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Cheats November 2013

U.S. Makes Syria Weapons Offer

David Beckham Was Hazed as a Teen

Mozambican Plane Crashes

Shark Kills Teen in Australia

Shots Fired at Thai Protests

Peter Kaplan Dead at 59

Four Dead in Alaska Plane Crash

U.S. to N. Korea: Let Newman Go

Helicopter Slams into Scottish Pub Fixes ‘On Track’

Romney Son Saves Car Wreck Victims

Obama: 'Nowhere to Go But Up'

Nigella’s Ex: 'I’m broken-hearted'

Comet Survives Brush With Sun

Kanye: Obama Lacks Jewish Support

UN: Syrian Kids Are Breadwinners

Black Friday Violence Begins

Mexico Frees Teen Hit Man

Vaccines Prevent 100M Diseases

Study: Fruit Flies Need Sex

Dominicans Oppose Gay Ambassador

Charged Serial Killer Dies in Jail

Thai Protesters Storm Army HQ

At Least 18 Killed in Iraq

Black Friday Shoplifter Shot

Shoppers Ditch Turkey for Deals

Karzai Says No Security Deal

Three Salinger Works Leaked

Barenaked Ladies Drop SeaWorld

Sri Lanka to Tally Civil War Dead

Japan And South Korea Test China

Jane Kean Dies at 90

Pope Francis to Visit Israel

Iran Invites Nuclear Inspectors

U.S. Spied at G20

Demi and Ashton Divorce Final

Jason Kidd Spills Soda

Balloon Drama at Macy's Parade

Three Daughters Held Captive

Thai Leader Survives Vote

Pakistan Party Wants Murder Trial

Senator: Obama ‘Fear-Mongering’

Holidays May Face Toy Shortage

Syria and Rebels Confirm Talks

Gunman Holds Two Hostages in CA

Mall-Size Comet Heads Toward Sun

Louis Vuitton Removed From Red Sq.

Obama Pardons Turkey Named Popcorn

Baldwin: Why Me And Not Bashir?

FL Mayor Arrested for Drug Dealing

Obamacare Delayed for Small Biz

Berlusconi Kicked Out of Senate

World Cup Stadium Collapses

NYT Runs Nipple on Page One

Weather Could Ruin Macy's Parade

Court OKs American-US Air Merger

GoldieBlox Pulls ‘Girls’ from Ad

NC Gov. Charges for Public Records

‘Anchorman 2’ to Come Out Early

Baldwin Talks Firing

Oldest U.S. Book Sells for $14.1M

NSA Monitored Porn Sites

AZ Girls Endured Brutal Conditions

China: We Watched B-52s

Assad Refuses to Step Down

Thousands of Travelers Stranded

White House: Don’t Sign Up at Once

10K-Year-Old House Found in Israel

Nasdaq Hits 13-Year High

U.S. Crosses Disputed China Zone

Girl Faces Expulsion Over Hair

Singer Guilty of Attempted Rape

Alec Baldwin Out at MSNBC

Santa Charged With Groping Elf

Obama Goes After Secretive Groups

Logan Takes Hiatus from CBS

Supreme Court Takes Obamacare Case

10 Haitians Die From Boat Capsize

Pope Attacks State of Capitalism

Deeds: System Failed Son

WHO: Greeks Not Self-Infecting HIV

‘Pretty Woman’ Producer Was a Spy

Couple Refutes 'Anti-Gay' Note

'Doctor Who' Breaks BBC Record

Report: Animals Were Harmed

Man Who Went Missing Arrested

FDA Halts 23andMe DNA Tests

Least Productive Year for Congress

Thai Protesters Storm Ministries

Storm Could Snarl Thanksgiving

Gitmo Prisoners Into Spies?

Obama Pushes for Immigration Bill

Afghan Deal Nears Collapse

Assad, Rebels to Hold Peace Talks

Climate Change Warnings Heighten

FDA Stops 23andMe DNA Tests

Plan B Doesn't Work After 176 lbs

Oldest Buddhist Shrine Unearthed

Obama Talks Immigration at Rally

Newtown Report: Lanza Acted Alone

Alexis Had Clearance Pulled

CIA Still Behind Drone Attacks

Yale Lockdown Lifted

Swiss Reject Executive Pay Limits

Yahoo Confirms Couric Hire

Steubenville School Chief Charged

NSA Director Offered to Resign

Walmart Names Next CEO

‘Catching Fire’ Rakes in $307.7M

‘Family Guy’ Kills Major Character

Swift Nabs Top Award at AMAs

Indian Parents Guilty of Murder

Amtrak Train Jumps Tracks

Nine Killed in Benghazi Clashes

Newtown Report Due Monday

Deadly Storm Pushes Through Texas

Key Element in Iran Deal Uncertain

Macklemore Quotes MLK at AMAs

Storm Kills 13 in U.S. West

11,000 Children Killed in Syria

Obama Calls Netanyahu

GQ: Obama Least Influential Celeb

Palin Calls Bashir’s Comments Evil

Egypt Passes Anti-Protest Law

Report: Miley’s House Burglarized

‘Doctor Who’ Tops Simulcast Record

Two Out After ‘Pretty’ Photo Memo

Texas Ricin Suspect Cuts Plea Deal

75 Killed in Syrian Rebel Siege

Report: Murdoch, Blair Not Talking

Karzai Wants More Time

Willie Nelson's Tour Bus Crashes

Storm Kills Five in U.S. West

Eastwood’s Daughter Gets Married

FCC Chair Against In-Flight Calls

Duke Accuser Guilty of Murder

Iran Nuclear Deal Reached

Syrian Rebels Take Major Oilfield

China Sets 'Air-Defence’ Zone

Xbox One Sells 1M Units in 24 Hrs

Egypt Expels Turkish Ambassador

Girl Wants to Marry Charles Manson

Man Arrested for His Free Hugs

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Move Saves Life

Dancing Chicken Sperm Wins Contest

Camel Does ‘Family Guy’ Impression

Drunk Teen Wakes Up in New Country

‘Minty’ Genital Guy Not Guilty

Time Warner Files Publishing IPO

Couric Reportedly Exiting ABC News

Winter Storm May Delay Travel

Dallas Memorial Honors JFK

Creigh Deeds Tweets: ‘I Am Alive’

Snapchat Is 70 Percent Women

Oldest Wine Cellar Discovered

Watch Lena Dunham Twerk

Bitcoins Accepted for Space Ride

Philippines Death Toll Hits 5,000

Weather Girl Does Forecast Nude

Jackie’s Pink Suit Hidden Away

Feds Raid CO Pot Dispensaries

Students Charged With Hate Crime

MLB Players Union Head Dies

Latvia Mall Collapse Kills 51

Charles Manson Dating 25-Year-Old

Meet the World's Biggest Polluters

Kids Run Slower Than Parents Did

U.S. Considers In-Flight Phone Use

Samsung Must Pay Apple $290M

Obama Backs Filibuster Vote

National Book Award Winners Announced

Skakel Released on $1.2M Bond

Senate Votes to Limit Filibuster

Cyprus University Accepts Bitcoin

Senate Panel Backs Yellen

CA, TX, NY, FL Top Trafficking List

Zappos Hits Back at Kanye West

Joseph Kony In Surrender Talks

Karzai: I Don’t Trust the U.S.

Chris Brown Sent Back to Rehab

North Korea Detains U.S. War Vet

24,000-Year-Old Boy's DNA Linked

Politico's Mike Allen Called Out

Gillibrand Smacks McCain

Drone Strike Kills Senior Militant

Trey Radel Taking Leave of Absence

Psychic Sylvia Browne Dies

Paris Shooting Suspect Identified

Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rehab

Army Seeks ‘Average-Looking’ Women

Illinois Legalizes Gay Marriage

U.S., Afghanistan Reach Pact

Madonna Is Top-Earning Singer

Armstrong Settles $3M Lawsuit

Skier Lindsey Vonn Tears Knee

A-Rod Storms Out of MLB Hearing

Murdochs’ Divorce Finalized

Court Stops Government Fees

DHS Black Supremacist Not Fired

‘Addams Family’ Den Was Pink

Batkid’s Pricetag to City: $105K

Venezuela Leader Gets New Powers

Radel Pleads Guilty

Kelly Clarkson Pregnant

JFK’s Death Watch for Sale

White Supremacist Executed

Burger King to Expand in India

TX Abortion Law to Stay for Now

Deeds’s Son Rejected From Hospital

10 Egyptian Soldiers Killed

Adam Levine Named 'Sexiest Man'

Obama Pens Gettysburg Tribute

Rob Ford's Reality Show Canceled

Congressman Busted With Cocaine

Zimmerman Bond Set at $9K

JPMorgan Coughs Up $13B

Katherine Harris’s Husband Dies

U.S.-Led Afghan Raids to Continue

Rob Ford Gives Up Alcohol

VA State Sen. Creigh Deeds Stabbed

Monty Python to Reunite

Selfie Is Word of the Year

Obama Admin Warned on Health Site

Moynihan Injured During ‘SNL’ Skit

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Sequel?

Emerson Honors Ron Burgundy

Lobbying Group Drops ‘Lobbyist’

John Edwards Opens Law Firm

Methodist Pastor Found Guilty

‘Apocalyptic’ Storm Hits Sardinia

NSA Gets Record Requests

Dozens Killed in Beirut Blasts

‘Spider-Man’ to Close in January

Princeton OKs Unapproved Vaccine

Ex-Falcons Player Dies in Crash

Walmart Donates to Its Own Workers

Zimmerman Charged With Assault

Rob Ford Is Almost Out of Powers

Supreme Court Allows NSA Spying

Bitcoin Value Hits All-Time High

Dallas Zoo Lion Kills Lioness

Brittany Murphy Poisoned?

Shots Fired at Paris Newspaper

Qatar Arena Resembles Female Organ

Russia Fines Lady Gaga Promoter

Forbes Media for Sale

Dow Passes 16,000 for First Time

Walker’s Campaign Office Raided

Insurance Commissioner Loses Job

‘Thor’ Nets $479M Globally

Author Barbara Park Dies

Rob Ford Gets ‘Professional Help’

Cheney Sisters Fight on Facebook

Aquino Criticizes Typhoon Response

Musharraf Faces Treason Charges

Google, Microsoft Block Child Porn

Syrian Rebel Leader Killed

Six Dead in Midwest Tornadoes

Mining Accident Kills 2 in CO

Volcano Found Under Antarctica

Deadly Tornadoes Strike Midwest

Rebels Bomb Syrian Army Base

Russian Boeing 737 Crashes

Baldwin: I May Not Return to MSNBC

Nazi Art Owner: I’m Keeping Them

Dancer Accuses Bolshoi of Bribery

JFK Had Sex Day Before He Died

McAllister Win Special Election

Remains Believed to Be McStays

Writer Doris Lessing Dies

CDC Considers Meningitis Vaccine

Insurance Goal: 80 Percent Sign-up

Drone Hits U.S. Navy Ship

Mandela ‘Unable to Speak’: Ex-Wife

Geithner Joins Private Equity Firm

Missing CA Family’s Remains Found

Baby Hope’s Name Added to Grave

OPCW Sets Syrian Weapons Deadline

Report: Ford Loyalists Got Raises

Assad Gaining Ground in Civil War

Delayed Phillippines Aid Arrives

Kabul Explosion Kills 10

Coin Toss Decides Town’s Mayor

Hairy Crabs Crawl Down Train

Ghost Town for Sale on Craigslist

Oops! ‘Health Drink’ Contains Meth

Helping Earth Means Killing Bats

Seriously Rare Animal Photographed

Neck Tattoo Is Also a Lie Detector

Baldwin’s MSNBC Show Suspended

DOJ Congratulates Batkid

Ray Kelly Calls Out Politicians

Americans Probed Without Reason

Baldwin Plays 'Gay Friend' Card

Adam Levine Is Sexiest Man Alive

House Passes Obamacare Fix Bill

Horse Stampede Causes Car Crashes

Miley: World’s Biggest Feminist

Toronto Punishes Rob Ford

Teenagers Are Smoking E-Cigarettes

Murder Charges for McBride Shooter

DNA Shows Dogs Came from Europe

Italy Hearts Bill de Blasio

Philippines Death Toll Hits 3,621

Obamacare Fix Worries Insurers

China to Ease One-Child Policy

U.S. Investigates Bank Trading

368 Kids Rescued in Porn Bust

Chris Brown Leaves Rehab

Mayor Rob Ford Gets a TV Show

Obama to Nominate Surgeon General

Missing Pussy Riot Member Found

Wisc. Shooting Suspect Arrested

‘Fifty Shades’ Book Has Herpes

Beard Prevents Yankee Signing

Yellen Aces Senate Hearing

President Plans to Fix Obamacare

Whitey Bulger Gets Two Life Terms

Putin Earns 9th Degree Black Belt

Mariah Slams ‘American Idol’

'50 Shades' Gets Release Date

Ukraine Delays Freeing Ex-Leader

Obama Aide to Head Hillary PAC

China Barely Helping Philippines

Four Marines Killed in Pendleton

Ford: Sorry for Oral Sex Comments

Swift Serenades VS Fashion Show

Secret Service Drops Two

Warhol Sells for $105 Million

Xbox One Guarded By Sharks

Dog Brings Home Human Leg

Shooting Near Pittsburgh School

106,185 Enrolled in Obamacare

Boehner Kills Immigration Hopes

Snapchat Rejects $3B Offer

Marilyn Monroe Had Plastic Surgery

'Maleficent' Trailer Released

Palestinian Peace Team Resigns

Ford: I Bought Illegal Drugs Rep: I Was Bullied

Alec Baldwin Called Liar, Cries

‘Ghost’ TV Pilot Announced

Tina Turner Gives Up Citizenship

Ryan Ferguson Released from Prison

India’s Top Cop Offends on Rape

Rand Paul Gives Inaccurate Speech

Cohen: Race Comments Misunderstood Won’t Meet Deadline

Desperate Filipinos Start Looting

Democrat Leads Virginia AG Race

2 Americans Dead in Philippines

Francis Bacon Sells for $142.4M

Central Park Five Case Will Settle

Hawaii Passes Same-Sex Marriage

‘All My Children’ Canceled … Again

Kennedy Sworn In As Ambassador

Kevin Trudeau Found Guilty

Palin: Pope Francis Sounds Liberal

Egypt Cancels State of Emergency

NASCAR's Bayne Diagnosed With MS

J-Law Hugs Crying Fan

U.S.-American Merger Approved

Corn Ethanol Hurts Environment

Clinton: Obama Should Keep Promise

Cohen: People 'Gag' on De Blasios

Stelter to Host ‘Reliable Sources’

Jim Inhofe’s Son Dies

Jenna Jameson Returns to Porn

Apple-Samsung War Heads to Court

Renisha McBride Shot in Face

Poll: Christie Leads 2016 GOP

Report: North Korea Executed 80

Kerry: So Close to Iran Nuke Deal

U.S., Britain Aid Philippines

Dolphins Owner: I’m Appalled

Toronto Mayor Won’t Step Down

Vatican to Show St. Peter’s Bones

‘Princess Bride’ Project Revealed

Obamacare Enrollment Falls Short

New Storm Headed for Philippines

Stores Start Black Friday Early

Obama Honors Veterans

Man Nails Scrotum to Pavement

Indie Rocker Commits Murder-Suicide

ABC Anchor Has Breast Cancer

Vidal Family Hints at Underage Sex

USPS to Deliver Sunday Packages

Malala Book Banned

Christie: ‘Show Up’ for Minorities

Miley Cyrus Smokes Joint Onstage

‘Thor’ Smashes Competition

Ninety Tons of Food Recalled

Philippines Reels from Typhoon

CBS Issues Benghazi Apology

Apple May Develop Curved Screens

Incognito: I'm Not Racist

Iranian Deputy Minister Killed

Two Shot in NYC’s Bryant Park

Pakistan Bans Malala’s Book

Miss Venezuela Wins Miss Universe

Report: Matt Damon Paid $3M for Ad

Clooney Honored by BAFTA

Wildcat Attack Leaves One Dead

Two Dead, 22 Injured in Shooting

Palin: Federal Debt Like Slavery

Pakistani Taliban Pick New Leader

Typhoon Death Toll Hits 10,000

No Deal in Iran Nuke Talks

Earth-Bound Satellite Burns Up

Ted Cruz Makes Late Night Debut

WWII Doolittle Raiders Reunite

‘Weird’ Object Moving in Space

Gogo Enables In-Flight Calling

Pot Dispensary Owner Tortured

11 Indicted in NYC Biker Attack

Doctor Convicted of Killing Wife

Hawaii House Passes Gay Marriage

1200 Killed in Philippines Typhoon

Gator Spotted at Chicago Airport

Woman Grows ‘Stache for Movember

Say Bye to Corgis … Forever!

Now You Can Drive the ‘Flying Car’

Freaky Ice Cream Glows in the Dark

805 Nudists Go Skinny Dipping

Meet the Greediest Walnut Thieves

U.S. Admirals Probed for Bribery

Mexican Mayor Found Dead

Pinkberry Co-Founder Found Guilty

Publisher Pulling Benghazi Book

IRS Paid Thieves $4 Billion

Kerry: No Iran Deal Yet

Syria Polio Outbreak Threatens Europe

Alanis Musical Headed to Stage

Lady Gaga Gives Up Ganja

David Ortiz Finishes Third in Boston Mayor’s Race

Hiring Picks Up Strongly in October

Typhoon Haiyan Hits Philippines

Tom Cruise Defends Parenting

Meteors Light Up California Sky

New Rules Mandate Mental Coverage

New Rob Ford Video Surfaces

S&P Cuts France’s Credit Rating

CBS Apologizes for Benghazi Story

Obama ‘Sorry’ For Lost Insurance

Senate Passes Gay Rights Bill

TOMS Launches Charity Gifts Market

Twitter IPO Closes At $44.90

Shutdown Cost Up to $6B

Woman Tries To Sell Baby

Bolshoi Ballet Acid Trial Begins

Nazi Erich Priebke Secretly Buried

Mubarak to Return to Prison

Diaries of Gitmo Prisoner Revealed

FDA to Ban Trans Fat

Carter Grandson to Run for GA Gov

U.S. Economy Beats Expectations

EU: Sexuality Grounds for Asylum

Bieber Charged in Graffiti Mess

Lululemon Founder Blames Women

Two Dead Pols Win Majority

House GOP Plans Holder Impeachment

Pakistan Frees Former President

Military Sexual Assault Rises

Obama Defends Health-care Mess

George Strait Wins Top CMA Award

Pope Kisses Man's Disfigured Face

Two Dead in Detroit Shooting

Twitter Sets IPO at $26 a Share

Super Typhoon to Hit Philippines

Top Health-Care Official Resigns

Bloomberg to Return to Media Biz

Rand Paul Sits With Murdoch, Ailes

Jennifer Lawrence Chops Off Hair

Lauer to Get Prostate Exam on TV

Lady Gaga to Sing in Outer Space

Venezuela Moves Christmas

Blockbuster to Close Last Stores

Sebelius: Obamacare Enrollment Low

‘Call of Duty’ Nets $1 Billion

Wife Beats Husband in Election

Study: Arafat Was Poisoned

Hawaii to Vote on Equality Bill

Expert: Knox’s DNA on Knife

Stodden, Hutchison Split

Ms. Marvel Returns as Muslim Teen

Oldest NYC Marathon Runner Dies

Bomb Blasts Hit North China

Warming Gases Reach Record High

Notes Show Obamacare Chaos

Finke and Deadline Officially Over

McAuliffe Wins VA Governor’s Race

De Blasio Elected NYC Mayor

Washington Times Drops Rand Paul

Christie Wins Reelection in NJ

Bizarre Disease Melting Starfish

Dan Rather Slams CBS for JFK Snub

Illinois Passes Gay Marriage

Toronto Mayor Refuses to Resign

Obama Approval Falls Below 40%

Chef Charlie Trotter Dies at 54

Paul Shakes Up Staff

Tom Coburn's Cancer Returns

Brazil Admits Spying on U.S.

Fiery Plane Collision Recorded

NYT: Kerry’s Egypt Trip Ill-Advised

Katy Perry’s Album: Biohazard?

Drew Barrymore Pregnant

Russian Teen Sells Virginity

CNN Takes Ratings Hit

India Launches Mars Spacecraft

Congo Rebels End Conflict

Obama Pushes ENDA Passage

Juveniles Break Into Denver School

NJ Mall Shooter Found Dead

NJ Mayor: Shots Fired in Mall

BlackBerry Calls Sale Off

Michelle Pfeiffer Was in a Cult

Deadly Spiders Hatch Out of Bananas

40 Billion ‘Earths’ Discovered

All Clear Issued at Conn. School

Knight: Castro Tied Me Up

Thousands Protest in Iran

King Tut Mystery Solved

Taliban Denounces The Daily Beast

SAC Capital Pleads Guilty

Gay Rights Bill Advances in Senate

Milly Dowler Notes Disappeared

Memo Warned Admin. on Health Care

Morsi: I’m ‘Legitimate President’

‘Simpsons’ Pays Tribute to Wallace

YouTube Holds Music Awards

Texan Coach Gary Kubiak Collapses

Paul Responds to Plagiarizing

Maine Rep. Comes Out

13 Killed in Mexican Shootouts

AL Airport Reopens After Threat

Group Arrested in Journo Deaths

U.S. Rejects Clemency for Snowden

Nazi Art Trove Recovered

Feinstein, Rogers Defend NSA

Eminem Wins at YouTube Awards

Two Skydiving Planes Crash

Birmingham Airport ‘All Clear’

Syrian Rebel Leader Resigns

Rob Ford: I Want to See Crack Tape

LAX Suspect Acted Alone

Romney: Obama ‘Dishonest’

Kenyans Win NYC Marathon

Chris Kirkpatrick Gets Married

Kanye Wears Confederate Flag

Red Sox Pitcher Buys Duck Boat

Paul Accused of Plagiarizing

EBay: Sorry for Holocaust Items

Sanford, FL Changes Watch Rules

Kerry Arrives In Egypt

Pakistan to Review U.S. Ties

Schumer: ‘Run, Hillary, Run’

Bieber Allegedly Caught in Brothel

Two French Journalists Killed

Report: Cyrus Kissed Benji Madden

Scientists Interpret Dog Tail Wags

Greek Killings Possibly Revenge

Pakistani Taliban Has New Leader

Western Europe Spies Too

McAuliffe Ahead of Cuccinelli

Pussy Rioter Sent to New Prison

Country Believes in Magical Elves

Sea Otters Are Ruthless Killers

Soccer Player’s Head Found in Sack

So, 50 Ducks Walk Into a CVS

Guy Can’t Escape Lightning Bolts

Sad and Single, Man Cuts Off Penis

Cow Labor Is Sort of a Miracle

Surprise! Severed Meat Hands Scare

Snowden: Truth Is Not a Crime

Egypt's ‘Daily Show’ Suspended

LAX Shooter ‘Wanted to Kill TSA’

Germany Adopts Third-Gender Law

Dye Removed from Mac & Cheese

Jailed Pussy Riot Member Missing

Report: Taliban Leader Killed

LAX Suspect Identified

UN: 979 Iraqis Killed in October

Nasty Weather Sweeps Across U.S.

Snowden Seeks Germany’s Support

Entry-Level Hedge Funders Make $353K

Kerry: I Don’t Mind Lesbian Rumors

Judge Nixes Down Syndrome Test

Belgium Weighs Euthanasia for Kids

U.S. Finds Hi-Tech Drug Tunnel

Food Stamp Cuts Kick In

Court Restores TX Abortion Law

Obama Almost Ran With Hillary

'Lou Was a Fighter'

Few Enrolled in Obamacare