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Articles August 2021

Texas Just Outlawed Abortion as We Knew It

Joe Biden Finally Ended America’s Abominable ‘Forever Wars’

Louisiana Evacuees Urged to Stay Away Amid Grueling Recovery Efforts

Convicted Fraudster Stephen Alford Charged With Trying to Bilk Rep. Matt Gaetz and Dad for $25 Million

Joe Biden to U.S.: The Afghanistan War Is Over, You Are Welcome

The Mystery of John Pierce, Jan. 6 Lawyer Who Suddenly Vanished

Fortune CEO Postpones Major Event After Magazine Staffers Plan to Picket It

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ Avenges Monica Lewinsky and Turns Bill Clinton Into a Horror Villain

Teacher Penny Gary Dies of COVID in Bulloch County School District, Which Chose Blue Jeans Over Masks

Mike Richards Finally Leaves Post as ‘Jeopardy!’ Executive Producer

R. Kelly Made Girlfriends Who ‘Twerked for Cake’ Fight Each Other at Birthday Party, Witness Says

She Escaped Before the Last American Flight From Kabul—Her Sister Did Not

‘Kraken’ Lawyer Sidney Powell Storms Off Set When Grilled on Her Election Lies by ABC TV’s Sarah Ferguson

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco’s Marriage Is in Trouble, Reports Say

Frantic Sisters Fret Over Fate of Father and Brother on Ida-Slammed Island

Trump Reveals His Master Plan for Afghanistan

We’re Giving Up On Afghanistan—and the Americans Still There

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg Got Speeding Ticket Days Before Crash Plea Deal

I’m a Sex Worker and a Sex-Trafficking Survivor. Shame on Bill Maher for Mocking Us.

Outer Bug Repellent Blanket Review 2022

Democrats in The Red State of South Carolina Learned to Fight Back Over COVID-19

Kanye West Accused of Ripping Off Logo for His Donda Merch, and They Have Receipts

The Nonexistent Afghanistan Plan That Might’ve Saved Biden’s Ass

How Simon Rich Became the Most Ambitious Comedy Writer Alive

U.S. Spying Operations Just Got a Lot Harder in Afghanistan

The Disturbing Effect of Wildfires on Sperm

Tucker Carlson Offers to ‘Fund’ COVID Grifter Alex Berenson’s Twitter Lawsuit

America’s War in Afghanistan Is Over but Our Big Lies About It Live On

Amy Shneider Went Into Labor Befor Hurricane Ida Tore Into New Orleans

Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Is a Tribute to Mom Full of People Who Hate Women

Russian State TV Host Compares Slain Kabul Marine Nicole Gee to Ashli Babbitt in Nutty Rant

Anti-Masker Steve Lynch Threatens School Board

Madison Cawthorn Fantasizes About Busting Out Jan. 6 ‘Political Hostages’

America’s Longest War Ends in Chaos as Last Flight Leaves Kabul

Male Witness Describes R. Kelly Sexually Abusing Him as Teen in Brooklyn Federal Trial

Rudy Giuliani’s PR Guru Christianne Allen Resigns as Legal Walls Close In

‘Wacky Guy’ Angrily Confronts NBC News Correspondent Shaquille Brewster During Live Hurricane Report

Connecticut Dr Anatoly Braylovsky Accused of Trying to Hire Hells Angel to Kill Witness at His Oxy Fraud Trial

R. Kelly Sexually Assaulted Teen Days After Secretly Marrying Aaliyah, Witness Says

Best Fall Duvet Covers to Warm You Up 2022

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes May Claim Ex-Boyfriend’s Abuse Erased Her ‘Capacity to Make Decisions’

Louisiana Residents Beg for Rescue After Hurricane Ida

Prince Andrew’s Gilded Cage Closes In as Department of Justice Reiterates Desire to Speak to Disgraced Royal

Family of Kids Dead in U.S. Attack in Kabul Cry Out in Mourning, ‘They Were Torn to Pieces’

Wikipedia Can Be Both a Gift and a Curse for Puzzlers

Bombshell Lawsuit Has ‘GMA’ Co-Hosts George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts at Each Other’s Throats

Marie Kondo on ‘Sparking Joy’ in the Time of COVID and the Alison Roman Mess

The Left Frets that Kyrsten Sinema Is Now Just Trolling Them

Don’t Negotiate With Trump’s Disease-Spreading Zombie Army

Porn Superstar Maitland Ward: Our OnlyFans Victory Is Just the Beginning

The Freefall Moment When WeWork Turned Into WTF

His Name Is Barbecue—and He’s Ready to Plunge Haiti Into War

Netflix 9/11 Doc ‘Turning Point’ Features Afghan Army Boasting of How They’ll Beat the Taliban

Highline Wellness Melatonin Gummies Help You Achieve a Restful Sleep

Ed Asner Was Lovable to the End, Just Like Lou Grant

Dr. Fauci Implores People to Stop Taking Horse Drug Ivermectin to Prevent COVID, Says ‘Don’t Do It!’

Hurricane Ida Roars Ashore as Monster Category 4 Storm

Sec. of State Blinken Denies U.S. Gave Taliban ‘Kill List,’ Says It’s ‘Simply Not the Case’

Roman Psychological Warfare in Britain? Archaeologists Think They've Found the Key

Royals Reportedly ‘Ignore’ Meghan and Harry’s Racism Allegation, Hoping It ‘Will Go Away’

My Child Went to Court—and Instantly Recognized the Racism

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Cheltenham, UK

Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is the Hero Democrats Need

‘The Other Two’ Star Heléne Yorke Saw Her Feet Pics Online and Knew She’d Made It

Soledad O’Brien on Fox News’ ‘Stupid Blonde’ Spouting Vax Nonsense

Mesa County’s MAGA-Loving Election Clerk Tina Peters Accused of Not Counting Ballots in Local Race

Inside Vladimir Putin’s Shadowy Army of Global Spies

Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’ Is a Bland ‘Black Panther’ Retread

Afghanistan Calls to Veterans' Suicide Hotlines Are Up Since Fall of Kabul

Marine Nicole Gee Said She Loved Her Job. ‘Mistakes’ in Kabul, Afghanistan Killed Her, Pal Says.

Allies Pull Out of Kabul as U.S. Warns Americans of Another Attack in Afghanistan

Rachel Nichols Is Out — But ESPN’s Racial Rot Remains

They’re Closing the Prison Where I Met Jeffrey Epstein. It’s About Time.

Ragnarok Diabolical Ransomware Gang Calls it Quits

This Outrageous ‘Cinderella’ Clip Broke My Brain This Week

New Docs Show RNC GOP Convention Cost Park Service Extra $100K

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Search for a New Brand, Beyond ‘Royal Feud’

The Taliban Doesn’t Have an ‘Existential Crisis.’ Biden Does.

‘Candyman’ Is Just Not ‘Candyman’ Without Tony Todd

Georgia School Official Responds to COVID Crisis With ‘Tone Deaf’ Blue Jeans Proposal

This Was a Buzzing College Campus—Then the Taliban Came

Bill Maher Shames Sex Workers After OnlyFans Reversal

Former Professional ‘Silly’ Clown Ronald Schroeder Charged in 30-Year-Old Cold Case Killing of Daughter

Scientists Deploy Tiny Wasps Against Tree-Killing Ash Borer Beetles

U.S. Hits ISIS With Airstrike in Retaliation for Kabul Airport Attack

Cold Case Murders of Ana del Valle and Basil Gray Vex the NYPD

Delta Variant of COVID-19 Doubles Risk of Hospitalization, Lancet Study Shows

Father of Rylee McCollum, Dad-to-Be Killed in Kabul, Says He’s ‘Scared Shitless’ About What’s Next

Jealous College Student Accused of Wild Plot to Murder Her Lover’s Wife

Peter Meijer Calls on Administration Officials to Resign and Defends Rogue Afghanistan Trip

Best New Launches from Our Place, Brooklinen, Away, and More

Larry Elder Said 6 Months Ago He Didn’t Have ‘Temperament’ to Be Governor

Slain Marine Kareem Nikoui’s Dad Vents Anger at Military, Biden After Kabul Airport Blasts

Best Outdoor Fire Pits for Cozy Backyard Fun

Jail Doc Pushed Fantasy COVID Cure. Then All Hell Broke Loose.

Future Fitness Offers Personalized Workouts From Elite Trainers

Kabul Airport Crowds Gather Again One Day After Deadly Attacks

Tucker Carlson’s Ugly Feud With Eric Swalwell Has Sucked In Family

Why Does Everybody Hate ‘Ted Lasso’ All of a Sudden?

‘Jeopardy!’ Alums Feel ‘Betrayed’ by Mike Richards and Sony

FBI Screwup Lets Agents Access Information They Weren’t Supposed to See

‘He’s All That’ Proves TikTok’s Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian Can’t Act

Everything Biden Said Wouldn’t Happen in Afghanistan Is Happening

Everyone’s Against Forever Wars Until They Actually End

Michael Shannon Plays Seth Meyers a Song About Armadillos

Kanye West Brings Out DaBaby and Accused Rapist Marilyn Manson at DONDA Chicago Show

Why ISIS Attacked the Kabul Airport—and What’s Coming Next in Afghanistan

Russian State TV Host Launches Deranged, Racist Attack on Capitol Cop Lt. Michael Byrd

GOP Hawks Rage That They Want Their Forever War Back After Kabul Attack

Lt. Michael Byrd, Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt, Breaks Silence

America Took the Bait After an Attack 20 Years Ago. Not This Time.

Trump Suggests Osama bin Laden Wasn’t a ‘Monster,’ Says He Only Had ‘One Hit’

Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen Resigns Amid Andrew Cuomo Fallout

Biden Tells Kabul Attackers: ‘We Will Hunt You Down and Make You Pay’

R. Kelly Compared Himself to Jerry Lee Lewis, Who Married 13-Year-Old Cousin, Witness Says

Inside Fortnite's Disastrous Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute

‘Last Chance to Leave’: The Fight to Get One Woman Out of Afghanistan

This Waterproof Notepad for the Shower Keeps Me From Forgetting My Best Ideas

Pentagon Confirms ‘Explosion’ Outside Kabul Airport in Afghanistan After ISIS Terror Threat Warning

Sturgis Rally Is What a Vaccine-Era Coronavirus Superspreader Event Looks Like

LGBTQ Afghans Fear ‘Death Sentence’ as the Taliban Takes Over

Why the OnlyFans Porn Mess Is a Wake-Up Call for Sex Workers

The Real Story Behind the $25,000 Donald Trump Donation to Pam Bondi

The MAGA Movement’s a Bigger Threat to America Than the Taliban

U.S. Marshal Says He Was Fired for Protecting a Gay Colleague

Bump This State to the Top of Your Post-Pandemic Wishlist

Bourbon’s Newfound Star Power Andy Roddick and Peyton Manning The Life Behind Bars Podcast

David Duchovny Turned Down Scientology, Doesn’t Care About UFOs, and Loves Making Sweet Music

‘American Horror Story: Double Feature’ Gives Us the Glorious Gift of Sarah Paulson’s ‘Tuberculosis Karen’

Behold RuPaul’s Rules for Handling ‘Unruly’ Airplane Passengers in the Time of COVID

Father Michael Panicali Delivers Anti-Vaccine Homily at Brooklyn Church

Neighbor Outdoor Loveseat Couch Review

Tucker Carlson Finds It ‘Confusing’ That a Bisexual Woman Married a Man

Judge Sanctions ‘Kraken’ Lawyer Sidney Powell, Recommends Disbarment: ‘This Case Was Never About Fraud’

Ex-Trump Spy Chief Richard Grenell Cozies Up to Serbia’s Pro-Moscow Strongman

Chicago College Student Shares ‘Guilt’ as His Family Hides From the Taliban

South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg to Take Plea Deal for Death of Joseph Boever

Home Improvement Deals

‘Like Tuskegee’: Southern Jail Treats COVID With Drug FDA Says Is Dangerous

Capitol Police Officer Who Killed Jan. 6 Rioter Ashli Babbitt Speaks to NBC’s Lester Holt

Princeton Drops Billionaire Ron Perelman’s Name From Dorm After He Misses Payments

Kathy Hochul, New NY Guv, Quietly Admits Andrew Cuomo’s Admin Fudged the Numbers on COVID

Tucker Carlson Takes Potshot at Hannity’s Guest While Handing Off Airwaves to Him

Inside the Massive MSNBC Deal Paying Rachel Maddow to Work Less

Airbnb to House 20,000 Afghan Refugees for Free Around the World

The Horrifying Testimony R. Kelly Needs Jurors to Forget

OnlyFans Makes Abrupt U-Turn, Won’t Ban Porn After All

DaBaby, Boosie and Hip Hop’s Love-Hate Relationship With Homoeroticism

Matt Gaetz Failed to Properly Disclose His Abysmal Book Sales

Forget AOC, Nancy Pelosi Has a Problem With Raging Moderates Now

‘The Other Two’ Roasted Justin Bieber and Became TV’s Funniest Millennial Comedy

Outraged Time’s Up Backers Call for CEO Tina Tchen to Resign After Cuomo Scandal

Why Gavin Newsom’s Big Latino Problem Could Bring Him Down

Govs. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott Push Regeneron Monoclonal Antibodies, Oppose Mandates

How Missouri’s Absurd New Gun Law Hurts Police Departments and Shooting Victims

No-No Boy’s Moving Musical Ode to the Fall of Afghanistan

Antifa-Hating Cops Keep Taking the Side of MAGA Terror

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Saw Bullying ‘Smears’ as Vindication of Decision to Quit the Royals

Seth Meyers Mocks Andrew Cuomo’s Self-Righteous Farewell Address

Trumpworld Pleads Ignorance on New Rally for Capitol Rioters

Viral Side Sleeper Pillow Cube Amazon Review 2024

Kayleigh McEnany, With a Straight Face, Says We ‘Didn’t See Crisis After Crisis’ Under Trump

Inside Vladimir Putin’s Battle With ‘Russia’s CNN,’ TV Rain

Charlie Watts Was the Beating Heart of the Rolling Stones

‘The Sooner, the Better’: Joe Biden Won’t Budge on Afghanistan Deadline

National Rifle Association Cancels Annual Meeting Over Covid

Texas Teen Emma Presler Accused in Disabled Woman’s Death Has Now Set a Couple on Fire, Police Say

Best Soothing Face Mask for Irritated Skin from Peter Thomas Roth

Judge Declares Mistrial in Michael Avenatti’s Embezzlement Trial in California

Candace Owens Sued After Accusing Failed GOP Candidate Kim Klacik of Being Strip Club ‘Madame’

Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts Dead at 80

R. Kelly Told Girlfriends Their Parents ‘Sold’ Them to Him, Accuser Says

UK College Graduate Ahmad Massoud Is the Last Man Standing Against the Taliban

Hold On to a Disappearing World With This Book

Paralympics Open in Tokyo as COVID Cases Surge to 25,000 Per Day

Andrew Cuomo Was Only Ever Good at Cruel Manipulation

Multimillionaire Michael Boren Battles Idaho Neighbors Over Sawtooth Airstrip

Netflix Exposes the Dark Side of Bob Ross’ ‘Joy of Painting’ Empire

Ultra-Vaccinated Israel’s Crisis Is a Dire Warning to America

How ‘Nailed It!’ Host Nicole Byer Became the Bob Saget of Her Generation

How Biden’s Coronavirus Response Has Been Dragging Him Down

The Taliban Now Controls a U.S.-Made Super-Surveillance System

Why are Oktoberfest Beers on Store Shelves in August?

Why Afghanistan’s ‘Pumpkin Government’ Was Always Doomed

Snoop Dogg Schools Stephen A. Smith on Weed

GOP Pays Rudy Giuliani Associates Wrapped Up in Ukraine Probe

Tucker Carlson ‘Completely’ Agrees With Jason Whitlock That ‘A Lot of What the Left Supports Is Satanic’

A Bad Last Day for New York’s Dog of a Governor Andrew Cuomo—and His Dog Captain

Andrew Cuomo Dubbed ‘Worst Dog Owner in America’ for Treatment of Dog Captain

Surveillance Footage Shows Last Time Murdered Moab Camping Couple Kylen Schulte and Crystal Beck Seen Alive

‘The Daily Show’s’ Jordan Klepper Embarrasses Anti-Vax Protesters in NYC

Biden’s Blustering His Way Into a Moral and Political Disaster

Supermodel Carre Otis Is Blasting Elite Over Former Boss Gerald Marie

Arizona Election ‘Audit’ Delayed Because Cyber Ninjas Caught COVID-19

Ex-Fox News Editor Chris Stirewalt Recalls ‘Humiliation’ of Being Fired Over Election Night

What It’s Like to Be on the Taliban ‘Kill List’ Right Now

DaBaby Calls His Critics ‘Crybabies’ in Yet Another Terrible Apology

Disposable Face Masks to Stock Up On

Accuser: R. Kelly Made Me Get an Abortion, Smear Myself With Feces

Taliban May Have Inherited ‘Hundreds’ of Missiles From Former Afghan Government

Why the FDA’s Pfizer Approval Could Be the COVID Game-Changer America Desperately Needs

There’s No Funny Business About SNL Cast Member Clues

Everlane Slim 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean Review

The Gathering of the Juggalos Sees Steve-O, Chris Hansen, and a Horde of Crazy Clowns Take Over Ohio

Michael Spavor Was Kim Jong Un’s Party Pal. Now He Rots in a Chinese Prison.

Lauren Boebert May Have Violated Financial Disclosure Laws

Lefties Planted the Anti-Science Seed Fueling Vaccine Skepticism

Mariana Di Girólamo Is the Enchanting Actress Torching the Patriarchy to Reggaetón in ‘Ema’

We Need More Kids, but Not the Way the GOP’s Talking About It

Why Is Biden’s DOJ Continuing This Trump-Era Witch Hunt?

The U.S. Has Been Fighting the Wrong Wars the Wrong Way for Decades

Visiting Colombia? Here Are Some Options to Consider

Joe Biden Is Going Down a Slippery Slope of His Own Making

John Oliver Calls Afghanistan ‘a Stain on Biden’s Legacy’

‘Pass Over’ Brilliantly Heralds the Return of the Broadway Play

Quietest Place in America Is Also a Hotbed of Racist Hate

This City Went From ‘Defund’ to Planning a Massive New Police Fantasyland

Biden Laughs Off Sagging Poll Numbers, Defends Afghanistan Mess

Rachel Maddow Decides to Stay at MSNBC

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Grills Jake Sullivan on Biden’s Misleading Afghanistan Claims

Manny Pacquiao Fails to Regain Boxing Title From Yordenis Ugas

Henry Weakens From Hurricane to Tropical Storm as It Lashes Northeast

Afghan Woman Gives Birth to Baby Girl Aboard U.S. Air Force C-17 Evacuation Flight

Believe It or Not, Jesus Was a Good Jew

The Queen Goes It Alone to Support Prince Andrew. Again.

Explaining George Jones, a ‘Haunted House of a Human Being’

‘District 9’ Director Neill Blomkamp on His Chilling Foray into VR Horror and America-Inspired ‘District 10’

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Ko Kut, Thailand

Lorde and Nicole Kidman Take on the Cult-ish Wellness Industry

The GOP Is Holding My Kids Hostage for a Third School Year

Billionaire Ron Burkle Makes Another Enemy

The Mystery of ‘Lost Girls of Panama’ Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers Unravels

Afghan Women Say The Taliban Are Shooting People in the Night and Filming It

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz Are the Hottest Couple of Summer 2021

Brooklyn Boys Sue Old Partner in ‘Cuomo’s Firm’ for Abusing Them

Trump Jokes About COVID Risk, Touts His ‘Good Relationship’ With Taliban at Alabama Rally

Twins Killed as Floods Devastate Waverly, Tennessee, in Humphreys County

Alabama Doctor Tells of ‘Terrifying’ Reality for Pregnant Women With COVID

Conservative Radio Host Phil Valentine Who Recorded Beatles Parody About Vaccines Dies From Coronavirus

Alabama Rep. Barry Moore, Who Boasted About Defying Pelosi’s Mask Rule, Gets COVID

Orlando Residents Asked to Conserve Water as COVID-19 Patients Use Up Liquid Oxygen

Does the Delhi of Mystery and Magic Still Exist?

Sandra Oh’s ‘The Chair’ Tells the Rotten Truth About Academia’s Rigged Games

Haiti Struggles to Dig Out After Earthquake and Flooding

Top Trans Officer Bree Fram on the Military, Marriage, and Joining Space Force

The Horrors of Growing Up in a Pedophilic Sex Cult

Can ‘Jeopardy!’ Recover From This Mike Richards Disaster?

Has the Pandemic Changed the Way We Dress and Present Ourselves Forever?

OnlyFans’ Fuck You to Sex Workers Is Even Nastier Than You Think

Kylen Schulte and Crystal Beck Found Shot to Death in Moab

Texas 12-Year-Old Murdered His 6-Year-Old Cousin Bella Courtney at the Home They Shared, Police Say

What Happened to Juilliard Student Sarah Fox? The ‘Ritualistic’ Killing That Haunts New York

DHS Memo: Capitol Attackers Plotted in Advance

FX’s Monica Lewinsky Series ‘Impeachment’ Not Out to Vilify Hillary Clinton or Linda Tripp

Porn Legend Peter North’s Wife Accuses Him of Rape and Abuse

Final Jeopardy: What Is a Self-Inflicted Hosting Disaster?

Floyd Ray Roseberry’s Family Tipped Cops Off a Day Before Capitol Bomb Threat Incident

Cryptic Message Suggests Kendrick Lamar Might be Done With Record Label Top Dawg Entertainment

Grandma Slams Own Daughter Tiffany Coburn After 11-Month-Old Mercedes Lain Found Dead in Indiana Woods

Sports Equipment Sales

Joe Biden Pledges Rescue Effort, But Won’t Commit Past Aug. 31 Deadline

The Internet Isn’t Waiting for President Biden to Help Afghan Refugees

COVID Is So Bad Even Gun Makers Are Ditching NRA’s Big Party

R. Kelly’s Former Assistant Anthony Navarro Testifies at New York Trial About ‘Weird’ Employment

‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ Star Melissa Joan Hart Gets COVID

Chris Johansen, Maine Lawmaker Whose Wife Cindy Johansen Died of COVID, Joins Anti-Vaxx Rally

Biden Insiders: Our Afghanistan Exit Is a Part of a Much Bigger Reset

Socialist Twitch Streamer Hasan Piker Get Grief From Twitter for Buying $3 Million Los Angeles Home

New ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mike Richards Steps Down After Several Controversies

The Daily Beast’s New Editor in Chief Charts Her Course for the Future

With ‘Solar Power,’ Lorde Doesn’t Need to Be Pop Music’s Savior

How Is Hulu’s ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Such a Hot Mess?

New Jersey Landlord Says She Can’t Evict Renter With Pigeon ‘Nailed to Door’

Taliban ‘Hunting Down’ Afghan Journalist for Deutsche Welle Killed a Family Member

Why the Queen Will Do Anything to Protect Prince Andrew

Biden’s 'Insane' Story About Afghans Who Helped U.S. Doesn’t Fly

Monkey Mogul Accused of Faking Death of Famous “Buddy” Chimpanzee Tonka

Why Mary Trump Thinks Her Uncle Donald Trump Is ‘Incapable’ of Convincing the Unvaccinated

Inside the Secret Codes Hackers Use to Outwit Ransomware Cops

Generation Z’s Alt-Right Declares New Hero: the Taliban

NASA Says This Lake Is Like Being on Mars—and Turkey Wants to Save It From Tourists

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly—The Long Island Iced Tea The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Scientists Say Biden Jumped the Gun With COVID Vaccine Booster Plan

The Real Reasons Why OnlyFans Is Banning Porn

Huckberry Wellen Fatigue Cord Shorts Review

Stephen Colbert Rips Into New ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mike Richards

Purple Harmony Pillow Review

What Recurring Dreams of Losing Your Teeth or Being Naked Mean

Elise Stefanik Teams Up With Nutty MAGA Conspiracy Theorist

Jan Myers, Already Charged With Hate-Crime, Tries to Run Over Victim’s Husband William Healy, Cops Say

The Buck Stops With No One After Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle

Rupert Murdoch Sells Failed Website Knewz to Tabloid King Dylan Howard

OnlyFans Turns Its Back on Sex Workers and They Are Pissed

University of Miami Player Rashaun Jones Arrested for Killing Teammate Bryan Pata

Afghan Journalist Says Taliban Brutally Beat Boy for Wearing Shorts

Florida County Sets Up Showdown With Ron DeSantis Over Anti-Mask Mandate

Roger Wicker Angus King John Hickenlooper Test Positive for Coronavirus

Jake Tapper Calls Out Nikki Haley’s ‘Insulting’ Memory-Holing of Trump’s Taliban Talks

Afghans Escape Taliban to Quaint Italian Town—Only to Face Far-Right Wrath

19-Year-Old Afghan Soccer Player Zaki Anwari Dies in Fall From U.S. Plane at Kabul Airport

‘Race Faker’ Rachel Dolezal’s New Side Hustle: OnlyFans

R. Kelly Accuser Says Singer Made Her Dress Like a Girl Scout for Sex in Cabin-Themed Music Studio

Police Responding to ‘Active Bomb’ Threat Near Library of Congress

Biden Says He Doesn’t Think Chaos in Afghanistan Was a ‘Failure’

Harry and Meghan Hit Back at Claims They Are Stoking Royal Race Feud

Cooking in the Time of COVID: Will We Ever Return to Normal?

Adam Smith and Other Democratic War Hawks Quietly Seethe Over Joe Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Policies

4 Accusers Speak Out About How Broadway Star Alice Ripley ‘Traumatized’ Her Young Fans CEO Vishal Garg Threatened to Burn His Business Partner Alive. Now He’s a Billionaire.

‘Real Housewives’ Star Dorinda Medley Had to Survive Some Shit Before She Could ‘Make It Nice’

‘Zombie Stars’ Are Racing Across the Universe

They're Stranded in Afghanistan and Even Their Miracle Worker Can't Help

I Saw Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen Gloss Over Harassment at Southern Poverty Law Center

Huckberry Rhodes Footwear Tyler Chukka Boots Review

The Problem With Chris Evans’ War Hawk-Happy Middle East Show

For $79M You Can Touch the Clouds in the Spire of the Woolworth Building

Army Capt. Alex Horton Trained Afghan Women to Fight Taliban

Seth Meyers Drags Media for Hosting Afghanistan War Hawks

The Way for Biden to Win Is by Running Over the Reactionaries

Tucker Carlson and Guest’s Source to ‘Prove’ Ilhan Omar Conspiracy? An Accused Child Sex Trafficker

Judge Lyann Goudie Makes Luis Santos-Santiago Write Apology Letter After Racially Profiling Black Teen

Neighbor Charged with Hate Crime Accused of Coming Back for More

Army Vet Richard Melvin Peterson Arrested for Murder of Amanda Jo Vangrinsven in Isanti

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Think the Queen Didn’t ‘Fully Own’ Royal Racism Row

Russian State Media Gushes Over ‘Fun’ Taliban at Theme Park—Then Reports Taliban Burned It Down

Greg Abbott’s ‘Texas Values’ Are a Sick and Lethal Contagion

Afghan War Vet Matt Zeller Shreds Stephen Miller, Says He ‘Should Be Held Accountable for War Crimes!’

Ken Kurson, Pal Pardoned by Trump for Cyberstalking, Is Hit With Fresh Charges

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Compares Unvaccinated New Yorkers to Americans Stuck in Afghanistan

Booster Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine Shots Are Coming, Here’s What You Need to Know

R. Kelly Devised a Brutal Blackmail Scheme to Keep Victims in Line, Prosecutors Say

Afghan Women Call Bullshit on the Taliban’s New ‘Pro-Women’ Rebrand

Team MAGA Goes Full Nativist on Afghan Refugees

Kenneth Petty’s Sexual Assault Victim Wants You (and Nicki Minaj) to Know One Thing: ‘This Happened’

How R. Kelly’s Diehard Entourage Could Land Him in Prison

Afghanistan Disaster Blamed on ‘Critical Race Theory and Woke Generals’ by MAGA Weirdos

Are Emily Blunt and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Making a Propaganda Film for Amazon?

Biden’s Big Plans for America Just Blew Up in Afghanistan

QAnon ‘Queen’s’ Followers Are Sending Insane Anti-Vaxx Notes to Hospitals

Quince Washable Silk Blouse Review

Russia Is Putting the Lives of Its Diplomats in the Taliban’s Hands

America Will Need Russia, China and Pakistan to Help Deal with the Taliban

Seth Meyers Mocks George W. Bush’s Shameless Afghanistan Statement

Hannity Uses Afghan Crisis as Pitch Line to Sell Pillows and Cellphones

Chinese Social Media Users Brutally Mock Afghan Filmmaker’s Taliban Panic

CNN Reporter Clarissa Ward Says She Fears for the Future of Afghan Women

Queen Elizabeth Warns Press Photographers to Stay Away From Balmoral, and Prince Andrew

Lizzo’s Supporters See the ‘Rumors’ Backlash for What It Is—Racist Misogyny

The Taliban Is Back, and the World’s Jihadis Are Coming

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Mugs With Unmasked Music Star Jimmie Vaughan—Then Tests Positive for COVID

Laura Prepon of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Says She Left Scientology Five Years Ago

South Carolina Horry County School Board Loses Second Member to COVID, but Won’t Make Kids Wear Masks

Wisconsin State Sen. André Jacque Accused of Hiding COVID Diagnosis From Dem Colleagues

The Biggest American Fuck Ups That Screwed Afghanistan

OAN Loses Appeal Against Rachel Maddow, Must Pay MSNBC at Least $250,000

U.S. Flights Out of Kabul Restart After Monday’s Scenes of Chaos at Airport

Ohana OluKai Beach Sandal Flip Flops Review

New Allbirds Athleticwear Launch 2021

Prince Harry Urges Fellow Afghanistan War Veterans to Support Each Other as Kabul Falls

Mad Kabul Scramble Is 'Exactly the Scenario We Feared'

They Still Love Andrew Cuomo. But Don’t Call Them ‘Cuomosexuals.’

The Chilling Confessions of a Cop Turned Serial Killer of Gay Men

Coroners Say COVID-19 Is Spiraling in Mississippi and Younger Unvaccinated People Are the Ones Dying

‘Godfather’ R. Kelly Faces a Sexual-Abuse Reckoning in Historic Trial

Prince Andrew Fights to Ensure He Never Has His Day in Court

COVID Skeptics Request Transfusions From Unvaccinated Donors to Avoid ‘Tainted’ Blood

America’s ‘Help’ in Kabul’s Crisis Is Another Epic Betrayal

The U.S. Is Giving the Rest of the World Abandonment Issues

Love Baked Sweet Potatoes? Make This Curry Twist From Chef Nicole Gajadhar

Stephen Colbert Admits Biden Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Addresses the Elephant in the Room, Says ‘This Will Be My Final Word on It’

Afghan War Veterans on What Americans Don’t Understand About the ‘Poorly Executed’ U.S. Exit

Tucker Carlson Warns That America Will Be ‘Invaded’ by ‘Millions’ of Afghan Refugees

Biden Isn’t Trump. He’s a Disaster In His Own Right.

Biden’s Right That It’s Time for Us to Leave Afghanistan

Bob Dylan Accused of Drugging, Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old in 1965

Robert Durst: Yes, That ‘Cadaver’ Note Made Me Look Very Guilty

Defiant Biden Blames Afghans for Pullout Chaos, Says They We’re ‘Not Willing’ to Fight Taliban

Back in the Office Desk Cleaning Tips

Fox News Spins Alternate Reality on Afghanistan: ‘Would Have Never Happened’ Under Trump!

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Sues NASA in Space Squabble With Elon Musk

Russian Interference Hits Ukraine With Vaccine Hesitancy and Conspiracy Theories

Kabul’s Evacuation Crisis Has People Falling From the Sky

Cardinal Raymond Burke, Pope Francis’ American COVID-Skeptic Nemesis, Fighting for His Life

RVCA Founder Conan Hayes is at the Heart of Stop-the-Steal Mania

Biden NatSec Adviser Shrugs Off Disastrous Kabul Evacuation, Says Helicopters Are Common ‘Mode of Transport’

Russia Is Already Cozying Up to the Taliban as Kabul Spirals

Nutribullet Air Fryer Review 2022

Desperate Afghan ‘Helpers’ Cling to Planes as U.S. Abandons Them at Kabul’s Airport

Melissa McFadden Called Racism on Fellow Cops in Columbus and Made a Ton of Enemies

Mary Trump Rails Against ‘Awful’ Meghan McCain and ‘Weak’ Uncle Donald

The Afghanistan I Fought in for the U.S. Was Always a Lie

Ukraine Bans All Russians From Massive Moscow-Style State Selloff

Everlane Sport Tee Exercise Shirt Review

The Only Way to Stop Cocaine Mitch McConnell Is to Kill the Filibuster

Rich Little Doesn’t Just Impersonate Richard Nixon. He Supports Him.

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Republicans’ New Safe Space Is Letting People Die To Fight ‘Democrat Overreach’

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Criminal Justice Professor Gary Maynard Set Blazes Across Northern California as Dixie Fire Raged, Cops Say

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Vows to ‘Stay Up Here’ for 72 Hours Straight, Says There’s No Breaks!’

Cuomo Goes Down Like He Ruled—With Lies, Excuses, and Insults

Russian Trolls Spread Wild Lie That COVID Vax Turns People Into Chimps

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates-Backed Mining Venture in Greeland Could Threaten Arctic Ecosystem, Scientists Say

U.S. Computer Games Have Kim Jong Un’s Little Sister, Kim Yo Jong, Raging About ‘Nuclear War’

Pandemic ‘Hero’ Andrew Cuomo Finally Resigns in Disgrace

Hit and Run Driver in Iran Ran Over Two Women for Not Wearing Full Hijab

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Florida’s School COVID War Is Somehow Uglier Than Ever, ‘Like They’re Throwing Us Into a Gladiator Pit’

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Florida’s Death Toll Now Exceeds DeSantis’ Margin of Victory

An Anti-Opioid Panic Left New York State Prisoners in Needless, Agonizing Pain

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Has Two Thoughts on Andrew Cuomo and That’s It

As Senate Republicans Ignore Donald Trump on Infrastructure, House GOP Falls in Line

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Stephen Colbert Reveals He Was ‘Disinvited’ From Obama’s 60th Birthday Bash

Tokyo Deliberately Left Deadly New Lambda COVID Variant Out of Press Briefings During Olympics

‘The Bachelorette’ Finale Sees Katie Thurston Give ‘Gaslighting’ Greg Grippo the Business

Tucker Carlson Sticks Up for Chris Cuomo, Says ‘Loyalty Should Be to Your Family’

‘Merry Wives’ Heralds Shakespeare’s Raucous Return to Central Park

Seth Meyers Torches FL Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Bad Trump Impression

Robert Durst Takes the Stand at His Murder Trial: I Didn’t Kill Susan Berman

COVID Doc Flees State as Kristi Noem Sends Sturgis Death Cult into Overdrive in South Dakota

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Dan Bongino Criticizes Fox News for Editing His Trump Interview, Says It’s ‘Not Acceptable’

Colorado Woman Suzanne Morphew, Allegedly Killed by Hubby Barry Morphew, Had Affair, Cops Testify

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‘Jeopardy’ Host Frontrunner Mike Richards Brushes Off ‘Price Is Right’ Lawsuits in Staff Memo

Ryan Adams Wants Forgiveness After Mandy Moore and Phoebe Bridgers’ Emotional Abuse Accusations

Roberta Kaplan, Time’s Up Chair and A-List Lawyer to Women Plaintiffs, Taken Out by Cuomo’s Harassment Mess

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Anti-Vaxx Radio Host and Former Newsmax Anchor Dick Farrel Dies of Coronavirus

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​​The Racist Old Laws Justifying White-on-Black Killings Are Still Here

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Chinese Nationalists Furious Beijing Backed Down Over Celebrating Mao at the Olympics

Feds Forgive COVID Loan to White Nationalist Publisher VDARE

Ben Shapiro Embarrasses Himself on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’

La Samaritaine, Paris’ Over-the-Top New Department Store, Is Pissing a Lot of People Off

The Horrific Mystery of How New Mom Laura Van Wyhe’s 21st Birthday Party Ended With Her Dead on Highway

It’s 2021 and Italian Football Is Still Racist AF

Anthony DeJohn, Pot Prisoner Jailed for Life Before Trump Pardon, Is Back in Federal Custody

Please, Famous White People, Stop Telling Us You Don’t Bathe

California’s Devastating Dixie Fire Is Now the Third Largest in State History

Fans Are Pissed After Mike Richards Emerges as Jeopardy! Host Frontrunner

Meghan McCain Finally Leaves ‘The View’ With Awkward Send-Off From Co-Hosts

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Death Cult Pits Nurses Against Panicked Docs

Australian Hockey Stars Grounded After Early Morning ‘Beer Run’ From Olympic Village

Tokyo Covered Up Arrival of Deadly Lambda COVID Variant Just Before the Olympics

Food52 Yield Design Citronella Candle for Mosquitoes Review

COVID Crazy Australia Is Threatening to Ban Me From Leaving the Country Like It’s the USSR

Pharmacists Fight Off COVID Truthers Demanding Horse Medicine Ivermectin Instead of the Jab

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and the Sensitive Celebs Joke-Policing TV Shows

Louisiana AG Jeff Landry’s Fave Principal, Karen Robertson, Has Her Own Plan as He Undermines Masks in Schools

‘The Good Fight’ Is Flawless This Season. How Do I Convince You Idiots to Watch?

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Geraldo Rivera Lays Into Dan Bongino on ‘Hannity’ Over Coronavirus Cases, Tells Him, ‘You’re So Full of Crap!’

Ransomware Attack Forces Indiana Hospital Run by Eskenazi Health to Turn Ambulances Away

Police Reopen Probe Into Designer’s 1966 Death at the Hands of Billionaire Tobacco Heiress Doris Duke

Janitor Kristopher Clay Stockpiled Weapons for Mass Shooting at South Medford High School, Police Allege

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Frontrunner Mike Richards’ Alleged History of Harassment, Discrimination

Russian TV Suggest U.S. Faked Suicides of January 6 Cops and Belarus Dissident Vitaly Shishov

Videos Shed New Light on Murdaugh Wild Boat Crash Saga Roiling South Carolina

Rudy Giuliani Admitted He Lied About Feds Slipping Him Info Ahead of 2016 Election, Watchdog Finds

‘Fox & Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Snipes at Steve Doocy for ‘Recommending’ Vaccines

Aaliyah’s Family Locked in Heated Battle Over Release of Her Music

Brian Houston, Hillsong Megachurch Founder, Charged With Concealing Dad’s Alleged Child Sex Offenses

Carl Lewis Rages From His Couch Over U.S. Relay ‘Clown Show’ as Sprinters Bungle Yet Another Tokyo Event

Donald Trump Overhauls His Massive Dark-Money Machine

A$AP Ferg Schools DaBaby Over ‘Super Ignorant’ Homophobic Rant

Lisa Clancy, the St. Louis Mom Fighting Anti-Maskers Raving About ‘Filthy Tyranny’

Andrew Cuomo Is Every Horny Male ‘Mentor’ and Creepy Office ‘Dad’

Rescued American Girl, 8, Says She Was Beaten in ISIS Camp

Kristen Schaal on Getting Fired From ‘South Park’ After a Month

Unions Are Repeating an Old Mistake by Fighting Vaccine Mandates

Tycoon Kalpesh Kinariwala Charged After Allegedly Blabbing About His $100 Million Fraud Over Email

Sarah Palin Wants Back in the Game, if God’s Cool With It

Joe Biden Mandated Vax for Feds. Now Comes the Hard Part.

How Josie Proto Made a Pop Song Out of Women’s Safety

If You Visit Alexandria, Don’t Expect a Ye Olde History Lesson

Priced Out of Bourbon? Go Back to Scotch

Rainesford Stauffer, Author of An Ordinary Age, Recommends Five Books

Van Carrying 25 Migrants Near Border in Brooks County, Texas, Flips and Kills 10

Texas GOP Official H. Scott Apley Mocked COVID Days Before He Died of Virus

Chicago Cops Pulled Gun on Young Sisters in Warrantless Raid on Wrong Home, Lawsuit Alleges

Jezebel Editor Exits, the Latest in String of G/O Media Departures

Newt Gingrich Goes Full ‘Great Replacement Theory’ in Maria Bartiromo Interview on Fox Business

Anti-Vaxxer Rioters Jessica and Joshua Bustle Sentenced to Home Detention

Tunisia is on the Brink of a Civil War that Could Be Disastrous for Europe

Meghan McCain Calls CNN’s Chris Cuomo the ‘Worst Kind of Nepotism’

Die-Hard Anti-Vaxxers Are Finally Caving to the COVID Shot

Belarus Sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya Flies to Exile as Her Recording of Olympic Coaches’ Threats Emerges

Simone Biles Hints That She Might Not Be Done With the Olympics Just Yet

Why Biden Can’t Quit Trump’s Worst Immigration Policies

How Trump’s Effort to Cancel Democracy Was Fueled By Gateway Pundit

The Ugly Battle Over Nina Simone’s Life Story

Florida Governor Ron Desantis’ School Reopening Scheme Looks Like a Delta Variant Disaster for Kids

Paris Hilton Is Acting Like a Ditz Again and It’s Not Hot

Tucker Carlson’s Orban Lovefest Is a Dark Glimpse of the Future MAGA Wants

This Teen Ran an International Drug Ring From His Childhood Bedroom

#Resistance Pol Alan Grayson Raised $$$ to Probe Trump… But It Led to Nothing

Bill De Blasio Is Somehow Bolder Than Biden on Vaccines

Why Joe Biden Was Named ‘Top Foe’ in Famously Pro-Biden Ukraine

My Five Favorite Meals with Arnie Weissmann editor in chief of Travel Weekly

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How Mainstream Democrats Dispatched Progressive Hero Nina Turner in Ohio

Sailor Who ‘Hated’ Navy Torched $1.2B Assault Ship: Warrant

Andrew Cuomo Remains a Fucking Creep to the Bitter End

Joe Biden Tells Andrew Cuomo to Quit Already as Scandal Spirals

Andrew Cuomo’s Office Was a Creepy ‘Environment of Control,’ Former Staffer Reveals

CNN Host Chris Cuomo Testified in Probe of Brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Misconduct

The Horrific Details of How Andrew Cuomo Allegedly Preyed on a State Trooper With Sexual Harassment

Olympic Boss Yoshiro Mori Wanted Flame Lit by ‘Pure’ Ex-Yankee Hideki Matsui, Not Naomi Osaka

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women, Attorney General Concludes

Lyubov Sobol, Navalny’s No. 2, Defiant After Dubious COVID Rally Conviction: ‘I Am Not Afraid of Them’

NYC Will Require COVID-19 Vaccinations for Indoor Dining, Gyms, Bars, Performances

‘Intoxicated’ Australian Olympians Threw Up on ‘Rowdy’ 10-Hour Flight Back From Tokyo

Activist Vitaly Shishov, Lukashenko Foe Whose NGO Got Olympian’s Partner Out of Belarus, Found Dead in Kyiv

Best Pellet Smokers for Beginners

Dr. Benjamin Abo, Who Went From Surfside Horrors to ER, Says COVID Is ‘Worst It’s Ever Been’

Giannina Gibelli Spills All the Tea on That Wild ‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ Reunion and Ditching Damian

Scandal, Spyware, and 69 Pounds of Weed

Democrats Take a Vacation as Millions of Americans Face Eviction

Japan’s Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Is Behind This Hateful Olympic Scandal

Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ Shows What It’s Like to Survive Gay Conversion Therapy

MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Punts Timeline for Trump Retaking Power as August Conspiracy Theories Get Wackier

How ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Star Kristen Schaal Learned to Love Her ‘Special’ Voice

The First Hotel in Versailles Is as Insane as You Hoped

Anti-Vaccine Insanity Is Sweeping Through Mobile, Alabama

GOP Is Pushing Anti-Vaccine Disinformation and Acting Like an ‘Authoritarian Regime’

Why are Black Designers Missing From Museum Fashion Exhibits?

‘The Bachelorette’ Frontrunner Greg’s Grippo on Katie Thurston Takes a Nightmarish Turn

Why Is the FBI Ignoring Far-Right Violence Taking Place in the Open?

Angela Tramonte Dies in Arizona Desert After Hike With Cop Who Has History of Lying

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to Speak at Far-Right Conference in Hungary After Meeting With Viktor Orban

Alexander Vindman Fires Back at Newsmax Host Greg Kelly’s ‘Pathetic’ Attack

Bill and Melinda French Gates Finalize One Of The Largest Divorces In History

Gunther Hashida, Another D.C. Cop Who Responded to Capitol Insurrection, Has Died by Suicide

The First Booster COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Has Launched in Israel. This Is What Happened.

FBI Potentially Endangered Female Staffers by Using Their Photos to Lure Sexual Predators, OIG Says

DaBaby Finally Apologizes for ‘Hurtful’ Homophobic Rant After Music Festivals Ditch Him

Tucker Carlson Has Seth MacFarlane Once Again Asking Why ‘Family Guy’ Is Still on Fox

Laurel Hubbard and Quinn Make Olympic History. What Next for Trans Athletes?

Mary Trump Calls Out Meghan McCain, Says She Doesn’t Have the ‘Courage’ to Face Me

Sifan Hassan Win Keeps Seemingly Impossible Olympic Triple Alive With 5000m Win

Arlo Skye Zipper Carry-On Max Roller Suitcase Review

Belarus Olympian Krystsina Tsimanouskaya Defects to Poland, Fearing for Her Life

How Marlee Matlin Survived Trump, William Hurt, and Ableist Hollywood

What’s Up With All the Four Letter Cities and States?

John Pierce Repped Kyle Rittenhouse, MAGA Monkey Owners… and Capitol Rioters

Why Are Federal ‘Hot Shots’ Fighting Fires for Less Than $14 an Hour?

Is the U.S. Trying to Smear This Veteran as a Chinese Spy?

Ahmaud Arbery’s Killers Are Trying to Put Him on Trial. Will a Judge Let Them?

Murder Hornet Season Is Here in Washington State and Scientists Are Flying Blind

Here’s Why China Could Be Sucked Into the ‘Graveyard of Empires’

Inside a Ransomware Negotiation: This Is How ‘Asshole’ Russian Hackers Keep Shaking Down Companies

The Twisted Saga of ‘Los Muchachos,’ the Speedboat-Racing Duo Who Flooded America With Cocaine

I Live in Fear as a Black Trans Dad—The Senate Can Fix That

John Oliver Furious at Biden Over Failure to Protect Afghan Allies

Why Did It Take Matt Damon’s Daughter to Stop Him Calling Gay Men ‘the F-Slur’?

Behind the Bombshell Allegation Buried in Felicia Sonmez’s WaPo Lawsuit

Anthony Fauci Issues Urgent New Plea for People to Get Vaccines Amid Delta Surge on ABC’s This Week

Record-Setting Swimmer Caeleb Dressel on Five Gold Medals: Not Enjoyable But Worth It

Camilla Parker Bowles’ Nephew Reportedly Sold ‘Access’ to Prince Charles

Big Stone Found in Rome Gets Everyone All Excited

United by Blue EcoKnit Thermal Pocket Tee Review

State TV: Russians Are Using Prosthetic Arms to Dodge COVID Vaccines

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Hawaii Island, Hawaii

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Blew Up Her Childhood

A Pregnant Woman’s Fuck You to the Trumpists Extending the Pandemic

He Investigated Fires. And Set Them All Over California.

Beto O’Rourke Is Back From the Political Graveyard

Aaliyah Was Drugged Before Her Fatal Plane Crash, New Book Shockingly Claims

How ‘Coward and Phony’ Tim Pool Became One of the Biggest Political YouTubers on the Planet

The Worst Things Bill Barr Did as AG