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Cheats December 2012

House GOP to Spend NYE at Capitol

Venezuela Cancels New Years

Doctor: Hillary Will Make Full Recovery

Congress Won't Meet Monday Deadline

McConnell: We Are Very, Very Close

Mascots May Demand More in 2013

Lieberman: Clinton Will Testify

‘Major Progress’ in Cliff Talks

Psy Retiring Gangnam Style

Eagles Fire Andy Reid

23 Killed in Iraq Explosions

Lanza’s Dad Claimed Remains

Maine Man Shoots Tenants

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Most Unpopular Phrase

Ford Focus is Top Selling Car

Al Qaeda: Bounty to Kill Ambassador

Israel to Ease Gaza Blockade

Still No Fiscal Cliff Deal

Body of Adam Lanza Claimed for Burial

Hillary Clinton Admitted to Hospital

Bus Crash Kills Nine in Oregon

Reid: No Vote on Sunday

German Mag. Runs Bush Sr. Obit

Pentagon Prepping for Furloughs

‘Hobbit’ Wins the Box Office

Obama: Newtown Was My Worst Day

Obama: GOP Doesn’t Say ‘Yes’

Katt Williams: No N-Word, Tarantino

U.S. Stops Olympic Star

Bomb Kills Pakistan Pilgrims

Biden and NRA Butt Heads

Moscow Plane Crash Caught on Video

Flying Safest Since Dawn of Jet

Hate Crime in Subway Push

India Rape Victim’s Body Cremated

Fiscal Cliff Deadline: Sunday 3 P.M.

Marathon Fiscal Talks Continue

6 Charged in Indian Gang Rape

Obama to IL: Legalize Gay Marriage

Obama Deploys Troops to Chad

NYPD Has Pushing Suspect in Custody

Lady Gaga to Offer Free Counseling

Newtown Family Seeks to Sue State

George H.W. Bush Improving

Las Vegas Body ID’d As Missing Girl

Starbucks Expands Fiscal-Cliff Campaign

Obama to Appear on ‘Meet the Press’

Most-Forged Autographs: Elvis, Beatles

Facebook Tops 2012 Wikipedia Queries

Bus Bomb Explodes in Karachi

NYC Homicides at 40-Year Low

France's Top Tax Rate Nixed

Maine Issues First Gay Marriage Licenses

FBI Monitored Marilyn Monroe

Indian Rape Victim Dies

Report: Instagram Users Dropped

Gov. Snyder Signs Abortion Bill

Obama: I’m ‘Modestly Optimistic'

Three Cops Shot in N.J.

Syrian Rebels Siege Airport

Kerry Praises Markey’s Senate Bid

Katie Holmes Flops on Broadway

Report: Fiscal-Cliff Deal on Table

Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Resigns

NYT Chronicles Unhappy Senators

Congress Extends Surveillance Power

Berlusconi’s Ex to Get $48M a Year

Man Refused Access to $300K of Wine

Las Vegas Body Might Be Missing Girl

Kate Winslet Going to Space

Putin Signs U.S. Adoption Ban

Utah Teachers Get Free Gun Training

Seaworld Entertainment Plans IPO

Bush Aide: ‘Put the Harps’ Away

Mubarak Moved to Hospital

China Tightens Internet Rules

Russia to Meet with Syrian Opposition

Man Dies After Pushed Onto Subway

Report: Cowell Wants to Fire Spears

U.S. Suspends Central African Rep. Embassy

Man Admits to Smuggling Dinosaurs

Report: Norman Schwarzkopf Dies

Poll: 54 Percent View NRA Favorably

Adam Lanza’s DNA to be Tested

Poll: GOP Gets Fiscal-Cliff Blame

Hillary Will Return Next Week

Bush's Family Hopeful for Release

Woman Arrested for Exploiting Newtown

Tebow: I’m Not a Quitter

Peter Parker Killed in New Comic

U.S. Rep. to Run for Kerry’s Seat

Starbucks Fiscal Gimmick Fails

Whale Dead on Queens Beach

E.P.A. Chief to Step Down

GOP Lawmakers Return to D.C.

Weekly Jobless Claims Plummet

Blogger Publishes Journalists’ Addresses

Putin to Sign U.S. Adoption Ban

Investigator Says Whitney Murdered

Police: NBC Knew Magazines Illegal

Storms Delay Thousands of Flights

Morsi Admits Constitution ‘Mistakes’

Syria Envoy Revives Stalled Peace Plan

Winter Storm Claims Five Lives

Winslet Marries Guy Named Rocknroll

Schatz Picked for Hawaii Senate Seat

Toyota Acceleration Suit to Cost $1B

Starbucks to Promote Congressional Cooperation

Crapo Drank ‘Shots of Vodka’

Geithner: ‘Extraordinary Measures’ Could Avoid Cliff

Senators in No Rush to Return to D.C.

Sarah Silverman Defends ‘Django’

Report: Kim Jong-il Died in ‘Fit of Rage’

‘Les Miz’ Sweeps Box Office

Nelson Mandela Heads Home

China Launches Longest Rail Line

Russia Passes U.S. Adoption Ban

High-Ranking Syrian General Defects

NY Paper Publishes Gun Database

Home Prices Rise

Cities Battle for Obama Library

Zuckerberg’s Sis Complains About Privacy

Dan Stevens Leaving ‘Downton Abbey’

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again

Cross-Dressing Robber Kills Friend

Instagram Users Flaunt Xmas Guns

Police Investigating ‘Meet the Press’

Suicide Bomber Attacks U.S. Base

Winter Storms Head for Northeast

Obama Leaving Hawaii Early

Morsi Signs Constitution

Winter Storms Blanket U.S.

Rihanna, Brown Watch Lakers Game

Dismal Holiday Sales for 2012

Fire Suspect Left Note

Egypt Constitution Passes

Kazakh Plane Crash Kills 27

Netflix Blames Amazon for Outage

Actor Charles Durning Dies

Indian Jews Arrive in Israel

Mandela ‘Doing Much Better’

Affleck: I’m Not Running for Senate

Webster Shooter Lived Quiet Life

Pope Pleads for Peace in Syria

Christians Flock to Bethlehem

Pope Hosts Xmas Eve Mass

Actor Jack Klugman Dies

Ron Paul Slams NRA Proposal

Four Firefighters Shot, Two Killed

NORAD Tracks Santa’s Route

Retailers Report Slow Windows 8 Sales

Amsterdam Museum Shaped Like Bathtub

Russia, India Sign Billion-Dollar Arms Deal

N. Korea Warns South About Christmas Tower

Egyptian Judges Investigate Constitution Vote

U.S. Aide Killed by Afghan Policewoman

Kate and Will to Spend Christmas With Middletons

Cory Booker Lambasts Gun Debate

Idaho Sen. Faces Jan. Court Date

SEAL Commander Death Possible Suicide

Heroism Inspires New Appreciation for Teachers

Petition to Deport Piers Morgan Hits 31,400

Senator Crapo Apologizes for DUI

Battle Lines Drawn on Gun Control

Dozens Killed by Syrian Warplanes

Pope’s Christmas Message: Gay Marriage Is Wrong

Obama Attends Sen. Inouye’s Memorial

Gay Activist Richard Adams Dies

SEAL Team 4 Commander Dies In Afghanistan

Bethenny Frankel, Husband Split

NRA Stands Firm on Gun Laws

Tarantino Fame For ‘Basterds’ Trilogy

Study Suicide First, Then Murders

Steve Nash Returns, Lakers Win

Steve Jobs’ Yacht Impounded

Good Movies Make Money

Pakistani Official: Attack Taliban

Over 70 Injured in New Delhi Protest

Will Chavez’s Successor Go Rogue?

U.S. May Be in North Korea’s Missile Range

Egyptian Brotherhood: Constitution Passed

Nas Sued by Kidnapping Victim

Egyptian Constitution Likely to Pass

Italian Prez Dissolves Parliament

Brother Says Ted Kennedy Jr. May Run

Egypt's VP Resigns

CIA: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Not Realistic

Sandy Hook to Go Back to School

Possible Charges in Royal Prank

Riots Flare After Delhi Gang Rape

FDA Approves Genetically Altered Fish

Second Weekend of Egypt Voting

52-Year-Old Convicted as Juvenile

Malala: Don't Name School After Me

Judge Blocks Missouri Birth Control Law

Obama Arrives in Hawaii for Christmas

Mob Kills Man Who Burned Koran

Pope Pardons VatiLeaks Butler

Italian P.M. Monti Resigns

Ashton, Demi Head to Divorce Court

Court Halts Gay Therapy Ban

Obama: 'No Reason' for No Deal

Iowa: OK to Fire ‘Irresistible’ Employees

Bloomberg: NRA Presser 'Shameful'

Murdoch Publishing Lost $2.1B

‘Walking Dead’ Gets Fourth Season

Celebs Release Gun-Control PSA

MObama Pens Letter to Newtown

Hagel Retracts Statement on Gays

Obama Taps Kerry for State

Four Dead in PA Shooting

NRA CEO Will Be on ‘Meet the Press’

NRA: Armed Police at Every School

Boehner: We’re ‘Prepared to Come Back’

World Still Has Time to End

Ke$ha Not ‘Forced’ to Sing ‘Die Young’

Rappelling Fugitive Caught

Mark Sanford to Run for Congress

Snowstorm Slams Midwest

Peter Madoff Gets Ten Years

Nationwide Moment of Silence Held

Libya to Release Lockerbie Files

North Korea Arrests American

Syrian Army Uses Cluster Bombs

Teen Arrested for Gun Threat

Instagram Reverses Privacy Policy

GOP Pulls ‘Plan B’ Bill

Boehner Pulls Plan B Bill

Boehner’s Plan B Vote Delayed

Squeezing Breasts Can Prevent Cancer

Chamber of Commerce Backs Plan B

Putin: U.S. Screwed Up Libya

Facebook Tests Pay-Per-Message

Blizzard Threatens Holiday Travel

Ex-Media Mogul Dishes on Bath Salts

Report: Tebow to Leave Jets

Boehner: Dems Have ‘Done Nothing’

Somalia Shipwreck Kills 55

Blizzard Whacks the Midwest

Surgeons Still Leave Items in Patients

State: Benghazi ‘Unacceptable’

‘Anchorman 2’ Gets Release Date

Cory Booker Eyes 2014 Senate Run

Guns to Be More Deadly than Cars

Upstart to Buy NYSE

New Yorkers Seek Doomsday Sex

Miss USA Crowned Miss Universe

Protests to Free Ikea Monkey

Apple’s ‘Pinch to Zoom’ Patent Rejected

China Arrests 1,000 in Doomsday Cult

NRA Losing Democratic Support

Fiscal Cliff Talks Fizzle

UBS Pleads Guilty to Fraud

State Dept. Security Chief Resigns

Senate: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Inaccurate

Newtown Leaves Nancy Lanza Off Victims' List

Stocks Fall as Talks Stall

Claire Danes Gives Birth

Multiple Schools Placed on Lock Down

Negotiators Agree on Defense Deal

Report: Sam Donaldson Arrested For DUI

Winter Storms Coming Across U.S.

Three Resign at State Department

Army to Seek Death for Robert Bales

Ke$ha Apologizes for ‘Die Young’

Obama: GOP ‘Puzzling’ on Fiscal Cliff

Obama: We Need Gun Restrictions

GM to Buy Back Shares

Park Wins South Korean Election

Robert Bork Dies at 85

Inquiry: BBC Failed on Savile Case

Obama Time’s Person of the Year

‘Girls’ to Get Nail-Polish Line

Livable Planet Possibly Discovered

Judges Allow DSK’s Pimping Charges

UBS Will Pay $1.5B Fraud Fine

U.N. Pulls Anti-Polio Workers

Boehner’s Fiscal Cliff ‘Plan B’ Stalls

Biden to Push for Gun Control

6 Funerals Planned for Wednesday

Benghazi Review Finds Security Faults

China Detains Doomsday Believers 

Gov. Snyder to Veto Guns-in-School Bill

Utah Boy Brings Gun to School

Nancy Lanza Was ‘Tired’ Of Home Schooling

Abortion Amend. Included in Defense Bill

Instagram Selling Photos ‘Not Our Intention’

Report: Nancy Lanza Bought Rifle Legally

No Link Between Cancer and 9/11 Debris

NRA Promises 'Meaningful Contributions'

Panetta: We Need to Cut DOD Budget

Gossip Girl's Secret Identity Revealed

Convicts Escape Jail Using Bedsheets

Obama Backs Assault Weapons Ban

Newtown Goes Back to School

Broadwell Won’t Face Charges

Dick’s Sporting Goods to Pull Guns

Biden Swears in Sen. Leahy

White House Rejects Boehner's 'Plan B'

Iraqi President Hospitalized

Four Dead in Colo. Murder-Suicide

Cerberus Pulls Stake in Gun Maker

NYT: Walmart Used Bribes in Mexico

Johansson Hacker Gets 10 Years

100 Arrested for Doomsday Rumors

Instagram Can Sell Your Photos

Vaccination Team Killed in Karachi

Adam Lanza Destroyed Hard Drive

Newtown: Two Funerals on Tuesday

NBC’s Richard Engel Freed

Support Floods Into Newtown

Tarantino’s ‘Django’ Premiere Canceled

News Outlets Dispute Romney Bills

Fiscal Cliff: Obama Makes New Offer

'No Signal' from North Korean Satellite

Newtown Man Cared for Six Kids

Egyptians to Protest 'Invalid' Constitution

Fox News Bans Gun-Control Talk

Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye Dies

Channing Tatum Expecting First Child

Conn. Gov. Calls for Stricter Gun Control

Bloomberg: Act on Guns Now

Lanza Had ‘No Connection’ to School

Blast Kills Nine Afghan Girls

Regulator Sues JPMorgan

LA Man Arrested For School Threat

Schools in CT Town on Lockdown

Report: Haley Taps Scott for Senate

Pro-Gun Sen. Manchin Wants Controls

Profs Stumped by 'Indiana Jones' Journal

Middleton Snubbed By Olympic Hero

Pakistani Market Blast Kills 15

Two Topeka Police Officers Killed

Two Wounded in San Antonio Shooting

Newtown Prepares for First Funerals

Babysitter: Lanza's Mom Warned Me

Funeral for Royal Hoax Nurse

Report: Shooting at Theater in San Antonio

Conflict Erupts in Egypt After Vote

Obama: ‘We Will Have to Change’

Boehner Proposes Debt Ceiling Lift

Benghazi Report Expected Monday

Boehner’s Plan Brings Tax Rate To 39.6 Percent

‘The Hobbit’ Breaks Box Office Record

Police Found 'Hundreds of Bullets'

Ind. Man Arrested For School Threat

Newtown Church Evacuated

Coroner: Lanza Killed by Single Shot

Social Media Hoaxes May Be Prosecuted

Kate to Appear in Public

CT Survivors to Attend Another School

Feinstein Says Congress Must Act

Profumo Scandal Embroiled Britain

Kelly Clarkson Gets Engaged

Typhoon Death Toll Passes 1,000

Man Fires Fifty Shots Near L.A. Mall

Nurse's Body Arrives in India

Egypt Votes on Draft Constitution

DOJ Passed Over Gun Proposal

Nancy Lanza Collected Weapons

Rahm: Time to Change Gun Laws

Newtown Dad Remembers Daughter

Boehner Floats Millionaire Tax Hike

Obama to Attend Newtown Memorial

Some Victims Shot 11 Times

Report: Obama Picks Kerry for State

Names of 26 Victims Released

Pakistani Airport Attacked

Memorial Held for Kate’s Nurse

All 26 Victims Identified

Hillary Clinton Faints, Suffers Concussion

Lanza: ‘Deeply Disturbed Kid’

Justin Bieber TV Comedy in the Works

‘Casablanca’ Piano Auctioned

Australia to Drill Antarctic Ice Core

Murder-Suicide on the Strip

Philippines Declares Christmas Truce

Egypt Votes on New Constitution

Obama: Solidarity After CT Shooting

Man in Romney Mask Robs D.C. Bank

Hugh Grant Apologizes to ‘Daily Show’

Shooter's Mom Dead in CT Massacre

NRA Cancels Country Music Event

Hundreds Attend CT Vigil

Principal Ran Toward Melee

Apple Stock Plunges...Again

Obama Chokes Up at Shooting Presser

Carney: Don’t Ask About Gun Control

Man Detained in China Knife Attack

Paternity Questions Haunted Belcher

Industrial Production Up

Albright: Rice Attacks ‘Outrageous’

Jindal Endorses OTC Birth Control

Rivals Protest in Cairo

Kerry: Next In Line for State?

Earthquake Hits Off California

Trash Compactor Kills Texas Man

Report: UBS to be Fined $1 Billion

Apple Loses Patent Case

U.N.: Iran Nuclear Probe Deal Soon

U.S. to Aid Turkey Against Syria

Boehner, Obama Hold ‘Frank’ Meeting

Chavez Suffers Surgery Complications

Rothko Vandal Gets 2 Years

Rice Drops Sec. of State Run

EuroCourt: CIA Tortured Terror Suspect

Suicide Bomber Kills American Soldier

Boehner: Obama Wants Fiscal Cliff

Prank DJs Moved to Safehouse

Yeshiva Univ. Covered Up Sex Abuse

Weekly Jobless Claims Tumble

Golden Globes Noms Announced

Lohan’s Probation Revoked

Track Palin Files for Divorce

Senator’s Intern an Illegal Immigrant

Google Maps Back on iPhones

Census: No Ethnic Majority in U.S.

Kate Nurse Hanged Herself

Russia: Syrian Rebels Might Win

EU Sets Strict Banking Rules

Cal State Fullerton Lockdown Ends

Facebook Changes Privacy Settings

John McAfee Sent to Miami

Assange Plans Australian Senate Run

North Korea Satellite Unstable

Bieber Murder Plot Thwarted

Baby Girl Born at 12:12

Pope Sends First Tweet

Winter’s Family to Undergo Counseling

Oregon Gunman Identified

Drudge Uses N-Word in Headline

Fed to Keep Low Rates

Syria Fires Scud Missiles at Rebels

Romney Ad Named ‘Lie of the Year’

Three Killed at Oregon Mall

McCartney to Replace Kurt Cobain

Whitney Tops Google Searches

Brooks Paid $17M by News Corp.

‘Argo,’ ‘Lincoln’ Lead SAG Nominees

Jenna Bush Hager Pregnant

NY: Don’t Run for Mayor, Hillary

Interstate Reopens in W.Va.

Smugglers Shoot Drugs With Cannon

Panetta Visits Afghanistan

Fiscal Cliff Talks Stall

North Korea Launches Rocket

Ravi Shankar Dead at 92

Lawyer: Subway Pusher Justified

Chavez Recovering After ‘Successful’ Surgery

Several Shot at Oregon Mall

U.S. Recognizes Syrian Opposition

Missing Berlusconi Witness Found

MI Governor Signs Controversial Bill

Tagliabue Overturns Saints’ Suspensions

Bleach Thrown at Rabbi

Scientists Create Fish With Legs

McCain: Make Torture Report Public

Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Asteroid Just Misses Earth

Boehner: Obama Slow on Fiscal Cliff

Middleton’s Nurse Left Suicide Note

Five Finalists for DeMint’s Seat

Buono Files to Challenge Christie

IKEA Monkey Joins Sanctuary

Delta Buys Virgin Atlantic Stake

Mali’s Prime Minister Arrested

Treasury and AIG May Split

John McAfee Sells Film Rights

Vigil Held for Jenni Rivera

Karl Rove Returns to Fox

Scalia Defends Anti-Gay Quotes

HSBC to Pay $1.9 Billion

Life Sentence In 55-Year-Old Murder

Nine Injured at Egypt Clashes

Mandela Has Lung Infection

Report: Budget Talks Turn Positive

Female CIA Agent Portrayed as Hero

Childhood Obesity Rates Dropping

Pentagon: Pakistan Undermining Security

Beyoncé Signs $50M Pepsi Deal

Obama, Boehner Stuck on Specifics

Spokesman Clarifies Morsi's Military Order

Ultra-Orthodox Counselor Convicted of Sex Abuse

Strauss-Kahn, Maid Settle Lawsuit

Man Killed in Midtown Manhattan

FCC Pushes In-Flight Electronics Use

Fourth Elmo Accuser Emerges

SEAL Member Killed in Rescue

Coco and Ice-T on the Rocks

Ikea Monkey Sweeps Internet

Miley Cyrus Joined By Stripper

47 Percent Liked Romney-Ryan

Nigerian Minister’s Mother Taken

Sorry Psy Plays DC Christmas Gig

Report: Students Serve Pot Brownies

DSK Accuser Poised to Sign Deal

Japan Enters a Recession

Sandy Reveals Cracks in NYCHA

N. Korea Sets Back Rocket Launch

Radio Hosts ‘Gutted,’ ‘Heartbroken’

Obama Heads to MI for ‘Cliff’ Rally

Morsi Issues Facebook Message

Bloomberg Considers Buying the FT

Prank Station Tried to Contact Hospital

Monkey Found in Toronto IKEA

Singer Jenni Rivera Killed in Plane Crash

Obama, Boehner Meet on Fiscal Cliff

Box Office: ‘Skyfall’ Back at No. 1

Cowboys’ Brent Held on $500,000 Bond

George H.W. Bush Remains Hospitalized

Booker Weighs Governor, Senate Run

3 Shot Dead on Indian Reservation

Sen. Corker: Higher Tax Rates OK

Aussie Radio Station: Backlash ‘Unfair’

Oscar Actresses Get ‘Wide-Awake’

Father’s Gun Goes Off, Kills Son

Mitt Takes in Pacquiao-Marquez Bout

U.S. Taliban Kidnap Victim Rescued

Second Storm Nears Philippines

First WA Same-Sex Couples Wed

Chavez Says He Needs Cancer Surgery

Zuma Visits Mandela in Hospital

Hillary’s Choices Hinge on 2016

Key Syrian Rebels Tied to Al-Qaeda

Psy Will Still Perform at White House

Prank DJs in ‘Fragile’ State

Morsi Annuls Controversial Decree

Cowboys Player Killed in Crash

U.N. Talks Extend Kyoto Protocol

NY Ignored Sandy Warnings

Woman Delivers Human Baby at Zoo

Hamas Head Defiant in Speech

Hospital Condemns Royal Prank

Couple Copies Will and Kate

Berlusconi to Run for Premier Again

Mandela Admitted to Hospital

Syrian Rebels Aim for Airport

Morsi Authorizes Army to Help Police

Thousands Rally For Hamas Anniversary

Stone Meets Swift’s Beau

Americans Trust Obama on Economy

Secret Service Probed for Losing Files

Suspected Subway ‘Pusher’ Heard Voices

Advertiser Pulls From Prank Station

Obama Requests $60.4 Billion for Sandy

Sandusky Seeks Prison Move

Sheen’s Ex OD’s on Drugs

Second Powerball Winner Announced

Lena Dunham’s Book Proposal Leaked

Justices to Take Gay-Marriage Cases

Senators Tasked with Immigration Reform

Psy Made Anti-American Rap

Boehner: ‘No Progress’

Text-to-911 Service By 2014?

Captured: Obama Takes Mitt’s Concession

10,000 Protestors Storm Presidential Palace

Haley: I’m Not Taking DeMint’s Seat

Vet to Obama: Don’t Choose Kerry

Hitchcock Found Religion in Final Days

Jobless Rate Hits 4-Year Low

Gisele Bundchen Has Baby Girl

Chiefs to Pay for Belcher’s Funeral

‘Washington Post’ to Add Paywall?

Hamas Leader Returns to Gaza

Russia Not Optimistic on Syria Talks

Obama, Romney Spent $2B

Bombs Found in Northern Ireland

Philippines Death Toll Hits 418

7.3 Earthquake hits Japan

McAfee Returned to Prison

Obama to Morsi: I’m Concerned

China to Flatten 700 Mountains

National Christmas Tree Lit

Survey: 20M Yogis in U.S.

Obama, Boehner Talk Fiscal Cliff

Zimmerman Suing NBC Over Edited Tape

Morsi: Solve Crisis With Dialogue

McAfee Suffers Heart Attack in Guatemala

Stephen Baldwin Arrested

Publicist Arrested in Savile Inquiry

Tanks Deployed at Morsi’s Palace

Fox News: Petraeus for Prez a Joke

Dr. Mona Ackerman Dies

Clash Was Working on Secret Movie

Jim DeMint Leaving Senate

Some Macs to Be Manufactured in U.S.

Clinton to Discuss Syria With Russia

Suspected Subway Pusher: Victim ‘Attacked’

Disney to Make Don Quixote Flick

fun. Leads Grammy Noms

House Bans ‘Lunatic’

Ex-Thai PM Charged in Protest Deaths

Kate Discharged from Hospital

Wash. Issues First Gay Marriage Licenses

Gotye, Swift Up for Grammys Best Record

350 Dead in Philippines Typhoon

John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala

Syria Prepared to Use Chemical Weapons

Government Clarifies Marijuana Stance

Iran Hit By 5.5 Magnitude Quake

New Holmes Emails Revealed

‘Lincoln’ to Screen on Senate Floor

Egyptian Protesters Camp Out

Starbucks to Add 1,500 U.S. Cafés

Dow Closes Over 13,000

‘50 Shades’ Wins National Book Award

Eminem’s Daughter Attacks Taylor Swift

Obama Lobbies Big Business

Obama to Ask Congress for $50B

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Wins Best Picture

Subway Pusher Suspect Arrested

Report: Assad Scopes Out South America

Boehner: Obama Not ‘Serious’

Jazz Pianist Dave Brubeck Dies

Citigroup to Cut 11,000 Jobs

Instagram Disables Twitter Posts

Man Shoots GF After ‘Walking Dead’

Rupert Murdoch’s Mother Dies

118,000 Jobs Created in Nov.

Oprah Picks New Book

Frankie Muniz Has ‘Mini-Stroke’

Kate’s Hospital Prank-Called

Fleetwood Mac to Reunite

Costas: ‘Mistake’ to Talk Gun Control

Palace: Kate ‘Feeling Better’

Longtime Texas Rep. Jack Brooks Dies

Netflix Buys Rights to Disney Movies

L.A. Port Workers to End Strike

Philippines Typhoon Kills 200

Wall Street Unfazed by Fiscal Cliff

N. Korea Finishes Long-Range Rocket

Scientists Discover Likely Oldest Dinosaur

Fox News: Keep Rove Off Air

McAfee Seeking Asylum in Guatemala

Obama to Announce New Cabinet Members

Dolce and Gabbana on Trial

Subway Push Suspect Implicated Himself

Poll: Record Support for Legalizing Pot

Ashley Judd Mulling Senate Run

Belcher’s Last Moments Revealed

Obama: Tax Increases a Must

Cairo Protesters Approach Palace

Judge Blocks Gay Therapy Ban

GOP Blocks U.N. Treaty

Mitt Romney Goes to Costco

NATO to Deploy Missiles to Turkey

Gov. Brewer Leaves AZ for a Week

Lawyers: Look at Zimmerman’s Nose!

Report: CIA Edited Libya Talking Points

Gingrich to Be on ‘Parks and Rec’

Anna Wintour to Be Ambassador?

2012 Best Year in Broadway History

Dozens Sickened at Georgia School

Mitt Had Plan for 47 Percent Remarks

Kate Middleton Stays in Hospital

Iran: We Have U.S. Drone

Ailes Told Petraeus to Run for President

Dems Rebuff GOP Counteroffer

Thousands Flee Philippines Typhoon

Travolta Sued by Alleged Lover

Bloomberg to Hillary: Run for Mayor

Belcher Punched Window in College

Dick Armey Quits Tea Party

New Photo of Zimmerman Leaked

Clinton Threatens Syrian Intervention

Five Nations Protest Israel Plans

Kate Middleton Pregnant

BBC to Adapt ‘The Casual Vacancy’

SCOTUS: No Action on Gay Marriage

Pope Benedict Joins Twitter

NYC Homeless Man Hides Gifted Boots

U-Va. Student Killed By Boat

For Badger Father, Conn. Fire Smolders

News Corp. Shutters ‘The Daily’

Alaskan Murder Suspect Kills Self

Report: Hefner to Get Hitched

President Honors Hoffman, Zeppelin

Japan Braces for N. Korean Launch

UBS Approaches Rate-Rigging Deal

Merkel May Consider Greek Write-Off

Police Search for Belcher Motive

Chen Appeals to New Chinese Leader

Egypt’s Top Court Joins Strike

‘Three Cups of Tea’ Co-Author Dies

Fiscal Cliff Talks Hit Stalemate

Streep, Clinton Take Selfies

News International CEO Resigns

Five States Expand School Hours

Geithner: GOP Will Cave on Fiscal Cliff

4 Shot in LA Suburb

Warplanes Strike Syrian Rebels

Pitt’s ‘Killing Them Softly’ Bombs

Friend: Belcher Suffered ‘Memory Loss’

Boehner “Flabbergasted” by White House

Abbas Given Hero’s Welcome

CO Wildfire Forces Evacuations

Blogger Livestreamed Police Standoff

Japanese Tunnel Collapse Traps Cars

Russia Panics Over Mayan Apocalypse

North Korea Plans Rocket Launch

Bombers Attack Afghan Base

Chiefs Reel After Murder-Suicide

Syrian Arms Flow Through Iraq

Protest Delays Egypt Court Ruling

Mental Health Disorders to Change

Report: Israel Won’t Revoke Palestinian Accords

Riots Greet Kardashian in Bahrain

Obama: Pressure House on Fiscal Cliff

Son Killed Father in WY Murder

Chiefs Player Kills Girlfriend, Self

West Point Chapel Has First Gay Wedding

Morsi Announces Constitution Date

25 Mexicans Injured in Clashes

‘Girls’ Actress Gives Birth to a Son

Internet Returns in Much of Syria

News Corp. to Name Publishing CEO

Tour Bus Hits Miami Airport Overpass

NY’s MoMA to Add Video Games

Wine Consumption Drops in France

China Demolishes House

Macau Gangster ‘Broken Tooth’ Freed

‘Innocence of Muslims’ to Stay on YouTube

South Korean Sailors Freed

S. Korea Warns North on Rocket

Berry's Ex Drops Restraining Order

Boehner: We’re at Fiscal Cliff ‘Stalemate’

Man Kills Community College Teacher

Boehner Names Female Committee Chair