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Cheats October 2012

Ameridose Recalls Products

Sandusky Moved to Death Row Prison

Obama, Gov. Christie Praise Each Other

Bloomberg: ‘Cross Your Fingers’

Bellevue Hospital Generators Fail

Bloomberg to Announce Passenger Minimums

Obama Up by 8 in Wisconsin

Two Kids Stabbed in Chicago

Taylor Swift Sells 1.2 M Albums

NYC-Area Airports Reopen

NYC Subways to Reopen Thursday

Twitter Rumormonger Apologizes

Wall Street Opens, Stocks Down

Power Outages May Last Days

Japan Tsunami Funds ‘Misspent’

Fire Ravages Breezy Point

Sandy Wrecks Halloween

Gene Hackman Slaps Homeless Man

Europe’s Jobless Rate Hits New High

Fire at Saudi Wedding Kills 25

Chrysler Fights Mitt’s Jeep Claims

Poll: Voters Think Obama Will Win

Uprooted Tree Reveals Skeletal Remains

Sandy Death Toll Tops 50 in U.S.

Christie: Jersey Shore Icons Destroyed

NYC Subways Face Long Closure

‘Community’ Returns to NBC Feb. 7

Star Wars 7 to Be Released in 2015

Meningitis Death Toll Rises

Obama: ‘Storm Is Not Yet Over’

Storm Cost Could Rise to $50B

NYSE Likely to Open Wednesday

Arafat’s Body to Be Exhumed

Sandy Heads West

Spike in Netflix Streaming

Sandy Death Toll Tops 30 in U.S.

Christie: Damage Is ‘Unthinkable’

Bloomberg: Death Toll Will Rise

Sandy Knocks Out Late-Night Shows

UBS to Cut 10,000 Jobs

Romney Mocked Gay Parents

Damascus Rocked by Twin Blasts

Markets Closed on Tuesday

Food Crisis, Cholera Feared in Haiti

Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Floods

N.Y. Subway Chief: Worst Disaster Ever

5.7 Million Without Power

5 Confirmed Dead in Storms

Large Areas of Manhattan Flooded

Two Top Apple Execs Leaving

H.M.S Bounty Replica Sinks

Nearly 500,00 Lose Power in NJ

Crane Teeters From Manhattan Tower

Airlines Cancel 12,000 Flights

Anderson Cooper’s Talk Show to End

Kimmel Cancels Brooklyn Show

Futures Decline as Sandy Shuts Markets

Sandy Wind Gusts Hit 115 mph

Labor Dept. May Hold Jobs Report

Tree Hits Woman in Brooklyn

Election Works Around Sandy's Schedule

73 Percent of Latinos Back Obama

Alleged Killer Nanny Awakens

Man Tasered at Tom Cruise’s Home

Iran: We Have Photos of Israel

Facebook Used for Rape in Indonesia

As Mitt Goes Moderate, Ryan Recedes

Coast Guard Responds to Ship

Penguin, Random House Strike Deal

Syrian Planes Bomb Damascus

Freak Storm Rattles Election

Sandy Makes Turn Toward New Jersey

San Francisco Giants Win World Series

Sandy Approaches East Coast

N.Y. Stock Market Will Close

Brit Marries into China’s First Family

New Jersey Issues Terrifying Warning

Candidates Cancel Fundraising, Events

NYC Mayor: 'It's Dangerous'

Kimmel: The Show Will Go On

Airlines Cancel 7,000 Flights

Sandy Claims 65 in the Caribbean

East Coast Braces for Sandy

NYC Stockpile of Brains Questioned

OH Poll: Likely Voters Split 49-49

Madonna Booed for Plugging Obama

Rapes Demand Attention in India

Gary Glitter Arrested in Savile Case

Alleged Killer Nanny’s Sis Speaks

China Challenges P.M. Wealth Story

Dem Super PACs: Roll Over, GOP

Millions On Alert for Sandy

7.7 Earthquake Off Canada

Sandy Heads for East Coast

Des Moines Register Endorses Romney

Obama Cracks Birther Joke

Iraq Bombings Kill 30

Sources: White House Mulling Tax Cut

Poll: Racism Still Prevalent in U.S.

Early Voting Begins in Florida

Sandy Heads for East Coast

Eleven Suspected Terrorists Arrested

Berlusconi: I’m Staying in Politics

Amherst Vows Rape Policy Change

Timberlake: ‘Deeply Sorry’ Over Video

Study: Quitting Smoking Before 30 Helps Women

Tibetan Man Sets Himself on Fire

Malala’s Father: She Will ‘Rise Again’

NYC Nanny’s Life Was in Chaos

Fighting Rages On in Syria

U.S. Braces for Sandy

Obama Targets MTV Vote

Romney Poaches ‘Change’ Mantra

Chicago Tribune Endorses Obama

Clinton Dispels Rumors, Again

Mold Found at Meningitis Pharmacy

Sen. Harry Reid Hospitalized

East Coast Preps for ‘Frankenstorm’

Poll: Obama Leads in Ohio

Cannibal Cop Registered for Cookware

Levi Johnston to Tie the Knot

NYPD: Mom Saw Nanny Stab Herself

Al Gore’s Current TV for Sale

Mourdock Still Tied, Says Mourdock

NY Times Co. Stock Plummets

Berlusconi Gets Four Years in Jail

BBC’s Savile Denied ‘Underage Sex’

Economic Growth Rate Improves

Dunham Makes Ad for Obama

Taylor Swift Dishes on Exes

Burma Death Toll Tops 100

Obama: Stay Out of Women’s Health

Bill Bain Breaks Silence

Meningitis: ‘Light at End of Tunnel’

Afghan Suicide Bomb Kills 40

Obama, Romney on Pace to Raise $2B

China Blocks NYT Website

Bo Xilai Expelled From Office

Assassination Attempt on Congolese Activist

Nanny Allegedly Stabs NYC Children

Democrats Attempt to Capitalize on Mourdock

Obama Casts Early Ballot

Hurricane Sandy Ravages Cuba

NYT Profits Down 85 Percent

Court Maintains Handgun Sales Ban

Report: Apple Launching Online Radio

Lolo Jones Makes U.S. Bobsled Team

Commissioner Stern Retiring From NBA

Report: Swift and Kennedy Break Up

John McCain Slams Colin Powell

Washington Post Backs Obama

NYPD: Cop Wanted to Cook Women

Obama Sweeps Early Ohio Vote

Texas Family Seeks ‘Posthumous Pardon’

Suspect in Benghazi Attack Killed

Obama Hints Mitt's a ‘Bulls—ter'

Durable Goods Orders Surge

Initial Jobless Claims Drops

WikiLeaks Releases U.S. Detainee Files

Detroit News Begrudgingly Backs Romney

Powell Endorses Obama

Giants Win Game 1 of World Series

Obama on Leno: 'Rape Is Rape'

Mourdock: Dems ‘Twisted’ Rape Remarks

Seven Killed in Burma Clashes

Syrian Army Promises Cease-Fire

British Recession Over

Clinton May Stay at State

Arrests Made in Malala’s Shooting

Report: Israel, Hamas Reach Ceasefire

Hurricane/Snowstorm Mix Could Hit East Coast

Obama ‘Confident’ on Immigration Reform

Manager: Spears’s Dad Punched Me

Former Goldman Director Sentenced

Feds Sue BofA

Romney: Debates ‘Diminished’ Obama

Militant Syrian Group Rejects Ceasefire

Suspect Arrested in Ridgeway Case

Cruise Sues Magazine for $50M

Fern Species Named after Lady Gaga

Kennedy Nephew Denied Parole

Facebook Stock Surges

Trump to Obama: Release Records

Romney Campaign Stands by Mourdock

Islanders Move to Brooklyn

Clint Eastwood Stars in Romney Ad

Report: Romney Spray-Tans

Sudan Blames Israel for Blast

Ginger White Writing Cain Tell-All

Home Sales Jump

Does Trump Have Obama Divorce Papers?

Allred Exposes Mitt Documents

GOP Fundraiser Charged With Rape Kills Himself

Mourdock: ‘God Intended’ Pregnancy

MTV Welcomes Obama

Spears Shaved Head for Drug Test

Gangnam Style’s Psy Visits U.N.

AL Body Linked to Four Murders

NYT Public Editor Questions New CEO

Report: Todd Akin Arrested in 1980s

Report: Syrian Ceasefire for Eid

Emails: U.S. Knew Libya Attack Link

Four Killed in Gaza Airstrike

Third-Party Candidates Face Off

Female Grads Earn $8K Less Than Men

Mourdock Makes Controversial Rape Claim

Tagg Apologizes to Obama

Facebook Stock Jumps 9 Percent

Massacre at Syrian Bakery in Aleppo

Poll: Voters Not Swayed by Debate

Fungus Found at Meningitis Pharmacy

Zynga Announces Layoffs

Politics, Like Sports, Can Lead to Depression

Jesse Jackson Jr. Back at Mayo Clinic

Schieffer Addresses Obama/Osama Slip

Taliban Threatens Teen Activist

Messina: Obama Not Ditching Any States

Americans Not So Interested in Foreign Policy

Apple Unveils iPad Mini

Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ Sells 4M Tracks

Court: Indiana Can’t Cut Off Funding

N. Calif. Gets Early Snowfall

Dow Drops 250 Points

Ridgeway Linked to Attempted Abduction

Ryan on Bayonets: Ocean Hasn’t Shrunk

Timberlake: Wedding ‘Magical’

Giants Advance to World Series

Louisiana Woman: KKK Set Me on Fire

12 Killed in Taiwanese Hospital Fire

China’s Politburo to Drop Mao

Parliament to Question BBC Chief

Qatar’s Emir Visits Gaza Strip

‘Horses and Bayonets’ Wins

Polls: Obama Won Debate

Romney: U.S. is ‘Hope of the Earth’

Obama Plays the Bin Laden Card

Obama Zings Romney on ‘Horses and Bayonets’

Obama: You’re Stuck in the 1980s

Pussy Riot Sent to Penal Colonies

BBC Editor Quits Over Abuse Scandal

Amazon Crash Takes Down Netflix

Suspect’s Wife Killed in Wisconsin

Kids Pick Obama in Nickelodeon Election

Akin Adviser: McCaskill a ‘Bullshitzu’

‘The New Yorker’ Endorses Obama

Popular Kids Make More Money

Russell Means Dies at 72

Google Loves ‘Paul Ryan Shirtless’

Finland’s PM Dodges Stabbing

Obama Touts Foreign Policy

Poll: Obama’s Ohio Lead Narrows

Lance Stripped of Tour Titles

Report: LiLo Wants Restraining Order

Woman Claims Was Raised By Apes

No Trademark for ‘Blue Ivy’

Chinese Leaders Reel From Scandal

Crowds Protest Kuwaiti Voter Law

Meningitis Scare Follows 14K People

Castro: What, Me Die?

Israel, Hamas Clash in Gaza

Bar Low for Mitt on Foreign Policy

Benghazi Reports Outpaced Intel

Election Gender Gap Nears Record

Romney Has Overall Cash Advantage

Report: Pakistan Oblivious to Bin Laden

Gunfire Rocks Beirut

Shooting Suspect Found Dead

Report: Castro Makes Appearance

Akin Compares McCaskill to a Dog

Obama, Romney Tied 47-47

L.A. Trainer: I’m Dating LiLo

Reports: Adele Had Baby Boy

Pope Names 7 New Saints

Sen. George McGovern Dies, 90

For Obama, Race a Personal Matter

Muslim Brotherhood Seeks Majority

Lebanon Braces for Anti-Assad Rally

Israeli Ministers: What Iran Talks?

Campaign Cash Swamps Key States

Blast Kills 10 in Damascus

Gaddafi’s Son Reportedly Killed

Spielberg Gives $1 Million to Obama

Obama Gives Jay-Z Baby Advice

White House Denies Iran Report

Romney Trails Obama in Cash

Jesse Jackson Jr: I’m ‘Healing’

Meningitis Death Toll Hits 23

Report: Murdoch Eyes Tribune Company

Lohan’s Dad Stages Intervention

Ex-Goldman Exec’s Memoir Panned

Report: Citi Chairman Forced Pandit Out

Obama Made $126 M in Sept.

Study: Boys Starting Puberty Younger

Lebanese Blame Syria for Blast

Cat Discovers Roman Ruins

Big Tex Burns to Ground

Israel Raids pro-Palestinian Ship

Doctors Fear Targeted Attacks in China

Diabetes Study: Weight Loss No Help

Police Stopped Watching Toulouse Shooter

Malala Able to Stand

Spears’s Dad Feared Her Death

Armstrong: Last Few Weeks ‘Difficult’

Sunscreen Could Set Skin On Fire

Documents Show Requests for Libya Security

Meningitis Deaths Rise to 21

Salt Lake City Tribune Backs Obama

Madonna Fires Fake Gunshots

Obama Did Not Make Up ‘Romnesia’

Dennis Quaid, Wife to Divorce

Gallup Sees Romney in the Lead

Clinton: Mag Quote ‘Wildly Misleading’

Timberlake, Biel Tie the Knot

Abercrombie Jet Models Had Undies Rules

Trayvon’s Parents Urge Law Change

Ailes Signs 4-Year Deal With Fox

Obama Diagnoses Mitt with 'Romnesia'

Massive Bomb Explodes in Beirut

Report: Castro Suffers Stroke

Malala ‘Not Out of the Woods’

Walsh: Abortions Never Save the Mother

Criminal Investigation Into Savile

EU Agrees on Bank Supervisor

Judge: TX Cheerleaders Quote Bible

Rogue Experimenter Dupes Authorities

Britain Investigates MEP’s Twitter

Berlusconi: ‘No Intimate Ties’

CIA Seeks to Expand Drone Fleet

U.S. Jobless Claims Spike

Obama, Romney Joke at Smith Dinner

Main Libya Attack Suspect Unconcerned

Spears’ Manager Says She Used Meth

FDA Links Tainted Steroids to Meningitis

Obama: Libya Deaths ‘Not Optimal’

Romney Up 7 Points Nationally

Clinton Reaffirms Political Retirement

Boy Scouts Release Files on Sexual Abuse

Google Earnings Miss the Mark

Ireland’s First Abortion Clinic Opens

Study Links Eating Disorders and IQ

Uma Thurman Reveals Epic Baby Name

Ryan Mixes Up Browns QBs

Trump Disses Kristen Stewart

Rowan Atkinson: Repeal Anti-Insult Law

Ann Romney: If Mitt Loses, We’re Done

Airstrikes in Syria Kill 43

Federal Court Shoots Down DOMA

Obama Girls’ School Evacuated

Springsteen Endorses Obama

Amazon Users Review Binders

Fed Bomber’s Family Stunned

Ashton’s Relationship Frustrates Demi

Tagg Romney Wanted to Punch Obama

Twitter Bans Neo-Nazi Handle

Texan Pleads Guilty in Saudi Envoy Plot

‘Tattoo Guy’ Brought Down Lance

China’s Scorching Economy Cools Off

Campaign Likes Mitt Aggressive

Fed Bomber Wanted to ‘Destroy America’

Bloomberg Forms Super PAC

Report: Syrian Rebels Have Missiles

Report: McGovern Unresponsive

Obama Downsizes Election Night Venue

Study: Young Blood Can Reverse Aging

Alleged 9/11 Head Accuses U.S. of Torture

CNN Interviewing Reddit Moderator

Researchers Disprove Five Second Rule

‘Alien’ Planet Found

Bloomberg's Ready to Fight the NRA

Terrorist Arrested in Federal Reserve Plot

Megan Fox Announces Son’s Birth

Ad Spending Could Reach $1 Billion

9/11 ‘Mastermind’ Wears Camo Vest

Daily Vitamin May Reduce Cancer Risk

Malala Out of Coma

Police: Afghan Girl Beheaded

Romney Leads Among Likely Voters

Flavor Flav Arrested for Assault

U.S. Violent Crime Up

Do Mitt’s ‘Binders’ Exist?

Report: ‘Guardian’ to End Print Edition

Pattern Found Among Scout Molesters

‘Gangnam’ Lifeguards Rehired

Denver Bar Fire Kills Five

Housing Construction Up 15 Percent

Zimmerman Trial to Start June 10

Ryan Defends ‘Binders Full of Women’

Lance Steps Down at Livestrong

Tigers Take 3–0 Lead Over Yankees

Battery Maker Files for Bankruptcy

Canadian Border Agent Shot

Cambodian King’s Body Returns Home

Sources: Brooks Got $11M Severance

Debate Meme: ‘Binders Full of Women’

Early Polls: Obama Won Debate

Lab Tied to Meningitis Raided

Schwarzenegger Book Debuts ‘Soft’

CBS Poll: Obama Wins Debate

Immigration Draws Heated Responses

Candidates Spar Over Libya

Debate Gets Spirited Early

Presidential Debate Kicks Off

4.6 Mag Quake Hits New England

Canadian Border Agent Shot

Report: WaPo May Replace Exec Editor

Charity President: Ryan Helped a Little

Cuba to End ‘Exit Visa’

Hilary Mantel Wins Booker

Meningitis Cases Spread Further

Graham Site Scrubs Mormon Cult Ref.

Report: D’Souza Seen With ‘Fiancee’

Arab Students Try Yiddish

Ohio’s Early Voting Block Denied

Johnny Depp Launching Book Imprint

Duggar Family Stumps For Akin

Report: Beyoncé to Do Halftime Show

Picasso, Monet Stolen From Museum

Kochs to Employees: Vote for Mitt

Citigroup CEO Resigns

Hulk Hogan Sues Over Sex Tape

Ryan Ramrods Way Into Photo Op

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Launches New Black-History Series

Broadway Financer Arrested for Fraud

Maine Police Name Suspected Johns

Doctors Hopeful for Malala

Underage Interns Found at China’s Foxconn

Cameron Urged to Release Brooks’s Emails

Iran: EU Will Not Force Nuke Talks

Karadzic: I Should Be ‘Rewarded’

Crowley: I’ll ‘React’ at Debate

Planet With 4 Suns Discovered

Clinton Takes Blame for Libya Attack

U.S. To Set Up Libyan Commando Force

Fey and Poehler to Host Golden Globes

Michelle Obama’s Motorcade Crashes

Obama Holds Small Lead

Koch Sued for False Imprisonment

E.U. Toughens Iran Sanctions

Iraq Sees Surge in Birth Defects

Giuliani: Obama ‘Cover-Up’ on Benghazi

HPV Shots Don’t Increase Promiscuity

Retail Sales Jump 1.1 Percent

New Envoy Says U.S. Supports Libya

Roth, Shapley Win Econ. Nobel

EU to Reject Google Privacy Changes

Bloomberg Backs MD Gay-Marriage

Costa Concordia Hearings Begin

Hurricane Paul Forms in Pacific

Softbank Strikes $20B Sprint Deal

Pakistani Girl Airlifted to Britain

Syrian Refugees in Turkey Tops 100K

George Romney 1964 RNC Tale Refuted

Race Remains Tight, New Polls Show

Jihadists Obtain Most Syrian Arms

Lohan to Talk to Barbara Walters

Syrian Troops Retake Historic Mosque

Jackson Jr. Being Investigated

Meningitis Cases Break 200

Libya Elects New Prime Minister

Russell Crowe and Wife Split

Baumgartner Free-Falls 24 Miles

DSK Seeks to Forge New Image

Arlen Specter Dies, Age 82

Amb. Stevens’s Dad: Pols Should Lay Off

Obama to Tackle Bain

U.S. Submarine Collides With Cruiser

Derek Jeter Out for Postseason

Hirst Killed 9,000 Butterflies

Mauritanian President ‘Accidentally’ Shot

5 Royal Marines Charged With Murder

Obama Leads Among Early Voters

Militias Enforce the Law in Libya

UK to Withdraw Thousands from Afghanistan

Report: Assad Cluster Bombs Civilians

UAE Sends Aid for Pakistani Girl

Candidates Prep for Second Debate

Russia Holds Gubernatorial Votes

Syria Bans Turkish Fly Overs

Redbull Skydiver Preps for Jump

Obama Donors Top 4m

Million Muppet March Announced

Third Debate Topics Announced

Brad Pitt Slams War on Drugs

Turkey to Syria: ‘We Will Retaliate’

Ryan Bashes Obama’s China Policy

Actor Gary Collins Dies

Shuttle Endeavour Lands in L.A.

Bachelor Party Saved As Ship Goes Down

51.4 Million Watched VP Debate

Springtseen to Campaign for Obama

Saudi Arabia Pledges $25 Million

Shot Pakistani Girl Stable

Huge Eyeball Likely Giant Squid's

Al Qaeda Leader Urges Holy War

Florida Reporter’s Body Found

Romney Hopes to Bury Obama in Ads

Masked Men Storm Moscow Gay Bar

Meningitis-Linked Firm Broke Regulations

Anti-Obama Film to Screen in Churches

Shot Fired into Obama Campaign Office

Libya Becomes New GOP Front

Congress Expands Meningitis Investigation

Body of Missing CO Girl Found

Poll: Biden Won Debate

Wyclef’s Haiti Charity Under Fire

Clinton: ‘U.S. Will Not Retreat’

Bloomberg Soda Ban Going to Court

Report: iPad Mini Unveiling Oct. 23

Bieber’s Laptop Theft a Hoax

Deficit Tops $1 Trillion…Again

Romney Attacks Biden on Libya

FNL Accuses Romney of Plagiarism

Mom Who Glued Daughter’s Hands Gets 99 Years

Secret Service Agent Cuffed

Did Ryan Steal Cobain’s Anecdote?

10-Foot Snake Found at Airport

Egyptian Protesters Clash Possibly Down

Big Banks Report Big Earnings

Bieber Videos to Hit the Web?

Newly Discovered Planet Is a Giant Diamond

Scientist Keith Campbell Dies at 58

Former Walker Aide Pleads Guilty in Wisconsin

Bali Marks Bombings’ 10th Anniversary

Pakistan Has Day of Prayer

Panetta Warns of Cyberattack

Polls: No Winner Yet in VP Debate

EU Wins 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

Biden and Ryan Clash

Ryan and Biden Talk Abortion

Biden: We Don't Need Another War

Candidates Debate Current War

Biden: They’re Holding Tax Cuts Hostage

Ryan Attacks Obamacare

VP Debate Turns to Jobs

Candidates Talk Iran

VP Debate Kicks Off

Ryan Aide: Photos ‘Poor Judgment’

Fleeing NYC Slasher Left Apology

Bynes Wanted Lohan’s Roles

Russia Accuses Turkey

Mitt: Uninsured Don’t Die in Apartments

Meningitis Deaths Rise to 14

Google Search Mocks Romney

Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Engaged

Poll: Romney Extends Lead

Paul Ryan Workout Photos Released

Sulzberger Heirs Want to Sell Stock

Body Found in Jessica Ridgeway Search

Jobless Claims Hit Four-Year Low

Big Bird Costumes Selling Big

Triathlons Turn Armstrong Away

Lohan Loaned Her Mother $40,000

Stan Lee Media Sues Disney

Pakistani Blogger in ‘Critical’ Condition

State Dept. Rejected Security Requests

Mo Yan Wins Nobel Literature Prize

U.S. Embassy Employee Killed

Lagarde: Greece Needs More Time

S&P Downgrades Spain

Romney Seen as Stronger Leader

PC Sales Crash

Obama Pollster: ‘Polls Don’t Matter’

Sandusky, Wife Blame Victims

Vaccine Company Has Sordid History

Romney: I Won’t Raise Taxes

Turkey-Syria Tensions Escalate

Bieber’s ‘Personal Footage’ Stolen

Top Official Testifies on Benghazi

Poll: Ryan Favored Over Biden

Supreme Court Weighs Affirmative Action

Amtrak Reports Record Year

Obama: I Was ‘Too Polite’ at Debate

Low Expectations for Biden

Job Openings Fall

Mother of Slain SEAL Bashes Mitt

Fla. Gov. Gives Out Phone Sex Number

Alex Karras Dies at 77

Lance in ‘Sophisticated’ Doping Ring

Police Called to Lohans’ LI House

No Charges for Baldwin

BAE and EADS End Merger Talks

Ann Romney Is Getting Cooler

Americans Win Chemistry Nobel

Díaz Among National Book Finalists

Jack Welch: I Was Right

Court Upholds Pussy Riot Sentences

Stacey Dash Defends Romney Support

Orphan Walrus Sent to NYC Aquarium

Toyota Recalls 7.4 Million Cars

CIA’s Training Ground Captured?

Report: U.S. Military Sent to Jordan

Romney: I Won’t Change Abortion Laws

Pakistani Girl’s Surgery ‘Successful’

French Police Find Bomb Materials

Romney Unveils New Cheer

Meningitis Death Toll Rises

Report: Libya Attack Not Linked to Film

U.S. Sues Wells Fargo

Ono Awards Gaga Peace Prize

Welch: I Wish I’d Tweeted Question Marks

Alcoa Tops Earnings Expectations

Lehrer: ‘Hands-Off’ Debates Are Future

Sarah Palin Writing Fitness Book

Minaj Beats Bieber in AMA Nods

Report: 230 Security Incidents in Libya

Netanyahu Announces Early Elections

Australian PM Takes on Sexism

Biden Heading to Wis. After Debate

Baumgartner Aborts Space Jump

Protests Greet Merkel in Athens

Akin Raised $1 Million

‘Sesame Street’ to Obama: Pull the Ad

Ryan Gets Fed Up During Interview

Sandusky Sentenced to 30–60 Years

Obama Jokes About Debate Fail

U.S., French Scientist Win Nobel

Massive Blasts Reported in Syria

Lady Gaga Visits Julian Assange

Romney Skips Nickelodeon Event

20 Percent Have No Religious Affiliation

Pakistani Activist, 14, Attacked

Mexican Navy: Zetas Leader Killed

Merkel Pledges Support for Greece

Poll: Romney Leads Obama

Man Dies After Roach-Eating Contest

CDC: Thousands at Risk for Meningitis

Sandusky Blames Conspiracy

Pew: Romney Pulls Even With Obama

Turkey–Syria Shelling Continues

Sirleaf Hit on Liberian Corruption

Danny Devito, Rhea Perlman Split

Romney: Obama Failed in Mideast

Lena Dunham Scores Mega Book Deal

Dark Money Must Be Stopped

Obama Bombed Debate Prep

Italy Busts Transsexual Sex Ring

U.S. Triples Canadian Beef Recall

Jay-Z Rides Subway to Barclays

YouTube to Expand Channels Overseas

CA Governor Acts on Gas-Price Surge

Drone Shows Israel Penetrable

Gurdon, Yamanaka Win Medicine Nobel

China’s Huawei a ‘Security Threat’

Chavez Supporters Celebrate Win

Obama Stumps in Los Angeles

Euro zone Zaunches Bailout Fund

Chávez Wins Re-Election in Venezuela

Romney Gets Small Bounce

‘Taken 2’ Tops Box Office

Israel Flies Mock Lebanon Raids

91 Sick in Meningitis Outbreak

Libya’s PM to Step Down

Pakistan Blocks Drone Protest

Kunis Named Sexiest Woman Alive

Gas Prices Rise in California

Poll: Romney Leads Obama

‘Idol’: Minaj and Carey Are Fine

Romney: Obama Lied on Tax Reform

Naked Student Shot in Alabama

Obama Raises $181M

South Korea Triples Missile Range

Philippines and Rebels Strike Peace Plan

Stewart, O’Reilly Duke it Out

Cannon Weighs In on Mariah Feud

Allies May Be Withholding Rebel Aid

Terror Suspects Face U.S. Courts

Turkey Fires Back at Syria

Meningitis Spreads to Eighth State

Foxconn Denies Strike at iPhone Factory

19 Injured in Bus Accident

Romney Helped PBS as Governor

Former Algerian President Dies

Israel Shoots Down Drone

Obama & Dems Bring In $181M

New Worm Species Named After Yoda

Report: More Gays and Lesbians on TV

Maine GOP Slams Dem’s ‘Warcraft’ Hobby

Vatican Finds Ex-Butler Guilty

Cuba Releases Anti-Castro Blogger

Ohio Early Voting Reinstated

5 Terror Suspects Extradited to U.S.

David Blaine Set to Get Electrified

Panetta Scolds Karzai’s Manners

Report: Syria Won’t Cross Turkey

Pumpkin Latte Shortage at Starbucks

Meningitis Cases Climb to 47

‘New Yorker’ Cover Skewers Obama

Syrian Rebels Down Turkish Aircraft

Border Killing Was Likely Friendly Fire

12,000 South African Miners Fired

Obama’s Lead Narrows Postdebate

Honors for the Beast

Hanky or Notes: Did Mitt Cheat?

Scalia: ‘Homososexual Sodomy’ Should Be Crime

Obama Touts New Jobs Numbers

Chris Brown: I Love Rihanna and Karrueche

Snow Falls in Denver

Jack Welch Slams Jobs Report

Gore: Altitude Messed With Obama's Game

U.S. Adds 114,000 Jobs in Sept.

Two Suspects Held in Turkey

Julianne Moore Reports Theft

‘The Wizard of Oz’ to Become 3D

Nat Geo to Air Bin Laden Movie

Sony Stops Sales of Tablet

American Opens Fire in Israeli Hotel

Greek PM: ‘Cash Box Is Empty’

Romney Takes Back ‘47 Percent’

Manson Follower May Get Parole

American Airlines Cancels Flights

Obama Goes on Offensive

Minaj/Carey Feud Continues

Lehrer Defends Debate Performance

UN Condemns Syrian Attack

Meningitis Outbreak Kills Five

Chris Brown Dumps Girlfriend for Rihanna

PBS Slams Big Bird Comments

Protesters Storm Libyan Assembly

Ann Romney to Cohost GMA

NHL Postpones Opening

Obama: I Debated an Impostor

J.K. Rowling Tops Bestseller List

Italian Pol Slashes Disabled Man’s Tires

Jobless Claims Up 4,000

PBS Cuts Won’t Kill Big Bird

Dunham’s Book Bidding Hits $3.6M

How Ben Affleck Got Serious

Debate Sets Twitter Record

‘Today Is a New Day’ for Dems

Facebook Hits a Billion Users

Turkey Ramps Up Syria Strikes

Vet Sues Over Frostbitten Penis

Race Attacks Rock U. of Texas

Philippines Ex-Prez Arrested

Landslide Buries 18 Chinese Kids

Sensitive Files Left in Benghazi

So Who Lied Last Night?

Stats Fly in First Debate

Instant Survey: Romney Wins

Reported Peace on Idol Set

Cabrera Wins Triple Crown

No Shockers at Debate

Candidates Talk Education

Romney Attacks Obamacare

Candidates Debate Regulation

Medicare Broils Debaters’ Tempers

Romney, Obama Face Off Over Debt

Debate Kicks Off

Repot: Red Sox to Fire Valentine

Obama Wins Coin Toss

Two Arrested in Border Killing

Belzer Does Nazi Salute on TV

Obamas Tweet for Anniversary

Mass. Man Pleads Guilty to Murders

7-Eleven Predicts Obama Win

Turkish Artillery Fires on Syria

Obama Hoped for Bin Laden Trial

Missing Teen Found Safe After Hoax

Akin: Beware ‘Terrorist’ Abortionists

Chick-Fil-A Supports ‘Biblical Families’

Jackson May Not Return byElection Day

Nepalese Maoist Opens ‘Guerrilla Trail’

Obama Up 50 Points With Latinos

Scientists Discover Mini Dinosaur

ISM Index Hits 55.1

Currency Riots Erupt in Iran

Protester Scales St. Peter’s Dome

ADP Reports Big Job Gains

Police: Pope’s Butler Stole Papers

Gang of 8 Plans Fiscal Getaway

Report: Weight Cures Light on Science

Chinese Wind-Farm Firm Sues Obama

Iranian Official Pulls Iraq Strings

Obama Video Makes Pre-Debate Waves

Voter ID Rules Blocked

Pressure on for Romney in Debate

Three Car Bombs Rock Aleppo

Report: Counterterrorism Offices Flawed

U.S. Tracking Libya Killers

Minaj Cusses Out Carey

Obama Praises Wright in Teased ’07 Speech

U.S. Embassy Car Targeted in Mexico

Teen Drinking and Driving Drops

Obama Maintains Thin Lead

Drudge Teases Obama Video

McQueary Files Whistleblower Suit

September Auto Sales Surpass Estimates

Hoffa Test Results Negative

Foo Fighters Taking a Break

Manhunt for Border Shooters

Report: U.S. May Target Libya Attackers

Iran Plans to Enrich Uranium

Michelle Obama Wins Cookie Contest

Weather Channel to Label Winter Storms

Romney: Dream Act Kids Can Stay

Pope’s Butler: I’m Innocent

Chrysler Sales Up 12 Percent

‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ Star Dead at 27

Dunham Floats $1M Book Proposal

Ryan: I Don’t Know Palin

Brown to Warren: I’m Not Your Student

Judge Halts Pa. Voter-ID Law

71 Percent of GOP: Polls Are Skewed

Study: 72M Would Be Uninsured Under Romney

Nigerian Students Shot in Rampage

2 Border Agents Shot in AZ

Alleged DSK Rape Case Dropped

Swift Mum on Song Inspirations

Georgia Opposition Wins Election

Samsung Files iPhone 5 Suit

Journalist Arrested for Computer Hacking

Quotes Haunt Obama

U.S. Abandons Taliban-Afghan Peace

Ferries Collide Off Hong Kong

40 Hurt in Amtrak Accident

Senate Works to Avoid ‘Fiscal Cliff’

3 Americans Killed in Bombing

NY A.G. Sues JPMorgan

British Historian Eric Hobsbawn Dies

Amtrak Overlooks Substance Abuse

MacArthur Grant Recipients Named

Trump Suggests Birther Zinger for Mitt

Video Shows Missing Journalist Alive

Obama’s Latino Support Hits All-Time High

Cali Gives Undocumented Immigrants Licenses

Whistleblower Lawyers Boost Obama

Construction Spending Drops

Romney’s Tax Return Mysteries

Seth MacFarlane to Host Oscars

Yahoo CEO Welcomes Baby Boy

Religion No Excuse for Bloodshed: Soyinka

U.S. Manufacturing Grows

Obama Camp Hits 10 Million Donations

Macy’s to Hire 80K Seasonal Workers

Hugo Chávez Endorses Obama

Romney Slams Obama’s Foreign Policy

Romney Practicing His ‘Zingers’

Haiti Battles Elephantiasis

Broadcasters Prep for Apocalypse

Europe Pulls Off Ryder Cup Win

Scouts to Report Pedophiles

Pussy Riot Appeal Adjourned

Bomber in Afghanistan Kills 13

Arafat Exhumation May Yield Clues

Euro-Zone Unemployment Record 11.4 Percent

Campaigns Set Pre-Debate Expectations

U.S. May Have Overplayed Security

Romney, Advisers Split on Libya

Congressional Staffer Freed After Lohan Incident