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Cheats September 2013

2 Marine Generals Asked to Resign

NBC Cancels Clinton Miniseries

Obama: Shutdown 'Doesn't Have to Happen'

Ex-Sears Workers Sue for Discrimination

Another Tragedy for Bridget Jones

De Blasio's Dad Committed Suicide

Senate GOP Gauges Support for Stopgap

Bibi Warns Obama of Iranian ‘Sweet Talk’

Couple Hit by Train While Having Sex

Iran to Study Resuming U.S. Flights

‘Breaking Bad’ Takes Over Internet

Amanda Knox Retrial Opens

Popes Will Be Saints April 2014

Prop 8 Legal Team Heads to Virginia

North Carolina Voter ID Law Challenged

Vietnam Prepares for Typhoon

Leaked Qaeda Plot Rocks U.S. Intel

Shutdown Could Cost $200M a Day

Capitol Quiet Ahead of Looming Shutdown

Billions Lay Unclaimed in Moscow Airport

Family Shootout Leaves All But One Dead

Boy Killed In Mexican Church Collapse

‘Cloudy 2’ Wins Weekend Box Office

Oldest U.S. Aquarium Set To Close

Marlins Pitcher Alvarez Throws No-Hitter

Nancy Pelosi Missed House Vote

Militants Kill 50 Sleeping Students in Nigeria

Children’s Accidental Gun Deaths Undercounted

Pakistan Bomb Blast Kills Dozens

Aaron Paul Crashes ‘SNL’

NYC Opera Faces Bankruptcy

Miss Philippines Wins Miss World 2013

Anita Perry: Abortion ‘Woman’s Right’

Poll: American Dream More Elusive

Report: Yarnell Fire Not Survivable

60 Dead in Mumbai Building Collapse

House Votes to Delay Obamacare

White House: House GOP Irresponsible

House Sets Up Government Shutdown

NSA Spies on Social Networks

Greek Neo-Fascist Politicians Arrested

Google Misses Deadline to Revise Privacy Policy

Gambling Champ Arrested for Cheating

Cuba Lets Athletes Go International

92 Captive Children Freed in China

Meteor Reported Over Midwest

Second Earthquake Hits Pakistan

Iranian President Returns to Protests

Mind-Controlled Bionic Leg Now Exists

Townspeople Deem Street 'Penis Road'

Scientists Figure Out How to 'Erase' Fear

Baboon Gets to Second Base With Reporter

New $100 Bill Has 3-D Feature

Sexist Gorilla Sent to Therapy

Woman Attacked by Very Alive Viper

Cruz: I Wouldn't Give Up My Paycheck

U.N. Votes to Eliminate Syrian Weapons

Troops Won't Get Paid During Shutdown

Giant Rubber Duck Floats Toward Pittsburgh

Obama, Rouhani Speak on Phone

NJ Judge OKs Same-Sex Marriage

Explosion Kills Three in Paris

Senate Votes on Spending Bill

Washington Presidential Library Opens

Hersh: Bin Laden Raid Fabricated

Italian Pasta Man Sorry for Anti-Gay Remarks

McDonald’s Pushes Healthier Options

Teen Arrested in Sextortion Case

U.N.: Humans Cause Climate Change

Mumbai Building Collapses

Obama to Offer Detroit $300M

U.S., Iran Hold Nuclear Talks

Toxicologists Investigate Flesh-Eating Drug

Allen West Leaves Pajamas Media

Rivera Throws Final Pitch at Yankee Stadium

Kanye Bashes Jimmy Kimmel for Spoof

Texas Man Executed for Murder

Farmers Arrested for Listeria Outbreak

U.S., Russia Agree on Chemical Weapons Deal

First Cargo Ship Uses Northwest Passage

Barilla Won't Use Gay Families in Ads

Machine Gun Found at JFK

Human Remains Found Near Costa Concordia

MLB Commissioner to Retire After 21 Years

Galifianakis Gets Physical With Bieber

'Control+Alt+Delete' Was a Mistake

House GOP Lists Debt-Ceiling Demands

Board Overturns ‘Invisible Man’ Ban

Canadian Author Apologizes For ‘Women Writers’ Comment

POTUS: Obamacare 'Here to Stay'

Interpol Issues Arrest Alert for ‘White Widow’

Mr. Dimon Goes to Washington

Cybercrime Ring Hacks Lexis-Nexis

Flying Spiders Spook Texas

CA Secession Movement Spreads

SAT Scores Fall Slightly

NSA Spied on MLK, War Critics

U.N. to Test Iran on Nuke Deal

Int’l Court Affirms Taylor Sentence

Obama Approval Ratings Are Grim

Melissa Joan Hart Did a Lot of Drugs

Ex-Chargers Player Commits Suicide

Police Search for LI Shooting Suspect

Bush Is Witness At Same-Sex Marriage

Man Grows Second Nose on Forehead

Cory Booker DM'ed a Stripper

Oracle Team Wins America's Cup

Ted Cruz Ends 21 Hour Speech

Senate Votes to Debate Funding Bill

Pirate Treasure Found From Shipwreck

Santiago Calatrava: A Pain In the Apse

FBI Releases Video of Navy Yard Shooter

Iran Prez: Americans ‘Dear to our Hearts’

Report: Weiner Explored Media Gigs

Kerry Signs U.N. Arms Treaty

Obamacare Rates Lower Than Expected

Samsung Introduces Gold Galaxy 4

U.S. to Run Out of Money Soon

DOJ Rejects JPMorgan’s $3 Billion Offer

Khloe Drops ‘Odom’ on Instagram Bio

‘Dumb & Dumber 2’ Happening

Calif. Gov. Signs Anti-Paparazzi Bill

Iowa Woman, 99, Graduates High School

U.S. Military Moves Drone Fleet

Pakistan Earthquake Kills Hundreds

Al-Shabab: 137 Hostages Killed

MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grant Winners Leak

Walsh, Connolly to Face Off for Boston Mayor

Ted Cruz Recites 'Green Eggs and Ham'

Dr. Drew Reveals Cancer Battle

Soldier Runs Fastest Mile in Bomb Suit

China Buys 5 Percent of Ukraine

Kenya Trial: Grant Had 'Explosive' Chemicals

Iran President: We’re Not a Threat

Amazon Isn’t Killing Indie Booksellers

Iran Turns Down Meeting With Obama

Cruz: I’ll Talk Until I Can’t Stand

Poet Álvaro Mutis Dead at 90

First Gay Circuit Court Judge Confirmed

Novelist Christopher Koch Dies at 81

Mall Siege in Kenya Officially Over

Horse_ebooks Is Human

AIG CEO Compares Bonus Anger to Lynching

CGI Worker Killed in Kenyan Siege

Bush Defends Obama's Golf Habit

Obama Calls for Action on Syria

Twitter Picks NYSE for IPO

Bullet Hits School Bus in Harlem

Former F.B.I. Agent Pleads Guilty in AP Leak

Stream Full ‘20/20 Experience’

‘Breaking Bad’ Gets Record Ratings

George W. Bush Is on Instagram

Obama: ‘Scared of My Wife’

China Bans North Korea Exports

Baby Veronica Given to Adoptive Parents

Ted Cruz All In on Obamacare Fight

Minneapolis Somalis Reject Terror Ties

Al-Shabab: Hostages Still in Mall

Chrysler Group Files IPO

Obama: 'I'm Scared of My Wife'

Kenya: Last Hostages Have Been Released

Secret to Beating Cancer May Be Marriage

Mick Jagger to Become Great-Grandpa

Lois Lerner Retiring From IRS

Blackberry Agrees to Potential Sale

Pakistani Christians Protest Church Bombing

Walmart Hiring for Holiday Season

Ghanaian Poet Kofi Awoonor Killed in Kenya Attack

Young de Blasio Supported Sandinistas

Egypt Bans Muslim Brotherhood

Everyone Hated ‘Dexter’ Finale

WikiLeaks Leaks WikiLeaks Movie

VW Bus to Be Retired Forever

Typhoon Usagi Slams China

TNR: Clinton Foundation Has Shady Ties

Merkel Wins in Landslide

Gunfire Heard From Inside Nairobi Mall

FAA to Relax Electronics Restrictions

Emmys Upset: Daniels Wins for 'Newsroom'

Jane Lynch Honors Cory Monteith at Emmys

‘Breaking Bad’ Wins Best Drama Emmy

Emmy Winner Gives Eight-Word Speech

Obama Memorializes Navy Yard Victims

Al-Shabab: American Gunmen in Kenya Mall

Transgender Teen Makes History

Typhoon Batters Southern China

Kenya Death Toll Reaches 68

Three Americans Killed in Afghanistan

Miley Twerks With Little Person

Mumford & Sons Taking a Break

Rihanna’s Tweets Lead to Arrests

George Soros Gets Married

Pope: Stop Worshiping ‘God Called Money’

LinkedIn Accused of Hacking

Bo Xilai Found Guilty

Obama: ‘Go Back At’ Gun Control Fight

Embassy Employee's Wife Killed in Kenya Shooting

Israeli Soldier Lured to His Death

Gunmen Attack Nairobi Mall

Photog: Jon Gosselin Pulled a Gun on Me

Baghdad Funeral Attacked By Suicide Bombers

Man Claims Sovereignty Over Bethesda Mansion

California Passes Its First Fracking Laws

Fed Jolts Economy, Stocks Reverse Effect

Overwork Hampers Background Checks

Chinese Hackers Focused on Drone Technology

North Korea Calls Off Cross-Border Reunions

Burglars Steal ‘Spartacus’ DVD Set

Swastika Drawn on Cat With Marker

‘Random Guy’ Caught Living in Basement

‘Selfies' May Be Banned From Marathon

Skin Tattoo Can Read Your Heat Flow

Alabama Sororities Invite Black Pledges

Syria Submits Chemical Weapons Details

Man Recruits Homeless to Buy iPhones

U.S. Almost Nuked North Carolina

4,500 Blackberry Employees to Be Laid Off

Facebook Analyzing Meaning in Your Post

The Daily Beast Roars On

Food Expiration Dates Lead to Waste

Yankees' Andy Pettitte to Retire

House Passes Measure to Defund Obamacare

N. Carolina County Bans ‘Invisible Man’

Obama Revives Clean Energy Loan Program

New York Times Co. Revives Dividend

Jon Gosselin Waiting Tables

Student Forced to Act Out Slave Role

Cameron Caught Napping on Instagram

Mexican Towns Await Aid

House Votes to Slash Food Stamps

Same Firm Vetted Snowden, D.C. Shooter

13 Shot in Chicago Park

Obama May Meet New Iran Prez

Meet the Dog That Looks Like Putin

Obama Announces First Coal Carbon Limits

Investigation: Vets Dying of Overmedication

Flooded Mexico Towns Await Aid

Tom DeLay Conviction Overturned

House OKs $39 Billion in Food-Stamp Cuts

NASA: $18K for 70 Days in Bed

'Infomercial King' Sent to Jail

Assad Gov't to Call for Ceasefire

JPMorgan Faces Another Penalty

NBC Creating Johnny Carson Miniseries

Kerry: Assad Regime Used Sarin Gas

Norman Mailer Books to Be Reissued

Sweden: It’s ‘OK’ to Masturbate in Public

Pope: Church ‘Obsessed’ With Gays

Nintendo’s Hiroshi Yamauchi Dies

Literary Critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki Dead at 93

GOP Turns on Ted Cruz

Europe Gobbling Up Sea Bass Population

JPMorgan Chase Fined $920M

Alexis Visited ER Twice for Insomnia

Exclusive: The National Book Awards Longlist for Fiction Announced

Author of Slave Novel Identified

Powerball Winner in South Carolina

Blair’s Daughter Held at Gunpoint

Georgia Girl Found Alive

McCain Responds to Putin Op-Ed

D.C. Navy Yard Reopens

Former Boxing Champ Ken Norton Dies

Shots Fired Near University of Wisconsin

Assad Denies Using Chemical Weapons

Iran: We’ll ‘Never’ Build Nukes

Report Highlights Gun Loophole Problems

Grand Theft Auto V Rakes in $800M

U.S. Deploys $23.7K Bomb on Tiny Boat

BBC Newsman Mistakes Paper for iPad

Kate Moss to Pose for Playboy Cover

Beanie Babies Creator Evaded Taxes

Six Killed in Canada Train-Bus Crash

Fed to Continue Stimulus Effort

BlackBerry May Cut 40 Percent of Staff

Alexis Etched Odd Phrases On Gun

Google Wants to Expand Human Lifespan

Google in Huge Green Energy Deal

SEC Proposes CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure

Wellesley Unveils College Cost Calculator

Gunman’s Mom: I’m Very Sorry

The National Book Awards Longlist for Nonfiction Announced

Brad Pitt Crashes Wedding

Report: Zac Efron Completed Rehab

Penthouse Files for Bankruptcy

Veep’s Niece Caroline Biden Arrested

Starbucks: Don’t Bring Guns, Please

Acapulco Evacuates 2,000 Tourists

Judge Tosses Katrina Shooting Convictions

Israeli Gen.: Assad Could Stay for Years

Review Urged for Background Check Agency

Obama to Congress: Act Now on Guns

Figure Skater Weir Missed Sochi Deadline

Australia Swears in Conservative P.M.

Cause of NJ Boardwalk Fire Confirmed

Feds Seize NYC Skyscraper Owned by Iran

IRS Made List of 'Propaganda' Groups

Veteran Runs 58,282 Miles

Giant Panda Cub Looking Good, Feeling Great

Aaron Alexis Bought Shotgun Sunday

Time Magazine Names Nancy Gibbs Top Editor

'GOT' May Get Walter White-Like Character

'Mad Men' Splits Last Season in Two

New Record for Gas Prices

James Patterson To Donate $1M to Independent Bookstores

Suspect Had Mental-Health Issues

Justin Bieber Impostor Jailed

Grand Theft Auto V Could Make $1B

Obama, Iranian Prez Exchange Letters

The National Book Awards Longlist for Poetry Announced

‘SNL’ Cast Adds Six

L.A. Lifts Porn Moratorium

Subreddit on Navy Yard Shooting Banned

Iran Shuts Down Facebook, Twitter Again

Colo. Focuses on Recovery

Costa Concordia Upright

Navy Yard Victims Identified

Navy Shooter Was in Reserves

Colo. Floods Death Toll Rises to Eight

13 Dead in D.C. Navy Yard Shooting

Daley Drops Out of IL Governor Race

Gunman Had 'Secret' Security Clearance

Man Throws Firecrackers at White House

JPMorgan Fined Over $700 Million

Priest 'Driving Force' Behind Meth Deal

Permit Granted for Invisible Skyscraper

Iran Gets Facebook, Twitter Access

Miley Cyrus Calls Off Engagement

Obama Pledges Justice for 'Cowardly Act'

Joint Strike Fighter Still Has Problems

U.N.: Sarin Gas Used in Syria

The Richest People in America

Rotten Tomatoes to Rate TV Shows

Costa Concordia Recovery Begins

Janet Yellen Seen as Fed Frontrunner

Thompson Ends NYC Mayoral Bid

Beyoncé Pulled Off Stage By Fan

The National Book Awards Longlist for Young People’s Literature Announced

‘Insidious 2’ Wins Box Office

Report: Kim Wants Distance from Kardashians

Assad’s Race to Western Media

Teens Are Eating Better

Seattle College Prof. Killed

Assad: Deal Is ‘Victory’

1,200 Missing in Colo. Floods

Miss America Is of Indian Heritage

'SNL' Names 'Weekend Update' Anchor

World's Oldest Man Dies at 112

U.N. Investigators Turn In Report

Summers Withdraws Fed Chair Nom

First Openly Gay Mayor in Mexico Sworn In

Hollande: Military Option on the Table

Britney Spears’s New Single Leaks

Booker Prize to Include Americans

Paula Deen Cries at Comeback Show

LeBron James Gets Married

Mayweather Tops Alvarez

Biden to Speak to Anti-War Dems

Police Shoot Two in Times Square

Japan Shuts Down Last Nuke Reactor

More Than 1,000 Missing in Colo.

Mexico To Be Hit by Dual Storms

Syria’s Arsenal: Hard to Destroy

U.N. to Release Syria Report

Syrian Opposition Elects New Leader

Colin Firth to Voice Paddington Bear

40,000 Federal Employees Don't Get Paycheck

Bloomberg Will Not Endorse a Successor

Stranded Coloradoans Airlifted from Flood Zone

NPR Offers Buyout to Employees

Islamist Rebels in Philippines Hold 100 Hostage

Attack on U.S. Consulate in Afghanistan

Kerry Makes a Deal on Syria Arms

Guy Saved From 20-Foot Chimney

World's Ugliest Animal Is Kind of Cute

Drunk American Feels Bad After Stealing Cat

Batman, Captain America Rescue Cat

Girl Punished for Twerking at School

United Honors Cheap Glitch Tickets

Kanye West Charged with Battery, Theft

Microsoft Pulls Anti-Apple Ads

'Up'-Style Balloonist Abandons Mission

Authorities Seek Photos of Boardwalk Fire

Tsarnaev Friends Plead Not Guilty

Cher Turns Down Sochi Olympics

Japan Paper: Summers Gets Fed Nod

CT Slave Finally Buried, Honored

Syria Scatters Weapons Stock

Couric Rumored to Replace Walters

Nicole Kidman Knocked Down

Teens Plead Not Guilty

Women in the World Partners With Vital Voices

Mental Hospital Fire Kills 37

Colorado Flood Rages On

Al Qaeda Calls for Attacks in U.S.

Four Rapists Sentenced to Death

Tina Brown to Write Memoir

California Senate Passes Wage Hike

Fire Burns Boardwalk Spared by Sandy

Kidman Knocked Over by Bike Paparazzo

Assad Sets Conditions for Deal

Time Editor Leaves for State Department

Twitter Is Going Public, Files for IPO

Voyager 1 Leaves Solar System

iPhone 5C Pre-Orders Start at Midnight

Philip-Lorca diCorcia's "Hustlers" Return To New York

Shepard Smith Gets New Show

Kerry on Syria: ‘This Is Not a Game’

Twombly Board Director Accused of Theft

J.K. Rowling to Write Harry Potter Spinoff Movies

Man Planned to Eat Kids

Jim Impoco to Edit Newsweek

Hundreds Evacuated in Colorado Floods

Carson Daly Joins ‘Today’

U.S. Can’t Prove Assad Attack

Prince William Quits the Military

Pig Squeals Deafen Farm Worker

Stoli: We’re Not Russian

Secret Koch Group Revealed

Texas: Put Creationism in Every Textbook

N. Korea Reactor ‘Near Operation’

CIA Weapons Arrive to Rebels

German Town Revokes Hitler’s Citizenship

Putin Writes NY Times Op-Ed

YouTube Confessor Pleads Not Guilty

Pastor Terry Jones Arrested

Russia, U.S. Will Meet in Geneva

Ankle Injury Sidelines Derek Jeter

Art Sales Move Online

‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Happening

Tina Brown Starts New Company

Petraeus Heckled En Route to Class

Joshua Chamberlain’s Medal of Honor Found

Real Estate Mogul Brings Public Art to Chelsea Gas Station

Humberto Becomes First Hurricane of the Season

Income Inequality at Record Levels

NSA Shares Unfiltered Data With Israel

Best Buy CEO Dumps Stock

Starbuck’s Stock Hits Record High

You Can Buy Chicken-Less Eggs

Car Bomb Explodes in Egypt’s Sinai

AMC Cancels ‘The Killing’

Two Ohio Correctional Officers Put on Leave

Death Penalty Sought in Delhi Rape

NYC To Hold Democratic Recount

Blast Hits Central Benghazi

France: U.N. Syria Talks Begin

Colorado Pols Ousted Over Gun Laws

U.S. Secures Spot in 2014 World Cup

De Blasio & Lhota Lead NYC Primary

Spitzer and Weiner Concede

Rand Paul Is Not Impressed With Obama’s Speech

Obama Will Delay Vote on Syria

NSA Violated Phone Tracking Rules

Richard Dawkins: Pedophilia’s OK

200,000 People Want to Die on Mars

De La Hoya Checks Into Rehab

Time Buys American Express Publishing

Archeologist Finds Treasure at Temple

Report: Zimmerman Destroyed Evidence

Apple Unveils New iPhones

Business Insider CTO Fired After Offensive Tweets

'Diverse' Man Booker Prize Shortlist Announced.

Bob Geldof Books Suborbital Flight

Dow Purges Low Performers

Twerking Girl on Fire Video Fake

Syria Says It Will Sign Chemical Arms Ban

Miley Naked in ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video

FBI Still Investigating Hastings

Newlywed: I Pushed Husband Off Cliff

Twitter Buys Mobile Ad Firm

Hawaii Gov. Calls for Gay Marriage Vote

Four Convicted in Delhi Gang Rape

France Proposes Syria Resolution

U.N.: 23 Percent of Asian Men Have Raped

Pirates Clinch First Winning Season in 21 Years

Judge to Rule on Delhi Rape Case

Assad: Kerry Has No Evidence

Nadal Wins Second U.S. Open Title

Palin Bashes 'Foreign Fiasco Distraction'

Ifill and Woodruff Debut as NewsHour Co-Anchors

Obama: Russia's Offer a Possible Breakthrough

Bitcoin ATM to Launch

Tina Fey to Host SNL Season Opener

Bus Drops 660 Feet Off Guatemala Cliff

Smaller Testes, Better Father?

Poll: 63 Percent Against Syria Attack

Robin Quivers Reveals Cancer Battle

Zimmerman in Gun Incident With Wife

Instagram to Start Selling Ads

Russia to Syria: Hand Over Your Weapons

Elephant Kills Elderly Man in Paris

One Direction Member Tackled

Mammograms Before 50 May Save Lives

Neiman Marcus Sells For $6B

Rodman Says He’ll Coach N. Korea Team

RFK Jr. Allegedly Kept Diary of Affairs

$250M Gift to KY College Withdrawn

Wentworth Miller Attempted Suicide Before Coming Out

Denby: Hollywood Didn’t Advance Nazis

'New' Van Gogh Painting Found

World’s Largest Ferris Wheel Nearly Completed

Rodman: Kim Jong-un Has Baby Girl

Iran’s Cabinet Joins Facebook

Politico’s Owner Buys Capital New York

Kerry: Syria Strike May Be Postponed

Assad: No ‘Evidence’ of Attack

Hillary Clinton to Speak on Syria

Navalny Strong in Moscow Mayor's Race

New 'Sunday Night Football' Theme Debuts

Serena Williams Wins US Open

Festival Ride Loses Power, Injures 13 Kids

Survey: Most Lawmakers Undecided on Syria

NAACP President to Step Down

Police Kills 107-Year-Old Man in Shootout

Kerry: Saudis Will Back Syria Strikes

Zimmerman's Wife Wants Couple's Dogs

Wrestling Reinstated for 2020 Olympics

Charlie Rose Interviews Assad

50 Shades Stars Have 'Tangible Chemistry'

Senate Unveils Video of Chemical Attack

Armed Police Stop Prince Andrew

Study Finds Syria's Weapons Source

Chinese Activist Released from Prison

Apple to Partner with China Mobile

India Riots Leave Nine Dead

Taliban Releases Female Afghan MP

Nadal, Djokovic Head to Final

Petraeus Backs Syria Intervention

Tokyo Will Host the 2020 Olympics

Bloomberg: de Blasio Campaign is 'Racist'

Judge Orders Apple to Change Preferential E-book Contracts

Montana Rapist Will Not Be Resentenced

Egypt Attacks Militants in Sinai

One Direction Announces New Album

Atlanta Educator Found Not Guilty in Cheating Case

European Ministers: Wait on Syria

Syria Shells Rebels Near Damascus

Australia Elects New PM

Rodman, Kim Hit the Town

AZ Woman on Death Row Released

Australian Voters Head to Polls

Castro Called Amanda Berry's Mother

NASA Sending Robotic Mission to Moon

Synthetic Pot Behind Three Deaths?

G20 Ends Without Syrian Agreement

San Antonio Bans LGBT Discrimination

Italy to Right Costa Concordia

Hitler’s Bodyguard Dies

Obama: Congress Vote Will Be Tough

U.S. Evacuates Diplomats From Lebanon

U.S. Adds 169,000 Jobs in August

Bachmann Faces New Inquiry

Lamar Odom Leaves Rehab

Gut Germs Fight Obesity in Mice

Teen Births Reach New Low

Drunk Driver Confesses on YouTube

Female Writer Murdered in Afghanistan

Israel Backs Limited Syria Strike

Senate Bill Gives Syria 45 Days

Iran Plots Revenge on U.S.

E-Cigarette Use Rising Among Teens

Remote-Control Helicopter Kills Teen

Wawrinka Beats Reigning Champ Andy Murray

Report: Zimmerman’s Wife Files for Divorce

Man Chooses to Fight With Samurai Sword

A Folding 'Armadillo' Car Now Exists

152-Foot Bratwurst Sets World Record

Meet the Man With 6,000 Barbie Dolls

Chinese Device Helps You Aim Your Pee

Sarah Silverman Will Make You Cry

Crack Pipe Found Inside Guy's Stomach

'House MILF' Ad Sparks Investigation

NSA Cracks Much Online Encryption

Alec Baldwin to Officially Host Talk Show

Limbaugh Wrote Time Travel Kids' Book

‘Batwoman’ Authors Quit in Protest

Another Nude Painting of Vladimir Putin Seized

Hunter's Blaze Launched California Wildfire

AP’s Vietnam Images To Be Exhibited

Insane Traffic Jam in China Hits Day 9

Egyptian Minister Escapes Assassination Attempt

Yahoo Unveils Darker New Logo

'Post' Gossip Reporter to Return

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 323,000

10 Dead in Newark Homicide Spree

EPA Official Skipped Work

Walmart Workers Plan Protest

Bat, Dolphins Share Genetic Evolution

U.N. to U.K.: Stop Harassing the Press

Syrian Rebels Use Brutal Tactics

Obama Arrives in Russia

Report: Lamar Odom Enters Rehab

Gwen Stefani Reportedly Pregnant

Manning Requests Presidential Pardon

American Bar Mitzvahs to Get a Makeover

Senate Committee Approves Syria Strke

Samsung Unveils Smartwatch

De Kooning Foundation to Sell Paintings

Weiner Fight Started By Racist Comment

KKK and NAACP Chapters Meet

Jack Nicholson Reportedly Retiring

Iraq Vet Thwarts Robbery

Death Confirmed in Houston School Stabbing

Bill Nye Joins Dancing With the Stars

Putin: I Can Work With Obama

Obama: The World Set a Red Line

Jon Stewart Returns

Bracelet Unlocks Devices with Heartbeat

Mexico Vigilante Kills Bus Drivers

Cali Inmates Can Marry Same-Sex Partners

Montana Rapist to Get New Hearing

Putin: Gays Won’t Be Punished

Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Found Dead

Pirates Clinch First Non Losing Season Since '92

King Richard III Had Parasitic Worms

Apple Will (Maybe) Unveil iPhone September 10

Pledge of Allegiance Goes to Court in MA

Senate Plan Limits Strike to 90 Days

Tokyo Rattled by 6.9-Magnitude Earthquake

State Dept. Knew of Benghazi Risk

McCain Plays Poker During Syria Hearing

Hillary Clinton Supports Syria Attack

IOC President to Step Down

Poll: De Blasio May Win Primary

Kerry Stumbles on 'Boots on the Ground'

Boehner Backs Obama on Syria

Nyad: No More Ocean Swimming

London Building Melts Cars

J. Lo, Connick Jr. Will Judge 'Idol'

Two Giant Alligators Caught in Mississippi

McKinsey & Co. Con Men?

Possible Summers Nomination Shakes Markets

Israel and U.S. Launch Missile Test

Dennis Rodman to Visit N. Korea

Mini Frog Hears with Mouth

Women Living Longer, Healthier

Microsoft Buying Nokia Handset Biz

Japan Building $470m Ice Wall

Syrian Refugees Reach 2 Million

U.S. Intel Distrusts Pakistan

Assad: ‘Annihilate’ the Syrian Rebels

Social Network for Law Enforcement to Launch

Roger Federer Knocked Out of US Open

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Marines

Charlie Hunnam Cast As Christian Grey

CBS, Time Warner Reach Agreement

Germany Puts Former Nazi On Trial

McCain: 'Catastrophe' Without Congress Support

Bush Spokesman: Sorry for 'Stupid' Mistake

Stork Detained for Spying in Egypt

One-Year-Old Shot Dead in Brooklyn

Nyad Completes Cuba to Florida Swim.

Three Miami Area Mayors Arrested

Japan's Nuclear Tanks Leaking Again

DEA Has Massive Phone Data Trove

Lawmakers Skeptical of Syria Strike

Military Puts Rape Accusers on Trial

Morsi to Stand Trial for 'Inciting Murder'

Obama Seeks Support of Syria Plan

Eastwood Seen with New Lady

Nyad Attempts Cuba to Florida Swim

Premie Newborn Found in Trash

Guru Arrested for Rape

UK Could Vote on Syria Again

Mandela Leaves Hospital

Kerry: Samples Test Positive for Sarin

Obama Decided on Syria Alone

Famed Journalist David Frost Dies