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Cheats March 2011

Gaddafi's Inner Circle Thinning

AMC Finalizes Mad Men Deal

Japan to Take Over Nuke Plants: Report

GOP Seeks Balanced-Budget Amendment

Betty White to Host Prank Show Called Off Their Rockers for Seniors

USAID: GOP Budget Kills Children

Gates: Let Others Arm Libya's Rebels

Bronx Zoo Cobra Found

Tough Sentences for NOPD Officers

Boehner: No Deal on Budget Yet

Ex-Buffett Aide Expresses Regrets

Tornado Touches Down in Tampa

No Immunity for Gaddafi's Aide

Gravity Varies Around the Earth

Minor Radiation Found in U.S. Milk

Go Daddy CEO Kills an Elephant

Snowstorm Aims at Northeast

Chris Brown Tops Pop Chart

Ohio Man Found Fused to Chair

Schwarzenegger Gets a Comic Book

Google +1 Tricks Out Search

Giffords Aides Hope for Senate Run

Libyan Rebels Continue Retreat

Japan Pressured to Expand Evacuations

Scalia Fined for Fender Bender

Tentative Deal to Avoid Shutdown

Ohio Lawmakers OK Anti-Union Bill

CIA Gathering Intel in Libya

Libyan Foreign Minister Musa Kusa Arrives in UK

Porn Star HIV Database Leaked

Warren Buffett Heir Apparent David Sokol Resigns from Berkshire Hathaway

James Murdoch Promoted to News Corp Deputy COO

Tea Party Blocks Health-Care Implementation

Musa Kusa, Gaddafi’s Foreign Minister Defects to London

Obama OKs Secret Aid to Libyan Rebels

‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Will Premiere in 2012 & Matthew Weiner Explains Deal

Muslim Girl, 14, Lashed to Death for Adultery

Jeffrey Epstein's Attorney Denies Sweetheart Deal

Obama Stands by Nuclear Power

Rebels Driven From Two Oil Towns

Google Settles FTC Privacy Complaint

‘Fake Bomb’ Found on UPS Plane

Syrian President: 'Conspirators' Behind Unrest

Oprah Wants to Give Trump a Haircut

Separated Siblings Go on Date

Microsoft Co-Founder Slams Bill Gates

Deadly Whale to Resume Performances

11-Year-Old Allegedly Raped by Eight Teens

Tarp Watchdog: Bailout Failed Main St.

Cantor: ‘Time Is Up Here’

Japan to Scrap Damaged Reactors

Should We Arm Libya’s Rebels?

Gaddafi Gains Upper Hand in Libya

House Votes to Kill Mortgage Aid Plan

U.S., France to Aid Japan Nuke Crisis

Bill Murray to Play FDR: Report

Wisconsin Judge Halts Union Law

Obama: U.S. Could Arm Libya Rebels

Supreme Court Leans to Walmart in Gender Bias Case

'Flickers' of Al Qaeda in Libyan Rebels

Home Prices Bottom Out in 11 Cities

Va. Tech Fined Over Shooting

Dean 'Quietly Rooting' for Shutdown

Japan Nuke Workers' Awful Conditions

Hillary: U.S. May Arm Libya Rebels

AZ Murder Convict Executed

Britney Spears & Enrique Iglesias No Longer Touring for Femme Fatale

Schumer Caught on Open Mic

George Clooney Asked to Testify at Silvio Berlusconi Trial

Chicago Bus Crashes After Gunshots

Militiamen Sue Woman Who Alleged Rape

Gaddafi Halts Rebels’ Advance

Mad Men Season 5 Will Air in 2012, Season 6 Talks Continue

45 Killed at Iraq Gov’t Building

Judge Rejects Willie Nelson's Singing Plea Deal

Syrian Cabinet Resigns

Fifteen Dead in Iraq Fighting

D.C. to Review Test Scores

News Corp. to Hand MySpace to Vevo?

BP May Face Manslaughter Charges

Kate Middleton Throws Her Hen Party

Amazon Reveals Cloud Service

Donald Trump Fails to Produce Birth Certificate

Massey Energy Fails New Safety Tests

Cleveland, Texas Gang Rape: Victim’s Father Speaks

Japan PM: Country on ‘Maximum Alert’

Muammar Gaddafi Defends Sirte Against Libyan Rebels

Obama: U.S. Saved ‘Countless Lives’

Egypt Enforces Travel Ban on Mubarak

California Officials Raid ‘Maternity Tourism’ House

Madonna Sued by Raising Malawi Charity Workers

Death Penalty Sought for Jorge, Carmen Barahona

Plutonium Leaked at Japan Plant

P.J. Crowley: 'No Regrets' Over Bradley Manning Remarks

Study: Heartbreak Physically Hurts

Rebels Fail to Take Gaddafi’s Town

Obama: U.S. Kept Its Word in Libya

Khamis Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi's Son, on U.S. Internship Until Crisis

Japan Plant Poisons Soil, Water

Obama: U.S. Action in Libya ‘Limited’

For Sale: Liz Taylor's Love Letters

Indiana Democrats Return

'Spiderman' Climbs the Burj Khalifa

Lady Gaga Donates $1.5 million to Japan, Save the Children

Souto de Moura Wins Pritzker Prize

GOP to Reject Budget Deal: Report

Jimmy Carter Arrives in Cuba

No New iPhone This Summer

Reactor Leaking Radioactive Water

Biden Apologizes to Reporter

78 Dead in Weapons Factory Explosion

Katie Couric Offered 60 Minutes

Did Bernard-Henri Levy Start the Libyan War?

Berlusconi Makes First Court Appearance

Family: Libyan Woman Still Detained

Will Libyan Rebel Gains Be Short-Lived?

New Photos from Army ‘Kill Team’

Amy Adams to Play Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's Superman

Libya Claims Arrests in Rape Case

Cobra Escapes Bronx Zoo

Reese Witherspoon Marries Jim Toth

Super Glue Inventor Harry Coover Dies

Prince William Has Bachelor Party in Norfolk Before Royal Wedding

Facebook May Hire Robert Gibbs

White House to Offer $20B in Cuts

Japan: Partial Meltdown Occurred

Clinton: No Syria Intervention

Rebels Aim for Gaddafi’s Hometown

Syrian President Grasps for Control

At Japan Fukushima Plant, Scientists Downplayed Earthquake Risks

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Wins Box Office, Beating Sucker Punch

Eman al-Obeidi, Libyan Rape Accuser, Missing

Nuclear Jokes in The Simpsons Cut in Europe

Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkels' Conservative Parties Suffer Electoral Setbacks

Harry & David Will File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Radiation Levels Hit Record Highs

Libya Says Woman Claiming Rape Is Free

NATO Jets Now Policing No-Fly Zone

Is There a New Dot-Com Bubble?

12 Killed in Syrian Crackdown

NCAA Basketball: VCU Beats Kansas 71-61

Five Men Arrested In Rape of Eman al-Obeidi in Libya

Rebels Sweep Through Key Cities

Mayor Bloomberg Steals the Show

Yemen Weapons Factory Seized

U.S. to Decrease Military in Libya

Cobra Escapes Bronx Zoo

Officials: High Radiation Levels an Error

Will and Kate's Wedding Cake Revealed

NY State Workers Hit Jackpot

London Rally Organizers Condemn Violence

Yemen President Won't Step Down

Huckabee's the Favorite for 2012

Rebels Seize Town in Libya

Japan Radiation Levels Skyrocket

Reese Witherspoon Ties the Knot

ABC Wants Chris Brown Back

Syria Detains Two U.S. Citizens

Gates: Gaddafi Faked Civilian Deaths

Bachmann Woos Iowa Conservatives

Germans Hold Massive Anti-Nuke Rallies

Amanda Knox’s Great Day in Court

Palestinians Hold Peace Talks

Anarchists Crash London Protests

Japan Criticizes Nuke Plant Owners

Syria Frees Political Prisoners

Libyan Rebels Recapture Key Town

Libyan Woman Tries to Tell of Rape

Liz Taylor's Fragrances a Windfall for Estate

Geraldine Ferraro Dies at 75

Syrian Protesters Attack Buildings

Hundreds of Thousands Protest U.K. Cuts

Britney Spears Holds ‘Secret’ Vegas Show

Attempt to Smuggle 40 Pythons Foiled

FDA Approves Skin Cancer Drug Yervoy

Pacific Northwest Jesuits to Pay $166M in Sex Abuse Settlement

World Condemns Syria’s Crackdown

Cellphones Track Your Every Move

Radiation Spikes in Japan's Seawater Near Nuke Plant

Congress Budget Talks Stall Again

Bret Michaels Suing Tony Awards

Obama to Give Libya Speech Monday

Radioactive Water Slows Japan Work

Jesuits Pay $166M in Record Settlement

Syria Protests Leave Dozens Dead

British Missiles Fire at Gaddafi’s Forces

Jimmy Carter to Visit Cuba

Lindsay Lohan to Drop Last Name

Canada Parliament Topples Gov't

Israel Threatens 'Great Force' in Gaza

Bob Herbert to Leave New York Times

Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Claims He Operated on Muammar Gaddafi

Libya Official: Gaddafi Will Reform

Prince William's Bachelor Party This Weekend

College Board President Steps Down

Andrew Sullivan: Book of Mormon a 'Triumph'

Syrian Troops Fire on Protesters

AZ Told FDA Death-Penalty Drug Was for Animals

Japan Encourages New Evacuations

NATO to Take Over Full Libya Mission

Yemen Protests in the Hundreds of Thousands

Genghis Khan Dentistry Book Wins Award

Elizabeth Taylor Late to Own Funeral

Burma Quake Kills Dozens

GE Pays No Taxes

Detroit Explosives Plot: Michigan Man Charged

Japan Nuclear Reactor Has Possible Breach of Core

Japan Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 10,000

Mark Kelly: Gabrielle Giffords "Doing Remarkably Well"

Allies Deeply Divided Over Libya

Obama Signs Defaced With Racial Epithet

Many Libyans Still Support Gaddafi

Madonna's Malawi Charity in Disarray

Michael Bloomberg May Spoof Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Hillary Clinton Says NATO to Take Over Libyan Mission

Reports: Israel Fired Airstrikes in Gaza

LOL, OMG and ♥ Added to Oxford English Dictionary

Rachel Zoe Gives Birth

Sarah Palin: No More Whining About Liberal Media

Elizabeth Taylor's Funeral Today

NATO to Take Over Libya Mission

Sylvester Stallone to Launch Menswear Line

Cleveland, Texas Gang Rape Case: 19th Suspect Charged

Man Finds $9 Million Lotto Ticket

One in Six U.S. Residents Hispanic

Myanmar Rocked by Earthquake

Nuclear Disaster Could Happen in U.S.

Two Fukushima Workers Hospitalized

Women Tortured in Egypt

Chris Brown Apologizes for Breaking Window at Good Morning America

French Jets Hit Libyan Plane

Detroit Bomber Liked Cheap Airfaire

20,000 Syrians Line Streets for Funerals

Michele Bachmann Will Form 2012 Exploratory Committee, CNN Says

Israel, Gaza Exchange Fire

Ed Harris to Play John McCain

Carine Roitfeld Joins Barneys

Airport Control Tower Goes Silent

Scientists Grow Sperm in Lab

Baby Porpoise Rescued in Japan

Sheen Not Returning to CBS: Report

Elizabeth Taylor: Old Hollywood Survivor

Obama Curtails Miranda Rights

Tokyo: Tap Water Is Now Clear

Gaddafi Retreats from Misurata

Study: Religion Will Die Out in 9 Countries

Bomb Not Noticed for 3 Weeks in Detroit Federal Building

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Calls Libyan War 'Worrisome'

Mitt Romney Spokesman, David Axelrod Spar on Twitter

Ed Harris Cast as John McCain in ‘Game Change’ on HBO Opposite Julianne Moore

Lindsay Lohan Rejects Plea Bargain and Chooses Full Trial Re: Theft

Rebels: 16 Killed by Gaddafi’s Forces in Misrata

Washington’s Reagan National Airport Control Tower Goes Silent

New Firefox Whips Internet Explorer

James O’Keefe Asks for $50,000

At Least 15 Killed in Syria

First Pics of 'Fukushima 50'

Soldier Pleads Guilty in Afghan Killings

Jerusalem Bus Bombing Kills One

Illegal Immigrants Busted in Virginia

Gaddafi Pulls Back From Misrata

Buses Explode in Jerusalem

U.S. Nuclear Storage Sites Filled to the Brim

Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79

Neo-Nazi Indicted in Bomb Plot

Yemen’s Saleh Clings to Power

Knut to Be Stuffed, Displayed

New Injury at Spider-Man Musical

First Pics of Berlusconi’s Parties

Judge Blocks Google Books Deal

Japan Disaster Is Costliest Ever

U.S. to Okay More Gulf Oil Permits

Tokyo: No Tap Water for Babies

Clinton: Gaddafi May Be Seeking Exit

Glenn Beck Considers Starting His Own Channel

Libya Strikes Could Cost U.S. $1 Billion

Miami Residents Call for Investigation Into Police

Libya: New Airstrikes Hit Tripoli

Muammar Gaddafi Pledges ‘We Will Be Victorious’

Obama Cuts Latin America Trip Short

Judge Nixes Settlement with Google Books, Says It 'Exploits' Books

Clinton: Gaddafi Exploring Exit Plan

Allies Quarrel Over Libya Command

Obama Calls Student to Talk Health Care

U.S. Plane Crashes in Libya

Fed Turns Record $81.7 Billion Profit

Athens, GA Police Officer Killed

Lights Back on Japan Nuke Plant

Gaddafi Attacks Civilians

NFL Legend Taylor Gets Probation

Knut's Cause of Death: Brain Problems

Rand Paul Exploring Presidential Bid

Mad Men in Negotiations for Sixth Season

Egyptian Interior Ministry on Fire

Unexplained Oil Spill Hits Gulf Coast

Marine Lands on No-Fly List

Daily Caller Hires Ginni Thomas

Chris Brown Breaks Window, Flips Out at Good Morning America

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh: I’ll Step Down by 2012

U.S. Soldier to Plead Guilty to Murder

Apple Sues Amazon

Former Israel President Guilty of Rape

Banks Fight to Keep Dirty Money Hidden

Taylor Anderson Is First U.S. Quake Victim in Japan

Stalemate Looms in Libya

U.S.: Libya Strikes 'Very Effective'

Lynsey Addario and Fellow Kidnapped New York Journalists Share Stories

Loughner Sent for Psych Evaluation

William and Kate Choose Wedding Carriage

Celeb Prosecutor Busted for Buying Crack

Guatemala First Lady Files for Divorce So She Can Run for President

Japan's Food Radiation Harmless

U.S. Army Apologizes for 'Repugnant' Photos

Obama: U.S. Will Hand Over in 'Days'

James Franco and Brunce Vilanch Fight Over Oscars

Juan Williams Wants to Defund NPR

Pawlenty Forms Exploratory Committee

Kucinich: Obama Could Be Impeached

Mrs. Banksy Revealed?

First Full Face Transplant in U.S. Unveiled

U.S.: Nuke Crisis Almost Over

Burrito Price Hike Causes Shootout

Fed Must Release Banks’ Loan Info

Sammy Hagar Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens

Dick Cheney HBO Miniseries Based on Barton Gellman’s Angler in the Works

Gaddafi Forces Push Back Rebels

Google Still Tops With Job Seekers

Report: CBS Wants Sheen Back

Libya Releases Times Journalists

Sumo Wrestler Completes L.A. Marathon

Army Commanders Defect in Yemen

Cats Are No. 1 Threat to Birds

Tiger Woods Has a Girlfriend

Anthony Robles Wins NCAA Title

Did Wyclef Jean Lie About Being Shot?

Google: China Is Blocking Gmail

U.S. Army “Kill Team” Took Photos of Murdered Afghan Civilians

Workers Pulled Again at Nuke Plant

U.N. Jets Strike Near Ajdabiyah

Former MI5 Head: Let's Talk to Al Qaeda

Sarah Palin Arrives in Jerusalem

British Missiles Strike Gaddafi Compound

Gates: U.S. to Cede Control in Libya

Cooper Lifts Limitless to $19 Million

Japan Stabilizes Worst Nuke Plant

U.S. Starts Second Day of Strikes

Obama: Brazil Can Inspire Middle East

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' Former Mistress, Now a Detective

Egypt Approves Constitution Fixes

AT&T to Buy T-Mobile USA

Yemen's U.N. Ambassador Resigns

Libyan No-Fly Zone in Place

Criticism Erupts After Knut’s Death

Counterfeit Money Minter Convicted

Will and Kate’s Australian Honeymoon?

Wyclef Jean Shot in Hand in Haiti

Mine Explosion Rocks Pakistan

Miracle Rescue in Japan Rubble

WikiLeaks Cables Force Resignation

U.S. and U.K. Fire Libya Missiles

Japan Sees Progress at Nuke Plant

Sully’s ‘Miracle’ Plane Heads to Museum

Palin Makes Friends in India

Cops: Woman Faked Rape Attack

Gaddafi Calls Strikes ‘Barbaric’

Hamas Hits Israel With Mortars

U.S. Launches First Libya Missiles

Apple Criticized for Allowing ‘Gay Cure’ App

Libya Strikes to Launch as French Jets Patrol Skies

Knut, Berlin Zoo Polar Bear, Is Dead

Egypt Votes on Constitutional Reforms in Record Numbers

French Fighter Planes Fly Over Libya After Benghazi Attack

Man Stoned to Death For Alleged Gay Advances

Valerie Plame to Write Fiction

Bradley Cooper, Renee Zellweger Split

Menthol Cigarette Ban Would be Good, FDA Says

Wolf Hunting to Be Allowed in Montana and Idaho

President Obama Lands in Brazil

Yemen Declares State of Emergency

Warren Christopher, Clinton’s Secretary of State, Dies

Radiation Found in Milk, Spinach

Gaddafi Forces Reach Benghazi

Japan Plant Hikes Radiation Limits

Obama Jets to Brazil to Mend Fences

Japan Survivor Found After 8 Days

Utah Names Official State Firearm

U.S. Fears Gaddafi Terror Attacks

.xxx Domain Approved for Porn

Obama to Visit 'City of God' in Brazil

American Teacher Missing in Japan

Obama: No Ground Troops in Libya

Forever 21 Donates 100 Percent of All Friday Sales to Japan For Relief

Poll: Majority Backs Gay Marriage

Tiger’s Ex Buys $12 Million Mansion

Haiti Cheers Aristide’s Return

Japan Radiation Hits California

Gaddafi Forces Renew Attacks

Billy Ray Cyrus Calls Off Divorce

Japanese Prime Minister Vows to Rebuild

Pakistan Leaders Vow ‘Revenge’ for Drone Strikes

NATO Allies Reject Libya Cease-Fire

Wisconsin Judge Blocks New Labor Law

'Supermoon' Will Occur Saturday Night

Forty Killed in Yemen Protest

Libya Calls for Cease Fire

New York Times Journalists to Be Released

50 Celebrities Targeted by Hacker Ring

Sheen's Show Doing Well

Newspaper Guild Supports HuffPost Strike

iPad 2 May be Delayed by Japan Quake

CEO Bonuses Bounce Back

Libya Attack ‘Soon,’ French Official Says

Saif Gaddafi: NYT Journalists to be Released

Obama Calls for Review of Nuclear Plants

Officials Consider Burying Nuclear Reactors

Crisis at Japan Nuclear Facility Could Drag on for 'Weeks'

Gender-Neutral Bible Draws Criticism

Libyan Rebels Cheer U.N. Vote

Arizona Senate Defeats 5 Anti-Immigration Bills

Sources: SEC to Charge Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Executives

Annie Le Killer Pleads Guilty

G-7 to Stage Rare Intervention to Stabilize Japanese Yen

New Orleans Police Used Deadly Force, Federal Report Shows

5 Kids Killed in Mexican Drug War

U.S.: No Progress on Cooling Reactors

U.N. Security Council Approves No-Fly Zone in Libya

Kate Middleton's Charity Show Dress Sells For More Than $125,000

House Votes to Cut NPR Funding

James Frey's Novel, 'The Final Testament of the Holy Bible,' Not Original

S. Dakota Signs New Abortion Bill

Jennifer Lawrence Confirmed As Star in The Hunger Games

U.N. Security Council Nears Libya Vote

U.S. Drones Kill 40 in Pakistan, Locals Say

Japan’s Nuclear Complex Doused With Water

Tibetan Monk Sets Self on Fire

New York Times Announces Paywall Details

Lara Spencer of 'The Insider' Headed for 'Good Morning America'

GroupOn to Get $25 Billion IPO?

New York Organ Recipient Gets HIV

Jodie Foster: I Love Mel Gibson

Braves Minor-League Coach Luis Salazar Loses Eye

U.S. Life Expectancy Passes 78

GOP Fundraiser Busted for Ponzi Scheme

House Votes to Cut NPR Funding

Bahrain Detains Opposition Leaders

Obama Pushes for Libya Strikes

Radiation to Reach California on Friday

U.S.: Next 48 Hours Are Critical for Japan

Japanese Military Dispatches Helicopters, Water Cannons

Crisis Reveals Leadership Vacuum

Five Killed in Bahrain Protests

Washington Post Suspends Journalist Sari Horwitz for Plagiarism

Congress Battles Over Plastic Cutlery

Rush Limbaugh Makes Jokes About Japanese Earthquake

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Proposes Massive School Cuts

Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards 2011 Announced

Renegade Squirrel Terrorizing Vermont

Muhammad Ali Asks Iran to Free U.S. Hostages

Michelle Obama Inks Book Deal

X Factor From Simon Cowell Announces L.A. Reid as First Judge

U.S.: Japan Radiation 'Extremely High'

Sharron Angle Running for Congress

Hillary Clinton Won't Serve Second Term

Windows Shot at GOP Office in D.C.

Four Journalists Missing in Libya

Japan Quake Could Cost Economy Up to $200B

CIA Contractor Freed With $2M Payment

Lester Holt, NBC Crew Found With Radiation in Japan

Japan’s Nuclear Workers Return to Plant

Texas to Switch Death-Penalty Drugs

Police Bust World's Largest Pedophile Ring

Pakistan Frees CIA Contractor

‘Fake Rockefeller’ Charged with Murder

Meet the ‘World’s Most Expensive Dog’

Man Guilty of Urging Suicide

Rapper Nate Dogg Dies at 41

U.S. Sends Drones to Mexico

White House Wants Privacy Bill

Obama Giving Up on No-Fly Zone

Bahrain Forces Rout Protesters

High Radiation Cripples Rescue Effort

Workers Flee Troubled Nuke Plant

Nestle Recalls Lean Cuisine Meals

Bahrain King Declares State of Emergency

8,000 People Still Missing

Squatters Invade Gaddafi's U.K. Home

House GOP Calls Emergency Vote on NPR Funding

Fiery Explosion at Japan Nuclear Plant

House Spending Bill Passes After 54 Republicans Defect

Netflix Set to Run 'House of Cards'

Germany Closes Seven Nuke Plants

Julian Assange's Dance Moves

Prosecutors: Berlusconi Paid for Sex 13 Times

N.Y. Chinatown Bus Crash Kills Two

Japan Death Toll Tops 2,700

Alaskan Baker Wins Iditarod

Bon Jovi: Steve Jobs Killed Music

Japan Earthquake Survivors Found After Four Days

Dow Down More Than 200 Points

Hillary Clinton Visits Egypt

Fresh Aftershocks Shake Japan

Radiation Levels Decline at Japanese Nuclear Plant

Hugo Chávez: Say No to Implants

Gang-Rape Lawyer Seeks Gag Order

Three-Year-Old Is U.K.’s ‘Youngest Alcoholic’

Téa Obreht, Author of 'The Tiger’s Wife,' Profiled in The New York Times

Celine Dion Opens Show in Vegas

Internet Explorer Adds Do-Not-Track Tool

U.S. Tensions Rise With Saudi Arabia

Haley Barbour Fires Aide After Japan Joke

Muammar Gaddafi Nears Benghazi

Japan Nears Nuclear Disaster

Beck: Quake Was a Message From God

NRA Passes on Meeting With Obama

Saudi Troops Roll Into Bahrain, Foretelling Iran Showdown

Japan on the Brink of Nuclear Catastrophe

More Bodies Wash Ashore in Japan

Gilbert Gottfried Fired as Aflac Duck

Third Explosion Rocks Nuclear Plant

Calif. Nuclear Plant Can Take 7.0 Quake

Obama: Let's Fix 'No Child Left Behind'

Dow Jones Dives on Japan Quake

Stalker Breaks Into Madonna’s Mansion

Somali Pirates Sentenced to Life

U.S. Millionaires Don't Feel Rich

500,000 Japanese in Shelters

Meltdown Threat Rises in Japan

Former Dem Senator to Join Fox News

Hillary Clinton Chats With Libyan Rebels

Italian Villa Left to City of Boston by Luciano Visocchi

Shuttle Worker Dies

New Mexico City Hall Accused of Gunrunning

Tokyo Stock Market Plunges

NY Bus Crash Claims 15th Victim

NPR: O’Keefe Misleadingly Edited Tapes

Battle: LA Beats Mars Needs Moms & Red Riding Hood at Box Office

Meltdown Feared at Nuke Plant

Al Qaeda Launches Women's Magazine

33 Killed at Afghan Army Base

AT&T Caps Internet Usage

Fox News’ Ratings Down 11 Percent

Quake Moves Japan Closer to U.S.

Apple Sells Out of iPad 2s

Israel to Boost Settlement Construction

Hackers Dump Bank of America Docs

Gaddafi’s Troops Near Rebel Stronghold

5,000 Dead or Missing After Quake

Japan Braces for Third Blast at Nuke Plant

Anonymous Email Trove Allegedly Reveals Bank of America Mortage Fraud

Explosion at Japan Nuke Plant

Atlantis Found in Southern Spain?

Japan's Stock Market Plunges

Anonymous to Release BofA Emails on #BlackMonday

Palin Feuds With Fox News Chief

Mass Exodus from Ivory Coast

Two More Nuclear Plants in Peril

Suspected U.S. Drones Strike Pakistan

Hundreds Protest in Saudi Arabia

Japanese Man Saved 10 Miles Out at Sea

New Stem Cell Research Avoids Controversy

State Dept. Spokesman Forced to Resign

Japan's Looming Economic Turmoil

Rebels Retreat from Gaddafi's Forces

Back to Jail for Survivor Richard Hatch

Obama Mocks Rivals and Himself

U.S. Demands Contractor’s Release from Cuba

Israel Approves New West Bank Housing

Partial Meltdowns at Two Reactors

Japan Death Toll May Hit 10,000

Wisconsin Protests Reach New Heights

Al Jazeera Journalist Killed in Libya

Pope John Paul II to Join Facebook

Japan Scrambles to Save Survivors

200,000 Evacuated Near Nuke Plants

Fifteen Dead in New York Bus Crash

Cuba Jails U.S. Man for 15 Years

Quake Moved Japan Coast Eight Feet

Japan Radiation Leaks Receding

Officials: Japan Radiation Leaks Receding

Wisconsin Expects Huge Pro-Union Protest

Arab League Backs No-Fly Zone

Japan Nuclear Plant Blast Didn't Damage Reactor

Japan Toll: 1,700 Dead; 9,500 Missing

Charlie Sheen Plans Tour

Spider-Man to Shut Down for Month

Gates Visits Bahrain Amid Protests

Israel Hunts Attackers Who Killed Five Settlers

NFL Lockout Under Way

Gaddafi's Forces Take Ras Lanuf

Japan Quake’s Death Toll Could Pass 1,300

Explosion at Japan Nuclear Power Plant

Japanese Nuke Plant Reports Leak

TSA to Test Scanners for Radiation

Spokane 'Heroes' Canned From Jobs

Congress Agrees to Three-Week Stopgap

Aretha Franklin Denies Gastric Bypass Surgery Rumors

Obama: Don't Rule Out No-Fly Zone

Japan Wakes Up to Destruction

NFL Players’ Union Talks Break Down

Radiation Emergency at Japan Nuclear Plant

Maryland Gay Marriage Bill Fails

Twitter Must Give Up WikiLeaks Info

iPad 2 Storms Stores This Weekend

Thousands Feared Dead in Japan

NYT: Gang-Rape Story Flawed

Japan Tsunami Kills One in California

Mel Gibson Charged With Misdemeanor Battery Against Oksana Grigorieva

Obama Offers Condolences to Japan

Japan's Nuke Plants in Trouble

Japan Death Toll Likely to Surpass 1,000

Gates Heads to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia

Japan Declares ‘State of Nuclear Emergency’

Teen Survives Golden Gate Bridge Jump

Giffords' Progress 'Remarkable'

EU Demands Gaddafi’s Resignation

Tsunami Waves Reach Hawaii, Western U.S.

Walker Signs Anti-Union Bill

Massive Quake, Tsunami Hit Japan

Tsunami Hits Hawaii, Headed to West Coast

Obama Offers to Assist Japan After Earthquake

Manning Speaks Out on Sleeping Naked

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Break Up

Angry Birds Video Game Raises $42M

Bill Keller Blasts Arianna Huffington

Saudi Arabia Protest Turns Violent

Karzai's Cousin Killed in Botched Raid

GOP Preps Another $6B in Cuts

8.9 Quake, 23-Foot Tsunami Hit Japan

Major Earthquake Hits Japan

Police Raid Charlie Sheen's House

FDA Takes Over Three Tylenol Plants

White House Increases Pressure on Gaddafi

Kennedys Producer Angry About History Channel Yanking

NPR Emails Back Up Claims They Never Took Money From O’Keefe

Gabrielle Giffords to Attend Husband Mark Kelly's NASA Launch

Nine Officers Disciplined Over Fort Hood Shooting

Rand Paul Rails Against Light Bulbs, Toilets

Wisc. Union Bill Clears Assembly

Dow Jones Plunges Below 12000

Tears and Shouts at Muslim Hearings

Charlie Sheen Sues Warner Bros, Chuck Lorre For Ending Two & a Half Men

U.S. Intel: Gaddafi Has the Edge

Bieber Trapped in Hotel Room

Rebel Fighters Flee Strategic City

Lindsay Lohan In Court: Gets More Time For Plea Deal in Necklace Case

King Dismisses ‘Rage and Hysteria’

Hillary Headed to Egypt, Tunisia

AOL Lays Off 900 Workers

Ohio Executes Killer

U.S. Indicts 14 Suspected Pirates

France Recognizes Libyan Rebels

Katie Couric Seeking Talk Show

Spineless Penis Makes Us Human

Should NPR Give Up Public Funding?

Rob Lowe Won't Get Charlie Sheen's Two a Half Men Role

"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" Replaces Director Julie Taymor with Philip William McKinley of "Boy From Oz"

iPad 2 Reviews: Still the Best

ElBaradai to Run for President in Egypt

Carlos Slim Is World’s Richest Man

Dalai Lama Retires from Politics

Wisc. Senate Passes Union-Busting Bill

BBC Journalists Tortured in Libya

FDA Approves New Lupus Drug

Saudi Student Accused in Plot to Blow Up Bush’s House

Brooklyn Teen Charged in Hamster’s Death

Sources say AOL Will Lay Off Hundreds

Jewels Stolen in 2008 Heist Found in Paris Drainpipe

Wisconsin Senate Passes Anti-Union Bill With Nuclear Option

Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill to Repay $88,000

Protesters Violently Attacked in Cairo

Chickens Can Feel Empathy, Say Scientists

Ind. Bill Links Breast Cancer, Abortion

Julianne Moore Will Play Sarah Palin in Game Change

Loughner Pleads Not Guilty

Erin Brockovich Returns to Battle Toxic Water

Egypt Aids Libyan Rebels

FBI Makes Arrest in Spokane Case  

Illinois Bans Death Penalty

Obama: Speed Up Health-Care Suit

David Broder, Prize-Winning Columnist, Dies

Space Shuttle Landing: Discovery Ends Last Mission

Forty Killed as Gaddafi Tries to Retake Zawiyah

Report: Mel Gibson Cops Plea Deal

Man Jailed 25 Years for Beheading Wife

Obama Picks Locke for Ambassador to China

Michaele Salahi Fired from 'Celebrity Rehab'

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Resigns

England Healthier than U.S.

Farmhouse Fire Kills Seven Kids

Discovery Shuttle to End Final Mission

18 Men Charged with Gang Rape

Julie Taymor to Leave Spider-Man

Illinois to Ban the Death Penalty

Mexican Cop Seeks U.S. Aslyum

Rep. Pete King Defends IRA Support

Wisconsin Democrats Cool on Walker Compromise

Clinton: No U.S.-Led Libya No-Fly Zone

Rebels Struggle to Focus Efforts

Millions of Dead Fish Wash Ashore in Rotunda Beach

Lady Gaga Severs Ties with Target Over LGBT Stance

Tucson Prosecutors Want Jared Loughner to Undergo Psychiatric Tests

'Spider-Man' To Delay Opening

Mike Huckabee Responds to Criticism Over Natalie Portman, Obama Comments

Riccardo Tisci To Replace John Galliano at Dior?

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney Accused of Forcing Teen to Be Sex Slave

'Celeb Rehab' Bassist Mike Starr Dies of Unknown Causes

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Proposes Union Compromise

21 Philadelphia Priests Suspended

Urethras Can Now Be Made in a Lab

Obama and Cameron: Gaddafi Must Go

Iran Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters

Will Facebook Take on Netflix?

Austin Bice Found Dead in Madrid

Report: Rifca Stanescu Is World’s Youngest Grandmother at 23

Used Space Shuttles Go for $29M

Libyan Rebels Deny Deal With Gaddafi

Gaddafi Forces Pound Rebel Town

Prankster O’Keefe Strikes NPR

A Thousand Egyptian Women March

Two Federal Marshals Shot in St. Louis Gunfight

Chinese Paper Ribs Charlie Sheen

Joran Van Der Sloot Claims Insanity

300 Balloons Used to Float House

Charlie Sheen Applauds His Firing

Oprah’s Network Reboots Already

Rafsanjani Loses Key Iranian Post

Wisconsin Democrats: Scott Walker Prank Call Was Illegal

Barack Obama Shirks Libya Intervention

Muammar Gaddafi Seeks to Strike a Deal

U.S. Weighs Libya No-Fly Zone

Bill Gates No Longer Richest Man

Tucson Shooting Autopsies Released

NASA Slams Alien-Life Report

Journalists in Yemen Report Attacks

Cairo 'Million Women March' Planned for Tuesday

Florida Democrat Alcee Hastings Accused of Sexual Harassment

U.S., NATO Weigh Military Intervention in Libya

Obama Taps New China Ambassador

Gaddafi Willing to Negotiate: Report

'Great Gatsby' Mansion to Be Razed

Gates: Killing of Afghan Boys a 'Setback'

Charlie Sheen Fired From Two and a Half Men By Warner Bros.

Kilauea Volcano Erupts in Hawaii

Holloway Suspect to Plead Insanity

Walker Rejects Meet-Up With Dems

Report: Israel to Reboot Peace Talks

Woody Allen Packs Camera for Rome

Discovery Begins Last Trip to Space

President Obama to Resume Guantanamo Bay Trials

Britain, France Back Libya No-Fly Zone

Sen. Ensign to Announce Retirement

Fergie Regrets Taking Epstein's Cash

Gaddafi's Forces Launch Air Attacks

Wisc. Dems Ask Walker to Meet

Chris Christie Deemed Most Popular Pol

Wisc. Dems: We’re Not Going Anywhere

Kate Middleton to Wear Alexander McQueen?

Gwyneth Paltrow to Record Country Album

Android Is Top Smart-Phone OS.

U.K. Demotes Prince Andrew

Charlie Sheen’s Enablers

Marine Le Pen Beats Nicolas Sarkozy in New Poll

Muslims Protest Rep. Pete King’s Terror Hearings

Muammar Gaddafi’s Troops Capture Ras Lanuf

Rebels' Blitz Crushed by Gaddafi's Forces

GOP Freshman Sent to Budget Boot Camp

Wisconsin Democrats to End Exile

Charlie Sheen in Talks for New Show

Fox News May Dump Glenn Beck

Hundreds Protest Muslim-Extremism Hearings

Top Dem Sets Budget Ultimatum

Rango Tops Weekend Box Office

Gaddafi Crushes Rebels’ Advance

'East Coast Rapist' Suspect Tries to Hang Self

White House May Tap Oil Reserves

Lawyer: Manning Punished for 'Sarcastic Quip'

U.K. Diplomatic Team Released

Fungus Turns Ants Into Zombies

Galliano’s Newest Collection to Debut

Charlie Sheen Streams Sheen’s Korner

Shark Fin Soup May be Banned in CA

Bahrain Protests Heat Up

Quakes Trigger New Zealand Recession

Egypt's Ex-Security Chief Stands Trial

Romney Fires Off at ‘Obamacare’

Gaddafi Hypes False Victory

Trial of U.S. Aid Worker in Cuba Ends

Shadow Gov’t Meets in Libya

Phil Collins: I’m Quitting Music

Ear Infection Rates Drop 30 Percent

Egypt’s Women Demand Reform

Obama Bends on Budget Cuts

Michael Moore Joins Wisconsin Protests

DNA Confirms 'East Coast Rapist'

Rebels Advance on Gaddafi’s Hometown

Tornado Tears Through Louisiana

Mitt Romney Rips ‘Obama Misery Index’

Protesters Storm Cairo’s Secret Police

2012 Republicans vs. Gay Marriage in NH

Saudi Arabia: No Protests Allowed

Gaddafi Renews Assault on Zawiyah

Rachel Oberlin, Porn Star ‘Goddess,’ Leaves Charlie Sheen

Slumdog Star’s Home Burns Down

China Premier Admits Inequality

White House Wavers on ‘Regime Change’

Sheen: Two and a Half Men Coming Back Soon

Woman Dressed as Dead Mom Arrested

Sailor Discharged for Sleeping With Man

David Koch Says He Hardly Knows Walker

Algeria’s Opposition Party Stages Protest

WikiLeaks Suspect Bradley Manning to Sleep Naked

Scott Walker Takes First Step Toward Layoffs

Gaddafi Forces Break Through Rebel Lines

Wisconsin Democrat Tackled Trying to Enter Capitol

Haunting New Giffords Photo Released

Gaddafi's Most Brutal Attack Yet

Rodney King Stopped by Police Just Before Anniversary of Beating

Texas Day Care Owner Added To FBI’s Most Wanted

Charlie Sheen to Accompany Sean Penn to Haiti

Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark On Broadway Gets Safety Violations

David Arquette Injured In Head-On Car Accident

Yale Police Investigating ‘Naked Party’

Senate Dems Release Budget Proposal

Boehner to Defend Gay Marriage Ban

Wes Leonard: Teen Dies After Sinking Winning Shot

NFL, Players Agree to Labor Extension

Gaddafi Tries to Retake Key Cities

Loughner Indicted on 49 Counts

Dior Presents First Show in Paris Fashion Week Without John Galliano

Philly Worries Abusive Priests Remain

Harvard Welcomes Back ROTC

NASA Rocket Crashes in the Pacific

Protests Return to Tripoli

U.S. Weapons Fall Into Hands of Mexican Gunrunners

Mike Myers Weds Kelly Tisdale in Secret

Apple Eyes Unlimited Music Packages

Bill Keller: Fox News Viewers ‘Cynical’

Jobless Rate Drops to 8.9 Percent

Tear Gas Fired at Protesters

Rebels: Gov’t Fired Rockets at Crowd

John Boehner: Let's Cut Entitlements

Courtney Love Settles Twitter Suit

Charlie Sheen Paid to Tweet

Mazda Recalls Cars Because of Spider

NFL Extends Shutdown Talks

Obama Solicits Top Donors for 2012

White House Proposes $6.5B in Cuts

Gaddafi Controls Northwest

Wisconsin Judge Orders Protesters Out

Britney Spears Debuts New Single

Lawyer: Bradley Manning Left Naked In Jail Cell

Mike Huckabee Criticizes Natalie Portman's "Out-of-Wedlock" Pregnancy

Mariah Carey Says She Was ‘Naïve’ in Gaddafi Concert

Federal Government Survey Finds Teen Virginity on the Rise

Libyan Rebels Say No Talks Until Muammar Gaddafi Leaves

U.S.: Missing American Alive In Iran

London School of Economics Director Steps Down

Six Women Killed in Ivory Coast Protest

WI GOP Senators Order Democrats' Arrest

Obama: Gaddafi Must Go

Mickey Rooney: "I Was Abused"

White House Calms Post-Rahm

Balmain’s Designer Christophe Decarnin Reportedly Enters Mental Hospital

Judge Stays Ruling on Health Care

12 Year Old Held in Murder of Parents

Denise Grollmus, Ex-Wife of The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, Tells All

Food Prices Hit Record Highs

China to Media: Don't Cover Protests

Rebels Solidify Control of Oil Port

Earth Headed for New Mass Extinction

NFL Braces for Shutdown

iPad 2 Versus the Competition

Banksy Photographed in Los Angeles?

John Galliano to Face Trial for Anti-Semitic Remarks

John Edwards Hires Obama’s Lawyer Greg Craig

Barack Obama, Felipe Calderon Meet to Discuss Drug Tensions

Britain Approves News Corp. Takeover of Sky News

Ohio Senate Passes Anti-Union Bill

U.S. Cools on Libya No-Fly Zone

Does Hockey Cause Brain Trauma?

Ohio Senate Passes Bill Restricting Collective Bargaining Rights

Joe Biden, Congressional Leaders to Meet About Budget

Defense Secretary Robert Gates Wary of Libyan No-Fly Zone

Inside Lori Berenson's New Life

Yemeni Leader Agrees to Leave

Ken Starr, Accountant to the Stars, Sentenced to Prison for 7.5 Years

Sources: News Corp. Ditching Sky News

Army Charges Manning in Leaks

Obama Signs Temporary Budget

Justin Bieber’s Hair Sells for $40,000

Christina Aguilera Joins The Voice After Mugshot Leaks From Arrest

Ex-La. Gov to Run for President

Rebels Repel Gaddafi’s Assault

Steve Jobs Unveils New iPad

Theodora Richards Arrested

John Galliano Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Remarks

NATO Attack Kills Nine Afghan Boys

Fox News Suspends Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum

Two U.S. Airmen Shot Dead

Supreme Court OKs Westboro Baptist Protests

Libyan Planes Bomb Rebels

Prince lawsuit

Pope Exonerates Jews for Jesus’ Death

Serena Williams Pulmonary Embolism

Nobel Laureate Ousted From Bank

Owl Dies After Soccer Kick

Anne Hathaway, James Franco ‘Hate Each Other’

Will Steve Jobs Show Up at iPad 2 Event?

Julian Assange Caught in 'Jewish Conspiracy' Row

Government Avoids Shutdown, For Now

Pakistani Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti Assassinated

Muammar Gaddafi Strikes Back at Eastern Libya

Yemeni Cleric Urges Islamic Rule

Rutgers Opening Co-Ed Dorms

RFK Killer Up for Parole

Wisconsin Proposes Prank-Call Ban

Brooke Mueller Gets Restraining Order Against Charlie Sheen

U.S. Busts 678 Gang Members

Huckabee: Obama Raised in Kenya

Rebels May Ask for Western Airstrikes

Walker Proposes $1.25B in Cuts

Lady Gaga to Walk in Thierry Mugler Show at Paris Fashion Week

Christian Dior Fires John Galliano: Riccardo Tisci Leads Replacements

Libya Suspended from Human Rights Council

Bristol Palin Gets Book Deal

Congress Averts Gov't Shutdown

Fetus to Be Witness at Abortion Hearing

Midwest Floods Kill Five

Charlie Sheen Update: CBS’ Les Moonves Discusses ‘Two & a Half Men’

Rev. Peter Gomes Dies at 68

U.S. May Prosecute Gaddafi for Lockerbie

U.S. May Prosecute Gaddafi for Lockerbie

Chris Dodd to Head MPAA

Feds Sue Former Goldman Director

GOP's Oversight Cop Fires Spokesman

Gaddafi Convoys Cross Libya

Yemen President Blames U.S., Israel for Protests

Bristol Palin Gets Book Deal

Rep. Rush Holt Beats Watson on Jeopardy!

Facebook Unveils New Privacy Rules

Dior Fires Galliano

Report: Gingrich to Announce 2012 Bid

VW Bulli, New Electic Microbus with iPad Features

Christina Aguilera Arrested

Frank Rich Leaves New York Times

Katie Holmes to Sue Star Magazine

Company Makes Oil from Water

John Stamos to Replace Charlie Sheen?

Natalie Portman Condemns John Galliano

John Edwards Awaits His Fate

Gaddafi’s Nurse Deserts Him

U.S. Issues Deep-Water Drilling Permit

World Mulls Libya Intervention

Study: Half of Men May Have HPV

U.S. Troops Ready to Go Into Libya