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Cheats June 2014

Ukraine Prez: We Will Attack Separatists

Fidel Castro’s Sister Backs Hillary

BNP Hit With Record $9 Billion Fine

Hobby Lobby Wins at the Supreme Court

U.S. Shipping 200 More Troops to Iraq

Rob Ford: I'm Embarrassed, Ashamed

Obama: Executive Action on Immigration

GM Breaks All-Time Record for Recalls

Robots to Write Associated Press Stories

USA’s Jozy Altidore Cleared to Play

GM Offers at Least $1M for Each Death

Penn State Leads Sex-Assault Cases

SCOTUS Rules Against Public Union Dues

Tropical Storm Could Ruin July 4

North Korea to Indict Two U.S. Tourists

48 Stuck in Mid-Air on SeaWorld Ride

Facebook Defends Experimenting on Users

Pistorius Was Mentally Fit at Shooting

Obama Taps Big Business Exec to Lead VA

Snowden Leaks Don’t Worry New NSA Head

Blackwater Death Threat for US Official

Israel Backs Independent Kurdish State

Netherlands Beat Mexico With 94th Minute Goal

Dozens Killed in Nigeria Church Attack

Nine Hurt in Bourbon Street Shooting

Rick Ross Nabbed by Cops After Concert

Obama to Seek $2B for Border Enforcement

ISIS Crucifies Eight Rival Islamists

Japan Man Sets Self on Fire in Protest

Family Slits Pakistan Couple's Throats

Family Slits Pakistan Couple's Throats

Collapsed Buildings Kill 22 in India

Facebook Can Transfer Users' Emotions

Severe Pot Shortage May Hit Washington

Bosnia Marks WWI Centenary

873 Inmate Sentences Mistakenly Reduced

Slain Toddler’s Dad Googled Child Deaths

NASA to Test Mars-Bound Flying Saucer

CDC: Over-drinking Claims 88K U.S. Lives

Russia: Laser Beam Lost Us the World Cup

Iraq Launches Plan to Take Back Tikrit

Amy Adams Gives Plane Seat to Soldier

Benghazi Suspect Arrives in U.S.

U.S. Spied on 89,000 in Last Year

FDA OK’s Inhalable Insulin

Soul Singer Bobby Womack Dies at 70

Ice-T’s Grandson Kills Roommate

Nation-Wide Blackout Hits Venezuela

Mexican Helicopter Fired Near Border

Suicide Barrier OK'd for Golden Gate

Gitmo Detainees: Send Us to Uruguay

Obama Speaks His Mind

Shia Chased Homeless Man Before Arrest

Cop Stuffed Dead Women in Suitcases

Indicted Tea Partier Commits Suicide

Phil Collins Donates Alamo Collection

Half of Clinton Speaking Haul Is Foreign

Bombs Over Baghdad on U.S. Drones

WHO: Ebola Outbreak Worst Ever

Shia LaBeouf Relased From Jail

Ukraine Signs Deal That Started Crisis

275 Child Predators Arrested in Calif.

Prosecutor: No Charges for Gov. Walker

Judge Upholds Colorado Gun Control Law

McCarthy, Shepherd Fired From ‘The View’

Andrew Wiggins is Top NBA Pick

Border Minor Hospitalized with Swine Flu

Karzai: Afghan War was Conspiracy

Bush White House had 70 Gay Staffers

‘Apostate’ Hides in U.S. Embassy

NSA Sexter: Sorry About Dick Pic

Obama Wants $500M to Train Syria Rebels

World's Oldest Human Poop Discovered

USA Advances After Losing to Germany

Fmr. Senate Leader Howard Baker Dies

CDC: Alcohol Kills 10% of U.S. Adults

SCOTUS Kills Abortion Buffer Zone

Obama Loses at the Supreme Court

Uruguay's Suarez Banned for Biting

Army: Berghdal Didn't Aid Taliban

MH370 Crew Was Likely Unconscious

U.K TV Star Savile Had Sex With Corpses

Maliki Welcomes Syrian Bombing in Iraq

Barclays Accused of Defrauding Clients

U.S. Coach Writes Sick Note for America

GoPro Expecting $3 Billion

U.S. to Disband Philippine Terror Unit

Top Veterans Affairs Officials Resign

36 Hospitalized at Boston Avicii Concert

GM Halts Sales of Chevy Cruze

GOP Official Resigns Over Hillary Remark

At Least 21 Dead in Nigerian Explosion

Tim Lincecum Throws 2nd No-Hitter

Panel: Lois Lerner Eyed GOP Senator

Charlie Rangel Wins His Primary

U.N. Says Detroit Violates Human Rights

D.C. Cabs Protest Uber With Gridlock

Older Moms May Live Longer

ISIS May Cause Catastrophic Floods

Google Unveils Android TV

Boehner: I’m Suing Obama

NFL Lifts Cap on Concussion Damages

Judge Strikes Indiana Gay-Marriage Ban

Diane Sawyer Leaving ‘World News’

Whole Foods Fined $800K for Overpricing

SCOTUS: No Warrantless Phone Searches

Supreme Court Rules Aereo Is Illegal

Fired Lesbian Police Chief Rehired

Economy Shrinks Most in Five Years

Maliki Rejects Unity Government Push

Sudanese Christian Woman Detained Again

Charlie Rangel Holds On to Lead

Gary Oldman Apologizes to Jews

Tea Party Narrowly Loses in Mississippi

Russia Nixes Troops in Ukraine

Actor Eli Wallach Dies

IRS Broke Law With Lost Emails

Birther Leader Brings Gun to Airport

ISIS Rapidly Gaining Weapons, Cash

‘Like a Rolling Stone’ Draft Brings $2M

Sunken British Forest Resurfaces

Republican: Hillary Would ‘Get Shot’

Model's Husband Kills Himself

62% of SWAT Raids Search for Drugs

Judge: No-Fly List Is Unconstitutional

Pastor Defrocked Over Gay Son Reinstated

Uruguay Player Bites Foe at World Cup

Green Beret Fired for Reporter Affair

Faith in Automation Doomed Asiana 214

VA Hospital Erased Dead Vets

Paralyzed Hand Moved by Thought

LeBron Drops His Contract

Christie Faces Second Bridgegate

Murdoch Editor Guilty of Phone Hacking

More Than 1,075 Killed in Iraq in June

‘Lone Survivor’ Savior in Taliban Danger

Putin Cancels Ukraine Invasion Threat

Pot Use and Schizophrenia Have Gene Link

Former NSA Spook Sent Alleged Dick Pic

Polio Virus Found in World Cup Host City

Sisi Won’t Help Imprisoned Journalists

Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen Kidnap 91

Vegas Shooters Took Food, Wore Diapers

Disfigured Girl Kicked Out of KFC a Hoax

Gary Oldman Defends Gibson, Baldwin

168 Sex-Trafficked Children Rescued

8 Dead in Nigeria School Bombing

Shark Attacks May Rise This Summer

Mormon Feminist Excommunicated

USA vs. Portugal Sets New TV High

31.4 Million Car Recalls Break Record

105-Year-Old NYPD Killing Solved

Nuns Want to Care for Nun-Killing Priest

Memo Used to Kill U.S. Citizen Released

Supreme Court Limits EPA’s Authority

Biden: I Don’t Have a Savings Account

Malaysian Radar Was Wrong About MH370

Syria Hands Over Its Chemical Weapons

Woman on Death Row for Apostasy Freed

Magazine Magnate Felix Dennis Dies

Israel Strikes After Syrian Missile Hit

Sandusky Probe Had ‘Inexplicable Delays’

Man Behind Anthrax Blunder Reassigned

Texas Pols Want Mass Graves Investigated

Egypt Sends 3 Al Jazeera Journos to Jail

Iraq Will Form New Government

U.S. World Cup Match Ends in Tie

ISIS Seizes Two Border Crossings

Gene Disorder Ends NBA Prospect’s Career

VA Facilities Lack Female-Specific Care

Hillary: I’m Unlike the ‘Truly Well Off’

Kerry Meets for Talks with al-Sisi

Man Dies at Electric Daisy Carnival

Charney Ousted Over Nude Worker Photos

Putin Calls on Both Sides to Halt Force

Katie Couric Weds John Mollen

Found Body Ends Search for Hiking Expert

MH370 Pilot Named 'Chief Suspect'

S. Korea Sgt. Flagged for Mental Health

Pope Excommunicates Mafia Members

Korea Sunken Ferry Owner’s Wife Arrested

Obama Advancing Transgender Rights

S. Korean Soldier Kills 5 Comrades

Gold Medalist Hope Solo Arrested

Parents of UCSB Victims Speak Out

CDC: 86 Possibly Exposed to Anthrax

SpaceX Aborts Falcon 9 Launch

Great White Shark Population on the Rise

Iraq Loses Key Border Crossing to ISIS

Putin Orders ‘Full Combat Alert’

Ex-Porn Star Seeks School Board Seat

SUV Carrying Rapper Schoolboy Q Attacked

Tracy Morgan Leaves Hospital for Rehab

‘Handsome’ Felon Gets Fundraising Page

Over 400 Drones Have Crashed Since 2001

Rian Johnson to Write/Direct ‘Star Wars’

Ukraine Declares 7-Day Ceasefire

Sex Scandal General Demoted Two Ranks

House Votes to Cut NSA Search Funding

LA Living-In-Car Ban Thrown Out

Thailand, Venezuela Worst Human Traders

Presbyterian Church OKs Gay Marriage

Kanye West Slams Obama

Over Half of U.S. Homes at Risk

U.S. Takes Action Against Uganda

Pope Francis Opposes Pot Legalization

Over 50 Million Displaced Globally

$40M for ‘Central Park Jogger’ Men

Three Shot at Colorado's Red Rocks

England Near World Cup Exit

Truck in Tracy Morgan Crash Was Speeding

Scientists Possibly Exposed to Anthrax

NY State to Legalize Medical Pot

New York to Outlaw Tattooing Pets

McCarthy Is New House Majority Leader

WI Gov. Accused of ‘Criminal Scheme’

Warlord Charles Taylor: Send Me to Rwanda

University Tells Rape Victims to Repent

Obama to Send Green Berets

Chelsea Handler Headed to Netflix

Megyn Kelly to Cheney: You Were Wrong

FDA Warnings May Cause More Suicides

Harley-Davidson Getting an Electric Bike

Teacher Raped and Stabbed

Tsarnaev Wants Trial Out of State

Maliki: I’m Not Going Anywhere

China Jails Anti-Corruption Activists

Argentina Threatens to Default

American Apparel CEO Ousted

Bodies Recovered After 60 Years

Marine Receives Medal of Honor

Luxembourg Passes Same Sex Marriage

J. Lo and Marc Anthony Just Got Divorced

U.K. Bans Teaching Creationism

Man Gets 75 Years for Giving Teen HIV

Koch Bros Target Latinos and Youths

Tigers Manager Jokes about Beating Wife

Spain Eliminated From World Cup

Pentagon: Iraq Airstrikes Have Big Risks

Houston Man Tried to Join Syrian Jihad

Leno to Get Mark Twain Prize for Humor

Reid: I Should've Never Voted for Iraq

Amazon Launches Fire Phone

Iran Wants Nuke Deal for Helping in Iraq

89-Year-Old Auschwitz Guard Arrested

May Was Hottest on Record

Patent Office Cancels Redskins Trademark

Whistleblower: GM Ruined My Career

Rough Storms Expected Midweek

Cheney: Obama Doesn’t Care About Terror

First Execution Since Botched Incident

‘The Situation’ Cuffed at Tanning Salon

Japan Bans Child Porn

ISIS Hits Iraq’s Biggest Oil Refinery

Twitter Unblocks Blasphemous Accounts

Kanye West Trashes Annie Leibovitz

Clinton: Still Seeking Benghazi Answers

CA Mayor Resigns After Throwing Dog Poop

Bergdahl Provided with Media Coverage

Fans Killed in Nigeria World Cup Blast

$9.5M Rare Stamp Breaks Auction Record

Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife: I Was Framed

Mexico, Brazil Draw at 0-0

Tesla Notches Two Wins for Direct Sales

Rob Ford: Change the Locks, I'm Back

French Lynch Mob Puts Roma Teen in Coma

Toby Keith's Bar Owes $250K in Taxes

Senator Slams Dr. Oz ‘Miracle’ Products

Dem Bill Would Ban Internet Fast Lanes

Sherlock Holmes Enters the Public Domain

YouTube to Block Artists Who Don’t Pay

Rare Double Tornado Hits Nebraska

Ebola Outbreak Kills 7 in Monrovia

Clintons Dodge Taxes Like 1 Percenters

RNC Chair to Speak to Black Journalists

Pete Rose Returns to Baseball for a Day

Soldiers Sent to U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Search for MH370 Moves Southwest

Obama May Make Biggest Marine Sanctuary

Al-Shabab Kills 15 More in Kenya

Alabama Overturns Anti-Sodomy Law

Argentina Refuses to Pay U.S. Debts

Tracy Morgan Upgraded to Fair Condition

Hidden Man Found in Picasso Painting

Judges With Daughters Vote Feminist

U.S. Defeats Ghana 2-1 in World Cup

Clemency Denied for GA Death Row Inmate

Egypt Releasing Al Jazeera Journalist

GM Recalls 3.2 Million Cars

Judge: Illegal Chicago Patronage Over

1 in 8 New Moms Develop Depression

U.S. to Iran: Intervene in Iraq

Germany's Mueller Scores Hat Trick

Hillary: No Comment on Keystone

Obama to Issue LGBT Executive Order

Supreme Court Upholds Gun Restriction

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn Dead at 54

Doctors Make Artificial Pancreas App

‘Super’ Banana to Be Tested on Humans

Russia’s Gazprom Halts Ukrainian Gas

Netanyahu: Hamas Abducted U.S. Teen

Fires Force Evacuation of 500 CA Homes

F1 Driver Michael Schumacher Out of Coma

Starbucks Makes College Free for Baristas

Santos Wins 2nd Term as Colombia’s Prez

Spurs Crush LeBron and Co. for NBA Title

48 Killed Watching World Cup in Kenya

Hoarder Dies Beneath Her Own Clutter

ISIS: We Executed 1,700 Iraqi Soldiers

Woman Allegedly Stole Lobsters for Drugs

Taliban Cut Off Afghan Voters' Fingers

Militants Post Photos of Slaying Iraqis

Iconic DJ Casey Kasem Dead at 82

Ukraine Minister: Putin is a 'D***head'

Pakistan: 80 Killed in Air Strikes

Legendary NFL Coach Chuck Noll Died

Kelly Clarkson Gives Birth to Baby Girl

US Aircraft Carrier Sent to Persian Gulf

Obama Slams Climate Change Deniers

Judge Orders Halt to WI Gay Marriage

Afghans Vote for New President

FCC to Review Netflix vs. ISPs Spat

Iran: Nuclear Deal Possible By July 20

Los Angeles Kings Win Stanley Cup

Rebels Shoot Down Ukranian Plane

David Rockefeller’s Son Dies in Crash

IRS Lost Two Years of Lois Lerner Emails

Spain Loses to Netherlands in World Cup

Russia Gives Tanks to Ukraine Rebels

Bergdahl Kept in a Box for Two Years

Iraq Turns Off Social Media

Border Agents Told Not to Talk to Media

Bull Escapes Slaughterhouse, Gets Shot

Tonight: Full Moon on Friday the 13th

Obama Open to Air Strikes in Iraq

Obama Considers Air Attack in Iraq

Live: Obama Addresses Nation on Iraq

Scott Walker Mum on Gay Marriage

Priceline Shells Out $2.6B for OpenTable

Pope Francis: ‘Little to Lose’ at My Age

Evidence of Underground Ocean Found

McCain: We Won Iraq, Obama Lost It

Spurs Win, On Verge of Championship

FBI Auctions $100M in Silk Road Bitcoin

Gang Rape at Indian Police Station

Obama to Make First Indian Land Visit

Ford to Correct False Gas Mileage

Bergdahl Touches Down in U.S.

Sessions Out in Race for Majority Leader

Jill Abramson to Teach at Harvard

Frog Tongues Lift 1.4 Times Body Weight

Brazil Wins First World Cup Match

TX Official Wants ‘Those Blacks Off the School Board’

Han Solo Hurt by Millennium Falcon

Tesla Opens Car Patents to Rivals

Actress Ruby Dee Dies at 91

Hillary: Gay Marriage Flip Not Political

Ok. Tea Partier Says Gay People Should Be Stoned to Death

Iran Attacking Jihadists in Iraq

Miami Heat Pursuing Carmelo Anthony

Bush Turns 90, Jumps From Helicopter

Bill Murray Crashes Wedding Photos

Three Russian Tanks Enter Ukraine

Court: Warrantless Cell Tracking Illegal

Partisan Polarization Is Accelerating

Scientist Recreates Spanish Flu Virus

Thai Army Orders Free World Cup TV

Mila Kunis: No ‘We’ Are Not Pregnant

Rangers Stave Off Kings Sweep

Phoenix Shooting Leaves Priest Dead

Perry: Homosexuality Is Like Alcoholism

Jihadists Move on Baghdad

Moon Is 60M Years Older Than We Thought

Stripper Crime Ring Stole $190K

Mass Shootings Not Actually on the Rise

Kasem’s Daughters Can Pull the Plug

Eric Cantor Resigns as Majority Leader

Vegas Shooters Were on Police’s Radar

Oregon Shooter Armed With AR-15

Cabbies Jam London to Protest Uber

Republicans Block Student-Loan Relief

Bergdahl’s Pre-Capture Writings Revealed

U.S. Coach: We Won’t Win World Cup

90% Chance of El Niño

800 Terrorists Rout 30K Iraqi Soldiers

Cantor-Killer Unsure About Minimum Wage

Hundreds Rally for Slain Oregon Student

White House Plans More Gitmo Transfers

500K Iraqis Flee Mosul

Morrissey Cancels Tour After Collapse

EU Looking Into Apple, Starbucks Taxes

Diane Sawyer Skewers Clinton on Benghazi

A Most-Wanted Terrorist Arrested

JK Rowling Against Scotland Independence

Slain Oregon Student Identified

Eric Cantor Crushed in GOP Primary

Ted Cruz Officially Not Canadian

Senate May Bring Gun Bill Back

Biden: U.S. Not Xenophobic, Allies Are

Life Sentence Sought for Seattle Shooter

Keeping Bad Teachers Is Unconstitutional

House Unanimously Backs V.A. Reform

Al Qaeda Offshoot Seizes Mosul, Iraq

Gore: Snowden Did More Good Than Harm

1 in 4 Don’t Know They Have Diabetes

Holder Backs Shorter Drug Sentences

Commercial Drone Flights OK’d Over Land

Halle Berry to Pay $200K Child Support

Hillary ‘Appreciates’ Your Struggles

Autism Can Costs Families $2.4M

Convicted in Fatal Crash, Woman Sues GM

South Korea Ferry Crew Trial Begins

New Attack at Karachi Airport

‘Mountain Man’ Gets 10+ Years in Jail

Friendly Fire Kills 5 U.S. Special Ops

Sterling: Clippers Not for Sale

Clinton: Bill and I Were ‘Dead Broke’

Chinese Military Hacked Space Industry

Derek Fisher to Coach Knicks

6-Time Gold-Winning Swimmer Severs Spine

Time Warner May Buy Vice for $2.2B

Vegas Shooters Lived on Bundy Ranch

Boko Haram Kidnaps 20 More Girls

George Will: Everybody Wants to Be a Rape Victim

Fed Judge: Let Wisconsin Gays Marry

Taliban Claim Airport Assault

Sexual Assaults Taint Egypt Inauguration

Forty-three Percent Of Americans Opposed To Bergdahl Exchange

Obama Extends Student Loan Plan

Morgan Trucker Hadn’t Slept in a Day

57,000 Waiting for First VA Visit

Pont des Arts Damaged by ‘Love Locks’

Male Faces Evolved to Be Punched

Pot-Related Traffic Deaths on the Rise

Assad Declares Amnesty for Prisoners

Sony and Adidas Push FIFA Qatar Probe

Man Broke Into Sandra Bullock's Home

Bryan Cranston Nabs Tony Award as LBJ

VA Senate Rocked by Dem Resignation

Oldest Man on Earth Dies

Computer Passes Turing Test for 1st Time

4 Dead in Pakistan Airport Attack

Rats Feel Regret After Bad Choices

300 More Migrant Children Sent to AZ

Bieber Reportedly Baptized in NY Bathtub

Nadal Wins Ninth French Open

Bergdahl: Taliban Locked Me in a Cage

MH370 Families Seek $5M to Investigate

3 Canadians Escape Jail Via Helicopter

18 Killed by Bombs Targeting Iraqi Kurds

Al-Sisi Sworn in as Egypt's President

California Chrome Owner Flips Over Loss

Maria Sharapova Wins Women's French Open

Michelle Obama to Honor Maya Angelou

Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart Break Up

Immigrants Being Dumped at AZ Bus Stops

Thai Junta Aims to ‘Return Happiness’

Gay Marriages Begin in Wisconsin

Ukraine's New President Sworn In

Navy Stabbing Suspect Arrested

Gunmen Take Iraq University Hostage

SPU Suspect Fascinated by Mass Shootings

Feds Want Court Oversight of L.A. Jails

‘Sovereign Citizen’ Attacks Courthouse

Brooklyn Wants the Democratic Convention

Griffith Divorces Banderas

Suspension Ordered for Judge Who Called Rape Victim ‘In Control’

The Apple Watch Is Coming in October

Feinstein: No Threat to Bergdahl’s Life

Colo. OKs World’s 1st Pot Banking System

Casey Kasem in Critical Condition

Kochs Give $25M to Black College Fund

Beastie Boys Beat Monster Energy

Taliban: We Have P.O.W. Rights Now

U.S. Regains Jobs Lost in Recession

Canadian Cop-Killer Captured

Lebron James Can’t Take the Heat

Snowden Took Less Than Feared

Obama: Normandy ‘Democracy’s Beachhead’

U.S. Tourist Detained in North Korea

Woman Survives Honor Killing Attempt

Ireland to Investigate Mass Grave

Casey Kasem's Wife Fights Back

18 Veterans on Phoenix VA Wait List Died

Seattle U. Shooter Was Pepper Sprayed

Loaded Gun Found Among Toys at Target

16 Percent of At-Home Parents Are Dads

Hillary Memoir Addresses Bergdahl Trade

Pennsylvania Lawmaker: Unions Are like Dictators

Ohio State Rep: IUDs Are Like Abortions

Texas GOP Backs Ex-Gay Therapy

Senate Confirms New HHS Secretary

Verizon: Netflix Better Stop Blaming Us

Bergdahl Walked Away Before

Indian Minister: Rape ‘Sometimes’ Right

Bryan Singer Accuser Drops One Suit

Amazon Plans to Unveil 3-D Phone

TMZ ‘Blackmailed’ Bieber With Video

Obama: No Apologies for Bergdahl Swap

GM Fires 15 Over Ignition Deaths

Taliban: We’ll Kidnap More Like Bergdahl

Manhunt Underway in Canada

Military Jet Crashes Into Cali. Homes

Yemen: We’ve Killed 500 of al Qaeda

Boko Haram Slaughters 200+ Civilians

Melissa McCarthy Rejected by Designers

Bergdahl Hometown Cancels Party

Baseball Legend Don Zimmer Dies

Gwyneth Paltrow: Water Has Feelings

Sprint to Gobble Up T-Mobile for $32B

Sterling Drops Lawsuit, Selling Clippers

McChrystal: Don't Judge Bergdahl Yet

Putin: Hillary 'Never' Graceful

Mars is the Future of Space Research

Court Won't Stop Oregon Gay Marriages

Assad 'Wins' Reelection

Villagers: Bergdahl Sought Out Taliban

Nigeria Military Helped Boko Haram

Last Navajo Code Talker Dies

Couple Held by Taliban Speaks

Budget Office Can’t Calculate Obamacare

Secret Service Wants a Sarcasm Detector

Smartphones Are Replacing TVs

Bergdahl May Not Have Cost Six Lives

Bieber Sings ‘One Less Lonely N*gger’

100,000 Mark Tiananmen in Hong Kong

Hillary: I’ve ‘Moved On’ From Lewinsky

Iran’s Leader: U.S. Ruled Out Attack

Restaurants Spread Norovirus

Venice Mayor Arrested for Corruption

Saudi MERS Deaths Higher Than Recorded

Mississippi Primary Too Close to Call

Maureen Dowd Tries Edible Pot

Merkel Fails as ‘Phone-a-Friend’

Video of Bergdahl Swap Released

Stiviano Suspect Charged With Hate Crime

Philly Paper Owner’s Jet Never Took Off

Baseball-Size Hail Hits Nebraska

Ex-Syria Ambassador: U.S. Ineffective

Bergdahl Left Note Before Leaving Post

Uber Driver Arrested for Kidnapping

FBI Seizes Bomb Parts in San Francisco

John Oliver Breaks FCC Website

Thailand May Ban ‘Hunger Games’ Sign

Dan Marino Withdraws NFL Lawsuit

James Joyce Probably Had Syphilis

Big Tobacco Wanted to Get High on Weed

Tennessee Whiskey Shortage Looms

Rihanna Dress Shocks Fashion Awards

Tween Girl Stabbed 19 Times at Sleepover

800 Dead Babies in Irish Septic Tank

Jonah Hill Sorry for Saying ‘Faggot’

New Sterling Ex Says He’s Racist

Thousands Protest Spanish Monarchy

Obama Wants $1B for European Security

Pelé’s Son Gets 33 Years in Prison

Hillary Defends Bergdahl Exchange

One in Eight US Kids Abused or Neglected

Feds Arrest Man Who Tweeted Jihad Plans

Seattle Approves $15 Minimum Wage

Nigeria Bans ‘Bring Back Our Girls’

Dan Marino, 14 Former Players Sue NFL

For Sale: Civil War Soldier's Skull

Intel VP Missing on Mount Rainier

‘Blow’ Inspiration Released from Prison

The Egyptian Jon Stewart Resigns

Pentagon Official: Bergdahl Walked Away

Female-Named Hurricanes Are Deadlier

Apple Introduces New iPhone OS

Pope: Have Children, Not Cats or Dogs

Vaccine Delay Increases Risks of Seizure

Facebook Ran Assad Sponsored Posts

Lupita Nyong’o Joins Star Wars

Oliver Stone to Direct Snowden Film

EPA: New CO2 Limits Will Help Economy

SCOTUS Won’t Help Journalist Hide Source

Donald Sterling Visits Black Church

NASA Discovers ‘Mega-Earth’

General Defied Tiananmen Square Orders

Rob Ford Excited to Run for Mayor Again

GOP Blasts Bergdahl Exchange

Palestinians Swear In New Unity Gov't

Chris Brown Released From Jail

LA Kings Advance to Stanley Cup Finals

BBC Host May Have Abused 500 Children

V. Stiviano Allegedly Beat Up in NYC

Spain’s King to Abdicate

Jewish Museum Shooting Suspect Arrested

'Brady Bunch' Ann B. Davis Passes Away

Sudan Not Freeing Woman Wed to Christian

EPA Wants Coal Emissions Cut 30%

Justin Bieber N-Word Video Leaks

Mass. Airfield Plane Crash Kills Seven

Taliban Releases Lone U.S. POW

Pot Farms Drying, Polluting Cali Forests

Abu Dhabi Elite Vow $80M for Wild Cats

NSA Collecting Data on Millions of Faces

Spurs Beat Thunder for Heat Rematch

FIFA Reportedly Took Qatar Bid Bribes

Six Mt. Rainier Climbers Presumed Dead