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Articles February 2020

Person in Washington State Is First in U.S. to Die From Coronavirus

Jackie Speier’s Question to DOJ on Whether Epstein Was FBI Informant Raises Eyebrows in House Intel Committee

What’s the Difference Between Memory Foam and Down Pillows? Find Out Which Pillow Works for You

Vladislav Surkov, the ‘Puppet Master’ of Putin’s Kremlin, Is Out but His Sinister Policies are Still In.

The Next Big Thing in Scotch Whisky Could Be Homegrown

How Whitmer Thomas Used Comedy to Survive After His Mom ‘Partied to Death’

We Need to Talk About Hillary Clinton’s Disturbing Harvey Weinstein Ties

Tony Smith Designed a Stunning Sculpture. It Ended Up at the Scrapyard.

Calgary Central Library is One of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

The Afghanistan Taliban Peace Deal Might Have Been Had Many Years and Thousands of Lives Ago

How Bernie Went From Surviving to Thriving In South Carolina

At CPAC, They Hate Socialism but Love Bernie Sanders

John ‘Sonny’ Franzese, New York’s Last Bigtime Mafia Boss, Gets Sendoff From His ‘Spark Plug’

Italy Shows Just How Crazy Coronavirus Panic Can Get

In Bernie Land, $42 Trillion in Revenue Pays for $97 Trillion in Spending

Cheating Parents Are Robbing the Girl Scouts at Cookie Time

Celebrity Endorsements 2020, All the A-Listers Backing Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Buttigieg and More

There’s an Unexpected Feeling at a Biden Rally: Hope

Amy Klobuchar’s Subtle Pitch to Democratic Presidential Primary Voters Is to Let Her Gender Speak for Itself

Coronavirus Spreads to Oregon School Worker, Washington Teenager, California Senior

Trump Identifies the Real Coronavirus Victim: His Presidency

Trump Nominates John Ratcliffe to Be Director of National Intelligence Again

Coronavirus Epidemic Is Chinese Leader Xi Jinping’s Epic Fail

Custody Battle With Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow’s Niece Airs Claims of Cults, Child-Stealing and Attempted Murder

U.S. Navy Coronavirus Quarantine Could Get Ugly

Free Bacon and $13 Million in Ads Have Made Tom Steyer a Household Name in S.C.

Laura Bassett Accuses MSNBC Host Chris Matthews of Sexually Harassing Her in 2016

Normani Addresses Fellow Fifth Harmony Alum Camilla Cabello’s Old Racist Posts: ‘Devastating’

Weinstein Juror Says Nude Photos of Weinstein Were a Turn-off for Jury

Meghan McCain Compares Herself to Lady Gaga, Says My Husband’s Ex ‘Was Not Happy’ He Dated Me

‘Visible: Out on Television’: The Entire History of Gay TV, As Told By the Gays Themselves

Rep. John Garamendi Threatens to Beat Up Donald Trump Jr. for Claiming Democrats Want Coronavirus Pandemic

Nadler Demands Barr Hands Over Trump Messages Related to Stone Sentencing

The Coronavirus Stock Market Rollercoaster Isn’t Stopping Anytime Soon

My Five Favorite Meals with Chef Daniel Boulud

How a Top GOP Recruit Is Getting His Dark-Money Cash

Jaffna, Sri Lanka, is the Country's Forgotten Gem

Our Best Hope Amid Coronavirus Fears? For Trump to Quarantine Himself.

Mike Bloomberg Is Trump-Loving CPAC’s Favorite Democratic Presidential Candidate

TV Superman and Bootleg Buffy Flop in Creepy CPAC Show Intended to Humiliate Trump Foes

Porn Stars Are All In on President Bernie Sanders

Trump Didn’t Just Botch the Coronavirus Response. He Enabled Its Spread.

‘Love Is Blind’: Jessica Batten on Dumping Mark, Her Connection with Barnett

Please Don’t Make Us Vote for Bernie Sanders, These Carolina Voters Say

Trump Campaign’s New York Times Lawsuit Might Be a Nightmare—for Trump

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Say Farewell to Royal Duties, Quietly

At CPAC, Romney Is Now a Bigger Conservative Villain Than Socialism

Halsey Says She Was Passed Over for Grammy Glory After Slamming President Neil Portnow's Sexism Remarks

‘Daily Show’ Grills Black Voters on South Carolina Field

Tucker Carlson Turns to AOC Creepshot Guy Eddie Scarry for Coronavirus Expertise

James O’Keefe Takes Victory Lap on ABC News Sting, but His Favorite Media Sage Isn’t Celebrating: ‘Good Grief’

F.I.T. Students Reveal Why School’s ‘Racist’ Runway Controversy ‘Just Opened Up a Bigger Wound’

Authorities Identify Gunman, 5 Victims in Molson Coors Shooting

Amid Coronavirus Mayhem, Trump Takes Time to Meet With Actors in ‘Deep State’ Play

Dolores Morgan Enlisted Son Ted Connors to Murder Husband, Daughter for Insurance Money, Prosecutors say

Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow Told Her Husband’s Kids Their Dad Was Dead Via Text Message

Parachute’s New Linen Towels Will Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Coronavirus Testing In the U.S. Is Somehow Looking Worse by the Day

Even Meghan McCain Thinks Mike Pence Will Screw Up Coronavirus Response

Lori Loughlin’s Lawyer: FBI Told College Admissions Scam Artist to Lie

Taylor Swift Takes Aim at Scooter Braun, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kanye West in ‘The Man’ Music Video

This Portable Keyboard Folds Down Smaller Than a Paperback and Will Help You Enjoy Typing on Your Phone

Meghan Markle Believes She and Prince Harry Are Being Picked On

Iran Can’t Hide Its Coronavirus Explosion, But It’s Trying Hard and Putting the World in Danger

Bernie Sanders Could Be the First Jewish Nominee—and Get Fewer Jewish Votes Than Hillary Clinton

10 Rounds with Christopher Longoria Bar Director at Che Fico in San Francisco

‘Love Is Blind’ Star Giannina Milady Gibelli on That Disaster Runaway-Bride Wedding

Coronavirus Could Explode in the U.S. Overnight Like it Did in Italy

Anthony Mackie on ‘Altered Carbon,’ Captain America’s Future, and Why He Doesn’t Take His Kids to the Movies

Coronavirus Drug Trials, Overseen by Dr. Andre Kalil, Start Testing on Diamond Princess Evacuee

We Found Campaign 2020’s Worst Merch, From the Trump Babygro to the ‘Cup O’ Joe’ Biden Mug

Stuck in Wuhan, China’s Coronavirus Capital, Russian Models Instagram Their Stories

The Miir Camp Cup Keeps Coffee Hot or Cold No Matter Where You Are

Michael Bloomberg’s Stop-and-Frisk Word Vomit Is Actually Sad

‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Is Terrified by Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Can South Carolina Legend Jim Clyburn’s Endorsement Rescue Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Campaign?

Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow Drops Fight to Stay in Hawaii, Will Return to Idaho to Face Charges

Reno, Philly Residents Join Shen Yun Coronavirus Panic

Finnegan Elder and Gabriel Natale Accused of Taking an Italian Cop’s Life Fight for Their Lives

Molson Coors Rampage in Milwaukee Leaves Five Dead in ‘Horrific’ Shooting

Here’s How Bernie Sanders Plans to Ruin His Rivals’ Homecomings

Lori Isenburg Charged With Murdering Husband Larry Isenberg, Who Was Found Dead in Lake, Cops Say

MSNBC Benches Contributor Jason Johnson, Who Said Bernie Sanders Staffers Are ‘Island of Misfit Black Girls’

Donald Trump Takes Coronavirus So Seriously He Just Put Mike Pence in Charge of Fighting It

Meet Harikrishnan, the Designer Behind the Internet’s Favorite ‘Ballbottom’ Pants

Alleged Ex-Atomwaffen Division Leader and Other Members Arrested, Charged in FBI Crackdown

Glenn Beck, Steve King Go Conspiracy Crazy Over DHS Official’s Death

‘The View’ Warns Warren About Going After Bloomberg, Tells Her She Must ‘Be Very Careful’

Barstool Sports Goons Follow Founder Dave Portnoy’s Order to ‘Attack’ NASCAR Reporter

Howard Stern Calls Out Staffer’s Racist Remark About BTS, Coronavirus

Fixing the Craft Cocktail Menu

Clearview AI, Facial Recognition Company That Works With Law Enforcement, Says Entire Client List Was Stolen

Prince Harry No More as Mr. Windsor Declares ‘Call Me Harry’

The Working-Class People of Russia Give Putin the Finger in New Documentary

The 8-Year-Old Boy Brutally Tortured and Killed by His Own Mother Because She Thought He Was Gay

Inside the Living Hell of London in The Plague Year

Bats Are Being Blamed for Coronavirus. Bat Lovers Are Freaking Out.

Jason Blum on ‘The Invisible Man’s’ #MeToo Message and Elisabeth Moss’ Scientology Ties

Harvey Weinstein Is in for a Rude Awakening on Rikers Island

Harry and Meghan ‘Megxit’ Will Help Future ‘Royal Spares,’ Says Queen’s Biographer Robert Lacey

Stephen Colbert Booed for Brutal Takedown of Bloomberg’s Debate Performance

Chris Matthews Ask Elizabeth Warren Why She Believes a Woman Over Bloomberg

Elizabeth Warren Inspired a Democratic Debate That Fucking Sucked

Desperate Dems Wanted a Debate. They Got a Trainwreck Instead.

Biden Clings on for Last Stand Against Sanders

Seth Meyers Mocks Mike Bloomberg’s Terrible Twitter Jokes About Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren Decides to Murder Michael Bloomberg, 6 Days After Killing Him

Lucas Hnath Turns His Mother’s Brutal Kidnapping Into the Stunning Play ‘Dana H.’

Bernie Gets Gang-Tackled Out of the Gate at South Carolina Debate

Ambra Gutierrez Says DA Cy Vance Should ‘Absolutely’ Resign for Dropping Her Harvey Weinstein Case

The One Corporate Tax ‘Shelter’ Bernie Sanders Supported Is Vermont’s

Singer Duffy Says She Was Raped, Drugged, Held Captive

Dior Is Selling Feminism on the Paris Runway. Are We Buying It?

Pete Davidson Says He Was ‘Forced to Apologize’ to Dan Crenshaw in New Netflix Special

Mike Bloomberg Said in 2006 John Bolton Did ‘a Great Job’ at United Nations

Trump Hints Coronavirus Vaccine Is ‘Very Close.’ Here's the Scarier Reality

‘The Bachelor’-verse Alum Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

Donald Trump Celebrates Harvey Weinstein Verdict by Slamming Democrats

Whoopi Goldberg Goes Off on Bernie’s Castro Remarks, Says ‘There’s Nothing Groovy About a Dictatorship!’

Sasha Krause, Missing Mennonite Woman, Was Kidnapped and Murdered, Police Say

Pedophile Politicians Were Shielded From Justice by the Establishment, Says British Child-Abuse Inquiry

Progressive Groups Launch Medicare for All Ad Blitz

The Tyranny and Tragedy of Hosni Mubarak, an Obituary

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina Candle Is Back in Stock, She Tells Jimmy Kimmel

It’s Time for Elizabeth Warren to Burn the Bernie Bridge

Pamela Adlon on ‘Better Things,’ ‘King of the Hill,’ and Why She’s Still ‘Proud’ of Her Work With Louis C.K.

China’s Paranoid Party Line: America Is the Enemy and Needs to ‘Butt Out’

Pentagon Preps Nuclear Moon Rocket

Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Is Enraging the Homeless Community

Elizabeth Warren Built an Unrivaled Ground Game. Here’s Why it Failed.

Trump’s Post-Impeachment Staff Purge Has Folks in Ukraine Nervous

South Bend Has a Lead Paint Crisis. Where Was Mayor Pete?

The 2020 Race Has Become The Cable News Primary

‘Burden’ Is a Truly Appalling White Supremacist Redemption Movie

Kobe and Gianna Bryant Memorial Attendee Says ‘I Came Down Here Just to Feel the Energy’

‘The Bachelor’ Chaos: Did Peter Weber’s Disastrous Sex Confession Ruin Everything?

‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Brutally Mocks Trump for ‘Butchering’ India Speech

Seth Meyers Unloads on Chris Matthews for ‘Deranged’ Bernie Sanders Attacks

‘Cambodian Rock Band’ Makes Music From Khmer Rouge Horrors, and Hero Worship in ‘All the Natalie Portmans’

Did New Spy Chief Richard Grenell Advise George Clooney?

Bernie Sanders Staffer Mocked Elizabeth Warren’s Looks, Pete Buttigieg’s Sexuality on Private Twitter Account

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Apologizes to Bernie Sanders for Nazi Analogy, Saying ‘Senator Sanders, I’m Sorry’

‘Guns Akimbo’ Director Jason Lei Howden Tries to Combat Online Bullying by Bullying

Don’t Tell Me to Be Happy About the Harvey Weinstein Verdict

Rosie Perez, Ashley Judd Applaud Harvey Weinstein’s Guilty Verdict

This Policy Change Could Be the Solution to Our Physician Shortage

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Jump Again as More Diamond Princess Passengers Test Positive

The Supreme Court ‘Fulton’ Case Is About Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination—Not ‘Religious Freedom’

Donald, Melania, Ivanka, and Jared Visited the Taj Mahal. Their Poses Spoke Volumes.

Jussie Smollett Pleads Not Guilty (Again), Released to Await Trial

Meghan McCain Says It’s ‘Really Hard’ to Decide if Bernie or Trump Is ‘More in the Tank for Russia’

Harvey Weinstein Guilty of Rape, Criminal Sex Act at Watershed Trial

Dow Plunges as Italy, South Korea, Iran Coronavirus Outbreaks Cause Global Panic

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Urged: ‘Be More Gracious’

A Day in the Life of Star D.C. Chef Kwame Onwuachi from restaurant Kith and Kin

Can the Center-Lane Democrats Get Their Sh*t Together and Unite? Unlikely.

A Small-Town Louisiana Cop’s Fight to Stop Angry Men With Guns From Killing Women

The Republican Party’s Biggest State Investment So Far In 2020 Will Surprise You

If Bernie's the Nominee, there's a New Red Scare Coming

Vladimir Putin Sent Her Activist Boyfriend to the Arctic Circle. Now She Wants to Go, Too.

Can AOC Inspire Female 2020 Candidates to Dress How They Damn Well Want?

Japan’s Coronavirus Cruise Ship Debacle Shows Epidemic Can Be a Gift for Would-Be Dictators

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Had a Complicated Love Story

trust and will easy living trust

John Oliver Urges the Country to Not Vote for Mike Bloomberg

‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere’s Insane Sex Scene Might Foreshadow a Major Death

‘Undine’ Is a Mermaid Love Story Unlike Any You’ve Seen

Bloomberg Killed the Best Chance at Justice for the 9/11 Attacks

Anand Giridharadas, MSNBC Analyst, Calls Out Chris Matthews for Comparing Bernie Win to Nazi Invasion

Chris Wallace Relentlessly Grills Marc Short on Russia Briefing, Asks ‘You Say None of This Happened?!’

Prince Harry and Meghan Go to War With the Royals—and Sabotage Themselves

Why a Pair of Legendary Directors Took on Islamic Terrorism

Coronavirus Explodes in Italy, Threatening Europe. Can It Be Contained?

Los Angeles' First Olympics Changed it Forever

Inside the Lachish Temple, the Earliest Example of the Letter Samekh

One of Jane Austen’s Most Famous Women Is Actually a Total ‘Dick’

School Vouchers Are Just Code for 'Segregation Forever'

OMG, I Want This House: Palm Desert, CA

#NeverTrumpers Never Had a Chance, but Consultants Still Cashed In

Samuel Heber Butler Beat Sex Allegations in Utah for Years. A 6-Year-Old May Change That.

I Love These Women-Only Sex Orgies. But Where Are the Lesbians?

Netflix’s ‘Gentefied' Is a Brilliant Answer to Latino ‘Trauma Porn’

This Is What Three Years of Trump Ravaging the Earth Looks Like

Flat-Earther ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes Killed in Barstow Rocket Crash

Trump Is Lobotomizing Our Government

This Is the Only Move That Will Stop Bernie Sanders Now

Bernie Sanders Runs Away With Nevada Caucuses; Cements Status As Democratic Frontrunner

Trump’s National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien Conveniently Forgets His Boss’ Ties to Russia

Chris Matthews Likens Bernie’s Strong Nevada Showing to France Falling to Nazi Germany in WWII

The 7-Year-Old Trans Girl That’s Captivated the Berlin Film Festival

20-Year-Old Woman, Boyfriend Arrested in Las Vegas After Calif. Rental Dispute Triple Homicide

Myriam Gurba, Author Who Sparked ‘American Dirt’ Controversy, Placed on Leave Amid Calif. Teacher Abuse Probe

In South Korea, Coronavirus Meets the Second Coming

The Best Men’s Compression Socks for Workouts, Travel, and Everything in Between

Critics Trashed Dee Rees’ Ambitious New Netflix Movie. But It’s Much Better Than You’ve Heard.

After Coronavirus, Locusts Could be the Next Plague to Hit China

Bernie 2016 Wanted DNC to Change the Rules, Bernie 2020 Just Wants to Win

Did Rome Archeologists Uncover Proof of Romulus?

LA Burlesque: Beyond Bumping and Grinding in the City of Angels

Democrats Are the Real 'Party of Life'

Will ‘Medicare for All’ Doom Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in Nevada?

Bloomberg’s Money Won’t Right the Wrong of ‘Guantanamo-on-Hudson’

Netflix’s ‘Unabomber: In His Own Words’ Reveals Ted Kaczynski’s Plan to Team Up With Muslim Terrorists

Inside Georgina Bloomberg and Ivanka Trump’s Filthy Rich Friendship

The Mysterious Death of Pop Smoke, a 20-Year-Old Viral Rap Sensation

‘Black Milk’ Is a Feminist Saga About a Woman Who Repels Bad Men With Black Breast Milk

Donald Trump, Hater of ‘Parasite,’ Has the Absolute Worst Taste in Movies

Team Bernie Fingers Richard Grenell for Leaking Russia Story

MSNBC Star Dr. Jason Johnson’s Misogynistic Smear of Bernie Sanders Staffers: ‘Island of Misfit Black Girls’

Jeremy Christian, White Nationalist, Convicted of 2017 Portland MAX Train Stabbing

The Best New Launches from PUMA, Everlane, Bombas, and More

Coronavirus Now a ‘Tremendous Public Health Threat’: CDC

Weinstein Jury Appears Deadlocked on Most Serious Charges Against Disgraced Mogul

Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Says Trump Has ‘Good Reason’ to Be ‘Paranoid’ About Pelosi and Schiff

Broadway’s ‘West Side Story’ Mess Continues as Dozens Protest Opening Night

The Daily Beast Staff’s Pop-Culture Obsessions of the Week

How Amy Klobuchar’s Signature Bill Became a Disaster for Her Own Party

Condé Nast Agrees to End the Use of NDAs Across the Entire Company

This Drying Rack Changed My Entire Kitchen Routine

Biden Campaign Repeating Iowa Mistakes in Nevada

10 Rounds with Onofrio Raimondi the head bartender at Fiola in Washington, D.C.

Inside Netflix’s Reality-TV Invasion ‘The Circle,’ ‘Love Is Blind,’ ‘Queer Eye’ and Beyond

Elizabeth Warren Wanted to Be The Unity Candidate. Now, She’s Playing for Keeps

Dems Swarm Nevada, Where Trump Could Shock with Latino Voters

Coronavirus Is a Ticking Time Bomb for America’s Uninsured

Why Amazon’s Nazi-Killing Show ‘Hunters’ Is So Much More Satisfying Than ‘Jojo Rabbit’

Ilhan Omar’s Challenger Danielle Stella Is Literally On the Run From the Law

‘Sussex Royal’ Is Dead. Long Live Harry and Meghan!

Trump’s Fury at Intel Briefing Shows Vladimir Putin’s Bet Keeps Paying Off

Pete Buttigieg Fires Back at Rush Limbaugh’s Homophobic Attacks on ‘Ellen’

Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow Arrested in Hawaii for Failing to Produce Missing Kids

Trump Attacks Fox News’ Neil Cavuto at Rally, Fox Personalities Immediately Jump to Cavuto’s Defense

Roger Stone Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Look Out, America, ABJ Is the New RBG

NYT Publishes Taliban ‘Terrorist’ Op-Ed, All Hell Breaks Loose

Ivo van Hove’s ‘West Side Story’ Broadway Revival Aims to Shock, but Ends Up Lost in Time

‘No Evidence’ for Bernie Sanders’ Russian Bot Claim, Experts Say

Russia Is Helping Elect Trump Again, Intel Official Says

Why I Chose The Arlo Pro 3 Security System for My Home

HBO McMillions timeline

Bloomberg Staffers Dispute That He Pays Women Equally

‘Why Not?’— Team Trump’s Plans to Attack Bloomberg for Racist, Sexist Things Trump Has Also Done

Iowa Professor Gowun Park Bound and Gagged Husband Before His Death, Authorities Say

Sonam Saxena, Seattle Google Manager, Arrested After Wife Smriti Saxena’s Body Found on Hawaii Beach

Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner Says Trump Shouldn’t Pay Any ‘Political Price’ for Pardoning Roger Stone

White Guys Get Pardons, Black Folks Get a Super Bowl Commercial

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hails ‘Groundswell of Ordinary People’ Fighting for Women’s Equality at DVF Awards

Matt Gaetz Embarrasses Himself on ‘The View’

Financially Plagued GOP Group Turns to Trump to Save It

Racist German Shooter Tobias Rathjen in Hanau Exposes the Global Network of Hate

Trump Ally Roger Stone Gets 40 Months for Lying, Witness-Tampering

Elizabeth Warren Brings Her Bloomberg Knockout Punch to ‘The View’

Katie Hill Speaks Out: Rampant Biphobia Forced Me Out of Congress

Ozzy Osbourne: ‘I’m in Unbelievable Pain 24/7,’ but I’ll Be Back

Colombia’s Drug-Funded ELN Rebels and FARC Dissidents Are Back in Action Big-Time

Life in the Cañada Real, Europe’s Largest Shanty Town as Photographed by Its Children

Trump Confesses to Just How Bigly the Olympics Screws Over the Poor

Follow Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne’s Hair Example. Go White, Not Gray.

The Wuhan Coronavirus Is Spreading from China to the U.S. Here’s What You Need to Know

The Battle Over Jane Austen’s Whiteness

Dwyane Wade’s Acceptance of His Trans Daughter Zaya Triggers Ugly Hip-Hop Hate from Boosie, Young Thug

The Vegas Debate Showed That Democrats Are Missing the Ingredient That Will Defeat Trump

You Counted Elizabeth Warren Out? Big Mistake.

CNN’s Van Jones Says ‘Titanic’ Bloomberg Was Hit by ‘Iceberg Elizabeth Warren’ at Debate

Bloomberg Spent Hundreds of Millions to Get His Ass Kicked at Democratic Debate

Mayor Pete Buttegieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar Have Pure Hatred For Each Other

Elizabeth Warren Torches Michael Bloomberg on #MeToo and Secret Settlements

Trump’s Choice for Intel Chief, Richard Grenell, Leaves Officials ‘Blindsided’

Bernie: Some of My Angriest Online Bros May Be Russian Bots

Bloomberg Gets Savaged Seconds Into Nevada Debate

Oracle's Larry Ellison Criticized by Employee for Trump Fundraising

Why ABC News Icon Sam Donaldson Is Backing Bloomberg to Beat ‘Sick’ Trump

Bill Barr Is Not Quitting—He’s Doing Some Weapons-Grade Gaslighting of America

The Best Indoor and Outdoor Thermometers for Every Situation

DeMarcus Little Named Person of Interest in Death of Anitra Gunn, Authorities Say

How to Watch, Stream the 2020 Nevada Democratic Presidential Debate

‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Confronts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: How Do You Defend ‘Bernie Bros?’

University of Michigan Hit by Second #MeToo Scandal in a Month

Trump Offered Assange Pardon if He Covered Up Russian Hack, WikiLeaks Founder’s Lawyer Claims

E. Jean Carroll Claims Elle Magazine Fired Her Over Donald Trump Smear Campaign

Ben Affleck Gets Candid About His Alcoholism and the ‘Biggest Regret’ of His Life

At Debate, Bloomberg Must Answer for Muslim Surveillance Program

Bernie Sanders Campaign Says Asking for His Health Records Is a ‘Smear’ Like Birtherism

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Banned From Trading Off Sussex Royal Name

What to Drink at Brooklyn’s New Bar Goto Niban from Bartender Kenta Goto

Savage Bloomberg or Criticize Bernie? Dems Like the Easy Option in Next Debate

How I Got Lost in British Columbia

Gray Ellis Could Make Transgender Political History in North Carolina. It’s Very Personal.

Roger Stone Allies Optimistic ‘Thoughtful’ and ‘Judicious’ Trump Will Save Convicted Pal After Clemency Blitz

The Democrats’ Surest Path to Victory Is Clear, Defend the ACA from Trump’s Attacks

Barney Frank Says Democratic Primary Voters Are the Problem in the 2020 Election

Could ‘Love Island’ Host Caroline Flack’s Death by Suicide Urge a Reality TV Reckoning?

Bernie Kerik Was as Corrupt as They Come, Just Like Trump

Why Rosario Dawson and Jameela Jamil’s ‘Coming Out’ Moments Ring Hollow

Ex-Boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse Allegedly Threatened Amie Harwick Years Before Her Murder

Russian Intelligence Recruited Mexican Man to Spy on FBI Informant in Miami, Feds Say

Cardi B’s Pal Star Brim Charged in Sweeping Bloods Gang Bust

Trump Pardons Crooks to Feel Like a King

Hayden Panettiere’s Boyfriend Arrested After Allegedly Punching Her

Coty Scott Taylor, Who Killed Himself in Home, Abducted, Asphyxiated Faye Swetlik, Authorities Say

The GOP Doesn't Need Trump—It's Already Rigged the System

Trump Grants Clemency to Blagojevich, Kerik, Milken and Other People He Saw on Fox News

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Nearly Double With No End in Sight

Trump Grants Clemency to Former NYPD Boss Bernie Kerik, Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevic, and 9 Others

Rush Limbaugh Claims Trump Told Him to ‘Never Apologize’ for His Homophobic Buttigieg Remarks

Can Hasan Minhaj and Kenan Thompson Actually Save the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Blow Up Over Bloomberg and Trump: ‘None of Your Business!’

Ivanka Trump Finally Found Her Perfect Quid-Pro-Quo Pals

Kenan Thompson, Hasan Minhaj Will Bring White House Correspondents Dinner Back to Comedy

David Linley Splits From Wife Serena as Another Divorce Rocks the Royals

Inside the High Stakes Missions of NASA’s Oldest Deep-Space Probes

Can German Activists Stop the Neo-Nazi Resurgence?

It’s Suddenly Obvious: Amy Klobuchar Is the Democrats’ Best Bet

Why Does Whiskey Taste Like Whiskey? An excerpt from Lew Bryson’s new book “Whiskey Master Class”

‘True Grit’ Author Charles Portis, a Comic Genius, Is Dead

Ben Schwartz Talks Billy Crystal, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog,’ ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’

Fox News Keeps Rudy Giuliani On-Air Despite Internal ‘Disinformation’ Docs

Chronic Illness Influencers Say Being Sick Made Them Famous—and a Target of Trolls

Actor Ethan Suplee Knows Body Transformations Like His Are Not for Everyone

Right-Wing Activists Discussed Wiretapping Seth Rich’s Family, Three People in the Room Say

‘Dracula’ and ‘Frankenstein’ Team Up in NYC—With Mixed Results, and ‘Happy Birthday Doug’ Tells Gay Truths

I Loathe Mike Bloomberg. But He’s Doing One Thing Right.

Amie Harwick, Slain Hollywood Sex Therapist, Asked Court to Protect Her From Ex-Boyfriend

Coronavirus Snafus on Diamond Princess and MS Westerdam Stoke Fears of Global Pandemic

Trump Gives Up on ‘Endless Wars’—and Russia, China, and Iran Move In

Andrew Sabisky Wrote that Black Americans Are Dumber Than White Americans

Elton John Tearfully Walks Off Stage, Suffering Pneumonia. Can He Really Tour For Another Three Years?

Uber’s Autonomous Cars Are Back—and I Took One for a Test Drive

Did the CIA’s Dr. Frank Olson Jump to His Death or Was He Pushed?

Here’s Why Winning an Election Might Destroy Your Marriage—If You’re a Woman

How to Drink Vodka like a Russian an Excerpt from the New Book “Beyond the North Wind” by Darra Goldstein

Forget Fake News: Why We’re Wrong About Nearly Everything

Lise Meitner Helped Discover Nuclear Fission—and Was Then Forgotten

Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Patti Davis: Presidents Didn’t Used to Be Dictators

Why Are Hollywood Celebs Backing a Socialist in California?

The Creepy Cult of Onision, A ‘Body Positivity’ YouTube Star Accused of Preying on Young Girls

Trump’s Top Trade Adviser Peter Navarro Has a Side Project: Secretly Hunting for ‘Anonymous’

John Oliver Absolutely Goes Off on Susan Collins, Fox News in ‘Last Week Tonight’ Return

Hollywood Sex Therapist Amie Harwick Plunges to Death, Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

Democrats Come Up With an Election System That Could Hand Victory to Trump

MS Westerdam Passenger’s Coronavirus Diagnosis Raises New Fears

Joe Biden Claims Bernie Sanders Has ‘Never Gotten Anything Done’ on Health Care

Kate Middleton: Why I Tried Hypnobirthing, and How I Deal With ‘Mom Guilt’

Probation Officer on How to Destroy Prison's Revolving Door

‘Chinatown’: The Twisted Characters Behind a Hollywood Masterpiece

Lizzo, Billy Porter, and Kristen Wiig Bring Evening Gloves to The Red Carpet

In Gustav Klimt Painting Mystery, Italian Police Question Wife of Late Museum Curator

Bill Barr Just Cost DOJ Its Prized Public-Corruption Fighter

OMG, I Want to Rent This House: Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica

Eliseo Gil Trial Highlights How Forgers Prey on True Believers

The Luxury City Is Going Bust

Confronting ‘Fantasy Island’s’ Thorniest Legacy: Herve Villechaize, Sex, and Disabled Representation

Donald Trump's Shady Bid to Divide Black Voters and Conquer the Dems

Our Picks from The Best Presidents’ Day Sales

The Women Fighting to Expose Olympic Taekwondo Legends Steven and Jean Lopez as Predators

‘Photographer’ Juliette Parker Drugged New Mom, Planned to Steal Baby, Cops Say

Former National Security Director John Negroponte’s Daughter Sophia Charged With Maryland Murder

Second Teenager Charged With Murder of Barnard College Student Tessa Majors in New York

‘Cokehead, Womanizing, Fag’: Michael Bloomberg’s Book of ‘Wisdom’ Resurfaces

Joe Hill Reveals the Secrets of Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key’ and the Comic Book Series’ Future

Eating at Denny's. Sleeping at Walmart. What Could Go Wrong?

Is ‘Beanpole’ the First Great Movie of 2020?

Bill Barr Is Wrecking the Justice Department, And It May Never Recover

The Ancient Sculptor Who First Disrobed Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love

Beijing’s Deadly Mistakes on Coronavirus

In Mike Bloomberg, Are Democrats Now Turning to an Authoritarian of Their Own?

Ukrainian Oligarch Rinat Akhmetov Bought the Most Infamous Mansion on the Riviera

The Scandal Rocking California’s Weed Industry

Hollywood’s Vain Obsession With Celebrating Itself

Bill Maher Booed for Defending Mike Bloomberg’s Racist Stop-and-Frisk Comments

Justin Bieber’s ‘Changes’ Sees the Pop Star Wifed-Up and No Longer the Swingin’ Dick

The Best New Launches from Serena Williams for Away, W&P, and More

Anna Invictus Slams White Supremacist Augustus Sol Invictus, Calls Him a ‘Master Manipulator’

Federal Judge Blasted DOJ for Leaving Andrew McCabe in ‘Limbo’

Kristen Bell Deserves an Emmy Nod for ‘The Good Place’ Finale

Michael Avenatti Guilty on All Counts in Nike Extortion Case

Case of 6-Year-Old Faye Swetlik ‘Linked’ to Coty Scott Taylor, Neighbor Found Dead in Home, Authorities Said

Justice Department Won’t Charge Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in Lying Case

‘The View’ Hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Explode Over Bloomberg and Trump

Harvey Weinstein Was an ‘Abusive Rapist’ Who ‘Stepped on’ Women, Prosecutors Allege at Rape Trial

Dem Pro-Israel Group Goes on Air in Nevada Attacking Sanders

Dick Pics Doom Benjamin Griveaux, President Emmanuel Macron’s Chosen Candidate for Mayor of Paris

Let’s Be Real: Chris Messina Is the Best Hollywood Chris

‘Cherries Doe’ Tattoo Revealed in New York Cold Case That May Be Tied to Gilgo Beach Serial Killer

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Staff Photos from Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bar manager of Portland, Oregon, bars Clyde Common and Pépé Le Moko

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Cynthia Nixon Shuts Down Boos for Hillary Clinton at Bernie Sanders New Hampshire Rally

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Anti-Trans Bill Killed in South Dakota Senate Committee Vote

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Antigua’s Newest Luxury, Adults-Only Retreat Is on the Edge of a National Park

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How the Trump DOJ’s Own Arguments May Make a Biden Probe Impossible

Corey Lewandowski Endorses a Pablo Escobar Phone That Probably Isn’t Real

Elon Musk and Donald Trump Are on Their Way to a Moonstruck Bromance

Black Voters Turn to Mike Bloomberg

‘Parasite’ Saves the 2020 Oscars From a Fiery Hell of Irrelevance

The 2020 Oscars’ Most Cringeworthy Moment Came Courtesy of Sigourney Weaver, Brie Larson and Gal Gadot

Joaquin Phoenix Rails Against Cancel Culture, Cow Insemination in Wild Oscar Acceptance Speech for ‘Joker’

Elizabeth Warren Absorbs the Downsides of Being a Female Candidate With Little of the History-Making Chatter

Failed Cop Killer Ordered Takeout After NYPD Assassination Attempt: ‘Who Does That?’

The Oscars Red Carpet Served Up Glamour—and So Much Drama

Chris Rock and Steve Martin Roast Oscars for ‘Hiding’ Black Actors and Female Directors

Oscars Red Carpet Was Won by These Beautiful, Expensive Jewels, With Their Own Security Guards

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Bill Maher Warns Trump Could Win 2020 Election Because Democrats Too ‘Woke’

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Family of Harry Dunn Demand Answers About Spy Wife Anne Sacoolas’ CIA Background

Joe Biden Says Buttigieg Is ‘No Barack Obama.’ Mayor Pete Responds: Neither Are You.

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Laura Loomer, Trumpy Bigot Embraced by the Florida GOP, Could Actually Get to Congress

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SNL Larry David as Bernie Sanders Exposes His ‘Army of Internet Trolls’

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Mayor Pete Weaponizes Biden’s Attack Ad Against Him

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If ‘Joker’ Wins the Best Picture Oscar All Hell Will Break Loose

Porn’s Biggest Humanitarian, Sofia Rose, Is ‘Here to Give You Strength’

Democratic Voters Worry Biden Has ‘Too Much Baggage’ After Trump’s Ukraine Smears

Pete Buttigieg Blows It Again as Democratic Debate Focuses on Race

Amy Klobuchar Seizes the Democratic Debate

Jane Fonda Brings Her Climate Activism and Civil Disobedience Home to L.A.

Dems Run Scared from Trump and Each Other

Steve Bannon Outduels and Embarrasses Bill Maher on ‘Real Time’

Friday Night Massacre of Alexander Vivdman, Yevgeny Vindman & Gordon Sondland is Just the Beginning for Trump

New Hampshire Democratic Debate Opens With Everyone Bashing Bernie

Trump Fires Gordon Sondland, Boots Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

The Best Apparel Items From Amazon’s Private Label Menswear Brands

Jameela Jamil Is Not the Problem with HBO’s Ballroom Show ‘Legendary’

Varsity Blues College Cheating Scandal Lands Ex-PIMCO CEO in Prison for 9 Months

Judge Rules Kesha Defamed Dr. Luke by Telling Lady Gaga He Raped Katy Perry

The Best Oscar Speeches Ever (That Always Make Me Cry)

Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Donna Rotunno Says She Would Never Put Herself in Position to Be Sexually Assaulted

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Says Elizabeth Warren’s Problem Is She’s Too Strident and Unlikable

How to Watch the 2020 Democratic Debate in New Hampshire

Trump Properties Charged Secret Service $650 a Night, Says Report

Princess Beatrice to Marry Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on Friday 29 May in London

John Kercher, Dad of Amanda Knox Roommate & Murder Victim Meredith Kercher, Died in Mysterious Circumstances

Coronavirus Whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang Died a Powerful Martyr for Free Speech in China

‘Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet’ Sees the ‘Always Sunny’ Team Take on Toxic Masculinity in Gaming

‘Birds of Prey’ Gives Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn the Girly, Grisly Movie She Deserves

Andrew Peek, NSC Russia Director, Was Under Suspicion Before He Got the White House Job

Exclusive: Pete Buttigieg Seeks Advice from Creepy Bill Clinton in ‘Our Cartoon President’

Democrats’ New Fear About Iowa Is Whether They Have a Turnout Problem

Inside Colombia’s ‘Air Chapo’ Cocaine Shipping Scandal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Chill With Archie, and Quietly Plan Their New Life

The Oscars’ Biggest Best Picture Screwups Ever, From ‘Citizen Kane’ to ‘Green Book’

Mike Bloomberg Is Paying ‘Influencers’ to Make Him Seem Cool

What’s the Difference Between the Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite? Here’s an Explanation

Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Roasts Donald Trump Jr.’s All-Time Worst Looks

Seth Meyers Mocks Trump for Making Mitt Romney Look ‘Incredibly Cool’

How Trump Really Invited Russia’s Election Attack

John Bolton Said He Would Testify Before the Senate, but House Democrats Are Torn About Demanding It

King Donald Trump to GOP After Impeachment Acquittal and Now and Forever You Shall Be My Servants

Snoop Dogg’s Attack on Oprah and Defense of Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson and Cosby Is Classic Misogynoir

Producer Paul Feldsher Bashes ‘Liar’ Actress Annabella Sciorra and Defends ‘Sex Addict’ Pal Weinstein in Court

Fox News Internal Document Bashes John Solomon, Joe diGenova, and Rudy Giuliani for Spreading ‘Disinformation’

Donald Trump Jr. Is Wrong. Mitt Romney’s ‘Mom Jeans’ Are Right on Trend

Trump Celebrates Impeachment Acquittal With Bizarre ‘Blood’ and ‘Bullshit’ Filled White House Speech

Coronavirus Charity Efforts Kick into High Gear as Death Toll Keeps Surging

Russia Hacked the Election, Trump Hacked Team Obama’s Brains

Untangling the Dizzying Network Behind the Dem Caucus Blowup

Trump Drags Prayer Breakfast Into Gutter With Attack on Romney and Pelosi’s Faith

Trump’s Fox News Minions Swarm to Attack Mitt Romney

Pete Buttigieg Is Already Planning for Life After New Hampshire

Meghan McCain Unimpressed by Mitt Romney, Says He ‘Is Nothing Like My Dad’

Best Menswear Staples I Wish My Husband Would Consider Wearing

Hillary Clinton Redoubles Bernie Sanders Attack to Ellen DeGeneres: Need Someone ‘Who Can Win’

Gayle King Says Kobe Bryant Interview Clip About Rape Allegations Was ‘Taken Out of Context’

Trump’s Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Whines About Media Lunch Leaks in New Leaked Email

Derek Mackay, Scotland’s Finance Secretary, Quits Over ‘Predatory’ Texts to 16-Year-Old Schoolboy

Harvey Weinstein Fell Asleep in Court After Hosting Super Bowl Party the Night Before

Flu, Not Coronavirus, Is the Virus Killing U.S. Kids Like Luca Calanni

The Current Obsession of Bartender Chase Bracamontes from Chicago Chef’s Special is Neon Cocktails

Forget Burning Man: Inside the Malaysian Festival Filled With Faith, Fasting, and Physical Bondage

Inside the 2020 Oscars’ Biggest Controversies, From Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein to Diversity Issues

Coronavirus Is Terrifying Uber and Lyft Drivers and Exposing Customers to Extra Racism

Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 Is Off to a Terrible Start. Is Her Empire in Trouble?

Rudy Giuliani & Co. Plot New Biden Probes and Overseas Trip as Trump’s Ukraine Team Lies in Ruin

Stephen Colbert Absolutely Destroys ‘Skin-Bag’ Senator Susan Collins Over Impeachment

DHS Secretary Says New Yorkers Will Be Cut Off From Global Entry in Response to State’s Sanctuary Law

Zelensky Adviser Igor Novikov Says Trump Impeachment ‘Definitely Was Stressful’

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Exposes Team Trump’s Hypocrisy on Nancy Pelosi and Rush Limbaugh

Buttigieg Campaign Removes Fundraiser Co-Host Tied to ICE Contracts

Senate Democrats Nix Contract Talks With Shadow, Company Behind Disastrous Iowa Caucus App

Kirk Douglas, One of the Last Surviving Stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Dies at 103

Racist President Donald Trump Honors Racist Radio Pioneer Rush Limbaugh to Own the Libs and the Black Athletes

The Best Shapewear Cami Is from Yummie

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s War of Words Just Got Very Ugly, and Very Personal

Mitt Romney Cuts a Profile in Courage as He Votes to Convict Donald Trump of Abuse of Power

Trump Is Acquitted. Now, He Starts Cheating on the 2020 Election.

Senate Republicans Admit Trump Did It but Vote to Acquit Him in Impeachment Trial

Lauren Young Testifies Harvey Weinstein Groped Her, Masturbated in Hotel Bathroom

The Best Apparel Items from Amazon’s Private Label Womenswear Brands

Republicans Hate Surveillance on Trump, but Sound Like They’ll Renew the PATRIOT Act

Mitt Romney Will Vote to Convict Trump: ‘Appalling Abuse of Public Trust’

Escaping Coronavirus, More Americans Flee China on 4 Flights to the U.S.

Fox News Host Dagen McDowell Blows Top Over Pelosi, Says ‘She’s a Third-Grader’ Who Is ‘Eating Toilet Paper’

Vin Diesel Says ‘Fast 10’ Might Be Split Into an Epic Two-Part Finale

Pete Buttigieg Makes History, and Makes America Face the Meaning of LGBTQ Equality—and Reality of Prejudice

‘Saw’ Trailer — Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson Revitalize a Languishing Franchise

Alec Baldwin and ‘The View’ Clash With Meghan McCain Over Rush Limbaugh State of the Union Honor

Quarantined Cruise Ship Passengers Stuck on Journey From Hell Thanks to Coronavirus Outbreak

Pornhub Continues Its March to the Mainstream as Streaming Stars Make Fashion Week Debut

Cooking Through the South’s Past, Present & Future

Fashion’s A-List Face a Dilemma. Do They Go To New York Fashion Week, the Oscars—or Both?

Here are the Terrible Things Trump Did That You Might Have Missed in the Midst of Impeachment

Coronavirus Pandemic Worst-Case Scenario Is Ugly, Experts Say

‘Woke William,’ Activist Prince, Would Make Princess Diana So Proud

This Oscar Season Has Been a Bigger Disaster Than Iowa

Team Trump Plans Its Assault on Bernie. Step One Is ‘Victims of Socialism.’

Jimmy Kimmel Rips Trump for Honoring Rush Limbaugh During State of the Union

Trump’s Speech Was a Bataan Death March of Bullsh*t

Whoa, Donald Trump Just Gave a Genuinely Good Speech

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Gushes Over Trump’s State of the Union, Says ‘It’s All Good Stuff!’

Trump 2020 State of the Union Address Nationalist, Anti-Immigrant, Socialism-Hating Game Show

Seth Meyers Unloads on Pete Buttigieg for Prematurely Claiming Iowa Caucus Win

DA Clears Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley, Couple Accused of Drugging and Raping Women

James Carville Rages Over State of Democratic Party, Says ‘I’m Scared to Death!’

Trump Had America’s Top TV News Anchors Over for Lunch and Ate Them Alive

Amanda Perrault Reported Her Cop Husband for Domestic Violence. Now She's Dead.

Pete Buttigieg Leads Iowa Delegate Race With 75 Percent Reporting

This Handheld Printer Can Print on Pretty Much Anything

Investors Rush to Downplay Ties to Shadow, the Firm Behind Iowa Caucus Clusterf*ck

How to Watch Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address

‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Victoria F. Loses ‘Cosmo’ Cover over ‘White Lives Matter’ Shoot

Actress Emanuela Postacchini Testifies Jessica Mann Was Crying After Failed Threesome with Harvey Weinstein

Trump Allies Promote Iowa Caucus Conspiracy Theories as Dems Feud

Mo’Nique Slams Oprah Winfrey Over Sundance Russell Simmons Doc, Rekindles Old Feud

‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Says ‘My Dad’ Knew Iowa Caucus Was ‘Garbage’

Pete Buttigieg Wakes Up in New Hampshire With a Promise of ‘Transparency’ and a Fresh Dig at Bernie Sanders

The Dirty Little Secret Behind Iowa’s Amateur Hour Caucuses

This Caucus Has to Be the Last Iowa Shitshow

The Crazy Coronavirus ‘Cures’ on the Chinese Web Include Trump’s Secret ‘Super-Drug’

Republicans Have One Last Chance to Avoid Looking Like Total Patsies

Comedian Tom Papa: There’s Nothing ‘Funny’ About Donald Trump

Anthrax Is a Bioweapon. Could It Also Cure Bladder Cancer?

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Eduardo Ruiz of L.A.’s Chicas Tacos

What the Hell Is China Doing on the Dark Side of the Moon?

GOP Base Is Hot to Probe Biden, Senate Republicans Not So Much

Meghan Markle Is The Unofficial Patron Saint of Daughters With Toxic Fathers

Kelly Clarkson on How ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ Became the Purest Joy on TV

New Age Town of Fairfield Keeps Calm, Picks Bernie as Iowa Loses Its Mind

Iowa Democratic Party Botches Caucus Ballot Count, Gift Joe Biden a Second Chance

Iowa Caucus Night Is an Utter Disaster

Is ‘The Bachelor’s’ Tammy Ly the New Villain of Peter Weber’s Season?

‘Daily Show’ Trolls the Hell Out of Trump Supporters in Iowa

Jeff Bezos Accuses His Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez’s Brother of ‘Extortion’

MSNBC Panel Flips Out After Bernie Sanders Adviser Nina Turner Calls Bloomberg an ‘Oligarch’

Thanks to Trump’s Attacks, Journalists Now Have an Official ‘Safety Kit’

Purple’s Hybrid Premier Mattress Made Me a Better Sleeper

A Day in the Life of Bulleit Whiskey Blender Eboni Major

Coronavirus at UMass Boston Raises Transparency Questions, Students Say

Disney’s ‘Hamilton’ Deal Might Be One of the Biggest in Movie History

Weinstein Accuser Details Gross ‘Golden Shower’ Encounter With Disgraced Film Mogul

Fox News Host Ed Henry Asks Pete Buttigieg How Can You Call Trump Racist After Super Bowl Ad?

How to Watch the 2020 Iowa Caucuses

CDC Coronavirus Boss Nancy Messonnier Calls Spread ‘Unprecedented’ as Cases Surge in U.S. and Abroad

Billie Eilish Defends Drake Texting Her: ‘Everybody’s So Sensitive’

Susan Collins’ Campaign Is Being Helped by a Mysterious Hawaii Company

Team Biden Readies for a New Hampshire Rescue

‘Fox & Friends’ Defends Trump for Confusing Kansas With Missouri in Super Bowl Tweet

Brad Pitt and Rebel Wilson Mock the Royals While Prince William and Kate Middleton Grin and Bear It at BAFTAs

China Arrested Doctors Who Warned About Coronavirus Outbreak. Now Death Toll’s Rising, Stocks Are Plunging.

Man Who Bankrolled Brexit Boasted of WikiLeaks Backchannel

He Avenged His Son’s Murder—And Exposed the Opioid Crisis in America

Ex-Google Boss Eric Schmidt’s Love Life Exposed by Dirty Hedge Fund War

Help! I Don’t Know Any of the Drinks on This Menu!

Intoximeters, Breathalyzer Giant Accused of Fraud, Won’t Come Clean About Booze Tests

Iowa Caucuses on the First Day of What’s Poised to be The Ugliest Democratic Primary Fight Ever

Which Foreign Trolls Will Attack America’s 2020 Presidential Election?

Washington Post Threatened Another Star Reporter, Wesley Lowery, Over His Tweets

2020 Democrats’ Iowa Caucuses Momentum Shifts in Final Frantic Hours

Jennifer Lopez Burned the Super Bowl Halftime Show to the Ground—and Gave the Oscars the Middle Finger

Three New Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed in California

Trump Faces Backlash Over Super Bowl Ad on Alice Marie Johnson Release

Diddy and Pharrell Accused of Exploiting Young Black Talent to Line Their Own Pockets

Donald the Insult President Targets ‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg, and Both Men End Up Looking Small

Doomsday Writer Chad Daybell Claimed Dead Wife Helped Him Find New Love Lori Vallow

Adam Schiff Blasts Republican Senators for Scolding Trump’s Ukraine Scheme While Letting Him Slide

This Parka From Target Will Become Your Go-To Like It Did Mine

Just-Freed Terrorist Sudesh Amman Killed by Cops After London Stabbing Spree

When Is Super Bowl 2020? How to Watch the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers Face Off

Lamar Alexander Says It's a 'Mistake' for Trump to Peddle Russian Propaganda by Mentioning CrowdStrike

Meghan Markle Was Victim of ‘Explicit and Obnoxious Racism,’ Former British House Speaker John Bercow Claims

Any Child Who Dies of Hunger Is a Murdered Child

OMG, I Want This House: Kortessem, Belgium

Ghent Altarpiece’s Multimillion-Dollar Restoration Reveals Portions Hidden for Centuries

Meghan Markle’s Friends Are So Good at Saying Nothing

Why an Andy Reid Super Bowl Win Would Be So Sweet

Who’s Cheering for Bernie Sanders to Win Monday? Young Lefties and Donald Trump

Our Elections Are Up for Grabs Once Trump Gets Off, Warns Sen. Chris Murphy

Albert Speer, the Hitler Henchman Who Enabled the Holocaust, Bears Another Look Today

The Wild and Messed Up History of ‘Demonic’ Pregnancies

Bernie Sanders, Featuring Vampire Weekend, Rocks to a Close in Iowa

The Very Best of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, From ‘Minari’ to ‘Dick Johnson Is Dead’

The Cruel Porn Star-Shaming of San Francisco 49ers’ Super Bowl QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Trump’s Ugly Media Obsessions Are ‘Fat’ Meghan McCain, ‘Bitch’ Katy Tur, Joe & Mika’s Love Nest

Save Your Indoor Plants From Dying With an LED Grow Bulb

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