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Cheats October 2016

Judge Tosses Rolling Stone Suit Claim

GOP Sen. Richard Burr in Private: Gun Owners Should Put ‘Bullseye’ on Clinton

Report: Rick Perry Encouraged Michael McCaul to Challenge Ted Cruz

‘Glee’ Star Mark Salling Won’t Be Charged With Rape

Omar Mateen’s 911 Calls During Massacre Released

Glenn Beck Slams ‘Irresponsible’ FBI Director Comey

Hillary Clinton on FBI Probe: ‘There Is No Case Here’

White House: FBI Director Comey Not Trying to Sway Election

CNN Cuts Ties With Donna Brazile

Libertarian VP Nominee Bill Weld: FBI Director Comey’s Letter ‘Disgraceful’

LBJ’s ‘Daisy Girl’ Cuts Ad for Clinton

15,000 Displaced After Italy Earthquake

Bowie Drummer on Grammys Tribute: ‘F*ck Off, That’s Stupid’

Chicago Has Deadliest Weekend of the Year

Lebanese Parliament Chooses President, Ending 29-Month Stalemate

21 Million Election Votes Cast So Far

Poll: Clinton Unharmed by FBI News

Elite Fashion Designer James Galanos Dies at 92

Turkey Shuts Down 15 Media Outlets, Arrests Opposition Editor

Abortions by Pill Now Rival Surgery

Suspect Dead After Massive Oklahoma Manhunt

FBI Obtains Warrant, Could Take Weeks to Read New Emails

Reid: FBI Director Comey ‘May Have Broken the Law’

‘Madea’ Wins Box Office Again, Beating ‘Inferno’

Cubs Stay Alive With Game 5 Win

Tippi Hedren Accuses Alfred Hitchcock of Sexual Assault

‘World War Souvenir’ Discovered at Gare du Nord

Australian Bill Would Eliminate Refugee Settlement

Manure Dumped at OH County’s Democratic HQ

Judge Jeanine Defends Hillary on Timing of FBI Announcement

EU, Canada Sign Trade Pact

Jose Fernandez Had Alcohol, Cocaine in His System

Flight Attendant Arrested for Smuggling Gold

Human Rights Campaign Rescinds Kirk Endorsement

Indians Take 3-1 World Series Lead over Cubs

6.6-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Central Italy

Hillary Clinton Fires Back at FBI Director During Florida Rally

Reports: Emails Had Nothing to Do With Clinton

Clinton Team Slams Comey

Trump Supporter Charged in Voter Fraud Case

Trump ‘Forced FBI’s Hand’ On Clinton Emails

Police: Cop's Wife Faked Robbery and Blamed Black Lives Matter

Report: Lynch Advised Comey Against Letter to Congress

Biden Will ‘Reach Out’ If Trump Wins

Syrian Forces Begin Counteroffensive in Aleppo

Bob Dylan Finally Accepts Nobel Prize

Dwyane Wade Fined $25K for Throat-Slashing Gesture

Trump Gains on Clinton in New Poll

President Obama to Appear on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’

Clinton Demands More Info on Emails

Biden: No Plans To Work For Clinton

Baylor Football Accused of 4 Gang Rapes

SCOTUS Takes Transgender Bathroom Case

American Airlines Flight Catches Fire

FBI Found Hillary Email Links to Weiner

Former Putin Aide’s Death Ruled an Accident

Trump on Hillary Emails: ‘Justice Will Be Done’

U.S.: Iraqis Have Retaken 40 Villages from ISIS

Kirk Apologizes for Racist Attack on Duckworth

DNA Probe Questions Ramseys’ Exoneration

Dean Baquet, NY Times Exec Editor: Fox News and CNN ‘Bad for Democracy’

Lawsuit: USA Gymnastics Staff Enabled Physical Abuse

GDP Grows 2.9% in Biggest Gain in 2 Years

Facebook Advertisers Can Now Exclude Users by Race

Gunshots in Pipeline Riot, 141 Arrested

Soylent Halts Powder Sales Over Sickness

Jury Gives $7M in Damages to Sandusky Whistleblower

Pence’s Plane Skids Off Runway at LaGuardia

Philippine President Duterte Says God Told Him to Stop Swearing

Trump Promises to ‘Work on Our Ghettos’

Report: Clinton Considering Biden for Secretary of State

Mark Kirk Makes Racist Dig at Tammy Duckworth During Illinois Senate Debate

Jury Acquits Leaders of Oregon Standoff

Trump Raised $0 for RNC in October

Trump: ‘We Should Just Cancel the Election and Just Give It’ to Me

World-Famous Chef Hit With Discrim Suit World-Famous Chef Hit With Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

Kyle Schwarber Not Cleared to Play Field, Won’t Start Game 3

PA Lawmakers Pass Ban on Naming Officers in Shootings

Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandal Arrested

Ninni Laaksonen, Ex-Miss Finland, Accuses Trump of Groping Her in 2006

Lawyer: Clarence Thomas Groped Me

Twitter Is Killing Off Vine

Raven-Symoné Leaves ‘The View’ to Reboot Hit Disney Comedy

Justice Dept. Uncovers Large-Scale International Fraud Scheme

Donald Trump Finds Common Ground With Michael Moore

Amtrak Settles May 2015 Derailment Lawsuits for $265 Million

Report: Trump TV Idea Sparked by Dissatisfaction with Fox

Twitter to Slash a Tenth of Global Staff

Cruz: We May Block Supreme Court Nominees After the Election

Yazidi Women Win EU Human-Rights Prize

Two-Thirds of Wild Animals ‘Will Be Gone by 2020’

Chicago Cubs Nab First Fall Classic Win Since 1945

OK Police: Violent Fugitive Has Hit List

Trump Tries to School Military Expert on Mosul

22 Children Dead in Syria School Bombing

NJ Sues Preschool for Expelling Down Syndrome Student

Chaffetz Jumps Back on Trump Train

Trump: I Could Have Kept Khan Alive

Dems Sue GOP For ‘Rigged’ Comments

90 Migrants Missing After Boat Sinks

Yuengling Brewery Backs Donald Trump

Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh: If Hillary Wins, ‘I’m Grabbing My Musket’

Cops: José Fernández and Friends Had Strong Odor of Alcohol

HIV Arrived in U.S. Long Before ‘Patient Zero’

Kesha ‘Attempted Suicide’ Over Dr. Luke’s Body Shaming

U.S. Abstains for First Time on U.N. Cuba Embargo Vote

Fires Break Out as Calais ‘Jungle’ Migrant Camp Emptied

‘Afghan Girl’ from Iconic ‘National Geographic’ Photo Arrested

Howard Stern: Donald Trump Has Always Been ‘Sexist’

Newt Gingrich to Megyn Kelly: I Don’t Have Anger Issues

Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Destroyed by Sledgehammer

Defense Secretary Halts Guardsmens’ Bonus Repayments

Warplanes Kill 12 Kids at Syrian School

Trump Has Close Financial Ties to Dakota Pipeline

Secretary Carter: Assault on ISIS HQ in Raqqa to Begin Within Weeks

Iran Unveils New Naval ‘Suicide Drone’

U.S. Airstrikes Spike as Afghans Struggle Against ISIS, Taliban

World’s Tallest Church Is Being Ruined by Human Urine

Trump: ‘African-Americans Are Living in Hell’

Hannity Offers to Fly Obama to Kenya

Who Won Game 1 of the 2016 World Series?

Adele Endorses Hillary Clinton

Schools Closing Over Poll Violence Fears

Joe Arpaio Officially Criminally Charged

Paul Beatty Wins Man Booker Prize

Trump Shuts Down Big-Money Fundraising

Trump Warns: Hillary Clinton Would Cause World War Three

Giants Release Josh Brown After Domestic-Abuse Revelations

Justin Timberlake's Illegal Voting Selfie ‘Under Review’

Intel Chief James Clapper: ‘Non-State Actor’ Did DDoS Attack

Judge Approves Massive $15B Volkswagen Settlement

Donald Trump: ‘I Have No Interest in Trump TV’

Poll: Most Say Trump Won’t Accept Election Loss

Scrapped Trump Animated TV Show’s Illustrations Released

‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Revival Releases First Trailer

Michigan Republicans Cancel Election Night Party

Canadian Nurse Charged in 8 Patient Deaths

Peter Thiel Sorry for Date-Rape Comments

Duterte Threatens to Kick U.S. Troops Out of Philippines

Gunmen Kill at Least 59 Police Trainees in Pakistan

Vatican: No More Scattering of Cremation Ashes

4 Killed on Australian Theme-Park Ride

Man Dressed as a Tree Arrested for Blocking Traffic

Obama Reads Trump’s Bad Tweets

Dad Jumps From NJ Bridge Holding 2 Kids

Bobby Vee, ’60s Pop Icon, Dead at 73

Investigators Replaced in Eric Garner Death Case

Breitbart, Liberal Activist Worked To Stop Rubio

Trump PAC Offered 'Influence' for Chinese Cash

Trump Lays Groundwork for Trump TV

Pennsylvania GOP Sues Over Poll Watcher Law

Obamacare Premiums to Rise 25%

Report: Trump Claimed $17M in Fake Storm Damages

Rolling Stone's 'Jackie' Testifies in Defamation Suit

Latino Early Voters Up 99% in Florida

Ex-PA Attorney General Sentenced To Jail

Trump Mocks Porn-Star Accuser: ‘Sure She’s Never Been Grabbed Before’

Cops: Woman Groped at Trump Tower Protest

Salma Hayek Hits Trump: He’s the Real Criminal—Accused of ‘Raping a Young Girl’

Jay Z to Perform Ohio Concert for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders: If My Emails Leaked, There’d Be Mean Things About Hillary

Obama Mocks ‘Shameless’ Darrell Issa

Manhunt for Oklahoma Double-Murder Suspect

Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden: Hannity a ‘True Propagandist’

Study Finds Youth Football May Affect Brain as Young as 8

NBA TV Host Kristen Ledlow: I Was Robbed at Gunpoint

Poll: Trump’s Voter-Enthusiasm Advantage Crumbles

France Begins Clearing Calais ‘Jungle’ Migrant Camp

‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ Wins Weekend Box Office

Tom Hayden, Famed Liberal Activist, Dead at 76

Trump Supporter Arrested for Assault at Clinton Event

2 Former Trump Aides Tied to Firm That Helped Putin

Clinton Ally Helped Campaign of FBI Official’s Wife

13 Dead in California Bus Crash

Jan Brewer: Trump 'Waterboarded' by Sexual Assault Accusers

Reince: GOP Autopsy Report Was for ‘Long Term, Not the Short Term’

Curt Schilling Joining Breitbart

First Woman to Climb Mount Everest Dies

Yemen Fighting Resumes After Truce Expires

Search Underway for Teen Believed to Have Fallen in Storm Drain

Iran’s Rouhani: U.S. Election a Choice Between ‘Bad and Worse’

170 Escape Barefoot From Haiti Jail

Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses Trump

Christian Towns in Iraq Taken from ISIS

Explosions Rock Japanese City

Cubs Advance to World Series

AT&T to Buy Time Warner for $80 Billion

Trump Says Will Not OK AT&T-Time Warner Deal If Elected

Trump: FBI And DOJ Covered Up For Clinton

Clinton Projected to Win in New Poll

Facebook Employees ‘Wanted Trump’s Posts Removed’

Bill Murray Turns Up at White House

Comedian Kevin Meaney Dead at 60

Nobel Academy Member Says Bob Dylan’s Nonresponse to Prize Is ‘Arrogant’

Salma Hayek: Trump Once Got Vindictive When I Rejected Him

AZ Police Lasso Rogue Emu

GOP Senator to Hannity’s Wikileaks Praise: ‘Oh My’

Suspicious Powder Sent to Clinton Campaign HQ

Cuomo and Airbnb in Legal Fight

New Trump Hotels Will Ditch Name

Biden: I’d Take Trump ‘Behind the Gym’

Donald Trump Fires Back at Michelle Obama

David Duke Qualifies for LA Senate Debate

Trump Attorneys Ask to Bar Campaign Rhetoric From Trump U Case

James Woods Gloats Over Twitter Foe’s Death

3 States Deny Russian Requests to Monitor Election

AT&T in ‘Advance Talks’ to Buy Time Warner

Gretchen Carlson to Testify Before Congress on Forced Arbitration

Oprah Winfrey: You ‘Don’t Have to Like’ Hillary Clinton to Vote for Her

Bruce Springsteen Confirms Unused ‘Harry Potter’ Song

Cyberattack Takes Out Netflix, Spotify on East Coast

Al Smith V: Trump ‘Crossed the Line’ at Charity Roast

Philippine Officials: Duterte Didn’t Really Mean ‘Separation’ From U.S.

South Africa to Withdraw From War-Crimes Court

Cubs 1 Win Away From First World Series Appearance Since 1945

ISIS Launches Deadly Attack on Kirkuk

Police Arrest Two Suspects in San Francisco School Shooting

Officials Warn Russia Might Fake Voter Fraud in U.S. Election

MT Judge Under Fire for 60-Day Sentence in Incest Case

Pence: Trump Has Right to Contest Election Outcome

Trump Bombs at Al Smith Dinner, Draws Boos

Kansas Pol Praises Hitler’s Words

Trump Director Steps Back From Campaign

Janet Jackson’s ‘Nasty’ Sees Streaming Spike After Debate

American Service Member Killed in Northern Iraq

Trump: I’ll ‘Totally Accept’ the Election Results... ‘If I Win’

Assad: Iconic Photo of Aleppo Boy Is a ‘Forgery’

Docs: NFL Kicker Josh Brown Admitted to Domestic Abuse

Another Trump Accuser Coming Forward Today

Giddy Jurors Pose for Pictures With Derrick Rose

Filipino President Duterte Declares ‘Separation’ From U.S.

Iraq: Mosul Liberation Moving Faster Than Expected

ESA’s Mars Lander Lost During Descent

Stephen Baldwin: Brother Alec’s ‘SNL’ Trump Impression Not Funny

CA Opens Criminal Probe Into Wells Fargo

Trump’s Campaign Manager Walks Away Mid-Interview

Trump: Assad Is Smarter Than Clinton and Obama

Trump: Hillary Clinton’s a ‘Nasty Woman’

Glenn Beck Can’t Believe Trump’s Abortion Incoherence

Cleveland Indians Going to World Series

BuzzFeed CEO: Ivanka Talked ‘Cocks’

Christie to Appear in Court Over Misconduct Complaint

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hit U.S. All-Time High

Officer Kidnapped by Inmate in Florida

Ivanka Trump: I’m Not a ‘Surrogate’ for My Father

Report: Roger Ailes and Donald Trump No Longer Speak

Kellyanne Conway Clarifies Trump Plan to ‘Defeat Islam’

Roger Ailes to Be Subject of TV Mini-Series

Skittles Photographer Sues Trump for Copyright Infringement

Elizabeth Warren Tweetstorms Donald Trump’s ‘Rigged’ Election Claims

NYC Bombing Suspect Moved From Hospital to Prison

TV Reporter Leslie Millwee Claims Abuse by Bill Clinton

American G.I., Civilian Killed Near Kabul

DiCaprio to Return Funds Linked to Malaysian 1MDB Fraud

Police Fatally Shoot 66-Year-Old Woman in Bronx

Russian Suspected of Hacking U.S. Computers Is Arrested

Four Students Shot at SF High School

Half of U.S. Adults Are Now in Facial-Recognition Databases

Russia Accuses U.S.-Led Strike of Killing 6 Civilians in Syria

Refugee Exodus From Mosul Begins

Michigan Billboards Taunt Trump in Arabic

Saudi Arabia Executes One of Its Princes

Trump, Clinton Alma Maters Endorse Hil

Ecuador: We Cut Off Assange’s Internet

Trump Bringing Obama’s Half-Brother to Debate

Air Force Spilled 150K Gallons of Chemical-Laced Wastewater

Trump Adviser Boris Epshteyn: Obama Rigged the 2008 Election

70 Nobel Laureates Endorse Hillary Clinton

Trump Calls for Congressional Term Limits

Syrian Telecom Announces 10-Day Internet Blackout

Obama to Trump: Stop ‘Whining’ About ‘Rigged’ Election

People Mag: 6 Witnesses Corroborate Trump Sex-Attack Story

Judge on El Chapo Case Shot, Killed During Jog

Curt Schilling: I’m Running for Senate

Michael Moore Reveals Surprise Trump Film

2Pac, Pearl Jam Among 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

Naked Clinton Statue Prompts NYC Ruckus

U.S. Citizens Sentenced to 10 Years in Iranian Jail

Texas Cops Arrest Wisconsin Men for Allegedly Plotting to Join ISIS

55 Retired Military Brass Say Trump Is Unfit to Lead

Harry Shearer Sues Over ‘Spinal Tap’ for $125 million

Russia, Syria Halt Aleppo Airstrikes Ahead of ‘Truce’

Trump: I Might Meet With Putin Before Inauguration

Trump Foundation Stops Fundraising in NY

Rubio: This Election Is Not Being Rigged

NYPD: 40 Frozen Cats Found in Queens Storage Unit

Houston Man Pleads Guilty to Trying to Help ISIS

Trump: Maybe Ryan Doesn’t Want to Win

Billy Bush Out at ‘Today’

Kellyanne Conway: I Would Not Mock Trump Accusers’ Looks

Rolling Stone Deletes NBA Critique

Melania Trump Justifies Donald’s Attacks on Bill Clinton’s Past

RNC Website Collected Credit Card Data While Hacked

U.S. Police Chiefs Group Apologizes for ‘Historical Mistreatment’

White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest Mocks ‘Snorting’ Trump

Nobel Panel Gives Up on Contacting Bob Dylan

Amy Schumer’s Trump Jokes Prompt Walk-Out at Tampa Show

Former General James Cartwright Charged With False Statements in Leak Probe

Hillary Making Plays for Texas, Arizona

Dodgers Star Refuses to Stay in Trump Hotel

Shep Smith Comes Out as Gay

Poll: 41 Percent Think Election Could Be ‘Stolen’ from Trump

Trump Doubles Down on Voter-Fraud Claims

Russia Today Claims its U.K. Bank Accounts Will Be Frozen

Report: Trump’s Team Held Talks on TV Startup

Fight for Mosul Streams on Facebook Live

3 Charged in Shooting of Olympian Tyson Gay’s Daughter

Obama, Holder to Lead Redistricting Campaign

Duterte: Dead Children Are ‘Collateral Damage’ in His Drug War

‘The Accountant’ Wins Weekend Box Office

Report: Kurdish Ground Forces Retake 7 Villages Near Mosul

21 Chibok Schoolgirls Held by Boko Haram Reunited With Families

Alaska Police Officer Shot, Seriously Wounded

Republican Party HQ in NC Firebombed

Trump: Election Being Rigged ‘at Many Polling Places’

Olympian Tyson Gay’s Daughter Killed in Shooting

Turkish-Backed Syrian Opposition Forces Capture Town From ISIS

Nicki Minaj Takes a Dig at Melania

Navy Sailor Arrested After 4 Killed in San Diego Accident

Former NFL Star Dennis Byrd Killed in Car Crash

Trump Ally Calls for ‘Pitchforks and Torches’

Poll: Clinton Has11-Point Lead Over Trump

GOP Senate Candidate Flip-Flops on Trump

Peter Thiel Will Donate $1.25M for Trump

Another Trump Accuser Comes Forward

Trump Accuses Clinton of Using Drugs

Hurricane Matthew's U.S. Death Toll Climbs to 43

American Aid Worker Kidnapped in Niger

3 Dead in L.A. Shooting

Clinton Takes ‘No Satisfaction’ in Trump’s Antics

Former Model: Trump ‘Most Vulgar Man I Have Ever Met’

Former Officials: Trump’s Stance on Russia ‘Defies Logic’

Trump Sics Supporters On Accuser

Trump ‘Not Impressed’ With Clinton’s Backside

Lil Jon Confirms Trump Used ‘Uncle Tom’ Slur

NSA: Spy on Americans, Spy for Corporations

Romney: Party Will Take Time to Heal

Report: CIA Considering Cyber Strike on Russia

Judge Dismisses Sandy Hook Lawsuit Against Gun Maker

Galaxy Note7 Phones Banned from Planes

Conjoined McDonald Twins Separated After 27-Hour Surgery

Ginsburg: I Shouldn’t Have Answered Kaepernick Question

Trump Maligns Accuser: ‘She Wouldn’t Be My First Choice’

Ex-Apprentice Contestant: Trump Was ‘Thrusting His Genitals’ at Me

Marlee Matlin: ‘Abhorrent’ for Trump to Call Me ‘Retarded’

Former Model: Trump Reached Up My Skirt

Israel Halts UNESCO Ties Over ‘Denied Holy Sites’

Foursquare: Foot Traffic Down at Trump Properties

Report: Donald Trump Called Khloé Kardashian 'Fat Piglet'

Mike Pence: ‘I Don’t Understand’ Basis of Michelle Obama’s Trump Speech

U.S. Nixes Limits on Bringing in Cuban Rum, Cigars

Ben Carson Loses It While Bashing Trump Accusers

Elizabeth Warren to Obama: Fire SEC Chief Mary Jo White

Report: A Gun Accident Kills a Kid Every Other Day

Religious Leaders Slam Clinton Campaign Over Leaked Emails

Clinton: U.S. Could ‘Ring China With Missile Defense’

Clinton: Trump’s Campaign Makes Me Want to Watch Cat GIFs

Obama: Trump Came From ‘Swamp of Crazy’

Hillary Clinton ‘Can’t Recall’ in 21 of 25 Answers to Judicial Watch Lawsuit

Melania Trump Threatens to Sue People Magazine Over Assault Story

How the CIA Paid and Threatened Journalists to Do Its Work

Justice Dept. to Track Police Killings and Use of Force

Colombia Extends Cease-Fire With FARC

Senate GOP Drops Trump From Emails

Study: Universe Has 10 Times More Galaxies Than Previously Thought

Chelsea Bombing Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Trump Implies New Accuser Was Too Ugly to Sexually Harass

People Mag Editor Fires Back at ‘Pathetic’ Trump

Lou Dobbs Sorry for Doxxing Trump Accuser

Guterres Elected as New UN Secretary-General

Christie Under Criminal Investigation

Trump Smears His Sexual-Assault Accusers

Trump Threatens Lawsuit Over New York Times Article

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Nigeria: 21 of the Abducted Chibok Schoolgirls Are Free

Miss USA ‘Shocked’ When Trump Kissed Her

Boston PD: Cop Shooter Wore Body Armor

U.S. Strikes Yemen Radar Sites

Hurricane Nicole Strengthens to Category 4 on the Way to Bermuda

Explosive Device Found in Front of CO Police Department

The NSA Could Listen to Almost Any Phone Call in the U.S.

Four Women Describe Nonconsensual Touching by Trump

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf Resigns

Report: CT Student Pilot Was ‘Distraught,’ Fought Instructor for Control

Backstreet Boys to Trump: Don’t Use ‘I Want It That Way’

Mick Jagger on Trump Using Stones Songs: I ‘Can’t Stop’ Him

Rudy: I Don’t Remember Seeing Hillary on 9/11

Tom Brady Won’t Denounce Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’

Derrick Rose Investigator Found Dead of Gunshot Wound

Mike Pence Defends Trump’s Threat to ‘Jail’ Hillary

Florida Voter Registration Extended

Putin: Russia Has No Interest in Hacking U.S.

Iowa GOP Women’s Group President Resigns Over Trump

Lawyers Ditch Paris Attack Suspect

Amazon Launches Music-Streaming Service

GOP Senator Re-Endorses Trump

Teen Beauty Queens: Trump Walked In On Us Changing

Quarter of Top Elected Republicans Won’t Endorse Trump

FBI: Connecticut Plane Crash May Have Been Intentional

NC Gov: Caitlyn Jenner Should Use Men’s Bathrooms

Major GOP Donors Have Asked Trump for a Refund

Podesta: Trump Team Knew Details of Russian Email Hacks Before Release

Anita Hill Speaks Out on Trump Tape

Glenn Beck: Opposing Trump Is ‘Moral, Ethical’ Choice

Where the Global Elite Mix Behind Closed Doors

Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Rises to 34 in U.S.

GOP Rep Could Forgive Trump for Rape

Trump: I Don’t Want Ryan’s Support

Report: Trump Called Mic Guy a ‘Monkey’

Pence Tepidly Rejects Supporter’s Call for Anti-Hillary ‘Revolution’

Beyoncé Fans Torch Trump Surrogate Betsy McCaughey

Toxicology Report: Terence Crutcher Was on PCP

DOJ to Charge Sheriff Joe Arpaio With Criminal Contempt

Colin Kaepernick Back in Starting QB Role

Marco Rubio Sticking With Trump Amid Collapse

Paul LePage: We May Need Trump’s ‘Authoritarian Power’

Trump's ‘Shackles’ Are Off, Meltdown Continues

Obama: We’re Going to Mars by 2030s

The Atlantic Names Reporter Jeffrey Goldberg as New Editor in Chief

Christie: Trump Video ‘Indefensible,’ But He Still Supports Him

Mom Killed Kids When She Saw Amber Alert

Samsung Halts Production of Galaxy Note 7

Ted Cruz: I Still Support Donald Trump

1.4M Need Aid in Haiti After Hurricane Matthew, UN Says

Woman Arrested for Extortion Scheme Against Eliot Spitzer

3 Killed in Rio Gun Battle

Report: Billy Bush Bragged About Trump Video

How Reagan Secretly Armed America’s Enemies for Profit

Trump Council Pastor Denounces Him

‘Apprentice’ Creator: I Can’t Drop Tapes

Florida Judge Extends Voter Registration

Sessions: Trump Tape Not Sexual Assault

Actress Shailene Woodley Arrested at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Clinton Ahead 14 Points in WSJ/NBC Poll

Paul Ryan Done Defending Trump

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Is ‘Dumb’

Kellyanne Conway: Trump Doesn’t Really Want to Jail Hillary Clinton

Hurricane Matthew Kills 20 in U.S., Strands 1.5K in NC

Syrian Arrested in Germany for Alleged Bomb Plot

Russia Plans Permanent Naval Base in Syria

Economists Hart and Holmstrom Win Nobel Prize

Snap Poll: Clinton Won the Debate, Trump Exceeded Expectations

Aide: Pence Isn’t Quitting as Trump’s Running Mate

Trump Wanted Accusers to Confront Bill Clinton Live at the Debate

Samsung Halts Production of Galaxy Note 7

U.S. Navy Ship Targeted in Failed Missile Attack From Yemen

Trump and Pence ‘Haven’t Spoken’ About Syria

Nancy O’Dell to Host Monday’s ET in Wake of Trump Tape Scandal

How the FBI Harassed, Monitored, and Discredited Leftists

Hillary Spokesman to Trump: ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

Obama Reacts to Trump Tape: ‘There Are Children in the Room’

15 Dead, Severe Flooding After Hurricane Matthew

Billy Bush to Appear on ‘TODAY’

Elon Musk Announces New Product Unveiling

Kaine Flubs Response on Hacked Emails

Russia Vetoes UN Plan to End Aleppo Siege

Poll: GOP Voters Stand By Trump

Two Killed in Jerusalem Shooting

Suspect Caught After Fatally Shooting 2 Cops

Saudis to Probe Yemen Funeral Attack

The Deadliest, Costliest Conspiracy in US History

Two Cops Killed in Palm Springs Shooting

Pence ‘Offended’ by Trump’s Remarks, ‘Grateful’ for Apology

GOP Members Withdraw Support for Trump

Trump: ‘Zero Chance I’ll Quit’

Ex-Trump Policy Chief Renounces Him

De Niro on Trump: ‘He's So Blatantly Stupid’

German Police Raid Apartment After Bombing Tip-Off

2 Suicide Bombers Strike Ankara

Pence Dodges Questions About Trump Video

Trump: 'I Said It, I Was Wrong, And I Apologize.'

Paul Ryan Bans Trump From Event

Huntsman Calls on Trump to Drop Out

Priebus Condemns Trump Tape Remarks

Hillary Calls Trump Tape ‘Horrific’

Obama Signs Historic Sexual Assault Survivors’ ‘Bill of Rights’

Woman Has Baby With Mom’s Womb

Russia Protests UN Condemnation of Trump

Trump Supporters Try to Give Reporter Seizure

David Letterman Would Have ‘Gone Right After’ Trump

Kerry Calls for Investigation of Russia, Syria for War Crimes

Trump: Undocumented Immigrants Coming to U.S. to Vote

Nat Turner's Alleged Skull to Be Returned to Descendants

U.S. Added 156,000 Jobs in September

Lobbyist Advised Trump, Promoted Russian Pipeline

Sheriff: Los Angeles Sergeant’s Death Was an ‘Execution’

Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Hits 842 in Haiti

Nearly 1 Million Without Power in Florida

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Gets Nobel Peace Prize

Russia Threatens to Shoot Down U.S. Aircraft in Syria

Lone Guard Protecting Trump’s Mar-A-Lago During Hurricane

Giant Putin Banner Hung From NYC Bridge

Inside The CIA’s Top-Secret Mind Control Program

Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity End Feud with Identical Twitter Photos

WH Plotted With Team Hillary on Emails

Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Debate Prep

Rick Scott: No Voter Sign-Up Extension

Gay Marriage Backers Banned From Group

Giuliani's Daughter: I'm With Her

POTUS: Emergency in FL. & S. Carolina CEO Arrested in Sex-Trafficking Probe

Obama Commutes 102 More Sentences

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Absent From Big Keynote

Report: Snapchat Plans IPO for Early Next Year

Harry Reid: Trump ‘Raped and Pillaged Atlantic City’

Disney World Closes Due to Hurricane Matthew

U.S. Attorney: Fort Campbell Soldiers Sold Stolen Army Gear in 11 Countries

Obama Approval Rating Hits New High

30 Ex-GOP Reps Say No to Trump

Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Hits 100+

MLK Celebration to Feature Rachel Dolezal

NYC Cardinal Opens Compensation Fund for Abuse Victims

GOP Rep Held Fundraiser With ‘Terror’ Group Official

U.K. Lawmaker Punched by Colleague

Mets Out After Wild-Card Loss to Giants

Report: Top Pentagon Aide Used Government Credit Card at Strip Clubs

‘Immense Human Suffering’ Predicted as Hurricane Matthew Turns Toward Florida

Dozens of Afghans Missing from U.S. Military Training

Polish Lawmakers Reject Total Abortion Ban

Kids Found Living With Dead Parents

Texas Executes Man Who Killed Neighbors 13 Years Ago

Johnson: America No Better Than Syria

Tim Kaine: My Wife ‘Dinged’ Me for Debate Interruptions

Theranos to Lay Off 40% of Workers

Chicago Suspends Work With Wells Fargo

Evacuations Underway As Hurricane Nears

Trump Takes ‘Credit’ for Pence’s Debate Performance

Virginia Veteran Investigated for Threats Against Trump

Trump’s Ex-Accountant Jack Mitnick: He’s No Tax Genius

Hot-Car-Death Dad Whined of Hot Cop Car

First Living Donor Uterus Transplants Performed in U.S.

FBI Arrests NSA Contractor

Kellyanne Conway: Kaine Sexist for Debate Interruptions

VP Debate Draws Smaller Audience Than 2012, 2008

Antonio Guterres Chosen as New UN Secretary-General

‘Thriller’ Songwriter Dies at 66

Officials Probe Belgium Police Stabbing as Terrorism

BuzzFeed News Stories Altered by Hackers

Rapper Kid Cudi Checks Into Rehab

U.K. Defends Proposal to Require Companies to List Foreign Workers

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Killing U.S. Soldier

Colombia Will End Cease-Fire With FARC This Month

Tiny Machines Win Nobel Chemistry Prize

Hurricane May Hit Florida as Category 4

Russia Says U.S. Diplomats Were Drunk, Not Drugged

Eric Trump: Donald ‘Absolutely’ Pays Federal Taxes

Kaine Compares Trump Organization to Octopus

IL School Put on Lockdown Over Clown Threats

Blue Jays Win Nail-Biter Wild Card on Walk-Off Home Run

Toronto Fan Tosses Beer Can at Baltimore Outfielder

Clinton Camp Touts Big Ballot Requests

Libertarian VP Candidate Bill Weld: I’m Targeting Trump

State of Emergency Declared in Florida, Georgia, Carolinas

The White Stripes ‘Disgusted’ by Trump Video Using ‘Seven Nation Army’

Drew Carey Joins Gary Johnson Campaign to Help Stop ‘Needless War’

First Lady Michelle Obama: Donald Trump Can’t Just ‘Pop Off’

Pence on Trump: ‘This Sh*t Really Is Fun to Watch’

Bill Clinton Hits Obamacare: ‘Craziest Thing in the World’

Report: Yahoo Secretly Scanned Customer Emails for U.S. Intelligence

U.S. Service Member Killed in Afghanistan

Bridgegate Witness: Christie and Cuomo Were in Cahoots

Ben Stiller Reveals Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

British Trio Win Nobel Physics Prize

Indiana Parade Depicts Trump ‘Executing’ Hillary Clinton

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