Writing Classical Music “Fan Fiction,” and Her Top 4 Desert-Island Songs

The 22 Most Hotly Anticipated Albums of 2022, From Mitski and The Weeknd to Cardi B

Alex Murdaugh in South Carolina Is in Trouble But His Family Saga Is Nowhere Close to Over

Benjamin Netanyahu Gave Israel Its Richard Nixon Moment

Have We Really Found Mary Magdalene's Birthplace?

Bernina Express, Europe’s Most Scenic Train Ride, Takes You Places You Didn’t Think a Train Could Go

Terror Supporters Are Using Anime Porn to Fight Virtual Battles on Facebook

Student Loans Were Created to Punish Poor People, Says Former Bernie Staffer

Peter Dinklage Is Craving ‘Anarchy’ After ‘Game of Thrones’

Ash Pereira Was a Child Bride. Why Does Her Ex Still Share Custody of Their Child?

Schools Barrel Ahead With Post-New Year’s Return Plans, Despite COVID Surge

San Diego Police Hunt for Suspect Who Fatally Shoved Man Into Oncoming Train at Old Town Transit Center

Kanye West Had Surprise NYE Show in Miami, Where Kim Kardashian's New Beau Pete Davidson Was Also Hosting Show

CNN Duped into Posting Raunchy New Year’s Eve Prank Tweets

Actress Joan Collins Accuses Her First Husband Maxwell Reed of Rape and Attempting to Pimp Her Out

How the ‘Harry Potter’ 20th Anniversary Special Shunned J.K. Rowling

‘Impractical Jokers’ Star Joe Gatto Suddenly Leaves Hit Prank Show Due to Personal Issues

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An Iconic Los Angeles Hotel Just Got a Major Overhaul

Andy Cohen Goes on Epic Drunken New Year’s Eve Rant Against Bill de Blasio: ‘Sayonara Sucka!’

Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson Tell 2021 to ‘Go to Hell’ in Wacky New Year’s Eve Special

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Somalia Is Where US Military Strategy Goes To Die

When James Joyce Wrote ‘The Dead,’ He Wrote the Best, Most Depressing Christmas Story Ever

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The Next Year in Politics Could Somehow Be Even Uglier

Miranda’s ‘And Just Like That…’ Alcoholism Storyline Is Actually Great

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BioArt Combining Art and Science Could Help Encourage STEM Education

Andover Couple John “Jack” Magee and Geraldine “Jeri” Magee Were Murdered and Killer Never Found

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Trucker Accused of Kidnapping Mexican Migrant and Threatening to ‘Hang His Body From a Bridge’

These 21 Alcohol Hangover Cures Lack Scientific Evidence, New Study Finds