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Cheats November 2012

Report: Drone Crashes Mounting

Tunisian President Requests New Cabinet

Boy Scouts Can Keep Abuse Files Secret

North Korea Claims Unicorns Exist

SCOTUS Doesn’t Act on Gay Marriage

Three Found Dead at Casper College

Bazooka Joe Ditching Its Comics

Syrian Rebels Push for Unity

DSK Lawyers Deny Settlement

Rihanna and Chris Brown Hug

Senate Approves New Iran Sanctions

First Powerball Winners Announced

Report: Israel to Build in Disputed Area

Harvard to Get BDSM Sex Club

EU Unemployment Hits Record High

N.J. Train Bridge Collapses

Report: Lindsay Punched Psychic

Joe Jackson Has Stroke

Microsoft Cuts Surface Orders in Half

Zimmerman Offers Signed Thank-You Cards

25,000 Have Gone Missing in Mexico

Cameron to Draft New Press Laws

Morsi: Decree Ends With Constitution

Hostess Executives Get Bonuses

Berry, Ex Reach Custody Agreement

Clinton: U.S. Considering Syria Aid

Powerball Winners To Be Announced Friday

Boehner ‘Disappointed’ Over Tax Talks

Romney Face Tattoo to Be Removed

U.N. Recognizes Palestine As Nonmember State

Obama and Romney Eat Turkey Chili

Clinton Announces New AIDS Plan

Egypt Limits Presidential Terms

Lindsay Lohan Arrested in NYC

Romney Pulls Up to the White House

Commuter Trains Crash in Boston

Hostess Wants to Give Exec Bonuses

Cameron 'Failed His Own Test'

George H.W. Bush Hospitalized

Internet Out in Damascus

Jeff Zucker to Run CNN

NYC Fast-Food Workers Strike

Bobbi Kristina Ends Engagement?

GDP Grew by 2.7 Percent

Leveson Calls for Press Watchdog

Petraeus: I ‘Screwed Up Royally’

Ex-Kosovo P.M. Cleared of War Crimes

U.S. Mulls Intervention in Syria

Three Arrested in Bangladesh Fire

Powerball: Two Winning Tickets

Egypt: Constitution Almost Ready

U.S. Could Absorb Guantanamo Prisoners

Angus T. Jones Wants to Stay

Cops: Aubry Instigated Fight

Bangladeshi Workers: We Were Locked In

Powerball Jackpot Hits $551M

Obama Urges Americans to Use Twitter

Obama: Rice Is ‘Extraordinary'

U.N.: Sea Levels Rising 60% Faster

Fed: Economic Growth Steady

Stocks Rise After Boehner Signals Compromise

GQ: Romney ‘Least Influential’ Person

NYC Murder-Free on Monday

Feds to Raid Jeffs’s Polygamist Ranch

Report: Jessica Simpson Pregnant

34 Killed in Syria Car Bomb Blasts

Report: Running Can Harm the Heart

Obama, Romney to Meet at White House

Mayer: Prioritize ‘God, Family’

‘Killer Nanny’ Pleads Not Guilty

Egypt’s Top Courts Stop Work

’70s Show Star Arrested for Assault

Six-Year-Old Hit by Bus in House

Apple Fires Maps Manager

DSK Ruling Delayed

Investigators Focus on Allen Emails

Bob Dole Hospitalized

China Easing One-Child Rules?

Team Obama Takes on Fiscal Cliff

Anti-Morsi Protests Rage

Jill Kelley Fights Back

U.N.: Ban Female Genital Mutilation

Feds: Jackson Jr. Tipped Off

Angus T. Jones Apologizes for Comments

Jeff Zucker in Talks to Head CNN

‘Melrose Place’ Actress Convicted of Vehicular Homicide

‘Downton’ Creator Developing NBC Drama

Big Tobacco Ordered to Admit Deception

Treasury: China Not a Currency Manipulator

ACLU Suing To Allow Women in Combat

Apple Fires Maps Manager

Reid: 'Little Progress' on Fiscal Cliff

Rep. Issa Introduces Bill Via Reddit

Pediatricians Say All Teens Should Have Plan B

Powerball Jackpot Hits $500M

‘Beasts’ Lead Spirit Award Noms

Baseball’s Marvin Miller Dies

GOP Split on Fiscal Cliff Plan

Consumer Confidence Up Again

Home Prices Up 3 Percent Since Jan.

France to Back Palestinian Statehood

Rice Meeting Troubles GOP Senators

Third Elmo Accuser Emerges

Report: JGL to Play Batman

Todd Akin Could Write Book

‘Onion’ Fools Chinese Communist Paper

BBC: ‘Errors’ in Scandal Reporting

Chris Brown Returns to Twitter

‘Two and a Half Men’ Star: Stop Watching

Three Die in Attempt to Save Dog

Christie: ‘Wrong to Leave Now’

Congo Rebels Refuse to Retreat

Cyber Monday Sales Up 20 Percent

Yasir Arafat’s Body Exhumed

Cuomo: Sandy Worse Than Katrina

Greece Gets Help With Debt

Rice and McCain to Meet

‘Boy Meets World’ Stars Join Reboot

Facebook ‘Fact-Checks’ Copyright Hoax

Morsi Scales Back Decree

Report: Russia Sent Cash to Syria

Lohan Upset by ‘Liz & Dick’ Reviews

Syrian Rebels Seize Dam

Buffett: Take More of My Money

SEC Chief Schapiro to Step Down

Kelly: Obama Silent on Gun Violence

Dems Prep Super PACs for 2014

Report: Disabled Parents Fight Bias

Elton Sings for Ai Weiwei

U.S. Plans for Post-2014 Afghanistan

Second Bangladesh Factory Fire

Record Cyber Monday Sales Expected

U.N. Climate Talks in Qatar Begin

Obama Looks for Support on Taxes

Egyptian Stocks Continue Tumble

‘Innocence’ Trailer Maker Unrepentant

Israeli Minister Barak Quits Politics

19 Bodies Found Near Mexican Border

Bangladesh Factory Fire Kills 112

Chris Brown Attacks Jenny Johnson

10 Kids Killed Near Damascus

Morsi: New Power is ‘Temporary'

'Rise of the Guardians' Falls Flat

Online Black Friday Sales Hit $1B

Report: Police Docs Used as Confetti

Bieber Not Sorry For Overalls

Casey Anthony Web Search Overlooked

McCain Denounces Morsi Power Grab

Florida Woman Rides Manatee

Powerball Goes Without Winner

Bias May Taint Big Pharma Research

Britain Battles Heavy Rain, Floods

Report: Black Friday Sales Down

Cleric: Breaking Gaza Truce ‘Sinful’

Ping An Made Premier’s Family Rich

Egyptian Judges Feud With Morsi

Thousands Rally in Mali

Report: White House Wrote Drone ‘Rule Book’

Thousands Camp in Tahrir Sq.

Fire at State Dept. Injures Three

Gas Leak Explodes at Strip Club

‘Twilight’ and ‘Skyfall’ Win on Black Friday

Online Thanksgiving Sales Jump

Morsi's Opponents Call for Protests

Elizabeth Smart to Publish Memoir

Bloomberg Aids Sandy-Hit Businesses

Boxer Hector Camacho Dies

‘Gangnam Style’ Sets YouTube Record

Bangkok Ralliers Protest Thai PM

British Chain Nixes In-Store Santas.

Student’s ID Protest Goes to Court

Israeli Candidates Resume Campaigns

‘Nude Kate’ Tabloid Editor Resigns

Arafat to Be Exhumed in Death Probe

4.9-Magnitude Quake Strikes Japan

African Leaders Call Congo Summit

Afghani Bomber Hits Govt. Building

‘Dallas’ Actor Larry Hagman Dies

Huge Applause at 'Les Mis' Premiere

HP: We Didn’t Sell to Syria

WWII Code Stumps Cryptographers

Walmart Workers Strike Across America

Two Shoppers Shot on Black Friday

Instagram Sets Thanksgiving Record

Messina: Huntsman Was Obama’s ‘Biggest Threat’

‘Downton Abbey’ Renewed by PBS

EU Budget Talks Break Down

Report: Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian

Anti-Morsi Protests Hit Cairo

NJ Coaster Might Stay in Ocean

Clown Dies at Macy’s Parade

Black Friday Deals Overhyped

Monitor: 40,000 Killed in Syria

BP to Restructure Production Unit

Berry’s Fiancé, Ex Brawl

Black Friday Starts Thursday

Tel Aviv Bombing Suspects Arrested

Congolese Army Starts to Fight Back

Boxer Hector Camacho Brain-Dead

Morsi Gives Himself Sweeping Powers

Two Killed in Texas Car Pileup

Bin Laden Burial Followed Islamic Law

Macy’s Parade Seeks to Revive NYC

Israel’s Iron Dome Cost $25–$30M

Elmo Around Until 2014

Danica Patrick Divorcing Husband

Workers Prefer Job Loss to Pay Cuts

BBC Appoints New Director-General

Obama: Holiday Gives ‘Perspective’

Kelley Awarded High Civilian Honors

Pakistani Taliban Vows India Attack

Israel, Hamas Both Claim Victory

Rice Shoots Back at McCain

Facebook Removes Voting System

Probe Investigating Petraeus’s Handling of Docs

40 Killed in Aleppo Hospital

Chicago Fog Delays Thanksgiving Flights

Chevy Chase Leaving ‘Community’

Hostess Liquidation Approved

Official: Rockets Sent Into Israel Post-Ceasefire

Obama Pardons Two Turkeys

‘Price Is Right’ Model Wins Suit

McCain Backtracks on Rice

Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns

Romney Goes to Disneyland

Fat Duck Chefs Killed in Crash

Director: Osama Movie ‘Very Accurate’

Violent Protests Hit West Bank

Report: Israel Agrees to Truce

U.S. Hacked Sarkozy’s Computers: Report

Congolese Rebels Head for Capital

Cannibal Cop Planned ‘Girl Meat’

Bus Explodes in Tel Aviv

Clinton Meets With Abbas

OB/GYNs Endorse Prescription Change

San Francisco Bans Public Nudity

Grinnell’s Jack Taylor Scores 138 Points

EU, IMF Fail to Make Greek Deal

India Hangs Mumbai Attacker

General Allen Returns to Afghan Command

Food Stamps Surge for Thanksgiving

Clinton Presses for Cease-Fire

New Guidelines for Digital Mags

Pardoned Turkeys Stay at W Hotel

Hostess’s Mediation Efforts Fail

Israel Kills 3 Palestinian Journalists

Rihanna Apologizes for Ignoring Press

Arrest in Death of Zoo Monkey

Anglicans Deny Women Bishops

Proposed Bill Allows Feds to Read Email

Diaz: Women Want to be Objectified

Bernanke: Make Fiscal Cliff Deal Now

Feds Best Massive Insider Trading Scheme

Broadwell Emails Menacing: Report

Hamas: Truce May Come Soon


NYC Replaces Pay Phones

HP Takes $8.8B Hit

New Home Starts Up

Romney Pumps His Own Gas

West Concedes to Murphy

Bieber, Gomez Spotted at Benihana

Brooks Charged With Bribery

Santa Monica OKs Nativity Ban

Pakistan Boots Blasphemy Case

Indiana Blast Considered a Homicide

Congo Rebels Seize Goma

Obama Meets China’s Leader

Cali Men Charged in Terror Plot

Hillary Heads to the Middle East

Official: Israel Negotiating Ceasefire

Broadwell Hires D.C. PR Firm

Beckham To Play Last Game For LA Galaxy

Palestinian Civilian Death Toll Soars

House GOP Sends Anti-Rice Letter

Report: Lohan Probation Will be Revoked

Protests Break Out in Cairo

‘Cannibal Cop’ Pleads Not Guilty

Newark Mayor Will Live Off Food Stamps

Housing Data Causes Stock Surge

Karzai Wants U.S. Out Of Prison

Hostess Not Going Out of Business

Islamists Reject Syrian Opposition Bloc

Obama Urges End to Hamas Attacks

‘The Hobbit’ Blamed for Animal Deaths

Home Sales Spike, Again

Elmo Accuser Retracts Recantation

MC Hammer, Psy ‘Gangnam’ at AMAs

San Francisco May Ban Public Nudity

Walmart Workers Plan Protests

Investment Slows Amid ‘Cliff’ Fears

Palestinian Civilian Deaths Mount

Palestinian Civilian Deaths Mount

Broadwell Regrets Affair Damage

Rocket Fire Rages in Israel

Bieber, Minaj & Swift Win at AMAs

Tina Brown Says Goodbye to Print`

Israel, Hamas Hold Talks in Egypt

Gilad Sharon: ‘Flatten All of Gaza’

Violence at Paris Gay Marriage Protest

‘Twilight’ Tops Box Office

Obama: Israel Should Defend Itself

Murdoch Tweets a Non-Apology

Gomez Hits the Town with Swift

Israeli Strike Kills 11

Chris Christie Drops by ‘SNL’

Police Choppers Collide Near LA

President Obama Visits Thailand

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Takes Toll on Markets

NYC To Demolish 100s of Homes

Some in GOP Push Immigration Reform

Generals’ Perks Draw Second Look

Israel Warns of Gaza ‘Expansion’

Photo: Obama Is Not Impressed

Murdoch: Press ‘Jewish Owned’

Israel Shells Syria

5,000 March in Ireland

Hostess Price Gouging Begins

Rocket Fired at Tel Aviv

Hamas Gets Some International Support

Giffords Aide Barber Wins

Macy’s Donates Parade Tickets

Report: Swift, Styles Dating

Pakistan to Help Afghan Peace?

Is the End Near for Mr. Bean?

Australia Hit by Superstorm

NY’s ‘Cannibal Cop’ Indicted

50 Killed in Egypt Bus Crash

Merkel and Putin Meet, Awkwardly

180 Airstrikes Hit Gaza on Saturday

Obama Speaks to Mideast Leaders

Fiscal Cliff Talks Seem Promising

Women, Minorities ‘Scared of GOP’

Man Charged in ‘Twilight’ Shooting Spree Plot

Ikea Apologizes for History of Forced Labor

‘Twilight’ Scores $30M in Midnight Shows

McAfee: Police Will Execute Me

Petraeus Sticks Up for Susan Rice

Jill Kelley Visited White House

Fox News: 'Rove Was Wrong'

Fire on Louisiana Oil Rig

‘Black Ops II’ Smashes Sales Records

Hostess Going Out of Business

Bieber & Gomez Reconnect

Bon Jovi’s Daughter Dodges Charges

Woman Drives onto Airport Runway

CIA Launches Internal Petraeus Probe

Spain Suicides Lead to Eviction Law

U.S. Mulls Chemical Weapons Seizure

Israeli Troops Move Toward Gaza

McDonald’s President Stepping Down

FDA Publishes Energy Drink Data

Four Dead in Texas Train Accident

McCain Lashes Out at CNN

Humpries: Shirtless Pic Was A Joke

NY Power Companies Subpoenaed

Panetta Orders Military Ethics Review

Obama: ‘There’s Still a Lot of Cleanup’

Police: No Proof of Abuse by Winter’s Mom

Source: Emails to Kelley ‘Stalking’

Sorkin: No Petraeus on ‘Newsroom’

Fieri: My Restaurant Doesn’t Suck

Christie’s Auction Sets Records

BP to Pay $4.5B

Albright: Can't Keep Diplomats Behind Walls

Second Recession in Four Years for Europe

Ireland to Clarify its Abortion Laws

Kasparov: Putin Needs to Go

Jobless Claims Spike

Holmes Rams Head Into Wall

McRaven: Petraeus an ‘American Hero’

Bon Jovi’s Daughter OD’d, Arrested

Mets’ R.A. Dickey Wins Cy Young

Three Killed in New Ebola Outbreak

Protesters Storm German Conference

Jindal: Mitt ‘Wrong’ About ‘Gifts’

Gaza Rocket Kills 3 Israelis

Sources: Broadwell Had Classified Info

Official: Petraeus’s Last Days Strained

National Book Winners Announced

Xi Jinping Becomes China’s New Leader

Emergency U.N. Meeting to Discuss Gaza

James Holmes Attempted Suicide

Livestrong Drops Lance’s Name

Elmo Puppeteer Accuser Unmasked

FBI Agent in Petraeus Case Revealed

Judge Rules Paparazzi Law Invalid

Romney Blames Loss on Obama’s ‘Gifts’

House Panel Investigates FDA

McCain and Graham Pledge To Block Rice

Harry Reid Blasts Scott Brown

Obama Claims Tax Mandate

Hope Solo’s Fiancé Arrested

Grand Jury Indicts Patz Suspect

Obama: ‘No Evidence’ Info Leaked

Euro Nations Protest Austerity

Cameron Has Wardrobe Malfunction

Nancy Pelosi Stays Put

Petraeus to Testify to Congress

Retail Sales Dip

Hamas Military Commander Killed

Guy Fieri’s Restaurant Brutally Panned

People’s Sexiest Man: Channing Tatum

LI Power Company Sued Over Outages

Woman Dies After Being Refused Abortion

FBI Investigating Broadwell’s Files

Plane Crashes Into Mississippi Home

Pakistan Frees Afghan Taliban

NATO Chief: ‘Confidence’ in Allen

Kelley Tried to Stop Investigation

Obama Sets High Tax Target

Kelleys’ Cancer Charity Went Bankrupt

Elmo Accuser Recants

Liza Minnelli to Appear on ‘Smash’

Poll: GOP to Blame for ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Official: Allen Emails ‘Flirtatious’

GIF Wins Oxford Word of the Year

Arab League Backs Syrian Rebel Bloc

Jesse Jackson Jr. Leaves Mayo Clinic

Marty Baron to Take Over WaPo

Allen, Petraeus Helped Kelley’s Sister

Woman Ordered to Hold ‘Idiot’ Sign

NBC Shakes Up ‘Today’

Obama Puts Allen Nod ‘On Hold’

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Released

Elmo Actor’s Emails Revealed

Paul Ryan: ‘Surprised’ by Loss

Britain to Free Jailed Muslim Cleric

Congress Returns to Work

FBI Agents Search Broadwell’s Home

General Caught in Petraeus Scandal

Windows Head Quits Microsoft

Report: Kerry Could Replace Panetta

FBI Agent in Petraeus Case Investigated

‘Nashville’ Gets Full Season

U.S. Deciding Afghan Troop Levels

Africa's First Ambassador to Europe?

Petraeus ‘Shocked’ By Mistress’s Emails

Holly Petraeus ‘Furious’: Report

Antivirus Pioneer Wanted for Murder

Guy With Mitt Face Tattoo ‘Disappointed’

Cuomo Seeks $30B in Aid

Israel Fires Into Syria

Petraeus's Resignation Political?

Elmo Denies Teen Sex Allegations

Qatada Won’t Be Deported From U.K.

Ezra Klein Up for New MSNBC Show

‘Dorothy’ Dress Auctioned for $480K

Lakers Hire Mike D’Antoni

Syrians Bomb Near Turkish Border

Lew, Bowles Could Replace Geithner

Cantor Knew About Petraeus in October

Obama May Take Taxes on the Road

‘Second’ Petraeus Woman Emerges

BBC News Head Steps Aside

FBI Discovered Affair in Summer

Syrian Opposition Signs Unity Deal

Obama Plans PR for Tax Hike

Greece Passes New Austerity Budget

Hillary: I Want My HGTV

‘Other Woman’ Named in Petraeus Affar

'Skyfall' Grosses $87.8 million

Behind the Bieber-Gomez Split

Indianapolis Fire Razes Homes

Obama Marks Veterans Day

Egyptian Baby-Selling Ring Busted

Broadwell Flaunted Petraeus Access

Timberlake, Biel Are Sandy Volunteers

Legal-Drug Overdoses On the Rise

Afghan Villagers Recount Massacre

Apple, HTC Call Quits in Patent War

Broadwell Sent 'Harassing' Emails

6.8 Earthquake Rattles Myanmar

Rockets Strike Southern Israel

Boehner to House GOP: Wisen Up

Ashley Judd Won’t Rule Out Senate Run

Syrian Opposition Agrees on Ideals

Fla. to Review Voting Procedures

BBC Director Resigns

Recovery Elusive for NYC’s Poor

‘Skyfall’ Could Set Bond Record

Report: FBI ‘Stunned’ By Petraeus

Obama Wins Florida

ConEd: 98 Percent Power Restoration

Marijuana Charges in WA Dismissed

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Split

China to Launch Spacecraft in 2013

Twin Car Bombs Explode in Syria

Iraq Cancels $4.2B Russian Arms Deal

27 Die in Sri Lanka Prison Riot

Pakistan Funds School for Malala Day

Petraeus Link to Times Letter?

Obama: ‘Prayers’ With Petraeus.

N.Y., N.J. Warn of Long Recovery

Another Bush Seeks Texas Office

Lockheed Martin COO Ousted

Sen. Feinstein Laments Petraeus’s Resignation

Ariel Winter’s Mom Denies Abuse

Justices to Rule on Voting Rights Act

Energy CEO Lays off Staff With a Prayer

Petraeus Resigns as CIA Director

Philip Roth Quitting Fiction

JetBlue Pilot Freed

Malala Wanted for Peace Prize

Boehner: Tax Increase ‘Unacceptable’

Obama: Extend Tax Cuts Now

Cops: ‘Modern Family’ Mom Lying

Racist Election Tweets Came from South

‘Sesame Street’ Airing Hurricane Special

SEC Computers Unprotected?

Obama Cries in Speech to Staff

Wahlberg Joins Transformers 4

SEAL Team Six Members Disciplined

Military Jet Escorts Flight to D.C.

Rove: Obama Suppressed the Vote

Iran Silent on Drone Attack

Romney Mulls Post-Election Options

8,000 Syrians Flee to Turkey

Adviser: Romney ‘Shellshocked’

Giffords’ Husband Comments on Sentencing

Obama to Speak on Economy

Boehner: Obamacare Is ‘Law of the Land’

Gay Marriage Wins in Washington

Worker Cops to Submarine Fire

Doctors Without Borders in Queens

Obama Claims Victory in Florida

Pentagon: Iran Fired at U.S. Drone

Obama to Visit Burma

Stacey Dash Pens Election Rant

Source: Giffords to Face Shooter

Florida Ballot Counting Completed

Mitt's Camp Publishes Victory Site

Initial Jobless Claims Drop

Christie: Don’t Blame Me Mitt Lost

Nancy Pelosi’s House Burglarized

WSJ: Romney Lacked Funds to Win

‘Modern Family’ Star Removed From Home

Host: BBC Banned Alien Quest

Rove’s Role at Fox Questioned

China’s Hu: Corruption Threatens Us

Latino Vote Key to Obama Victory

Obama Faces Looming ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Susan Rice Could Replace Hillary

Biden to Cameo on Parks and Rec

Athena Leaves 60,000 Without Power

Massive Quake Hits Guatemala

Chinese Communist Party Opens Congress

Syrian Opposition Elects All-Male Leadership

Florida Still Counting Votes

Anti-Obama Riot at Ole Miss

‘Innocence of Muslims’ Producer Sentenced

Ruiz Defeats Bono Mack

Gaga Donates $1M for Sandy Relief

Gay-Marriage Supporters Call Early Win

Boehner: Rise Above Dysfunction

Roseanne Places Fifth in Election

Calif. Voters Defeat Prop 34

Original Patz Suspect Released

Anthony Weiner Returns to Twitter

Bloomberg: Get Off the Road

Stocks Plunge After Obama Win

Tester Wins Reelection

Obama’s Youth Support Slips

Dems Keep Control of Senate

Harrison Ford May Reprise Han Solo

Rihanna, Chris Brown to Release Duet

House GOP Still Won’t Raise Taxes

Dollar Falls After Obama Win

Rebels Shell Government Strongholds

Netanyahu Congratulates Obama

Florida Race Too Close to Call

Obama: The Best Is Yet to Come

Mitt Romney Concedes Presidency

WA, CO First States to Legalize Weed

Fox News Calls Race for Obama

MD, MA Pass Gay Marriage

Obama Wins the Presidency

Obama Leads Florida … Barely

NBC: Obama Wins Iowa, Ohio

Akin Loses MO Senate Race

Mourdock Loses Indiana Senate

N.C. Elects First GOP Governor in 24 Yrs.

Ryan Wins Reelection in WI

Report: Warren Wins Senate

Several Senate Victories for Dems

Int’l Observers Blocked From Polls

Romney Wins AZ, TN, WV, and SC

Polls Close in Ohio and North Carolina

Romney: I Only Wrote Victory Speech

Warren, Brown Nearly Tied

Silver: Last Polls Show Fla. Tied

Biden Makes Surprise Ohio Stop

Gunman Kills Four in Fresno

St. John’s Dean Commits Suicide

NYC Crime Rate Drops After Storm

Christie: I Didn’t Snub Mitt

Voters Face Confusion at Polls

Obama Congratulates Mitt Romney

Long Lines at the Polls

Biden: ‘Don’t Think’ This Is It

Britney Spears to Pen Novel

Poll: She’s Probably Faking It

Malawi Suspends Anti-Gay Laws

Michigan Judge Blocks Mandate

Report: Neil Heywood Had MI6 Ties

Netanyahu: I’d Attack Iran Alone

N.H.’s Dixville Notch: Tied Vote

Obama: ‘Finish What We Started’

No Doubt Pulls Offensive Video

Obama, Romney Hold Final Rallies

Cuomo Issues Emergency Voting Order

Nor’easter Headed for East Coast

Two Car Bombings Hit Syria

Gallup Poll: Mitt and Obama Tied

‘Jersey Shore’ To Host Sandy Benefit

Judge Reveals Group’s Donors

Romney Campaigns in Sanford, FL

Police: NYC Nanny Resented Employers

Amputee Climbs 103-Floor Skyscraper

HSBC Covers for Potential U.S. Fine

NYC Marathon Generators Go Unused

Hearing Set for Alleged Army Killer

Russia Supplying Arms to Syria

Economy May Not Care Who’s President

Outside Manhattan, Frustration Grows

Paul Ryan: Obama’s No Abraham

Obama, Romney Sprint to Finish

National Polls Show Close Race

Officials: Damage Won’t Stop Vote

Dems Sue to Extend Early Voting

40,000 NYers May Need Housing

“Wreck-It Ralph” Grosses $49.1M

Disney to Reboot ‘Boy Meets World’

Ohio Poll: Obama 50, Romney 48

Thousands of NYC Students Displaced

British Soldier Dead in Cyprus Club

Egypt's Copts Choose New Pope

Bo Xilai Booted From Communist Party

Police Chopper Crashes in Atlanta

After Sandy, Climate Change Looms

Syrian Rebels Meet in Qatar

Ground Game Key in Ohio

Sandy Victims Prepare to Vote

Sandy's Victims See Patchy Recovery

Nanny Arrested for Child Murders

NYC Crime Down Post-Sandy

1.6M in Ohio Vote Early

Million Puppet March Held

Bloomberg: Gas Shortage May Last Days

DiCaprio, Model GF Split

Obama Visits FEMA Headquarters

French Catholics Rally Against Gay Marriage

Report: Nigerian Army Shoots Dozens

Polls: Obama Leads in Ohio

NYU Hospital to Reopen

Report: Romney Wanted Christie for Veep

Facebook In Talent War

Penn. Report Left Out Poison in Water

Syrian Rebels Attack Airbase

Second Illness for Meningitis Sufferers

Outside Political Groups Spend $500M

Majority: 'Wrong Track' for Nation

Economists: Jobs Data Won't Affect Election

U.S. Military to Deliver Gas

Celebs Film Sandy Telethon

GOP Voter Registration Dips in Calif.

Some Marathoners Will Still Run

Power Back in Parts of Lower Manhattan

NYC Marathon Canceled

Obama Has 3 Point Lead in Ohio

Wired Editor Steps Down

Statue of Liberty Closed

Bloomberg: Marathon Is Good Idea

800 Line Up at N.Y. Apple Store

Forbes: Crane Company Is Shady

Cuomo: 'No Reason to Panic'

Newsweeklies Are a Dying Breed

18 Killed in Pakistan Van Attack

WSJ: Jefferson Was Slave-Driver

Staten Island Ferry Resumes Service

Jobless Rate Stays at 7.9 Percent

Report: Nanny Suspect Angry at Family

Secret Service Agent Kills Self

CNN Gets Chemical Bomb Threat

Amnesty Condemns Syrian Rebels

CNN Poll: Obama Up in Colo.

Report: Libya Was CIA Operation

Calls to Cancel NYC Marathon

Sandy Death Toll Reaches 165

New Jersey Transit Resumes

Tristate Fuel Shortage Worsens

Candidates Back on the Attack

Storm’s U.S. Death Toll Hits 90

Britney Suit Dismissed by Judge

N.J. to Use Military Trucks as Polls

Obama Praises Welfare Expansion

Another Storm Headed to East Coast

Officials Won’t Cancel NYC Marathon

Bloomberg Endorses Obama

Syrian Rebels Kill 28 Soldiers

Chris Brown Wore Terrorist Costume

Former Penn State Prez Charged

Jodie Foster to Get Achievement Award

Gas Shortages, Long Lines in NYC Area

Tim Tebow Dating Camilla Belle

NYC to Get FEMA Help

Miley Cyrus Films Video With Porn Star

Con Ed: Manhattan Power Back by Saturday

Labor Market Improves

NBC to Air Sandy Benefit Concert

Ryan Goes Trick-or-Treating

Olympics to Investigate Lance's Bronze

4 Wounded in USC Shooting

GOP Candidate: Abortion Adds to Rape Trauma

Bank Freezes Jimmy Savile’s Estate

Saudi Tanker Blast Kills 22

Poll: Obama Up by 6 in Michigan

NYC's Subways Reopen

Gov. Cuomo Declares Transportation Emergency

Evan Rachel Wood Weds

Oil Spill in NJ

Power Restored to 30,000 in NYC