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Gene Editing With CRISPR Gave This Blind Woman Some of Her Vision Back

Fox News Host Martha MacCallum Rails Against Literal ‘Free Lunch’ for Hungry Kids

Theta Chi, UMass Amherst Fraternity Targeted by Anti-Rape Protest, Claims to Be the Victim

Texas Teen Benjamin Elliott Claims He May Have Killed Twin Sister Meghan While Dreaming

Ankeny School Community Near Des Moines Features What May Be Parents’ Wackiest Anti-Mask Protest Yet

MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Returns to Fox News With Ad Whining About ‘Cancel Culture’

The Best Crafting Deals for Your Next Fall DIY

Ex-Staffers Say Jeff Bezos’ Rocket Company Blue Origin Is One Big Ego Trip

Mom Blames Black Student for Insanely Racist Homecoming Proposal

Cali Teen Mona Rodriguez on Life Support After Being Shot by School Safety Officer as She Was Driving Away

Kristi Noem Cuts Ties With Corey Lewandowski After Two Bombshell Reports

Laura Ingraham Teases an Uncomfortable Sean Hannity for Wearing So Much Makeup

Socialite Jasmin Hartin Insists in CBS Tell-All It’s ‘Ridiculous’ to Say She Murdered Belize Cop Henry Jemmott

French Cop Leaves Suicide Note Unmasking Himself as Notorious ‘Grele’ Serial Killer

Marokopa, New Zealand Family Vanished From the Beach—Now They’re Back After ‘17 Days of Hell’

Irmgard Furchner, 96-Year-Old Nazi Concentration Camp Secretary, Caught After Skipping Trial

Shakira Says Her Handbag Was Stolen by ‘Gang’ of Wild Boars in Barcelona

The Bonkers Lawsuit to Stop the Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate

The Gospel of Gwen Shamblin, the Weight-Loss Cult Leader Who Poisoned Women’s Brains

How Did This Couple’s Holiday End With Anna Tinterova Gunned Down?

The Racist Obsession With NBA Vaccinations Versus Hollywood

Fall Decor You Need in Your Life Right Now

Progressives Come to Their Put-Up or Shut-Up Moment Infrastructure Joe Biden

‘Grim Reaper’ Mitch McConnell Is Coming to Kill the Economy

The Next Cocktail Book Collecting Obsession The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Burlington, Vermont, Defunded the Police. Now It’s Paying Cops to Stay.

Does Jon Stewart Still Want to Be Funny?

Jimmy Kimmel Destroys Bill Cosby for Defending R. Kelly

Ron DeSantis Says He’s Too Busy Fighting Critical Race Theory to Run for President

‘Aladdin’ Shut Down by COVID Cases Just a Day After Splashy Broadway Reopening

Trumpworld Begged Donald Trump to Ditch ‘Sexual Predator’ Corey Lewandowski, and He Did

He Ran Over Black Lives Matter Protesters—but Apparently That’s Not a Crime

Britney Spears’ Father Is Immediately Suspended From Her Conservatorship After 13 Years

Feds Say ‘Rage-Filled’ Troll Stephen DeBerardinis Threatened to Chop Up an Interracial Couple on Facebook

Teen in Waller Texas Antagonized Cyclists, Mowed Six Down, Then Was Let Go by Cops

Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush Reveals She Got Abortion After Rape at 17

Right-Wing Podcaster Matt Walsh Fakes Living in VA Just to Go on Anti-Trans Rant at School Board

Newberg, Oregon School District Sinks to New Low After Blackface, Mock Slave Trade Scandals

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s Nepotism Under Investigation by State Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg

Police Seek More Tips in Case of Slain Moab Campers Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner, Who Feared a ‘Creep’

Gabby Petito Tipsters Lead Searchers to Apparent Discovery of Robert Lowery’s Body in Same Forest

Wayne Couzens Might Have Used COVID Rules to Falsely Arrest, Rape, Then Murder Sarah Everard

Best Sunscreens According to Skin Experts and Dermatologists 2022

Nelly’s Sexual-Assault Allegations Should Not Be Forgotten

Arizona Audit Backers Turn on Each Other After Recount Flop

Are the Britney Spears Documentaries Exploiting Her All Over Again?

A Journalist’s Tortuous Escape From the Taliban ‘Kill List’

Democrats Fear 2022 ‘Bloodbath’ and Toy With Going for Broke Now on Infrastructure

Mixing and Matching Could Make the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Hot Again

Oath Keepers Had Money Troubles After January 6 Capitol Riot, Leaked Emails Show

The Dems’ Big Lie? That They Want to Fix Immigration.

In ‘No Time to Die,’ Daniel Craig’s James Bond Goes Out With a Whimper

Jimmy Kimmel Rips Into Trump for Calling Press Secretary About His ‘Small’ Penis

Dr. Squatch Soap Is Made With Natural Ingredients

Chris Hayes Blasts Anti-Vax Fox Hosts Who Don’t Have ‘Courage’ to Call Out Own Employer

Anti-Vax Hospital Workers Dishonor Nurse Deanna Reber’s Dying Wish

Tense Minnesota School Board Meeting Turns Violent Over New COVID Mask Rules

Trio Found in Fort Worth Dumpster Were Killed by Jason Alan Thornburg in ‘Bible Sacrifice,’ Cops Allege

Kate Middleton Goes Super Glam at James Bond ‘No Time to Die’ Premiere

Could This A.I. Tool Help Prevent the Next Pandemic Nightmare?

Ozy Media’s Bullshit Doesn’t End With That Notorious Meeting

Vale, Mining Firm Responsible for 270-Death Disaster, Behind New Canada Fiasco

Military Brass Contradicts Joe Biden's Telling of Afghanistan Drawdown

Stephanie Grisham Says Trump Called Her to Insist His Penis Wasn’t Toadstool-Shaped

Britney Spears Tried to Hire Her Own Lawyer Again in 2009, Secretly Signing Court Petition in Bathroom Stall

Prince Andrew Rolls Out New Paparazzi Defense Against Virginia Giuffre Witness Shukri Walker

Mocking Unvaccinated COVID Victims Is the New Pandemic Blood Sport

Twist in the Tale of Korea’s Dog-Eating Obsession

GOP Launches Fundraising Frenzy Off Biden Vax Mandates

Taylor Tomlinson Got ‘Canceled’ by Church. Then Her Comedy Career Exploded.

Don’t Let the Next R. Kelly Get Away With It for 20 Years

Department of Homeland Security Cyber Office Wants to See Secret Voting Machine Vulnerability Report

Idaho COVID Insanity Shows How Much Worse the GOP Can Get

If Liz Cheney Really Believes in LGBTQ Equality, She Should Vote for It

‘Midnight Mass’ Star Zach Gilford on Those Shocking Twists and 15 Years of ‘Friday Night Lights’

How Long Until Ben Shapiro Becomes CEO of Facebook?

The Big Burn of 1910 Put the U.S. on the Wrong Course to Fight Wildfires

Seth Meyers Brutally Mocks Rudy Giuliani Over Fox News Ban

Daniil Gagarin, Emma Mönkkönen Swept to Sea After Cliff-Diving as Horror-Struck Wife Darya Films

Tucker Carlson Calls CNN Reporter Shimon Prokupecz a ‘Midget With the Microphone’

Rolf Kaestel, Man Who Got Life for Robbing Taco Shop With Toy Gun, Will Finally Walk Free in October

R. Kelly Accusers Kitti Jones, Jerhonda Pace React to Guilty Verdict in Brooklyn

Flood of Fake, Fentanyl-Laced Pills Is Killing Americans: DEA

Armando Caballero Person of Interest ‘Rebuffed’ by Missing Florida College Student Miya Marcano Kills Himself

Dad of Missing Black Geologist Daniel Robinson Slams ‘Nonchalant’ Cops’ Handling of His Son’s Case

R. Kelly Convicted in Brooklyn Federal Case on Sex Crimes

Cops Who Pulled Over ‘Van-Life’ Couple Were Told Fiancé Brian Laundrie ‘Hit’ Gabby Petito

‘It’s a Nightmare’: Chicago Teen Wrestling Champ Melissa de la Garza Gunned Down While Sitting in Her Car

‘The View’ Gets Emotional While Addressing On-Air COVID Chaos

Maria James Murder Inquest Hears of Dead Priests, Destroyed Evidence, Twisted Alibis for Australia Cold Case

Britain’s Brexit Panic-Buying Gas Freakout Has Europe Saying ‘We Told You So’

China Restricts Abortions to Force Women Into Having More Babies

Best Kneeling Ergonomic Desk Chair to Help Back Pain and Posture 2022

Heavy Is the Puzzle Head That Wears ‘The Crown’

What Matt Gaetz’s Legal Lineup Tells Us About His Troubles

New Doc ‘Pharmo Bro’ Confirms Martin Shkreli Is Just an Evil Little Prick

Gabby Petito’s Death Is Attracting Incels, Men’s Rights Groups and Culture War Trolls

Joe Biden Built Back Better Relations With the Left. Now He Faces the Ultimate Test.

GOP Show Ponies Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley Have Made Themselves Threats to Our National Security

DJ Khaled Wants Masking Up and Peace in the Middle East

India Is Hiding a Nightmare Snakebite Massacre

Bruce Springsteen in All His Rock Star Glory

Democrats Are Holding America Hostage, and Trying to Blame the GOP

Xi Jinping Takes a Page From Mao Zedong’s Red Playbook

Save Us. The Trend of Wearing Skirts Over Pants Is Back.

Molon Labe Is The Gun-Loving Right’s Favorite Greek Taunt

10 Dishes With Chef Omri Aflalo

The Tony Awards Was a Night of Extremely Mixed Messages About Broadway

Corelle’s Handcrafted Stoneware Dinnerware Is Made for Modern Eating Habits

John Oliver Drags Jen Psaki for Blaming Del Rio Migrant Confrontation on Horses

Liz Cheney Tells ‘60 Minutes’ She Was Wrong to Condemn Same-Sex Marriage, Loves Sister Mary Very Much

Family Honors Slain Van-Lifer Gabby Petito at Public Memorial Service

Chris Wallace Corners Greg Abbott on His Insane ‘Eliminate Rape’ Defense of Abortion Ban

Prince William ‘Bullied’ Harry and Meghan Out of Royal Family, Andrew Morton Book Says

Nobody Illuminates Everyday Reality Better Than Shakespeare

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Marrakech, Morocco

Eau Claire Cancels All Those Quaint Wisconsin Cheese Curd Cliches

Broadway Star Kelli O’Hara Says Theater Needs a ‘Reckoning’ on #MeToo and Racism

Sodom’s Tragic Story Isn’t The Meteor, It’s the Biblical Rape Culture

Super Mario’s Maddening Mystery: Are Wario and Waluigi Even Italian?

The Bombshell That Blew Up Two Lesbian Moms’ Loving ‘Nuclear Family’

Best Cashmere Sweater Dress for Fall from Quince 2022

One Thing Will Save Us From These Suicidal Lunatics—Mandates

The Black Mafia Family Gets the Hollywood Treatment

Wealthy Dominatrix Anna Reed’s Killer Marc Schatzle Uses ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Defense

Lin Wood's Ex-Partners Say He's a Fraudster. His Emails May Prove It

‘2 Dope Queens’’ Phoebe Robinson Says Stop Being A White Savior and Join a School Board

The Odds Were Already Stacked Against ‘Happy’ 2-Year-Old Boy Grayson Hunziker —Then COVID Hit

Unvaccinated ‘Titletown High’ Coach Rush Propst Hospitalized With COVID-19

‘Jealous’ Van-Life Boyfriend Brian Laundrie Is Adept at Wilderness Survival, Gabby Petito’s Friend Says

NY Declares State of Emergency for Looming Hospital Staff Shortage Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

Frederick Douglass Is Still the Point Man on Voting Rights

Congress Questions FBI’s Tight-Lipped Ransomware Tactics

My Trip Along the Most Mysterious River on Earth

How Tennis Star Emma Raducanu Stole the Fashion World’s Heart

The Messy Money Drama Behind Bannon and Guo Wengui’s Propaganda Machine

Richard Spencer Loves White People Who Make Stuff. His Family Takes Handouts.

The Complicated Legacy of Norm Macdonald

‘Controlling Britney Spears’ Reveals the Pop Star and #FreeBritney Supporters Were Spied On Relentlessly

Don’t Worry! The Celebs Are Ending the Pandemic

It’s Time to Stop Calling Susan Collins ‘Pro-Choice’

Before Gabby Petito, Lauren ‘El’ Cho Vanished in the California Desert

Ex-Theranos Lab Director Recalls Elizabeth Holmes ‘Trembling’ When Confronted Over Junk Lab Tests

Arizona Audit’s Big Reveal: Trump a Bigger Loser Than First Thought

Drinking with Dogs Limavady Irish Whiskey

11 Indicted in ‘Tragic’ Hazing Death of VCU Delta Chi Fraternity Pledge Adam Oakes

What is Delta-8 Cannabis

‘The Tragedy of Macbeth,’ Starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand, Is an Absolute Masterpiece

William Shatner, 90, Set to Fly Into Space With Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin

These Scientists Are Figuring Out How to Make a Hologram Feel Real

Kansas University Hit With Second Rape Allegation in Two Weeks

Best New Launches from Allbirds, Brooklinen, Nutribullet, and Girlfriend

Condo Owners at 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan File Lawsuit Against Developer

Miami Beach Candidate Kristen Rosen Gonzalez Skewered for Falsely Claiming She’s Hispanic

NY Post Memo Says Staff ‘Privacy’ More Important Than Vaccines

Judge Forces Top Trump Organization Lieutenants to Turn Over Key Documents Donald Trump

Collierville Tennessee Kroger Shooting Suspect Identified as Uk Thang

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s Son Eduardo and Agriculture Minister Test

‘The View’ Hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro Test Positive for COVID Mid-Show With Kamala Harris Backstage

Army Fires Lt. Colonel Richard Kane Mansir, Who Led Secret Life Exposed by Women

Chris Cuomo Had to Apologize for Grabbing Ex-Boss Shelley Ross’ Buttock at 2005 Party

Best Shirt Jacket for Fall

Prosecutors Pit Trump Organization Dynasties Against Donald Trump Allen Weisselberg Matthew Calamari

How Chippendales’ Male-Stripping Empire Ended in Bloody Murder

Mitch McConnell Goes Nuclear on the American Economy but He’s Still Not Nuts Enough for Trump

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ Is the Best Show on TV Right Now

Bethel Alaska Cops Unwilling to Take Coronavirus Vaccines Threaten to Plunge Remote City Into Chaos

Biden's Black Allies 'Pissed' Biden Is 'Following the Trump Policy' With Haitians

Far-Right Group Wants to Ban Kids From Reading Books on Male Seahorses, Galileo, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Out to Reinvent Themselves in New York

These Are Mary Trump’s Favorite Parts of Uncle Donald’s $100 Million Lawsuit

Republicans Don't Want a Debt Default—Just Democratic Chaos

My Five Favorite Meals with Chef John Currence

Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Embarrasses Anti-Mask Parents

Is America Heading Toward COVID Vaccine Mixing and Matching?

Biden’s Loads of Little Lies Are Finally Catching Up With Him

Federal Arrest Warrant Issued for ‘Van-Life’ YouTuber Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend Brian Laundrie

Native American Woman Mysteriously Vanishes on Las Vegas Trip

Tucker Carlson Pushes Racist ‘Great Replacement’ Theory Yet Again, ADL Renews Call for Fox to Fire Him

J.D. Vance Defends Texas Abortion Ban, Calls Rape ‘Inconvenient’

R. Kelly’s Unhinged Defense Lawyer Compares Him to Vice President Mike Pence

Sports Active Deals for Fall

‘Multiple’ People Injured in Shooting at Collierville, Tennessee, Kroger Supermarket

Jeffrey Lynn Thomas, Somerset Pennsylvania’s Tough-on-Crime Republican District Attorney, Is Charged With Rape

Italy Court Ruling: Totally Fine for Carabinieri Military Police to Team Up With Sicilian Mafia

Fox News’ Peter Doocy Suggests Pregnancy Tests for Migrant Women at Border

Can Craft Spirits Save the Family Farm?

Best Running Shoes of 2021

Methodist University Sorority Suspended ‘Indefinitely’ After Racist Presentation on Black Football Players

Rage Spreads After Teenager Tyree Smith Killed at Louisville Bus Stop Minutes After Waving Bye to Mom

Harry and Meghan Make First Joint Public Appearance Since Quitting Royal Family

Trump’s ‘Rigged’ Election BS Is Now Haunting the German Election

Daniel Foote Abruptly Quits Over ‘Inhumane’ Deportation of Haitian Migrants From Del Rio, Texas

‘Mama, I Don’t Want to Die’: 20-Year-Old’s COVID Death the Latest Among Younger Victims

Was This ‘Commotion’ in a Wyoming Restaurant the Last Time Gabby Petito Was Seen Alive?

Three Sisters Among Dozens Sexually Abused by Orthodox Headmistress Malka Leifer: Cops

The Most Anticipated Fall Movies, From James Bond to Lady Gaga

Best Products for Working From Home

Trumpworld Lawyers Charles Harder, Marc Kasowitz, Marc Mukasey, and Jay Sekulow Split as Storm Clouds Gather

Florida Billionaire Jeff Greene’s High-Rise Plan Divides West Palm Beach

Gabby Petitio’s Case Reminds Me of the Scariest Hike I Ever Took

Mitch McConnell Talks About Taking Down Joe Biden’s Agenda—Joe Manchin and the Moderate Democrats Are Doing It

‘The Wonder Years’ and the Emptiness of the Black Hollywood Recast

The Mafia Finds a New Frontier for Crime: The Internet

‘Doom Patrol’ Is the Craziest DC Superhero Adventure Yet

Why Gary Gulman Was So ‘Miserable’ on Dane Cook’s ‘Tourgasm’

‘Alter Ego’ Is the Most Dystopian Reality Competition Yet

Just Live's CBD Products Optimize Recovery and Performance

Army Officer Says He Took All the Other Vaccines but Won’t Get COVID Jab Because ‘Freedom’

Seth Meyers Hits Joe Manchin for Massive Climate Conflict of Interest

Conspiracy Firm Behind Arizona Audit Defies Order to Release Behind-the-Scenes Texts

FDA Approves Booster Shots for Those Over 65 or at High Risk

R. Kelly Hid ‘Crimes in Plain Sight,’ Feds Say in Closing Arguments

Disturbing Video Shows Woodson Terrace, Missouri Cops Stand By as Dog Mauls Black Man

Conspiracy-Spewing New Hampshire Lawmaker Ken Weyler Holds $27 Million in Vax Aid Hostage

Retiree John Douglas Allen Planted Bombs at AT&T, Verizon Stores in Michigan in Anti-Porn Crusade, FBI Says

Maria Butina’s MAGA Ex-Lover Patrick Byrne Couldn’t Save Her From Election Fail

Wife Beater Johnny Depp Whines About Cancel Culture While Getting Fancy Award

Florida’s New Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo Kills Mask Mandate Challenge, Stokes School Chaos

Witness Was Deeply Alarmed by Van-Life Couple Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie’s Fight

Facebook Runs More ‘Abortion Reversal’ Ads After Promising to Investigate

Sanders County Montana Health Official Nick Lawyer Pushed COVID Vaccine Over Ivermectin. He Was Forced Out.

Nicki Minaj’s Husband’s Rape Victim Speaks Out on ‘The Real’

Newsmax Completely Contradicts Itself on Outrage Over Gabby Petito

Home Organization Tools Worth The Money, According To An Expert

Rebuilding an Irish Single Malt Whiskey Powerhouse The Life Behind Bars Podcast

‘I Hope Someone Abuses Your Kids’: Health Official Pleads for Help Amid Intensifying ‘Mob’ Threats

Prince Andrew Will Fight Virgina Roberts Giuffre’s Epstein Claims, Source Says

Lawyer Ralph Lorigo Forces Ivermectin on Hospitals as COVID Treatment and Drives Doctors Crazy

Netflix’s ‘Love on the Spectrum’ Is the Best Dating Show on TV

The NRA Is Bankrupt but It Still Owns America’s Gun Agency

Cold War Kids’ Nathan Willett: My Evangelical Struggle

Ron Watkins, Alleged QAnon Mastermind, Is Selling Trump Retweets as NFTs

GOP Candidates Bill McSwain and Joe Lombardo Are Boosting Trump’s Election Lie

Democratic Factions Look to Joe Biden to Broker Infrastructure Truce

Anti-Abortion Advocates Won’t Sue Texas Doctor Alan Braid Because They’re Afraid of Losing

Democrats’ Immigration Lies Are Finally Catching Up to Them

The Giant Space Rock That Wiped Out ‘Biblical Sodom’

Two Sisters Flipped a Coin in Del Rio, One of Them Was Sent to Hell

Posture-Improving Bra from Kinflyte Review 2023

Stephen Colbert, Bob Woodward Reveal Why the GOP Will Never Be Held Accountable

Brazil’s Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga Tests Positive for COVID After UN General Assembly

Bill Gates, Asked What He Knew About Jeffrey Epstein, Nervously Says ‘He’s Dead’

Theranos Tests Told Her She’d Miscarried But She Was Still Pregnant, Says Patient at Elizabeth Holmes Trial

Donald Trump Sues New York Times and His Niece Mary Trump Over Tax Story

Daniela Adamcova, Mystery Amnesia Woman Found in Krk, Croatia, Identified by Pair in Los Angeles

Coroner Confirms Van-Lifer Gabby Petito Is Dead, Ruling It a Homicide

Grapevine-Colleyville, Texas School Board Ousts Black Principal James Whitfield Over Critical Race Theory

‘The View’ Trashes Joe Biden’s Treatment of Haitian Migrants, Says They’re ‘So Very Disappointed’

Best Air Purifiers to Help You Breathe Easy

Mom and Daughter Libby Adame, Alicia Galaz Killed Adult Star Karissa Rajpaul With Butt Implants, LAPD Says

‘Sopranos’ Prequel ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ Is Dry Macaroni With No Gravy

Grieving Harry Dunn Family, Who Trump Tried to Ambush, Settle Out of Court

Gabby Petito Tipster Recalls Guy in Van ‘Acting Weird’ Near Spread Creek, Where Body Was Found

Alex Murdaugh, Connor Cook Mess Spirals in New Lawsuit Over Fatal Boat Crash

Prince Andrew Won’t Leave Protection of His Mommy to See Baby Granddaughter

Kentucky Elementary School Loses Its 3rd Staffer to COVID in Less Than a Month

Denis Sergeev, a Top Spy, Was Russian Mastermind of Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack, Police Say

Mystery Woman Wrapped in a Sheet on Remote Island of Krk in Croatia Called for Help in Perfect English

Eric Trump Signs Up to Hype Daddy’s Record at Anti-Vax Event

How Billy Eichner Became Matt Drudge in ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’

‘Private Funding’ Fueled Nazis at Hate Rally in Charlottesville, Sines v. Kessler Lawsuit Shows

New COVID Variant A.23.1 Ran Rampant While We Weren’t Looking

Inside ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Many Behind-the-Scenes Scandals, From Diva Antics to Sudden Exits

It Took Biden 48 Years to Be President and 8 Months To Fuck It Up

How Comedian Gary Gulman Went From the Psych Ward to Carnegie Hall

The Stowaways That Made the First Space Station Stink

Breitbart Wants Its Followers to Get Vaccinated to Own the Libs

10 Dishes With Chef Jonathan Benno of New York Restaurant Bar Benno

Not Even Ariana Grande Can Save ‘The Voice’

Seth MacFarlane Reveals ‘Family Guy’s’ Fox News-Inspired COVID PSA on ‘Kimmel’

Justin Trudeau Hangs On in Canadian Election That No One Wanted

Tucker Carlson Bizarrely Claims Military Vax Mandate Is Plot to Root Out ‘Men With High Testosterone’

Seth Meyers Nails Tucker Carlson for COVID Mandate Contradiction

Oscar Stilley Files Suit Against Alan Braid, Doctor Who Violated Texas Abortion Ban

What Gabby Petito’s Case Says About Cops—and Us

This Was Van-Lifer Gabby Petito’s ‘Odd’ Final Text Message

Mabel Rush Staffer Showed Up to Oregon School in Blackface to Protest Vax as ‘Rosa Parks,’ Report Says

How Bowen Yang’s Emmys Silver Boots Were Designed With Queer Asian Pride

Barry Morphew, Accused Killer of Suzanne Morphew in Colorado, Out on Bail

Black Beer Festival ‘Barrel and Flow’ Calls for Boycott of Pittsburgh Brewery Over ‘Atrocious Racism’

Joe Biden’s Long Game on Abortion Runs Into Harsh New Reality

Daughter Blames Tucker Carlson’s Misinformation for Unvaxxed Dad’s Death

New York Prosecutors Find New Evidence in Donald Trump Organization Case Allen Weisselberg Jeff Mcconney

Cops Call Off Search for Gabby Petito’s Van-Life Fiancé Brian Laundrié in Nature Reserve and Swarm His Home

Pfizer Says Its COVID Shot Is Safe and Effective for Kids Age 5 to 11

Prince Andrew, ‘Extremely Worried,’ Holds Crisis Talks as Legal Hide-and-Seek Strategy Unravels and Backfires

This $100,000 Donation by Matt Gaetz Raises All the Eyebrows

Altra Hiking Boots Review

Bill Barr’s Still Making a Mockery of Justice. Merrick Garland’s Letting Him.

The Dark Saga of Billy Milligan, a Serial Rapist Who Was Acquitted After Claiming to Have 24 Personalities

America’s Cops are Throwing a Sick Covid Temper Tantrum

How America Created a Gun-Happy Gangster’s Paradise in Brazil

Trump. Biden. It’s All the Same for Haitians Getting Booted From Texas

This Idaho Doctor Must Have Missed the Whole ‘Do No Harm’ Bit

Texas Republicans’ New Push to Ban Trans Teens From Playing Sports

Explore Michigan’s Wild Upper Peninsula Without Roughing It

Italian Fashion Mogul Diego Della Valle’s Ideal Dinner

It’s Not Our First Rodeo With These Clues

The 2021 Emmys Were a Thoroughly Modern (Mostly-White, COVID-Unsafe) Disaster

How Did Van-Life Blogger Gabby Petito Die? The Cause May Not Be So Easy to Determine

Everyone Came Dressed to Win on the Very Fabulous Emmys Red Carpet

Seth Rogen Calls Out COVID-Unsafe Emmys: ‘This Is Insane!’

Chris Wallace Confronts Francis Collins on Boosters, Asks If Biden Did ‘Opposite’ of ‘Follow the Science’?

Jake Tapper Grills Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on State’s ‘Heartbreaking’ COVID Death Rate

Search for Gabby Petito Ends With Discovery of Human Remains in Grand Teton Park

Prince Andrew Is ‘Stressed’ and ‘Worried,’ and the Palace Questions His ‘Wall of Silence’

Roald Amundsen Didn't Reach the Poles by Being a Nice Guy

A 99-Year-Old Veteran Traveler Recalls the Maiden Voyage of the Queen Mary

Paris Watches the Arc De Triomphe Get Wrapped Up in Christo’s Vision

Here’s How Schumer Is Trying to Gaslight the GOP on Debt

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Nova Scotia, Canada

How Michaela Coel Turned the ‘Misfit’ Label Inside Out

Dante Alighieri’s Life Was Weird and His Death Was Weirder

Mike O’Malley, Your Fave Guy From ‘GUTS’ And ‘Glee,’ Now Does Wrestling, Too

Joe Biden Is a Kinder, Gentler Destroyer of American Norms

Private Jet Attendants Tell All About Flying the Super-Rich

Texas Abortion Ban Is Also an Attack on Men

Anwar ul Haq Mujahid, Mastermind Behind Bin Laden’s Escape, Is Back in Afghanistan With His Own Taliban Army

SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Mission Just Upended Space History

‘I Was Set Up’: Alex Murdaugh’s Alleged Shooter Says He’s Just the Fall Guy in Suicide Plot

‘Justice for J6’ Capitol Riot Supporter Compares Insurrectionists to Jews Under Nazi Rule

Cops Search Carlton Reserve for Brian Laundrie, Person of Interest in Gabby Petito Disappearance

Ousted Essence Magazine Boss Richelieu Dennis Has Bought Up BeautyCon and Influencers Are Torn

Vanicream Gentle Face Cleanser Review

The Island with an Ancient History that Explains the World

Guastavino, The Master Who Transformed America's Most Iconic Spaces

‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ Is, Finally, a Good Movie Musical!

Mike Brown, Astronomer Pushing a Ninth Planet, Is the Guy Who Helped Demote Pluto

Rep. Anthony Gonzales Shows GOP Is Sacrificing Its Stars on the Altar of Trump

Lil Nas X Gives Birth to ‘Montero,’ a Deeply Personal Debut Album

Clarence Thomas and His Friends Are Coming for Your Uterus

Is Free Amanda Bynes the New #FreeBritney?

Elizabeth Adams Was Hollywood’s Favorite Madam Before Heidi Fleiss

How Science Finally Cracked the Case of Farrah Carter’s Brutal Murder

Parler Gets Unexpected Help From Salesforce in Latest Comeback Bid

South Dakota Indulges in Troubled Billionaire T. Denny Sanford’s Golf Extravaganza

Real Estate Tycoon Robert Durst Guilty of Murdering His Best Friend Susan Berman

New Brexit Drama Has France Craving British Food and Fashion (Yes, Really)

Inside the Feds’ Surprise Rejection of COVID Booster Shot

Get Ready for Fall With These Coupon Deals

Vladimir Putin’s New Dirty Trick to Win Elections Has Candidates Battling Their Doppelgängers

Kabul Drone Strike Was ‘Tragic Mistake’ That Killed 10 Innocents, U.S. General Frank McKenzie Says

Gregg Prentice, Anti-Mask Florida Election Official, Dies of COVID and Takes GOP Software Secrets With Him

Brian Laundrie, Person of Interest in Disappearance of Gabby Petito, Is Missing

Best New Launches from Parachute, Brightland, Burrow, and More

Officer Who Killed Arkansas Teen Hunter Brittain Charged With Manslaughter

Conan O’Brien Reveals NBC Tried to Ban Norm Macdonald From His Late-Night Show After SNL Firing

Laura Loomer, Who Once Said ‘Bad Fajitas’ Were Worse Than COVID, Says She’s Tested Positive

‘The Morning Show’ Season 2 Is Absolutely Bonkers

This Police Department Is So Bad, a Cop Reported It to Black Lives Matter

Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central Back New Charlamagne Tha God Talk Show Despite Troubling Allegations

New Arizona ‘Voter Fraud’ Report Turbocharges the Crazy

Will Prince Andrew Pay His Way Out of His Epstein Mess?

Top Russian Diplomat Sergey Lavrov’s Secret Life With Millionaire Mistress Exposed

Clint Eastwood Takes on Toxic Masculinity—and Himself—in ‘Cry Macho’

Should Generals Like Milley Break the Rules to Stop a Rogue President Like Trump?

Britney Spears Went Offline. It May Just Work for You, Too.

Could There Be a Non-Vaccine COVID Cure?

Lawmakers Look to Crack Down on ‘Hack for Hire’ Business Project Raven United Arab Emirates

Best Long Sleeve Shirts for Layering

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Spews Racist Great Replacement Theory on Fox News

GOP Rep. Anthony Gonzalez Says He’s Not Running for Re-Election in 2022 Because of Donald Trump

Mysterious Mansion Tied to Google’s Larry Page Combusts in Three-Alarm Fire

Revealed: Time’s Up Staffers Warned of Big Problems in Memo Long Before Implosion

Three Arrested in Death of 8-Year-Old PJ Evans Killed by Stray Bullet While Playing Video Games at Home

South Carolina Judge Sets Alex Murdaugh Bond at $20,000

Mike Lindell Is Desperately Trying to Get Back Onto Fox News Airwaves

Hunter Pepper, Unvaxxed Teen Councilman Who Attacked Mask Mandates, Now Battling ‘Terrible’ COVID Pneumonia

Facebook Boots Anti-Vaccine Group Under New ‘Social Harm’ Rules

Misen Fall Sale on Kitchen Tools

Video Shows Tense Aftermath of Van-Life Couple Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito's Fight Before She Disappeared

Unhinged Newsmax Host Grant Stinchfield Angrily Cuts Off Veteran for Mildly Criticizing Trump

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Ultra-Luxurious Hawaii Vacation Is a Total Legal Sh*tstorm

Disgraced South Carolina Legal Titan Alex Murdaugh Toppled in Assisted-Suicide Fiasco

Another Young Child, Lillie Burko, Orphaned by COVID as More States Begin to Ration Care

Samantha Guillerme Allegedly Caught on Tape Confessing to Plot that Left Jarrad Lovison Dead

Spotlight on Minneapolis: How the Real Estate Industry is Working to Address the Black-White Homeownership Gap

Post-Pandemic Interventions to Address the Racial Homeownership Gap

How Advocates are Tackling Housing Supply to Help Close the Homeownership Gap

Piers Morgan Joins Fox News Six Months After Storming Off British TV Over Meghan Markle

The Mike Huckabee Children’s Books Masquerading as Education

RHOSLC’s Mary Cosby Is Accused of Running a Religious Cult by Former Congregation Members

Former Fox Exec Peter Rice Is Supposed to Clean Up ABC News, but Angry Staffers Say He’s Failing

Lori Anderson Endured Unspeakable Tragedy. Then Her Grandson Got COVID.

Kenny G Has Always Been In On the Joke. Now He’s Ready for the Praise.

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Democrats Love Their $3.5 Trillion Bill—Whatever You Want to Call It

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This Is Why the Taliban Keeps F*cking Up Afghanistan’s Internet

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Spike in GOP Small-Dollar Donations Draws Federal Scrutiny

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Stephen Colbert Tears Into Tucker Carlson for Defending Nicki Minaj

Newsmax Host Grant Stinchfield Vehemently Argues That Dr. Anthony Fauci Isn’t Sexy

Twitter Denies Suspending Nicki Minaj Over COVID Vaccine Tweets, White House Denies Inviting Her for a Visit

Alex Murdaugh Will Surrender After Confessing to Insane Suicide and Insurance Plot

South Carolina Authorities Open Investigation Into Alex Murdaugh Housekeeper Gloria Satterfield Death

Aurora Police Department, Cops Behind Elijah McClain’s Death, Is Wildly Racist, State AG Finds

Charlie's Soap Is the Answer to Every Stain Imaginable

Elizabeth Holmes Wrote Bad Love Poetry as Theranos Tanked

Nicki Minaj’s Swollen Testicles Claim Dismissed by Trinidad and Tobago Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh

Biden Says He Has ‘Great Confidence’ in Gen. Milley Following Bombshell Allegations

Broadway’s Most Devoted Fans Rejoice at Its Big Reopening Night

Van-Life Couple Got Into Physical Fight Days Before 22-Year-Old Gabrielle Petito Vanished, Police Docs Reveal

The Holocaust ‘Survivor’ Who Boxed to Stay Alive

Korea’s Risky Missile-Measuring Contest Shows Lack of Faith in the U.S.

Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney Give Fiery Testimony at Hearing on FBI’s Larry Nassar Failures

Inside ‘The Activist’ Meltdowns as the Entire Shitshow Spiraled Out of Control

Prince Harry’s Birthday Met With Totally Normal Effusive Good Wishes by Royals He Has Spent All Year Slamming

Four Friends Spent Saturday Night in a Bar. Hours Later They Were Found Murdered in a Cornfield 65 Miles Away.

Elixinol’s Natural CBD Promotes Relaxation and Supports Optimal Sleep

For Fuck’s Sake, Tune Out Doctor Minaj and Professor Hanks

Cops in Minnesota Still Don’t Want to Explain Why They Kill People

The Gruesome Horror Flick ‘Malignant’ Is James Wan’s Best Work in Years

Why Texas’ Abortion Snitches Will Target Black Women Most

Democrats Lost Statehouses. Then They Lost the Abortion War.

Ex-Infowars Star Sells Mysterious Gadget Dubbed the ‘Cucks,’ er, the Qux

California Takes Privileged Gavin Newsom Over Extremist Larry Elder in Recall Defeat

Gavin Newsom Survives California Recall Vote After Larry Elder Made Like Trump and Cried ‘Fraud’ Beforehand

Tucker Urges Nicki Minaj’s Cousin’s Friend to Call Him for Interview About Swollen Testicles

How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety According to Therapists

BET’s ‘Karen’ Thriller Is a Foolish, Predictable, Unexpectedly Good Time

Seth Meyers Remembers ‘Weekend Update’ GOAT Norm Macdonald

Curtis Smith Charged With Assisted Suicide in Alex Murdaugh Shooting in South Carolina

Brian Laundrie, Boyfriend of 22-Year-Old Gabrielle Petito, Who Vanished on Couple’s Road Trip, Breaks Silence

‘The Rescue’ Tells the Inside Story of Thailand’s Daring Cave Rescue

Trump Calls Allies to Demand Gen. Mark Milley Be ‘Arrested’ for ‘Treason’

It Took a Near Coup From the Military to Stop Trump’s Coup

Judge Takes Field Trip to Decide Bill Gross and Mark Towfiq Noise Feud

Alanis Morissette Is Speaking Out Against New HBO Doc ‘Jagged’: “This Was Not the Story I Agreed to Tell.”

Fox Corp. Boasts of Employee Vaccine Program Like the Ones Its Hosts Claim to Hate

Protesters Swarm University of Kansas’ Phi Kappa Psi Frat House After Alleged Rape

Norm Macdonald, Comedian and ‘SNL’ Alum, Dies at 61 After Long, Private Battle With Cancer

Top General Mark Milley Hatched Secret Plan in Case Donald Trump Went ‘Rogue’ With Nukes, Woodward Book Says

National University Students Push to Return Scandal-Plagued Billionaire’s Cash

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Has One Very Big Problem

Palace: Yes, the Queen Really Did Send Congrats Note to Kim Jong Un

The Courageous Men Who Smuggle Palestinians into Israel

Hai Shoulian, Israel’s Top COVID Truther, Claimed COVID That Killed Him Was ‘Poison’ Attack

Facebook Is Raking It in With Anti-Abortion Ads From Live Action

Trumpy Madison Cawthorn Tries to Tweet Past His GOP Challengers

Vladimir Putin Enters Self-Isolation After COVID Cracks His Self-Preservation ‘Bunker’

Joe Manchin Is America’s Last Hope Against Dems Gone Wild

Joe Biden Mandate Sparks Price-Gouging for Fake Vax Cards

Is ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Really That Much of a Disaster?

Why Is a COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Taking So Long?

How Painted Dogs Became Safari’s Hottest Sighting

Will Kellyanne Conway Have a Come to Jesus Moment?

Josh Johnson Made Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah Funnier. Now It’s His Turn.

Return to Sender The Saga of the U.S. Post Office & Booze

The Met Can’t Quite Define ‘American Fashion.’ Whatever It Is, It Looks Good.

Fall Transitional Pants from Mountain Hardware Review

The Met Gala Showed Fashion Survived the Pandemic, Insanity Intact

Seth Meyers Brutally Mocks Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Drunk’ 9/11 Speech

Nicki Minaj Defends COVID-19 Vaccine Tweets Amid Swollen Testicles Drama, Gets Tucker Carlson Support

Cops Turn Up Heat on Alex Murdaugh in Wild South Carolina Shooting Saga

B.J. Novak’s A-List Anthology Series ‘The Premise’ Tackles Celebrity Worship and Butt Plugs

R. Kelly Accuser Says She Saw Him Sexually Assault Aaliyah, Too

Muhammad Ali Was a Fighter In and Out of the Ring

Tucker Carlson Admits ‘I Lie if I’m Really Cornered or Something’

How Prince William and Kate Middleton Celebrated Her Brother’s Super Secret Wedding Day

Paris Hilton Stars at the Blonds’ Cabaret to Close Out New York Fashion Week

‘Van-Life’ Couple Gabrielle Petito and Brian Laundrie Went on Cross-Country Trip Out West. Only He Came Back.

Andrew Neil Ditches British Fox News Wannabe GB News Just Three Months After Launch

Howard Stern Mocks Joe Rogan for Taking ‘Horse Dewormer’ Ivermectin After Getting COVID-19

Fugitive Chinese Billionaire Allied with Steve Bannon Agrees to Pay $539 Million Fine

Forget About Biden’s ‘Cruel Summer’—He’s Doing Big Things

Fallon Harris Allegedly Shot 12-Year-Old Son Kaden Ingram Dead Over Missing Memory Card

Eitan Biran, Miracle Survivor of Italian Cable Car Crash, ‘Kidnapped’ by ex-IDF Grandpa and Taken to Israel

There’s Nothing but Love for Tennis Player Clues

Donald Trump Politicizes Soldier Deaths. Gold Star Families Call It ‘Disgusting.’

Steve Bannon Hopes Homeschooling Moms Will Be His New Shock Troops

‘Fuck People’s Comfort’: Pro Soccer Star Kaiya McCullough Wants to Change the World

20 Years After 9/11, Victim Families May Finally Get a Trial

How the World’s Far-Right Bitcoin Fanatics Could Royally Screw You

Banff Is Normally Crazy Crowded. Now Is the Time to Go.

Capturing Venezuela’s Descent Into Socialist Hell

Ex-NFL Player Ryan O’Callaghan Is Pushing for LGBTQ Acceptance in America’s Toughest Sport

For Working Women, the WFH Choice Is Often No Choice at All

Government Docs Show There Was Never a Plan in Afghanistan

10 Dishes With Chef Mona Leena of Berkeley, California, restaurant Lulu

Snow Cone Maker Review

Meet Lauren Windsor, the Democrats’ Answer to Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe

Explosive ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ Premiere Teases Jen Shah Drama. ‘Who Tipped Off the Feds?’

How Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish Rocked the VMAs Red Carpet

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Netflix White-Knighting in ‘The Guilty’ Comes Up Empty

Kate Quigley Speaks After Fentanyl Overdose That Killed Fuquan Johnson, Enrico Colangeli, Natalie Williamson

Rose McGowan Slams Gavin Newsom, Wife, Democrats at Larry Elder Campaign Event in California

Telfar the Fashion Label Just Became a TV Channel, Too

Jessica Chastain’s Tammy Faye Will Make You Cry With Joy

‘The Humans’ Is the Surprise Best Horror Film of the Year

Chris Wallace Grills GOP Gov. Pete Ricketts on Oppostion to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Atlantis, Which No Serious Historian Thinks Existed, Is Making People Insane on Twitter

Pranksters Dupe Newsmax Into Interviewing Fake Paul Wolfowitz. Twice.

The Venice Film Festival’s Intoxicating Mix of Red-Carpet Glamour and Oscar Hopefuls

Royal Source Says Prince Andrew Is ‘Hiding’ Behind the Queen

The Terror and Agony of Being a Mexican Hitman’s Son

You Don’t Know Everything About Muhammad Ali Just Yet

LuLaRoe’s Alleged ‘Pyramid Scheme’ Was More Sinister and Outrageous Than We Thought

When Basketball Great Oscar Robertson Stood Up to the NBA to Protect His Fellow Players

OMG, I Want That House: Scottsdale, AZ

Joe Biden Makes Like Ron DeSantis and Tries to Bully the Locals

‘American Rust’: Please Save Jeff Daniels from This Rust Belt Nightmare

The Wacky Story of Democratic Senator Mark Kelly’s Plane

When MLB Star Carlos Delgado Fought Post-9/11 Jingoism

Afghanistan’s Shitposting Taliban Stan Malang Khostay Finds Right-Wing Fame

New York Fashion Week Marked 9/11’s 20th Anniversary. It May Have Been Its Best Event.

This Son of an FDNY Legend Hunted His Dad’s 9/11 Killers Through Five Combat Tours

Richard Trask, FBI Agent in Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Case, Fired Months After Assault Allegations

El Paso Lawyer Georgette Kaufmann Killed by Joseph Angel Alvarez in ‘Satanic Abortion’ Ambush, Cops Allege

Vaccine Card Holders from Etsy, Amazon, Dagne Dover, and More

Veronica Wiederhold Is the Name of the Junkyard Jane Doe. Who Killed Her?

How 9/11 Musical ‘Come From Away’ Became a Heartwarming Surprise

Since 9/11, Wall Street Has Put Money Over Marines and Profits Over Patriotism

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain Fooled Us All With Hollywood’s Oldest Trick in the Book

Even the ‘Loose Change’ 9-11 Truthers Think MAGA Conspiracies Are Nuts

What Did We Do to Deserve a Celebrity ‘Activist’ Competition Show?

How the Texas Abortion Law Could Sink a Republican in Virginia

The World Trade Center Was Hated Even Before It Was Built

The Vindication of Truman Capote

These 9/11 Families Have Grieved Without Their Loved Ones’ Remains

Exposing LuLaRoe, the #GirlBoss-Feminism Company That Scammed Thousands of White Women

4-Year-Old Texas Preschooler Kali Cook Dies of COVID Within Hours of First Symptoms

Texas Teachers Asked to Snitch on Colleagues Promoting ‘Radical Politics and Weird Theories’

9/11 Claimed the Lives of Patrick and Mike Brown 19 Years Apart

Sergio Hudson Serves Glamor, From Michelle Obama to New York Fashion Week

New York's Firefighters Know Life Is Fleeting, but Family Endures

Vaxxed but Vulnerable NYC Teachers Say They Face ‘Outrageous’ Choice: Get Back to Class or Give Up Job

Prince Andrew Was Already Served Papers in Epstein Case and Just Won’t Accept It, Victim Says

Maryland Judge Jonathan Newell Kills Himself Moments Before Arrest for Child Sex Abuse

Jake Tapper Slams Biden for ‘Scolding’ Unvaccinated Americans

Gannon Stauch Was Shot in Jaw, Stabbed 18 Times, Colorado Detective Testifies

Photographer David Handschuh Hunts for His 9/11 ‘Guardian Angel’

D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton Denies Letting Zebras on the Loose

Mother of John Pacheaco Jr. Makes New Push for Justice in Fatal Denver Police Shooting

Ben Affleck Opens Up About Feminism and Consent in Venice

Firing H.R. McMaster Makes Biden Look as Petty as Trump

Best Dressy Masks for Work, Cocktail Hour, and More

Inside the Bromance Between Jair Bolsonaro, the ‘Trump of the Tropics,’ and the Original

How Cobie Smulders Transformed Into Evil Ann Coulter in ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’

How Tom Cruise and Scientology Exploited 9/11—With Help From Trump

Prince Andrew’s Royal Arrogance Is Unmatched. Except by Prince Charles.

The Heavy Burden of Being Dr. Anthony Fauci

The Brutal Belarus Regime Jailed Him. Now He’s Dictator Alexander Lukashenko’s ‘Rat’

How Oprah Helped Joe Biden Speak to the Nation After 9/11

‘Y: The Last Man’ Is a New Blockbuster TV Series Challenging Gender Identity

Here’s Why Joe Manchin Is Always Dumping on Other Democrats

‘Secure’ Email Provider ProtonMail Handed Over User Data to Europol

Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About ‘Blue’s Clues’ Host Steve?

New York’s First Crime Boss an Excerpt from Mark Lawrence Schrad’s New Book ‘Smashing the Liquor Machine’

Seth Meyers Rips Trump Military Board Appointees for Trying to Stick Around

Biden’s Bold COVID Plan Is the Prescription America Needs

The DoJ Plays Whac-a-Mole to Try to Save Roe v. Wade From Texas Abortion Law

Hip-Hop Legend Afrika Bambaataa Sex Trafficked 12-Year-Old Boy, Lawsuit Alleges

Los Angeles Becomes First Major School District to Mandate Students Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Albuquerque Police Department Pissed After Anti-Abortion Group Plasters Officer Ryan Holets on Billboard

Joe Biden Mandates That All Federal Employees Get Vaccinated Against COVID

Biden’s Justice Department Sues Texas Over SB8 Abortion Ban

The Real Reason the North Korea Parade Was Weird as Fuck

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Star Michael Constantine Captured the Dignity of Immigrant Fathers

Fall Event Coupons

Sheriff's Incident Report on Alex Murdaugh Shooting Raises More Questions

Inside Bodybuilder Patrick Graber’s Bungled $3 Million Plot to Kill Kobe Bryant Rape Accuser

R. Kelly Accuser Says She Kept Quiet About Abuse After Threat From His Pals

Forget the Runway. New York Fashion Week Heads to the River

Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ Will Become a Reality, Despite Pushback

Black Woman Recalls Terrifying Moment Cop Grabbed Her While Walking Dog

James Loganbill, Ex-Teacher at Meadow Lane Elementary School in Olathe, Guilty of Stalking 10-Year-Old Student

Billionaire T. Denny Sanford Gifts $350M Amid Alleged Child Porn Inquiry

Washington Post Tokyo Chief Simon Denyer Exits Paper After Allegations Surfaced in Bombshell Lawsuit

Eight Pregnant Women Die of COVID in Mississippi as Child Deaths Double

Taliban Graciously Allows Hundreds of Americans, Female Athletes to Flee Kabul

Scotland Ditches COVID Ad Star Jane Godley After The Daily Beast Uncovers Shocking Racist Tweets

Volunteer Crossing Guard Ashley Dias Dies After Shoving Kids to Safety From Oncoming Car

Amazon, Google, Facebook Helped Fund the Far-Right Groups That Pushed for Texas Abortion Ban

You Don’t Know John Mulaney

Greg Abbott Takes the Lead in the GOP’s Race to the Bottom

When Your Favorite Songs Were Banned in the Wake of 9/11

Joe Biden Ended the War, but Guantanamo Bay Is Still Open

9/11 Families Hope the Truth About the Saudis Is Finally Here

Why Does The New York Times Hate Porn So Much?

The War on Terror Turned Out to Be a War on Ourselves

Christian Dior Created Beautiful Fashion. He Also Knew How to Sell It.

Redwood Is the Gemlike Library That Put America on the Architectural Map

You’ll Crave These Buttery and Delicious Cheese Dumplings From Cookbook Author Olia Hercules

Headache Cure Headache Hat Review 2023

Stephen Colbert Defends Robert E. Lee’s Horse After Confederate Statue’s Removal

Fox News Pundit Gregg Jarrett ‘Argues’ That Kamala Harris Could Be Responsible for Murder

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes’ Lawyer Says She’s Just a Victim of Bad Men on First Day of Trial

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Named a Law After Rape Survivor Lavinia Masters. She’s Furious at His Abortion Ban.

Charter School Ditches Mask Mandate After Advice From Dr. Ryan Cole, Who Called Vaccines ‘Needle Rape’

Fed-Up Ramsay County Prosecutor John Choi Is Done With Minor Traffic Stops After Philando Castile Death

All Hell Breaks Loose in Israel’s Prisons After Mass Jailbreak

Jan 6 Lawyer John Pierce Resurfaces Weeks After Mystery Disappearance

Mark Jones, Georgia DA Already Charged for Parking Lot Donuts, Now Accused of Trying to Frame Man for Murder

Ron DeSantis, Anti-Mask Merch Salesman, Wonders How Masks Became Political

Katie Holmes Stars in the Return of New York Fashion Week

NXIVM Co-Founder Nancy Salzman Gets 3.5 Years in Prison

John Mulaney Reveals Olivia Munn Is Pregnant, Thanks Seth Meyers for ‘Saving’ His Life

Legal Woes Mount for Alex Murdaugh, Powerful South Carolina Lawyer Shot in the Head

Prince Andrew Flees to Mummy’s Scottish Castle (Again) to Dodge Being Served by Jeffrey Epstein Accuser

Robert E. Lee Finally Pulled Off His Pedestal in Richmond After 131 Years

Inside Tennessee 6-Year-Old Hattie Shell’s Desperate Battle With Post-COVID MIS-C

Caitlyn Jenner’s Live-In Manager Cashes In On Her California Gubernatorial Bid

GOP Election Truthers Tap a Failed Politician and Conspiracy Theorist for Sham Audit

Republicans Who Bring Muscle to the School Board Meeting Aren’t Masculine. They Are Toxic

These ‘Mad Max’ Mega-Heists Are the Future of Brazil’s Bank Robberies

A 9/11 Love Letter to New York, the City That Stood

How the War on Terror Killed Nearly 1 Million People and Somehow Made QAnon Even Dumber

How Fox News Boss Roger Ailes Turned Post-9/11 Islamophobia Into Murdoch Profits

This Olivia Newton-John Movie Is at War With a Small College Town

Theranos Trial Could See Rupert Murdoch, Mad Dog Mattis Slam Elizabeth Holmes on the Stand

Sarah Paulson’s Portrayal of Linda Tripp in ‘Impeachment’ Is a Mess. Here’s Why.

COVID Restrictions Are Making New York Fashion Week Very Exclusive

These Expert Recommended Hiking Boots Are Trail Tested 2022

Jimmy Kimmel Returns Only to Find Americans Taking Horse Dewormer

Fox News Host Rachel Campos-Duffy Likens Vaccine Mandates to ‘Apartheid’

Inside the Massive Pro-Jair Bolsonaro Rallies Shaking Brazil to Its Core

Fire Chief Randy Burnham’s ‘Shocking’ COVID Death Devastates Florida Community

Men Charged for Ambushing Mesquite Elementary School Principal With Zip Ties Over COVID Rules

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Insane Answer to Abortion Ban Is to ‘Eliminate’ Rapists

Fox Host Tomi Lahren Claims ‘Only Thing’ That Will Save Gavin Newsom Is ‘Voter Fraud’

Best Under $25 Products

Caitlyn Jenner Says She’s Pro-Choice but Also Supports Texas Abortion Ban

50 Cent Had the Absolute Worst Tribute to ‘The Wire’ Actor Michael K. Williams

Michael K. Williams Brought Fire Like We’d Never Seen Before

Brandy Melville Accused of Only Hiring Thin White Girls, Underage Staff Stripping Down for Perks in Exposé

Jair Bolsonaro Goes Full Trump Ahead of Brazil’s ‘January 6’-Inspired Rally

Howard University Cancels Classes Following Ransomware Attack

Italy Warns U.K.: America Is Feeding You Counterfeit Pasta

Norman Baker Reports Prince Charles to Police Over Alleged Cash for Honors Scheme

Donors Revolt Over So-Called Sex-Abuse ‘Scapegoating’ at Elite Thacher School in California

The Carlyle, an ‘Art Deco Dream Come to Life’

Elizabeth Holmes Trial Dredges Up Toxic Memories for Theranos Workers

GOP’s Promised Jan. 6 Probe Has One Problem: No One Wants It

Why Biden Should Send ‘Abortion Trucks’ to Texas

Was the ‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh as Bad as We Were Led to Believe?

How the 9/11 Museum Recapitulates the Trauma of 9/11

Eerie Similarities In the Cases Against R. Kelly and NXIVM ‘Sex Cult’ Boss Keith Raniere

This Could Be Israel’s Level-Up in the Fight Against COVID

Working on the 9/11 Boatlift Taught Me to Redefine ‘Heroes’

This Very Weird ‘Accidental’ Star Could Help Reveal the Secrets of the Cosmos

It’s All in the Family With Gia Coppola’s Sangria

The Latest COVID Surge Is Just the Start of a New Nightmare

Bryan Riley Ex-Marine ‘Survivalist’ Allegedly Said He Killed 3-Month-Old Tampa Baby Because ‘I’m a Sick Guy’

‘The Wire’ Star Michael K. Williams Found Dead in His Brooklyn Apartment

Alex Murdaugh, South Carolina Lawyer Shot Months After Family Murders, Says He’s Going to Rehab

This Blue Heron is the Most Badass New Yorker

New Documents Show Internal Discord During Georgia Recount Fiasco

How the Children Who Lost a Parent on 9/11 Grieved, and Grew Up

Why Vladimir Putin’s Desperate Push for More Russian Babies Will Fail

Netflix Strokes Elon Musk’s Otherworldly Ego With ‘Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space’

How to Stop the GOP’s Race to the Crazy, Contagious Coronavirus Bottom

Forget the East and West Coasts—Fall in Love With This Lakeside Paradise

How Post-9/11 America Set Off the World’s Horrific Drone Wars

Rosanna Arquette on ‘Getting Women in Power’ and Causing Sexy Trouble in ‘The L Word’

COVID Isn’t the Only Reason Travel Will Never Be the Same

Texas Anti-Abortion Groups See ‘Ultimate Goal’ Approaching

The Origins of Blaming Women for Household ‘Crimes’

The Afghanistan Meltdown Proves Vietnam Taught Us Nothing

Three Letter Names Get Their Time in the Spotlight

To Save Roe v. Wade We Need to Kill the Filibuster, Says Amy Klobuchar

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reportedly Offer to Visit the Queen. Will She Accept?

Adidas Labor Day Sale 2021

Searching for a Glimmer of Hope in the Ashes of Egypt’s Arab Spring

How America Made Osama Bin Laden’s Dream Com True

‘Warrior’ Ten Years Later — an MMA Slugfest and One of the Greatest Sports Movies Ever

He Gave the Ponzi Scheme Its Name, and Swindled Boston Out of Millions

Was Hot Vax Summer All It Was Cracked Up to Be?

FDNY’s Jay Jonas Miraculously Survived 9/11. Now His Kids Confront COVID.

Basquiat’s Close Friends and Collaborators Speak Out Against Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Tiffany’s Ad

Georgia District Attorney Investigates Donald Trump’s Call to ‘Find’ Votes

OMG, I Want To Rent This House: La Poderina, Siena

The Story Behind Gov. Kristi Noem’s Weird Mount Rushmore Gift to Donald Trump

Anti-Abortion Whistleblowing Site Gets New Home With Provider Known for Hosting Extremists

Anti-Mask Protests and Proud Boys Shut Down Three Schools in Vancouver

Alex Murdaugh, South Carolina Lawyer, Shot on Backroad Three Months After Wife Maggie and Son Paul Killed

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Used Prison Labor to Build a $9,000 Desk—Then Got a Discount

‘Dune’ Is an Absolute Marvel — and the Best Sci-Fi Film in Years

Food52 Labor Day Birthday Sale

Labor Day Sale from Etsy 2021

Forever Wars Won’t End if the Surveillance State’s Still Here

The Venice Film Festival Red Carpet Is Ridiculously, Fabulously Glamorous

Billionaires Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta Are in Hot Seat Over Union-Busting Claims

Abortion Rights Groups Won the Money Game and Lost the War

It’s Time to Put the Right-Wing Zombie Death Cult on Trial

‘Come From Away’ Made Their Town Famous. Their 9/11 Memories Never Went Away.

Former Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano’s YouTube Channel Is the Internet’s Juiciest Gossip Mill

The Horrific Unsolved Slaying of Mom Sherri Smith in Alabama

The Texas Law is a Disaster for Conservatives Who Oppose Abortion

Drake Shoots Blanks on ‘Certified Lover Boy’

Texas Judge Sides With Planned Parenthood in Fight Against Six-Week Ban

High Schooler Ethan Goin Randomly Stabbed Man to Death in His Home, Then Returned to Class, Police Say

Is Democracy Dying Because Americans Are Narcissists?

Arizona Dad Rishi Rambaran Arrested After Angry Trio Threatens to Zip-Tie Principal Over COVID Rules

Best New Launches from Rothy's, Allbirds, Teva, and More

Daycare Worker Amanda Walder Charged With Murder After Assaulting Baby Who Wouldn’t Nap, Cops Say

Crews Search for Nidhi and Ayusha Rana After New Jersey’s Passaic River Flooded

The QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley Just Pleaded Guilty in the Capitol Riots, and Now He Wants to Rebrand

Inside Kristen Stewart’s Oscar-Worthy Turn as Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’

‘Dune’ Director Denis Villeneuve’s Climate Change Warning: ‘Future Generations Will Judge Us’

It’s Time to Turn Your Last Batch of Cucumbers into Pickles

Kristen Stewart on Her Princess Diana: ‘A Sparkly House on Fire’

CBD Labor Day Sale from Lord Jones 2021

The Georgia Witch Hunt Against the Department of Justice and Voting Rights Groups

How Dare ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Be This Profound

George Conway Feels Bad for What Happened to Monica Lewinsky

Biden Gave Republicans an Opening but People Like Madison Cawthorn Got Even Crazier

The Scariest Part of Texas’ Abortion Ban? The Eerie Silence

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Brace for a Fresh Tabloid Onslaught After Piers Morgan’s Victory

New York Fashion Week Is Back, Even if It’s Having an Identity Crisis

Pakistan’s Big ‘F*ck Off’ to America Is Great News for Terrorists

Nuking Filibuster Only Way to Save Abortion Rights, Democrats Say

Chinese ‘Dissident’ Guo Wengui’s Network Claims to Hire MAGA Mercenary Erik Prince

New Zealand Cops Kill ISIS Supporter Who Stabbed Six in Grocery Store

Comedy Cellar Holds Guests Hostage as It Floods Due to Ida During Surprise Al Franken Stand-Up Set

Tucker Carlson Advocates for the Unvaccinated to Get Fake COVID Vaccine Cards, Calls It ‘Act of Desperation’

Corporate America’s Response to Texas Abortion Law? Silence.

Ex-DA in Ahmaud Arbery Case Indicted for ‘Showing Favor’ to His Accused Killer: Georgia Attorney General

This Is Where the New ‘Mu’ COVID Variant Started—and Raged

Capitol Rioters Turn on Lawyer John Pierce After He Goes AWOL

QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley Cuts a Deal for Capitol Riots

Oscar Isaac’s ‘The Card Counter’ Asks Whether an Abu Ghraib Torturer Is Worthy of a Second Chance

Fox News Ditches NYC Briefing to Protect Viewers From Hearing About ‘Quote-Unquote Climate Change’

Made In Labor Day Sale Exclusive on Blue Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

Accused Rioter and QAnon Fanatic Douglas Jensen Sent Back to Jail for Violating Bail by Streaming MyPillow Guy

COVID Testing Clinic Spurns Anti-Vaxxer Candace Owens: You Made Pandemic ‘Worse’

The Canned Cocktails Craze Are They Here to Stay? The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on the State Department’s Afghanistan Evacuation

How Roe v. Wade Stopped Being the Law of the Land in Texas

The CIA Spy Who Reinvented the Travel Guide

Leaked Audio Confession Blows Lid Off Mystery of Jovenel Moïse’s Assassination

Inside a Miami, Florida Hospital Full of Dying, Unvaccinated Thirtysomethings Dying of COVID-19

Marilyn Manson Accusers Slam Kanye West Over ‘Donda’ Feature

Shattering the Hollywood Myths of the Tulsa Race Massacre

U.S. Government Federal Trade Commission Shuts Down Stalker Software Company SpyFone

Republicans Are Cashing In On Biden’s Afghanistan Woes

Tucker Carlson Mocks Lindsey Graham’s ‘Fundraising’ Fox Interviews, Says ‘It’s Political Televangelism’

Apocalyptic Storms Leave Trail of Death From NYC to Philadelphia, With Unprecedented Flash Flooding From Ida

Hewad Wardak Rescued From the Taliban, Then Plunged Into Immigration Hell, Family Has ‘No Idea Where He Is’

White Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston Picks White Guy Pat Dunn to Represent African Nova Scotians

Pennsylvania School District Melts Down Over Mask Battle

Inside R. Kelly’s Secret Marriage to 15-Year-Old Aaliyah as Revealed at Trial

Joe Biden Abandoned Texas Women to the Republican Agenda

Abortion Providers Scramble to Fight Radical Abortion Ban in Texas

MSNBC Host Geoff Bennett Chokes Up While Reading Elijah McClain’s Last Words

Fox News Anti-Cancel Culture Warriors Applaud Diner Owner for Banning Biden Supporters

Student William Miller Jr. Killed in Mount Tabor High School Shooting

Grand Jury Indicts Three Aurora Cops, Two Paramedics in Elijah McClain Death Founders Michael Lacey and James Larkin Go on Trial Over Sex Worker Ads

Piers Morgan Demands His Old Job Back as Meghan Markle’s Complaint, and 57,792 Others, Are Thrown Out

A Portable Campfire for Camping, Beach, or Just Fun at Home

House Republicans Privately Beg Trump to Help Them Impeach Biden

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Season 3 Proves It’s TV’s Best Half-Hour Comedy

Family Cancels COVID Victim’s Funeral at Anti-Vaccine Father Michael Panicali’s Church

Conservative Radio Hosts Are Being Killed by Their Own Anti-Vaccine Propaganda

Fox News Fails to Disclose That Its Go-To Afghanistan Expert Jack Keane Profits From War

How Kari Faux Is Changing the Rap Game

Rome Walking Tour? Try Seeing the City Through Its Obelisks

Why Losing a War Won’t Mean Losing an Election for Biden

New Footage Shows North Carolina Democratic Senate Candidate Cheri Beasley Lauding Filibuster

My Five Favorite Meals with Chef Jordan Trent Harris