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Cheats December 2015

Hillary Was Mad About 2011 Photoshop

Officials: ISIS Terror Threat in Munich

Hillary Clinton Aide Spent ‘Hours’ on Completely Insane Flow Chart

George Lucas: I Sold Star Wars to 'White Slavers'

Dubai Skyscraper Hotel Engulfed by Fire

CO Muslim Workers Fired for Walkout

Medal of Honor GI Accused of Hit-and-Run

Top Ben Carson Aides Resign

Iran to Expand Missile Program

NY Man Charged With Helping ISIS

Obama to Announce Guns Executive Action

Poll: More Americans Want to Protect Christians Than Muslims

‘Winter Vomiting Disease’ on the Rise

Affluenza Mom Charged, Held on $1M Bond

Guns N' Roses and LCD Soundsystem to Reunite

Man Dies Climbing Four Seasons Hotel

U.S. Preps Iran Sanctions Over Missiles

Death Toll Hits 20 in Midwest Floods

10th Suspect Arrested in Paris Attacks

‘Affluenza’ Teen’s Mom Lands in U.S.

Carson Raises $23M in Fourth Quarter

Edibles Pulled in Biggest Pot Recall Yet

Freak Weather Caused China Ship to Sink

NY Knicks' Cleanthony Early Robbed, Shot

Microsoft to Warn of Government Hacking

Grand Jury Indicts San Bernardino Shooter’s Friend

Court Prevents Governor From Defunding Planned Parenthood

Affluenza Teen's Mom Deported to U.S.

Obama to Sanction Iranians, Others

Gloria Allred: Cosby Charge Is ‘Best Christmas Present’ for Alleged Victims

Rubio Used Influence to Boost In-Law

Jeb Bush Cancels Iowa TV Ads

Cosby Bail Set at $1M, Hands in Passport

Brussels Cancels New Year's Fireworks

GOP Lawmaker: Rape in Marriage Is Non-Existent

Mom Accidentally Shoots, Kills Daughter

North Pole Reaches Same Temperature as Chicago

4 Secret Service Agents on Hillary's Detail Injured in Fatal Crash

Houston Mosque Arson Suspect Was Attendee

‘Affluenza’ Teen Wins Temporary Stay Against Deportation

Chicago PD to Expand Use of Tasers

Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault

Domino’s Call Led to Ethan Couch Arrest

Knicks Player Robbed, Shot at Strip Club

Putin Son-in-Law Gets Cheap Gov’t Loan

David Lowery Suing Spotify for $150M

Kim Jong Un’s Top Aide Dies in Car Crash

Shkreli’s KaloBios Files for Bankruptcy

Pilot in Plane Crash Unauthorized to Fly

U.S.: Iran Fired Rockets Near Warships

Clemson Sends 3 Home From Orange Bowl

Missouri Gov. Warns of ‘Historic’ Floods

Trump to Spend $2M a Week on Campaign

George Pataki Ends Presidential Run

4.4-Magnitude Quake Hits Southern Calif.

Eagles Players Not Told Coach Was Fired

Pa. Governor Vetoes $7B in Budget

Belgium Cops, Soldiers Had ‘Orgy’ During Terror Lockdown

NSA Spying on Israel Ensnared Congress

Man Defaces Nevada Mosque With Bacon

Trey Gowdy Officially Endorses Marco Rubio

California Bans Kids Hoverboarding on Street

UK Husband and Wife Convicted for Bombing Plot

13 People Killed in Missouri Floods

‘Glee’ Actor Mark Salling Arrested for Child Porn

New Al Qaeda Training Camps Sprouting Up

Killer of Pastor's Wife Charged With Another Murder

Mao’s Right-Hand Man Might’ve Been Gay

‘Celebrity Boxer’ Attacks Trump Protester

‘Affluenza’ Teen Threw Going-Away Party Before Fleeing

Israel Ex-PM Sentenced for Bribery

U.S.-Led Strikes Kill ISIS Leader Linked to Paris

Laquan McDonald Cop Pleads Not Guilty

Olive Garden Charging $400 a Head on NYE

Whole Foods Will Pay $500,000 Fine

Russell Crowe Explodes Over Hoverboard Ban

ISIS Documents Set Sexual Slavery Rules

2 Arrested Over Brussels Terror Plot

WHO Declares Guinea Ebola-Free

Trump Calls New Hampshire Paper Garbage

Iraqi PM Vows to Oust ISIS After Ramadi

Jordan Honors Kobe Bryant Before Game

Bieber Graffiti Ads Anger SF Officials

Cuban Migrants to Continue U.S. Journey

‘Affluenza’ Teen and Mom Found in Mexico

Motörhead Frontman Lemmy Kilmister Dies

Obama Signs Ban on Microbeads

Father of Student Killed by Cops Sues

1-Year-Old Dies After Being Shot

Prisoner Mistakenly Released Kills Woman

College Student Dies From Holding Breath

191 Million Voters' Data Exposed Online

Federal Judge Defends Missouri Planned Parenthood

Rahm Emanuel Cuts Vacation Short to Deal With Police Fallout

Iran Hands Over Uranium to Russia

Tamir Rice Grand Jury Declines to Charge Officers With Crime

State Dept.: We Brought ‘Peace’ to Syria

Mosque Firebomb Probed as Hate Crime

Puerto Rico Cop Kills 3 Fellow Officers

Man Dies in Failed Condom Machine Theft

Man Falls Off Cliff While Taking Photo

NBA Suspends Matt Barnes for Attacking Coach

CNN Anchor Passes Out on Live TV

Boko Haram Kills at Least 80 in Nigeria

U.S. Expands Global Military Presence

Trump Ties Francis as Second-Most Admired Man

Documents Show ISIS’s ‘War Spoils’ Plans

Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon Is Dead

Iraq: Ramadi ‘Liberated’ From ISIS

S. Korea, Japan Reach Comfort Women Deal

Official Commits Suicide After Landslide

China Enacts First Ever Anti-Terror Bill

Trump Blasts Va. GOP for Loyalty Pledge

Suicide Bomb Explodes Near Kabul Airport

El Salvador Ex-Soccer Star Killed

Cinematographer Haskell Wexler Dies

Iraqi Forces Seize Ramadi Base from ISIS

At Least 43 Killed in Storms, Tornadoes

Family of 2 Killed by Cops Want Changes

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher Give $1M to Refugees

New Mexico in State of Emergency for Snow

‘Riots’ Shut Down Kentucky Shopping Mall

‘Star Wars’ Becomes Fastest Movie to $1 Billion

Man Completes Solo Pacific Rowing Trip

Sanders: I Can Win Over Trump Supporters

‘Most Influential’ Psychiatrist Robert Spitzer Dead at 83

Chinese Mine Boss Kills Self Over Deadly Collapse

China Unveils New Two-Child Policy

Iraqi Troops Surround ISIS in Ramadi

Texas Tornadoes Kill at Least 11 Overnight

Report Connects Peyton Manning to PEDs

UN Sets Date for Syrian Peace Talks

ISIS Leader Releases Audio Message

Chicago Police ‘Accidentally’ Kill Woman

California Woman Burned Alive

‘Suspicious Package’ Caught at U.S. Base

Syrian Rebel Commander Killed

15 Dead After Southern Storms

Tornado Hits Birmingham, Alabama

ATF: Texas Mosque Fire Is Suspicious

Wildfire Closes Southern Calif. Highways

China to Expel French Journalist

FedEx Delivering on Christmas Day

Bristol Palin Gives Birth to 2nd Child

WaPo Reporter Gets Christmas With Family

Arson Suspected at Clinton Birthplace

Arizona Man Hit With Terror Charges

Christmas Weather Breaks Records

Reports: Rebel Leader Killed Near Damascus

Radiohead Releases Rejected Bond Theme

Pope Calls for Holy Land Harmony

Report: ISIS Approves Organ Harvesting

Janet Jackson Postpones Tour for Surgery

Russia to Build Nuclear Plants in India

14 Dead From Severe Southern Weather

Gas Tanker Fire Kills 100+ in Nigeria

LCD Soundsystem Unveils New Xmas Song

Man Stabbed by 400-Pound Bearded Woman

NYC Bans Tie Demands at Upscale Dining

Chelsea Manning Calls Out Caitlyn Jenner

Hostages in 1970s Iran Get Compensation

Gunman Shot and Killed At Charlotte Mall

Robert Downey Jr. Pardoned for Offenses

Walter Scott Cop Claims Indigence

NYC Man Charged in Canada Machete Attack

Christmas Full Moon First Since 1977

Germany Extends Asylum for Crying Teen

60 Sites Hit Record Temperatures Today

Japan to Restart 2 Nuclear Reactors

Free Lunch Lady Rehired After Backlash

U.S. Held Secret Talks With Syria

U.S. Plans Mass Deportation Raids

Madonna Embroiled in Custody Battle

Ninth Arrest Made in Paris Attacks

U.S. Airstrikes Hit Afghan Taliban

2 Officers Shot in Texas Standoff

U.S. Embassy in Beijing Warns of Threat

25 Dead, 100 Hurt in Saudi Hospital Fire

Syria Ready to Enter Geneva Peace Talks

7 Killed in Severe Storms Across U.S.

2 Found Guilty in UK Backpacker Murders

Rapper Who Coined ‘Chiraq’ Shot in Head

Illinois Rules Fantasy Sports Illegal

14 Tornados Hit Mississippi

Texas Governor Nixes ‘Bill of Rights’ Nativity Scene

Black Lives Matter Protest Blocks Minneapolis Airport

KY Gov Reverses Felon Voting Rights

Planned Parenthood Shooter: I'll Represent Myself

Carson Hints at Major Campaign Changes

Rand: I Won't Do an Undercard Debate

Trucker Indicted in Tracy Morgan Crash

Terror Suspect Worked at U.S. Airport

Audio: NM Gov’s ‘Inebriated’ 911 Call

3 Women Allegedly Murdered Homeless Man

The Beatles Will Be Available to Stream Starting Xmas Eve

Somalia Bans Christmas, NYE Festivities

Muslim Family Barred From Flight to Disneyland

France Beheading Suspect Kills Himself

Real Housewife Released From Prison

Australia Police Arrest 2 in Terror Plot

Fireball in CA Was Russian Rocket Debris

Man Found After 60+ Hours in Landslide

Woman Charged With Murder in Vegas Crash

Iraqi Troops Advance in ISIS-Held Ramadi

Russia Airstrikes ‘Killed 200 Civilians’

Robert Durst Faces Murder Charge

NZ Court: Kim Dotcom Can be Extradited

Top Vegas Editor Steps Down After Buyout

WaPo Pulls Ted Cruz Kids Cartoon

Former Teacher Guilty for Kidnapping

Man Threatens Boy Over “Star Wars”

Judge Upholds Seattle Gun Violence Tax

Only 6 Candidates Will Make Next GOP Debate

Meth Head Parents Charged for Baby Death

Ky Gov: No Clerk Names on Marriage License

Ex-Child Actor Drake Bell Nabbed on DUI

First Miss Iraq Crowned Since 1972

Wisconsin Mayor: Obama’s a ‘Muslim’

2 Arrested in Foiled French Terror Plot

Trump Joining Fox News for New Year’s Eve

Secret Service Agent’s Gun, Badge Stolen

First Openly Gay Active Female Officer Killed

Colombia Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Virginia Ends Concealed-Carry Reciprocity

Bowe Bergdahl Enters No Plea at Arraignment

NYU Buys Prez $1.1M Penthouse Upgrade

NFL Backs Out of Major Brain Study

Martin Shkreli Axed From His Second Pharma Company

Abortion Rights Support Up After Attack

1M+ Refugees Entered Europe in 2015

Iraqi Army Attacks ISIS-Held Ramadi

Driver in Las Vegas Crash Was ‘Stressed’

NY Detective Among Dead in Bagram Attack

China Lawyer Gets Suspended Jail Term

Trump: Hillary ‘Got Schlonged’ by Obama

SpaceX Successful in Landing Rocket

No Indictments in Sandra Bland’s Death

Brunei Bans Xmas Celebration in Public

Mortician Found With Decaying Bodies

Toshiba Plans to Fire 6,800 Workers

Donald Trump Wins 2015 ‘Lie of the Year’

Martin Shkreli's Lawyer Wants to Vacation in Mexico

Princeton Dad-Killer Fit to Stand Trial

Odell Beckham Suspended After Bat Taunt

Mall of America Tries to Kill Black Lives Matter March

Chelsea Clinton Expecting Second Child

Megyn Kelly to Host Next Fox GOP Debate

Riders Trapped on SeaWorld Sky Tower

CBGB Reopening as Airport Restaurant

Trump Supporter Wanted to Kill Muslims

Rappers Brief SCOTUS on Free Speech

Deadly Las Vegas Driver Identified as Lakeisha Holloway

NBA Star Derrick Williams Robbed by 2 Women

FDA Ends Ban on Gay Male Blood Donations

Miss Puerto Rico Suspended for Anti-Muslim Rant

Lindsey Graham Drops Out of Race

6 Americans Killed in Bagram Attack

Oil Hits Lowest Point Since 2004

Hermione Is Black in New ‘Harry Potter’

American Power Grid Has Been Hacked

Vegas Driver ‘Intentionally’ Hit Crowd

FIFA Bans Blatter, Platini for 8 Years

Pharma CEO Shkreli Says He Was Targeted

At Least 91 Missing in China Landslide

Steve Harvey Crowns Wrong Miss Universe

5 Dead in California Small Plane Crash

NJ Scout Leader Injured in Bear Attack

Trump: Hillary Clinton ‘Lies Like Crazy’

Spanish PM’s Party Loses Majority

Carter Teaches After Grandson's Death

Radio Host Arrested on Domestic Violence

Minaj Plays Angola Gig After Controversy

‘Star Wars’ Has Biggest Opening Ever

Notorious Lebanese Prisoner Killed

Teen Accidentally Shoots Mom in Georgia

Release of India Rapist Sparks Protest

Drug Bust Nabs 136 Pounds of Cocaine

22 Buildings Collapse in China Landslide

Sanders Camp Suspends Two More Staffers

Flight Forced to Land Over Bomb Scare

NM Gov. Susana Martinez Apologizes

NY Cops Investigate Missing Dogs

Jeb Bush: 'Donald Trump Is a Jerk'

Putin May Use 'More Military Means'

NY Philharmonic Conductor Dies

Research: Hitler Had Only One Testicle

Cali Gov. Declares State of Emergency

Bill Cosby's Wife Has Been Subpoenaed

Obama Vetoes Anti-Climate Change Bills

Carter: Bombing of Iraqis Was a Mistake

Obama Meets with Victims' Families

U. Cali Drops Private Prison Investments

Sanders Camp Regains DNC Data Access

'Star Wars' Makes Over $100 Million

UN Council Endorses Syria Peace Plan

Trust Tied To Edwards Buys Mistress Home

Bernie Sanders Sues the DNC

Study: Legal Weed Hasn't Affected Teens

U.S.-Led Coalition: Sorry for Bombing Iraqi Troops

Cop Charged for Cuffed Man's Drowning

9 Russian Contractors Killed in Syria

Major Hack Has U.S. Fearing Infiltration

Report: DOJ Probing Uber Data Breach

Isis Pharmaceuticals Changes Its Name

CDC: Drug Overdose Deaths at Record High

Iraq: U.S. Bombed Our Troops

Obama Holds Final 2015 Presser

Martin Shkreli Steps Down as Turing CEO

Sanders Camp: DNC Holding Data ‘Hostage’

Scott Weiland Died From Multi-Drug Overdose

Hagel: White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me

‘Fairbanks Four’ Freed From Jail After 18 Years

House Passes $1.1T Omnibus Spending Bill

Trump Defends Putin Killing Journalists: U.S. Kills People, Too

Russia: We’ll Prove Jet Wasn’t in Turkey

Virginia Schools Closed Over Islamic Lesson Dispute

Feds Join Hunt for ‘Affluenza’ Teen

Caitlyn Jenner Tops Barbara Walters List

Sanders Punished for Hillary Data Breach

Pro Golfer’s Wife Injured in LeBron Fall

Mother Teresa Closer to Becoming Saint

Beijing Issues Another Pollution Alert

IMF Chief to Stand Trial for Negligence

Trump: ‘Great Honor’ to Get Putin Praise

Couple Gets 880 Years in Jail for Child Sex Abuse

Radiohead Producer Acts in ‘Star Wars’

FBI Didn't Seize Pharma Bro's Wu-Tang LP

19-Year-Old Charged With ISIS Support

Saudi Claims 'Accidental Penetration,' Beats Rape Charge

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert Had Stroke

NOLA to Remove 4 Confederate Statues

Enlisted Airmen Will Fly Planes Remotely

Carson Nixed Trip on Boko Haram ‘Threat’

Bar Refaeli Arrested for Tax Evasion

Pizza Shop Owner Pleads Guilty to Terrorism

Chaplain Charged for Sex With Inmates

Amadou Diallo Cop Gets Promoted

Laquan Cop Indicted on 6 Murder Counts

Carson Cancels Israel, Africa Trip

Disney World Installs Metal Detectors

Report: San Bernardino Shooters' Neighbor to Be Charged

San Bernardino Shooter’s Friend Arrested

Putin: Trump Is ‘Very Talented’

Threats Sent to Miami, Houston Schools

Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli Arrested

N.W.A Inducted into Rock Hall of Fame

China Summons U.S. Envoy Over Taiwan

2 Shot, Including Deputy, in TN Standoff

Abby Wambach Bids Farewell in Final Game

SecDef Used Private Email for Gov’t Work

U.S., Cuba to Resume Regular Flights

Teen Convicted of Murdering Teacher

Shiites: Nigeria Hides Massacre Victims

Chattanooga Victims to Get Purple Heart

Feds Side With Colorado on Marijuana

Full Text of LA School Threat Released

Spanish Prime Minister Punched in Face

Hung Jury in Freddie Gray Cop Trial

Jeter Calls Briefs ‘Gay,’ Nixes Deal

German Pol Charged for Nazi Tattoo

Fed Raises Rates for First Time Since 2006

Malala Shuts Down Trump on Muslim Ban

CNN Debate Third Most-Watched Ever

Study: U.S. Airport Satisfaction Soars

Arrest Warrant Out for ‘Affluenza’ Teen

Assad's Detention Dead ID’d in Photos

Michael Jackson's ‘Thriller’ First 30x Multi-Platinum Album Ever

FBI: San Bernardino Shooters Didn’t Post Jihad Support on Social Media

Larry Wilmore to Host 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner

Japan Ends Ban on Divorcées Remarrying Within 6 Months

53% Oppose Assault-Weapons Ban

State Executions Down in 2015

Chinese President ‘Backs’ Free Internet

U.S. Defense Chief Arrives in Iraq

Trump Rules Out Third-Party Run

L.A. Schools to Reopen After Bomb Scare

Jeb Goes After Trump in GOP Debate

Teen Guilty in Rape, Murder of Teacher

Congress Clinches Deal on Spending Bill

Wisc. Basketball Coach Bo Ryan Retires

Graham Keeps the Undercard (Almost) Interesting

Evangelical Leaders Pledge to Back Cruz

Rajon Rondo Apologizes for Gay Slur

Suspects Arrested for Paris Supermarket Attack

Officer Kills Self Before Facing Sex Crime Charges

Iran Missile Test Violated UN Ban

Student Killed by Truck in Los Angeles

Dominican Mayor Killed in Murder-Suicide

Lawmaker: Ban College Football Strikes

Brian Williams Returns to NBC News

Donald Trump Attacks Fox News Again

Alabama Mayor ‘Beat Up’ by Councilman

Turks Arrest Suspect in U.S. Bomb Plan

L.A. Schools Closed Due to Bomb Threat

Howard Stern Re-Ups 5 Years at SiriusXM

Plumber Sues Dealers Over ISIS Truck

Castaway Accused of Eating Crewmate

Cops Arrest Paris Attack Suspect

Kerry Meets Putin to Talk Syria, Ukraine

2 Kids Found Dead in Calif. Storage Unit

Feds: Maryland Man Got $9K From ISIS

Saudi Arabia Forms Anti-Terrorism Bloc

Malik Sent Facebook Messages About Jihad

BLM Protester Tossed From Trump Rally

White House Meets With Muslims and Sikhs

Limbaugh and Levin Finally Bash Donald Trump

Seattle Allows Uber Drivers to Unionize

Flint Mayor Declares State of Emergency

Huckabee Loses Key Campaign Staffer

Rajon Rondo: I Meant No Harm with Anti-Gay Slur

Puerto Rico Gov. Won't Seek Re-Election

Cruz Praises Trump's Favorite Islamophobe

Florida Cops Probe Anti-Semitic Xmas Notes

NY State Sen: Nix Trump’s Park Name

Angela Merkel: Multiculturalism Is a Sham

Bergdahl Faces Court-Martial for Desertion

Trump's Doc: His Health’s ‘Astonishingly Excellent’

NBA Ref Comes Out After Player Calls Him ‘F*ggot’

Bill Cosby Suing 7 Rape Accusers

Rand Paul Turns Refugees into Willie Hortons

MLB Will Not Reinstate Pete Rose

Chicago Cop Acquitted in Brutality Case

Report: French Teacher Made Up ISIS Attack

11 Wounded in Jerusalem Car Attack

Paris Teacher Claims Man Shouting ‘ISIS’ Stabbed Him

Amazon Pulls Hoverboards After Fires

Egypt: No Evidence of MetroJet Terrorism

45 Civilians Killed in Syria Strikes

Typhoon Melor Hits, Thousands Evacuated

France’s Far-Right Defeated in 2nd Round

Clashes at Trial for China Rights Lawyer

PP Files Suit Against Ohio Health Dept.

Two Mosques Defaced in California

Assange to Be Questioned by Sweden

Crowdsourced Swift Book to Be Published

Russian Ship Fires Shots at Turkish Boat

Christie, Rand Make Main Stage Debate

Police Shoot Man as He Crawls Away

Fire At Russian Psych Hospital Kills 21

Detroit Man Shot To Death Defending Dog

Trump: Ted Cruz Bit of a 'Maniac'

Man With Guns, Machete Killed at Walmart

Warriors 28-Game Winning Streak Ends

First Women Elected to Saudi Councils

Ted Cruz Surges Past Trump in Iowa

Suspect in CA Mosque Fire Arrested

Obama: Paris Deal is Shot to Save Planet

AZ Man Allegedly Shoots Dog to Death

Spain: Embassy in Kabul Was Attacked

Farook Friend: We Built Pipe Bombs

FL Cop Shoots, Wounds 14-Year-Old

Two Syrians Arrested in Geneva

Trump Calls Saudi Prince 'Dopey'

CO ACLU Leader Out After Trump Comment

Items Recovered from San Bernardino Lake

Climate Conference Nears Final Vote

Saudi Women Vote for the First Time

Minn. Man Accused of Threatening FBI

Rwandan Genocide Fugitive Arrested

U2’s Edge Gets OK for Controversial Home

FanDuel, DraftKings Granted Stay in NY

Anonymous: We Hacked a Trump Website

Video: Trump Guards Hurl Female Protester

Video: Ukrainian Parliament Members Brawl

Ex-NY Senate Leader Guilty of Corruption

Ohio AG: Planned Parenthood Fetal Tissue Goes in Landfills

Hillary Clinton Will Appear on ‘Broad City’

Rand Paul May Not Qualify for CNN Debate

Carson Threatens to Leave GOP if RNC Brokers Convention

OSU Suspect Found Competent to Stand Trial

Le Pen: Trump Too Far Right Even for Me

Ex-MLBer Tommy Hanson Died From Cocaine and Booze

Fantasy Sports Sites Ordered to Shut Down in NY

Cruz Campaign Harvesting Data from FB

Banksy Paints Steve Jobs as Syrian Migrant

Morocco Issues Paris Suspect Warrant

ISIS Threatens UNESCO Site in Libya

4 Dead in Medevac Chopper Crash

Muslim Group Evacuated Over White Powder

Obama Eyes More Gun Background Checks

Fear of Terror Attack Highest Since 9/11

Ex-Cop Found Guilty in Serial Rapes

Extremists Ignored Contact by Malik

Trump Vows Death Penalty for Cop-Killers

Hajj Stampede Death Toll Now at 2,411

Dem Rep: Up to 20% of Muslims Like Terrorism

Dee Snider Might Renege Trump Support

Former Israeli Soldier Reportedly Joins ISIS

Armed Man in Standoff at College Campus

Report: Farook Tied to Jihad Recruiter

Trump Protester Wants Hate Crime Charge

Conn. Gov: No Guns for No-Fly Listers

Dubai Golf Project Drops Trump Name

Fogle Accomplice Sentenced to 27 Years

Iowa Conservative Kingmaker Endorses Ted Cruz

Donald Trump Joins War on Christmas

Boston Train Departs Without Operator

Citadel Investigating Hooded Cadet Pics

Golden Globes 2016 Nominees Revealed

Admiral McRaven Slams Trump Proposal

Geneva on Alert in Paris Terror Manhunt

North Korea: We Have an H-Bomb

Bergdahl in New ‘Serial’: Here’s Why I Walked Away

Muhammad Ali Jabs Trump on Muslim Ban

Man in Iraq Wins $6.4M Oregon Lottery

Walmart Launches Mobile-Payment System

World’s First IVF Puppies Are Born

Zuckerberg Voices Support for Muslims

Judge Rejects Texas Bid to Halt Refugees

Teen Held in Sydney for ‘Terror Plans’

Man Beat Muslim Store Owner in Astoria

GOP Rep: Deport Any Muslims We Can't ‘Verify’

Farook's Neighbor Involved in 2012 Plot

Planned Parenthood Shooter: ‘I’m a Warrior for Babies’

Pakistan Diplomat's Son Arrested for Sex with Teen

Rahm Apologizes, Protests Erupt

Kasich: I’d Support Trump as Nominee

U.S. Neo-Nazi Leader: Trump Is the ‘Real Deal’

Scalia: Affirmative Action Sends Blacks to Schools Too Advanced for Them

Gun Rights Group to Stage Mock Mass Shooting

Energy Company Gives $100K Bonus to Each Employee

AIDS Profiteer Martin Shkreli Pays $2M for Wu-Tang Record

FBI: Shooters Radicalized Before Dating

SecDef: ISIS Not Contained, We’re at War

Syrian Refugees Enter Texas Despite Efforts to Block

Time’s Person of the Year: Angela Merkel

Planned Parenthood Suspect Due in Court

VW: Carbon Scandal Smaller Than Expected

80 Students Sick After Visit to Chipotle

Third Bataclan Bomber Identified

Syrian Rebels Evacuate Homs Under Truce

Reported Bitcoin Founder’s Home Raided

Russell Simmons Pens Letter to Trump

U.S. Sanctions N. Korea Over Arms Trade

North Face Founder Dies After Accident

House Passes Bill to Tighten Visa Rules

Trump Denies Jordan Trip Report

California Shooters Planned for a Year

Child in Kentucky Stabbed While Asleep

Muslim Congressman: I Got Death Threat

Former Netanyahu Staffer Joins Carson Team

Paul Ryan: Trump Plan Is ‘Not Conservatism’

Fox Business to Host Extra GOP Debate

80 Boston Students Sick From Chipotle

68% Support for Trump Independent Run

Coulter: Trump’s Muslim Plan Is ‘Best Birthday Gift’

Poll: Islamophobia Fueling Trump NC Rise

America's Muslim Spy-Overseer Hits Back at Trump

Reince Priebus Rebukes Trump Remarks

Planned Parenthood Shooter Asked for Directions to Clinic

Florida Burglar Gets Eaten by Gator

‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham: James Deen Raped Me

Trump: I’m Not Proposing Muslim Internment

Chicago Cops Stunned, Dragged Suspect

Yale Teacher Quits Over Halloween Email

Pistorius Granted Conditional Bail

Reds Pitcher Accused of Choking GF

Portrait ‘Found Underneath’ Mona Lisa

Paris-Bound Flight Diverted After Threat

Severed Pig Head Found at Philly Mosque

Will Santa Retire and Give Reins to Chris, Jr.?

Beijing Issues First Ever Smog Red Alert

CA Shooters Practiced at Gun Range

LeBron Inks Lifetime Deal With Nike

Trump Wants to Close the Internet

RNC Fundraiser Boots Trump

Fox News Grills Trump on His Anti-Muslim Plan

Drake's ‘Hotline Bling’ Snubbed for Grammy Due to Clerical Error

26 Syrians Killed in U.S.-Led Airstrike

Trump Plan Includes U.S. Muslims Abroad

Somalis Detain American Terror Fugitive

White House: Trump Idea Anti-American

U-Md. Prez: Rename Stadium over Racism

Trump: Ban All Muslim Immigration to U.S.

Fox News Commentators Suspended for Profanity

Moscow Bus Stop Explosion Injures Three

Kim and Kanye Announce Newborn Son Name

Ava Duvernay Gets Her Own Barbie Doll

Ted Cruz Now Ahead of Trump in Iowa

Ex-Football Coach Sues USC for Wrongful Firing

SCOTUS Won’t Review Assault-Weapons Bans

Chicago PD: No Charges for Cop Who Killed Ronald Johnson

U.S. Donors Gave $220M to West Bank Settlements

DOJ Announces Investigation of Chicago Police

2016 Grammy Awards Nominations Announced

Homeland Security to Intro New Terror Alert System

London Knife Attack Suspect in Court

SWAT Team Rescues Kidnapped Students

NATO: No Ground Troops to Fight ISIS

7.2 Earthquake Strikes in Tajikistan

George Lucas Honored at Kennedy Center

Venezuela’s Opposition Wins Congress

U2 Returns to Paris After Terror Attacks

Malik Learned Fundamentalist Islam

French Far-Right Leads in Regional Polls

FIFA’s Blatter Probed in Bribery Scandal

Obama: We Will Overcome Terrorism Threat

Trump Adviser: Obama Disrespects Jews

DOJ to Investigate Chicago Police Dept.

Shooter's Dad: He Wanted Islamic State

Jimmy Carter: My Cancer Is Gone

Plane With Morgan Freeman Crash Lands

Tamir Rice Shot With Hands in Pockets

Over 30 ISIS Fighters Killed in Strikes

Obama to Give Oval Office Talk on Terror

Man Attacks London Tube with Knife

Car Bomb in Yemen Kills Governor

Video: Cops Kill Alleged Bank Robber

Kim and Kanye Welcome a Son

Female Shooter Posted Extremist Messages

NYT: We Need Gun Control. Now.

A Woman Was Stabbed at Art Basel

Cops Issue Report on McDonald's Death

Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak Widens

Iraq Pres.: Turkey Violates Intl. Law

NASA Takes New Photos of Pluto

Obama Calls For Stronger Gun Laws

ISIS: Supporters Attacked San Bernardino

Uber Driver Helps Catch Alleged Robbers

Actor Robert Loggia Dies at 85

First Photo of Female Suspect Tashfeen Malik Emerges

Oklahoma Corrections Department Head Resigns

Attorney: Syed Farook Was Mocked for His Beard

Cocaine Found on Scott Weiland Tour Bus

Russian Truckers Protest Tolls

Concealed Carrier Kills 7-Year-Old Girl

Warrant Issued for Oscar Pistorius's Arrest

FBI Looks at Shooting as ‘Act of Terrorism’

Buffalo Breaks Record for No Snowfall

Media Barge into San Bernardino Shooters' Apartment

Woman Who Left Baby in NYC Manger Speaks

San Bernardino Shooter's Sister: I'm ‘Angry’

Nicki Minaj's Brother Charged with Child Rape

Report: Female Shooter Swore Allegiance to ISIS

DOJ Investigating Clock Kid Arrest

Palm Beach Islamic Center Vandalized

Germans OK Military Support Against ISIS

Cafe Attacked in Paris Re-Opens

Firebomb Kills at Least 16 in Cairo

Doctored India PM Image Prompts Backlash

Officer: CA Shooting Was ‘Unspeakable’

Charlie Sheen Sued Over HIV Exposure

Chicago to Release Video in Cop Shooting

Trump Agrees to Appear in CNN debate

Senate Votes to Dismantle Obamacare

Oprah Inks ‘Eight-Figure’ Memoir Deal

Names of Shooting Victims Released

Arkansas: No More Execution Secrecy Law

Police Investigate Video of Toddler Smoking Weed

‘The Wire’ Kingpin Dead at 73

George Zimmerman Suspended from Twitter

House Staffer Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charge

Coldplay to Play Super Bowl 50 Halftime

San Bernardino Shooters Said to Have Nexus to Terrorism

San Bernardino Killers Had 12 Bombs at Home

Pentagon Opens All Combat Roles to Women

Adele Set to Break Second-Week Sales Records

Dick Cheney Marble Bust Unveiled at Capitol

Obama on San Bernardino Shooting: We Need Stronger Gun Laws

Cruz: Shooting Was Islamic Terrorism

Trump: My Health Is ‘Perfection’

Secret Service Puts Obama ‘in Danger’

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1 San Bernardino Suspect a Female

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Real-Life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Found Dead

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Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Charged with Rape in 1992