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Cheats October 2013

Tributes to George 'Stomach-Churning'

Report: ‘Space Invader’ Arrested

Israel Strikes Target in Syria

Gitmo Docs Use Pseudonyms

Bookstores Fight Amazon

Stop-and-Frisk Judge Removed

Cory Booker Sworn Into Senate

Actual Snake on a Plane

Cops Find Rob Ford Drug Tape

Prosecutor: Brooks, Coulson Had Affair

FAA Alters Electronic Use Rules

Missing Teen Look-Alike Not Avonte

Obamacare Horror Story Debunked

Edward Snowden Has a New Job

Miley Cyrus Goes as Lil’ Kim

Spice Imports Tainted With Insects

Billionaire to Auction Art

Syria Destroys Chemical Equipment

Chris Brown Needs Secret Service

Dell Laptops Smell Like Urine

The World’s Most Powerful People

Red Sox Win World Series

Obamacare Site Failed Pre-Launch

Robert Gates: New Scouts Head

Driver Ticketed for Google Glass

Obama’s Approval Ratings Hit Low

Robin Thicke Under Fire for Song

New App Notifies Via Scent

Obama ‘Not Happy’ With Health Care

Facebook Stocks Blow Expectations

Clown Dangles Child From Overpass

The Fed to Continue Stimulus

NSA Uses 9/11 As Defense

Guy Fieri Fights Hairdresser

Health Website Had Security Risks

‘Terrorist Attack’ on Tiananmen

Russia ‘Bugged’ G-20 Goodie Bags

Kerry Washington Is Pregnant

Sebelius Apologizes for Rollout

Kanye Compares Kim to FLOTUS

Megyn Kelly No. 2 in Cable Rankings

O’Connor Performs Gay Wedding

Indian Bus Fire Kills 42

Six Dead in Grisly S.C. Dispute

Israel Announces New Settlements

Clapper Defends Europe Spying

Sebelius to Testify Wednesday

Ray Kelly Booed From Brown Stage

Chris Brown Checks Into Rehab

Rand Paul: Hold Yellen Nomination

Israel Releases 26 Palestinians

Dow and S&P Hit Record Close

'Price Is Right': Barker's Back

TX Fights for Abortion Limits Law

NSA Chief: Spying Keeps U.S. Safe

Our New Look

Uber Will Bring You a Kitten

U.S.: France, Spain Helped Spying

Redskins, NFL Meet On Name Change

‘Entourage’ Movie Almost a Go Official Testifies

Broken Toe Won’t Stop Harry

Jonas Brothers Split

Polio Spreads in Syria

ABC Apologizes for Kimmel Skit

Chris Brown’s Charged Reduced

Maddow: Rand Paul Plagiarized

Missouri Ex-Rep Ike Skelton Dies

TX Police Nab Shooting Suspect

Red Sox Win Game Five

Hawaii Gov: Gay Marriage Soon

White House Denies NBC Scoop

Syrian Inspectors Miss Deadline

U.S. Mulls End to Spying

Surfer Rides Estimated 100-Foot Wave

Millions Must Change Insurance Plans

Gunmen Steal $54M in Libya Heist

Jason Aldean's Tour Bus Kills Man

Lou Bega: I'm Not Dead

Spokesman: Yemen Explosions Fireworks

Feinstein: Obama to Stop Allied Spying

PA: No Touching Baby Bumps

Texas Abortion Restrictions Blocked

Lesbian Comedy Coming to NBC

Penn State to Pay 26 Sandusky Victims

Four Inmates Escape from Okla. Jail

New Species Found in Australia’s ‘Lost World’

Banksy: 1WTC an ‘Eyesore’

Brooks, Coulson Trial Begins

Lost ‘Return of the Jedi’ Footage Found

BBC Satire Jokes About Harry’s Drug Use

Conrad Murray Released from Prison

Cheney: I’m Not ‘Fishing Buddies’ with Enzi

NYC Reschedules Mayoral Debate

Hurricane-Force Storm Hits Britain

Car Smashes Into Tiananmen Square

Red Sox Win Game Four

NSA Collected Millions of Spanish Calls

Obama Unaware of NSA Programs

Ally of Georgian PM to Be President

Sudeikis, Wilde Expecting Baby

Arrested Man Suspected of 79 Murders

Israel to Release 26 Palestinians

Rock Legend Lou Reed Dies at 71

Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault

Julianne Hough: Sorry for Blackface

Jay-Z Not Backing Out of Barney’s Deal

‘Simpsons’s Marcia Wallace Dies

McDonald's to Drop Heinz Ketchup

Five Dead in Brooklyn Stabbing

Calif. to Free Woman Who Killed Pimp

Saudi Women Protest Driving Ban

NYSE Performs Twitter IPO Dry Run

Cardinals Win on Obstruction Call

Report: Merkel Bugged from 2002-13

Mumbai Rapists Did Not Fear Law

Thousands Protest NSA in Washington

Cruz Talks Cheney's Hunting Accident

Tori Spelling Bashes Katie Holmes

Canyon of Fire Tears Into Sun

Saudi Women Drive Without Arrests

Small Tsunami Reaches Japan

Iran Hangs 16 Rebels

Obama Seeks Iran Sanctions Pause

FBI to Investigate 13-Year-Old's Death

Obama Orders Review of U.S. Spying

Gator Casually Hangs Out at Walmart

View Earth From Weird Balloon for $75K

Valley Gets Winter Sun for the First Time

This Grandpa Breakdances on Waterskis

Rare Find in Baby Dino Head “Joe”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Scarecrow Randomly Appears

Oh Look, Money Does Grow on Trees

9-Hour Standoff Ends in CA

Report: Al Nusra Front Leader Dead

J.P. Morgan Reaches $5.1 Billion Settlement

Redskins Getting a Name Change?

Obamacare Website is ‘Fixable’

7.3-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan

GOP Faction Pushing Immigration Reform

Man Tried to Hire KKK Killer

Blonde Roma Girl ID'd in Greece

JonBenet's Parents Were Indicted

5 Hurt in NC State Fair Accident

Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr Split

Firefox Launches Web Privacy Tool

Lhota PAC Can Take Unlimited Cash

FDA Wants New Painkiller Limits

Danvers Reopens After Teacher Murder

Germany, France Demand 'No-Spy' Deal

U.S. Officials Warn of Snowden Documents

Official Resigns After Racist Comments

Deadline's Finke Building Own Site

Twitter Releases IPO Price Range

Navy Shooter Tackled by Soldiers

Reid Doesn't Expect Grand Budget Bargain

NSA Monitored 35 World Leaders' Calls

Pepper-Spray Officer Gets $38K

Indian Girl Raped, Set on Fire

Police Kill 13-Year-Old Boy

Report: Teacher Killed With Box Cutter

Crew Team Goes Naked for Charity Glitches Under Fire

Suit Tackles Rights of Fetus and Mom

Healthcare Mandate Delayed

Jamie Dornan Cast as Christian Grey

Kanye Leaves Out Bruce Jenner

World’s Tallest Dog Dies Builders Point Fingers

Red Sox Smack Cardinals

11-Year-Old Brings Gun to School

Pakistan Knew of U.S. Drone Strikes

Teen Pleads Not Guilty in Teacher Killing

Report: YouTube to Start Spotify-Like Service

Most Distant Galaxy Ever Discovered

Katy Perry Carries Around Miley's Hair

Kennedy Cousin Granted New Trial

Obamacare Mandate May be Postponed

YouTube Confessor Gets 6.5 Years

Banksy Cancels Work for the Day

Former Drone Operator Suffers PTSD

Condé Nast Axes Internships

Obama Denies Spying on Merkel

Vatican Suspends Bling Bishop

Facebook Bans Beheading Videos

Teen Charged in Teacher’s Murder

Facebook Backlash Frees Iranian Prisoner

600 Dogs Die From Jerky

Prince George Christened

TLC Movie Gets Big Ratings

‘The Monuments Men’ Delayed to 2014

Ohio Kidnapping Survivors to Write Book

Suspected Prison Gang Leader Caught

Obama Indecisive on Syria Intervention

University Tuition Increase Slows

U.S.: We Didn’t Tap French Phones

Tsarnaev Tied to Triple Homicide

Nuclear Missile Officers Neglected Doors

White House Official Fired for Tweets

U.S.: Afghanistan Battle to Escalate

Stolen Picassos May Be Fake

Nevada Shooter Got Gun at Home

TSA Adds More Security Checks

Majority Support Pot Legalization

Apple Unveils 'iPad Air'

Jersey Shore's Pauly D. is a Dad

Teacher Charged in School Lunch Deaths

'White Widow' Wrote Poem for Bin Laden

Cemetery Officials: Remove Spongebob Grave

Job Growth Slowed in September

Irish Police Find Blonde Girl with Roma

Kim, Kanye Engaged

CeeLo Charged With Drugging Woman

Nokia Unveils 'Phablets'

Poll: Kick Out Congressional GOP

Hurricane Raymond Drenches Mexico

BART Strikers Reach Deal

Special Prosecutor Appointed in Maryville Failed Early Tests

Reports: Drone Strikes Illegal

Lawyer: Maria Was Illegally Adopted

Two Dead in Nevada School Shooting

Kardashian: North Doesn't Wear Pink

Breastfeeding Mom Charged With Contempt

GW Waitlists Aid-Seeking Students

CeeLo Green Faces Drug Charges

Michael Vick Most Hated in NFL

Polio Possibly Returns to Syria

Beheading Clips Back on Facebook

Hope For Bald Men on the Horizon

Prince Is Really a Princess

Avatar Sequels to Start Shooting October 2014

Rihanna Turned Away From Mosque

Female Suicide Bomber Kills 6 In Russia

Woman (Kind of) Faints During Obama’s Speech

Tigers and Jim Leyland Part Ways

Obama: I'll Fix the Obamacare Site

Netflix Beats HBO in Subscribers

‘Breaking Bad’ Ending Not a Dream

Kanye Brings Out ‘Jesus’

Breast Milk Bought Online Tainted

Parents of Deported Roma Girl Attacked

Three Australian Fires Could Merge

Virginia Newspaper Endorses No One

First Gay Couples Marry in New Jersey

France Angry Over NSA Spying Claims

Obama: Obamacare Glitches ‘Unacceptable’

Cheney: Why I Resigned

Bullying Girl's Mom Charged With Abuse

Jeb Bush to Cruz: Show Self-Restraint

Bulger Witness Killed by Cyanide

Another Rare Oarfish Found on CA Coast

Clown Kills Mexican Cartel Leader

‘Gravity’ Wins Box Office

Navy Officials Bribed by Lady Gaga Tix

Syrian Suicide Bomber Kills 30

Escaped Killers Captured in Florida

Blonde Girl Found at Roma Camp

Miley Dating ‘Rolling Stone’ Photog?

‘Community’ Will Be Back in January

Book: JFK’s Brain Disappeared

Ted Cruz Gets Threats on Twitter

Two BART Workers Killed

Red Sox Advance to World Series

Saudi Arabia Rejects U.N. Security Council Seat

Report: 476,000 Apply for Obamacare

Hillary Clinton Endorses Terry McAuliffe

J.P. Morgan Nears $13 Billion Deal

St. Louis Cardinals Advance to World Series

Violin Played on Titanic Sells for $1.6M

Argentine Train Crashes Into Station

Cheney Disabled Heart Device Function

Kristen Bell Is Married Now

San Francisco Transit Workers on Strike

Boy Scouts Topple Utah Rock Formation

Iran Holds 'Substantive' Nuclear Talks

Deported Girl Allowed to Return to France

Malala Reunited with Friends from Attack

Maldives Police Halt Presidential Election

Autopsy on Shoplifter's Fetus Inconclusive

Celtics Legend Bill Russell Detained at Airport

Blast in Damascus Kills 16

Man Tries to Rescue 101 Dalmatians

Man Spreads Ashes at a LensCrafters

Tiny Bats Play Music With Leaves

Diners Eat Straight From Toilets

Classy Thief Steals $26K of Bourbon

Sudoku Headstone Is a No-Go

Puppy Born With Heart on Back

Rep. Bill Young Dies at 82

Google Stock Price Passes $1000

Kenya Mall Attack Suspect ID'd

Study: Sleep 'Cleans' Your Brain

2 Killers Escape Florida Prisons

Former House Speaker Tom Foley Dies

Daisy Coleman Blogs About Alleged Rape

‘Fox’ Halloween Costumes Explode

Skull Fossil Reveals Human Evolution

France Protests Shocking Deportations

Six Killed in Ohio Crash

Congress, CIA Battle Over Torture Report

Saudi Arabia Rejects Security Council Seat

BART to Strike Friday

Pentagon: Army at 'High Risk'

Snowden: I Didn't Take Secrets to Russia

Fetus Found in Shoplifter's Bag

S&P 500 Closes at All-Time High

Fox Falsely Reports Congressman's Death

S.C. Mayor Rants About Gay Marriage

Hedgefund to Pay Record Settlement

McConnell Accused of 'Kentucky Kickback'

Florida Man Sets Self on Fire

Booker Winner Eleanor Catton Responds to Critics

Has Missoni's Body Been Found?

One in 10 Icelanders Will Publish a Book

WHO: Air Pollution Causes Cancer

Hanging Survivor Sentenced to Hang

Obama: No Shutdown 'Winners'

Michael Bay Attacked on Set

Gwyneth Paltrow Feud Heats Up

NSA Chief to Step Down

Stenographer: The Spirit Moved Me

Brazil to Exhume Former Presidents

Federal Employees Head to Work

Millions Still Slaves Worldwide

Facebook Relaxes Teen Privacy Rules

Madonna Banned From Cinema

House Passes Budget Deal

Cory Booker Wins U.S. Senate Seat

Obama: Put the Shutdown Behind Us

NSA Director, Deputy Expected to Depart

Researchers Test Underwater Wi-Fi

Apple Trims iPhone 5C Orders

Harry Belafonte Sues MLK Estate

Miley Cyrus Album Number One

Dutch Diplomat Beaten in Moscow

Bulgaria Plans Fence to Block Syrians

Mark Cuban Found Not Guilty

Two Teens Charged After Girl’s Suicide

Study: Oreos as Addictive as Cocaine

Conservative Groups Urge Default

Senate Approves Budget Deal

National Book Awards Finalists Announced

Ebay Founder Bankrolling Greenwald

Rock Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

Twitter Losses Grow in 3rd Quarter

Houston Paper Revokes Cruz Endorsement

Lady Gaga Teams Up with Muppets

Nazi’s Body Moved to Italian Airport

Russian Opposition Leader Spared Jail

LAX Worker Arrested for Ice Bomb

Japanese Typhoon Kills 17

Shutdown Keeps Markets on Edge

Senate Close to Finalizing Deal

Obama to Pursue Immigration Reform

Kutcher Is Highest Paid U.S. TV Actor

Hillary Clinton: I Backed Bin Laden Raid

18-Foot Oarfish Found in CA

House GOP Pulls Budget Vote

Eleanor Catton Wins Booker Prize

U.S. 'AAA' Rating Threatened

Glenn Greenwald Leaving Guardian

Workout Supplement Sorta Like Meth

Afghan War Hero Gets Medal of Honor

Ex-San Diego Mayor Charged

Kate Atkinson's ‘Life After Life’ Wins Not-the-Booker Prize

Bret Easton Ellis Disses Alice Munro

Reid: No Go on House GOP Bill

Hillary Gets Parking Ticket in London

DC Car Crasher’s Lawyer Arrested

Fey & Poehler Will Host the Globes Again

Report: House GOP Pushing Its Own Bill

Texas Lt. Gov.: Impeach Obama

Apple Hires Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts

Eminem Drops New Single

Sir Anthony Hopkins Writes 'Breaking Bad' Actor

Bush Had Serious Heart Problem

4 Dry Ice Bombs Found at LAX

Dozens Killed in Philippines Quake

Iran Nuke Talks Begin

Accused Terrorist Brought to NY

GOP Disapproval Rises Even More

4 Killed in Philippines Earthquake

NSA Collects E-Mail Address Books

'Walking Dead' Hits Record 16.1M Viewers

Sikh Leader's Son to Challenge Ryan

GOP Pushes Trump for NY Governor

Austin Theatre Chain Bans Madonna

Sources: Reid Offers McConnell a Deal

Assad: I Should Have Gotten Nobel

Thai Bar Owner Arrested After Rihanna Tweets

Man Arrested at Buckingham Palace

Assange: ‘Fifth Estate’ Will Fail

Report: Prince George’s Godparents Will Be Commoners

Banksy Sells Original Work for $60 in NYC

Author Oscar Hijuelos Dies

McCann Suspect’s Images Released

Malaysian Court: Only Muslims Can Use ‘Allah’

Dry Ice Bomb Explodes at LAX

Somali Pirate ‘Big Mouth’ Captured

Wall Street Glances Wearily at Washington

Pulitzer Winner Oscar Hijuelos Dies at 62

Senate Shutdown Talks Fall Flat

'Gravity' Nears $45M at Box Office

D.C. Marchers Fly Confederate Flag

Eiffel Tower Evacuated

Aid Workers Kidnapped in Syria

Palin, Cruz Speak at WWII Vet Rally

Adrian Peterson Suits Up

American Found Dead in Egyptian Jail

Michael Douglas Had Tongue Cancer

Crew Members Dispute ‘Captain Phillips’

Sarah Palin Campaigns in New Jersey

Food Stamps Voucher System Crashes

Baby Hope’s Cousin Confesses

Indian Stampede Kills 89

Cruz Wins Value Voters Straw Poll

Some U.S. Tourist Sites to Reopen

Major Cyclone Headed for Indian Coast

'50 Shades' Replacing Christian Grey

Senate Taking Lead on Shutdown Talks

‘MasterChef’ Finalist Reportedly Killed Himself

Your Online Endorsements May Soon Be Ads

Gabby Giffords to Attend NY Gun Show

Earthquake Hits Greek Island

Migrant Boat Capsizes, Kills 27 in Mediterranean

Statue of Liberty, Other Monuments to Reopen

Obama to GOP: Don’t Let U.S. Default Before the Holidays

One of Miley’s Dancing Bears Felt ‘Less Than Human’

100-Pound Lab Runs Half Marathon

Marsupials Are Having 14-Hour Sex

There’s a Dating Site for Ghosts Now

Weed Boat Takes Wrong Turn

Hangover Cure Found in Full-Fat Sprite

App Lets You Cheat Thank You Cards

Chihuahua Produces Milk for Kittens

JPMorgan Reports First Quarterly Loss

Adrian Peterson's Son Dies

Spain to Hear Chinese Genocide Case

Apple Getting Fancy New Headquarters

Air Force Fires Man in Charge of Nukes

House Proposes End to Budget Fight

Vatican Medals Misspell ‘Jesus’

CIA Ignored Snowden Warnings

Miley ‘Obsessed’ with Singledom

Study: Elephants Understand Pointing

Utah National Parks to Reopen

Salmonella Chicken Plants Stay Open

Gay Marriage a Go in New Jersey

Benefits cover funeral costs.

Chemical Weapons Group wins Nobel

Poll: Shutdown Damaging to GOP

Obama, GOP Fail to Agree on Debt Limit

NYC's 5 Pointz Under Threat

Second Earth-Orbiting Astronaut Dies

Military Death Pay to be Reinstated

Cory Booker’s Father Dies at 76

Report: Sheryl Crow Saw Armstrong Dope

Kilpatrick Sentenced to 28 Years

Report: Baby Hope ID’d as Angelica Ramirez

Did Castro Die While Masturbating?

You Can Drunk Dial Congress

Study: Catastrophic Heat in 30 Years

McCain: Obama Mishandled Egypt

House Leaders Push Debt-Limit Offer

Diana Nyad Completes 48-Hour Swim

Prosecutor: Biker Cop 'Terrorized’ Family

Peanut Butter Can Detect Alzheimer's

Kimmel, Kanye Make Up

Roman Skulls Found Beneath London

Alice Munro Wins Literature Nobel

Snowden’s Father Arrives in Russia

AP Retracts McAuliffe Story

Malala Wins E.U. Human Rights Prize

Libyan Prime Minister Freed

Libyan Prime Minister Abducted

NYT Endorses Cory Booker for Senate

Assange Pens Letter to Cumberbatch

Russia's Olympic Flame Investigated

U.S. Pulls Back on Aid to Egypt

Jonas Brothers Cancel Tour

Yellen Nominated for Fed Chair

Hannah Anderson & Kidnapper Played Russian Roulette

Obama Expects Fix to Military Death Benefits

Bachmann: I've Never 'Done Twerking'

Cruz's Family Has Shutdown Vacation

$75M Offered for More ‘Breaking Bad’

Manning: I’m Not a Pacifist

Pennsylvania Bus Crash Kills One

Obese People Can Be Healthy

Film Critic Stanley Kauffmann Dies

Morsi Trial to Begin Nov. 4

Kanye to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel

Red Sox Beat Rays

Cop Arrested in NYC Biker Beatdown

Cheney Roast Features Waterboarding Jokes

Democrats: Close the House Gym, Spa

Mi5 Chief: ‘Guardian’ Gave Gift to Terrorists

U.S. Military Says Libya Ok’d Raid

Boehner Rejects Obama’s Olive Branch

Reports of Gunfire at Princeton Unfounded

Surfers Battle for CA's Beaches

White House Denies Halting Egypt Aid

Jury Selection Begins in Madoff Case

Undercover Cop in Biker Attack Arrested

Obama to Announce Yellen Nomination

Bruce and Kris Jenner Separate

Shutdown Stops Military 'Death Gratuity'

Boehner: It's Not My Fault

8 Congressmen Arrested at Immigration Rally

Americans Score Terribly on Global Test

Obama: Shutdown Hurts Our Credibility

Tom Hanks: I Have Type 2 Diabetes

Miley ‘Happiest She’s Ever Been’

Obama Calls Boehner

How Reading Literature Makes You a Better Person

'Prankvertising' Stunt Stuns New Yorkers

Fiery Explosions Rock NSA Data Center

Inhofe Feels ‘Great’ After Heart Surgery

U.S. Scientists Come Closer to Nuclear Fusion

Jennifer Ehle Cast in ’50 Shades’

Michael Douglas: Let My Son Out of Solitary

Elizabeth Smart: I Told 100 Percent of Story

U.S. Workers Lag Behind in Skills

Drugmaker: We Found Malaria Vaccine

Higgs, Englert Win Nobel for Physics

Typhoon Fitow Slams into China

Poll: 70 Percent Disapprove of GOP

White House: We’ll Fix Obamacare Website

Brazil’s Teacher Strike Turns Violent

Obama: Vote Now on Clean Bill

Clerk Fights Armed Robber With Machete

Three Attacks Hit Egypt

Social Security: Benefits Could Get Cut

Bachmann Warns of 'End Times'

Lady Gaga’s New Album Cover Was Designed By Jeff Koons

New York Subpoenas Airbnb

Senate to File 'Clean' Debt-Increase Bill

Scarlett Johansson Is 'Sexiest Woman Alive'

Secret Channels Found Under Antarctic Ice

North Korea Builds Luxury Ski Resort

Infant Raped at Ohio Daycare

Iranians Mock Bibi on Twitter

China Warns U.S. About Debt Crisis

Many Slave Traders Were Mixed Race

Buffett Made $10B off Financial Crisis

Miley Cyrus: No Sex After 40

Kate Moss to Return to Topshop

Nielsen to Measure Tweets

Newtown Votes to Close Sandy Hook

Kerry: ‘Pleased’ With Syria Disarmament

Scalia: I ‘Suspect’ I Have Gay Friends

Egyptian Soldiers Killed in Suez

Qaeda Suspect Likely on Navy Ship

Americans, 1 German Win Nobel for Medicine

Sites Charge to Take Mugshots Down

Shutdown Plans in Place for Months

Boehner: Not Enough Votes for 'Clean' Bill

'Gravity' Rakes In $55.55M at Box Office

417,000 Evacuated from China's Coast

34 Dead in Egypt Clashes

Monster Truck Crash Kills 8

Libyan Government Calls For Answers

Cruz: Tie the Debt Ceiling to Obamacare

Miley Cyrus Parodies Shutdown on ‘SNL’

Halle Berry Has Baby Boy

Mormon Women Protest to Be Ordained

Hillary Accepts Award at Yale

Egypt Releases Two Canadians

4 Coalition Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Syria Chemical Weapons Removal Begins

GOP Candidate Won’t Pose with Cruz

Kerry: al Qaeda ‘Can Run But They Can’t Hide’

U.S. Captures al Qaeda Leader from '98 Bombings

White Widow Not Involved in Attack

SEAL Team Targets al-Shabab Leader

Hagel Recalls Pentagon Workers

House Votes to Pay Workers

Western Soldiers Raid Islamist Base

Madonna: I Was Raped at Knifepoint

MIT Develops Self-Assembling Cubes

CA Allows Kids 3+ Legal Parents

Investors Not Bothered by Shutdown

John Kerry Excuses Obama’s Canceled Asia Trip

Diana Nyad to Swim 48 Hours for Sandy Relief

Sisters of D.C. Car-Chase Suspect Speak

T-Rex Skeleton Stopped by Shutdown

Hip-Hop Hamlet Deemed 'Evil'

Puppy Weighs Same as Banana

Man Sticks to Diet of Only Raw Meat

Toothbrush Cleans Teeth in Six Seconds

Teachers Flip Out Over 'Hump Day' Ad

Bride and Groom Zip-Line Down the Aisle

Woman Behind Siri's Voice Revealed

Winter Storm Atlas Hits Midwest

Lauryn Hill Released from Prison

Prisoner Dies Days After Release

Man Who Set Himself on Fire Dies

Undercover Cop Rode with Biker Gang

PA Governor: Gay Marriage Is Like Incest

Vietnamese Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap Dies

Baby Gene-Predicting Patent Approved

Alex Rodriguez Sues the MLB

Killer Mom Wants Children’s Estate

Walking Lowers Breast Cancer Risk

Preschool Programs Close in Shutdown

Instagram to Launch Ads

Hurricane Brews, Meteorologists Stranded

Report: D.C. Crasher Was Delusional

Miley Invites Sinéad to Meet Up

Adobe Loses 2.9M Customer Records

Palestinians Reclaim Acres of Settlement

Teenager Kills 2 in Hunting Camp

Illegal Immigrants Granted CA Licenses

Twitter Files for IPO

Hornets Kill 41 in China

Art Garfunkel Has Read 1,181 Books Since 1968

Woman Killed After D.C. Car Chase

Boehner: I Won’t Allow Default

Treasury: Default Could Be Catastrophic

Two Europeans Burned Alive in Madagascar

Tropical Storm Karen Strengthening

NYT Public Editor Blasts Headline

Rep. Disses ‘Beautiful’ CNN Anchor

94 Dead in Sicily Shipwreck

Facebook to Build Company Town

8 Million Left Out of Obamacare

17 Dead in Pakistan Suicide Attack

Syria Weapons Inspectors Begin Work

Moderate Republicans Get Antsy

7 Million Ineligible for Medicaid

Ronan Farrow to Host on MSNBC

$1M Thrown from a Plane in Bolivia

Jackson Family Loses Negligence Suit

Cruz Taunts Obama on Twitter

Monteith Shot Heroin Before Death

Tenn. Church Bus Crash Kills 8

Iran Air’s Vintage Ads

Putin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Salinger Didn't Totally Shun Hollywood

NFL Player’s New Name Sounds Like Hitler

Drone Crashes in Manhattan

Mark Cuban Takes on the SEC

No Deal in Obama's Shutdown Summit

FBI Arrests Silk Road Founder

Shutdown Is 'Dreamland' for Foreign Intel

Investors Lobby to Oust Bill Gates

Author Tom Clancy Dies

Marc Jacobs to Leave Louis Vuitton

‘The Simpsons’ To Kill Major Character

There Could Be a Hollywood Hillary Movie

Calif. Bans Revenge Porn

George Will Going to Fox News

Google Accused of Wiretapping

Iran’s Parliament Backs U.S. Outreach

Obama Cancels Trip to Malaysia

Obamacare Has Glitchy First Day

Treasury Sets Deadline for Debt Limit

Jacksonville Airport Reopens After Scare

Shutdown Hurts Kids With Cancer

Buddhist Mob Slays 94-Year-Old

NYC Opera Is Also Shutting Down

Author Claims Dave Eggers Plagiarized Her Book

Bitcoin Erotica E-Book to Be Released

YouTube Launches Award Program

Yosemite Closes on Its 123rd Birthday

Patent Lets Authors Sign E-Books

Obama: Gov’t Shutdown Did Not Need to Happen

Author: Don’t Buy My Book From Amazon

WWII Vets Storm D.C. Memorial

Government Shutdown Closes Library of Congress

Bieber Carried Up the Great Wall of China

Senate Rejects House Budget Conference

Scissor Attack in NYC Park

10.3M Watched ‘Breaking Bad’

Diddy Backs Music-Video Network

NBC Pulls Hillary Movie

Psychiatric Drugs Prescribed Less in Young Children

South Korea Shows Off Missiles

Two Bikers Arrested in SUV Assault

Chemical Inspectors Arrive in Syria

OMB Ready for Shutdown for Years

Obama: ‘I Will Not Negotiate’

U.S. Federal Government Shuts Down

Emergency Declared at UC Berkeley

Obama OKs Military Pay During Shutdown

Senate Votes to Kill House Amendments

5 Dead in Colorado Rock Slide