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Articles February 2022

Victoria Manning, Virginia Beach School Board ‘Wokeness Checker,’ Pens Terrible Comment on ESL Students

UN’s New Climate Change Report Should Make You Mad as Hell

Supergoop Friends & Family Sale May 2023 — 20% Off SPF

Top Donald Trump Prosecutors Carey Dunne Mark Pomerantz Cited Stalled Investigation in Resignation Letters

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Are Reportedly Back Together, So Maybe True Love Does Exist

Pete Hegseth Says Conservatives Feel Putin’s War on Ukraine ‘Pales in Comparison’ to ‘Wokeness’ in America

Janice McGeachin, Idaho Republican and Lieutenant Governor, Goes All in on Speech to White Nationalists

Wildfire Smoke Is Leading to a New Ozone Layer Hole Caused by Unique Chemistry

‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ Trailer: Jude Law’s Dumbledore and Mads Mikkelsen’s Grindelwald Go to War

Travel the World Through One of the Most Spectacular Design Obsessions

‘Morbius’ Final Trailer: Jared Leto’s Fangs, a Michael Keaton Cameo, and Lots of Bats

U.S. Fears Vladimir Putin Could Throw Hissy Fit And Escalate if Kyiv Attack Fails

Idaho Real Estate Agent Bradley R. Heinrichs Indicted in $82 Million Ponzi Scheme Targeting Christians

Biggest and Most Dangerous Takeaways From UN's Latest IPCC Climate Change Report

Bishop Nowakowski Says Men and Women From London Are Going to Fight in Ukraine

‘The Batman’ Is the Best Batman Movie Since ‘The Dark Knight’

Canadian Comedian Anthony Walker Flew to Europe to ‘Enlist’ Against Russia

Estée Lauder Makeup Mogul John Demsey Axed Over Racist Instagram Post

Desperate Russians Race to Withdraw Cash as Sanctions Send Currency Into Free-Fall

Belarus Issues Dire World War III Warning as It Gets Ready to Send Troops to Ukraine

How U.S. Special Forces Can Fight Vladimir Putin Without Starting World War III

Rep. Henry Cuellar Is Hoping His Name Will Save Him on Election Day

How COVID Crept Into Hong Kong Despite Its ‘COVID Zero’ Policy

The Booming Commercial Space Industry Is Fueling a Spaceport Boondoggle

Euphoria’s Chaotic Season Finale Ends in a Bloody Shootout—and the Death of a Beloved Character

‘Ghostwriter’ Hackers Targeting Ukraine’s Army Blocked by Facebook

John Oliver Says George W. Bush Should ‘Shut the Fuck Up’ About Russia’s Ukraine Invasion

Jennifer Griffin Once Again Brutally Fact-Checks a Pro-Putin Fox News Segment

‘American Idol’ Is Back With… a Tribute to Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor?

How Criminal Profiling Foiled a Serial-Killing Boy Scout

‘Mriya,’ the AN-225, World’s Largest Cargo Plane, Reportedly Destroyed in Ukraine by Russian Shelling

The ‘Jesus Guns Babies’ Slogan by Republicans Is a Weaponized Movement

Andrew Garfield’s SAG Awards Red Carpet Thoughts on Russia-Ukraine: ‘It’s a Tricky Day to Celebrate’

Ukraine’s Children Are Dying and Suffering at Russia’s Hands

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Makes Vladimir Putin’s Bloodbath in Ukraine All About Him

I’m a Former Russian TV Anchor. Right-Wing Media Mimics Russian Media.

Mitt Romney Knocks ‘Moron’ Marjorie Taylor Greene for Speaking at White Nationalist Event

Vladimir Putin Finally Admits That Russian Troops Have Been Killed in Ukraine Invasion

Prince Harry Says He and Meghan Markle Were ‘Brought Together for a Reason’

Russia’s Blameless OnlyFans Stars Say They’ve Been Banned After Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

Does Anybody Really Know Who Aesop Was?

In ‘Super Pumped,’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is the Tech Douchebro of Your Nightmares

Ex-Prosecutor Barbara McQuade Says She Can Prove Trump Committed Two Crimes

SNL Mocks Trump and Tucker Carlson for Backing Putin in Ukraine

Conan O’Brien Crashes John Mulaney’s Star-Studded SNL Five-Timers Club Party

Chewbacchus Rules as NOLA’s Funkiest Mardi Gras Parade Group

Inside the Little Green House on K Street, D.C.’s Most Scandalous Private Club

John Mulaney Opens Up About His Drug Dealer and Rehab During Hilarious SNL Monologue

Stefan Weichert and Emil Filtenborg Shot While Reporting in Ukraine

Clive Palmer, Billionaire Accused of Anti-Vax Misinfo, Now Reportedly Has COVID

Sanctioned Russian TV Host Vladimir Soloviev Cries About Losing His Italian Villa

Trump Looks to the Glory Days as Vision for ’24

The New Space Race to the Moon Is Really About Going to Mars And Beyond

How ‘Euphoria’ Became TV’s Best Horror Show

Explosions Light Up Kyiv as Russia’s Attack on Ukraine Claims More Civilian Lives

Canon EOS M50 Mark II Review 2022

Vodka Dumps and Russian Booze Bans Sweep North America to Protest Putin

Was Shannon V. Gilday Searching for Nuclear Bunker During Mansion Murder?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Denies Knowing Nick Fuentes After Speech at White Nationalist Conference AFPAC

Poland, Sweden Refuse to Play Russia in World Cup Playoff

Cartagena’s Most Famous Hotel Just Got a Sibling, the Sofitel Baru Calablanca Beach Resort

Trayvon Martin’s Dad on Ahmaud Arbery Murderers and Black Lives Matter

‘Elden Ring’ Is a Gaming Marvel. But Why Is It So Damn Hard?

Donald Trump’s Praise of Vladimir Putin Comes After Applauding Hussein, Kim

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: New Orleans, LA

Texas Democrats Hope Power Grid Anger Will Burn GOP in 2022

Why Millennials Can’t Stop Crying About ‘Arthur’ Ending

New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Has More Vertical Feet Than Jackson Hole or Aspen

The Man Who Sculpted the Bods of Chris Evans’ Captain America and Daniel Craig’s Bond

Inside the Weird, High-Powered World of Executive Coaches

Ukrainians Want to Know Why President Volodymyr Zelensky Did Not Prep Them for This War With Russia

Fox Pundit Says Putin Deserves Zero Blame for Military Attack on Ukraine

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Says She Feels ‘Right at Home’ at CPAC

‘Combat in the Streets’ of Kyiv as Russian Saboteurs Sneak In

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Ted Cruz for Unhinged and Unfunny CPAC Rant

Delta Airlines Accused of Booting Black Woman to Back of Plane

Gravel Institute Deleted Tweets Reveal a Progressive Group’s Ukraine Meltdown

The Best Sex Toys for Couples in 2023

Family Thought Unvaxxed 13-Year-Old Kensey Dishman Beat COVID–Then She Died

Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity Sues U. of Nebraska After Rape Inquiry, Says It Was Punished For Liking Trump

2024 Hopefuls DeSantis, Noem, and Pompeo Audition at CPAC, Yet Trump Reigns Supreme

Accused Indiana Dad Killer Christopher Claerbout Told Cops He’s Trump, and Parents Are ‘Bill and Hillary’

The CDC Announcing COVID Mask Changes Comes Far Too Soon

The Weirdest Amazon Products to Buy 2023

Ukraine’s Gay Combat Volunteers Are Ready to Fight for Their Lives Against Anti-LGBTQ Vladimir Putin

Erin Carver Says Her Ex Pushed Their Teen Into a Marriage to Win Custody Battle

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Finale: Who Got Married and Who Broke Up?

Journalists in Ukraine Describe the ‘Total Terror’ on the Ground

U.S. Will Soon Take Major Step of Sanctioning Russian President Vladimir Putin Over Ukraine Invasion

Cops Crack Hospital Worker Lee Ratatori’s 40-Year-Old Michigan Murder. But Who Killed Her Killer?

Joe Biden’s Historical Supreme Court Pick Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Is First Black Woman on the Bench

The Cringiest Celeb Reactions to the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, From The Weeknd’s Tweets to Andy Cohen’s Wordle

Tucker Carlson ‘Indistinguishable’ From Russian State Media, Ex-RT Host Argues

Two Supermassive Black Holes in This Quasar Will Collide

NATO Activates Response Force As Russia Bears Down in Ukraine

Joe Biden Selects Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as His Supreme Court Nominee

Germany, Italy, and Hungary ‘Disgraced Themselves’ in Blocking Russian Sanctions, Says Donald Tusk

Prince Harry’s Lawsuits Won’t Stop the British Media, Even if He Wins

Apple TV’s ‘Severance’ Proves Going to Work Is Worse Than a Horror Movie

Olympic National Park Hikers Can Now Pee Free of Fear of Urine-Addicted Goats

Democrats Apparently Have No Issue Taking Fox News Money

Texas Leaders Intensify a Vicious War on Trans Kids and Their Parents

Super Bowl Choreographer Fatima Robinson Breaks Down Historic Halftime Show With Dr. Dre

Why Space Industry Pioneers Like SpaceX Are Hellbent on Building the Perfect Rocket

Democrats and Republicans Have Different Weaknesses Leading Into 2022 Midterms

These Nerds Saw Ukraine Invasion Start On Google Maps Before Vladimir Putin Said a Word

Republicans Are Blaming Biden for Russia Invasion in Ukraine but It Is Not His Fault

Believe It or Not, Ron Johnson Used to Be Normal

Russian Assault on Kyiv Is Underway

John Kelly Tells CNN’s Jake Tapper He’s in ‘Disbelief’ at GOPers Sucking Up to Putin Amid Ukraine Invasion

Jimmy Kimmel Drags ‘Son of a Bitch’ Trump for Making Russian Invasion of Ukraine About Himself

13 Ukrainian Border Guards Killed on Snake Island After Telling Russian Warship to ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’

Donald Trump Pals Beg Him to Stop Kissing Vladimir Putin’s Ass During Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Best Travel Coupon Codes 2022

Magic Spoon Cereal Bar Review 2022

Civilians Dead At Ukraine Hospital After Ballistic Missile Crashes Down as Russia Invades

Kanye Chases Pete Davidson Off Instagram After Kim Begs for Divorce

Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane Found Guilty of Violating George Floyd’s Civil Rights

AnnaLynne McCord’s Video Message To Putin Is Even Worse Than the Gal Gadot ‘Imagine’ Mess

How to Watch UFC 272 Covington vs. Masvidal Without Cable

Mason Dominguez Killed by Brandon Toseland in Las Vegas and Ended Up in a Freezer, Cops Say

Richard Nixon’s Historic China Trip 50 Years Ago Holds Lessons for Biden

Chaos at Carter High School in Rialto, California Over Claims Vice Principals Ignored Student’s Sex Assaults

SEC Investigating Brothers Kimbal and Elon Musk Over Possible Insider Trading

Fox News Reporter Jennifer Griffin Is the Only Adult in the Room

Microscopic Remote Control Magnets Could Help Treat Brain Diseases

Russia Used Beatings and Tricks to Forcibly Send Soldiers to Ukraine, Human Rights Group Says

Biden Slaps Russia With Stiff Sanctions for ‘Premeditated Attack’ on Ukraine

Columbia University’s Psych Head Jeffrey Lieberman Suspended Over Model Nyakim Gatwech Tweet Scandal

Jean-Michel Basquiat TV Series In the Works Starring Stephan James

Ukraine Invasion by Russia Is the Beginning of the End for Putin and His Friends

Judge Will Grill Ghislaine Maxwell Juror on Sex Abuse Claims

Ukraine Admits It’s ‘Impossible’ to Say if Chernobyl Is Safe After Russian Attack

Artificial Nose Could Diagnose Parkinson's Through Skin Odors

Little Boy Dead After ‘War Crime’ Rocket Attacks on Suburban Homes in Ukraine

Camilla Says ‘Great Honor’ of Being Queen Will Help Her Keep the Focus on Domestic Violence

Putin Sent in Troops Disguised With OCSE White Peace Monitor Symbols and Ukrainian Uniforms, Says Kyiv

The Mysterious Right-Wing Group American Foundation for Civil Liberties and Freedoms Funding Trucker Convoy

Netflix Has Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Fix With ‘Vikings: Valhalla’

TLC’s Dr. Pimple Popper Jokes About Starting an OnlyFans, Says Your Zit-Bursting Videos Make Her Squeamish

Anti-Anthony Fauci Animal Rights Group Accused of Illegal Donations

Why Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Joe Biden’s Best Bet for Supreme Court Pick

‘Law & Order’ Returns After 12 Years to Take on Bill Cosby

The Left Is Still Obsessed With Primarying NY Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

Seth Meyers Goes Off on ‘Insane’ Trump for Praising Putin Right Before Russian Invasion

Kristi Noem Suggests Joe Biden ‘Planned’ Russian Invasion of Ukraine Because of Oil Policy

Trump Runs to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham to Blame Russian Invasion of Ukraine on ‘Rigged Election’

Jimmy Kimmel Unloads on ‘Talking Dick’ Tucker Carlson for Defending Putin Before Russia’s Ukraine Invasion

Vladimir Putin Launches ‘Full-Scale Invasion’ of Ukraine

Serah Bellar, Niece of Dove Outreach Church Minister in Waverly Ohio, Accuses Family of Sex Abuse in Lawsuit

We Have Failed Ukraine—and All Those Erased By Vladimir Putin

CNN Anchor John King Mocks Rick Scott for Lying About His Own Plan, Says ‘Reading Is Fundamental’

Dermelect Self Esteem Neck Firming Cream Review 2022

D.C. Truck Convoy Organizer Bob Bolus’ Plan Sputters Like a Busted Engine

Little Boy Found Dead in Freezer After Sister Brings Ominous Note to School

White Supremacists Christopher Cook, Jonathan Frost Plotted Power Grid Attacks to Start a Race War, Feds Say

This Gene From Our Neanderthal Ancestors May Protect Against HIV but Increase COVID-19 Risk

Tom Brady Is Making a Road Trip Movie With Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field

Prince Harry’s Mystery Libel Suit Accuses the ‘Mail’ of Defaming Him Over Secrecy Claim

Family Fumes After Shocking Death of Italian Student Claudio Mandia at Elite New York E.F. Academy School

Vladimir Putin’s Own Minions in Moscow Have Exposed Him for the Liar He Is

Moab Cops Rule Out ‘Unnerving’ Man Grilled in Case of Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte, Slain Camping Couple

Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

‘The Andy Warhol Diaries’ Trailer: Ryan Murphy’s Docuseries Recreates the Artist’s Voice With AI Technology

Cyberattacks Hit Websites and Psy-Ops SMS Messages Targeting Ukrainians Ramp Up As Russia Moves Into Ukraine

How a Police Union Boss Ed Mullins Allegedly Stole $1 Million of Members Money

Cody Etherton Recalls Terrifying Moment He Was Nearly Shot in Breonna Taylor Raid

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Crypto Team Tries to Relaunch After James Koutoulas Threatened Lawsuit

Venus Flytrap With Artificial Neuron Could Revolutionize Brain Implant Neurotechnology

Ukraine Urges Citizens to Get Out of Russia ASAP

Former President Donald Trump Wanted Lindsey Graham to Take Out Mitch McConnell. Graham LOL'd

Inside John Kasich and Jordan Klepper’s Unlikely Marriage

Flat-Earthers Keep Alienating Other Conspiracy Theorists, Even QAnon Believers

The Commercial Companies Racing to Replace the International Space Station After NASA Sunsets It

Welcome to ‘Source Material,’ a Brand New Media Newsletter

I Left L.A. for Long Beach and Am Not Looking Back

Donald Trump’s Endorsed Candidates For 2022 Midterms Are Likely to Be Republican Losers

Joe Biden Beefs Up Russia Sanctions. Lawmakers Are Still Peeved.

Kanye West Trolls Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian and Kamala Harris at Shambolic ‘Donda 2’ Event

Kanye West Brings Out Accused Rapist Marilyn Manson During ‘Donda 2’ Listening Party in Miami

GOP Senator Rick Scott Denies Wanting to Raise Taxes After Releasing Plan to Raise Taxes

‘English’ Is One of the Best Plays in New York Right Now

The America First Political Action Conference Is Courting Republicans Towards Extremism

Missouri Teen Dalton Frank Gets Anti-Bullying Truckers’ Convoy to Funeral

Former Polish President Aleksander Kwaśniewski Dishes on How to Deal With Spiraling Vladimir Putin

DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Review 2022

ICE Gets Green Light to Force-Feed Hunger Striker Hamad Mohsen Thabit Saad Sayad in Arizona Immigration Jail

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series Smart TV Sale 2022

Trump Lauds Putin’s ‘Genius’ Invasion of Ukraine, Says He's ‘Very Savvy’

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’: See the Star-Studded Cast, From Cillian Murphy to Florence Pugh

Benjamin Jeffrey Smith, Fringe Furry and Machinist, Identified as Suspect in Portland Mass Shooting

NomadIQ Portable Grill Review 2022

Joe Biden Slaps Russia With Sanctions, Rips Vladimir Putin for 'Invasion' of Ukraine

A&E Pulls ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ Off the Air After Concerns Raised Over Star Danny Huff’s Creepy Behavior

Bill Murray and Aziz Ansari Team Up for a Comedy-Drama Movie About Mortality

Neo-Nazis Crash Providence Red Ink Library Book Reading With Swastika Flag

Even Sean Hannity Balks at Tulsi Gabbard’s Putin Apologia

‘The Kardashians’ Trailer Shows Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Tearful Engagement Party

Ahmaud Arbery Murderers Travis, Greg McMichael, William Roddie Bryan Found Guilty of Hate Crimes

Vaping Can Cause Serious Gum Disease, New Study Finds

Queen Elizabeth, Unwell With COVID, Cancels Engagements, and the Last-Minute Announcement Rattles Nerves

The White House Finally Cuts the Crap and Calls It a Russian Invasion of Ukraine

American Conservatives are Wrong to Rip Into Justin Trudeau While Giving Vladimir Putin a Free Pass

‘Severance’ Star Adam Scott Breaks Down His Total ‘Mindfuck’ of a New Show

Mitch McConnell Is a ‘Spigot for Dark Money’

Kanye West Fans Upset New Album ‘Donda 2’ Failed to Drop at Midnight

Aaron Rodgers Posts Heartfelt Message to Ex-Fiancée Shailene Woodley: ‘Thanks for Always Having My Back’

The Most Unhinged ‘Real Housewives’ Season Finally Comes to an End

Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina Suddenly Worried About Will of the Voters

Chuck Klosterman Unpacks the '90s and Turns Up Some Gems

Deep Cleaning Won’t Save Us From COVID, and This New Study Says Why

Democrats Spent 2020 Campaign Talking Healthcare. So What Happened to Medicare For All?

Seth Meyers Brutally Mocks Trump’s ‘Clusterfuck’ Truth Social Launch

Margarita Simonyan Asks ‘Where’s the Champagne?’ on Russian State TV as Ukraine’s Children Are Prepped for War

Even the Trumpiest Senators Don’t Feel Safe in GOP Primaries

June Knightly of Portland Mourned After Protest Shooting Nightmare

Satellite Photos Show Russian Troops Inching Closer to Ukrainian City of Kharkiv from Nearby Forest

‘Pathetic Loser’ Bureaucrat Allegedly Bullied 12-Year-Old Girl to Send Nude Pics

Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto Confirms He Was Hospitalized With COVID Pneumonia

Vladimir Putin Orders Russian Troops Into Ukraine After Shocking Donbas Declaration

Natasha Beth Darcy Covered up Milkshake Murder of Her Rich Boyfriend with Fake Suicide

Trump’s Twitter Knockoff ‘Truth Social’ Suffers Bumpy Launch

When Lincoln Entered Richmond as a Leader, Not a Conqueror

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Hocking Hills, OH

Central Park’s Designers Had a Favorite NYC Park—and It Wasn’t Central Park

Mexico Has No Interest in Stopping Migration Into the U.S., Whether It’s Legal or Illegal

‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’ Finale: Hannibal Buress Called Bill Cosby a Rapist and Helped Topple an Icon

Election Workers Are in Crisis. Will Congress Actually Help?

‘Last Week Tonight’s’ John Oliver Expertly Debunks the Right’s ‘Critical Race Theory’ Panic

Euphoria’s Lexi Gets Her Revenge With Tea-Spilling School Play — But Fexi Is in Deep Trouble

Tina Ennis and Jill Lopez Say They Were Switched at Birth in Oklahoma

A Neurologist Explores What Happens When Our Brain Wiring Lets Us Taste Words

Bernie Madoff’s Sister Sondra Wiener and Brother-in-Law Marvin Dead in Murder-Suicide

Queen Elizabeth II Has COVID-19

Russian State TV Is So Ridiculous Right Now It Looks Like a Farce

‘Z’ Symbol on Russian Tanks and Military Vehicles Near Ukraine Border

Edgar Allan Poe and Abe Lincoln in the Afterlife Ponder Sex Toys and Suicide

Nothing Can Prevent the RNC’s Unholy Alliance With Trump

Meet the High Tech Fleet of Drones Studying Climate Change on Prince Edward Island in Canada

Fifty Years of ‘Behind the Green Door,’ the Groundbreaking Porn Film That Upset the Supreme Court

Democrats are losing the culture wars by blindly pushing progressive ideals

How the Father of Flat-Earthers Arose From a Nutty Commune

‘Love Is Blind’s’ Shaina and Kyle Explain Their Doomed Engagement

‘Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn’ Has Wonder Woman, a Huge Dildo, and a Movie Ending for the Ages

What Made Black Lives Matter ‘Abolish the Police’ Activists Change Course

Saarinen House, America's Chicest Home, is Just Outside Detroit

Barry Morphew Is My Cousin and Allegedly Killed His Wife and Cast Her Vote for Trump

Three Potential Lee Jae-myung Whistleblowers Drop Dead in Vicious Presidential Race in South Korea

Fox News Contributor Sara Carter Admits to Creating Fake Story About Canadian Woman Being 'Trampled'

The Other Aide Entangled in Dem Rep Marie Newman’s Bribery Scandal

Serenity McKinney’s Body Found as Mom Catherine McKinney and Boyfriend Dakota Hill Are Charged

Brian Flores to Join Pittsburgh Steelers as Linebackers Coach Despite Ongoing NFL Lawsuit

We Can Do Better Than Duct-Taping Voting Machines Together

Thysia Huisman, One of Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Pimp Jean-Luc Brunel's Victims, Questions His Death

Jean-Luc Brunel, Epstein’s Alleged Model-Agent Pimp, Found Hanged in Cell

Solgaard’s Endeavor LifePack Bag Review

‘Lincoln’s Dilemma’ Should Be Required Viewing for Every American

Why I Just Celebrated My 85th Birthday in the Boxing Ring

Republicans Invent Reasons to Blame Joe Biden for Ukraine Russia

What Vanlife is Really Like

Kanye West Has a Long, Twisted History of Album-Release Antics

Helene Anderson, Adrienne Hale Murdered in East Bremerton, Washington

‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Is More Exhausting Than Ever

How Donald Trump Said Too Much and Helped New York Investigators

Fox Reporter Jennifer Griffin Shuts Down Colleague Who Linked Ukraine Crisis to Durham Report

Abby Broyles, Oklahoma Congressional Candidate, Blames Slumber-Party Meltdown on Sleep Medication

22-Year-Old Calvin Crew Made Christi Spicuzza, Mom-of-4, Beg for Her Life in Uber Before Shooting Her: Cops

‘Morning Show’ Writer Ali Vingiano Shares Her Pandemic Product Picks

Bus Full of Orphans in Donetsk Makes Terrifying Getaway to Russia as War Against Ukraine Looms

Bail Denied for Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes Accused of Spearheading Jan. 6 Chaos

Conservative Knitters Try to Needle the ‘Woke’ With New Magazine Blocked

Vladimir Putin Has Decided on Invading Ukraine, President Biden Says Citing Intelligence

Now Kanye West Is Shooting Down Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Demands

Defense For Ahmaud Arbery's Killers In Federal Hate Trial Consisted of One Witness

NYC White Teacher Arrested After Video Shows Him Slamming Black Student Into Wall at Cardoza High School

Sacramento Official Sue Swears She Joined Proud Boys Trucker Chat By Accident

National Archives Confirms Donald Trump Took Classified Docs to Mar-a-Lago

If Putin Pursues ‘Grey Zone’ Tactics in Ukraine, He’ll Be Tough to Stop

Just a Few Months in Space Permanently Altered Cosmonaut Brains

Dyson Super Sonic Hair Dryer Review

U.S. Contractor Busted for Brutally Torturing Worker at His Shady Iraq Business, Feds Say

Russia's False Flag Operations Are Coming Into Play With Car Bombs, Chemical Attack Claims, And Evacuation

Kim Potter Who Killed Daunte Wright as Brooklyn Center Cop Sentenced to 2 Years In Prison

Phil Mickelson Using Saudi-Backed League to Pressure PGA Tour for Change

Kremlin Backs Harsh Coach Eteri Tutberidze, Who Criticized Skater Kamila Valieva After Beijing Meltdown

Pro-Russia Donetsk Leader Denis Pushilin Declares War Is Coming for Ukraine on State TV

14 Missing in Inferno on Tourist Ferry Between Greece and Italy ‘Everyone Panicked’

IOC Criticized for Letting China Play Politics at Beijing Games, While Athletes Are Muzzled

Haider Dies After Falling Into a Well in Afghanistan Despite Three-Day Rescue Operation

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Secretly Backed Lawsuit for Government Based on ‘Lord of the Rings’

‘Euphoria’: Minka Kelly Talks Trusting Sam Levinson and Playing the ‘Older, Wiser Version of Maddy’

The One State That Could Actually Expand Voting Rights

Prince Andrew’s Friends Claim Rape Case Settlement Is Much Lower Than $14M

Adam Scott Teases the Long-Awaited Return of ‘Party Down’

Democrats Are Angering Liberal Parents and It May Cost Them Dearly at the Midterms

White House Isn’t Rushing to Copy Democratic Governors' New 'COVID-Normal'

Kamila Valieva’s Olympics Drug Scandal Should Ruin the Games Forever

How P.K. Subban Is Dragging Hockey Into the 21st Century

Biden Deserves a Primary Challenger

Why the Pope Can’t Just Magically Fix the Botched Arizona Baptisms

The ‘Clown Car’ of Reasons That Trump Could Go Down

Giddy Sean Hannity Goads Hillary Clinton to Sue Fox News for Defamation Over Durham Report Stories

Chic Elopement Wedding Dresses 2022

Jordan Klepper Confronts Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truckers, Finds a Lot of Conspiracy Nuts

Best Presidents Day Coupon Codes 2022

Five Officials at Midland Christian School in Texas Hid Horrific Locker Room Sex Assault, Police Say

New York State Trooper Files Lawsuit Against Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Melissa DeRosa

Ticwatch E3 Women’s Android Smartwatch Review 2023

At Least 9 Austin Cops Charged for Excessive Force During Texas Protests Sparked by George Floyd’s Death

DC Cop Was Included on January 6 Planning Emails Ahead of the Capitol Riot

Now Two Asian Spa Workers Have Been Killed in Albuquerque in One Month

Judge Orders Donald Trump, Don Jr., and Ivanka to Testify in Tax Fraud Probe Legal Clown Show

Megan Thee Stallion and Bowen Yang Will Star in an R-Rated Movie Musical Inspired by ‘The Parent Trap’

Amir Locke Grieved, Mark Hanneman’s History Comes Into Focus Before Funeral in Minneapolis Police Killing

Can You Call Gettr Backer Guo Wengui a ‘Spy’ on the App? We Tested It.

Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ Trailer: Tom Hanks Wears a Fat Suit and Austin Butler Belts His Heart Out

Tucker Carlson Interview with Putin Demanded by Margarita Simonyan

Louisville Mayoral Candidate Craig Greenberg Responds to Attempted Murder Suspect Quintez Brown Leaves Jail

Woo Gang COVID Scammers Undone by Their Own Flashy Posts, Feds Say

Video Shows Fight That Led to Deadly Dorm Stabbing at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania

New DNA Computer Is Fast Cheap Way to Measure Water Quality

Ex-Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg Deposed in DC Inauguration Lawsuit

Kamila Valieva, Who Failed Drug Test, Tumbles Out of Figure Skating Medals at Beijing Olympics

Elon Musk Compares Justin Trudeau to Hitler in Unhinged Trucker Crypto Freakout

‘Jaw-Dropping’ Official Olympic Press Conference Defends China’s Abuse of Uyghurs

Pro-Russian Forces Shell Ukrainian Kindergarten Full of Kids

Horatio Sanz’s Sexual-Assault Accuser Speaks Out, ‘He Abused Me All Over SNL’

What the Hell Is Happening With the COVID-19 Surge in Israel?

Inside ‘Euphoria’ Season 2’s Messy Behind-the-Scenes Drama, From Sam Levinson to Barbie Ferreira Storming Off

‘Dream Raider’ Is the Demented Demon Child of ‘Inception’ and Freddy Krueger

Feds Just Let Ron Paul’s Old Campaign Slide on Likely Violations

I Was for Affirmative Action, but Now I Think It Should Go Away

What Happens to Ukraine Matters to Every American

‘The Afterparty’ Star Jamie Demetriou, Britain’s Funniest Actor, Stages His American Takeover

Could Thursday Be the Worst Day Yet for Donald Trump and His Kids Ivanka and Don Jr.?

Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Roasts ‘Banned’ Trump’s Bootleg Version of Twitter

Tucker Carlson Claims WaPo Report on Canadian Trucker Vax Protest Donations Is ‘Incitement to Violence’

Kosas Skin Improving Foundation Review 2022

Blunder in Sarah Palin’s Defamation Lawsuit Against New York Times Could Deal a Huge Blow to Press Freedom

The Blonds End New York Fashion Week With Sex Capes and Brides Gone Bad

Dr. Thomas Nguyen Broke His No-Hug Rule After This COVID Story

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Says Conservative Media Is Inciting Canadian Truckers Protest

This Surprise ‘Mystery Bridge’ Could Be Vladimir Putin’s Secret Path to War

The Right Thinks They’ve Found Their Own Colin Kaepernick

‘The First Lady’ Teaser: Viola Davis Is a Dead Ringer for Michelle Obama in Showtime Anthology Series

‘Sex and the City’ Author Candace Bushnell Was ‘Startled’ By Revival Series ‘And Just Like That’

Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Insists Ukraine Threat Is ‘Ruse’ to Distract From Durham Report

Rock Church Pastor John David Blanchard, Charged With Soliciting Sex From Minor, Continues to Live High Life

Blood Type Conversion Breakthrough Could Make Universal Lung Transplants Possible

Rudy Giuliani Now Casts Doubt About Cooperating With ‘Illegal’ Jan. 6 Committee

Synagogue Arsonist’s Brother Hid Nazi Merch, Fled to Sweden, FBI Says

Queen Elizabeth Prompts Fresh Health Questions as She Tells Visitors: ‘I Can’t Move’ and Points at Her Feet

Rialto California Cops Apologize After Black Teen Girl’s Violent Arrest Goes Viral

Ahmaud Arbery Killers Travis McMichael, William Bryan, Greg McMichael Racist Texts, Posts Revealed at Trial

‘The Boys: Diabolical’: Animated Spinoff Series Gets an R-Rated Trailer and Star-Studded Voice Cast

Amazon Music Unlimited Promo Deal

‘Pro-Life’ GOP’s New Motto: ‘Screw You, Kids’

Welcome to the Russian State TV Fantasy World Where Vladimir Putin Already ‘Won This Round’ in Ukraine

Kamila Valieva’s Fishy Heart Drug ‘Cocktail’ Inflames Fury Over Olympic Doping Fairness

Hawaiian Man Arrested for Killing Wife’s Acupuncturist Lover Betrayed by Dropped Hat

Donald Trump’s Inner Circle Freaks That His Tax Firm Mazars ‘Screwed’ Him

The Oscars Are Already a Mess. Can Anyone Stop the Academy From Shitting the Bed?

Biden Must Fulfill His Promise to Protect the Black Vote

Netflix’s ‘Fishbowl Wives’ Is a Steamy, Silly Japanese Soap Opera About Cheating Spouses

After FBI Raid, Congressman Henry Cuellar Feels the Love-From a Network of Trolls

The Right-Wing Movements Inspired by Canadian Truckers Are Only ‘Picking Up Steam’

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Promotes Far-Right Event Featuring Hanukkah-Basher Baked Alaska

Organic Food Labels Are Preventing Biotechnology and GMO Innovations in Farming and Agriculture

Ghislaine Maxwell Told Alan Dershowitz That Prince Andrew Photo Looked ‘Real’—Did That Sink Him?

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Eric Trump as Less ‘Masculine’ Than Ivanka

Tucker Carlson Claims Secular Societies Are ‘Always the Most Oppressive’ After Canada Trucker Protest

Third Woman Files Lawsuit Against Trey Songz, Alleges ‘Brutal’ Rape That Landed Her in California Hospital

Julia Fox Hits the Runway for LaQuan Smith at New York Fashion Week

Republicans Are Still Trying to Buy Donald Trump’s Love

Allison Gollust, CNN’s Chief Marketing Officer, Resigns Over Probe Into Jeff Zucker Romance, Chris Cuomo

Queen Will Help Pay Prince Andrew’s $14M Legal Settlement, but the Royal Damage Is Done

Solar Powered Desalination Device Built by MIT Scientists Provides Clean Drinking Water for Just $4

Georgetown Law Professor Franz Werro Slammed for Calling Student ‘Mr. Chinaman’

Butt Injection Gone Awry Suspected in Death of Maxine Messam, Woman Dumped at Hospital

New Onslaught of Cyberattacks Could Give Away Vladimir Putin’s Next Big Move in Ukraine

Halyna Hutchins’ Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Alec Baldwin, ‘Rust’ Producers

Lin Wood Goes to War With Kooky Far-Right ReAwaken America Tour Beset by ‘Anthrax’ Rumors

Quintez Brown of Louisville, Alleged Craig Greenberg Wannabe Assassin, Started as Promising Activist

Docs Detail Wannabe Biden Assassin and Ex-Army Paratrooper Scott Ryan Merryman's Downward Spiral

Fox News Goes Hog-Wild With Exaggerations About the John Durham Filing

Morgan Doughty, Ex of Alex Murdaugh’s Slain Son Paul Murdaugh, Sues Over Boat Crash ‘Disfigurement’

Prince Andrew Settles With His Rape Accuser Virginia Giuffre

Gunmaker Remington Arms Will Pay Up Over Sandy Hook Massacre

Russian Figure Skater Kamila Valieva in Gold Medal Spot After Women’s Short Program

The Queen May Have Dodged COVID, a Virtual Engagement Suggests, but Her Health Is Under 24/7 Scrutiny

How Sterling Brown and the Milwaukee Bucks Got the NBA to Listen to Players on Social Justice and Policing

Russian Claims of Ukraine De-Escalation Met With Skepticism

Oleh Handei Races for Ukraine at the Olympics as Mom Preps for War

Did GOP Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt Misuse a Charity for a Political Hit Job?

Silicon Valley Super-Rich Fund San Francisco School Board Recall Election to Oust Progressives

Eric Dickerson, the Rams Legend Hellbent on Tackling the NFL’s Racism

How John Lurie Made the Most Calming Show on TV in ‘Painting with John’

Joe Rogan’s “I’m a Moron” Defense Is a Cop-Out

Sam Richardson on Tim Robinson, ‘Detroiters,’ and ‘The Afterparty’

Nobody Missed the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Why Bring It Back?

U.S. Skeleton Olympian Andrew Blaser Spent Years Living a Double Life. Now He’s Thriving.

Truckers Resurrect Bananas Theory About Trudeau’s Real Dad

India Arie Calls Out ‘Consciously Racist’ Joe Rogan on ‘The Daily Show’

‘Uncharted,’ Starring a Wildly Miscast Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, Is No ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Sarah Jessica Parker Refuses to Say Whether ‘And Just Like That’s’ Che Diaz Is Funny

Tucker Carlson Revives Vicious Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

Valentine’s Day Really Sucked for the Trump Organization

American Airlines Flight 1775 Passenger Juan Remberto Rivas Had Paranoid Delusions

Ilya ‘Dutch’ Lichtenstein Jailed, Heather ‘Razzlekhan’ Morgan Bailed Out Ahead of Couple’s Crypto Heist Trial

Epstein Victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre Lost Her Famous Photo of Prince Andrew

Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat Review 2023

Kanye West and Julia Fox’s Whirlwind, PDA-Filled Showmance Implodes

Ashley Ray Took Apart ‘Slave Play’ Writer Jeremy O. Harris

New York Fashion Week Is Getting Colorful, and Wild

And Now Nancy Mace Goes to Newsmax to Beg for Trump’s Backing

Accounting Firm Mazars Drops Trump Organization Over Dubious Financial Docs

Sarah Palin New York Times James Bennet Defamation Lawsuit Ends After Judge Tosses Case

Ahmaud Arbery’s Killer William Roddie Bryan Used Racial Slur to Describe Daughter’s Date, Prosecutors Say

New York Post Dragged for Narcing on Snoop Dogg’s Weed Smoking

Brian Laundrie’s Autopsy Report Reveals Disturbing New Details on His Death

‘Bridgerton Season 2’ Trailer Bursting With Sex and Intrigue

Chilling Video Shows Moments Before New Yorker Christina Yuna Lee Was Stabbed to Death in Her Own Apartment

21-Year-Old Quintez Brown Charged in ‘Attempted Assassination’ of Louisville Mayoral Candidate Craig Greenberg

Whoopi Goldberg Returns to ‘The View’ After Suspension for Holocaust Remarks

Exes Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Get Hot and Heavy in Trailer for Erotic Thriller ‘Deep Water’

Michele Tafoya Leaves NBC Sports to Run a Republican Governor Campaign

Tay-Sachs Disease Gene Therapy Given to First Two Children

DNA Testing of Elephant Ivory Is Helping Department of Homeland Security Stop Illegal Poaching

Travel to This Lakeside City Full of Surprises with this Book

Deadly Champagne Laced With Ecstacy Strikes Down 8 at Valentine’s Party

Italian Roman Catholic Church May Be Worst Clerical Abuse Offender, Says Survivor Group

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation Review 2022

Russian Kamila Valieva Allowed to Skate at Beijing Winter Olympics Despite Failed Drugs Test Angering Team USA

Russian Sock Puppet Crew Tried to Frame Texas Governor Over Biden Blackmail

Texas Voting Law SB1 Is ‘Absolute Nightmare’

Long COVID Sends Desperate Americans Abroad for Cures

Plaza de España, Madrid’s New ‘Frying Pan’ Plaza, Leaves Some Locals Fuming

Big Brother Is Headed for the Classroom

How the Ocean Could Be the Key to Carbon Capture Technologies to Fight Climate Change

How Michael Tubbs Flipped the Foreclosure Capital of America

Ivan Reitman, Director of ‘Ghostbusters,’ Producer of ‘Animal House,’ Dies at 75

Mary J. Blige Shows Why the Super Bowl Halftime Show Needs Female Performers

‘Euphoria’ Sees Jacob Elordi’s Nate Go on a Scary Sex Tape Rampage

Amazon’s ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ Trailer Is Finally Here, and It’s Stunning

Eminem Defies NFL and Kneels During Super Bowl Halftime Show

Larry David Stars in Baffling Crypto Super Bowl Commercial for FTX

‘The Sopranos’ Makes Surprise Return on Super Bowl Sunday

New York Fashion Week Proclaims a Return to Glamour. Now.

The Rock and Halle Berry Give the Super Bowl a Big, Bizarre Hollywood Opening

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Trailer Rocks Super Bowl Sunday

Passenger Goes Berserk on American Airlines Flight 1775, Forcing Emergency Landing in Kansas City

GOP Guv Larry Hogan Blasts ‘Insanity’ of Republicans Labeling Jan. 6 ‘Legitimate Political Discourse’

Prince Charles Wants Prince Andrew to Stay ‘Out of Sight’ Amid Rape Claims by Epstein Victim Virginia Giuffre

Ambassador Bridge to Reopen Soon After Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Trucks Removed

How Technology Made the U.S. Military Its Own Worst Enemy

Bridging the Gap Between Blacks and Jews in America

OMG, I Want That House: Pound Ridge, NY

One of Pompeii's Greatest Mysteries May Have Been Solved

Financial Horror Stories From the Porn World (and What They Say About America)

MTG Should Be an Embarrassment, Not a GOP Superstar

Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ and the Cult of Anna Delvey Admirers, Including Julia Fox

Super Bowl LVI Pits Matthew Stafford Against Joe Burrow — Middle-Age Angst vs. the Vitality of Youth

Best Portable Solar Generators 2022

Kanye West Targets Pete Davidson, Kid Cudi, Billie Eilish, and Taylor Swift With Childish Instagram Memes

The Time Trump Thought Palin Was ‘Hot’ and Stole Her Vibe

Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Trailer Sees a UFO Terrorize Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya and Steven Yeun

Mexican Cartel ‘Cannibal Schools’ Force Recruits to Eat Human Flesh

The Evaporating Atmosphere of the TOI-1759b Sub-Neptune Exoplanet Could Tell Us How Habitable Planets Form

University of Utah Student Found Dead After Boyfriend Emailed He Would ‘Relieve Her From Suffering’

United By Blue Shacket Review

Van Jones and Friend Noemi Have Baby as ‘Conscious Co-Parents’

Canadian Truck Convoy Dispersed With a Whimper on U.S.-Canada Border

Weight-Loss Influencer Lexi Reed Home After Near-Death Crisis

US Orders Military Trainers Out of Ukraine as Russia Conflict Nears Amid Biden, Putin Call

Kodak Black, Three Others Shot Outside Justin Bieber Afterparty in LA

Alan Ritchson’s ‘Reacher’ Is a Gigantic, Unstoppable Force

African Youth Are Getting Paid to Fight Climate Change by Restoring Mangrove Ecosystems

The Rock Does Not Need Your Whitesplaining. None of Us Do.

New York City’s Greatest Art Museum is a Killer Workout

Suspect Joel Hollendorfer’s Ex-Wife Helped Cops Solve Kara Nichols Case

Putin’s ‘Puppet’ in Ukraine Is an Anti-U.S. Troll Loving All the Drama

Nathan Chen Is Barely Salvaging a Depressing Olympic Games

The Oscars’ Vaccine Policy Proves Hollywood Is Out of Touch

How Do Prince Harry and Prince William Really Feel About ‘Queen Camilla’?

Former AME Zion Bishop Staccato Powell Accused of Bamboozling His Churches to the Brink

‘Love and Leashes,’ Inside Netflix’s Kinky and Fun South Korean BDSM Rom-Com

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Crypto Coin Turns Into Total Dumpster Fire

Tulsi’s Twisted Theory: Biden Actually Wants a Russian Invasion

Trump Owes It All to McConnell’s ‘Disgraceful Dereliction of Duty’

U.S. Trucker Convoy Is a Gold Mine for Grifters

Vladimir Putin’s Army Forces Ukraine’s Frontliners Into ‘Fight or Flight’ Hell

How Men Had Their Moment at New York Fashion Week

MAGA Clerk Tina Peters Attends Event that Calls for Hangings After Her Arrest

‘I Want You Back’  Review: Jenny Slate and Charlie Day Are a Sweet, Scheming Rom-Com Couple

Best Tax Day Sales & Coupon Codes 2022

‘Racist’ Western Outfits at Ketchikan Basketball Game Against Alaska Metlakatla Native Team Spark Furor

Alt-Right Podcaster Joseph Paul Berger Charged Over ‘Arsenal’ of Machine Guns

GOP Congressman David Schweikert Fined $125,000 For Financial Violations

‘Winning Time’ Trailer: John C. Reilly Builds an Empire in HBO’s Glitzy LA Lakers Series From Adam McKay

James Webb Space Telescope Sends a ‘Selfie’ and Incredible Snaps of Starlight

Watch This Robot Shape-Shift by Melting Its Own Metallic Skeleton

CNN Anchors Mock GOP Rep. Nancy Mace’s Desperate Plea for Trump's Approval

‘Tall Girl 2’ Review: Netflix’s Teen Rom-Com Sequel Is a Disappointing Valentine’s Day Gift

Six Philadelphia Family Members Stabbed in Their Sleep, Cops Say

There's a Risk of Concussions Lurking at the Super Bowl and Other Sports

Boyfriend Hacked Off Girlfriend’s Head With Machete Over ‘Threat to His Masculinity,’ Officials Say

‘Marry Me’ Is Jennifer Lopez in All Her Cheesy, Mediocre Rom-Com Glory

Russian Skater Kamila Valieva Did Test Positive for Banned Heart Drug, Could Be Banned From Beijing Olympics

Belarus-Russia Military Exercises Feared to Be Cover for Putin’s Secret Weapons Plan

Queen Elizabeth COVID Panic Grips Buckingham Palace

Wait, Now the Right Loves Traffic-Blocking Protesters?

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Is an Absolute Mess in the Best Way

How Democrats Already Won an Unexpected Election Battle Redistricting Gerrymandering

Martha Kelly on Playing ‘Euphoria’s’ Terrifying Drug Dealer Laurie

Neither Party Cares About the Working Class

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is on a Hot Streak of Stupidity

Best Sex Toy Gifts For Valentine’s Day 2022

Mark Meadows Says Trump White House Was ‘Very Diligent’ About Preserving Documents

Sutton Foster Is the Real Star of ‘The Music Man’ on Broadway

Elon Musk Unveils New Version of SpaceX Starship Rocket and Wants to Launch It Into Space This Year

MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell’s Own Allies Say He’s Being ‘Played’

Landmark #MeToo Bill Makes Its Way to President Biden

Katrina Mendoza’s Boyfriend Shoved Urine-Soaked Sock in 5-Year-Old’s Mouth, Beat Her Unconscious, Cops Say

Republicans Admit Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Blessing Is the Next Best Thing to Donald Trump’s in 2022

Crocs Clueless Collection Zappos

Crypto Couple Heather Morgan and Ilya Lichtenstein Say They Won’t Flee Because of Their Frozen Embryos

Right-Wing Media Manufactures Fake Outrage Cycle Over Adele

Jennifer Lopez in the Hot Seat Over Guess Exec Paul Marciano’s Sexual-Assault Scandal

Steve Bannon’s Pal Guo Wengui Has to Cough Up $134 Million Over Notorious Yacht

Holy Stone Drone Review

How the Biden White House Caved to Fox News’ ‘Crack Pipe’ Faux-Scandal

Harvard Denies Blame Over Accessing Therapy Records of Student Who Accused Professor John Comaroff

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Calls on Kids to ‘Sue Their Parents’ Over School Masking

Minneapolis and St. Paul Cops in Amir Locke’s Death Insisted No-Knock Warrants Are Safer

This Derby, Kansas, Principal Showed Teachers a Video on White Privilege, Then Had to Apologize

Mike Myers Resurrects Dr. Evil and Reunites With ‘Austin Powers’ Co-Stars in GM Super Bowl Commercial

Marise Anne Chiveralla Was Murdered on Her Way to School 58 Years Ago. Now Cops Know Who Did It.

‘Free Crack Pipes’ Myth Rooted in False Free Beacon Report

Harvard Scientists Invented a Biohybrid Fish That Swims Using Human Heart Cells

‘Jurassic World Dominion’: Laura Dern and Sam Neill Reunite With Jeff Goldblum in New Trailer

Sarah Palin Slams New York Times With David and Goliath Biblical Reference

Is There a Drug Secret at Eteri Tutberidze Top Teen Figure Skating Factory?

Palace Won’t Say if Queen Elizabeth Has COVID After Prince Charles Meeting

Abused New Zealand Kids Say Brother Bernard McGrath Put Them in Coffin and Showed Them Dead Body

Jaran Hughes Killed Friend’s Brother Marcel Wilson for Mocking FaceTime Chat With Girlfriend, Prosecutors Say

Italian Cops Ordered Prison Hit on U.S. Cop Killer Teens Finnegan Elder and Gabe Natale Hjorth, Messages Show

Prince Harry Vows to Continue Princess Diana’s ‘Unfinished’ Work Breaking Down HIV Stigma

Trump’s White House Toilet Was ‘Repeatedly Clogged’ With Torn Documents

Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ Is a Chaotic Mess of a Scammer Series on Anna Delvey

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Is Mimicking Marvel’s Superhero Formula

Stock Up on African American Literature, Fine Art, and Collectibles With AbeBooks

Republicans Only Go After The Republicans Who Stand Up to Trump

Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Is as Vicious as It Sounds

‘The Girl Before’ Is the Tale of a Sadistic Architect Who Traps Women in His High-Tech Home

How the QAnon Crazies Went From Comet Pizza to the National Butterfly Center

The Weird Law Prosecutors Could Use to Bar Donald Trump From the White House

Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Mocks Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Gazpacho Police’ Nazi Flub

Tucker Carlson Is Back on His Jan. 6 False Flag Sh*t, This Time Trying to Implicate Kamala Harris

How Hipster Rapper and Alleged Bitcoin Hacker Heather Rhiannon Morgan Remade Herself in NYC

How to Watch the Super Bowl LVII Without Cable: Chiefs vs. Eagles 2023

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Goes After Elon Musk Over Brain Research

Kelly Turner A Mom Who Faked Her Daughter Olivia Gant’s Terminal Illness in Colorado Gets 16 Years for Death

Epstein Journalist Vicky Ward Hits Back at the New Yorker and Graydon Carter

A ‘Futurama’ Revival Is Coming to Hulu With Original Cast Members Returning

Russell Crowe Joins Spider-Man Spinoff Movie ‘Kraven the Hunter’

‘Better Things’: Pamela Adlon Reminds Us She’s NOT a Boomer in Season 5 Trailer

New York Times Editor James Bennet Faces Down Sarah Palin at Defamation Trial

Fox News’ Will Cain Breathlessly Hypes Anti-Vax Convoy as ‘Divide Between Common Man and the Elite’

Cop Who Paralyzed Florida Man Mistook Gun for Taser, Hollywood Police Say

Courteney Cox Sees Dead People in the Trailer for Horror-Comedy Series ‘Shining Vale’

‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Ends in Embarrassing Fashion by Teasing ‘The Mandalorian’

Russian State Media’s Big, Bizarre ‘Thank You!’ to Tucker Carlson and Josh Hawley

Nancy Pelosi Deflects on Stock Trading and Punts Reform to Members

Sorry, Mitch McConnell. Frankenstein’s Monster Runs the GOP Now

At Least 40 SpaceX Starlink Satellites Were Wrecked by a Geomagnetic Storm

Faith Healer Convinced Pregnant Woman That Hammering a Nail in Her Skull Would Result in Baby Boy

‘Queen’ Camilla Is Finally Winning Acceptance From British Public, First Poll Shows

Man Arrested After Allegedly Raping Fellow Passenger on Trans-Atlantic Night Flight From Newark

‘Dixie Mafia’ Behind Hit on North Carolina’s Virginia and Bryce Durham and Teen Son, Cops Say

Olympic Skiier Mikaela Shiffrin Was Disappointed in Her Performance. Then NBC Made it Worse.

Russians Could Lose Figure Skating Gold After Teen Star Kamila Valieva ‘Fails Drugs Test’

Why a High-Ranking FBI Attorney Is Pushing ‘Unbelievable’ Junk Science on Guns

Disney+ K-Drama ‘Snowdrop,’ Starring Blackpink’s Jisoo, Is Already Controversial

MAGA Extremists Slam the Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show as ‘Satanic’

‘Bel-Air’ Is the Rare Gritty Reboot That Really Works and a Nice Antidote to ‘Euphoria’

Clinical Trials for New Danish Stem Cell Treatment Could Usher the End of Parkinson’s

The Drama in This Crazy Texas Primary Explains Donald Trump’s GOP

‘Fairview’ Is Stephen Colbert’s Tasteless Mockery of Small-Town America

New York Fashion Week Is Back, but Big Names Are Missing

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Matt Gaetz’s ‘To Catch a Predator’ Moment

Julia Fox Calls Kanye West Her Boyfriend and Shoots Down Kim Kardashian Comparisons on ‘Call Her Daddy’

Tucker Carlson Claims Biden White House ‘Hates’ White Americans Who Fatally Overdose on Opioids

Why a Raging Hometown Mob of Thousands in Chechnya Is After Abubakar and Ibrahim Yangulbaev

Kara Nichols’ Remains Discovered 10 Years After Disappearance, Joel Hollendorfer Arrested

Paula’s Choice Sale Discount Codes 2022 — Best Products to Shop

School District in Chaos After New Conservative Board Suddenly Cans Superintendent Corey Wise

10 Best Movies With Zero Oscar Nominations, From ‘Red Rocket’ to ‘Zola’

California Teachers Go on Hunger Strike to Fight Oakland School Closures

Relwen Quilted Tanker Jacket Review

‘Life & Beth’ Trailer: Sparks Fly Between Amy Schumer and Michael Cera in New Hulu Series

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff Whisked Out of D.C.’s Dunbar High School by Secret Service Over ‘Security Issue’

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh Tried to Dupe Trans People Into Joining His Anti-Trans Documentary

James Bennet, New York Times, Sarah Palin Spar in Defamation Case

Switching From Western Diet to Mediterranean Diet Could Add 10 Years to Life Expectancy Says New Study

Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims She’s in ‘Facebook Jail,’ but That’s Not Exactly True

‘Conversations With Friends’ : Joe Alwyn Stars in Steamy Teaser for Sally Rooney’ s Latest Hulu Series

Ethan Crumbley’s Mom Jennifer Was More Worried About Losing Job After Oxford Schoo, Witness Says

Homicide Case That Produced Amir Locke Raid Leads to Arrest by St Paul Police

Heather Morgan, Rapping Tech CEO, Accused of Laundering Billions in Hacked Crypto With Ilya Lichtenstein

‘Leaving Neverland’ Director Hopes Michael Jackson Biopic Will Cover Child Sexual Abuse Claims

GOP Rep. Troy Nehls Claims Capitol Police Secretly Broke Into His Office

‘Lightyear’ Trailer: Chris Evans Shoots for the Stars in Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear Origin Story

15 Biggest 2022 Oscar Nomination Shockers, Snubs, and Surprises, From Kristen Stewart to Lady Gaga

Alec Baldwin Calls the Killing of Halyna Hutchins on ‘Rust’ a ‘Horrible Thing’ That He Struggles to Talk About

L’Equipe’s Peng Shuai Interviewer Admits It Was ‘Propaganda’

Joe Rogan’s Use of the N-Word Is Far From the Whole Story

Ocean Ancrum-Robertson’s Mother Was Killed and She Was Shot in the Head

How ‘Queen Camilla’ Finally Won Over Queen Elizabeth

Ilhan Omar Breaks Down Congress’ ‘High School’ Cliques

Bridget Everett Lays Herself Bare, ‘From the Heart to the Tits,’ in ‘Somebody Somewhere’

‘Stop the Steal’ Organizer Ali Alexander Scored Big Payout at Curious Time

Nick Lachey’s Very Personal Connection to ‘Love Is Blind’

Republicans Actually Love Affirmative Action (for Themselves)

The ‘Genocide Games’ Protesters Giving Hell to Beijing 2022

These Are the Dystopia Olympics

Can This Really Be the End of Aussie Mega-Soap ‘Neighbours’? Please Say No.

Trevor Noah Rips Apart Joe Rogan’s Bullshit ‘Planet of the Apes’ Apology

Charlie Kirk Goes on Tucker Carlson to Suggest COVID Vaccines Are to Blame for High Death Rates

Biden’s Top Scientist Eric Lander Resigns Hours After White House Investigation Into ‘Bullying’ Behavior

Roger Stone Is Raking It In From Candidates He Endorses

Bissell CrossWave® X7 Cordless Pet Wet Dry Vaccuum Review 2022

Video Shows Saints’ Running Back Alvin Kamara ‘Attacked’ Las Vegas Clubgoer at Drai’s With Pals, Police Say

Aaron Christopher Kelly Arrested for Washington Fred Meyer Supermarket Shooting After Manhunt

Rita Ora Joins ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Prequel Series at Disney+ (But Not as Belle)

Black Workers Say Racism Is Rampant Inside Tesla. Now California Is Suing.

Georgia Deputy Derrick Gardner Axed After Arrest for Rape, Child Molestation, Police Say

‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ Trailer: Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union Star in Disney+'s Unnecessary Remake

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Russia, Ukraine, and NATO’s Rebirth

ICONIC Keto Collagen Coffee Review

‘The View’ Blasts Stacey Abrams’ ‘Lame Excuse’ for Maskless Photo

Hugh Hewitt Says He Doesn’t Talk About Jan. 6 Because My Listeners Would ‘Turn Me Off’

‘The Dropout’ Trailer Unveils Amanda Seyfried’s Haunting Elizabeth Holmes Voice

Comedian Leslie Jones Debates Ending Olympics Commentary

Razzie Awards: Bruce Willis, Jared Leto, and LeBron James Nab Nominations for Their Awful 2022 Movies

Boris Johnson Hung Out to Dry by the Very People Who Taught Him How to Drink on the Job

Electrical Stimulation Implant Reversed Spinal Cord Paralysis in Patients Within Single Day

Tears of Despair for Olympic Athletes Forced into Isolation Misery in Beijing

Levi Bellfield, Notorious Serial Killer, Says He Murdered Lin and Megan Russell Too

‘Crushed’ Gold Hopeful Vincent Zhou Exits Olympics With COVID-19

Steven Soderbergh on Superhero Movies’ Stunning Lack of Sex and What ‘Contagion’ Got Wrong

Pro-Trump Otero County in New Mexico Is Carrying Out a Wild Audit of 2020 Votes

How Did ‘Death on the Nile’ With Armie Hammer and Gal Gadot Become Such a Publicity Nightmare?

You Might Not Like It, but Hunter Biden’s Shenanigans Are Real News

Biden, Democrats, and America All Have Reason to Be Optimistic

The Riveting and Murky Quest to Hack the Meditating Brain

COVID-19 Vaccines for Children Under 5 Could Change the World — Starting With America

‘This Is Us’ Actress Milana Vayntrub: My Abortion Story

The Troubled Birth of the Ultraviolent ‘A Clockwork Orange’

The Many Faces of Brainwashing From Heaven’s Gate to QAnon

China’s Peng Shuai Denies Sexual Assault, With Handler by Her Side

‘Euphoria’ Descends Into Total Chaos as Zendaya’s Rue Goes on the Run

The Tragic Story of Mike Lindell’s Quack COVID ‘Cure’

Chris Christie Mocks Trump For Telling the ‘Truth by Accident,’ Says ‘He Wanted the Election to Be Overturned’

Fox News Host Dan Bongino Faceplants in Attempt to Own ‘Unhealthy’ Libs With Fake Graphic

Rogue Crystal Cruise Ships Seized and Arrested Near Bahamas

Pence Aide Marc Shorts Says ‘I Did Not See’ Much ‘Legitimate Political Discourse’ on Jan. 6

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Pulls Support From Joe Rogan After N-Word Clips Surface

This Overshadowed Mexican City Is a Feast

Queen Elizabeth May Be Sold on ‘Queen Camilla,’ but Will the Public Buy It?

How a Wall Street ‘Villain’ Set the Stage for Endless Global Chaos

How Las Vegas Became America’s Live Music Capital

Flying Car Called AirCar by Klein Vision Officially Certified For Flights in Slovakia

Does an Ancient Ring Found in a Shipwreck Depict Jesus Christ?

The Republican Knives Are Out for South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

Anders Danielsen Lie Is an Oscar-Worthy Actor — and a Doctor Battling COVID-19

Why the Brutality and Bromance of ‘Jackass’ Is So Timeless

The El Pez Hotel in Tulum Is at the Center of an Insane Beachfront Battle

The Supreme Court Is American Democracy’s Enemy Now

Protesters Demand Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Step Down After Amir Locke Shooting

Belle Gunness Promised Her Suitors a Rural Paradise, Then Murdered Them

KMOX Reporter Kevin Killeen’s 2016 “February” Video Goes Viral

Awkwafina Defends Herself Against ‘Blaccent’ Criticism, Quits Twitter

Rayan Awram, Boy Trapped in Morocco Well for Four Days, Found Dead

Meghan Markle Le Specs Sunglasses 2022

The Mystery of People Who Seem Born to Lead

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Beaver, Utah

Why Are Indigenous Designers Missing from New York Fashion Week?

Did You Study the Slave Trade in School or Were You Out That Day?

Help! Wordle May Actually Be Ruining My Life

“Libertarian” Republicans Love Local Control, Unless It’s About COVID Safety

Uma Thurman Deserves Far Better Than the Lame ‘Suspicion’

Nevada Republican Boss and Fake Trump Elector Michael McDonald May Be the Model MAGA Man

Kanye West Just Blew Up His Divorce From Kim Kardashian By Involving Their Kids

‘The Worst Person in the World’ Is the Best Film of the Year

Tucker Carlson Claims Alex Jones Is ‘Far More Credible’ than State Department Spokesman

Pompeii Is Turning Into a High Tech Research Center to Study Climate Change and Archeological Preservation

Trump Fixated on Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel’s Sex Life

How The Left Quit Worrying and Learned to Love Chuck Schumer

Justine Johnson Told Child Services She Stabbed Her 3-Year-Old to Death on Spongebob’s Orders

Bannon’s Team Says FBI Secretly Spied on His Lawyer

Black Man Sues Denver PD After Being Called a ‘Turd’ During ‘Unconstitutional’ Arrest

Portland DEA Imposter Robert Edward Golden ‘Tricked’ Woman Into Bogus Training Program, Feds Say

Will The World Do ‘a Damn Thing’ If Vladimir Putin Invades Ukraine?

Campaign Zero Co-Founder Samuel Sinyangwe Accuses DeRay Mckesson of Copyright Infringement

Fox News Anchor Suggests White House Conspiracy on Surprisingly Good Jobs Report

It’s the Press’ Job to Ask for Evidence That Justifies a War

Best Electric Snow Blowers 2022

Housekeeper Survives Terrifying Kidnapping at Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Ranch

Suspected Serial Killer Willy Suarez Maceo Charged in Murders of Homeless Men, Authorities Say

Michael Avenatti Found Guilty of Stealing From Stormy Daniels

Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Surprisingly Spot-On Adele Impression in James Corden Interview

Oats Overnight Review 2022

Lindsay Lohan Trades ‘DUIs for DIY’ in Her New Super Bowl Commercial for Planet Fitness

New NASA Chandra X-Ray Photos Hint at Future Astronomy Through James Webb Telescope and More

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Mulls Criminal Charges Against SWAT Officer Mark Hanneman Who Killed Amir Locke

China Gaslights the World by Picking Uighur Athlete to Ignite the Olympic Flame

Ahmaud Arbery's Killers, Travis and Gregory McMichael, Are Heading to Trial After DOJ Plea Deal Fail

Reporter Sjoerd den Daas Dragged Away by Goons at Beijing Games Opener

Mormon Teen Ashley Wadsworth Killed After Going to Meet Online Boyfriend Jack Sepple in U.K.

John Coates, Dick Pound and Seb Coe’s Business Links to China Exposed

‘Jackass Forever’ Is the Masterpiece That Will Unite America

Moonfall Movie Reimagines NASA's Role as a Protector of Earth From Space Hazards but It Is Not Reality

Congress Can’t Bring Sanity to Gun Laws. Here’s Who Can.

Crisis and Opportunity Could Lead to a Biden Bounce Very Soon

‘Raised by Wolves,’ HBO Max’s Stunning Sci-Fi Drama, Is One of TV’s Most Overlooked Shows

How CNN Stars Really Feel About Jeff Zucker’s Departure

Desperate Dems Hope Bill You’ve Never Heard of Can Fill in for Stalled Biden Agenda

The Day We Took Down the World's Biggest Sex Trafficker

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off on Fox Over Rudy Giuliani ‘Masked Singer’ Debacle

Roger Ailes Hire Tucker Carlson Says Jeffrey Toobin Should Lead CNN Now

Gregory McMichael Withdraws Guilty Plea After Deal Rejected in Ahmaud Arbery Hate Crimes Case

Venue Church Pastor Tavner Smith Grilled About Alleged Affair in Leaked Audio

UGG Cow Print Boots 2022

Hulu’s ‘Pam & Tommy’ Only Scratches the Surface of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s Dark, Abusive Relationship

Minneapolis Police Department Body Camera Footage of Amir Locke Shooting Released

Gregory Ciambrone, Hamilton Township Police Chief, Criticized Over Let’s Go Brandon Sweater

Biden Uses New York Trip to Crush ‘Defund the Police’

Miami Herald Journalist Julie Brown Sued by Epstein Victims

New Dad Brandon Isabelle Admits to Killing Girlfriend, Dumping Kennedy Hoyle in Mississippi River, Cops Say

Murad Targeted Wrinkle Corrector Before and After Review — 2023

Internet Slams Bath & Body Works’ Black History Month Line for Cultural Appropriation

Halsey and Sydney Sweeney Cast in ‘National Anthem’ Movie With Simon Rex

Spotify Booted Far-Right Podcaster Stew Peters Over COVID Lies

QAnon Flags Fly Onscreen After Fox News Describes Anti-Vax Truckers as ‘Mainstream’

Netflix Reveals First Looks at ‘Knives Out 2,’ Ryan Gosling’s ‘The Gray Man,’ and More 2022 Movies

California Christian School Teacher Fired Over Nasty Anti-Asian Rant

Dakota Johnson Will Play Madame Web in Sony’s Next Spider-Man Movie

Georgia Sheriff Kristopher Coody Hit With Sexual Battery Charge for Allegedly Groping Woman at Hotel Bar

CNN Staffers Grill WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar on His Stormy Relationship With Zucker

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