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Pete Arredondo, Uvalde School Police Chief, Ghosted Texas Investigators — but Showed Up for Swearing-In

Merit Beauty Review 2023—The Minimalist, Flush Balm, & More

Meridian Classic To-Go Package Review

White Man Caught on Video Taunting Black Spa Owner

Bloopers and Outtakes of Russia’s Military Propaganda From Chechen Fighters in Ukraine

Bo Burnham Brutally Mocks Joe Rogan in ‘Inside’ Outtakes

Rachel Zegler Cast in ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel, Could Be the Next Jennifer Lawrence

Fox News Immediately Blames Jury for Finding Michael Sussmann Not Guilty

This Device Kept a Human Liver Alive for Days Outside Body

This American Kasia Gallanio Married Into Royalty and Now She’s Dead

Bradley Cooper’s Jewish Leonard Bernstein Prosthetics Are Making People Angry

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Star Moses Ingram Reveals Racist Threats as ‘Star Wars’ Fans Slam the Studio

Hillary Clinton Campaign Lawyer Michael Sussmann Acquitted of Lying to the FBI in Donald Trump-Russia Case

Kellyanne Conway Praises ‘Girlboss’ Donald Trump After He Bashes Her Online

How to Watch The Boys Amazon Prime Video

Top Russian Military Brass Caught Venting, ‘You’re F*cked, Putin—Motherf*cker!’

Alyssa Milano: Biden Must Do More to Protect Abortion Rights

Is ‘Watcher’ Star Maika Monroe the Scream Queen of a Generation?

Life Is Cheap in America. That’s What Makes Us Exceptional.

The Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones Looks Back on the Punk Mayhem of ‘Pistol’

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi Can Break Open the World’s Most Powerful Pedo Ring at the Heart of the Catholic Church

The Best Florida Theme Parks Are Its Outdoors

HBO Max’s ‘Hacks’ Just Aired a Perfect Episode and Here’s the Story Behind It

Republicans Are Getting Really ‘Sick’ of Trump’s ‘Bitching’

What Is the Fashion World Bringing to the Fight for Abortion Rights?

This Is the Big Question All Scientists Need to Ask First

Paul Pelosi Pushes Back Hard After DUI Arrest, While Nancy Pelosi Says She Has No Comment

COVID Truthers’ New Martyr Is a Gorilla Mom Named Martha

Patients Reveal Horror Stories About Utah OBGYN David Broadbent, Who Allegedly Abused More Than 80 Women

Day to Mourn Uvalde Victims Amerie Jo Garza and Maite Rodriguez Upended by Fury at Cops

Leah Remini, Adam Kinzinger, and Yashar Ali Are Fighting About ‘Top Gun’

Florida Principal Jimbo Jackson, Who Fought Gov. DeSantis Over In-Person Learning, Dies of After COVID Battle

Uvalde School Shooting Victim Amerie Jo Garza Honored with Girl Scout ‘Bronze Cross’ Award

Best Memorial Day Coupon Codes 2022

Biden Says ‘Rational Republicans’ Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn Are Rethinking Gun Laws After Uvalde Shooting

French BFMTV Journalist Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff Killed in Ukraine as Russian Forces Advance in Donbas

Climate Activist Disguised as an Old Lady in a Wheelchair Throws Custard Pie at the Mona Lisa

Queen Elizabeth to Meet Harry and Meghan’s Daughter Lilibet for the First Time on Saturday, Report Claims

‘No Sane Person’ Would Believe Putin Is Seriously Ill, Says the Kremlin

David Thomson Wants to Talk About Why We Adore Disaster

Marcella Alsan Is on a Quest to Reverse Racial Disparities in Health Care

Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’ Shows Why Book Bans Are So Futile

Donald Trump May Fade, but the Toxicity He Stoked Is Here to Stay

Protect Pregnant People, Make Google Delete Location Data

All the 2022 Song of the Summer Contenders, From Harry Styles and Lizzo to Bad Bunny

Monkeypox Is Spreading During Sex — and That Is Actually a Relief

The Best Summer Reads of 2022

Should the Government Force Us to Vote?

Norm Macdonald Faces Death as Only He Can in Posthumous Netflix Special

Donors ‘Pissed’ at President Joe Biden’s Lack of Attention, but Won’t Cut Him Off

50 Most Anticipated TV Shows of Summer 2022, From ‘House of the Dragon’ to ‘Stranger Things’

Here’s How Ex-U.S. Special Forces Are Training Civilians to Crush Putin’s Army

Why Do Harry Styles Fans Hate Olivia Wilde?

Trump Added More to the National Debt Than Obama and Bush

Detective Worries Madeleine McCann Suspect Is Wrong Man

Mo Brooks Rejects Age Restrictions Because He Took His Shotgun to School

CNN’s Dana Bash Grills Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Asks What Gun Solution Would You Actually Support?

Prince Harry and Prince William Reportedly Back on ‘Buddy Terms’ After FaceTime Peace Drive

George Carlin’s Daughter Says He'd ‘Roll Eyes’ at Far Right

Why Elon Musk Should Protect Porn Stars on Twitter

FX’s Sex Pistols Miniseries ‘Pistol’ Will Rock Your Face Off

Tom Cruise’s Dark, Twisted Journey to Scientology’s Top Gun

Sutton Stracke Is the Best Part of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

Mitch McConnell Is Pulling His Favorite Move After Mass Shootings

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez Has Big Plans for Son Robert Menendez Jr.

Early Cancer Screening Saves Lives. Congress Needs to Act.

The Rapper Huey's Murder Eerily Echoed My Friend's Death on the Same Bloody Streets

A Cellphone Was the Only Hero at George Floyd's Murder

Chinese Scientists Discover 3,000-Year-Old Female With Amputated Foot, Speculate It Was Punishment

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Radda in Chianti, Italy

Georgia’s New Voting Law Actually Drew Voters Out—In Rage

Uvalde School Districts Police Chief Pedro Arredondo Must Resign After Robb Elementary Massacre

Uvalde Families Slams Texas Cops Over Inaction in Robb Elementary School Massacre

Uvalde Shooting: Classmate of Salvador Ramos, Jamie Arellano Says ‘We Saw Him Beating a Little Dog”

Uvalde Gunman Salvador Ramos said ‘Everyone In This World Deserves to Get Raped’ on Yubo

Robert Eggers Feels He Needs to ‘Restrategize’ After ‘The Northman’

Telemedicine Is Paving a Post-Roe Path for Abortion Through Mail-Order Medication

‘Nothing More Than Cowards’: Uvalde Victims’ Families Say Cops Need to Pay

Europe Says it Loves Ukraine, But Not Enough to Let Them Join The Club

How Anne Hathaway Conquered the Cannes Red Carpet, Against Glamorous Competition

‘The Circle’ Star Yu Ling Wu Talks Strategy, Spice Girls, and Vortex Eyes

Mitch McConnell Never Puts America First

What Will Be the Next ‘This Is Us’?

Foreo Iris Eye Massager Review

Inside Apple TV+’s Addictive Rosie Perez Thriller ‘Now & Then’

These Crypto Investors Lost Major Coin, and Now the Tax Bill Is Due

Monkeypox Is Here and COVID Truthers Are Losing It

Chris Hayes Shreds NRA’s ‘Good Guy with a Gun’ Theory: ‘It’s All B.S.!’

Uturn Audio Turntable Review

Billionaire Denny Sanford Is Off the Hook in Child Porn Probe

Donald Trump Says ‘Existence of Evil’ Is Reason to Arm Teachers at NRA Convention Houston

Best cookware sets 2022

Kandiss Taylor Lost the GA Guv Race by 70 Points. She Still Won’t Concede.

Tom Homan Still Claims Uvalde Cops ‘Saved a Lot of Lives’ and ‘Did a Lot of Right Things’

Cops Are Only Human, But They Unforgivably Failed in Uvalde

‘Broker,’ a Lighthearted Film About Child Traffickers, Baffles Cannes

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Literally Blames Uvalde Shooting on ‘CRT’ and ‘Wokeness’

Vladimir Shamanov, Russian Defense Insider, Finally Admits Ukraine F*ck Up as Putin’s War Bogs Down

Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa Vie for Song of the Summer With “Potion”

Texas Chief Details Uvalde Kids’ Agonizing Calls to 911 as Cops Stood By at Robb Elementary School

Incumbent Democrat Rep. Kurt Schrader Falls to Progressive Challenger Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Oregon

Judge Allows New York Investigation Into Donald Trump to Move Forward

Star Wars Prequel ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Is Masterfully Guided by Ewan McGregor

2 Million Dollar Puzzle

Johnny Depp Attorney Camille Vasquez Throws Kitchen Sink at Amber Heard in Closing Argument

Cops Call BS on Pro-Gun Uvalde Rep. Tony Gonzales’ Wild Claim About Gunman Salvador Ramos

This Tiny Robotic Crab Is the World’s Smallest Remote-Controlled Walking Robot

Uvalde Shooter Looked Teacher in the Eye and Said ‘Goodnight’ Before Killing Her, Survivor Tells CNN

Secretary of State Antony Blinken to China: You Want to Compete? Bring It On!

Brazilian Police Kill Genivaldo de Jesus Santos, a Mentally Ill Man, in Squad Car Used as a Gas Chamber

Queen’s Guards Busted for Alleged Cocaine and Money Laundering Scam Days Before Star Role in Jubilee

Lee Greenwood, After Canceling NRA Appearance, Drops Bomb on Fox News, Saying ‘That Weapon Killed Kids!’

Trey Ganem Is Customizing 19 Caskets of Uvalde’s Youngest Victims

A Guide to ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi,’ Everything You Need to Know

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Opens With a Massacre of Children

Inside Queen Elizabeth’s Plan to Save Her Own Platinum Jubilee

This May Be One of Ireland’s Best ‘Liquor’ Trails — Even for Non-Drinkers

Michael Oberholtzer on Terrifying Broadway in ‘Take Me Out,’ His Tony Nomination, and That Nude Video

My Mom Was Murdered at Sandy Hook — Why Is This Still Happening?

This Is All So Tragic and We Are So F*cked

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Is Bullsh*tting About Mental Health Reform

‘Close,’ a Devastating Film About Young Queerness, Has Audiences Bawling in Cannes

SKIMS Is 50% Off For Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale 2022

How Great Was Ray Liotta? He Had Me at ‘Something Wild’

Texas Lieutenant Defends Uvalde Police Waiting for Backup, Saying ‘They Could’ve Been Shot’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Trashes Bizarre, Viral Massacre Claim

Seth Meyers Nails ‘Bearded Coward’ Ted Cruz for Fleeing Reporter After Texas Shooting

‘Fat Ham’ Won the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Now You Can Feast on It.

Vladimir Putin’s Brutality in Ukraine Is Exposing America’s Massive China Problem

Father of Uvalde Shooter Salvador Ramos Is Sorry for School Shooting

Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ Starring Austin Butler Is Utterly Exhausting

Ray Liotta Was So Much More Than ‘Goodfellas’

Fox Board Member Paul Ryan Unironically Chides ‘Entertainer’ Wing of GOP

Star Wars Spinoff ‘Andor’ Debuts a Trailer With Nearly No Footage of Andor

Ellen DeGeneres Dances Off Into Oblivion With Series Finale and a Complicated Legacy

Dermelect Anti-Aging Hand Cream Review

Alex Crane Bo Shorts Sun Tees Review 2022

Uvalde Mass Shooting Victims Prepared for Burial at Funeral Homes

‘Willow’ on Disney+ Looks a Lot Like the Original Ron Howard Movie. That’s Not a Bad Thing!

GOP Rep. Tony Gonzales Won’t Answer Why 18-Year-Olds Can Buy Assault Rifles

Uvalde, Texas Shooting: Family of Jose Flores Mistakenly Told He Had Survived

New Biodegradable Pacemaker Jumpstarts Heart Before Dissolving in the Body

Russia Accused of Kidnapping Chechens to Fight War in Ukraine

Newsmax Hosts Gun Lobbyist Who Blames Uvalde Shooting on Gun Control

Hero Teacher Irma Garcia’s Husband Joe Garcia Dies Days After Robb Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde

Florida and Texas’ ‘Free Speech’ Social Media Laws Would Require Sites to Host Mass Shooting Videos

Amber Heard Clashes With Johnny Depp’s Camille Vasquez Lawyer in Pivotal Last Round

More Guns and Cops at Schools Are Not the Answer

This Robotic Shoulder Can More Easily Grow Artificial Human Tissue in the Lab

In Netflix Comedy Man Vs. Bee, Rowan Atkinson Literally Fights a Bee

‘Goodfellas’ Star Ray Liotta Dead at 67

Donald Trump and Kids Must Testify in Fraud Probe, Appeals Court Rules

Texas Cops Still Can’t Explain Agonizing Hour-Long Wait to Storm Robb Elementary School in Uvalde

BioLite Memorial Day Sale 2022

Trump Personally Blasts Kellyanne Conway, Says She Should ‘Go Back to Her Crazy Husband’

Kevin Spacey Charged With Four Counts of Sexual Assault in U.K.

Ted Cruz Storms Out of British Interview When Asked About Gun Violence After Uvalde School Shooting

Donna Independent School District Says AK-47 and Student ‘Hit List’ Found Destined for Another Texas School

Jean-Luc Martinez, Former Louvre Director, Indicted on Art-Trafficking Charges

‘He Came in and Shot Her,’ Fourth-Grade Uvalde Survivor Reveals Chilling Encounter With Gunman

Netflix’s Laid-Off Workers Rail Against ‘Tailspinning’ Company, Say Diversity Not a Real Priority

Harry Styles, Chronic Simp, Can’t Stop Singing About Food

Russian State Media Won’t Stop Complaining About the Grueling Cost of Vladimir Putin’s War in Ukraine

Donald Trump’s Biggest Candidate Bet, David Perdue, Was a Bust

70-Year-Old Naval Technology Could Usher In a Nuclear Energy Revolution

Kristen Chenoweth Makes the Murder of Three Girl Scouts All About Her in ‘Keeper of the Ashes’

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down in Emotional Reaction to Uvalde, Texas Shooting

Seth Meyers Attacks ‘Depraved’ Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity Over Uvalde Mass Shooting Response

Ted Cruz Condemns ‘Political Posturing’ While Blaming Doors for Robb Elementary School Shooting

Mr. Taylor Swift and Margaret Qualley Have Lots of Sex in ‘The Stars at Noon.’ If Only They Had Any Chemistry.

Daniel Defense, the Maker of the Uvalde Shooter’s ‘Perfect Rifle,’ Abruptly Exits the NRA Convention

Elon Musk Ditches Tesla-Backed Loans as Part of His Twitter Takeover

There’s a Right Way and Wrong Way to Do Police Reform

The Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales 2023

CNN Host Alisyn Camerota Confronts Texas Republican James White: Why Do You Protect Embryos but Not Children?

Lumin Skincare Set Review 2022

Castle Flexx Review

LG Air Purifying Fan Review

‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Author Nancy Crampton Brophy Guilty of Hubby’s Slay

NASA’s InSight Lander Takes One Last Dusty Selfie Before It Shuts Down for Good

Stop Denying That Mass Shooters Can Be Mentally Ill

GOP Senators Ask Top Potential Gun Regulator to Reduce Gun Regulations

‘The Silent Twins’ at Cannes Is a Stunning Fantasy About Twin Black Girls Trapped in Their Own World

Vladimir Putin Pulls Shameless Hospital PR Stunt as Russian Troops Drop Like Flies in Ukraine

Beto O’Rourke Confronts Gov. Abbott, Gets Ejected From Texas Shooting Presser

Jailah Silguero Didn’t Want to Go to Robb Elementary School on Tuesday—She Died Beside Cousin Jayce Luevanos

ESPN Host Chris Russo Torches GOP Over Uvalde, Texas School Shooting

New Cancer Vaccine Bludgeons a Tumor’s Defenses Better Than Ever

Princess Charlene of Monaco Emerges to Say She’s ‘Fragile’ After Walking ‘Very Painful Path’

Huckberry Memorial Day Sale 2022

Ramona Singer’s Instagram Account Is the Scariest Place on the Internet

Johnny Depp Makes Return to Stand in Defamation Trial Against Amber Heard

Every Death in Robb Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas Happened in One Classroom

Kate Moss Denies Johnny Depp Stairs Rumor in Defamation War With Amber Heard

Christian Brueckner, Suspected Madeleine McCann Killer, to Be Charged for New Rape

Boris Johnson’s Lockdown Bashes in Downing Street Slammed in Bombshell Sue Gray Report

Pressure Builds on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Reconcile With Her Father Thomas Markle After His Stroke

Mariupol Stench of 200 Decomposing Bodies Led Workers to Basement

Matthew McConaughey, Uvalde Native, Demands ‘Action’ After Hometown Elementary School Massacre

Did a Princeton Professor Get Fired for Pissing Off Campus Activists?

‘The Circle’ Winner Frank Grimsley Saw His Mother’s Spirit After the Finale

GOP Drops Unprecedented Cash to Save Governors From MAGA Mutiny

Even Kellyanne Conway Hates Steve Bannon

Camila Cabello’s New Album ‘Familia’ Is Proof She’s an Underrated Pop Star

CPAC Hungary Was the GOP’s Ultimate Racist ‘Mask Off’ Moment

NASA and Sandia Labs Have a Microgrid Plan for Generating Lunar Colony Power

‘Funny Pages’ Is a Darkly Hilarious Comic Book Comedy from the Safdie Brothers’ Promising Protégé

Robb Elementary School Fourth Grader Amerie Jo Garza Was Shot as She Called 911, Grandmother Says

Georgia’s Top Elections Official, Brad Raffensberger, Claims Primary Win Despite Trump’s Wrath

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Talks ‘Pragmatic’ Gun Control With Colbert After Uvalde Shooting

Fox News Floats ‘Man Traps,’ ‘Ballistic Blankets’ to Stop School Shootings

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Gross Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Joke

Mo Brooks Barely Hangs On to Get to Runoff With Katie Britt in Alabama Senate Race

‘This Is Us’ Series Finale Review and Recap, Made Us Weep the Perfect Amount

Fox News Guest Says People Calling for Change After Texas School Shooting Are ‘Hurting the Situation’

Robb Elementary School Parents’ Frantic Search for Their Kids After Shooting: ‘Help Me Find My Baby’

President Joe Biden After Texas School Massacre Asks ‘Where in God’s Name Is Our Backbone?’

Steve Kerr Furiously Tells GOP to ‘Do Something’ About Mass Shootings, Says ‘I’m Fed Up!’

Robb Elementary Gunman Salvador Ramos Warned He Was ‘Going to Shoot’ a School Minutes Before Uvalde Massacre

Brian Kemp Crushes Trump’s Dreams in Georgia One More Time

Texas School Shooting Shows the U.S. Hates Its Own Children

Herschel Walker Easily Wins Georgia GOP Primary to Take on Raphael Warnock

‘Moonage Daydream,’ a Trippy Tribute to David Bowie, Raises Many Questions at Cannes

Monkeypox Antiviral Treatments Show Success in Studies But There’s a Catch

Tula Mineral Magic Sunscreen Review 2023

‘Russian Doll’ Creator’s Twisted Disney+ Take on Star Wars Could Finally Shake Up the Series

Best Wireless Headphones 2022

Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle’s Father, Hospitalized After Stroke

This MIT Bot Can Accurately Predict Your Race Using an X-Ray. Scientists Have No Idea How It Works.

Johnny Depp Calls Morgan Higby Night Despite His Labeling Amber Heard Jealous and Crazy

Robb Elementary School Gunman Who Killed 19 Kids Shot ‘Whoever Was in His Way’

Andrew Abdullah, Suspect in Manhattan Subway Shooting of Daniel Enriquez, Finally Surrenders to Cops

Johnny Depp Witnesses Try to Argue Amber Heard’s Career Was Doomed Anyway

FBI Says Pediatrician Stephanie Russell Asked Staff for Help Finding a Hitman to Whack Ex-Hubby

Ukraine Spy Chief Kyrylo Budanov Predicts Just How Long Vladimir Putin’s Army Can Last in the War

Dog Lover Ronda Persall Mauled to Death in Jones Chapel, Alabama by Her Neighbor’s Mutt Dogs

Jalen Randle Killing by Houston Cop Shane Privette Video Released

Kellyanne Conway’s Trip to ‘The View’ Was a Train Wreck

Another Russian General, Retired Air Force Major General Banamat Botashev, Reported Dead in Ukraine

Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ Trailer Pits Ryan Gosling Against Chris Evans In Hot Assassin Action

Stephen Colbert Presents Peabody Institutional Award to ‘Fresh Air’’s Terry Gross

No One Is More Irrelevant in the GOP Than Mike Pence

Google’s New Text-to-Image Generator Imagen Is Scary Accurate

Newsmax Hires Greta Van Susteren, Bumps Sean Spicer Amid Shakeup

Arooj and Aneesa Abbas, Sisters Tortured to Death, Over Travel Visas for Arranged Husbands, Police Say

New ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer Puts Chris Hemsworth’s Patootie Front and Center

Dinesh D’Souza Just Made an Enemy Out of Fox News

Pastor John Lowe’s ‘Adultery’ Confession in Warsaw, Indiana Church Goes Sideways, Victim Says ‘I Was Just 16’

Putin’s Own Men Are Already Discussing Who Will Replace Him

Prince Andrew Worming His Way Back Into Royal Life via Daily Visits Queen Elizabeth II

30 Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2022, From ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ to ‘Elvis’

Let’s Sue Big Polluters Under Oklahoma’s Wacko Abortion Law

Jeff Ettinger Was the King of SPAM. Now He Wants to Be a Congressman. There’s Just One Catch.

‘Angelyne’ Is Emmy Rossum’s Bonkers Blonde Bombshell Masterpiece

‘Sins of the Amish’ Reveals Bombshell Allegations of Cyclical Rape, Incest, and Physical Abuse

How a Tax Case Could Force Roger Stone to Cough Up Jan. 6 Records

Why Disney Entrusted ‘Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers’ to the ‘Dick in a Box’ Guys

How Gabby Beans Graduated From Neuroscience to Tony Awards’ Lead Actress Nominee

Top Scientist at Fancy Biotech Firm DiscGenics Says It Was a #MeToo Nightmare

Kellyanne Conway ‘Glorifies Trump’ but Skewers Jared Kushner and Her Husband George Conway in New Book

New York State Took More Than a Century to Acknowledge a Lynching

The Obscure London Library Where Famous Writers Go for Books

Jimmy Kimmel Returns From COVID and Lays Into ‘Virus’ Kellyanne Conway

Why Is This Murderous Masked Madman Walking Around New York City?

‘Crimes of the Future’ Isn’t Nearly as Gross or Sexy as It Thinks It Is

The Supreme Court Just Said in in Shinn v. Ramirez That Evidence of Innocence Is Not Enough

‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Writer Nancy Brophy Was ‘Only Person’ Who Could’ve Killed her Husband, Says DA

Desperate Republican Rival David Perdue Tells Stacey Abrams to ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’

Russian State Television Betrays Donald Trump in Crazed Defense of Putin’s War in Ukraine

Elon Musk’s Sexual Misconduct Defense: I Don’t Use Flight Attendants

Jake Tapper Tested Positive at CNN D.C. and Taped Show Anyway

Epic Art World Fraudster Inigo Philbrick Gets 84 Months for $86M Scheme

Couples Planning Weddings With Zola Had Their Accounts Hacked

Johnny Depp’s Online Mob Sabotaged Amber Heard’s Career, Witness Says

MAGA Rep. Alex Mooney Accused of Making Staff Drive Hundreds of Miles to Walk His Dog

The Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts in 2023

‘Decision to Leave,’ Park Chan-wook’s Stylish and Sexy Noir Thriller, Heats Up Cannes

Watch This Noodle-Shaped Robot Autonomously Escape a Maze

Belarusian President Lukashenko Reveals Dream of ‘New World Order’ in Russia’s War

Best Butt Acne Treatment

Pete Davidson Isn’t SNL’s Biggest Loss, It’s Aidy Bryant

Queen Elizabeth Rolls Up to Chelsea Flower Show in Her Swanky New Queenmobile

Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian Gothic Wedding to Travis Barker Brought the Looks

Exclusive Unseen David Bowie Footage in ‘Moonage Daydream’ Trailer

Johnny Depp’s Amber Heard Severed My Fingertip Story Under New Scrutiny

‘Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One’ Trailer Has Tom Cruise Driving a Motorcycle Off a Cliff

Treating Long COVID May Get a Lot Easier With This New AI Tool

Boris Bondarev, ‘Ashamed’ Russian Diplomat, Quits Top United Nations Role Over Putin’s ‘Warmongering’

Trevor Reed on How a Drunken Night Turned Into 985 Days in a Medieval Russian Prison

U.S. President Joe Biden Reveals Red Line That Would Spark U.S. War With China

We Must Unravel Jupiter’s Cryptic Origin Story to Find ET

Ugly Sonic in ‘Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers’ and All the Wildest Cartoon Cameos

Mandy Moore’s ‘This Is Us’ Performance Deserves Some Respect and an Emmy

Progressives Look to Texas to Continue Their 2022 Hot Streak

GOP Candidates Stop Worrying and Embrace Hard-Line Rhetoric on Abortion

Danny Boyle Takes Us Inside ‘Pistol,’ His Chaotic and Brilliant Sex Pistols Series

How Donald Trump’s Fear of Getting Pied May Come Back to Cream Him

John Oliver Bids Farewell to ‘Little Bitch’ Madison Cawthorn

The Massive Screwup That Could Let COVID Bypass Our Vaccines

Amber Heard Witnesses Made Waves, but Will Johnny Depp Recover in Defamation Trial?

Cannes’ Jerry Lee Lewis Documentary Avoids His Gross Pedophilia and Incest

In Cannes’ ‘Holy Spider,’ a Serial Killer Murders Prostitutes in Iran — and the Country Supports Him

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Shies Away From Extreme Abortion Ban He Signed

Queen Elizabeth Makes New Moves to Salvage Prince Andrew’s Reputation

Meet the ‘Hermettes’: A Secret Society of Women Who Prefer to Be Left Alone

Gospel Queen Yolanda Adams on Facing Off Against a Stripper in ‘Kingdom Business’

Kellyanne Conway Book: Trump Toyed With Quitting After Access Hollywood ‘Pussy’ Tape

Pete Davidson Holds Nothing Back in Touching SNL Farewell: ‘Thank You… For Never Giving Up on Me’

SNL Sends Off Kate McKinnon With One Last Alien Abduction

Turkey's Ancient Underground City Isn't What Everybody Says It Is

The German Billionaires With a Grotesque Anti-Semitic History

Biden Needs to Fix His COVID Screwups If He Wants to Win Reelection in 2024

Is Monkeypox the World’s New COVID-19? Scientists Make Judgment Call

The Making of Anna Weyant, Art’s Hot New Superstar

Inside the Megachurch That Has Ex-Members Screaming Cult

‘Triangle of Sadness,’ a Brutal Mockery of Influencers and Billionaires, Seduces Cannes

Why the DEA’s Private Beechcraft King Air Plane Was Forced Out of Mexico

‘Three Thousand Years of Longing,’ Director George Miller’s Genie-in-a-Bottle Movie, Is a Big Miss at Cannes

Murder Suspect Kaitlin Armstrong Now a Fugitive After Love Rival Anna Moriah Wilson Shot Dead

Best Fitness Trackers Amazon 2022

Eight Arrested After Snatching Teen at Dallas Mavericks Game

Former Harris County Deputy Constable Xochitl Ortiz Arrested for Allegedly Using Taser on Her Three Children

Machine Gun Kelly Thought Megan Fox Was Dumping Him. So He Made the Wild Stoner Comedy ‘Good Mourning.’

Jennifer Egan Talks About Her Latest Fractured Fairytale ‘The Candy House’

Sugarcoating World War II as the ‘Good War’ Is a Terrible Mistake

Organ Transplantation Owes a Great Debt to This 19th Century French Embroiderer

Democrats Are Crashing in Slow Motion Even Before the Final Roe Ruling Hits

From Ezra Miller Allegations to Amber Heard Legal Battles, the DC Cinematic Universe is Cursed

Billy Eichner’s Very Gay ‘Bros’ Trailer Has Radicalized Me

The Urgent Terror of a Surprise Pregnancy in Oklahoma

Queen Elizabeth Wants Us to Know, Pre-Jubilee, That She’s Still Very Much Here

Bland ‘Harry’s House’ Proves Harry Styles Wants You to Think He’s Weirder Than He Is

‘SNL’ and the Ugly Comedians Feasting on Amber Heard’s Misery

Vladimir Putin Could Actually Win the Battle for Luhansk in Ukraine

Socialite Jasmine Hartin Back Behind Bars in Belize—Over Bizarro Assassination Claims

After Madison Cawthorn’s Primary Loss, Is Lauren Boebert Next?

Shocking Video Appears to Show Chicago Cop Shoot Unarmed Teen

Crooked DEA Agent Sold Intel to Defense Attorneys, Feds Say

Best Wedding Guest Dresses 2023

‘Squid Game’ Star Lee Jung-jae’s Movie Bloodbath ‘Hunt’ Rattles Cannes

Every President Talks About Focusing on China—Biden’s Really Doing It

Will Smith’s Letterman Interview Hits Different Post-Oscar Slap

Could BBC’s ‘Everything I Know About Love’ Be the Next ‘Girls’?

Fox News Rallies to Elon Musk’s Defense Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Love Rival Accused of Killing Star Cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson Just Before Austin, Texas Gravel Locos Race

Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba Star in ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing,' George Miller's New Film

Joe Alwyn’s Nick on ‘Conversations With Friends’ Is TV’s Most Boring Character

Elon Musk Challenges Accuser to Describe Something on His Naked Body After SpaceX Sexual Harassment Claim

Why Future Space Farms Depend on Plants Grown in Antarctica

Climate Change Is Turning Us Into Sleep-Deprived Zombies

Trump Hand-Wrote Strategy Notes for Overturning the Election, Lawyer John Eastman Reveals in Court Filing

Vladimir Putin’s Secret Grandchild Is a Zelensky, Says Report

Russians Accused of Raping and Killing a One-Year-Old Child, Says Ukraine official

‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ Made Me Cry So Much

These Nine Republicans Hate Democrats More Than They Love Babies (or Freedom or Democracy or Anything Else)

Tom Daley on ‘Gross’ Anti-Trans Laws, LGBTQ Rights, Retirement, Being a Dad, and Body Anxiety

From ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ to ‘Top Chef,’ All-Star Seasons Are Saving Reality TV

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine Lets the Donald Trump Swamp Win Again

Joe Biden’s Struggling to Find an Antidote to the ‘Poison’ of White Supremacy

Is the Supreme Court About to Turn New York Into the Wild West?

Seth Meyers Unloads on ‘War Criminal’ George W. Bush Over Accidental Iraq War Confession

Anna Delvey Says New York Art Show ‘Is the Beginning of Me Telling My Story’

Fox News Host Mark Levin Tells Sean Hannity That Democrats Want the Southern Border Open to ‘Import’ Voters

Samantha Bee Returns to Furiously Tear Down Alito, GOP, and Hannity

‘Atlanta’ Season 3 Finale Boasts Cannibalism, Alexander Skarsgard Jerking Off, and the Return of Van

What Jon Stewart Learned About Comedy From George Carlin

Dinesh D’Souza’s Foul New Movie Is Driving Conservatives Crazy

Best Cordless Vacuums 2022

Elon Musk Allegedly Paid Flight Attendant $250,000 Settlement After Exposing Himself During Massage: Report

Monkeypox Could Be a Serious Problem Thanks to This Twist

Osceola County Deputy David Crawford Charged After Jean Barreto Is ‘Cooked Alive’ in Florida Taser Arrest

‘Succession’ on HBO Star Matthew Macfadyen Is Done Talking About Co-Star Jeremy Strong

Kevin Spacey’s First Movie Trailer ‘Peter Five Eight’ Arrives. Gross.

‘Riverdale’ Season Seven on the CW Will Be the Show’s Last

Madison Cawthorn Vows ‘Dark MAGA’ Takeover After Losing to Chuck Edwards in North Carolina Primary

Ellen Barkin Testifies in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Defamation Lawsuit

The People’s Convoy Now Claims They’ll Silently Ambush D.C.

Progressives Drag ‘Shameful’ Democratic Leader Sean Patrick Maloney as New York Election Map Chaos Grows

Surveillance Footage Debunks MAGA Clerk Tina Peters’ Mesa County Voter Fraud Claims

Twitter Execs Say They Won’t Let Elon Musk Weasel Out of Deal

How to Watch Floyd Mayweather Fight FITE TV

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Key Witness Falls Flat at ‘How To Murder Your Husband’ Writer Nancy Brophy’s Trial for Murdering Her Husband

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Students Walk Out at Turpin High School and Anderson High School in Ohio After Diversity Day Canceled—Again!

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Amber Heard Was Missing Hair and Had Busted Lip While Married to Depp, Raquel Pennington Says

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Stephen and Djeswende Reid ‘Person of Interest’ Sketch Released in New Hampshire Hiking Couple’s Homicide

Russian Troops Held Babies Hostage, Executed Boy on Playground, Human Rights Watch Finds

Win for Putin as Italy Defies Europe and Opens Ruble Account to Pay For Gas

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Voters Send Madison Cawthorn Home to Think About What He Did and Make Chuck Edwards North Carolina GOP Nominee

Boeing’s Second Starliner Spaceflight Mission to International Space Station Has Astronomical Stakes

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The World’s Most Powerful X-Ray at Stanford University Is Now Colder Than Space

Amber Heard Johnny Depp Liquor Bottle Allegation Pressed by Camille Vasquez

Kremlin Tells Russians Not to Worry, This War Will ‘Make Your Lives Better’

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FBI Records Reveal Matt Gaetz Was in Chaos Mode as Scandal Broke

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Mary Lynn Rajskub Is Ready to Spill All Her Hollywood Secrets

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Stephen Colbert Grills Mark Esper for Cashing In On Trump Secrets

This story has been deleted.

Kathy Barnette Doesn’t Deny Going Into Capitol on Jan. 6 in Fox News Interview With Bret Baier

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This Ultrathin Fuel Cell From MIT Uses Your Body’s Sugar to Make Electricity

Johnny Depp Lashed Out After Body Double Did Sex Scene, Amber Heard Testifies

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Shooting at Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods Leaves 1 Dead, 4 Critcal

Republicans Must Answer for ‘Great Replacement Theory’ Violence

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Candidate John Fetterman Hospitalized With Stroke Days Before Primary

Buffalo Victims Ruth Whitfield, Aaron Salter, Roberta Drury, Pearl Young, Katherine Massey, Celestine Chaney

Turn Pushers of This ‘Anti-White’ Conspiracy Theory Into Pariahs

Mass Shooters Like Payton Gendron in Buffalo Are Targeting Grocery Stores More Often

Buffalo Shooter Payton Gendron Visited Tops Supermarket for ‘Reconnaissance,’ Police Say

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts Wants No Rape or Incest Exception for Abortion

Convoy of Up to 1,000 Cars Leaves Mariupol, Ukraine

Queen Elizabeth Has ‘Embraced’ Charles’ Succession, but Won’t ‘Bow Out’ Yet

I Own a Sex Shop in Mississippi. SCOTUS Is Coming for Me Next.

Waukesha Parade Victim Virginia Sorenson’s Name on Rifle Used by Payton Gendron in Buffalo Tops Shooting

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Inside ‘Men,’ a Toxic Masculinity Horror Movie With a Jaw-Dropping Finale

Tops Massacre Suspect Payton Gendron May Have Spewed Hate Online

Alabama Trans Teens and Families Celebrate Legal Win, ‘But We Will Never Stop Fighting’

Aaron Salter Jr, Former Buffalo Cop Who Died in Tops Friendly Markets Mass Shooting, Mourned,

Rene Aaron Hernandez-Santos and Rene Trigueros Hernandez Jailed With Claudia Hernandez for Arely Exorcism

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Announce They Have Lost ‘Miracle Baby’

Payton Gendron Charged With Mass Shooting at Tops Friendly Markets in Buffalo, N.Y.

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Captured Inmate Casey White Distraught Over Prison Guard Lover’s Death, Mom Says

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Body of Missing North Dakota Man Jordan Simeon Found in Arkansas

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In Wacky Email,’s Volatile CEO Vishal Garg Says He Might Lose Everything He Owns

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Fox News Rages Over ‘Illegal’ Infants Getting Fed, Complains ‘American Babies First!’

Frank James, New York City Subway Shooting Suspected, Arraigned in Brooklyn

Russia Loses ‘Entire Battalion’ on Blown Up Bridge, Says Ukraine

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Port Arthur Police Identify Marcus Renard Hubbard as the Most Considerate Lawn-Mower Thief in History

Al Jazeera Reporter Shireen Abu Akleh’s Funeral Marred by Violence

Alina Kabaeva, Vladimir Putin’s Rumored Secret Lover and Mother of His Kids, Hit With String of U.K. Sanctions

Elon Musk Says $44 Billion Twitter Deal Is ‘on Hold’ Over Bot Questions as New SEC Probe Opens

The Vladimir Putin Nightmare That Blew Up in Moldova While We Weren’t Looking

Kaley Cuoco Just Gave the Performance of Her Career in ‘The Flight Attendant’ and Got Slapped for It

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Steve Bannon Is Using an FBI Interview to Undermine the Jan. 6 Panel

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There’s No Cure in Sight for America’s New Malaise

What if Elon Musk’s Twitter Grab Is All ‘a Big Fugazi’?

Forgetful Laura Ingraham Wonders ‘Why Didn’t We Have Hoarding’ When Trump Was President

MAGA ‘Audit’ Shrugged Off Complaint About Doorknocking Pedophile

James Blee Arrested at Australian Airport Over $20M Cocaine Haul Found Floating Near Lifeless Diver

‘Atlanta’ Gives Us a Confusing Portrait of a Black Teen Passing for White

There’s No Separation of Church and State on the Supreme Court

Rebel Wilson’s ‘Senior Year’ Is a Riotous, Nostalgic Comedy That Takes Us Back to 2002

Joe Gilliam, Oregon Dad Poisoned Twice, to Turn 60 Friday in Vancouver, Washington Hospital

Rep. John Cardenas Paid $424,000 in Campaign Cash to Hypnotist Wife Norma’s Company Essence Marketing

Inside ‘Reserved’ Prince Charles and ‘Headstrong’ Prince William’s Uneasy Alliance

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Jesse Jackson Slams Ted Cruz Over Jalen Randle Police Shooting by Shane Privette in Texas

How Life Became a ‘Living Hell’ for the Woman Who Found Camping Couple’s Corpses

Norm Macdonald Shot One Last Secret Netflix Special Before He Died

MAGA World Melts Down as 'Ultra-MAGA' Kathy Barnette Blows Up in Pennsylvania

Enes Freedom Urges Elon Musk to Buy NBA So He Can Play Again

Rob Reiner Announces ‘Spinal Tap II’ With Original Band Members Returning

A Million Americans Are Gone, but Mass COVID Death Is Here to Stay.

Christopher Walken Joins the Cast of ‘Dune: Part Two,' Which Is Certainly Random

The Human Cell Atlas Is Our Road Map to Defeating Disease

Eastpointe Police Believe Zion Foster’s Body Is 100-Feet Underground After Cousin Jaylin Brazier’s Confession

Desperate Russian Troops Plead For Parents’ Money To Buy Better Protective Gear in Ukraine

Adam Driver Will Lead Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Megalopolis’ Cast

Oath Keepers Boss Stewart Rhodes’ Kids Say They Thought He Would ‘Kill All of Us’

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Automated Stem Cell Factories for Regenerating Organs Are Coming to Space

Even Donald Trump Can’t Make Sense of His Own Dark-Money Maze

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Democrat Elaine Luria May Hate Facebook, but Her Stock Portfolio Doesn’t

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Baffling Abortion Flip-Flop

Mehmet Oz Frets to Sean Hannity About Surging Rival Kathy Barnette, Says ‘She’s a Mystery Person’

What Ukrainian Kids Are Drawing in One Zoom Art Class

U.S. Charges Alleged Cocaine Kingpin With Scamming Government out of COVID Relief Funds

Adam Pinkusiewicz Named as Suspect in Moab Double Murder of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Beck

Democrats Are Flooded With Cash After SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Leak, and Fear It Won’t Last

Why a Federal Ban on Menthols Is a Minefield for Joe Biden

The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Premiere Was Masterpiece Television

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Is GOOP’s Luxury Diapér Real?

Mott & Bow Mercer Jeans Review

Brevard School District to Review 19 Books After Parents Rage About ‘Violent, Pedophilic, Pornography’ Content

New Hong Kong Leader John Lee Arrests 90-Year-Old Cardinal Joseph Zen and C-Pop Singer Denise Ho

Where Is the ‘First Wives Club’ Sequel We Actually Want?

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Jalen Randle, Killed by Houston Police Officer Privette, Was Shot in Back of Neck, Independent Autopsy Says

Fired Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Drops Defamation Lawsuit Against NPR and CNN

Capitol Riot Plea Hearing Goes Off the Rails for Anthime Gionet, Far-Right Streamer Known as ‘Baked Alaska’

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively Feud Is Over, and ‘A Simple Favor’ Sequel Is Coming

Ukraine Says Vladimir Putin’s Precious War Plan Was Left Behind by Fleeing Russian Troops

Johnny Depp, Ellen Barkin, and Whitney Henriquez Could Shake Up the Amber Heard Defamation Case

Scientists Built a Bicopter Micro-Drone Inspired by Maple Seeds

Kyleen Waltman, South Carolina Mom Who Lost Her Arms in Dog Attack, Finally Leaves Hospital

Old Mice Memory Enhanced After Being Injected with Brain Fluid from Young Mice

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Suggests Trump Bombing Mexico Was Just a ‘Think Tank Question’

Judge Arthur Engoron Orders Donald Trump to Pay Up for Missing Evidence

Ukraine’s Child Refugees Need Help. Here’s How the World Can Step Up.

10-Year-Old Ukrainian Boy Says Russian Troops Burned His Mom Alive

Putin’s ‘Bullsh*t’ War Is Taking Fire on a New Front as Kremlin Youth Group Distances Itself

Vicky White’s Last Words Revealed in Audio of 911 Call, Prison Boss Screamed ‘Get Out and Run!’

Shireen Abu Akleh, Veteran Al Jazeera Journalist, Shot Dead Covering Israel’s West Bank Raids

Ukrainian Town of Rohan Makes Mockery of Russian Troops and Vladimir Putin’s Pathetic Arsenal

In ‘The Staircase,’ Toni Collette’s Violent Death Scene Has Scarred Me for Life

Secret Operation Tests Whether Chipotle’s Hiring May Be Racist

Racist Youth Movement America First Is Melting Down Over Virginity

How ‘The Challenge’s’ T.J. Lavin Became Drake’s Favorite Reality-TV Host

Could the End of Roe v. Wade Trigger Arkansas’ 1969 Abortion Ban?

What Symone Sanders’ New MSNBC Show Means for Bald Black Women

What ‘Barry’ and ‘Ted Lasso’ Have in Common (Really!)

Jimmy Kimmel Drags ‘Baby’ Elon Musk for Wanting Trump Back on Twitter

Hannity Claims There Will Be No ‘Loss of Abortion Access’ if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

Evansville Police Release Footage of Vicky White and Casey White Arrests in Dashboard, Body Camera Videos

Trump-Backed Lawmaker Alex Mooney Ousts GOP Colleague David McKinley in West Virginia

Danny McCormick, Anti-Mask Extremist in Louisiana, Is Behind the Scariest Abortion Bill in America

Osceola County Sheriff Blames Pokemon ‘Thieves’ for Fatal Police Shooting in Florida

Pace Gallery Tricked Into Buying $2 Million Fake Seurat, New Lawsuit Alleges

Will Queen Elizabeth Abdicate After Her Platinum Jubilee?

Two-Timing Husband Richard Dabate Found Guilty of Wife Connie’s Murder in Connecticut Fitbit Case

Nathan Carman Charged With Murdering Mother During 2016 Fishing Trip in Wild Inheritance Scheme

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Claudia Hernandez, Mom of 3-Year-Old Arely Killed in San Jose Church Exorcism, Shrugged It Off in YouTube Vid

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Ku Klux Klan Pic Sparks Anti-Racism Protests at Bullard High School in Fresno Unified School District

Right-Wingers Rage at Glenn Youngkin for Not Arresting Abortion Rights Protesters at Alito’s Home

National Intelligence Director Avril Haines Warns Vladimir Putin Could Take Extreme Steps to Win Ukraine War

We May Have Discovered the Link Between Mental Trauma and Chronic Pain

Mario Batali, Disgraced Celebrity Chef, Found Not Guilty in Selfie Groping Attack in Boston

The ‘Westworld’ Season 4 Trailer Is Confusing as Hell — What Is Going on?

Elon Musk Vows to End Donald Trump’s Twitter Ban If Takeover Goes Through

Charlotte’s Web CBD Review

Alabama Inmate Casey White Reveals What He and Vicky White Did During 11 Days on the Run

‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin Drags Alyssa Farah Griffin for Defending ‘Cowardly’ Mark Esper

Adam Sandler's ‘Hustle’ Trailer Hints It Could Be His Next ‘Uncut Gems’

Putin’s Troops Finally Realize They’ve Been Hung Out to Dry, Intercepted Call From Ukraine Suggests

NASA Drops Stunning New Photo From Its James Webb Space Telescope

Hulu’s ‘Conversations With Friends’ Is Another Steamy Masterpiece in the Sally Rooney-verse

Did Huckabee Finally Pick a Side in the War Between Fox News and Newsmax?

Scientists Look to Electric Eels for New Battery Technology

Queen Elizabeth, 96, Skips Parliament Opening, and Future King Charles III Gets Ready for His Big Moment

Russians Reveal Secret Dump of Their Dead Soldiers in Donetsk, Saying ‘It’s as Tall as a Person’

Inside the Relentless Campaign to Ruin Madison Cawthorn

A Mission to Uranus and Neptune Is Our Best Hope to Find Dark Matter

Dallas Schroeder, a Second MAGA Clerk in Colorado, Also Breached Voting Machines

You Need to Understand Why Many People Oppose Abortion

John Fetterman Looks Past Conor Lamb, Goes Full Lion on Republican Foes in Pennsylvania

Jessi Klein on Making Vanessa Bayer and Molly Shannon Shine in ‘I Love That for You’

Elon Musk Wants to Run Twitter So He Can Have Friends

Pont Royal, the Paris Bar Where Ernest Hemingway Blacked Out

Profanity at Justice Samuel Alito House Protest ‘Pains’ Tucker Carlson

OAN Finally Admits ‘No Widespread Voter Fraud’ by Georgia Election Workers After Settling Defamation Lawsuit

‘Bear Whisperer’ Star ‘Blaine Anthony’ Charged With Poaching Bear Whose Killing Was Aired on His Show

Russian State Television Admits Vladimir Putin’s Army Has Been Totally Embarrassing in Ukraine War

Ex-Playboy Playmates Rage Against Hugh Hefner ‘Free Speech’ Celebration

Laughland Teeth Whitening Kit Review 2022

Best Massage Guns Amazon

Alabama Prison Guard Vicky White Dies After Being Found With Murder Inmate Casey White in Evansville, Indiana

Uppercut Deluxe Hair Review

Dinesh D’Souza Claims Tucker Carlson and Newsmax Won’t Promote His Batshit Movie

Diana Ross and Tame Impala Join ‘Minions’ Soundtrack, the Most WTF Roster of Stars

Stop With the Pearl-Clutching Over Protests at Supreme Court Justices’ Homes

Putin Sounded Like a Loser In His ‘Victory Day’ Speech

Bowen Turner, Well-Connected South Carolina Teen Who Got Slap on Wrist for Rape, Is Arrested Again

Molotov Cocktails Found at Torched Anti-Abortion Office of Wisconsin Family Action

DeuxMoi, Everyone’s Favorite Gossip Blog, Is Getting an HBO Max Series Based on ‘Anon Pls’ Book

Ohio Parents Demand Milford Schools Ban Historical Novel, In the Time of the Butterflies

Alabama Prison Guard Vicky White Used Fake ID to Plot Escape With Inmate Casey White

Intercepted Calls Catch Russians Slamming Vladimir Putin’s ‘Bullshit’ Victory Day

‘Father of the Bride’ Remake Trailer: Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan Are a Couple on the Rocks

New Wearable Tracks Your Alcohol, Sugar, and Soreness Levels with Microneedles

Could Non-Profit Civica Rx Solve the U.S. Insulin Price Crisis?

Donald Trump’s Former Fixer Michael Cohen Says Missing Tapes Would Prove Trump Lied

Things Just Went to Hell at The Business of Business, Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli’s Ex’s Newsroom

The ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Trailer Is Finally Here

Amazon Daily Deal Fire Tablet Smart Device

The Filipino Trump: Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr Heading for Presidential Landslide

‘A Strange Loop’ Leads With 11 Tony Award Nominations, While Daniel Craig Is Snubbed

Mario Batali, Disgraced Celebrity Chef, Opts for Last-Minute Non-Jury Trial in Sexual Misconduct Case

Putin Attempts to Justify War in Ukraine in ‘Low Key’ Victory Day Parade Speech Full of False Claims

John Chell, NYPD Chief Who Killed Ortanzso Bovell, Helps Oversee Cops Probing Murder of His Brother Orenzso

Jessica Biel Is ‘Candy,’ a Permed Housewife Acquitted After Hitting Her Friend With an Axe 41 Times

In ‘Pleasure,’ a Young Woman Navigates the Dark Side of Porn

Republicans Are Wasting No Time Pushing Dystopian Post-Roe v. Wade Laws

Joe Biden Can Barely Say ‘Abortion.’ Can He Lead on It?

Puebla, One of Mexico’s Most Beautiful Cities, Has a Hotel to Match It

Why ‘The Kardashians’ Is a Better Show Than ‘Keeping Up’ Ever Was

Kandiss Taylor, Georgia Candidate for Governor, Builds Campaign on Demolition of ‘Satanic’ Tablets

Fire at Anti-Abortion Group Wisconsin Family Action’s Office Investigated as Arson

Donald Trump Jr Blurts Out Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Elon Musk and SCOTUS Leak

If Casey White, Who Escaped With Vicky White in Alabama, Is Off His Meds, Anything Could Happen

Jake Tapper Grills Mississippi Gov Tate Reeves, Asks ‘Are You Going to Force’ Pregnancy on Incest Victims?

Bilohorivka School Bombing ‘Most Likely’ Killed 60, Ukraine Officials Say

Prince William and Prince Harry May Come Face to Face at St. Paul’s Cathedral

How These Moms Discovered Their Children Were Porn Stars

That Time a House Democrat Called Pelosi a ‘Terrible Person’

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