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Articles July 2020

Jared Kushner Got Up to $3 Million From Companies That Benefited From Trump Admin Programs, Documents Show

James Murdoch Resigns From News Corp Board Over Editorial Disagreements

Ex-Weinstein Attorney Lisa Bloom Loses Bid for Attorneys’ Fees in Autistic Kid’s Settlement

Beyonce’s Masterful ‘Black Is King’ Will Change How You See the World

Best New Launches From Dagne Dover, Brooklinen, The Sill, Parachute

Tampa Teen ‘Mastermind’ Among Three Charged With Huge Twitter Hack of Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Obama, Kanye

Judge to Release Video of John Neville, Black Inmate Who Died After Being Restrained by Guards

A Summer Camp Took Almost Every Precaution. The Majority of Kids Still Got COVID-19.

After Madonna Spreads Insane Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory, It’s Too Hard to Be a Fan

Stephen Miller Spreads Blatant Lies About Mail-In Voting on ‘Fox & Friends’

CDC’s Redfield Pleads Ignorance on Messy Hospital Data Scheme

Tammy Duckworth Wants to Know WTF Are We Supposed to Do With Our Kids During COVID?

Travel to Greece’s Best Kept Secret With This Book

Archaeologist Thinks He’s Found Early Portrait of God

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Doing the Opposite of ‘Finding Freedom’

This Is One of the Few Reusable Face Masks I’ve Tried That’s Actually Comfortable

Monty Python’s John Cleese Sounds Off on ‘Complete Asshole’ Trump and His ‘Very Stupid’ Voters

Inside the Top-Level Political Games That Prompted Belarus to Arrest Russian Wagner Mercenaries

Biden Says He Wants to Play in Texas. His Website Makes It Impossible.

Here’s Why an ‘October Surprise’ Vaccine Won’t Save Trump

Slow Down and Bask in ‘Quilt Fever’ and the Charmingly Weird ‘Academy Awards of Quilting’

Study: Men More Likely Than Women to Back COVID Conspiracies

What Happened to Stacey Abrams Will Happen to Joe Biden

Did the CIA Torture an Undercover DEA Agent for a Mexican Drug Cartel?

Grim, Optimistic, and Brutally Realistic Scenarios for America’s COVID-19 Future

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Accuser Virginia Giuffre Says Bill Clinton Partied on Pedophile Island

Seth Meyers Explodes on GOP for Laughing Off Trump’s Election-Delay Threat

Trevor Noah Is Disgusted by the Memeification of Breonna Taylor

‘George Floyd All Over Again’: ICE Guard Drove Knee Into Detainee

Trump Goes Into Hyperdrive to Delegitimize the Election—‘He’s Terrified of Losing’

Conway, Arkansas Police Release Bodycam Video of Lionel Morris’ Death in Supermarket

Barack Obama Attacks Trump Admin’s Black Lives Matter Crackdown, Voter Suppression in John Lewis Eulogy

Ashley Judd Wins Crucial Appeal in Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Suit

Russian Media Is Giddy at Chaos in the USA, Claims ‘America’s Dying’

Coronavirus Is Surging So Much in South Carolina the National Guard Is Building Tent Hospitals

Fox Host Stuart Varney Jumps on Trump’s ‘Delay the Election’ Train After Mocking Biden’s Warning

Trump Finally Admits That His Re-Election’s Swirling Down the Golden Toilet

Herman Cain Was All in for Trump—Until the Very End

How the Mafia Killed Disney’s Strange Flirtation With Russian Hockey

The Stealthy Play to Make Swing State Republicans Love Tom Cotton

Feds Gas Moms in Fresh Portland Crackdown After Talk of Federal Pullout

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt Says Trump’s Election Delay Tweet Is ‘Flagrant Expression of His Current Weakness’

These Kitsch Cotton Face Masks Are My Go-To to Stay Safe

Herman Cain Dies After Month-Long Battle With Coronavirus

Trump Proposes Delaying the Presidential Election

Was Belarus’ Arrest of Russian Wagner Soldiers Staged in a Ploy to Postpone Elections?

Police Find Child’s Toy Bucket in Secret Sealed Cellar Being Searched for Madeleine McCann

Du Nord Craft Spirits in Minneapolis Rising from the Ashes

‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ Is Hotter Than Ever. Will a Shocking, Violent Fight Change That?

Michigan Senate GOP Candidate John James' Talks Tough on China While His Family Does Business

NYPD Perfected Chilling Arrests Way Before Feds Went After Black Lives Matter Protesters in Portland

GOP’s Response to Russian COVID Disinfo Shows We’re Screwed

Coronavirus Is Feasting on America's Athletes. Our Kids Are Next.

Why the GOP’s Number One Goal Is Protecting Companies, Not People, From COVID-19

Rihanna’s Skincare Line Has One Controversial Ingredient

Nestlé and Danone Baby Formula Marketing in Indonesia During Pandemic Raises Red Flag

Florida County Commissioners Rejected Masks. Now Commissioner Paul Waldron Is on Ventilator With COVID-19.

Anthony Tata Might Be Trump’s Most Appalling Nominee Yet. Will Republicans Care?

Trump Haunts His Team With Diversions to Demon Sperm and Obsessions With Fauci

Taylor Swift Remains Silent as Fans Doxx and Harass Music Critic Over ‘Folklore’ Review

Inside Los Angeles’ Raging ‘Fast Fashion’ Coronavirus Hot Zone

The Nazi Hunter Taking On Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Louie Gohmert Brags to Sean Hannity That He's ‘All In’ on Taking Hydroxychloroquine for COVID

Seth Meyers Hammers Donald Trump Jr. for Spreading ‘Demon Sperm Lady’ Video

If Kamala Harris Is ‘Too Ambitious’ to Be Joe Biden’s 2020 VP Pick, Then So Is Every Woman With Ambition

U.S. Warns Russia on Bounties While Trump Cries ‘Fake News’

Lawmakers Are ‘Pissed’ at Rep. Louie Gohmert After COVID Diagnosis

The BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Will Keep Your White Claw and Other Spiked Seltzer Cold

The Davines Renaissance Circle Hair Mask Gives Your Hair The Moisture It Needs

Zuckerberg Promises to Yank Dodgy Hydroxychloroquine Claims From Facebook During Big Tech House Hearing

Rep. Ralph Norman Attacked Over His Ties to Demon Sperm Doctor

Jerry David Thompson Decapitated Victor King With Samurai Sword Over Rent Dispute

Mormon Church’s LeBaron Family Sues Mexico’s Juarez Drug Cartel After Deadly Ambush That Killed Nine

Dr. Fauci Rails Against COVID Disinformation Video Featuring Demon Sperm Doctor

Vatican Hacked By Chinese Spies, Says Report

Kayleigh McEnany Struggles to Defend Trump’s Demon Sperm Doctor Retweets

Former Harvey Weinstein Attorney Lisa Bloom, Angling for a Hefty Payday, Now Faces Fraud Allegations

GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Suggests Mask Wearing Gave Him Coronavirus

Trump Admits He’s Never Mentioned Bounties to Putin Because He Thinks It’s ‘Fake News’

Evil Kitty Resusable Cloth Face Masks Are Feisty, Fierce, and Available on Etsy

‘Pro-Life’ Care Net Plans Conference in Coronavirus’ Deadly Florida Path

Tig Notaro Tried to Warn Us About Louis C.K. Now, She’s ‘Happy to Move On’ From Him.

America’s Elections Are Becoming Contaminated With Untraceable Cash

Republican China Hawks Secretly Approaching Team Biden

Was Richmond Rally Hijacked by White Supremacists—or Just a Shitshow?

Are Home Pregnancy-Style Coronavirus Tests Finally Here?

North Carolina Deluge of Absentee Ballot Requests Shows Why Trump’s Terrified of Mail-In Voting

Ron DeSantis Could Send Florida Off Coronavirus Cliff With School Reopenings

Doctor Demon Sperm Is Just the Start of Trump’s Medical Madness

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Unloads on Trump for Trusting ‘Dr. Demon Sperm’ Stella Immanuel

No, Tom Hanks Did Not Flee to Greece to Avoid Pedophilia Charges, You Sickos

Tucker Carlson Rallies to Demon Sperm Doctor's Defense

Dems Were Dying to Take Down Bill Barr. Then They Nearly Blew It.

Trump COVID Task Force Tells Governors: Make Masks Mandatory Before You Fall Into Red Zone

Trump Doubles Down on Demon Sperm Doc. Stella Immanuel

Fox News' Judge Napolitano Calls Out Feds in Portland: They've 'Incited' Violence

Ivanka Trump Wanted her Red Pantsuit to Mean Something. It Didn’t.

What the Hell Do Latinx Actors and Shows Have to Do to Get an Emmy Nomination?

The Alleged White Supremacist ‘Umbrella Man’ Police Suspect of Minneapolis Chaos

2020 Emmy Nominations’ Good, Bad and Ugly, Including ‘Watchmen,’ Quibi, and Hillary Clinton vs. ‘Tiger King’

Trump Campaign Adviser Jenna Ellis Says The Separation of Church and State Is a Liberal Lie

Whoopi Goldberg Gets Dramatic Last Word in On-Air Spat, Proves Meghan McCain Wrong

Fans Greet Johnny Depp with Flowers as Lawyer Brands Amber Heard a ‘Compulsive Liar’

Anthony Todt Confessed to Killing Family in Celebration, Florida Home Now Claims Wife Megan Did It

Attorney General Bill Barr Calls Black Lives Matter Protests in Portland ‘an Assault’ on U.S. Government

‘Pretty Close to a Hundred’ New Epstein Accusers, Miami Herald Reporter Julie K. Brown Says

German Police Dig Up Hanover Yard in Search of Madeleine McCann at Home Where Christian Brueckner Once Lived

Stella Immanuel, Trump’s New COVID-19 Doctor, Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine

Best Face Mask Clips and Holders

The Mystery of Scientist Robert Hooke’s Missing Portrait

How the Coronavirus Disguises Itself Before It Attacks

Dems on Susan Rice as Biden’s VP: Are We Sure About This?

Taylor Swift, the Chicks and Music’s Fierce Women Deliver the Soundtrack to Our Madness

Democratic Governors’ COVID Response Has Been No Better than Republicans’

Tig Notaro Opens Up About Finally Being Healed and Ready to Run America With Jennifer Aniston

The Texas Coronavirus Death Surge Is Here, and It’s Terrifying

China Wants to Be First to Colonize the Moon and Mars

Bully Boy Bill Barr is America’s Ultimate Chaos Agent

Ex-Sheriff Richard Mack Will Turn You Into a Trained Mask-Hater for $295

Sandals, Be Gone. This Is the Summer of ‘Fish Flops.’

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh’s Double Game With Stolen Russian Money

Trump Pushes Fake COVID Cure From Fringe Doctors, Banned by Facebook

The Cruel Treatment of Megan Thee Stallion’s Shooting Proves We Have a Long Way to Go

No One Gives a Shit About the White House Rose Garden Right Now, Melania

Trevor Noah Schools Tom Cotton for Calling Slavery a ‘Necessary Evil’

The Chainsmokers Are in Deep Sh*t Over Their Packed Hamptons Concert

Team Trump’s Mounting Fear: His Base Will Abandon Him in November

Trumpists Explode Over GOP’s Thirsty-for-Cash Texts

Amber Heard Gives Terrifying Account of Johnny Depp’s Alter Ego ‘The Monster’

Peter Navarro Mocks Fauci’s First Pitch, Doesn’t Regret Op-Ed Attacking Him

Try the Watermelon Highball By John Bush Bartenders At Home

Kathie Lee Gifford Tearfully Recalls Her Last Lunch with Regis Philbin on the ‘Today’ Show

Tom Cotton Cries ‘Fake News’ When ‘Fox & Friends’ Directly Quotes Him on Slavery

Is COVID-19 Creating a Generation of Heart Failure Patients?

Brooklyn Man Dined With Wife in Romantic French Chalet Then Cut Her Up and Buried Her, Officials in France Say

Get Better Sleep With This White Noise Machine

How the Daily Beast Crossword Puzzle Constructor Has Fun With Celebrity Names

That Coronavirus Chart Might Be Lying to You

It’s Looking Terrible for Trump. Here Are Three Ways He Could Still Win.

Al-Arz’s Israeli-Arab Tahini Tycoon Julia Zaher Goes Viral After Standing Up for LGBTQ Rights

The ‘Daily Show’ Creator Taking on Anti-Abortion Extremists

Black and Latinx Influencers Speak Out on Pay Discrimination

The Subreddit Helping Unemployed People Abandoned by Government

New York’s Pandemic Voting ‘Chaos’ Set to Go Nationwide in November

Deluded Anti-Mask Tourists Swarm COVID-Plagued Puerto Rico

Emmys 2020 — Who Will and Should Be Nominated

Why Trump’s MS-13 Strategy Will Fail

Coronavirus Is Preying on People of Color, So Why Are Vaccine Trials So White?

Inside Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Scientology School

John Oliver Exposes Sean Hannity’s Lies About Portland Protesters

Two Gunmen Released After Austin BLM Protester Garrett Foster Is Shot Dead

The History of America’s Most Racist Frat Was No Secret, Except to Joe Kennedy III

Prince Harry’s Secret Instagram and His Rage at the Racism Meghan Markle Faced

Kim Jong Un Finally Admits Coronavirus Is in North Korea

Everlane Face Mask Is Stylish, Breathable, Washable

Olivia de Havilland, Legendary for Films and Feud With Joan Fontaine, Dies at 104

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper Grills Coronavirus Testing Czar Brett Giroir, Asks If He’s Afraid of Upsetting Trump

Polygel is Making it Easier to Live Without a Nail Salon

Blueland’s New Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Really Gets Rid of Stains

Kate Middleton Denies She Spurned Meghan Markle. She ‘Personally Cooked’ Her Vegan Food.

Dr. Joseph Mountin, the Doctor Fauci of WWII, Beat Malaria in America and Founded the CDC

How a Cross-Country Road Trip in Search of Common Ground Went South

Before 'Kung Flu' There Was the Asian Shaming of Leprosy

What's with Our Obsession with Depicting People After They Die?

Harry Truman Didn’t Want to Read About What He’d Done To Hiroshima

Cohen Isn’t the First Convict the Government’s Tried to Silence

Queen Letizia of Spain Shows Us How To Wear the Heck Out of a Mask

Daily Beast Reporters Remember Legendary Journalist Christopher Dickey

Hot Springs, Arkansas, America’s Forgotten Capital of Vice

I'll Never Fly a Boeing 747 Again

Tolulope Arotile Flew Missions Against ISIS-Backed Terrorists in Nigeria and Died in a Suspicious ‘Accident’

How We Can Trump-Proof America Against Authoritarian Wannabes

David Lynch Is Trying to Keep You Sane During Quarantine

Inside Clay Travis’ OutKick, the Right-Wing Sports Site Pushing COVID Trutherism

How Fox Sports Filled Empty Baseball Stadiums With Virtual Fans

Meghan Markle Says Her Father Thomas Is a ‘Victim,’ Who was ‘Fully Corrupted’ by the Media

Senior Royal Called Meghan Markle ‘Harry’s Showgirl’

Regis Philbin, Legendary TV Host, Dies at 88

Shots Fired as ‘Not Fucking Around Coalition’ and ‘Three Percenter’ Militia Converge on Louisville, Kentucky

Best Way to Keep Your Fridge Clean

The ISDIN Night Peel Saved My Skin From Quarantine

Cartoon: The New Board Game for the Pandemic Era is Monotony

American Theater Workers Urgently Need Financial Help. The Government Must Step In.

Baseball Players Are Back in Business But Their Union Isn’t Doing Anything for Sidelined Stadium Workers

I Lived in a Dome in Hawaii to Simulate Life on Mars

America’s First Newspapers Were Financed by the Slave Trade

Berkeley Nuclear Security Professor Jasmina Vujic’s Bizarre Side Gig Is Far-Right Serbian Activist

It’s the Summer of the RV Rental. Don’t Be Intimidated.

‘The Hater,’ the Netflix Film That Eerily Predicted a Real-Life Political Assassination

Men’s Rights Activists Roy Den Hollander and Marc Angelucci Are Dead and the Movement Is Freaking Out

Maitland Ward: How Porn Saved Me From Hollywood

Zac Efron Has a ‘Dad Bod’? Find Jesus, People.

Arizona State University Prof Junseok Chae Allegedly Murdered by Two Teenagers Who Left His Body in a Dumpster

Meghan Markle Says, ‘I Gave Up My Entire Life for the Royal Family. It’s Very Sad.’

'It’s Bleak': Trump’s Great American Comeback Is a Dumpster Fire

Coronavirus Is Surging in Nashville—but Tourists Just Want to Party

Donald Trump Admits He ‘Often’ Retweets Without Thinking in Barstool Sports Interview

Susie Zhao Was Found ‘Badly Burned’ in Michigan. Was She Murdered Over Gambling?

Taylor Swift Goes Indie in Stunning Surprise Album ‘Folklore,’ Calls Out Gaslighters and Scooter Braun

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Scolds Trump Campaign Spox, Says ‘Don’t Call the Fox News Pollsters Fake’

I Can’t Stop Watching ‘Supermarket Sweep’ on Netflix

Trump Has a Nuclear Arsenal—and Can Remember Five Whole Words

Uniqlo Makes the Best White T-Shirt

Red Bull Heir Vorayuth Yoovidhaya, Who Killed Cop With Ferrari While Drunk, Is Now Free to Return to Thailand

The Battery Powered Wet Mop from Karcher Makes Cleaning Hard Floors a Breeze

‘Disgusted’ Sling TV Employees Rage Against Dish Network Pushing Them Back to Offices

This City Stopped Sending Police to Every 911 Call

How Leah Remini Helped Danny Masterson’s Rape Accusers Be Heard

Can Bars Survive the Pandemic? The Life Behind Bars Podcast

How Sweden, Uruguay, Japan and Israel Reopened Schools During COVID-19 Pandemic

These Trump Campaign Payments to the Trump Organization Look Shady as Hell

Republicans, Liz Cheney Is Our Best Hope

The Republican Party Has a Serious Woman Problem

‘Putin’s Soldier’ Ramzan Kadyrov Threatens Mike Pompeo Over Sanctions

Charles Manson’s Hippie Killer-Cult Members Speak Out in ‘Helter Skelter’

QAnon Star Tommy Gelati Has a Conviction for Bank Robbery

Republicans Aren’t Sure Saving Trump With a Stimulus Package Is Worth It

Trump Brags About Siccing 75K ‘Tough’ Feds on Cities Like Chicago

See Stephen Colbert’s Hilarious Movie Trailer Parody of Trump’s Cognitive Test

Top Dem Donors Once Hated Warren. Now They Hardly Think of Her

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Sue Paparazzi Over Pictures of Archie

Ex-Microsoft Honcho Mukund Mohan Busted in PPP Scam, Feds Say

Trump Calls Off Jacksonville Republican Convention Over Coronavirus

Trump: Vote-By-Mail Is Rigged. Trump’s Campaign? It’s ‘Easy And Secure.’

Try The No Rice, No Life By Eli Hetrick Bartenders At Home

CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar Blasts Fox News’ Marc Siegel, Says He’s ‘More of a Sycophant Than a Doctor’

Black Lives Matter Sues to Stop Trump’s Chicago Crackdown

Madera, California Cops Scramble to Find Special Needs Toddler Thaddeus Sran After Parents Stop Cooperating

Trump Wanted an All-Out, Portland-Style Offensive in Chicago

Kayleigh McEnany Absurdly Spins Trump Wishing Ghislaine Maxwell Well on Fox News

‘Fucking Cold-Blooded’ GOP Operatives Accused of Running Ohio’s Largest Ever Bribery Scheme

David Koch’s Wife, Julia Koch, Repeatedly Lied to Billionaire, Locked Him Up During Party, Bodyguard Claims

Try The Japanese Highball By Naren Young Bartenders At Home

Try My Tropical Side By Zulcoralis Rodríguez Bartenders At Home

Mary Trump Shuts Down Meghan McCain for Accusing Her of ‘Cashing In’ on ‘The View’

Judge Rules Michael Cohen Was Retaliated Against Over Trump Tell-All, Sends Him Home

Fox News Doctor Fawns Over ‘Extremely Sharp’ Trump: Our ‘Interview Was a Cognitive Test’

Best USB Chargers and Charging Stations

Try The Tick Tock Toki By Julia Reh Bartenders At Home

Try the Groundhog Day By Lee Zaremba Bartenders At Home

Best Coin Sorters for the Coin Shortage

Ernest Hemingway & F. Scott Fitzgerald Drinking While Writing

Montana and Other States Scramble to Break Through COVID-19 Testing Logjams

Could This Nasal Spray Protect Frontline Workers From COVID-19?

Donald Trump, A President in Search of a War, Finds His Adversary in China

Why Ike Leggett Used to Leave His Photo Off His Campaign Literature

Democrats Won’t Let GOP-Led Biden-Ukraine Probe Go Unanswered

If Trump Can’t Win, He’s Going to Take America Down With Him

This Is Mask Haters’ Most Nefarious Hoax Yet

‘Yes, God, Yes’ Offers a Scarily Accurate Portrait of a Catholic Schoolgirl’s Sexual Awakening

First COVID-19 Hit China. Then Floods. Now Locusts.

Leah Remini Wants to Expose Tom Cruise’s Dark Side

Ghislaine Maxwell Bragged About ‘Pal’ Jeff Bezos

Coronavirus Hell Took Over This Alabama Doctor’s Weekend

Mary Trump and Stephen Colbert Mock Uncle Donald for Bragging About ‘Acing’ Dementia Test

What Trump Is Leaving Out of His Anti-Crime Blitz Operation Legend

Seth Meyers Drags the Media for Praising Trump’s ‘New Tone’

Trump’s Now Claiming He Got 'Extra Points' on Cognitive Test

’Daily Show’ Correspondent Jordan Klepper Crashes Trump Boat Rally

Trump ‘Surges’ Feds to Chicago Like It’s a War Zone

Adham Hassoun, Man Whom Trump Detained Indefinitely Under Patriot Act, Is Now Free

QAnon Is Just Getting Started, Despite Twitter’s Crackdown

This Compact Camping Grill Sets Up Fast and Packs Down Easily

Tony Wiggins, Mary Whittemore, William Wiggins Arrested After Triple Killing at Lake in Frostproof, Florida

Senator Kyrsten Sinema Wore a Mint Green Wig. Cue the Stupid Sexism.

Try the Frangelico® Birthday Cake Shot Mike Capoferri Bartenders At Home

Try the Business By Chris Amirault Bartenders At Home

Brooklinen Waffle Knit Towels and Robe Are Drying, Soft, and Plush

Fox News Host Martha MacCallum Confronts Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s Sudden Mask Embrace

Prince George Turns 7, with New Pictures by Mom Kate, and Birthday Wishes from the Queen

Ilhan Omar Rips Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Reckless Lie’ and Mark Zuckerberg’s Dangerous Disinformation

Fox News Star Geraldo Rivera Says Trump Was ‘Brave’ to Wish Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Well’

Foreign Journalists Covering Anti-Netanyahu Protests Attacked by Police

COVID Phobia Can Kill You Even if You Don’t Get it, Heart Doctors Warn

Anti-Feminist Lawyer Roy Den Hollander Murdered California Rival Marc Angelucci, FBI Says

Pit Viper By Erick Castro Bartenders At Home

Try the Belle Ringer By Will Thompson Bartenders At Home

Labour Party Admits It Smeared Jewish Whistleblowers Under Jeremy Corbyn

Leah Remini Reveals the Trump and Farrakhan Ties to Scientology

The Most Fabulous TV Character Ever? Meet Nicco Annan, P-Valley’s Groundbreaking Uncle Clifford

Kentucky's Attorney General Sabotages Its Covid Response

Russian Activist Yulia Tsvetkova Fights ‘Gay Propaganda’ Legal Battle, as LGBTQ Persecution Increases

America Is Sick of It, but the Trump Show Staggers On

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Attack on HPV Vaccines Is Bogus and the Timing Couldn't Be Worse

Celebrities May Be Masked. The Paparazzi Still Wants to Photograph Them.

ISIS is Setting Up Fake Social Justice Accounts on Facebook

No One Will Take Responsibility for Hollywood’s Embarrassing #ITakeResponsibility PSA

Tucker Carlson’s Got Real Scandals, So He Keeps Inventing Imaginary Enemies

COVID Is Rampant in Louisiana, Where the War on Masks Is Extra Crazy

Dr. Trump’s Desperate Attempts to Revive Himself Flatline

Trevor Noah Breaks Down Why Trump’s Portland Crackdown Should Scare the Hell Out of You

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Kayleigh McEnany Say It’s Still ‘50/50’ if Reporter Called Her a ‘Bitch’

MAGA Ambush of Liz Cheney Backfires

Trump Lies About His Mask Use, Wishes Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Well’ During First COVID Presser in Months

Try the Time is a Flat Pineapple By Andrew Hutchinson Bartenders At Home

Try Sandy’s Dream By Nick Dolan Bartenders At Home

Trump’s Sending in the Feds. Here’s What Happened to Us in Portland.

Coronavirus Sparks Surge in Demand for At-Home Abortions

CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar Scolds Trump Spox on Hydroxychloroquine: ‘You’re Doing a Real Disservice’

Did White House Reporter Kimberly Halkett Really Call Kayleigh McEnany a ‘Lying Bitch’?

Prince Harry and Prince William Deny They Misused Royal Charity Funds

There’s Good News on the Coronavirus Vaccine Front, But Don’t Get Too Excited

Former Fox News Host Alisyn Camerota Says Ed Henry Story Proves Fox Is ‘Rotten to Its Core’

Kayleigh McEnany Urges Fox News Viewers to ‘Follow Trump’s Lead’ on Masks

The Prana Yoga Mat Will Help You Keep Your Workout Space Clean And Germ Resistant

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder Arrested in $60 Million Bribery Scheme

Did Anti-Feminist Lawyer Roy Den Hollander Also Kill Rival Attorney Marc Angelucci?

Sen. Tom Cotton Compares Portland Protesters Are Just Like Confederate ‘Insurrectionists’

Mary Trump: What Really Shocked Me About My Family and the KKK

These Copper Cookware Products Can Transform Your Cooking and Baking

Trump Campaign Begins Paying Comms Aide’s Firm as Its Lobbying Clients Flee

The Coolest-Looking Dogs You’ve Ever Seen, from ‘IT!’ to Snow White

Russia Report Finds ‘Scandal’ That U.K. Government Failed to Probe Russian Interference in Brexit Vote

Roku Smart Soundbar Combines Streaming and Audio for the Ultimate Viewing Experience

Paul Feig on Hollywood Sexism, Trump’s War on ‘Ghostbusters,’ and a ‘Spy’ Sequel

‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Dulcé Sloan on How the Pandemic Strengthened Her Connection to Trevor Noah

Republicans Are Finally Turning Against Trump. Too Little, Too Late.

Police Unions Tell Trump to Send in the Feds to Cities like Portland and Chicago

The Real Reason Behind Russia’s COVID-19 Vaccine Hacks

Biden and Sanders Teams Stand Off Over Israeli ‘Occupation’

Sharkcano?! There Are Sharks Living in a Volcano, for the Love of God

Miami, South Florida Boat Parties Spread COVID-19

Kanye West’s Cries for Help

‘Men’s Rights’ Lawyer Roy Den Hollander’s Screeds Raged Against Judge Esther Salas

Trevor Noah Is Very Worried About Kanye West, Feels Someone Should ‘Take His Mic Away’

Seth Meyers Rails Against Trump for Caring About Coronavirus TV Ratings More Than Dead Americans

Tucker Carlson Accuses New York Times of Trying to ‘Injure’ His Family

Joy Reid Pushes Joe Biden to Pick Black Woman VP in MSNBC Primetime Debut

Trump Administration Plots Crackdown by Feds in Cities Nationwide

Pence Tells Governors Masks Are Helping Turn the Tide on Coronavirus in Arizona

Ex-Fox News Star Ed Henry Accused of Raping Jennifer Eckhart in Brutal New Lawsuit

Leaked Documents Show the DNC’s Plans for a ‘Reimagined’ Convention

No, Kanye West, I’m Not Gonna Let You Finish

Matt Schlapp Busted for Calling Charlamagne Tha God a ‘Rap Star’ on Fox News

Democratic Leaders Demand FBI Briefing on ‘Ongoing’ Threat of Election Interference

Goldbelly Ships Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes Nationwide

Trump’s Surgeon General Jerome Adams Begs Fox News Viewers to Wear Masks: ‘I’m Pleading!’

White Boy Rick, Richard J. Wershe, Jr., the Youngest FBI Informant in History, Released After 32 Years

The Daily Beast Crossword Puzzle Creator Explains Why the ‘Breakout Length’ Makes Grids More Fun

A Pasta Bolognese Recipe from Chef Karen Akunowicz of Boston’s Fox & the Knife

Trench Fever Spread by Lice Is Found in Denver’s Homeless

Walmart, Target Workers Are Terrified of Enforcing Mask Rules

Trump’s ‘Greatest Economy Ever’ Was Always a Lie

Hillary Clinton’s Resistance Group Has Resisted Spending Big on Candidates

What Do We Actually Know About Our Aging POTUS Candidates’ Health?

How One Academic Medical Center in Deep-Red Louisiana Made a Difference With Early Testing

Netflix Exposes Trump’s Shady Mob Ties in ‘Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia’

Tammy Duckworth Impersonated in Racist Disinformation Campaign

The New Andy Cohen Diaries on Fatherhood, Getting Political, and Bravo’s Race Reckoning

Armed ‘Volunteers’ Defend White Supremacy in Charlottesville

Besieged Benjamin Netanyahu Blames Israel’s Protests on Jeffrey Epstein’s Money

John Oliver Believes the Royal Family Killed Princess Diana

Trump, Campaign Flailing, Embarks on Another Media Blitz to ‘Control the Agenda’ in 2020. It Isn’t Working.

Men’s Rights Lawyer Roy Den Hollander Eyed in Shooting of N.J. Judge Esther Salas’ Family

Al Sharpton Fires Back at ‘Bigot’ Trump’s Fox News Interview Dig on Renaming Military Bases

Best Sand and Waterproof Beach and Picnic Blanket

Best Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Fox News' Chris Wallace to Trump: Cognitive Exam 'Not the Hardest Test’, Involves Identifying an Elephant

Trump Shrugs Off COVID Death Toll in Interview With Fox News' Chris Wallace: ‘It Is What It Is’

Omsom Is a Foolproof Way of Making Asian Cuisine at Home

Prince Andrew, Royal Reject, Is Excluded From Daughter Beatrice’s Wedding Photographs

The ABCs of Teaching in Magical—Believe It—Rockaway Beach

The Data Proves Mail-In Voting Is Safe From Fraud and COVID-19

That Time I Chauffeured Jorge Luis Borges Around Scotland

Satirist Christopher Buckley Meets His Match in Donald Trump

Nuremberg Prosecutor’s Warning About Trump’s War on the Rule of Law

Jarvis Cocker Is a Meghan Markle Fan (Boris Johnson, Not So Much)

ICE Dodged Orders to Free Detainees and Triggered an Outbreak

The Complex and Fascinating History of Black Samson

Contact Tracing Might Become Cops' Newest Surveillance Tool

I Was a Military COVID Planner. Trust Me: Texas Is in Deep, Deep Trouble

Inside Kelly Preston’s Deep Scientology Ties: ‘She Was Hardcore’

Roger Stone Appears to Use Racial Slur When Pressed on Special Treatment From Trump by Black Radio Host

The Supreme Court’s Quiet Campaign to Suppress the Vote

The Queen Lent Princess Beatrice a Vintage Dress and Tiara for Her Wedding

‘The Old Guard’ Is a Record-Shattering Success—So Let’s Stop Being Squeamish About Gay Superheroes

Why Aren’t More People Talking About ‘Legendary’?

Best First Aid Kit VSSL

Trump Honors Civil Rights Hero John Lewis with an Impersonal Proclamation Sent from the Golf Course

Best Baking Trays and Cookie Sheets

Netflix’s ‘Father Soldier Son’ Is a Moving Tribute to America’s Wounded Warriors

Duckweed Is the Pest Plant That Could Be Astronauts’ New Superfood

Who Won the Race to the North Pole, Robert Peary or Frederick Cook?

The Horror Movie That Spookily Predicted Trump’s Bunker Fiasco

Why ‘Stubborn’ Georgia Guv Can’t Say Yes to Masks

NOW Chapter Leaders Launch New Campaign to Oust President Toni Van Pelt Over Allegations of Racism

Porn’s Brave New World of Camming: ‘The Possibilities Are Endless’

Black Travelers Are Changing The Narrative. It’s Time For Brands To Listen.

Trump’s Failures Are Erasing the Memory of American Greatness

Hot Men in Bandanas Is 2020’s Only Good Fashion Trend

Texas Erases COVID Cases and Fans Conspiracy Theory Flames

Trump’s Election Hail Mary: Bring Back Bob Mueller and Relitigate Russiagate

Rep. John Lewis, Larger-Than-Life Civil Rights Hero, Dies at 80

The Chicks Formerly Known as Dixie Burn It All Down on ‘Gaslighter,’ Their Raging, Triumphant Return

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, St. Louis Gun Couple: The White House and Federal Government Are on Our Side

Chris Wallace Schools Trump on Masks, Biden in Heated Fox News Interview

‘It’s Spooky Right Now’: Inside the Creepy Federal Crackdown on Portland Protesters

Hayden Panettiere Wants to ‘Empower Others’ After Ex Brian Hickerson’s Felony Assault Charge

Las Vegas’ Casino Reopening Backfires as COVID-19 Surges in Nevada

Amber Heard Accused of Having Late-Night Meetups With Elon Musk in Johnny Depp Trial

Peacock Is Here, But Do We Really Need Another Freaking Streaming Service?

CNN Anchor Shreds Trump Spox on President’s COVID Response: ‘Here Are the Facts’

The World Health Organization Hired a Top PR Firm to Fight COVID Smears in The U.S.

Chris Dickey Was My Colleague, My Teacher, My Guide, and My Friend

Donald Trump Is America’s Abusive Dad

Kellyanne Conway Urges Trump to Resume Coronavirus Briefings to Boost Approval Ratings

Powerful House Foreign Relations Chairman Eliot Engel Loses Primary

Fox News Staffers Erupt Over Tucker Carlson’s Racism, Say Bosses ‘Created a White Supremacist Cell’

Tyrese Haspil, Associate Accused of Stealing, Held in Grisly NYC Murder of Tech CEO Fahim Saleh

The Queen Comes Out of Quarantine for Princess Beatrice’s Secret Royal Wedding

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s Mask Assault Stokes Coronavirus Despair in Atlanta

Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede Bucks Montana’s Fort Peck Tribes—and Coronavirus Masks

The Inventor of the Emoticon Tells All: ‘I’ve Created a Virus’

Business Owners Hang Hopes on Increasingly Doomed Florida Republican Convention

Goya Embraces Trump With White Rice Matters and Other Products

Zac Efron’s Netflix Show ‘Down to Earth’ Is a Sexy, Grizzled, Delightfully Earnest Mess

Leading Moderna Vaccine Trial Inspires New Hope and Lots of Questions

This Is Why Italy’s Schools Are Going to Open on Time

Meghan Markle Set to Fire Up the Youth Vote in Presidential Election

Right-Wingers Moaning About the Left’s Echo Chamber Are a Joke

Brian Baumgartner, AKA Kevin Malone, on ‘The Office’s’ Longest, Funniest Joke

Arizona Doctors Say Gov. Doug Ducey Steered State Into COVID-19 Surge

The ‘30 Rock’ Reunion Was One Long Lame, Sorta Funny, Occasionally Brilliant Peacock Ad

Fox Host Neil Cavuto Cuts Away From Trump Speech to Note It 'Mischaracterized' Obama's Record

Legendary Foreign Correspondent Chris Dickey Dies in Paris

Trump Campaign Legal Adviser Jenna Ellis Appears on Kremlin-Backed RT

Dr. Anthony Fauci Is an InStyle Cover Star—Just as He Should Be

Winc, the Wine Delivery Service, Makes Life So Much Easier

Fox Host Melissa Francis Admits She Doesn’t Trust Fox Polls, Deliberately Misleads Pollsters

Russians See the COVID-19 Vaccine as Key to Global Dominance—of Course They’d Try to Steal It

The Trump Campaign’s Problem Isn’t the Manager. It’s the Candidate.

Russia’s ‘Cozy Bear’ Hackers Are Trying to Steal Coronavirus Vaccine Research From U.S., U.K., Canada

Meghan McCain Snaps at Joy Behar for Being ‘Snippy’: ‘I Don't Have to Come to Work!’

A Progressive Star Railed Against Money in Politics as His Team Pushed Election Laws to the Limit

‘The Bold Type’ Star Aisha Dee Calls Out Lack of Diversity Behind the Camera

Trump’s Tax Returns Legal Team Floats New Effort to Block Release in New York Case Against Cy Vance

Car Camping How To

America Is on Track for a Million Coronavirus Cases a Day, and at Least 800,000 Deaths, by the End of 2020

Myles Everyday Short Review

‘The Painted Bird’ Caused Walkouts With Its Pedophilia, Bestiality, and Nazis. It’s an Extraordinary Film.

Poland’s LGBTQ Population Fears the Worst After President Duda Re-Elected

Government Propped Up Payday Lenders With PPP Loans

Trump Can Infect His MAGA Fans, but Not Our Kids

Coronavirus Help Is Coming From a Wide Array of Preexisting Drugs

GOPers Are Trying to Recruit QAnon Voters And Using Patriots' Soapbox to Do It

How ‘The Old Guard’s’ Gina Prince-Bythewood Made the Best Superhero Movie of the Summer

Could Trump Be Charged With Manslaughter Over COVID-19?

The Disturbing Ties Between Philadelphia Police and Far-Right Proud Boys

Who Gives a Sh*t About Disgraced Olympian Ryan Lochte? Peacock, Apparently.

Team Trump Frantically Plots New Ways to Make Him Feel Good About Himself

Family of Butchered Tech Whiz Fahim Saleh Begs NYPD to Find ‘Evil’ Killer

Dems in the Country’s Hottest Senate Contests Are Crushing the Opposition in Fundraising

The Disturbing Rise of Anti-Semitism Among Black Celebs, From Diddy and Nick Cannon to Ice Cube

Seth Meyers Unloads on Ivanka Trump’s ‘Most Likely Illegal’ Goya Beans Photo

Secret Service Drops $25K for Jet Skis to Protect Trump Family

Brad Parscale Removed as Trump’s Campaign Manager, Bill Stepien Promoted

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Accuse Each Other of Peeing and Pooing All Over Their House

Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Apple, Kanye West, and Other Major Twitter Accounts Hijacked to Promote Bitcoin Scam

CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar Zings GOP Lawmaker Suing Over Mask Mandates: ‘You’re Not a Doctor’

George Floyd’s Family Sues Minneapolis Over ‘Warrior-Like’ Police Training, Unconstitutional Death

Best Cleaning Supplies 2022: Robot Vacuums, Soaps, & More

Mary Trump Swears Her Uncle Donald Paid Some Kid to Do the SAT Exam That Got Him Into College

Stephen Miller Loses a Battle, but His War of Hate Rages On

Drunk Uncle Trump Is Melting Down, Live on Television

Move Over Aquavit Scandinavia’s Booming Whisky Scene

Private Equity-Backed Firms Got PPP Funds for Businesses Hit by Coronavirus

People Also Refused to Wear Masks During the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, and 675,000 Died

How California Went From COVID-19 Success to National Epicenter

The Chamber of Commerce, The GOP’s Most Influential Outside Group, Has Gone MIA in 2020

NBC’s Peacock Begs the Question, What Even Is TV Anymore?

Harry Lloyd Outlasts Game of Thrones’ Most Epic Death, Heads to a ‘Brave New World’

Trump’s Re-Election Plan: Replace Clarence Thomas With a Woman

Why the Gay Christmas Movie ‘A Holiday I Do’ Could Make TV History

Richard Kind Defends Woody Allen Against Dylan Farrow Abuse Allegations: ‘I Just Don’t Buy It’

Trump Campaign Hits New Low: Using Biden Kids, Grandkids as Weapons

Houston Coronavirus Crisis Becomes Refrigerated Morgue Disaster

Bloomberg Pledged Hundreds of Millions to Defeat Trump. Where Is It?

Best Ice Trays

‘Entourage’ Star Kevin Connolly Accused of Sexual Assault: ‘I Want It to Be Known That He Is Dangerous’

Tom Hanks Questions Patriotism of Americans Who Refuse to Wear Masks

‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Exposes ‘Racist’ Tucker Carlson’s ‘Long-Planned Vacation’ Excuse

Jeff Sessions’ Political Scalp Is a Warning to the Rest of Trump’s GOP

CNN's Jim Acosta: Trump White House 'Down to Kool-Aid Drinkers and Next of Kin'

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry Finds an Absurd Loophole in His Own Mask Mandate

Ivanka and Don Jr. Were Doing So Great Til Daddy Screwed It All Up

Tommy Tuberville, Trump-Backed Candidate, Ends Jeff Sessions’ Political Career

Gokada Founder Fahim Saleh’s Beheaded, Dismembered Body Found in NYC Luxury Apartment Complex

White House Orders Hospitals to Bypass CDC Even as Agency Director Prepares for ‘the Most Difficult Times’

Try the Strawberry Feels By Alex Vaughan-Ruiz Bartenders At Home

Trump: ‘More White People’ Are Killed by Cops and How Dare Anyone Suggest Blacks Have it Bad

Geraldo Rivera Blasts Judge for Denying Ghislaine Maxwell Bail: She ‘Chickened Out’

Trump Loving Cartoonist Ben Garrison Sues The Anti-Defamation League for Defamation

Kate Middleton Keeps Calm and Carries On With New Highlights

Try the Tokubetsu Sour By Austin Hennelly Bartenders At Home

Try the Stronghold By Myles Worrell Bartenders At Home

Best Face Shields

Ghislaine Maxwell Pleads Not Guilty in Epstein Sex Trafficking Ring Charges

‘The View’ Blows Up After Meghan McCain Defends Tucker Carlson

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, and the Curious Case of the Missing Finger

Joe Biden Could Pick Sarah Palin and Still Win, James Carville Jokes

Best Fun Sprinkler for Summer

Did the Queen Fire Gough Whitlam, Australia’s Radical PM? Secret Letters Solve 45-Year Mystery

The Porn World Exposes Mia Khalifa

Forget Sourdough Starter You Should Pre-Batch Cocktails

Larry David Thought Richard Kind Was ‘Too Famous’ for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Israeli Data Show School Openings Were a Disaster That Wiped Out Lockdown Gains

What Will Next Month’s DNC Look Like? Delegates ‘Have No Idea’

Fauci Is Honest and Competent—so Naturally, Trump Hates Him

Gov. Ron DeSantis Says Florida Has a COVID-19 ‘Blip.’ Nurses Say It’s Far Worse.

These Gen Z Political Nerds Are Trying to Reinvent Polling

It’s Hot Outside, but J.Lo, Kim Kardashian West, and Kendall Jenner Are Cool in Leather

Disney’s Insane and Dangerous Coronavirus Reopening Proves Once and For All That the Disney Fantasy Is Dead

ICE Prison Sees Outbreak of Coronavirus and Guard Violence: ‘They Put Us in Here to Let Us Die’

This Isn’t ‘Cancel Culture.’ The Goya CEO Is Just a Moron.

Texas’ Cadillac of Death Picks Up COVID Victim After Victim

Hillary Clinton Delivers Trump 2020 Warning on ‘The Daily Show’: We Must Be Ready if He Doesn’t ‘Go Quietly’

Roger Stone Says the System Is ‘Fixed’ After Trump Commutation

Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert Roast Trump for Wearing a Face Mask ‘4 Months Late’

Top Trump Ally Stephen Moore Preps a New Assault on Dr. Anthony Fauci

Tucker Carlson Announces ‘Long-Planned Vacation’ After Racist Writer’s Resignation

Chance the Rapper’s Kanye 2020 Endorsement Makes Him Internet Laughingstock

Ousted U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman Says Deal Attorney General Barr Offered ‘Could Be Seen as a Quid Pro Quo’

Mary Trump Free to Dish on Her Family and Tell-All Book, Judge Rules

Best VPN Routers 2022: Keep Your WiFi Security In Check

Naya Rivera Was the Best Part of ‘Glee’

Ghislaine Maxwell Foolishly Tried to ‘Evade Detection’ by Wrapping Cell Phone in Foil, Prosecutors Say

Ghislaine Maxwell Says She Had No Contact With Epstein in 10 Years. Not True.

Black-Owned Wellness Brands

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Demands ‘Drastic Action’ as COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc in Houston

Netflix’s ‘The Old Guard’ Finally Gives Us Gay Superheroes and It’s More Beautiful Than We Hoped

Tuft & Needle Quilt Is Perfect for Warm Weather and Hot Sleepers

TV Series Are Using Mannequins for Sex Scenes, Crowd Shots Thanks to COVID-19

Justo Smoker Charged With Kidnapping Linda Stoltzfoos, Amish Teen Who Disappeared After Church in Pennsylvania

Whoopi Goldberg Shouts Down Another Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Fight: ‘I Swear to GOD!’

Men’s Rights Activist Marc Angelucci Shot Dead at His California Home

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Reportedly Plan Two Weddings Costing $5M. Lucky Their Parents Are Rich.

Stop Saying We’re Fighting a War Against Coronavirus

Families of Health Workers Killed by Virus Are Denied Benefits

Shootings Rise in Big Cities Along With Calls to Defund the Police

Kayla Gore is Building a Future for Black Trans Women in the South—Literally

Europe Shouldn’t Gloat Too Soon About COVID-19

In Moscow’s Afghan Bazaar, Searching for a Bagman Who Pays Bounties for Dead Americans

Every Day That Trump Remains in Office Is a Dangerous Day for America

Kamala Harris Was in Biden Circle of Trust. Then Came Debate Night.

Is the Trump Administration Really Going to Ban TikTok in America?

Sorry, Donald, but Home-Schooling Is Reality Now

‘The Sopranos’ Stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa on PC Police and Canceling Columbus Day

AOC Is Bringing In a Slew of New Recruits to the ‘Squad’

How This Common Crossword Puzzle Trap Could Easily Trip You Up

Rudy Giuliani Blows Up Trump’s ‘Audit’ Excuse on Tax Returns

Sennheiser Noise Canceling Headphones Review 2022

Coronavirus Testing Czar Brett Giroir Pushes Back on Trump’s Criticism of CDC Guidelines

Betsy DeVos Can’t Promise Teachers and Kids Won’t Get Sick After Reopening Schools

Best Portable Chairs

Madeleine McCann Search Continues as Police Look For Toddler’s Body in Wells

Prince Andrew’s Next Nightmare Could Be Tapes of Him at Jeffrey Epstein’s Home

I Welcome White BLM Supporters. I Don't Fully Trust Them.

When Ayn Rand’s Wild ‘Top Secret’ Atomic Bomb Movie Lost Its Way

Can Microscopic ‘Sponges’ Lure the Coronavirus Into a Trap?

World's Most Beautiful Libraries: Istanbul's Beyazıt Library

In Poland’s Elections, Here's Who Drives the Anti-LGBTQ Agenda

After 44 Years in the News Business, I’m Finally Free to Speak the Truth About Republicans

I Welcome White BLM Supporters. I Don't Fully Trust Them.

The World Looks at an America That Lost Its Way

Has Evidence of King Midas’ Demise Been Found?

Pompeo's Idea of 'Religious Freedom' Sounds Like Heaven to the World's Authoritarians

Parler, The Trumpy Alternative to Twitter, Is Already Falling Apart

Warren Ellis, Cameron Stewart, and the Storm of Sexual Misconduct Allegations Roiling the Comic Book Industry

Roger Stone’s Commutation and the Constitutional Amendment That Could Save Us From the Next Trump

Why COVID-19 Outbreaks in College Sports Should Scare You

The White House Made a List of All the Times Fauci ‘Has Been Wrong’ on the Coronavirus

Disney World Reopens with Short Lines and Scared Staff, as Florida COVID-19 Cases Spike

Best Audiobooks for a Road Trip

The Big Winner in Trump’s Commutation of Roger Stone Is, Of Course, Trump

North Carolina Cop Fired Over BLM Comments Says They Were Religious Speech

12 Actors Emmy Voters Should Nominate, From Kirsten Dunst to Rosie O’Donnell

If New Zealand Is Middle Earth, Its Ganglands Are Mordor

Sure, Birth Control Does More Than Prevent Pregnancy. Why Do You Care What I Use it For?

Best Balaclava and Neck Gaiters for Face Masks

Here’s How Black Power Finally Prevailed in Mississippi State Flag Fight

An 86-Year-Old French Woman Tries a Burger for the First Time

Super-Rich Men Go to ‘Bottle War’ in Nightclubs. Champagne—and Models—are Their Weapons.

Reza Aslan Reveals How CNN’s Jeff Zucker and Trump ‘Canceled’ Him Over a Tweet

If He Loses, Trump Must Resign Immediately and Make Biden President. No, Really.

These Wonderfully Weird People Worship a Flying Spaghetti Monster

Meet Laura Goldman, the Media’s Go-To Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Friend’ Who Critics Say Is ‘Full of Shit’

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Is Determined to Sacrifice Everyone but Himself for GOP Convention

Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence Days Before Prison

The National Enquirer’s David Pecker ‘Tried to Extort Me,’ Claims Theme Park Promoter

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Address August Alsina Rumors on Red Table Talk

Ghislaine Maxwell Was Never Hiding From Prosecutors, Hadn’t Seen Jeffrey Epstein for a Decade, Lawyer Says

Trump’s Top COVID Adviser, Dr. Birx: Deaths Will Soon Start to Rise

Coronavirus Reaches Tipping Point in Florida, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina

Fox News’ Marc Thiessen Says Trump Doesn’t ‘Love’ Confederacy, He Just Defends It From ‘Cancel Culture’

I Only Want to Talk About ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’

Black-Owned Bookstores to Support While Relearning History

‘Lady A’ Anita White Breaks Silence on Lady Antebellum Lawsuit: They Will Not Take My Name

How Silicon Valley’s ‘Vampire’ CEOs Are Just Like Trump

Trump’s No Billionaire. He’s a Bullshit Artist. And Soon, We’ll Have the Taxes to Prove It.

‘Palm Springs’ Starring Andy Samberg Is the Best New Rom-Com in Years—and Surprisingly Timely

Cocktails in the Time of Corona The Hemingway Bar Paris and Head Bartender Colin Field

How Did Six Eyewitnesses Identify Lydell Grant in a Murder He Did Not Commit?

Inside Korea’s Weird New Infowar

The Time to Argue About Biden’s Economic Plans? After November 3.

Theresa Greenfield May Send Joni Ernst Back to Castrating Pigs Sooner Than She’d Planned

Paris’ Viral Graffiti Artist Wilfrid A. Is Accused of Serial Rape

Kim Byrd Took All Precautions to Teach in the Classroom Again. Then COVID-19 Killed Her.

Inside the Horrifying Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Court Case, From Cocaine Tantrums to ‘Creepy’ James Franco

South Carolina’s Coronavirus Outbreak Is Worse Than Most Countries

The Supreme Court Just Set a Time Bomb to Explode Under President Biden

‘Showbiz Kids’ Exposes Hollywood’s Pedophilia Epidemic

Trump Banks on School Reopening to Help Him in November Despite Coronavirus Scares

Jon Stewart Tells Desus and Mero Late-Night Hosts Can’t Solve Anything

Trump Aides Not Sweating His Supreme Court Taxes Rebuke

Trump Says Doctors Were 'Very Surprised' I ‘Aced’ Cognitive Test

Tucker Carlson Praises ‘Brave’ Couple Who Painted Over Black Lives Matter Mural

Alabama State Sen. Del Marsh Says He Would ‘Like to See More People’ Get COVID-19

The Fall of Florida’s Biggest Sham ‘Church’ Peddling Bleach as a ‘Sacrament’

Sports Illustrated’s Brand Owner ABG Goes to War With the Magazine’s Publisher The Maven

Online Retailer Shein Stops Selling ‘Buddhist Swastika’ Necklace Following Outrage

Biden Stresses Unity, Rips Into Trump in Economic Address

Feds: Top Ohio State Immunologist Lied About Chinese Funding and Ties to Research Groups

Fox News Anchor Sandra Smith Forced to Quickly Interrupt When Trump Spox Goes on Bizarro Biden Rant

Fox Contributor Dan Bongino Won’t ‘Comply’ With Mask Orders While Fox News Publicly Urges Mask-Wearing

Best Candle for Quarantine

Tucker Carlson Finds Tammy Duckworth ‘Unimpressive.’ So Who Does He Find ‘Impressive’?

Everything Donald Trump Stands for Just Got Slapped Down by the Supreme Court

Judge Napolitano Schools Fox News on Trump's SCOTUS ‘Defeat’

Supremes: NY Can Get Trump’s Tax Returns, but Not House Dems

How the Daily Beast’s Crossword Constructor Thinks About Question Marks in Clues

Best Fly Killing Tools

The Bars We Wish Were Still Open The Life Behind Bars Podcast

‘Palm Springs’ Makes You Fall in Love With Cristin Milioti, Again and Again (and Again)

The Mysterious Link Between COVID-19 and Guillain-Barré Syndrome

California Rep. Maxine Waters Foe Omar Navarro Gets Out of Jail And Attempts to Destroy Fellow Republican

U.S. Makes Its Riskiest Bet Yet on a Coronavirus Vaccine

Officials Terrified That Trump’s Florida Republican National Convention Will Be ‘Another Tulsa’

What Disney World Staff Fear Most as It Barrels Toward Reopening Saturday, July 11

My Daughter Died at the Hands of Oprah’s New Age Guru James Arthur Ray. Why Is She Silent?

What Should I Tell That Friend Who’s Acting Like the Pandemic Is Over?

Two of Trump’s Top Targets Are Slipping Away From Him

The Wuhan-Set Movie That Donald ‘Chinese Virus’ Trump Needs to See

Dems Fear Trump Will Rush Vaccine to Boost Re-Elect

Here’s What’s Behind Kanye West’s Anti-Vaxxer Politics of Paranoia

Mary Trump’s Book Gives ‘Crazy Uncle’ a Whole New Meaning

Billy Eichner Roasts Lindsey Graham With His Democratic Opponent Jaime Harrison

CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar Shreds Tucker Carlson: Questioning Duckworth's Patriotism 'Makes You the Moron'

Harper’s Magazine’s ‘Cancel Culture’ Letter Kicks Off Circular Firing Squad in Media

CIA Kept Giving Intel to Russia, Got Nothing Back

Minneapolis Police Department Trained Officers to Use Neck Restraint That Killed George Floyd, Manual Shows

Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Grills Betsy DeVos on ‘Reckless’ Plan to Reopen Schools

Georgia Cities in Open Revolt Against Governor Brian Kemp Over Masks

Steve Mnuchin’s Exclusive Riviera Country Club Got Millions in COVID Relief

Stephen Jackson Doubles Down on DeSean Jackson Defense With More Anti-Semitism

Shepard Smith Signs With CNBC to Host a Primetime News Show

‘The Second Wave’ of COVID Hits Israel Like a Tsunami

What’s the Difference Between Birkenstocks, Teva Sandals, and Chacos

Audit Lays Bare Facebook’s Disastrous Decisions on Voter Suppression, Civil Rights, ‘Hierarchy’ of Free Speech

Even ‘Fox & Friends’ Isn’t Buying Trump Spokesman’s Claim That America Is ‘Better Off’ Now

5 Myths on Face Masks Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Carlos Ghosn Paid at Least $862,000 to Be Spirited Out of Japan in a Music Case, New Court Papers Claim

Kanye West Finally Dumps Trump, Says He’s ‘Taking the Red Hat Off’

As One of Russia’s Leading Journalists Is Charged With Treason, a Chill Settles Over the Press

For the Love of Mayo A Look at Ashley Strickland Freeman’s New Book ‘The Duke’s Mayonnaise Cookbook’

How We Made a ‘Mad Max’-Style Political Thriller for $20,000

COVID-19 Cuts a Lethal Path Through San Quentin’s Death Row

How Troy Perry, Metropolitan Community Church Founder, Made LGBTQ History With God’s Help

Republicans Want to Kill Obamacare, But Red State Voters Keep Saying They Want It

Trump’s China Confusion: Are They Trade Partners or Murderers, Mr. President?

On the Next Stimulus, Democrats Have to Stand Up and Stop Trump’s Fleecing of America

‘Money Plane,’ About a Mid-Air Casino Heist, Might Be the Dumbest Movie of 2020

QAnon-Curious House Candidate Lauren Boebert of Colorado Gave Her Customers Diarrhea

Tom Hanks Returns as the Steady Captain On-Screen in Apple TV+’s ‘Greyhound’ and Off

Arizona Is Awash in COVID-19 and Testing Is a ‘Shitshow’

NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Fires Back at Trump for Smearing Him on Twitter

Trump Family Lawyer Charles Harder Asks Judge to Keep Mary Trump Gagged

Mary Kay Letourneau, Teacher Who Abused and Then Married Student Vili Fualaau, Dies of Cancer

Tucker Carlson Doubles Down on Tammy Duckworth Attacks, Calls Her a 'Coward' and 'Fraud'

Texas Governor Is 'Putting Lives at Risk,' Local Officials Say

Trump World on Reopening Schools During COVID: Astronauts Take Risks, Too

Racist Backwoods Attack and Protest Hit-and-Run Rock Bloomington, Indiana in America’s Heartland

J.K. Rowling and Other Assorted Rich Fools Want to Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’

Three Church of Scientology Branches Received Paycheck Protection Act Loans From Trump Admin

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Mandates Masks In COVID 'Red Alert' Counties

Kellyanne Conway Loses It Over Mary Trump Book on Fox News

CBD Helps With Aches, Pains, and Bug Bites

Why Thandie Newton Was ‘So Scared’ of Tom Cruise on ‘Mission: Impossible 2’

Witnesses Dispute Phoenix Police Account of James ‘Jay’ Porter Garcia’s Death

Mary Trump Book Claims Trump Praised Her Breasts and His Own Sister Called Him a Clown

Trump Aide Peter Navarro Says ‘Give Peace a Chance, Give Hydroxy a Chance’ in Bonkers CNN Interview

Conservative Sites Pull Articles, Twitter Suspends Accounts After Daily Beast Investigation

The Trump Family’s Civil War Could Blow Us All Up

Meghan Markle ‘Ghosted’ Her Best Pal After Race Row. But Does Jessica Mulroney Have Damaging Intel on Meghan?

Sanctuary Face Mask Is Stylish, Comfortable, Breathable

The Rise of American Wine Pioneer Sommelier Tonya Pitts from San Francisco’s One Market

FDA-Approved Veritor Coronavirus Test Gets Results in Minutes, but Is It Accurate?

The Bizarre Bromance Between Trump and Mexico’s President

Trump Has Obliterated Immigration Law—and Congress Let Him Get Away With It

Shootings Rock New York City, Chicago, Washington

Trump’s Still Trying to Kill Obamacare, but He and His Party Have Given Up on Replacing It

Croatia Is Open to Americans, Allowing Them a Mediterranean Summer After All

The Sketchy Past of Moncef Slaoui, Trump’s Coronavirus Vaccine Czar

Inside Amy Schumer’s Frank and Surprising Pregnancy Series: ‘I Resent Everyone Who Hasn’t Been Honest’

The Confederate Memorial Fight in Biden’s Own State of Delaware

The Left Has Won the Culture War, and It’s All Thanks to Donald Trump

Norman, Oklahoma, Councilwoman Alexandra Scott Fears Police Doxxing Led to Neighbor Being Raped

Ryan Madison Accused of Sexual Abuse by 10 Women: ‘There Was Blood Everywhere’

Tucker Carlson Praises Trump Mount Rushmore Speech That Cribbed From His Fox Show

ICE Sends Foreign Students Packing After Colleges Cancel In-Person Classes

Right-Wing Media Outlets Duped by a Middle East Propaganda Campaign

What Pandemic? Melania and Ivanka Trump’s July 4th Fashion Show Was all About Them

Try the Some Like it Hot By Jessie Smyth Bartenders At Home

Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto Debunks Trump’s ‘99% Totally Harmless’ COVID Claim

Former Melania Trump Confidante Stephanie Winston Wolkoff to Release ‘Explosive’ Tell-All Before the Election

Halle Berry Wanted to Play a Trans Man, but Repeatedly Misgendered the Role

Try the Negroni de la Tierra By Ramsey Musk Bartenders At Home

Trump’s Small Biz Rescue Bailed Out Kushner’s Family, Obama’s Aides and Other Political Elite

Billionaire Kanye West’s Company Yeezy LLC Gets Multimillion-Dollar PPP Loan From Trump Admin

Amy Cooper Will Face Charges After Calling Cops on Black Birder in Central Park

Mandy Moore Wasn’t Wild About Abusive Ex Ryan Adams’ Public Apology

Breonna Taylor’s Death Connected to Gentrification Plan in West Louisville, Lawyers Allege in Amended Lawsuit

Nick Cordero, a ‘Bright Light,’ Remembered by Broadway After COVID-19 Death at 41

Kayleigh McEnany Invokes Jussie Smollett to Defend Trump’s Bubba Wallace Attack

Best Women’s Workout Shorts

Trump Camp Vows to Protect Brazil’s Most Iconic Statue From Left Wing Mobs

The Difference Between American and British Crossword Puzzles

The Proxy War over Joe Biden Adviser Avril Haines

Celebrating the Rugged Beauty of America’s Dive Bars

The More Military Equipment Cops Have, They More They Kill

The Ticking Time Bomb of HIV in COVID-Plagued Mississippi

Should China’s Communist Party Erase Queen Victoria From Hong Kong?

Trump Is Only Going to Become a Worse Version of Himself Before Election Day

Arrested During a Protest, Now They Have a $500,000 War Chest

COVID-19 Didn’t Kill Weddings. But It May Change Them Forever.

Attorney General Bill Barr Is Incredibly Corrupt and Incredibly Inept.

Florida Prisoner Ripped Off Lowe’s to Build Home From Jail, Feds Say

Trump Won’t STFU About Confederate Statues, ‘Heritage,’ as Advisers Wonder ‘Is the Statue Shit Going to Work?’

Team Trump Is Packed With Coronavirus Truthers

Broadway Star Nick Cordero Dies After Months-Long Battle With Coronavirus

Skullcandy Adds Tile to the Earbuds

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

An Independence Day Wish for the Disunited States of America

Moscow Has a Field Day With Trump’s Fireworks at Mt. Russia-More

GOP Senator Joni Ernst Says Obama ‘Failed’ on Ebola but Trump’s Stepped Up With COVID-19

The Best Men’s Exercise Shorts of 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell Could Be Tempted to ‘Give Up’ Prince Andrew, Friend Says

Thomas Pynchon Predicted the Pandemic in 'Gravity's Rainbow.’ Now Aren't You Sorry You Didn't Read It?

Paul Weller Is Trying to ‘Give People Hope’ Amid the Chaos

The European Union is Considering Lifting Travel Restrictions for Couples Living Apart

Surveying COVID-19 Treatments From Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir to Steroids and Plasma

Britain Confronts the Empire’s Monumental Murderers

Charles Sumner Is the Heroic Yankee Senator Who Deserves a Statue

Don’t Breathe a Sigh of Relief About COVID-19 Vaccine Testing Just Yet

Silicon Valley’s Worst Trump Nightmare Is Coming True

Here’s What Life Looks Like in Re-Opened Paris

What the Nazis Learned From America’s Indian Removal

They Marched in America’s First LGBTQ Pride Demonstrations in 1970. They’re Still Out, Loud, and Proud.

Simon of Trent, History's Most Dangerous Toddler

Would You Pay $7,500 to Educate Your Kid Like Elon Musk’s?

Five Things To Do Before Calling 911, and Option 1 Will Blow Your Mind

Cate Blanchett Exposes the Broken Immigration System as a Wacky Cult Leader in Netflix’s ‘Stateless’

A Year After Epstein’s Arrest, Will Victims Finally Get Justice?

Trump Claims Journalists ‘Slander’ All Veterans by Calling Out Racism in Independence Day Address

Protester Samantha Schader Tried to Blame Black Man for Molotov Cocktail Supplied. Then NYPD Found a Note.

Everything You Need For A Perfect Picnic

Viola Davis’ ‘Black Meryl Streep’ Speech Goes Viral. Again.

Joe Biden Could Shoot Me on Fifth Avenue and I’d Still Vote for Him, Democrats Say

Why Idina Menzel is More “Crossword Famous” Than Jay-Z, According to the Daily Beast Puzzle Constructor

The Most F*cked-Up Fourth of July Special Ever Starred Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

The Nazis Took Down the Statue of Napoleon’s Great Black General Alex Dumas

America Is Done With Trump and Stupid Cruel Tough Guy Acts

The Quiet Fourth of July

The Fashion of ‘Karen’ is Changing. Her Personality Isn’t.

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Just One of Many Villains in the Jeffrey Epstein Story

COVID-19 Is One of the Deadliest Wars in American History

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Spent Millions, Very Publicly. The Royal Family Disapproved.

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